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mggsluvbug · a day ago
Bubblegum Lovers || C.E.
pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
warnings: none, just fluff!!
a/n: send requests pls! i have like nothing to write😩😩
summary: You love bubblegum and Chris loves you
Tumblr media
Y/N's addiction to bubblegum was known. Any kind of gum actually but usually bubblegum. Her best friend Chris knew about it too, so when she went through her first day with her new promotion at her job , they wanted to celebrate.
“Whew, look at you, being all big and powerful!" Chris said putting his hand on your shoulder playfully.
“Yeah, it's pretty cool," You say popping your bubble before you answered.
“So what are you gonna just buy even more gum now with all the extra cash?" Chris jokes.
“Aww, You know me so well," You say fake dying with your hand on your heart.
“You know I do so I got you something." Chris pulled out maybe 3 packets of gum each of his pockets.
“Oh my god, thank you, Chris!" You say thinking of all the pieces of gum you could chew in a month.
“That's not it," Chris whispers in your ear with his hand on the other side of the log you were sitting on.
Chris and you were weird. You guys weren’t dating but you’d both get upset if the other was to do something with someone else, but you weren’t 'talking' either. You’d flirt occasionally but nothing more. It's hard to know where you stood. I mean everyone knew you two were best friends, but you couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to be more with Chris.
Late night drive?" He asked still as close to you as before maybe even closer.
"Always." You say and kiss his cheek. The night came with some chilly weather usually so you always had a thing of sweatshirts in the trunk of chris’ car. You grabbed one and went to sit by Chris. The moon had fully gone down and the slow hum of music from the car’s radio was the only noise.
“Where are you taking me to?" You ask curiously.
“I'm kidnapping you and leaving you in the woods for animal food," Chris said speeding up the car laughing at the funny face you made.
“No, but really where I'm taking you is a surprise." You sat back and relaxed no matter where he was taking you, you would be with him and that'd be enough. The car started to slow signaling we were close to your destination.
“Here, put this on," Chris said throwing a black bandana at you.
“No way, yesterday you wiped your sweat off with this while fixing up a truck." You say with a disgusted look on your face.
“That same day you licked my face for a dare, just put it on"
You weren’t going to put it on.
...You put it on. Not because he told you to, but because you had a change of heart and you wanted to. The car started to slow more and you could hear Chris put the car in park.
"Okay, you can step out now."
“Step out? Uh uh not me pretty boy, I'm not gonna fall on my face."
“Y/N, I’m coming to help you, calm down.” Chris laughs.
"Oh, Okay" You felt Chris’ hand slip into yours and you keep your squeal to yourself while you let yourself be led by Chris who was ahead of you.
“Okay, take off the bandana" you take it off to reveal a fire with a log and roses everywhere, It looked so beautiful. you weren’t much of a crier but this could've gotten a couple out of you.
“Wow, Chris this is amazing." you gasp
“Y/n we've been best friends ever since you gave me a piece of bubblegum, but I've loved you ever since I offered you some. Don't freak out this isn't a proposal but this is me asking you if you'd be mine, be mine when I’m grumpy, be mine when you're grump, and even be mine when you're on your last piece of gum and give it to me just because I asked." He breathes out his eyes glowing with love.
“Yes! I'll be yours through all of that, but you gotta 'nother thing coming you think you're getting my last piece of gum." You laugh out engulfing him in a kiss that made you feel eternal.
“Thank you for offering me a piece of bubble gum," You whisper against his lips.
taglist: @stillmanicc @white-wolf1940
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mrs-mischief-209 · 2 days ago
Stolen Lipstick
AN: Nothing really except minor mentions of pain depression and dark tones 18+ minors DNI
Master List
Melting into his lips. You finally felt alive again. Like you could finally breath being in his arms completed the gaping hole that was made. You had to hold back a moan that almost left your chest. Once you both separated to get air. That is when you saw your red lipstick on Sebastian’s lips. you couldn’t help but let out a small giggle.
You reached into your purse and pulled out a micellar make up wipe. You cleaned off his lips. You took out your compact and cleaned up your lips and reapplied your red lipstick. He made sure to let you and Hope pass by while he grabbed the bags. You walked up the pathway to the door. You waited there until Sebastian could make it to the door. You go to ring the doorbell when you hear him laugh. “Just walk in honey. It is not like my mom doesn’t know you. You are also the mother of her only grandchild you don’t need to knock.” You turn to him and look him in the eye. “I might be all those things, but I was taught to always knock.” you just shake your head. You turn around when you hear the door open. You see Georgeta smiling at the both of you. You smile back. “Hello, sorry for taking so long to come over and present your granddaughter but here we are now.” She brings you in for a hug and you hug her back and Hope coos at the embrace since she is between the both of you. You take her out of the sling, and you hand her to Georgeta. “This is Hope” she takes her and moves to the side so you and Sebastian can enter the home.
Making your way to the living room you take in how Hope and Georgeta interact. You feel Sebastian sit next to you. “They both look happy.” You smile and nod your head. That is when Georgeta looks up to the both of you. “So, when did this happen that you guys are on talking terms?” You look into her eyes. “It hasn’t been long maybe about a week. He found out I was back home and showed up the next day. So, I figured he needs time with his daughter it is his right.” At the question Sebastian moves closer to you as if to protect you he starts to try to wrap his arm around your waist. You stop his arm while answering her question. She saw the small interaction. “So, you both are not dating again?” Sebastian takes the opportunity to answer. “We never really broke up mom. But if you want to know if we are together. We haven’t really talked about it.” You nod your head and speak. “Sebastian knows how I feel. I also know how he feels. But right now, it is about Hope and the relationship that they need to build.” She smiles and nods. “That is a good start not just for the both of you but also for Hope and Sebastian. Why did you name Hope, Hope Y/N?” while looking at her you have no idea when, but your hands and Sebastian’s found each other’s hands slowly clasping them together. “I named her hope, one because that is what I felt when I first found out about being pregnant. Also, the hope for being a family with Sebastian.” She smiles and nods at your answer but at how the both of you naturally seek one another out. She had worried that things would have ended. She had really like you with Sebastian, it grounded him more being around you. If last year showed anything is how much Sebastian actually needed the both of you now. So, she got up and put Hope in a play pen she had set up so she can have tummy time.
Both you and Sebastian just sat there a bit shocked with the interaction. Since it seemed sweet and yet intense for a moment. You both locked eyes. That is when you both noticed that you were holding hands. You tried to retract your hand. He intertwined his fingers in yours holding on tight. “If you think I am letting you go after you just came back and we are trying to work through things you are wrong. We belong together look how we fit so naturally even in holding hands we both are attracted to one another like magnets.” You shake your head. “That may be true Seb, but I was honest with your mom what I want is that you have a relationship with Hope. Whatever may or may not happen with you and I is secondary it is her happiness that I am worried about.” You here Georgeta rummaging through the kitchen. “I am going to go help you mom.” You go to stand up and Sebastian pulls you towards him hard enough that you land with your other hand on his chest. Making eye contact you see his eyes sparkle. Just staring into the steel blue. The emotion from his eyes was anything but calm. You could see the playfulness but also you saw the longing and the need. One moment you were looking into his eyes the next his lips caught yours. It wasn’t a passionate kiss like a half hour ago. No, it was a soft peck that caught you off guard. You started to feel the heat crawl up your face. He had you blushing like the first night. You pushed off of his chest to stand. You make your way to the kitchen where Georgeta was. “Anything I can help you with?” She laughed “The only thing I want you to help out with his making my son happy also maybe how you feel about it. Maybe giving us more grandbabies.” You stood there just staring at her in disbelief. She laughed and took you into a hug. You hugged her tightly back. “I have missed you Y/N. I was also scared that you had blocked your heart to him.” You hold her tighter feeling the mother’s embrace you hadn’t felt in a year. The warmth that radiated from her to you calmed your nerves again. “I have missed you too Georgeta. Out of everyone in this situation you knew how I felt before, during, and after Hope was born.” She nodded but also stated. “It is mom Y/N.” you both started crying your eyes out just holding each other. Neither one of us noticed that Sebastian and Hope where just on the edge of the kitchen. Hope was squirming wanting to get to you so Sebastian thought it was a good idea to put her on the floor. That is when it happened. She started crawling towards you. Sebastian quickly took out his phone and started recording. You felt tiny hands on your legs grabbing onto your jeans. Georgeta and you look down. To your amazement you picked up Hope. “Did she just crawl?” Sebastian nodded his head eyes misting over with emotion. You give Hope a few kisses then raspberries on her tummy. “What a big girl we have now already crawling.” She started to wiggle in your arms, so you put her down and she crawled back to Sebastian. It wasn’t fast and she landed on her tummy more than she moved but it was still adorable. Your little one growing so fast. There where no words to express the immense joy that was filling your heart. The only thing that you could tell was similar to your joy was the emotion that Sebastian conveyed in his eyes.
After a late lunch early dinner and some catching up. You know it is getting late and you had to take Hope to the hotel that you had booked last week for today. As you got up you started to collect her things when both Georgeta and Sebastian looked at you like you where a crazy woman. While picking up her dipper bag and putting the sling on you off handily let them know. “Oh, I had rented a hotel room for Hope and me. I have an uber coming to pick us up. We will be back in the morning to spend the whole day with you both.” You go to pick up Hope when you feel Sebastian’s arm wrap around your waist bringing you in close to his body. He leans down so he could whisper in your ear. “You don’t have to go, stay here. I won’t be able to rest without Hope and you near Y/N.” Georgeta comes into the room to stop you. “My grandchild and you dearest are not sleeping in a hotel room when we got perfectly fine rooms upstairs. I will not have it so go ahead and cancel the ride and your reservation.” Before you could get out of Sebastian’s hold, she grabs Hope and goes outside to the sandbox to play with her and keep you from leaving.
You lean your head against Sebastian’s chest. “You can let me go now. I am not going to leave.” He wraps his other arm around you holding you against him. “Y/N, when are you going to understand I am not letting you go. You might still feel insecure about everything, and it is my fault. I will change that just let me prove it to you.” You turn around and look up into his eyes. “It is not about understanding or not. It is not about that I still love you, because I do. It is about finding our sync back but mostly is about you and Hope. I am scared Sebastian. I am scared of us trying and getting to a place that we are both happy and secure again. Then have it crumble. How that would affect Hope. How that would change your relationship with her.” He moves one arm from your waist to cup your cheek. “I love you Y/N. I love our daughter she is the best of both of us. I am so scared of loosing the both of you. I will never walk out of her life if we do not work out in the end. I don’t see that happening. You have no idea the rude awakening I got when you left that day. The pain in my soul that I had since that day. I don’t want to lose either of you. You and her are my world. But believe me when I say Y/N I will forsake everything even my career for the both of you.” Tilting your chin up more to stare deep into your eyes. “This past year has been hell for me. Not being able to be with you see your smile, not being there as Hope developed inside you. Not being there for the ultrasound. I devolved I became a shell of myself. I fooled my management for a while before it became too much. My mom and Anthony had to help me many times that I spiraled into the abys with out you. The one thing that kept me here was the thought of you both. That I may be blessed with the both of you again.” He let you go and got on his knees in front of you holding onto your legs. “Y/N my one and only Blossom I am sorry for everything that happened. I know I won’t be able to live as a whole human with out you and with out our Hope. So please allow me to show you every day, every hour, every minute, and every second of the rest of our lives how much you both mean to me.” Not being able to deny your love for him anymore knowing, his pain was the same as your while you both where separated. Also knowing he understood the pain that was caused. You knelt in front of him and took his face into your hands wiping away the tears that had started from his steel blue eyes full of raw emotion. You knew it wasn’t an act this was his heart and soul being exposed to you. “Sebastian, my love, I need and want to be with you. if you are willing to take the dive again.” He didn’t allow you to finish before he captured you in a kiss full of emotion. You open your self to his kiss you wrap your arms around his shoulders he pulls you close to him. Both of you in tears embracing and baring your soul to one another.
The back door opened after a few minutes. You feel little hands grabbing onto your shirt. You break your embrace from Sebastian. He wipes away your tears as you do his. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at Hope’s vice grip on your shirt. She was hungry. You go to pick her up from the floor. Sebastian got up from kneeling on the floor while you picked up Hope and extended his hand to you to help you up. you took it. He pulled you in close again. You put your free hand on his shoulder and motion to Hope. He lets you go but leads you to his room upstairs. Once there you take in his room. It is the first time you are in there. You go to the bed and sit on the edge. You take off your shirt and unclasp your bra. You place Hope next to your breast and let her find comfort and eat. While humming you feel the bed dip and you feel Sebastian’s legs around yours you lean back onto his chest, and he wraps his arm under yours to help hold Hope. After she has fallen asleep you move her. Sebastian takes her in his arms while you clasp your bra and put on your shirt again. You let out a yawn and he smiles at you. “Blossom dear, take a nap it has been a real hectic and emotional day today. I will take care of Hope.” You do as he says and lay down on his bed and take a nap. When you wake up, he is not in the room, and it is dark outside. You make your way to the nearest restroom where you find a lavender lipstick, you find one of Sebastian’s white button-down white shirts and write:
“We were more than just 2 people falling in love for the first time, dazzling our entire worlds. We were long lost souls, who were finally reunited in this life, brining an end to past lifetimes of fruitless pursuit.” -Saaya
You place the shirt on the bed and make your way downstairs to spend time with your family you where finally home.
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revisionaryhistory · 3 days ago
Three Days ~ 92
Tumblr media
I love how Emma expanded on what I wanted to include a strip show. I love how this was no big deal. We do all the things that people who have sex do. We're not shy around each other. For me, that's not always the case. I know I'm not alone in that. It depends on the partner and the relationship. There's risk in asking for what you want or revealing a fantasy. And risk is about acceptance and the relationship. With Emma, both are good. Better than good.
Watching Emma touch herself was even better. After our chat beforehand, I didn't even try not to touch myself. When she was done I was ready. It was over too quick.
She wrapped her arms and legs around me in a full-body hug. "Enjoy?"
I lifted my head, pressing my lips to hers. "I appreciate you indulging me."
"Pshh, that was just fun."
I rolled over onto the bed, taking her hand and holding it on my stomach. I turned my head to look at her. I love her. This is what love feels like. I feel safe and cherished in a way that I know is a combination of what she does and me letting it in. Letting her in. What she said on the beach, how she feels joy and peacefulness when she sees me. I get it. I feel it.
"You didn't feel self-conscious or anything, did you?" Overthinking brain says I enjoyed this but should make sure she did. I don't want her to do something for me if she's not comfortable. I don't think she would. She'd tell me. But just in case.
"Nope." She leaned closer and kissed me. "With you, no. Because you like to look. At me. And the way you look at me, I feel desired and beautiful."
"You are beautiful and very very very desired."
Emma's smile was shy, "I give you what you like. You look at me in a way I like. It works." She kissed me slowly, "I would tell you if I didn't want to do something. I appreciate you checking."
"I love you."
"I love you."
I pulled her closer. "I also love naked."
"Naked is good." She snuggled in even closer, pressing all that delicious skin against mine. "What's the schedule for tomorrow?"
"First is a photo op with Anthony and I. Then individual. And last is the autograph session. I like pictures first, because a lot of the same people do the autographs. It's a little like we've met before. Plus if the autographs are last if they're taking longer I'm not late or rushing through the end. They feel more personal than stand-up stupids. Only tomorrow I could be late for getting back to you."
"Don't even think about me. I get you all the time. They get a minute. Don't short them."
"You're very sweet."
"I'm not concerned about sharing time with your fans. You'll hit your limit before I hit mine."
"This is true." Time to go back to us. We have limited time and there hasn't been nearly enough kissing. I like kissing. I also really like the part that usually comes after the kissing. There's not been enough of that either. Never enough sex.
We went from kissing to sex and back to kissing again. The kissing downshifted to cuddling, which turned into sleeping. Sleeping with good dreams of waking up holding the woman I love in my arms. When I woke up it wasn't a dream.
I didn't want breakfast. I was kind of nervous. Not unusual and not bad. Yesterday I was distracted and excited. Emma's arrival overrode any anxiety. We took our coffee out on the balcony. The beach was peppered with early morning runners and some families with kids running around picking up shells. Emma had ordered fresh fruit and was popping pieces in her mouth while watching the beach. "I have so many shells from when I was a kid. There are bowls and bottles full in my spaces. Georgia, Seattle, New York."
"You take the beach home with you."
She nodded, "Gotta clean them well to make sure you don't take home more of the beach than you planned." She shivered, "I don't like critters." She held out the bowl, "Want?"
"No, thanks. I'll grab something at the venue if I can't wait for dinner. Speaking of, what would you like?"
She tossed a blueberry in her mouth, "Let me take care of dinner. You've got a busy day."
"That sounds good. Make sure we can be back by sunset."
"Oh, I'm not missing your sunset fantasy." Emma stood up and picked up her fruit. "Come with me, Bastian."
I was up and following before she got through my name. "What are we doing?"
"You're doing that thing you do when you're nervous. Touching your face. Your hair. I'm going to distract you." She pointed, "Naked on the bed, please."
"I like this already." I'm not surprised at all that she knows my tell.
"Be still." She started placed pieces of fruit on my chest and stomach. "You get distracted and I get breakfast."
"With me as your plate?" I have no objections to being dinnerware.
"Yep." She popped the 'p' at the end of the word as she crawled over me. "If you change your mind and want some, let me know."
Emma kept her eyes on mine while she put her open mouth on my skin and used her tongue to scoop up a raspberry. I folded my hands behind my head, propping up enough to watch. Cause as we've established, I like to watch.
She bounced all over licking fruit off me, spending longer than necessary on certain places. Nipples, ridiculously low on my stomach where fruit should not be, but tongues should, and being very conscientious to get any juice that might leave a sticky spot on my side. Very conscientious. I love conscientiousness. I also love how as soon as breakfast was over she was still hungry for dessert.
While we were getting ready, Emma noticed my torn key fob on the table with my wallet. "What happened?"
It was a piece of leather that wrapped around a keyring and a hole at the other end where some sort of round disk had been. I had not told many people the story behind it. I decided to tell her. "This was my grandmother's. I only remember it having our apartment key on. I used to play with it all the time." I stuck my finger on the empty hole. "I don't remember what was here. I broke it though. My gran folded the metal in so I wouldn't cut myself. I used to spin it on my finger. When I left for Vienna she gave it to me so I would always be able to come home." I ran my finger along the side where the stitching was coming undone. “I should have retired it years ago. Now I don't have a choice." The leather that went through the keyring had thinned and torn. "Now I'm afraid I'm going to lose it." I was no more likely to lose it now than ever, but with it broken, gone was next.
Emma ran her hand from my shoulder down my bicep, "Do you want me to take it home?"
Why hadn't I thought of that? "Yes, please. I don't want to be without it, but I’m afraid to keep it too."  
She put her hand on my face and kissed me. "I would be too. Broken would make me protective."
"Exactly." I put it back on the table and hugged her. "Thank you."
Emma's smile made me feel warm all over. I watched her start putting her hair up. I winced. "You can't wear your hair up."
"Why?" She spun around from the mirror to look at me.
"You have a hickey on the back of your neck. " I shrugged, "I'd apologize, but I'm not sorry about anything."
Her glare was much less effective as she was smiling at the same time. "Did you do that on purpose?"
I shook my head innocently. "No. If I was to do it intentionally it would be on your inner thigh."
"Thank you for your discretion."
She gave me a kiss and soft grab between my legs.
I was in a great mood when we got to the venue. Anthony was already in the guest area. He looked at the invisible watch on his arm like he had last night, "And even early. Unexpected."
He stood up to hug Emma, "You look lovely, Miss Vedder."
"Thank you, Mr. Mackie." Emma gave him a playful smile. "It's fine that you're not a Pearl Jam fan."
He gasped and put his hand on his chest, "I never said that."
"I notice everything."
He held out an open hand toward me, "Then you are perfect for Mr. Thinks About Everything."
I nodded, "Smash us together and you get one full neurotic instead of two halves."
"Happiness you deserve."
Emma grimaced, "I don't use the word deserve." We both looked at her. "If people deserve good things it means people deserve bad things too."
That is the most cynical thing I’ve heard Emma say. Which isn't all that negative, but still. Before Anthony or I could respond, our managers were there to take us to our joint photo op. I kissed Emma and we were off.
Anthony looked in the direction Emma went, "Where's she going?"
"There's some street market at the Gaslight Quarter a block or so away. I can't exactly go."
"She seems like a woman who can amuse herself."
I laughed, "Yes, she can."
"I’m a little worried for you. Bradley kept saying, Ed's gonna kick my ass."
