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#season of storms
myhikari21things · 7 days ago
Reading My Entire Library Week 38 (April 1, 2021-April 7, 2021)
American Gods-2001 Neil Gaiman
Dreamcatcher-2001 Stephen King
Season of Storms-2001 Susanna Kearsley
Summer Island-2001 Kristin Hannah
Baron: The Cat Returns-2002 Aoi Hiiragi
Coraline-2002 Neil Gaiman
Distant Shores-2002 Kristin Hannah
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myhikari21things · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Reading My Entire Library
Season of Storms by Susanna Kearsley (2001)
April 3, 2021-April 4, 2021
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thepunktheory · a month ago
Seasons of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski (Witcher #8)
What are your thoughts on this one?
Hello, my darling readers!Welcome to the final review in my attempt to make it through all the Witcher books. I’m finally done, so let’s talk about Season of Storms which is the most recent novel, but is actually a prequel. Season of Storms on Goodreads The Plot (according to Goodreads): Geralt of Rivia. A witcher whose mission is to protect ordinary people from the monsters created with…
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Geralt being smart, part 1 of 535678
‘Other evidence is lacking... As of now... The accused is a witcher, which was proven. He's a mutant, living outside the bounds society, ignoring its laws and putting himself above them. In his crime generating and sociopathic profession he meets with felons, and also non-humans, including races that are traditionally hostile to humans. Breaking the law is in the nihilistic nature of a witcher. In the case of this witcher a lack of evidence is the best evidence. It proves perfidy and...’
‘Does the accused,’ the judge it seems was uninterested in what else is proved by lack of evidence. ‘Does the accused plead guilty?’
‘I do not.’ Geralt ignored desperate signals of his defender, ‘I'm innocent, I haven't committed any crime.’
He had a bit of skill, he had met with justice before on a few occasions. He had acquainted himself with literature on the law superficially.
‘I'm being accused because of prejudice...’
‘Objection!’ shrieked the assessor. ‘The accused declaims speech!’
‘As a result of prejudice against my person and profession that is due to praeiudicium, and praeiudicium implicates falseness. More - I’m accused on the basis of an anonymous report - one report at that. Testimonium unius non valet Testis unus, testis nullus. Ergo this is not an accusation, but presumption that is praesumptio. And presumption leaves doubt.’
‘In dubio pro reo,’ the defender spoke up. ‘In dubio pro reo, Your Honor!’
‘The court,’ the judge banged her wooden hammer, waking up the sub-judge, ‘rules to assign a bailment fee of five hundred Novigrad crowns.’
EDIT: Fun fact? He was guilty 😂
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pluckywallflower · 2 months ago
"I dream of sailing away one day...I'm alone, completely alone among the strange and hostile elements. Solitude amid a sea of strangeness. Don't you dream of that?" No, I don't, he thought. I have it every day.
- Season of Storms, by Andrzej Sapkowski, A Novel of the Witcher
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gayregis · 3 months ago
okay in my recommendation — do not read season of storms if you are new to the witcher. it is the most boring book and offers absolutely NO insight into who any of the characters are, the writing is poor compared to the stories and the saga.
it feels like a witcher book trying to be a witcher game. there are very little if any heartfelt moments, and you will not get a good impression at all as to who characters are, what the stakes are in the books, and overall what the witcher series is like. for context, it contains zero information about ciri, who’s the main focus of the saga and is incredibly important. additionally, it contains spoilers for the series, so it doesn’t make sense to read it before any other witcher book.
if you are looking to begin with the witcher series, just read the last wish, the first book, as it is a compilation of short stories. easy to digest, well-written prose, emotional moments, sets the stakes of the series up well, with minimal bastard moments from sapkowski (there’s a few re: iola and yennefer’s treatments, but i mean as in there is little senseless graphic violence, in contrast to late in the saga).
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myidlehand · 3 months ago
So I just finished Season of Storms, the last Witcher book that was published and takes place in between both short story books The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny.
I would recommend that book to anybody who wants a story about Geralt but doesn't want to read Ciri's entire story as it happens before they meet, so before the novels. Basically it's 350 pages of just Geralt being Geralt and that won't spoiled you the books (more on that below because there is one major spoiler, read to the end of the post) or the show. So if you want one nice long side adventure with Geralt (and Dandelion) read this one!
