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#sebastian stan comfort
kinanabinks · 3 days ago
how would bucky react to body acne (like chest or back) it’s kinda something i’ve been insecure about recently and i just want some bucky fluff to get through work today if you don’t mind
bucky would be an utter angel.
thank you so much for requesting! i hope you enjoy my love, and i hope work goes well for you today, and every day after today. <3
this got a little long as per fuckin usual
I'm Gonna Love You - Bucky x Reader
content warning: bucky x reader, angst, insecure!reader, fluff, soft!bucky, comfort.
• • • • •
You and Bucky have been dating for a few months. It's light and fun, but being that he's often tied up with work, you don't really get to see him a lot - but when you do, it's incredible.
He's a perfect gentleman, with the right amount of cheeky arrogance every now and then, keeping you flustered and falling head over heels for him, and fast. Bucky is falling too, but he isn't afraid of it like he thought he would be. Being with you is the easiest thing he's ever done.
One Friday night, after a long week at work, you're running yourself a soothing bath. You aren't expecting to see Bucky tonight, because he has some party at work.
You both agreed that it's still too soon for you to meet his coworkers, no matter how badly you want to meet the Avengers, seeing as his job is intense and there's a lot of secrets and danger and security issues involved when you start dating a superhero.
Instead, you're planning on having a nice bath and maybe ordering some Chinese later, and then you'll probably spend the rest of the evening texting Bucky to make sure you're still on his mind while he's undoubtedly surrounded by gorgeous women.
While the tub fills up with water, you're standing naked in front of the mirror. You turn around to look at your back, the sight of it making your stomach drop.
The acne has been worse recently, and you aren't sure why. Hundreds of different creams sit half-used in your cupboards, none of them curing your skin. You've tried everything from home-grown herbs to medically prescribed steroids, but nothing has ever worked in removing your acne.
Your heart aches when you think of how Bucky would feel if he was to see it. You've done well to avoid it so far; sticking to missionary and cowgirl during sex and keeping a shirt on the rest of the time, but summer's fast approaching, and with it your anxiety, too. Any week now, the sun will burst through the dreary skies of New York with the fury of a thousand fires, and when Bucky buys you a bikini to wear to the beach, what the fuck are you supposed to do?
There's a knock before you can get into the tub. You answer the door in nothing but the bathrobe that Bucky left behind a few weeks ago, wondering if you accidentally ordered the food already without realizing - but when you see Bucky there, you're shocked.
"Jamie?" You ask as he walks in, wrapping his arms around you. "I thought you had the party tonight?"
"Ah, I thought about going," He mumbles into your neck. "But then I realized I would much rather be with you instead."
With warm cheeks and a warmer heart, you lead him into the living area while he kisses you, almost tripping over the coffee table.
"Nice robe," He whispers against your lips with a smirk.
"Thanks," You reply sweetly, cupping his cheeks. "It belongs to this guy I'm seeing."
"Oh?" Bucky quirks a brow. "And what's this guy like, huh?"
You laugh softly, looking up at him. "Total idiot."
"Huh," he replies, before suddenly grabbing your legs and throwing you over his shoulder. "Must be an idiot if he's left you here alone tonight."
"Don't call him an idiot!" You scold him between laughs as he takes you into your bedroom. "I happen to really like him."
Bucky places you onto the bed before getting down onto his knees in front of you, resting his hands on your knees. "Oh yeah?" Leaning in closer, he lowers his voice to a whisper. "Well, a little birdie told me that he really likes you, too."
Playfully, you pout. "Which other little birdies have you been talking to, mister?"
He grins before standing up. "None but you, my pretty little birdie. None but you." Then, he teasingly takes one of the ties of the bathrobe before slowly pulling on it.
When you realize that he'll see your back if he removes it, you pull back, protectively grabbing the robe and tightening it around your body. "Stop."
Bucky holds his hands up in surrender, taken aback. "You okay, baby?"
Utterly embarassed, you look down. "I'm fine."
He sits next to you on the bed, his eyebrows furrowing. "I'm so sorry, Y/N, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."
"You didn't," You promise, your tone softening as you look back up at him. "You have nothing to apologize for, I just..."
Confused, Bucky takes your hand in his. "What is it, baby? What's wrong?"
What are you supposed to say? 'I don't want you to think I'm hideous'?
"I'm just a little..." You trail off weakly, unable to find the strength to verbalize your insecurity.
"It's alright," He whispers, stroking your hair. "We don't have to talk about it if you're not ready."
But you can't keep brushing it under the carpet and acting like everything's fine. You can't keep holding back the truth. It's going to come out one day, and you'd rather it be now before you fall even harder for him and his rejection hurts even worse.
"No, it's okay. I'm ready," You tell him, sitting up straight and meeting his concerned gaze. "I... I don't really like my back."
Your voice is small, and he isn't sure he heard you right. "What did you say?" Bucky asks quietly, leaning closer to you.
A sigh leaves your mouth. This is it. Moment of truth.
"I don't like my back," You say a little louder, fiddling with the belt of the bathrobe. "It- I have acne there. It's all red and... and ugly, and I just hate it. I hate it so much and I didn't- I've tried to hide it from you but I know that that isn't fair on you. But I've just been so scared of losing what we have - I have so much fun with you and I like you a lot and I like that you like me, and I don't want you to stop liking me-"
"And you think something like that could make me stop liking you?" He cuts you off, his voice soft and low. "You think it could make me want you any less?"
You want to fall into his kindness, but you can't. "Easier said than done," You grumble bitterly. "You haven't seen it yet. And when you do, you'll think it's ugly and you won't want me anymore, and you'll try to be polite about it but you'll slowly distance yourself and cancel dates and say you're busy with work, and then I'll see you out on the street with some new girl and it'll be so fucking awkward and-"
"Oh, my God," Bucky mutters, his hand running through your hair. "How much time have you spent overthinking this, baby?"
Sheepishly, you shrug. "Every night since we met."
A pained look overtakes his features and he instantly pulls you into his chest, holding you tight. "Oh, baby, come here. I can't believe you've had this weighing on your chest all this time."
Sniffling, you clutch onto his shirt. "It's okay if- if you leave. I'd understand."
Bucky feels his heart break. How hurt must you have been in the past to be so accustomed to being treated so badly?
"Listen to me," He begins sternly, stroking your cheek. "Remember when we first met?"
A soft laugh leaves your mouth. Your first meeting was an absolute disaster - some wannabe villain was causing havoc in New York, and attacked a bar while you were in it because the mayor's son was partying there that night, too. Bucky and the Falcon were thankfully there to save the day, and Bucky took your number while you were getting wheeled away in an ambulance.
"It wasn't that pretty little dress that truly caught my attention. And, although it definitely helped, it wasn't your gorgeous face either," He teases, wrapping his arms tighter around you. "It was the way you were asking everyone if they were okay and needed help, all while having a broken leg and arm yourself. The way you offered to help some guy pull a table off his friend, ignoring your own pain. That selflessness and purity is what drew me into you, and I saw the angel inside you."
You bite down on your lip, doing your best not to cry.
"And the last time I checked, acne doesn't kill the angel," He goes on to say, placing a kiss on your cheek. "And it sure as all hell can't kill the way I feel for you."
Still not convinced, you take in a shaky breath. "You haven't seen it yet," You repeat lowly, your eyes on the ground.
Bucky pulls you onto his lap, his loving gaze never once faltering. "So show me."
Knowing it's the next thing you have to do, you brace yourself. You loosen the robe before pulling it down your shoulders, facing away from Bucky as you expose your back to him. Unable to see his reaction.
There's a short silence, during which your heart clenches. and then, making your stomach flutter, you feel him press a tender kiss to your back.
"Buck," You whisper, your eyes wide. "What are you doing?"
"Kissing my girl," He replies soothingly, before wrapping his arm around your bare chest, his cold watch pressing to your nipple. "Is that such a crime?"
Having expected him to be disgusted, you're overwhelmed by his calm, unmoved demeanor. You're moved to tears, and this time you can't hold them back.
Bucky gently rocks you on his lap, his lips close to your ear. "I am so sorry that, somewhere along the line, someone made you feel like your body is something to be ashamed of. I'm sorry that you've had to be in the presence of people that are so insecure and self-hating, that all they can do is project negativity and hate onto others. But I promise you, baby, I'm gonna love you a hundred times as hard as they hurt you. I'm gonna love you until you're sick of me," He says, making you giggle as he kisses your cheek. "I'm gonna love you until all you know is love. And then I'll keep loving you after that, my pretty little birdie."