"The key is to not do anything to make Ed feel the need to kick my ass."
"That does seem like the smartest choice." We laughed walking down the hall. "I like her and I can tell you like her. I like that too. I'm happy for you."
"Thank you. I'm happy."
"I can tell. Do you know how I can tell? Cause your girlfriend has a hickey."
Fuck. "What's that have to do with being happy?"
"Not a damn thing. I just wanted you to know that I know."
The photo op with Anthony was fun. What sounded like random and often insane sentences were actually part of two or three different conversations we were having. I doubt I'll ever cease to be amazed by the poses we're asked to do. The ones with Anthony were slightly less homoerotic than the ones with Evans. All of us have fun with whatever. The dynamics are different. Things with Anthony are chaotic. He's the extrovert to my introvert. He jumps in and goes for it in a way I can't. I usually play off him. Chris and I are closer in energy. We both struggle with anxiety and when we're cutting up there is an undercurrent. We play well off each other too, but it’s different.
Anthony and I were in rare form. He kept throwing out shit to fuck with me. Inside jokes that no one else would understand. We had fun and so did the fans. My solo op was fun too. Prom poses, proposals, arguments, and silly stuff. And all the props. The tiara and magic wand reminded me of a fairy costume worn by a first-grade teacher. Then I thought of a wall and crumpled wings. Best to stay in the moment. Nothing but embarrassing photos can come from me thinking of a fairy with crumbled wings. There were a few shaking and tears and a few inappropriate comments. I was asked out for drinks several times. I guess you gotta shoot your shot.
I went back to the guest area after the last photo. I needed a few minutes to pee, get a drink, and maybe sit down. Emma was already there. Sitting with Anthony, laughing so hard there were tears running down her face. I grabbed a fresh cold bottle of water and a banana before joining them.
The current lie, I mean story, he was telling her was us celebrating after we'd been separately summoned, but passed in the elevator, for the meeting on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Since we weren't allowed to talk about it and anyone could put it together if the two of us were out in public, we'd bought liquor and went to his hotel room. Drunk would be an understatement. We prank called every Marvel costar. From our cell phones. Not so hard to figure out who was calling, but like I said... drunk. Everyone was good about it except RDJ. He was pissed. So pissed that he sent strippers to the hotel room. Then called the police because of noise and suspected prostitution. Luckily, he showed up just before we were handcuffed for resisting arrest. We both thought it was a joke and got mouthy, which didn't go over well. Turns out the strippers were real but the police were not. RDJ and Anthony had a good laugh while I had a panic attack. He stayed and got drunk, drunker, with us. Anthony told Emma I'd pissed my pants. That's completely untrue. I think. I'm not sure.
Anthony left us for his solo photo op. I directed the conversation away from me and my pants. "How was shopping?"
"Fun. Lots of artists and handmade things. I bought you something."
I raised my eyebrows, "You did?"
"First let me say I know there's no way it's a replacement, and it's not meant to be, I just saw it and thought it could serve the same function, without the emotional attachment."
"Disclaimer noted." She's very cute when she’s a little uncertain. I don’t see this version of her much.
Emma reached into her shirt and pulled out a pink and black oval stone. "It's a worry stone."
I took it from her, still warm from her body, and it fit naturally against my thumb.
"It's rhodonite. Supposed to reduce anxiety and release things that no longer serve you."
"And gives me something to fidget with."
She nodded.
“Thank you." I leaned to kiss her. "Why was it in your bra?"
Emma laughed, "I don't know I believe all this, but I went all in. The woman I bought it from said it would infuse the stone with me. If I held it close to my heart."
I kissed her again. "It's the thought that counts." I put it against my face. "Still warm."
"I have hot boobs."
"Oh, I know."
We walked to the curtains behind my autograph stall. Emma handed me a folded-up piece of paper, "Do not read this until after the ninth person."
"Ninth? "I shoved it in my pocket, "I'm scared."
"No need." She gave me a quick kiss. "Tu iubesc, Sebasti-an."
"Now I'm more scared."
Emma waved her fingers as she walked away. I watched her go. She had on khaki green shorts with a tie belt, a pink shirt with spaghetti straps and three buttons, and a pair of white sneakers. She looks cute and fun. If she wasn't already my girlfriend, I'd be trying to figure out how to get her to have a drink with me. I smiled at my luck, ducked between the curtains, and started the count down to the ninth person.
Person number four and seven gave me Quest bars. I was hungry. After person nine I took a step back to take a bite out of a bar and pull a note out of my pocket. I wonder why the ninth person? The note was handwritten and said, "I’m wearing your underwear."
I sucked in a breath full of Quest bar and started coughing. I reached for the water on the table. That's when I spotted my author leaning against a column. I shifted my eyes down to see her pulling the band of my boxers above her shorts where I could see. She did have on my underwear. I started to laugh, but then realized how hot that was. She's walking around in my fucking boxer briefs. The boxer briefs I was wearing became tighter and I was very thankful to be behind a high table with a skirting. That woman is crazy. Or more accurately, that woman makes me crazy. I shook my head with a smile and turned my attention to person number ten.
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hes-a-rainbow · 8 days ago
Favorite Crime ~ Prologue
Tumblr media
A/N: A short intro to a Bucky fic that ran into my head today. Unbeta’d so apologies in advance!
Warnings: descriptions of fear, death, guns, blood, overall retelling of the last battle of End Game, spoilers ahead.
Bucky’s POV
It seemed like the impact of the snap had reverberated across the entire battlefield. I could smell nothing but blood, smoke, and gunfire; a memory of a life I had lived before. An eerie nausea seeped deep in my stomach as I watched the alien lifeforms around us fade into the air as if they never even existed in the first place. My mind was running a million miles a minute as I finally had the chance to stop and think about what the wizard, this Dr. Strange, had told us before portaling us onto the battlefield. He said it had been five years but it only felt like a blink of an eye since the last time I had seen Steve in Wakanda.
I can still recall every moment of that day. Steve returned and told us Thanos was coming to Wakanda to end the fight once and for all. I knew fairy tales couldn’t last forever but I still wished for another second of bliss with her. before everything would come crashing down.
I remembered this feeling rushing over me. To this day I still don’t feel like I can properly put it into words what it felt like. The only feeling that had come close was the time I fell off the train back in the 40’s. And the look I saw on Steve’s face as I descended further and further down the seemingly endless mountain.
I remembered the silence most of all. Looking around at the luscious forests that I had called home for years now. The birds had long flown away, as they do when they sense incoming danger. But it seemed as if the entire Wakandan ecosystem had just...disappeared. I scanned the battlefield as far as I could see. Looking for a glimpse of her. She had been my rock since I started my deprogramming in Wakanda. She was the only person I came in contact with that never looked at me with pity or sadness. Everyone had walked around eggshells around me for as long as I can remember before she came around.
Given my track record, I was weary of trusting anyone at first. Especially her and Sam. But Steve had told me how they helped track me down and how he trusted the both of them with his life; a statement I knew he didn’t throw around easily. I remember thinking how young she was, no older than 25, but had seemingly crashed every glass ceiling she came in contact with. She was stubborn as all hell but it was that fire in her that I loved so much.
She was everything I didn’t know I needed.
I still remember the prickling sensation running down my spine as I couldn’t spot her blonde hair on the battlefield. All the hairs rose on the back of my neck. We had been all but inseparable these past two years but I had quickly lost track of her during the fight. I hadn’t even worried about her, I knew she could handle herself in the most dangerous moments life had to offer but I still felt my stomach churn as I called her name only to hear nothing but the shaking of leaves answer back. If only I had stayed by her side...
If only...
I knew immediately something wasn’t right. I could feel it deep in my soul. My heart raced and I suddenly felt a rush of fear; a feeling of pure dread spread over me as I walked closer to the man who was like a brother to me,“Steve?”
I remember falling into the soil but the impact never came. And just like that...there was nothing. I was alone like I had been for so many years before. But I could still hear her laugh, see her smile, and feel the way her skin felt as it pressed up against mine in our most vulnerable moments.
It wasn’t long after that I was opening my eyes again, on that very same field in Wakanda except this time, Steve was nowhere in sight. I heard Sam call for me over the comms and soon after was when Dr. Strange showed up in his glowing portal out of nowhere, “Thanos won. It’s been five years. We have to go now. The Avengers need us.” He spoke quickly and efficiently as if he wasn’t giving the most mind blowing information I had ever heard.
He waved his hands in the air, opening up a portal out of thin air, something I had previously only thought possible in Lovecraft novels but life continued to surprise me.
I could spot Steve right away, he was beaten and battered, but nothing I knew he hadn’t felt before except this time he held not only his broken shield, but also a hammer. I stepped through the portal, cocking my gun in the process and coming face to face with the mangled aliens I felt like I had only just defeated a few minutes ago.
“Avengers…” Steve lifted the hammer and entered a fight stance as more and more of our people came out across the field via the glowing portals. It looked like Strange had just as many friends with magic powers as we did. Again, I took a quick cast around the line up, looking for a sign of her. But still, even after five years, I couldn’t find her.
“Assemble!” I snapped myself back into reality and faced the challenge that was in front of me. I knew I would find her after the fight. I’d kiss her no matter how bloody and sweaty she was and I’d finally tell her what had been on my mind for weeks (years?) now.
But sometimes life doesn’t go as we plan and I should know that better than anyone.
The aliens fell to my bullets as easily as every enemy before them had. It seemed that with all of us working together, we could never be stopped, not even by the Mad Titan himself.
It wasn’t until long after the fight, when I finally got to catch up with Steve, he had told me that the official consensus was she had disappeared along with half of the planet on that day five years ago. I had spent hours looking for her on that battlefield after the fight. I couldn’t even fathom the thought of her coming back after five years only for her to die in this fight. But I had never found her. And that truly was the beginning of the end for me.
It’s been 42 days since all of life and living things have returned to planet Earth. And every night, I look up at the stars and pray to whoever is up there and listening, to bring her back to me.
My love.
My Angel.
Thoughts? Like or dislike, I’d love to hear the feedback! I still don’t have a name for the OFC so if you have any recommendations, send them my way. 
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revisionaryhistory · 12 days ago
Three Days ~ 91
Tumblr media
My face dropped, "Really? That's not your story to tell." I added a laugh to try to hide how angry I was.
Bradley laughed, not picking up my non-verbal cues. "It's not a big deal."
Sebastian had moved from across to next to me. I felt his warmth at my side before I saw him.
"That's not your choice." Dismissal doesn't sit well with me. I don't know how to get out of this.
"It was more about your parents than you."
I felt Sebastian's hand on my lower back and he said, "You think you're making this better, but you're not."
Anthony laughed, trying to divert, "Isn't that the way it usually works?"
"Very." I nodded at him with a smile. I'd known these people, Sebastian's friends, for an hour. I either left things in this weird limbo or told a version I was comfortable sharing and hope for the best. "My twin and I were sent to rehab. Amy had a heroin problem. I did the occasional line at a party. My parents didn't believe me, even though I was an athlete being drug tested almost every week. When we got home the rules and structure were overkill for me. I called Ed and moved to Seattle."
The warm hand on my back had moved and squeezed my side, "He believed her."
Scarlett was on the other side of Bradley and shoved him, "She's right. You shouldn't be sharing her business with her boyfriend's friends."
Bradley held up his hands in surrender, "Okay, okay." He turned to me. "I am sorry, Emma Grace."
I hugged him, "Thank you." I wanted to add "Uncle Bigmouth", but restrained myself.
Chris looked at me with squinted eyes, "How is your sister?"
"She's good. Has a four-year-old, a job she likes, a good boyfriend. She has relapsed but not since before Katie was born." I could kiss him for both the diversion back to normal conversation and his concern for Amy.
"Good to hear. That's rough."
The discussion went back to normal. Sebastian kept his hand on me. I was glad because I needed the warmth and comfort his touch provided.  Not just having something private shared without my permission, but it was going to take a minute to shake the self-consciousness of causing a scene. I needed a moment and excused myself, giving Sebastian a quick kiss.
It was a very nice bathroom. When I came out of the stall Scarlett was there, leaning against the vanity. I smiled. She shrugged, "It's very sweet that he sent me to check on you."
"I'm kind of surprised he didn't come himself."
"I bet he's been inside a ladies' room before."
"Me too." I leaned next to her as I dried my hands. "I’m embarrassed I caused a mini-scene, but it was going to be weird anyway."
Laying her hand on my arm, she smiled, "This was not a mini-scene. Even if it was, it's on Bradley. You get to call him out for sharing your shit. I'd tell you he's a nice guy who doesn't always think, but you know."
I laughed, "Yeah. I've known him since I was seventeen. Almost twelve years." A puzzle piece fell into place. "It's strange because I don't usually talk about Ed until I’ve known someone for a while because it can turn into a thing.” I knew she’d understand. “By the time I know you enough to talk about Ed even rehab for an actual drug problem wouldn't be a thing. I mean, I didn't tell Bastian until halfway through our second date. I don't tell people to protect my privacy. But tonight, even if Bradley wasn't here, it makes sense to talk about Ed, so you know I'll protect yours."
Scarlett raised her eyebrows, smiling and nodding. "It does bridge the gap between first-grade teacher and actor. " She grimaced, "I don't mean..."
I stopped her with a hand on her arm, "I know what you mean. I don't know that he could manage having to explain everything in his world."
"Oh no, he wouldn't do well with that at all."
My text notification went off and I showed it to Scarlett.
Sebastian ~ Our group has disbanded. We've been instructed to mingle.
I hugged my bathroom buddy and we left our hiding place. Out in the room, I hung with Scarlett meeting and talking with whoever. Eventually, we worked our way around to where Sebastian and Anthony were doing the same thing. We joined their group. Sebastian tangled our fingers while we chatted. Anthony and Scarlett went one way and we went the other. It took about an hour before our little group had reformed. Hopefully long enough to satisfy the mouse.
Renner had joined us. "I'm a huge Pearl Jam fan."
I leaned in, "What do you wanna know?"
"I wanna what he’s like as a dad."
Everyone laughed. I’m sure they thought it was an unusual question, but it wasn’t. I’d been asked what it was like having Eddie Vedder as a dad many times.
"There are four females, so he's very outnumbered." I waited for the laughter. "He makes sure we can take care of ourselves. We take self-defense classes and update every couple of years. I can fix a broken toilet, change an electrical socket, replace a light switch, and replace door locks. I can also change my oil, replace windshield wipers, and change a tire. The Vedder girls have skills."
"Do the Vedder girls not have AAA or know how to google electricians?"
"Sure, but let's say I'm driving from my place to Sebastian’s and blow a tire. AAA says three hours and it will be dark by then. I’m either stranded on the side of the road in the dark or I change the tire. Choice is huge in the Vedder household. He wants all his girls to have choices and not feel without options. He thinks if we have the basics of car and home care, we'll be more confident when we need to arrange repairs and not freak out if something unexpected occurs. And if we know how to take care of ourselves, we're less likely to stay in an unhealthy relationship. He wants us to be with someone because we want to, not because we feel like we need to be."
Hemsworth's mouth fell open, "He's a brilliant girl dad."
"Will he adopt my daughter? Maybe just summers." Scarlett laughed
Renner shook his head, "Did not expect that."
"Me either." Sebastian chimed in. "He's an amazing dad. Before I met him all I could see in my mind was his face and eyes in the Jeremy video. It was weeks before I thought I'd live through dating his daughter.”
"And now?"
"We text." He bobbed his head side to side. "We're okay."
Bradley had joined us again. His arms were crossed over his chest. "He likes you. He didn't kill the asshole. You'll be fine."
Sebastian had a silly grin on his face. It was unbearable adorable how happy Bradley's words made him. I'd told him the same thing, but apparently, it's different when it comes from not me. I get that. It's important to him. I want to kiss him. More than kiss him, but in current company, being at a mouse party, kissing seems to be a hard limit.
I pulled on his arm and went to my toes to reach his lips. I watched him lick them before kissing me.
He backed away and looked at his watch, "Can we leave yet?"
Renner smiled, "Twenty minutes."
Twenty-one minutes later we were in a car back to our hotel. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. Sebastian kissed my head, "I'm sorry. You've got to be tired."
"Not really." I lifted my head, meeting his blue eyes, "Can we go out by the ocean?"
"We can do anything you want to do."
His face was soft and his voice was quiet. A feeling washed over me like sinking into a warm bath. A relaxing sensory overload sort of feeling. I kissed those soft lips, "I love you."
A smile curled his lips, "I love you."
He took my hand as we get out of the car, twining our fingers. "Do we need to go upstairs first?"
"No, I just need my toes in the water."
We walked through the lobby and out past the pool to the beach. At the top of the stairs, I stopped to take off my shoes and tucked them behind a potted plant. Sebastian laughed but shoved his shoes next to mine.
I reached for his hand, biting my lip and nodding toward the ocean, "Come on."
He smiled and let me lead him. I walked straight to the hard pack and the edge of the water, right where the waves were coming in. The first one stopped short, but the second washed over our feet. I loved the way the sand washed out from around my feet. The water was warm. I closed my eyes and heard myself make a sound of pure joy. Part laugh and part sigh. Another wave hit and I wiggled my toes deeper into the wet sand.
I got lost for a moment, forgetting about everything, including the man beside me. His fingers tightening brought me back. It was good back on earth too. I looked over to see a smile and sparkly blue eyes. "You're happy."
"Yeah. The beach is my happy place. It always has been. The sound, the smell, the waves. I could watch waves twenty-four hours a day. That roar and the rhythm. The first touch of the water on my feet grounds me, washes all the bad stuff away, and feels like I'm where I belong. It's peaceful." I pulled him closer to kiss him. "And let me clearly say I was happy two minutes ago. I feel that same rush of joy and peacefulness when I see you."
"Me?" He pulled my hand around his back and moved closer.
"Yes, my love." I ran my hand down the back of his head.
"Hmm." He hummed with a smile, "I like that." He shifted his shoulders. "All of it. The beach. The happy. Me. You. I like it all."
"Are you surprised?"
Shaking his head, he said, "No. It just feels good. I feel good." He kissed me, "Thank you for coming."
"Thank you for inviting me."
We stood in the wet sand until a wave broke higher on our legs. We laughed and walked back a few steps.
"Growing up did you think quicksand was going to be more of a problem?"
"Yes!" I yelled, "I used to think about that on the beach in South Carolina. Wondering if there was quicksand in the dunes. That morning at Mont St. Michel is the first time I’ve ever really heard of actual danger."
"I thought there could be quicksand just anywhere." He pulled his feet out of the wet sand. "I think if we stood still we’d never sink far enough to drown."
"Self-preservation would kick in."
"I'd pull you out."
"My hero." I put my hand over his heart. "Ready to go upstairs."
"Only if you are."
I took his hand and lead the way. "I'm very excited to be on an island with you."
"I'm very excited to be on the beach with you tomorrow at sunset. We're going to sit with you between my legs where we're both seeing the same thing. I can lay my face next to yours. Kiss you. Hold you."
I swear Sebastian is so sweetly romantic. "You have plans."
"Fuck yeah I do. Last night when I called you that is what I was thinking about. Fantasizing even."
"Then we'll definitely do that."
We were quiet in the elevator and to our room. Inside, I turned on him, taking him in my arms. "I love you, Sebasti-an."
His smile said everything. "That makes me the luckiest person I know."
"How did your fantasy end the other night?"
Sebastian laughed, "With me jacking off."
"That sounds fun."
His face changed like he was weighing what to say next. I waited until he settled. "I want that. You not me."
"You want me to jack off?"
Sebastian nodded slowly, "I told you I don't want the first time I watch you to be on FaceTime. We're not going to see each other for almost a month."
I grimaced, "We can't have that."
"I'd rather not."
"Okay." I let go of him and went toward the bed. I don't have performance anxiety. Maybe I do. Except this is my lover. This is hot. "What will you be doing?"
I raised an eyebrow.
"Oh." He smirked, "I'd like to say I can sit calmly and watch, but I think we both know I don't have that sort of self-control. Chances are high this turns into a mutual masturbation event."
I shivered, "That makes it more fun." I'm going to look over and see him with his hand wrapped around his cock while watching me. I'm all in. "Pull up a chair."
I didn't have to say that twice, Sebastian grabbed a chair pulled it over beside the bed and sat down. He was between me and the bed. I got an idea. I pulled up a song on my phone and hit play.
Sebastian bit his bottom lip with a groan. "Your striptease song."
"You're going to get a full show."
"I love my life."
We both laughed. He stopped with the first sway of my hips. I ignored him and let the music take me. If I was alone this would be me enjoying the feel of my body. So that's what I did. I danced, ran my hands over my curves, and slowly stripped. When I was naked I walked behind him, crawling up from the bottom of the bed to lay down close to where he sat.
