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Should I be doing homework? Yes definitely. But am I? No I'm busy reading fanfics about someone too old for me.
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amarriageoftrueminds · 2 days ago
idk how sebstan copes with the Anxiety of being anthony mackie's friend?? 
imagine it: you're standing there minding ur own business, trying to do a quick red carpet interview, when all of a sudden you hear it: 
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jessyballet · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan post to congratulate Chris Evans on his birthday
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Can't Run, Can't Hide
Congrats @syntheticavenger to 5k followers! 🌸💕
Thank you for that bomb ass prompt!
Tumblr media
Word Count: ~1,2 k
Pairing: stalker!Bucky x Reader
Content Warnings: consumption of alcohol, mentions of cigarettes, mentions of obsessive behaviour, MDI (18+!)
Feel free to check my Masterlist! 🐻
A/N: So it's Sunday morning and not even 7 am. I'm a tad bit hungover so I blame all writing errors on that. Anyway, this has been so much fun that I'm sitting here, saying: Let me play again ❣
Tagging: @wayward-blonde @mageofvengerberg @connieisland @demotalias @rebekkah119
Tumblr media
How it started:
Saturday night. Your Saturday night. The time you had been looking forward to all week finally came around and you felt the music, laced with a heavy bass drop, rushing through your muscles as you effortlessly moved your body to the beat. Tiny droplets of sweat ran down your neck and soaked the outlines of your tank top but that didn't matter much to you. You came to the club to dance and a little sweating wouldn't stop you from doing so. Through closed eyes, with your hands up in the air, pumping along with a rhythm that massaged every corner of your soul, you still recognized the flashing bright
lights around you. They painted your imagination in vivid colours as you felt your hair swaying from side to side along your jawline. Goosebumps erupted on your skin as you waited for the next drop to hit you, the buildup already coming on strong. As a new wave of deep vibrations finally burst through the speakers you opened your eyes, a wide grin spreading on your face while you soaked up the scenery surrounding you. Not only you, but everyone around went wild. People jumping and dancing like it was their last night on earth, losing themselves in a thoughtless trance and just living for the beat hammering through the thick and heavy air. Yes, that was exactly the kind of night you had been longing for.
For a couple more songs you danced along until you decided that it was time for a little break and a refreshing drink. For the latter you squeezed your way towards the bar, your second favourite place in this venue aside from the dance floor. You threw a warm hearted smile towards the bar keeper. The both of you knew each other from your countless party nights prior and the man reciprocated your smile with a soft wave of his hand and a nod towards the cocktail shaker. You answered with a thumbs up as you still were occupied with gently shoving sweaty bodies out of your way, mumbling not even barely audible apologies. By the time you arrived at the counter James had already prepared your favourite drink and arranged it in an unnecessarily fancy glass topped with a peel of orange zest.
"Thanks!" You almost shouted for your voice to be heard over the music
as you were about to pull your wallet from the back pocket of your
James in front of you just shrugged his shoulders at that and signed you to put it rightback to where it came from. Instead of accepting any cash from you he drew a pack of smokes from underneath the counter and gestured towards the back door. You smiled again, because some time ago this established to be your thing: Sneaking out the back door to accompany James on his break. Although smoking wasn't necessarily your thing you enjoyed the chill night air, taking a few good breaths before you went right back onto the dancefloor.
After you grabbed your drink you followed him behind the counter, through a backdoor that was originally only meant for staff and out behind the club that was buzzing as ever. Before James had lit his cigarette and exhaled the first cloud of smoke into the night air you pointed at your drink and spilled: "C' can't just give me another one for free." James right next to you chuckled a little, his sapphire blue eyes beaming at you.
"You're here quite frequently. Just see it as a discount for
regulars." He winked an eye at you, the flame from his lighter illuminating his face in a warm orange for a split second.
"Stop spoiling me like this!", you giggled, taking a sip from the beverage "You'll never get rid of me pampering me so much."
"Who said that I'd want to?" He mumbled in return, pulling the cigarette from his mouth as a barely even there hint of red flushed his cheeks.You found yourself a little taken aback by that, but to play over it, you took another sip from the cocktail glass.
"Well...", you stated jokingly "Since I didn't even pay half of my drinks tonight you should start thinking 'bout your salary, huh?"