You meet his eyes, your blurry vision doing little to stifle his beauty. Even through your tears, you can see him for the angel he is. And he brings out the angel in you.
• • • • •
you are all so beautiful.
• • • • •
Bucky Masterlist
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tlcwrites · 3 days ago
If anyone needs the reminder:
You can love a character and still recognize that the actor who plays them is problematic. It’s okay to love a character and call the actor out on their shit. You can also enjoy a character while recognizing that the character themselves has major and potentially unforgivable flaws hi my love for Kylo Ren. And if a character, good or not, helps you get through whatever shit you have to deal with, or makes you feel less alone, or keeps you from hurting yourself, or makes you smile, or does for you whatever you need them to do, enjoy them. Actors are NOT their characters.
On the flip side, if problematic actors ruin a character for you, that’s okay, too. Well, it’s not, because fuck the actor and their bullshit, but your feelings are absolutely valid. You should never expend energy on people, fictional or otherwise, who don’t contribute positively to your life, and can and absolutely should call out artists who are perpetuating toxic attitudes or racism or homophobia or what have you. If you no longer enjoy the character, there’s no shame in that. cough starlord cough seriously fuck the Pratt I hate that smarmy asshole so fucking much
Characters are fictional. Characters aren’t real. We can and should hold actors (and directors and authors and producers and studios and publishers and whomever needs to be held) accountable for their shit, but it’s okay if you need to do it without feeling you have to throw out the characters you love too.
Just some thoughts weighing on me today. Love you all. Here’s a Mom hug if you need one. Drink your water and wear your sunscreen. Happy Pride! Your butt looks amazing. You are valid and important and perfect how you are. 💕
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subwaysurf45 · 4 days ago
Tech problems (bucky x reader)
Summary: bucky doesn’t know how to work the TV, his new phone, anything. After getting made fun if he wants to quit but the reader helps him out.
Pairing: bucky barns x reader
Warning: mentions of death near the end, but it’s mostly fluff
Bucky stood at the counter in the kitchen, full weight leaning on the concrete slab that most people ate off of. His eyebrows were basically touching as he fiddled with his phone that Tony just gave him, he just couldn’t figure it out for the life of him.
“Hey, old guy!” Tony walked in, “whatcha doing?” He walked over and peered over Bucky’s shoulder.
“Trying to…” his brain wasn’t focused on completing the sentence, more on creating an e-mail.
“I see,” Tony snatched the phone from Bucky’s hands and turned his back to him, Bucky tried to see what he was doing but Tony kept walking around. A little bit of anger grew inside him because Tony seemed just fine at working with tech- everyone did.
Steve had walked in, “Tony, what are you doing?” His voice was tired and annoyed, he already knew what was happening simply from the way Bucky looked longingly at Steve. “Tony-“
“Ah-ta-ta, let me help him.” Tony smirked, his voice dripping in sarcasm. “I’m doing it all for him, aaaand- done!” He turned and slapped the phone in the table, it looked like everyone else’s.
“What did you do to it?” Bucky asked, his anger coming through in his tone.
“Nothing, tin man- old man- silver hair, just nothing.” He seemed like he was telling the truth, “i just did it so you wouldn’t keep annoying me and asking so many god damn questions, jeez.” Tony scoffed and walked away, Bucky didn’t pick up the phone, rather stare at it.
“How stupid am I?” Bucky asked, “really, like you got this figured out in less than a week, Tony told me when I asked for the Bluetooth password.”
“Wifi.” Steve corrected.
“What?” Bucky looked over, “same thing, who cares…” Bucky waved him off, his head snapped up at Steve suppressing a laugh, his stomach sank, “what?” His voice light and almost a whisper.
“It’s not the same thing, very much not the same thing.” He laughed, Bucky sighed, he’d had enough of this. Bucky picked up the phone and walked down the hall, “oh, come on! I’m having fun with you!” Steve laughed.
You wiped the sweat from your forehead, training with Nat had just ended and you were heading back to your shared room with Bucky. As you walked past the kitchen you saw Steve looking at nothing, he hand kept his head up.
“Why the long face?” You panted, still needing to catch your breath.
“I made fun of Bucky, he’s mad now.” His mouth barley moved, the sentence was muffled.
“About what?” You asked softly but you were still mad, he made fun of your boyfriend.
“Him not knowing how to use tech,” Steve looked up and saw your jaw drop, “what?”
“Literally last night he was so upset because he called me when I was training and he used the emergency signal, so I came running to our room and he had no idea.” You looked towards the bedrooms, “he was so upset with himself that he made me scared, he was all in his head. I need to go check up on him,” you sighed and turned to go to your room; that hot shower had to wait.
Once you made it to your room you softly knocked on the door, “Bucky?” You called, when you heard a hum you opened the door a jar, seeing him slumped over with his phone in his hands. “Hey, babe.” He seemed to break out of his thoughts when you placed a hand on his back.
“Hi, doll face.” He tried to smile, “how’s training?” He looked over to you as you sat beside him.
“Very long and very tiring,” you chuckled, you knew if you asked how he was doing he might get mad or breakdown, “Steve told me what happened, he seemed sad when I was in the kitchen.” Your hand started to rub his upper back, making sure you didn’t hit any scars through the shirt. “You wanna talk about it?” His phone was still on the home page, all the apps were downloaded but you knew he didn’t do that himself.
“I don’t know anything,” he sighed, “i don’t know how to work my phone, the microwave, the TV…I don’t know how to use the system thing in here properly, I can barley understand cars these days, that’s why I use the motorcycle because they didn’t change much but-… y/n, everyone thinks it so funny, the old guy who doesn’t know jack shit about tech.” He slumped forward.
“I don’t think it’s funny,” you moved up to the back of his neck, knowing he likes when you get under into his scalp.
“You’re different.” He stated.
“How so?”
“Because you’ve never been mean to anyone, you’re this shining star, you’re a light and you’re never mean.” His eyes left his phone and he looked at your leg, not wanting to make eye contact after saying that.
Your heart melted, his lips turned up at the quickly kiss to his cheek. He looked over and kissed you back, your hands wrapped around his neck and his pulled your waist in. After pulling away your foreheads rested on one another’s.
“Let me teach you, yeah?” You whispered, “no jokes. No funny business. As long as you need, I’ll go through it all.” You leaned back and waiting for his response.
“I don’t wanna make you go through-“
“Nope. Final rule, no self-doubt.” You smiled, his lip pouted out and he tried to cover his face and blush.
“Okay,” he nodded, “teach me.”
“Not right now,” you laughed, Bucky quirked a brow, “I’m tired and sweaty and I feel gross, also, I would like some cuddles.” You stood and grabbed your towel and a change of comfy clothes, “tomorrow.”
It was the next day, Bucky sat on the bed as you walked around the TV in your shared room, deep down he wanted to take some notes but he knew if anyone found them, he’d never hear the end of it.
“So let’s start basic,” you stood in front of the blank TV, “let’s say you’ve lost he remote, this is how you control it. Right here,” you pointed to the circle with a line through the top symbol, “that is the universal signal for on and off, look for that. Then, once you’ve pressed it here is the little notches for the volume and then the channel notches.” You pointed as you went along the bottom of the screen.
“Sounds easy,” Bucky muttered more to himself.
“But we have a remote, here, same little symbol, on and off. There, that’s the volume, and the big circle can help navigate up and down, side to side.” You showed him up close, “lots of these buttons will never be used, so I won’t really go through them.” You waved it off. “Okay, test number one, turn of the tv.” You passed the remote.
“Okay…” bucky clicked the button with the symbol he now knew and the screen lit up, some random cartoon played, “yes!” He shit up and jumped, quickly catching himself he sat back down.
“Can you change the channel for me?” You asked, a smirk on your face from his reaction before, he clicked the channel button and it went to the news. “And turn it up, please.”
“Easy,” he smiled and clicked, no sound came out. “What?” He clicked again and the sound came back, but not louder.
“You hit the mute button, use the long button here,” you pointed, he clicked up and it went up one level, after catching on and holding it the volume kept going up, “Bucky-“ you tried to warn but the volume cut out completely.
“Shit.” He stood up, Bucky fiddled with the notches on the actual TV but nothing happened. “What did I do?” His face i genuine terror, “did I break it, oh god, Tony’s gonna get some mad.”
