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kitandtyarelife · 53 minutes ago
The quest of second heir
* this takes place in thule *
Chapter 5
The boy was lost in his thoughts eating a cherry scone. How did his father look, would he care about him, the boy wondered.
Just then he heard a noise coming from the window. The boy stood up immediately. He was going to grab his dagger near the pocket on his left hip before he saw a familiar figure sneaking in.
"Kieran! What are you doing here", he exclaimed with a smile. "Hey ash, I came to check in on you. Also, the king doesn't know I'm here", said Kieran as he brushed his hair out of his face and gave ash a small smile.
Ash went and gave him a quick embrace. "How are you kid, sorry I couldn't check in. I had...some stuff to do", Kieran said avoiding his eyes, he seemed tense. Ash didn't question further. "So how long are you staying?", Ash asked. "I can't stay much longer. I have something important to do. I'll tell you when I visit next", said Kieran.
Kieran patted ash and before he went he gave him a pendant. "Don't let anyone see this, okay", he said with a serious tone.
"See you later", he said and waved before going.
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illigo · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
A court of darkness… the only place fit for a king. BALEFUL, dark… tormenting. The SLAUGH and run free in his realm, joining the torment of the fae who torment humans, much to their kings amusement. Should a human enter, their fate is sealed. The realm of the Dark Fae… the Unseelie is said to feel as if winter itself has gripped the souls of those who dare cross it or the king of the unseelie.
Character is part of a multimuse blog. Dark themes apply, 21+. mutuals only.
                       EST: 9.30.2020     ⁂    RE EST: 07.08.2021    ⁂   WRITTEN BY: Nix
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sacredempressnatlyia · 9 hours ago
❤️ and 💖 with whoever you like!! - @rosieshipper
Thank you for the Ask @rosieshipper <3 I'll go with Tom x Syrah for this one :)
❤️- pick a love song that describes your relationship with your f/o and they have to pick one as well
I think this one sort of suits them. I know it's technically a song about cheating but I'm taking creative liberty and making this about Syrah's thoughts of how she shouldn't have fallen in love with her childhood friend, especially with the darkness in him, and Tom feeling a similar way to her.
I think he'd probably suggest the same song :)
💖- do you and/or your f/o believe in love at first sight? soulmates? the red string of fate? or any other fate driven forms of love/finding love?
They don't quite believe in soulmates or anything like that; they've been somewhat hardened to such thoughts due to their upbringing - Wool's Orphanage did not encourage such thoughts.
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kaquyas · 10 hours ago
soooooo tempted to make a carrd playlist directory just because i need to share my playlists THAT badly. sorry but i love attention and validation for my music taste <3
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hauntedbystorytelling · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
W.F. Seely :: Seena Owen. Photoplay magazine, October 1926. | src internet archive
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mirohtron · 21 hours ago
no title bc idk how 2 title this anyway
I'm writing something. it is Long. i am Impatient. so snippet time.
"How long have you been there?"
The protagonist almost winced at the question. Of course, he'd been watching the fairy sleep. That was weird, and they weren't even close for that kind of... intimacy. Shame seeped into him, and the protagonist made a move to get away, but the fairy caught his sleeve. Some kind of emotion close to urgency flashed in his eyes, and he frowned.
The protagonist's fingers twitched at the side of the bed, but he decided to go back to his initial position.
"Not long," he answered, and he was sure it sounded almost wispy; like how fog plucked itself out of someone's lips in winter, "barely ten minutes."
so fun
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kitandtyarelife · a day ago
The quest of second heir
*jace mentioned is thule!jace, this takes place in thule*
Chapter 4
Jace was told to wait near the entrance of faerie by Sebastian. He still hadn't arrived yet. Jace started to fiddle a stone with his leg.
He wondered how Sebastian's son would look like, would he look like Sebastian or like the Seelie queen. He wasn't sure how to feel about this. He felt somewhat of a jealous feeling towards the queen. But the reason he started this relationship with Sebastian was that he couldn't bare Clary's death.
Thinking of Clary always made him feel sorrow but he still loved thinking about her. He was even planning on necromancy at one point. But there were many cases of necromancy which failed so he gave up on it. He started catching fond feelings for him but Sebastian let him down again. He kicked the stone away in anger. Alec, Izzy, Maryse all of them were gone.
