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#sebastian x reader
captainwans · 3 hours ago
credit to the owner of this gif!
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x teen! fem! reader
y/n got a role on marvel and she’s about to shoot her first scene, but her nerves are kicking in. luckily, chris evans is there to ease her anxiety.
word count: 401
warning: not really angsty, just lots of fluff
Tumblr media
Y/N sat on her chair as she read her script, her eyes gazing down her lines and muttering to herself. She was currently on set memorizing a few of her lines before she was sent to shooting with others, and she was nervous because she didn’t want to mess up in front of Robert Downey, whom she will shoot a scene with. She was too caught up in her head that she didn’t notice Chris Evans taking a seat next to her waving up his hand in front of her, looking at her with a grin. 
“Earth to Y/N!”
Snapping out of her thoughts she looked at him, a crimson painting her cheeks. She shyly smiled at him, “Oh, h-hey, Chris.” she greeted with a soft smile, her heart fluttering at the sight of him. He returned the smile and gazed down to her hand holding her script. “You ready to shoot your scene for the first time?” he asked her, his smile reaching his eyes.
She nodded her head, “I think so.” she answered, shoving a few hair strands away from her face and gave him a shy smile, “Just nervous since I’ll be shooting a scene with Downey, who’s amazing by the way, and I hope I won’t mess up my lines because I-'' she brought her hand to her mouth, mentally cursing for ranting. 
She giggled, “I’m sorry, I rant when I’m nervous.” Chris chuckled and laid a hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. “There’s nothing to be stressed about, Downey is a huge softie. You’ll be fine, Y/N,” he reassured, making her cheeks burn as she nodded with a flustered smile. 
Y/N hummed, fiddling with her hands while trying to distract herself from her beating heart and a flushed face. She was about to open her mouth to say something but was cut off when one of the crew members told her to show up at the set. 
“Time’s up, Y/L/N.” 
She gave them thumbs up and stood up from her chair, leaving her script on the chair, and went to a vanity mirror to check herself. She turned to Chris and pointed at her outfit, “How do I look? Will this capture heart eyes?” she asked him with a cheeky smile, making him laugh, his hand resting on his chest. 
“You look great, sweetheart. You’ll do amazing.” 
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angrythingstarlight · 4 hours ago
I’m really feeling baker Bucky. So much room for fluff & smut 😌
Tumblr media
Baker!Bucky x reader
Bucky's been up all morning preparing his new summer specials, lost in a whirlwind of fruits and spice. He loves to sing while baking, your home is filled with music and the dedecant smells of his creations.
The sounds of his carefree, very off-key voice pulls you to the kitchen. Bright golden rays stream through the large open windows, the white curtains fluttering softly over the double sink full of apples.
He's shaking his hips in front the counter, puffs of sugar floating around him,, the granite surface covered with bowls full of dough, frosting covered spoons and baskets of fruit.
You watch him shuffle to the fridge, an embroidered towel over his shoulder, grey sweatpants snug under his chubby belly. Flecks of flour lace his cinnamon scented hair, his long chestnut locks in a neat bun.
He spots you on his way back to the counter, an infectious grin spreading across his face.
"Morning Peach." He sings, beckoning you closer as he dances.
You laugh, padding to him sighing as he envelopes you in warm hug. "Morning."
The day passes with you perched on the table, listening to him explain why he's using this spice with that fruit.
Bucky's irresistible when he gets like this, happy and carefree, lost in his life's passion. His brilliant blue eyes snapping up to yours as he shows you how he plans to make his pies.
Occasionally he'll grab a tasting spoon and scoop out a bit fruit laced filling. He insists on feeding you, one cheeky grin and a shyly mumbled "love to take cater to you Peach," has you placing your hands on his soft belly, mouth opening for him.
The sight of your lips closing around his spoon with a hum is intoxicating. He makes a sound, not quite a groan, not quite a sigh, thick with masculine pride, the sound rumbling against you, making you giggle as you chew.
You honestly don't know what he loves more. Baking or watching you eat his pastries.
Bucky plans to do both for the rest of his life.
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ohdolans · 4 hours ago
okay what if one night nanny y/n comes over ya know to watch madeline but then right when she gets there or last minute madeline goes to a friends house or with her mom to dinner or work or something so it’s just seb and y/n so she offers to make dinner for seb bc she was gonna do it anyway for madeline and so it’s just them having a nice dinner and getting to know each other better🥰 you’re welcome to add smut or smutty thoughts of course bc you the amazing writer here so do ya thang but yea!
Tumblr media
part one
You walked up the steps and walked through the front door, half expecting to see Madeline running towards you with her brown curls bouncing around her face and her blue eyes shining. She always welcomed you in with the craziest energy, it brought a smile to your face every single time. But instead, you weren't welcomed by the vibrant four-year-old, instead, you were welcomed with silence. You looked around the house in confusion, before turning towards the living room.
"Hello?" You were welcomed with silence, before walking down the hallway and stopping when you came to an open doorway.
Sebastian was sitting behind his desk, glasses sitting on his nose, while he looked over whatever was on his computer. The moment you stopped in front of the open door, it was like he knew that you were standing there. Sebastian looked up towards you and, for just a second, you felt your heart stop for a second. He pushed the glasses that were sliding down his nose back up, before standing and walking towards you.
You stood in front of him in a flowy summer dress, the hall light behind you causing a sort of glow behind you. You sent his heart racing and was making him hard, he internally groaned as he felt his cock twitch.
"H-Hey," Sebastian spoke as he looked towards you. "What are you doing here?"
"Lysia called me and said you needed me to watch Madeline tonight. Something about dinner and staying out late?" You spoke
Sebastian closed his eyes, before shaking his head. "She was supposed to tell you. I'm so sorry, Y/N. She just left to drop Madeline off at her cousin's house for a sleepover."
Your face fell slightly, and you pulled your brows together as you stared towards him.
"Well, I'm here already. Are you hungry? I was gonna jump on making dinner for Madeline anyways."
Sebastian couldn't stop the smile that slowly came across his face. "I would love that, I can get us a bottle of wine." Sebastian started walking towards you, the two of you walking towards the kitchen. "Red or White."
You walked into the kitchen and quickly looked through the fridge before grabbing everything that you'd need to make dinner for the both of you. You could hear Sebastian behind you as he grabbed a bottle of red from the bar cart against the wall before the familiar sound of a cork popping sounded. You placed the vegetables onto the cutting board just as he poured the wine.
"So....tell me a little about yourself, y/n," Sebastian asked, walking around to stand closer to you, as he dropped the second glass of wine down for you. You smiled towards him as a silent thank you.
"What would you like to know?" You asked, moving around the kitchen comfortably, Sebastian noticed how you seemed to fit perfectly into the home.
"Anything. I feel like I should know you a little better, especially since you've become my daughter's new favorite person."
You felt the blush rush towards your cheeks as that mention. "She's become my favorite person as well, she's an amazing little girl."
You paused for a moment as you continued to cook, suddenly feeling nervous, Sebastian's eyes intensely on you and making you feel a little shaky.
"Um, I am originally from the midwest, came out here for a job opportunity...that sadly fell through." Sebastian caught the frown on your face.
"What the job?"
"Editor at a small company, but the company fell apart soon after I started," You shrugged, grabbing the wine glass before taking a small sip, "But I loved it here so much that I decided to stay."
"How'd you fall into nannying, from being an editor?"
"There aren't many jobs out there for editing, but I always loved kids so...this seemed like the next best thing till something came up."
The conversation continued to flow between the two of you as you cooked, Sebastian being able to make you laugh and smile like you never have before. It had been a long time since you felt that you connected with someone like this, but when your eyes moved down to the ring on his hand, your stomach flipped.
The two of you soon moved to the table, it quickly left your mind, and you were smiling again. It didn't take long for Sebastian to feel this need to make sure a smile was always on your face.
"God, I don't think I've had this good of a home-cooked meal in a long ass time." Sebastian moaned softly.
"Glad you liked it." You smiled, reaching for your glass and finishing off the rest.
You set your glass down and felt a soft buzz going through you, the wine working through your system. When you looked back towards Sebastian, you noticed how close he was, leaning towards you slightly, with his eyes looking at you intensely.
You were able to see just how blue his eyes were with how close he was to you. It seemed that everything seemed to freeze for just a moment around you before soon you felt his lips on yours. A soft noise was muffled between your lips, frozen for a moment in shock, before you wrapped your arm around his neck and kissed him back. Sebastian nearly pulled away when he didn't feel you respond. Thinking maybe he overstepped and was reading signals wrong. But the moment your soft, plump lips began to kiss him back, he relaxed into you and deepened the kiss more.
Sebastian reached up to grab the back of your head, fisting your hair tightly to hold you against him, as his tongue danced against yours. The way that Sebastian kissed was enough to make your entire body feel like it was on fire. He pulled away and looked down towards you with a heaviness in his eyes that shot right through you and make you clench between your legs. You knew that you were wet and pooling into your panties.
His thumb reached up and rubbed against your swollen bottom lip before he leaned forward and kissed your lips gently. Sebastian seemed to surround you and envelope you completely.
"Have dreamed of tasting these lips for so long," Sebastian panted slightly, feeling his breath across your face.
"I've been thinking the same," You whimpered, wanting his lips on you again.
But just as Sebastian leaned forward to kiss you again, the sound of the back door could be heard. Along with the familiar jingle of his wife's keys.
(gif credit) 
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watchmegetobsessed · 7 hours ago
a/n: this whole series just one big puddle of fluff lmao but i regret nothing! im having way too much fun writing these little scenarios so here is one of another milestone as a soon to be dad, feeling the baby kicking for the first time!
pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader
word count: 1.3k
This fic is part of the LITTLE ONE series, but can be read as a simple oneshot as well! Find the masterpost of the series HERE!
