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#sending good job getting vibes
prose-for-hire · 29 days ago
So after the disaster that was me trying to get a job last year, I decided I might try working at the local antique shop. There's a downtown row of stores that usually go in and out of business but I've met these people and they seem really nice and it just seems like a less anxious environment (the problem last summer was anxiety even before I started) so first job maybe 👀. They're also giving away free vintage dresses for prom this weekend which is insane, I can't even do prom because of my online schooling but I might just get one for the hell of it - 🏜
Aw babe good luck !! It took me ages to get my first job for the same reason (anxiety) but you’ll definitely get there and that sounds like a cool place too!
Oh and definitely get yourself a vintage dress that’s the absolute dream !! 💖💖💖
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jepoisadventure · 6 hours ago
Before this day ends, I just wanna flex the person I /hate/ the most... 🤣 'Coz she's the only woman whom I've given the most expensive gifts I could afford... but all she did or has been doing in return is to only let me feel the unconditional love I can't find from someone else! 😁 Haha! Sigurado akong kinikilig na 'yun upon reading this! (Nope... I'm, definitely, not counting 🤐🤏)... Happy Mother's Day Tita! Lol!🤭
Happy Work Anniversary (uhm... Technically, Dec. 22 yun if we consider the day you gave birth to big bro! 🤔 Haha!)!
Anyway, cheers to the awesome 37 yrs of doing the most difficult but fulfilling "job" in the world, Ma!... Cheers to more!🍷 Don't get stressed any longer, 'coz derma sessions are $$$. 🤑 Always wear those good vibes and remember to take your daily dose of positivity! Keep safe and healthy always... I love you! See you soon! 🍾🥂
I think, I just wrote a short blog! 🙃🖋
And of course... Happy Mother's Day to all my "FriendMoms"!
Sending virtual hugs from Jepoi!🤗
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rulaineyu · 16 hours ago
Scaramouche, Romantic, Any AU you want! I just want the love interest to be Nonbinary with They/Them pronouns! Problematic hurt/comfort is fine (wanna play up the Yandere, I'm good for it) heh heh <3
I kind of went wild with this one...thank you so much for requesting this anon asdjfhk
Scaramouche - Master/Servant AU
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Master!Scaramouche x gn!Servant!Reader
Genre: Bulleted headcanons, fully written, hurt/comfort(?)
Warnings: Yandere vibes from Scaramouche. Suggestive undertones. Master kink? idk. Nothing explicit but spicier than usual.
Scaramouche is the master of the house you are employed at as a servant 
He’s known as a harsh employer, firing maids, butlers, and cooks alike if they make a single mistake or displease him 
You were one of the servants who have been able to stay on for a surprisingly long amount of time, longer than almost anyone. 
However, because you were the only one with a secure job—clearly because the master had taken a liking to you—you did not have many friends. 
They’re all watching, waiting for you to fail. 
So when a dish was broken, you were blamed. Even though you weren’t anywhere near the plates, all the other servants pointed to you as the one who broke it. 
Now you stand in front of the door to Scaramouche’s office, your hands shaking as you knock. 
“Enter,” Scaramouche said, his harsh voice audible from inside the room.
It took you a moment to open the door, your hand trembling so much you could barely keep it steady. 
“Ah, there you are.” Your master was seated at his desk, one hand propping his chin up and the other tapping the wooden surface impatiently. “Javert, didn’t I tell you to send for them ten minutes ago?”
“Yes, sir. I told them to finish what they were doing and—”
“Why didn’t you tell them to come here right away?” Scaramouche cut his butler off, shooting him a glare. 
Javert stiffened. “That…”
“Tsk. Absolutely useless. Get out of my sight,” he spat.  
The butler visibly paled. He bowed before scurrying out. 
“Trash, every one of them.” The dark-haired man leaned back in his chair. “...maybe you’re an exception, though.”
You straightened up, taken off-guard by the sudden compliment. 
Scaramouche smirked. He got up from his chair, pacing around you. “So. I heard you were the one who broke the plate today?”
“That’s not true!” You were surprised by the desperation in your voice. “It wasn’t me, I swear! I was nowhere near it when it fell.”
