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#seriously guys it’s really good please read it pretty please
galaxina-the-pyro · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey! Hey, you! My friend @caitlinsnow-yayyy wrote a neat-o fanfic called “Hoofer’s Delight”, and you should read it cuz it’s really great and nice and it’s about Candace! You all love Candace don’t you? She’s not even my favorite character and I love it, that’s how good it is! So go on - read it! Please~?
Tumblr media
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alonz-ho · 5 days ago
Time to share some of my favorite Cats blogs because we haven’t done a follow forever type of thing in awhile.
First is @storyweaverofgondor because she is very sweet, loyal, and makes some of the best art that gives off comforting Disney vibes. She also has lots of compelling headcanons.
@dramatical-cat SO SUPPORTIVE OF ARTISTS OH MY GOODNESS. Truly we do not deserve.
@madamtrashbat what a loyal Bitch. Will stand up for you if you’ve been wronged in some way. Also super pretty? We Stan. She’s too cool for tumblr honestly but somehow she still graces us with her presence.
@uppastthejelliclemoon listen there is no one sweeter on this website. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. Is so empathetic to her followers needs. Writes such lovely fics and loves your ocs just as much as you do.
@linadoonofficial wow your art is amazing like. Seriously. I don’t know you super well but you seem cool and also again like. Your art is just. Put it in the MOMA.
@platothefluffbutt hasn’t been as active lately but a sweet person who put Plato on the map for me and made me love Plato almost as much as he does.
@roxycake another one of those people who is so loyal to their friends like honestly loyalty is such a great trait to have. I honor and cherish people who have this trait.
@angelicjellicle your ability to give second chances and spread positivity has proven you to be someone who has surprised me and made me feel warm and fuzzy. Thank you.
@skimblyshanks this boy has some of the cutest art? Like the vintage vibe? The outfits. Just. Amazing. You shoot from the hip man, and that’s not a bad thing.
@statisticalcats I’m always happy to see her on my dash and I love her headcanons. Also not enough people appreciate Demeter in my opinion. I love hearing about your theories pls talk about them more <3
@partyinthemysterymachine doesn’t post a ton of cats content but his macavity art is OFF THE CHARTS amazing and he’s also the funniest fucking guy. Please read the things he puts in the tags. I wish I had the creative vocabulary this Dude does seriously.
@star-freckled-kitten a sweetheart. Etcetera lover extraordinaire. We need so much more etcetera content. <3
@cat-brrr probably my favorite artist because of her love for Alonzo. Truly has surpassed my Alonzo content by like 10,000 by now. Also just a sweetheart who just sends these sweet little alonzos to us just because! I love your love for Alonzo and also SAME.
@whitmerule / @junkyard-gifs alright. Let’s talk about this supposed controversial member of the cats fandom. How many people have bothered to get to know this sweetheart? Seriously though. She has so much knowledge of cats, is super organized and has done so much work to archive everything cats. The things she has done for this fandom. I’m here to tell you that she is not the dangerous scary person people have told you that she is. But she’s too nice to get angry and stand up for herself about it so I’m here to do so. There’s been a whole lot of misunderstandings regarding whit and it’s really not fair to her. Make your own judgements in her. She’s perfectly happy to respect your boundaries. And she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Also her art is adorable and it makes me think of those old children’s storybooks I used to read. Such comfort. It’s okay to start conversations and talk. Go ahead and ask her about the things people have said about her. She’ll explain to you what really happened. Give her a chance. Seriously. The amount of content she gives to this fandom it’s like she has a second full time job I swear and yet she continues to do it for us despite everything.
@recklessrex uh hey I miss you come back. I love Sullivan.
I know. I know I’m forgetting people and will reblog and add as I remember them. There are a lot of blogs I follow that I don’t know much about but would like to! Anyway please interact and share the blogs that you love!!
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blkladyelle · 5 days ago
Hi! Could i please have a bnha matchup? ✨ I’m bisexual , female, and 19 years old. I’m 5’9, caucasian, and i have wavy long brown hair, hazel eyes, and i wear glasses. I have a thin/athletic build. I have a soft light academia kind of style, and i love wearing sweaters.
I’m INTP, and i tend to be really antisocial. My sense of humor is really sarcastic, and i like to playfully tease people. People describe me as kind of intimidating sometimes, mainly because i’m usually quiet around others. I’m also pretty stubborn. Despite this, i’m also pretty childish sometimes, but i know how to be serious too. In a relationship, i’m a bit easily jealous, but i don’t like showing it.
I’m in college and majoring in psychology. I take schoolwork pretty seriously, and i’m also learning french on the side!
My love language is words of affirmation, and i’m not a big fan of physical affection! I take things slow in a relationship.
I’m very into fitness and health, and i exercise every day (mainly strength!). Some of my other hobbies include shopping, playing video games, and baking. I’m a stress baker, sometimes i’ll get upset and the way i’ll cheer myself up is by making a batch of cookies or cupcakes :) I’m into a lot of soft things, like animal crossing, minecraft, and sanrio, but i’m also a really big fan of horror games and movies!! Thank you so much in advance :)
Well hello my bisexual queen! I just recently came out as bi so I’m just kind of raking in the glory at the moment lol. Thank you so much for sending in a request it makes me really happy like you have no idea 🥰😘 if it’s all right with you I decided to do two I did one male and one female okay?
For your male matchup I match you with:
Tumblr media
Our favorite tape hero Sero Hanta!
After reading through your description and thoroughly reading your Myers-Briggs test results this just stood out to me! I feel like he’s really good at reading emotions on people and since you don’t really like physical touch as opposed to a lot of the other guys he gets it! he will absolutely gas you up and I really mean it. Sero is your hype man! You’re stress baking? He’s talking you through it as well as making you feel better at the same time! 
He may struggle with school work with that for you too can help each other out! I almost sense a bit of yin and yang with the two of you; y’all would really balance each other out and I think that’s beautiful!  video game nights. That’s it. That’s the tweet.  and believe me when I say he will take things slow as you like and a slow as you need
For your female matchup I match you with:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Our queen of class B and our lovable froppy Kendo Itsuka and Tsuyu Asui!
I hope you’re not too overwhelmed by this! But I couldn’t help myself and I felt like these two ladies would be wonderful for you! The studious nature is that the three of you to share would work and mesh so perfectly together. The the two of them also have a very strong emotional intelligence I would understand your need for space and the need for you to express yourself in the way that you need in order to get your feelings across! I imagine these two would reward you for your hard work with either your favorite video game for your favorite horror movie like just imagine how fun that would be! In the time when you’re a little childish or just being funny they would absolutely feed off of that energy and give you exactly what you need. These ladies are it 
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marveloussupernerd · 6 days ago
How to Make a Guy Fall in Love in 10 Days - Atsumu Miya
a lil smooch (4)
• Masterlist • Previous • Next •
Synopsis: you’re a writer for a popular women’s magazine. Last month you wrote an article about how to make a guy fall in love with you in 10 days. A lot of people called you out and said that it would never actually work. So now you’re tasked with a new article: making the city’s biggest playboy, Atsumu Miya, fall in love with you in just ten days
Reblogs and comments are appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Aw, your friends think I’m hot,” Atsumu giggled, kicking back in the passenger seat as you drove.
“That is not an important message you were NOT supposed to read that!” You whined, refusing to meet his eyes. “I’m glad I deleted my past messages with them now.”
“Why? Were ya goin’ on about how dreamy I am?”
“I was not!”
“You’re blushing.”
You pouted. You hated that he was reading your texts. You had done something so nice for him too, offering to take him to the concert. You hated that Makki said he was hot. You told them he would be looking at the messages!
Well, it was probably just Makki trying to stir something up.
Atsumu finally broke the tense silence of the car. “You look pretty too.”
“But seriously,” he touched your arm gently. “Your friend really needs to know if I look hot tonight and I of course want to give the most accurate to you answer, so what would you say?”
“If I tell you you look hot can we drop this conversation.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The concert had finished: Atsumu’s eyes had been trained on you for the past few songs since you had kissed.
“Did’ja have fun?” He asked, wrapping an arm around your waist.
“Actually yeah! I haven’t been to a concert in a while,” you grinned.
“So I was thinking... we should get a hotel room for tonight. Since we both have drank a little. Then we can drive back tomorrow.”
You took a second to think about it. “Yeah, I guess that’s a good idea.”
You walked out of the concert stadium, then off to the side to a quieter, more secluded area. And there you sat, on the corner of a curb, leaning against Atsumu’s shoulder, as the two of you started calling hotels to check for availability.
It took a half hour.
“Really!?” Atsumu asked excitedly, nudging you slightly to look at him. “Great. That’s awesome.” He flashed you a thumbs up and a grin. “Uhh, two beds. Yes, please. Okay! We’ll be there soon. Thanks so much!”
He hung up the phone then looked at you.
“Aw you don’t wanna share a bed with me, Miya?” You teased, poking at his stomach.
He laughed, slightly ticklish from your pokes. “I expected you to congratulate me on finding a room, but whatever. Yes. This isn’t a fan fiction. We don’t need to share a bed.”
“What a shame.”
“Believe it or not, I’m trying very hard to practice self restraint,” he confessed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Last time I slept in the same room as a girl my age and it didn’t lead to screwing was... well, sixth grade church sleepaway camp I think.”
“Church camp. How noble.”
“Yeah yeah. Point of the matter is you’re lucky to be stuck with such a gentleman.”
“Sure thing.”
Tumblr media
• Atsumu has wanted to kiss you all night but took the song as a perfect opportunity
• Kuroo is 100% supportive of the relationship, Suga is kind of worried, Osamu doesn’t think Atsumu really is committed
• You both crashed the second you got the hotel, in your separate beds
Taglist: @pansexualproblemchild @90s-belladonna @chantalkate16 @internethome @xxsilverwingxx @kingggjaay @maybektzukisbabey @malxoxo lmk if you wanna be added!
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pnek · 6 days ago
Hello!! If your danganronpa match ups are still open, could I please have one? I’m a girl and I use she/her pronouns. I’m 5’9” and I have a very curvy figure. I have blue eyes with prominent shadows under them and long black hair. I’m pretty shy when you first meet me and my resting face is intense so I often come across as cold and intimidating to people who don’t know me. But once you get to know me I’m super warm and fiercely loyal. I would seriously do anything for the people I love and I am very protective of them. Many people have told me I seem to have a lot of confidence but truthfully I get anxious easily, I’m just good at not showing it. I tend to be introverted. I have a great sense of humor and I’m really good at matching/balancing with people’s energies, which could mean the chillest hang out ever or chaos unleashed depending lol. I think I’m pretty smart and I like to read and learn things. I also have a very distinct fashion sense that always gets me stares/compliments when I go out. I love music and I’m a good singer. I also write songs. I don’t have too many interests outside music but I like video games and I’m always down to try new and interesting things. And just in case here’s some personality things that might help: my sign is cancer, my mbti is INFP, and my enneagram is an even split between 4 and 8. I would prefer to be matched with a guy but it can be any of them. I hope that’s enough info and thank you so much!!
I match you with... Leon Kuwata!! (I'm so sorry if this isn't who you were hoping for- </3) Leon would be this tall compared to you:
Tumblr media
(he's just a lil shorter than you, I hope you don't mind ^^") - If you remember at the beginning, when Leon introduces himself, he says he dislikes baseball, and he wants to be the lead vocalist in a band, so I think if you'd be willing to teach him singing and songwriting and stuff, he'd be elated :) - I think he'd be decent at video games, but totally a sore loser - "Aw come on, Y/N! I woulda beat you if you weren't so distracting!" - Except 10 times worse - He still loves you tho <3 - He loves staring into your eyes because they remind him of blue flames
- He just loves them sm
- Ngl, he was a bit intimidated when he first met you bc you looked like you could kill a bitc- a bad person
- Once he got to get to know you better, he loved you sm kfslhfjkdsf - #1 (insert your name) simp
- He's kinda oblivious of your introversion at first, but then he picks up on it a lil bit
- If you do happen to have anxiety attacks, he'll comfort you
- He was confused when you'd act one way around him and then poof you're all Tenya Iida with Taka - ᵐᵃᵍⁱᶜ - He loves your fashion sense!! He's never seen anything like it, which makes you unique, which also makes him love you even more!! - If anyone makes fun of you for it, he's not afraid to whack them with a baseball bat (or a microphone for that matter)
- Leon is a Capricorn (Jan 3rd) - I got this from google because I'm lazy asf - Capricorn has a stable and solid demeanor that can provide the flowy nature of their Cancer the stability they need. It makes them one of the most dependable Cancer compatible signs. ... Capricorn holds a strong Cancer compatibility as they have a sensual nature that piques the interest of their Capricorn nature.
- (We have the same mbti!! >.<)
- Leon is most likely a ESFP
- Once again, I got this from google
- INFPs are more likely to trust ESFPs who affirm their creative ideas and allow them space to work independently from others. ESFPs tend to trust INFPs who spend time with them and get to know them while recognizing and affirming their attention to small details and specifics. I really do hope you're happy with who I matched you with, but you're the first person to request a matchup, so tysm!! :DD
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angelictrl · 7 days ago
i swear i'll finish requests and matchups after i get rid of this brainrot swarming the back of my mind ... hope you guys enjoy reading this and anticipate my other chapters. please let me know if this was good ! <3 i'm nervous ...
psa ;; lowercase + spaces intended ,, second person pov. this isn't completely accurate because i'm currently on chapter three and this story is going to be nagito x reader centered - but you won't have to really worry about that in this chapter !
how did it end up like this ... ? one minute you were a freshman entering hope's peak academy, excited to finally go to the school of your dreams and harness the potential of your talent, but the next minute you wake up on an island with a talking stuffed bunny, sixteen strangers, and no recollection of how you got there to begin with.
not only that, but there was a bear now, too ? it claimed to be the headmaster of this school field trip and now ... oh, yeah ... killings were to take place ... wait - huh ? killings - what the hell ... ?!
"hold on, you guys ! i think they're coming back to us !" you heard a rough yet feminine voice that could've only belonged to the ultimate gymnast, followed by that of the ultimate musician's.
"yoo-hoo ! y/n, are you in there ? earth to y/n, earth to y/n !" the girl with multicolored hair practically shouted, frantically waving her hands in front of your face before gasping in shock and dramatically falling backwards so that the ultimate nurse, the one you recalled to have choppy purple hair and several bandages, could catch her. the poor uncoordinated girl did so with a surprised squeak, nearly falling backwards herself. "oh no ! are you guys sure that aliens haven't taken over their brain ?!"
"jeez, you guys are seriously so insensitive ... ! i sincerely doubt that that happened, ibuki, just give them some time to process all of this," a certain redhead butted in to scold the other, fidgeting with the camera in her hands afterwards.
"h-huh ? aliens ? what are you talking about ?" you shook your head in disbelief as you zoned back in and spoke, realizing you had spaced out trying to rid yourself of the denial you were going through at the moment.
so this was really reality, huh ?
it took you a day and a short amount of rest you were supposed to call 'sleep' to finally face the gravity of the situation you were in.
"nevermind those statements. we were all just talking about having a party at the old building tonight. i expect to see you all there," byakuya butt in, glancing down at your sitting figure with his arms crossed while you still had your elbow propped up on a table and chin in one hand.
"ah, alright, i see ... but isn't it pretty dusty in there ? and i thought it was also still under construction ..." you asked the blonde in front of you, watching the ultimate affluent progeny shake his head with a disappointed sigh escaping him.
"do you even listen or care about your surroundings ? that's why we're holding a drawing to see who's going to get cleaning duty. you're the last one to draw, so hurry up and quit acting like an incompetent fool already," byakuya demanded, watching you tousle your own hair as you stood up with an annoyed huff at his bossy tone, going over to the guy with the cloud-like, wispy hair and pulling a chopstick from his hands.
no red mark.
well, guess it seems that you're not on cleaning duty. but it seems like the lean, tall guy in the green jacket that had been holding the drawing in the first place had been the one to get it instead. how unlucky.
"is that - is that really fair ... ? i feel bad that you have to clean most of the building all by yourself, nagito. i really don't mind helping out, y'know," you offered, already feeling guilty of leaving the sickly looking male alone to clean the place.
a shimmer of what seemed like hope sparked in his greyish-green eyes but that disappeared just as quickly as it came, making you squint and furrow your brows in confusion with pursed lips as the said man gave you a sheepish smile.
"ah - don't worry about me, i'll be fine ! besides, if it's cleaning, that's one thing that i'm pretty good at," he reassured you, waving his hands before him with a bashful look on his face. he looked, dare you say, flustered at your suggestion.
"are you sure ? i mean, i could just pop in my headphones and it'd be completely fine with m-"
"i'm fine ! really - i insist ... thank you, though," nagito cut you off unintentionally yet abruptly, making you raise an eyebrow but finish talking about the subject. the only thing you murmured in response was a small 'alright, if you say so ...' before going back to finishing up your breakfast. what a funky little dude.
on the other hand, teruteru may be out of line and a bit pervy sometimes, but his food wasn't something he was just gloating about for no reason whatsoever. he really did make good dishes no matter the occasion.
10:00pm. that's what monokuma had said on the announcements. "get a good night's sleep my ass ... i've got a party to get to," you said aloud to no one in particular, standing up from your bed to stretch before beginning to leave your cottage and heading over to the old building. you weren't scared of defying byakuya's orders, but the surveillance cameras set up in your room more than kind of freaked you out. at least at the party, you'd be having somewhat more fun while being watched instead of being paranoid of glancing back at whoever's behind the cameras while you tried to enjoy your short lived solitude.
hajime was just a little bit ahead of you getting pat down by byakuya, making you purse your lips in a thin line as you waited your turn. oh well, at least byakuya was being strictly professional about the pat down. but you couldn't ignore the fact that he seemed even more stressed than usual. something was definitely off.
it didn't take long for you to follow after the brunette, however, curiosity got the best of you as you wanted to search the building. i mean, hey, better safe than sorry, right ? it's best to keep track of your surroundings - you learned that from earlier. plus, what the hell was there to even renovate in here ? monomi should've already had everything set up before you guys had arrived, right ?
it didn't take long before you explored the office and greeted peko passing by you with one of byakuya's cases and a plate of food, soon visiting teruteru in the kitchen and quickly leaving due to his talk about his posioned loins (which, for the record, you even stated bluntly "dude, nobody asked ..." yet he still kept going).
yeah, so, let's avoid the kitchen for now. the last room was ... a storage room ? i mean, it couldn't hurt to check out, right ?
the first thing that caught your attention were the three irons sitting on an ironing board. why were there three ? what are irons even doing in here, anyways ? and - wait, are they turned on ?
as soon as you had begin going over to check if they were really plugged in like you had suspected, byakuya had stormed over and found you, grabbing your shoulder.
"what the hell are you doing ? get going to the dining room, everyone's waiting on you," the taller man stated, making you open and close your mouth like a fish out of water as you tried to defend yourself, but to no use. maybe some things were just better left untouched ?
you followed byakuya into the dining room like a kicked puppy, going over to stand next to sonia and kazuichi who seemed to be pretty happy and lively. hopefully, their joyous moods would rub off on you and you wouldn't end up being a killjoy.
as you glanced at all the party dishes teruteru put together in awe, mahiru began taking pictures, the click startling you a bit before you averted your gaze and smiled at her. the freckled redhead smiled back before taking another picture, you making a funny face at the camera in hopes to get her to laugh before another click was heard. neither of you had time to talk or giggle as instead this click was connected to the air conditioning system.
and now it was pitch black.
"uwah ! it's a b-blackout !" mahiru cried out in fear, a few others' voices ringing across the room as panic began to settle into the atmosphere. oh god, what the hell was going on ? you stumbled back from your spot instinctively, feeling yourself get shoved by someone before toppling over onto the floor. a hiss of pain left you after a sharp gasp as you planted face first into the wooden floorboards, trying to regain your footing or at least get up from laying on the floor helplessly. that's the last thing you need nor want anyone to see.
"g-guys, let's just try to keep our cool, yeah ? panicking wont help our s-situation ..." you managed to get out as you got yourself to your knees albeit wobbly and clumsily, finding a table leg to help lean against as you waited for the power to turn back on. could those irons you found earlier be related to the power outage ?
soon enough, the lights turned back on as if to rip you away from your thoughts, making you blink fiercely as your vision tried to adjust to the sudden illumination in the room. everyone stared in your direction and you blinked in confusion right back at them, soon enough realizing you were clinging onto a table leg desperately and probably had blood on your face from colliding so hard with the floor. you quickly let go, stumbling a bit as you tried to stand up and cover your face with a hand, but doing so stiffly as you coughed awkwardly. you felt a bit pathetic for looking so helpless in this situation. but it turns out that everyone wasn't staring at you, they were staring behind you - at mikan ... and her ... quite compromising position.