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
There is nothing like a lazy Saturday morning spent in bed, bodies melting together under the soft sheets as the morning Sun peeks through the blinders. You’ve been lucky enough to have more and more mornings like this since Sebastian has returned from his last job before his hiatus he has planned for the baby’s arrival. Life has been slowing down around you, the hours spent with work and endless tasks are now turning into baby shopping, lounging around at home, enjoying the time spent together as just a couple before two becomes three soon.
Ever since your stomach has grown quite significantly, you haven’t been able to sleep in any other position than on your side, your belly kind of a burden in sleeping on your stomach at this point. In the evening you always fall asleep cuddled to Sebastian’s side, using him as your human-sized pillow, but somehow by the morning you seem to switch the position and it’s always him spooning you from behind, one arm under your head, his other one draped over your waist, hand protectively sprawling out on your bump. He has been obsessed with touching your stomach, amazed by the magic that’s happening to your body during pregnancy and he always sneaks his hands to your bump in every scenario, which you absolutely don’t mind. You love feeling his warm touch, his fingers caressing the stretched out skin, especially when he pays extra attention to your stretch marks that started to appear just a few weeks ago. At first you were a little anxious about them, afraid that they wouldn’t go away and you’d never be able to look at your body the same way, but he was quick to shut down every and any insecurities you were having.
“Baby, nothing can change the way I’m so grateful and amazed by everything you do for our little one. Those marks? Love them, if they are not gonna fade, I know you’ll rock them,” he told you one day when it came up. You almost started crying at his words, not sure how you scored such an amazing man.
Now as Sebastian slowly wakes, eyes squeezing gently, but still closed, his first instinct is to brush his hand over your bump, gently tickling the skin while you’re still fast asleep. He loves the way it curves into his hand, like it was made for him to touch. You stir in your sleep, pushing yourself up against him even more and he can’t help a lazy smile as he kisses your shoulder gently, just enjoying holding you in this blissful moment.
He almost falls back asleep a little when he feels the tiniest movement under his hand, something he hasn’t been able to catch before and his eyes almost immediately shoot open.
The baby started moving around a few weeks ago, the first time it was so weird and unexpected, but you’ve come to enjoy her little movements around, however she refused to move when Sebastian was touching your belly, waiting to feel her, but getting absolutely nothing. It’s like she knew when it was his hand on your stomach and not yours, staying still on purpose so he couldn’t feel her. That’s why he is now so excited as he feels a limb, a hand or maybe a tiny foot pushing against your belly from the inside, meeting his warm palm for the first time ever.
“Oh my God!” he whispers to himself, lifting his head up to see your stomach, hoping to get another little kick. “Babe, baby wake up!” he gently nudges you, only earning a growl as you bury your head deeper into the pillow. “I felt her! She moved!” he whispers in excitement, like a little boy on Christmas morning.
“Mm, just five more minutes,” you mumble, not even processing what he said.
“Y/N, she just kicked and I felt it!” he repeats, kissing your shoulder again, his hand now gently moving around your stomach, hoping to feel another movement.
“I felt it too, I really hope she is not trying to find my bladder,” you mumble under your breath, making the man behind you laugh.
“Do you think she’ll move again?” he asks, completely in awe of what he just experienced. You let a lazy smile tug at your lips as you take his hand on your stomach, move it around a little until you stop right under your navel.
“This is usually her spot, let’s see if she’ll kick for daddy again,” you hum, as Sebastian rests his chin on your shoulder as you’re still lying on your side, the two of you patiently waiting for something to happen. You can tell he is starting to give up, accepting that your little one is not gonna move again now that he is waiting for it, but then it finally happens.
A tiny foot kicks on your stomach from inside, right under Seb’s palm, making him gasp at the feeling and you can’t get enough of these reactions he always has for everything about this baby. You can’t believe there was even a moment when you were anxious about even telling him that you’re pregnant. This man was born to be a father and you’re the luckiest woman that you get to go through this all with him.
“I can’t wait to meet her, oh my God,” he breathes out as he leans down and kisses your cheek and temple softly.
“Not long is left,” you sigh, a little nervous about giving birth, but you’re trying to stay calm and collected.
You turn around so you can face him, arms snaking around his neck to pull him down for a sweet good morning kiss before he scoots down on the bed so his face is at your belly. Hands on each side of it, he presses a kiss to the naked skin as you run your fingers through his hair, playing with the locks that are getting longer now, outgrowing his usual clean ‘do.
“Hi there, little one. Are you enjoying the mama hotel?” he starts talking to the baby and you can’t help the grin that plasters across your face. “I know it’s warm and nice, but I can’t wait to meet you out here. Your mom and I are very excited for your arrival.”
“And a little nervous,” you add chuckling. Seb smiles up at you with those pretty blue eyes you are hoping your daughter will have too as he nudges his nose against your belly.
“Just a little, because we want to do everything right. But you’re gonna be a good girl and be patient with us, right?”
No answer comes, but he takes the silence and stillness as her agreement on the deal.
“You’re gonna let us sleep through the night, right?”
“Don’t even dream of that, baby,” you laugh, knowing well even if she’ll be a good sleeper you’ll have to wake up a few times still during the nights.
“Alright, alright. But cry just enough to wake me up, so I can take care of you and so your mom can sleep as much as she wants,” he then corrects the deal and your heart swells at how much he wants to take care of not just the baby but you as well.
“I think she agrees,” you smile down at him, running your fingers down the side of his face.
“Great, good talk, I’ll hold you onto this agreement. Love you, little one,” he hums, pressing another kiss to your stomach before he pushes himself up to meet your face again, capturing your lips in a quick kiss. “And I love you too.”
“I love you too. And she does too, even if she doesn’t like to make an appearance for you,” you chuckle, running a hand along your stomach.
“No, I get it. She is bonding with her mom for now. It’s all good, I’ll have all the time with her when she is here,” he smirks so proudly and you already know that this little one will be such a daddy’s girl.
Thank you for reading, please like and reblog if you enjoyed it!
@geek-and-proud​ @lharrietg​
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starshipsofstarlord · 8 hours ago
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙛𝙛 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙈𝙪𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙧
𝑃𝑎𝑟𝑡 𝑆𝑖𝑥
Tumblr media
Summary; lee revels in the affects of his mistake, guilty with the knowledge that he once, in his younger years, would have never treated you in such a way. He has broken that trust, and he is urgent to get it back, though, he has yet to make amends
Pairing: Lee Bodecker x reader
Warnings: angst, alcohol consumption, smut, fingering, threatening, mention of disappearance, flashback, fluff
Word Count: 2675
Masterlist Link
The Sheriff and the Murderer Masterlist
He had gone where the night took him; to the bar. There was a fire in his veins, and a jolt in his crotch to which had poised you with great insult. Lee didn’t know who he was anymore, he was well aware that he was the sheriff, everyone knew of that title that followed him around like a raven taunting the deaths of the town before his face. But being a well elected pointer of the society of Knockemstiff came with a price, no matter whom the eyes belonged to, all were judging him. He missed the good old days, where he thought only about your opinion. If word to spread about him fooling around with a married housewife, then all would crumble around him. It was an addiction, to be close to you, to have you as his own, to protect you at all costs. But now, he had colleagues whose respect he had to attain, and there was Simon…
That sickly man still had yet to appear out from the shadows of a dark alley, or from the crescent current of a river, dead or alive. When he had asked you, there had been defence in your tone; though now he understood his presumptuous mistake. He shouldn’t have fucked you first, it was demeaning, and whilst most men did that, he resented being like your husband in any way. He hadn’t raped you, but he had sourly taken advantage of you and he felt a sick flavour pooling onto his tongue. His task by law was to uncover Simon’s whereabouts, and as much as he wanted him to remain gone, the pressure was lathering down upon him. There was another victim of the man’s illegal antics; a woman who was high in the society, and as much as he wanted to arrest him for all that he had done to you, that wasn’t enough, and seemingly, you wouldn’t allow it.
His knuckles gripped the steering wheel with a frustrated might, he had yet to leave his vehicle. He could see the many silhouettes inside of the bar, smoking cigars and laughing. The man sighed as he left his cruiser, slamming the door shut as he steadily plodded towards the entrance of the establishment. Eyes fell to him as he went inside, it was expected, he was the sheriff after all. And thus he slumped in a stool, waving his hand over to the man with a moustache who tended the bar. He came over, sliding a glass of mount whiskey over to Lee, throwing the rag over his shoulder. “Seen Simon Priot around here?” Lee asked after taking a swig from the crystallised glass that was far too fancy for the dim scenery of the workspace.
“Copper over there asked the same thing.” The bartender nodded his chin into the corner, and as Lee turned, he saw him. Deputy Reeves. A smirk coiled onto said man’s face, making Lee’s own stoic and containing a writhing of anger. “No sign of him, hasn’t appeared in days. He missing or something?” Lee offered him a ‘no’, wanting to keep things under wraps as he abandoned his beverage, heading towards his associate, patting his hand down on the table before Reeves. A cigar was lit, the smoke ceremoniously wafting into the sheriff’s face, to which he hit away with his palm. There was an unimpressed expression on his face, he sat down, putting his weight down in the seat, as he stole the bottle of scotch that was in the middle of the set, and gulped down a large amount.
“You asked misses Prior yet? If not, then I may have to pay her a visit, hasn’t even filed a missing person’s report yet. I’d say that’s suspicious. You know who else didn’t like him? Your sister Sandy. It’s like your boxed in by suspects in your life, for all I know, you could have killed him. Did you Bodecker, I know you’ve done some dirty shit to people before. A bullet in the head often stops the word, this could be your pursuit of jealousy, we all know that you adore that lovely housewife. Know you visit her. Too bad she’s married, right?” Reeves sneered, and Lee huffed. He was putting him on the spot, and speaking this impossible scenarios that had his skin crawling. Y/n was far too scared to do anything to Simon, and Sandy was too busy with her partial road trips.
