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snflwrkenma · 16 days ago
Why, why, why, why?'
Thinking to yourself the only word your brain could muster at the moment. Why the hell did you decide to wake up super early and head to the gym? Why the hell did you decide to jog a mile or two on the treadmill after your already strenuous leg day? Why the hell go to the gym in the first place? God. you could be at home right now playing the Resident Evil demo right now. BuT nOoO, HeAlTh CoMeS fIrSt. At least that's what Alisa says. So, here you are; casually trying to make it look like you aren't dying on the treadmill.
After about 30 more minutes, you finally decided to call it quits. Although you're absoluelty exhausted and 99% sure you'll be sore tomorrow, you're feeling a strong sense of accomplishment having finished your workout routine. Making your way through the gym and towards the ladies' showering area, you make eye contact with your favorite grey and black haired owl. Smiling to yourself, you watch as Bokuto sets down his weights and excitedly bounces over to your location.
"Y/N!!" Bokuto manages to grab the attention of a few gym goers with a yell of your name. Awkwardly, he holds his hands up in a prayer motion and bows slightly in an attempt to apologize. You pull Bokuto into a sweaty hug, ushering him a little down the hallway as to not interrupt anyone again.
"BO!! It's so good to see you." Pulling away, you beam up at the spikey-haired beau.
"It's so good to see you, too! Are you done with your workout?"
"I sure am, thank goodness." Bokuto threw his head back and laughed at your remark,
"I'm surprised you're here this early, I pegged you as a night time gym goer."
"Oh, I am! I figured I'd change it up a bit, ya know? Keep everyone on their toes."
Again, Bokuto laughs at your statement, "What do you have planned for today? Are you gonna head home?"
"Honestly, I was planning on going straight home to play a video game demo, buuuut I'm thinking about staying out and being productive," You take a second to gesture quotation makes before continuing on with your sentence, "today. What are you doing today?"
"I'm going to be here for a little while longer, and since you're free?" Bokuto pauses for a second, looking at you with raised eyebrows and a sweet smile.
"And since I'm free, whaaat?" You mimic Bokuto's expression, intrigued at what he's going to ask of you.
"Since you're free, can you throw me some tosses? I need to work on my spikes and Tsum Tsum won't be here until an hour from now."
"Hmmm I don't know, Bo. You remember the last time you asked me to play volleyball with you?" The both of you looked at each other and took a moment to reminisce on the last time you went to the gym together.
"OH SHIT!! Wasn't that the time you spiked the ball and it bounced off the floor and hurdled towards Kuroo's babymaker?"
"Please, Bo, never call it a babymaker again. And yes!!! He was in pain for three days!!" You threw your arms into the air, sending Bokuto a playful glare as he laughed at the memory.
"At least we know you have a hell of a spiking arm."
It took Bokuto a few more pleads before he was able to convince you to throw him some tosses. Like an excited puppy, Bokuto hops over to the squat bench to sanitize the machine and grab his water bottle before coming back to you.
"Okay, let's go!" The two of you link arms and head to the back of the gym. You're obviously surprised that the gym had a full volleyball court in the back, your jaw is dropped as you walk in and take a good look at the place.
"Holy shit, Bo, I had no idea this was back here."
"Really? Yeah, they finished this maybe," Bokuto angles his head to the side and puts his finger on his chin in a thinking manner, "3ish months ago."
You took your position on the volleyball court a couple feet away from Bokuto, you're actually so excited to be on the court again. Of course, you never actually played; but you often spent nights with your friends helping them and playing with them for fun. Bokuto and you spend about 45 minutes on the court, breaking a sweat and joking around with each other. After a little while, Bokuto poses a proposition.
"Y/n!! Go on the other side and try to receive this spike." You looked at Bokuto with wide eyes, mouth opening quickly to object.
"Bo!! No! You're literally a pro volleyball player! You're known for doing very hard spikes!"
"No, I won't do one of my actual spikes! I'll go very easy, I promise. Plus, you used to be great at receives when you played with us, c'mon Y/n." Bokuto adds to his plea by giving you the puppy dog eyes, topping it off with a pout. You, of course, couldn't say 'no' to that face. With a deep breath and a sigh, you give in,
"Fine, Bo, but take it easy!"
"I will, I promise!" Bokuto begins to jump up and down, moving away the huge cart of volleyballs from the middle of the court. Everything is going so, so well. You're receiving all of Bokuto's 'spikes,' the both of you are giggling loudly and sweating profusely. On Bokuto's last spike and your last receive, the world goes black for a second. The world around you transitions from blurry to clear as you find yourself in Bokuto's arms, his voice frantic and eyes wide,
"Y/n?? Y/N?? Oh my goodness, are you okay? Can you hear me? Oh my God, should I call the ambulance? Dear God, I'm gonna go call Kenma and Shoyo!"
"Bo. Bo!! Bokuto, breathe!!! 'M okay, I promise! It didn't hurt too much, you don't have to call an ambulance."
"Oh, thank God. I thought you died for a second. Should i call Kenma? Or Sho?"
You chuckled slightly at Bokuto's whiny voice, "No, Bo, I'm okay! I'm okay, I promise!"
"Okay....... But I think we should put ice on that. Your forehead is really red." You hummed in agreement; taking Bokuto's outreached hand, the two of you start your journey to find ice.
"Ya know, I've never seen someone receive with their forehead and not be too hurt. Your forehead must be hella strong, I think I'll start calling you Tanjiro."
You turned and started pinching at Bokuto's side, playfully scolding him as you listen to his deep chuckles.
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Tumblr media
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xviii. i think we should put ice on that
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bunnii's notes:
i wasn't going to upload this chapter today but honestly??? the kaashi one sucked so hopefully this makes up for it!
tell me what u think about this chapter pretty pls
lmk if u'd like to be a named nonie<3333
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captain-yeet · a month ago
A Beautiful Way To Die
Pairing: Heidi x Fem!Reader
Summary; When you thought of death or the possibility of you dying, you never seriously considered the possibility of dying at the hands of a gorgeous vampire.
Word count: 1.7k
Warnings: swearing, Heidi accidentally being creepy give her a break she's new to interacting with mortals and NOT eating them
Author's note: I've been wanting to write about Heidi for a while now because her character, even though we got so very little of it is fascinating (again thanks smeyer for making your side characters more interesting than the main ones). Also, am a simple gay.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Arising from your jet-lagged slumber, you'd hoped the beautiful blue, sunny skies you enjoyed yesterday would still be there. Sadly, your luck was out the window along with the welcoming warm weather.
You'd travelled to Italy with the intention of finally getting out into the world and having the freedom to explore and go your own path. Looking online for travel destinations was both a struggle and exciting! "Where should I go?" you wondered while scrolling through all your proposed options. None caught your eye until you landed on one listing;
Enjoy an enriching, quaint experience in the city of Volterra!
Nestled in the country hillsides of Italy, Volterra has a host of activities for you to enjoy, from historical site tours and many shopping locales, bars and more. From the Palazzo di Priori to the Volterra Cathedral... Come, and lose yourself in a city who's architecture is frozen in time.
You wandered the town, taking in the sites of all the old buildings around you. Even with the clouded sky above your head, Volterra was still a breathtaking place.
After an hour of wandering you came to a stop in the Palazzo, plopping down to sit by the large fountain. Hands resting under your chin, you entered a blissful, happy daydream.
Sighing dreamily, you let your eyes close.
You didn't notice the woman watching you attentively.
Heidi had been tasked with finding more humans to feed the guards and the masters themselves, her own hunger growing more ravenous by the day. She'd managed to lure in a few stray helpless tourists, but she still needed just a few more.
Striding through the streets with confidence, she halted as a sudden alluring scent hit her like wave. Mouth pooling with venomous saliva, she held in an instinctive growl. Where is that scent coming from? More so... who?
Following the mouthwatering aroma, she let herself be guided through the cobblestone streets of Volterra, the beast within her growling with glee as she got closer and closer to the human. Heidi had had many victims, many catches that she's reeled in from her "fishing" that have satisfied her, but none that made her yearn for blood more so than whoever it was that smelt like this.
She found herself in the Palazzo, her eyes desperately scanning every face, every scent of anyone who was nearby. She needed to know which it was.
Taking in another deep breath through her nose, the scent hit her again, and she found the poor helpless human.
A woman, who smelt better than anything she'd ever had before. Heidi sunk into the shadows of a nearby alley and studied you. You were plain, simple clothes and your eyes were currently closed as you enjoyed some blissful daydream. Her throat burned with thirst by this point, and as she watched you... something else began to grow.
Curiosity, was it? Heidi couldn't put her finger on it. Letting out an unnecessary huff, she decided to approach. I'll make sure to let Felix and Demetri know that this snack is strictly mine alone. Heidi put on her best smile and sauntered over to the human.
 “Pardon me, Miss?” a smooth voice called your attention away from your daydreaming. 
You jump in surprise as you turn your attention to the source of the voice that startled you. The owner of the voice was equally startling; her beauty blinded you, as she stood directly in front of the faint rays of sunlight you swore she was literally shining. The red dress she wore clung nicely to her body, an off the shoulder piece that only highlighted her best assets. Violet eyes gazed at you curiously, flicking from the art book open in your lap to your face. 
If angels were real, you’d believe this woman was one.
Unbeknownst to you, but the shock went both ways. Now that she was face-to-face with you, Heidi’s painted red lips had parted, an inaudible gasp to your ears escaping them.
A pull she had never experienced before took hold of the vampire. She needed to be near you - not just in the hunger sense, but more of a “If I am separated from this woman for any reason I will rip someone’s arm off” kind of way. At least, that is how Heidi would describe it.
Trying to shake herself out of her jumbled train of thought, she flashed you a quick smile, savouring the way it made your heart stutter. “I couldn’t help but notice you sitting here, are you new to Volterra?”
You nodded, gently smiling at the pretty woman. “I am, just passing through on my way to Venice.”
Heidi giggled. "Venice? That's quite the destination. And what brings you to Volterra?"
"I'm going on a tour here before I leave for Venice," you explained, none the wiser to the sudden shift in Heidi's demeanor. "I needed a place to stay since it was such a long trip, and..."
"What tour, if you don't mind my asking?"
You blinked. The woman was now very serious, the playful almost-flirtatious air about her gone. "In there, actually," you reply, pointing to the castle-like cathedral just behind her.
"I see."
Shit. Shit, shit, fuck! A string of curse words swam in Heidi's head in multiple languages. She can't go in there! But she's booked already, they'll be expecting her and we don't often get cancellations and if we do -
"I'm sorry, is there a problem?" You ask, growing more confused by the pretty lady as the seconds went by.
"Ah, hello Heidi."
You both turn your head to the rather tall man who had appeared at Heidi's side. He was quite the looker - very tall, heavy build and looked like he could break you in half with one hand.
"Felix, what are you doing here?" The woman - Heidi - says to her companion with an airy smile.
You didn't fail to notice the sharp look she had in her eyes.
"Just roaming about the city is all," the man replied coolly, a grin on his face that faltered into a curious smile when his gaze shifted to you. “And who might this lovely lady be? Perhaps a tour guest of the castle?”
With a laugh, Heidi linked her arm into Felix’s bicep, her fingernails digging deep into his arm. Under his breath Felix hissed and looked at Heidi with wide, confused eyes but she kept her airy exterior up perfectly.
 “Our tour bookings are full, Felix,” she said pointedly.
You looked on at the exchange feeling lost. There seemed to be some animosity between the two but why? You didn’t know. Maybe they were exes.
 “I see.” A thin, curt smile replaced his cocky grin from just moments ago. “Well then, I’ll meet up with you later. We’ll talk more then.” 
As the man left, Heidi left out a small huff and then turned back toward you, her brilliant smile bewitching you again. "Forgive him, he's always prowling during the tours for pretty young women to bore to death with his rants about his hobbies."
You giggled, grinning back at her. "I'll be sure to try and stay off his radar when tomorrow's tour begins."
Tomorrow's tour, Heidi's thoughts echoed your words. So she's coming in on that tour. Keeping her composure cool, she tilted her head down and gazed at you from beneath her eyelashes. Seduction tactics, only this time she was trying to steer her prey away. "Please beautiful, I want you to listen to me very closely."
Frowning at her sudden serious nature, you began to stand up from where you were perched, listening intently.
"Volterra has a lot to offer tourists, many fascinating sites to see. Our cathedral however... don't come. Please," she pleaded, her voice low and silky, "find somewhere else to go sight seeing."
You froze mid-way through putting away your art book. Her serious tone and the look in her eyes... something about the look in her eyes sent a chill down your spine. "I - I'll consider it."
The corner of Heidi's mouth twitched. She then straightened herself up and the deadly serious disposition left as quickly as it had appeared, the friendly seductress returning once more. "Well, I suppose all I can do is steer you away," she chuckled, more to herself.
You smiled politely back, your eyes flickering to your surroundings briefly. As you took in how the sky had gone much darker than it was before, you gasped. "Oh damn, it looks like its going to rain!"
Sure enough, as soon as the word "rain" left your lips, Heidi felt a droplet from the sky land on her cheek.
"I had better get going, it was really nice meeting you!" You began saying your farewells to the beautiful lady, pulling your backpack hastily up onto your back. You didn't want to get potentially drenched in the downpour.
Ice gripped your wrist abruptly, sending a shock up your arm and making a surprised gasp escape your lips. The fuck?
Heidi had grabbed your wrist. She must have some bad circulation, you vaguely thought to yourself.
"I never got your name." The word were desperate, to Heidi pitiful even.
"It's Y/N," you breathed, taken back by Heidi's behavior.
She let go of your wrist, a half smile appearing. "Y/N," she repeated, your name leaving her mouth - in your mind anyway - almost reverently. "Beautiful name, cara mia... anyway, we should head our separate ways! The rain is sure to stat pouring any moment now."
You hummed in agreement, internally trying to shake yourself out of the stupor you now found yourself in. God damn, this woman... help. She's pretty. So pretty. I am very gay.
"It was nice meeting you, Heidi. Maybe I'll see you around?" You offered with a hopeful smile, trying to shut out your internal screaming.
As you quickly walked away, Heidi carefully breathed in after holding her breath. The air stung her throat, your scent, your blood, making her moan wantonly.
She only hoped for two things; one, that she would get the pleasure of seeing your exquisite face again, and secondly and most importantly, that you would heed her warning not to come to the Volterra Cathedral tour tomorrow.
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knuffled · a month ago
Just Practice - Chapter 15
this is the most important chapter in the story so far since chapter seven, so i hope you enjoy this! if you could drop a comment and/or reblog to support all the hard work, it would mean a lot to me! 
here’s the ao3 link
The first thing that greeted Annabeth when she stepped out of her car was the sound of crashing waves and the smell of sea salt carried on a gentle breeze. She leaned against the side of her car and drank in the view of the ocean, relishing in the way the wind tousled her hair. The beach was packed with families and college students on spring break, and for good reason. It was late March, and the weather was absolutely perfect outside. The sand was pleasantly warm between her toes, and seagulls cawed overhead in a clear blue sky.
Coming to the beach for spring break had been Rachel’s idea. Her father owned a villa not far from the shore, and she had offered to let them all stay there overnight. It was exactly what Annabeth needed after the past month and a half. After Percy’s victory at state, Annabeth had been absolutely swamped with school work. Nearly every week there was some new project deadline, essay to turn in, or exam to study for, and by the time finals rolled around, Annabeth found herself running on fumes. She hadn’t realized how bad it was until she came home after her final exam and promptly passed the fuck out in her room only to wake up the following afternoon, seventeen hours later.
Annabeth gave herself some time to just stand barefoot in the sand until Piper texted her, informing her that she and Jason were setting up camp further down the beach where it was more secluded. Taking that as her cue to move, Annabeth leisurely made her way down the beach and found Piper and Jason a few minutes later, trying to set up a beach umbrella. The umbrella was an ancient red and white striped monstrosity that looked like it had seen better days. Annabeth watched her friends struggle for a while, amused by how frustrated they were getting when the base of the umbrella slipped in the sand, until Piper noticed her and scowled.
“Are you just gonna stand there and watch or do you plan on helping out?” Piper huffed.
“But you were doing oh so well without me,” Annabeth said innocently. “I wouldn’t want to get in the way or anything.”
Jason put a hand on Piper’s shoulder before she could snap and offered Annabeth a tired smile. “We could really use your help, Annabeth.”
“Well, since you asked so nicely.”
Piper muttered something foul under her breath, but Annabeth couldn’t help grinning anyways before she went to help Jason. It took longer than she would have liked, but eventually the three of them managed to get the umbrella to stay in place, just as Hazel, Frank, and Leo arrived.
Leo pointed at the umbrella and said, “That thing looks like it came straight out of the fifties.”
“Shut it, Valdez,” Piper snapped. “We just spent nearly twenty minutes trying to get that fucker to stay still.”
Leo held his palms up in surrender. “Ok, apologies. Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I get it. It’s cool.”
“That wasn’t an invitation to keep talking,” Piper warned.
Leo pantomimed zipping his lips, making Annabeth grin. Rolling her eyes, Hazel unzipped her backpack and handed each of them a bottle of homemade lemonade.
“Hopefully, it’s still cold and all the ice didn’t melt,” Hazel said.
Piper took a sip and moaned, “Hazel, you’re a goddamn lifesaver.”
“Don’t make noises like that in public,” Annabeth quipped.
Although she wanted to glare at Annabeth, Piper spotted Rachel and Percy further down the beach and called out to them instead. Annabeth’s heart suddenly began pounding harder in her chest, and she found herself involuntarily searching for him over her shoulder. They had barely talked or even seen each other since State, so she had expected to be more excited to see him, but she found herself strangely nervous instead. The nervousness only grew worse for some reason when Percy noticed her and sent her a warm smile.
“Sorry we’re late,” Percy said. “Rache forgot something so we had to drive back to her place.”
“Let’s not sweat the details,” Rachel said, waving her hand dismissively. “Now, I don’t know about you all, but I am dying to get into the water. Anyone know where the changing rooms are?”
“I saw some on the way here,” Hazel said. “Annabeth, did you want to join us?”
Annabeth cleared her throat and shook her head. “Uh, no, I’m wearing my swimsuit under my clothes already.”
With that, Hazel nodded and left with Rachel for the changing rooms. The boys went down to the water, but Percy stayed behind since he had brought some beach towels with him. He spread them beneath the umbrella so they wouldn’t have to sit on the sand. Piper left a short while later once she was done applying some sunscreen, leaving Annabeth and Percy alone. Annabeth borrowed Piper’s sunscreen as an excuse to leave after Percy did, but he plopped down beside her with a sigh instead.
Annabeth couldn’t help sneaking a quick sidelong glance at him. He looked good, really good. His unzipped black sweatshirt billowed in the breeze and stood in sharp contrast to the white shirt he wore underneath. There was a relaxed, easy smile on his face, and his sun-kissed skin made him look positively radiant.
“Hey, stranger,” Percy said, derailing her thoughts. “Haven’t seen you in a hot minute.”
Annabeth tucked her hair behind her reddening ears and said, “Y-Yeah, not since State, I think.”
“Glad to see you’re still in one piece,” Percy said.
Annabeth breathed a laugh. “Not entirely sure about that.”
Percy cocked his head to the side and studied her. “You do look a little worse for the wear.”
“And who’s fault is that?” Percy asked, raising an eyebrow. “I distinctly remember warning you not to take three AP courses your senior year, but you wouldn’t listen to me.”
Annabeth scowled and said, “You don’t have to sound so smug about it.”
Percy laughed and leaned back on his elbows. “And what would be the fun in that? It’s not every day that you get to tell Annabeth Chase that you told her so.”
“Someone sure sounds awfully pleased with himself.”
“Oh, believe me, I am,” Percy said, grinning. “But I do suppose I can cut you some slack. You know, considering how we’re at the beach and all.”
“How magnanimous of you,” Annabeth deadpanned.
Percy made a show of clapping mildly. “Oh, well done. That sounded like an SAT word.”
Annabeth barked a laugh despite herself and shoved him, but that only made his grin widen. She was relieved to feel the awkwardness dissipating between them, but her respite was short lived because Percy suddenly removed his shirt and tossed it on the towel beside her.
“W-What are you doing? Why are you taking off your clothes?” Annabeth stammered, unable to hide the panic in her voice.
Percy looked at her like she had sprouted a second head. “It’s kind of hard to go swimming when you still have your clothes on.”
Annabeth looked away to hide the fact that her face was turning pink. “I know that! But can’t you go change in the changing rooms?”
Percy blinked in surprise and said, “Oh, sorry. You’ve seen me do this like a hundred times, so I didn’t think that you’d mind.”
He was right. She had seen him shirtless more times than she could count, so why was she suddenly being so weird about it? She needed to get a fucking grip. And yet, it was everything she could do not to stare shamelessly at him. Christ, at this proximity, the scent of his cologne was inescapable, and it only served to make her feel even more flustered.
“Annabeth, are you okay? You’ve been acting really strange,” Percy said.
“I-I’m fine,” Annabeth squeaked. “Just tired.”
“Alright, try not to push yourself,” Percy said, standing up. “I’m gonna head down to the water now. Let me know if you need anything.”
Annabeth nodded, still refusing to look at him. It was only after he was gone that she stopped holding her breath. She screwed her eyes shut and buried her face in her hands. What the fuck was she doing? Why was she acting so weird? All her feelings seemed to contradict one another. She felt a bizarre mix of exhilaration and anxiety, like thousands of butterflies fluttering about in the pit of her stomach. Her eyes were drawn to Percy even though she couldn’t bear to look at him. There was definitely something wrong with her.
Annabeth took a deep breath and forced herself to stand up and head down to the water. For now, she resolved herself to just make the most of her time at the beach instead of wallowing in her own awkwardness. Nevertheless, she did make a point of avoiding where Percy was to give herself a breather. However, in her momentary lapse of concentration, Piper snuck up on her and tackled her into the sea, sending salt water rushing up her nose.
She surfaced sputtering and discombobulated only to find Piper laughing uproariously behind her. Annabeth chased after her in a murderous rage, but Piper quickly retreated to the sea and put some distance between them. Piper had always been the better swimmer, so it took a few minutes before Annabeth finally caught her, but once she did, Annabeth dunked her underwater for a full minute as payback.
Eventually, Rachel and Hazel returned from the changing rooms and joined them in the water as well. They all splashed around together for a few hours under the midday sun, and Annabeth forgot all about how awkward she felt around Percy.
They broke for lunch after that and settled on a shack that sold burgers further up the beach. Unfortunately, the only vegetarian option on the menu was fries, so Piper had to drive herself to a nearby Taco Bell. Annabeth couldn’t help feeling sorry for her when Piper returned twenty minutes later, absolutely livid, because the rest of them had already finished eating.
“I can’t fucking believe there are still restaurants in this day and age that don’t have vegetarian options,” Piper fumed.
“Remind me to buy some stuff for dinner tonight so you don’t have to do this again,” Rachel said, yawning.
“How far away is your villa again?” Frank asked.
“Just a fifteen minute drive or so,” Rachel said, finishing her salad. “We’ve got a firepit out back, so we can have a bonfire tonight! We can make smores and everything.”
“Dibs on lighting the bonfire,” Leo said quickly.
“Abso-fucking-lutely not,” Piper said vehemently.
“C’mon, I promise I’ll keep it under control this time, Pipes,” Leo pleaded.
“The last time you were in charge of the bonfire, you nearly burned my fucking house down,” Piper snapped.
“That was like three years ago!”
“It was at my birthday last June.”
“I’ll handle the fire, Leo,” Jason interrupted. “You can help me out if you’d like.”
Leo sank in his seat and crossed his arms over his chest. “You guys are no fun.”
“A bonfire sounds nice,” Frank said, ignoring him.
“Yeah, it’ll be chill,” Rachel said, nodding. “We’ll have a section of the beach all to ourselves. I think my dad probably has some alcohol stashed away somewhere in the house.”
“Percy, watch over us and make sure we don’t do anything stupid,” Piper said, throwing an arm around his shoulder.
Percy gave her a wary look. “I don’t recall volunteering to be a babysitter.”
“But you’re the only one here that doesn’t drink,” Piper protested. “Pretty please?”
Percy raised an eyebrow. “Buttering me up isn’t going to work, you know.”
“Annabeth, help me convince your boyfriend,” Piper whined.
Annabeth paused mid-drink and looked between them. “Don’t look at me. I’m not the one that’ll get black-out drunk and try to like hunt for mermaids or something.”
That got a laugh out of everyone, much to Piper’s chagrin.
After they finished eating, they returned to their spot under the umbrella. Hazel and Frank went back to laze around in the water while Rachel and Leo decided to go build sandcastles on the beach. The rest of them sat under the umbrella and talked amongst themselves for a while, but eventually Jason left for the bathroom. Percy joined him because he said he had spotted a shop selling snow cones on the way here, leaving Annabeth alone with Piper.
Once they were out of earshot, Piper turned to Annabeth with a wolfish grin. “Lovin’ the swimsuit, babe.”
“This is hardly anything special,” Annabeth said, rolling her eyes. She was just wearing a plain black two piece she’d found at Target the summer before.
Piper raised an eyebrow and said, “Percy certainly seemed to think it was. Boy couldn’t take his eyes off you.”