“You blew out the speakers,” after observing the smoke coming out from the side of the TV that was the only possible answer.
“I knew i’d mess it up, I get so cocky, I really thought I had it.” He paced around, tugging his hair.
“Don’t worry, it’ll all be fine,” you calmed him and sat him in the bed, “it’s hard at first but it will only get easier.” You smiled before pulling him into a hug, you could feel his sigh of defeat as he hugged back.
You both headed out to the kitchen, Bucky still in a mood from breaking the TV a couple minutes ago. You both had some coffee, yours with a little milk.
“Hello, lovebirds.” Tony walked in, Bucky looked right at his feet and tried not to look awkward. “What’s up with cyborg over here?” Tony giggled.
“Nothing,” you dipped your coffee, Bucky just nodded along.
“I got a notification that the speakers in your room were blown out,” Tony teased, Bucky stiffened and inches closer to you, “what happened?”
Bucky looked up, his mouth open and about to talk. You gently placed a hand on his chest and looked him in the eye, a way of saying ‘I got this’.
“I sat in the remote, turns out my ass poked it right at the volume and I couldn’t figure it out in time.” You laughed, Bucky looked at you crazy before forcing one out.
Tony hunched over, “I can picture that, oh wow- I wish I was there!” He cackled before turning away and walking down the hall, “it’ll be fixed by tomorrow!” He called over his shoulder.
It was lonely without you, it was very rare you’d go in missions without Bucky but also rare you’d go alone. It was a simple infiltrate, you were more on the espionage rather than Captain America side of powers. 
Bucky had tired to talk to Steve about letting someone go with you, this mission would involve zero contact with the base. But no one listened, it was always going to be you.
It had been a month, three quarters done with the they needed. The tech lesions had to be halted, you weren’t there to teach and Bucky refused to let anyone tell him anything about the tech in his room.
“If only you could see me, babe…” he whispered as he worked the TV, that was the only thing he knew, and he was great at it. Last week he recorded a show, he was never going to watch it, but it as recorded. He almost had a heart attack when the remote stopped working, but it just ran out of batteries.
After doing all the cool tricks he knew he looked over to your side of the bed, it was neatly made and seemed untouched. Whenever you’d be fine for even a night he’d sleep on the ground, but he promised he’d sleep on the bed, but he never rolled over or even sat on your side.
The one thing he missed was the way your shampoo stunk up the whole bed in a good way, when he’d wake up the morning after you’d showered he’d could smell your lavender shampoo right away, it almost puts him back to sleep. But as the days went on, it faded.
Bucky looked around before gently placing his face your pillow, almost like an afterthought of your sent came through; just barley there. His face hovered before he gave in and relaxed on it, he knew if he’d roll around the sent would fade quicker, he didn’t really care.
There was a hard spot on your pillow, he reached under and found a green spiral notebook. It didn’t have anything in the cover, once he opened it a gasp fell from his lips.
It was a notebook, for every piece of tech in the house. From his phone to how F.R.I.D.A.Y. works, it was all there. Intricate diagrams that where labeled, one page had everything he needed to know.
Bucky’s phone sat face down in his bedside table, he flipped the that page and looked it over. He picked up his phone and read through it all, slightly muttering then words that were written to himself like he was being taught.
“Okay, you got this,” he said as he pressed the on button, as he navigated around he learned how to add a contact, send and text, google, the a picture, send an email. Everything.
You walked into the compound completely exhausted, one black eye layer, the base had been infiltrated. You went to your mission report computer and Tony was there, he gave you your phone.
“Connect back to the wifi,” he nodded before leaving you to connect.
Once you were fully back online your phone began to buzz, over and over. Tons of notifications rolled in. You went to emails first.
From: bucky
To: y/n
Subject: test?
Hellooooooo this is a test, don’t worry about it!
You laughed and scrolled through the other emails, finding out they were all kind of the same, then you went to text messages.
There was a selfie of him holding the green book, his smile couldn’t have been wider. He sent three, probably by accident. But they were still cute.
So I figured hit text!
Kinda cool
I found the book, it was like Christmas
Anyway, I know you won’t read this but I think I’ll try the oven next, I’ll ask wanda about it.
As the texts went on, your heart started to drop and your stomach swirled. They had been getting progressively sadder.
Hey doll face, I hope you’re well, miss you
I miss you
I love you
I wanna marry you one day, maybe live on farm and have a few kids
If you want
Sent: two months ago
I finished your book, I think I know it all now, I’ve been going over those tests you put in the back sleeve, they’re really good
You’re very thoughtful
I know you can’t see this
I don’t know what to do with myself, this is very hard.
Sent: one month ago
Are you dead?
I had a dream you died in my arms, and I can’t tell if it was a flashback or a dream
I hope you’re not
I love you too much
Please come home
I really need you
I wish I never learn how to use this shit, honestly, I can’t seem to put my phone down because this is all I have if you right now. I keep checking it to see if you’ve responded but I know you haven’t, but part of me wants you to respond so I know you’re alive.
I’m not ready to say goodbye to you yet.
Sent: 24 hours ago
You slammed the phone down and raced down the hall, you passed the kitchen and everyone who smiled at you because they hadn’t seen you in three months, they probably also thought you were dead.
You stopped right before the door, you could hear soft whimpers coming from inside.
“I miss you,” the voice was muffled.
You opened the door silently, you saw Bucky lying right next to your side of the bed, it was still perfectly made. You also saw what looked like glass shattered by the wall, a closer look and it was his phone.
“Bucky?” You asked.
His head shot up and he sat up straight, after wiping his face he ran right over to you. His hug pushed you back on the floor, he just stayed there.
“Don’t ever do that again, please.” His voice was still shaken, “I can’t go through that again.”
“Never again, i was so worried when I saw your text a minuet ago.” You whispered and ran your fingers through his hair.
“Your name in my phone, your the only one.” He sniffled, “it was like it was taunting me, I got really mad and I threw it.” He hugged you tighter, “you were supposed to come home two days ago.” He cried.
“I know,” you housed him and sat up, as he pulled away he saw your bruised face, his thumb gently traced the purple mark.
“I don’t want a phone, I like knowing about it, but I’ll only ever borrow yours.” He seemed like he was pledging something, like an oath.
“Done deal,” you pulled him in for a long kiss, hoping it would never end.
A/n: I have a Wattpad, it’s under the same name, I’ll be posting a bucky story here as there too!
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mollysolo · 16 days ago
Dark Paradise - Chapter (three / ?)
Pairing: bodyguard!Bucky Barnes X fem!Reader
Series Summary: Through out your life you’ve been able to easily get used to many things. Sudden wealth, new cities, affairs, new step-parents, drugs, etc. All of these things were normal for you, your life was pretty normal to you at least. That was until a certain man flipped your world upside down.
Chapter Summary: Bucky gets wounded while protecting you and you clean him up.
Warnings: Brief descriptions of wounds and blood + some swearing
Word count: 1.5k
Previous Chapter || Next Chapter
Tumblr media
It was now Monday morning as you laid in your bed, you looked at the ceiling as you tried to convince yourself to get out of bed. Though, you knew you couldn’t stay in bed much longer anyway as your first class of the day started in a couple hours.
You had not talked to or seen Bucky since Saturday because you opted to avoid him unless you had to go somewhere.
You never said a word to him, not even one.
All you two did was exchange quick but awkward glances from across the rooms in your apartment as you both blushed.
Since this pattern started, you had picked up the habit of pretending like you weren’t staring at him whenever he caught you. Even though, the both of you knew damn well that you were staring.
And even while avoiding him, you still couldn’t get that man out of your head. You wondered if you should accept the fact that you have feelings for him or to keep avoiding him and how you feel.
You didn’t know what to feel or think.
As you continued to lay in bed and reflect on the past two days, the front door of your apartment slammed open, the sound of fumbled foot steps followed after.
These noises bounced off of the walls throughout your home.
This abrupt disturbance yanked you right out of your quite deep thinking.
You began to grow curious but conerned as these noises continued and didn’t dare to stop. You walked into your kitchen to see Bucky standing there, injured and tirelessly searching for an ice pack.
“Bucky?” you said, softly.
He turned around slowly and met your concerned but soft eyes.
He loved the way his name sounded falling from your intoxicating lips. And he could only imagine how your lips would feel against his own, if he ever did get the chance to kiss you.