“This is over your head Reeves. Shut your trap, or else I’ll get you suspended, you intolerant vermin.” Lee spat, grasping the majority filled bottle in his hand, and fleeing the scene, leaving the mess to remain in its seat, tensing the bridge of his nose as he stomped away, abandoning his cruiser as he took steps and steps, until he ended up at a recognised door. He knocked ravenously on the door until he earned a reply, and when he did, Sandy looked disappointed in his presence. She cocked the door ajar for him to enter, and he found himself having memorised his direction to
A bottle was pursed in his steel grip, as Sandy ran around the kitchen, cleaning up the mess that had become of her home. She was usually in a rush, but Lee was not only the sheriff but her brother, no matter if she were busy fooling around, he was welcome. Though he was not so sure he would be if he told her of his grave mistake, he had broken her best friend, been kicked out of her home, all because his hands made a stride at her, before his mouth opened.
He was utmost certain that she would give him a well deserved whack, you were her best friend after all. And thus here he was, wallowing in his own self pity, whilst participating in a notion of regret, chugging alcohol as though he were a teenager once again. It was an issue; he had to drink to rid himself of all his self quarrels, and the thoughts of all he hadn’t strode towards. Despite being the town sheriff, lee bodecker was a coward, and a pathetic one at that. If he found simon, he would punch him directly in the face, cursing him for all the harm that he had sentenced into his life.
Authority was his ordeal, he revelled in the power that it granted him, though, he was not always one to use it in the correct ways, he sought fortune, in the resemblance of respect, and cash for booze; however one thing that he had never earned himself was the love of a woman. he had eyes for no other, than the one whose heart he had just cracked, as though he were a hammer clattering down destructively against the exterior of a vase.
He still remembered the days of old, whence he would watch you adoringly, to everyone’s noticing dismay, licking his chapped lips as he had thoughts that were a branch off obscene. Yes, it was true, not all of his mindset had been, nor was corrupted by primal and masculine hormones, sex wasn’t the priority that escalated his behaviour. Not at all, harboured honest care for you, since he was a boy, he enjoyed your company, and found it to be a calming medication to ease all his resenting stress.
Lee blinked, awakening into his reality, parting from the wildness of his dreams. There were things that he had seen, a sheriff’s badge, and a wife, whom he had met before, under many circumstances. She was supposed to be off limits, she was his sister’s best friend, though he had already traipsed that walk, under countless instances.
Sandy was your best friend, and to say her brother was not a severe distraction, that would be a foreseen lie. “I don’t get it, why don’t we just kill him?” She sighed, as you sat on her family’s porch, and you raised a brow at her inclined speech, crossing your arms almost judgementally.
“Now I see which one of us is going to become the homicidal killer.” It was a flimsy joke, as you turned another page of your chemistry book, glaring down at the torn paper, and the spewed ink that reckoned waves of black across the page. your feet tapped on the wooden deck, your dolly shoes clasping a clipping noise upon the surface.
“Serial killer.” she corrected you, shrugging nonchalantly. “And mr andrews will be my first victim. i hate him so much, i can’t believe that prick failed me, i swear to our holy father imma dig a ditch and bury him in it. you’ll help, right?”
A smile appeared on your face, loving how dramatic your friend could be, it was quite the amusement, especially when she would cause a ruckus in the classroom. Though you were certainly not the loudest in school, everyone knew of whom you were due to sandy’s big mouth. before you could answer, the front door swung open, revealing the brunette that you had been awaiting to see.
“I don’t think mother would like you making such inappropriate promises in the lord’s name.” Lee spoke, his youthful face opting to carry a smirk, as the boy crossed his arms, leaning against the entrance to his home. Sandy could only roll her eyes at his presence, throwing her own guide of study towards him, to which he dodged.
“Have you been listening to us this entire time? Can you maybe not perv on my best friend when i am not here. just yuck!” Her hands flew in a flurry of annoyance, all aimed at her sibling. “Scram would you, i want to enjoy the last of the sun without your body ass blocking it.”
“It’s not perving if she consents, isn’t that right daring?” His attention turns towards you as sandy made a well versed gagging sound. “Perhaps we could study in my room, it seems that my sister doesn’t need distractions, and your elegant face serves as one.”
“Oh just go with him, and study, as he calls it. I cannot be dealing with his presence if all he’s gonna do is hover if you’re nearby. I’m gonna have to feed you to the wolves, i am truly sorry my dear friend.” She rested her hand upon your shoulder, though you knew her words were false. she knew that you were eager to do so, and she wouldn’t hold you back if that was indeed what you desired.
Though you hardly vocalised anything in regards to your relation with her brother, sandy was well aware of what the two of you were like. Not only could she hear the sounds through the wall separating their bedrooms, but it was easy to tell, from the way that he looked at you. He was enamoured, all his attention prompted towards you.
“Well this wolf is going to be eating well.” Smirked Lee, huskily grasping your hand, lulling in the sensation of your fingers wiggling against his palm, as he dragged you into his home, your feet managing to keep up with his own to some miracle. “Did i tell you how pretty you look today darling?”
His lips mumbled against your own, as his free hand cast a gentle hold onto the small of your back, as your y/e/c eyes snapped to behind him, instinctively pushing him away. “Good evening mrs bodecker.” You greeted her, watching as she wiped her soil engrossed hands on a towel.
“Hello y/n.” She spoke in return, grimacing as dirt resided below the primitive surface of her nails. “Gosh, every time i pursue gardening, i think of that poor man buried in the woods. It was just short of north, by the sign directing people away from knockemstiff. What a terrible end to have met with our local sheriff."
"It was the sheriff?" You asked, surprised by the fact, your brows raised as sweat beaded upon Lee’s forehead, you not noticing how fear trembled through his veins. That was the target of all his hard work, and he supposed that perhaps one day it would be his duty to deal with such circumstances, but not that someone in his targeted role would be condemned to such tragedy. “Jeez, that’s terrible. is there any idea of whom may have condemned such a vile act?”
“Not one. They’ve been searching for a while, but it took them a moment to find the body; it was cut into pieces and then buried. Happened just outside o’ town, sure that is gonna scare some people off wanting to join the force.” Dorine spoke, her gaze flickering over to her son, whom was clearly growing antsy from the unfolding talk. The mother cleared her throat, taking note of his digression in mood, and walking back over to wash some plates. “I’ll let you two talk.”
Lee practically dragged you towards the stairs, and you tried to sample his neck with kisses. Though he lightly pushed you away, causing a furrow to adjourn your face, as you became confused by the sight rejection. “There’s something you need to know before anything happens between us; you could change your mind, and I’d rather get your opinion first doll.” He was not only scared of the future that laid in front of him, but also the way in which you would react. “I’m going to be leaving for a little while, I am going to be training to be a cop. And I don’t want to lose you, but the distance is going to be hard.”
“No it’s not, we can handle anything Lee Lee. I could come with you, there’s surely gotta be a cotton factory or something alike around there somewhere. It’ll be manageable for the both of us, we can both work, and grow together.” Lee was shocked by your sentiment, he found his mouth gaping open in surprise. There was a rapid beating in his heart, he realised that he loved you. The emotion was always there, but now he could recognise it, it was staring him right back in the face, as were you.
“You’d do that for me honey?” Lee breathlessly asked, reaching his hand up to cup your cheek. A fragrant nod stirred from your head, as he leant in to kiss you, gripping your hip with his other hand, as he daringly dipped his tongue into your mouth, stirring a hun out from you. The calling of Dorian stating dinner restricted the pair of you from venturing to his room just yet, and thus, you walked to the table, sitting beside each other, Sandy and Dorian opposite. There was a chicken to be split on the table, small piles mounted on each plate, as Lee patted his hand on your thigh.
“This is lovely Mrs Bodecker.” You complimented her on the meal she had prepared, sending Lee a smile, that was until he dared to move his intimate grip higher upon your flesh, dipping beneath your skirt, as he swirled the pad of his finger over your panties. He aimed for your clit, causing you to whimper, drawing Dorian’s eyes to you, and Sandy quirked her brow. “Sorry, I accidentally caught my ankle on the chair leg.” You excused, smiling lightly as you took a drink of water, your lashes fluttering as he pushed your cotton underwear to the side, spreading your slick, before delving his finger within you, causing your nails to tap silently upon the table.
Lee hummed as he took a bite from his dish, stirring his finger inside of you. He looked at you out from the corner of his eye, staring at your beauty. There was an attractive clench to your jaw, as you groped his hand with yours atop, soothingly making circles upon his skin. You were ready to give up everything, your life for him, and years later, he didn’t know that the times would have changed; that he would have changed.
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buckyhoney · 11 hours ago
𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐦𝐞, 𝐛.𝐛
a/n: idk what this honestly, but i just felt like i needed to read it so here is this, let me know your thoughts- lowkey was scare to post this, very different than what i’ve done before i guess
pairing: bestfriend!bucky x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
warnings: fluff with a bit of angst, kinda a plot, sorry for any typos
words: 445
Tumblr media
Trying to find the right words to express, he takes a deep breath. When he looks up at you, tears swell in the corners, threatening to fall.
"Loving you has been the most inconvenient thing that has happened to me." He shrugs,
Tears well in your eyes, loving you? Your heart begins to beat so loud, you thought it would fall out of your chest.
"I'm in love with you," He says, defeated.
Exhaustion flushes his face, but so does relief- he said the words that he's been meaning to tell you for years.
"I love you," Each word cuts his lip, but the pain is almost relieving.
He wished it was under different circumstances- not when you were about to leave him and move halfway across the country with your fiancé.
But, here he stands- looking at you with your last suitcase that has the last bit of your life packed away. He was at your front door within minutes of texting him that you were about to leave for the airport.
"Y/N. I am so in love with you that I can't think about anything or anyone else." He shakes his head.
The tears become too heavy for your eyes to hold- they fall silently as you stand in disbelief.
Not wanting to believe the things you're hearing, wishing you were hearing them under different circumstances- Not when you promised to marry a near-perfect man who was on his way to get you.
For the first time, finally seeing what you've been blinded to for years. Seeing the love flooding in his eyes, pleading silently with you. Praying that you would repeat the three words and you stay with him.