It's quite entertaining and all about Geralt. Geralt is on a quest to retrieve an object he lost and of course shenanigans happens along the way. To me it's the book that felt the most like what you can expect if you only played the games. And there's some nice little facts to learn along the way.
To really don't need to know anything at all, you could even read this without having read any other Witcher book, played the game or see the show and it would make sense. If you've only seen the Show you're good, knowing who Yen is brings a bit of context but not all that much.
BUT I would warm against two important things:
There is at some point description of dismemberment and disembowelment and medical testing on human being including children. It's a little bit graphic so if you don't like that be careful. It's not overly disgusting but the description leave no rooms for imagination.
More importantly if you absolutely DO NOT want to know anything about how Geralt's, Yen and Ciri's story ends in the last book I would recommend skipping the epilogue. The story ends the chapter before. The epilogue is centered on Nimue, a minor character that you discover in the last book of the series. While she appears twice (I think) in this book you won't be spoiled her story at all (it's not super important anyway she's a narrating device in the last book she doesn't have a real story). You will however be spoiled about the very last chapter of the very last book of the series so MAJOR WARNING ON THAT. If you played the games you probably won't be surprised but still.
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xansandfans · 4 months ago
Names from The Witcher 
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gayregis · 4 months ago
if you are at all interested, I would love to hear you talk about Ferrant de Lettenhove. Like, he is the most minor character from the least cohesive book, but he sticks in my head because of the last time we see him (also probably because this is a glimpse into Dandelion’s past, sort of, which we don’t get elsewhere). What was Sapkowski doing by including him? What was his purpose in the broader narrative of the story—if there was one?
im so glad you asked honestly... this is just gonna be me talking and not really with anything backing it up so 👉👈 idk if this was sapkowski’s intention at all but this is just what i got out of it
i think ferrant was to really provide a contrast for dandelion and to show what dandelion “could have been.” in the beginning of the book dandelion seems kind of foolish compared to his cousin, who is described as not only being a noble, but looking like one. dandelion being dandelion, he has to catch his tongue before it leads him to trouble... he addresses ferrant by casual name, instead of by his title outside, which just demonstrates to me how easygoing and informal dandelion is, in contrast to his cousin and perhaps the rest of his family who abide by and uphold societal norms. i think what is striking is that at the end of the book, through intense political strife, ferrant actually ends up embroiled in a dismail situation which could potentially lead to his execution. his sort of “final words” to geralt being basically “get out of here, far from here, and take julian with you,” is really kind of horrifying to confront. it seems as though geralt and dandelion just escaped a shark’s maw... as is the usual for them, but what is more relevant to the ferrant-julian contrast is that while dandelion might get into trouble here and there, he can always hop on his horse and leave the disaster he’s gotten himself into. ferrant can’t. he’s tied down to a specific court and a specific king... or was tied to a specific king, and now he’s tied to the new king. this sort of political loyalty might be a metaphor for romantic and relationship loyalty, because geralt experiences something similar with coral. coral isn’t interesting to me but she’s intended to convey danger and the danger of romantic rebounds i suppose. moral of the story being, it’s not inherently bad to be tied to a certain king or a certain person, but just make sure you pick a damn good one to be tied to, otherwise it could lead to your ruin. ferrant in this larger picture serves as a contrast to dandelion, who might be dopey, but he’s free and happy. and this dichotomy of free vs caught, or stuck, is something i think sapkowski was playing around with when it comes to early geralt-yennefer relationship tensions... for example, in the voice of reason, the reason geralt gives to nenneke for leaving yennefer was that she was too possessive. geralt and yennefer have to learn how to love each other without trying to own each other, so that neither is trapped. 
on a less serious and overarching narrative note, i think ferrant’s contrast to dandelion is a nice little glimpse into dandelion’s past, as you said, and at his greater family, that we didn’t get to see expanded upon at all in the main series. it might be something like the auguara that sapkowski had in mind but never really had a chance to incorporate until now, as season of storms is kind of a hot dog of the series... it’s made of the little bits and scraps that didn’t fit anywhere else. i think it’s fun to think of dandelion as the rainbow sheep in a herd of stiff upper lip beige-wearing nobles who choose to answer to kings. it furthers what i think is a contrast between geralt and dandelion, that geralt had his life chosen for him, and dandelion chose his own life. and this feeds into their pessimist/optimist dynamic as well.