"w-what the hell ?! mikan, how did you even - ?"
"i-i'm sorry, i tripped again ! ohh ... please forgive me !"
"i- wh- nevermind, it's not like you can control how you fall - i-i think ... w-whatever ! just let me help you up already ... !" you grumbled out as you began moving the food off of her, the others trying to remain courteous and instead searching for byakuya. oh, yeah, where did that rich guy go ? you swore you felt someone shove you and the floorboards rumble from his direction towards yours ... had he ran past you to search for a way to turn the lights on ? but there's no way anyone could even see where anything was in that darkness, so that could've been anyone ...
gah, this whole party was a disaster. maybe you really should have taken that chance to have a staring contest with whoever was behind the surveillance camera screens.
it wasn't long before everyone gathered together again while mikan offered to treat your minimal wounds with the supplies she had on her at the moment, the others having no luck of finding byakuya. alright, now things were starting to get freaky ...
things really began to take a turn for the worse though when akane spoke up about smelling blood. now that atmosphere of tension and panic from earlier was back.
you watched as hajime hesitantly stalked towards the table in the far right with a lamp on top of it, sweat beading down his forehead. you couldn't blame him. this whole situation was pretty damn nerve wracking for everyone, including yourself, involved. in fact, it would probably ease him if you also came over to let him know he wasn't alone - maybe. or you would just scare him, but it was better than nothing.
you made your way over to him after thanking mikan for sterilizing and bandaging up one of your cheeks and nose after scraping your face pretty hard against a loose nail in that floorboard. what terrible luck. either that, or you were just as much of a klutz as mikan was. maybe both.
anyhow, you could barely feel the pain with adrenaline coursing through you at the moment as you two peered from under the table, the sight underneath it making you shriek and cover your mouth. you couldn't tear your eyes away from your "leader's" lifeless body.
byakuya was now dead. only sixteen students remained.
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libre1rose8 · 8 days ago
Scars part 3
Dean x Reader
Summary: Hunters are angry with the Winchester because of everything that have happened during the past years. The apocalypse, the angels, the leviathans and so on. They think that the Winchester’s bloodline is cursed and they are determinate to end it.
So they try to shoot Dean but Y/n takes the bullet for him.
Warnings: Swearing, angst.
Note: I know I said that this story would have 3 parts, but I kinda needed more... so, part 4 is coming soon! Sorry guys, and thank you so much for reading!!!
It's early in the morning when I knock at the Winchesters's door. I still feel tired, almost like I didn't sleep at all.
Which is pretty much what happened.
Last night, I was in the bed for hours before I could really catch some sleep. Dean's passive-aggressive behavior hunted my mind every time I tried to close my eyes.
It's Sam to open the door, greeting me with a nod.
He is already dressed and ready to go but, behind him, the room is still in the dark with the curtains obscuring the sunlight.
Passing beside him, I take a better look at the inside of their shitty motel room. Clothes on the floor, takeaway leftovers from last night, a couple of beers in the corner, and Dean's muscular silhouette still on the bed, sleeping soundly.
I clench my fists, trying to not punch the wall on my left.
I can't even close my eyes for more than three hours, and this Son of bitch is here, sleeping like a freaking baby.
Fuck you, Dean.
I clear my throat. “Good morning!” I say out loud, a little too loud, turning on the light switch.
The room brightens immediately and Dean turns fast in his place, waking up brutally.
I see Sam giving me a weird look out of the corner of my eye.
However, I'm kinda lucky that he hasn't reached the gun under his pillow like he usually does, otherwise I would have gotten another gunshot in the matter of a few days.
“What the hell?!?” He mumbles with his sexy raspy morning voice. “What time is it?”
I roll my eyes.“It's late, and we were supposed to be already working by now.”
He frowns, still sleepy. “Uhmhh...” Then he sits up straighter, stretching his arms with a groan.
Sam looks between me and his brother in silence, shaking his head disapprovingly. Then, he goes to his bed side table and takes a folder full of printed papers.
“So, I booked an appointment with the real estate agency.” He states looking at me, because he knows that right now, aside from his, mine is the only functioning brain in the room. “We'll meet with the realtor in the afternoon, so we can give the house a real look.”
I nod in silence.
“I already checked all the previous owners.” He continues. “No violent deaths, nothing strange that could explain why these people disappeared. The last owner was a single man, he lived in that house for forty years, and then he died a few months ago of old age, but nothing weird about it.”
“Did he have family? A wife?” I ask.
Sam shakes his head. “No, he was alone.”
I see Dean nodding from his bed, his eyes still closed, half asleep.
“I'm going to ask around, trying to actually find something more about this house. Meanwhile, you and Dean will go to the appointment as possible buyers.” He hands me the folder with all the notes that he previously took about this case, together with a few details of the house that he found on the website of the real estate agency.
I take the notes from his hands but, I'm not entirely convinced about this plan.
Dean and I in a hunt together after what happened between us?
“Uhm, Sam... why us?” I ask, pointing between me and his brother. “C'mon! You are the one that should come with me. Dean is still sleeping!”
Please, please, please. Save me, Sam!
It's already awkward as it is.
“I'm not!” Dean says with a yawn.
But Sam looks at me, squinting his eyes. “Why?” He simply asks.
However, his tone is daring. Like is challenging me to finally tell him what's going on between me and his brother.
But I won't.
He is probably tired of our bullshit, maybe even more than I am, and this is his subtle way of telling us.
So, I just shrug. “No reason.” I say, faking indifference.
“Then it's settled. Get up, Dean. You have a work to do!” Sam says, getting out of the room.
I hear Dean mumbling a “Great!” before falling on the bed, again.
Dean and I are impatiently waiting for the realtor.
We spoke on the phone with the woman a few minutes ago, and she said that we could have found her already at the house.
But so far, no one has answered the doorbell.
“This house has nothing wrong, in my opinion.” I hear Dean mumble.
He is on the doorstep right next to me, his shoulder brushing my good arm.
“How can you say that? We haven't even entered in it, yet.” I reply.
Every second that I pass alone with him, I understand how stupid I was to tell him.
I can't recognize him anymore.
He is not my friend, he is not my Dean.
He is detached, cold, silent and even rude from time to time.
I told him that I loved him, not that I would have liked to kill him. But, probably the second thing would have been better.
I'll keep that in mind.
He just shrugs. “Call it hunter's intuition.”
“And what does that mean? I'm a hunter too, you know?” I can't help the annoyance in my voice.
Every single thing that I say to him, turns into an argument.
Coming here, we have even argued on the color of the flowers in the garden. He said that the tulips were purple, and I said that they were hot pink. We disagreed for almost ten minutes on the color of those fucking flowers, and then we haven't spoken until now.
“I have more experience.” He says coldly, impatiently pressing again the doorbell.
“And?” I ask. Rolling my eyes at his ever present condescending tone.
I'm not expecting to be good as him, ok?
I know that I'm not.
I'm not the best hunter on the planet, he is. Dean Winchester and his brother are the best at their job, and we all know it.
Even if at the moment more than someone wants to kill them because they caused a lot of trouble, they have always done their best and even more, to fix the situation.
But still, I can't give him the satisfaction to agree with him. He doesn't need to feed his ego right now, not when he is humiliating me without even trying it.
“So, I have more experience and I don't do stupid things such as losing my own gun.” He finally says with this passive-aggressive tone that he is using with me, lately.
“Whoa, whoa! Wait a minute.” I say, raising a hand as I could stop him from insulting me more. “Are we finally talking about this?” I ask, trying to make eye contact with him.
But he ignores me, continuing to stare at the still closed door before us. “About the fact that you could have had me killed and probably even killed yourself? Yes. I think we should talk about it.” He states.
I swallow hard.
“Is this the reason why you are acting like this? Are you punishing me?” I ask, hating myself because I can't help my voice from shaking a little.
He is right, I did a very stupid thing. Even though I didn't mean to.
But I get it, we are hunters, and we shouldn't do stupid mistakes like that.
Stupid mistakes could get us killed.
“I'm not act-”
But a woman figure finally opens the door, warmly smiling at us. “Good afternoon! Sorry about the wait, please come on in!”
“This house was built around the end of the 19th century, and it's still in perfect conditions, considering the old structure.” The woman explains to us.
She introduced herself as Mrs. Edwards a couple of minutes ago.
I take a better look at her.
She is very pretty, with dark long hair and icy blue eyes. She is wearing a professional gray suit, maybe a little outdated in my opinion, but still elegant.
Dean and I are slowly walking behind her, subtly looking around trying to find the usual clues: smell of sulfur, sudden cold temperature, strange noises in the walls and so on.
But at first glance everything seems pretty...normal.
Fuck, I won't give up on this.
I won't give another reason to Dean to tease me.
He can't be right, he just can't.
Because I can already hear his “Told you so” in my mind, and I'm  going to throw up at the only thought.
I need to find something. Anything to prove me right.
This just got personal.
“Are you interested to live in this house, together?” Mrs. Edwards asks out of nowhere,  trying to do small talk.
But bad for her, we are not really in the mood for it at the moment.
So we both just nod in silence.
“Are you two married?” She asks again with a smile, looking between us. Probably she is just trying to understand which kind of people are going to live in this house.
I look down at my feet, trying to not blush way too much.
Fuck, can this become any more awkward?
Dean says nothing and I manage to shake my head.
My God, once I finish with this, I'm going to kill Sam. That son of bitch knew exactly what he was doing, sending us here.
“So, are you guys friends?” She tries again, a little too interested to the subject in my opinion.
C'mon, let it go, girl. It's not your business.
“Colleagues.” Dean finally answers, a small distant smile on his lips.
The woman nods. “Sure.”
I take a small breath, trying once again to focus on the job.
“So, Mr. Bower...what do you think about the house, so far?” Mrs. Edwards asks, getting a step closer to Dean.
But he doesn't answer, too focused into investigate a crack in the wall.
“Mr. Bower?” The woman asks again, trying to reclaim his attention.
I let go of the magazine that I was faking of flipping through, I and look directly at the woman. “Are you still waiting for an answer from him?” I ask.
Mrs. Edwards looks at me quite confused. “I'm sorry, but he doesn't answer, like ever.” I say with a bitchy smile.
Dean looks at me sideways. “I can hear you, you know?” He says.
“Oh, really, since when?”
He opens his mouth to reply, but I quickly cut him off.
“Do you mind if I take a look at the attic?” I ask Mrs. Edwards.
To my disappointment, the attic turns out to be really just a regular attic.
With a lot of old stuff here and there, such as some dusty boxes, some unused furniture covered by a cloth, some books with pages turned yellow with time...
Discouraged, I take the EMF meter from my bag and I start to walk around, following its sound. But the thing scans the room with its usual annoying noise, nothing more.
Everything seems normal up here as well, no sign of paranormal activity.
I snort.
This case is really beginning to drive me crazy now.
But I do believe that the people in this house are disappeared for a reason. There must be something wrong here, and I just need to understand what it is.
I hear Dean's deep voice coming from downstairs, he is laughing.
I roll my eyes.
So, apparently I'm the reason of his bad mood.
He opted to stay in the living room with Mrs. Edwards, trying to distract the woman while I am up here.
But honestly, I think he was just looking for an excuse to get rid of me for a while.
I shake my head.
Next time, Sam won't convince me, not even for a million dollars!
Hunting together isn't working anymore.
We, don't work anymore.
Maybe I should really take some distance from him. I could start to hunt alone again... I know when it's time to go, and I think we have reached that point.
I take an annoyed breath, closing the EMF and throwing it again in my bag. I should go in the other rooms and check there as well, but first, I want to take a last look into the boxes.
I really, really need to find something. 
I made a mistake, true.
With the gun and everything... But I am not that shitty of a hunter like you think, Dean.
I am worth it. I know it.
Fuck, I hate to feel like this.
Like I constantly need to prove him how good I am, how good I can be.
Stupid, stupid girl.
He doesn't care.
He doesn't even care enough to give you an answer!
I try to swallow my idiotic tears, failing miserably. The truth is... that I can act like I can't stand him, like I don't care about his cold rejection, but... I care way too much.
And that's the problem.
My heart is his, but he doesn't want it. So what I'm supposed to do with it, now?
It just doesn't belong to me anymore.
Wiping away a few tears from my cheeks, I take one of the dusty boxes with my good arm.
I don't even know what I'm searching for anymore.
And once again, there is nothing weird here: just some candles, some crochet things, some old photos...
I blink a few times.
Freezing in my spot.
Taking a better look at the black and white photograph in my hand, I shiver.
I can see two people on it: a man with a cloth cap and an ugly mustache, and a woman with a long dress, a 19th century kinda of dress.
The woman has long dark hair and clear eyes.
Mrs. Edwards.
Quickly grabbing my phone from the pocket in my jeans, I take a picture of the old photograph. «THIS WOMAN IN THE PIC IS THE REALTOR. SHE IS HERE AND SHE IS STILL ALIVE. WTF?!! PLS LOOK INTO IT! FAST!!!!!!!» I type as fast as I can, pressing send to Sam.
Then for a second my mind stops working.
Dean is alone with her.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, I need to warn him!
I turn around, ready to run downstairs at the speed of light, when my shoulder bumps into something.
“Found something interesting up here?”
My blood turns cold.
Mrs. Edwards.
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torontoschampions · 10 days ago
so it's 0/3 now😭😭 so close yet so far😔 even tho i hate tampa, at least it was tampa who knocked them out because they are at least genuinely good so it was a tough ride😔
and then the avs couldn't even make the night better like please who cursed this playoff season who did it?? if vgk goes through, the playoffs no longer exist to me😒😤
no that post you shared tho, that truly was my face watching the last period like😭 does no one want my happiness huh is that it?? and now there's all these talks about who is gonna leave like give me a break!! i need some rest before we do that‼️ and aho said this like could break my heart any more, the pain😩
ooo at least the driving and pasta helped! you're basically pierre gasly🤪 i hope today is going lovely as well, i'm gonna take in some sunshine and touch grass since sports hate me alskdj
bestie we have struggled this playoffs... we deserve a loooong break now jeez louise. i'm sorry to have dragged u into this hell sport. u deserve better.
yeahhh no shame in losing a close series to a legitimate cup contender! and lots to build on with the canes, i think they're gonna be really good for years to come, very promising future etcetera (i sound like an old lady <3) still sucks they lost though, sorry bestie :(
ugh my god the avs as well that game was sooo frustrating... winning 2-0 and then losing in OT 3-2 it burns bestie it BURNS!!!!! esp cuz as much as i hate v*gas i have to admit it's pretty hard to play there so it'll be tough to win that game 6 as well ://// ugh. seriously wtf are we gonna do if the final four is h*bs/vgk and tampa/bos or nyi like that is a horror show fr. avs pls save us from this misery !!!!! i agree, if it comes down to that hockey no longer exists
"it just sucks, you know?" oh seb ahhhh that hurts :'((( yes that's what i hate about the end of a playoff/tourney run is that you'll never have exactly that same team again (for better or for worse). I Hate Endings !!!!!!!! gr
lmfao eat pasta drive fasta ????????? i had spaghetti and my father started teaching me how to parallel park today so i also had some regretti about that <3
yes bestie u gotta go touch grass cuz even if we abandon hockey after tomorrow night we will have to get ready for mf euros starting friday omgggg too much too much !! i'm in a zoom meeting rn and there's a guy with an italy banner in the back i'm hissing i'm seething i'm fuming .... get it away from me... did i ever tell u about how much i hate italy... it started in the world cup 2006 final.... i was like 8 and crying over it........ really ignited my love/hate relationship with sports tbh.
anyways bestie last thing is that i was super bored today and reading through your tag on my blog and look i found our first ever message <3 it's so funny how much diff the tone of my response was then dfkjgh like look at all those emojis and also all the caps… anyway feb 27 2021 is our anniversary write that down !!
I like to think we’ve calmed down now (mostly me) but I think we’ve just been beaten down by the long terribleness of this season 🤩
Tumblr media
Also here is you dragging toothless for the first time (and actually introducing me to the concept of joel being toothless tbh. cultural reset.) sigh I miss how young and innocent we were 🥲
Tumblr media
anyway take care bestie love you <3 hope you're having a really lovely day!! 💗💗💗
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bangtanfanficarchive · 11 days ago
BTS Members As Your Dom
THIS IS PART TWO OF A SERIES OF NSFW BTS HEADCANONS. Yes, I’m talking about aftercare first. Don’t question my methods. XD
Note: This is just meant for some good, clean (or not-so-clean) fun, so please don’t take it too seriously. I don’t mean to upset anyone. We were just talking about this in my Discord today and I decided to make it a post.
This post is rated M and therefore I will not be interacting with minors in regards to this series.
Happy reading!
Probably the most vanilla man, honestly
likes to be in control/top
lots of eye contact
but is definitely not super kinky
would absolutely not punish you
the one time fuzzy cuffs were introduced into the bedroom, he thought it was revolutionary
definitely liked those, but is usually too nervous to ask for a repeat performance
laughed out loud the first time you tried to call him sir/daddy
never really got the appeal of the whole dom/sub thing, but would be willing to work up to a bit of play if it was your thing
certainly never became more adventurous than a wand or some vibrating panties thrown into the mix, though, but effort was made and that's all tht matters, really
likes a little bit of dirty talk but only once things really get cookin’
Tumblr media
yoongi is a simple man
he’s not passive when it comes to sex by any means, but he’s certainly not one to swing hard into dom/sub territory
he just wants you under his desk sucking him off while he works
other than that he’s a pretty vanilla dude who likes to be ridden
the only one of the bunch that doesn’t give me dom or sub vibes.
just a dude who enjoys getting his dick wet and doesn’t much care how
Tumblr media
if there was a “would swing naked from the chandeliers if you asked him nice enough” member, it would be hoseok
my man is ready and willing to experiment
hella kinky
would try anything once if you asked him
he’ll ask you a lot of times too if he sees something online or at the club that catches his fancy
oh yeah, he’s definitely been to a fetish club don’t @ me
but his go-to is suspension + wand action
which leads me to believe that he is also heavy into orgasm control and potentially pain/stress positions (but nothing unbearable)
not a sadist, but definitely is of the school of thought that pain heightens pleasure
works hard to prove that point
makes you beg for every orgasm
will consider an escapade a success only once you are a begging and crying mess
Tumblr media
will whisper little things in your ear in the sweetest voice
calls you baby and coos sweet nothings while brutalizing the absolute fuck out of that pussy
daddy dom
will absolutely punish you, but only as a means of correction
“why are you being punished, y/n?”
“i didn’t drink my water while you were at work, daddy”
“and what are you going to do differently next time?”
“i’m going to take better care of myself when daddy isn’t here.”
“that’s right, sweet girl. now i’m going to give you ten and i want you to count out loud for me.”
out of all of the boys, he’s the only one that i could see maybe having a 24/7 dom/sub dynamic
Tumblr media
a true dom’s dom
mega sadist
if this man isn’t into orgasm denial/overstimulation, then i’ll eat my shirt
“you only get to cum once tonight. you get to pick when, but i get to decide how long we play.”
he wants to hear you beg for it
there probably isn't a toy in existence that you all haven't tried at least once
would probably keep you on edge for hours and then would just pack it in whether you’ve cum or not with feigned boredom.
"weren't fast enough, huh? guess you'll just have to try gain tomorrow."
Tumblr media
a pleasure dom if there ever was one
will literally tie you up and make you come twenty times
it's all about control and overstimulation for this guy
no, he will not be taking constructive criticism at this time.
he's honestly never 100% satisfied until you're wailing and squirting
“did you drink your water today, princess? you did? that’s my good girl.”
your pleasure is his pleasure
but he won't hesitate to bring the hammer down if you step out of line
which you find yourself doing frequently
you want to see what new things he had up his sleeve after all
Tumblr media
this boy is not a dom.
but if he were a dom, he’d be an absolute drill sergeant.
he’d have his rules set and if you put one toe out of line, god help you.