But, he doubted that would ever happen.
A black eye was already beginning to form on his face, a cut stretched from his jaw to the apples of his cheeks and his knuckles were covered in blood.
Blood that you assumed was most likely not his, but belonged to whoever he had just hurt.
“What happened?” you asked, still genuinely worried about him.
His eyes darted away from yours and he stared at his feet, watching the way they tapped up and down against the wooden floor. There was anxiousness painted all over his face.
Why do I, of all people, make him nervous? you thought, taking note of his peculiar behavior.
As you waited for an answer, you walked up to your freezer and retrieved a frozen bag of peas for him. Your fingers brushed against his own as he took this from your hands.
His stomach did flips as a result of this brief contact.
He then sharply hissed air in through his gritted teeth as the freezing cold packet of peas made contact with his injured eye.
You didn’t like seeing him in this much pain, though injuries are an expected aspect of being a bodyguard. 
“Some fuckin’ punk in a ski mask was climbing up the fire escape to your apartment and I ended up seeing the outline of a gun in his pants. So, I climbed up there, beat his ass, then took the long way back up here. He put up a pretty good fight though, I’ll give him that.” he told you.
Out of all of the things he said, the fact that he cursed in front of you for the first time, shocked you. You rose your eyebrows as these words exited his pink and soft looking lips.
“Well, you’re clearly too injured to go to school with me. I mean, you’re literally limping and you have that big ass cut on your face. I’ll probably be fine just going by myself, you don’t have to come with me.” you assured him. 
“No, I’m going with you. Your father made me promise that I would go everywhere with you.” he almost shouted, anger sprinting through his veins.
You rolled your eyes and replied, “Ugh, fine at least let me clean you up.”
“Okay.” he said, quickly but quietly.
As he responded you wrapped your fingers around his bare wrist and tugged on his arm as you headed for your bathroom.
The whole way there he paid attention to how your skin looked, wrapped around his. A warmth pooled in his stomach the longer he stared at your grip around him.
Once you two arrived in your bathroom, you grabbed your first aid kid then hopped up on the counter, the bare skin on your ass slapping against it.
You then took out a small cotton ball and wetted it with warm water plus a little bit of soap.
Your breath hitched in your throat as he began to stand in between your legs. He became closer to you to make this job easier for you and you had to admit, him doing this only made your yearning for him even stronger.
You loosely cupped his face in your hand as you got more settled on top of the counter. You quietly chuckled as the stubble across his cheeks pricked at your palm.
His cheeks turned red and you quickly noticed this. But you didn’t mention it, in fear of embarrassing him.
You tenderly pressed the cotton ball up against the cut on his cheek, Bucky winced in pain and tried to pull away. But, your hand remained on his face and kept him in place.
“I know it hurts, I’m sorry. I’m almost done, I promise.” you cooed.
“It’s not your fault, doll.” he said, reaching his hand down to affectionately touch your forearm, getting a little bit of blood on you in the process.
You blushed once more at the feeling of your bodies colliding in this minor way and the sound of him calling you ‘doll’.
Your heart pounded in your chest and you hoped that he wouldn’t notice this.
Subsequently after you finished cleaning this cut, you put a bit of Neosporin onto the tip of your finger and started to benevolently rub it in.
You then covered the wound up with a piece of white gauze. You only did this as the cut was not too deep and would not require you to give Bucky stitches.
He kept his full attention on your face as you delicately cleaned the blood from both sets of his knuckles.
Every move you made against his rough skin made butterflies appear in his stomach and he couldn’t get enough.
It felt so nice to have someone as angelic and gentle as you, touching him. Even with your actions being completely innocent and kind.
“Alright, I’m all done.” you said as you hopped off of the counter and threw away the supplies you had used.
Bucky sheepishly nodded at you as you began to head out of the bathroom and back to your bedroom.
“By the way, we have to leave in an hour.” you let him know before leaving him alone again.
Immediately once you reached your room, you shut the door and pressed your back flat up against a nearby wall. You stared out of your window as your chest violently heaved and your cheeks turned bright red.
All of that physical contact with him had been too overwhelming and all you craved was his touch across your body once more.
You briskly left your room an hour later wearing your favorite outfit, your grey tote bag slung over your left shoulder.
You observed Bucky as he sat quietly, waiting for you on your soft couch.
He was now wearing his signature black leather jacket over a blue t-shirt as well as a pair of jeans that fit him perfectly in every single way.
He looked intimidating and brooding just sitting there, but you liked that about him. It made him look more attractive to you.
And still even in causal clothes, you were the most beautiful woman in the world. At least in his eyes you were. He never wanted to look away, ever. He would study and observe every part of you for the rest of his life if possible.
“You ready to go?” you asked him, pulling him back to reality.
He calmly looked up at you as he stood, he simply nodded with a subtle grunt in response to your question.
He followed after you and didn’t stay too far behind, making sure to check the surroundings incase that guy from earlier was still roaming around.
As the two of you silently stood in the elevator, you couldn’t help but look up at Bucky every few minutes.
Even with an injured face he still looked gorgeous and absolutely perfect.
As for the rest of the short journey to Julliard, you began to dread the fact that all of the girls in your classes would probably be drooling all over him.
A feeling of jealousy began to run through your head.
Your jaw hardened and your blood boiled as you thought about how they might throw themselves at him.
You wanted him to be yours and only yours.
But you felt kind of creepy thinking about him in that manner. So, you pushed this jealousy to the back of your head and continued on as if it never existed in the first place.
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marvel tag list: @lil-stark @amelia-song-pond
permanent tag list: @lil-stark @weenersoldierr 
btw if you guys ever want to suggest ideas for future chapters, feel free to do so in my inbox! :))
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dadplease · 20 days ago
guessing game.
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this this blog. for more information on this blog's commitment to protecting minors, read eun's full statement here.]
summary | bucky's learned to be patient with you when you're having a hard time asking for what you want.
pairing | daddy!bucky barnes x little!reader
warnings | ddlg (daddy bucky and little reader), reader experiencing extreme shyness, big hurt comfort vibes (no hurt? just? comfort?? lol), SOFT!bucky the softest so patient so gentle, thumb sucking
requested by anon | oh my so happy you're taking bucky requests! could you please write something where bucky's little is really clingy but shy at the same time so like she'd just stare at daddy and wait for him to understand on his own whenever she wants a kiss or a hug or wants to be held on his lap? And like when he finally gets it and gives her what she needs she melts into him and it's all warm and fluff?
an | hey friend thanks so much for this request i'm so excited for it to be bucky's first full solo fic :-))) this is so so so sweet, i love it so much! he'd just be the most patient, most encouraging daddy for a baby who had a hard time asking for things. hope you enjoy!
When Bucky hears a light knock on his bedroom door, he answers right away, already knowing who it must be. "Babydoll?" With your hand trembling over the metal doorknob, you twist it warily, pushing the door open and stepping just a foot into the carpeted room. Eyes searching cautiously for your daddy, you find him sitting on his bed in his jammies, reading a worn copy of an old book.
"Hey bub," he greets warmly. "What d'you need?"
Swallowing hard, you remain frozen in your spot, your voice failing you as usual as you try to put your thoughts into words. When you find yourself unable to even open your mouth, your heart sinks in your chest, your shoulders falling slightly as you begin to back out of the room the way you came.
"Hey, hold on," Bucky stops you, a frown now forming on his face as he folds the page of his book to save his spot before closing it over and setting it down on his nightstand. Sitting up slightly on the mattress of the bed, the concerned man looks over at you, asking, "What's up, angel? S'there something I can help you with?"
Biting your lower lip, you continue to cling both hands to the side of the door, your feet feeling flimsy beneath you as you once again fail to answer. At your continued silence, a knowing look forms on Bucky's face as he nods, rising from his feet and making his way over to you. Kneeling down a few feet in front of you to prevent himself from towering above your shaking form, the dark-haired man smiles softly at you, his next words coming out at barely above a whisper. "Hey, sweetheart," he hums, his eyes shifting to the door you're now half-hiding behind before returning to meet yours. "You can come in, doll. It's alright. Here, com'ere."
When Bucky motions for you to step towards him, it takes all the courage you have inside your pounding heart to propel you forward, out from behind the safety of the dark wood of the door. "There you are; hi, peanut. What's on your mind, hmm?" Bucky croons, reaching out and placing a hand on each of your shoulders, guiding you a few inches closer to him. Gently, his hands rub up and down your upper arms in attempts to loosen you up, but you still remain rigid under the kind man's touch.