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j-a-pankratz · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I always wondered why Geralt hates portals so much
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jaskierswolf · 5 months ago
Hi! I love your writing! I have a sort of prompt?? So in the games Geralt tells Yen that he once found himself without any weapons and Dandelion, adamant that Geralt should have something to protect himself, proudly bought him a very expensive sword and Would Not Shut Up about it. The sword shattered the first time Geralt swung it.
Ok so this is actually a part of Season of Storms, but I’m ignoring that entire story for this prompt and writing my own version! Warnings: Sword flirting, sexual references, and implied weapon kink! ___________________
Geralt inspected the blade with expert eyes. It was a beautiful design, that much was certain. The hilt was studded with shining red rubies and they looked like the real deal too. It must have cost Dandelion a small fortune. The join of the blade and the hilt worried Geralt though. It was messy and the metal near the handle was too narrow. It should have been sturdier. The blade itself seemed well made on first inspection but he ran his fingers along the edge tentatively to make sure.
He frowned as he peered at his finger tip. There wasn’t even a mark.
He tried again, this time with more pressure.
“Geralt!” Dandelion cried and pulled his hand away from the blade. He was all puffed up with indignation. “What are you doing?” He snapped but the blush on his cheeks told Geralt that he wasn’t entirely surprised by the turn of events.
Geralt met Dandelion’s cornflower blue gaze. He smirked, took the poet’s hand and wrapped it around the blade of the sword. He didn’t break eye contact as he moved Dandelion’s hand along the blade from the hilt to the tip, making sure the troubadour’s hand was gripping it tightly. He smirked as he smelled the sweet scent of the bard’s arousal, and rolled his eyes.
“You’ve been conned, Dandelion.” Geralt muttered and dropped Dandelion’s hand.
The poet kept his hand wrapped around the end of the blade, he slowly stroked his thumb along the edge and gently pressed against the tip. It should have been sharp enough to instantly pierce the skin but there wasn’t even a faint scratch.
Dandelion licked his lips and winked at Geralt. Geralt felt his mouth go dry as he watched Dandelion’s tongue peek out between soft pink lips.
“So are you saying this couldn’t hurt me?” Dandelion asked with a cock of his head. The heron feather in his hat quivered from the movement.
Geralt raised an eyebrow but nodded. “This couldn’t hurt a fly, Dandelion.”
Dandelion bit his lip and stroked the sword all the way to the hilt as he stepped closer into Geralt’s space. “What if I helped you… sharpen your sword?”
Geralt’s breath hitched and he dropped the sword. Dandelion let the weapon clatter to the floor as he moved in to brush his lips against Geralt’s cheek, but they both jumped apart as the sword shattered at their feet. Geralt swore as he looked down at the broken sword. It may have been useless but it had been the only weapon he had. At the very least the sight of it should have been able to deter any trouble.
“Oh bloody hell.” Dandelion pouted. “Well there goes all my plans for the evening.”
The poet put his hands on his hips and glared at the shards of metal on the ground. Geralt laughed and stroked a thumb along Dandelion’s cheeks. “You knew it was blunt.”
Dandelion snorted. “Of course I did. It’s a ceremonial sword. I believe this particular one was made for a noble family in Kovir as an engagement present. I knew you wouldn’t be stupid enough to use it in a real fight but I thought-”
Geralt cut him off with a kiss. Dandelion melted against his chest and Geralt felt the tickle of Dandelion’s hair against his cheek. “You’re a fool, Dandelion.” He murmured against the poet’s lips. “An engagement present?”
“Oh shush.” Dandelion blushed. “That’s not the point, Geralt.”
Geralt grinned and captured his lips in another kiss. “Do you still have the dagger the dwarves gave you?”
Dandelion frowned but nodded. “It’s in Roach’s saddlebags.”
“Quen will stop you from getting hurt but…” He trailed off, letting the poet’s vivid imagination fill it the blanks.
“Oh ho ho! Geralt, my love. I like your thinking.” _______ tag list: @abluescarfonwaston @artistsfuneral @slythnerd @elliestormfound @moonysourenza @victorieschild @hailhailsatan @wherethewordsare @havenoffandoms @bitchy-witchy-post-mortem @electricrituals @geralt-of-riviass @lohrendrell @geraskier-trashh @00qtee @kittynannygaming @scribblesonmapleleaves
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citoyenneprzybyszewska2 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Artists don’t wake up before noon
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imperialbogmonster · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“They walked through the grounds along a side avenue, passing an area obviously used for utilities, from where they could hear the clank of pots and kitchen utensils, as well as the vile insults the chefs were dishing out to the kitchen porters.”
