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#shao kahn
tongue-soup · 3 days ago
My list of Mortal Kombat characters who I absolutely simp over and would be a good little house wife for. 💞
Erron Black, my favorite muscular outlaw from the Wild West, how could I not love him. He’s got the bod, he’s got the face, and he’s got the personality. My type of guy, I want to ride off into the sunset on the back of his horse and then have him rail me five minutes later. 🖤
Kabal. Nothing to add, just ✨Kabal✨. Sped into my heart and hasn’t left since.
TREMOR. My man, doesn’t get enough attention, not enough appreciation, not enough love. I’ve seen very few people simp over this rocky boi, he deserves love, I want to give him a kiss kiss.
Reptile, yes I love this nasty scaly boy. 💚 (Monster men go hard, I will not be accepting counter arguments at this time.) And honestly, I’d let any surian smash, sexy bitches.
Kung Lao. Probably shocking considering the pattern above, but like Tremor, I think he’s greatly under-appreciated, doesn’t get enough credit for his contribution to the MK universe. Also, he’s cute, like he’s so stupidly cute. 🥰
Kuai Liang (Sub-Zero). I want him to decimate my insides and then I want to sleep cuddled into his chest afterwards (and bury my face in those rock hard muscles, hehe). I also hate hot weather, and I heat up really easily, so mans would be doing me a huge favor, lmfao.
Baraka, one of my first obsessions. Like I said, I love monster men. ESPECIALLY, when they’re spiky. Big sharp teeth, claws, spikes, muscles, the whole package. And have you seen Baraka’s thighs? Man’s got CAKE, a full three course meal, plus dessert and snacks in between. Fine as fuck. 🥵💦
Also, here’s some honorable mentions. Characters who I don’t like, simp over, but still love.
Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion). I really like him, I’m not too interested in him, but yeah, I mean I like his character. Love his story from beginning to end, and thought his MK11 ending was cool asf though.
Jacqui Briggs. I like to group her with Kung Lao in the sense that I do like their characters and they don’t get enough appreciation for what they’ve done in MK story line. I also just think she’s really pretty, especially her MK11 rendition, and all of her outfits I love, they’re so elegant yet so badass.
Takeda. Edited and added him last minute mainly because I’ve been playing him a lot more in MKX and holy shit, I LOVE his character. I’ve decided to go watch all the cut scenes from MKX in a YouTube compilation and honestly, idk why I didn’t pay him more attention earlier. I like his fighting style and his character design quite a lot, hehe. 💞
Nitara. She’s a fucking queen. She’s got baddie vibes, I want to be her and fuck her. Still sad about how quick her death was in Mortal Kombat (2021) though, but her entry when Shang Tsung introduce Reiko and Kabal to her was just stunning, a little weird towards her, but still. Also, Scorpion’s Revenge entry? BEAUTIFUL. Chef’s kiss. ♥️ Like, I’d be down for a one night stand with her, lowkey baby.
Mileena. This one shouldn’t be a surprise, tbh, I love her so much. She deserved better, and Kitana was a bitch. Sorry not sorry. 🤷‍♀️ Not saying Kitana didn’t have a right to not like Mileena, given the whole situation and her interactions with Mileena, but still, she was downright bitchy to her for no reason in some cases, tbh. Just my opinion, but yeah, babe deserved better, I can sympathize with her, I get it. Anyways, 💞 Mileena 💞.
Onaga. I want that dragon bussy- jkjk ignore me, lmfao. But yeah, severely underrated character, love him.
I’m probably gonna get shit on for this, but yes, Shao Kahn. What can I say, he’s dummy thicc, and I actually really like his MK11 rendition. I’d let him smash, hard, like, until I can’t walk, ya know. I love my villains, my big bad evil men with no morals. I’m not saying what he did was right, but shit, I’d let him ruin this pussy lowkey.
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morri-gans-teapot · 3 days ago
Please be free to deny this request but maybe Shao Khan with an S/O who is protective of his 'daughters'?
I've always loved Shao Khan but there isnt always a lot for him 😅
So I might make this as part of a mini series becuase I have an idea down for it. It may be between 3 to 5 chapters.