Gazing his mild brown eyes into your own, Bucky then asks, "Just feelin' a little shy, honey?" Gulping louder than you thought you would, you barely manage a nod, prompting your daddy to coo sweetly at you, "Aww, that's okay, petal. I know my sweet girl just gets quiet sometimes, nothin' wrong with that, darlin'. Nothin' at all." Slowly, you can feel yourself softening up the slightest bit at his intentional use of some of your favorite nicknames, but both of you know it's nowhere near enough to break you out of your sheepish spell. "Just wish I knew what I could get you, princess. Know there must be somethin' in that pretty head'a yours that you're wantin'. Right?"
Letting out a shaky breath, you barely make it through another nod, the wide-eyed and terrified look on your face causing Bucky's heart to simply wrench. You've always been this way, or rather, you've always tended to get this way, whenever your mind becomes a little too heavy and your throat feels like it's swallowing itself into the pit of your stomach. Bucky always thought he could get shy at times, and then he met you. And while your extreme timidness has always posed as somewhat of a challenge for your relationship, the man's only ever been more than patient and understanding with you, eventually even finding little ways to coax you out of your shell easier, whether it be by calling you the sweetest names in the book, or finding some way to make you laugh.
"Hmm," Bucky hums as he stands in front of you, a playful look forming on his face as he wonders aloud, "what could my baby girl want this time? Does she want... to go have a snack?" Bringing a gentle hand down, he scrunches his flesh fingers a few times over your tummy, causing you to giggle shyly as your cheeks heat up. "No... don't think that's it. We just had dinner not too long ago, and she did such a good job eating all that spaghetti Sam made for us, didn't she?" Bashfully, you offer a nod, earning a smile from Bucky as he pats your belly proudly.
"So she doesn't want a snack... maybe she wants a bath then?" he tries another guess. As soon as he sees your nose scrunching up at the suggestion, the man chuckles, his metal arm reaching up to stroke back your hair from your face. "I'll take that as a negative, huh? Well then... what could it be?" Bringing his other hand down to hold yours, Bucky's metal fingers trail to just below your chin, tilting your head up slightly to get you to look at him. "Think you could help me out, sweetheart? Don't think I'm too good at guessin'."
With a more intense sense of focus being placed back on you once more, your smile fades away almost instantly, a low tremble building in your bones as you bite down on your bottom lip, trying to keep it from wobbling. "Oh angel," Bucky murmurs, a hint of guilt sinking into his expression as he looks hopefully at you, his eyes urging you to open up. "S'okay, doll. You're okay. It's just me, right? Just Daddy. You can ask me for anything, honey, anything you want or need and it'll be yours. Just need you to try for me, pumpkin. How about we just give it a try, hmm?"
Biting back tears as you struggle at his request, a quiet whimper rises in your throat, causing Bucky to return his hand from your chin to your shoulder, rubbing gently over the fabric of your puppy-print shirt. "Hey," the man soothes softly, his voice dropping to a low murmur as he senses you've reached your limit. "Okay, princess. That's okay. S'it just too scary, bub?" A first tear drips down your cheek as you nod weakly, your cheeks burning in humiliation as Bucky reaches out, gathering you into his arms before lifting you up to hold you close to him. "Okay, princess. That's okay. Daddy's sorry, baby. Know it's so scary, you're bein' so, so brave for me."
Rising to his feet, the strong man sways you gently, letting you tuck your head into the crook of his neck as he rubs your back lovingly. "Shhh, lovebug. It's alright. Daddy's got you; you just take your time, okay, baby?" But as he finishes muttering his comforting words, Bucky begins to notice how quickly you've seemed to relax into his hold, your head now out from hiding as it rests its side against his chest, your thumb slotted between your lips as you look up mildly at the man. "Angel?" he asks, raising an eyebrow at you. "You alright?"
"Mhmm," you mumble softly. "Thank'ou, Daddy."
At your simple words, Bucky smiles warmly at you, leaning down to plant a kiss on your forehead. "You're welcome, peanut. That's all you needed, baby? Just wanted Daddy to hold you?" Earning a nod from you, he lets out a sigh of relief, backing up carefully and sitting himself down on the bed with you now cradled in his lap, your eyes growing droopy at the familiar scent of your daddy surrounding you and the faint sound of his heart beating. "Well don't you worry, little one. Daddy's right here, gonna hold you all night long," he soothes, his words sealed as a promise with another kiss to your sleepy head.
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this-kitten-is-smitten · a month ago
Hi! I have a Sebastian Stan request. Could you write something about the reader and Seb bonding over their childhood early in their relationship? Like, the reader had toxic parents and she managed to land a role in a major series when she was a kid, in a whole different country (doesn't make sense, I'm aware, but let's pretend she was there to visit her aunt). And they just talk all night and cuddle together? 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Sorry if this was too detailed 😅😅😅😅
Back When
Pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader
A/N: I love getting detailed requests! Hope I did it justice for you! If you want anything more in-depth definitely let me know! I didn't want to go fuuuuully into everything since I don't know the whole story but I hope I at least scratched the surface for you!
Tumblr media
“What’s that one from?”
Your head rests upon Sebastian’s bare chest, rising and falling with every breath he takes. Used to gag in the movies when couples would do the exact same thing. Always assuming that that’s never reality and it’s only something that you see in movies. Yet here you are living out your wildest fantasy.
“That’s from when I fell down a flight of stairs at 5 or 6. I don’t remember it too much but my mother would never let my grandfather live it down.” Sebastian laughs at the memory as you trace your soft thumb over the small, pink scar on his shoulder. Had you not been laying nearly on top of him, it’s another scar you would have missed.
“You’ve seen all my scars, now it’s your turn.”
“I only have internal scars that mean anything,” your voice breaks as you mumble into his shoulder, placing your lips against his hot skin. Sebastian didn’t even need to look at you to know how hard your eyes rolled at your comment. Neither of you hid anything from one another… but he knew there was far more under the surface of those eyes he began to fall in love with.
His arm wraps it’s way tighter around your middle, making your giggle vibrate through the skin on his chest as your naked bodies molded together all the more.
“How was it?” Sebastian asks as his fingers traced down your spine.
“The sex? Fantastic if I say so myself. Nearly bed breaking. World rocking!”
“Y/N,” His voice was firm and serious, unlike the prior hours of conversation you had had whilst intertwined in each other's body. Placing your chin in the dip of his chest, your eyes glance up, catching his blue eyes looking right back already. A loud sigh exits through your nose, your arms lifting you to straddle his naked torso. You pull the quilt over your upper body, draping it ever so carefully to cover all your sensitive bits from the bitter cold air.
“Thank you for thinking that but you know that’s not what I was talking about.”
“What am I supposed to say? My childhood was shitty and here I am now in adulthood whining about it?”
Sebastian was quiet, always letting his eyes do the talking. You cursed him for being so fucking good at that. His eyes never your left features, even after your eyes searched the room for anything else you could change the subject to and coming up empty-handed.
“I got my big break young. It was so quick… fun. But I wasn’t from there and so once I ended back up at home, I thought things would be better. They were different for sure! But not better.”
“Talking about it doesn’t mean you’re whining you know? Not to me or anyone else.”
YOu roll your eyes dramatically, falling forward onto his chest with a groan. His arms ran up your sides before crossing your back to hold you tight against his skin.
“Okay Dr.Phil,” YOu mumble into his neck. The vibrations tickling erotically but the words causing Sebastian to scoff at your comment before digging his fingers into your one and only tickle spot on your inner thigh. Wiggling against his hold, your laughter and shrieks fill the dimmed bedroom. As you settle back into the comforting embrace that made you so safe and warm, you continued to swap back and forth between your upbringings. Finding many similarities somehow, even though you had grown up in different societies. You were able to empathize together… understand one another and share things you never had.
He made you feel accepted for once in your life.
And loved.
Tumblr media
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TFATWS: Comforting you when you’re sad (Baron, Sam, Bucky)
Baron Zemo
Baron will definitely know something is up straightaway since he is very observant.
He’ll ask you first if it was someone who made you sad and if it was, he’ll find them and hurt them. If not, then he’ll take your hands in his “Schatzi, it will be alright.”.
