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#shadows of almia
beefstrugglenoff · 2 days ago
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia - Game Over
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viridianjester · 3 days ago
My brain has decided to focus on pokémon ranger these past couple of days. Does anyone know any good pokémon ranger fanfics? I've searched the tag on ao3 (there are some very good oneshots there!), but since I can't really do that on ffn, I'd be very grateful for some help
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viridianjester · 5 days ago
Pokémon ranger games, pokémon ranger games. I replayed all three of them back to back near the end of 2020, and they were so good??? I meant to make a post summarizing my thoughts about them back then but never got around to it, so here we are now.
Pokémon Ranger - the first one, which will be referred to as Ranger 1 from here on out to prevent confusion - was short and sweet. The plot was the simplest of the three, the Go Rock Quads themes were bops (Billy had his own theme for some reason, hence the plural), and the Go Rock Quads dialogue occasionally made me chuckle. The environments were nice, and although the capture system is the most difficult to use out of the three in my opinion, I fully admit that I'm biased since I started with Ranger 2 as a kid (I'll compare the capture systems later on, but for now let's stay focused on Ranger 1). Regardless, it was a fun adventure that felt just the right length for what they were aiming for.
Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia - or Ranger 2 - was the one I had the most familiarity with from childhood. It took me the longest to complete (in game time) out of the three, and the plot of it is my favorite by far. The characters are great, the Team Dim Sun grunts had plenty of dialogue that made me chuckle, and the region is large and varied. My favorite part was the at-sea oil rig, it just had such a cool aesthetic and the grunts and story beats??? Very good™. I could ramble on about the game for hours, but I'll cut it here. Honestly, I think Ranger 2 might beat out Pokémon Red and Blue Rescue Team as my new second favorite Pokémon spinoff game.
Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs - Ranger 3 - is the last installation in the series. It took me the longest time irl to complete; it dragged, although that was probably because I was a little Pokémon Rangered Out™ at this point despite how much I enjoyed the first two games. It did have its positives though! The Pincher Admins were cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed it whenever they popped up. The twist at the end was nice too as although I played Ranger 3 as a kid, I had very little memories of it going in (I only played through it once when it first came out). The translation of the comedic bits felt a bit off to me, and they didn't land nearly as well as they did in the previous two games. A part of the game's story was an intended multiplayer campaign that I never ended up completing; it seemed interesting, but the amount of grinding needed to complete it solo wasn't worth it to me. If anyone knows if there's a walkthrough of that part anywhere, please send it to me! I'm definitely interested in finding out what happens (Maybe it'll help inform the main storyline more? I definitely noticed overlap in the parts I did get to). Regardless, it was a pokémon ranger game all the same, and it was still plenty enjoyable. 
Going back to the capture systems, they do change across the games. In Ranger 1, you can't lift up the stylus between loops when catching a pokémon or you have to start all over whereas in Ranger 2, there's a bar that fills up as you loop that decreases if you don't complete a loop for a while. These two systems are significantly different, and it was a difficult transition for mini me back in the olden days (I... never actually beat Ranger 1 as a kid lol). Poké Assists from wild pokemon are also significantly more useful in Ranger 1 than Ranger 2. The Ranger 3 capture system is almost the same as Ranger 2's; the differences were pretty minor, and I honestly can't remember them other than the tweaking of a few Poké Assists. 
I prefer the Ranger 2 capture mechanics as the entire loss of progress between loops was frustrating for me, but someone I know irl played through Rangers 1 and 2 around the same time I did and preferred the Ranger 1 mechanics because the boss pokémon took significantly longer to catch in Ranger 2 due to the large health bars. It's a valid viewpoint, and like many things with the ranger series, I can honestly see why people might prefer any game or system over the others even if I don't agree personally.
Overall, I liked Ranger 2 best, followed by Ranger 1 and then Ranger 3. These games are underrated - super underrated. Thankfully, the Jaiden Animations video brought more attention to the franchise (which is great!), but I would very much like to talk to more people about it sometime. If you made it so far through my ramblings, thank you so much, and have a great day!
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shirotaniart · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Yup. I drew that blonde bitch 25 times and tried to stay on model and lemme tell you: HARD, it's HARD!
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alfredopizzaluver151 · 7 days ago
This game looks funny and interesting. I think I might get it.
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musashi · 8 days ago
Hello, I'm a huge fan of yours!
If it isn't too much trouble, and the pride icon thing is still open, could you please do non-binary Kate from Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia?