“get over my knee and count. rules are in place for a reason, you sill thing.”
specifically doms older women i don’t make the rules
even though he’s got his rules in place and he’d be keen for punishment if you stepped out of line, he’s not particularly kinky, i’d say.
like, at most we’re talking sensory deprivation.
blindfolds and cuffs
maybe a gag if he's really getting into the spirit of things
but only if you’ve been very good because that’s really more your speed
Tumblr media
My requests are currently open, though they likely will not be open for very much longer! So, if you like my writing and would like for me to try my hand at one of your ideas or prompts, make sure to message me. My request box is open!
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softxsuki · 12 days ago
umm comfort drabble of hobi please with a reader that doesn’t think she’s good enough? xx
Tumblr media
J-Hope Comforting Reader Who Doesn’t Think She’s Good Enough
Pairing: Hoseok x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Negative thoughts about yourself :(
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst to Fluff
Post-Type: One-Shot
Word Count: 1.6k
Summary: In which you overhear some girls talking about you, so you start questioning whether you’re good enough for Hoseok, your boyfriend. He quickly changes those thoughts up though c:.
[A/N: Thank you for this request anon! I’m sorry it took so long to get done. After graduating, I just got really lazy, but someone requested something recently that just gave me so much motivation, so I should be pretty active from now on! *fingers crossed* Ypu requested a drabble, but I got carried away and it turned into a one-shot. I hope that’s fine NFJEAKF. I hope you all enjoy reading it :D!]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were huddled up in your bed sheets, hiding under the covers as the sun’s beam attempts to shed a little light on your face. You had been repeating this cycle for days now, only leaving your spot under the covers whenever you had to use the bathroom, or when your hunger became too unbearable to ignore. You could hear your phone vibrating on your night side table for the fifth time in a row that night, but you couldn’t find the energy to reach for it even though you knew it was your boyfriend, Hoseok. 
“This is for the best,” you mumble to yourself as hot tears once again make their way down your face. 
This had all started a few days ago when you bumped into a few girls that you were acquainted with for work. Hoseok had just stopped by to give you some lunch since he was in the area. He had to run off quickly to get back to his own job, so on his way out, he gave you a peck on the cheek and flashed you his infamous bright smile that you loved so much. Since then, your co-workers have started to treat you differently. 
“There’s no way a guy like that would be with someone like her,” you overheard one girl say.
“No seriously, I bet if I caught him alone, he’d run to me in an instant and leave her behind,” another one joined as they all laughed. 
That was three days ago, and since then, you couldn’t move. You felt numb from their words and you couldn’t stop your mind from imagining your boyfriend with his arms wrapped around their shoulders instead of yours. You knew Hoseok loved you, but were you really good enough to be his girlfriend? Maybe he would be better off with another woman who could do more for him and give him as much happiness as he gave you. As the minutes passed, your own negative thoughts just seem to keep pulling you further into this dark hole you’ve created for yourself. 
On the first day that Hoseok’s calls to you went to voicemail, he assumed you were just busy with work or enjoying your own personal time, so he gave you some space. After the second day, he became a little worried, but still decided to give you some space. By the third day, he was completely losing his mind. Why isn’t she answering? Did something happen to her? I shouldn’t have ignored it for this long. He had been calling you non-stop over twenty times, and even sent you a load of messages as well, but you hadn’t picked up or seen any of his messages. He was assuming the worst, so he quickly got on his feet and headed to your place. 
Once he arrives, he knocks a few times, but you still don’t answer. He reaches into his pocket, and uses the spare key that you left him, and enters your place. His heart hammers in his chest as he slowly creaks the door open, half expecting to see you unconscious on the ground somewhere. After inspecting every corner of your place without any sign of you, he finally arrives in front of your bedroom door and tries to open it, but it’s locked. He calls your name frantically through the door, banging on it as images of your unconscious body enter his thoughts. 
“Go away,” you sniffle from your bed.
He sighs in relief at the sound of your voice and leans his head against the door with his eyes closed. Those horrible images of you being hurt finally gone from his mind. 
“Please let me in, Y/N,” he pleads from outside your door. 
You can just hardly hear him from how softly he’s speaking, along with the door and the layer of blankets covering you creating a barrier from him. You were silent for a while, thinking once again about what those girls had said. You knew that if you didn’t open the door, your boyfriend would be sitting out there until he saw your face. So, hesitantly you get out of bed with shaky legs, unlock the door, and slither back under your covers. 
You mumble a low, “come in,” in which Hoseok cautiously enters your room. 
He sees your form under the covers and his heart nearly breaks in two at the sight. Why were you so sad? How could he help? He just wanted to see your bright smile again and have you securely in his arms where he could protect you from the world. 
He crouches next to your form in your bed and gently places a warm hand on your face to wipe your tears. You instinctively lean into his touch, but catch yourself and throw the covers back over your head to stop the contact. 
“Go away,” you repeat, “I don’t want to see you.”
Hoseok frowns a little, clearly knowing that you in fact did want to see him, but for some reason you were saying that you didn’t. 
“What happened?” he asks carefully. 
“Nothing. Please Hobi, just leave,” you cry out, accidentally using your nickname for him. 
He doesn’t want to annoy you, but he refuses to leave while you’re a mess like this. 
“Baby? You were fine a few days ago. Did someone do or say something to you? You know you can tell me anything, right? We can talk it out together,” he suggests, ignoring your request for him to leave. 
His gentle voice makes you want to uncover yourself and run into his arms, but you felt like this is what you needed to do. You thought he should move on from you so that you wouldn’t hold him back. He notices your body begins to shake as your cries that you had been trying to hold back are suddenly released. 
“You don’t have to force yourself to be here Hoseok. I won’t hold you back anymore, just leave me,” you manage to get out between your sobs. 
He was utterly confused as to why you were saying that you hold him back, when you were his everything. 
“Why would you say that? You know I love you Y/N. I’d do anything for you.”
You yearn even more to be able to hold him and have him hold you tight against his chest. 
“That’s not what they said. You can do way better than me, Hoseok. Find yourself a girl who’s beautiful, intelligent, and actually talented. There’s a whole world of people out there, you don’t need to pity me and stay stuck here. I’ll let you go if it means you’ll be happy.”
He refuses to sit back and watch you internally beat yourself up. His heart was physically about to break as he heard you think so little about yourself. How could you think that you weren’t good enough for him? He felt like he wasn’t good enough for you at times. 
He closes the distance between the both of you and joins you under the covers, and wraps his arms around you in an embrace. You, once again instinctively lean into his touch as his familiar scent fills your body. 
“Baby, leaving you would have me on the ground crying like a big baby. I don’t know who told you these things, but they’re not true at all. I love you and only you. A relationship is a partnership. I wouldn’t be with you if I didn’t love you; in fact, I think I love you a little too much because I can’t ever seem to stop thinking about you,” Hoseok explains to you. 
You take the opportunity to uncover your head and look up into his eyes. You notice how serious and visibly upset he looks due to your negative words targeted at yourself. He gently cups your face and wipes your tears away once again with his thumb as he admires your features that he loves so much. 
“You’re the most beautiful woman in my eyes. No one could even begin to compete with you Y/N. You’ve taught me so many things since we’ve been together. You’re the most creative and intelligent person on this planet, and you are in fact not holding me back at all. I can’t see a future without you in it Y/N. So please, don’t leave me,” his voice shakes at the end as you notice tears threaten to spill from his own eyes.
You’re at a loss for words, but you finally give in to his embrace and nuzzle your face into his chest.
“I’m sorry Hobi. I don’t know why I let those girl’s words get to me,” you mutter.
‘You don’t need to apologize, my love. But I guess this just means I haven’t done a good enough job at telling you how much I love you. Expect me to annoy you with how many times I tell you I love you from now on,” Hoseok laughs. 
“I love you too Hobi, thank you.”
“I love you more.”
“No, I love you more.”
“Not possible, baby.”
“Oh yes, very possible baby.”
He huffs and looks down at you, “Can we call it a tie?”
“Sure babe, whatever helps you sleep at night,”
He laughs and attacks you with a hug and a kiss to your cheek. 
You were so exhausted that you end up falling asleep in his arms and after hearing your breathing soften, Hoseok drifts off after you. Thoughts of how much he loves you fill his mind as he drifts off, because this man really does love you with all his heart.
Tumblr media
Posted: 6/7/2021
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fragile-heartt · 12 days ago
omg hello all. @divine-mistake tagged me in a cute lil questionnaire that I thought I might do because why not?
1. why did you choose your url?
Well. I guess I'm a super emotional person and a lot of the time I feel kinda fragile emotionally? Like I will break into tears pretty easily over a lot of stuff. So. yeah. I've got a fragile little heart. that is me. But I'm thinking of changing it having it convey how I am completely unhinged, sexy as hell, and also sleepy as a motherfucker. So if anyone has any ideas on a username that would embody all that, lmk please.
2. any side blogs?
HAHAHAHAHAHA nope. All my chaos is right here, in this wonderful little blog.
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
ohhhhhhh boy. I was first on tumblr in 2012? I think I started this one though in 2014 though because I let a boy I dated follow me on my old one and I couldn't figure out how to block him bc I was only ever on mobile and it was just a mess. I also didn't know how to delete my blog so it's still out there. lmaooo. so I just made a new one and here we are. So I've been here for a long, long time.
4. do you have a queue tag?
#queue queue queue
but it is important that you know to say it like the star wars blasters sound effects, like a good pew pew pew
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
Tbh I don't know. I must have heard about it, seen people post tumblr posts on instagram or twitter or something, and then decided to make my own account on here? idk idk.
6. why did you choose your icon?
so it is a picture of me that one of my exes took that I think is kinda nice and doesn't have my face in it bc wooo boy I'm self conscious. and also if anyone i know in real life found my blog i think i would die. i should probably find another icon tbh this one is too obviously me lmao
7. why did you choose your header?
i am a slut for space. i love stars and shit. pluto is my main bitch tho. i love her. so maybe i'll change it to pluto? not sure.
8. what's your post with the most notes?
it is my pinned post, and coincidentally the first ever original post i ever made on this website. and i only made it two months ago! it already has a whole 7 notes so watch out world, big things will be happening here at fragile-heartt
9. how many mutuals do you have?
I actually have no idea. I only talk to a few, but I cherish each and every one of you
10. how many followers do you have?
472, but I'm pretty sure a solid amount are bots? idk
11. how many people do you follow?
591 and growing every day HAHAHA I think I've only unfollowed a few people since 2014? So this is 7 years worth of follows
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
not in the technical term, i don't think? actually maybe? but probably not. i think i've only made like... 5 posts total ever. so
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
uhhhhh anywhere from i forget about it for a week to a solid 7-10 hours in a day? I read a lot at night and I've got insomnia so sometimes I'm just reading from 11pm to 6am plus all my scrolling during the day
14. did you have a fight/argument with another blog once?
I've only really started interacting with people on tumblr the past two or so months? So no. And I would never want to, anyway. I left my internet drama days behind me once I graduated high school.
15. how do you feel about "you need to reblog this" posts?
I have blocked them from my memory. When I see them, no I didn't. I seriously cannot even remember the last one I came across or what they even really are about? Like is it trying to raise awareness for a social justice issue/current event and stuff like that? I seriously don't know.
16. do you like tag games?
yes omg. please tag me in things. I love interacting with all you guys
17. do you like ask games?
again. I love any interaction. i have never played an ask game? like i've never been able to host one and have people send me asks. but i love sending people asks for ask games! always a fun time
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous? bro idk. tumblr fame seems like such a strange concept to me. They all deserve to have lots of followers though, and lots of interaction on their posts and stuff bc they're all amazing and talented and I love them all
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
OMG DO I. I've got the biggest crush on all my writer mutuals. YOURE ALL SO TALENTED I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AHHHH MY HEART IS SO FULL WITH ALL OF MY LOVE FOR YOU GUYS. I would smooch each and every one of you
20. no pressure tags:
@loving-bucky-is-easier @mallowswriting @waytoomanyships @werepup-sweetwolf @steppedoffaflight and anyone else that wants to bc why not. i would tag a bunch more people but i am nervous! do all you guys like me? do you still remember you follow me? idk idk! I am an anxious mess hsdfbhsdbfhb
ANYWAY if you're reading this and you made it through all this nonsense, I love you. you're the best.
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cosmicbluemoon1985 · 12 days ago
I am relatively new to this fandom and by new I mean I read and watched Harry Potter as new year's resolution. I was pretty hooked to it by march and decided to explore the fandom on tumblr and WOW just WOW.
Some of you are really fucking serious about fiction and some of you are just plain illogical.
Let me say something to make what I am talking about clear:
So if that's something you are tired of listening about please, by all means scroll past this post. And to the rest of you paying attention, you know what I mean. In my limited 2 month experience, I have seen countless posts on both sides and it's pretty clear that there is still heated debate going on about a character that died 13 years ago ( and seriously that should be the first proof of how great the character actually is). So let me just go over why I actually like him:
So the pattern I went about was:- Read a book, watch the movie. Read second book, watch second movie and so on. I have to admit here my love for sarcastic/ grumpy characters and that was the first thing that drew me to him. Then when it's revealed that he was actually helping Harry all along instead of being plain villian/ negative character, I was intrigued and by the time I saw Alan Rickman on screen, I was in love.
So after that he pretty much became a fixture for me and I started paying more attention to scenes he was part of and it all just solidified for me. The more his story developed, the little glimpses we get through each book, I kept on getting more hooked and by the time Prince's Tale happened, I knew this was the character I was going to spend my rest of the year being obsessed with. So I came on tumblr to find some like minded Snape lovers and I was shocked. I mean I knew that he wasn't going to be most loved guy out there but some of this stuff is just bullshit. Like constantly calling him out for being bully while simultaneously ignoring his abused past. Calling him Nazi or stalker when nothing in canon even hints at it and don't even get ne started on ' if Harry was a girl ' bullshit.
Like over half of the reasons you hate him are made up or something that didn't happen. And there are so many legitimate reasons to dislike this man (Actually only one, his bullying, but whatever). If you have to depend on made up stuff to hate a guy, you know you are trying too hard to just be negative.
And then fine, you hate him. FINE. I get it, it's your preference but why do you come at me for following mine? I am just out there showing my love to my fav and people are like, " BUT HE WAS A BULLY". Dude first of all my other favourite characters are: 1. Villianelle ( Killing Eve)
2. Paul Spector ( The Fall)
3. Joker
4. Harley Quinn
5. Tom Riddle
6. Alicia Florrick ( The Good Wife)
After obsessing over this characters for years, do you really expect me to hate a guy just because he said a few well placed barbs to angsty, hormonal, rule breaking teenagers??? Come on any literati knows that real meat is not in goody two shoes but in the morally grey characters especially the ones who have been wronged in their life.
Anyways this has been a long ass rant ( my first, so apologies if it's incoherent, I am too worked up). I will present some of the things I love most about him so we can chat about it and clear out my views on some of the stuff antis say so you know I won't be commenting on this if you bring it up in replies
Things I love:
1. He is a fucking powerful and brilliant wizard. ( Creating spells and correcting potions as a sixth years, keeping Master Legilimens Voldemort out of his head for six years till his death, FLYING WITHOUT A BROOM etc). I mean isn't that the main joy of reading fantasy? Even if you hate his personality, you can at least appreciate his skills.
2. His monologues ( about occlumency, potions etc). Some really well written stuff
3. He is a double ( triple?) agent. You know that the war couldn't have been won without him so that makes him a hero/ saviour in the very traditional sense even if he is not a nic person and whatever his intentions were
4. He takes responsibility of his mistakes. He doesn't excuse or justify or downplay any of his actions. He is not a nic person and doesn't pretend to be
5. He is one of the handful of adults who are competent in HP world.
6. He is a GOOD person. Even if he is bitter, irrationally hateful, an asshole in general. He is just wronged, shunned too many times to play niceties.
7. Also my self- analysis of how different actions have consequences for him ( marauders', lily's , dumbledore's, his own). One of my favourite part of reading books: Character Analysis.
8. Alan's Potrayal
There are a lot more and I realise it might take a whole separate post for it, so this are the ones that are on top of my head.
Gripes against his character in general, things I won't bother to address:
1. He was a wizard nazi:- No, he was not. He might have been a muggle hater at one point but he made a conscious decision to change, fought and died for the light and was instrumental in them winning the war. I mean isn't that the point of creating awareness about racism, sexism, homophobia etc. that people who support it change and apply it?
2. He was Neville's Boggart instead of Bellatrix:- Bellatrix wasn't his boggart because she didn't exist in canon back then. Plain and Simple. And anyways we all know that was just supposed to be a humorous. Something to chuckle at during the introduction of darker themes in the series. Big bad dungeon bat Snape in granny clothes. It's literally not mentioned again.
3. He stalked/ was obsessed with Lily:- He never stalked her and it is clearly hinted that he left her alone after the incident outside gryffindor tower. And secondly, it was not obsession. It was love. Do you know why? Cause Rowling made it so. One of the main bad trait of Voldemort was his inability to love. By having Snape love Lily, JK creates a distinction between them.
4. He was a bully:- He was. I have read the books, I know it. We all know it. No need to constantly harp on it. It's one his character flaws. That's what makes him realistic. He was abused, shunned, bullied and traumatized and it years of repressed trauma showed up through short temper and anger. It's not a justification or excuse, merely a reason.
5. He wouldn't have changed sides if Lily hadn't died:- Except she did and he changed sides and eventually sacrificed his life for it. So please don't go on about what ifs
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delos-mio · 19 days ago
Out Of The Woods - college!AU - PART 3
Tumblr media
A/N: I’m partial to this chapter, but perhaps that’s just me. I’ve not gotten a lot of feedback on this series sooooo idk if I’m just sharing it for me at this point lol but I’m having fun and that’s what matters, right?! Anyways I’m always around for thoughts, feelings, questions!
Only an essay, a few chapters of reading, and a couple shifts at work separated you from your hang out with Nikolai. You found yourself wondering what he was up to, what made him smile that day, what he’d look like on top of you now. That last one tended to linger a minute before you violently shook it from your head. You hardly knew each other anymore, not to mention you had a boyfriend- you couldn’t let yourself start to fantasize about him like that. But he was so sweet and gentle, so sassy and smart. It didn’t hurt that he was still painfully handsome either.
You were sitting at work, more or less twiddling your thumbs, when you felt a buzzing against the white countertop of the receptionist desk you sat behind. When you looked at the screen, an unknown number appeared. You unlocked your phone and opened your texts. Seeing the first line preview made your heart leap into your throat immediately.
N: Hey it’s Nik. Just thought you should have my number too :)
Y: Hey there you glad you didn’t lose that paper
N: I could never! What are you up to?
Y: Just at work, pretty slow today so I’m kinda bored
N: Hopefully I can keep you a little company. Where do you work?
Y: John Richard Salon- it’s that one downtown across from that hot dog place
N: Oh yeah! Seen it a million times. Do you do hair? Is that a secret talent of yours?
Y: God no lol I’d be horrible at it. I don’t have the dexterity for it. I’m just their receptionist
N: “Just” please I’m sure you’re their best employee
You stopped to roll your eyes, but also couldn’t stop the heat from rising on your cheeks.
N: Do you like it?
Y: It’s pretty good for a low responsibility job- it pays the bills too so I’m not complaining
N: That always helps
Your name had been called from off to your side, making your head snap up and you locked eyes with Deja, who was easily your favorite coworker. “And just what has you smiling like an idiot? Hm?” she asked with a smirk and leaned across the counter from you.
“Remember that guy I was telling you about from the party?”
“Oh yeah, the one you fucked in high school?” she teased.
You let out a long sigh. “Well, he just texted me. We’re supposed to hang out on Friday,” you said confidently, raising your chin in her direction to show her there was nothing of consequence going on between you and Nikolai.
“Hang out. Is that what they’re calling it these days?” Deja looked at you with a raised eyebrow and you could only respond with a look of your own.
“Oh my god, shut up,” you laughed. “Seriously. We haven’t hung out in years and it’s nice to have someone to hang out with who knows me. And wants to hang out with me,” you added under your breath.
“Don’t tell me Matt is back on his bullshit…”
You simply raised your thumb and index finger just slightly apart, squinting at the space between them.
As you were catching her up on the last week, John walked over and flipped over the open sign, locking the glass door in front of him. You took that as your sign to help clean up so you could get out of there as soon as possible. The girls all pitched in, sweeping up the few stray clumps of hair on the old wooden floor and wiped down all the counters for the morning.