James only let out a soft, half-hearted chuckle at that before silence engulfed the two of you. It wasn't an outright awkward silence, but not really comfortable either. Although this wasn't your first drink tonight you could sense that something was lingering in the atmosphere, something creeping at the tip of his tongue, made visible by the way he bit his lower lip and stared off into the night.
"You good?" You muttered in between another sip, gently nudging his side with your elbow.
"Sure... I just...", James hesitated and sighed, taking a drag from his cigarette "Uhm... I don't wanna come off strange and all but...uh...maybe I'd like to see you outside the club sometimes. Maybe a cinema or a restaurant..."
For a moment you just blatantly stared at him, yet again not really knowing what to say. You did not want to hurt him, nonetheless, you had your stand on dating or matters the like. For a good moment you pondered, choosing your words wisely.
"I really appreciate it, James.", You started "But for now I'm not really looking to date...sorry."
Your words hung heavy in the air and you felt bad for them as soon as they had dropped from your mouth. You liked James. He was good company and for sure a good looking man, but since your last, rather recent breakup, dating actually wasn't something on your priority list.
"That's... it's okay." He reciprocated, throwing the cigarette bud onto the pavement.
"Really?" You poked, looking for upright reassurance.
"Yeah.", he turned to you, throwing you a gentle smile "That's totally fine."
How it’s going:
You crouched down behind your living room blinds, sinking down to the floor, burying your face into the palm of your hands. His voice reverberated in your head: “That’s totally fine.”
Yeah, nothing had been fine since that evening….
At first you didn’t take much notice of it, you thought that your imagination was playing tricks on you. Spotting James in big crowds smiling at you, running into him while grocery shopping, meeting him at your favourite coffee shop. Funny little icedents, huh? No.
It didn’t stop there.
You did not know how, but somehow he got a hold on your phone number. At first everything was cool. He asked you how you are doing, sounding upright. Some evenings you were a little too talkative after one or two glasses of wine, just being happy that someone listened. Your last breakup had been a sloppy mess and you literally plastered James with that, thinking that he’d be there for you. Well, he was...for a limited amount of time. Up to the moment where he sent you rather strange messages along the lines of “He’s been a dick..I could do way better than that!”. At first you thought of it being encouraging, telling you that you certainly deserved better, but not long after things turned south. Love letters in your mailbox, flower bouquets delivered to your doorstep and your amazon wishlist arriving at your flat. It took you some time to figure out who’s behind that, but at the time it finally dawned on you it was too late.
“I’ll get you and you can’t do anything about that!”
The latest notification on your phone read before you tossed it as far away from you as you could.
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amarriageoftrueminds · 3 days ago
I've seen so many dumb make up tutorials on youtube where they glue on single false eyelashes and draw on wings to try and make their eyes look wide set and contour their nose to look tapered and short (and also hollow their cheekbones) and do a flawless glowy base but with a few freckles so their skin looks perfect but also natural and also add a nudeish red to their lips but a flattering shade like maybe that’s their real lip colour and sebastian stan is just Out There looking like that already what an utter bastard
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chefselection-blog · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Credit to @lukaszkielbasinski Seabass / prawns / kataifi pastry / capers / tomatoes / tenderstem broccoli Credit to @lukaszkielbasinski Seabass / ...
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andy-barber-4 · 7 days ago
Just to appreciate him🥵😩
@marvel.editorr on tik tok
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hotstuffspizza · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
I did this on my phone without a reference. I'm in pain /j
Also ship art of Seb and my farmer:
Tumblr media
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chefselection-blog · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Credit to @chefjasonhoward Seared sea-bass Wow beautiful looking dish, Credit to @c...
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chefselection-blog · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Stunning dish by @chef.mattabe Line-caught sea bass, caviar, buttermilk, dill Stunning dish by @chef.mattabe Line-caug...
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auroratigress · 12 days ago
That’s our boy!
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luckofthepuck · 12 days ago
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pyrrhaaeterna · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
For my last late MerMay 2021 post, we have @harmonylight’s mermaid AU’s equivalent of the fall of beacon with Pyrrha as a Moontail Seabass.
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jessyballet · 13 days ago
There's a positive side to everything
That looks like a very comfortable couch
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