He’ll pull you into a loving hug, his hands moving absent-mindedly through your hair, and he’ll sing you a song (most likely in another language)
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson
Sam will know something is up straight-away too.
He’ll sit you down, his hands taking yours in his. ‘What happened?’. When you tell him he’ll plant a kiss on your forehead, and wrap his arms around you.
“It’s okay sweetheart, i’ve got you, everything’s alright.”. 
And in Sam’s words. “You deserve the world, and more.”
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
As Sam and Baron, Bucky will also realise something is up pretty quickly. 
His heart will sink, and he’ll take your hands in his. “It will be alright Doll, I promise you.” He’ll hold you in his arms, not leaving until you’re okay. He loves you too much, and wants to make sure you’re alright.
Tumblr media
I loved this so much. I love them all so much!!!
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Tumblr media
The toil that wore you down
Can no longer harm you here
The scars you acquired are roses now
Rest now warrior for your fight is fought
No mortals here to judge
Only peace of mind
J. E. L. Lehnsherr- New deity saga - Hades
(Request are open for Zemo and Sam)
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futuregws · a month ago
I love sebastian but this whole Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee TV show is a big no for me, I don't think they should even be doing this at all
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vivid4am · a month ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 4)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Y/N doesn't answer the door and Bucky finds out why
Warnings: Feels, all the feels, fluff, angst, confirmed death of a family member, soft!bucky, hurt/comfort
Chapter 3
It’s been one month since Bucky has gone next door to Y/N apartment every night to listen to music with her. A very fun month.
Bucky was really glad. He had himself a new friend who knew absolutely nothing about his past, about being the Winter Soldier. A part of him he really hated. He could be himself- well his new self that is.
He was glad that he gathered up the courage to go to Y/N’s on that faithful February night. He’s listened to some great music and discovered many new artists and groups that he enjoyed. Let’s just say that he’s a big Lana Del Rey fan. However, the nightly tradition was now broken because Y/N didn’t answer her door. Bucky assumed it was because Y/N had gotten off late from work. It happened before and she either knocked on his door to get him or on the wall.
No knocks came. Bucky even sent Y/N a text, but didn’t hear anything back either.
Maybe his new friendship was over.
The thought kept Bucky up. He couldn’t bear to fall asleep knowing that he fucked something up. Again.
It wasn’t until 2am where he heard faint music coming from next door. He listened and listened. It was the same sad Fleetwood Mac song on repeat.
I haven't felt this way I feel
Since many a year ago
But in those years are the lifetime's past
I did not deal with the road
It was ten minutes of the same song playing and by the forth time, Bucky left his warm floor bed, threw on a sweatshirt and walked next door to Y/N’s door. He knocked and waited patiently for an answer. He shuffled his feet nervously. She wasn’t going to answer the door, he thought.
The door opened slightly, revealing a puffy eyed, sniffling girl. Y/N had on a big sweater, about two sizes too big, and a pair of leggings. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she was sleeping a little bit ago.
“I’m sorry,” She sniffled. “I’ll turn it down.”
Every hour of fear I spend
My body tries to cry
Living through each empty night
A deadly calm inside
Bucky took his flesh hand and pressed it against her cheek, ridding her of her tears. “What’s wrong doll?” He asked. Bucky didn’t notice that she had her hand clenched around a small item. She lifted her hand, revealing a silver dog tag. It was her uncle’s.
Bucky felt his heart clench. “They finally found him,” She smiled sadly. “What was left of him, I guess.” She said, choking out a sob. She leaned her head against Bucky’s chest, fully sobbing. Bucky hugged her, shuffling both of them inside before shutting the door behind him with his foot.
Her cries started to drown out Stevie Nicks and her words.
But never have I been a blue calm sea
I have always been a storm
Bucky took her to the couch before sitting down. She instantly placed herself into Bucky’s lap, her head falling into the crook of his neck. Her tears started to wet Bucky’s neck. He didn’t mind. He wrapped his arms around her, rubbing his hand on her back soothingly.
They sat there for a little bit. The record played in the background until all the tracks were finished. The static noise of the record spinning filled the room, along with Y/N’s cries.
“I’m sorry.” She mumbled into Bucky’s shoulder. “What are you sorry for?” Bucky asked. Y/N lifted her head and looked at him. “I didn’t invite you over to listen to music.”
Bucky felt his heart break a little bit. “Oh doll,” He said, pulling her back into his chest. “We were just listening to some just a bit ago. It’s okay. I’m not upset.” He reassured her. Y/N sniffled. “I think I got some of my snot on your sweatshirt, I’m sorry.”
“Stop saying that.”
Bucky chuckled a little bit. His hands traveled towards her hair. He ran his fingers through it, admiring how soft her hair felt between his fingertips. “They found him. A few days ago.” Y/N broke the comfortable silence. “In Europe.” She finished.
Bucky continued to stroke her hair. He had a feeling on what Y/N was going to say. “They had him. That stupid fucking Hydra. They had him, Bucky. They tortured him for years- and I- I was here and-” Y/N’s voice broke. Bucky hugged Y/N a little tighter.
“I’m sorry.” Bucky mumbled into her hair.
“I wish I knew.” She confessed. “I wish I knew where he was. That they had him. I-I could’ve done something.” She couldn’t. Both her and Bucky knew that.
Bucky couldn’t help but feel guilty. He knew he had nothing to do with her uncle. But he used to be associated with Hydra. Unwillingly.
“They killed him. Just when they didn’t need him anymore. They- they fucking killed him.” She sobbed on. Bucky let out a shaky sigh. He kept stroking her hair and kissed the crown of her head.
“An officer came to my door this morning. Broke the news. His unit knew how involved I was in his disappearance. They gave me the file.” She sighed and moved away from Bucky a little bit to show him her uncle’s dog tag. “And this.”
“They said that he wanted me to have it.” She said, flashing Bucky a broken smile. Tears were still streaming down her face. Bucky reached for her face again and wiped her tears. He took the dog tag from her hand and placed it around her neck. “Well now it’s yours.” He said, offering her a smile.
Y/N sniffled before launching herself into Bucky. She hugged him, arms squeezing around his neck. When she let go, Bucky pulled his dog tags from his sweatshirt. “Look, we match.” He joked. Y/N let out a small giggle, before punching him in the shoulder.
“Sorry if I woke you up.” She said. Bucky smirked to himself. “Don’t worry about it. I couldn’t sleep anyway.” Y/N leaned her head on Bucky’s shoulder. “Y’know, you’re surprisingly a good shoulder to cry on.” She smiled to herself.
“Oh really?”
“Yeah, considering all you do is bitch and brood.”
“I do not bitch.”
“But you do brood.”
Bucky grabbed Y/N by the hips, pulling her into him. She was surprised, caught off guard by Bucky’s actions. Bucky and Y/N’s faces were so close together, they could feel each other’s breath. Bucky leaned in and then started to tickle Y/N’s sides.
“Stop! Oh my god, Buck!” She hollered, laughter filling her voice. “How’s this for brooding?” Bucky challenged, fingers still tackling her soft sides. He kept tickling her until Y/N landed a good punch into his stomach, which immediately caused him to stop.
“Christ, you have an arm.” He exclaimed, clutching his stomach.
“Christ, you know I hate being tickled.” Y/N said, shaking out her hand. Although she punched his stomach, her hand kind of hurt. “Do you have like, indestructible abs? ‘Cuz my hand is fucking killing me.” She questioned him.
Bucky shrugged. “Maybe you’re just weak.” Y/N tackled him into the couch. Her face stuffed into his sweatshirt. “I’m not weak, you ass-hat.” Her voice muffled through the fabric of Bucky’s sweatshirt.
“Okay, whatever you say, doll.” Bucky said, embracing her once more. They laid there, content with each other's company after just one month of being friends.
“Hey, Buck?” Y/N called, looking up at him with tired eyes. “Huh?” Bucky replied, looking down at the sleepy girl. “Thank you.” She whispered, before laying her head back onto his chest.