He was going to throw another stone before he heard footsteps. "Took you long enough, did something happen?", asked Jace. "Yeah I forgot my stele". Jace took a deep breath. "Let's go then".
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New AU Ship.
Hi, everyone!!
Before we get started, I have a few important points to make. A very special shout-out to the lovely @aricka-and-her-fictional-others for being amazing, supportive, and helping me to become more comfortable in my love for this character.
Much like with Peter x Persephone, this is an AU that takes a prexisting and canon adult character in Harry Potter and makes improvements for shipping purposes. OOC elements will apply, and I am in no way condoning the darker elements of this character IRL.
These two (S/I and F/O) were childhood friends and attended Hogwarts together but do not become romantically involved until they are adults in their canon, which is vastly AU from what is depicted in the books.
So, without further ado, please meet my newest villain ship.
Imperial Princess Syrah Ivanovitch of Aetaria, Fey'relf, Slytherin Consort, the Mythical Witch.
Tumblr media
AU!Tom Marvolo Riddle, Heir of Slytherin.
Tumblr media
FC suggestion by @courtoftheclueless , who has very good taste.
*Consider this a no horcruxes AU, and an AU where Tom is capable of love, even if it's only towards Syrah. I do have some headcanons in mind so any questions, feel free to ask, just please be polite about it.
Tags: Tom Riddle x Syrah Ivanovitch, Seelies and Serpents.
Tagging List:
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coronaloner · a day ago
meliorn is gnc af
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kitandtyarelife · a day ago
The quest of second heir
Chapter 3
The Seelie queen had gotten the news that Sebastian was going to arrive. She was pleased with herself that her plan worked. She let out a chuckle, she was eager to see him though she pretended as if she didn't. A knock on the door snapped her out of the thoughts. "Come in", she said. The door opened and a boy came in. "You called me mo-queen?", asked the boy. "Yes, I have news for you. Your father will be arriving now", she said cheerfully. The boy wasn't phased at all by it. "Alright", he said. "Go wait in the tea room", she said dismissing him. Then she heard another knock on the door. "Come in", she said. A young faerie messenger came in. "Queen, I have bought a message from the Unseelie king", the faerie said as he gave her a letter. She took it and dismissed him. She opened the letter and read it.
* * * *
Dear queen,
I have written this letter to tell you that I have missed you. I deeply apologise for what I did and I was hoping if I could make it up to you. Visit my secret garden tomorrow.
Sincerely yours.
* * * *
She threw it aside on her tea table. She had been furious at him for many reasons and was done with the petty excuses. But still, somewhere in her heart, she wanted to run back to him. She didn't know what to do so she decided to go for a walk to clear her mind.
Tags: @revati3008 @clarys-heosphoros @zemiraa @clockworkwand @queenlilith43 @kitswineaunt @hardlymatters @patalliumapples @stackofdeadrats and anyone who wants to be tagged :)
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maleaunt · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A Seely Booth aesthetic
All images are fair use
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protect-namine · 3 days ago
I just had an epiphany... I think I’m closer to understanding what Mondstadt’s god of time actually was. But I’m still at work so I can’t take screenshots of the game yet to add evidence to my theory, so pinning this here for now: there is no singular god of time, and it’s not Paimon. It’s all the Thousand Winds (of which we know Venti was but a thread/part of before he became archon).
By thinking of it this way, Venti starts to make more sense to me, as well as what “god of time” actually means. Mondstadt was definitely not worshipping the power of time travel (which is what Paimon can do in the menu, kinda).
Now the question I still can’t answer is: why did Mondstadt stop worshipping the Thousand Winds/God of Time? Or did they just... fuse all of that together into the persona of Barbatos (who is technically both the anemo archon and a part of the Thousand Winds)? If that is what happened, then that also kinda makes sense too. I think the concept of wind, time, and stories are deeply connected for Mondstadt. And that’s basically Venti’s character as both archon and bard.
Anyway I’ll write more about this later (if I don’t forget it). The “Paimon was the goddess of time” didn’t make sense to me before but now it makes even less sense now.
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honeyfizzly · 3 days ago
Just some speculation and an half crack theory but Paimon could be an seelie
Warnings for spoilers and bad spelling lol
Read under the cut
First, seelies in genshin impact are based off the seelie court from Scottish folklore.