Annabeth blinked in surprise. Piper had to be trolling her. Sure, she had felt his eyes on her a few times, but that didn’t mean anything.
“You’re obviously fucking with me.”
“I’m being serious,” Piper laughed. “You look hot, Annababe.”
Annabeth looked down at her swimsuit and felt her face heat up. She didn’t really think she was much to look at honestly. It wasn’t like she had low self-esteem or anything, but her body had always been more of an instrument to her than a source of beauty. If you asked her, the only things she really had going for her were her height and the slender, toned physique that she had built over years of running long distance. Beyond that, Annabeth thought she was rather plain.
“Thanks,” Annabeth mumbled.
“You’re welcome,” Piper said, stifling a yawn. “I wonder what’s taking him so long.”
Annabeth shielded her eyes from the sun and scanned the beach for Percy, but she didn’t see him anywhere. Instead of sitting around and getting stuck in her thoughts, Annabeth decided to take her mind off things and search for him instead.
She stood up and brushed the sand off her thighs and said, “I’m gonna go look for him.”
“Ok, stay safe,” Piper said. “I think I’m going to take a nap.”
Annabeth nodded and made her way back in the direction of the parking lot. Percy had said that the snow cone shop was on the other end, but he still should have gotten back by now. Maybe he was having trouble carrying all those snow cones by himself or perhaps the line was really long. She made it all the way to the shop without running into Percy, and she couldn’t see him standing in line either.
She scanned the surrounding area for him without much luck and almost gave up on her search when she spotted the familiar outline of his back. He was cradling a carton of snow cones in his arms and talking to two college aged girls. Annabeth took a step forward, trepidation filling her chest. She couldn’t make out the look on his face because his back was turned towards her, but she thought she caught a glimpse of a polite, confused smile on his face, like he wasn’t entirely sure why the girls were talking to him.
Annabeth balled her hands in fists at her sides and clenched her jaw. It was obvious by the way the girls laughed sycophantically and twirled their hair, practically thrusting their tits in his face, that they were hitting on him. What did the idiot think would happen if he was gonna waltz around the beach shirtless like that?
She had half a mind to go over and interrupt them, but for some reason she found herself rooted in place. Annabeth wasn’t sure why she disliked them so much, but the more she thought about it, the less reason she realized she had to interfere. Percy wasn’t actually her boyfriend after all. Besides, he was free to leave at any time, but he hadn’t which probably meant he wanted to be there. In any case, it was none of her business to step in.
And yet, she couldn’t force herself to simply turn on her heels and leave either.
But then one of the girls, a haughty looking redhead, started tugging on his forearm insistently. Percy made a small show of resistance, enough to show he wasn’t interested, but apparently they didn’t seem to pick up on that because the other girl decided to help her friend by tugging Percy’s other arm.
Annabeth moved without realizing what she was doing and pulled Percy against her chest. A possessive thrill rushed through her when the look of discomfort on his face gave way to relief once he saw her.
She positioned herself in front of Percy and glared at the girls. “What’s going on here?”
The redhead’s eyes flashed with irritation, but she forced herself to muster a saccharine smile. “Oh, we were just inviting him to come have some drinks with us.”
“Can’t you see he’s clearly uncomfortable?” Annabeth asked. “I’m guessing he even told you he doesn’t drink too.”
The girls exchanged looks with each other. “I mean, he was obviously joking about that.”
Annabeth raised an eyebrow. “Or maybe you just don’t know how to take no for an answer.”
The girls recoiled like they had been slapped across the face. Annabeth took the opportunity to whisper to Percy that they were leaving and led him away by the hand before the girls could react. The girls protested behind them, but the only thing Annabeth could focus on was the feeling of Percy’s hand in hers. Blood pounded in Annabeth’s ears, and something simmered in her veins like magma. It took her a while to realize that Percy was calling out for her to stop.
“Annabeth, slow down,” Percy said. “You’re hurting me.”
Annabeth dropped his wrist like she’d been burned and looked away. “Sorry.”
Percy set the snow cones down and rubbed his wrist. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.”
“Are you sur-”
“I said I’m fine,” Annabeth snapped.
Her tone was harsh enough to prove she was lying, but she couldn’t help it. Something dark smoldered in the pit of her stomach, making her restless. She didn’t know what it was, but the sensation was intolerable and she wanted it to stop.
Percy put a hand on her shoulder and forced her to face him. “Hey, what’s wrong?”
Annabeth balled her hands into fists and stared at her feet. “I-I don’t know. I’m just- I don’t know, I feel really weird.”
“What do you mean?”
“I just hated it, seeing the way they were clinging on to you,” Annabeth said tightly. “Why didn’t you just leave? It was like you wanted them to fawn all over you.”
“I tried but they wouldn’t let me leave.”
Annabeth met his eyes for the first time. “If you really wanted to leave, they wouldn’t have been able to stop you.”
Percy blinked in surprise and furrowed his brow. “Are you- are you jealous?”
Annabeth crossed her arms over her chest, and her face began to prickle. “I-I don’t know. I just didn’t like it.”
Percy’s lips tugged upwards involuntarily in a smile, making Annabeth even angrier. “What’s so funny?”
Percy hid his smile behind his hand. “Oh, um, nothing. Sorry. I just wanted to say that you didn’t have anything to worry about. They were making me super uncomfortable.”
Annabeth pursed her lips and said, “I find that kind of hard to believe.”
“Annabeth, come on, you could tell that they were creeping the fuck out of me from a mile away,” Percy said exasperatedly.
That was enough to coax a smile out of her. “You mean you didn’t like getting eye fucked by total strangers?”
Percy gave her an incredulous look and said, “You know, having tried it, I can’t really say it’s for me.”
“Yeah?” Annabeth asked, grinning.
“Yes,” Percy said flatly. “Besides, I already have a lovely fake-girlfriend willing to save me when I’m a damsel in distress.”
Annabeth’s heart skipped a beat. “Sounds like a real catch.”
“Oh, she most definitely is.”
Annabeth knew that Percy had meant it as a joke, but it made her heart squeeze a little in her chest all the same. She turned away before her face turned red and fought the ridiculous urge to smile. Christ, she needed to get ahold of herself.
“You good?” Percy asked carefully.
Annabeth nodded. “Yeah.”
“We should get going then,” Percy said. “The snow cones are starting to melt.”
“And who’s fault is that?” Annabeth said, raising an eyebrow.
“Don’t be rude to the guy that bought you a strawberry-rhubarb snow cone.”
“A thousand apologies, your majesty.”
Percy hummed happily to himself. “That’s more like it.”
After sunset, they finally left the beach and made for Rachel’s villa. The villa was massive, easily twice the size of Annabeth’s house, and designed in a Spanish style. Annabeth took a moment to admire the terracotta tiled roof, and the large windows that allowed for a generous view of the Pacific. The villa had six separate bedrooms, which she personally found a bit excessive, but it proved to be for the best since there were eight of them. After Rachel took a room for herself, the rest of them drew straws to determine who would have a room to themselves, and Annabeth somehow managed to win.
Annabeth’s first course of action after dropping off her luggage was to shower. She didn’t like having to shower after spending so much time in the ocean since it made her skin all dry and wrinkly, but it was still a relief to finally wash off all the sand that had stuck to her all day. Unfortunately, Annabeth had been forced to pack in a hurry, so she could only change into what she worn earlier that morning. She had only brought a single change of clothes with her and that was for tomorrow.
She took some time to admire her room while she towel-dried her hair. It wasn’t particularly large, but it was tastefully decorated. A large queen bed sat in the center of the room, flanked by a small cherry wood drawer. Sheer linen curtains framed a tall window that looked out over the ocean. Annabeth leaned against the open window sill and drank in the view of the Pacific. The full moon hung directly overhead and cast its pale, diffused reflection onto the dark water below.
Just as she finished drying her hair, there was a knock at her door. Percy peered into her room, fiddling with the zipper on his sweatshirt.
“Hey, ready to go? I think Jason and Leo are getting the fire started.”
Annabeth set her towel aside and nodded. “Yeah, let’s go.”
The bonfire was nearly fully lit by the time they arrived. Jason sat atop one of the four logs circling the pit and kept a watchful eye on the flames. Off to the side, Frank was helping Leo dump some charcoal into the mouth of an expensive looking barbeque grill. Rachel and Hazel chatted to themselves and cut meat and vegetables at the outdoor kitchen countertop. Piper was the only one that appeared to be missing.
Percy noticed that Frank and Leo were having trouble and went over to help them with the grill, leaving Annabeth alone. She didn’t want to be the only one twiddling her thumbs so she figured she would go and help Rachel and Hazel.
“Need any help?” Annabeth asked them.
Hazel shook her head. “No thanks. We are pretty much done here, but we appreciate the offer.”
“Besides, not sure how much I trust you in the kitchen with a knife,” Rachel teased.
“I’m not completely hopeless. I made Percy chicken soup when he got sick, and he said it was pretty good,” Annabeth protested.
Rachel laughed and said, “You could literally make Percy drink poison, and he’d tell you it was delicious if you were the one that made it.”
Blood rushed to Annabeth’s face, making Rachel laugh even harder. She patted Annabeth’s shoulder benevolently and said, “Trust me. It’s for your own good, Chase.”
Annabeth shrugged her off and sat on one of the logs with a scowl. “Where’s Piper?”
“Rachel forgot to get her ingredients, so she had to go buy herself dinner again, the poor girl,” Hazel said.
Rachel looked repentant enough for Annabeth to feel sorry for her, so Annabeth tried to comfort her by saying, “She’s probably more than happy to have Taco Bell twice in one day.”
Annabeth started when someone swatted the back of her head. She turned and looked up with a frown to see Piper standing behind her, holding a burrito.
“Heard that, asshole.”
“You’re literally eating a burrito right now,” Annabeth muttered.
Piper’s face turned pink. “It’s from Chipotle! You can tell by the size!”
“Wow, someone’s getting adventurous,” Annabeth deadpanned.
Piper sat down at the log across from her, beside Jason, and narrowed her eyes. “Bite me.”
Annabeth was interrupted by Leo before she could respond. He skipped over to them with a manic grin and said, “We finally got the grill working!”
“You’re not gonna accidentally blow us up or anything right?” Piper asked dubiously.
“Pipes, charcoal can’t explode,” Leo said flatly. “I know you’re a vegetarian and all, but that’s literally second grade science class.”
“You can never be too sure when it comes to you,” Piper sniffed.
Leo rolled his eyes and waltzed over to Hazel and Rachel. “Looks like you’re almost done! I’ll start taking things over to the grill to get started.”
“Frank, make sure you keep an eye on him!” Hazel shouted when Leo took a plateful of meat and vegetables with him.
Rachel declared to the group that she would go find where her father had stashed his alcohol and returned a short while later with an assortment of liquor and a tray full of glasses. They all poured themselves drinks, apart from Percy, and sat around the fire.
Annabeth had helped herself to some fancy looking bourbon, mainly because she had never tried it before. Her first sip made her throat burn and forced her to cough. Percy gave her a worried look, but she ignored him and took another sip. Once she got over how strong it was, she had to admit that the bourbon was really good. It didn’t take long for that familiar warmth to spread through her body and soften the harsh edges of the world around her.
It took some time for the food to arrive, but it was well worth the wait. Frank had found an array of spices in the kitchen pantry to season the meat with, so even the smell was incredible. After an exhausting day at the beach, they all practically inhaled their food. Piper finished her food first since she had a head start and set up a smores station for dessert. It wasn’t long before they were fighting for spots to roast their marshmallows on the fire.
Later, Rachel disappeared inside the villa and returned with an acoustic guitar. She strummed a few chords and started singing softly, the sound of waves and the crackling fire providing an ambient backdrop. At first, she sang on her own and they were content to listen, but as they got more drunk and uninhibited, they would join in whenever she played a tune they recognized. Barring Frank and Piper, the rest of them were practically tone-deaf, so it sounded so bad that it would send them all into fits of laughter.
It was at times like this that Annabeth was struck by just how lucky she was to have such good friends. She didn’t have many good things in her life, but this was one of them and it wouldn’t last forever. There was no telling where they would all be in a years time or if they would ever be this close again, but that didn’t make her feel sad. Instead, an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude surged through her veins, compelling her to drink in every moment and seat it into her memory so that she would never forget.
But through it all, Annabeth found her eyes drawn to the boy sitting beside her the most. She unconsciously pulled herself closer to Percy over the course of the night and luxuriated in the way their elbows knocked together, a reminder that he was there. Annabeth would catch herself staring at him and the way the flames lit up his laughing face, making him all look every bit as invincible as she felt. At some point, she caught his hand and tangled his fingers between her own, and when he squeezed her hand, she smiled so hard it hurt.
As the night wore on, more of them left, unable to stay awake any longer, until eventually Percy and Annabeth were the only one remaining. The quietness was welcome change after all the noise they had been making, but it was hard not to fall asleep the sound of the rolling waves. Annabeth struggled to keep her drooping eyes open, but Percy looked perfectly fine, probably because he was the only one who hadn’t drank.
“You should go get some sleep,” Percy murmured. “Look like you’re gonna pass out.”
Annabeth hummed and rested her head on his shoulder. “Don’t want to.”
“If you’re expecting me to carry you, you’re going to be sorely mistaken,” Percy said, raising an eyebrow. “You’re too heavy.”
If she had the energy, Annabeth would have scowled. “Rude.”
Percy grinned and looked out over the ocean with a pensive, almost melancholy look. Annabeth poked his cheek with her finger to get him to look at her.
“What are you thinking about?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” Percy said. “About everything, I guess.”
“Hmm, deep.”
Percy laughed and said, “Alright, smarty pants, I was thinking about the future and my friends and you.”
“Then why do you look so sad?” Annabeth asked, sitting up straighter.
Percy blinked in surprise and said, “I look sad?”
Annabeth nodded and pressed a finger to his brow. “You’re giving yourself wrinkles, like you always do when you’re upset.”
There was a pause before Percy said, “Remember earlier when you saved me from those college girls?”
“What about it?”
Percy stared up at the sky and smiled bitterly. “I never imagined you would ever get jealous over me.”
Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but Annabeth found herself saying, “Neither did I.”
Percy turned to her with wide eyes, making her frown. “What?”
“I, uh, wasn’t expecting you to answer seriously.”
Annabeth rolled her eyes and nudged him affectionately. “I’m taking this seriously because you are.”
Percy smiled softly and said, “Thanks, I appreciate it.”
“You’re welcome, you dork,” Annabeth said fondly. “Honestly, since when did you become the serious, responsible out of the two of us. What ever happened to the kid that caught frogs during recess and put worms in Nancy Bobofit’s locker?”
Percy laughed and said, “Well, one of us had to grow up, so I figured it might as well be me.”
Annabeth half-heartedly jabbed him with her elbow. “Jerk.”
“You’ve grown up a lot too,” Percy said. “You just don’t realize it.”
“Yeah, how so?” Annabeth asked, raising an eyebrow.
“You’ve learned to temper yourself. When you were younger, it was like fire ran through your veins. You acted like the world and everything were promised to you, not out of some sense of arrogance, but like it was your birthright. I remember how you used to argue with the teachers and stuff in front of the whole class because it never occurred to you that there were people you shouldn’t pick fights with. I was always kind of in of awe of how stupidly brave you were. I still am,” Percy said, softly.
A lump formed in Annabeth’s throat. Percy was right, about everything, but that wasn’t what was getting to her. It was the fact that his words were a testament to the fact that he had been there with her since the beginning. He had seen her as a bossy, bratty little seven year old and had stuck by her side all the way till now.
“We have been through a lot together, haven’t we?” Annabeth asked thickly.
The tender look in Percy’s eyes made her heart squeeze a little in her chest. “Yeah, we have.”
Annabeth screwed her eyes shut, unable to look at him. She didn’t want this to end, but the moment was beginning to get too much for her, so she stood up suddenly.
“Alright, enough with all the sappiness,” Annabeth said. “Race you to the beach?”
Without waiting for him to respond, Annabeth took off for the water’s edge, running as hard as she could. Percy started a moment later, humoring her like always, and quickly made up the distance. If it wasn’t for the sand and the fact that she was super drunk, Annabeth would have won, but it wasn’t long before Percy caught up to her and slung her over his shoulder. Annabeth shrieked and pounded on his back.
“You better not dump me in the water, you asshole!” Annabeth yelled.
Percy ignored her and sped towards the water, making her fear for the worst. She braced herself for impact, but it never came. Instead, he set her down onto dry sand and grinned down at her. Annabeth scowled and stood up, dusting the sand off her shorts, watching as he rolled up his shorts and waded further into the water. The encroaching tide was cold enough to make her jump when it tickled her toes, but Percy seemed perfectly fine going knee deep into it.
The moonlight streamed down on him, illuminating half his face with its pale glow. Wind rustled his hair and billowed through his clothes as he stared out at the horizon. Under the moonlight, he seemed to age backwards and actually look his eighteen years - the hard lines of worry on his brow smoothened, and the tightness and frustration in his jaws released. There was something about his pale figure standing in the inky sea that made him look so beautiful and true that it made it hard for her to breathe. It reminded her of how Piper had said she had fallen for Jason, how he had seemed to glow, and she couldn’t help feeling like she understood exactly what Piper had meant.
Percy noticed her looking and raised an eyebrow. “What?”
Annabeth balled her hands into fists at her side. She wasn’t ready to say it. Not yet. “N-Nothing.”
Percy didn’t look convinced, but he shrugged all the same. Annabeth stared down at her feet so that she wouldn’t be forced to look at him, but her heart pounded in her chest urgently. She started when Percy draped his sweatshirt over her shoulders and stepped past her. It was warm, and it smelled like him.
“I’m gonna head inside,” Percy said softly. “Don’t stay out for too long, okay?”
Annabeth nodded, not trusting herself to speak. Percy lingered there for a moment longer before leaving. Annabeth waited till she heard him enter the villa before she collapsed down on the sand and hugged her knees to her chest. An explanation for her actions and feelings today were finally starting to dawn on her, which sent equal parts terror and exhilaration coursing through her as she stared up at the moon. Her inability to look at him conflicting with her desire never to leave him, the nervousness and exhilaration, the jealousy - all of it pointed to one thing. She was just having a hard time accepting it.
Whenever Annabeth had imagined falling in love, she had expected it to strike her like a bolt of lightning, illuminating her with a sudden, arresting, all-consuming knowledge.
She hadn’t ever imagined that it would be like this: soft and gentle, like an unfolding discovery, the way the petals unfurled when a flower bloomed. And yet, just as sure, just as certain.
Annabeth buried her face in her hands. Try as she might, she couldn’t deny it any longer.
She was in love with him, wasn’t she? She was in love with Percy Jackson.
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spacebeyonce · a month ago
and wip wednesday time part 2, the remix, botw edition
another 2k taster. obviously it’s the Long Link Oneshot, it’s the only botw thing I’m working on lmao. the central theme is changing a little, and I’m still struggling with it, but it’s slowly existing. that’s something, right? so anyway - blood moons, am I right.
After that day, more of the Rito began to go to Vah Medoh now that it was calm, to explore the Beast that was supposed to protect them, and to visit the spirit of the Champion that still piloted it.
Link decided to spend a couple more days in Rito Village; there were a few things that he wanted to do before he returned to the east. He ran around completing a few errands for people. He spent time with Kass’ wife Amali and their daughters, joining them for their singing practice and discovering a shrine along the way. He found more shrines on top of that, venturing out a bit into the Hebra tundra. Link could start to feel a weight in his chest and knew that he would have to make some time to pray to the Goddess for stamina, for strength. He would need all the strength he could get to complete this task. Though he did accomplish calming a Divine Beast, that didn’t mean he was done – far from it.
On his third day in Rito Village, Link woke up and knew that it was time to leave.
He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something in the air; it felt electric, made his hackles rise and his base instincts whisper that he needed to run. Run from what, he didn’t know, but he was…unsettled. It felt like the presence that had possessed Vah Medoh when it had been taken, but more.
So he packed his bag. Quickly said his goodbyes and went to the stable to request that they send his horse to the stable at Dueling Peaks. It would be faster for him if he used the slate, and he doesn’t mind traveling by foot once he gets to his destination. He wonders if everyone else can sense that feeling hanging in the air, and if they felt as skittish as he did.
He gives Chestnut an apple and a skritch behind her ears, promising in whispers that they would see each other soon, and then he was gone, whisps of light carried by the wind.
Kakariko was quiet when Link appeared, and he stared over the small village at the top of the hill, listening to the faint clink of wood chimes and wondering if this foreboding feeling that hung in the air today would follow him wherever he went.
Dorian and Cado gave him sharp nods of greeting when he approached, their faces drawn and wary, and Link pressed his lips into a thin line as he went up the stairs.
Impa looked up from the scroll she was reading as he entered, and she smiled. “I was wondering when you would show up.” She said in greeting as he took a seat at her feet. “I take it your journey west went well?”
It did. Link nodded, a pleased smile curling his lips. Vah Medoh has been freed. And I remembered a few things. It’s been…productive.
Impa smiled, and it looked like his news had taken some weight off her. “Good,” she sighed. “Very good, Link. And you remembered something? Excellent – come here, help me up.”
She held out her hand, and Link quickly scrambled to his feet to help Impa down from her tower of pillows. Her hand was so small in his, and it was thin and soft; it reminded him of the softness of the tunic he had to wear when he woke up, like one touch would send it crumbling. But Link could feel Impa’s strength in the way she gripped at his hand, and how warm she was, and he knew he didn’t have to worry.
“There, now.” She pointed at a chest up on the shelf. “Grab that for me so I can open it.”
Link was about to say that she didn’t have to bother, that he could do it, but a sharp glance had him quickly grabbing the chest and placing it at her feet. “Thank you. Alright, here –”
The chest opens with a soft creak, and Impa places a soft bundle of blue cloth into his hands. It was a tunic, dyed a shade of blue that reminded Link of the sky, with an embroidered pattern on the chest shaped like a sword. The mere sight of it sent Link’s heart twisting in his chest, and he tried to keep his hands from shaking as he held onto it. He could feel it, how important this tunic was to him.
“I’ve kept it all this time.” Impa explains quietly. “It had to be repaired in some places – it was a bit worse for wear by the time I had gotten it – but the embroidery…that’s still the same.”
Link traced a finger along the pattern, feeling the bump and ridge of every stitch.
“Princess Zelda made that tunic herself, you know.” She continued, a small smile on her face. “Down to the stitching.”
It felt like an electric shock, the realization that he was holding something that the princess had made, something that she touched. It was surreal. He pulled the cloth to his chest, throat working as he tried to find the words.
“…Thank you.” He finally whispered.
Impa’s smile grew at the sound of his voice. “It is my pleasure. Take time to rest before you go. And –”
Her smile dimmed some, eyes tightening at the corners. “If you do leave the village, be careful. I can feel it in the air; tonight…tonight will be a Blood Moon.”
A Blood Moon? Link didn’t know what that was, but judging by the look on Impa’s face, it wasn’t anything good. He had planned to start heading to the Zora today, but…he would take Impa’s advice, and rest for the day instead.
He bought a room at the inn for the evening and decided to spend the day walking around the village; he ran into one of Dorian’s daughters, Koko, who was running down the hill from the shrine. She looked anxious, and it hurt Link’s heart, the thought that whatever was hanging in the air was affecting her, too. So to take her mind off of it, they spent a few hours cooking, Link showing the little Sheikah a few recipes he learned in Tabantha. He saw Pikango painting by the Goddess statue and got a lead on another location for a memory; he made sure to make a reminder for himself to seek it out when he was able, making a note in his journal and placing a marker on the slate. After that, he went up the hill towards the shrine and the forest beyond it to pay the Great Fairy Cotera a visit to make a request to strengthen his clothing.
He liked Cotera; she was always nice to him and really fun to talk to, and her grove was always full of flowers and vegetables that never seemed to run out. Link wondered if the whole place was magic. He showed Cotera the tunic he just received, asking what he needed to make it stronger, and the fairy pointed him towards a small cluster of flowers – silent princesses.
He couldn’t explain it, but – there was something about those flowers. Looking at the flowers and their vibrant blue petals, Link felt…nostalgic.
It probably had something to do with his murky past; Link hoped he would find the answers soon.
He admired the tunic after Cotera worked her magic, sitting at the base of the fountain and admiring the way some of the threads glimmered in the light, like they were made of fine metal. Cotera rested against the edge of her fountain and stared down at Link with an indulgent smile. “If you want me to strengthen it more, then you will have to bring me more of those flowers,” she says, “and shards from the horns of dragons.”
That quickly stole Link’s attention away. Dragons?
A shiver of nerves slipped down his back; he didn’t know Hyrule had dragons. Would he have to fight them to get a piece of their horn? He didn’t think he could do that, no matter what was expected of him.
His thoughts must have been showing on his face, because Cotera threw her head back with a laugh. “You worry so loudly, sweet boy! Yes, dragons – guardian spirits of the land. They’re quite harmless; there are three – Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh - and they travel across all of Hyrule. You’ll know one when you see it. Though -”
Cotera tapped her chin with one long nail, a concerned frown on her lips. “No one has seen Naydra in decades. It’s worrisome…but hopefully nothing too serious.”