Bucky’s chest filled with warmth. A warmth that he never experienced in his 106 years on Earth. He didn’t know what this new feeling or emotion was, but he wanted it to stay there forever. He savored it, as his eyes started to get heavy and drifted off to sleep.
| next chapter |
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becca-e-barnes · a month ago
Hiiii! I love your writing so much!! Could you maybe do an imagine with Bucky where the reader gets hurt by John Walker and Bucky comforts and takes care of her? Thanks!!🥺❤️🥰
Omg thank you so so much for your request, you’re the sweetest!! I absolutely loved writing this one! I haven’t written anything like this in so long so I hope it’s what you wanted 💗
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 3,053
Warnings: Graphic violence, blood mention, assault, knife mention, some angst, hurt/ comfort, some explicit language, fluff too though
Summary: John Walker blames anyone and everyone for Lemar’s death and he takes it out on you. Bucky helps fix you up and comforts you.
Stumbling in through the door was even more difficult when every breath hurt. Every muscle in your body ached but the throbbing pain in your side hurt the most, perhaps more than the cut on your right arm. Walker was nothing short of unhinged. Losing Lemar had brought out a different side of him, something darker and cruel and it had only been amplified by the serum. America’s poster child was gone, twisted by grief and loss and a need to restore himself to his former title at any cost. Unfortunately for you, all that anger had been directed your way. Whether it was a form of revenge or a message to Sam and Bucky, you didn’t particularly care, not worrying too much about his motive and more about getting yourself to safety.
You had let your guard down far more than you should have in all fairness, it was silly of you and you had paid the price for it. Quiet side streets had always been a comfort to you when you had a lot on your mind and God only knows you had plenty to think about. You had only planned to be out half an hour at most, going for a quick walk in the fresh air to clear your head, restlessness setting in from the hours you had spent cooped up with nothing to do but think. You had been so lost in thought you hadn’t even heard Walker behind you. You had thought you were completely safe until you felt his hand around your throat.
“No Bucky or Sam to save you this time?” He had snarled in your ear as you tried to pull yourself free from his grasp.
“Get the fuck off me Walker.” You hissed with all the venom you could muster, his stubble scratched harshly against your face as you struggled, trying to reach for your gun that you had concealed under your jacket.
“Reach into that jacket again and I’ll make you regret it. Keep your hands where I can see them.” He threatened, tightening his grip on your throat, nails biting into your skin. You had ignored him, trying once more to get the gun from its holster and that’s when things turned ugly. You hardly had time to think before he had pulled a knife out from who knows where, slashing at your right bicep. The metal ate through your clothes and down into the skin with ease, blood starting to drip freely. In your shock, Walker was able to throw you to the ground. Your hands broke your fall but your right arm gave way under the force, sending fresh streams blood dripping down and pooling at the tips of your fingers. The ground beneath you was wet and cold, the damp cement was relentless and you willed it to open up and swallow you whole rather than let Walker have the satisfaction of killing you. There wasn’t even enough time to try to reach for your gun again before Walker pulled it from you and continued his assault. Before you knew it, you were curled up in a foetal position, trying to protect yourself from the violent, never ending blows from his boot. He kicked and stamped until you were screaming, writhing in pain but still not able to do anything to stop him. After what felt like an eternity, someone shouted up the street at him.
“I lost everything because of you people.” Walker growled, low and menacing, panting from how long he had spent trying to break your body. You looked up at him from behind your hands. His face was warped into a snarl that was nothing short of terrifying. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days and he certainly hadn’t shaved, his hair was slick with sweat and his eyes showed how truly broken he was. He didn’t show any kind of remorse, he just turned and ran away as a small crowd ran up the narrow street to help you.
That was the last you had seen of him. Pulling your broken body from that damp street had been one of the most painful things you had ever had to do, every muscle had protested but you couldn’t stay there. You had no way to contact Bucky or Sam so you started the short journey back alone, limping and holding your bleeding arm with dirty hands. And that’s how you ended up almost falling through the door.
“Ah shit,” you winced, clinging to the door frame, leaving a smear of blood that you would worry about later. “Bucky? You here?” You called out, hoping he’d be able to help you. You hadn’t been dating very long but you had been friends for years, forever dancing around the fact that you longed to be more than friends.
“Y/n?” Bucky answered, appearing from the small kitchenette. “Jesus Christ, what happened?” He looked completely horrified at the state of your mangled body, not really knowing how best to help you that wouldn’t just hurt you more.
“Walker jumped me.” You hissed, trying to shrug off your torn jacket to get a look at your cut arm.
“Here, let me help.” Bucky soothed, peeling your blood stained outerwear off and dropping it in the trash can. He winced at the sight of the deep gash on your arm but at least it wasn’t really bleeding so much anymore. He would make sure Walker paid for what he had done to you but right now, that wasn’t his top priority, you were. “Okay, sit down here, I’ll run you a bath.” He pulled you over a chair and guided you down onto it, letting you grip his metal hand tightly to distract yourself from the pain. He hurried off to run the bath and came back with a hairbrush and a pair of scissors. “Gonna have to let me brush your hair doll before I can wash it. The blood has kinda made it stick together, it’s gonna hurt like a bitch.” He reasoned, sounding sympathetic.
“Think I can handle a little more pain Buck.” You joked with a weak laugh. Bucky started to detangle your hair as gently as possible, brushing through it while the bath filled with water. When he was happy he had detangled your hair enough, he helped you shimmy out of your jeans. Your top wasn’t worth saving so he just cut it off with the scissors and that’s when he noticed the bruising. Almost the whole expanse of your rib cage was mottled an angry blue and purple. The look of complete horror on Bucky’s face said enough, his mouth hanging open at a complete loss for words.
“I’m going to fucking kill him.” Bucky fumed, not daring to graze his fingers over the darkening skin of your abdomen.
“It’s not as bad as it looks.” You soothed, not wanting him to worry.
“Bullshit. He did this because Lemar got killed? That wasn’t anything to do with you. You didn’t deserve this.” He was seething with rage, but his anger was so different to John’s. Where John was only intent on causing senseless pain, Bucky’s anger was still controlled. He was levelheaded whereas John had been wild in his untameable need for retribution. Bucky hoisted you up, wrapping your left arm around his shoulders and did his best to manoeuvre you to the small bathroom, turning the tap off before helping to guide you into the bathtub. You groaned in pain as you sat down. Your aching muscles needed the comfort of the hot water but any kind of twisting and turning hurt terribly. You drew in a shaky breath, laying back so your head rested on the edge of the tub, taking the weight off your spine.
Bucky watched you intently, his eyes trained on your dirt and blood splattered face. He waited until you weren’t wincing in pain before getting up and retrieving a small bowl from the kitchenette. “Gonna wash your hair for you doll. You sure your neck is okay? Don’t wanna hurt it.” He whispered. You weren’t sure if he was trying to make this calming for you or for himself but either way, it didn’t really matter.
“It’s fine Bucky, I can do it myself. Just need a second.” You offered but he knew you were lying. You could hardly lift your right arm nevermind wash your own hair.
“Sure doll, and pigs can fly.” He retorted, making you huff out a little laugh. It calmed him to hear you laugh, despite being in so much pain. You didn’t argue with him any further and he filled the little bowl with bath water, pouring it over the crown of your head to wet the parts that weren’t already in the water. After saturating your hair, he squeezed out some shampoo and worked it into a soapy lather on your head. You had to admit, feeling both his flesh and metal hands working against your scalp in tandem was soothing, making you almost forget your aches and pains.
Working the shampoo into your hair was relaxing Bucky too which he was quite surprised by. The scent reminded him of those late nights you spent together, cuddling on your couch watching TV, his head buried in the crook of your neck, keeping you close. Then the memories of those early mornings you spent together flooded his head, when sunlight streams in through the window with nothing to distract him but your gentle snores and the tickle of your hair against his cheek. That shampoo was a smell that reminded him of nothing but you. You were his safe place. The one person in his life that didn’t judge him based on his past and the terrible things his body had done. He hadn’t really taken the time to recognise how happy you had made him these past few months until you had stumbled through that door looking like hell. His heart had fell through his stomach but for the first time since he was kidnapped by HYDRA, he felt fear. Real fear. Not just worry, or panic, but absolute terror at the thought of you being hurt and him not being there to protect you. From the shape of your now fragile body, he could only imagine what Walker must have done to you that would inflict that much damage. Half of the problem was how well he could imagine the brutal beating you had suffered. He had given so many in the decades he spent as the Winter Soldier, the faces of all those he had hurt permanently etched into his mind. He had seen their fear, their despair, the helplessness in their eyes as his body had tortured them, his brain only half engaged with the violence. The thought of it being you on the ground, enduring such a horrendous beating, from John Walker of all people, was driving him close to insane.
