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#shadow hunters
sumniaa14 hours ago
inflicts wretched vibes upon u but cutely
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angstkings23 hours ago
Okay another theory
Tumblr media
Yall know this scene in bad batch in episode 2 (cut and run)
Omage goes gets tge ball and a nexus stalks her
@shadows-fan-space made a comment a while back that a nexus and crosshair may have simular genetics
Which lead to me thinking
What if later on in one of tge episodes, oamge runs to go get something, cross sees it and follows and a few seconds hunter realises something wrong and follows
Omages bow is out pointed at cross as hunter gets there
And both hunter and cross fight rendering hunter injured and omage scrapes cross over the shoulder with the energy bow
The other batchers come over and cross flees
Just a thought
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unsaintedfoxa day ago
@tempestgxdsx鈥 liked for a one-liner starter. (Elena)
Tumblr media
鈥淪o do you only have a thing for vampires or is it just any supernatural creature?鈥
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fairyqueenellaromaina day ago
Trust Review
I have seen my fair share of shitty movies, we all have, but I think the one that stands out for 2021 so far is Trust. It stars Matthew Daddario and Victoria Justice, and a few other notable names. It鈥檚 like Shadowhunters meets Naomi and Eli鈥檚 No Kiss List, in terms of actors, but the movie itself isn鈥檛 something that should have been made because I鈥檓 sure it is going to give people a bunch of鈥
Tumblr media
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gods-shadowsandcrowsa day ago
The warrior..
Tumblr media
Emma Carstairs,wielder of Cortana,slayer of thousands of demons,one of the greatest shadowhunter ever to exist.
Taglist: @leestillyeetschappal,@dots-are-my-life,@im-a-sleep-demon,@inejghafasupremacy,@clockworkprincess19,@clarys-heosphoros,@booksarealwaysbettersworlds-blog.
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comicstalliona day ago
Tumblr media
鈥淒idn鈥檛 think you鈥檇 show... but I also didn鈥檛 think Spider-Man would try to kill us all.鈥-- Mysterio
Cover art for Spider-Man: The Spider鈥檚 Shadow #003
Art by Phil Noto
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delilahssbard3 days ago
Hello, I love your writing! 馃尭馃挒
Maybe 31 with Thomastair if you'd like?
Hi anon and thank you! 馃尲 I can't remember when you sent this ask, perhaps in winter. I'm sorry for this long wait, but I haven't feeling too inspired for a while. Now I think I'm back and I hope you like this fluffy fic!
Prompt: 鈥淚鈥檓 yours, in every way you鈥檒l have me.鈥 Ship/Characters: Thomastair, Thomas Lightwood and Alastair Carstairs Words: 1347 Type: Fluff
The sound of something hitting the floor wakes Alastair. Then someone sighs heavily, and new noises invade the room. He鈥檚 disoriented for a moment. Is it music? The lights are dim but he realizes that it isn鈥檛 night. No, the grandfather clock on the wall signs a little past two in the afternoon. He jerks his head too hard, noticing that the blinds are drawn, and feels pain in his neck. He鈥檚 sitting on an armchair, a velvet armchair that might have looked comfortable to sit down to read, but not to sleep on. Somebody's watching him from the other piece of furniture of the small apartment. He flinches. Then his eyes adjust to the new colors of the room, and he recognizes the other person. He tries to hide his surprise and joy, but he鈥檚 sure they鈥檙e seeping through his face. He doesn鈥檛 need to hide anything.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean to wake you,鈥 Thomas apologizes. Alastair wants to tell him that he shouldn鈥檛. He sat down on that armchair because he was thinking about what he was doing in another town, wishing he would be quick and return so he would not feel alone.
But he doesn鈥檛.
鈥淵ou mean the music?鈥 Alastair wonders instead, frowning and scratching the back of his shoulders. They are stiff. Ah, sitting on that armchair was a bad idea, and now he didn鈥檛 want Thomas to believe that he was uncomfortable and that he needed help.