Bucky's eyes lock with yours, praying that you would cave in.
"I can't sleep- because that one time you fell asleep on my shoulder at Steve's. I just can't get comfortable anymore." Bucky laughs, realizing how insane he must sound to you.
He continues anyway, knowing this might be the last chance he gets.
"You know- I can't listen to music. I can't because nothing sounds good as your voice." The vibration in your pocket reminds you that he's outside waiting for you- but your body is paralyzed.
"I can't breathe knowing you're not in the same room with me- My chest starts to physically hurt." He runs his hands through his hair,
"You have inconvenienced my life because all I want to do is be with you- and," Tears and the crack in his voice interrupt him- taking a deep breath, he sighs,
He purses his lips together, letting the tears continue to fall.
"and the worst part of it all? I- I can't be with you,"
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sableseb · 12 hours ago
Between You
TJ Hammond x f!reader
word count: 326
warnings: titty fucking, bit of oral m receiving, cum eating
a/n: I paused Loki just to get this out of my system… @drysdale-barnes added fuel to this fire like the good friend she is. Enjoy a lil drabble tonight💕
Tumblr media
TJ can find pleasure in any body part, but a pair of breasts? He can never get his fill.
You’re laying down on the hotel’s pristine white sheets while you wrap your full tits around TJ’s thick shaft. He watches below him, mesmerized as his precum smears between the valley of them, tempting him just to bend down and lick you clean. 
He starts at a steady pace, knees beside your waist digging into the bed. A hand shoots out to grip your hair and forces your head down to lick his tip with each pass he makes through your swells.
“Squeeze 'em tighter, baby.”
And you do, making him emit a drawn out groan. The silky skin rubs deliciously over his cock. With his girth still encased, he keeps your mouth around his swollen head, fucking into your mouth just the slightest. 
TJ can fill his stomach clench and balls tighten. The way your pretty pout sucks him in, the way your perky tits move against him, how your legs shift behind him, trying to find some friction to relieve the ache that’s settled in your core, it’s too much for him.
Just before he can paint your pretty hole with cum, he pulls back, wrapping his fist firmly around his cock. You watch as he jerks himself off above you. You can see his plump pout parted, baby blues boring into your own, his abs pulling taught. This Hammond clearly got the Adonis genes, the beauty he holds as he comes apart is unmatched.
He shoots his cum along your chest and into your mouth. You run a finger through the stickiness that coats you, bringing it to your lips and licking it off with a satisfied hum. TJ is just as sweet as he looks. You love when he covers you, almost like he’s staking a claim. He takes what he wants, when he wants. And you’re more than happy to be under him as he gets his fill.
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who-ever-said-i-was-nice · 13 hours ago
Hey there! ^^ Can I please get a (suitors of your choice cuz I can't decide) with an MC who can turn anything into a song? Like the lyrics and beat automatically come into her mind? Thank you!!! :)
When did this get here? Like i don't even know. I am now convinced i live in like a timeloop. Anywho. It was a nive surprise don't get me wrong. I just feel bad now for not noticing. I also saw you sent in a match-up? Idk let me know if I'm wrong or right. Now on to the hcs.
Warnings: None; not proof read
Note: if you like this please, heart or reblog it, it really helps my work do better so thank you if you do any of those
Ikevamp suitors x reader who turns everything into a song
Oh boy
You have unleashed the curios Leo and now you can't leve his grasp
He heard when you where joking around with Dazai
He said spme stupid pun and you sang your answer back to him
Leo was like:????👀🤭😎
Watzed over the you like:
" Wow Cara mia. Care to tell me where you learned that?"
Bombards you with questions
Now he always stays within earshot of you just so he can hear you sing
Ok so when he hears you drumming and humming to yourself in the bathroom while you where putting away some towels
Piece of teasing shit Arthur: activate.
Walks up to you when you start putting away your hairbrush
" My my, luv, didn't know you could make such pretty noises" 😎😎😎
Bad idea
You whacked him with the brush
" Oh, bloody hell, what was that for!"
But he can't help but laugh
Your to cute
Since that moment when he hers you singing he will join in
Will twirl you around and dance with you a little
Honestly just very cute
This salty cracker
You little salty caramel ice-cream
I should stop comparing him to food, now I'm hungry
He hears when he was walking back to your shared bedroom one night
He heard someone singing softly
As to not disturb he quietly opened the door and slipped in
He found you sitting on the window sill singing softly about the beautiful night sky and the soft wind that blew your words away, words that will never reach the ears of your lover
When you finished your bittersweet tune, Mozart clapped
He has never heard anything more beautiful
He pulles you into his arms and whispers
"Y/n you managed to surprise me every time. Once again you have me falling. You have captured my heart with your gentle sides song. My muse, will you sing for me again?"
He places a soft kiss to the tip of your nose and honestly, who are you to deny him
From then on Mozart always listenes to you sing
And sometimes, he even accompanies you with the piano
He was just trying to clean the library And the Arthur, Dazai and Isaac happened
They matched in and made a mess of everything
And they are so loud
Sebastian could not take it
He vowed to serve le Comte and the residents but he was at the end of his line for that day
He left the library saying he was going to give them privacy and went to the kitchen
When he entered he saw you tapping some spoons and singing a melody
"I met a boy from different time-line
He promised to give me a life time
Of love, oh oh
Of love
He works all day, what a busy man
He takes care of the house so I understand
Be he promised to give me a life time
Of love
And he does, yes he does
Yes he moves mountains for me
And he does, yes he does
I want to stay right here with thee"
Surprised pikachu face
He just walks up to you and gives you a hug
You are a bit startled but relaxed quickly
"Thank you, love. You always give me strength to continue"
"Now now Seb, don't you get all sappy on me"
"You really know how to ruin the mood"
You both laughed and he kissed you qently
Since that day, you guys always dance around the kitchen together while you sing.
He heard you when you where singing to Puck
He had previously told you that he had to got to the theater for a while
And now you where singing a sad song about how much you missed him
It wasn't an actual song it was just vers after vers after vers
You poured all the longing into it
He stood there and smiled to himself
His little bunny
"Such an enchanting voice"
You whipped around not expecting him to be there
He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you
"If 't be true thee did miss me so much, thee couldst has't toldeth me. But w'rry not by quaint bunny, i shall giveth thee all the loveth thee singeth f'r."
(If you missed me so much, you could have told me. But don't worry by pretty bunny, I will give you all the love you sing for.) (hopefully it is correct)
Anyway he made sure to give you the attention you wated
Yes cuddles, you nasty get your head out of the gutter
From then on he will always ask you to sing for him
Look what I orchestrated are you proud? I'm kidding, I hope you enjoy!
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fandom-basurero · 13 hours ago
Making It Up To You
Pairing: Mickey Henry x Reader
Word Count: 2.6K
Warning(s): implied smut*, angst if you squint, fluff, a slightly steamy ending
*please take this warning with caution!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For the first time, we are dipping our toes into writing Mickey Henry!! I’m so so pumped for this one because I fell for Mickey HARD!! This ones a little bday love for the wonderful @karollbey !!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS BBY THIS ONES FOR YOU!!
Summary: After catching up with your friends, Mickey finds a way to surprise you for your birthday to make up for his irresponsible behavior this past month.
Masterlist is in bio!
“Thank you, guys. You guys come at the best times possible,” you say gratefully, grabbing your purse before you open the car’s door. 
“It’s not a problem, girl! You deserve birthday love!” Your friend exclaims before a smirk grows on her face. “While we’re here in Greece, when are you gonna finally let us meet that boyfriend of yours, huh?” 
“That’s right! You keep talking about him!” Your other friend chimes in. Seeing their excited faces, you give them a small smile. 
“Maybe when I hear about another block party or something I’ll let you guys meet him.” You respond to them. Opting not to push the subject further, the three of you exchange goodbyes before the two drive off, causing you to remember just what you’re dealing with now. Sighing, you slowly make your way through the door of the building and up the stairs, reaching in your bag to grab the keys for your’s and Mickey’s shared place. 
It has been rough for you the past two months, especially since you have been working overtime in order to meet the rent. You had felt bad enough knowing that Argyris had been generous to let Mickey and now you have the place, and even more so because there was trouble making it every month. One big problem was that Mickey was slacking. 
Yes, the DJ was charismatic, passionate, and very well happy with his job, but nonetheless, he was having difficulty meeting his half of the rent. As you trudged up the stairs, you replayed the conversation from last night.
“This is embarrassing, Mickey! Embarrassing! I literally had to tell Argyris that I can’t even pay the rent till next Friday!” You sigh, putting your phone away as your eyes locked with his. 
“Honey, it’s gonna be alright, Argyris understands, he knows we’re trying you know. He knows us.” He tries, trying his best to calm down your already worked up self. 
“Yeah, he knows us, but that makes things worse! I don’t want us to come off as irresponsible!” 
“No one’s saying you are, sweetheart, you’ve been trying your best-”
“Okay, I know I’m doing my part, but are YOU, Mickey?” 
Mickey gulps, a nervous yet charming smile forming as he reaches to hold your face in his palms. “I promise, baby, I’ll do my share this time around I prom-”
“Mickey, all you do is promise and then break it! It’s getting tiring that I’m trying to juggle these two jobs to make ends meet!” You argue, voice raising as the frustration does nothing but grow. Mickey gently hushes you as you let out frustrated tears, ringed hands leaving your face to embrace you. “I’m gonna find a way to make it up to ya I’m sorry. I’m sorry you feel overworked. I’m sorry. I’ll try harder.”
You purposely woke up earlier than usual to go about your day, thankful that talking with your friends had helped you simmer down a bit, especially on your special day. You were now in front of your door, nervous about whether or not there’d be tension between you and Mickey like last night. Well, here goes, you think, unlocking the door and going in. “Mickey?” You call out, quick to notice that the place was dim with nothing but the orange and yellow hues that were coming from the incoming sunset. It was quiet. Too quiet. Your eyes darted around the living room area, then in Hector’s unused room. 