“You okay Buck?” You quizzed softly. His hands had stopped moving some time ago, his still fingers just tangled in your soapy hair.
“Yeah doll, sorry.” He mumbled, lifting the little bowl again to rinse all the soap out before running conditioner through your hair, knowing it was an important step in your routine. He only knew that because he had showered at your place a few times and every time he did, he jokingly made complaints about all the bottles of “potions” that littered the shelf. You had teasingly told him that if he didn’t like it, he could go home, making him laugh and pull you into a sweet kiss.
You both agreed that washing your body wouldn’t be the best idea, given how tender most of you was. Instead, Bucky lifted a washcloth and dampened it, washing the mud and blood splatters from your face delicately. Then it came time to tend to the gash on your arm. Bucky cleaned it carefully, pausing every time you winced in pain. He looked so sympathetic, not wanting to hurt you further but he knew it had to be done. He pulled the first aid kit from the cabinet, carefully opening the little packet that contained the disinfectant wipes.
“Gonna sting y/n,” he warned and you nodded slightly, steeling yourself for what was coming. He gently pressed it to your wound and you let out a low groan of pain, head pressed back firmly against the tub.
“Shit, Walker should carry those on him, this hurts more than his kicking did.” You joked through gritted teeth.
“I don’t know, he got you pretty good.” Bucky chuckled in response, just happy to hear you still had your sense of humour.
“Bullshit, my neighbour’s chihuahua is tougher than him.” You huffed as Bucky wrapped your arm tightly with a bandage.
“To be fair, that thing is vicious.” Bucky laughter softly. “Okay doll, get yourself dried, I’ll go get you a change of clothes.”
You nodded, letting him help you out of the bath. He wrapped a soft towel around you shoulders and left the bathroom, closing the door behind him. You patted your delicate body dry, thanking him when he returned with one of his hoodies, a pair of pyjama shorts and some underwear. You dressed as quickly as possible and let him brush the tangles from your hair. He pulled it up into a low bun – one of the benefits of having a boyfriend who had sported a man bun for a while.
“You should get some rest doll.” He offered, placing a little kiss on the top of your head.
“Come with me? Please?” You asked softly, not wanting to be alone.
“How could I say no to you princess?” He smiled warmly, leading you to the little bedroom. He helped you get comfortable on the bed, conscious not to make you bend too much before he laid down beside you. He let you rest your head on his chest and wrapped his flesh arm around you, careful not to put any weight on the bruised expanse of your rib cage. You were content just lying there with him, listening to the gentle pounding of his heart against your cheek.
“You wanna talk about it?” He suggested quietly after a little while, his voice was so soft you had hardly heard him at all. You brought one hand up to rest over his heart but when he noticed that under your fingernails was still caked with stubborn dried blood, he flinched a little. This conversation would be as difficult for him as it was for you. He wasn’t bothered by the sight of blood, God knows how much of it he had seen spilt in his lifetime but this was your blood. This was different in a way that made his stomach lurch and a lump settle in his throat.
You shook your head gently before you took a deep breath. “Walker snuck up on me. Grabbed me by the throat. I reached for my gun so he cut my arm. Then he pushed me over and kicked me until someone came to stop him. Not much more to tell you than that.” Your voice was quiet and you hoped Bucky wouldn’t notice how you were trembling as you spoke. Tears pricked your eyes, threatening to spill over thinking about how powerless you had been. Not being able to defend yourself bothered you more than the fact you had been hurt.
“He’s not gonna get away with this y/n. He’ll have to break every bone in my body before he gets the chance to hurt you again.” Bucky promised, bringing your hand to his lips and giving your knuckles a gentle kiss. He had sounded so sincere as he had spoke. He truly would protect you with his life if he had to.
“I-I couldn’t even fight back.” You whispered, a little sob escaping your lips and that’s when the dam broke, tears streaming freely down your face. You just felt drained. You had been so scared, your body was so sore and now you were exhausted, clinging to Bucky’s shirt.
“It’s okay y/n, there was nothing you could do. I should’ve been there.” He soothed
“No Bucky, I should’ve been able to handle him myself. I don’t need a body guard to protect me from John fucking Walker of all people.” You wailed quietly against his broad chest.
“Hey hey no, I know you could but that snake came up behind you. He didn’t even fight fair. Hell, if he had jumped me like that, I probably couldn’t have done any more than you did.” His thumb ran lovingly over your cheeks, collecting your tears. He knew it would be best to let you cry it out, just needing to be reassured that you were safe.
“I was useless Buck. And I was so fucking scared.” You choked, sobs wracking your whole body. The pain in your chest as you moved just made everything worse, reminding you of what you had been through.
“You weren’t, don’t say that.” The soldier chastised. He couldn’t bear the thought of you feeling that way. “You’re the most important person in the world to me.” His voice was hushed, making you truly feel the reverence of what he was saying. He meant it wholeheartedly. You had always been there for him, helping him through those terrible nights when the soldier’s memories were more vivid than his own and it felt like there was no escape. You comforted him in a way no one else could, accepting him and loving him in spite of everything. Seeing you so hurt was almost too much for him. You were far too special to him for you to be feeling like this so he cradled you a little tighter. Eventually he noticed your sniffling had stopped and your body was relaxed against his. Your breathing was so even he guessed you must have fallen asleep.
“God, I love you, y/n.” He whispered to himself, pressing a gentle kiss to the crown of your head. You smiled to yourself ever so slightly. He had never said that before but rather than call him out on it, you closed your eyes, hoping to drift off to sleep listening to the soft thrumming of his heart.
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Main Masterlist
I write mainly for Bucky Barnes and other Sebastian Stan characters, Steve Rogers, and the Avengers in general. I am still branching out on writing for more characters. 
Let me know if any links for whatever reason do not work please!
Requests and my taglist are open! 
(Updated 6/20/21)
Bucky Barnes (Comfort)
Come Back Home
Where’s my White flag?
Take the Pain away - also includes drug addiction
It Shouldn’t Happen to Me 
Never free of myself - also includes self harm
I can’t be alone right now - also includes self harm
Let me In
Happy Pills
You’re my priority
All I ever do is run
I swear, I’m fine
I wasn’t there - also includes self harm
It’s called empathy - comfort for being highly sensitive
Eating disorder
I Don’t Hate You Like I Hate Myself
What’s going on with you?
Why do you bother with me? 
Running on Empty
You Aren’t Somebody? 
Empty Words - you go through a break up and Bucky comforts you
If I were someone else - reader and Bucky have feelings for each other, both too insecure to say anything
Just give me more time - reader has a near death experience and shuts Bucky out
I am my worst enemy - No reader, Bucky’s internal thoughts between TWS and CACW
I’m Dangerous - Reader comforts Bucky after a nightmare
We Need You - Bucky comforts a reader with imposter syndrome
Bucky Barnes (Fluff)
You’re not going to work - Bucky wants cuddles
PMS for Please Make it Stop - Bucky comforts a reader through her period 
40′s Bucky
Are you looking down upon me? - You’re Bucky’s girlfriend in the 40′s and are devastated by his death. Until the winter soldier comes for you
How do I do this without you? - You’re Bucky’s sister trying to cope with the loss of your brother
Coney Island - your last date with Bucky before he ships out with the 107th
Steve Rogers
You saved me - reader gets snapped away by Thanos and is reunited with Steve in 2023
I didn’t have the right words to say - comfort for depression/self harm
Am I wrong? - comfort for depression/trust issues
Just let me go - comfort for suicidal thoughts
Sebastian Stan
You just have to keep trying - includes eating disorder
But words can never hurt me - in which reader is an actress and hate messages get to her. Includes self harm
Don’t let me forget - you break up with Sebastian and then regret it
I wanna dance with somebody - in which you get Sebastian to try a new type of workout 
One Step at a Time - includes eating disorder
Lance Tucker
I got your back - includes eating disorder
I was never good enough for you - includes self harm
Everything I wanted to be - daughter reader comfort for nightmare
Emma - Based off a Friends episode
What do you meme? - in which Steve, Bucky, and Sam get pulled over for being distracted looking at memes, and they have one phone call
She’d rather be beautiful than alive - comfort for eating disorder
Reason to come back - (Now for Bucky) Bucky breaks up with you, but comes back when he realizes he made a huge mistake.
Part Two
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guess whos watching endings,beginnings tonight again??
thats right, FRANK SUPREMACY!!!
Tumblr media
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