"You are sexy as hell."
"Thank you." I rewarded his compliment by spreading one leg wide, my foot between his legs, my toes tucked under his thigh.
"Shit." He was wincing.
I ignored him. The kind of pain he was in he enjoyed. I remembered our phone sex and what he reacted to. I ran my hands over my breasts and stomach, playing with my nipples, before reaching between my legs. I laid my other leg out to the side. I slid my middle finger down and inside myself, gathering some slickness to spread over my clit. That's where my fingers would stay until I was finished.
Usually, this is a pretty focused activity, but tonight for my audience of one, I played it up. I squirmed a little, curled and flexed the toes under his thigh, licked and bit my lips, and whispered his name a few times. When I was close I opened my eyes. Sebastian's eyes shifted from between my legs to my eyes. I noticed his shoulder move and shifted my eyes from his to between his legs. I don't know when, but sometime he'd undid his pants and pulled his cock out. His grip was lighter than he liked and he stroked slowly. He was just playing with himself. I'm sure it felt good, but I doubted it would get him there. Seeing him was getting me there. “I'm close."
"I know." He slowly smirked and ran his hand up my calf to hold behind my knee.
I kept my eyes open and on his face. My peripheral vision taking in lower.
"I want to hear my name."
Not a problem. As I came I arched my neck into the pillow, pulled against his grip on my leg and let my lip slip from between my teeth, "Mmm, Bastian, oh fuck. Want you, Sebastian."
Before I was done I felt his weight on me and his cock pushing into me, "I'm right here, baby."
I planted a foot on the bed to meet his thrusts, my hands grabbing his ass. He kissed me hard. I didn't think he was going to last long and I was right. His hips jerked and his body froze. He tore away from my mouth, burying his face against my neck.
I wrapped my arms and legs around him in a full-body hug. "Enjoy?"
Sebastian lifted his head, pressing his lips to mine. "I appreciate you indulging me."
“Psshh, that was just fun."
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revisionaryhistory · 18 days ago
Three Days ~ 90
Tumblr media
It had been too long without the feel of Sebastian stretching me, filling me.
There is nothing like the feeling of taking someone you love into your body. The physical is good and the emotional takes it to a whole other level. Even if the sex is just physical, the emotional is there and if you manage to come together it's amazing. I didn't know that until about eight weeks ago. However, that is not what's going on now. Now is much more a physical need. The mushy stuff will come later.
The long luxurious kiss left me wanting more. I put my hands on his chest to sit back up again. I felt him deep and spread my legs further to try and get more of him. It was only a few minutes of riding him, "I need harder and deeper."
"We can do that."
I pulled off him, grabbed a pillow, and laid over it with my ass in the air. Sebastian moved behind me. His sinking back in had me letting out a deep low groan. He kissed my back, "This what you want?"
I looked over my shoulder at him with a grin, "Yes, please."
From there things were blurry. Sebastian holding onto my hips. Me bracing myself. Him slamming into me. He repeatedly hit the right spot. The sounds he was making told me he was enjoying himself too. He slid his hand up my back and held onto my shoulder. He pulled enough that I arched my back, which changed the angle of contact. "I'm going to come."
"I'll be right with you."
A few more strokes and I was calling out, "Oh god," as my body exploded.
Sebastian held tight to my hips while he buried himself deep to come. He laid over me and collapsed to the side, taking me with him. His arm around my stomach kept me tight to him and he kissed the back of my neck, "I needed that too."
I turned around and we tangled together. I laid my hand on his face, my thumb running over dark circles under his eyes. "Watching you today was fun. You and Anthony doing press was cute and hilarious. I felt very proud watching you. Even more when you were on stage."
He smiled the slightest bit, "Thank you."
I kissed him softly, "You're welcome. How was the autograph signing? Any fun propositions we need to take as suggestions?"
He spluttered, "What?"
"Like if someone said they wanted to eat breakfast off your abs we should do that."
"You have a unique view of how to handle fans."
I shrugged.
"More likely tomorrow during pictures. I'll keep you updated. But I should tell you some girls say they have video of us making out. They took it through a space between the curtains."
"Oh, so when I got here. Do they really or were they trying to get a response?"
"I don't know. I've got Emily watching. It's not online yet."
I raised my eyebrows, non verbally asking a question.
Sebastian smiled before kissing me, "Some other girls said your face isn't seen, so that's good. You changed clothes so they wouldn’t have been able to find you in the crowd later. Otherwise, I don't care. The reasons I kept dates a secret don't exist with you. You're not a secret, but I am protective."
"Yeah, I don't feel like a dirty little secret."
He cringed, "Tell me if you do. I don't want that, at all. I have been thinking about what Mallory said. The part about fans getting pissed when it's obvious and treating them like they're stupid." He screwed up his face and bobbled his head, "Just thinking and relating that to what I’ve done before."
"Want me to send you the link to the blog that breaks it down by ex?"
He snorted, "No. I don't know that I want to be reminded of anything I've forgotten."
I ran my fingers through the slightly longer hair on top of his head. It relaxes him and we're on anxious ground for him.
Those blue eyes sparkled with his happy smile. "Your opinion? Cause I'm sure you've been thinking too."
I rubbed my nose against his, "Everybody but your fans and press know about us. I don't need a formal introduction to them. I don't care if you dodge the question. I think it would hurt my feelings if you answered and said you didn't have a girlfriend, you were single, or there's no one special in your life."
Sebastian grimaced, "I got the question today. Said the same thing I did at brunch. If they have video of us kissing they don't need me to answer if I'm seeing someone."
“I think that's a fun answer.” I really did. They're trying to get a response to a question they already know the answer to.
"There will come a point where there's enough evidence that it's the same girl over and over. Then, I think, the answer becomes yes, but I don't talk about my private life or yeah, Emma and I are doing great, thanks for asking. The problem comes when they know who you are and start being mean to you. And they will be mean to you. If it was anyone in real life I wouldn't let it keep happening."
"Yeah, but you can’t stop three million followers on Instagram and who knows on Twitter, Tumblr, and where ever else."
"No," he shook his head, "I can't. The few times I tried I was angry and it didn't help. That's when fans would gang up on other fans. I didn't want that either. Although part of me enjoyed it. But it went way crazier than just the ones I called out. I don't know what to do."
"We," I moved my finger back and forth between us, "will figure it out."
His lips were quickly against mine, "I like that. We will figure it out."
I was about done with talking. More kissing was needed. "I suggest we shoot for something outside your comfort zone but still tolerable."
"That might be a very small needle to thread."
"I have faith in us."
The side of his mouth started to curve up, "I do too."
"Enough talk. More kissing." A hand on his hip pulled him over onto me.
"Just kissing?"
"We'll see." I sang the words.
Soft lips and warm tongue pressed against the side of my neck, "If we were dressed it might be just kissing." He went a little lower, "But naked? Doubtful."
"How will you manage?"
"I'll manage just fine."
His mouth came back to mine, his tongue seeking. His kisses are hot enough to melt ice cream. The intensity and the taste of him is enough. Add in our bodies pressed together and hands roaming freely. There was no way we'd stop at kissing. Luckily, we didn't have to.
I changed into a short white skirt decorated with green glass dots and a jade green silk shirt. The necklace Sebastian had bought me went well with it along with several bangles around my wrist.
Sebastian looked at me and made an "Oof" noise. "I will look like a schlub next to you."
I put my hand on his chest and kissed him. "You're not meeting new people and I brought you clothes just in case."
"Did you?" His hands were on my lower back. "You are the best."
"Just wanted you to have options."
I brought a pair of tan slacks, a dressier pair of jeans, and a couple of shirts. He ended up in the slacks and a short-sleeved green henley.
I undid one more button, "You look scrumptious."
"I don't think I've been scrumptious before."
"I know all sorts of words."
"Well, you are a teacher."
"What's scrumptious in Romanian?"
He laughed, "Fuck if I know."
"I should ask your mom."
"She's going to invite you to lunch."
"That'll be fun."
"I'm not kidding."
"Neither am I."
The party was at a club north of the venue and our hotel. Sebastian had joked about how late we would be. He’d said nine. It was closer to eight-thirty and many cars were arriving with us. I wasn't worried about him getting in trouble. I wasn't worried, but I knew there'd be teasing. Everyone from this afternoon would know exactly why we were late.
Sebastian took my hand right out of the car and led me to the group of his co-stars. There were more hugs in greeting even though they'd seen each other hours ago. I loved that. I loved those friends and I am a firm believer that you can never have too many hugs. Anthony pulled me into a hug and from there everyone followed suit. I felt very welcome. I caught Sebastian smiling.
Anthony looked at his empty wrist, "You're late."
"Had to iron his shirt," said I.
"Traffic was terrible," said my lover.
A deep Australian voice laughed, "We don't believe you."
Scarlett waved her hand, "Green is a good color for all of you."
The men look around at each other, none of them denying a thing.
Lizzy grabbed my arm, "Since you men can't behave we're taking our new friend and finding drinks."
"Food. I'm hungry."
Lizzy looked at Sebastian, "You didn't feed her?"
His eyes went mischievous and he opened his mouth to say something, shutting it just as quickly. He curled his lips in trying to fight the words and laughter. All the men looked away, each with a different sly grin.
Scarlett pulled Lizzy and I away. I just held on and followed. Toward a corner, Scarlett held her hand out, “Tada."
"Yay! Snacks." We loaded up plates and found a table on the edge of the room. "It's been a long day. Up at five, flight from New York at seven. Thank god I fall asleep immediately on a plane."
"Me too." Lizzy smiled and bit into a wedge of cheese.
"I wish." Scarlett added, "Maybe two hours in. Not at all if my daughter's with me."
I hissed in a breath, "No, that doesn't work. How old is she?"
"Almost five."
I smiled, "My favorite age. I teach first grade."
That broke the ice. I talked first grade, which transitioned to Scarlett's recent engagement, and then Lizzie and I got into bread baking. I saw them exchange a look before Lizzie said, "We want details. How’d you meet, first date, all of it."
I gave them the high points and they added in stories related to something I'd said. We laughed a lot. "And you two know him. There's always going to be overthinking and anxiety thrown in, but we work through it."
Lizzie grinned, "I wasn't going to say anything in case you didn't know."
Scarlett added quickly. "He's a sweetheart. During our fight scene, he checked that I was ok several times. There are always stories about him buying lunch for everyone, presents for kids he's working with, sending flowers, and he brought in a petting zoo for someone's birthday."
"He's a good guy." Lizzie nodded, "I love doing interviews with him."
I nodded, "He is a good guy. Good boyfriend, which he's told me hasn't always been the case." They laughed. "We talk a lot." There's no way in hell they don't know about his "emotional unavailable" and I hate tiptoeing around things. They know, but don't know if I know, and it makes things weird. Best to just get it out there.
"Is that why you were late?"
No one was buying that. I shook my head and pointed at Scarlett, "More like your fight scene than talking." Scarlett and I laughed. Lizzie was lost. I added, "She had him in a headlock."
Scarlett snickered, "Between my thighs."
Lizzie smiled, "That is a good man."
Scarlett got a text, "Cooper is here. With the guys."
"I thought he was filming."
Scarlett shrugged at Lizzie, "Or he just didn't want to come. No one from Guardian's is here."
I perked up, "Bradley Cooper?" Head nods. "He's friends with my dad. I'm going to sneak up on him."
They headed off in a direct route and I arched around the room until I could find him to get behind him. He was with Anthony, Hemsworth, and Sebastian. Lizzie and Scarlett were just reaching them. I waited until they'd collected hugs before coming up behind him. Sebastian saw me coming and I put my finger to my lips before putting my hands over Bradley’s eyes. "Guess who?"
"Whoever it is smells good."
"Thank you."
"Can I get a hint?"
"Jackson Maine's daughter."
"Emma Grace?" He pulled my hands from his eyes and turned around, immediately hugging me. "You're prettier every time I see you."
I got suspicious, "Did dad send you to spy on me?"
Brad had a great laugh, "No, but what are you doing you don't want your dad to know about?"
Anthony pointed at Sebastian.
Sebastian smacked at his hand, "Her dad knows about me. I didn't know he knew you." He pointed at Brad.
Brad shrugged, "I know about you too."
Sebastian glared at Anthony, “I told you."
Chris shook his head like he was clearing cobwebs. "I'm confused."
Lizzie had it, "Seb is dating Emma. Brad knew that because he's friends with Emma's dad. But Seb didn't know Brad knew Emma. Or her dad."
"No wonder I'm confused."
Sebastian put his hand on Chris's shoulder. "It gets worse. Her best friend is in a band with the husband of my friend from Gossip Girl. So several of my friends already knew her. I was at the bachelor party with her best friend, but couldn't make the wedding. Emma went to the wedding. So there are pictures of her at the wedding with my friends over a year before we met."
"So they introduced you."
"No." Scarlett jumped in, "They met as strangers in a grocery store while he was helping his parents move."
Anthony was shaking his head, "You can't do anything the easy way, can you?"
"Apparently not." Sebastian rolled his eyes at himself.
"And who is her dad? The real Jackson Maine. I thought you based him off Eddie Vedder."
"That's my dad."
There was a chorus of "oh!", "That’s cool", and "Love Pearl Jam."
I loved the grin on Sebastian's face and wondered what he was about to say. “The night we left for Paris I came home to Ed on the iPad giving her a guitar lesson. I sat on the couch watching them play together."
I felt the need to fill in some holes. Ed as my dad doesn't fit with growing up in Georgia and having a twin. Also, complicated. "He's not my bio dad. He took guardianship of me when I was a teenager."
Brad added, "Straight out of rehab."
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bxccxdxll · 19 days ago
Travelin’ Soldier 3
Summary: As the weeks go by, the letters continue. Bucky prepares for the largest battle yet and Steve does something that leaves Rosie worried about both of her boys.
Pairing(s): Bucky x OFC, Steve x OFC (platonic)
TW: angst, war talk, little bit of church talk
Word count: 994
A/N: Well I know where this story is going but I honestly don’t know how we’re gonna get there yet lol. Hope you all enjoy the ride either way! Oh and I’m working on making a masterlist so everything is easier to find:)
Tumblr media
The next few weeks went by in a very similar fashion. Rosie and Steve would meet up at the diner to catch up and check in on each other. Bucky continued to send Rosie letters whenever he could and Rosie would send one back every time. 
Life was quiet, boring even. With Bucky overseas Steve was becoming restless and Rosie was worrying about what he might do. She knew that he had been trying for months to enlist but every time he was turned away. 
Rosie dreaded the day when the army was finally desperate enough to accept him. Steve had grown to feel like a little brother to her. She didn’t know what she’d do with herself if she had to worry about both Steve and Bucky being over there.
When Sunday morning came around, marking five weeks since Bucky had left, Rosie got up in a slightly sour mood. She missed Bucky and didn’t quite understand honestly. She had only met him once but it felt as though they had known each other forever.
As Rosie was heading out her door to go to church she checked her mailbox, as she did every time she went by it, and saw that she had another letter from James.
Rosie took a seat on the steps leading up to her apartment and opened the letter. The handwriting on this one seemed a lot shakier than what she normally got from Bucky but it wasn’t illegible so she read on.
My sweet Rosie,
I miss you so much. It’s getting harder to be over here and not getting to be with you and Stevie but I’m pushing through. Hopefully this stupid war will be over soon and I can come home to you both.
Training kicked up a notch this week. I swear when I come home you aren’t even gonna recognize me cause I’ll be so fulla muscle.
The boys over here say they’re gettin’ tired of me talkin’ about you so much but how can I stop when you’re keepin’ me afloat.
Anyways, tomorrow is the day. They’re sending us out to one of the biggest battles yet and they have no clue what we’re gonna be going up against. I promise I’ll make it out though, I promise. 
Tell Stevie I miss him and not to anything stupid till I get back.
I miss you and I love you,
James Barnes
PS. Don’t worry but I won’t be able to write for a while.
When Rosie finished reading the letter she looked up with tears in her eyes. Her James was putting his life on the line while she was at home as if nothing was different. 
Rosie got up and dusted off her church dress before marching down the street with a determined look on her face. Rosie Parker was gonna do everything in her power to make sure James came home safe.
When the church service was over, Rosie walked back to her apartment only to find one Steve Rogers sitting on her steps. 
“Steve? What are you doing here?” Rosie questioned.
“Rosie! You’re finally home! I’ve been waitin’ here for an hour.” Steve rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at his shoes, realizing how creepy he must sound.
“Well… What are you here for Stevie?” Rosie chuckled at Steve’s enthusiastic greeting.
Steve paused for a second, really uncertain how Rosie was going to react to what he had to say. “Ummm, I enlisted in the army. I’m gonna be joining this special Strategic Scientific Reserve.”
Rosie stared at Steve for a moment. Panic and disbelief swirling through her mind. “No.”
Steve was taken aback by the force in which Rosie could push through a single word. “Wh-What do you mean ‘No.’?” 
“I mean no, you can’t go over there. I’m not letting you put your life on the line too.” Rosie sobbed out, tears threatening at the corners of her eyes. 
Steve took a step forward and opened his arms. Rosie fell into them and buried her head in his shoulder as the tears fell freely.
“Rosie… I had to do this. I can’t let Bucky be over there fighting while I’m her doing nothin’. I have to be over there.” Steve spoke softly into Rosie’s hair.
“What about me Stevie? You just gonna leave me here all by myself?” Rosie sounded broken and it hurt Steve to hear so much pain in his friend's voice.
“I’m not leavin’ you Rose. I’ll write you, just like Buck. Any chance I get I’ll send you a letter. It’ll be like I never left.” Steve tried reassuring Rosie and it worked a slight bit.
Rosie pulled back from Steve’s hold and looked him in the eye. “If you don’t write to me then I promise you I will come over there myself and kick your ass.” 
Steve chuckled, believing every word that came out of Rosie’s mouth. “I know Rosie and I swear on my life that I’ll write to you.”
Rosie embraced Steve once more before turning and heading into her apartment. She had a letter to write after all.
Dear James,
I miss you too, more than you know. I really do hope the war is over soon and you can come home to me.
I have some news that you might not like too much. Steve enlisted and they accepted him. I don’t know how or why but he’s gonna be coming overseas to you. I hate that I’m left here with no way to help you or see you but I’m doing everything I can over here to get my boys home safe.
Steve promised that he’s gonna write to me when he’s over there too so I need you to make sure he keeps that promise. 
I really do miss you. You better stay safe during this battle you’re talkin’ about and write to me as soon as you can.
I love you.
Rosie Parker
@imanuglywombat @simplyemm @believeitseeitdoit​ 
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twittytelly · 21 days ago
What I read in 2021 - May
Tumblr media
What I reblogged:
Kissing Andy Ask by @worksby-d
Sweeter Endings by @dollslayer
Dating Ransom Drysdale…by @hlkwrites
Comforting Chris Ask by @hlkwrites
So Confused by @sylvie-writes​
Andy Using His Beard Against You Ask by @stargazingfangirl18
Get in Here Now! by @tuiccim
Building A Snowman With Ransom Ask by @rodrikstark
A Great Mentor: Ice Skating by @worksby-d
Steve With A Praise Kink Ask by @heli0s-writes
Talking Bodies by @angrythingstarlight
Ari And The Safeword Ask by @stargazingfangirl18
Angsty Running Into Chris After A Breakup Ask by @hlkwrites
Soft Ransom Ask by @stargazingfangirl18
Steve At An Event Oneshot by @imanuglywombat​
Good Girl by @worksby-d
why are you so loud by @cevansprincess
Happy Running Into Chris After A Breakup Ask by @hlkwrites
SugarDaddy!Andy Ask by @worksby-d
First Argument Ask by @stargazingfangirl18
Senator Steve And Squirting ask by @worksby-d
Being Drunk/Tipsy With Colin Ask by @rodrikstark
Brown Skin by @whiskey-cokenfanfic
Guilty As Charged by @what-is-your-plan-today
Partition by @whiskey-cokenfanfic
Advisement by @whiskey-cokenfanfic
Surprising Chris by @theycallmebecca
Not Alone by @itsjustmelainey
Semi-deleted Scene From The Highest Bidder by @pagesoflauren
Tutor!Frank ask by @rodrikstark
Andy Barber Getting A Haircut Ask by @angrythingstarlight
Ongoing Series: 
Too Loose And You’ll Lose It by @what-is-your-plan-today and @icanfeelastormbrewing
Rock ‘n’ Roll People In A Disco World by @what-is-your-plan-today
The Beginner’s Guide to Kinks By Steve Rogers by @imanuglywombat
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revisionaryhistory · 23 days ago
Three Days ~ 89
Tumblr media
Emma's here!