“Mickey, you home?” You try to call out once again, tiptoeing cautiously to your shared bedroom, no one. There was one more room to go. You cautiously walked to Mickey’s music room, carefully opening the door to see nothing but black. 
“So dark in here,” you mutter to yourself, stretching your arm in the dark to find the light switch. You flipped the switch on, jumping in surprise when you see your boyfriend sitting on the bench in front of his keyboard. His party hat was cutely tilted to the side while he pulled the string of the small confetti popper, making a popping noise as the bunch of colorful confetti bursted into the air. “Happy Birthday!” He yelled to you excitedly, hands up in the air before they landed onto the keys of his keyboard. You could barely process what was happening, still in shock at the sight that you were met with just now. You didn’t realize that you had tears running down your cheeks as your boyfriend sang happy birthday to you in accompaniment with the chords that he was playing. You shook your head in denial, refusing to accept that your boyfriend was indeed singing happy birthday for you. You let out a gasp when you saw him pick up a cupcake with a candle from the desk next to his keyboard, using his lighter to light up the candle before carefully walking to you. You could only sniff, your smile not being able to be contained as your eyes met his. 
“Make a wish, sweetheart.” He whispers, his eyes never leaving yours. So you did, closing your eyes with your hands folded, with your wish in mind, you pucker your lips and blow the sparkling candle with a puff of air. You open your eyes smiling wider than before as you feel Mickey’s lips press gently onto yours. 
“You’re so crazy, got me crying over here,” you mutter teasingly, giggling as he wipes your tears away with his free thumb. 
“Ah, couldn’t help but surprise you on your special day. Made you dinner tonight.” He chuckles, pulling away when you gasp in surprise, eyes widened and eyebrows raised. 
“You didn’t!” 
“Did to! For once,” he replies, laughing at the last part alongside you. “I made us spaghetti. I know how much you love pasta, so I thought it'd be something I can do to make it up to you .” 
You squeal, pecking his lips excitedly before you hold his free hand, not hesitating to walk out of the mini studio to the kitchen. “Oh, you’re already succeeding, come on I’m hungry!” You exclaim. 
Mickey had charmed you through the night to say the least. From a wonderful conversation at dinner, to a little karaoke session in the studio, he had done nothing but make it easier for you to forgive him from last night’s conversation. It even felt as if the conversation had not happened at all. Everything he did for you only topped the last act of kindness of his. This next act was definitely something you didn’t expect. 
“Why don’t we take a drive to the beach? It’s gonna be sunset for sure.” He asks you, arms wrapped around your waist protectively as he had pulled away from a slow and passionate kiss you two shared. You could only raise your eyebrows in disbelief. Mickey couldn’t help but laugh and adore the way your eyes lit up at his suggestion, knowing how much the sea has become your favorite sight to see ever since moving to Greece. 
“Oh, I’d love nothing more.” 
In true Mickey fashion, he passed you your helmet (he was proud to have made that one), made sure you were secured behind him, and took off in his motor scooter. He knew better than to try talking to you during this drive. You were more than happy to know that he knew you that well, for you always enjoyed looking out at the horizon, admiring Greece in all its beauty as he zoomed through the roads and the cars. He had also let you enjoy the feel of the sea at your feet, holding your hand as you had kicked the water with joy. He loved watching you be this carefree, he loved being the reason that you were feeling this way. He didn’t like watching your face get worn out nearly 24/7 because of him. He felt a sense of guilt watching you always hold back your tears whenever you two argued about rent or Hector. He knew you were trying your best. Trying for yourself, trying for your family, and for him. 
That’s why he had made it a clear point to make your birthday a special one, so that you can see that he is trying too. Trying to be a better guy, trying to grow up, trying for you. “Enjoying yourself?” He asks, seeing you bend over to pick up a few pebbles knowing that you’d want to skip them. He had indulged himself with a few too, giving you time to formulate your response. 
“Way more than I’d like to admit,” you confess, throwing a pebble and watching it hop on the water’s surface. You look over at Mickey with a grateful smile on your lips. “I… I really am grateful to have you, you know.” You tell him seriously, your heart now racing when his blue eyes meet yours. “I’m sorry about bringing up rent the way I did yesterday,” you manage to let out, fiddling with the pebble in your hands. “I’m just worried… It's been hard to settle and I want to make things work, you know? I want us to work.” 
Mickey had nodded in understanding, cupping your face to make your eyes meet his again. “Hey, now. Enough of that talk, you are doing great okay? We’re here to unwind.” Your guilty look did not leave, however, he saw how you were trying to let it go. 
“But- mmm.” Your words were left up in the air as he gently pressed a quick kiss to your lips, pulling away with a soft smile on his face. “Nope! I told you we are here to unwind!” He argues playfully at you, smiling more when he sees your lips curl up. “That’s my girl. Let’s just enjoy ourselves.” 
You nod in agreement, relaxing into his palms. “Can we hug till the sun goes down?” You ask in a whisper. You smiled when Mickey accepted your request right away, arms returning to your waist, bringing you closer to him. You let your head rest on his chest, concentrating on the sounds of the waves crashing alongside his steady heartbeat, admiring the mixture of pink, orange, and blue as the sun slowly disappears and goes beneath the horizon line. It felt as if the peace that you had been searching for in Greece has been found today, the peace found from the presence of Mickey and the view of the beach allowing your body and mind to calm itself down from its anxious state. The peaceful aura only continued on the ride home, Mickey encouraging you to close your eyes and rest on his back, taking in the now cool wind as he rode you two back home. 
The next time you open your eyes is when you pass by the all too familiar road that lets you see not only the sea ahead, but also Greece in a different light. You can only look at it in awe as you watch the distant lights flicker, looking at your surroundings in newfound content until your eyes meet the back of Mickey’s head. You couldn’t help the butterflies that you had felt in your stomach at the thought and sight of the man in front of you, opting to hold him tighter to express your gratitude.
Tumblr media
“So how was your day today, sweetheart?”
You laugh at the now shirtless man that was standing beside your shared bed, shaking your head. “You’re talking as if you and I haven’t spent the afternoon and now evening together!” You sarcastically reply as you get comfortable in your pajamas, hopping onto the bed and under the blankets only for your boyfriend to follow suit.
“What? Can’t a guy ask how you’ve been through his time together with you? Come on, tell Mickey Henry how you’re feeling” He argues with a teasing smile, wrapping his arm around your waist over the blanket to bring you closer.
“I guess you can,” you giggle, before a pause takes over the room. “I’m grateful. Very grateful to be spending my birthday with you.” You hum, “I was alone on my birthday since moving to Greece. Last year I felt lonely. I was homesick. I wanted to have my friends or family to be here with me. Hell, I still do, lunch with my friends made me only realize how I’ve led a lonely life here and how much they mean to me. But… when you surprised me and did all these things, I realized… maybe I’m not as lonely as I make myself out to be.”
Mickey smiled at your response, humming in satisfaction as he leaned over to press a kiss to your head. You’re a fucking strong person for even making the move to try out life in Greece, let alone a life with me. If anyone deserves all the love, especially today, it’s you. I want to make it up to you from here on out.” He responds with sincerity, a small pause returning once again in the atmosphere before the playful glint in Mickey’s eyes return once again. “So does that mean I did great today for a start?” He asks you.
“It was okay,” you tease. You laugh when Mickey’s eyebrows raise, as if a challenge has been bestowed upon him. He only laughs, his body starting to crawl on top of yours, adjusting the blanket so it’s underneath you both. You laugh as he dramatically scoffs in disbelief, typical Mickey.
“Just okay?” He asks, scrunching his nose as he lets out a chuckle, watching you cutely squirm and squeal under him. “That’s not good enough.” He huffs, making you giggle. You naturally bury your hand in his hair, playing with it as the other caresses his back lightly and gently, up and down.
“I suppose it isn’t.”
“I got something’ that can help me figure out the truth from you.” Your eyebrows raise in interest, a smirk teasing to appear on your face. “Oh? What would that be?” You challenged him.
“This,” he breathes softly into your lips, leaning in to take up the rest of the gap between you both to lock lips with yours. You only sighed in content, lips parting to move with his soft ones, allowing that wave of warmth flowing from her lips to her toes. All thoughts have been silence, for all she can think and feel was his lips and tongue against hers, his hands slipping under your shirt to have more of you. You whined when he pulled away, a smirk now adorning his face knowing that he got you in his trap. You were now left wanting more. “Changed your mind?” He asks breathily, his hands continuing to lightly trace your upper body underneath your shirt, causing a small whine to nearly leave your lips. “You have me feeling like I’m on cloud 9, from the studio till now,” You admit breathily. You felt like you were still in that daze, as if you were daydreaming. You felt like you were floating whenever you were with Mickey, his cologne had overtaken your senses and the sight of his swollen lips and his pupils blown up with lust had become your main point of focus. Your heartbeat only raced even more at the sight of his growing smirk.
“What if I told you…” he starts, eyes remaining on yours as his hands begin to wander in the places that he knew would make you easily fall apart. “That I had one more surprise gift incoming for you, right now?”
Another wave of warmth had made its way throughout your body, the heat settling on the place where your body begged to be touched. You were done playing games with Mickey, done resisting the thought that has been floating in your mind since the change of the atmosphere. You only knew one thing: you wanted him, all of him. You wanted him to love you and you wanted to feel all of it.
“Then I’d tell you to make sure that you surprise me.”
Permanent Taglist: @buckybarnesthehotshot @chickenmcstucky @hailhydra920 @heyiamthatbitch @karollbey @letstalkaboutsebbaby @lookiamtrying @lordyitsjordy​​ @rebekahdawkins @rodrikstark​​​ @swift-potomac @thee-soom-soom @whew-oh-em-gee​​ @world-of-aus @world-of-aus-reads​​ ​@vesper852​
*feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!