Link stuck around and kept Cotera company for a few more moments, but that comment about the dragons stayed in his mind as he returned to the inn, putting a worried furrow in his brow. The dragons…Cotera said they were spirit guardians; that must mean they were very powerful in their own way. The missing dragon…it couldn’t have been harmed or – or worse. Could it?
It was well into the afternoon when Link returned to the village, and he wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of his time. He would go exploring if this was a regular day, but the tension in the air…he didn’t want to go too far.
Squinting up at the sky, Link considered his options. The weight in his chest pressed down on him, reminding him of his need to pray, and he decided to do that next. Besides – he had noticed something, the last time he kneeled at the foot of the Goddess, and he wanted to see if that feeling would come again.
He could feel the presence of the Goddess rippling around the statue as he approached, and he made himself comfortable as he carefully kneeled down, lowering his head as he began to pray.
And – there. There.
Link could feel it – there was this…sensation that he’s been trying to find the words for. A presence just at the back of his mind, sitting there, watching. Waiting to see what he was going to say. He had wondered about it; thought that it was just the presence of the Goddess Hylia, but –
But it felt like Her, but also…not. There was something different about it. He thinks that, well.
Maybe it’s the princess.
Just the idea makes him feel a little smug – he knew the connection went both ways. He wasn’t entirely sure, but just in case, Link made sure he was good and settled.
He has a lot to tell her.
Link stirs from a fitful sleep to the sound of the princess’ voice in his ears, clearer than it’s ever been. What is -?
He sits up, blankets slipping away, and swipes at his eyes, wondering what’s happening to make her call for him so. Is something happening? Is the Calamity –
Is it happening? Was he too late?
Panic’s icy grip wrapped around his heart, and Link’s eyes snapped open to see crimson light streaming through his window. The feeling in the air, the tension – it was hitting a crescendo, stirring his blood into a panic, forcing him to move, to ­act –
He was out of bed and on his feet before he could think, rushing out of his room and the inn. Malice rained from the sky like ash, and the clouds churned in the sky, moving faster than they should around a swollen, crimson moon.
A Blood Moon.
Be on your guard! Zelda pleads in his ear. Ganon’s power grows. It rises to its peak in the hour of a Blood Moon. By its glow, the aimless spirits of monsters slain in the name of the light return to their flesh.
It makes sense now, Link thinks numbly, why Impa advised him to stay within the village. He wasn’t sure what he would’ve done if he had experienced this while on his own in the wild. All the monsters he had dispatched so far in his journey flashed through his mind, and Link spat out a curse; no wonder monsters are running wild – who would bother facing them when they just come back to life every month?
Link –
His attention sharpened; the princess’ voice was softer, now, fading. She was leaving him again – for now.
Please be careful.
It was gradual, the violent red giving way to the calm blue of night, the moon returning to its soft, silvery glow. Lingering flakes of Malice fluttered around him before disappearing, and Link shivered a little as the cool wind blew against his nightshirt, soaked with sweat. When Impa warned him of the Blood Moon, he wasn’t expecting…that. He still felt a little shaky, a tremble to his limbs as he slowly turned and went back into the inn. The snap of his door closing sounded overly loud when he returned to his room, and he pressed his back against the door, dragging his hand down his face with a ragged sigh.
Across the room, his bed waited for him, soft and inviting, promising comfort. But Link wasn’t sure how he would be able to go back to sleep now.
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one-leaf-grimoire · a month ago
Chapter 22: the child of the devil
There is a major reveal this chapter... I would love to know if anyone predicted it.
Two minutes remain
I sit there, for what feels like an hour. I know it’s not, but at this point, time doesn’t even exist. At least, it shouldn’t, for all intents and purposes. 
What is it? Supposedly, the nature of my magic. No… not magic. I didn’t make this magic my own… I assimilated it. I forced it inside myself and appropriated something beautiful, something that belonged to someone beautiful.
I’m out of time…
I feel like a vase, filled with enough water to crest over my top lip. The only thing keeping it together is surface tension, stretched farther and farther as more and more pressure mounts upon me. At any moment, it will snap, and my life will bleed out of me and be lost in the winds of time itself.
But time is useless. 
I couldn’t use it to win. 
I couldn’t use it to save them.
All it did was act as a fertilizer for the Tree of Qliphoth, accelerating its growth until it passed the point of no return.
This isn’t how it was supposed to be…
What was my purpose here?
I am a Simulcian. The enemy of the Devil.
But in the end… I couldn’t do what Simulcia managed to do. And now, I’m not so sure she even existed.
That’s right… there is no God. There is no Simulcia. There is only Hell, and now I’ve brought that Hell to our own Earth.
There are footsteps drawing closer. My hands lay limp by my sides, unable to even twitch to defend myself.
Maybe… now… 
Part of me wants to jump to my feet, to turn around and take out my anger on those approaching me. Then, I want to fly right home, and defend Adeline, Marx, and Joy for as long as I can from the horrors that have been unleashed.
… but it’s all useless.
I already know in my heart.
The footsteps stop. Slowly, I finally move, twisting only slightly to stare back at the man behind me.
No… not a man.
It’s Dante Zogratis, but he isn’t alone. His body is almost limp, zombie-like, and his shadow raises behind him like a horrible black wave. Four horns grow from the shadow’s head, with two red eyes, and a grinning, dagger-filled mouth. It’s…
A devil… with the gates all open, it must be able to manifest now.
With every passing second, it becomes more and more solid, its body huge and thick. It gives off the most oppressive magic I’ve ever felt, something grotesque and unearthly the likes of which no one on this earth has ever encountered. This Devil… In any other situation, I would have been shocked, but there isn’t enough energy left in my body to bring myself to blink. … it’s the King of Devils, the one Nacht mentioned before… 
For a moment, an image of Nacht passes through my head. How cruel he seemed back at the meeting. He knew something about me, he knew that I was a monster. He knew that I was dying. Did he learn that from Spade? What more do they know about me, then?
Not that it matters… they have me cornered.
“I see that you’ve given up.”
His voice is low. It holds no malice that I can tell, despite the fact that it oozed from Dante’s.
“And rightfully so… you’ve lost. At this moment, Devils are making their way into this world. In mere minutes, they will overrun your Kingdom. All those not strong enough to escape will die.”
… Adeline and Joy… Marx-
At the thought, emotion sparks in my heart. 
No… it’s too late. I can’t save them… I can’t save anyone.
“But… you shouldn’t be so sad.”
Lucifero’s next words pull me out of that thought and back to the present. I look back up at him, not sure when I had lowered my gaze back to the ground. 
Not… sad?
In what world would I not be sad?
His grin widens, bloodlust finally leaking through his expression. 
“I’m surprised… the pieces were all there for you. Didn’t you look back through the Simulcian consciousness?”
I blink slowly, only hearing him slightly. 
Simulcian consciousness? How does he know about that? What do Simulcians have to do with this?
His chuckle grows louder.
“I thought you would have seen the truth… but perhaps not. Your so-called Goddess, Simulcia… do you know what her Will really was?”
I don’t do him the pleasure of answering, but my heart starts to pound.
Her Will?
Lucifero’s eyes narrow at my lack of reaction, but he finally goes on.
“Her will… was to control this world.”
Recognition flickers in my mind.
Mikael… my uncle Mikael wanted to control the world through our species. But… that was just him, right? Does that have something to do with Simulcia’s will?
“Through you and your species… Simulcians are nothing but a vessel, meant to unite and carry her rotten soul forward into the future, so she may one day rule this world. But… she failed. She would have been much better off following the original plan.”
What? What original plan?
For the first time, I react. My eyes widen as a horrible conclusion blossoms in my mind.
… no… there’s no way-
“Simulcia came to this Earth when the Qliphoth was opened for the first time, thousands of years ago. But she destroyed it, locking us all back in the underworld so she could enjoy it all herself.”
No… NO- Please, God, not this-
“She was a Devil who wanted to destroy the world… and Simulcians are her children.”
My blood freezes, and suddenly everything makes sense.
My pain, my loathing, my wrath for this world, Mikael’s actions, the existence of Simulcians, our shared consciousness… it’s nothing but a vessel for a Devil. 
That’s right… that’s why it was so hard for me to think that a human could truly be evil.
Because… Simulcians are evil. We are nothing but a failed plan to unite the world under Simulcia’s rule.
For some strange reason, that truth settles within me easier than I thought. Lucifero’s brow furrows as I turn away again, my shoulders slumping as my body relaxes.
I… I can’t feel… anything right now.
Sitting here, with the world caving in, with the bodies of my best friends before me, and with the knowledge that I am a child of the devil, I can’t even bring myself to feel sad.
In the end… it doesn’t matter what my identity truly is. Because it’s something I lost long ago.
Lucifero sighs, then takes a step forward. “I see we have nothing left to say to each other… so I’ll put you out of your-”
His words cease as I suddenly move. Slowly, painfully, I stand up.
Nothing matters… absolutely nothing.
I’ve ruined everything. Yet I’m the only one who can fix it.
Everyone… please forgive me.
“Sealing Magic… release.”
Maybe I’m lucky. Lucifero and I are alone. There’s no one to back him up. And I just lost anything that I had to lose.
Power flows through me, like a flood finally free of a dam that contained it for centuries. But along with it, my very life is torn apart. And not just my life; whatever I had left of my humanity is extinguished. My mark glows black, and suddenly, two sharp tracks of black streak down my cheeks, as if my face itself were cracking. Two spots on my head start to heat up, and there’s something thin and fibrous growing from them.
I guess that makes sense… Simulcians who use forbidden magic will be marked with the same horns as their origin.
I finally turn around to look at Lucifero, my face and mind still blank. I know that my life could end at any minute, but not before I am done with him and the rest of this god forsaken world.
“Lucifero… thank you.”
He sees the markings on my face and the two antennae on my head, and recognition flashes through his eyes. Maybe long ago, he faced Simulcia as she fought the other Devils, locking them away in Hell once again. I am not Simulcia, but her Will courses through my veins. Her Will to destroy the world now controls my every move.
“Thank you for giving me a reason to be selfish.”
I spread my arms as Gravity crashes down on me from all sides.
Shit! She’s going to try something- Lucifero took a step back as he activated his spell, hoping to crush me under the weight. But it doesn’t matter! Her time magic will never reach me! Because time is slowed by gravity-
However, it’s not time that I send towards him.
Time may be slowed… but the speed of Light is constant, no matter what the gravity is.
Spears of light appear everywhere around the Devil, and pierce him from all sides. Lucifero lets out an angry roar, caught completely off guard in that moment. What? She surprised me there, sure, but-
In an instant, the light clears, but he’s still stunned from the brightness.
No matter- next time, I’ll finish her-
It’s too late. In the moment that he released his spell, I lunged at him.
Neither of us react. My face is devoid of all emotion; just two, empty black eyes set in a sunken face, inches from death.
I reach towards Dante, to which Lucifero is attacked, my hands dragging my face up to his.
One minute remains
Blinding light emanated from the room, right as none other than Zenon is running back to it. Unlike Dante and Vanica, for whatever reason his Devil did not take full control of his body. He wasn’t surprised; he was smarter about his contract than the two of them. But that’s not the issue right now; the problem was that something big was happening. Without a second thought, he bursts into the cavern, and freezes in place.
Lucifero’s growing body is gone, once again completely contained within Dante. The poor man twitches but mostly hangs limp as my hands clench his head, harder than a human skull should probably withstand. But I have him… my mark is emblazoned on his forehead, shining bright in the darkness. Lucifero’s mark burns on my chest as I stand there, slowly but surely sucking away his power and assimilating it into my own.
Zenon stands there, shocked, as he looks upon the newly formed Triad. Both my power and Julius’s tugs and tugs at Lucifero’s magic. Dante’s horns are slowly growing on my own head, and my antennae wrap around the black material and glow even brighter.
I look over at the man, my eyes glowing. 
“... You’re too late.”
I clench my hand tighter, drawing out more energy.
This is what I was made for… to steal. To assimilate. All for Simulcia. 
But now, I’m doing this for myself. To finally create the world I longed for. A perfect world…
“Lucifero’s power is mine.”
The mighty devil was no match for the power of his oldest foe. 
“I now contain a magic formed from both Gravity and Time… with this, I will create a singularity that consumes the fabric of spacetime. Through brute force, I will destroy time up until a point that I see fit. I will destroy any chance that you had to win, Zenon.” 
There’s no joy on my face as I tell him this.
“You’ve lost.”
Zenon stands there, still, for just a few more moments. Then, his face hardens.
“No… I haven’t given up. You haven’t won!”
His bones are forming around him, in a last ditch effort to defeat me. With a desperate yell, he sends them flying at me.
I simply raise my hand, and it all comes crashing down on him. Zenon gasps in pain, flying back to the ground as gravity pins him there.
My skull throbs.
I don’t have much time.
“Goodbye… Zenon.”
The transfer is complete. Lucifero is trapped, his magic in my grasp.
I hear his voice echoing in our heads.
Shut up, Devil.
I close my eyes, and prepare to use my new spell.
A moment passes. Then another.
They drag on and on.
Is this… really how it is?
My hands are shaking as I grasp Dante’s head, but he’s slipping away. My control over Lucifero is slipping away.
All of this… was for nothing, because in the end…
I can’t do it.
The strength to destroy the world… it’s something I never had within me.
I can’t do it.
Next time: the Joy of Death. Sometimes you just have to know when to give up. Will Lisa go through with her time travel plan? Or is she not strong enough to abandon an entire world? We’ll see tomorrow...
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sirowsky · a month ago
The Flowers Always Know
Description: When a mad scientist uses you as an experiment while you’re on holiday, the Heroics only just manage to save you. And in your recovery you become very close to the leader of the group. (Slow burn)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Language, some mild smut.
Link to Masterlist
Comment: All I can say is: I’m sorry. My head is a strange place.
Tumblr media
Chapter 29
  “Marcus!! Oh, get that sweet tush over here and hug me, and you better make it a good one after you’ve neglected to visit my cave for longer than these magic hands care to remember.”
  You already loved Velma.
  “Hey, Vel. I’m sorry, I’ve been preoccupied.”
  He did hug her, and properly too, as well as about 10s longer than what would be considered socially acceptable for mere friends, without either of them seeming to find it weird or awkward at all.   You still loved her.
  “Thank you, my darling. You’re forgiven. Now, tell me what you’ve brought me?”
  He beamed at you. He really did love any opportunity to show you off, but he seemed especially pleased about this introduction.
  “Velma, this is my fiancé. Hermosa, as you’ve undoubtedly gathered – this is the one and only Velma.”
  “Your fi… You’re getting… And you’re here. You brought her to me! Are you…?”
  “Yes. I am. On both counts.”
  “YES!! Thank the Greek fucking Gods!! A wedding-dress, and for you, my darling, of all people! Thank you.”
  “Well, technically it’s for her.”
  “Oh, no, sugar. The dress is for the groom. The shoes – are for the bride.”
  She finally set all of her glorious attention on you.
  Velma was a drag-queen, and the most awe-inspiring individual you’d ever seen. Everything about her was superior. She was taller than anyone else in the room, helped by fucking spectacular plateau shoes, she was broad-shouldered and muscular to boot. She carried herself like an empress, with a kind of stillness and real elegance, despite having so much flare and finesse to her. And even though she was covered in colours and sparkles, she somehow looked like she would belong absolutely anywhere.   And when she actually looked you in the eye, you could almost feel her read the pages of the book that was your life, and yet, there was nothing intimidating about it.
  “Well, now. There’s a lot of story here, isn’t there?”
  “A bit. Yeah.”
  “Mm. Alright then, come with me, darling. I demand to know every little detail about the woman my Marcus has chosen.”
  She turned dramatically, and headed for a side-door in the studio workshop where you were, and you looked at Marcus with a wide grin.
  “She’s coming to the wedding.”
  “Don’t worry – she’s on the list.”
  “I don’t care about any list. She’s coming. I need that amount of sparkle at my wedding. And I’m not just talking about the clothes.”
  He chuckled happily as he watched you literally skip over to the open door, and disappear inside.
  Three weeks later, you finally got around to getting your house sold. It was a fairly quick sale since the neighbourhood was nice and the yard was bigger than most other properties on that street. And since you didn’t really need the extra money, you could give the young couple that fell in love with it, a kind price.   You weren’t really particularly sorry to see it go, but you were very happy to see it fall into the hands of people who would appreciate it. For a long time, that house had been your refuge, your safe harbour when life got hard, and you wished that it could be the same for someone else.   You put the bulk of the money in your savings-account, and ear-marked the rest for wedding-expenses.   There still wasn’t really any actual planning going on, as far as dates and times and venues were concerned. But you and Marcus were still getting through a lot of the stuff that goes on around the actual day.   You’d settled on what colours you wanted for the flowers, and what types they should be. You’d had an almost outrageously fun day last weekend, trying out the recipes for all the wedding-cakes you’d both found online. And after soiling literally every inch of the kitchen with flour, and tasting so many different cakes your taste-buds had eventually given up, you had managed to conclude that you wanted a lemon-flavoured one. Missy had tried to get you onto the chocolate-train, but you’d held your ground, with the promise that there would indeed be chocolate present, just not in the cake.   You’d completed the guest-list, and chosen the invitation cards, but they were safely stowed away in a drawer, still unwritten.   It wasn’t that you were stalling or didn’t feel ready. You were just genuinely enjoying the preparations, and not having that deadline made them feel like they were just fun things to do over a weekend, rather than things you had to do to be ready in time. Especially since Missy loved being a part of it too, it made the whole thing feel like a prolonged family event.
  By now, the only thing that was still on the prep-list was Marcus’ suit, but you’d both agreed not to make any decisions on that until you’d seen what Velma did with your dress.   You’d spent two whole days in her cave, getting your measurements taken and your skin-tone evaluated. There were about a hundred things about your body that she’d wanted to know, but you trusted her with your life already, so you’d happily complied.   Plus; any excuse to spend time with her was a good one.   Work was finally becoming manageable again, as you’d finally caught up on all the stuff that was trailing behind, and you were deliberately keeping any and all new projects firmly steered in other directions or delegating them onto other designers. You had enough on your plate with just getting through the already started ones, on top of the wedding-planning.   Today had been a good day, so far, and you’d decided to go and find Marcus and see if he had time to join you for lunch.   When you approached his office, his door was open and you could hear Tech talking. Not wanting to interrupt, you stopped outside and out of sight, while you waited for their conversation to finish. You picked up your phone to send an e-mail while you waited.
  “I can’t believe that building was still standing after that.”
  “Crushing lost control for three seconds. Let’s just be grateful it wasn’t longer.”
  “Oh, I remember that time back in the beginning when he was out of it for like 20 seconds.”
  “I think most of Colombia remembers that, too.”
  “Hey, um. Speaking of losing control…”
  “Well, there’s a certain office on the other side of the building that gets a fair bit of noise-complaints.”
  You snapped out of your e-mailing and instinctively turned your head to listen closer.
  “Stay out of it, Tech.”
  “Hey, I’m not the filing them, and I never will. I’m all for healthy appetites. Just wondering if you’re aware of the fact that a lot of people are talking about you guys?”
  “So? Let ‘em talk.”
  “Sure. But they’re not talking about it being a nuisance or inappropriate. They’re talking about how the hell you can keep it up for three hours straight sometimes. Is that true, though?”
  You weren’t sure if you wanted the ground to open up and swallow you, or if you wanted to go find these people and tell them to mind their own business.   There was a brief pause before Marcus answered, and his voice was a bit lower than before.
  “It is. I seriously can’t get enough of her. Ever. No matter how tired I get, I can always go another round.”
  “That’s kind of amazing. How do you ever get anything done?”
  “I have no idea.”
  “Any idea when the knot-tying might be happening?”
  “No. I’m dying to do it, to the point where I have to repeatedly tell myself not to just beg her to go to Vegas with me. But I also really wanna get it right, you know? Not necessarily perfect; just right. Right for us. And I want her to feel ready, so that she can just relax and enjoy that day, whenever it happens.”
  Your heart swelled to an almost painful size behind your ribs.
  “I am ready, honey.”
  You stepped over the threshold and watched as his expression turned from confusion to realisation as he saw you.
  “You wouldn’t have to beg. I’d go to Vegas with you right now if you asked. I’ve told you; I don’t really care how it happens. I’m enjoying the preparations and everything we’re doing together, but even if nothing ever got used, I wouldn’t feel like I missed out on anything. You’re the one that wanted the traditions, remember?”
  Tech excused himself at that point, and closed the door behind him after he left.
  “Do you still want all that, Marcus?”
  He looked so torn.
  “Damned it… Yes. I really do.”
  “Then let’s pick a date. Let’s find a place that feels right and let’s make it happen.”
  “Are you sure?”
  “Are you ready?”
  He shot up from his chair and was suddenly holding your waist, staring into your eyes.
  “Ah, mi novia, I’ve been ready for a long time.”
  His hands migrated down to your ass, and you let him squeeze you to him. You were wearing a simple blue summer-dress today, and he quickly found his way underneath it, letting his hands run up your thighs and relieve you of your panties.   Then he pulled you along to the sofas, sitting down and urging you to straddle him.   It was almost strange how calm it was. The two of you were always so heated, so passionate whenever you came together, to the point where it was almost always beyond your control, or at least, on the very edge of it.   But this time, there was no tearing at each other’s clothes. No hands desperately grasping, needing and demanding more. No burning heat that made you feel empty and aching until he entered you.   The heat did come, but gradually. With each caress, each tender kiss and each movement of your bodies together, it slowly built from an ember to a flame.   Your walls actually allowed him to move inside you this time, and as you rocked yourself over him, a completely different kind of pleasure to what you’d become used to with him, built inside your core and seemed to reach towards your heart, instead of your sex.   After a while, he turned you both to the side so he could lay you down and settle himself on top of you, and that feeling that was creeping towards your chest, drastically intensified. He drove into you in long, strong thrusts that buried him as deep as your bodies would allow, each time, and his throat made involuntary little sounds of pleasure every time he returned into your wet and welcoming warmth.   It took you nearly thirty minutes to build to a climax this time, and when it finally hit, it was strong in a completely different way than it ever had been before. Your bodies didn’t curl or clench in on themselves, there were no involuntary power-outbursts, no levitation. But it felt like you were underneath each other’s skin. Like your hearts actually melded into one through the intricate contact of your skin and nerves.   It was utterly overwhelming and there were tears streaming from your eyes throughout the whole climax. And they didn’t stop, even after you’d come back down.   There was no pain or sorrow anywhere inside you in that moment, so you concluded that these were tears of pure love and you made no effort to stop them. You just held him close and waited for the feeling to burn itself out.   He burrowed his face into your neck while you laid there, feeling the tears as they passed over onto his cheek on their way down, but making no comment about them. He knew what they were, and it made him love them too.
  You took a late lunch together, and since the pills were working perfectly and the lab had been able to produce several months-worth already, you could enjoy eating like a normal person these days.   Marcus really did miss your stomach-bear, though, and he would occasionally drop comments like ‘this is one of those moments when mama bear would have roared’, and you felt a little bit sorry for him. It was like he’d lost a puppy.   While you ate, you started discussing what places you thought might be nice for a venue.
  “Churches are nice, but a bit… I hesitate to say ‘stuffy’.”
  “Yeah. They feel so formal, like you’re not allowed to have fun, and I really want us and our guests to feel like we’re allowed to have fun.”
  “Definitely. So, what about restaurants?”
  “Not my thing, if I’m honest, hermosa.”
  “I figured. Pavilion?”
  “Now, we’re talking. A big one, with lots of decorations and a dance-floor!”
  “You and your dancing.”
  “Oh, no; you’re the dancer, remember?”
  “And your foxtrot is adequate, but your waltz needs some work.”
  “Thanks. So, do we know of any potentially available pavilions, or are we gonna have to build one?”
  “Don’t you worry about that, sugar-plum, if it’s a pavilion you’re looking for – I know the perfect one.”
  Velma approached your table, wearing an even more daring outfit than last time you’d seen her. As always, she made a show of eyeing Marcus up and down and making appreciative noises to showcase his hunky-ness. And, as always, Marcus just smiled and let her do her thing.
  “Where is it?”
  “Didn’t I just tell you not to worry? I’ll take you to see it later if you want, but for now – I need to borrow your little cherry, here. Time to dolly you up, hon.”
  “It’s finished?”
  “Literally seconds ago. I came to find you right away, I need to see it on you before I can definitively say that it’s done.”
  Marcus beamed at you both while Velma slipped her arm through yours and led you back to her cave.
  Somehow, you’d expected it to be difficult to get into, or at least require assistance, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t a big or flaunty thing, nor was it heavy or complicated in its design. And yet, there was something so special about it.   It was snow-white with a hint of gold to the shimmer in the fabric, to match the rings. It was an off the shoulder style dress, with long sleeves in the most beautiful lace you’d ever seen, that carried over into the body of the dress as well, though it was purely ornamental there, as the actual body was made from satin.   From the waist down, there was no lace, but tiny golden details had been sewn into the satin and it made the dress come alive somehow.   The skirt was cleverly designed, so that it billowed out just a little, but without getting puffy, and it was still just two layers, making it easy to handle and comfortable to move in. There was no train, but she had made you a vail in the same exquisite lace, in case you decided that you wanted one.