Thank you, and I'm sorry for the trouble.
no trouble at all, i do this for fun~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lmk if you want anything adjusted!!! gosh i love the character designs for these games~
(want a pride icon but can’t/don’t wanna make one? i can fix that!)
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opulentplatinum · 9 days ago
I feel like realistically in the world of Pokémon the random trainer battles in games would technically be monitored by actual Rangers (like the police officer Jenny but like without the power of the law) who watch the battles and keep kids from ruthlessly beating the shit out of other kids Pokémon after they've fainted
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holonsphantoms · 10 days ago
@traveling-psychic; reaction to this!
Eruin had indeed found their rest being coloured with unfamiliar sounds and feelings, Celebi’s dream seeping across into their own. It was disorienting until they realised it wasn’t their own dreamscape, but the grass-type’s. Since both of them were psychic-types, the risk of one’s mental world overflowing onto the other was unfortunately high.
“It’s alright,” they answered, not denying the experience, but not seeming overly bothered, either. Celebi’s fear was all too obvious, and Eruin could still feel the residue of the nightmare itself. The lingering darkness, and the overpowering wash of pain and rage; both were surprisingly familiar to the Mew. Though it wasn’t exactly the same, still...
It had been a long time since they came into contact with that kind of darkness, real or not. The familiarity led them to reach out carefully with their paw and gently brush it against Celebi’s forehead, illuminating the space with a soft blue light, as a soothing aura emanated from the Mew. It had been a long, long time since Eruin had last done this.
A serene calm would wash over the two mythicals, eliminating the remaining ill emotions and replacing them with a sense of wellbeing. Eruin then pulled back their paw, tilting their head slightly at Celebi. “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”
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sereniatta · 17 days ago
It’s 2AM and I’m just—
“Man, I miss Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (and the Discovery Kids channel as a whole)! I wanna binge the series one of these days but lord, hunting down all the episodes of a show that doesn’t seem to be all that well-known sounds like it’d be a bloody headache…”
Because like, that series was my introduction to science fiction as a whole (and kickstarted my present love for that whole “people investigating phenomena that can’t be explained away by simple, rational means, and getting swept up in mysteries that tended to leave one with more questions than answers” trope thing)…
…I have The Feelings. Send help. 😭
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oddestoddish · 19 days ago
More Ranger!Hop things now that I’m having him stand in for the MC of SoA for this blog’s au:
Hop and Keith were fast friends, and were known by many as the danger duo
Kincaid reprimanded them at least three times a day for running in the halls, but I mean c’mon he can’t deny that these two have the drive and spirit to become rangers.
Rythmi Hop and Keith made the pledge by the pledge stone.
Odd, Marnie, Bede, and Hop’s family all travelled to Almia for Hop’s graduation. That would be the last time he saw them in person until he would open a branch of the Union in Galar.
Let’s be honest, the moment Elaine saw Hop’s rotom phone, she wanted to take it apart to see how it worked.
Rotom zapped her for it.
Crawford reminds Hop of Leon. Primarily the bad jokes.
Hop is probably the one who “ugh”s the loudest when Crawford cracks a pun, though.
Hop and Odd have a system for their phones that kicks in when one of them is in trouble(mainly when Odd gets kidnapped by a Pokémon). Basically Rotom will send their location to the other phone. When Hop left the region for school, they configured it to only send locations when there was an emergency where they couldn’t call someone else.
The first time Hop got a ping after that, he was on patrol with Luana. Turns out there was no emergency, Odd’s rotom simply panicked, but Luana and Hop had fun meeting/introducing Odd either way.
After that Luana joined Hop in calling Odd and the others after work.
Hop got along well with Barlow, though he was reprimanded several times for getting hurt saving a person or Pokémon, in particular getting burned during thw Vien Forest fire.
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splodey-goat · 29 days ago
I wanna play/replay a pokemon game so bad but the entire mainline franchise is divided into the categories of "archaic enough to not be fun" or "4 hours of tutorial and zero depth" so there's no way to scratch the itch.
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sufficientomniscience · a month ago
Gonna stream a bit of pokemon ranger shadows of almia shortly!
Tumblr media
I added stream avatars so you can run across my stream as little pokemon too!
[Watch here]
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shirotaniart · a month ago
Tumblr media
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omg-casualbeardstudent · a month ago
Tumblr media
Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia OST - Team Dim Sun (Espiritual Gambler Remix feat. Johnny JC) by Espiritual Gambler
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