Thomas鈥 eyes glance at Alastair鈥檚 hand, and he stands up, coming towards him as he speaks. 鈥淚t was meant to be a surprise, but I stumbled on something on the carpet,鈥 he rolls his eyes. 鈥淚 woke you up.鈥
鈥淚 would have woken up sooner if I knew you were coming,鈥 Alastair says, biting his lip. 鈥淎nd prepared鈥 well, something.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 need anything,鈥 confesses Thomas, moving behind the armchair. 鈥淲hile you look like you need a massage,鈥 he suggests. He doesn鈥檛 wait for Alastair鈥檚 reply and he just starts moving his hands behind his neck.
Alastair is about to say that it鈥檚 not true that he needs that, and that he is fine on his own, with his neck hurting because of the damn armchair. But he doesn鈥檛. The truth is that he loves when Thomas does that. Not just the massage he鈥檚 doing right now. Anything. He鈥檚 one to keep things to himself. He鈥檚 been like that for his whole life, and it鈥檚 hard to unlearn pretending to be okay, not to need things. Thomas was good at seeing through the cracks, and Alastair decided to let him take care of his neck. He closes his eyes as Thomas鈥 fingers work their magic. Really, he鈥檚 just pressing his fingers, Alastair -
鈥淚 want to dance,鈥 Alastair says out of the blue, while Thomas鈥 hands still graze his neck. A jolt runs through his spine. 鈥淧lease, don鈥檛 stop,鈥 he begs, not feeling his partner鈥檚 fingers anymore. The back of his neck is suddenly cold.
Thomas laughs, but he still doesn鈥檛 continue. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e greedy,鈥 he teases, his mouth close to Alastair鈥檚 ear. Another thrill shakes his shoulders, making the hair behind his neck stand up. Aching for more.
This is how you make me feel, Thomas Lightwood. Like I鈥檓 on the top of a cliff and jumping in the water is my only escape. I鈥檓 afraid of the heights, but I would leap into the sea and face my fear, if you hold my hand.
Alastair grins, and gazes up at Thomas. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e been in Paris for a week. I deserve to be greedy.鈥 He stands up, ignoring that he has revealed too much; has been too forward. Their relationship is young, there are still many things they have to tell each other, but there isn鈥檛 a guide on how to be with someone, nor a right time where you can be forward with your feelings.
Thomas is already offering his hand, and Alastair doesn鈥檛 hesitate when he takes it, interlacing his fingers with his. The music playing is a waltz, but they are not following it. They are out of tune, but none of them complains. They鈥檙e going at their pace. Like always.
鈥淚t feels like a dream,鈥 Alastair whispers, gazing up at the man he loves.
Thomas grins, his whole face lights up. He is blushing. 鈥淚t鈥檚 beautiful, isn鈥檛 it? I knew you would love this sound.鈥
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean the music,鈥 Alastair sighs, holding Thomas鈥 stare. Almost stopping because those hazel eyes distract him. 鈥淚 mean this.鈥
Thomas nods, and chuckles. He looks away, almost embarrassed like Alastair used to be a few minutes ago when he woke him up from his sleep. 鈥淚 regret to inform you that this is not a dream. This is real. We are real. And I鈥檓 yours, in every way you鈥檒l have me.鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 no need to remind me,鈥 Alastair says, his heart is about to jump out of his chest. 鈥淚 am not possessive by any means. Though I鈥檇 make an exception for you.鈥 He doesn鈥檛 stop staring at Thomas, and winks. He has the urge to see his reaction. He is curious, even though he knows that Thomas hasn鈥檛 shown anything but affection for him ever since they started. And, most importantly, Thomas didn鈥檛 treat him as a secret. On the other hand, he granted Alastair what he never dared to believe someone would ever do for him. He put him first.
It happened during one of the mundane events Alastair disliked so much but had to attend out of courtesy, a few days after he agreed to get to know Thomas better. To see if they would last. They still weren鈥檛 officially together, and he couldn鈥檛 say he wasn鈥檛 scared, for he feared history would repeat itself. He had to tread lightly.