“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow. “But that’s what everyone is saying.”
Scaramouche chuckled. Out of nowhere, you felt yourself being forcibly pushed forwards. You let out a yelp of surprise as you stumbled and the hardwood desk hit your hips, sure to leave a bruise. Before you could register what was happening, strong hands turned you around to face him. 
With one hand snaked around your waist and the other tilting your chin up to look at him, Scaramouche leaned towards you. You instinctively wanted to draw back, but you were trapped in between your master’s body and the desk. 
“Oh, my poor little servant. You’re getting bullied?” Scaramouche asked, a cruel glint in his eyes.
You could barely breathe, still in shock. You stared at him with a blank expression as you struggled to process what was happening. 
Scaramouche pinched your waist, pulling you back into reality. “I asked you a question, servant.”
“Y-Yes sir,” you managed to choke out.
“Do you want your Master to save you?” His face was so close, you could feel his warm breath on your face. “Say please.”
You tried to look away, but Scaramouche only yanked your chin back. He cocked his head expectantly, waiting for your answer.
“...Please save me, sir,” you said, barely louder than a whisper, but it was sufficient for him. His twisted smile grew wider.
“Aw, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Scaramouche cooed. “You’re so cute, I was right to keep you on. I promise, after this…” He swiped his thumb across your cheek. “ one will dare bully you.”
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fuck-customers · a day ago
Send me good vibes! I am so close to escaping retail as long as I pass my drug test later this week but I am also nervous as hell! Part of me is terrified that the new job is going to be draining in new and different ways, but I'm trying to focus on the fact that I will never have another pissy adult in my face crying about our return policy or having to wear a mask, and I will no longer have to fill out incident report after incident report about all the aholes who are constantly stealing from us bc corporate still won't let us do anything except try to customer service them into not stealing and call mall security (who say they have to follow individual store policy wherever they go so they can't really do dick either). I might be rushing into things but since I started this journey my blood pressure has dropped so much while at work and every time I think I'm making the wrong decision I remember that I'll be making just about as much at my new job (which is baseline entry-level) as I was as the second in command of an entire store. I'm going to miss working with my good friend and such, but I'm also so looking forward to getting a real, big girl job! Fuuuuuuck retail!!
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positivelypositive · a day ago
Is it weird that idk what to become after graduation? Like college or job? Masters or job? I’m just so confused and I don’t know what job to do either (I feel like I have a hunch but I’m still confused I want to try everything I guess)
hey anon,
it's not weird at all. in actuality, there are only a few people in this world who always know what their next step is going to be.
it's okay to not know it. if you have a hunch, i'd encourage you to explore it a bit more. talk to people who you know where in the same position as you and then chose either way. get to know their perspectives. make a list of pros and cons for both options. choose wisely but there is no need to rush through it or feel inadequate about not knowing. it's alright. you're good.
sending you luck and positive vibes ✨
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colossal-fallout · 2 days ago
I love the fuck boy image but he's probably still a virgin for a while. Probably loves getting a handjob while driving. But also would have crashed if his cars auto pilot didn't kick in. Grisha is a doctor so he has got some money and eren got a tesla when he got accepted into a good college. Eren also loves getting deepthroated and he crys during because it feels so good. But anyways because I went off track, he is still very easy to anger. Will rage quit at video games and jean and him still fight a bit, they both only do it when drinking tho. Eren seems like he wants to be passionate about something but doesn't know quiet what it is yet. When he does find it, he will try so hard to be the best he can at it. Eren couldn't work in a customer service job to save his life, he'd be such a smart ass to customers he would be fired first week. I also love stoner eren in a modern au, I dont know how you feel about it(i dont consider it a drug but i was raised and grew up around stoners). Also i dont know if this makes any sense but he would drink arizona sweet tea or around palmers from the can. He likes the look of the can but also he doesn't like beer, only shots or cocktails.
And oof, I'm still doing finals so it's hard rn. I'm sorry babe and I miss you -🦊
Good luck with your finals babe 😘 sending you all the motivation vibes ❤
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coffeestainedprogress · 2 days ago
So, I'm not sure about anyone else who loves school, but for me summers have always been the hardest. I miss school. I miss my friends. I miss my professors/teachers. I miss the structure. This summer, even though I've only been home for about a week now, the sadness and idleness is already starting to get to me.