While you were on the bus for the short ride back to your apartment, you suddenly remembered the conversation you were having with Nikolai before you closed up shop. You cursed under your breath and pulled out your phone again, quickly thumbing a message back.
Y: Sorry! I got caught up closing
N: No sorry needed, you were at work after all
Y: lol I suppose that’s true. They don’t pay me to sit around and look pretty
N: They should
Y: Oh god lol stop
N: Have I told you that I’m really looking forward to Friday?
Y: No but I’m looking forward to it too
You had since made it home and crawled into bed, happy to finally be off your feet and talking to the boy who disarmed you with a single smile. For the next few hours, the two of you texted back and forth, mostly about classes and work, but you couldn’t stop yourself from occasionally flirting with Nikolai. You really needed to work on actively not doing that, but you allowed yourself one last evening of toying with him. When the clock rolled over to 1am, the lids of your eyes were beginning to grow heavy and a long yawn escaped from your lips.
Y: I think I’m going to fall asleep on you I’m sorry
N: Holy shit I didn’t realize it was so late
N: I should get to bed too. I have a presentation in the morning
Y: Don’t let me keep you up!
N: But darling that’s all I want ;)
N: Sweet dreams- I’ll see you Friday
Y: Goodnight Nik
Friday finally came and you were nervous as you fixed your hair one last time in the wide bathroom mirror. You opted for tight jeans, a pretty low cut tank, and a zip up hoodie. There was no way you were going to just hang out at his house looking like you were ready for the club, but you still wanted to remind Nikolai that you were cute. Genya had already left for the night, so you weren’t able to have a second set of eyes give your outfit the final approval; you could really use the reassurance right about now. As you casually boosted your chest one more time, there was a light knock at the front door. You opened it to Nikolai in a skin-tight tee for your school and a light canvas jacket. His hair was perfectly disheveled and his jeans clung tight to his thick thighs. You caught him giving you a long onceover before giving you a wide smile.
“You look amazing,” he breathed out, pulling you in for a tight embrace. You let your hands wander over his broad back, exploring the pull of his muscles under his jacket.
“You don’t look so bad yourself,” you smirked as you pulled apart. You locked up behind you and let Nikolai walk you downstairs and out to his car.
“Pizza?” he asked, one hand low on your back, the other gesturing vaguely you assumed in the direction of the car.
“I thought you’d never ask,” you smiled from ear to ear. Immediately, you could see the tension leave Nikolai’s shoulders. As you stepped foot into the parking lot, the sky decided it was the perfect time to open up and unleashed a sheet of rain unlike any you’d had so far this fall. You yelped as it began to pour, throwing your hood over your head. Nikolai acted quickly and threw off his jacket, holding it high above your head to keep you dry as you both splashed quickly to his car. This gesture made your heart swell; you were starting to think Nikolai may be a real lift knight in shining armor. He opened your door and made sure you were out of the rain before joining you and whipping his soaked coat in the backseat. You were both laughing at the situation and he was visibly relieved that you took the whole hiccup in stride. “Let’s get fucking dry ,” you laughed and he needed no further request to set off in the direction of his apartment.
Nikolai actually didn’t live too far from you, you realized when he pulled up across the street from the brown duplex. It was still raining when you parked and you again sprinted to the front porch in a desperate attempt to stay a little dry. When you got close to the door, you realized that it was a lot louder inside than you thought it would be. Nikolai must have noticed too because his jaw immediately set, irritation flashing behind his hazel eyes.
“Fucking Aleks,” he muttered under his breath before pushing the door open. A large party was taking place, unbeknownst to Nikolai. There were people passing in front of them, a lively game of beer pong in process, and more than one person going through their cupboards. Nikolai gestured for you to head inside and he slammed the door shut behind him. “Do you mind waiting here for just one second? I have to talk to Aleks quick,” he asked quietly into your ear, his hand resting on the side of your face. You nodded and he gave you a small smile before setting off for the kitchen. Aleks was laughing against the fridge with a couple other guys, barely registering it when Nikolai was standing in front of him, arms crossed tight over his chest.
“Dude! I thought you said you were going to the baseball house!” Nikolai scolded.
“Nikolai! I’m so glad you’re here, man. No, we decided to have people over here instead. We’re always at the baseball house,” Aleks smiled, giving Nikolai a friendly punch to his shoulder; Nikolai didn’t budge an inch.
“I kinda had plans here tonight, remember?” he said through gritted teeth, giving a small nod back towards where you stood. Aleks’s face dropped as it all came back to him.
“I am so sorry man, I totally forgot.”
“Obviously,” Nikolai scoffed.
“I mean it. It slipped my mind. I’m really sorry dude.” It was hard for Nikolai to stay mad at Aleks for long, if at all. You saw Aleks give Nikolai a long hug, evidently sorting out whatever disagreement they just had. Nikolai made his way back to you, a little less high strung.
“C’mon,” he said and took your hand, leading you around the corner to a short hallway. He led you into a room and quietly shut the door behind you. The first thing that struck you was all of the maps and works in progress strewn across his desk and hanging on the walls. You walked around in awe and marveled at Nikolai’s decor. He had numerous prints of classic paintings and frescoes, almost all of them related to myths or historical events.
“Nikolai, this is amazing! It’s so,” your head was spinning as you looked at all of his art, “it’s incredible.” You turned back to him and he was right behind you, an amused smile pulling at his lips.
“I’m so sorry. I thought we’d be able to come and spend some time together without 80 other people.” He looked genuinely upset that he couldn’t follow through with his plan of having dinner and talking all night on the couch.
“Hey, it’s ok. We can still hang out. Why don’t we make an appearance, play a game of beer pong or whatever, and then we can watch a movie in here or something?” you offered. Nikolai’s face lifted a little at that and he lightly squeezed your hand, nodding his head in agreement. “I gotta get out of this hoodie, though. It’s fucking soaking,” you laughed.
You shed the wet garment and hung it carefully on the back of one of the chairs near you. Nikolai had changed out of his wet shirt as well; he must have moved in the blink of an eye because you didn’t even notice him switch clothes. When you looked at him again, his gaze was fixed on you, his expression hard to read. “What is it?” you finally asked with a nervous laugh as punctuation.
“You’re so pretty,” he said with a small smile. You looked down at yourself- your hair was a complete rat's nest, shirt and jeans soaked through, and though you hadn’t looked in a mirror you could feel your makeup was a mess too. And here he was, arguably the most handsome man you’d ever met, lost for words as you stood in front of him. You bit down on your bottom lip and shook your head before taking him by the hand and leading him back into the party.
Nikolai grabbed each of you a drink and you wandered together to the beer pong table where Aleks was taking his last shot with his partner. Aleks grinned when he saw the two of you walk up and declared he was playing you next after he ‘kicked their ass’. He sunk the last shot and whooped loudly, high-fiving with his partner. Nikolai took his place on the opposite end of the table with you and re-racked the cups.
“Sorry I’m about to embarrass you in front of your date, Nik,” Aleks smirked arrogantly. Nikolai only bounced the light ball against the table top, catching it swiftly on the back of his long fingers. He repeated the trick, unbothered by Aleks and his shit talking, also not correcting him that you were not in fact on a date.
“We’ll just see about that,” he laughed as his first shot sank directly into the front cup. You giggled with him and took a shot of your own, somehow making another shot. You’d played a few times before, but you didn’t consider yourself skilled by any means- certainly not as skilled as these boys. Nikolai was so proud of you, he threw his arm over your shoulder and pulled you into his side. “Good luck, man.”
Aleks was frustrated as his winning streak began to slip through his fingers. Nikolai was clearly the better player, which was making Aleks crazy, though he had also had about five more drinks than Nikolai. You only made one more shot after your beginner’s luck, but Nikolai didn’t mind at all. He happily carried your team and took care of the remaining cups, always encouraging you when you made a lousy toss. Before long, Nikolai was flicking his wrists high over his head like he was making a free throw and sinking the winning shot. The small crowd around the table cheered and Aleks grumpily crossed his arms. Nikolai gathered you in his arms and lifted you easily off the ground, spinning you with him as you celebrated your very first beer pong victory, all thanks to Nikolai.
“Better luck next time!” you taunted sarcastically and Aleks finally gave you a small smile. The next team in line took your spot and you slid back into the crowd undetected and back to Nikolai’s room. “I didn’t know you were good at every sport,” you teased before taking a seat on the edge of his bed.
“Is beer pong really a sport?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. He walked over to stand in front of you and ran his hand over your finally drying hair. “Movie time?”
“Yes,” you replied simply, possibly a little too quickly. Nikolai smiled at you before walking over to his bed. He pulled back the covers and crawled onto his side of the bed, patting the spot next to him, inviting you in. He had chosen some movie to put on evidently, but you truthfully didn’t notice what. You flicked off the lights and jumped in next to him with a smile. Nikolai laid out on his back and you curled up comfortably on his chest.
“I had a really good time tonight, rain storm and surprise party and all,” he said, his voice low in your ear.
“Me too,” you said with a smile, still distracted by the art on his walls. “What inspired your decor choices?”
Nikolai turned his head to look at the picture of the Minotaur over his desk. “As you know, I’m a history major,” he started. “My concentration is in classical studies, specifically the Hellenistic period.” He rolled his neck to face you again. “That’s actually my favorite myth.”
“You know, for being a creative writing major, my Greek mythology is a little rusty,” you prompted, leveling your most charming smile at Nikolai.
“Would you like me to regale you with the tale?” he asked with a dramatic flourish.
“I’m all ears, Mr. Lantsov,” you laughed, positioning yourself so you could rest your chin on your hands laying on his chest and gaze up at him.
“Alright. So, Minos had just become the ruler of the island of Crete, but was still in competition with his brother for power. He prayed to Poseidon to send him a sign of the god’s favor- a bright white bull. Minos was tasked to sacrifice the bull to honor Poseidon, but he was so enamored with the bull that he decided to keep him, believing Poseidon would accept an alternate sacrifice.” Nikolai absently petted your hair.
“But he didn’t?”
“He did not,” Nikolai laughed. “As punishment, Poseidon made Minos’ wife, Pasipahae, fall in love with the bull.”
“Such a Greek god thing to do.” You smiled up at him.
“Isn’t it?” Nikolai beamed back. “Pasiphae had the master craftsman Daedalus create a hollow, wooden cow for her to climb in so she could mate with the bull. And thus, the Minotaur was created. Pasiphae did her best to nurse and raise the Minotaur as a babe, but he grew too fast and became unruly. Minos consulted the oracle at Delphi on what to do, and as a result commissioned Daedalus to construct a gigantic labyrinth to house the Minotaur under the palace in Knossos.”
“Years go by, and one of Minos’ sons is killed by the Athenians, who I guess were jealous of a string of recent victories by the king. From here, there are a few versions on why Athens begins sending youths as tribute, but the most common is that Minos waged and won a war to avenge the death of his son. As the losers, Minos required the Athenians to send seven youths and seven maidens to be sent every seventh year to cast into the labyrinth to be consumed by the Minotaur.”
“The third sacrifice came around and the hero Theseus,” Nikolai started, contempt clear in his voice, “volunteered to go as a sacrifice to Crete to slay the Minotaur. He told his father, Aegeus, that he would put up a white sail when he came back home if he was successful, but would have the crew put up black sails if he was killed by the Minotaur. Once he was in Crete, Minos' daughter Ariadne fell head over heels for Theseus and helped him navigate the labyrinth. In most versions of the story, she gave him a ball of string so he could retrace his steps and a sword to slay the beast. Story goes that he killed the Minotaur and led the Athenians out of the labyrinth, sailing away with them and Ariadne away from Crete.”
“I’m gathering that you’re not a Theseus fan,” you said, eyes still trained on Nikolai’s face. “Why?”
“A number of reasons.” Nikolai paused, clearly deciding on how much he wanted to nerd out. “One being that on the way back to Athens, Theseus abandoned Ariadne on the island of Naxos. He forgot, however, to put up the white sail like he told his father he would. Aegeus saw the black-sailed ship approach and threw himself into the sea, presuming Theseus was dead. But doing so just secured the throne for Theseus. The other being that he murdered the Minotaur.”
“But didn’t the Minotaur kill a bunch of kids?”
“Or was he fed children after being abandoned by his mother, unaware of any other way to live? I don’t subscribe to the idea that the Minotaur is a monster. There’s also quite a bit of evidence that suggests Ariadne saw him as a brother, having to make the impossible choice of her ‘abomination’ of a brother and a man who had convinced her he was in love with her.” Nikolai spoke with such passion and knowledge that it made your stomach tighten. This was a Nikolai not many got to see, a Nikolai you wanted to hold and kiss and laugh with. Fuck, you were in so far over your head.
He’d never been more attractive to you than in that moment. The light from the TV dancing on his perfect cheekbones, his hazel eyes dark as he spoke. “I don’t know. I have a soft spot for him. I feel like the Minotaur got a raw deal.”
“Well, you’ve made me a believer,” you smiled and the way Nickolai beamed back at you made the heat rise in your chest.
“You should stay here tonight.”
“Nik,” you sighed, rolling off him. “You know I can’t do that.” He had no idea how badly you wanted to just scream out ‘yes’.
“I know, I know,” he conceded, staring straight up at the ceiling. “Really wish you could, though.”
“Is that a promise?” he asked with an arched eyebrow.
“I’m not the oracle at Delphi,” you said over your shoulder, making him snort. “I can’t tell the future.”
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karasuno-chaos · 20 days ago
Household DIYs with Tanaka and Kita
I quite enjoy the sense of accomplishment from getting household projects done, and I feel like these two would feel the same. -Giz
He’s pretty handy when it comes to building and fixing things.
Give him an afternoon with a project and he will get it done.
He follows the directions precisely and usually successfully, especially if there are pictures (he’s a very visual person).
If for whatever reason he can’t figure out how to do a step, he’ll turn to the internet.
Need a new desk assembled?  He’s got it covered.
Installing a new front door?  He’ll handle it.
New sink faucets?  Not a problem.
He’ll even tackle bigger projects like knocking down a wall or putting new tiles down in the bathroom.
Though he’s not above admitting he can’t do something and calling a professional if needed.
Absolutely REFUSES to do anything with the electrical wiring of the house/apartment.
Apparently Saeko tricked him into shocking himself with a power socket when they were younger and he’s never recovered emotionally.
You have to spend five minutes convincing him to change a lightbulb, he’s so skittish.
“Ryu, as long as the power’s switched off, you’ll be fine.”
“There could be a freak electrical surge on the power grid right as I’m screwing in the new bulb.”
Half the time you just change the bulb yourself rather than waste the time trying to work through his irrationality.
(Saeko thinks this is all hilarious, btw.)
Otherwise Tanaka is super handy.
His only other flaw is that he doesn’t know the names of tools.
He has several websites bookmarked so he can look up what kind of saw or drill bit or whatever the instructions require.
It’s wonderfully confusing when you help him with a project.
“Hey Y/N, pass me the beaky pliers.”
“I have never heard of such a thing.”
“You know, the really skinny ones that look kind of like a velociraptor.”
“Uh…  You mean the needle nose pliers?”
It probably takes longer to finish because you have to decipher what he means with his weird descriptions, but eventually you get the job done.
All in all, he’s pretty reliable when it comes to projects around the house.
He is incredibly good at everything.  It’s kind of ridiculous.
Carpentry?  He’s a craftsman.
Masonry?  He’ll get it done.
Plumbing?  He knows what to do.
Electricity?  The man will figure it out.
It’s like he’s apprenticed in every craft or secretly practices everything ahead of time.
All he has to do is read through the instructions once before starting, and he knows exactly what to do.
He also knows someone for everything so if he’s not comfortable tackling a task, he has someone to call who can do it.
He’s also super prompt and gets things done right away.
“Shinsuke, the front door is sticking a little and I can’t figure out why.”
“I’ll take a look at it.”
And just like that, it’s fixed that afternoon.
Bigger projects don’t take very long, either.
He’ll gather friends together and get them done in a day.
Sometimes you wake up ready to construct a fence or build a new shed and half of the Inarizaki volleyball team is already at work on it.
“Hey Aran.”
“Hi Y/N.”
“I didn’t expect to see you here.”
“Kita said you guys could use the help.”
More often than not, Kita will tackle the project himself, but if you ask him to explain what he’s doing, he’ll walk you through it.
“See this joint here?  It’s corroding, so the knob isn’t turning smoothly anymore.”
“So what do we do first?”
Please always ask to help with projects, even when it’s a messy one!  It’s such good bonding time, and he is so patient while showing you what’s to do.
Seriously, he’d make a great DIY show host if you could ever get him on camera.
Kita really loves getting to do things with you.  A day of painting the living room with you is exactly how he wants to spend his Saturday.
He’ll let you pick the music and smile as you dance and sing with a paintbrush in your hand, even if you’re accidentally dripping paint on the drop cloths.
He doesn’t mind that there’s always another project to work on, especially when you’re always willing to help.
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ultrafreakyfangirl · 20 days ago
So Not Worth It
read on ao3? Click here. :) 
“Living with you is a nightmare.” “I’m glad.” + parenthood and 2/3 of the Buckley-Han siblings. 
Jee-Yun Buckley-Han knew her limits. She did. She was was going for a Communications major in college. Enough said. Her parents believed she was capable of more; she couldn’t be bothered with the intricacies of university. So even college felt like a stretch, but she would do it to please them. She did everything to please them. Everything.
She loved them, she loved them so much it was ridiculous but sometimes she just needed to live; live outside of that box that her sweet, supportive, and very driven parents have created for her. They weren’t driven for themselves, that part was already done, over, so they were driven for their kids, and it exhausted her to the very end.
She didn’t want that for herself, not what they wanted for her, not anymore, not right now; she didn’t want to live carefully, perfectly, clean. She wanted the opposite, she chased the fast and loose way of living, getting her hands dirty, and loving dangerously, not serious.
So, that must have been what led her here, to this abandoned junk yard off of the highway, with her group of six, seven, eight depending on the day, friends, laughing, crying, flushed and happy as they drank in swigs and held onto necks of bottles.
She was dancing to the song blaring out of the mini-Bluetooth speaker one of them had brought and by dancing she really meant throwing her hands in the air and swaying one way then the other, because it felt more freeing this way and she was too drunk to do anything else, or care.
“Babes, watch out for that fence. You’re going to hit it pretty hard.” 
Mackenzie, her soulmate in every way, except the lesbian way (apart from that one accidental kiss turned minute make out session during a pretty competitive (and drunken) game of Suck and Blow) gently warned her.
And she was always that way – gentle. It warmed her heart. “I’m not – “
“Jee, seriously watch it,” Graham shoved her shoulder because this time she nearly careened into him and sent him falling towards the fence, but all the shoving did, unfortunately was send her there.
Hard, harder than he’d intended.
The blood was warm on her skin almost like piss, but she wasn’t worried (that had only happened once, and it was so mortifying that she decided never to drink Twisted Tea again) because the texture was too thick, the smell almost metallic. 
Her stomach flipped. She may be good with booze, but she wasn’t good with blood (and that was why she’d laughed in her mom’s face when she’d suggested she be a nurse like she was, or a paramedic like her dad), so the combination had her spinning. 
She thought it was just her head, but now that she really thinks about it for a second, she’s wondering if her body’s moving too, and then it hits her – she’s been trying to move, to assess the wound, but Brad, the guy that she totally and completely has an insane crush on, was holding her down, preventing her from moving at all.
“Don’t move, Jee-Yun. You’re going to hurt yourself even more.”
He was the only other person, other than her parents (more often her dad) who called her Jee-Yun and it made her feel special, like she was really worth the attention he was giving her. It was like he saw her in a way that nobody else had, in that vulnerable, soft, messy way, and it was then for the first time that she understood why her mom calling her dad Howie instead of Chimney, or Chim, like everybody else was so powerful, and special, to him. It made him feel seen.
She felt so seen, right now, with the way Brad was looking at her, watching her face for any sign of pain or further injury, and the way he suggested she call 9-1-1, just to be safe. It’s a pretty big gash. 
A pretty big gash. The way he said it, it was as though he were referencing a small scratch, a scrape, and it made her feel good, like he’s thinking how brave she is, like he believes that she is.
She might love him. And she’s also still very drunk.
With a shaking hand, and not from the pain, though her leg was throbbing pretty good now, but from the nerves, and the adrenaline that comes from having Brad so close, she clutched her cellphone and dialed 9-1-1, those three numbers she had ingrained into her head by the time she could say her first word. You’re never too young to need help, and to know how to get it, so says her mother, and her father piggybacks onto the sentiment, and there’s a sense of irony there, but she’s not sure what kind, her brain lagging too much to figure it out.
