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davidhop · 5 hours ago
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#Rebel #seagull (at Carrick Roads)
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martinscoresdaisy · 6 hours ago
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Seagull relaxing in between two people at a safe distance! 😂
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potteryclaylover · 16 hours ago
Life Lessons I Learnt From Seagulls
Seagulls are the most inspirational creatures in my opinion. If I owned a sporting team of any sort, a seagull would be my mascot. Why? They’re the perfect combination of beauty, strong-will, friendliness and confidence. Though i personally never watched any seagull bird from close , but i love to watch bird from distance because i dont want to disturb their  peace. But it always feel me with positive when i see group of birds eating , flying and all their activity. It is best therapy for me and its from very earlier .
Who of us has not wondered, at some point in life, if we really are living to our fullest potential? That we are really experiencing all that we are capable of experiencing?Every human being has been given the capacity to live abundantly, without boundaries. But the scope of this freedom is too large for most of us. We cringe from the vastness of all that is possible. We prefer to hide behind artificial limitations instead.
We hear of the frog in the pond that steadfastly refuses to believe that there were limitless oceans out there. For him, his pond is all that there is in the world. We also hear of the worm in the apple who believes that the whole world is its apple, nothing more.
Some of you may be familiar with the famous book Jonathon Livingston Seagull written by Richard Bach. A tale about a seagull who has dreams of being a better version of himself and flying higher and faster than any gull has ever dared before. Cast out by the flock for being different he goes off on his spiritual quest to discover his full potential. Does any of this resonate with you by any chance?
In real life many people hate seagulls. Maybe you do too. Are they the thugs of the bird world? Pests to be poisoned and driven out? Let’s be honest they have a terrible reputation because they are noisy and fearless they can appear aggressive and given the chance they will steal your food.
This little ode to seagulls may seem peculiar to you but as a result of long hours of observing them for days, I realized that inspiration can come from the simplest of things.
Have you ever heard of the expression ‘thinking out of the box?’ It means going beyond the accepted limits of imagination and daring to explore new possibilities. Jonathan Livingston Seagull was such an out-of-the-box thinker.
He discovered that for those who dare to dream, even the sky is not the limit. Jonathan lived as all seagulls do – in a flock. This flock was quite unremarkable. Seagulls are basically scavengers that inhabit the seashore, feeding off the debris that the sea throws out. Like all other seagulls, the members of this flock fed, bred and flew south in the cold winter months.
My love for these tiny birdies increased many folds when they actually taught me some valuable life lessons.
1. Don’t be afraid to stand against the wind
Look at this little fellow. He’s tiny and the wind that day was so strong even I was having trouble standing. He could just turn around and fly in the direction of the wind. But he stood his ground accepting the challenge.
Lesson: No matter how much friction you’re facing in being different or being yourself, don’t let it make you turn around in the direction of the wind.
2. Sometimes it’s good to go with the flow
If someone knows how to chill and take it easy, its the seagulls. They’ve taught me to not ALWAYS take life so seriously. That we can’t control each and every aspect of it. Sometimes you just have to let life unfold itself. See where the current takes you.
After all what’s the fun in knowing it all?
3. Evolve with your life situations
Seagulls are the masters of improvising and adapting to their circumstances. They can swim, fly or walk around depending on their need. We as humans have to realize that we are more equipped than a seagull. We have better means, internal and external, to adhere to our circumstances. We just need to be as strong-willed and easy going as a seagull.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a simple story with a profound message.
The message is that we can all be so much more than we believe, or are given to believe. That God – or fortune, if you wish – is on the side of the bold, the adventurous and the free in spirit.
Have you ever heard of the expression ‘thinking out of the box?’ It means going beyond the accepted limits of imagination and daring to explore new possibilities. Jonathan Livingston Seagull was such an out-of-the-box thinker.
He discovered that for those who dare to dream, even the sky is not the limit. Jonathan lived as all seagulls do – in a flock. This flock was quite unremarkable. Seagulls are basically scavengers that inhabit the seashore, feeding off the debris that the sea throws out. Like all other seagulls, the members of this flock fed, bred and flew south in the cold winter months.
But Jonathan sensed, in the core of his being, that there could be more to life. Much more.