I walked out into the open area and stood there with my hands on my hips looking around. I had no idea from which direction she'd come. Big Ed was going to walk her in circles talking about Pearl Jam. It might have been a mistake getting a Pearl Jam fan to go get her. No, I wasn't wrong because there's Big Ed. Big enough I can see him over other people. And there she is. Sweat pants and a t-shirt. Her hair all bunched up in some sort of ponytail bun thing. Six hours sleeping on a plane and she looks like heaven. She saw me the same time I saw her.
I waved. Dear god . . . I waved.
Emma turned her head to talk to Big Ed and he went back in the other direction. Her pace picked up once Big Ed left. She was pulling her suitcase with her. I waited until I couldn't wait anymore and jogged the last several feet to her. Emma let go of her suitcase and reached for me. She reached for me.
In the seconds before her fingers touched my waist, I'd never wanted anything more. Except for the next second when I wanted to feel her face in my hands. And the next when I wanted to kiss her.
Emma's fingers skimmed over my shirt stopping low on my back. My skin remembered the gentle firmness of her touch and ignited. I touched her face, and even though I remembered, I was amazed by the softness of her skin and the way her face fit perfectly in my hands. Our eyes locked and right before our lips touched, I heard her say, "Hi."
We're perfect for each other. I wave and she says hi.
The soft kiss deepened to something more. A short taste of her was enough to calm the twitchiness Mackie had accused me of. I folded my arms around her neck, laying my head on hers, "I love you."
You'd think I'd know to expect what came next, but I didn't.
"M-am gândit la tine în fiecare zi și am visat la tine noaptea, Sebasti-an. Te iubesc." <I thought of you every day, and dreamed of you every night.>
I kissed her again because I had to.
We were interrupted by a laugh, "There you are. I thought you were kidnapped."
I turned, keeping an arm around Emma, "You did not think I'd been kidnapped."
"I didn't say unwillingly." He looked at Emma. "I'm Anthony. Nice to meet you, Emma."
Emma let go of me to hug him, "You too. I’ve heard great stories."
"He lies." Mackie was looking at me while he hugged her.
I took her away from him, putting an arm around her. I wanted her close. "Let's go sit down. There's food. Are you hungry?"
"I am." Mackie said.
I glared at him with a smile and shaking my head.
Emma squeezed me closer, "Me too. I need the bathroom first."
Through the door I pointed to the left, "Bathrooms." Emma gave me a quick kiss before heading off. She took her bag, so she was freshening up too. I watched her until she was gone before turning back to Mackie, "That's my girlfriend."
He chuckled with that damned smirk of his, clapping a hand on my back, "The kissing gave you away. You, my friend, have got it bad."
"Fuck yeah." I scrubbed a hand through my hair. "I adore that woman."
"I think the feeling's mutual."
We talked while we waited for Emma. She came out looking different. She'd changed into a pair of white crop pants and a bright yellow top with diamond cutouts around the fitted waist. She'd also taken her hair down where it hung in long waves.
Anthony puckered his lip and drew his eyebrows down, "You two are a scary beautiful couple. Both with the hair, eyes, and bodies. It's not fair to us mere mortals."
"Thank you?"
I leaned closer to her, "He goes too far."
"You're right. She's way prettier than you."
The food spread was good. The three of us went completely different directions with our choices. I sat back quietly eating my brunch while the two of them got to know each other. By the time our managers showed up to usher us to the dressing room Anthony and Emma were old friends. We took her with us and she got to watch hair, makeup, and dressing. I can't say for sure if my stylist took a cue from Emma's clothes but I wound up in a black sweater with yellow accents.
We stowed her suitcase in the dressing room before winding through back hallways to another set of rooms set up for different news and entertainment media. Emily got me where I needed to be and took Emma with her to the edge to watch. I was a little anxious. First time Emma's been at work with me and first time she's met my manager. Emily likes when I have a girlfriend. She is annoyed when I won’t admit it, but she likes it. She would be nice to Emma. Still made me nervous. Work and personal mixing.
I honestly forgot they were there, which might sound shitty, but it’s not. This is my job. I'm being paid to look pretty for photos, cut up with Anthony, talk up the upcoming TV show, and flirt with fans. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Part of my job is flirting with fans.
The press went well. I did remember Emma and Emily were there between each interview. About the same frequency with which Emma paid attention to me at volleyball. Like every other press event, I went to Emily for feedback when it was done. Emma stayed back a little while Emily and I talked. I appreciated that. I took Emma's hand as we followed Emily and staff back to our section of the convention center.
Emma hugged my arm, "You two are going to have a blast filming this."
I smiled, "I think so too. I’m looking forward to getting back to it."
"Any idea what it’s going to be about?"
I shook my head. I only have the vaguest idea. Exploring both of their backgrounds and what the future holds. "Scheduled to start shooting in Atlanta. November."
She gasped. "I know people there."
"When you visit will you stay there or with me?"
"Silly question."
I leaned closer and kissed her while we walked, "Lucky me."
We ran by our dressing room to have a few minutes of calm before autographs started. I offered to buy Anthony all the drinks he wanted if he'd guard the room and give me five minutes to make out with my girl.
Anthony pointed at me, "I don't want to hear anything. Keep your damn pants on."
I grabbed his face and kissed him be for pulling Emma toward the back corner of the room that had a small sitting area. Emma swung me around to push me down onto the loveseat. She straddled me and the making out commenced. It felt so go to be holding her. I wasn't having to imagine what she felt like or the feel of her touching me. I knew damn well five minutes was only going to whet my appetite. It didn't matter.
I'm good at multi-tasking. I heard Emily yell from outside the room, "Time to go guys." A few seconds later she was closer, "What are you doing, Anthony?"
"I could make up something, but it’s easier to tell you the truth. They haven't seen each other in weeks. Five minutes isn't too much to ask."
Emily laughed, "No, it’s not."
Mackie started singing Marvin Gaye’s, "Sexual Healing."
I yelled, "I hate you."
The singing eventually stopped and he knocked on the fake wall. "Tick tock, mother fucker. Time to go."
I couldn't help but laugh. Emma straightened her clothes, because I am me and lack restraint. I held the curtain open for her.
Anthony looked at me, "Feel better?"
"Definitely. Thank you."
"No problem. My pleasure. Well, yours actually."
I cringed and shook my head, "Incomplete."
Emma cleared her throat, "On that note, I'm going to go look around. Text me when you’re done." She put her hand on my chest and kissed me.
I smiled, "I love you."
"Love you."
Anthony turned to me as she was walking away, "Did I embarrass her?"
"Not even close." I snorted a laugh. We walked slowly across the big room to where our managers were near the door.
"Not that I get a vote, but I like her. You two are coming to the party tonight, aren't you."
"It's not optional."
"So that’s a yes. Are you anxious?"
"About Emma, no. She can hold her own. About me being awkward, yes. You keep me talking in interviews and make me more interesting. I think Emma will do that at a party. Can't say for sure. This is a first.” I sighed, “Now I'm nervous. "
Anthony clapped his hand on my shoulder. "No worries. We're the extrovert to your introvert. Ying to your yang. Salt to your pepper. Raspberry to your blueberry."
"Yeah, yeah, I get it."
Autograph sessions are chaos. There’s a very long table set up in front of the curtains. Banners for whose "booth" it is are hung over the curtains. Each of us has about eight feet. Sometimes we ass off with each other, but most of the time we're focused on the fans. Emily was with me taking gifts, to help keep things moving so I’m not the bad guy and just in case I need anything. Security guards were set at the ends of either booth. Fans were lined up in a way I'll never understand.
Paying for an autograph or photo op is more about getting some time with me. For some that's to tell me they enjoy my work, for others, it’s to tell me their story and maybe how much something I've done means to them, and for some, it’s the hope they say something that makes me smile and maybe I'll ask them to meet me later. Fantasy is part of fandom. Maybe thirty seconds with me. I try to make it good. Today I'm in a very good mood. Lucky fans. I enjoy hearing stories about friends made. I try to help the nervous ones relax. My favorite thing is when I overhear a word or piece of conversation that I wasn't meant to and look up to find who it was. Not hard to figure out. People give me nice things and the compliments are plenty. But as Mackie said, I'm an introvert. Today will exhaust me. Interviews, autographs, photos, Marvel panel, then party. It's a lot.
Not unexpectedly I got the, "Are you single?" question. I kept my head down where I was signing and cut my eyes up. "Why are you going to ask me out? "
She looked startled, "No!"
She smiled, "It's just that some girls back there say they have video of you kissing a girl. They took it through the curtains."
"That sounds fun. I hope it was me."
Several people later, "Do you have a girlfriend?"
I just had a feeling this was the budding filmmakers. I stopping signing and looked up, "Now, you know I’m not going to answer." I looked down then back up, "And if you have video you don't need me to."
Just like the girls taking pictures of us at brunch didn't need an answer. I almost felt sorry for them spending bucks for me to bust them on their invasion of privacy. Almost.
They didn't say anything else. The next pair of girls were cringing, "Sorry, that was all kinds of wrong."
"You don't need to apologize; you didn't do anything" I went in, "Did you see it?"
Their eyes went wide and they slowly nodded.
I laughed, "I guess that answers anything else I could ask."
One of them added, "You can't really see her face."
Well, there’s that. After the last person, Emily put her hand on my arm, "You okay?"
It took a second to realize what she was talking about. Oddly enough when I went back to signing, I'd forgotten about the video. "I wish it didn't exist, but whatever. I had Will post a picture. She’s not a secret."
She looked at me like she didn't believe me. I put my arm around her, "Nothing I can do. Emma's not going anywhere. We're going to be seen together."
"Are you going to say anything?"
"No. I want you to keep an eye out for if it shows up online."
I texted Emma we were going back to the dressing room for touch-ups before heading to the event. She caught up with us right outside the security door. The Disney room was full now. Most everyone involved in Phase 4 was here. So many of us hadn’t been together since the Endgame premiere back in April. Cumberbatch, Hemsworth, Hiddleston, Renner, Bettany, Natalie, Elizabeth, Scarlett were all wandering amongst directors, writers, and new characters. Emily ushered us through the room quickly with nothing more than me yelling hi or waving. Anthony and I were the last back from autograph sessions because we both talked too much. When we came out from changing shirts into an identical shirt and having any shine powdered away everyone was gone. They’d been moved to a green room behind the main stage.
Once in the green room, things slowed down. It was a holding area for us to wait to be pulled out for our part then sent back. The fun was back here. Emma wasn’t the only partner. Most had someone with them. She fit right in like I knew she would. I wasn’t anxious around these guys; we’d been through too much together over too long a period of time. And unlike Gwyneth, they remembered my name. That story got told more than once. There were large TV screens on all the walls with the panel being streamed live. Guests had the option of hanging out here or going into the press pit to watch.
“Preference?” Emma looked to me when the friends of the first group split up with half going out and half staying.
I shrugged, “Completely up to you. But . . .” I did have an opinion. “You will miss things in here. A smile or a look when the camera isn’t there. One of us reacting to something that was screamed that you can’t always hear.”
She went on her toes to kiss my cheek, “Thank you.”
When it was my turn Emily took her out front and they were back seconds after we were. Emma gave me a tight hug and whispered in my ear, “I want you so bad right now.”
Well, that just put the constant undercurrent right out in the open. When was this over? It seemed like it was lasting forever. Why were people talking so long? Can I leave before the final everybody on stage moment?
I got caught up in the excitement again, but I wasn’t sad when it was over. We went back to the dressing room to change, then loaded into SUV’s to take us to our hotels. The same SUV’s would pick us up to deliver us to the party that I was sure I’d be late for. It was six-thirty before we walked into the hotel. We went to the back of the elevator, leaning our butts against the handrail, but not touching. Touching was risky at this point. We looked straight ahead. The last people got off on the third floor. We were going to seven. I watched the numbers change over the door. "How much foreplay do you need?"
"Mmm, I'm good." Silence for a beat. "How about you?"
I moved my attention to my cock, "I'll be ready." Another beat. "Positional preference?"
"I think it's a nailed against the wall sort of night." Silence. "Unless you're tired."
"No, no, not too tired." Floor six. "Take off our own clothes or help each other?"
"Fight it out."
"I love how you think."
The elevator doors opened with a quiet slide and we were off. I took her hand, shortening my stride enough to match hers. I opened the door with the keycard and I held it open for her to pass through. I turned my head as she walked by, "Nice ass."
"Thanks." Emma turned.
She smiled.
I smiled.
We crashed together, kissing and tearing at each other’s clothes. I guided us into the bedroom. There were walls there. Condoms too. We squeezed between the bed and the wall. Emma put a foot on the edge of the mattress and a hand on my cock, her grip tight. "Told you I'd be ready."
I kissed along her neck, reaching between her legs, finding her slick. I growled deep in my chest.
"So did I."
I moved her hand away, replacing it with mine to push inside her. Her nails dug into my shoulder. My hands on her ass lifted her enough for her legs to wrap around my waist. I drove deep and stayed still to kiss her for a little while before going back to fucking. Everything about her felt good. Everything about us felt good.
My need for her didn't let me be still for long. I moved in her slowly but picking up speed. Once we were slamming together, I was close. I turned and crawled onto bed, laying on top of her. I wanted more leverage and to be able to see her.
"You feel so good. I missed you so much." Our mouths met again and the taste of her was enough to push me over the edge. I sunk into her, letting my orgasm rip through me. Emma held on tight and I collapsed on her. My voice was muffled by the mattress and her neck, "I love you."
Emma laughed and drug her nails down my back, "I love you."
I pushed off from the bed and started kissing down her body, stopping at her breasts. Circling my tongue around her nipple caused her to moan my name. "Sebastian, I need you to make me come."
I looked up, "Or what?"
It took her a second to figure out what I meant, "Or I'll do it myself."
I moved my mouth to her other nipple, sucking and letting her go with a pop. "Tempting, but I'd rather do it."
I pushed her thighs apart and buried my face in her. My tongue honed in on her clit. That sweet little spot that made her feel so good. I slid my fingers inside her to get the other spot too. I wanted it all. Or I wanted her to have it all.
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qyllenhaal · 23 days ago
American Pie
Lee Bodecker x Reader
Word Count: 4.8k
Summary: The Summer heat gets to everyone, including Sheriff Lee Bodecker who is looking to stir up with his favorite girl.
Warnings: 18+ only!!! DubCon (!!!), Dark themes, age gap (reader is early 20s), infidelity, alcohol abuse, exhibitionism, unprotected sex, spanking.
A/N: I didn’t expect to finish this in one night, but I did! I may have missed a few things to include in the warnings but I believe I got all the major ones. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Hot weather makes people feel more rowdy, like they can do anything just because the temperature is rising and the sun is out for longer. When the number of troublemakers at the bar goes up, so does the number of visits from the police.
Someone was always anonymously calling the police because someone at Tecumseh Lounge was stirring up some shit. They rarely came and when they did they did nothing. The deputy they dispatched would just write down a few things in a notepad and leave. No one ever truly got in trouble and that's because the Sheriff is rumored to be "in'' with the owner.
The rumors are true but the nice ladies and gentlemen from the nicer parts of the county will never see it for themselves. Tecumseh is rough, and nasty. There were more vices here than just alcohol, and most of it was done under the table.
Y/n was crazy to take this job as a bartender at Tecumseh. She didn't know that a hidden prospective for the job was fucking the patrons. One of the other girls working here did it, and so did Sandy despite her brother being the sheriff. Y/n was not interested in the advances pressed on her by the men. They were either married or been fucking "ladies of the night" for years and probably have something. No one who frequented a place like Tecumseh wasn't someone Y/n wanted to go home with. Yet she let Sandy's brother talk to her in any kind of way.
For someone who was the sheriff, Lee Bodecker was here a lot and it wasn't because the drinks were good. Sometimes his sister served him while he interrogated her about her husband Carl. Y/n had seen Carl a few times and she found him to be sleazy. Poor Sandy was stuck working behind the bar while Carl flirted with a younger girl just a few feet away from her. But Sandy would also take some patrons out to the back and get fucked when her shift ended. It seems like an even deal, but the difference is Carl looks happy doing it and Sandy always comes back looking a mess, and not in a good way.
Y/n has been applying for a waitressing job closer to her house. She wants out of this place yet whenever she says Tecumseh is her current place of work, her application gets thrown out. Her aunt got her the job and she wished to god that woman never did. She should've gone and worked at someone's farm doing hard labor instead of accepting the offer to work. She was talked to like she was a whore and there was nothing to do about it because her boss did the same thing.
Friday night shifts are the hardest for her. The men drink harder because they don't work weekends. The influence of alcohol made them relentless when talking to Y/n. They made what they believed were compliments about her body and proclaimed how they wanted to fuck her. She just had to press a smile because the more they found her fuckable the more they tipped her. The low-cut top she wore was not coincidental. While she didn't fuck patrons for 20 dollars, she did put out for their attention.
Not even 30 minutes before her shift and a fight breaks out. She has to call the police because the fight between two men turned into a fight of three, four, and then five. No one looked interested in breaking up the fight, just watching with glib smiles and jovial laughs. This was the kind of entertainment they came for, but it was a pain to deal with as a barmaid.
Police sirens and the lights made some patrons, including two of the people involved in the fight, went running out through another exit. Their fears were pointless since it was rare for anyone to get arrested here.
"Alright break it up," Deputy Brooks' voice boomed.
Whenever an officer was called to come down to Tecumseh Lounge, it was only three policemen who showed up: Deputy Brooks, Deputy McConnell, and the sheriff. They must've worked out some kind of deal with her boss because they come in, don't do shit about the reason they were called for, and they never failed to ask for a drink before leaving. Tonight is no different; they just break up the fight and tell the men to leave but they never force perpetrators to leave.
The fight dissipated a few minutes after the deputies showed up and the patrons grumbled because the fun was over. The two deputies looked around the place to give off the appearance of holding authority then they made their way over to the bar.
"One of your coldest beers," Deputy Brooks didn't greet Y/n nor was he polite. He just demanded what he wanted.
"No free drinks." She tries to keep her tone of voice strong. She is not afraid of these two men who only feel powerful because they have a badge on them. Deputy McConnell was only a few years older than her and she remembers when he was a scrawny kid who got picked on even as a senior in high school.
"We just broke up a fight at your fine establishment. The least you can do is give us a beer," Brooks rebuttal.
There was no arguing so Y/n sighed and went to grab two beers for the men so they could just get out of her sight.
"I need two beers. Not just one," McConnell interjected. Y/n didn't like how they drank on the job, especially since they were going to be driving so late at night.
But Y/n obliges just to get them out of her face. She hates the smug look on Deputy Brooks face as he grabs his beer and walks out with the other deputy behind him.
The rest of the night is Jenny's problem because Y/n was clocking out immediately. She smelled like cigarettes and just wanted to wash the layer of sweat off of her body. All the money her boss accrues from shady dealings, he was too cheap to install an air conditioner. People get angry and agitated when it's so hot out. Even at night the air feels sticky and falls just to the low 80s.
She headed out the back to avoid the incoming patrons. She is fair game to some people now that she is single.
Out back she can hear three unmistakable voices. Deputy Brooks and McConnell were standing by their car that was parked right next to the nice, clean sheriff's car. Y/n is not in the mood to deal with the two dickheads and their boss sheriff dickhead, but she knows they are going to say something to her as she walks back.
"Well if it isn't my pretty, pretty Cherry."
Lee Bodecker's voice punctuated the night air, making even the humid atmosphere feel cold.
Y/n stops in her tracks, knowing that she cannot avoid this without causing trouble for herself.
"Don't call me that."
"You sure like the name last week when I had my head between those thighs. 'Lee...oh Lee!" He imitated her voice which made his deputies laugh. Lee has a beer in his hand, reminding Y/n that McConnell asked for two back at the bar. She should've known it was for Lee.
She was embarrassed by him talking about their time together in front of his subordinates. Lee is married and Y/n is turned off by men with gold bands on their ring finger who try to take her home after her shift ends. However they have fucked on multiple occasions, making him the only patron she has given into. He was mean, but authoritative. Y/n couldn't help herself and she sometimes let the sheriff rough her up in the back of his car.
"I'm only messing with you sweetheart. You don't gotta stand there lookin like you saw a ghost."
Y/n feels humiliated but Lee doesn't seem to care. Lee gets off on seeing her squirm, on seeing her be degraded. She's not a whore like the other woman who works here and his sister, but he fucks her like she is. He has something many of the men inside the dingy joint wanted. Y/n isn't easy, which rare for a female Tecumseh worker.