(If you would like to be included in a tag list let me know via ask! ❤️☺️)
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yandereaffections · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
His perfect butler aesthetic breaks for just a split second, a smile is all you see pull at his lips with a small laughing shake at his shoulder before he forces himself right back into his composed seriously self
Meanwhile you can see Ciels face progressively turn red, frozen in place as he stutters, obviously too flustered to figure out what to say now that he messed up so badly infront of someone he cares about
It's best if you reassure him it's alright and move on from there, walk out his study and wait outside for Sebastian to be dismissed right after you go through the doors. You both can hear him groan at himself on the other side of the closed room as sebastian's grin comes to his face once more, making a comment that he's been waiting for this to happen for quite some time now knowing it was bound to happen with how motherly his dearest is.
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mollysolo · 15 hours ago
Dark Paradise - Chapter (nine / ?)
Pairing: bodyguard!Bucky Barnes X fem!Reader
Series Summary: Through out your life you’ve been able to easily get used to many things. Sudden wealth, new cities, affairs, new step-parents, drugs, etc. All of these things were normal for you, your life was pretty normal to you at least. That was until a certain man flipped your world upside down.
Chapter Summary: Tension arises at your fathers funeral.
Warnings: None :))
Word count: 1.5k
Previous Chapter
Tumblr media
Three weeks later, you and Bucky were now standing in front of that damned mirror again.
Your palms sweated as you stared at your reflection, so much had happened in the last month and nothing felt real anymore.
You swiftly wiped your hands off on your dress while Bucky began to spin you around to face him. He looked down at you with concerned eyes and you looked back up at him with nervous ones.
He started to loosely hold your face in his hands, making sure not to get any makeup on them as they remained there.
He pressed a short but gentle kiss to your knuckles, making you giggle as he then he opened his mouth to speak.
“It’ll be okay, doll. We can leave as soon as the service is over, alright?” he assured.
You softly nodded, trying to hold back tears. Noticing this, Bucky got a makeup wipe and handed it to you. You took it from him with another quiet chuckle.
“It’s your fathers funeral, (y/n). I doubt that anyone will expect you to have a full face of makeup on. Especially after all of the things you are going through.” he told you.
“I know.” you whispered with another nod while you took off the light makeup you had applied a few minutes prior.
Once it was all off, you grabbed Buckys hand and began to leave your apartment building with him.
Grieving had been one of the hardest things you had to go through in your life. But, you had to admit it was a lot easier with Bucky right there by your side every step of the way.
—Time Skip: One hour later—
While you approached the funeral home, your body stayed close to Bucky’s. You kept your head held high, ready for anything someone might say to you.
Deep down you knew that people would start judging you and gossiping. You expected it even. You knew the fact that you had fallen in love with your bodyguard would be frowned upon.
You silently sat down with him in the front row of seats. Bucky held your hand in his lap as everyone waited for the funeral to begin.
Your sister walked up to the podium a few moments later, dark circles under her eyes. She looked so tired and numb standing up there all by herself.
You wished that you hadn’t been recovering the past few weeks, you wanted to have comforted her. You could tell that she was suffering more than you ever were.
Which you also expected as she was your fathers favorite and they spent most weekends together, bonding without you.
“Alright everyone, I’m going to give my speech as will my sister, (y/n) and lastly our fathers lawyer will make an announcement. Thank you all for coming today.” Wanda spoke to the small crowd in front of her.
Once it was your turn to give your speech, you couldn’t help but burst into tears. Your sisters speech had reminded you of the happy memories you two shared with your father once more.
Though, you still felt so conflicted.
Bucky stood behind you and kept one of his hands on your back as you got out the words in your speech.
You quietly thanked Bucky as well as everyone in the crowd while you finished your speech and started to go back to your seat.
Wanda flashed you a gentle frown and patted your leg as you sat back down.
‘I’m okay’ you mouthed to her.
‘Okay.’ she mouthed back.
It was now your fathers lawyers turn to speak, you could just see how incredibly nervous he was. And you wondered what exactly was in your fathers will that made him so scared to even utter it.
He quickly cleared his throat before he began to talk to everyone, but more specifically you and your family.
“Mr. (y/l/n) wrote in his will that in the event of his death, his daughter Wanda will take over his business and his two daughters will evenly split all of the money he has in his bank account. Which is currently 20 million dollars, each daughter will get 10 million. There is no mention of his current wife in his will.” the lawyer quietly but clearly spoke.
As he finished speaking loud gasps echoed out across the room.
You couldn’t believe it, even though your father barely paid any attention to you, he still gave you a lot of his money.
Maybe he really did love you and was just quite bad at showing it.
But you had to admit, it felt good to know that your step-mother got nothing. You hated her the second you met her five years ago.
The lawyer tried to make a quick escape from the funeral, but your step-mother stopped him. She stomped her foot on the ground like a child as she glared down at the lawyer.
“You must have made a mistake! He wouldn’t leave me out of his will!” she shouted, still acting like a child having a temper tantrum.
“No ma’am, I did not make any mistakes. You can read it for yourself, he left you nothing.” the lawyer anxiously said.
She snatched the will from his hands and scanned her eyes across the words on the piece of paper.
The lawyer was right, she got nothing.
Wanda scoffed and said to her, “He probably caught on to the fact that you are nothing but a gold digger. He would’ve loved to see us laughing at your pathetic self.”
Wanda smirked as she finished speaking.
You covered your mouth with your hand as you let a loud laugh escape your lips. You smirked as well while you quickly thought of another way to snap back at the woman.
“Wandas not wrong. Did you ever find it weird that he never had any photos of you up around the house or that he never invited you to his galas? He knew you were just using him.” you said, successfully snapping back at her.
“Ugh!” she screamed before she then stormed out of the funeral home.
You and Wanda laughed as she dramatically left with tears streaming down her face. Your eyes met Bucky’s face to see him laughing as well.
“Damn, I didn’t know you had that in you doll.” he said, still laughing a little bit.
“I’m full of surprises.” you said with a bright smile on your face while you stood up from your seat.
Bucky smiled back at you as he also stood up and took your reaction to his comment as a sign that you were ready to leave.
But before you two did, he obviously gave you and Wanda a few minutes to say your goodbyes.
“If you ever need help with the company, don’t be afraid to call me okay?” you made known to your sister.
She nodded in response.
As you and Bucky walked up to your car, you saw Jean leaning up against it. There was a douchey and infuriating look painted on her face.
You rolled your eyes at her as she began to slowly clap and a smirk stayed plastered on her face.
“Wow, making your step-mother cry? I never thought you’d do that.” she sarcastically said, her eyes lingering to Bucky’s face, he looked away.
“Why are you here?” you asked her with an annoyed tone to your voice.
“I thought I’d pay my respects to your family.” she said, now evilly grinning at you.
“Leave, your not welcome here.” you simply said, your eyebrows knitting up with pure rage.
“Alright, but this won’t be the last time you see me, “doll”.” she said before making a theatrical exit.
“Fuckin’ bitch.” you muttered under your breath as you hopped into the drivers seat.
“All she ever does is try to steal the things that make me happy and now that you’re in my life, she’ll try to steal you too. I can’t let that happen.” you told Bucky, your voice becoming subtly shaky.
“Wait, I make you happy?” Bucky curiously asked you, placing a hand on your arm to stop you from starting the car.
“Yes, you do Bucky. You make me the happiest woman on earth.” you answered, resting your hands on the steering wheel.
His arm dropped to his side with shock, he couldn’t believe what you were saying.
He then reached over to you and pressed a deep kiss to your lips. You softly moaned into his mouth like you had the first time he ever kissed you.
“I’m happy to hear that doll. My heart belongs to you and only you, okay?” he replied.
“Same here.” you said smiling at him as you turned the car on.
“Oh and Bucky?” you said, looking over at him once more.
“Yes doll?” he said.
“When we get home, I want you to fuck the shit out of me. I need you and I can’t wait any longer.” you added, your breaths beginning to speed up.
He bit his bottom lip between his perfectly white teeth as his the corners of his mouth rose into a smile.
“Don’t have to tell me twice princess.” he told you.
A warmth pooled in your stomach as you began to drive as quickly as the limit would allow you to.
You needed to get home as soon as possible.
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slutforbuck · 16 hours ago
Peter Pan Part 5 -- Mickey x Reader
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5
The salty air blew your hair across your face as you leaned back in the sand. “Thank you for bringing me out today Mickey.” “Anything for you Sugar.” You turned to watch as he flopped down next to you, button down shirt flying open in the wind, dark shades covering his beautiful ocean blue eyes, and his signature carefree smile blessing his face. Smiling contently as he pulled you to his side, the two of you sat in silence, looking out over the ocean. You were so at peace that you thought you may fall asleep, but Mickey noticed this before you did. A mischievous smile crossed his lips and he grabbed you by the waist and ran towards the water with you in his arms. “Mickey!” You laughed as a cold wave crashed over the two of you, knocking you off your feet. Mickey never let you go and hooked your legs around his waist to keep you from floating away. “You looked like you needed to wake up.” His ocean blue eyes stared down at you, his nose crinkling slightly as he grinned at you, now drenched in water. You laughed as you gently slapped his arm, “You ass! I was awake!” “You looked pretty out of it to me.” He laughed and threw you into an oncoming wave. When you popped back up from under the water, you dove for him, “I was totally awake. Not at all daydreaming about all the things you did to me last night.” Mickey groaned as you wrapped your legs around him, anchoring yourself again. “You know we have a party tonight. How adventurous do you wanna be?” The two of you smirked at each other before heading back to the shore to leave.