Ah, front-of-house/back-of-the-house rivalry. Truly a tale as old as time.
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It’s canon that Geralt’s eyes shine in the dark
Eyeshine is a visible effect of the tapetum lucidum. When light shines into the eye of an animal having a tapetum lucidum, the pupil appears to glow. Eyeshine can be seen in many animals, in nature and in flash photographs. In low light, a hand-held flashlight is sufficient to produce eyeshine that is highly visible to humans (despite our inferior night vision).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ofc, the presence of a tapetum lucidum enables animals to see in dimmer light than would otherwise be possible - that’s why Geralt can see in the dark as well ;). And shine his eyes at everyone :D
(also, can I say how much I enjoyed our poor witcher kidnapped and in trouble :D?)
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arreloi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
"Miecze wiedźmina.
Miecz pierwszy jest stalowy. Stal syderytowa, ruda pochodząca z meteorytu. Kuta w Mahakamie, w krasnoludzkich hamerniach. Długość całkowita czterdzieści i pół cala, sama głownia długa na dwadzieścia siedem i ćwierć. Wspaniałe wyważenie, waga głowni precyzyjnie równa wadze rękojeści, waga całej broni poniżej czterdziestu uncji. Wykonanie rękojeści i jelca proste, ale eleganckie.
Miecz drugi, podobnej długości i wagi, srebrny. Na jelcu i całej klindze znaki runiczne i glify.
Cena wywoławcza tysiąc koron za komplet."
~Andrzej Sapkowski "Sezon Burz"
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It’s a bit spoiler-ish, but I love how it establishes Geralt's fate as this legend, this ghost, this mythical hero striving through the wilderness and protecting humans from monsters. Because no matter if he’s dead or alive, he will return when people need him the most
“This mare…” In her excitement she had difficulty pronouncing her words. “This mare is named Roach. Because that is what you name every horse. Because you, are Geralt of Rivia. The witcher, Geralt of Rivia.”
He looked at her for a long time. Silent. Nimue also remained silent, staring at the ground.
“What is the year now?”
“One thousand three hundred and…” She lifted her eyes in surprise. “One thousand three hundred and seventy-three after resurrection.”
“If that’s so,” the white-haired man wiped his face with a gloved hand, “then Geralt of Rivia has been long dead. He died a hundred and five years ago.”
Nimue didn't give up. "The witcher will return from the afterlife! He will return to protect the humans when evil raises its head again. As long as there is dark witchers will be necessary. And the dark is still there after all!"
He was silent for long, looking to the side. Eventually he turned towards her. And smiled.
"The dark is still there", he confirmed. "Despite the achieved progress, which should, as they want us to believe, lighten the dark, eliminate the dangers and drive the fears away. So far the progress hasn't made any major success in this regard. So far the progress only talks us into believing that the dark is only a prejudice which darkens the light, and there's nothing to fear. But that isn't true. Because there will always, always be darkness. And always will the evil spread in the dark, always will there be teeth and claws, murder and blood in the dark. And always will witchers be necessary. And always shall they appear where they're needed. Where they're called. They shall appear when they're called, with sword in hand. With the sword whose brightness drives away the darkness, whose brilliance pierces through the dark. A nice fairy tale, isn't it? And it has a good ending, as every fairy tale should."
~ Season of Storms, Andrzej Sapkowski
(also: Geralt’s love for long and philosophical speeches definitely shows here :D)
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all-my-queens · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Inktober day 2 ― Lytta “Coral” Neyd
"I dream of sailing away one day... Only water and sky all around. The salt foam splashes me, the wind tugs my hair in an utterly male caress. And I'm alone ... among the strange and hostile elements. Solitude amid a sea of strangeness."
So once again, I was going for a more bookish look. Hope you guys like it! Do let me know what you think! And see you tomorrow with day 3 ― Eskel!
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thirillia · 6 months ago
I’ve decided to read Season of Storms after the saga as the additional drabble collection it clearly is. Thus I will be starting off with the actual saga now, even though I like the short story format. That’s to having an incredibly short attention span and tending to get distracted while reading actual novels with insufferably long chapters.
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