  “Oh, my. Honey… I thought it looked gorgeous on the mannequin, but damn! You make this dress.”
  “It’s perfect, Velma. It’s everything I didn’t know I wanted.”
  “Marcus is gonna swoooooon…”
  “He’s gonna love it.”
  “Well, just make sure to have someone strong standing next to him so they can catch him when he inevitably goes down.”
  You just smiled at her.
  “Oh, and thank you for the shoes. You’re right, I’m gonna love these a lot more than the dress before the night’s over.”
  “You got that right, Cherie.”
  You met up with Marcus as soon as you were done in the cave, and the smile that lit up his face when he saw you carrying the special box that housed the dress, shoes and vail, could have put the sparkles in Velma’s very short skirt to shame.
  “You actually have it? It’s finished?”
  “It’s right in here.”
  He looked positively squirmy with anticipation.
  “And it’s even more beautiful than anything you’ve imagined. Trust me.”
  He chuckled.
  “I do.”
  Velma took you out to see the pavilion she’d mentioned, and it really was perfect. It sat on several acres of green lawns and meadows, with a large pond not too far from the structure. You could have the ceremony out on the grass, overlooking the water, and put up a canopy over the tables and chairs for the dinner and cake. And then move over to the pavilion for the dancing and fun-times. There were huge old oak-trees framing the entire area, giving the whole place a bit of a fairy-tale feeling.
  “Marcus, we have to pick a date. We have to find out if this place is available for us.”
  “Oh, don’t you worry about that, honey-bun. It’ll be available whenever you want it.”
  Velma gave you this knowing look and you gawked at her.
  “You own this place?”
  “For a long time now. I only use it for very special occasions, and I don’t go blabbering about it to every Joe and Willy looking for a party-house. But for you, my turtle-doves, it’ll always be available.”
  By the time you went to bed that day, you’d not only picked a date, but completed and sent all of the invitations as well.   You were going to get married on the ten-month anniversary of when you first opened your eyes and saw him by your bedside, which gave you roughly a month to get everything ready. And since you had everything pretty much figured out already, that wasn’t going to be a hard deadline to keep.
  Or, so you thought.
  But the day before the wedding came at you like you’d somehow fallen asleep at the wheel going 200mph down the highway.   Suddenly it was all happening. And while you were totally ready emotionally, you were also just not ready over-all, and you woke up that morning feeling sick. Actually sick.   Marcus was too excited to get more than 4h of sleep per night in the week leading up to that day, but he didn’t want to disturb you, so he’d gotten up and left the bedroom some time earlier that morning.   You walked into the bathroom to splash some cold water on your face but it didn’t do much to alleviate the nausea, so you gave up and just got dressed instead.
  “Hey, alma, are you okay?”
  “Yeah, sweetie, just feeling a little overwhelmed I guess.”
  “You sure?”
  “I’ll be fine, don’t worry. The wedding is happening, come hell or high water.”
  “Where’s Marcus?”
  “He got called in to work really early, some crisis with a blue-whale, I think.”
  “Okay, well, then I’ll drive you to school.”
  “Are you sure you shouldn’t just take a sick-day?”
  “I’m not gonna be helped by sitting here wringing my hands all day. Let’s go, Maid of Honour.”
  She smiled at that, but then frowned.
  “You’re not gonna have breakfast?”
  “Kid, I’ll be happy if I can keep the damned pill down this morning.”
  You dropped her off and went to work, intending to treat this like any other Friday. But when you stepped into your office, there was a weird smell that just set off all your senses, and you had to duck over the first available trashcan and vomit. Since your stomach was empty, all that came up was bile, and that somehow made you even more nauseas.
  What the fuck was that smell?
  You abandoned your office and headed for Marcus’ instead. It smelled fine, so you sat down at his computer and used your own login to access your files and get to work.   But after about an hour you’d had to visit his bathroom three times as your stomach continued to try and cough up shit that wasn’t even there, and you gave up, and headed down to medical.
  You had just intended to ask for some anti-nausea medication, but because of your medical history, they insisted on an exam to rule out any possible delayed complications.
  You left medical in a daze, not even realising where you were going before you found yourself back in Marcus’ office.   You sat down in one of the sofas and just waited. You didn’t dare to even try and feel anything without him there, because you were afraid that you might suddenly feel way too much, and you needed him to be there, to keep you calm if that happened.   Some time later, Crushing ducked his head in and had to almost shout to get your attention.
  “Huh… What?”
  “I said, Marcus went home straight from the mission, two hours ago, he had something he wanted to get done for tomorrow. So, there’s no need to wait for him here.”
  “Oh. What time is it?”
  “Almost five.”
  “Hey, you okay?”
  “I hope so. Yes. I mean, yes.”
  “Want me to take you home?”
  “No, I’ll be fine, thanks Crush.”
  You drove home being almost ridiculously cautious and you laughed a little at yourself when you parked the car, next to Marcus’.   You were surprised to find the front door locked. You never locked the door when you were home. They must have gone out on foot for some reason.   Fishing your keys out of your bag, you unlocked it and stepped inside, and you were just about to call out to see if anyone was home, when you heard a sound that made every hair on your body stand straight up.   It was a mechanical sound, a machine of some sort. You couldn’t identify it, but your body sure as hell remembered it.   Walking into the living room, a fear unlike anything you’d ever felt before, flooded every cell inside of you.   Your own blood rushing in your ears drowned out the sound of your keys and handbag falling to the floor, as you tried to take in what you were seeing.
  Tubes… wires… computers… machines… bags of liquids… chairs that weren’t chairs but fucking instruments of torture. Two of them. One for Marcus… and one for Missy.   And right in between them – Dr. Prince.
Authors’ Note: I love criticism, don’t be shy to let me know if there’s anything you like/don’t like/have questions about.
@blueeyesatnight​ @farfromjustordinary @allmyspideys @hrk-fic-recs @strawberryperegrine @lucrezia-thoughts @computeringturtle @sarahjkl82-blog
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sunsetcurvecuddles · a month ago
hi!! can i request willex and “cuddle”?
- @julieandthequeers
(i cried at 9am reading touch starved willie i LOVE your writing)
this was for the send me a ship and a prompt game and these responses are super late but i am simply going ahead with it as though nothing happened (also I LOVE U SO MUCH)
so here ya go this is a follow-up to touch-starved willie which you can read here, this installment is also available on ao3 here
Alex is doing his best with Willie.
He’s been doing his best the whole time, obviously, but it’s hard. Willie won’t talk to him, or to any of them, about what happened in the in-between time. It’s just a mystery, from when Alex said goodbye to him outside the Orpheum to when Julie broke Willie’s curse on the street corner where they freed Nick from Caleb’s possession, all of it this blank, empty picture frame where Willie won’t connect any of the dots.
So Alex has been trying not to push him. At first he was trying to give him space, because that’s what Alex knows he’d want if he was in Willie’s position. Which, in hindsight, was stupid, because Willie is nothing like Alex at all.
Since the night when Alex checked on Willie before bed, and something in Willie cracked open and, bright and burning, spilled out of him right into Alex’s hands, Alex has realised he has to do his best in a different way.
So he’s doing what he can. Pressing their legs together on the couch, when they’re sitting in the garage. Putting his arm around Willie’s shoulder when they’re walking. Running his fingers through Willie’s hair when they have a quiet moment alone.
It seems to be working, for the most part. Willie’s eyes are brighter, his smiles are easier. Whatever weight was on his shoulders seems to be easing off. He still won’t talk to them about anything Before, but he’s more like himself, even if it’s a different self to the one Alex met when they first escaped from the dark room.
(He feels like Willie’s time away is sort of a dark room of its own. He gets why Willie doesn’t want to share it.)
One night when they’re finishing up from dinner, Willie comes up to Alex, asks him quietly, “Hey, hotdog, can I talk to you?”
He looks sun-touched, and glowy. He’s been spending a lot of time skating at the beach, down by the pier, which honestly makes Alex relieved and anxious in equal measure. Relieved, that Willie feels safe enough to venture further from the house than he did, because for awhile, he wouldn’t even let Julie out of his sight, let alone go exploring on his own. But anxious, too, because Alex still worries that something will happen to Willie, even though he doesn’t want Willie to be scared about it any more. There’s been no sign of Caleb, but still. Alex can’t help but worry.
“Oh,” says Alex. He glances back over his shoulder, but Luke and Julie are clearing the table, and Reggie’s started the dishes. Catching his eye, Reggie gives him a big, soap-sudsy thumbs-up, which Willie definitely sees. Alex dies a little inside. “Yes, sure, let’s just - move somewhere else.”
Willie stifles a laugh, but it seems nervous, flighty, like his lungs are too much for his body. So Alex nods up the stairs, and follows after Willie.
Willie takes him to the spare room, the one Willie’s sort of made his own.
(Luke pretended to throw a fit about being Ray’s least-favourite son-in-law, but they all knew it was to save Willie from having to share the already crowded studio with the other three restored-to-life boys. Alex thinks this is reasonable, since that studio bathroom is definitely at capacity with the three of them.)
Willie turns to Alex as soon as they’re both inside with the door closed, and he looks resolute, but there’s an edge of nerves to his movements. Sighing, Willie runs his slender hands through his long hair.
Alex forgets what he’s thinking about for a moment. He’d seen guys, before, when he was alive, attractive guys even. After all, it hadn’t taken dying to work out he was gay. But whenever he saw Willie it just seemed like whatever he’d felt with those other boys had been a mistake, an imitation. Willie was the prettiest boy he’d ever seen.
“You said I could ask,” Willie says finally. His hands are clasped behind his head and he presses his elbows together, partially obscuring his face from view as he exhales. “You told me to.”
It takes Alex a scrambly moment to work out what he means. “Yeah. Yeah, I - is this...?” Are you asking? he wants to say, but he doesn’t know if his own asking that would defeat the purpose.
Willie grips his own hair for a moment and then shakes himself, puts his arms down. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m asking for cuddles. Lame as that feels. Could I have a hug? Please?”
“Not lame,” Alex reminds him softly, smiling, even though it absolutely makes his heartbeat triple. Maybe he’s the one who’s lame. “Of course.”
“And I want to talk,” Willie says, just when Alex starts to reach for him, so he pauses. “I - can I tell you about what happened? I was worried about making you worried. But you told me not to worry about that, anymore.”
Alex feels a lump in his throat. Willie really listened to him. When Willie looks at him, resolved but a little haunted, Alex realises how much Willie must trust him, to ask for both those things at once.
“Okay,” he whispers, then hastily adds, “only if you want to, obviously.”
Nodding, Willie rubs down his own arms with his thumbs. “I do want to, I think. I think I’m ready.”
Willie sits on the edge of the bed. Alex sits down next to him. Almost instinctively, he realises he’s reverted to that same jumpy caution he had around Willie for weeks after they were reunited, but that was exactly what had caused the problem last time, so he takes a deep breath and pulls Willie close.
The warmth that blooms in his chest must be nothing compared to how Willie feels, because Willie’s body melts, practically turns to putty in Alex’s arms.
Willie’s been there for Alex through so much, listened to so many anxious rants, helped Alex express himself in so many ways he never felt able to before. It’s just what Willie’s like, and always has been, right from the start. It’s a relief to be able to finally return the favour.
“Talk to me,” Alex murmurs, hiding his face in Willie’s hair.
Willie reaches for one of Alex’s hands, and links their fingers together, one by one, his fingertips tapping Alex’s knuckles like they’re piano keys. He takes one last deep breath. And then he talks.
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evabellasworld · a month ago
Death of Mandalore
Chapter 12
AO3 Link | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
Summary:  After murdering Chancellor Palpatine of the Galactic Republic, Vanya Doyvesky joined leagues with both Death Watch and Darth Maul, hoping to reclaim her Mandalorian warrior heritage. But with broken promises and betrayal against Death Watch and Maul’s crime syndicate, the former Mandalorian Jedi had to choose the right path not only for her but for Clan Doyvesky as well.
“I46,” Cinta read aloud the bingo ball, making Obi-Wan groan in frustration. Arin, on the other hand, was smiling as she stamped her card. “I am definitely winning this game.”
“Shall I say the next number?”
“Yes, please,” the red Twi’lek gave a thumbs up, prompting the pink Togruta to roll the cage, letting the numbers fall out of the flap on its own. Picking them up with her fingers, she read the next one. ‘O64,” she announced. “Do we have an O64 here?”
Obi-Wan and Arin shook their heads. “Nope, we don’t,” said Obi-Wan as he gazed at his own cards, with barely any numbers stamped at all. “Move on to the next number.”
Cinta’s eyes narrowed at the auburn-haired Jedi Master and turned to Arin, who was tapping her fingers on the table. “What about you, General? Do you have an O64 on your card?”
“I don’t have an O64, unfortunately,” she replied, sighing. “You can move on to the next number.”
He rolled his eyes as Cinta spun the cage again, picking up another number. “You don’t trust me, do you?”
“What are you saying?” she let out a chuckle, avoiding his glance. “I do trust you.”
“Do you, really? I asked a moment ago the same question as General Sallis and you answered her instead.”
“Well, I was just making sure, that’s all,” shrugged Cinta. “Besides, you have a habit of cheating in games like these.”
“Master Kenobi, you cheated in games?” Arin snorted, waving her fingers. “That’s very naughty of you.”
“I never cheat,” he insisted, showing his palms. “I just used the Force to my advantage, that’s all.”
Her eyebrows furrowed. “Master Kenobi, do you realise that you just described the definition of cheating?”
“No, actually, I just described my Force-sensitivity. Why do you ask?”
Cinta blinked as she crossed her arms and exchanged a wink with Arin. “Just ignore him, General. Cheaters never admit that they play dirty in games like bingo.”
“Maybe you should admit that you hardly pay attention,” Obi-Wan poked her left arm. “After all, I’m just better at games than you are.”
She simpered at her friend as she said aloud the number, predicting the end of the game. “O66.”
“Bingo!” Arin frenzied, showing her card to the Togruta. “I’ve won! I’ve won!”
Obi-Wan’s lips were sealed as his head hung low, clasping his hands together on the table. Cinta smirked at him, her hands rested on his shoulder. “You were saying, Kenobi?”
“Well,” he stammered, lifting his fingers. “You must have used the Force to let Arin win, am I right?”
“You’re such a sore loser,” she bared her fangs, slapping his shoulders in a playful manner. “Just admit that you weren’t paying attention the whole time.”
He softly laughed as he stroked his beard, his eyes focused at Arin. “It was a good game,” Obi-Wan offered his hand towards her. “I’m happy for you.”
“It’s not a big fuss for me,” grinned Arin. “After all, to win a game of bingo, you need Lady Luck by your side, if she feels like it.”
“What do you mean?”
“Basically, you need to pray that luck is on your side and then you can win the game,” she simplified as she composed herself, putting on her poker face. “After all, bingo is full of unpredictability, just like life itself.”
Obi-Wan chortled and nodded, realising what she said was true, based on his experiences. “That’s actually precise, if you think about it” he leaned against his seat, slurping a glass of water. “So far, the Chancellor was murdered, Eva and her sister went missing, and currently, we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, so yes, life is full of uncertainty.”
“Yeah,” Cinta sighed, sitting next to him. “I kept having frequent headaches because too many are dying every single day, which is taking a toll on my health.”
“Using the Force to heal someone is difficult, even if you’ve trained long enough to handle the pain.”
“I can understand why there aren’t many Jedi Healers around,” she massaged her own neck. “The responsibilities are far too great and plus, do you have any idea how many pills I have to take?”
“I feel that,” Arin validated her feelings, rubbing Cinta’s back. “Medics and Healers are the most stressful jobs in wars, since they either risk getting themselves killed or die of infection since they’re too focused on their patients.”
Obi-Wan’s head drooped as he took a deep breath, reminiscing about the sudden death of his apprentice, whom he never got to say goodbye. “You know, it’s funny. It’s like yesterday we met them and then the next day, they’re not here anymore, you know. Never realise that life is too short until you see it with your very own eyes.”
Cinta hands him a handkerchief and pats his back as Obi-Wan sniffles when Anakin and Ahsoka walk into their tent. Noticing their presence, he cleared his throat and glanced at them, returning Cinta’s handkerchief frantically. “Anakin, Ahsoka,” he forced himself to smile. “Is there anything you need?”
“Master Yoda and Master Mundi want you in the briefing room,” his former apprentice informed him, sensing his grief. “Also, are you alright
“I’m alright, that you, Anakin,” he bowed, as headed out of the medbay, much to their worries.
Passing by the clones who were preoccupied with their duties, the base on the Anaxes was crowded, with the remaining Republic officers pacing back and forth, ordering their soldiers to carry some crates which stores ammunition, rations, and spare parts for ships and vehicles. Tents and barracks were set up in rows just to house whatever is left of the Jedi, clones, and officers alike.
Obi-Wan felt that the Republic remnants were lucky that they could gather as many soldiers as they could get to fight against the Separatists, which were reorganised into the first Galactic Empire under the leadership of Count Dooku. After what happened on Coruscant, which burned to the ground, he’s uncertain about the future of the galaxy.
Entering the briefing room, he bowed to Yoda and Ki-Adi-Mundi, who were waiting for him. “You summoned me, Masters?”
Both of them were silenced as they stepped away from the holotable, revealing a familiar face from his past. His eyes beamed as he saw his distressed lover again, prompting him to play her message that was delivered. “This is a message for Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Obi-Wan listened to her voice. I've lost Mandalore. My people have been massacred, and Almec is now the prime minister. I can't explain everything now but Almec has the support of the crime families.”
“Obi-Wan, I need your help.”
The message stopped playing, leaving him stunned. The last time he met her, Obi-Wan had to protect her from her enemies on her homeworld. Vizsla was there too, who eventually revealed himself as the one behind the attacks against her. He wonders if it’s the same case all over again. “Your thoughts on this, Master Kenobi?” Mundi asked, sensing his distress.
“Satine has been at odds with the Death Watch for years,” he recalled. “And according to a report from Eva Bella Young, they're no longer in league with the Separatists.”
He paused for a moment after mentioning her name, before continuing his words. “If there was a takeover on Mandalore, it was most likely an independent act caused by the Death Watch alone.”
The Cerean Jedi sighed. “Without involvement from the Separatists, this is an internal affair for the Mandalorians. I'm afraid we cannot help.”
“We cannot just hand Mandalore over to these crime families and let Satine become a martyr,” argued Obi-Wan.
“I'm afraid her decision to keep Mandalore neutral makes this situation difficult.”
“Understand your feelings I do, Obi-Wan,” Yoda spoke, in a calming voice. “But to take action, support from the admirals, we will need.”
“You know what the admirals will decide,” grumbled Obi-Wan. “They will not send aid to a neutral system.”
“At this time, nothing more can we do.”
“I understand, master,” he tightened his lips as he walked out of the tent, only to find Cinta and Anakin standing there, waiting.
“Is everything alright, master?” asked Anakin, holding his hands.
“It's Satine,” he answered, swallowing a lump of saliva. “Her planet had been taken over by Death Watch again.”
“That's awful,” Cinta pitied, tugging on her shawl around her two-piece dress. “Are you going to rescue her? Surely you can’t just let her face her troubles all on her own.”
Obi-Wan shook his head. "Unfortunately, Mandalore is a neutral system. Since this isn't a Separatist takeover, we can't do anything at all."
“Well that sucks,” commented Anakin, placing his hands on his hips. “Someone has to do something about it.”
“I agree,” she nodded. “Neutral system or not, we should do something to help her. Is there anything we can do for you, Obi-Wan? I know that you and Satine were close to each other.”
She’s right, he pondered, formulating a plan to rescue his lover who is imprisoned on Mandalore. If he could find a ship around the base, he could fly there in his own disguise and get her out of there. But he cannot do it with Anakin and Cinta, since this is personal between him and the Duchess and also, someone needs to cover-up for him. Besides, Eva would approve this plan anyways.
“Anakin, is there a ship you could lend me for a while?” Obi-Wan made up his mind.
“Yeah, I still have the Twilight left,” Anakin replied, his head held high. “Why do you ask?”
“Great,” he thanked the Maker. “I need you both to vouch for me while I’m gone. No one must know that I’m heading to Mandalore. Is that clear?”
The brown-haired man smiled along with Cinta, pleased with his decision. “Now you're talking.”
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velvetcardiganbucky · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
VelvetCardiganBucky’s Recommendations 2021: Week 10 | February 28th –March 6th
Welcome to week 10 of my recommendations, if you would like to be featured on a future list, I follow the hashtag #VelvetCardiganBucky, message me, tag me in your future works, or reblog this post and link to your story, one-shot, Masterlist, writing challenge, etc.
Be aware some if not most stories and writers on this list are meant to be consumed by an audience of those 18+. My blog is also an 18+ blog.
✨Page breaks are made @firefly-graphics✨
🗓Weeks 11 & 12 or 12 & 13 may be combined into 1 list as my best friend, that I haven’t seen in over 3 years, is coming up to stay with me at my Aunts in the city.
«Last Week
Week 11»
My Masterlist
My Fic Rec List of Mafia/Mob Bucky/Sebastian & Steve/Chris/Andy
Stuff I Posted This Week:
I’ll Stand By You » Steve Rogers x Reader — Steve Rogers will never leave you, no matter how dark your past is.
VelvetCardiganBucky’s To Infinity Writing Challenge » In celebration of 500 followers.
This Is Monica Rambeau Playlist » Monica was her mama’s Angel now she’s a fierce independent woman, fighting crime and saving the world.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
(Mini) Series:
*A Mutual Weirdness by @ayybtch » Bucky Barnes x Reader — I am a very weird person. I somehow managed to find an equally weird person whose weirdness matches my weirdness and we ended up in love. All of these are completely stand alone stories inspired by some strange things my partner and I have said to each other. You don’t need to read them in any particular order, nor do you need to read them all to understand what’s happening. Just enjoy the weirdness. | This series is just so fluffy and funny, each and every chapter you will find yourself laughing, I promise.
Run To You 🪙 Pt. 8 by @bestofbucky » Mob Boss!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Mob boss Bucky Barnes hires you to be his bodyguard. | The Angst is here and it is so good. This series just keeps getting better and better.
*The Pure and The Poison after → Beg For Daddy after → Some Old, Something New by @sweeterthanthis » Stepdad!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Peter Parker x Female Reader — It’s time to give Daddy a taste of his own medicine by bringing your boyfriend, Peter Parker, home for dinner. | If you ever wondered if you are in denial of that secret daddy kink of yours, I suggest you read this series. Because let me tell you it’s filthy in a good way but it leaves you going, I could have sworn I didn’t have a Daddy kink or maybe you go, that was just perfect! Lau just knows how to feed your soul!
*Hugs My Love by @thatfuckingweirdo » Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader — You just really need a hug, and Bucky is the only one you want it from. | If you are suffering from the Monday blues, this is the remedy just for that. So fluffy, it’s like being wrapped in that favorite blanket of yours.
Up, Up and Away by @thatfuckingweirdo » Bucky Barnes x Insecure!FemaleReader — Bucky turns soft in the middle of sex, and you’re left wondering if you were the cause. | This was really good and as a plus!size girl I felt a connection, but by the end all you feel is adoration from Bucky.
No Goodbye by @badassbuchanan » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky’s left to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. | Please have tissues on standby for this one. It’s so good y’all, but man do you feel the angst. I’m really hoping for a part 2, which I think after going back to read it alludes to it. We’ll see. I’m easily confused folks.
*Die Happy by @mrwinterr » Ghost!Bucky Barnes AU x Female Reader — You summon a really friendly ghost. | This is so fantastic and the smut in this list left tingles down my spine. 10/10 would recommend.
edge of the devil’s backbone by @sunmoonandbucky » knight!bucky barnes x princess!reader — Your knight has sworn to protect you always, even if that means committing a grave sin. | Don’t we all wish we had a Bucky who slayed those obstacles in our ways for us and wrote us beautiful letters when we were apart? So Good!
*Cheeseburgers Make Me Happy by @buckysdolls » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Ooh can I get one where the reader is maybe Morgan’s babysitter or something and post Tony’s funeral. And Bucky is just there, very sad and reader and Morgan just kinda cheer him up and fluff. | While this is fluffy, I still had a few tears slip, but I still loved it oh so much.
*Dawn by @msmarvelwrites » Bucky Barnes x Reader — ‘so far away… So alone. This place was once somewhere you could truly feel yourself. But if you couldn’t fight, what good were you here? | Brontë thank you for pulling on my heartstrings in such a beautiful way. This showed that sometimes you can’t and don’t need to go through depression alone and it’s okay to ask/rely on others for help.
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
(Mini) Series:
One Step Closer by @river-soul » Dark!Steve Rogers x Plus Size!Reader — Three weeks after your training session with Steve goes horribly wrong, he brings you to his office to remind you who you belong to. [Dubcon and explicit sex, 18+] Sequel to Points of Authority | I love, love, love this mini/series so much. The smut in this is so good and dark!steve always sends chills down my spine.