This is alot shorter them I wanted but I'm hoping to do more as a little series.
Mention of Slavery, abuse, sexual assault.
Part 1
Tumblr media
I will do my best for him!, I haven't done much for him so this will take a while. But I'm gonna do some study of him so I can try and get his charcater down pat.
Shao Kahn didn't take Spouses often. Yes he has combines but his lover had would their way into his life. They weren't a fighter by choice.
They were from earhtrealm, had been brought to Outworld as a offering to him. He payed no mind to them after they became the head maid for his daughters.
After Sindel had died there wasn't anyone other then maids and the occasional of his concubines who would look after them to gain greater status.
Kitana treated them well didn't ask much, Mileena took to them quickly, her hair was put into different styles each day.
She had learned hwobto do make up from them and it was the start of Shao Kahn noticing them.
Skarlet was also quick to take to them as well, but Mileena and Skarlet the two took to them as if their own parent.
They would help with clothing, make up or anything the girls asked for. Eventually Shao Kahn would give them a small nod here and there.
They didn't interact much with the Kahn, he had his own business but would occasionally spend time with the three woman.
Kitana opened up to them about Sindel and what had happened. She spend more time with them enjoying the stories of earhtrealm that they would share.
Shao noticed how they would flinch and almost try to become one with the walls when he was near. They had nearly screamed when he had placed a hand on their shoulder.
Their eyes wide as they look up to him before they focus back on the ground trying to avoid any unnecessary violence or talking.
That was the most extensive interaction he had with them until they took a knife to the shoulder protecting Mileena.
Alot had happened that night and that's how they had found themselves standing in Shao Kahn's bedchamber.
It's times like this they should be scared for their life. He is very menacing and just being in his presents is intimidating.
As he moves closer they try to disappear from his line of sigh. "We have much to discuss, pet" the hair on their arms and neck stand up as they shutter under his gaze.
"As you wish My Lord"
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Mortal Kombat 11 Fix-It
@lilmissriottbliss @wrasslin-kpop-and-bullshit
Sindel blinked, coming to after being knocked out. In a rush, the memories came back to her. Being revived, but with her memories replaced. Stuck inside her own mind as she was forced to appear to have been supporting Shao Kahn. But she didn’t, she would never.
“Mother?” a shaky voice said. Sindel looked up to see Kitana warily approaching, Liu Kang shadowing her. Sindel slowly stood, reaching out for Kitana, who flinched and moved back into Liu Kang’s chest.
“Kitana, my dear. What....what happened?” Sindel asked.
“Do you not remember?” Liu Kang asked, his tone almost cold. SIndel looked down.
“I remember being revived, but stuck in my mind. Forced to act like I had supported Shao Kahn, as if I would ever support that tyrant,” she said with a shake of her head. Kitana still looked wary at that, like she didn’t believe her mother. Sindel didn’t blame her, the memories in her mind were cruel.
“I am sorry,” Sindel said. Kitana looked away, Liu Kang standing protectively by her side. Slow clapping came from the doorway and the three looked up to see Shao Kahn approaching.
“So, you have managed to break her from my control,” he said. 
“You tyrant!” Sindel yelled, running at Shao Kahn and beginning to battle him. The fight between them was tough, though Sindel came through at the end. Pulling out her guandao, the Edenian Queen pressed it against Shao’s chest.
“You will never harm my family again,” she said before plunging it straight into his heart, killing him instantly as the Special Forces rushed in. Cassie Cage instantly leveled her gun at Sindel.
“Drop the weapon, queenie,” Cassie demanded. Sindel calmly let go of her weapon, hands in front of her.
“I mean no harm, Cassandra. Shao Kahn will no longer harm Earthrealm,” she said.
“She’s speaking the truth,” Kenshi said, stepping past his son Takeda, Kung Jin, and Jacqui Briggs. Sindel bowed her head to Kenshi as Cassie looked at him, nodding. Sindel turned to Kitana, who rushed into her arms.
“Mother,” Kitana breathed. Sindel placed a kiss onto her head.
“He will no longer harm us, no one will,” She said. Kitana merely held onto her mother as Sindel looked up, meeting the gaze of Kenshi and sharing a smile with him.