“Miiickkk!! What time are we leaving?” Lean, muscled arms wrapped around your waist, and Mickey rested his chin on your shoulder in the crook of your neck. “Depends on if you want to have a little fun before we leave.” Finishing up, you turned yourself in his arms and held his face in your hands. “Come on, you promised me a long ride.” With a quick kiss on the cheek, the two of you were out the door. The party was in full swing by the time of you strode in. Mickey’s arm was draped softly around your waist, and you immediately began swaying to the music. “Mick dance with me!” Laughing, he pulled you against him, spinning you until you were dizzy. The last spin sent you straight to the bar, where you fell onto a stool trying to catch your breath. You ordered drinks for yourself and Mickey, and looked back out to the crowd looking for his unmistakable blue eyes. Before you could down your shot, your eyes connected with his and your jaw dropped. Wishing that you could chalk it up to him being drunk, you turned to face the bar, downing both drinks you had ordered. I can’t believe he’s already kissing some tramp. We’ve been here maybe fifteen minutes and he’s SOBER. Well two can play at that game. You stood, adjusting your clothes so that more skin could be shown. Every man you saw had his eyes trained on you, and a smirk stayed plastered on your face. You found one of the most intimidating looking men, and pressed yourself against his chest. He had no arguments, and his hands quickly found their way to your ass, pulling you closer and roughly kissing you. Suddenly you were pulled away from the breathtaking kiss, and pushed to the side. Once you regained your balance, you saw Mickey and the man standing toe to toe. Internally you groaned and pushed Mickey out of the way. “Back off Mick.” “Are you really going to do this to me Y/n? You were all over this guy!!!” A heavy hand came down on your shoulder, letting you know that if he needed to, he could handle Mickey for you. “We can discuss this later. But right now, I’m having a good time. A lot like the fun you were having with your tongue down that slut’s throat and your hand working its way up her skirt.” With the last words dripping with anger, you turned sharply on your heel, pulling your new friend behind you.
A warm breeze accompanied the soft sunlight coming in through the windows of the unfamiliar room you woke in. You rolled to your side and saw the man from last night, and all the memories of what happened came flooding back. Quietly you slipped out of the bed and pulled your clothes on, hoping to be gone before the man woke up. Luckily his apartment was on the first floor, and you snuck out through his patio. Your bare feet touched the cool concrete and you made your way to the nearest café. The squealing of breaks made you jump, and you turned to cuss the driver. Before you could get words out, you noticed it was Argyris. He leaned over and pulled you into the car. “Where the hell have you been? Mickey called me this morning saying you never came home last night.” “Like he’d care.” You scoffed at the mention of his name. “What happened korítsi? He said you disappeared with some guy, you didn't come home. You haven't answered your phone when I’ve called.” Tears welled up in your eyes and you turned to face the window. “Where are you taking me?” Hearing the crack in your voice, Argyris’ voice softened, knowing you needed time before you could explain why you were upset. “I was thinking the beach?” Through the tears that had began to fall, you smiled and gave Argyris a small kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.”
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buckys-blue-eyes · 16 hours ago
No Lifeguard on Duty
The first story in my Lifeguard!Bucky series. 
Summary: A shitty motel pool isn’t the place you expected to meet the man of your dreams. 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Female Reader
Word Count: 2305
Get on the Taglist!: @notwithoutyou-buckybarnes @annyadawson @crownstealer  @iwannabekilledtwice @leyannrae @winter-soldier-vibes @vanillanaps @buckybarneschokeme​ @lavender-fog​
Tumblr media
“Fuck.” You mutter as you tilt your head back too far, the loose strands of hair from your messy bun becoming wet in the lukewarm water of the hot tub.
You adjust your position, keeping your hair away from the bubbly foam.
You glance around before closing your eyes, trying to relax after the long week. There were only 2 other hotel guests in the room, both in the pool, positioned in the far corner. They didn’t seem to be aware of the security camera directly facing them as they went to town, their lips smacking against each other’s.
You sigh as you try to ignore the couple, trying to free your mind from the chaos of this week’s events. It wasn’t a normal Friday night, because on Friday nights you were usually at home, watching a movie in bed waiting up late for your drunk roommate to come home. You weren’t usually in the hot tub of a shitty, 1-star motel, trying to forget how you even got into this situation.
What happened, you recall, was that your roommate that you were almost 100% positive was a high-functioning alcoholic would be drunk on a Thursday night, a work night, and forget to turn the stove off before heading out, causing a fire that put your small, 2-bedroom apartment up in flames.
And while you were thankful that neither of you were hurt, you couldn’t get past the anger you felt as you were told that it would be at least 2 weeks before you could move back in. For your roommate, who’s parents lived no more than 5 minutes away, it was no problem, but for you, who’s parents lived across the country, it was more than a slight inconvenience.
Which is why you ended up here, at the Blue Star motel on a Friday night.
The sound of splashing water surprises you, and you watch the other two guests climb out of the pool, giggling as they can’t keep their hands off each other.
You roll your eyes, wishing that people would be more aware of how uncomfortable public displays of affection are.  
Your eyes glance up to the sign, No Lifeguard on Duty, and you briefly wonder how long your body would be floating in the hot water before the motel found out you had drowned. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight, bloated with shriveled, prune-like skin.
The couple exits and you’re granted a moment of peace before you hear the lock click open again. You turn your head slightly, not expecting your eyes to become mesmerized on the handsome, blue-eyed man walking in the room. You weren’t distracted by his beauty, or the muscles, or the tight red swim shorts, but by the glistening prosthetic arm that reflected off the flickering ceiling lights.
He seems to notice you staring and you quickly avert your gaze.
“Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be down here at this time.” He smiles, before placing his towel down on one of the many empty white plastic lawn chairs.
“The pool closes soon, just thought I’d take a quick dip.” He states, and all you can do is nod, mentally cursing that you had put some makeup on before going down to the pool. He was the first person you saw at the motel who didn’t look like they were on some sort of hard drug.
You turn your attention to the large clock by the door, noticing that it was almost 11. The pool would be closing in 10 minutes. It was probably a good idea to get out, not only because of the time, but because of your wrinkled fingers, racing heartbeat and sudden lightheadedness from staying in the hot tub for too long.
What you didn’t expect, when you tried to stand up, was to be violently pulled back against the wall of the tub, your shoulders smacking across the hard concrete.
“What the hell?” You try to stand again but are pulled back roughly again. You glance down, trying to figure out what was causing your inability to move, and you gasp loudly as you see the strap of your bikini top wrapped tightly around the jet that you had been leaning against.
“Fuck!” You swear, loudly and you feel the eyes of the handsome man make their way in your direction.
“You okay?” He asks.
You blush before nodding, “Y-Yeah.”
Not wanting to cause a scene you bend your arm back into an awkward angle, trying to yank the strap out of the jet, with no luck. You pull away harder, only to be dragged under the warm water, causing you to choke and sputter on the salty-tasting bubbles.
Boy, you were in quite the predicament.
You startle at the sudden presence, the handsome stranger standing over you, a damp towel slung over his shoulders as he glares down at the tub.
“You seem to be in a pickle.” He’s smirking, and you blush harder as his face lights up in a beautiful grin.
“The strap of my bikini- it got sucked into the vent. I can’t get out.” You try to sound cool, but the panic in your voice is evident as you think back to the many Final Destination films you had seen where a situation like this often goes south.
“Do you mind if I take a look?” He asks, stepping down and wading into the water.
“Please.” You say, embarrassed, but also desperate.
He crosses over quickly at your side as he bends down, neck-deep in the bubbles and reaches his flesh arm towards the jet. Your body sways as he tugs, but the strap stays put.
“Huh. In all my years on the job, I’ve never had to rescue someone’s bikini strap.”
He notices you furrow your eyebrows in confusion. “I’m a lifeguard.” Giving you the explanation, you had asked for without speaking.
“Oh.” You stutter, still focused on how you were probably going to drown in a shitty motel hot tub. At least you wouldn’t die alone.
You shake your head from the thought as he tugs again. “It’s really jammed in there.”
He must have noticed the nervous look on your face, probably apparent from how fast you had paled, thinking about that scene with the pool drain in that movie-
No. You couldn’t think about that now.
“Don’t worry.” He breaks your racing thoughts. “I’m pretty strong, just give me a minute.”
He’s tugging again, and you feel your face heat up as he places his metal arm on your shoulder, keeping you steady as he pulls. When the strap still doesn’t budge, he wades back, standing and placing his hands on his hips.
“Well-“ He starts. “It looks like that top is going to have to come off.”
“W-what?” You stutter.
“I don’t think it’s going to come out. And I really would like to avoid seeing you get pulled under.” You pale again, and he laughs. “But seriously, if you want to get out of here before the pool closes, then my only suggestion is you take your top off.”
You sigh, realizing that you were out of options. He’s stepping out of the pool, turning his back towards you, and picking up a clean towel from the linen bin. “I’ll give you some privacy.”
“What a gentleman.” You try to joke, but the sadness of losing your new bikini top to a shitty motel was eating at you a bit. “At least my final destination-style death won’t make the news tonight.”
“Final Destionation?” He questions.
“You know. That movie where the guy gets his organs sucked out by the pool drain?” You really don’t want to explain more, as you were pretty close to ending up like that.
“Ah. No, I’ve never seen it. Not a huge movie fan.”
“You don’t like movies?” You ask, as you move your left shoulder out of the strap, quickly folding your arm across your bare chest.
“I like the classics. I’m kind of an old soul.”
“Oh.” Your rotating your other arm at an awkward angle to get out of the strap that’s still being pulled into the jet. Once you’re free you breathe a sigh of relief. You fold both arms over your chest as you make your way towards the steps. He hears the water splashing with your movement and he reaches the towel out, his eyes still averted in the opposite direction.
“Thanks.” You say, grabbing the cloth and wrapping it around your top half.
“So, you’re a lifeguard?” You question, once the towel is secured, attempting to break the awkward silence.
“Yeah. Not here, obviously. I don’t think these motels make enough to be able to afford one. No, I work at that expensive hotel/casino resort off the highway.” He turns to face you, smirking again as you get lost in his ocean blue eyes.
“What’s that like?” You mumble, a little louder than a whisper.
He shrugs, and you to watch his prosthetic arm go upwards with the motion. Waterproof prosthetics. What an invention.
“Mostly boring. It’s usually helping a bunch of seniors get in and out of the pool. Haven’t had a lot of thrills yet, but I’ve only been on the job six months.”