Dark Commander by @jtargaryen18 » Hydra Supreme aka Commander Steve Rogers x Civilian Reader — Immediately following the Battle of New York in May 2012, the world is about to learn that Hydra is very much alive, a parasite that’s infiltrated both SHIELD and the US Govt. The world is about to meet the Hydra Supreme… Will the Avengers be able to stop Hydra before it’s too late? Will they be able to stop its Dark Commander? | I have had dreams about not only reading this series but all about being in this series, (that’s what happens when you re-read before bed) that’s how much I love this series. I can’t recommend this enough, @jtargaryen18 writes such amazing stories, this is no let down.
*did you ever hear about the girl who got frozen? » Steve Rogers x Readers — in which the reader breaks free from her perfect fantasy. | I truly loved this and I highly recommend everyone read this, when you do please have tissues by you.
Mission Birthday by @nony-bear » Steve Rogers x Reader — It’s your boyfriends birthday… the only problem is, he didn’t tell you. | It’s so fluffy and sweet it will make your teeth ache, but leave with a smile on your face.
my old man is a tough man, but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam by @cloudystevie » Mob Boss!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader — steve gives you what you want… kind of. | Get yourself a cold drink, because I promise you, you’re going to need a cool down.
Tumblr media
Ari Levinson
(Mini) Series:
Lead Me Home 🏠 Pt. 1 🏠 Pt. 2 🏠 Pt. 3 🏠 Pt. 4 🏠 Pt. 5 by @river-soul » Alpha!Ari Levinson x Omega!Reader — While on an aid mission to Sokovia, your colleagues are targeted and killed by Alpha soldiers. Left stranded and alone, your only hope is to trust a strange Alpha named Ari who promises to get you home safe. [Mentions of violence and A/B/O dynamics] | Love me some Ari Levinson but add in some Alpha!Ari you make me really happy! I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Distraction by @wanderinglunarnights » Ari Levinson x Reader — Working on a case together you spend a lot of time together on the road. You have to spend the night in the local motel and of course there’s only one room with one bed left. | Short and hot, just the way you needed it sometimes.
Tumblr media
Andy Barber
(Mini) Series:
*To Have & To Hold Sequel to Blackmail by @stargazingfangirl18 » Mob Boss!Andy Barber x Reader — You’re settling into married life with Andy when you see just how far he’s willing to go to protect you. | This is such a good follow up to Blackmail! There is action, angst, smut and fluff. Like it has everything I could ask for and more. Looking forward to part 3!
A Second Too Late by @angrythingstarlight » Andy Barber x Reader — You meet the man of your dreams. Too bad he’s waiting for someone else. | I honestly don’t know what is going on with my hormones but I was tearing. It’s really good but honestly anything I read by @angrythingstarlight is good.
In Between The City Walls of Dying Dreams by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor » Ex-Con/Dark!Andy Barber x Shy!Reader — One night, you’re saved by the last person you expect, but you don’t know that he’s only saving you for himself. | Can I just say that since it’s by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor you know it’s going to be good? This didn’t let me down. I also felt like I related to the shy!reader as I often don’t have a lot to say to people, unless I really know someone. Also amazing smut!
Cock Worship by @ozarkthedog » Andy Barber x Reader — It’s just what the title says of Andy Barber, reader shows her man just how much she loves Andy’s cock. | This was short and perfect.
Tumblr media
Chris Evans
Vacation Mornings by @angrythingstarlight » Chris Evans x Reader — No better way to spend your vacation than wrapped around your man. | The smut is great and it makes you feel fluffy.
A Terrible, Terrible Love by @punani » Chris Evans x Fem!Reader — You broke up seven months ago, and moving on was as easy as teaching someone how to drive stick shift. You live in his mind as much as he lives in yours, and perhaps some things are worth reconsidering. | This honestly showed that not all relationships are sunshine and roses, giving you a perhaps realistic take on love, with some really good smut!
Tumblr media
(Mini) Series:
*Twice Burned after → Twice Bitten by @cherienymphe » DarkVampireKing!Steve Rogers x SoftDarkVampireDuke!Bucky Barnes x Reader | King Steve has the reputation of the kindest king in all the land. How sad it is that such a man always seems to be burying a wife, leaving him lonely and searching for another. Seeing how Queen Margaret’s death affected you, the king hopes to raise your spirits by marrying you off to the handsome Duke, James Barnes, unbeknownst to you, sealing your fate. | I love vampires, but what I really loved is this especially dark!vampire king Steve. The smut in this was so good and I got chills while reading this. I’m so looking forward to part 3 when it comes out!
The Miracle by @heavenhatesme » Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader — When infertility threatens mankind with extinction and there hasn’t been a baby for almost 18 years, what happens when two certain super soldiers fall for the same woman and accidentally impregnate her? | Sometimes you just need a good apocalypse au before bed and even though it’s just the first chapter, it still leaves you craving more!
Deviation of Control by @navybrat817 » Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader — Winter Soldier turns the tables on Captain Hydra. — If you are looking for some really good smut, look no further, this has it.
Loving You Is a Losing Game by @river-soul » Soft Dark!Steve x Reader x Winter Soldier — AU from CAWS where the Winter Soldier is recaptured by Hydra and mind wiped. As Steve searches for his best friend and former mate, he discovers the Omega Hydra bonded to him. Looking for a way to lure the Winter Soldier out of hiding and bind Bucky to him once more, Steve decides the best way to accomplish that is through a shared Omega, whether she is willing or not. [ABO dynamics, dub-con and breeding kink, 18+] | Do you ever just want to yell at Steve? Yeah I did in this.. the cliff hanger had me going please Miss. can have some more. 😂
Initials by @americancowgirl19 » Stucky x Reader — Bucky and Steve finds their third soulmate in Wanda’s sister. Only problem is that she’s supposed to be dead, not Hydra’s new prized possession. | Sometimes you just need something that hits you in the feels with some angst and some fluff, and this is one.
Tumblr media
(Mini) Series:
A Boyfriend For Hire by @happygowriting » Dayton White x Bucky Barnes — Dayton White doesn’t really have time for relationships but he’s a little tired of the constant comments on his one night stands, finding himself a high class escort willing to play the part of his boyfriend. James “Bucky” Barnes is not who he expected to be, but maybe it’s who he needed. | The smut in this is really good, I want to start off by saying that, also that I never would have thought to pair those two up. I’m not fully interested in seeing how this story plays out.
Leave Out All The Rest by @avintagekiss24 » chris beck x black!reader — Chris Beck returns to earth, and you are there to greet him after to really hard sleepless years. | This was so beautiful, had really good smut and so just fluffy. We need more Chris Beck on here and I’m so glad I read it!
Lost in the Lapse Again by @the-iceni-bitch » Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x dark!fem Reader — Mr. Freezy’s domestic bliss gets jarringly interrupted. | I’ve never seen the movie, but if I had to imagine how Mr. Freezy to be this is it and the smut in this is so good!
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sirowsky · 2 months ago
The Flowers Always Know
Description: When a mad scientist uses you as an experiment while you’re on holiday, the Heroics only just manage to save you. And in your recovery you become very close to the leader of the group.
(Slow burn)
Rating: Explicit 18+ONLY
Warnings: Language, smut.
Link to Masterlist
Comment: It’s been a little dark and difficult the latest few chapters, so here’s 3000 words of light-heartedness ;)
Tumblr media
Chapter 16
  Marcus was a man of his word. Usually that was a good thing. Usually…
  But when he dusted off every trick in the book to try and annoy you in his efforts of ‘distraction’, it really wasn’t.
  Everything from pinching your ass to wolf-whistling loudly while you were on the phone, to stealing and hiding your papers, to hiding himself and jumping out at you – he tried it all to try and get you off balance. He even stole your shoe and “dropped” it down a stairwell.
  At one point you got so frustrated with him that you just swatted in his general direction, only to have him catch your hand and lick the length of your fingers, like a six-year-old, before whispering:
  “What? It’ll make it easier to turn the papers over.”
  Once you’d put the phone down, you went at him.
  You were on the phone with the CEO of one of the richest toy-companies in the world, and you shot him a glare that would have put Medusa herself to shame, so he wisely backed off and let you finish the call unbothered.
  You had actually gotten a nice large sofa for your office, after Marcus had suggested it, and he sat down and made a show of toeing off his shoes and letting them fly about the room as he laid down flat on his back. To sofa was just long enough for him. You’d checked before you bought it.
  “What is the matter with you?! That was Elliot Brady, for fucks sake!”
  His eyebrows shot up as he recognised the name, and he slowly sat up.
  “The Elliot Brady…?”
  You pointed a finger at him.
  “You are so lucky that I was able to keep my cool. Because if you had messed up that call, you would have been responsible for losing the Heroics a $70 million deal. And you’d better believe I’d have made sure to let the whole fucking building know.”
  He looked shocked at first, but then the rascal in him resurfaced with full force.
  “Oh, hermosa… I so love it when you take charge.”
  Screw it.
  He leaned back on the sofa, pushing his hips forwards to show you how hard he was getting, and shooting you a satisfied smile when you lost track of what you were saying or even thinking.
  You tried to tell yourself that it wasn’t worth it. That all those noise-complaints that had been filed against the two of you after the last time he’d been ‘distracting’ you, had been embarrassing enough to last you a lifetime.
  But it was late afternoon on a Saturday, the building was practically empty by now, and you were already soaking through your panties.
  Also, you really wanted to wipe that smile off of his face.
  You approached him while opening your jeans and pulling them down, letting your underwear trail down with them.
  Once they were off, you leaned over and placed your hands on his knees, and waited. He took the hint and opened his fly and started tugging his pants down, but you didn’t move your hands so he had to stop at the knee.
  He looked up at you questioningly, and you smiled wickedly at him, before you dropped your head down and licked him, from hilt to tip.
  He hissed and growled and his hands grabbed at your hair and shoulders, as if he didn’t know what to do with them, but had to do something, touch something. And every other part of you was out of his reach because of how you were standing.
  You’d only ever gone down on each other for foreplay before, trying to prolong the act, since neither of you managed to last more than a minute or two after penetration. But you both still preferred the intimacy of regular love-making, even if these kinds of variations could be enormously fun.
  Once he stilled, you got up and went over to your desk, pulling out wet-wipes from a drawer and cleaning off your legs, before pulling on your pants again and tucking your soiled panties into your back pocket.
  You licked him again, and then pulled his tip into your mouth and sucked hard on it for a couple of seconds.
  You were rewarded with seeing his abs clench down and his body tremble with the sensation, and it sent a fresh volley of wetness trickling down the insides of your thighs.
  You kept your hands firmly planted on the tops of his knees, to keep his pants on so that he couldn’t spread his legs any wider, and worked him using only your tongue and lips.
  You sucked him in deeper, letting your tongue play along the back of his shaft, massaging him gently. Then you pulled back and let him slip completely out so that you could duck down further and play with his balls.
  He was panting hard by then, and struggling to keep his hands from just grabbing your shoulders and pulling you up to straddle him. But he also really had meant it when he’d said he liked seeing you in charge, and he was dying to know what you were gonna do next if he just left you to it.
  You took his shaft into your mouth again and buried as much of him as you could take down your throat, swallowing around him to keep from gagging, eliciting a deep, guttural sound from him and making his legs shake under your hands.
  Your own legs were seriously wet at that point and you were throbbing for him, but you weren’t going to give in. Instead, you moved your right hand from his knee to your sex and stroked yourself, making yourself moan on his cock.
  The sight of you pleasuring yourself, along with the vibrations in your throat, made him go wild, and his hands were suddenly grasping for you, desperate to be inside you, to fill you.
  Looking up into is eyes, you swatted his hands away firmly, and stroked yourself harder, moaning again while you let him slip halfway out of your mouth before burying him again.
  You could tell how close he was by the devastated look he gave you, and by the pulsing in his length, so you slid two fingers inside yourself and toppled over the edge almost immediately.
  He followed right after, the sight and feel of you way too much for him to be able to hold back.
  You were impressed by his self-control as he kept his hands away from your head while he came down your throat, not wanting to risk holding you down onto him too hard or too long. He did buck up involuntarily, but you just followed the movement and kept sucking him until he was spent.
  He looked completely perplexed where he sat, pants still down by his knees, breathing roughly and sweating at the temples and down his neck.
  “That’s it? You’re not gonna let me have a go at you?”
  “Why not?”
  “Because, what?”
  “Okay, I’m ready to go home.”
  You just smiled and put your shoes on, before sitting back down at your desk, and waking up your computer-screen to send the last emails and notifications that you needed in order to keep the right people in the loop on the deal you’d just made.
  Marcus begrudgingly pulled his pants back on, and then sat there and scowled while you finished your work.
  Once you were done you turned the computer off and grabbed your phone.
  Home. Your home. He didn’t miss the significance of that word, and his scowl evaporated as he smiled warmly at you, and stood up.
  “Once we get back, it’s my turn.”
  “What? Why not?”
  He flinched. Then he smiled.
  “So, you think I might make you scream, huh?”
  “Oh, honey… I expect nothing less.”
  His expression quite clearly stated that you’d already won the day, had there been a contest between you, which there wasn’t. Of course not.
  “Hey, sweetie. Did you have fun at the park?”
    When you got back, Missy and Anita were already cooking, and the whole house smelled wonderful.
  Missy shot you a glance when you walked in, and smiled widely when she saw how comfortable you seemed to be with the house again. You knew that she’d heard what had gone on in the bathroom the evening before, and you’d been surprised that she hadn’t mentioned it in the morning. But seeing her face now, you knew that she’d been worried sick about it.
  “Yeah, the guys wanted me to tell you that the new powered-friendly playgrounds are awesome!”
  “Really? Oh, that’s great! I was hoping we got it right, but I wasn’t very confident, it was such a mess during development.”
  “Oh, you nailed it! It works for everyone, regardless of what their powers are, and it was still just as fun for me to use too.”
  “Well, I’m glad. But I hope you’re not being overly praising just because you know I’ve been feeling bad lately?”
  “No, I’m not. You’re an awesome designer.”
  Something in her voice made you feel like there was more she wanted to say.
  She sighed, and her eyes glazed over a bit.
  “I just… I heard you. Last night. And I thought that… you might never be okay.”
  “I am okay, my darling. And last night is why I’m okay. I just had to get that out, and I’m so sorry you had to hear it, but that doesn’t make it bad. Just, difficult. Do you understand?”
  Tears pooled in her eyes and she reached for you. You wrapped your arms around her back and lifted her up to hug her, and she snaked her legs over your hips and hugged you back with all the strength she had.
  You looked over at Marcus where he stood next to Anita, and he just looked touched. Teary-eyed and touched.
  “Yeah, I think so. I just don’t want you to leave. Please, tell me you won’t leave.”
  Your heart damned near broke right there.
  “I’m not going anywhere. I’m a fighter, remember? When things get tough – I get tough.”
  Anita cleared her throat loudly.
  “If you two are done dancing around over there, dinner’s ready.”
  “Mooom, do you have to do that? They were having a moment.”
  “Hm, there’ll be plenty more, no need to waste good food over it.”
  You chuckled as you put Missy down.
  “Don’t let her fool you, honey, she’s just trying to avoid crying in front of all of us. I mean, Máma Moreno has a reputation to live up to, right?”
  Without a word, she picked up a slice of tomato, and threw it at you.
  “Did you just…?”
    You stepped out of the shower a couple of hours later, having finally gotten the smell of garlic and chili out of your hair after three bouts of shampoo. Why did she have to start a food-war with fucking chili stew?
  She just raised her eyebrows at you. Oh, that was a challenge if ever you saw one.
  Marcus saw your expression change and was about to say something when you grabbed a slice of cucumber and chucked it at her head. You hit her on the nose, and that was it – it was war.
  “I can’t believe that just happened. I haven’t been involved in a food-fight since high-school.”
  Marcus was a bit sour about it, because the kitchen really was a mess, even though you’d tidied up the worst of it. You stood in the doorway to the bathroom with one towel around your body and another in your hands as you dried your hair.
  “Don’t worry, tomorrow’s Sunday, we can spend all day cleaning if need be.”
  “Yes. It was your mother that started it, and then left just in time for clean-up. And don’t even try to imply that you didn’t take part, or that you didn’t enjoy the hell out of it.”
  He laughed lightly.
  “It was kinda fun.”
  You just smiled and shook your head at him, while you went back into the bathroom to put some moisturiser on your face, hoping it would keep any ruddiness from the chili at bay.
  Marcus had already showered and since the evening was still young, he’d pulled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, thinking they’d join Missy in the living room for a movie before bed.
  While you were still in the bathroom, his phone rang, and you could tell it was Miracle Guy from Marcus’ reaction. Miracle only ever called when he was upset about something and wanted Marcus to fix it.
  You didn’t really pay much attention to the call, but an intriguing thought crept into your head, and you decided to try it.
  You took the towels off and peered through the doorway into the bedroom. Marcus was by the window, his back to the bed and his head bowed with his eyes closed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. That was his classic Miracle-bullshit stance, and you intended to take full advantage of it.
  Completely naked, you snuck across the room, and laid down on your back, on the bed behind him. You closed your eyes and just focused on his beautiful voice in order to find that heat inside of you, and it only took seconds.
  You let your hand find your folds and caressed yourself until your breathing deepened, and then you opened your eyes so you could see his face when he turned towards the sound.
  It was worth it just for that. The shock, and awe, and utter lust in his eyes was enough to make you buck into your own hand.
  The call ended in the next second, and then the phone hit the floor. His eyes turned several shades darker before he willed himself to move and slowly approached the bed.
  He kneeled down on the edge of the bed, by your feet, and put his hands on your knees, parting your legs before leaning in and kissing the soft skin on the inside of your left thigh. He gently kissed his way up towards your centre, and you felt white-hot all of a sudden.
  He kissed your folds ever so lightly, working his way up towards your clit. He used his nose to brush against it while he blew warm air over your sex, and it made you shiver with anticipation and delight.
  Then, making his tongue wide, he licked you, from your already gushing wet entrance to your clit and then stayed there, using his tongue and lips to firmly massage your nerves.
  Acutely aware of the fact that you were not alone in the house, you bit your jaws together and forced yourself not to moan out loud.
  But, when he moved down, and slipped his tongue inside you, your jaws opened on their own and you gasped. You couldn’t tell how loud it was, but you hoped to all hell that Missy didn’t hear it.
  Hearing you made him more eager, and his mouth played with the sensitive muscle at your entrance, while his fingers appeared on your clit. Had his hands not even touched you before now?
  Visibly trembling and quickly losing all your senses as you already closed in on your release, you threw an arm out towards the head of the bed, looking for a pillow, but you were too far away from it.
  As your pleasure neared its peak, you felt your body begin to curl in on itself, and in pure desperation, you grabbed the covers and shoved a fistful into your mouth.
  His tongue was still inside you as your body lifted itself up, and the waves came crashing down over you. You felt a gush of slick pour out of you and Marcus hungrily lap it all up, before returning to teasing your entrance while you continued to rise and fall with the waves.
  You were biting down so hard on those covers that your jaws hurt, but you were determined not to be heard outside of that room. But having to breathe through your nose with a pulse that high, meant that you couldn’t get enough oxygen into your body fast enough, and you started getting light-headed and dizzy.
  “Okay, yes, I fainted, but that was because of the damned covers not allowing me enough oxygen.”
  You came to with him lying on his side next to you, propped up on one elbow, studying you closely, but with a smile playing in the corners of his mouth.
  It took you a few seconds to realise what had happened, and then you groaned.
  “Whatever you say, hermosa.”
  “Shit. You’re never gonna let me live this down, are you?”
  Then he kissed you, and rolled on top of you.
  “But now I really do need to be inside you, or I might actually explode.”
  And he wasn’t kidding, holy fuck; he was hard.
  “Oh, yeah, we definitely need to take care of that.”
  “Are you gonna be able to stay awake this time?”
  Then you whispered in his ear:
  You kept your face in check while you waited for him to push inside you, making sure to relax your pelvic muscles to give him easier access.
  But, once he was fully embedded, you clenched down on him with everything you had, making him literally yelp.
  “You tell me. Do I feel awake, to you?”
    Amazingly, you did actually make it out to join Missy for a movie on the sofa, later that evening, and you were both more than a little mortified when she smiled at you as you walked in together.
  “Have fun?”
  “Yes, actually. We did. Sorry.”
  Marcus actually froze on the spot, looking more uncomfortable than you’d ever seen him.
  You took his hand and tugged him down onto the couch.
  “Don’t worry, all I heard was dad scream, which has never happened before, in any circumstance. So, whatever happened – I’m assuming you won.”
  “It’s not a competition. But yes, I did.”
Authors’ Note: I love criticism, don’t be shy to let me know if there’s anything you like/don’t like/have questions about.
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dietraumerei · 2 months ago
Femslash February 22: Body Positivity
AO3 Collection | Thank you to @ineffable-wives-central for the prompt list!
Amidst helping one of her chosen ones, Aziraphale learns about the existence of push-up bras.
Shortly thereafter, so does Crowley.     
(Set in my ace-relationship Renovations universe -- pretty much canon, with some changes that only slightly come up in this story :) )
“You call us if you still feel blue tomorrow,” Aziraphale said, hugging Aelis tightly. “We're not going back to the house until after Teddy's gallery opening.”
Aelis hugged her back, burying her face between Aziraphale's neck and shoulder. “I will. I love you. 'm sorry...”
“Hush now.” Aziraphale stroked her back and kissed the girl's cheek. “No apologies, you know that. I love you so much, my girl. Sometimes it's hard having a body, eh?”
Aelis laughed sadly, and touched her belly, big and round and soft. “Yeah, it really is. It's not even all the health stuff, which seems...dumb. I have so much more to worry about and instead I just want to be thin. Am I fucked up?”
“No. I've seen a lot over my years,” Aziraphale said tactfully. “I've seen how...being told you should look a certain way, it burrows into your brain. But you are perfect exactly as you are, my girl.” She squeezed Aelis' shoulder, soft and round, a lot like hers. “Annie thinks so too.”
Aelis blushed and laughed. “She's my wife, she basically has to...”
“Really? Crowley's basically my wife and some day I'm going to launch her out of a window and no jury would convict,” Aziraphale said, and Aelis laughed harder.
“I'll call you. Or text you. I promise.” She held her arms up and Aziraphale bent over again to hug her firmly, loving her as hard as she could.
“Mind how you go,” she said, and kissed Aelis' cheek and stroked her hair, each touch grounding her a little more in her body. Reminding her to take up space, reminding her she was worthy and good and right. Aziraphale was still a little wobbly on the concept of God's creatures, but Aelis, by virtue of being queer, was one of hers, and her children were beautiful and perfect, always.
She finally let the girl go, holding the door for her and making a mental note to add some kind of automatic opening mechanism; not everyone was Crowley who could just snap her fingers if she was using a chair.
Aziraphale watched Aelis until she turned the corner, a little worried. This hatred for one's body always made her distinctly uncomfortable. A little because she knew how it could hurt, how deeply it could sicken one, and a little because she knew the feeling all too well.
Aelis would be all right, though, she comforted herself. She was here in London to see her parents who were no help at all, but had plenty of time to see Aziraphale and Crowley, to be comforted and cuddled, and she had her own loving wife waiting for her back in Scotland. These were just some rough times; Aziraphale had had them herself and pulled through. It was slow work, but sometimes months went by, now, when she loved her round, wobbly body, and didn't think about being told to lose the gut. Still, sometimes she looked at the way her belly rested on her thighs, and it didn't feel good.
She firmly made herself a cup of tea, found a fruit tart in the back of the icebox, and physicked herself with those and a good dose of erotic ancient Greek poetry while tucked up in a corner of the bookshop. Crowley was out doing Crowley-things but would be back for supper; there was a new Thai restaurant that they were both simply dying to try.
“Hullo angel!” The happy call and the bang of the door and Crowley strode back to their usual spot, finding Aziraphale unerringly.
“My darling.” Aziraphale looked up and tilted her face for a kiss, and smiled when Crowley threw herself down on her lap, cuddling close for a more impressive kiss. “Gosh, you're in a mood.”
“You smell amazing. You been angel-ing?” Crowley asked.
Aziraphale laughed and got the book out of the way and her arms around Crowley. “I have, actually. It makes me smell good?”
“Uh huh. Crowley buried her face in Aziraphale's neck and breathed deep. “Who's been hurting our children?”
“The entire Western world,” Aziraphale said dryly. “Aelis came by. She's having a hard time with her body, poor love.”
“Oh, no,” Crowley said sadly. “I thought she was good with the chair now – it's so much less tiring for her than the crutches were.”
“Not that aspect of her body,” Aziraphale said gently. “It's her, well, her weight I suppose. Her bloody parents – if you wanted to take someone out, I wouldn't stop you there.”
Crowley hissed. “Oh, my poor girl. And Annie so far away from her.”
“Mmm. I do the best I can, of course, but...”
“You are perfect,” Crowley reminded her, and cupped her face in her hands for a kiss. “My Aziraphale. She'll be by again soon?”
Aziraphale smiled. “Most likely. And she promised to text or call me, if she still feels low, and she knows that means getting both of us.” Aziraphale had her own phone now, at last, but goodness knew they passed it back and forth as often as they always had with Crowley's mobile.
“Good girl.” Crowley situated herself more firmly in Aziraphale's arms. “She deserves to feel good about herself.”
“Quite right,” Aziraphale said softly, beginning to stroke Crowley's hair. Oh, she did love her wife so.
“And you, angel?”