"I'm just wonderin if you seen my Sandy," he made an attempt to change the subject.
"She's your sister Lee."
The truth is Y/n hasn't seen Sandy in a week. She said something about her and Carl taking a trip but she didn't say for how long. Y/n is not too fond of Sandy to pry into her life. She feels bad for her though. She always comes into work with dingy hair and not to mention the amount of weight she has lost which makes her face look gaunt.
"You better address me as ‘sheriff’ girl. You have no manners. You weren't even going to say hello to the men who keep you safe."
Lee did nothing to make her feel safe. He made Y/n feel on edge when he was around but downright euphoric when she was in the throes of passing in the back of his car. He was just using her to get his rocks off and he only went after her because he wanted someone "fresh" for him. He doesn't respect her or care for her.
"Shouldn't you three be patrolling? Looking for crime?"
"Don't catch an attitude, Y/n. It's none of your business what we do. Besides, all the crime is in that building you just came out of."
"You guys never do shit. All you do sheriff is come and collect money from Leroy-"
"Watch your fucking mouth."
Y/n is not sure why she's still here trying to bump heads with him. She will never win, especially when he is the authority around here. No one challenged Lee because they were scared to death of him. He's a shady sheriff but he's feared.
"I'm leaving," Y/n sighed. She tried to walk away but Lee stood up from leaning on his car and grabbed her arm
"Uh-uh," he shook his head at her as the grip on her arm tightened. She looked up at him with fear in her arms and he felt his cock getting hard "You don't get to leave until I tell you too. I think you owe me for last week anyway, cherry."
"Please...just let me go," she tried to plead. She tried to plea to the man who she's been fucking, hoping that his attachment to her would make him be kinder to her.
"You need your ass to be put in place. I thought I did that a few weeks ago when I spanked your ass until you cried, but you're still as defiant as ever. You'll never fucking learn."
Lee dragged her back to his car and bent her over the hood. He placed her arms behind her back and cuffed her. He wasn't going to arrest her but making her believe he was sure was fun to him.
She can see both of the deputies watching her. Her face was planted against the top of his car as he held her down. Lee pulls her dress over her ass and she feels so exposed.
"Those panties look damp to me. What do y'all think?"
Y/n hears the deputies chattering lowly amongst themselves, probably afraid to say something obscene about the woman the sheriff is hooking up with.
"How many men seen you like this before? Who you let fuck you today?"
"No one sheriff."
"That's right. That pussy is mine."
His rough hand caresses her ass. He wants to spank her for talking back to him in front of the two younger officers. She was trying to embarrass him which called for a punishment.
"You better count 'em or I'll start over."
Y/n just groaned in anticipation of the first blow to her ass. She hates how Lee takes his time and she wishes he would just get it over with. Her heart is racing as Lee gets a firm grip on her hair.
"Bad little girls get their asses spanked. Don't think just because you're not peddling your cunt that you're not a whore," he threatened with anger.
Her panties were ripped off with rage and she was truly exposed. The warm, summer breeze ghosted across her cunt but it made her shiver. She can already feel the heaviness of her hand on her ass before it even comes down. The first smack was so loud that it pierced the dark night's air. Her cry was even louder.
"One," she says breathlessly. Her eyes close so she doesn't have to look at the two men staring at her with wide eyes and tents in their pants.
Lee believes pain is the best discipline for a girl like Y/n. He would never do this to his wife, but he also doesn't fuck his wife like he fucks Y/n. She was a tough thing to crack but she rides him into the night until his car is shaking and he's cumming into a condom.
"You can count louder than that, cherry."
He was mocking her only because they had an audience. The belittling and having her body exposed was humiliating. But that first slap of her ass sent all the blood in her body rushing to pussy.
Lee smacked her ass again and again and each time she pathetically sobbed out the number of hits her ass has received so far. Her skin felt hot and it wasn't because of the temperature. She wanted to cry so bad but she kept it. She has never cried in front of Lee and she isn't going to start now; no matter how painful his brutality is.
"Look how fucking wet she is from getting her ass whooped."
Y/n heard the shuffling of the deputies and there was not doubt they were looking at her glistening sex. She felt like she was dripping and she wanted to press her thighs together so bad to hide herself. That would only make things worse for her and the last thing she needs is a harsher punishment.
"Learned your lesson, cherry?"
She nods, her eyes still closed.
"Good girl."
The sound of Lee's belt coming undone makes her stick her ass higher into the air. She's been trained like a dog who wants a treat to behave this way. A sense of shame consumes her as she acts so shamelessly.
"My good little bitch," he coos. He pulls himself out and lines up the head with her wet slit. "I don't have a condom on me sweetheart. I finally get to feel that pussy of yours."
He was lying. He always kept a pack of condoms in the glove compartment of his patrol car because he couldn't bring them into his home. Plus having them in there would always leave him ready to fuck Y/n. He did not like the feeling of condoms but he can't knock her up when next year is an election year. Having a bastard child with a barmaid from Tecumseh would fuck everything up and send his efforts down the drain.
"Lee no! You have to use a condom."
"I don't have to do anything."
She's stupid to think he would listen to her. She is completely powerless and can only operate to his whims.
"Then please pull out...please," she whispers in defeat. The laugh he lets out tells her that she doesn't get a say in this at all.
Lee pushes on her back with one hand and the other is holding onto her hip. He finally sinks into her and he is in paradise.
"You expect me to pull out when your cunt is this warm and tight? No fucking chance darlin'"
He starts to fuck into her, each thrust earning him a pathetic moan. She feels so good wrapped around him and he vows to never wear condoms with her again. She's the tightest thing he's had in years and he has to go slowly to brace himself or else he is gonna cum. This position gave him so much access to her cunt and he pushed in as deep as he could. His bare head was kissing her cervix over and over again. His thighs slapped against her bare ass and the noise reverberated into the night.
The deputies just stood there; eyes wide with shock but lust filling their veins. They never took Lee as a cheater yet he fucked Y/n he knew her body so well.
Tears slip down her face, but they aren't from sadness or anger. She's overwhelmed by the pleasure Lee is giving her that she can almost forget that they have an audience.
Lee lifted her head off of the hood of the car. She could see them in the reflection. She looked a mess while Lee looked like he was in heaven in her bare cunt.
"You wanna tell them how you never had a man in your ass until I fucked you? Begged for it like a whore?"
His voice has some much grit in it and Y/n wondered where this new fire in him came from. Lee was rough with her but never has he pounded into her like she was just a toy. Most would be surprised to know that Lee can be a gentle lover that had a primal urge to be inside of Y/n. She wondered if he was like that with his wife, but according to him she was just a "wet blanket." Y/n does not know whether or not to believe him because it's not uncommon for men to disparage their wives to women they're having sex with on the side.
"Gonna cum Lee," she cried.
He felt her tighten around him and he was about to cum too. He was going to cum inside of her.
"Show 'em how you cum for me. Let 'em see that pretty face of yours."
Lee pounded into her until she was crying out. Her orgasm wrecked her body and the only thing on her mind was Lee and his cock. If she was asked to speak right now it would just be babble. He fucked her stupid and he's not going to stop until he spills inside of her.
A few more hard, rough thrusts and Y/n feels Lee spill inside of her. She sighs at the blissful sensation. His grip on her loosens, a symptom of the exhaustion that starts to set in. His cock begins to soften inside of her but the two of them are still panting from what they just did.
"Go on. Go home," he slaps her ass one last time just to tease her. His eyes are trained on the sight of his cum oozing out of her and he never wants to look at anything else. But he has a shift to get back to
Y/n reluctantly stands up, her dress falling over her ass to cover her up. She can feel his cum running down her thigh but she's too embarrassed to clean herself up in front of these mean. She accidentally catches Deputy McConnell's eyes before she scurries off to her car. She hears a laugh and then a few more joining in. She's sure Lee is bragging to them about her always being willing to fuck him. She just hopes he doesn't tell them everything they have done together.
Lee had been silent for more than a week now. No calls, no visits to the bar, and even his patrol car hadn't ridden down her street. Y/n felt insecure about his absence; like he thought she was an easy slut like the rest of the barmaids. He knows she isn't willing to fuck anybody, but she was not sure if he believed her when she said it.
The days moved so slowly as she watched the door hoping he would come in one late night. She even hoped for a fight but suddenly no one had the energy anymore for a melee.
Y/n was working a late shift tonight. She'd cover the bar from 12 until last call. It was her day off but she had to fill in for some girl at the last minute. If it had been the weekend she would've said no, but it's a Tuesday night which means it would be an easy night of minimal work.
Y/n was wiping down glasses not five minutes after she clocked in and she heard the shrill voice of her co-worker Sydney.
"I'm not dealing with him. Last time I tried to cut him off he threatened to arrest me! I don't know where Sandy is but she needs to be the one here to deal with her brother."
Y/n's ears perked up. She didn't notice Lee in the room when she walked in. The room was dim and it was not always easy to make out customers, especially if they were far away.
"What's going on?"
Y/n walked over to where Cindy's voice was coming from and she was talking to their boss Leroy.
"Sheriff is drunk off his ass and I'm supposed to deal with him. My shift ended five minutes ago and once I'm off the clock then anything that happens in this place is none of my concern!" She said with contempt.
"You work for me. You don't get to decide what you will and will not do at my bar!"
As much as Y/n wanted to avoid a tiff between her co-worker and boss, she wanted to talk to Lee even more.
"I'll take care of it."
Leroy didn't care either way. As long as he didn't have to deal with Lee who was pissed off at him about something. Lee often complained that her boss was a "useless fucker." Leroy walked away from the two and Cindy gave Y/n a small smile.
"Thank you."
"It's no problem. I'll see you tomorrow Cindy," Y/n called to the blonde who was already peeling out of the place. She doesn't think Cindy likes her all that much but she was at least courteous to Y/n.
The bar was dead enough for Y/n's other co-worker to cover while she went to deal with Lee.
He was at a table in one of the corners of the bar; slumped over in his chair and too intoxicated to speak in complete sentences. There was no way he could properly function or drive home. She had a choice to make whether to leave Lee like this or take him home. She had just gotten to work, but the night was nothing that her co-worker couldn't handle. If Leroy threw a fit and tried to fire her she could just get Lee to threaten him.
He was so heavy as he leaned on her to walk to her car. Y/n loathes this man yet she does so many caring things for him that it makes her stomach hurt. She gets nothing out of this exchange yet she continues to go back with him.
She placed him in the passenger seat of her car and he just mumbled to himself the entire ride to her apartment. She was thankful to be on the first floor because it would be a hazard to try to get Lee to walk up some stairs like this. She helped him sit on her raggedy couch. He looked like he was going to vomit.
"How many drinks did you have?" She began her interrogation on him, but she doubts she will get a coherent answer tonight.
"Just one."
As he spoke he reached into his pocket to show her the "one" bottle that he drank from tonight. A few candy wrappers fell out of his pocket when he pulled the bottle out. They were jolly ranchers wrappers which was the kind she bought to share with him.
"What happened? Why did you get so fucked up? I need to get you home Lee."
Y/n was in panic mode. There was no way she could take Lee home but she didn't know how to deal with him like this. He had been tipsy around her before, sure, but she has never seen him this drunk.
"No, no...don't wanna go back. Just let me sleep it off," he slurred. He haphazardly kicked his shoes off and pulled his jacket off so he could get comfortable on her couch. He's going to wake up with a sore back if he sleeps on that thing.
"You can't get drunk like this ever again. And you also can't stay the night here ever again. Your wife is going to find out one day
He just groaned and turned away from her on the couch. She just sighed in defeat. She will deal with him in the morning.
She feels the bed around 3 am. She could not sleep after leaving Lee in a state like that on her couch and she has been up ever since. Y/n was so tired but her body was not agreeing with sleep at the moment. Heavy arms wrapped around her as she held her breath.
"You smell so good, Florence. Just like roses."
"Lee, it's me." She waited for him to respond, afraid that he would get upset or angry with her for no good reason. Her ego was a little hurt after he mistook her for his wife.
"I'm just jokin' with you cherry." Even though he was suffering from a hangover, he still has the capacity to tease her.
Y/n turned around to face him but he had his eyes closed and a pleased smile on his face. She can't deny how handsome he looks, especially with his full cheeks.
"Why did you get that drunk last night?"
"I'm a grown man."
"You weren't acting like it last night. You were like a defiant child," her voice began to rise in volume and Lee winced.
"Don't yell, please. You can be mad at me all you want but please don't yell. I've got a headache that's going to last for days."
"It's what you deserve."
Lee finally opened his eyes just so he could see that pouty look on her face. Y/n called him a defiant child, but she was one to talk. She was always acting like a brat around him.
"You don't mean that girl. If you did, you would've left me at Tecumseh. You care about me."
"Just admit it. You care."
"Lee, you are married."
"What does that have to do with anything?"
This was the uncomfortable conversation Y/n wanted to have. It was always shot down by Lee. He had no problem fucking her, but talking about where they stand or his cheating was always a problem.
"Cherry, I wish you'd just let things be as they are. Wish you would always be a good girl like you are in the back of my cruiser."
"I don't want to be your mistress Lee. If we keep doing this then we're going to get caught and your wife will leave you. Then what?"
"I'll move you in and put a ringer on your finger. Maybe give you a few kids too," he chuckled.
Y/n couldn't bring herself to find joy in his comments. She has some underlying feelings for him and he's right, she does care. But her conscience can't stop thinking about the fact that he has a wife. The only time she forgets is when his dick is inside of her.
"I'm a whore, remember?"
"Just because I fucked you like one in front of my deputies doesn't mean you are one," his hand rested on her hot cheek and he stroked it with his thumb, "you're my cherry girl. The only person I love being inside of. You act like you hate me but you're always wet for me; I bet you're wet right now. I love what we have and I don't want it to end."
She has no more to say to him. She just sighs and closes her eyes. Lee can practically see the wheels turning in her head. While he saw this as a very simple situation, she viewed it as more complex and always seemed to look for ways to make it complicated for the two to just enjoy it for what it is. Y/n is young and Lee is sure she is not ready to settle down yet. They're just having some fun. And if they do in fact get caught and his wife leaves him, then his cherry would make one hell of a wife.
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mrs-mischief-209 · 24 days ago
Matte Lipstick
AN: Angst, fluff, Mentions of abandonment 18+
Master List
While power walk through your home you are chastising yourself for allowing yourself to get riled up. You shouldn’t had said to Sebastian to have fun with girls. It is just something very difficulty for you. His damn energy was driving you crazy. It had been a long time since you had been with anyone. Shoot it was before Hope was born.
. Frankly, it was an itch that needed to be taken care of. It didn’t help that you still loved that damn man. Also, that he looked like a Romanian god that he was. Once you were on top of the stairs instead of going into your room you go to the play nursery that was set up when your sister found out you were pregnant. You could tell Hope was restless being in a strange home and around strange people. You will have to sing to your little one so she can fall asleep. You choose one of her favorite songs. “heart don’t fail me now/ Courage don’t desert me/ Don’t turn back now that we’re here/ People always say/ Life is full of choices/ No one ever mentions fear/ or how the road can seem so long/How the world can seem so vast/ Courage see me through/ Heart I’m trusting you/ On this journey to the past.”- Journey to the Past by Liz Callaway (Anastasia soundtrack). She slowly starts to relax in your arms as you continue to sing the song. The both of you are blissfully unaware of the two pairs of eyes looking at the both of you. She falls asleep on your chest. You just rock back and forth gently on the rocking chair that you are on. You look outside the window looking at the stars. How did things get so complicated. You need to speak to Sebastian, but you can’t control your damn hormones when he is around. You might just have to jump his bones then talk to have a clearer head to actually talk. But you don’t want to do that. Honestly if you started sleeping with him again you are not sure if you could stay civil for Hope’s sake.
Sebastian follows you into the house. He sees you power walking with Hope in your arms. He wants so much to hold his daughter and you. He is following you when he feels someone grab his arm. He turns around to come face to face with Patrick. Sebastian visibly frustrated states: “What the hell do you want?” Patrick just scoffs and lifts his had from his arm. “You might want to give them both a little time together. Y/N needs to comfort Hope she is supper fussy.” Sebastian clenching his jaw. “Who are you to tell me when to go to my daughter and my girlfriend?” Patrick gives him a mischievous smile. “As far as I know you both are not together. As far as Hope I have been there with Y/N since she was born. I was the one who stayed up with her. Also, the one Hope has a relationship with. Why because were have you been Sebastian?” Sebastian really wants to punch Patrick. He controls his rage. The only reason is because what he is saying is true. He wasn’t around. He let you go. Sure, he wanted to find you, but honestly put the rest of the movie first over his best girls. The guilt of that ate at him. “Your name is Patrick correct; First of all, we never really broke up. Second of all yes, I have been absent but not all my fault with that is it? I do want to thank you for being there for the both of them, but I am here now, and they will no longer need you.” He starts to walk up the stairs. Patrick following him. They both get to the top of the stairs when they hear your singing and follow it. They both stare at the beautiful interaction. Patrick leans into Sebastian. “You do know she still loves you right? She talks to Hope about you all the time. She also put on the movies and shows you were in while pregnant so Hope could hear your voice.” Unable to speak he just walks into the room. He slowly approaches the rocking chair. He kneels down to be at eye level next to you. Just above a whisper “Y/N” at the sound of your name you turn next to you. He sees the tears you are shedding. Reaching out he wipes them away. You lean into his touch closing your eyes. “Blossom, I am sorry. I know I lost your trust that night. I know that was a promise I broke.” You snap your eyes open at the sound of your pet name on his lips. You pull back from his touch. He hasn’t earned the right to call you that again. Your anger that had vanished while putting Hope to sleep starts to bubble in your chest.
You snap your eyes to Sebastian. “No. You do not have the right to call me that Sebastian. Now if you excuse me, I will take Hope to the room to put her in bed.” You get up from the chair and walk to your room. Closing the door wanting privacy wanting space you desperately need but long not to have, you honestly just wanted things back to how they used to be. You felt horrible that you let everything crumble over a kiss. Shoot when you spoke to his co-worker on the day you came back to work with Hope. She spoke to you because she figured out who you were. Letting you know the situation there were reporters in the party they had left when the kiss happened. But they were both drunk off their asses and Sebastian was giving nervous energy, so she decided to kiss him. He kissed her back and that is how you found them making out. She swore to you nothing else happened. All she knew is that Anthony yelled at Sebastian. Then they left. She also told you that he did nothing but talk about you. She wanted to apologize and hope that things between the both of you were able to patch up. What hurt you and made you run wasn’t the kiss honestly it was the broken promise the broken trust. It brought back one of many red flags you had already dealt with. You were pulled out of your thoughts you put Hope in the bassinet. You went to the door to see Sebastian there. You just looked at him being drawn to his steel blue eyes. You open the door to let him into the room. He takes a seat on the chair next to the bed. You sit across form him on the bed. Sebastian takes a deep breath: “We need to talk work this out. I want to be in Hope’s life. I want to be in your life Y/N”. You nod your head and look into his eyes. “You will always be able to be in Hope’s life. You are her father I never wanted to take you away from that. I honestly am sorry for running away Sebastian. It was just too much.” He stands up and walks and sits next to you on the bed. He tucks a few strands of hair into your right ear. “I understand, I am sorry that I broke the promise we had made. All I know is that night I am no longer whole. My bones even hurt too just be around with out you. I honestly love you Y/N.” your eyes start to water when you hear Hope start to cry. You get up to go to her, but Sebastian gets up and goes to her to try to sooth her. He picks her up and goes to the chair. “Hi, there little one we are finally meeting after so long. I am sorry I haven’t been around for you and mommy. I am trying to fix that.” He kisses the top of her head. She is still a bit fussy so you go to your phone to put on a song so you can sing to her. You pick a song that conveys your feelings for Sebastian as well.
That Arizona sky burning in your eyes/ you look at me and, babe, I wanna catch on fire/ It’s buried in my soul like California gold/You found the light in me that I couldn’t find/ So when I’m all chocked up/ But I can’t find the words/Every time we say goodbye/ Baby, it hurts/ When the sun goes down/And the band won’t play/I’ll always remember us this way/Lovers in the night/Poets trying to write/We don’t know how to rhyme/ but damn we try/But all I know/ You’re where I wanna go/ This part of me that’s you will never die/So, when I’m all chocked up/But I can’t find the words/Every time we say goodbye/ Baby, it hurts/When the sun goes down/And the band won’t play/I’ll always remember us this way/when you look at me and the whole world fades I’ll always remember us this way-Always remember us by Lady Gaga.