“9-1-1 what’s your emergency?”
She knew her mother’s voice though, there was no mistaking it and right now it was calm, detached, but attentive all the same. She admired that in her mom, but wouldn’t tell her, not now, and not yet she just felt too embarrassed, too old to be saying things like that, even though she really wasn’t, and you’re never too old to have feelings of admiration for someone.
“Uh – hi – I um – I cut my leg up pretty bad on some metal chain link fence. It’s deep. Probably needs stitches, and there’s some blood.”
“Okay. Try to keep pressure on it to stop it from bleeding anymore if it’s profuse. What’s your location?”
Shit. That she didn’t know. There wasn’t necessarily an address. And if there was, she had no idea what it was. Well.
She cringed. “Um – we’re in some abandoned junk yard off of the first highway.”
There was a pause. Then a breath. One, single, deep breath. It felt suddenly earth shattering. “Jee-Yun? Jee-Yun Buckley-Han? My seventeen year old daughter, are you calling 9-1-1 from some random nondescript area after midnight?”
Her mom’s voice was still calm. It was an eerie calm this time, and it almost made her flinch. Maddie Buckley-Han was known for bringing down the quietest hammer, and that was somehow worse.
“Yeah. It’s me. I – um – okay, don’t make a big deal out of it but Mom, I hurt myself pretty bad and you’re going to find out anyways, and there’s no reason I would be in an abandoned junk yard at one in the morning sober…so I’m also pretty drunk.”
“I gathered that before I even knew who was calling. I’m not impressed with you Jee-Yun. At all. But that has to wait. I’m sending out a unit to you and your friends – hi Mackenzie.”
Her mom loved Mackenzie most days, but today, today was not one of them. Jee made hand motions to signal to her friend to stay silent, but they weren’t noticed. “Hi Mrs. Buckley-Han!” It also really didn’t help her case tonight that she was just as drunk. Awesome.
“Oh and Jee?”
Her tone was different again, impish maybe. Huh. Maybe she was selling herself short and should be an English Lit major in college. A fancy one.
“I’m sending the 118.”
Jee groaned. “But Dad’s on shift tonight. He’s going to kill me if I’m not already dead by the time he gets here.”
She just knew that her mother was rolling her eyes on the other end of the phone, and that her coworkers were now listening into this call, specifically her Uncle Josh, or Unkie Josh, as he loved to be called when she was super young and he still hassled her to call him now but she wouldn’t dare, it was too embarrassing. They were probably all getting a good laugh at her teenage daughter’s expense.
“Stop with the dramatics, Jee. He’ll be there in five minutes. Oh, and he’ll make sure you and your friends get home safely.”
She groaned again. Louder this time. Definitely more dramatic. “No. He’s not - you’re not actually going to tell him to – “
“Bye, Jee. I’ll see you at home, babe.”
Then the phone went dead. She was pretty sure it was illegal for 9-1-1 to hang up on a caller. Is it not? She’d have to look into that when the pounding in her head stops tomorrow. She’s beginning to think that this whole little trip wasn’t worth it.
When the firetruck pulled up, lights flashing all unnecessarily and obnoxious as hell, with her Uncle Buck smirking behind the wheel, it was all kinds of bad and she decided that it wasn’t worth it right then and there.
When her uncle got out of the truck behind her dad in the ambulance, she asked him the one question that had been on her mind ever since she heard the sirens from what felt like ten miles away.
“Did Mom send you out here just to capitalize on my embarrassment?”
“Would you be surprised if she did?” Buck asked her with that same smarmy grin. (She was really thinking seriously about that English Lit major now – as seriously as a drunk person is capable).
“Yeah, she definitely did. Sorry Jee-Jee bean. Life can be rough. Though by the looks of you your hangover is going to be even rougher tomorrow.”
Jee grumbled at her uncle and she was going to snipe at him for calling her that stupid nickname that he should have retired years ago, but she didn’t have the energy for it. Or much of anything. She wondered how much blood she was loosing. She never did put pressure on it.
Her dad worked on her leg in silence, stopping the bleeding, which as she looked down really wasn’t all that much, and bandaged her up with tensor. No stitches?
“I don’t need stitches?”
“No,” her Auntie Hen answered, because clearly her dad was still not talking to her, as he began to clean up after himself (and her). “Not tonight. Luckily, it wasn’t as deep as we were thinking it might have been. You really are stupid when you’re intoxicated, huh, Jee? A nice clean slice, so, lucky, but still, stupid. Just get drunk in your basement like normal people do.”
“Nice Hen, real nice.”
Her dad said this quietly to her aunt, or well, aunt where it meant family-friends, not like blood, but did that matter, no, it really didn’t. Family wasn’t determined by blood. That’s how she was raised, and it’s how she liked it to be. Auntie Hen was her only aunt, seeing as neither of her parents had sisters, and that was special.
“We don’t have a basement. And I can’t exactly get drunk in our living room.”
“You shouldn’t be getting drunk anywhere, Jee-Yun. What were you thinking? You’re seventeen years old.”
She shrugged. “That it wasn’t a big deal. I’ve been drunk before.”
“That is not the point, at all, right now, Jee-Yun Buckley-Han. Why are you always testing my patience?”
“I’m not…” Jee trailed off, then sighed. There was no point in arguing. Not right now. He would undoubtedly make the first responder escort home worse for her if she did.
“Jee-Yun, gongju, I worry about you sometimes. Elizabeth never tests me like this. Neither does Daniel, but he’s – it’s different with him.”
She didn’t really understand how, exactly, other than the idiocy of a double standard, and she knew that her mom would likely hate the fact something like that even came out of her husband’s mouth, because fuck a double standard. She wasn’t going to say anything before, but she couldn’t hold her tongue now. It was innate to defend herself, especially when her younger sister was now involved, which these days, she always seemed to be.
“Yeah, because Lizzie’s perfect, right? Your little sunbeam, she can’t do anything wrong in your eyes. She’s like the Ursula to my Morgana.”
“Jee-Yun, you know that’s not true. Elizabeth is just…. not at that age, yet. Your mom and I are lucky.”
“Lucky huh? And she’s fourteen. That’s close enough.”
“That’s not what I meant, Jee-Yun and you know that.”
She huffed. “Well it’s what you said.”
Her dad’s weird affinity for their full names was wearing thin right now. There wasn’t a specific reason, but she was just feeling very annoyed. “Can we just go home now? Get this over with? This punishment or whatever.”
She looked over at her friends who were all looking anywhere but at her, nervous in the presence of all these firefighters, but she’s grown up with it, knows the drill. “Sorry, you guys. Guess that means you’re getting a first responder escort too.”
Once they got home, her dad had to go back to work, her mom was still in the middle of her shift too, and Daniel was at his girlfriend’s. Hm. It was funny how they took that he was working on some science project with a grain of salt. Except it wasn’t, not really. So of course, her dad had tasked Lizzie to take care of her whatever that meant.
When she saw her younger sister with her glasses on – those stupid fake ones she insist help her when she’s reading, and her nose in some stupid fantasy novel, curled up on the armchair, she wanted to scream. So perfect, so pure, so unassuming. Ugh.
Ugh no. She felt suddenly violently nauseous. She swore it was the sight of the one and only Elizabeth Hayoon Buckley-Han. Her momma’s Lizzie-Lou and her daddy’s little sunbeam. Sunshine in damn human form.
“Liz – I’m gonna go vomit now…would you mind holding back my hair?”
Jee knew that Elizabeth would never say no. She’s Elizabeth. She was there for her when it counted. And so was Daniel, they were there for each other, and their parents often called the three of them the Buckley Siblings – The Next Generation, but he wasn’t here right now, so Lizzie would have to do.
“Living with you is a nightmare.”
But not before quipping back.
Again, she wouldn’t expect anything less, and their father claimed again and again that it was that Buckley knack for dramatics (more their uncle’s fault than their mom’s) and the influence of their one and only Aunt Henrietta. 
Jee had called her that once, and she’s threatened to throw her off the balcony inside of the firehouse if she ever dared to do it again, and she watched her dad smirk at that, almost like he was remembering something.
The thing was, she had it too. “I’m glad.”
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stayarmytinyzenmoa-l · 21 days ago
Limitless Podcast Transcript [S2E2]
Tumblr media
TW: Mentions of a Character Death, Graphic Descriptions of Violence, Mentions of a Serial Rapist who is killed, Mentions of Castration, Mentions of Porn
Notes: Please I love writing these sjdhakhds
Word Count: 3.6K
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[Main Masterlist] | [Without a Trace Masterlist]
General Tag List: @vickylamore​ @yeongwvnhi​ @mizzdivagirl7-blog​ @sehunnies-hunnie96​ @yangsrose​ @bat-shark-repellant​ @cloudreads​ @raeincitizen​ @here-aeth​ @lofied​ @lune1897​
Without a Trace: @thatnelsy​ @sunsethw4​
Disclaimer: Please remember that this is an AU and a work of fiction, obviously the idols mentioned/written about in this story would never partake in these actions. The idols mentioned in this work are meant to be seen more as face claims rather than the actual idols themselves.
Tumblr media
Release Date: July 26 2021 Episode Title: The Fall of Aegis and the Rise of Blackguard Run Time: 26:24
Intro Song: take us back - Ngyn
Johnny: Hey, hey, and we are live, coming to you from right outside of Mark’s closet and giving you the best episodes at the best time of 11:45 pm, damn, what a time.
Mark: We actually are at my place today, the studio we usually go to got like blasted by an electro-axe.
Johnny: Excuse you, that electro-axe was held by none other than the Matryoshka, apart of the famed vigilante trio 3Racha, who sadly had gone into retirement alongside the greater majority of vigilantes in 2019.
Mark: No, really! Like, there were even small groups of people forming to fight crime together, it was so cool, it really felt like it was straight out of those old comic books we used to read all the time, remember? The one’s that actually had those cool caped crusaders and stuff like Batman or Spider-Man or Spawn, like, man, that was a time. You don’t see a lot of superhero comics anymore.
Johnny: Nah, we really only get pirate comics now, and like there’s nothing wrong with that, but now that we have, like, actual superheroes and vigilantes it just doesn’t hit the same, you know?
Mark: Yeah, or like those vampire and werewolf ones? Like, I’m personally not a fan, but, like, Crys will tell me all about this one comic she’s reading about like a space prison.
Johnny: Wait, wait, wait, a what? [TN: It’s called Sector V, come on guys don’t embarrass me like this...]
Mark: Hold on, let me text her, cuz like it’s wild, bro, like this one girl gets stuck in space prison with like these seven inmates but it turns out they all know her but in like different timelines and like... uh... Oh! Oh, it’s called [Zemblanity].
Johnny: Oh! Now I know what you’re talking about, yeah, I think Yangyang was telling me about it but I wasn’t really listening.
Mark: It’s actually pretty good, I read the first issue the other day. But! On this topic, quick shout out to my friends Renjun and Jaemin! They’re the hosts of the My First and Last Podcast where they do a deep dive into comic books and their origins. Renjun’s actually an artist at Marvel while Jaemin’s the writer of the popular webtoon Seven Days a Week so they’re pretty cool! Give them a listen and let us know.
Johnny: Seriously, go check them out, there are a lot of us in the podcast community with so much interesting content! But, without further ado, let’s get on with today’s episode. But first, please welcome this episode’s guest star Dr. Jung Jaehyun! Why don’t you introduce yourself, professor?
Jaehyun: Sure thing. Hello, everyone, I’m Jung Jaehyun and I’m a professor of criminology at SKU. I’ve been following these vigilantes since most of them became active, starting with, I believe, the Mastermind and ending with the Timekeeper until the ban came out, but since some vigilantes have chosen to stay active, I’ve decided to take on a sort of personal project to analyze the way they work. They’re not necessarily criminals, per se, but they definitely act in the realm next to them. If you’re interested in knowing more about that, check out my book Crimilantes: A Deep Dive into the Anti-Vigilante Law, where I pick apart just exactly what it is that distinguishes the two, available at all of your local bookstores.
Mark: Lots of big words there, Jay.
Jaehyun: Yeah, I know, moving on, usually by now my student’s are fast asleep, sorry to the listeners or, er, readers.
Mark: Yup, we’re one of the podcasts that are signed with the “Speak for Accessibility” campaign where we help make more media accessible to everyone, shoutout to Crys! [TN: Hi!!] 
Jaehyun: Yes, yes, she was telling me about this. [TN: Oh no] 
Mark: Oh, you know her?
Jaehyun: Yes, she’s one of my students. When Johnny asked me to be on an episode, I took the liberty of looking in on the podcast a little more and I came across her transcripts! Obviously, I asked her about it.
Mark: Aww! Poor Crys, she get’s freaked out easily, bet you scared the shit out of her.
Johnny: Nah, I know her, she definitely thought she was in trouble. [TN: I don’t appreciate where this is going]
Jaehyun: Likely, she came into my office with two coffees. Bribery, every student does it. I just asked her about the podcast and she filled me in on a few things so I wasn’t walking in blind [TN: Student Affairs if you see this, no you didn’t.]. Either way, I got some hindsight to how you run this little podcast of yours, and I’m excited to talk about it.
Johnny: And we’re excited to have you on! Forgot to mention this earlier, but you can by Dr. Jung’s book through the link on our pinned tweet. Use the promo code “Loveholic” to get free shipping on it plus another book under $25, sweet deal, right?
Mark: Bro, you’re so good at sponsorships, it’s like so natural when you say it. You know, a couple of people on our CuriousCat were saying that you should consider a career in ASMR.
Johnny: What? I can just talk really up close to the mic like this and just whisper the episode’s scripts in our loving listener’s ears.
Jaehyun: Never do that again, I’m begging you.
Mark: Yeah, no, let’s stick to the podcast that we really should get back to. So! Dr. Jung, why don’t you introduce our topic today!
Jaehyun: Sure thing, I was invited today to talk about Blackguard, right?
Johnny: That’s right! The winner of our last poll was the one and only Blackguard who usually frequents the southern districts of the city. He was neck and neck with Cypher, actually; however, Blackguard is just amazing on so many levels. But, as per usual, we should start with some history on this person because, god, is it interesting. Mark, do your thing.
Mark: Alrighty, alrighty, grab a snack because it’s backstory time. Before they were Blackguard, this vigilante was known as Aegis. Aegis, as some of us may know, is the shield carried by the Greek God Zeus and later the Goddess Athena, but that varies a lot. The name was given to him by the general public during a siege in the capital by long captured terrorist, whose name I choose not to say, when he grabbed onto one of the metal doors that the terrorist had blown in and shielded a group of employees from gun fire.
Johnny: Oh man, I remember that day, I was in economics lecture when the news came out, the Tragedy on Capital Hill.
Jaehyun: I was turning in my thesis that day, I believe. It was all over the news, I can’t believe that happened. It’s amazing that Blackguard even survived the siege.
Mark: And fucking ballsy. Imagine just thinking, ah, let me put on this dollar-store mask and a helmet then run into the burning capital building getting gunned down by a... hoo, calm down, Mark, calm down, it’s just amazing. He was a lot of people’s inspirations, you know, they say that the government actually asked him to work for them but he declined. 
Johnny: God, I almost completely forgot about his “first suit” as many put it. Got a total upgrade after he did the crime fighting thing more, right? Damn... Oh yeah, I should probably mention now that Aegis was definitely one for PR. Always greeting people, saying hello after he beats up the bad guys, he was a people person, you could tell, anyone could. It’s insane though, you’d think with that much luck and care-free personality it would come back to bite him, and in a way it did in such a strange way.
Mark: For real, seriously. He even had a code and all, crazy dude their, straight up asking people “hey, are you sure you want to do this?” like it’s a therapy session or something. Come to think about it, pre-ban I don’t think he ever shot first, right?
Johnny: No, not to my knowledge he didn’t.
Jaehyun: He didn’t, no, I remember writing that down after the vigilante ban came out, the authorities asked me for some opinions. I was on Aegis’ side all the way, for me, he was proof that vigilantes weren’t all bad and unruly.
Mark: Yeah! Like, everything is sunny skies and all then the ban came out and...
Johnny: Jesus, do you guys remember that news segment?
Jaehyun: Clear as day, my students were going insane about it. Aegis leaves dead body in front of police station. Fucking hell, it was gruesome. Blood everywhere, the body was even castrated.
Johnny: Then the coroner revealed that he got his balls cut off before dying and- oh god, I felt it just now.
Mark: Come on guys, I don’t want to say the guy deserved it, but he deserved it. Serial rapist in the eighth district.
Johnny: Sick bastard had a paper stapled to his forehead that just said ‘No.’ You’ve got to admit, no matter how gruesome it was, that was such a fucking power move. Big dick move of his.
Jaehyun: But the point is that it was what started the shift from Aegis to Blackguard. I can’t help but think that there was another pushing factor in it, don’t you? Something must have happened behind the scenes that suddenly made this vigilante of the people snap and I find it so fascinating. Often times, it only takes one event to completely define a person and their values, then it takes a lifetime to reflect on them.
Mark: No, yeah, definitely. It’s insane. After the ban, Blackguard was all over the place, slitting throats and all. He turned into this assassin type of vigilante, didn’t give a shit about the casualties. Like, how does that even happen? Going from loving society to explicitly denouncing it, there’s no way that it was just the ban.
Johnny: Nah, no way, but whatever it was, the ban definitely made it worse. It was like he was a whole new person, and for all we know he could be, right? Like some Batman Robin type of thing.
Jaehyun: Ah, like a mantle? A title to be passed down?
Mark: Could be, maybe they were completely different people. But I find it amazing that like... you could just do a complete 180 from the image the predecessor established, like, I don’t know, it kind of adds up but it also doesn’t.
Jaehyun: No, Mark, I think you’re on to something, you too Johnny. It’s interesting to think about it that way, and now that you say it, you could probably apply this to other vigilantes too. Aegis is one of the vigilantes who have been active for quite some time in comparison to others, I believe they have been active since 2017, but I’ll have to check my sources. It’s entirely plausible that Aegis had become a title to be carried on, and if it was that makes this all the more interesting. Vigilantes do well to hide their identities, hell, we can barely even tell their presenting genders for some of them let alone any other distinguishable feature. 
Johnny: Yeah, definitely, it’s crazy how good they are at hiding these. Hell, if Han Jisung didn’t step out and say “I was the Ace of Clubs” and publicly destroy the uniform, no one would’ve known who he was. Or do you guys remember Midnight?
Jaehyun: The... the one who became a pornstar?
Johnny: Yeah that one! It’s crazy, it really reminds you that these vigilantes are just... just people. Like, they do this crimebusting thing then when they’re done they kick their pants off and probably have a beer or something, I wonder how many of them actually knew each other’s identities.
Mark: Yeah... and I wonder if we know any, I mean, we’d never know. And in a way that’s like wishful thinking but also, like, not.
Johnny: Yeah, definitely. Mark, don’t even think about it, you’ll just feed into your YN fantasies.
Mark: Dude, come on, I don’t read YN fanfiction... they almost never have male inclusive ones anyway...
Johnny: Mark, do you want recs? Just ask Twitter.
Mark: What? No! I was just joking!
Johnny: Better go delete your Internet history, you wouldn’t want me pulling up your Spades or Cheshire fanfiction, would you?
Mark: Come on, dude, we’re getting off of topic!
Jaehyun: Relax, Mark, it’s good that you’re reading.
Mark: I feel like I’m being roasted by my parents, you guys. But seriously, seriously, let’s get back on track with the episode and away from my regrettable past of fanfiction.
Johnny: Actually!
Mark: Oh no.
Johnny: Relax, relax, I’m not going to drag you anymore, Mark. But, on the topic of reading, today’s episode’s sponsor! Talkable! You know me, as an avid podcast fan and creator, have become very reliant on listening to audios instead of just reading. I’m just always on my feet, either I’m in the gym or I’m studying and I just don’t have time to actually pick up a good book and read it through, you know? Luckily, Talkable always comes in clutch. The link is in our pinned thread on Twitter and if you use our promo code “Superhuman” you’ll get three months free and it’s just $4.99 a month afterwards. Now, back to the episode.
Mark: Smooth like butter...
Jaehyun: Like a criminal undercover.
Mark: *cough* Sorry, uh, Blackguard, right. You know what, after the ban, I don’t think I’ve seen them working with anyone else, have you?