Normally when I'm home, I work at a convenience store. While I've made some awesome friends from that job, I'm not happy there. So, this summer I'm going to try and take the initiative to change that. I want to have a good summer-- I want to be happy.
Today starts the job hunt. I'm hoping to find an online tutoring job because that would be ideal since I have to start studying for my teaching exams in the fall, but even just working at a summer day camp or with kids in some capacity would be great.
I guess the point of this long, rambling post is to say sometimes doing some deep self reflection and decisively taking actions to make your mind and heart happier is the best possible thing-- even if it's hard.
I know a lot of you are still in school, and either will be for a while or are approaching exams. To you, I send all my love, support, and good vibes. And for anyone else who may be struggling with the Summer (or anything else for that matter): I see you, I hear you, and you're valid. Take care y'all <3
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nicollekidman · 2 days ago
abby! i sent you an ask a bit ago abt dealing w harassment at work & i wanted 2 update you, i applied for a gardener position w my municipality with way better pay/benefits than where i've been working and i just got offered the job! i'm so excited, i start on the 24th & now i have a foot in the door with municipal jobs in general!
YES!!!! i’ve been thinking about you, i was wondering how the interview went!!! so excited for you <33333333 sending you oodles of good vibes for your start! i hope it’s everything you want it to be, i’m im so proud of you for getting out of that enviroment! onwards into this new chapter <3
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lord-of-no-energy · 2 days ago
Reaction to a Short Lord [Zaira + Lucilicca]
From @audre-falrose
I'd kill to see that short lord hc but with Zaira and Lucilicca... plz? Can you feed my gay booty?? I love them so much I can't even
I feel you so bad, I need signature papers to confirm selling my soul to them
Since Zaira and I think Lucilicca is taller than Lord in canon, I’m gonna imagine Lord to be in the 140-145 cm range
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In her mind, a ruler of a country should either have a large frame to look imposing and intimidating or have the vibe of a wise elder
So it was awkward at first for her to be completely formal with someone who’s head barely reaches up to her stomach
Like this girl didn’t know if she was supposed to stand straight or crouch when talking to Lord
But as she spent more time around them, she began becoming more comfortable with them
People tend to purposely intimidate short people into getting what they want and Zaira is not letting anyone pull that bull on Lord. She’ll leave whatever she’s doing and tell them to back off.
Taking care of a tiny human seemed to have awakened some sort of motherly instinct in her
It’s become second-nature to Zaira to get whatever Lord is struggling to reach and pass it to them.
She sneaks extra food onto their plate for reasons even she doesn’t know. Maybe she’s hoping that food will unlock a second growth spurt
Zaira’s really considerate of Lord’s short height.
The first thing she does when new clothes arrive is that she sends Lord’s clothes straight to Aurea to get them tailored to the right size. Only Aurea knows about this. 
Zaira is content with seeing Lord’s face bright up when they see that their new clothes are the right size
Sometimes she relaxes a bit too much and forgets about being considerate. 
Like whenever the two are taking a stroll together, she forgets that Lord definitely can not keep up with what she considers to be a normal pace.
Highkey wants to pick Lord up but is too shy to ask
Tumblr media
Luci has seen a bunch of short but mature rulers before, so Lord’s height doesn’t faze her
What does faze her is when the meeting was over and Lord was about to depart back to Avillon, she impulsively reached out her hand and gave them a headpat
Why? Even she’s wondering that.