As she sang, she stared into his steel blue eyes trying to convey all the love she had for him. She couldn’t say the words. She was caught up in a lot of pain to do it naturally. So she sang it to him. She told him with her eyes and with the words of the song. She hadn’t stopped loving him for a moment. As the song ends. He stands up and walks to her. Looks down and puts his hand under her chin and lifts her face to look at her eyes. There are tears brimming in both of their eyes. He leans down and kisses her softly full of the love. She kisses him back melting into him. Hope lets out a little giggle. They both smile and look at her. “I’ll take her if you want so you can relax you are being thrown into fatherhood lightning fast.” He smiles at you. “Nope, I will keep her with me.” He leads you to the bed and you both get into the bed, and he lays Hope on top of his chest holding her next to his heart. He pulls you in to his right side. You turn on the TV and just watch a show together while Hope falls back asleep. When you notice after the show is done that Hope is asleep but so is Sebastian you can’t help but smile. You pick up your sleeping daughter and move her to the bassinet. “Mommy loves you little one and so does your dad”. You go over to Sebastian’s side. Just above a whisper “Hey, get comfortable and go back to sleep I will see you in the morning.” He opens his eyes and looks at you. “Are you sure you want me here tonight?” You smile at him. “Yes, Sebastian I am sure unless you want to find another place sleep.” He shakes his head and gets comfortable taking off his clothes and staying in boxers and gets into bed. You get up and go to change into your pajamas. You get into bed and get comfortable when you feel his arm wrap around your waist. You turn around and hold him you both fall asleep holding each other. In the morning you wake up in a mess intertwined limbs. You slowly pry yourself out of his possessive hold. You go and get ready for the day before you take Hope out you decide to do something you haven’t done in a while you grab a dark brown matte lipstick and, on a notepad, you write him a poem by Mariah Chandan:
Take my heart, I’ll give it with ease.
Take my hand and walk this journey with me.
Take these scars and heal them all up.
Take these fears and make them vanish when things get though.
Take this smile and make it stretch so wide.
Take these Arms and hold me oh so tight.
Take these feelings and make them real.
At the end, show me how to feel.
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qyllenhaal · 24 days ago
Got Any Candy? [2/2]
Dark!Lee Bodecker x Reader
Word Count: 6.1k
Summary: Pregnant and married to a man who was a stranger just a few months ago, Y/n tries see what she can get away with when pushing her new husband.
Warnings: 18+ only!!! Dark themes, Mentions of pregnancy because Y/n is pregnant, slight dubcon, Lee gets physically rough at some point, age gap (reader is in her early 30s), slight housewife kink, and unprotected sex.
A/N: I have not updated in a long time but I’m finished with school and finally feel like I have the mental capacity to write again! I hope to finish the last God’s Face in the Fire very soon. I have plans for another Lee one-shot and then another small series so a lot more Lee content is coming!
Tumblr media
Y/n woke up in the middle of the night with a strong ache in her back. The bed creaked as she moved to get out of it and she knows Lee can hear her moving about. Usually he would get upset about her waking him up but as she walked out of the room he stayed in bed. She trudged to the bathroom with slow steps. Her eyes burned when she found the light switch and she was greeted with the sight of herself in the mirror. She looks unrecognizable; her skin is dry, sleep in her eyes, spit dried on her cheek, and lines indented on her right arm. As tired as she is, she knows she's going to have to stay up and cook breakfast in a few short hours. And she doesn't know if the baby is going to let her go back to sleep.
The baby had been causing Y/n more problems lately. It felt like she could only hold one sip of water in her bladder and the baby started to move during the middle of the night. Y/n felt guilty referring to the baby as an "alien" in her body but she couldn't stop herself from thinking that way. She is going to be this baby's mother, a child she is going to have to do most of the heavy-lifting when caring for it because even after living with him four months she knows what type of man he is. He doesn't exactly hide it anyway, but seeing him everyday and every night is very telling.
Lee was meaner in the beginning. He found Y/n's hesitance to comply annoying; to him, what was done was done. He didn't quite understand her frustration at him despite him lying to her. Any sane woman would appreciate going from a shit job and living with your brother and his family to being taken care of in a nice house. Still, she pushed back against him for the first few weeks. She even tried to ignore him the week after their first "meeting." But Lee started coming up to her job when she had never seen him there before. He would wait until her shift was over (how he found out what time she was to get off is still unknown to her) and ask her how she was feeling. Y/n knew it was because he wanted her to tell him about pregnancy symptoms, but she wasn't experiencing any at the time and she hoped she wouldn't at all. There was no time to save up and get out of town before the unfortunate happened. She didn't say anything to Paul or his wife in fear of what they might do. Y/n has played out the scenarios in her head and she believes Paul would not punish his little sister over this, but he would not help her escape due to his wife. The situation sounded too ridiculous to Y/n too in her head. She wished she wasn't so stupid and put her fantasies in front of her instead of common sense. What happened to her doesn't sound believable and Y/n knew that Paul's wife of all people would call her a liar to her face and kick her out.
The fear that struck her face when she saw Lee's face in the living room of her brother's house and the surprised look on her brother's face. It was the unreadable expression on her sister-in-law's face that scared her the most.
"Why didn't you tell me Y/n?"
Her brother sounded hurt, but hopeful at the same time? Y/n didn't understand what was going on but the air in the room was stiff and she knew that she was fucked.
"She didn't mean to keep it from you. I was the one who wanted things to be a secret," Lee turned from Paul and looked over at Y/n, "I love her and just wanted her to be protected from the people who talk too much in town." His words were not sincere; he and Y/n knew that.
"I told you she was sneaking around," her sister-in-law said with contempt in her voice. She was so full of shit. All Y/n did was go to work and come home immediately after, especially after what happened with Lee forced her to avoid everyone and anyone.
"I-I'm not sneaking around with anyone! What's going on!?"
"Honey, calm down."
Lee stood up and wrapped an arm around Y/n's shoulder to keep her under control. It probably looked like a caring gesture, but the grip on her arm said otherwise. He gently caught her chin between two fingers and made her look at him. The façade he was putting up was broken when looking into his eyes. The fear in hers could make him hard if he wasn't in front of her brother and sister-in-law. Lee lightly tipped his head towards the coffee table as if gesturing to it. Y/n had been in such a flurry of emotions that she didn't even notice the pregnancy test on the table when she first walked in. She looked back at Lee with panic in her eyes. She felt bile rising in her chest and her breathing felt shallow.
"She's been nervous to tell you guys. It was an accident, but I'm a man of values and I make good on my promises. I'm going to take care of
Paul's wife was beaming. She was happy that Paul's bratty sister was finally going to be out of her hair. She didn't care that her husband looked visibly upset and just as confused as his sister. Y/n felt like crying because of all things she felt, she felt her guilt for betraying Paul swallowing her up. Her stomach turned as Lee's touch burned into her skin and she knew his touch would linger there forever.
Y/n had never taken a pregnancy test, so where Lee got this one scared her. She feared that he forced someone to do it for him. Or that she was not the first woman he got pregnant.
"I-I'm not-"
"She's been like this for a while. She's been worried about what you all would say...'specially you," Lee nods towards Paul who is looking away. "This isn't ideal, but I'm not gonna abandon the mother of my child. I'll make this all right."
Y/n was not actually pregnant the day that Lee came over to her house to "confess." She began experiencing symptoms a month after their thrown together wedding.
"You alright?"
Y/n pulled her eyes away from herself in the mirror to Lee who was standing in the doorway. He looked worn out, his workload has been heavier and he has a pregnant wife to take care of. Y/n was not easy to deal with even before she began experiencing the ups-and-downs of pregnancy but lately she has been downright defiant. She knows she can get away with it because Lee wouldn't hurt her, not while she's pregnant.
"I'm fine," her throat was dry and Lee could hear it in her voice.
She wishes he'd leave but he's always around her like gnats in the springtime.
"Are you sure?" He comes up behind her and presses himself into her. Months of this type of behavior and she doesn't flinch when he touches her anymore. Mainly because she is too tired from carrying his baby.
"Why don't you let me touch you? A few weeks ago you were beggin' for it. Now you've gone all cold on me."
The tone his voice held almost made him sound hurt. Y/n doesn't like the reminder of her behavior from the past two months. She was acting like a horny teenager, dying to be touched. Her second trimester began a few days ago and her body welcomed her into it by making her feel insecure and blue.
"I might have to use that honey pot of yours before I go on off for work. It's been so much wetter and warmer since you've been carrying my child."
He starts kissing her bare shoulder and as much as she wants to pull away, she can't bring herself to do so. Her nipples are hard from the simple, slow touching and she feels weak.
His hands caress her belly through her nightgown. That's his baby and there. It took a lot to get to this point but every moment felt sweet.
"Not now. Please," she softly panted. Y/n felt her body betraying her, yelling at her to concede to him. Her body wants to feel good, but she's just so tired; physically and emotionally.
"Don't tell me to stop. You woke me out of my sleep."
"I-I'm sorry Lee. I'm just tired."
Y/n couldn't stop the tears from falling down her face. She feels stupid for crying for no particular reason, but they continue to fall down her cheek.
Lee sighed at the sight of her teary eyes in the mirror. It would be pointless to keep pushing her. He doesn't want to make her so upset that something happens to the baby.
"Okay...fine, go lay down."
She hurries out of the bathroom to head back to their bedroom. Lee is right behind her but he gives her some space. Dawn's blue light was peaking into the windows of the room and Y/n wondered how long she was in the bathroom. She felt discombobulated from the lack of sleep and she had a headache.
Lee could sense that something was wrong with her as she laid down. He couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards her. He wanted to keep that tough resolve he had when he met her. He had kept himself together after they married and even after she finally was pregnant. He got what he wanted out of this situation, but he softens up every time he realizes that that's his child growing inside of her.
"Where does it hurt?" Lee wasn't going to take 'I'm fine' for an answer.
"My back hurts," she confessed. "The baby feels so heavy," that soft, sad voice made him hurt inside.
"Sit up."
Y/n struggles to sit up, but she listens to him. Her hand instantly lays on top of her belly. Lee feels a sense of pride every time she rests her hand on her belly.
Lee sat behind her on the bed and his hands started to knead her shoulders. Y/n moaned as if he was fucking her and arched her back. She wishes she asked for this sooner. His hands moved lower, relieving the tension along the way until he stopped at her lower back. Y/n feels herself slowly leaning back against him. Her neck rests against his shoulder while his hands are still down there massaging her sore muscles.
She loses herself so much that she doesn't notice Lee's hands roaming elsewhere. He gropes her breast through her gown. Her breasts have gotten fuller and he feels excited knowing that they're going to continue to grow. Her body is also getting fuller day by day.
"See? All that fussin' and you still love my hands all over your body; touching you like you're my whore."
Lee was not just referring to this moment they are having together. He means this in general. Any will to resist inside of her always disappears once he starts touching her. He knows how to make her feel good.
"You like this, don't you baby? You sound like you're about to cum for me and I haven't even touched that pussy yet."
He bit the shell of her ear and Y/n whined loudly. Her body’s sensitivity was heightened. While the pain was more painful, the pleasure was damn nearly otherworldly. She can't even be embarrassed about him being able to recognize that she's going to cum. His hands slide under her thin gown and he pinches her nipples. She yelps and feels her arousal seeping out of her. She had come from his simple touch. His hands are so calloused yet are so supple when handling her.
"Did you cum pretty baby?" Lee teases her like he always does. Y/n nods her head in response and Lee chuckles to himself.
Y/n could have Lee's hands on her body forever and she'd be satisfied. She wanted him to touch her elsewhere, to fuck her until she's cumming around him, but she gets overwhelmed easily.
It doesn't matter anyway because Lee gently nudges her off of him and gets off the bed.
"Gotta get ready for work."
He leans over and kisses her forehead before leaving the room, probably heading to the bathroom. Y/n lays back down and stares at the ceiling. Her husband confuses her with his hot and cold behavior. If she had the time to get to know him she probably would have learned to tolerate him but he gives her nauseating whiplash.
"I think you should come over for dinner."
Y/n twirled the phone cord as she leaned against the wall talking to her brother. They've been talking for what feels like hours. She was starved for conversation since the only person she talks to is Lee and her bump.
"Not quite sure the sheriff would like that."
"Lee won't mind. He even asked me when you and Margaret are coming to visit."
It was a lie.
Lee hasn't even asked about her brother let alone invite him over. He was not fond of having strangers in the house even if they were related to his wife.
Y/n knows all of this yet she's still lying. The days in the house have rendered her bored and she wanted to test Lee. Her true nature was coming out in her plan and it might land her in trouble just like it did when she answered that damned ad in the newspaper. You can learn a lot about a man by seeing how violent he gets at the most asinine but inconvenient things.
"You should come tonight, does 7 sound good? Lee gets off a little late tonight but he'll join us later."
There was a pause on the other side of the phone and Y/n hoped he'd say yes. Paul is not a big fan of Lee, feeling like he should've made Y/n confess about their "relationship", but he did like that Lee kept his word and married his sister.
"Fine. I'll let Marg know about it. We'll bring Jessie too. He's been startin' at that photo of you on the wall, I think he misses you."
"I miss him too. Hopefully we'll have another boy in the family to play with him," Y/n instinctively placed her hand on her belly as she spoke.
"Yea...well I have to go but you will be seeing us tonight, okay?"
"Okay," Y/n nods as if he can see her. Paul hangs up the phone leaving her alone again.
Y/n goes poking around the house looking for a nice table cloth to place on the dining room table. Lee's house is bigger than anything she's ever lived in and she wonders how a man could live here for years all by his lonesome. She moved in 5 months ago and she still has not seen every inch of this house that is supposed to be her home too. It's beautifully decorated and filled with loving things that make her believe there is no way she was the first woman to live here. This is a house a man buys for his wife and future family. Lee doesn't tell her anything about his past and when she does ask he tells her to stop being nosy and that it doesn't matter. She can't help but see Lee as some sort of Bluebeard when he shuts her down. There is no evidence of her feeling as she has not heard about Lee having multiple marriages let alone one. At their wedding one of the few guest, an older lady who helped tend to the church they married in, made a comment about it being time the sheriff "settle down." This could not ease Y/n though.
Lee shouldn't be that mad, right? It's just a dinner and by the time he gets home Paul and his family will probably be out the door anyway. That spark she had when she initially thought of the idea had flickered away but it was too late to cancel. Maybe it was the hormones making her ornery but the longer she stayed on her feet over the stove-top, her energy was slipping away.
To make things easier she was making Lee's favorite meal. Her spaghetti recipe is so simple, one she found in some boxes in his, now their, hallway closet. It was old and tattered; she wondered if it belonged to his mother or a grandmother. The noodles boiled and the sauce simmered as time passed and it got dangerously closer to the time her family was supposed to arrive. She couldn't move as quickly as she wanted to set up the dining room table. The nicest plates were sat at the opposing head of each table, one for Lee and one for her brother. She put two out for herself and sister-in-law. There wasn't a high chair for Jessie, but Margaret can deal with him in her lap; she has done it before and can do it again.
This was the first time Y/n felt like a "normal" housewife. She was cooking and making sure the house was tidy for guests in her cozy suburban home. It didn't matter that the guests were just her family, it was still someone to entertain. This particular feeling of being a good housewife felt foreign to her. She has no choice on whether she likes it or not because this is her life now.
Y/n made a nice salad to accompany the meal but knew it wouldn't be touched by her brother. She sat a beer next to his dinner plate and hoped he'd like it; it's Lee's favorite kind.
It's a little after 7 when her guest arrives at the door. A rush of emotions come to her seeing such familiar faces on her porch. Margaret looked less than enthused but Paul and Jessie had smiles on their faces with Jessie's being the brightest.
"Come in, come in!"
Paul's eyes went directly to her stomach when he walked in. He has not seen her since her wedding. She's not the same person she was when he walked her down the aisle.
"Dinner is on the table. You can go get washed up, I just have a few dishes to clean up."
The house feels completely different with more than two people. The sound of silverware is lost in conversation instead of interrupting the silence.
"Lee has turned you into a real housewife, hasn't he? Cooking and picking out placemats, the whole nine yards...isn't it such a difference Paul?"
She didn't like how that sounded coming from her sister-in-law's mouth. She sounded happy saying it and that's what made Y/n dislike it. Paul pressed a smile and nodded.
The topic changed and Y/n was too distracted by her nephew stealing a noodle from his mother's plate.
"Looks like a nice family gathering."
Lee's voice came out of thin air and everyone's eyes went to him.
"Hi honey," Y/n tried to act like everything was normal, like her husband wasn't furious with her. She never calls him a pet name and her calling him 'honey' isn’t going to do anything to make things better.
"Good evening Sheriff."
"Paul," Lee said plainly.
Y/n felt her heart race at the stale air around them. She felt so brave about this earlier, but now she's like a dog who got caught digging in the trash.
"I-I have a plate for you right here Lee."
"I need to talk to you in the kitchen."
He wasn't going to beat around the bush nor did he care about the unwelcomed guests sitting at his dining room table. The calm he presented on the outside worried Y/n because she knows how much he's biting back.
"Excuse us." Her attempt to assure them was shaky.
Lee's footsteps sounded so heavy behind her. He won't get too loud to her with her brother in the other room, but he knows that Paul won't do anything.
Lee grabs her arms and forces her against the wall. The thud was probably heard by her family but the dining room is silent.
"What's your fucking problem!? I don't ask you for shit and all you do is disobey me!"
Lee does his best to whisper but the anger makes his voice rise. The grip on her arm is going to leave an indent on her. He shakes her while looking at her like she is crazy.
"What were you thinking!?"
"I'm sorry Lee. I...I just missed them so much. I'm so bored here and Paul hasn't seen me in months."
Her explanation made sense, but he was not happy that she didn't run it by him. This is his house, not hers.
"If it wasn't for my damn kid inside you I'd take you over my lap. You keep testin' my patience and you know it's only because of that baby is keeping you safe."
It hurt to hear him talk like this. She doesn't care if he's mad at her but the way he references their child is hurtful. He tricked her into carrying his child and now he talks about it as if it were a bastard.
"I-I'm sorry," she sobbed. The situation was making her dizzy, and paired with the hormones, she began to cry. Fat tears fall down her face as she stares at her stomach. She wants this to be easy, for her baby's sake. Lee's anger flares up so easily, Y/n wonders if would still find some reason to get mad at her even if she does everything she’s told. She was lied to and forced to marry the person who betrayed her. This stings so bad, and sometimes she wishes she just weren't here anymore. But it’s so unfair to her growing baby who feels like her only friend these days. 
"I'll deal with you later." His grip loosens on her and he walks away without even checking up on her. "Fix my plate."
Lee chatted with Paul as if the two got on for years. Lee ignored the fact that Y/n’s brother was drinking his beer because his stupid sister was being selfish. He also ignored how Jessie was getting more and more agitated and began sobbing.
Y/n didn't say another word for the rest of dinner. Any questions directed at her were answered by Lee. Her sister-in-law had many questions about her pregnancy so far, but Y/n was not comfortable telling her anything so personal. The woman hates her, and she was smiling when Y/n walked into the room with her eyes all red. She always believed Y/n needed to be put in her face and knows he gets to revel in the fact that her home is hers again and that Y/n is with a strict man.
Y/n ate with contempt the entire time. Everything she swallowed felt like it was going to come back up. She's unsure if it's because of the baby or Lee's effect on her.
"We outta go now. It's nearing Jessie's bed time."
"Y/n will see you out."
She was thankful for the few extra minutes she had with her brother without Lee's heavy presence. He hugged her and reminded her to call if she needed anything. She wishes she could go back with them, back to her true home, but she watched them peel out of the driveway instead.
The dishes were put in the sink and she wrapped up dinner to put away for the next day. She wanted to extend her time away from Lee as much as possible. However he seems to have distracted himself in the living room. He was much calmer when he sat in his favorite chair with the TV on.
"Y/n, get in here."
Lee doesn't like when the kitchen is a mess, but he leaves her no choice but to abandon the messy countertop. It would be worse to disobey him right now.
He doesn't even look at her as she enters the room. It makes her feel lower than low.
"Don't act like you're dumb. Get on your knees. In front of me."
This was not an uncommon position for her but it's becoming increasingly uncomfortable as she gets bigger. Finally Lee looked at her when she was on her knees for him.
"You really piss me off and you know I don't like being mad or mean to ya either. You're carrying my child, but I'm not afraid to punish you when you're acting up."
He grabs her chin to keep her head up. She has a habit of looking away from him when he gets upset with her and it's one of his biggest pet peeves.
"What do you have to say for yourself?"
"I'm sorry."