Johnny: Aside from that one spotting with Spades, nah, I don’t think so. But I know Aegis was often seen with Cheshire and Shadow, right?
Mark: Yup, I vaguely remember doing an episode on that.
Johnny: Yes, our long lost season one, gone but not forgotten, that was when we had like, what, 100 listeners average? Now we have like... 500 of you guys, that’s crazy. 500 people listening to starving college kids talk about people who run around in costumes.
Mark: Man... season one, that brings back so many memories... maybe it’s a good thing season one did get lost in the matrix.
Johnny: Nah, I agree, I agree. Actually, Jay, weren’t you on season one?
Jaehyun: I remember you asking me to come on for an episode, but then the ban happened and we never got around to it.
Johnny: Oh yeah, yeah, I remember now... oh shit, you were going to do an episode on Aegis too, right? Dang, at least you finally got an episode!
Jaehyun: I know, two years late, but here I am. But wow, that ban, it put a lot of dents into a lot of systems that no one really foresaw, no? Crime rates came up, the economy went down, jobs became more selective, and all of that dominoed from one law.
Mark: Yeah, like there’s no way that anyone could have seen the correlation. Like how the hell did a vigilante ban just topple the economy like it just threw everything off.
Johnny: Then in came Blackguard, just crashing in everywhere and hiking up taxes to fix everything. I swear, Blackguard doesn’t give a fuck. The only reason why we knew that he was Aegis was because of that shield emblem thing on his back that used to be Aegis’ shield.
Mark: Yeah and it was, like, super edgy right? Like it was all broken and stuff. Like it was kind of cool but also like, damn, it was pretty jarring to see that video of Blackguard bashing that other guy’s head into a wall.
Johnny: Nah it was super graphic, honestly I’d say that it’s what changed the Aegis image forever.
Jaehyun: I agree. It was... disappointing, to say the least, to see such a respectable mantle as Aegis get blackened. Aegis was always one that I found to be righteous in their own way, but I think it just proves that Blackguard is a completely different person.
Mark: While writing this episode with Johnny, I actually stumbled upon a couple of theories about it, if you guys are interested?
Johnny: By all means, go ahead! I’m curious to know what the ever-so-vast Internet put together.
Mark: The sidekick theory is definitely one I saw juggled around a lot, it’s the more “accepted” theory if that makes sense. I saw another one that was saying that the two really are just separate vigilantes and have no correlation, the shield emblem at the back of Blackguard’s jacket being just a coincidence, but that one seems like such a huge stretch. But, there’s one more that I see a lot of people talk about.
Johnny: Well? Don’t leave us hanging, dude.
Mark: Bro let me drink my water first... okay, good. I saw this mainly on Reddit as opposed to other sites, but some people actually think that Blackguard killed Aegis and uses their symbol to kind of scare people. It would explain why it’s broken, but I can’t help but feel like this one is farfetched too.
Jaehyun: Actually, part of that is rather fascinating, Mark. A lot of people don’t understand that the line between Criminal and Officer are already thin enough as is, the only differences are the playing fields and the uniforms. Now with vigilantes, they walk right on that already fine line, it’s like a tightrope and they can teeter any which way at any point; however, in the case of vigilantes like Blackguard, we see a vigilante fall off this line and into one of those two sides.
Johnny: Wait, wait, so what you’re saying is that Blackguard is, one hundred percent, a criminal now? There’s no redemption for whoever Blackguard is? Because, when you think about it, Blackguard is handling the people who slip under the radar of the police.
Jaehyun: True, but what we see with Blackguard is that he fights crime with more crime.
Mark: So is it like a case where if one person murders a murderer then the number of murders in the world stays the same?
Johnny: Mark...
Jaehyun: Mark... Mark, he’s killed multiple people.
Johnny: Should I just pull up what he’s done in the past week alone?
Mark: No, no, I just thought of it and realized how stupid it sounded. But you get what I mean, right?
Jaehyun: Definitely, definitely. He seems to have this method where the state we find these people in is roughly different depending on what they had done. And it has only gotten worse. Blackguard is the perfect example of a vigilante gone rogue. You have to admit that his motives are, ultimately, noble. It’s his methods that are what’s immoral. 
Johnny: I saw this on Twitter actually, but someone once pointed out that the only reason why Blackguard isn’t labeled a serial killer is because of the history of Aegis and the identities of those killed.
Jaehyun: That is 100% true, it is the title of “vigilante” that, in the end, keeps him “protected” from being a criminal all together. And it’s almost a shame. While Aegis was walking on the tightrope of vigilante, there was an opportunity where Aegis would have the opportunity to merge with the law force.
Mark: Oh! I remember seeing that on the news! But Aegis said no, right?
Jaehyun: Right, Aegis directly spoke up about it too. Aegis specified that the whole point of being a vigilante was to catch the criminals that work behind the scenes, and to catch the ones who escape, and that a lot of that can’t be achieved when working under the boundaries of legality. And this, obviously, caused a lot of controversy.
Johnny: It was one of the things that led to the ban, I remember the Senator citing it when he introduced the law. Then a lot of people suddenly turned on Aegis, who had only operated within public interest.
Mark: Which suddenly led to his possible murder, thus giving rise to Blackguard who is either Aegis’ murderer or successor seeking revenge on whoever it was that killed Aegis or seeking to fulfill Aegis’ legacy but in a different way but in the process completely rewriting what it was that Aegis originally stood for.
Johnny: Uh... yeah.
Mark: Or not.
Johnny:  Or not. Blackguard could still be the same person Aegis was.
Mark: That is also a possibility. But! That’s something we can talk about on Twitter. We’re out of time for today, so we’ll close this up on this note. Question of the podcast, what do you think happened to Aegis? Tell us on our pinned tweet at @/ thelimitlesspodcast and follow our newly made Instagram of the same name.
Johnny: That’s all we have for tonight, everyone. Thanks to Crys for transcribing and thank you again, Dr. Jung, for joining us for this episode.
Jaehyun: It was no problem, I had a great time.
Johnny: Buy either us or Crys a Kofi! We greatly appreciate it. We’ll be answering the first 100 questions on CuriousCat as always. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you all on Friday.
Mark: Have a good night, everyone!
Jaehyun: Bye, for now.
Outro Song: Star Valley - Shierro, Yestalgia
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theconstantsidekick · 21 days ago
The Whole World Is Watching (4) | b.b
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader, Past Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader, OC x Stark!Reader (brief)
Genre: Fluff with a touch of angst.
Summary: Sam and Bucky call on the only Stark left in the Superhero business—codename Static—to help take down the Flag Smashers. Only problem is, she’s pretty damn reluctant.
(These scenes incorporate y/n into the pre-existing story as a character without making drastic changes to the plot or mythos. All the major plot points from the MCU remain in place with the addition of the reader as Static, who is not only a Stark but also enhanced)
Warnings: Swearing.
a/n: Aight, aight. Here’s the skinny; I function purely on attention and praise, so please leave a comment. I’m a narcissist; I make no apologies. I love reading your hot takes. Entertain me in exchange for all the entertainment I’m providing you. Also oh, the tag list is open.
sidenote: this one's kinda longer, sorry. Also, funny story, the interaction between John and y/n is the first scene I wrote for this whole thing
The Whole World Is Watching (3) | The Whole World Is Watching (5) | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“You guys go ahead. We’ll catch up,” Bucky tells Sam and Zemo as they reach the door to Zemo’s place. Sam gives him a knowing smile before nodding and walking in. Zemo follows suit.
“I’m sorry—” Y/n says at the same time as Bucky asks, “You okay—”
They both look at each other and Bucky can see her lips curve up. He can’t help but respond similarly. They’re both standing on the steps in front of the large black gate, facing each other. Bucky’s one leg is resting one step up.
“You go ahead,” he implores.
He carefully follows her movements as she runs a hand through her hair grabbing onto the top for a second, sighing in frustration and then letting go. Her head falls as she says, “I’m sorry. I know I talked a big game about not fucking up on the job and then proceeded to do just tha—”
“Do you seriously not listen to a word I say?” Bucky cuts her off. She looks up at him in confusion. So he continues, “You don’t always have to have your shit together you know? You’re only human.”
“Well...” she squeaks, cocking her head and raising her shoulders, “technically…”
Bucky chuckles, turning away a bit, “You know what I mean.” He can’t keep looking at her, she looks too damn charming. “Work with me here, please.”
She lets out a small laugh too, “Let’s just say I’m human enough.”
Bucky hums in agreement. “You okay?” He tries to go for casual but misses by a mile, only sounding noticeably concerned.
She looks away then, the smile falling off her lips, “Not really,” she states. She looks back at him after a pause and adds, “But I’ll get there.”
Bucky can’t help but smile at her perseverance. He knows he’s being corny, but he can’t help it.
“What?” She asks, smiling as well.
She pushes him amicably, “Tell me?”
He sighs, and because it’s just her and no one else here, he says, “Just like seeing you like this. Badass is a good look on you, sweetheart.”
Now what you need to understand is that Bucky hasn’t watched a lot of modern films. He prefers reading but on one Sunday afternoon, he was sweaty from all the nightmares and all the not owning an air conditioner. So he turned on the TV to distract himself from all the melancholy. He was channel surfing when suddenly his remote died and on the screen was an animated rat, cooking food... Fine. The remote didn’t die. It was an animated rat cooking! Sue him, he found that plenty distracting, okay? Anyway, he’s getting off the point here. Point is, the animated rat, who’s name he later found out was Remi—yes he watched the whole fucking movie and cried when Ego ate the ratatouille, fuck off—ran out through a window and the frame froze as he began narrating his life story. Point is, right now, right fucking now, Bucky, just like Remi, can physically hear the world pause and the narration begin.
Because he just called Y/n Stark, sweetheart.
Not when she was panicking. Not when she was barely holding on and very distracted, no. He called her that in broad daylight without so much as a single regard for the repercussions that might have on his mental wellbeing.
Point is, he’s fucking frozen... and blushing.
Y/n, however, this brilliant woman, just smiles. If it were anyone else he’d presume they were unaware of his inner monologue but cause it’s her, he knows she's laughing because of it. She can read it on his face and she’s fucking enjoying every second of it. And just as a cherry to top it all off she says, “Right back atchya, sunshine.”
Well, fuck.
He thinks he’s heard her call him that in a dream before…
But then suddenly it clicks. The plane!
However, before he can do anything with that revelation, she’s making her way up the stairs and opening the door. Holding it open for him.
Seeing as he’s nowhere near the ladies man he once was, he decides to be a pussy and just walk right in, avoiding the implications of the whole interaction.
“Something’s not right about Walker,” Bucky says, taking off his jacket. Now that he’s back in here, he remembers exactly what Walker did and he’s pissed off again. All the smiles from the previous conversation are gone. He can spot Zemo laying on the couch, with a drink in his hand. While Sam is sitting at the round dining table next to the kitchen island.
Bucky likes the idea of a drink too so he walks over to make one.
“You don’t say,” is Sam’s response. Bucky can hear the small smile on his face.
He places his jacket on the kitchen island and pulls out the liquor from the shelf, saying “Well, I know a crazy when I see one.” He pours himself a glass. “Because I am crazy.”
“Can't argue with that,” Sam replies.
Y/n has settled herself opposite to Bucky on a stool at the kitchen island. She’s looking at him with something in her eyes he can’t quite place. Zemo behind her is now sitting up and watching the interaction with interest.
He looks over at her, asking silently if she wants one as well. She nods. So he pours another.
“Shouldn't have given him the shield,” Bucky notes, capping the decanter and putting it on the table. He pushes over her glass.
“I didn't give him the shield,” Sam defends, getting off the chair and turning over to him.
“Well, Steve definitely didn't,” Bucky counters, taking a sip.
“James,” Y/n warns him.
Suddenly, all heads whip over to the door as it opens. “All right. That's it. Bucky, Sam, let's go.” Walker says as he barges in with Lemar in toe. Think of the devil… “I'm now ordering you to turn him over,” He commands Sam, while pointing over to Zemo. “
Zemo gets off the couch, standing up and walking behind Sam. Y/n gets off her chair as well, while Bucky walks to the head of the table.
“Hey, slow your roll,” Sam warns. Bucky can finally hear his patience waning and he isn’t sure if that’s good or bad. “And let's be clear, shield or no shield, the only thing you're runnin' in here is your mouth.” Yeah no, definitely a good thing. Sam continues, “Now, I had Karli and you overstepped. He's actually proven himself useful today,” He says looking back and pointing back at Zemo who is now standing in front of the bathroom door. “We're gonna need all hands on deck for whatever's comin' next.”
“How do you want the rest of this conversation to go, Sam, huh?” Walker threatens. Bucky notices even Lemar narrows his eyes at his friend at the words. Sam, though, must relent somewhat because then Walker adds, “Yeah,” he lets out a mocking laugh. "Should I put down the shield? Make it fair?” His smile is so snide, Bucky wants to punch him in the teeth. “Or do you prefer Bucky doing all the fighting for you?” He asks while putting his shield down against the pillars next to him. Sam lets out a small condescending laugh in response.
But then, “Okay. I’m new, so help me out here… Why do you keep calling that?” Y/n interrupts before anyone can start throwing punches.
“What?” Walker asks, looking at her, confused over the sudden change in topic.
“Why do you keep calling him that?” Y/n reiterates.
“Who?” Walker fumbles.
“Him,” she points at Bucky.
“Bucky?” He balks.
“That,” she chides, pointing a finger at him.
John fumbles some more, jaw dropping, “Cause it’s his name?”
“umm, I’m pretty sure it’s his nickname,” she corrects. “You know? For friends to call…? Ergo, not you.”
Walker’s jaw clenches.
“While we’re on the subject, Baron Asshole,” she points at Zemo. To which Zemo grumbles his disagreements softly, knowing better than to interrupt, “Agent Wilson,” she continues, pointing towards Sam, “Ms. Stark,” pointing towards herself. “And Sergeant Barnes,” she bites out, pointing at Bucky, leaving no argument for Walker.
Walker points a glare towards her and if looks could kill… But Y/n doesn’t even flinch. She looks painfully calm, like dealing with a child, which technically she is, considering she is older than the concept of sliced bread.
“I’m pretty sure he’s not a Sergeant anymore,” he snarls.
It’d hurt Bucky’s feelings… if he gave two shakes of a rat’s ass what Walker thought of him, but he doesn’t. So, Bucky doesn’t care to interject, doesn’t expect anyone else to either, seeing as Walker isn’t entirely wrong.
But Y/n does interject, hostility laced in every word, “I’m pretty sure you’re not Captain America… Yet here we are...”
Zemo whispers a soft, ouch. While Bucky’s lips twitch up, emotions bubbling inside him, that he can’t name all at once, but one of them he’s sure is pride.
Walker looks murderous, “This shield—”
Y/n cuts him off, “Wasn’t given to you, therefore doesn’t belong to you.” There’s a small edge of sympathy in her voice, Bucky notes.
“It is mine!” John shouts to counter her calmness, “It was given to me. I was chosen for this—”
“—by a bunch of bureaucrats, in ugly ill-fitting suits, hopped up on power they don’t know how to use...” Y/n pauses then, “But who cares what they think?” she smiles, looking back at Sam, who’s turned to look at her with a smile of his own. Bucky realizes he is wearing a small smile as well.
She turns back towards Walker who’s trying to come up with a response. She sighs then, tired. “Look Walker, I know you. I’ve seen you on the field, in action, under pressure. I’ve read your files too. I know what’s in them, and what’s not…” John looks up at that, eyes confused and… afraid.
She continues, unperturbed by his reaction, as if she was expecting it. “You’re a good soldier, you are. Some of the best I’ve seen… and I’ve seen aplenty.” She smiles reminiscing, and Bucky’s heart does a thing that he doesn’t want to examine right now, so he focuses back on her words. “But, a good soldier with a very expensive frisbee, Captain America does not make.” Her voice is laced with a hint of resentment, sure but mostly it’s coated with pity—for Walker who cannot live up to the legacy Steve left behind—and care—for the legacy itself.
Bucky understands then, no matter how much she dislikes Steve in that moment, she will always respect him, his legacy. And while a part of him is unbelievably grateful, another feels… envious?
He doesn’t have time to recognize the emotion in its entirety though, because Walker doesn’t see her sympathy as an olive branch but another attack. So, he counters, “Oh so what, you’re the leading authority on who can and cannot be Captain America? Why? ‘Cause you were his little slu—"
Before he can finish his thought there’s a glass thrown across the room, missing Walker’s head only by an inch and crashing into the pillar next to him. His eyes wide, filled with terror. All eyes turn to the assailant; Bucky.
“Finish that sentence,” Bucky challenges with a snarl, “I fucking dare you.” His voice is soaked in disdain, low enough to be a growl.
Walker flinches, Lemar holding him back at the side. He turns his gaze back to Y/n, who unlike everyone else, hadn’t turned to look at Bucky, instead kept her eyes fixed on John. She seems calm but the way her shoulders are pulled back and her hands are shoved into her pockets, he knows from experience, it means nothing but trouble.
“What? He’s your guard dog now?” John asks irate, head nodding towards Bucky.
Y/n finally looks at Bucky then, at his vibranium arm, “With those claws?” Her eyes slowly move up to meet Bucky’s, almost as if she’s… checking him out? And a fucking thrill runs up his spine. “A wolf maybe,” she pitches, a small, coy smile breaking onto her face. And he cannot help but reciprocate the action, because fuck him! The woman is going to be the death of him.
Y/n turns back to face John then. “You wanna see him bite?” She’s wearing the meanest, cockiest smile he’s ever seen. It’s nothing like the one she gave him only a second ago. “I’ll let him.” She sounds so confident in Bucky’s ability; he has to take a moment to adjust.
Walker scoffs, "Why? The infamous Static too afraid to face Captain America?”
Bucky can’t help but clench his fists.
But Y/n as per usual remains unfazed. Hell, she even lets out a soft laugh, mocking, “I’ve fought the original and left him flat on his ass. You think you’re worth my time, kiddo?”
Zemo whispers another louder, ouch. While Sam flat out laughs.
The moment however is somewhat serendipitously broken, as a spear comes flying through the room, crashing into the pillar next to Walker.
Bucky looks back and there stands the Dora Milaje. There’s three of them in total. The one who threw her spear stands in a corner, diagonally behind Sam. While Ayo walks in through the main door with another woman.
Bucky exhales softly, regretting ever even enlisting in the damn war back in the 40’s.
“Even if he’s a means to your end… Time is up,” she states in Wankandan. “Release him to us now,” she adds in English for good measure.
Walker the dumb bitch, turns around looking at them, “Hi. John Walker. Captain America.”
Ayo does not move, just stares at him like he’s a really ugly bug she's about to crush. Which is pretty apt.
Walker, nerved by the lack of response, looks around. “Well, let's, uh, put down the pointy sticks and we can talk this through, huh?”
“Hey, John, take it easy. You might wanna fight Bucky before you tangle with the Dora Milaje,” Sam forewarns. Without looking Bucky knows he’s wearing a smug, knowing smile.
“The Dora Milaje don't have jurisdiction here—” Walker tries.
Ayo cuts him off, taking a step towards him, “The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje find themselves to be.”
“Okay,” Walker chuckles nervously before adding, “Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot,” And the dumb fucker decides to rest his arm on her shoulder.
Thus begins Ayo’s well earned and unstoppable assault on John Walker.
Lemar joins in, and so do the other two Dora’s.
Sam walks over to where now Bucky and Y/n are standing close together. “We should do something,” Sam tells them both as they watch the two men get absolutely annihilated.
Y/n takes a long sip from her drink, and then offers it to Bucky (probably as reparations for the one he threw at Walker on her behalf). Bucky smiles in thanks and finishes the rest in one go. He sets the glass on the table, and folds his arms, “Looking strong, John.” Bucky shouts out.
He continues watching in amusement as Ayo knocks the spear right on Walker’s face. “Bucky,” Sam calls him in alarm.
And fuck Sam for having a damn conscience.
As Ayo is about to bring the spear down on John, Bucky catches it midway, making her turn to look at her, “Ayo,” he tries. But she begins fighting him as well. “Ayo, let’s talk about this!” He pleads.
But she's unrelenting.
He’s trying his best to fight her, but he knows he’s barely holding his own. He can spot Sam step into the fight behind him as well, to save Lemar. Y/n though, he notes remains where she is.
While he and Sam are thoroughly getting their asses handed to them, they shout out in unison, “Y/N!”