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toomanyf4ndoms7 · 7 days ago
Kitana in MK11: unites Outworld’s people, kills the man responsible for every bad thing in her life, becomes Outworld’s Kahn. becomes the architect of the New Era alongside Liu Kang.
Tumblr media
(Aftermath was so bad for Kitana)
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topknotking · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wing-dingy · 11 days ago
im still laughing because i didnt realize baraka’s brain accessory could be too heavy for his arm blade idk maybe i just didnt impale it deep enough but i left his brain on his arm blade for about. well. ever since release hbghfjbjhbg so uhh his arm became Flaccid
Tumblr media
excuse my mess please i have adhd and very limited room ANYWAY yeah so poor baraka’s arm blade went soft 😫
i remembered Johnny Cage is meant to hold not one but two items! his toy and trophy! solution
Tumblr media
and. after a month, surprisingly it actually worked LMAO
Tumblr media
his arm has been fixed all thanks to johnny holding it up for a month hgbjfhbhjh
so uh if you have a baraka. be careful. my poor bby.
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awoomommymilkers · 12 days ago
Sindel: I hate you!
Shao Kahn:
Sindel: You are the worst husband ever!
Shao Kahn:
Sindel: How dare you?!
Shao Kahn:
Reptile: Emperor, aren’t you going to say something?
Shao Kahn: No, i just told her that she couldn’t have sex with Johnny Cage.
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thunderdilf · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Just one more: I joked about Shang Tsung having Red Junglefowl run loose on his island, mostly to feed his vast collection of snakes.
However, one rooster, Hui, is his Familiar.  This is basically Hui’s personality in a nutshell.
Just imagine Shang Tsung going to a gala, having this rooster on a golden leash, and Shao Kahn has never seen such an animal before.  He heard tell of them from Baraka (In Tarkatan, these birds are called ‘Angry Meat’).
But Hui is also staring back, puffing his chest and strutting.  He then crows to get Shang Tsung’s attention.  There is a pause, and the sorcerer gives that knowing smirk.
“Admiring my fine cock, Sire?”
Sindel spits her wine, laughing, at the pun.
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topknotking · 14 days ago
Sindel: I want to do bad things to you.
Shao Kahn: Like what? 
Sindel: Break your neck.
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toomanyf4ndoms7 · 14 days ago
Mortal Kombat Invasion: The Specter’s return.
Summary: As Shao Kahn begins the merging spell, ramifications are felt throughout the Netherrealm. One of its denizens finds himself caught in the middle.
(Takes place right as the mass soul drain begins)
Mortal Kombat Invasion: The Specter’s return.
The state of each Realm in relation to one another is a subject for debate by many, but one constant concept that people can agree on is that, if the realms were to be seen as layers or planes, The NetherRealm would be at the bottom with the living realms encircling it, followed by the Heavens being on the outside.
Merging a realm with another has undisclosed effects to the realm being merged, most notably being a seeming drainage of life, plants wither and the realm itself seems to die.
This is part of Shao Kahn’s process. Merging the realm and taking the souls of its denizens for great power. He only refuses this fate if he sees that its denizens have potential use to the Empire. Humans however, in comparative to even typical Outworlders, were short lived, not magically inclined, and easily killed.
Scorpion had heard whispers of Shao Kahn’s plan but paid no mind.
Earthrealm has no meaning left for me anymore.
 As he stood near one of the lava pits, growing used to the intense heat after two years of it, Scorpion suddenly felt great pain through his being.
It seemed shared by the realm itself, several demons and NetherRealm denizens roaring in pain and the realm itself seeming to distort before Scorpion’s eyes.
Scorpion felt his being forced upwards, his eyes closing, he felt relief wash over as his consciousness faded.
Scorpion awoke to a destroyed street, countless bodies littered around seemingly drained of their souls.
Scorpion picked himself up and struggled to his feet, disoriented by the recent events.
“Earthrealm? How did I get back here? -
Scorpion whirled around to see a ninja clad in a purple uniform, gold accents around the shoulders as if to imitate royalty.