A little tug on a shining red curl. “You needn't worry about me, demon.”
“Tough, I do. Tell me you feel good in your body?” Crowley requested, resting her hand on Aziraphale's plump upper arm.
“I feel all right,” Aziraphale acknowledged. “Not bad. Not...not in love with myself, or anything. But all right.”
“Mmmm.” Crowley's eyes narrowed.
“Please, just leave it,” Aziraphale said quietly, and got the most gentle, tender kiss of her entire life, which was really saying something. And a topic change. She got to keep the demon in her lap, though, cute and cuddly and kissing her regularly, and that was all right.
Aelis: Hullo Auntie. I'm feeling better today, I just wanted to tell you. I love you. I'm sorry I was a mess yesterday.
Aziraphale: My dearest, you have nothing to apologise for. I love you too, very much, and I'm glad you're doing better. You are perfect, you know.
Aelis: LOL, I'm getting there. I spent last night talking to Annie – she sends her love – and filling my instagram feed with beautiful fat women. See? Link
Aziraphale: My goodness! She's lovely, but how is her bosom even doing that?
Aelis: Aziraphale, I know you're old-fashioned, but really! A push-up bra!
Aziraphale: You hush. Well. What an interesting garment.
Aelis: Get one for yourself, bet you'll reduce Crowley to non-words.
Aziraphale: Darling, I don't need a fancy bra for that.
Aelis: I am laughing so hard. I adore you. I have to go meet my parents, please give Crowley kisses for me, and make her kiss you too.
Aziraphale: Consider it done. We love you very much, and please have lunch with us before you leave town?
Aelis: Lunch and dinner and tea and drinks if I can, I promise. I miss you both so terribly. Go make Crowley useless now, Auntie.
Aziraphale smiled, rather proud of herself for learning to text so well. It did make keeping in touch with all her children ever so much easier. And she learned so much!
She moved a few piles of books away and settled in front of her computer, pressing the little button to turn it on. When the DOS prompt began to blink, she carefully, precisely typed in 'Please show me push-up bras I can buy'.
The computer, which had been built in a time when the internet was still for wonks at various national defence departments and the world wide web was barely a dream, whirred softly as it showed Aziraphale a series of images, each lovelier and more impressive than the last until she spotted a bra she thought she might like, and carefully clicked on it.
That afternoon, a small package was delivered to the bookshop by a slightly confused but very well-tipped courier.
“Whazzat, love?” Crowley asked. She was lounging on the sofa not quite day-drunk, but feeling very happy and relaxed after a boozy pub lunch.
“Oh, a new bra,” Aziraphale said absently. “Aelis showed me a picture of one like it, and I decided to try it out.” She spoke with the kind of careless breeze that meant she knew Crowley was about to do something dramatic.
“Ooooh, always knew I liked that girl,” Crowley approved. “Is it see-through?”
“No, dearest.” Aziraphale carefully undid the packaging, and unfolded the tissue paper. “Oh my!”
“Lemme see,” Crowley whined, making grabby noises. “Wanna see.”
“You are a child,” Aziraphale informed her, but also began to unbutton her waistcoat, and the shirt underneath it. She was wearing quite sensible undergarments she thought, with only oh just a bit of lace. Well, all right, mostly lace.
“Am I bad at being butch, darling?” she asked Crowley as she undid the clasp in back and shrugged off her brassiere.
“Not even a tiny bit,” Crowley said. “Why'd you get a new bra anyway? Not that I'm complaining.”
“It's a different style than I've worn before,” Aziraphale said, slipping it on and fastening it closed. “Oh! Good lord, one could suffocate.” “Huh?” Crowley watched curiously while Aziraphale turned around.
Crowley fell off of the sofa.
“Oh really,” Aziraphale said, hands on hips.
“Hnnnghhhhhhh,” Crowley wheezed.
“You are being ridiculous.” Aziraphale poked one of her breasts, admittedly a little fascinated. “Good God, they're up around my neck.”
Crowley made a noise like a teakettle.
“Oh, you are useless.” Aziraphale said, turning sideways to look at herself in a convenient mirror. “My goodness, I see why these became...a thing. They're quite, ah, transformative.”
“Holy shit, your titties,” Crowley wheezed from the floor.
“Yes, dearest,” Aziraphale said. “Gosh, I don't think my shirt will fit right with this.” She shrugged and snapped her fingers, now clad in a very pretty sundress, cut a bit low. The waist nipped in, showing off her figure, and a fluffy crinoline poufed the skirt out attractively. She turned the other way and admired the shoes she'd given herself, and, well, the overall effect.
“Now you're doing that on purpose,” Crowley whined, finally dragging herself off of the floor and coming closer to get her hands on her angel.
“Good of you to notice,” Aziraphale said, still peering down at her transformed bosom. “Gosh.”
“Please tell me if this isn't all right,” Crowley said, before simply planting her face in Aziraphale's breasts.
“You are an embarrassment to all human, demon and angel kind,” Aziraphale told her.
Aziraphale: Hello, lovely Aelis. How are you today?
Aelis: I'll be best of all when I can take you and Crowley out to lunch. I'm good, I think. I feel good in my body today.
Aziraphale: I'm so glad, darling. And we would love to take you out to lunch if you're free today. By the by, I bought one of those push-up bras! Very modern silhouette.
Aelis: You're not distracting me at all, Auntie, I'm treating you both. But wow, did Crowley survive??
Aziraphale: You know her so well. She can even make words again today.
Aelis: Aziraphale, you are so mean.
Aziraphale: I know, it's ever so much fun.
Aelis: I love you.
Aziraphale: I know. I love you too, my beautiful girl.
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fanfoolishness · 2 months ago
All right, yelling about The Reckoning, starting now!
Kuiil!!! We will always love you!
Still so bummed Gina Carano was just so.. fricking... why
Well screw her, I’m gonna enjoy Cara Dune’s character in my own way with my liberal non-science-denying pro-trans pro-Judaism ass and there’s nothing she can do about it
Grogu! It looks like he’s sleeping on the chair in the cockpit behind Din. Din! Do you not own a fucking blanket for this little creature? No one on Sorgan wanted to give you one for helping save the town? No one wanted to send you off with all the cutest Sorgan-made baby toys and homespun blankets and cute little krill-dyed blue clothes??? Or did they want to and you conveniently refused them because you didn’t want such things of friendship and softness in your little metal home?
I like watching the way Din’s hands move over the console in the Crest...
Greef Karga’s such a dramatic bitch, I love it, “if you’re getting this you’re still alive. You might be surprised to hear this, but I am alive too.” Ooooooooh
Greef Karga is seriously peeved about the Client still being there, he is PEEVED
If Din succeeds in killing the Client, Greef says “You keep the Child”
Din doesn’t know about the Jedi. He doesn’t have a quest in relation to Grogu. All he knows is he had to keep the kid safe. And here’s Greef saying “keep.” Keep him. Something he didn’t want to think too deeply about, but here it is, keep, and what would that mean for him? What would that mean for him and the child?
His child?
*rubs little fiendish fingers together and cackles*
Din is... intrigued. And also extremely decisive. Sorgan time! I always forget we get a second little snippet of it when picking up Cara.
I hope we get another Cara who can throw punches like this, though.
Don’t think I didn’t miss that pretty villager who told Cara “thank you.” We all always agreed Cara is gay right?
“I’m the snare” ooooh tell me more, Mr. Mandalorian
Grogu burbling, sooo cute
Grogu absolutely heard Din say the kid would never be safe as long as the Imps were looking for him. Grogu heard him and understood him and tried to fly the damn ship away, YOUR SON IS SCARED! Or at least saying “for the Force’s sake, dad, beef up your side a little bit more here”
When did Din get the floating box that Grogu is in? When the fuck did this appear from?
IG-11 is just trying to give people tea! And awwww when Din calls Grogu the baby. <3
Kuiil is such a good droid dad!!!
Kuiil dropping truth bombs right and left about the nature of droids
Happy little blurrgs :)
Grogu is so worried about his dad omg
Din, you’re never hungry :(
It’s interesting we also just had an episode about a motley crew working together and fighting amongst themselves, but here, the tension just dissolves. It’s all about the kid. It’s a nice subversion of what we expect with motley allies.
It appears that introductions are in order! / Din: I can have friends too! I swear
New pram — definitely better than a milk crate or whatever
Greef, you can just talk anytime. Love that Carl Weathers voice.
How come so many planets in Star Wars have animals but no plants? Do the animals photosynthesize??? How does this work
Man this is an awkward dinner date at the bonfire
Din: “Greef it makes me very uncomfortable when you joke about people harming my child :) :) :)”
Oh man I forgot Din got all clawed up by the night bird things and was all smashed into the ground, poor Mando
It would actually be cool if Cara had some field medic experience now that I think of it
“He’s trying to eat me!” Will always be great
Din: SO GODDAMN PROUD OF GROGU for healing Greef and also
Stormtroopers are such pricks
My helmet? ON YOUR WALL??????
Werner Herzog, you’re being a little creepy. Also seriously though what even is your story???
How did the Empire get people to drink the Kool-Aid? Like they just won’t admit they want power? nooooo we wanted to bring you all peace! Y u mad tho?
It is asleep
WE ALL WILL BE QUIET (i love it so much)
“You said four” I SAID WHAT I SAID
Moff Gideon is such a petulant bastard
Din you killed Kuiil by raising him on the comm link :( :( :(
Now it’s sad strings Mando time :(
When will Grogu heal Mando? Please tell me it’s coming ;_;
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ovvnwords · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
WANTED  CONNECTIONS  ....  hi  here  is  a  list  of  connections  i  would  really  really  want  for  my  gremlins.  inspo  from  all  places  ;  music,  movies,  pins,  etc.  i’ll  post  this  in  the  server  /  put  it  linked  in  my  pinned  post  but  for  best  results  send  me  a  dm  on  d/scord  bc  i  suck  at  things!  thank.
AVIVA  ROUX  .  podcaster  /  content  creator (  meg  t.  stallion )  !
GIRL  GANG  !  not  necessarily  ‘girls’  but  yk  what  i  mean.  very  close  knit,  always  hanging  out,  never  one  w/o  the  other,  etc.  i  like  the  idea  of  them  all  bein’  kind  of  different  ----  breakfast  club  style?  (  aviva  cld  be  the  *jughead  vc*  i’m  a  weirdo  for  example  ).  idk  i  think  it’d  be  neat  n  interesting  cld  even  have  group  chat  edits  n  things  on  the  dash  frankly  i  wld  just  like  for  her  to  have  some  friends!  inspo  ( one  ,  two )  .
PODCAST  PARTNER  ! the  shane  to  her  ryan,  so  to  speak.  the  show  talks  about  mysteries  and  internet  oddities  and  different  spooky  things ( they  borderline  on  true  crime,  but  they  don’t  necessarily  go  into  detail  about  cases  if  that  makes  sense  )  .  i  think  the  dynamic  of  a  outrageous  thinker  to  her  pessimistic  ideals.  inspo  ( one  ,  two ,  three  ,  this  tag  ) .
YOUNGER  SIBLING  !  i  like  to  imagine  they’re  pretty  close,  maybe  close  in  age?  i  don’t  rlly  have  much  to  say  about  this  one,  should  probably  put  it  on  the  main,  but  i  love  sibling  connects  so  !
HATEHSHIP  !  someone  she  jus  can’t  stand  yet  can’t  stay  away  from.  maybe  they’re  an  asshole  but  damn  cute,  or  another  reason.  inspo (  one  )  .
ROOMMATES  ! like  to  imagine  it’s  a  bunch  of  them  living  friends-style,  either  in  the  same  apartment  or  even  building  (  or  wld  that  be  jersey  shore  style.  idk  ) but  it  cld  be  fun  especially  if  they  don’t  get  along  all  that  well  but  the  rent  is  nice  and  they  make  it  work.
FIRST  CRUSH  ! eeeeeeeeeeeee  they  cld’ve  met  when  they  were  children  and  had  one  of  those  one  day  long  things  in  elementary  school  where  they  broke  up  bc  they  didn’t  share  crayons  or  something  JSDVKJDFVKJV  they  could’ve  remained  friends,  been  neighbors,  had  crushes  or  a  fling  in  high  school  .
EX  SQUAD  !  i  like  the  idea  of  aviva  having  a  solid  friend  group  in  high  school  that  all  aren’t  good  terms  with  each  other  for  whatever  reason  ..  don’t  have  to  figure  it  out  asap  i  just  love  the  tension  thts  all.
BEST  FRIEND  /  RIDE  OR  DIE  ! someone  who  has  her  back  and  vice  versa.  supports  each  other  thru  thick  and  thin,  gives  each  other  the  whack  on  the  head  they  need  every  once  in  a  while.  inspo  (  one,  two )  .
FLING  /  FWB  /  HOOK  UPS  ! kind  of  self  explanatory.  aviva  doesn’t  really  have  a  preference,  if  she’s  attracted  to  u  she’s  attracted  to  you,  has  her  fun  but  s*x  isn’t  really  her  idea  of  a  fun  thing  to  do  24  /  7  .  like  to  imagine  she  mostly  goes  for  women  ( hey  ladies  .... )  !
EX  PARTNER  ! i  like  the  idea  of  them  being  super  cute  n  lovey  dovey  in  hs  but  then  maybe  one  of  them  went  off  to  college?  they  had  a  falling  out?  ended  on  not  so  great  terms?  the  possibilities  are  endless  to  be  frank!
RIVAL  /  ENEMY  /  SOMEONE  SHE  JUST  CAN’T  STAND  !  ig  this  could  be  more  chemsitry  based  but  they  just  avidly  dislike  each  other  for  one  reason  or  another?  can’t  stand  each  other?  petty  tweets  /  subtweets  etc  etc  .  could  be  fun  n  juicy.
FRIENDS  !  self  explanatory.
DAWSON  ELLIS .  unemployed  /  formal  journalist ( chris  pine  )  !
FRIENDS  !  self  explanatory.    he’s  40,  so  rlly  he  just  kinda  vibing.
RIVALS  /  ENEMIES  !  i  like  the  idea  of  just  hating  each  other  since  high  school  and  just  have  this  burning  hatred  for  each  other  even  after  all  this  time  …  chuckles.  inspo  (  one  )  .
PEOPLE  HE  TAKES  UNDER  HIS  WING  !  idk  what  this  could  entail  maybe  he  jus  likes  one  of  u  youngins  …  doesn’t  want  to  see  u  in  the  same  path  he  went  down,  tries  to  steer  u  straight  a  little  bit.  stuff  like  that.  very  dad  like  as  if  he  has  a  maternal  bone  in  his  body.
EX FIANCE ! heheh .. i plan on making this a wc possibly, but i like the idea of someone who he dated for a long period of time after he graduated and left irving, eventually who he proposed two. maybe his addiction could have caused a strain, maybe it was because he was traveling so much, or some other reason but then they broke it off. they came back to irving for one reason or another, he came back bc he’s sober now, there’s tension. kind of based on exile by taylor swift + bon iver .
EMPLOYER  !  this  man  needs  a  job.  so  ........    hands  on  hips  who  is  hiring.
FRIENDS  FROM  HIGH  SCHOOL  !  if  anyone  grew  up  in  irving  /  or  was  in  hs  around  the  time  he  was,  it  could  be  quite  fun  to  reconnect.  old  friends  yadda  yadda  yadda.  
SOMEONE  WHO  KNOWS  HIM  ONLY  FROM  HIS  SISTER  !  smiles  at  jean  so  wide  .....  yes  dawson  is  leonora’s  annoying  lil  brother.  he’s  very  elusive  (  or  so  he  thinks  …  )  so  .  we  cld  do  something  with  that  perhaps.
ELIJAH  PALERMO .  little  league  coach  /  student  (  lukas  gage  )  !
THE  LAST  PALERMO  SIBLING  !  yes  …  this  is  on  the  main  but  i  imagine  elijah  and  them  to  be  very  close  and  it’d  be  fun!  sorry  for  the  grey  hairs  though.
BEST  FRIEND  !  this  is  someone  elijah  trusts  more  than  jus  abt  anybody  ..  including  his  siblings  maybe.  they’re  always  together,  never  apart,  besties  forever.  causing  chaos  and  mayhem.  probably  co-parent  georgia.  knows  each  others  fast  food  orders,  encouraging  their  bad  behaviors  …  
EXES  !  i  like  to  imagine  elijah  is  the  type  to  rush  into  a  relationship  then  have  it  all  turn  to  shit.  could  be  on  good  terms,  bad  term,  neutral.  
EX  FRIENDS  !  along  the  same  vein,  maybe  they  had  a  falling  out?  one  of  them  just  didn’t  want  to  be  friends  anymore?  they  just  stopped  talking?  give  me  angst  thank  u.
FRIENDS  !  hes  so  talkative  and  annoying  please  give  him  more  friends  …  my  personal  favorites  are  old  couple  bickering  /  complete  opposites  /  good  or  bad  influences  /  new  age  “thembo  summit”  where  there’s  no  got  damn  thought  in  anyones  head  just  vibes.
FLIRTATIONSHIP  !  they  flirt  …  they  give  each  other  eyes.  and  yet?  nothing.  wtf.
HOOK  UPS  /  FWBS  !  they’re  hot.  and  he  has  eyes.  it’s  basic  math.  
RIVAL  /  ENEMY  !  i  like  to  imagine  elijah  didn’t  mean  to  be  rude  /  or  did  something  bad  to  this  person  but  he  did,  even  accidentally,  but  now  they  hate  him.  or  even  mutual  hatred  <3  constant  subtweets  n  petty  comments  in  public  …
PARTY  BUDDIES  !  theyre  always  together  at  parties  …  self  explanatory.  
PARENT  OF  KIDS  HE  COACHES  !  self-explanatory.
CLASSMATES  !  must  go  to  community  college,  but  otherwise  self-explanatory.  
WILL  THEY  /  WON’T  THEY  !  i  love  this  kinda  shit  ..  theyre  constantly  acting  like  a  couple  but  also  aren’t  one.  everyone  is  dying  to  know  like  …...  so  isn’t  eli  <3
HATEHSHIP  !  they  hate  each  other  .  but  also  f*ck.  then  hate  each  other  again.
ROOMMATES  !  pls  give  him  a  roommate  this  fucker  can’t  function  by  himself.
KALANI  MADDEN  .  student  (  auli’i  cravalho  )  !
PEOPLE  SHE  TEACHES  ASL  !  this  is  my  favorite.  pls  pls  pls.  she  uses  asl  as  her  primary  source  of  communication,  she’s  most  comfortable  with  it  due  to  her  hearing,  but  many  people  don’t  know  it  so  pls  let  her  teach  ur  muse  i’d  love  it  so  much.
FRIENDS  /  BEST  FRIENDS  !  i’d  love  to  have  a  lil  squad  ..  lil  baby  squad  or  even  just  a  best  friend  who  they’re  always  sharing  tiktoks  over  videos  and  having  sleepovers  and  going  to  wendys  at  1  am  bc  they’re  bored.  
RIVALS  /  ENEMIES  !  people  who  just  don’t  fuckin  like  her  bc  she’s  annoying  like  i  understand.
PEOPLE  WHO  DON’T  TAKE  HER  SHIT  /  HATE  HER  DRAMATICS  !  pls  hate  her.  punt  her  to  the  moon.  
PEOPLE  SHE  SPOILS  WITH  HER  PARENTS  MONEY  !  pls  let  her  sugar  mama  u.  she  will  buy  u  legit  anything  if  ur  nice  to  her.  
FLIRTATIONSHIP  !  this  wld  be  a  bit  cute  ..  almost  a  will  they  won’t  they  vibe.  they  flirt.  they  smile.  they  make  googley  eyes.  they  subtweet  each  other.  it’s  messy  and  cute.  
BAD  INFLUENCES  /  GOOD  INFLUENCES  !  people  who  lead  her  either  down  a  really  good  or  really  bad  path.  
PEOPLE  SHE  KNOWS  BC  OF  HER  BROTHER  !  self-explanatory  but  also  kind  of  need  him  for  this  so  .  hehe  .
HER  BROTHER  !  on  the  main,  but  pls  bring  this  kid  her  parent  (  almost  )  .
PEOPLE  SHE  KNEW  BACK  IN  NYC  !  self-explanatory.  her  family  is  very  wealthy,  famous  in  the  social  scene.
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scarlettlillies · 3 months ago
Hetalia - The Last Night
Back in 2019, I had written a fic under the same name for Nordipalooza but I wasn’t happy with the ending I had made. Finally after almost two years, it’s finished! I wrote around five or six different endings but none of them seemed to mesh well with the story. While I’m not 100% satisfied with the outcome, I like this ending a lot more than the last one! I'm very happy I can finally cross this fic off my to-do list.
This fic is set around September 1939. The original prompt for this was "Finland, Any character - Final meeting". Both characters are brothers in this.
If you prefer to read this at Ao3, you can click the link here.
Summary: Finland and Estonia meet up for drinks at their usual spot in Tallinn. But Finland can't shake off how cold his neighbour is acting and Estonia avoids any attempt at setting the record straight.
In a dimly-lit bar, they share a drink together. As chatty as everyone is, their voices are low and soft while the mood is somber at best. There are few smiles as a singer in the background reminisces of a long lost love. Finland though is in his own world and pulled out a case from his chest pocket and offered Estonia a cigarette but the man declined.
“C’mon Estonia, live a little. I bet you’ve never smoked a day in your life.”
“For your information, I live a fulfilling life and doing just fine without them,” he laughed. “Besides, smoking too many of them will kill you.”
“Details!” Finland said before he lit up a smoke. After taking a few drags, he let it lay against a glass ashtray and placed the lighter next to it. “It isn’t like we can die anyways.”
That got a chuckle out of Estonia when he placed a finger to his lips, “Shh… don’t say that out loud. No one is supposed to know about that.” With a few friendly jabs back and forth, their conversation quickly died and the two men were left to sit in an awkward silence that had Finland feeling out of place. It wasn’t normal for their conversations to just dissipate like that. He watched Estonia’s mannerisms closely as he took a few more drags of his cigarette. The man was staring mindlessly into his liqueur with an expression that would rival a grieving widow. Finland was beginning to lose his patience. In a move that was out of character for him, he smacked the table with such force that Estonia jumped from his seat and startled the folks at the surrounding tables.
“I didn’t sit on a boat for two and half hours to watch you stare at your drink all night.”
Finland’s tone was harsh and Estonia stared at him like a deer in headlights, “Uh, right, I’m sorry.” he replied as he turned his head looking rather embarrassed. Finland quickly returned to his usual self when he realized what he had done. He rubbed the back of his neck feeling rather guilty. He couldn’t believe he lost his temper like that.
“Estonia, I’m so sorry,” he said apologetically. “It’s just—I’m worried about you right now.”
“I know, I know,” Estonia replied. “And you don’t need to apologize. I should be the one apologizing. I’m the one who invited you and yet here I am being a bad host. Let’s restart this from scratch shall we?”
Estonia lifted up his drink up and with a grin he proposed a toast, “To friendship and brotherhood.”
Finland was impressed just how quick Estonia changed his entire persona. He was dying for a topic change and was delighted to put all of this in the past, for now at least.
“To friendship and brotherhood!”
Estonia seemed to be loosening himself up after having two drinks as they chatted about everything under the sun. Finland went for sports and his adventures of playing catch-up with Sweden. Meanwhile Estonia talked about music and his fascination for the sciences. Even as the patrons slowly emptied the bar and the shows were ending for the night, they continued on as if the world around them didn’t exist, ordering drink after drink. Finally at one in the morning, the owners grew tired of them causing a ruckus. One of the men, who spoke Estonian with a notable accent and dressed in an expensive blue suit, announced they were closing shortly and the two of them needed to leave. They didn’t contest and Estonia paid the bill. They stumbled out of bar, laughing at the top of their lungs, and their arms entwined. The owners had never been so grateful to see someone leave as the man from earlier locked the door behind them.
Estonia walked Finland back to his hotel. He felt guilty that he couldn’t house him but Finland didn’t seem to mind. It wasn’t Estonia’s fault that he lacked a spare bed and there was no way he was going to let Finland sleep on the bedroom floor. The rooms in Tallinn were cheap, cozy, and it suited his needs just fine. Finland’s feet were killing him but luckily his hotel wasn’t too far from the bar they spent their evening at.
The air felt like winter was just around the corner and Finland hated it. It was made worse when the mood between them had also reverted back to how things were at the bar earlier in the evening. Estonia insisted it was because he was tired but Finland was not buying it. He doesn’t press him about it however. He doesn’t want to end their stellar night on such a sour note.
When they had arrived to the old-style wooden hotel doors, Finland was taken aback when Estonia showered him with so much open affection. Estonia wrapped his arms around him and pulled him in for a warm and familiar embrace.
But his hug felt different than usual. He had felt this kind of hug before—on the night he and Sweden said their goodbyes before Russia took him away to Saint Petersburg. The memory of the mighty Sweden failing to keep his composure; his tears stained his shoulders as he whispered “I’m sorry” over and over in his ear, was one that he’ll never forget for eternity. It was only ten years ago that Sweden had opened up to him that he truly felt that he was never going to see Finland ever again.