She exhales audibly before stepping in and stopping the back of a spear hitting Sam’s face, with one hand, and using the other to catch one to stop the momentum of Ayo’s spear.
“Is this really necessary?” Y/n asks Ayo, speaking fluent Wakandan. That throws Bucky for a fucking spin.
“You made it necessary.” Ayo replies in Wakandan as well.
Y/n grunts in response before the rest of the two Dora charge at her.
He can’t focus much on her, other than have a general idea of the fact that she is very easily holding her own, unlike Bucky who barely blocks Ayo’s spear with his left arm. She pushes the blunt end into his chest, which Bucky brushes off. Only for her to move in closer, jab two fingers into his left shoulder, following with fluent consecutive motions, the result of which are his arm detaching and falling to the floor.
As the arm clanks onto the floor, Bucky can’t do anything but look at her in a mixture of shock, betrayal and helplessness. In that moment, he feels more broken than he has in a while.
Suddenly, “AYO!” comes a thundering shout from behind him. It’s Y/n, and she is fury incarnate.
The other two Dora’s have stood down, noticing the outburst.
The look exchanged between the two women is a battle between fire and ice. While Ayo’s stare is cold and unforgiving, Y/n is nothing but rage and vengeance.
“You’re getting rusty,” Ayo says snidely in Wakandan. Y/n’s jaw just clenches in response.
“Zemo’s gone,” Y/n says in English, after a moment. Her anger is evident.
Ayo gives one last look over to him before walking over to the bathroom and walking in to inspect it.
Another Dora, walks over to where her spear is stuck onto the table with the shield wrapped around it and pulls it out, letting it fall. Walker watches helplessly from where he’s sitting on the ground next to it. She steps on the shield, catching it over her arm.
Ayo walks out, “He’s not here,” she states. “Leave it,” She points to the shield,
The Dora reluctantly hands it over to Walker as all of them walk out.
Bucky picks up his arm, inspecting it. Meanwhile Sam asks, “Did you know they could do that?” while getting off the floor.
He places his arm back, and spins it once for good measure before replying, “No.”
Sam walks away to check the bathroom while Y/n walks over to him, concern etched on every single part of her face.
“You okay?” She asks, gently. Her hand, Bucky notes, subconsciously makes its way onto his forearm.
He nods in response then asks, “You speak Wakandan?”
Her face is still nothing but worry as she looks at him, almost lost in thought. Bucky wants to get lost in it. She answers a few seconds too late, “Oh?” she fumbles before realizing, “Ugh, yeah. I trained with the Dora Milaje in the 60’s for a bit.
And for the umpteenth times, Bucky thinks; well, fuck!
Read part 5 here. Find series masterlist here.
tag list: @thisisparadisemylove@justab-eautifulmess​@intothesoul​ @buckyisperfect @aryksworld @ceo-of-daichi @ireadthensuetheauthors @fckdeusername​ @hotleaf-juice@itspetitfantomestuff @jn-wolf @freeflyingphoenix @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123
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starsaver94 · 22 days ago
Hiii could I please get a mha matchup? Preferably with a male pls. Pronouns she/her. I am 5’4, an ambivert and a Latina. I have pale skin, mid-length brown wavy hair with bangs, and hazel eyes. I am described as someone who comes off as cold or aloof when I’m around people I don’t know. After getting to know me, I am the complete opposite. I’m just a bit shy at first lol. My friends have told me that I give good advice but like to joke about my stubbornness. I like to make people laugh and try to make the best of any situation. However I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I’m also described as easy going and fun to be around. I love animals especially dogs. I am a hip hop dancer and love to perform. Enjoy reading and playing video games. I love music especially hip hop, rap, & reggaeton. I also love to write music/poetry. I never show anybody though since I’m really shy about it. I really like drawing and painting. I can be playful and love to tease my friends. I also really like to eat and travel. I am a bit of a homebody but I enjoy hiking. I really enjoy having deep conversations. I can’t stand people who bully others and people who are fake. I like to be honest and helpful in any way I can. My style is usually anything comfy/casual and I don’t really like wearing skirts or dresses. I speak English and Spanish (learning Japanese & Portuguese). I would love to learn ASL one day as well. I enjoy watching crime investigations. I don’t really any fears, just not being able to accomplish my goals/dreams. I tend to daydream a lot and I’m also a big procrastinator 😭. I would say my love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch. I’m usually really cold towards the person I like lol. I tend to be a bit jealous/possessive in a relationship, not in an unhealthy way though. Just wouldn’t match with someone who is very flirty with other people lol. What I look for in a partner is someone that is selfless, mature and has depth to them. Also if they are really accepting because I’ve never had that growing up. Thank you so much!! 💘💘💘
I pair you with...
Tumblr media
Mezo Shoji!
This guy was honestly the right person to approach you when you both first met.
He’s not overly-energetic like Kaminari or Ashido, and he’s not too distant like Bakugou or Todoroki.
He’s very accepting of you since he knows what it’s like to be judged based on appearances or other differences.
Shoji enjoys watching you dance. He’ll even have little dance offs with you.
His hip-hop dancing is honestly impressive, mostly because of his multiple arms.
Shoji is pretty quiet most of the time. So he’ll usually just silently sit and watch as you draw/paint.
He’ll even allow you to use him as a model to practice more advanced or complex drawings.
This boy is seriously touch-starved!
So in other words... Cuddle him!
Because in all honesty, this guy is a big cuddle bug and is hugs/cuddles are the best!
His arms wrap around you and form a protective and warm cover around you.
The thing he adores most is that you love him despite his intimidating appearance. 
He helps keep your jealousy/possessiveness in check.
He’ll pull you in close and tells you gently but firmly to calm down.
All in all, Shoji is a very attentive, responsible, and caring boyfriend.
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sketch-shepherd · 22 days ago
30 Day Ginga Challenge, but I do it all at once
Yeah fuck it, like I said in my previous post every time I try to do this new Ginga challenge I fuck up and never finish it. I think I only ever got past like Day 6 on this list but this is the only way I’m gonna finish it now lol. 
As I said before... ik this isn’t the write way to do a Ginga challenge but what the hell. Prompt list created by @jersokoi
Also these are just my opinions, please don’t take them personally or as the gospel. If you’re upset by me liking/not liking something then feel free to do your own version of this challenge. It literally costs you nothing. 
This is gonna be looooong so here we go 
Day 1: Favorite Character Kyoushiro, excluding The Last Wars and Densetsu Noah. I know Ginga characters are rarely consistent and almost all of them end up being ruined in some way at some point but I still love Kyoushiro for his character in his debut and most parts of GDW, especially the Russian arc. You guys know me and my soft spot for “jerk with a heart of gold” characters, and Kyoushiro is just a really layered character when it comes to his backstory and his role in the story as a leader who protects abused pups. 
Unfortunately like many I’m not fond of the way Teru’s dad’s redemption was handled and how Kyoushiro agreed with Weed straight up bullying Teru into having to forgive his abusive father for no other reason than “He’s your dad no matter how bad he was to you!” yada yada (something we rewrote/removed in our dub if that counts). And I’m not even gonna get started on his Jyoushiro persona in GDN. 
But Kyoushiro still holds a special place in my heart. I stanned him a lot as a kid because I literally saw myself in him back then, and honestly still might do now. Other runner-ups for this spot include Riki, Orion, and Tesshin.   Day 2: Favorite Pack/Clan The Koga clan! I know I’m just being a basic bitch with this one but I honestly don’t think this prompt needs a lot of thought put into it. I love the breed designs, the major characters like Kurojaki and Tesshin, their backstory, the entire Iga/Koga arc pretty much, and how they go from minor villains in GNG to the Ohu army’s allies in GDW and onwards. They have such a cool aesthetic and they’re all just very memorable. They’re fun to design and have a lot of interesting story potential when it comes to making Koga OC’s lol. 
My second favorite would probably be the Russian dogs. 
Day 3: Favorite Leader/Platoon Leader Riki, no contest. He’s such a simple character who’s a fatherly figure to everyone including Gin, despite not even remembering him as his son for most of the series. He’s compassionate, determined, and has such a warm and understanding personality and only does the best for his soldiers and his home. There’s a reason he’s such an iconic character.
Day 4: Favorite Villain Kaibutsu, another character I’ve talked a lot about before just for how sympathetic he is and how he’s a subversion of most giant monster villains. While his tragic backstory and broken friendship with Jerome does seem a bit more one-sided than I felt it did before, I can understand the intent to try and make him a sympathetic but also irredeemable villain, and he delivers that pretty well when it comes to his story and his scare factor. 
My other favorite villains include Kurojaki and Masamune. 
Day 5: Emotional Scene Oh boy this is a hard one. For a scene that isn’t a death scene... I really love Ben and Cross’ conversation in GNG episode 18 before he went off to fight Sniper. The music, Ben and Cross’ exchange where neither of them knew if Ben was going to die, and the raw ass quote “I’m not going out there to die; I’m going their for the sake of my honor”, such a powerful scene between a parting husband and wife. 
Other emotional scenes I considered putting here are Tesshin delivering Gin’s speech in GDW episode 15 and Gin and Daisuke parting ways in GNG episode 8 and 21 
Day 6: Favorite Scene Again, this is just one of many but I’ll have to go with the extremely iconic scene of Akame burning down the Iga Manor. In concept a lot of people have found it hard to take seriously since the entire feud hangs on dogs trying to retrieve century-old messages they can’t even read for their human masters that already died out long ago. But the weight and the characterization just somehow makes it work in execution, and it still manages to be an emotional albeit campy scene. 
Day 7: Character you wish had more screentime I guess this is pagetime rather than screentime if that’s even a real word lol, but the first one that comes to mind would definitely be Bob, who literally gets dropped from the last third of TLW completely and just randomly shows up in GDN playing with Chibi (aka the cub who in my unpopular opinion is a lazy plot device who’s a piss poor attempt at showing a good side of bears in the most one-sided way ever) as if his previous fear of bears that got so much focus never existed. 
Yeah, Bob coming to terms with his trauma over Monsoon’s physical and emotional abuse of him and getting retribution for his siblings that were killed in cold blood? Fuck that, it was all EVIL BOB’S FAULT for not forgiving the poor abyoosed twaumatized Monsoon who literally showed no remorse for any of the dogs he killed, and we’re supposed to feel SO much more sorry for poor delusional Siriass who favored a fucking psychopath bear over the Ohu army who were trying to save their homes after all of Akakabuto’s descendants have done fuck all except for constantly try to destroy it. Fuck. you. Sirius. 
Second choice would definitely be Koshiro, another infamous member of the Ginga Hall of Mysteriously Disappeared Characters. Sucks that his last moments were him getting fucking beaten up by his asshole dad. Third choice would be Nobutora and Harutora who barely even have any LINES for all their appearances. They’re literally Kurotora’s sons too for fuck’s sake, why is it only Kagetora who has to have all the fun?  Day 8: Favorite Parent I already mentioned Riki so I’ll put down my second favorite parental character in Ginga- Cross! She’s a simple doting mom and reasonable authority figure as well as a surrogate parent to other puppies, and she can go from sweet and nurturing to sassy as hell. What’s not to love? 
My other favorite parents/parental figures would include GB, Moss, Jerome, Lydia, Izou, and Terumune Day 9: Least favorite Parent Fuckin WEED. The reason I put him over more obvious characters such as Kamakiri or Teru’s dad is because those guys are fucking villains so no surprise comes out of them being abusive shitty parents. Weed on the other hand is supposed to be one of the protagonists for fuck’s sake, yet his only kid he gives a damn about his Sirius, he straight-up lied and said that Kamakiri aka the invader who killed his own fellow soldier’s father was actually a brave soldier who died nobly just to make Akakama aka another villain happy, and everyone just blindly stands by and does nothing as he’s beating the shit out and banishing Orion for wanting to help Izou avenge his family that Masamune fucking slaughtered. This. fucker. literally. picked a goddamn serial killer over his own SON.  Yeah... doesn’t help that as much as I love Gin all he ever did was constantly enable Weed’s behavior. You can say that he didn’t have Riki to show him how to be a good parent but it’s not like there weren’t other fathers in the Ohu army like Ben or Moss who could have showed Gin the ropes. Also fuck Joe, couldn’t talk about shitty Ginga parents without bringing him up too Day 10: Favorite Human Daisuke, though tbh not like I had much competition for this one lmao. I know the fandom likes to ignore him because “hnnn human boring give us more doggos” or because he takes away the focus from Gin in the first eight episodes of the anime. I beg to differ, since I think he has decent characterization and development, along with an important role as Gin’s childhood friend and helper towards the dogs in GDW and the later manga series. 
Hidetoshi is too much of a hypocrite for me to like, going from John’s hunting partner to mercilessly wanting to shoot him and having no qualms about killing Daisuke’s childhood dog friend either. Gohei... he’s neither my favorite character NOR do I hate him AS much as some other people do, I just blame it on Gohei being a very culturally outdated character even though he has his moments. But Daisuke is by far the most consistent human character, and he’s a genuinely likable and helpful person Day 11: Least Favorite Character *DEEP BREATH* Fuck, you guys know I’m obviously going to say Sirius so let’s keep my explanation for him brief. He’s obnoxiously preachy, thoughtless, selfish, and has an ego and mesiah/superiority complex bigger than fucking Akakabuto himself. Literally all the reasons people hate Weed’s overly merciful nature but fucking WORSE. Let’s see, he puts all the fucking blame on the Ohu army and makes THEM the bad guys for rightfully wanting to axe off his boyfriend Monsoon, whom may I reiterate, is a fucking psychopath who tortures and eats helpless puppies, has repeatedly injured and emotionally abused Bob his whole fucking life, literally wanted the Ohu army to farm their own fellow dogs to be his food, and shows ZERO REMORSE for any of this shit and ONLY ever shows kindness towards Sirius and none of the fucking dogs he’s actually hurt. 
And once again... we are supposed to see Sirius as some fucking hero where all he did was screw everyone over and tell them that he’s right and they’re all wrong. Even back in GDWO he was just annoying and whiny half the time and preferred hanging around with the Kamakiri brothers over his own family. Little blueberry shitstain deserved to die and I have no sympathy for his self righteous ass. 
Other characters I can’t fucking stand also include Monsoon, Yukimura, Koyuki, Weed, Shion, Jyoushiro, and the Aka’ari. 
Day 12: Most heroic moment hhhhhh this was hard to pick from ngl, so I’m gonna talk about the top three that came to mind. First one would probably be GB tricking Hougen’s soldiers in GDW episode 19 by pretending to be one of them to the point where he found out where they were keeping Gin. For a character that started off as cowardly and insecure, this was a huge step in GB’s character development and a great way to show GB making good use of himself in battle in an unexpected way.
Second would be Reika tricking Hougen and throwing him into the river in GDW episode 24, for all the obvious reasons. It’s a rare empowering moment for a Ginga female character in the series who tries to put up a fight even though she doesn’t succeed. Reika already has a more interesting personality and useful role than most of the other boring females and this moment wasn’t an asspull at making her more empowering in ONE scene and then just instantly forgetting about it by having her constantly cry over shit afterwards COUGHKOYUKICOUGH so this was also a very heroic turning point for her character
Third that comes to mind is the iconic moment of Riki protecting a newborn Gin form Akakabuto in literally the first episode. I know everything Riki does could be considered heroic but it’d be wrong of me not to talk about this scene in particular. We have a dad putting his life on the line for his son he literally JUST MET I’m not sure what more you could ask for really
Day 13: Favorite Quote ”I’M WEED, THE SON OF GIN! FUCK YOU KAIBUTSU, IT ENDS HERE!” from episode 3 of the GDW English fandub, next. 
Nah jk. I do have a few favorite quotes from both the mangas and the animes. I’m not gonna write them out word for word since the translation constantly changes. Instead I’m just gonna write out the scenes where they were stated and explain the context so here goes:  - Kurojaki’s last words bragging about mission to his deceased masters before he commits suicide  - Ben and Cross’ conversation before Ben goes off to fight Sniper, as previously stated - Riki’s “that blood won’t be ours” speech to the Ohu army in episode 17 - Gohei tearfully refusing to give Riki an audience during his death, and also praising the dogs for accomplishing what the humans couldn’t - Kyoushiro telling Weed to let out his feelings and cry in the GDW manga - Tesshin delivering Gin’s speech at the hot springs in the GDW anime - Gin praising Maxim and Lydia for instead choosing to fight for Ohu in the Russian arc - Orion also telling Yamabiko it’s okay to cry - also every fucking quote in The First Wars. Because TFW is awesome.  Day 14: Favorite Character Design That’s a bit of a hard one but after some thinking I decided on Fuji, Lenny, Lucy, Bellatrix, and Kamakiri’s mate solely because they’re some of the few female characters I can name don’t have boring white coats and hyper-feminine features like most of the other female Ginga characters do (Even as much as I love Cross as a character it was obvious a saluki was chosen for her breed for her long girly hair. And Lydia despite also being my favorite female character in the entire Ginga franchise has such a BLAND design that makes her stick out like a sore thumb, you can barely tell she’s supposed to be a German Shepherd among the other normal-looking GSD in the Russian army), though it seems like the other default color when females aren’t white is brown/red like Chako and Reika lmao. 
I just like the down-to-earth designs for Fuji, Lenny, and Lucy for how they resemble their normal breeds, Bellatrix for being the only female tora-ge in the series even though Yoshi doesn’t do jack with her character (I only count her First Wars counterpart as canon), and Kamakiri’s mate for having such an unusual mutt design you can’t tell the breed of. 
I also enjoy Aram’s absolute nightmare fuel design, as well as Kaibutsu’s.  Day 15: Favorite Breed Design Once again, the Kogas lmao. Just because of how weird and funky they look. There’s just so many different ways to design them since they are a fictional breed; even in canon no two (non-background) Kogas look alike when you take other manga like Densetsu Akame into account. 
I also like the designs of the huskies- the Mutsu brothers, Kisaragi’s sons, all of them have such varied color and markings, some of them looking like normal huskies and others looking weird and unnatural, the diversity is fun to look at. 
Even for how weird the wolves look in the equally weird wolf arc, a few of them do have neat and creative designs that make them stand out.  Day 16: Favorite Death Scene Good god don’t make me choose... but if I have to, my top three are John’s, Benizakura’s, and Toube’s. John’s death makes everyone cry like a fucking baby for all the obvious reasons. He was a character we all knew and loved in GNG and seeing him go out with such a prideful death scene that shows how far he had come as a character really fuckin hurts. 
Benizakura we knew for an even shorter time but the audience really grew to love his benevolent and energetic personality so it’s also heartbreaking to see him sacrifice his life so soon. His parting was so epic that it really just broke the boundaries of realism so that his blood droplets could form the shape of a cherry blossom in the water to honor him 
Toube is one that I feel people don’t talk about much, but I still think his death scene was really powerful considering how prideful he was in his last moments much like John. I always found him an underrated character (more on that later) who played the “redemption equals death” trope in a really powerful way. Plus that image of him standing up frozen to death in the sunlight is really haunting. 
Other deceased characters that would be wrong for me NOT to mention would include Akatora, Riki, Kurojaki, Hyena no GDN doesn’t exist, and Aram.  Day 17: Least Favorite Death Scene Ben, no doubt. It especially doesn’t help that after being a mostly useless senile fool in the GDW manga he’d go out with such a boring, unceremonious death. Half the time I literally forget Ben even died of old age. Also it’s just really cheapened by the fact that most GNG veterans live to the ridiculous old age of over 20 years, so just goes to show that realism doesn’t make a story better. It just makes it inconsistent. 
Also GB, Hiro, Lydia, Jaguar, Musashi, and Tama... though these are more out of me being petty over my attachment to these characters. However I still thought their deaths were pretty pointless and hardly contributed story-wise or character-wise. Also Sirius and Monsoon’s because it’s really framed like it’s such an emotional heartbreaking scene of two friends/lovers dying while facing each other even though you literally couldn’t PAY me to be remotely sad that these clowns are dead.  Day 18: Favorite Arc For GNG, the Iga/Koga arc I’ve already discussed for reasons above as well as the Shikoku/fighting dog arc. I really love the setting and backgrounds of Shikoku, and it’s a great introduction to great characters like Musashi and Benizakura, with some room for character development and emotional moments as well. 