Lee knows she means it but this is probably not the last time she works herself up to have the courage to defy him. He doesn't care for 'sorrys'. Never has. Never will.
"Take me out."
Things could be worse, and even though she is not in the mood tonight, Y/n loosens his belt and unzips his pants. He's already semi-hard but a few strokes of her soft hand will make him harder. She hopes that he doesn't want to fuck her tonight because her body is too sore from the stressful day.
"See? You can be a good girl. You just don't want to be," Lee says through a sigh from the first touch of her hand on his cock.
She can't lie to herself, she enjoys the praises. It makes her feel like she's accomplishing something and is useful. She knows what Lee likes and it's her lips wrapped around his cock. Men can be so simple; all it takes is their dick in a warm mouth and they're no longer angry.
So she takes him in her mouth because she doesn't want him to be mad at her anymore. He's in heaven with her wet tongue pressing into the underside of his cock. He places the can of beer on the table next to him so he doesn't accidentally drop it. He ignores what's on the TV and gives Y/n his full attention. His eyes are fixated on watching her bob her head up and down.
"Feels so fuckin' good. Got a sweet mouth on you," he practically coos.
She's always so sweet when sucking him off; so generous and making him feel like the king of the world. Her mouth is like another pussy for him and he thoroughly enjoys fucking her face, but tonight he wants to take time to enjoy this.
"Go real nice and slow baby. Don't want you making yourself sick."
Y/n can feel the rush of pregnancy hormones kicking in again. This time she doesn't feel like crying, she feels like getting fucked. She feels like her body is betraying her because she knows how tired she is yet there is a heat rising up inside of her that she can't ignore.
She looks so good on his cock, just like she is made for him. He swears by it too because his cock fits in her so perfectly, and even when she's defiant she knows how to make it up to him. He was already feeling like he was going to cum in her mouth. She sucks in him like she's greedy for his cum. She takes him inch by inch only to slowly pull back and do it again.
"Good mouth," he purrs.
Lee often reduces her to the part of her body he's using. It's demeaning but it makes her so wet. Y/n wants to blame the hormones, but she isn't so sure of that.
"Keep going girl...god I'm gonna cum in your mouth."
He lifts his hips a little bit, feeling a powerful wave of pleasure washing over him. Y/n slides down to the base of his cock and her tongue slides against his balls. It sends him over the edge and he lets out a strangled groan. His finger tangles into her hair and he keeps her down. She gags for air and spanks his thigh so he can let her up. Lee ignores the tap and only lets her up when he decides he's done using her mouth.
"Good fucking girl."
He pats her head like she's a dog when he sees she has swallowed all of his cum. She had no choice with his cock all the way down her throat.
Lee grabs his softening cock and puts himself away. His eyes are back on the TV as if Y/n isn't there. He's mad at her which she should have expected. He went easy on her and she was very lucky for that.
Y/n woke up in the middle of the night again. There was nothing she could do about the growing discomfort her child was causing her and she couldn't fall back asleep.
She looked over to Lee and he was sleeping heavily. His face looks so soft and round while he's sleeping. Y/n can't ignore the few pounds he's gained over the last few months. His chubbier cheeks make him look less intimidating but Y/n finds it kind or cute.
She found him most attractive when her blood began pumping and all she could think about was having his cock inside of her. These feelings struck her at the oddest and most inconvenient times, like right now. Lee is in a deep slumber and he'd be pissed if she wakes him up even it is to fuck. But she can see the tent in pajama bottoms that never fails to show before dawn.
The ache between her legs is too hard to ignore. Y/n shifts in the bed as slowly as possible so the covers are at Lee's waistline. He moved just the tiniest bit before relaxing into the bed again. Y/n tried to do this as stealthily as possible; she just can't wait until the morning.
Lee's cock sprang free with a simple tug on his bottoms. Y/n felt herself get wet just at the sight of it; the slight hang of it and his thickness. She took the time she spent earlier with his cock in her mouth for granted because she began to crave him on her tongue.
Y/n moved slowly so the bed wouldn't make a noise but her efforts were futile. She stopped caring once the ache between her legs got worse. She straddles Lee, her nightgown coming up in the process. Her wet, yet covered, sex grinds against his cock and she's biting back a whine with everything in her body. Even though he fucked her two days ago, it never felt like enough to satisfy her. She always wants his cock in her at the most unpredictable times; the middle of the night being one of them.
She pushed her panties to the side and lifted herself so she could guide him into her. A sigh escaped her lips as she sank down, his length and fullness spearing her open. She forgets all about the situation they had earlier.
Lee thinks he's dreaming but the warmth that can only be recognized as Y/n's cunt feels too real to be just his imagination. His eyes peel open slowly and there she was on top of him; moving on his cock as gently as she could as to not wake him.
"Oh baby...couldn't wait for papa to wake up, could you?"
His voice startled her. She really thought she could get away with it which was dumb on her part. But she just couldn't hide how bad she needed him.
"I'm so horny Lee. I can't go to sleep like this...please don't be mad."
"S' needy for me, sweet girl. Love seeing you like this"
His sleep voice is scratchy and intoxicating and makes her moan louder. His calloused hands come running up her sides before one runs down the front of her stomach. He lingers over her growing bump and enjoys the feeling of being a husband with a baby on the way. This was the life he was looking for; it's the life he deserved after those tough years. No more fucking whores and being at shady places in the late night hours. He has a family to take care of and his cock hardens at the thought of keeping Y/n knocked-up with his children. She looks so sexy like this, with her body growing to accommodate his child. It's dark in their room but he can see the outline of her body and the fuzziness of her pretty face. It's okay to cheat your way to the prize if it's this goddamn fine.
"Cunt feels so nice and tight."
"Lee," she whines for him. She wants to be consumed with him and feel his hands on her forever.
"You gonna cum girl? That pussy is grippin' me like it's gonna cum. That's my pussy just like that's maybe in you. Fuck — you look so perfect. You were made to be my pretty fucking wife."
He grabbed her hips with both hands again and started fucking up into her. His cock felt so good dragging against her sensitive walls. The head of his cock kept poking at her cervix and every bump made her pant harder. She was his good little wife, always making him feel good.
"Lee...please make me cum."
Her words can only be broken sobs because of the speed he was begging to fuck her at. He was chasing his high just as much as he was trying to get her to cum. It just took one more squeeze of her warm cunt and he was a goner. He grunted as he spilled into her, and if she wasn't already pregnant, she might have ended up pregnant shortly after.
Lee's voice tends to get squeakier when he cums really hard. Y/n finds it cute and Lee becomes bashful and embarrassed about the sounds he is making. It's what gives him his humility. And it also shows the effect Y/n has over him.
His hips begin to slow, but Y/n isn't done. She doesn't care how sensitive his cock is becoming, she needs to cum. Lee knows he can't be selfish and tell her to get off right now. She wouldn't hesitate to chew him out. Lee is mean, but Y/n doesn’t realize that she can be downright nasty. She keeps claiming that it's because of the "hormonal changes" happening to her. Lee is not used to a woman talking to him the way Y/n does when she's angry. He had slipped up tonight, grabbing her arm like that. He can't bring himself to be physically rough with her when she has that round face and an even rounder belly because she's pregnant. She hasn't seen the full scope of his brutality because she's been pregnant for their entire fucked-up relationship.
"I'm gonna cum," she whimpers. Her mind is stuck on stupid because of Lee's thick cock inside of her. Her tightening pussy almost brings his cock back to life.
"That's it baby...take what you need from me."
Y/n cries out into the night as she cums around Lee's cock. They two of them made a mess of each other, but neither gave a damn. She would be close to toppling over if it wasn't for him holding her up. But his grip on her becomes less and less and he eases her onto his chest.
His cock is still inside of her but it is getting soft by now. He likes having his cock inside of her even when they weren't fucking because like he said to her before, her pussy is so much warmer and wetter when she's pregnant.
"You act like you hate me yet cry for me like a whore," he whispers in her ear. He moves her to the side of him so she doesn't feel discomfort in her belly. Both of them are slightly sweaty, and still messy, but neither have plans to move from their spot.
"I'm tired Lee."
"Then go to sleep baby. I'll be here in the morning when you need me deep inside of you again."
Y/n wanted to protest and tell him she wasn't as insatiable as he thinks, but he is completely right. She's going to wake up and probably need him inside of her again. She needs Lee.
No matter how hard that is for her to admit, she needs him.
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uprootbasic · 28 days ago
zoom lV
pairing: Sebastian Stan x actress!Reader
summary: you and Seb finally meet in person.
warnings: fluff, first kiss
a/n: sorry it's so short, it's just a filler chapter!!
Tumblr media
the next two weeks were the longest of your life.
all you wanted was Sebastian to be here and to be in his arms, but you had 2000 miles between you, and a two week quarantine for the both of you.
but finally, the two weeks were up, and he was on his way to you. he'd texted you when he left, and texted you updates whenever he stopped, which only made you more excited.
you had deep cleaned the entire apartment, washed all of your laundry, and even went out and bought some of his favourite foods, so now all you could do was wait. you taken a spot right beside the window, and glancing outside every few minutes to see when he arrived.
after about an hour, a red car that you had never seen before pulled in, and you watched as it parked, and Sebastian got out, a black mask on his face. he opened the back door and grabbed a duffel bag before heading inside.
you jumped up from where you were, and grabbed your keys and mask, before heading out the door to meet him. you ran to the elevator just as it opened and Seb stepped out.
you locked eyes with him, and warmth spread in your belly as you took off running towards him. he dropped his bag, and wrapped you up in his arms and spinning you around.
"oh my gosh, you're real," you said, as you inhaled his wonderful scent as best as you could with a piece of cloth covering your face, and he chuckled.
"yeah. so are you." he said, and he set you down. your forehead touched his, and his eyes crinkled, a sign he was smiling. "god I wanna kiss you so bad," he said, and your body heated up.
"lets go back to my apartment, and you can." you said, grabbing his hand.
"lead the way baby." he said, his voice low.
Tumblr media
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uprootbasic · 29 days ago
pairing: sebastian stan x actress!reader
summary: sebastian helps you with your headache.
warnings: 18+ ONLY, smut, fingering, angst, fluff.
a/n: hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
no matter what you did, the pounding in your head wouldn’t cease.
you taken medication, you’d put an ice pack on the back of your neck, you’d drank water, you’d tried everything you could think of.
you tried to hide it from everyone too, not wanting to halt production because of a headache, but Sebastian noticed. he noticed how you’d wince at every loud noise, and squint at all the bright lights that usually didn’t bother you. he didn’t realize you were in pain until Mackie made a joke and the entire room busted into laughter.
you gripped your head and he saw tears spill onto your cheeks. he didn’t say anything, but he pulled you into his arms and let you bury your head into his neck.
he heard you sob, and he started to lead you off of set. he stopped by Kari to let her know.
“she has a bad headache, i’m gonna take her back to her trailer.” he said, and Kari’s eyes softened.
“okay, thank you. if you want, you can stay with her for a little bit. I can move some things around, and get the shots without you." she said, and Sebastian nodded and thanked her again, before leading you off set.
he helped you into your trailer, and sat you on the bed.
"have you taken medication?" he asked, and you nodded. "okay," he breathed out, and took your leather jacket off, followed by your shoes. "if you get changed I'll try and find something to help your headache go away, okay?" he said, and you nodded, a whimper coming out of your mouth.
you stood up from the bed, and Sebastian watched you undress from the corner of his eye. when you took your shirt off, he turned around to allow you the privacy you deserved, and he looked around the trailer for something to take your headache away, trying to get the image of you in a bra out of his head, while trying to stop the hardening of his cock in his jeans.
he grabbed the mediation you took earlier, and a water bottle, before walking back into the bedroom to see you laying on the bed. "here ya go." he said, before sitting next to you.
"let me know if you need anything, okay?" he said, pressing a kiss to your head. you nodded, and gripped his arm.
"can you stay and hold me?" you asked, and Sebastian blushed but nodded and climbed onto your bed.
next thing you knew you were wrapped up in Sebastian, his scent already soothing your pounding head. you giggled as you felt him start to play with your hair, and you snuggled closer to him.
Sebastian gazed down at your closed eyes, and watched as steady breaths escaped your slightly parted lips. before he could think of his actions, he lifted his hand that wasn't wrapped around your body and rubbed his thumb on your lips.
your eyes drifted open, and smiled at him. his eyes darkened, and he moved closer to you. he cleared his throat before speaking. "I just thought of a good way to get rid of your headache," he said, huskily.
he watched the gears turn in your head, before you realized what he meant, and you bit your lip, arousal pooling in your panties.
"would you let me do that, baby?" he asked, and you nodded, a moan slipping from your mouth, you body heating up. Sebastian moaned, and trailed his hand that was resting on your face and slid it down your body. it came to rest in between your legs, which fell open when his hand connected with your clothed heat.
you breathed out a moan, and Sebastian chuckled darkly. "s'wet, I can feel you through your sweats." he said, his thumb gently circling your clothed clit, before untying you sweatpants, and sliding his hand underneath them and your underwear. he pulled you close until your head was buried in his neck.
his fingers trailed over your slick folds, before parting then and circling your clit with his middle finger. his lips began to press kisses to your forehead as his middle finger left your clit and slipped inside of you. your legs trembled at the feeling of being filled with his finger.
the palm of his hand bumped your clit as he arched his finger up inside of you, and your entire body shook. Sebastian slid his ring finger in beside his middle, and arched his hand up a little more.
you gripped his arm and cried out when his fingers found your g spot, and rubbed intently. you whimpered at the overwhelming sensations engulfing your body, and Sebastian just held you closer.
"do y'know how much I've wanted this?" Seb whispered in your ear. "wanted you so much. was gonna ask you out at the end of filming." he said, his lips nipping your ear. your heart fluttered at his admission.
you certainly weren't expecting that. you two had always been close, and of course you had feelings for him, but you never expected him to reciprocate those feelings. you brought your hand up and intertwined your finger with his on the hand that wasn't currently buried inside of you.
you felt the fire building in your stomach, and you gazed up at Sebastian, whose eyes were locked on yours. as the movement of his hand became faster, and his lips came nearer yours. they brushed yours, which only added to the fire in your belly.
Seb moaned before pressing his lips fully to yours. as the kiss broke, your body was teetering on the edge. Sebs thumb rubbed your clit once more, and suddenly you were being engulfed in your orgasm. your whole body shook, and you cried out, your cries falling upon Sebastian's neck.
he hushed and pressed kisses to your head as your body calmed down. you released a shaky breath, and like a wave returning to the ocean, the last of your headaches ebbed away.
you fought to keep your eyes open, and gave Sebastian a dopy smile. you breathed out another moan as he sucked his fingers into his mouth.
he released them with a pop and pressed a kiss to your cheek, as your eyes drifted shut. "sleep now." he whispered into your skin.
"we'll have all the time in the world when you wake up, but now, sleep." he said, and you let out a contented sigh as you fell asleep, your head finally released from its painful prison.
Tumblr media
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revisionaryhistory · a month ago
Three Days ~ 88
Tumblr media
After the video call with my friends, I went back to the couch with a fresh glass of wine. I am blessed. Family, friends, co-workers, and a woman who loves me. None of us are perfect. I have people to call when times are tough. Today they called me, knowing I’d be struggling, only this time it was in a good way. Not long later Jessica called and invited me to dinner.
Pizza, beer, friends, and a toddler made for a good night. Giulietta thought I was much more fun than mom or dad. I guess they don’t let her use them like a jungle gym. When mom spoiled our fun and said it was time to settle down, I stopped the tears by promising to read her a story. Her choice. Like someone else I know Giulietta was asleep before I was halfway through. At this rate I'll never know how anything ends.
I sent the picture Jessica had taken to Emma. She'd wake up to it and with any luck send me back something fun. Which she did as soon as she woke up. Which was afternoon for me. Dinner break before I checked my phone. Emma struck the perfect balance between sweet and sexy. Her hair was messy with just her eyes peeking over a pillow she was hugging. Those beautiful green eyes I loved to look into. I couldn't see her smile so I could imagine it anyway I liked. The sweet one she often got right before she told me she loved me. Or the other one she got when she wanted me. I loved them both.
Our texts were broken up over the course of the day. Short bursts or long hours between. We talked most days at least for a few minutes. We talked about our days, shared memories, and talked about us. Maybe had phone sex. What didn't happen was whining about being apart or bitching about the time and distance. I didn't hang up feeling angry or guilty. I did my job, hung out with friends, relaxed during my downtime, and did a little shopping. Emma relaxed, did some studying, and practiced guitar. I missed her. She missed me. But we went on with our lives apart, making the best of the situation. It sucked, except it didn't.
I think this is the way it's supposed to be.
Thursday we wrapped for Paris. That was worth a party. Over the next four days production would pack up and move to Rome. I'd spend a day and a half on planes going from Paris to Dallas to San Diego. Then back to Dallas and on to Rome. The time zones were going to fucking kill me.
I called Emma when I got back to my room. I was drunk and grumpy. Hearing her voice helped. Seeing her face was even better. The way she told me exactly what she wanted to do to me and said all sorts of dirty things until I came... I wasn't grumpy anymore.
I had a headache when my alarm rang. I needed more sleep. Hopefully, I'd catch up on the flight. I was still debating going back to sleep and blowing off the weekend when my phone rang. Emma. It was the middle of the night for her. "Why are you awake?"
She laughed, "Making sure your drunk ass doesn't turn off his alarm and blow off the weekend."
I rolled to my side, mirroring her. "I wouldn't do that. I was thinking about it, but I wouldn’t do it."
"Such a professional. How are you feeling?"
"I've been better. Advil, breakfast, and a long nap on the plane and I'll be fine. How are you?"
"Good. Big plans laying by the pool with Mallory today."
"Sounds fun. I will be on a plane."
"Yes, but you will walk out of the airport into sunny California. Then spend two days being adored and laughing with your friends."
"That will be fun." I was honestly looking forward to that part.
Emma yawned. I smiled at her beautiful face, "You need to go back to sleep. I need to get showered."
She didn't argue with me. She was tired.
"Thank you for making sure I was up. I love you."
"I love you." There was my sweet smile.
I cannot begin to explain how very disorientating it is to board a plane at nine am, travel for fifteen hours, to arrive at three pm, which is only six hours after you left. I get to relive eight of the hours I spent on the plane. Only thing is, my body thinks it’s midnight. I slept some on the flight and I knew better than to go back to sleep. The closer to "normal" bedtime for this time zone I could get, the better I would feel tomorrow. Anthony and I had press then an autograph session, before the big Marvel event. Sunday was photo ops and an autograph session. Both long days where I was expected to be pleasant despite how inappropriate or rude fans got. Needless to say, a decent night’s sleep would be best for everyone.
I got to my room by four and quickly realized I couldn't stay there. I needed fresh air. I needed to breathe. I changed into shorts and took off to have a look around. There were several hotels in the area that hosted celebrity guests. We weren't all in one place. I'd requested a beach. It was a little farther from the convention center and I was confident I could wander unseen. Most people stayed right around the center since a lot of packages kept prices lower and being so close to the action was appealing. I wanted the ocean.
Down the beach I could see big boulders and took off that direction. I needed some flip-flops. The sand made me think of Emma. The water. The people surfing. The impending sunset. Breathing. I'd like to say the plan I was cooking up was a product of sleep deprivation. It wasn't. It had been bouncing around in my head since this morning as we lay in bed together thousands of miles apart. I'd dismissed it as selfish. On the plane, when sleep was impossible, and I was panicking, it didn't seem so selfish. I shoved the idea away because I knew it really was. The same reasons I didn't ask Emma to stay in Paris or go to Rome were valid here. Asking her to fly literally to the other side of the country to spend two days with me, asking her to amuse herself while I worked a chunk of that time, was peak me as a selfish asshole. The longer I sat on the rock watching the ocean the less of a bad idea it seemed. Maybe not less of a bad idea, but an idea I could give her a choice in, with the difference being if she said no, I wouldn't be angry or make her pay for not doing what I wanted. Growth in action. Hopefully.
I should check flights before I even think about calling. Or actually call, because I'm already thinking about calling. Might not be possible.
It was. I flipped my phone in my hands several times before hitting the buttons to call her. Apparently, I hadn't grown completely out of being an ass.
"I'm about to be an asshole."
Emma raised her eyebrows, "Uh oh."
"Yeah." I was going to do it anyway. "Fifteen-hour flight with little sleep because the turbulence over the ocean was a nightmare. I'm grumpy, exhausted, and lonely as fuck. I'm on the beach without you. I miss you. I can get you on a flight in the morning and if you come straight to the venue you'll be here before I have to do anything. It’ll be two days. I have to leave for Rome Monday. I know it's a shitty thing to ask, but will you come see me? So I can see you."