Now, it was Estonia’s turn. It was one to feel it from Sweden but Estonia was his brother—his best friend. They had spent so many centuries apart even though they lived under the same ruling powers. Sweden would tip-toe around the rules to keep him comfortable. Russia, on the other hand, had given him more freedoms than Estonia ever hoped to have when he began living under his roof—though he later realized this was only because Russia feared he’d rebel in order to return to Sweden. But now that they were free together, Finland couldn’t bare to lose Estonia again. He wouldn’t let that happen again.
Finland noticed the sorrow in Estonia’s aqua-coloured eyes when he had pulled away. Though he promised himself that he wouldn't push the issue, Finland can't let it slide any longer.
“Estonia, please talk to me. You haven’t been yourself all night.”
There’s a long and lengthy pause, and Finland never got the answers he wanted. Instead Estonia avoids the question entirely. He shouldn’t have expected anything less from him. Estonia always tip-toed around questions he didn’t want to answer by changing the topic or continuing on as if nothing happened. The man had such strong walls that few could tumble down.
“Thank you for such a wonderful evening. Promise me we’ll do this again?”
“Of course. But—”
“Excellent. I’ll be looking forward to it,” Estonia grinned. “Please send my regards to Sweden the next time you two meet.”
He stuffed his bare hands in his coat pockets and Estonia turned to walk away into the night. Finland however was quicker and grabbed on to Estonia’s right arm with a tight grip.
“Wait!” Finland cried out desperately. “Please stay the night with me. It’s late out and there’s nothing running at this hour. My bed is big enough for the both of us.”
Estonia turned his head back with a smile. It’s not the kind that Finland wanted—it was somber at best—but it was still a smile.
“I’m flattered but that’s not necessary. Don’t worry, I’ll be alright. Tallinn is pretty safe at night.”
In a move that surprised Estonia (though it probably shouldn’t have), Finland yanked him backwards by pulling him by the arm. They grew closer as Estonia could feel Finland’s head pressed deep into his upper back. Quiet sobs could be heard and it was cracking Estonia’s hard composure. He hated seeing others cry but hurt more when it came from the ones he loved most. He tried to rationalize himself that all of this was because Finland was tired and a little drunk. But even that couldn’t get Estonia to believe his own lies.
“Please talk to me,” Finland softly repeated, in between sobs. “Whatever it is, I won’t judge.”
“I’m sorry but I can’t.”
“Yes you can. Stop lying to me.”
Estonia hung his head low and bit his lip for a brief moment. He opened his mouth, took a breath—and then nothing. One half of him wanted to spill his emotions out. But no matter how much he tried, the other half was too stubborn to admit the truth: his freedom was at jeopardy and he was too ashamed to admit it. The war brewing in the west will not spare them.
The only thing he could muster up was a warning—
“A word of advice: if Russia comes to your door, don’t answer it. He’s the devil in disguise.”
Finland’s eyes opened wide when Estonia used all of his strength to pull himself from his friend’s grip. Without looking back, he ran as fast as he could through the streets of the downtown without a word. Hotel patrons arrived to their windows startled when Finland yelled out his name loud enough that his voice had cracked. He couldn’t get the energy to go after him and stopped after making it a few blocks away from the hotel. He watched helplessly as Estonia disappeared further into darkness.
To say his words hadn’t struck fear into him would be a lie. A warning from Estonia was never to be taken lightly. The man seemed to carry a sixth sense and could feel danger approaching long before it would take place.
It really did feel as if this was their final night together.
And in the end, Finland never slept that night.
He stood up in his bed until dawn smoking each cigarette, one by one, until his case of eight was emptied out. The sun was beginning to rise though its light was stuck behind dark grey clouds—a fitting end to his time in Tallinn. He watched attentively at the dead streets of the Old City through the dirty hotel window while the radio cycled through various soft jazz tunes. It was an easy distraction to keep his mind from replaying the events from last night.
It was nearly six the morning. He had to get himself ready or he’d miss the cruise back to Helsinki. He was still dressed in the clothing he went out to the bar with, minus his jacket which had been tossed on to a chair at the room’s entrance, but he made sure to clean himself up. He hardly recognized himself in the bathroom mirror. His light blond hair looked ruffled like a bird’s nest while his eyes looked dark, heavy, and blood-shot. His white-collared shirt was wrinkled from front to back and his suspenders were barely hanging on at the edge of his shoulders. Finland looked as if he aged by at least five years. He wasn’t sure why he bothered splashing water in his face—it didn’t fix the bags underneath his eyes. But at least he felt a little more refreshed as he dried himself off.
His belongings were packed and he pulled the wrinkles out of the bed he ended up never sleeping in. After calling for a taxi, he carried his heavy bags down the long-winded wooden stair case to the small lobby. Finland was ready to pay his bill but the young clerk had mysteriously disappeared. He lightly tapped the silver bell for service. It was there on the counter where Finland saw a copy of today’s paper and he grabbed it to have a closer look. He had suddenly lost the colour in his face when he saw the solo photographs of Estonia and Russia’s bosses side by side. His eyes read the black bolded headline and Estonia’s words rang in his head like a broken record:
If Russia comes to your door, don’t answer it. He’s the devil in disguise.
If Russia comes to your door, don’t answer it. He’s the devil in disguise.
If Russia comes to your door, don’t answer it. He’s the devil in disguise...
He understood everything now. It won’t be long that he’ll be next in line. He was always Russia’s favourite after all.
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weareinstrangetimes · 3 months ago
This Day In History - Jan 20, 2021 |  a work in progress...
Immediately after the inauguration of Joseph R Biden as the 46th President of The United States of America, the Republican Party, along with the right wing disinformation network and their allies abroad and whatever nook and cranny they can be found in will attempt to re-write history. They will point the finger of blame for everything they are responsible for including their complicity in the corruption, deceit, atrocities, breaking of all norms, denigrating the Constitution, insurrection and attempted sedition based on the lies and conspiracy theories by their nice leader and traitor-in-chief.
A post from October with a lot of research, graphs, and links, topped with a video from Meidas Touch
The Trump Depression: The Economy Does Better Under the Democrats
One of the rare occasions when DJT has told the truth.
The National Debt.
Trump’s most enduring legacy could be the historic rise in the national debt
One Year, 400,000 Coronavirus Deaths: How the U.S. Guaranteed Its Own Failure
Cremation Limits Lifted In LA Due To 'Backlog' As COVID-19 Deaths Skyrocket
~~~~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I continuously see posts in FB, and shared from one person to another, in many edited forms, that are to be their “reminder” of where we are currently, for posterity. Most of them will have some personal points of fact in them such as the current price of gasoline in their area. Most of them contain the usual false or misleading talking points used by the GOP and the right wing disinformation circles. They aren’t outrageously nonsensical enough to have come from the duck pond people, so they mostly are just the usual disinformation from the Republicans. Case in point: Facebook post I am making this post so it will show back up as a future memory on my timeline:Today is Biden's Inauguration ...Gasoline is currently $2.17 per gallon in Checotah OK. Interest rates are 2.25% for a 30 year mortgage. The stock market closed at 31,188.38 +257.86 (0.83%) today even though we have been fighting COVID for 11 months. Our GDP growth for the 3rd Qtr was 33.1 percent. We had the best economy ever until COVID and it is recovering well. We have not had any new wars or conflicts in the last 4 years. North Korea has been under control and has not been testing any missiles. ISIS has not been heard from for over 3 years. The housing market is the strongest it has been in years. Homes have appreciated at an unbelievable rate and sell well. Wood prices are high with 2x2x8' going around $5.66/stud at Home Depot... And let’s not forget that peace deals in the Middle East were signed by 4 countries—unprecedented! Unemployment sits at 6.7% in spite of COVID.
Point - Counter Point
My reply: The 33% gain in GDP is true. That is still 10% below the Q1 level after the 31.4% drop in Q2. And even farther below the Q4 2019 level. The reason for the 33% gain from a 31.4% loss is due to the stimulus pumped into the economy from the Cares Act that Nancy Pelosi worked so hard on getting. 
Below is a running tracking of the GDP from 1947 to the latest data. There are two major drops in the GDP. One starting in Q3 2008, and another dramatic one beginning Q1 2020.
Tumblr media
   Reply to me: plus adding manufacturing that was outsourced to offshore manufacturing, lowering tax rates on business, and a multitude of other things. If you think this new stimulus bill they passed will benefit us we'll see since they seem more interested in sending money to other countries including enemies.
My Response:
Which manufacturing jobs were those? I know there has always been a lot of "talk" about it. Many corporations took advantage of their tax windfall to buy back their own stocks. Some who did upgrades added automation which resulted in loss of jobs for human workers, that robots could do. Some of those high profile corporations that were on display at the White House who gave out $1000 bonuses (to high ranking employees) laid workers off and scaled back which more than made up for it. Many CEOs and upper management received raises and very little went to the working class employees. There were a few companies that actually did increase wages and benefits to their employees, and Kudos to them. But I think they were in the minority.
The money going to foreign countries is not anything new and it was also included in the previous years budgets. It was part of the annual budget, in the defense portion, and was not part of the stimulus bill. They combined voting on them to try to get them both passed. The House voted on them separately and the Senate was to vote on the combined bill. The talking points are merely political, knowing full well that the majority of the population were not going to do any research.
N Korea? While exchanging love letters they were continuing their nuclear war head development under the cloud of a love affair. They had already perfected and tested their long range missiles within the last 4 years. Missiles that could reach the Western United States.
Peace treaties between non-warring countries? A nice political ploy. Bebe was returning the favor for the previous administration's help with his re-election. The two peoples still at odds are Israel and the Palestinians. The Palestinians were left out. The Palestinians want the same thing that Israel has always wanted and rightly so. Their own homeland/country and recognition on the world stage. The conflicts in that region, aside from with Iran, were with Qatar, (where we have a strategically shared air base and thousands of troops, and the other strategic partners in the region. Why? Because Jared Kushner got turned down when he was asking Qatar to bail out his failing 666 5th Ave property. It was revenge. So, that's like throwing gas on a pile of wood, lighting it, and then offering water to put the fire out. Those "peace treaties" were nothing more than normalization and cooperation agreements with some promised "deals" thrown in.
Point - Counter Point Another post being passed around in FB.
I've heard everyone else's hatred, rhetoric and blatant lies for the past four years, so now I'm expressing my opinion. If you don't like it, you know where the delete button is. Let me be clear, I'm not a Biden fan. I think he's corrupt, a liar, a racist fanatic, he's in bed with China and probably suffers dementia. He has done nothing to improve anything in his 47 year political career. But what has Trump done in the past 4 years?The ′′ arrogant ′′ in the White House negotiated four Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of endless political intervention and war failed to produce.The White House ′′ buffoon ′′ is the first president to not involve us in an outside war since Eisenhower.The ′′ racist ′′ in the White House has had the biggest impact on the economy, bringing jobs and reducing unemployment among the black and Latina population of ANY other president. Never. Ever.The ′′ liar ′′ in the White House has exposed profound, widespread and long-standing corruption in the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Republican and Democratic parties.The White House ′′ White Supremacist ′′ turned NATO around and made them start paying their debts.The White House's ′′ dumb ′′ neutralized North Koreans and prevented them from sending missiles to Japan and threatening the Western US.The ′′ xenophobic ′′ in the White House changed our relationship with the Chinese, brought hundreds of businesses back to the US and revived the economy.This same ′′ clown ′′ reduced taxes, increased the standard deduction in his IRS statement from $ 12,500 to $ 24,400 for married couples and prompted the stock market to rise to record levels, positively impacting retirement accounts of tens of millions of citizens.The ′′ idiot ′′ in the White House accelerated the development of multiple COVID vaccines that are now available or will be soon. And yet we still don't have a vaccine for SARS, bird flu, ebola, or a number of diseases that emerged during previous administrations.The ′′ orange man ′′ in the White House rebuilt our military, which the Obama administration paralyzed and fired 214 key generals and admirals in their first year of term.Got it you don't like it. Many of you hate and despise him completely. How special of you. He is serving you and the WHOLE American people. What are you doing besides insulting him and laughing that he got the China virus Some of you even expected COVID to be the cause of her disappearance. (Ah, the left. The party of ′′ tolerance ′′Please re-educate me on what Biden has accomplished for America in his 47 years in office, as well as enriching the entire Biden family. BTW where's Hunter?I'll take the ′′ clown ′′ any day versus a corrupt, hypocritical, racist, fork-tongue liar. I want a strong leader who isn't afraid to kick butts when necessary. I don't need a father figure. I don't need a liar. That's what Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and The New York Times are for.Call me dumb, racist, super diffuser or part of the basket of deplorables. I don't care!God bless Donald Trump, the best and least appreciated president in US history.
Counterpoint part 1: I realize you are not the author of that post. I have seen this post re-posted many times in various forms here in FB including by friends and I didn't respond. But since this is my post I will. I have also seen it at a site where gamers, musicians, music enthusiasts and creative folks hang out. It did not originate from there. The origin I believe is in part anyway from the same conspiracy theorist group that also makes up wild and crazy claims of former heads of state and officials being arrested, that never are. And people dying, who are still alive. And a dead person secretly being alive and running a crusade, who is still dead. And pizza joints having basements with trafficking rings, that have no basements. And miracle cures for COVID that are not proven and can cause more damage if not used for what they were intended for, even if you have a really cool pillow and a clean aquarium. And, and, and ... 5G, windmills, George Soros, Bill Gates, Forest Gump, Mr. Magoo, and voodoo doctors doing it with little green men in their dreams. 
Do they ever question why everything they believe is bunk? Do they ever get angry for being deceived? Do they ever feel foolish for looking foolish for posting such foolish nonsense? No. They just pass it off and wait for the next wild tale to spread and swear by. 
There are those who praise so-called Peace Treaties between nations that are not at war, leaving out the 1 culture that is affected and wants their own sovereignty and homeland, in every one of those so called "peace treaties". They suggest he should get a Nobel Peace Prize, and some even think he has been awarded it because he puts a fake facsimile of the medal in some of his posts. Those "peace treaties" I don't think were any more than cooperation and normalization agreements, and in some cases containing agreements to make financial transactions. 
The guy they tout as not having involved us in any wars has brought us very close to nuclear conflicts with his loud mouth and nasty tweets. The one guy who was the most imminent danger learned quickly that he could dupe the the mad Tweeter by giving him praise. In turn, he received what his father and grand father, also dictators before him, could never get from a U.S. President. What they got, with very little in return, was their most coveted prize, an audience with the Tweeter which gave them credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of their own subservient population. And they got an end to our annual readiness maneuvers with their Southern neighbor and our other strategic allies which was their second most coveted prize. Then while exchanging love letters with the mad Tweeter, they were able to secretly continue with their nuclear warhead development. And since they already have long range missile capability to reach the United States (tested during the mad Tweeter's reign) they are not only a major threat to our allies in the South Pacific, they are an imminent threat to the mainland U.S. 
The "buffoon" (referenced in the list of fables) in question also abandoned our allies that were instrumental in fighting ISIL (who is not completely eliminated) leaving them to be threatened with genocide (our betrayed allies) by another despot whose country hosts real estate developments the mad Tweeter has his name on (Trump Towers), and another crazed dictator who has been guilty of genocide and using chemical weapons in his own country on his own citizens. Those allies were also guarding the prisons that the ISIL prisoners were housed in, and they were allowed to escape. In fact his claims of completely eliminating ISIL himself 100% can be debunked by his own State Department. That was in 2017 and 2018. So, if ISIL (ISIS) was 100% defeated by 2018, why were we still fighting them in late 2019? Trump walks back claim of defeating ‘100% of the ISIS caliphate’ The claims by the right wing propagandists and Trump regarding unemployment for Blacks, and Latinos can be corrected by simply doing some research. AP FACT CHECK: Trump on unemployment for blacks, Latinos Quote from the fable: "The White House ′′ White Supremacist ′′ turned NATO around and made them start paying their debts." What he did was weaken our alliances, playing right in the hands of one of our most dangerous adversaries, the guy who helped him to get into office. Something he has done throughout his term. And, his alt-facts and those of the right wing deceivers are easily fact checked. FactChecking Trump’s NATO Remarks Trump made many claims about bringing jobs back to the U.S. and creating new jobs. Many of those things he was taking credit for early on were things that were already in the works long before he was helped into the White House. 2017: 2020: We can reshore manufacturing jobs, but Trump hasn’t done it
There are a lot of claims around the GOP tax cuts. Sure, the standard deduction was increased. So has the cost of living due to illegal trade wars and prices sky rocketing. And many deductions for those who itemized were eliminated. Many are still waiting for their "post cards" so they can file their taxes. Those who really benefitted were those who are not in a month to month struggle to make ends meet. The corporate tax cuts that the Trump and GOP promoters said would trickle down and benefit the working class family wage earners was not realized. Corporations used their GOP granted socialism to buy back their own stocks. And many of those who touted handing big bonuses out in turn laid other workers off or eliminated jobs which more than made up for it. 
The stock market has been used by Trump and his mouthpieces as an economic indicator. While some people do benefit with returns on their retirement plans and stock portfolios, it is not a barometer of how working families are getting along, many who have to work multiple jobs just to pay rent and eat. And not everybody dabbles in the stock market. There have been ups and downs in the market. There was one period in March of 2020, where all gains in the market were wiped out back to February 2017. What happens in that type of situation? Those companies that can wrangle it buy back their own shares at lower prices which artificially gives the market another instant boost.
Counterpoint part 2:>>> Let's talk about infrastructure week. Still waiting on that one since February or March of 2017. We'll have to wait until real President-elect Joe Biden takes office. 
How about Operation Warp Speed and vaccine development. Accelerated vaccine development is a good thing, and because there were decades of research behind it and technological advances it was possible to accomplish. Joe Biden even acknowledged Trump, or at least Operation Warp Speed as a positive move. We can at least give him credit for that, since he botched the response with delays, denial, disinformation, and creating a herd mentality to push back on safety and mitigation in order to recklessly reach herd immunity through infection and death.> It should be noted that the first vaccine that was approved was from Pfizer, and they did not participate in Operation Warp Speed where the others received funding. They funded themselves although Trump deceitfully takes credit. And those 20,000,000 vaccine doses that Trump, Pence and the Trump administration were promising by the end of December 2020? As of January 8th, 6.6 million initial doses have been administered according to NBC News MAP Covid-19 vaccination tracker across the U.S.
After Trump "wanted to play it down" the U.S. as of Friday, January 8 2021, has surpassed 22 million COVID-19 cases, with a record 269,420 new cases, and over 372,000 deaths (Jan 9).
Trump and his enablers and apologists often talk about how he rebuilt the "depleted military" that he inherited from President Obama. As with most Trump claims, it is Mostly False. Quote from the fable: "The ′′ orange man ′′ in the White House rebuilt our military, which the Obama administration paralyzed and fired 214 key generals and admirals in their first year of term. "Regarding the firing of the Generals, I saw another figure, 197, that was posted in a publication for retired folks in The Villages in Florida. Others have said it first appeared in the alt-right fake news Breitbart site. As with most things that roll around like a marble in an empty box in the right wing disinformation arena things are just made up, or facts spun and twisted like a taffy pretzel. In 2010, President Obama did replace his top Afghanistan war commander, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal due to in-bickering in his national security team. He replaced McChrystal with his boss and mentor, Gen. David H. Petraeus. There have been other firings, replacements, and retirements. Most absences are for good reason and there is no wholesale purging as the right wing conspiracy theorists would lead you to believe. Quoted from Snopes: "The U.S. national defense budget was slightly reduced during Obama's second term, in large part due to efforts by Congress to limit government spending and the withdrawal of troops from the Middle East. "Who controlled both the House and Senate? The Republican Party. AP FACT CHECK: Trump's Overblown Boasts About Military, Vets General Michael Flynn was also fired in 2014 from his position as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama. Too many connections with RU it seems. And something I didn't previously know, was after he was fired he became a contributor to RT (government funded, Russia Today). I had always thought he was fired due to his overt Islamophobia which didn't sit well with some of our allies. He was advising Trump in 2016 on foreign policy and national security and subsequently during his campaign transition. Then he was appointed National Security Adviser in the administration (despite warnings not to), and he brought much of his baggage with him. It was discovered that he had previous contacts with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. and was accused of trying to undermine U.S. policy. He was also accused of being a lobbyist for the same country where Trump's name is licensed on the Trump Towers Istanbul (that's 2 of them). All this while receiving classified briefings. He was fired or asked to resign just 3 weeks into Trump's term.
Another quote from the fable list: "The buffoon in the White House has exposed the deep, widespread, and long-standing corruption in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Republican and Democratic parties." While there have been some procedural errors and some ethical issues, most of them are small compared with the real issues at hand. Now, the "buffoon" has not exposed anything. All the noise is to cover up and deflect from the corruption and high crimes and misdemeanors of said buffoon and his accomplices, enablers and apologists. That is the way the GOP does things.
"47 years" seems to be one of the fall backs when they run out of any other fables, or simply can't think of anything else to say. That would bring us back to 1973 making him 31 years old at that time. Joe Biden was a U.S. Senator representing Delaware from 1973 to 2009, re-elected several times. He was Vice President in the Obama Administration from 2009 to 2017, two full terms. He ran for president in 1988 and 2008.He has been on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In his early years he worked on consumer protection, environmental issues, and greater government accountability, arms control. He has worked as a public servant most of his adult life. He has probably done a lot more in his 47 years since being elected U.S. Senator than most people asking what he has done. While some of his views and policies in the past were controversial at the time, like most people, he has evolved and adapted to the changes in culture and public opinion.
The person who wrote the fable list states he will take the ′′ clown ′′ any day versus a corrupt, hypocritical, racist, fork-tongue liar. The Impeached "clown" in fact is all of the above and has been identified as a pathological liar and probably the most documented liar in history. The "clown" is also labeled as racist, corrupt, a con-artist, a xenophobe and a bigot among other things too numerous to list. Many people have said that. Also, unindicted co-conspirator, Individual 1, in crimes another person is serving prison time for. Individual 1 was only ‘not indicted’ due to Justice Department policies on not indicting a sitting president for crimes committed.
to be continued....
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dreamingrouge · 3 months ago
Size Kink n s f w Headcanons
Tumblr media
@ophoney​ requested: Roze! I just realised your requests were open and since I’m in love with the way you write, who would I be if I didn’t jump at the chance to send something in? I would be extremely happy if you indulge my Kid Pirates thirst, so could I please request NSFW headcanons for Kid, Killer and Heat and how they would react to their s/o having a size kink? Totally not calling myself out. Hope you’re well, and if this request doesn’t work for you, obviously you can turn it down xxx
ALKDFA I am so sorry for the wait Saba! But at last, here is your request! I was lowkey nervous to post it because I feel like I do not have a good grasp on the Kid Pirates, but I am still pretty happy with how these came out. I am so sad that Heat does not have a lot of time/personality written in his wiki, so I hope his turned out okay. I also definitely looked at your writing for him for inspiration so I’m going to link that piece down for others to read if interested! (It is the piece that got me into him for sure!) Anyway, enjoy Love!
**Fic recommendation for our boy Heat by ophoney herself: Cherished
Also, Honey- I highkey have a size kink too so this was up my alley afjdklasfdjsa
Kid, Killer, Heat x Reader (Gender Neutral/Non-Binary)
Warnings: n s f w / spicy- Meaning adult content. Size Kinks, No actual intercourse in this but the character’s imaginations are wilding, Kid is basically ready to destroy your area but ends up being too much of a horndog adfljkalfdj the other two are like what- I’m also vague to try and make Reader as gender neutral and non-binary as possible!
Words: 1420
Eustass Kid-
He finds out much sooner than you would expect
And to be honest- It is because this man is probably horny as hell so he will be bringing up sex into your relationship much earlier than one should
Like “Hey- You wanna go fuck?” Not romantic at all but he will eventually have his moments the longer you are in the relationship
But that is okay because you disclose to him your slight concern about how much bigger he is compared to you- Then the more you keep talking… The more he realizes that you seem to be getting quite flustered or… Enjoying the thought of his larger frame towering over yours
It clicks immediately for him
You are worried but turned on the max about his dick stretching you out
But he is sadistic so he will wait until you admit it because he is also finding this revelation hot as hell
He will either play innocent and push you into hot make-out sessions that leads you wanting more before he “remembers” he has to do something or the more likely version- He will snap
He will realize that oh boy- He has a size kink too and he does not want to hold back any longer- Not when you got him dreaming about it
He will literally have wet dreams too lfalsdk All probably too hardcore for the fact you guys haven’t even had intercourse together yet
So, he tells you that
That is when the dirty talk ensues- He wants you to know how much he has been dying to everything with you but with your “concern” which is a valid one if he thought it was legit- He would offer to do oral first
Homeboy wants to go down on you but because of this newfound love for the size kink he REALLY would want you to go down on him and see how much your mouth will stretch around his dick- How warm and wet it would be in your oral orifice, how much you could possibly take him before you choke- The rounds you guys can make, it gets his blood boiling
Though if you agree just like that, he will probably cream his pants then and there since he overworked himself with his imagination akldfjalk
The talk with him would happen rather casually and out of nowhere
Like you would just be cuddling or talking- No sexual tension is spotted anywhere and then you just say
“Oh Heat- I have a size kink”
It takes him a good moment to process what you said, get confused on what you said, before realization slaps him in the face and the poor baby becomes flustered
Why would you suddenly make this peaceful environment turn hot?