For GDW, the Russian arc as long as I forget that fuckin Weed and Koyuki exist. We’ve got intimidating villains in the form of Viktor and the invaders, some engaging redemption arcs with Lydia, Maxim, and Aram, a lot of heartfelt moments such as the death scenes of Hakuro and Moss or  Daisuke calling out to Gin in the canyon, and other characters such as Gin and Kyoushiro having their strong points in battle. Too bad a lot of it is roped with Weed and Koyuki’s gross Oedipus complex romance and other characters literally having to force Weed to stop flirting and being a shitty irresponsible leader. 
Day 19: Underrated Character The aforementioned Toube. Yeah, kind of surprised I don’t see a lot of people talking about him when it comes to the famous character death scenes nor does he get a ton of fanart and stuff. I guess in hindsight his role and death are a bit similar to Terry but, idk... I feel Toube had something more going for him. He actually got a proper introduction, backstory with Musashi, catalyst to start changing sides, and contributing role in actively saving Gin in the GDW anime. His arc was really well done and I always thought it deserved more recognition. 
Also in terms of more minor characters that somehow don’t reach “ensemble darkhorse” status in the Ginga fandom... Pepe! How can you not love this cute little monkey ffs? He’s such a simple character who has an adorable friendship with the Ohu soldiers and sympathetic side when it comes to him losing his parents and being a victim of Yukimura’s sadism. Also he’s not without his character development when he tries to fight off Shogun. Pepe is a good monke and I luv him 
Day 20: Favorite Character Development *thinks hard* Hyena. Not much I can say about Hyena’s character that others haven’t before. It was easy to just make him a sniveling weasel of a villain sidekick but once again he was a surprising subversion of that trope. His development was gradual and he didn’t earn the Ohu army’s trust right away, but he did prove himself on multiple occasions and had an honorable death scene. Once again, he stayed dead as far as I’m concerned.  Also GB, because why not? Another simple character who starts off as a wimp and then grows into Weed’s foster father, an Ohu soldier, clever battle strategist, and hill-area-ass slapstick comic relief in the manga. Such an enjoyable dork who changes for the better over the course of the series.  Day 21: Something you would change in the series Something aside from obvious shit like the sexism, outdated cultural morals, glorification of abuse, and characters constantly being derailed left and right? ...maybe not write so many goddamn arcs and characters I guess? 
The GNG wolf arc didn’t need to exist. Yoshi literally didn’t even wanna write it but executive meddling demanded more Ginga from him. GDW is the longest series by far in which it spans exactly 60 volumes, but I frankly find the hybrid bear arc to be one of the most boring and repetitive arc. All I remember is that it introduces Joe but was there really no other previous volume where you could have introduced Weed’s second long-lost brother? 
GDWO is... a LOT to take in. I know that unlike the previous series it’s balancing out like five different story arcs for each of Weed’s kids as well as the Ohu army so it can be hard to keep track of everyone but come on. Do characters like Gennai and Tenka need to exist? I hardly remember Rigel’s arc except for the fact that he was just there when Terumune got killed. Since Yoshi insists on making Bella as useless as possible why not combine hers with Rigel or something? And Andy literally has no reason to exist aside from being a baby John replacement. 
Christ even as much as I despise TLW and GDN, I STILL felt GDN had the potential to be an interesting series if it was JUST a short story about Hyenoah helping Orion deal with his trauma from the events of TLW instead of bringing more pointless big bad villains who wanna fuck up Ohu for the billionth time, lame character death retcon not withstanding
Day 22: Favorite Introduction Scene Frickin HIRO, what more can I say lmao. You can name literally no other anime where a character is introduced literally by ripping a bad guy’s balls off. The dark humor from Hiro’s sheer non-chalantness just gives you one hell of a first impression Day 23: Favorite Relationship This is also gonna be a long list, shit. I don’t think I really need explanations for these since they’re all for the same reason in which the characters have a strong, healthy bond regardless of whether it’s between friends, parent/child, student/teacher, etc... So here goes:
- Gin and John  - Gin and Smith - Gin and Riki - Gin and Daisuke - Moss and Tesshin (and any puppies he’s doted over really)  - Weed and Smith - Kyoushiro and Teru  - Pepe and the Ohu army - Orion and Izou - Orion and Yamabiko - Rigel and Andy (despite my previous complaint about Andy being a very bland character his friendship with Rigel is cute in the way it’s supposed to parallel John and Gin)  Day 24: Favorite series/adaptation Kinda funny how to this day I still don’t really have a favorite series. When I was younger it was definitely GDW, but nowadays I feel like even though Ginga as a whole is objectively problematic, each series seems to have its own strengths and weaknesses so I honestly can’t pick. 
I can say that GNG has the fewest problems in terms of story and a lack of character derailment, but GDW also has its fair share of strong scenes and characters and I like a lot of them more than the GNG characters. Fuck, even GDWO even though it’s more of a clusterfuck has a large number of interesting characters to keep me engaged, so I really can’t just pick one. 
But in terms of consistently good writing, characters, and plotlines? The First Wars lmao 
Day 25: Character you relate to the most Oof, now I actually have to EXPLAIN why I said I related to Kyoushiro before ok. As a kid, I was in my massive angst/hormonal phase during the time I started watching Ginga so I just liked that Kyoushiro was an angry lil shit like me lolz
Real talk, as an adult I can relate to Kyoushiro when it comes to dealing with shitty people in my life. Obviously I don’t go throwing my online/irl enemies off cliffs and shit but I do strongly believe bad things should happen to bad people and I can fucking tell when abusers are genuinely remorseful or if they just wanna quick way to get out of trouble. But I also feel like I’ve learned to set boundaries, much like Kyoushiro taking time to decide if Teru’s abusive dad should be killed or not, or when he chose not to kill Buruge when he asked him to put him out of his humiliation. Also I still have anger issues and a pretty short temper, something I’ve still retained when it comes to how much of myself I see in Kyoushiro. 
I know I got kinda creepy by talking a lot about myself there but that’s just my genuine explanation on why I relate to this angsty scarred dog so much lmao. At least before he completely abandoned his own morals and decided “teehee nevermind abused children should definitely forgive their abusive parents” 
Day 26: Favorite Couple (canon or not) Ben x Cross duh. It was pretty clear they were an established couple when they were first introduced but they work together so well. Their chemistry, their their dialogue, and how much they believe in and support each other, ugh... they’re just such a strong pair
My other favorite ships include Jerome x Lydia, Hiro x Reika, and Orion x Yamabiko.  Day 27: Favorite Fight Probably would be a bit cliche if I just put the bigass kaiju battles like Akakabuto and Kaibutsu, so I’m gonna say the fight between various GDW characters and three of Hougen’s generals in the anime- Kyoushiro vs Buruge, Tesshin vs Kite, and Ken/Kagetora vs Bat. 
I liked the addition in the GDW anime of Hougen’s generals having their own special abilities that the Ohu army had to overcome in unique ways. Ken and Kagetora synchronizing their attacks to evade Bat’s Mind’s Eye, Tesshin being in his element and using his ninja skills to trap Kite when he couldn’t dent his prosthetic legs, and Kyoushiro giving himself the confidence to beat Buruge enough so that he can’t use his weird resurrection attack on him. 
Even though most of the changes the GDW anime did from the manga were shit and counterintuitive, this was one of the few adaptational changes that worked. It was a really nonconventional combat between characters that was solved in unique ways and gave various characters time to shine. 
Day 28: Favorite Technique/Fighting style The Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, no doubt. It’s definitely the most commonly used attack in the series and for that reason it’s just that memorable. Even the other wack Battougas in the wolf arc are somewhat interesting in concept and their different variations. Also you can’t go wrong with Kyoushiro’s grave-digging attack either
Day 29: Overrated character This was originally “favorite arc” but that was already a prompt for Day 18 so I made my own lmao. But yeah, for this one I’m gonna say Yukimura. I probably just made most of Gingaboard hate me but I’m sorry I just don’t get the appeal of this guy to the point where people literally compare him to Riki whom he’s nothing like. Yeah a lot of people say he had the potential to be a good foil to Weed’s pacifist personality but sorry sweetie the execution of that potential don’t reconcile 
He’s basically just Kyoushiro if Kyoushiro enjoyed attacking innocent parents who didn’t do anything wrong. Yeah I get that being attacked by monkeys at a young age was a traumatic experience for him but that doesn’t excuse him being an absolute fucking monster with a monkey hateboner, literally to the point where he tried to force literal CHILDREN to kill an innocent baby monkey, starting with FEEDING THE MEAT OF PEPE’S DEAD PARENTS TO THOSE PUPPIES. 
Oh and what makes this worse? Yukimura shows little to no remorse over this. Literally when Jerome is chewing out Yukimura for how fucked in the head he is he just responds with “We were just killing monkeys, so what?” almost word for word. 
And his redemption in learning not all monkeys are bad was lame and half-assed, also not sorry. If you’re going to redeem a character give us a REASON we’d WANT to see the character redeemed. Going from an infanticidal monkey-hating psycopath to siding with the monkeys isn’t character development, it’s just lazy writing.  Day 30: Favorite Thing About The Series The sheer corniness of it all. It’s just dogs killing shit. That’s literally my aesthetic when it comes to animal xenofiction. Yet you also got literal ninja dogs that carry weapons and dogs that repeatedly front-flip to decapitate bears. It’s fucking great. 
There are a lot of factors on why I fixate over stupid poorly drawn dogs fighting so much. A lot of it probably comes from my nostalgia obsessing over this series as a child and another part comes from the charm of the simple premise that offers a lot of room for interesting storytelling. 
I know objectively GInga as a whole is... not that good and super problematic, but there’s just some stupid charm about the whole thing that draws people in at almost any age. Ginga is flawed as HELL but there’s also just so many iconic characters, story arcs, and the like so sometimes it’s just a series where you gotta turn off your brain to enjoy it. 
Ginga is simultaneously the best and the worst thing of all time and it’s my comfort series, thank you for coming to my TED talk 
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theconstantsidekick · 22 days ago
The Whole World Is Watching (1) | b.b
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader, Past Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader, OC x Stark!Reader (brief)
Genre: Fluff with a touch of angst.
Summary: Sam and Bucky call on the only Stark left in the Superhero business—codename Static—to help take down the Flag Smashers. Only problem is she’s pretty damn reluctant.
(These scenes incorporate y/n into the pre-existing story as a character without making drastic changes to the plot or mythos. All the major plot points from the MCU remain in place with the addition of the reader as Static, who is not only a Stark but also enhanced)
Warnings: Swearing, kinda.
a/n: Aight, aight. Here’s the skinny; I function purely on attention and praise, so please leave a comment. I’m a narcissist; I make no apologies. Let me know what you guys think, I love reading your hot takes. Entertain me in exchange for all the entertainment I’m providing you. No, but seriously, let me know what you guys think, always love to hear from y’all. Also oh, the tag list is open.
sidenote: would ya’ll be interested in flashbacks to previous MCU films explaining the reader’s origin?
Power Broker (7) | The Whole World Is Watching (2) | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Eight hours, White Wolf,” Ayo warns him. “Then we come for him.” Her eyes flint over to somewhere behind Bucky’s shoulder, “No matter who stands in our way.”
Bucky turns to look back at who she’s addressing and does a downright comical double take.
“Nice to see you too, Ayo,” Y/n stands behind him, waving goodbye at Ayo who is walking away. She is wearing a charming smile on her face as she shouts out, “Tell T’Challa I’m sorry for not calling bac—”
Bucky’s tackling her in a second, “—what are you doing here?” He takes her hand and begins walking back to Zemo’s place. She goes with him without much resistance.
“What does it look like I’m doing?” She asks, petulant.
“She would’ve killed you if she wanted to, you know that right?” Bucky’s patience is running pretty damn low after the encounter and Y/n really isn’t helping.
“Pssh! I’d like to see her try.”” She brushes him off. Her disregard pisses him off further and he begins walking faster. “Hey, come on!” She rushes to catch up with him. “James?”
He doesn’t reply.
“James?” She calls out again. He remains silent. “Come on, talk to me! James!?”
His feet halt, he turns to look at her, “You were following me,” he accuses. She mimics his action but looks away from him, and that’s answer enough. He lets out a heavy breath. “You know, I would have told you anyway… about this… I wouldn’t have lied… B—but you don’t trust me.” He tries to keep his tone accusatory but he knows he only ends up sounding hurt.
Because he is... hurt.
She finally looks back at him, “Don’t take it personally, Sarge. It’s an occupational hazard.” He can’t not take it personally, as much as he’d like to. They were sharing stories and laughing together only an hour ago. What the fuck happened in the span of 60 minutes? 
She pushes her weight from one feet to another before adding, “I’m sorry okay? It wasn’t just—I mean—fuck… I was worried, alright?” Her voice sounds strained like it’s almost hurting her to admit it. And fuck, it’s hurting Bucky to listen to it too. He’d rather she didn’t care if it bothers her so much. “The Wakandans take the whole revenge thing very seriously and you have a habit of running into fights without thinking. I just—”
“—yeah yeah. Worried. Got it,” he spits out. He was naïve of him to believe that they could just be… well he isn’t sure what he wanted them to be but it was sure as shit naïve of him to think they could. He isn’t mad at her... well he is. But far less than he is at himself for thinking that one twilight conversation would undo all the ill will he had garnered over the course of seven decades.
They both walk back to Zemo’s place in uncomfortable silence. 
Bucky opens the door, ushers her in and then enters the room behind her. “Well, the Wakandans are here. They want Zemo,” he informs them.  “Bought us some more time.”
He can spot Sam sitting on a stool at the kitchen island, while Zemo walks over to the stained glass mosaic floor to ceiling windows in a… is that a fucking bathrobe??? 
The room is spacious, with an L shape couch opposite to the kitchen and a small round coffee table in front of it. There’s a table behind it and there’s two twin pillars in the middle of the room at a safe distance. There’s sunlight filtering in from the windows, shining different colors onto the Egyptian blue motifs of the room. Bucky’s gotta admit, the place ain’t half bad.
“Were you followed?” Sam asks. 
“Except by her?” He nods at Y/n who’s made her way over to the kitchen counter and pulled herself onto it. “No,” he adds.
“Thought you had to make a call?” Sam accuses her. She just shrugs in response. He sounds only half as pissed as Bucky but he’ll still take it.
Simultaneously Zemo asks, “How can you be so sure?”
“He wasn’t followed,” Y/n confirms. And that for some reasons comforts Zemo far more. And man, fuck Zemo!
“It was sweet of you to defend me at least,” Zemo says, turning back to look at the three. And begins rubbing… is that fucking fregarance oil? Is the criminal mastermind really rubbing fucking fregna—Bucky wants to fucking retire. He is literally too old for this shit.
“Hey, you shut it. No one's defending you,” Sam cocks his head back at Zemo, “You killed Nagel.”
Bucky walks over to the opposite side of the kitchen island from Sam. He pulls out his phone, looking through it for updates.
“Do we really have to litigate what may or may not have happened?” Zemo counters, his voice smooth and unnerving.
“There's nothing to litigate. You straight shot the man,” Sam chastises him. Zemo walks over to the kitchen shelves, standing close to where Y/n is sitting silently.
“Sam,” Bucky calls out.
“Karli bombed a GRC supply depot.”
“What? What's the damage?” Sam asks, rushed.
“Eleven injured, three dead. They have a list of demands and are promising more attacks if those demands aren't met in full,” he reads off the article.
Sam sighs audibly.
“She's getting worse,” Zemo notes, walking over to stand at the head of the kitchen island. “I have the will to complete this mission. Do the three of you?”
“She's just a kid,” Sam reasons.
“You're seeing something in her that isn't there. You're clouded by it. She's a supremacist. The very concept of a Super Soldier will always trouble people,” Zemo states. Bucky walks over to the other head of the table, facing Zemo as he continues, “It's that warped aspiration that led to Nazis, to Ultron, to the Avengers.”
“Hey, those're our friends you're talking about,” Sam warns. 
“The Avengers, not the Nazis,” Bucky clarifies, only to be met with a small chuckle from his left. His eye flicker over and he sees Y/n with a smile on her face, getting off the kitchen counter. She leans back on her elbows as she rests them on the edge.
Bucky scolds himself for the warm feeling that climbs up his chest with the knowledge that he’s the one who put that smile on her face. He looks away.
“So, Karli is radicalized, but there has to be a peaceful way to stop her,” Sam barrels on, adamant yet somewhat desperate in his belief.
“The desire to become a superhuman cannot be separated from supremacist ideals. Anyone with that serum is inherently on that path. She will not stop. She will escalate until you kill her,” Zemo pauses, “Or she kills you.”
“Maybe you're wrong, Zemo,” Bucky challenges, “The serum never corrupted Steve.”
“Touché,” Zemo agrees, holding up his index finger with a biscuit on top. “But there has never been another Steve Rogers, has there?” He challenges right back, and eats the damn biscuit off his finger.
“He’s not wrong,” Y/n chimes in. Both men turn to her in unison, shocked. She makes a gagging noise and her face contorts. “That wasn’t fun to say.”
“Then why’d you say it?” Sam asks, infuriated.
“Cause he is,” she defends.
“How can you of all people say that?” Sam leans forward, his tone accusing.
“Because, I’ve been on the receiving end of it,” Y/n’s voice is low and cold, as she fixes him with a glare. 
Sam backs down, instantly.
Noticing his demeanor change she exhales audibly, winding herself down. “I don’t agree with all of it, but he is right. It’s a slippery slope. The moment you begin craving power more than justice, it becomes a race towards supremacy, whether you know it or not,” she says.
“But Steve—” Sam begins, but is promptly cut off.
“—was exceptional,” she finishes. “I am not trying to argue with that. He was… unique.” There’s this fondness in her voice that makes Bucky’s heart clench. “Trust me, I know,” She sounds like she’s reminiscing, thinking back to when Steve was… hers. And while Bucky understands, there’s this small ugly part of him that curls up over itself. For the life of him he can’t tell if the ugly feeling is meant for Y/n or… Steve. “But Karli isn’t Steve,” she finishes, shaking her head in an attempt to break herself out of her reverie.
“So you’re saying we should just give up on her?” Sam asks, there’s a sense of instigation in his voice. 
“No,” Y/n tries.
“That’s what you’re saying, what he’s saying,” he points at Zemo, “that Karli is beyond saving,” Sam spits out.
Y/n however, doesn’t take the bait. She lets out a short laugh, “No, Sam. Unlike the Baron, I’m not fond of generalizing.” She walks over to the kitchen island, standing opposite to Sam. She puts her palms on the edge and leans over. “Look, the serum—and I mean the real one, that Erskine made—was meant to enhance who you were… not just physically but also mentally. That’s why Schmidt’s turned into a freaking hellbeast. It enhances who you are… That’s why Steve stayed incorruptible. Cause he was just as good before the serum as well.” She sighs. “His circumstances were different though, he didn’t seek the serum out like Karli did. Because she needed power… So what I’m saying is, maybe it didn’t start off that way, but her motives are starting to look a lot like vengeance more than justice.”
“But do you think we can save her?” Sam asks incredulously.
“Well…” she pushes herself away from the table, “We can’t,” before Sam can interrupt she adds, “But I do know a very persuasive little birdy who could.” She winks at him with a knowing smile. 
Sam finally breaks into a smile as well.
“But you do agree with me,” Zemo cuts in, walking back to the shelves.
“Maybe we should give him to the Wakandans right now,” Bucky throws back, jovially. He walks over to the couch. 
“And you'll give up your tour guide?” Zemo asks, his back turned to them.
“Yes.” Bucky spits out. He knows he’s lying, so does Zemo, but it’s been a tumultuous few days, cut him some slack. He sits down on the couch. He throws his head back and closes his eyes in a futile attempt to curb his oncoming headache.
“From my understanding, Donya is like a pillar of the community, right?” Sam ventures, looking between him and Y/n. “So, when I was a kid, my TT passed away.”
“Your—your TT?” He asks, so utterly confused, pulling his head back. His brows furrowed when he looks back at him.
“Yeah, my TT, yeah,” Sam states, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.
“Who is your TT?” He asks confounded.
“Fine,” Sam surrenders, “When I was a kid, my aunt passed away and the entire neighborhood got together for a ceremony. It was like a week long. Maybe they're doing the same thing for Donya.”
“Worth a shot,” Y/n says.
“Your TT would be proud of you,” Zemo chimes in. Bucky would love to punch him in the face. He then begins to pull out a jar from the shelves, picking out a candy from inside it, throwing it at Sam. “Turkish delight,” he explains. “Irresistible.”
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