“Huh.” You reply, still distracted by how even wet, his hair was handsomely styled, a slight poof at the front as the rest of the remained slicked back. “So, what brings you here on a Friday night?”
You’re crossing the room, grabbing another clean towel out of the linen bin to wrap around your waist.
“My roommate decided to let his girlfriend move in. And I can’t afford a place on my own. And this roach-infested motel is a lot cheaper than renting a studio in this area.”
You feel bad for him as he steps into the hottub again, making his way over to the jet. He tugs, and in one quick motion the bra’s string snaps, leaving a strand still stuck in the tub. “Well, I mostly saved it.” He chuckles, tossing the wet fabric onto the deck.
You bend down to examine your ruined blue and black striped bathing suit. “I really don’t care about the bikini, I’m just thankful I didn’t drown.” You watch him step out of the hot tub. “Thanks, so much, by the way.”
He rubs his flesh hand through his hair, drops of water falling onto the tile floor. “Yeah it’s kind of my job to save people.” He’s smiling again, and you swear you almost swooned.
“Too bad I couldn’t give you mouth-to-mouth.” Your head snaps up fast at the comment, and you wonder if you misheard.
“Sorry, that was out of line.” His cheeks redden and you grin.
“No- it’s. It’s cool.” Your staring at your feet, studying the chipping pink nail polish. “Really, thanks a lot for helping me out.”
“Yeah it’s no problem, really.” He pauses, slipping the black adidas flipflops under the plastic chair back onto his feet. “I’m Bucky, by the way.”
“Well, thanks Bucky. For saving me. I’m Y/N.”  
You notice him frown, causing you to wonder if you had done something wrong.
“I’m just sorry I couldn’t save your dignity.”
He points a metal finger to a sign on the entrance door. Towels cannot leave pool premises.
“Shit.” You suddenly remember how naked you were. “I forgot to bring one down from my room.”
“So did I.” You could tell he was cursing himself as well.
You wonder if the grumpy Russian-speaking lady at the front desk would even care that much if she caught you sneaking a towel, especially given the circumstances.
“I’m not going out there with no top on.” You say, clutching the fabric closer to your chest.
“Fair enough.”
“I’m stealing this towel.”
“Huh. I didn’t you as a rebel.”
You chuckle again.
“I was going to offer I act as a shield for you until we got back to your room, but I guess theft is an option too.” He starts walking towards the exit, and you follow behind, noticing the time and wanting to leave before the creepy motel manager came to lock up.
“Thankfully I’m on this floor. I couldn’t imagine getting stuck in an elevator and a hot tub on the same day.”
He holds open the door for you, and you thank him as you step into the hallway, the smell of stale cigarette smoke filling your nostrils.
You both stand still, another awkward silence falling over you.
“Well- Bucky, thank you again. I- I think I’m going to head to bed.” You cringe at your words, unsure of how to say goodbye to the handsome man who just saved you from being stuck in a hot tub overnight.
“Yeah, it was nice to meet you, Y/N.” He shuffles his feet.
“And uh, I don’t know if you’re staying here a while, but if you ever want to watch a movie or something- maybe educate me on modern cinema, I could use the company. You’re the first person I’ve met here who doesn’t act like their about to pull a gun on me.” He rubs the back of his head as he looks you up and down. Your cheeks pinken. “Wait. You’re not a hooker, are you?”
“No!” You jokingly punch his flesh shoulder, gripping your towel tighter as it almost falls. “No. I’m just here because of a careless roommate.”
“Ah.” He’s smirking as he studies you. “Well, Y/N. It’s been a pleasure.” He extends his flesh arm, and return the shake, your knuckles turning white as you harden your grip on the towel.
He goes to turn, heading down the opposite end of the hall, before glancing at you again.
“Maybe next time I take you’re top off; it won’t be in the pool.”
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natashassimp · 17 hours ago
um guys , should i maybe start a marvel tiktok page where i post my edits and other things ? i just need your opinion…
Tumblr media
okay , now go follow me !
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ohbuckie · 17 hours ago
y/n would 1000% sleep on the floor with regular bucky like in the beginning of fatws
warnings: none
wc: 356
The room is dark when you wake up, except for the dim light that shines through the crack in the door. Muffled voices from the television sound from the living room, and you’re suddenly very aware of the empty space next to you. The space where Bucky was when you fell asleep a few hours ago.
The fan on the nightstand blows into your face, making your tongue dart out to lick your dry lips before you sit up. A hoodie of his swamps your frame, but your legs are bare, only covered by thin panties and the covers of his queen bed.
Your toes find the floor, and your feet take you to the sparsely-furnished living room, where you find your boyfriend lying beneath a loose sheet and using a couch pillow to cushion his head. His eyes are open, though his fluttering eyelids look heavy, pulled down by the weight of his exhaustion.
“Bucky?” You whisper, and he turns to you with a startled look on his face, surprised to see you. “What’s up, honey?”
“Couldn’t sleep.” He answers. “Is the TV too loud? Did I wake you up?”
You shake your head and step closer to him. “Don’t wanna come back to bed?”
“Not really.” He reaches to hold your calf gently, rubbing his thumb over your shin. “Why don’t you go back to sleep?”
You shrug. “I miss you.”
He smiles sadly. “Do you want to come lay down here?”
“Is that okay? I don’t want to bother you if you want to be alone.”
“You never bother me.” He answers, and gestures to the hardwood floor beside him. “Make yourself comfortable.”
You grin and lower yourself to the floor, pressing a kiss to his lips before settling in at his side, your ear against his bare chest and his arm around your shoulders. He plants a kiss to your head, and mumbles a “Goodnight,” before he turns down the volume on the television and sighs as he closes his eyes.
Only a couple of minutes pass before you speak again.
“Hey, Buck?”
“Yes, sweetheart?”
“This is kind of hurting my ass.”
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dailyreverie · 17 hours ago
Hiiii could I request a Bucky Barnes blurb??? #49 from kisses prompt
A/N: Hi! Thank you so much for your request ❤️ I hope you like it! Just for context: reader is Nat's cousin in this.
Click here to request a blurb!
KISSING PROMPTS #49: secret kisses
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word count: 861
Warning: sexual references, Bucky is a terrible liar.
Tumblr media
It really, really wasn’t on your plans to fall for Bucky Barnes when you joined the team. But the only person you talked to at first was Nat, and with Nat came Steve, and with Steve came Bucky, and with Bucky came all these feelings that you had no idea existed until his arms found their way around your body one night and with that you were gone forever.
It was Nat’s fault, if anyone ever asks.
But Nat could never know. She could never find out that her sweet little cousin, the one she was so protective of, was constantly spending the night at the room two doors down the hall instead of being in her own room. Arms would be broken and noses would be bleeding, and Bucky was not going to find out if Nat was able to break his vibranium arm.
You see them return from a mission and your legs can’t run fast enough, pulling you to his room to get to him as soon as you can. It was a long week without him, without his lips and his voice and his body, so if you have to dodge being catched by Nat and Steve a few times, hiding behind corners and empty rooms as you make your way down to Bucky’s room, then so be it.
You want to assume she didn’t catch you once you make it to his room, even if her eyes lingered at the spot where you just were for an extra few seconds. Practice - thanks to a handful of sneaky nights - has made you perfect the opening and closing of his door in record time and without a sound, but the second your body is in his room Bucky’s hands slam the door shut and makes you captive in between his arms.
His lips take no time to find yours and soon his tongue is grazing your lips, entering your mouth while his hands lift you up to walk you both towards the bed. Moans you can’t control leave your throat when he sits you on top of his thighs with your legs wrapped around his waist.
“Hi.” You whisper, his closeness stealing every breath away from you.
“That was risky, doll.” Bucky purrs, sliding his hands below your shirt. He has an ugly bruise around his eye, and he should immediately go get checked by a doctor, but he is looking at you with such tenderness in his eyes, and you are not planning on letting go soon.
“No one saw me.” You kiss him again, softer this time. “You know I’m always careful.” You say with a smirk that he kisses away. Your hands reach to his hair, tangling your fingers in it, and without breaking your gaze from him you can see his eyes starting to smile at you. “I missed you.”
“I missed you more, baby girl.” He swiftly turns you around, laying you on your back so he can hover on top of you to kiss you deeply once again. Your shirt is on the floor in a matter of seconds and his hit it soon after, but while your hands begin working the zipper of his jeans a knock on the door makes your lips part. You look at each other, frozen, hoping that it was all in your minds.
“It was probably the wind.” Your hands reach up to his neck to pull him back to you. He doesn’t hesitate, attacking your lips hungrily once again, but a second knock is heard after a few seconds.
“Hey, Bucky,” Steve’s voice could be heard behind the door. “We are getting some food, do you want to come?”
“Say something.” You whisper from under him.
“You alright, bud?” Steve asks again.
“Shit.” Bucky hisses, breaking apart from you and pulling his shirt over his head quickly before heading to the door. There’s no time to tell him, though, that there are marks of lipstick across his lips and his hair is all tousled.
He opens the door slightly, realizing he made a mistake when Steve eyes him up and down. “I’m good, I’ll cook something later, I was about to hop in the shower.” His excuse is as lame and unconvincing as it can be.
“You have a girl in there?” The Captain asks in a hushed voice, taking a step closer to him as to ask him in secret.
Bucky instinctively closes the door a little more. “No! No, it’s not that, I’m just uh…”
“Taking a shower.” Steve interrupts with a smirk. “Alright.” He adds, not entirely convinced. “If you need anything just-”
“Yeah, I will.Thanks, man.” Bucky says quickly, shooting him a quick smile and a wave before closing the door.
“Seriously?” You ask unimpressed when he lets his body fall backwards on the bed. “A shower?” You straddle his hips before removing his shirt again, kissing him in the process and feeling his hands holding your waist.
“Why?” He asks in a deep voice. “You want to hide in there with me?”
You roll your eyes, feeling the heat come up to your cheeks from his proposal. “Alright, let’s go.”
Thanks for reading! Reblog and comment if you enjoyed it!
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