“State your purpose, NetherRealm demon!”
“I do not answer to you, slave of Outworld.”
The warrior didn’t seem to appreciate that remark as his voice took in a harsher tone.
“My name is Rain, and you would do best not to insult me. My powers make quick work of filth like you-
Rain barely had time to finish his sentence before Scorpion teleported in a burst of hellfire and held his kunai against his throat.
Scorpion looked at the entourage of guards that followed the captive Rain.
“Take me to your master, or I’ll slit his throat.”
Rain struggled to escape before he ceased trying and nodded to his guards.
“Follow us, Spectre.”
Scorpion was silent as the guards led him to a fortress with a centre spire fashioned in the style of Shao Kahn’s famous helmet.
Before long, Scorpion found himself brought before the Emperor, standing tall and refusing to kneel unlike the guards and Rain.
“It seems that my soul drain had more effects than I expected.”
“I am Scorpion, and your ‘Soul Drain’ forced my soul into this realm, as I’m sure many other denizens of the NetherRealm were as well.”
Shao Kahn pondered the ramifications of such an event, stealing souls from the NetherRealm could lead to potential battles but this warrior seemed skilled and could be persuaded.
He had an offer.
“This is a blessing for you, Scorpion.”
“How so?”
“As long as this merger continues, you shall be able to walk freely among the living. Once it is complete, you will never have to set foot in the NetherRealm again.”
Scorpion uncrossed his arms as he considered the offer.
“I will give you this chance if you serve me in killing the survivors that Raiden has protected.”
Scorpion held no loyalty to Outworld, nor Shao Kahn, but he could not deny that being free from the NetherRealm was an enticing offer.
Scorpion made his decision.
“I will assist you, but I am not your servant.”
“I do not expect you to be.”
Scorpion walked away, teleporting to a balcony.
These warriors, what if Sub Zero is among them?
I swore an oath of Protection, but will I be able to keep it?
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thunderdilf · 14 days ago
"Rayden, dad said it's my turn on the Xbox!!"
-Shao Kahn at some point most likely
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chokethelight · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Wait wait . . . we also have Daddy number 2.
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sxvethelastdance · 15 days ago
All the men you've ever loved have died by MY hand with twisted necks and no honor at all. What will you do, Liu Kang--weak Earthrealmer that you are? I spit at your elder gods. Who chose you? No one with any sense. /shao kahn/
The reminders are a lance through his heart, digging deep with the acknowledgement of what he has lost and the pain that’s taken the place of the love housed in his heart. 
 “These men possess more honor than you could ever hope to have. For you Shao Kahn, are stagnant. You do not improve with time, nor do you at least possess the excuse of degeneration to explain the pursuits forgone and the desolate landscapes lands of the realms which you have bled dry before your next conquest. You have not ventured from your comfort zone, challenged yourself as they have, instead you delight in the rivers of blood which comprise your throne of promises unmet, riches in fool’s gold. You ask me what I will do, Emperor?” He is bleeding, but he is not broken, and he is angry, angrier than he's ever been and somehow it is not enough and more than enough all at once. Visions of himself in different times, places and people form and with them the fates of these men. 
Is this what Lord Raiden felt?
No, it is different. I am different.
The flames rise in his palms, but they do not stop there. Fire wraps around his arms, becomes his breath, all that he is but not all that he will be. He is changing, as the universe wills from all things, but this is different, this towers over even the great Shao Kahn. He knows why he was chosen, resents and embraces it across spaces and times. 
"I will avenge them." More than one voice speaks this declaration. Time won’t erase this threat and nor will he, it’s not his place, but this will come to an end. This will be the last time that these men, two sides of a similar coin will fall to the hand of the Emperor, he wills it.
Liu Kang slumbers and the dragon opens its eyes, hungry.
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earthrealmclown · 16 days ago
Rate this character: Shao Kahn
Ah yes 🤣
Tumblr media
Attraction: -10
Love for the character: -10
How much have they grown on me?: Not at all!!
Badassness level: 2, since the hammer is kind of cool
How upset would I be if they were killed off?: Not upset at all! He’s already been killed a few times so what’s one more!
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