Now he is over-aware of how big he is compared to you and god- Just like that he has a boner
This man is speed- He will do whatever it takes to make sure you do not see it
He is embarrassed at how fast his dick got hard at just that one sentence and you continued on like nothing so he will pretend he is not horny all of a sudden
Like Kid- Heat gets wet dreams because of this however he is willing to more than wait until you actually come to him and want to try something
(Since we don’t know much about Heat I’m going to pretend he is the gentleman of the crew alfkdjakl and he also has a temperature kink)
He is mortified but if things go on too long without you going to him for any sexual needs- He will masturbate to the thought of you, he will feel bad since he does not know your boundaries, and this is probably where he would come clean depending on his guilt
You have never seen a more nervous man than him when he apologizes for getting off to the thought of you-
He thought you would be horrified
Instead, it is your turn to be flustered because would you look at that? You get off to the thought of him too
You would have to be the one to jump on the train of more confessions- Since you did already say you had a size kink out of nowhere you torture the poor man with your fantasies of him
How you would love if he wrapped his large hand around your tiny throat- Just to emphasize on the size different
How you wondered how big his dick is, how wide it is, if it would even fit in you regardless- You are more than curious to know and find out
Admitting all this may cause Heat to cough out a flame from how hot he is feeling now
But now that you are on the same page- You both will definitely find out soon ; )
Arms… His arms can crush anyone… Is an arm kink a thing? Because sign me up. Lol Idk but his arms is what shows the size kink for his lmfao
You never ever wanted Killer to know about your size kink
You were supposed to live in peaceful bliss and hopefully never show him that you did have one
You weren’t even sexual with him until recently and dear god- It was one hot make-out session, a very very rare thing with Killer since he hates being without his mask, that made you realize how bad your size kink was
It was this passionate session when you felt his large covered hard-on rubbing against your thigh, and the way that his arms cradle you underneath him, in an almost protective manner, shielding you from the world- That it hit you like a brick
You were already in a heat of passion with him so when the moan you let out turned out way louder than you expected because you realized how fucking big he was, how perfectly small you were compared to him- It was that loud ass moan that made you realize- Oh shit he is going to know
He pulled back immediately, lust in his eyes from hearing your moan of pleasure and he asked what he did for you to do that- How he could make you do that again
It was a very pure moment of him wanting to please you, but you felt mortified that you did that-
You could not lie in this situation since that would go wrong- And how could you lie when he did in fact make you moan?
It was not just a particular thing but his entire being that turned you on in that second
How do you explain that?
Your face feels so hot from embarrassment because now you have to tell him as he slowly rocks into your thigh waiting for an answer
He is turned on too and you would be a monster if you denied him of knowing
“It isn’t anything you did- It is… All of you? You’re so big, so hot, and I’m so… Small- Fuck.”
He stares at you for a moment- Long and hard as he tries to decipher what you just said, why you sound so embarrassed, and he realizes that it is a compliment- That you are trying to say you complement each other because of the drastic size difference. You have a size kink
Not sure if he understood, you try again being more clear: “Fuck- I have a size kink. I’m so turned on at the thought of you trying to fit in me- We both know it will be a challenge and god- I know you will not want to hurt me so we need tons of-“
Patience/Practice- Killer is done for- You just straight-up murdered him and sent his soul to heaven because that is the hottest thing he could have heard of and coming from his significant other? You find him hot because of his size
Well, hot damn- He thought you were always fucking hot but because of what you said you may have just given him a size kink too-
Self-control is highly difficult but Killer does stop the session from continuing there because as you said- He does not want to accidentally hurt you but he does come prepared next time ; )
Also, like Heat, Killer becomes overly aware of how big he is compared to and that leaves a lot of extra time together when he has the urge to leave with you
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kylorenvevo · 3 months ago
Anonymous said: Thea, do you have a playlist for reylo?
I think I have some but I don’t tend to update them a lot. Still, here’s my Spotify if you’re interested!
Anonymous said: Just wanted to send in some love! SOTJ remains one of the most captivating pieces of art that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve read it through 4 times now, and each time I have multiple visceral reactions to the emotions that your writing evokes! Sometimes I come to just reread my favorite parts and end up rereading the whole thing again. You truly are a gem and I want to express our gratitude that you are willing to share your talent and heart with us. Stay safe and well! :)
Thank you so much, your kind words have made my day and warmed my heart! I hope that all is well with you and your loved ones!
Anonymous said: Thea do you have any favourite Dramione fics? The fanart you shared just made me think about how much I used to love reading Dramione fics... and oml you've released an old hyper fixation on my adhd ass ❣❣❣ P.s. I vaguely remember you talking about being very involved in the dramione fandom awhile ago, did you ever write any fic? And if so is it still online? ❣❣❣
My favorite Dramione authors are LovesBitca8 and senlinyu on AO3, and Rizzle, attica, and riptey on FFN! I have some drabbles on this blog, just go to my masterlist under the “Fics” link in my header (you have to be on desktop or a mobile browser to see it)
Anonymous said: Thea its late where I am and I just thought of this lmao- SOTJ au where instead of Ben turning its Rey, and its basically similar angst and plot but Dark!Rey and Jedi!Ben
accioscabior said: All of this time I read your name as "THEE-a". I feel as if my life is lie. Is Pancakes really Pancakes? Or is he actually POUND CAKE!? Lol
“Thee-a” is fine! It’s like how my aunt is “Roh-weh-nah” in the Philippines but “Roh-wee-nah” in the US :)) I don’t mind either!
Anonymous said: when wearing the rose colored glasses of a young person, red flags just look like flags
This is so true, friend. Shin-woo was baby when I was in my teens but he registered like Threat Level 8 on my grownup radar lmfao
Anonymous said: Idk if I can send links to videos here but THEA I found out about “succulent balls” which is basically a ball of soil with succulents planted everywhere on it and hung on a balcony, window, etc and it looks so pretty🥺 I just wanted to let you know because you have so many plants gkgfl
This is kokedama! I actually do want to give it a try one of these days once I have the materials and the time!
Anonymous said: Rey is just as feral as her cat. As she should be😌
We love to see it :’)
Anonymous said: Hi Thea do you watch Studio Ghibli films? I love Spirited Away and was thinking about watching Howls Moving Castle hehe
I barely remember those films because it’s been ages since I watched them. I should rectify that.
Anonymous said: Just popping in to say I think you’re amazing and I love you. Your fics have brought me so much comfort over the past year and I can’t thank you enough🥺💖
Aaah no ‘tis I who can’t thank you enough for reading! Ily as well!
Anonymous said: Tama ba nabasa ko? You also wrote rivetra fanfics? You really are the best! 😭😭😭
Ehehehe yes I did have an SnK phase. I haven’t managed to keep up with either the show or the manga, unfortunately. Adulting is hard.
Anonymous said: listen i know you probs wont read this BUT being the dumb bitch i am (and also i think it has something to do with the fact of where i live) i had never read Richard Siken, and so last night i stumbled upon *ghostwalks (gin and fog)*, and i was so intrigued with all these references and I GUESS WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY is thank u for introducing me to RS, i now want the full book rec list (this is for dramatic effect, i know u got so many other things to do). So i guess i shouldnt be surprised at how good of an author u are when your influences are THAT good. sorry this is so long, but THANK YOU!!!
Richard Siken is great and I’m pleased as punch that you enjoy his works! You can find my book recs here!
Anonymous said: Ben gets pranked and all his laundry disappears so he has to come to class in sweatpants and his 2016 IM WITH HER t-shirt
Anonymous said: Have you watched Bridgerton?? If not, can you, and write a Ben/Rey fic in that AU? :)
I am sorry, but I couldn’t finish the series because Daphne annoys me so much lmao they say the books are better and I’m putting it on my to-read!
@sunfysh said: We must be killers is prob in my top five Reylo fics! I think it’s one of ~the~ greatest grey Jedi fics out there, and just has soft domesticity and angry babies written all over it. Your writing and imagery and metaphor in that fic just makes me 🤩😭👄🦋
@sunfysh said: Now you got me rereading we must be killers and THEA your RANGE. Canon, AU, soft and sweet, grey and angst... you can do it all. So grateful for all the years we’ve had the gift of you in this fandom. We all know that we can count on you and trust you with out hearts 🥺🥺
I am so touched! Thank you! “we must be killers” is prolly my fave oneshot I’ve ever written and it means the world to me that you like it!
Anonymous said: thea, driverdaily posted a gifset of john oliver's last adam driver bit from yesterday and one of the tags was "thea since when were you writing for john oliver" IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW! i grinned, i did.
Sorry for the very late response. I am DYING. IS THIS TO BE MY LEGACY
@carrie-organa said: I kindly request that a character in one of your new fics does a John Oliver style bit about Ben. I’m thinking Rose but it could be literally anyone.
I mean, obviously it will be Rey herself :’)
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Introducing the girlfriends: the looks.
Hello puppets! In this post I’d like to show how I imagine the OC Girlfriends in terms of face and looks, mostly in terms of fashion.
I won’t state how many times my self esteem abandoned the conversation as I made this post, so let me do a disclaimer before I make y’all suffer with me (sorry). These pictures come from my Pinterest board called “Simply incredible people”, which contains mostly photos of people that have very unique facial traits and that I use for reference. Now, ALL OF THESE ARE MODELS. They were photographed BECAUSE after hours of makeup and hair and clothes chosen perfectly for them, a set made up specifically to enhance their good looks, a fair bit of photoshop and unfairly good genetics they were put in the position of being beautified. Don’t think that these gorgeous folks are The Thing: I picked them because of specific reasons explained under each picture, and in my opinion all the guys are pretty far from dating perfect young women with perfectly symmetrical features and flawless complexion and... all of that. However, yes, in my mind they date regular, “unbeautified” versions of these women. If your self esteem can’t handle disgustingly beautiful models, then please, don’t open the “read more”. Also, you’re absolutely free to keep imagining your ideal girls and not check out this post, no hard feelings ✌️😘
However, if — like me — you are incredibly attracted to girls with pretty unique facial features, then do open. If you’ like girls, I’m sorry, you might have one (or more) new crush(es) after this post.
Now, all of the girls have Asian traits — because according to my plots and headcanons, (which you can find in my masterlist) the guys have always met their s/o while in Seoul/Korea and also because I’ve always imagined the girls Asian. However, I’m not saying that they like these specific types or looks, or that they’ll end up with a person with traditionally Asian traits: I am simply assuming in statistic terms. Also, since I write memberxFem!reader, they’re obviously all girls.
I only know two of the people inserted here (that is Vixen and Kitten). I might have accidentally inserted someone famous, however that was not my intention. Also, the girls have been chosen exclusively for facial features: there is no shipping going on between real people here.
After this lengthy introduction, let me move on to the real deal.
In case you need my masterlist, here it is! (Remember to vote for next prompt!!! Link in bio 🥰)
Vixen - (Namjoon)
Tumblr media
— The face —
Baby face: yes
Doll lips: yes
Very intense, borderline scary, November-baby glance: yes.
This is Vixen, with her baby cheeks, her sharp, refined looks and a doll-like face that mixes innocence and seduction. Top that with deep red lipstick and artsy jewellery. Her eyes show ten thousand different feelings and her face is suitable for acting, being extremely expressive: every little sensation and emotion can be found in a quirk of the mouth or an arching of the eyebrow, a little curl of the nose or a pursing of her lips.
— The Look —
Total black winter look, basic and classy, thigh-high boots for her long legs, simple, plain bags and purses, and finally a long coat to keep her warm over her dresses usually characterised by a high neck and a generous slice of leg. But don’t let that fool you: her favourite looks are oversized sweaters stolen from Namjoon’s wardrobe — that obviously fit like dresses on her —, fluffy woolen tights or stockings and comfy shoes when they go on breakfast dates, but also thick jumpers, large jeans and comfy sneakers when they go for walks and bike trips.
Angel (Seokjin)
Tumblr media
— The Face —
Traditional Korean Beauty: yes
Big eyes: yes
Soft pink lips: yes
Angel is the definition of Korean Beauty, looking young and innocent. She could easily have the face of an idol, with the purest of charms. And her cute bangs... yes.
— The Look —
Even though her job requires a total black look, which often means pretty flats, black trousers and a turtleneck, in her free time she likes wearing preppy looks, with lots of plaid prints and cute dresses that match Korean standards, with not-too-revealing necklines and a skirt that hits just above the knee. Match it all with cute, warm coats and small bags.
Kitten (Yoongi)
Tumblr media
— The Face —
Intimidating look: yes
Angular jaw: yes
Plush lips: yes
Kitten has angular, almost aggressive facial features, characterised mostly by the rectangular shape of her face and her jaw, and quite jutting cheekbones. She has a rough, tough beauty which can be difficult to understand but absolutely charming to observe.
— The Look —
Another one with total black, but unlike Vixen, who likes coloured clothes once winter ends, Kitten keeps the black look all year round, inserting tiny splashes of colours with accessories and jackets. Expect a lot of turtlenecks and blazers for her work attire, but also fancy shirts for more elegant occasions, mostly silk blouses that offer a generous view of her bosom.
Giggles (Hoseok)
Tumblr media
— The Face —
Strawberry blonde: yes
Freckles: yes
Too cute: yes
I’ve always imagined Giggles with a mop of messy reddish-blonde hair, may it be natural or dyed. I know the combo is pretty rare; still, she’s a fictional character so... a girl can dream.
— The Look —
A vintage mess of prints. She messes around with flowers and stripes and plaids and colours. You could most definitely spot her in a crowd. Even when she’s working (remember she’s a vet), she has very colourful scrubs and bright coloured clogs/nurse shoes. Overall too cute and tiny for her good, her being so small makes it easy for her to shop in the children department and find even more coloured, fancy prints.
Princess (Jimin)
Tumblr media
— The Face —
Overall cute: yes
Gaze to command a photo shoot: yes
Borderline scary both in terms of beauty and power: yes
This small girl has the power to supervise everything, you can read it on her face (remember she works for a fashion magazine and organises photoshoots). Sheer calculating, organising force. And with a gaze like that, ready to make you wither and die were you to deny her, you see specifically why I chose her.
— The Look —
Smart attire, comfortable flats or slippers to dash from a place to another. Comfy, fashionable, practical. She’s always on a rush from an appointment to the other and she uses bags big enough to hold a skirt and a pair of heels in case she needs more elegant attire for a last-minute evening appointment in fashionable clubs and restaurants. She’s more than happy to play Barbie for Jimin, letting him choose how to dress her.
Lace (Taehyung)
Tumblr media
— The Face —
Louder big dick energy than your ex: yes
A neck to die for: yes
Eclectic charm: yes
Honestly, I think Lace is too particular — strange even — to find someone who could possibly embody her. What made me pick this specific woman was her very incisive choice in clothing and accessories, but I’ll update her sooner or later, I think. As me and my friend said: you don’t find Lace, is Lace that finds you. (Also, if anyone has a Lace to suggest, please send links 💖)
— The Look —
Black tight dresses, all the time. Tight pencil skirts and anything that screams Fifties housewife; lots of robes, unusual cuts and premium fabrics — she is a designer and lingerie maker, after all. She doesn’t follow trends, she makes them. She is literally one of those people who looks good even with the most hideous, unfashionable things on. However, the moment she wears a silk slip dress, her power intensifies by a few thousand times — do not expect Taehyung not to get weak in the knees. In the house she’s absolutely comfortable wearing a robe with nothing underneath — and sometimes she doesn’t even tie it close. Taehyung is perfectly okay with that.
Candy (Jungkook)
Tumblr media
— The Face —
Biggest smile: yes
Cutest lil nose: yes
Very squishable: yes
The small happy bean is a very gentle bean too. She is a graphic designer and a cartoon artist and it shows in her whole being, even in her facial features. I imagine her hair not too long, soft and wavy — though the most valuable asset to Jk is their scent. And look at those sweater(shirt) paws!!! Adorable.
— The Look —
First rule of Candy and Jk’s relationship is “my flannel shall be thy flannel”. Their wedding rings will probably be flannel shirts. Candy likes to pull them off with oversized sweats or coloured jeans. She also wears oversized sweaters — probably stolen from Jk’s wardrobe — together with leggins and mid-calf socks, especially since her workplace is not too strict with dresscode. She likes oversized and layered fits, using light cotton shirts and tank tops in the summer and fleece/flannel shirt and warm woolen turtlenecks in winter. Comfort always comes first. Expect her to use biker shorts and giant T-shirts and bulky shoes in the summer on her spare time.
An extra — since I’m sooooo gay for these two
Tumblr media
Sora Choi and Yoon Young Bae are the two models that I immediately spotted respectively for Kitten and Vixen and the fact that they posed together made me super soft (I literally fell in love with both of them). Oh also!!! Yoon has posted on her insta the sweetest picture of her with a snow bear and it was like... a sign, but also so endearing and I’M SMITTEN, HEAD TO TOE IN LOVE WITH THIS SMALL CUTE LIL POTATO. She’s a cutie and Sora has the prettiest smile I swear to God I’d give the world for these two. *bisexuality upgrades*
Did you imagine them differently? Are there any of the girls that match or challenge your ideas? Leave your impressions in the comments!!! 😚☺️
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funsizearsonist · 3 months ago
Bleeding Ink (Luke angst)
Summary: Luke’s songwriting takes a hit when he gets hurt. He thought emotions made a song better, but he got the proportions wrong. or “Maybe have a little song with those feelings”
Category: Angst 
Fandom: Julie and the Phantoms
Paring: N/A
Word Count: 1,559
Warnings/Includes: Like 1 swear, some mentions of an argument, and some descriptions of ~sadness~
A/N:  I hope you like this! I'm still very new at writing fanfiction so as always, constructive criticism and any feedback in general are much appreciated!! Hope you like it!! 
Mandatory Thanking of the Betas: Thank u for supporting me on this @theolivekiddo!! I probably wouldn’t have posted it if not for you because I have no confidence and I thought it was ~bad~ :P I’m still not so sure it’s good but u convinced me to post it so that’s something I guess
AO3 link here
Please don’t repost my work without my permission, in part or whole. My work can also be found on AO3 under the same username. Thank you!
Jatp taglist: @n0wornever, @calamitykaty, @unsaidmegan, @morganayennefertyrell, @link-102, @crybabyddl, @willex-owns-my-heart (I’m hoping it’s ok to tag y’all bc u said in a post here that you’d like to be added to taglists but I can take you off anytime, just send me an ask :))
Taglist for everything <3: @theolivekiddo
Bleeding Ink
Luke wouldn’t ever admit it to anyone, but he’s not quite the carefree troublemaker people think. The band knew, of course. He never had to tell them, they just knew. Probably because they were his family, they knew pretty much everything about each other. And now Julie knows, too. That’s about everyone he can come up with, besides Willie and maybe Flynn, that he actually knows now, so it looks like his secret is safe. The issue is the carefree part. Because Luke may be a hell of a troublemaker but he cares a lot.
He cares about his family, even through their ups and downs. He cares about his friends, his band; they’re pretty much a family to him too. And he cares, so so much, about music. Music has been there his whole life. Mostly rock, his favorite, but he can appreciate pretty much any kind of music. He’s listened to music throughout his whole life. It made him feel better when he was sad, widened his grins when he was happy, and kept all the in-betweens interesting. 
He only loved music more when he started writing it. Luke started writing music late in middle school, but he would probably kill you if you knew. He always thought it was good he started early to get it all out of the way. It wasn’t really music yet, just putting down words without having anything to say. He still thinks they were less of lyrics and more like pages of word vomit. The old notebooks from that first year or so are probably still lying around somewhere, but Luke would rather look forward than back at all of that. He puts meaning into his music now, and Luke thinks it’s only ever gotten better, especially working with Julie. Except for a short period in the middle where it definitely got worse. 
The thing is, Luke puts emotion into every one of his songs. He thinks you can’t have truly good music without putting at least a little bit of heart in it; and Luke cares so much about all of his music he can’t honestly help it. Writing music has helped him understand his feelings, and it’s his biggest way of expressing them. Usually though, he doesn’t really need music as an outlet or anything. He loves playing the songs he’s worked on, all the emotions that go with them. The electric energy in Now or Never, the reassurance and connection in Bright, the determination and fearlessness in Stand Tall, all of his songs had pieces of himself in them. But he writes them because he wants to, not because he needs to get anything out. Most of the time, at least.
There was only really one instance in Luke’s life where that wasn’t the case. Where he was so overwhelmed with emotion that he had to get it out onto a page before he could move on. Dying and coming back as ghosts, making friends with the girl who brought you back and being able to play music again, only to find your only surviving bandmate stole your old songs, and the whole Caleb thing probably should have done it. The thing is, Luke (and Alex and Reggie) got put through that rollercoaster so fast that he could barely make out emotions from the jumbled blur, much less put them into music. Before he could even say “What the hell is going on here?!” Luke was writing new songs. For their new band with Julie, no less. And he had pretty much gotten past all that drama already, somehow. It probably had something to do with Julie. After all, “No music is worth making, Julie, if we’re not making it with you.”
The time that really got to Luke, was actually part of how he ended up playing up music anyhow. It all started when his mother got him a guitar for his birthday, happy to support his interest in music. Perhaps she didn’t understand quite how deep the interest ran, because she might never have gotten it if she had. He was immediately captivated by it, and within a week Luke had the basics pretty much down already. It didn’t take him long to get even better, and to decide to form a band with some friends. He went home that night, blood pumping fast with excitement, and told his mom the news. It didn’t go over quite as well as he thought.
His mother had already become a bit apprehensive about how much Luke had come to like the guitar, but she had decided not to say anything as she thought it was just a harmless hobby. But then Luke came home and told her he was in a band, and all the fears rushed to surface and spilled over. She never should have had that much of a reaction or been so harsh, but it was all because she cares about Luke. She is his mother after all. And he had already been falling a bit behind on schoolwork, spending all his free time working out new songs with his guitar. That would only get worse if he joined a band, not even considering his future and the bandmates he wanted to play with, and where they wanted to play music, and all sorts of other concerns that came out when Luke told her about the new band.
It really hit Luke hard that his mother was instantly full of criticisms. Couldn’t she just be happy for him? He came home all excited and she instantly twisted it into hurt and anger, which turned their discussion into more of a fight, or at least certainly didn’t help matters. He’s not quite sure anymore exactly what was said that night, but he got the memo- “You can’t ditch everything for a band when you live in this household” - so he lashed back with some venom of his own, and left. It didn’t even take a whole night for him to regret it. 
Biking away with basically only his guitar, the thing that mattered most to him but his mother hated most. Luke only took a good few minutes of furious pedaling to realize that he had no idea where he was going, and he was exhausted. All the fight drained out of him, all the adrenaline faded away, he was just hurt. No more energy to be angry, all the white noise of yelling in the argument cleared from his head, and he couldn’t believe his mother said all that to him. He was so excited to come home and tell his family about his new band, just earlier that evening. It already seemed like so long ago. He felt a little bad about the things he said back to his mom already too, but it was still very clear to him that they were in retaliation. If his mother hadn’t exploded at him for chasing his passion, it never would have happened. He ends up deciding to crash at the Molina’s place. After all Rose did say they could use the garage whenever they wanted. Luke was already almost drowning in this dread about everything that happened, and he was still too tired to really realize it. He just decided to knock out.
It hit him full force in the morning. Luke woke up in an unfamiliar room, confused for about half a second, before getting hit by a tidal wave of “oh, shit.” 
Fighting with his family is what really managed to upset him. Nothing in Luke’s life had ever hit him that hard before. That’s when his songwriting really hit a low point for a bit. He wrote Unsaid Emily once he had gotten himself together as a way to  conclude his feelings on the matter, and a way to say “I’m sorry” to his mom without actually saying it right to her. He wrote the song to summarize everything he had to say about what happened, but he tried to leave most of the emotion out of it. He learned his lesson about not putting his feelings about it all into song.
In the few weeks before that, his writing was closer to the state they were in middle school. Except this time instead of having nothing to say, he had too much he needed to get out, and he didn’t know how to make it into proper lyrics. He poured too much emotion into them. Instead of being a wave of energy over a crowd, they’d be more like a tsunami, too overpowering. Luke was just writing them for himself at that point, even the band wouldn’t see those songs, much less a stage. 
The one thing he could come up with to say on it, looking back, is that’s the thing about being hurt. You have too much to hold inside of you so you bleed your soul out onto paper in ink, but instead of making it beautiful, it just makes the pages dark. All the feelings are just as ugly when you put them down on paper, and once they’re no longer caught in your chest, you don’t want to have anything to do with them. But their ink still stains your hands, and you know they may be gone but you can never forget them. 
End A/N:  I wrote this all at like 3 AM so I wasn't really focused on the quality of the writing and more so the narrative, hope u don't mind that. It doesn't really?? Have a point?? I don't think I was going somewhere with it I just wanted to express my thought on how Luke would be doing. Let me know what you thought! If this wasn't written in the dead of night how could it have been better? What parts did you like about it? If you don’t want to give feedback, that’s fine. Just please reblog or maybe comment if you enjoyed it, don’t just leave a like. Thanks for reading!
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