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#sexy shower
pray-at-my-altar · 6 hours ago
Chuckling and nodding, I start the car and head off to our destination “I figured you wouldn’t like having your face shoved into a blanket instead of a mattress…” I mutter, smirking, i know your reaction without even having to see it, my hand finding it’s way to your thigh as I concentrate on the road
“I’ve heard it’s pretty good, tsumu and his partner went there…” my thumb rubs gently on your skin and I hum along to the music you chose, tapping my fingers every so often and glancing down at your figure in the plus leather seats of my car, a playful grin on my face.
“I got a few things planned though babe, it’s not all glamour and napping, yeah?” I send a look your way and smile, eyes travelling your body quickly before putting my eyes back on the road. After an hour or so we pull up, and I jump out of the car to come give you a hand out of the door, kissing you as I pull you out
I laugh at your suggestive statement, feeling my face turn pink, thighs squeezing around your fingers. "You figured right." I meet your glance shyly, biting my bottom lip and squirming slightly in anticipation.
My eyes light up as you pull into the secluded camping spot, the fancy canvas tent and all the lighting whimsical and calming. I lean up on my toes to give you a delighted kiss in response, pulling away and dragging you after me before you can pull the luggage out to tour the small and intimate tent and everything it has to offer.
"Oh you can see the lake from here." I point down the small hill, the lake within a comfortable hiking distance from us. My eyes pass over the fancy stone outdoor shower, with the smallest of privacy walls around it but still visible from both the tent and the beautiful scenery around us. My eyebrows shooting upward, smirking back at you. "We should definitely use that later."
I pull you in close for another kiss, smiling widely up at you. "I love it, baby. This is so romantic."
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rayna-rosee · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ok, so I've been taking a lot of shower pics lately 🙈
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interiorsbydavid · 15 hours ago
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Good Morning Shower 🚿
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