Lord’s pretty chill tho, so while Luci is walking away while trying to seem cool and confident as if that’s what she meant to do, Lord just leaves it at a confused “... What...?” and forgets about it
Oh Lord what have you done
Lucilicca takes that as an invitation
The next time they meet, Lord extends their hand for a handshake, and Lucilicca extends her hand too and ruffles their hair
She constantly treats them like a child just to irk them
Lord would make a point, it doesn’t even have to be good it just has to be valid, and Luci will ruffle their hair and say “Good job! Seeing you grow up so fast makes me proud,” or something along those lines
She finds Lord’s mildly annoyed face so funny, it adds two years in her lifespan every time she sees it
If someone dares to mess with them because of their vertical handicap, Luci will beat them up before stealing their idea
Once, Lord seemed to be having a bad day so Luci picked them up and carried them around like a toddler
She even got Laph to secretly take some pictures but I didn’t tell you this, I know nothing
She knows where to set the line and treat Lord like a normal person, though
Lord is one of the people Lucilicca values, and she definitely does not want them to feel uncomfortable around her
Tumblr media
TL;DR: Lord gets adopted twice
These hcs were so much fun to write, so they got a bit long. I hope you like them!
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captaindoritoes · 2 days ago
Of course I get a job interview lined up just after my car breaks down. Please send me good vibes ya'll that everything's fixed with it correctly on Saturday. I could score this part-time gig as early as next week, and it would change so much for me. <3 <3 <3
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evvence · 3 days ago
just done with a job interview. send good vibes cause i want money to get tattoos. ✌😎
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fatebreaking · 3 days ago
*knock knock at your door, a Poro takes a deep breath* I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ♥ ♥ ♥
You are such a wonderful & caring person who deserves the entire world. I adore how you write & portray your characters, especially Sona but you know I'm biased at her <w< . But I have read very occasionally everything you write for them & it's truly fantastic, it shows the care you have for those muses.
I consider you a very brave person in placing your own divergency for them & writing them the way that gives you glee. Please always do so, cause this is your blog & you deserve to find a place to smile brightly. You are doing a fantastic job with them & offering us different perspectives, which are so GOOD.
Besides your lovely characterizations; I want you to know you are an amazing person who is clever, unique, genuine, & fun. I thank you for being here & being one of the blogs that make me smile every time you appear in my dashboard & I can't resist to see: the perfect & on-point aesthetics, the hc's , the dash -games, their voices through you are truly interesting & inviting to keep reading ♥
Please never doubt yourself, my friend ♥ You are great & incredible & I'm so so happy that you are still here around us ♥ You are one of my favorite blogs to look at! !
I send you the best wishes & all my support ♥ May all this year be wonderful & tons of great things come your way as soon as possible cause you deserve them all ♥
I’ve been sitting on this for a while, just because. It’s such a nice thing to have in my inbox. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know you were especially biased for Sona but it tracks with Corporate AU so.
I think. I think that as two people who kinda sit on our divergent interpretations and build up things around them, that’s kind of why we vibe. In a way. Because you and I are writing characters that maybe aren’t exactly on brand, but they’re our brand. And so I hope that you take those kind words and apply them to yourself also.
Not sure what I did to deserve such high praise, but I’m glad that my presence gives you joy. It’s high praise, that I am a source of delight.
And also thank you for appreciating my aesthetics? It’s something I get so nervous about, because I tend to sit there and write these excerpts and draw these aesthetics and make so many little things all myself, and I feel that it really just pales in comparison to so many of the more... aesthetic blogs. But that these things are appealing, at least just to one person - it means a lot to me. That when I pour myself out into my writing and my creations, there’s something there for other people. And that you appreciate - or at least have called out - specific things about all of this.
Mostly just thank you. I’m very full of insecurities and fears and false bravado and always trying to do the right thing and I know how very different it is, how I am, from a lot of how the community operates. Sometimes isolating.
So, to you who appreciates the little lightbug that I am, that only shines bright when it’s dark outside - thank you.
Thank you very, very much.
You deserve no less, and I’m - as ever - proud to share this space with you.  ♡
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atlafan · 3 days ago
Jordan!!!! Aaah I don’t know if you remember me but I was the stressed out uni junior anon asking for tips concerning a follow up email for a job. They finally responded today asking if I can send my resume again and interview. I don’t have the position yet so I’m trying not to get my hopes up but it’ll be my first “big girl job” if I get it and idk I’m super excited about how that first paycheck is gonna feel. Anyways, thanks for all your help and cross your fingers I get it🤞🏻
of course I remember you! I’m so happy for you, keeping my fingers crossed and sending all the good vibes your way!!