4. Never be afraid to ask for your right
Anyone who has had a meal by the beach knows that the seagulls will come flocking around for their share. They are not afraid to ask for it. They’ll stand by staring at you persistently until you go, ‘oh well alright, have a chip.’
Deep in its communal heart, the flock knew that it was living below its full potential. It consoled itself with a vaguely remembered Promise, passed down various generations of seagulls. That Promise spoke of a Great Seagull – a supernaturally gifted bird that would come and deliver it from the chains of self-imposed mediocrity.
The Great Seagull was supposed to have secrets of limitless flight and a superior existence.
That discovering the Great Seagull’s secrets could have been the result of diligent effort and seeking did not occur to these seagulls. They preferred to put the responsibility of their future on a Being which they did not understand and did not try to emulate. The Great Seagull, however, did not come.
But maybe – just maybe – every seagull in that flock sometimes wondered if it was they were missing the point of this legend …
Jonathan had heard of the Great Seagull, of course. It meant nothing to him, but there was a question that did haunt him – the question that haunts us all when we have nothing to distract ourselves with. The question we ask ourselves when, for some reason or the other, we find ourselves sleepless at night.
Can I fly higher? Can I fly farther? Is there more?
The flock asked itself no such questions. The mundane preoccupations of life had them too much in thrall to consider deeper questions. But Jonathan knew that he could drink deeper of life than they did.
One day, he announced that he intended to fly higher and further than any seagull before him. The effect of his words on the flock was interesting, to say the least:
“Seagulls are not meant to fly higher than this,” is what they said. “What makes you think you’re different from us?”
That is the persistence and determination you and I need in your daily life. Ask for that promotion at work. Ask for the love and attention in a relationship. You deserve it.
5. It’s your character that makes you beautiful
Seagulls are not camera shy and are always ready to strike a pose. The poker face is their favourite. There are thousands of exquisite birds in the world but what made me fall in love with seagulls is their character. Sure they are nice to look at but it’s their confidence, strength and playful persona that makes them beautiful.
Jonathan’s answer was that he was not content with mediocrity, especially if he knew that he could attain greater heights. The rest of the flock became very angry with him – they called him a dreamer who did not know the realities of life. When he insisted on pursuing his vision, they cast him out of the flock.
Doesn’t this ring a bell in most of our minds? Doesn’t it remind us of times when we have been told – or even told ourselves – that we should realize our limits? Well, who sets those limits?
The human being has limited capabilities – but then, we only think of the capabilities we have actually demonstrated. We never think of the possibility of hidden capabilities that never see the light of day because they are not called upon.
Have you never heard of the true-life stories of people who overcame impossible odds – achieved impossible tasks – when they stopped relying solely on what they knew about themselves?
Jonathan Livingston Seagull, that anonymous bird in an anonymous flock, decided that he wanted to claim the Promise now. He wanted the power to fly higher than he had ever flown, to see sights he had never seen.
He decided that if the Great Seagull was real enough and powerful enough, it would help him achieve these goals in the Here and Now. Not in some vaguely conceived Hereafter, but in real time. In this present lifetime.
Did he turn to the Great Seagull in prayer? Or did he just draw inspiration from the fact that such a Seagull could and did exist? Richard Bach’s book remains silent on this issue. But from the moment Jonathan decided to claim the Promise, his life changed drastically.
Are you now waiting for the part where Jonathan was suddenly given miraculous spiritual and physical powers to make his dreams of impossible flight come true? Sorry, that is not what happened…
Instead, Jonathan’s belief in the Promise convinced him that the power to achieve his dream would be given to him if he put in diligent effort. He was a changed bird – he suddenly felt that he was no longer alone. And so he practiced flying higher. It was a painstaking process, but something had changed.
He no longer despaired when he considered his feeble seagull wings. He no longer doubted when he considered the fact that no seagull had ever flown as high as he wanted to fly.
This new-found assurance was not what is commonly known as ‘self-confidence’. It was confidence in something beyond him – a Higher Power, if you will. He called it the Great Seagull. Some call it God. But whatever we call it, it is a Power outside of ourselves. We cannot generate it, but we can still claim it.
And guess what? Jonathan Livingston Seagull soared. He eventually flew higher than any seagull ever had. And he finally met the Great Seagull.