The word seelie (also spelled seely) translates into happy and/or blessed.
Seelies often looked to help from people and reward those who are kind with favors and would insult and become mischievous with those who offend them. (Thanks Wikipedia)
We can already see the connection with our seelies from genshin impact as Seelies give you treasures if you help them find their courts.
The origins of seelies in genshin impact though are quite different from their real world counterpart though. The seelies used to be an highly advanced race that guided humanity and had three goddesses- Aria, Sonnet, and Canon. They were three sisters who dwelled in a lunar palace. The sisters were in charge of alternating the moon thrice every month.
Though, disaster ended up happening because they failed to rotate the moon and one sister's dead body became the moon we see now while the other two decayed away. One seelie and the person they loved tried to run away but were cursed to be forever separated.
The rest of the seelies faded away into small little wisps of themselves with only a few retaining human forms (metioned in the drunkard's tale).
So- what does this mean for Paimon?
Paimon shares similar traits to Seelies with how she guides the traveler as a thank you for saving her and Paimon has a great love for mora and treasure.
Also, Paimon has the triquetta symbol on her clothes. The triquetta symbol in irl is associated with the maiden, mother, and crone and associates the stages of women to stages of the moon (at least thats what Google is telling me lmao)- so perhaps it wouldn't be a stretch to associate the triquetta symbol in genshin to the three goddesses of the moon. (Also the fact that the moon is completely static in genshin might be a reference to the fact that the moon we see in the sky is a dead body).
Also the "insult those who offend them" part of the description for the irl seelies can also be associated with paimon, as she is known for her "ugly nicknames" (think of tone deaf bard and guhau geek).
Paimon is called a fairy multiple times by other characters (like rosaria calling Paimon a fairy for example).
Also paimon the demon is said to be able to reveal hidden treasures and has knowledge of "secret things" (seelies in genshin used to share their eminence knowledge with primitive humans).
Paimon could be one of the remaining surviving seelies, but was cursed to forget her memories like the rest. Perhaps she could be a direct descendant of one of the seelie goddesses (tho that just might be me talking out of my ass lmao).
Anyhow this theory is just for fun don't @ me lol
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kitandtyarelife · 3 days ago
Poly fic
The quest of second heir
* the Jace mentioned is thule!jace*
Chapter 2
Sebastian went to open the door. He wondered who it could have been, disturbing him, he was still irritated because of the dream. He opened the door and froze. It was Jace, he was still awkward around him after the breakup so he did his best to avoid him every time he saw him. He kept a straight face.
"H-hey, you need something?", stuttered Sebastian. Way too be cool he thought to him self. "I have some information for you", said Jace. Sebastian was curious as to what the information is but he did not show it out. "Is it any use for me?", asked Sebastian leaning on the side, looking into Jace's golden eyes. The affection he used to have was no longer there. Sebastian did not like it, but again they have broken up and I should move on too he thought. "Yes, it is so can I come in?" asked Jace snapping Sebastian out of his thoughts. He moved to the side as Jace came in. They both sat down on the sofa. There was a awkward silence before Jace interrupted.
"I'll just get this straight you have a son and he's in the faerie", said Jace.
"... What?", asked Sebastian and surprisingly he looked like someone just hit him in the face.
"Yours and The Seelie queen's son, I had a spy in the faerie and he informed me about it today. Only a few people know about him", said Jace avoiding Sebastian's eyes. After a moment of silence, Sebastian got up.
"Go pack weapons we are going to faerie", he said as he headed towards the training room to get Phaesophoros and his teleportation ring. "Now?", Jace asked. "Yes, don't waste more time. I just want to know if the kid is any use for me", he said. "Fine, whatever you want", Jace said with a hint of annoyance. Jace got up and left to get ready.
"Wait!", Sebastian called out. "Also, inform The Seelie queen that we will be arriving".
Tags: @clarys-heosphoros @revati3008 @hardlymatters @queenlilith43 @clockworkwand @kitswineaunt @zemiraa @patalliumapples @stackofdeadrats
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Tumblr media
And then we have Helen Blackthorn! Part 4 of 10 for Shadowhunters in some of the costumes from the 2010 movie, Burlesque. 👄
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