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nympholouis · 4 days ago
Can u do a spell for me to get a job 😔 but congratulations!!
im sending all my good career manifestation vibes to everyone in need!!!! you dont need any fancy stuff to do it though, you just need to tell yourself that if the job is right for you it’ll be for you, and also kinda mediate on the thought of how you’d feel if you did have the job
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causeimanartist · 5 days ago
Hi! Procrastination anon here! Thanks for the kindness. good job getting your first essay done and I’m sending you all the good vibes for your second. I hope you are struck by inspiration like a character in a cartoon getting hit by lightning. I believe in you!!!
Tumblr media
Thank you dear anon!! And well, I got inspired to draw this
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jadethest0ne · 5 days ago
Hi, Jade! Just wanted to send you some positive vibes! I got a huge smile on my face when the newest page of The Brains and the Brawn was posted recently, your comics are always drawn so expressively, and you totally nail the characterizations! I am sorry to hear that you and other artists have been feeling pressured lately to create more content, I can't imagine how stressful that must feel. Your time and your mental health matters. Take care of yourself, and good luck with the job hunt!
Aww thank you very much! That makes me feel so happy to know I can hit all the right notes and get the characterization right! The amount of positive feedback I’ve gotten like this, definitely outweighs any negative or stressful comments I get. Thank you again!
The job hunt goes well and I’ve got a few opportunities for the summer open for me, so thank you about that as well!
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scullysflannel · 5 days ago
My best friend lives in NYC and I never heard of this "guarantor" thing before and she's been telling me of how competitive apartments are. When I got one in my state, I just SHOWED UP. They didn't even ask me for tax papers, etc. NYC renting is TERRIFYING.
I hope you get your apartment! Sending good vibes your way!
oh thanks so much! it IS terrifying. I haven’t moved in seven years because I haven’t wanted to deal with finding a new apartment. I don’t feel like signing myself up for what feels like a reality tv competition where I pay all my savings to run around the city neglecting my job, and if I win the prize is I get to pay even more money to ikea. but I would like to be able to sleep and hear myself think, so that’s where I’m at. every day for the last two weeks I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of a completely different life plan. 
the good and bad news is that I’m coming down from whatever temporary high made me think I could have afforded the dreamy apartment with the garden that made me spend my day getting paperwork together. I didn’t hear back from the realtor because the universe was saving me from myself (but I might call him tomorrow if I lose my mind again)
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waru-chan8 · 6 days ago
Please assign your mutuals a motogp team and teammate and your reasoning :)
Hey anon, thanks for sending this. I'm happy to be included in a mass message.
Daphne (@alex-marquez) is pretty calm, so Suzuki and as for her teammate, I'd go with Franky because they share the same vibe.
Sarah (@robin-frijns) goes to Ducati  because they are a great team as does she.  Her teammate is Pecco, girl show him how to treat a woman.
Elena (@ducaticorse) to Pramac Racing with Jack. Clearly Jack struggles more in Ducati colours, so if he goes to Pramac Elena will follow. I just think that Pramac has done a great work to nurture future talents, and Elena is very talented.
Meli (@alabaeforever) to Esponsorama Racing because they are chaotic as a team, and I think she won't bat her eyelashes about it, plus she'll give them a lot of shit, so win-win situation (or disastrous). As teammate, if I say Fabio, she won't work, so Maverick, so they can simp about Fabio together.
Mira (@canet-tsitsipas.) to Sky VR46 Esponsorama so she can hang with Bezz and teammate I want to say Dovi because he gets the job done, but sadly he's no longer on the grid, so I'm going with Petrucci.
Liza (@shieldmaidenof221b) goes directly to KTM with Brad Binder. She likes Binder and I want to make her happy.
Anna (@eneabastianini23) is going to Tech3 because Herve treats well his riders and he'll help here with their confidence. Enea for the teammate because they deserve it.
Emi (@baellerin) goes to Honda because she has big brains and Honda is in desperate need of them. As teammate I go with Joan Mir because she'll need all the help in the world.
Emma (@marcsmarquez) goes to LCR Honda Castrol with Álex Márquz otherwise she won't be able to properly function as a human. Also, she'll be close to Marc and hang with the bigger Marc simper on earth.