Yes, he actually met the legendary Being. He basked in its approval and was given the power and privilege to lead others from the barren, empty path of self-effort to a mind-bogglingly rewarding partnership with Something Better.
I have a feeling that the human version of seagulls would have an amazing sense of humour as well.
Lesson learnt: Put your self out there. Have enough self-confidence to know and exhibit your good qualities and know that you’re beautiful just the way you are.
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boimgfrog · 17 hours ago
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stands outside your door like this
Brings you inside and feeds you a fishstick
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milesbutterball · 20 hours ago
Watch "A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away) (Video)" on YouTube
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twisted-interactions · 20 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Can we please talk about the high healing ability of School Uniform Rook and PE Uniform Epel?
They're both level 60 [R] cards and I maxed out their magic level because I was curious about the amount of HP they could recover.
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rogerskog · 22 hours ago
Måkene øver på bevegelsene de straks innfører på menneskene i byen. #seagulls #måker #nrktroms #folkebladet #bladetnordlys #animals #finnsnes #senja #senjskommune #attack #angrep (ved Finnsnes, Norway)
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nerosunero · 22 hours ago
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15 June 2021, Dublin
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bobbiegordon · 23 hours ago
hang on i started thinking about the question arcs and i think i turned myself back around onto combo murderers eva and kyrie
game 3, theoretically the most reality-grounded of the games and the one i would put the most stock in to have knox's 8th clues
only time i can remember eva having fantasy scenes outside of acknowledging kinzo in ep4 (not the evatrice ones lol but the ones where shes like oh noooo ppl are dying and i simply have no idea why but im sooo sad about it. these are fascinating scenes to put in and flag as fake)
still hold that kyrie and rudolf would have been the accomplices here if eva didn't solve the epitaph, and krauss and natsuhi in ep4. its conspicuous that they never get to be
kyrie is also the one the figure out eva is murdering people
other games
in game 2 kyrie was the one to see human beatrice, her only time interacting with a beatrice? natsuhi and rosa's beatrice interactions are related to their pasts/their own unrelated crimes. eva never has any except for evatrice i think? so her and kyrie are set aside from the others again
[blue truth] rosa couldn't kill maria bc she doesn't have the murder-your-child lavender. she couldn't be a major participant in the murders
the dads dont matter. except when i laid out motives i think rudolf is the most fun as a killer but
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bobbiegordon · a day ago
shkannontrice and the-stakes-as-servants' ribbon gems are all vaguely gold, lion/ikuko/natsuhi share one, gaap is just. gaap. natsuhi and kanon share the lavender color (altho so does kyrie, which, culprit link?? complicated parentage link? desire to kill your child link where kanon wants to kill himself??). could you just solve the entire game by looking at shared design elements
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cbroberg · a day ago
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Ohh what a beauty 🙏🏻♥️ #blokhus #blokhusstrand #seagulls #peace #mindfullness #afterworkoutwithK #meninblack #lovethis (her: Blokhus Strand)
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vintageseagrape · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ceramic Pottery Mug, Vintage and Handmade Ceramic Pottery Mug with Seaside Design Ocean and Gulls, Nautical Kitchen, Seaside Decor, Coastal I Description I Handmade, ceramic pottery slender mug with handle. Absolutely stunning design on this mug. Looking at the ocean waves with gulls, you're really almost able to hear the scene and feel the chilly ocean breeze. I don't often buy just 1 mug but this one is exceptional and I know will make someone very happy to have for coffee or even a hot toddy. Listed item only. Background items are not included. I Approximate Size I 5.5'' tall, 2.5'' wide at mouth I Shipping & Returns I Shipping is always combined for multiple purchases and any overages are automatically refunded. I do accept returns. If you need to return an item, please understand a restocking fee will be deducted from refunded amount. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. I Welcome to Vintage Seagrape I Check out the whole shop to see more, amazing vintage finds and gifts! You can follow @VintageSeagrape on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter
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myfairynuffstuff · a day ago
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Ilya Khokhrin (b.1985) - Abandoned Suitcase. Oil on canvas.
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danielemarzocchi · a day ago
Gabbiani e cormorani
Gabbiani e cormorani da Daniele Marzocchi
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