Alastair thought that something was off when he saw Thomas wait for him outside of the venue. He had come alone, so he didn鈥檛 have to invent excuses. When Alastair saw Thomas鈥 serious stare, he thought: this is it. We鈥檙e done. He made his hands into fists as he climbed the stairs. People were passing by, but he could only stare at Thomas as he felt a void in his stomach, and he hadn鈥檛 even eaten anything.
鈥淚 need to tell you something, and it can鈥檛 wait.鈥
Those were Thomas鈥 words. Alastair stilled, trying to keep his expression neutral, and nodded. What else could he do? Maybe he should stop being such a pessimist?
They went into a private room, and Thomas sighed audibly after closing the door. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait anymore. I鈥檓 sick of waiting.鈥
鈥淲aiting for what?鈥
鈥淭o tell everyone that you鈥檙e mine,鈥 Thomas said, and shook his head, embarrassed. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, I don鈥檛 mean to sound possessive.鈥
鈥淚 understand what you mean,鈥 Alastair replied.
鈥淎nd what do you say?鈥
鈥淎bout being possessive?鈥
鈥淭he first thing,鈥 Thomas managed a tiny smile. 鈥淭ell everyone.鈥
鈥淎re you sure about that?鈥
鈥淲hy shouldn鈥檛 I be? Even though my friends still don鈥檛 know the truth, and only my sister and Lucie know,鈥 he explained. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want you to be my secret.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to be your secret either, Thomas,鈥 Alastair murmured, and it was as if saying it out loud had freed him. He felt lighter. 鈥淚f we have to stay together, we -鈥 he sighed. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to hide.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to hide either,鈥 Thomas answered, opening the door. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 why, if you agree, I suggest we enter the ballroom together. Hand in hand.鈥
鈥淚 never thought you were so reckless, Thomas Lightwood,鈥 he said, offering his arm.
鈥淭here are a lot of things you don鈥檛 know about me.鈥
鈥淏elieve me, I intend to find out,鈥 Alastair smirked.
Thomas smiled. 鈥淟ikewise.鈥
That was the first time they danced together.
鈥淲ell, I am,鈥 Thomas tells him in the present, his voice rises to make a point, and his hand grips the back of Alastair鈥檚 jacket. Alastair is beside himself, and the only thing he can do is reach out to Thomas鈥 lips to let him know how he feels about that.
Taglist (if you want to be added or removed, send me a PM): @princesslucinda @kit-12 @immortal-enemies @lucian-evander @esa-emery @danieldyers @blackthorn-trash @rinadragomir @fortunesandfables @itsdaughterofthemoon @silvenys@thomastair3 @livvyheronstairs @ holding-infinity-and-a-book @lovelaces @axoloteca @autumnangel20 @cordelia-cardale @lucie-blackthorns @thephcastcouldsteponme-please
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maul-antics4 days ago
Tumblr media
Well Sidious teaching Maul to loath entirely came to bite him in the ass when Maul turned that on him in tcw lol
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positiveladyauthor5 days ago
Fangirling includes
Putting down book, pausing movie or TV show. Sitting for a moment to process and then yelling either in your head or quietly strained out loud as to not wake anyone up because it is three am and a giant ass plot twist comes or the MC says dumb shit. Then proceeding to pull almost every muscle in your body as you gesture wildly with your hands or move your, now bobble head of a head, so frantically you get whiplash worse than being in a car accident聽
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venator-signum5 days ago
today we are thinking about:
not only how Angor Rot said "a staff of such power is not meant to be wielded by man" and Claire responded with "I am not a man" but also the fact that the first and most current owners of the shadow staff are women
when hunter Jim did some major foreshadowing when he said "You can't get rid of me. I'm a part of you. There'll come a time when you'll realise you can't balance both worlds and you'll have to choose, then... then you'll see I was right."
this quote that I found ages ago that I don't remember where it's from fits jim perfectly: "You are like Atlas. You keep standing not because you can; but because you have to."
the httyd refs - the gif of toothless on Jim's computer when there's a shot from inside his room when he transforms for the first time and blinky, draal and ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! playing maces and talons (from rtte)
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