"I'd love to."
I was prepared to step up my game and her easy acquiescence caught me off guard. "You will?"
She nodded with a smile, "I miss you too."
I took a deep breath and let it out, "I was prepared to beg."
Her smile was almost a laugh, "While you begging sounds fun, it's not necessary. Do I need to pack anything dressy?"
"Fuck, I hope not. I have a pair of jeans, shorts, and sweatpants." It's amazing how much better I felt. I ran my hands through my hair. "You're flying out of JFK. Sorry."
"You booked the flight already?"
"Not many seats left. I wasn't risking it. You leave at seven, here at ten. My first thing is noon." I could see her grabbing her carry-on from the closet.
"I'm going to spend the night at your place. Do you want me to bring you anything?"
I scrunched up my face, "Underwear."
"You don't have underwear?"
"The one's I'm in and a spare."
"You may not like what I pick out."
"Emma, baby, I will wear yours as long as you deliver them."
"I think that's a little drastic."
"It's really not."
Emma laughed and touched her screen. I could almost feel her. I could definitely imagine feeling her. She almost gasped and broke into a smile, "I have an idea. I need to call Jill real quick. Give me five maybe ten minutes."
I nodded, "Okay. I'm going to lay here on my rock."
My rock was not soft, but I was very comfortable. I was very happy. The sky was blue and the sound of the waves was calming. I only had to wait until tomorrow to see Emma. It was going to be a good day.
A little more than five minutes later Emma was calling me back. "You've made my little sister very happy."
"Excellent!” I smiled, "How'd I do that?"
"We need to change my flight. Monday I'm going to Seattle pick up Olivia and take her back to New York with me. Then we'll meet up with the family in Chicago."
"That's perfect. You're not just coming out here for me."
She picked up on it. "Yeah, because seeing you isn't enough of a reason. You know I miss you, right?"
"I know, but I'm..."
Emma cut me off, "Stop there. I jump on planes to spend weekends on tour with dad. This is fun for me. Dad's doing sound checks, interviews, and charity shit while I amuse myself. You're not an asshole. I love this."
"You love this?" I did not love jumping on planes at short notice.
She was nodding as I spoke, "I love this."
"And you'd tell me to fuck off if you didn't?"
"Maybe, but this is your lucky day."
"No, my luck day was exactly eight weeks ago."
We talked for another ten minutes or so until she was loaded and heading into the city. We've talked while she's driving many times, but I wanted her to pay attention. The sun was going down where she was and it would be dark before she got to my place. I headed back toward the hotel and ordered room service. By the time Emma texted she was at mine and I was deep in a documentary, struggling to stay awake.
Emma ~ Safe and sound in your bed.
Naturally, she sent a picture. Sheet barely covering her breasts and one arm stretched out above her head.
I sent back a picture of me in the same pose, but making sure to show the empty side of the bed. I drew a red ✗ there.
Sebastian ~ Where you will be in my bed tomorrow.
Emma ~ Equally safe and sound Sebastian ~ More. Emma ~ I'm going to sleep. I will see you in the morning. Sebastian- Can not fucking wait
 I was probably asleep before she was. By the time I woke up twelve hours later Emma was halfway here. I felt well-rested and excited for my day. Not just the Emma piece. Mackie and I always had fun together. I'd been sent the day’s itinerary. Noon was press, two thirty was an autograph session, and five was the big deal Marvel panel. We should be done by 6:30. Disney was having a party tonight. I had to make an appearance. It started at eight. That wasn't going to happen. Nine was more likely. I remembered it wouldn't matter because mice can't tell time.
At the venue I was led to a behind the scenes area. There was a large room, guarded by security, set with food and drink. Several smaller rooms encircled the larger area and some were labeled with company names. One of the largest was for Disney, with cloth wall dividers making several smaller rooms, where a stylist would be waiting to make sure Mackie and I looked presentable. Outside of the room was a loading area that was separated from the autograph booths by black curtains. I'd already ducked between them and gave fans nosing around my booth quite a surprise. Those were my favorite interactions. The ones without expectations. Security came over to make sure I hadn't been ambushed. I hadn't, but that was a perfect way to get away and I needed to talk to security anyway. I had them take me to the security office. Some lucky fans got a shot at a sighting of a Sebastian in the wild. I explained what was happening to the head of security and put Emma’s name on a list. They gave me a lanyard with her all-access pass and told me what door to direct her to. Security would meet her and bring her to me.
"About that." Call me paranoid, but I didn't trust they'd remember to have someone waiting for her. They'd call someone when she showed up and gave her name to the person with the list. "I need a Pearl Jam fan."
"Excuse me?"
"Someone on your staff is a Pearl Jam fan. Get them.”
He got on his radio, "Anyone out there a Pearl Jam fan?"
A voice came back, "Big Ed. He works all the shows up the coast."
I looked at my watch then back at the supervisor, "I need to borrow him for an hour."
His face read doubtful, but I was Disney. "Big Ed. I need you in the security office. Anyone see him? Send him."
A different voice, "On my way, boss."
Several minutes later Big Ed came through the door. I knew it was him because he was six-five and an easy two-fifty. He was his name. I held out my hand, "Hey, Big Ed. I'm Sebastian. Nice to meet you."
“You too."
"Walk me back to the guest area." We headed out and I waited until we were away from the office. "Do you know Ed's daughter?"
He smiled, "He has three. Which one?"
"The only one old enough for me to ask about."
"Emma. I've seen her at a couple of shows. I work security up the coast. Great way to see a bunch of shows."
I nodded, "I guess anything you miss at one you can catch at the next."
"Exactly." He pointed to his ear, "And you can always hear."
"Back to Emma. She's on her way here. I'd appreciate it if you would meet her and bring her to me."
"Is Ed coming?"
"No, he's," I stopped myself, "you ask her where he is."
He laughed, "I might take the long way back here."
"I haven't seen her in weeks. Not too long." Two is weeks. Barely.
Emma texted they'd landed. Big Ed changed where he wanted her to go and he headed in that direction. I sat down to wait for her to text she was here. I heard a familiar voice.
"Sebastian Stan? Is that really you?"
"Captain America?" I stood up and turned to the voice.
"Don't call me that. The pressure." Mackie hugged me, slapping my back much harder than necessary. "How jet-lagged are you?"
"Is that code for how much work are you going to have to do because I'm grouchy?"
"Maybe." We laughed.
"I had a good night’s sleep and I'm in a great mood."
"You seem twitchy. Why are you twitchy?"
"I'm not twitchy."
"Yes, you are. You're twitchy."
"If I'm twitchy it's because you're making me twitchy."
He pointed at me, "Ah ha! You admitted it. You're twitchy."
I rolled my eyes and scowled, "Emma's on her way. I might be a little twitchy."
"Here?" He pointed to the ground. With his eyebrows raised.
I smiled, "My girlfriend."
"Yeah, I got that. Plus, Evans told me."
"She’s not a secret." That felt good.
He asked and I answered. Talking about Emma is my second favorite thing having to do with Emma. First is being with Emma. In absolutely any way. My phone went off with Emma telling me she was here. I put my hand on Mackie’s arm. "Stay here. Right here."
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swiftlymoniquesblog · a month ago
Today Was A Fairytale- Bucky Barnes x OFC Amelia *COMING SOON*
Tumblr media
"Today was a fairytale, you were the prince, I used to be a damsel in distress, you took me the hand and you picked me up at 6, today was a fairytale" -Taylor Swift
Tag list for this fic is currently OPEN!!!
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peterbparkerth · a month ago
The Cloaked Rose Teaser
Tumblr media
“Bucky I can’t do this to you, you deserve more than this” I tell him as he looked down at me. I have to push him away. “Why?” He asks me, I try not to let the tears fall “because I can’t be with you” I say as I push him away and sat in the car.
“I’m sorry, but this is what I have to do for your safety” I mumbled to myself as the tears fall down my eyes.
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bxccxdxll · a month ago
Travelin’ Soldier 2
Summary: Rosie receives her first letter from James and sets out to find a certain someone to keep an eye on for him.
Pairing(s): Bucky x OFC, Steve x OFC (platonic)
TW: a little talk of war, angst, fluff(ish)
Word Count: 1738
A/N: Soooo I’m enjoying writing this tremendously and this all kinda just spilled out of me at like midnight but I like it so I’m giving it to you peoples. Hopefully you lot enjoy it! I can already tell that I’m gonna cry while writing chapter 3 lol.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It had been almost a month since Rosie met James and he went overseas. She hadn’t heard from him after that first day and she was starting to think maybe she never would. She was just a stranger after all, a nobody. 
When she woke for work early this morning, she went about her normal routine. Taking a quick shower, before doing her hair, putting on a touch of makeup, and slipping into her uniform dress and apron. She checked her mailbox as she left the apartment like she had been since that day. But unlike everyday before, there was a letter waiting for her, with messily scribbled words scrawled across the front she could make out her address and that of an army camp from England. 
Rosie audibly gasped at the sight. She had lost hope last week of ever getting a letter from James, assuming he had just forgotten about her, but here it was. 
She quickly tore open the seal and pulled the worn piece of paper from the envelope. 
Dear Rosie,
I’m sorry I didn’t write to you sooner but training was real hard. They taught us how to shoot a gun and worked us so hard my muscles have been aching. Last week they told us when we’d be heading out into the field. I got two weeks till they actually put my unit out there. 
I’m scared. Terrified actually. But when it gets kinda rough over here, I think of that day sitting down by the pier and I close my eyes, and see your pretty smile. 
I have a favour to ask you. Would you mind checking in on my friend for me? His name is Steve Rogers, he’s a scrawny little fella and always manages to get himself into trouble. Normally I’d be there to help him out but obviously that’s not the case anymore. Thank you so much. 
Hopefully this stupid war is over soon and I can come back home and take you out on a proper date. Maybe we can go dancing? I bet you’d look gorgeous all dolled up for a night on the town. 
Anyways, I gotta get back to training. I can’t wait to hear back from you. I’ll write again as soon as I can.
Yours Truly,
James Barnes 
Rosie held the letter to her chest, right atop her heart and looked up with tears in her eyes. This man is the sweetest, most kind person she had ever met and he was so clearly alone and in pain.
Tucking the letter into the pocket of her apron, Rosie set off to work. Determined to finish up her shift as quick as possible so she could go find this friend that James spoke of.
It was around 4:00pm when Rosie finally finished up at the cafe. After gathering her things she set out on her mission to find one Steve Rogers.
She had asked the other girls at the cafe if they knew anything about him or where she could find him. They all said they’d heard of him getting beat on by some of the bigger guys in Brooklyn but had never met him themselves.
As Rosie was walking down the street on her way to the local park she made sure to check down every alley. Maybe Steve had managed to pick another fight with some bully.
While looking down one of the alleys, Rosie bumped into someone and stumbled back a few steps.
“I’m so sorry miss!” Spoke the voice of the man she had bumped into. “No no, it was my fault. I’m sorry.” Rosie said as she straightened out the skirt of her dress. Looking up she studied the man in front of her, realizing he was much shorter than she expected. After staring for a moment too long to be considered polite she voiced her thoughts. “You don’t happen to be Steve Rogers, do you?”
“Um, yeah that’s me. Why do you ask.” Steve questioned, confused as to why this beautiful damn would know his name.
Rosie’s eyes lit up at the revelation. “Oh! I’m Rosie. James wrote me and asked me to check on you. I wasn’t sure how I’d find you but here you are!” 
“James?..... Wait, you mean Bucky? How is he? I haven’t heard from him since he left.” Steve responded enthusiastically.
“He’s doing alright. Says it’s scary over there, wishes he could be home. May I ask why you call him Bucky?” Rosie replied.
“It’s a nickname. Comes from his middle name, Buchanan.” Explained Steve.
“Oh well that makes sense I guess. Bit of a funny nickname though.” Rosie giggled. “Well anyways, why don’t we meet up sometime so we can chat and get to know each other. That way I can write back to James and tell him I’m keeping my eye on you.” 
Steve ducked his head as he felt a blush rise to his cheeks. No dame had ever been so sweet to him. “Sure. I’d be happy to.”
“Okay, well I work at the cafe on fourth avenue. Maybe you could meet me there sometime tomorrow?” Rosie questioned.
“Yeah, sounds good. I’ll see you tomorrow then I guess.” Steve replied, a tad uncertain. “See you tomorrow.” Rosie spoke as she continued on her way. “Don’t get into any trouble before then Steve!” She called over her shoulder, letting out a quiet giggle.
The next day was like every other. Rosie got up, got ready, checked the mail, and went to work. The only difference about today was that she was expecting Steve to come by at some point. 
Every time the bell above the door rang, Rosie’s head shot up and she hoped to see Steve walking in.
It was nearing the end of her shift and Steve still hadn’t showed up. Rosie was beginning to believe that Steve had chickened out and wasn’t coming. Just before she was about to gather up her things and head out that bell rang again and in walked Steve Rogers. 
Rosie smiled from ear to ear and ran over to greet Steve. “Hiya Steve! I almost thought you weren’t gonna show up. How’re you doing?” 
Steve blushed and looked at his shoes. “I’m doing pretty good. How are you, Rosie?” 
“I’m quite well thank you.” Rosie spoke sweetly. “I’m just finishing up my shift so how about you go take a seat and I’ll be right back.” 
“Okay” Steve was nervous as ever. He had never said more than two words to women as pretty as Rosie! 
As Rosie walked away to collect her things, Steve took a few deep breaths and told himself everything would be fine.
When Rosie returned she slid into the booth across from Steve and struck up a conversation almost immediately. 
“So Steve, how do you and James know each other?” She questioned politely.
“Well, we met when we were real young. I was the sick little kid who no one wanted to play with and Bucky didn’t really get along with the other kids. Sometimes the bigger kids would pick on me and push me around and one day Bucky saw ‘em doing that and stepped in. He told ‘em to ‘pick on someone their own size’ and sent ‘em on their way with a bloody nose. He’s kinda been my best friend and protector ever since. I seem to get myself into trouble quite often and he’s always the one to get me out.” Steve explained with an almost melancholic look on his face. “How about you? How did you meet Bucky?”
Rosie smiled softly at Steve’s explanation. She could tell from the way Steve spoke about James that they really did mean a lot to each other. “James and I actually met here. It was the day he got his orders. I had seen him in here a few times before then but he never sat at any of my tables. That day he did and he asked me if I’d be up for a chat. So I took him down to this place by the pier. Nice and quiet so we could talk and get to know each other. That’s all really. The next time I heard from him was just yesterday when I got his first letter.” 
Steve was a little shocked at the fact that Bucky and Rosie barely even knew each other but he could see that Rosie was such a kind sweet person. How could Bucky have resisted? “I’m glad he met you Rosie.”
“I am too.” Rosie smiled down at her lap. Her hands fidgeting with the letter tucked away in the pocket of her apron. 
The two spent another hour at the cafe, chatting and getting to know each other. By the time they were ready to part ways it was almost supper time and Rosie needed to get home. Steve asked to walk her home and Rosie let him. 
“It was really nice getting to know you Steve!” “You too Rosie.” They smiled at each other before Rosie turned around to head up the stairs to her apartment. 
Once she was inside Rosie got changed out of her uniform and into something a bit more comfy, before sitting down at her dining room table with a piece of paper and a pen.
Dear James,
I am so happy to hear from you! I won’t lie, I thought you might have forgotten about me. Anyways, I’m sorry it’s so scary over there. I wish you could just be back here with me.
I found that friend of yours, Steve. He’s quite a sweet young man. I had him come chat with me at the cafe so we could get to know each other and boy did I learn a lot. So Bucky, huh? It’s okay, I think I’m gonna keep calling you James. 
Work has been keeping me quite busy lately. Every few days, when I finish up my shift I’ll head down to the pier and just sit and think about you and us and all the things we could be doing if you were here. 
I’d absolutely love to go dancing with you. I will warn you now though, I’m not very good at it. 
I hope all goes well and you can come home as soon as possible.
Love always,
Rosie Parker
Ps. Please stay safe. I need you back in one piece.
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bxccxdxll · a month ago
Travelin’ Soldier 1
Summary: It’s 1940 and one James Buchanan Barnes has just received his orders. He’s to head overseas tomorrow. What will he do with his last day?
Pairing(s): Bucky x OFC
TW: fluff, maybe a bit of loneliness if that counts
Word count: 931
A/N: This is my first time writing a series! Based slightly off of the song, Travelin’ Soldier by The Chicks. Hope it doesn’t suck and you guys enjoy it! 
Tumblr media
The day was finally here. The day he had been dreading since news of the war first broke. 
When Bucky woke up this morning he assumed that today was going to be like any other day. He’d head down to the docks for work and later that night head to his favourite diner before he comes home and goes to bed. 
However, as he was heading out his front door he saw the letter. It was his orders. James Buchanan Barnes was to be deployed to England as part of the 107th tomorrow, just two days after he had turned 18. 
Bucky knew this would happen eventually but he was hoping he could’ve held out a little longer. If only to stop Steve from trying to follow him over there. 
Later that night, after he picked up his uniform and papers, Bucky went to the diner. He needed some last semblance of home before he heads off to an almost certain death.
Bucky sat at his usual both in the far back corner. When the waitress came up to him he didn’t even look up. Too lost in his thoughts. 
She cleared her throat, “Excuse me sir? Can I get you anything?” 
Bucky jolted back to reality at the sound of her voice. Sweet as honey to his sour soul. 
“Um yeah, I’ll take a black coffee for now. Thanks.” Bucky mumbled out quickly. “On it, love. I’ll be right back with that.” The girl spoke back kindly. 
Bucky watched as she walked back to the kitchen to get his drink. She was beautiful and looked so sweet in her little blue checkered dress and white apron, a matching bow placed perfectly in her gorgeous brown hair. 
Soon she was on her way back with a mug and a pot of coffee. “Here you go.” She placed the mug down and filled it to an inch from the rim. 
“Can I get you anything else?” she asked. 
Bucky ducked his head and peered up at her through his eyelashes. “Would you mind sitting down for a while and talkin’a me, I been feelin’ a little low? He asked quietly.
She gave him a kind smile and replied, “I’m off in an hour and I know where we can go.”
Bucky smiled back and waited in his booth till she finished her shift and came back to him with her purse in hand. Bucky got up from his seat and put his cap back on before putting his arm out for the girl to take and as they walked out of the cafe.
Once they were out on the street they started walking towards the water. Bucky turned his eyes to the girl and asked, “so where are we heading?” 
“I was thinking of heading down to the pier. I know this little spot where we shouldn’t be bothered.” She smiled back at him.
“Okay.” Bucky looked around them as they walked in a soft silence. Just the sound of the cars driving by, the other pedestrians speaking, and the birds chirping.
Once they reached the pier the girl led Bucky to a far corner where they sat on the edge and let their feet dangle. 
Bucky relaxed back and looked at the girl. She seemed focused on something out in the water that he couldn’t see. “You know, I never got your name?” Bucky politely asked.
“I’m Rosie.” She held out her hand to formally introduce herself. “And you are?” 
Bucky smiled at her as he took her hand and brought it to his lips, placing a light kiss on the back of it and responding, “Nice to meet you Rosie, I’m James.”
Rosie blushed as she took her hand back from James. “Nice to meet you too, James.”
They looked at each other for a moment before Bucky spoke up, “Look, I betcha got a boyfriend but I don’t care, I got no one to send a letter to. Would you mind if I send one back here to you?”
Rosie looked shocked for a moment. She had just met this man and it was obvious he was a soldier, but why would he want to send letters to her? She was a nobody. 
After that initial moment of shock Rosie locked eyes with James and voiced her wonder. “Why me?” She questioned.
“I don’t have anyone else. My ma died a few years ago and my pa left us when I was still young. It’s been me and my pal Steve for a while now and I can’t send him any letters. So I figured I could send ‘em to you.” Bucky responded, looking slightly sheepish.
Rosie looked at him with sadness. This man seemed so sweet, how could she ever say no to him? “Of course you can send me letters. I’d be happy to get them.” She pulled out her notepad that she had left over from work and flipped to a clean sheet, quickly scribbling down her address. “Here, this is my address.” She ripped off the paper and handed it to James with a smile. 
He grinned down at the paper before folding it and tucking it in the breast pocket of his uniform.
Looking back up at Rosie, Bucky smiled, “Thank you.”
The two spent the rest of the day down by the pier. Bucky bought ice cream for them to share and when night began to fall upon them, he walked Rosie home. Giving her a peck on the cheek before bidding goodbye and heading back home to prepare to head overseas tomorrow.
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