Jyana (@jyanadavega.) to LCR Honda IDEMITSU with Taka, she's a Taka fan, so I don't see any problem.
Isabel (@lexitomarquez) goes to Aprilia because they are surprising us this season. Isabel likes to think out of the box and here answers are mind-blowing, so it fits. His teammate Aleix because I'd like to see the two of them railing each other.
Grace (@checoswin) to Yamaha because at this point racing for them is about passion for racing and faith that the one working bike is yours. You are super passionate about your football team, so I think it fits. As your teammate I go with Savadori because he seems soft and both of you deserve more love.
Ellie (@albertarenas) to Petronas because you need someone to lift you and who takes care of you, and they are supposed to be good at that. Her teammate will be Miguel, it just feels right.
Corey (@francodium) Honda because he does great gif/edits, and we all know what Honda is capable of. As for the teammate, I think Luca because he is very focused on what he does, so they will do well.
I have more mutuals than teams, so I had to be creative. I tried to include as many people as I could. If I forgot someone, I'm sorry, my memory is nearly non-existent.
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Hello! So Grissom sent that plant to the lab, wasn’t he afraid of any gossip? It’s probably not very common for any boss to send a plant to his employee, especially boss like Grissom! I can imagine Nick/Greg teasing Sara about it.
hi, anon!
in this case, i don’t think he is afraid of gossip. 
for one thing, unless someone were to get a glimpse of the sentiments on the card and then talk about what they’d glimpsed, the folks at the lab might not realize that the plant had come from him at all (as it had been sent directly from the florist’s shop to the lab as opposed to from his home address). 
however, even if someone did realize that he was the sender, i think he would still feel fairly “covered,” as he had ordered the plant at catherine’s suggestion and with her sitting in his living room to hear him make the call; she being something of a “lab gossip hub” (see episode 07x23 “the good, the bad, and the dominatrix”), any gossip around the lab about the meaning of the plant would therefore be likely to get back to/run through her, and, if so, then she almost certainly would “set the record straight” about why he’d ordered it—i.e., as an apology to sara and to try to persuade her not to quit her job.
while of course we as viewers know that grissom’s motivations for getting the plant have a lot to do with him being in love with sara, what catherine says during her conversation with grissom prior to him ordering the plant indicates that she is likely to view the action through a platonic lens, simply as a “peace offering” between a supervisor and a disgruntled employee (as, at the time, she is under the belief that any sexual/romantic relationship which may have once existed between grissom and sara has since long-ended).
as for whether or not warrick, nick, and greg might tease sara about the plant, if they found out about the plant at all, they almost certainly would do so (as that’s the nature of their relationships with sara); however, they would tease her about it regardless of if they’d thought it had come from some random “secret admirer” or if they knew it had come from grissom.
hell, i mean, outside of this highly specific, “coded” gsr context, green plants aren’t inherently a romantic gift, so if they didn’t know it had come from grissom (see above), then they might just assume it was something sara’s family had sent her—which is still a point that they would tease her about, albeit in an entirely different way. 
in any case, i doubt their teasing would be long-lasting—think the same vibes as nick and hodges teasing sara about the entomology book in episode 04x17 “xx”—even if they did know that the plant had come from grissom, and especially not if catherine were ever around to witness or hear tell of said teasing (as she likely would clue them in on the true story behind the gesture).
anyway, i don’t think grissom is too worried about the optics on this one, as this is one of those cases where he has some pretty decent cover and could offer a straightforward answer about why he’d done what he’d done to any kind of outside third party.
(i mean, if confronted with the question of why he’d sent the plant, he would probably just say, completely earnestly: “because i had been professionally discourteous to sara, and i wanted to let her know that i’m sorry and that i value her as an employee.”)
thanks for the question! please feel welcome to send another any time. 
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Hello Hello!
So just a bit of housekeeping, so I'm currently moving for my first real grown up job and will be starting it soon, so I won't be posting as much for the next two weeks as I get settled and used to life in a new place. So send please send prayers, good vibes and such my way!
Some of my sims may be appearing at some events! Heck even some ancestors of my current generation will be popping up! So keep a look out
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