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honeythrone · 7 minutes ago
today's agenda:
catch up on: why women kill & fear the walking dead
continue watching: the walking dead s5 rewatch
and when i'm sad because of the latter: community
tonight: work on a couple of drafts on each blog but do not queue! gonna save a week's worth of writing per blog before queueing anywhere again.
begin working on daryl's blog
but in case i'm too tired for rp things: gaming night, possibly uncharted, dead by daylight, or a telltale game.
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speedysongperson · 10 minutes ago
Perception of Others of PMO
PMO Organization is most often not welcome by everyone, especially the mid-level management. 
The perception is that PMO is a controlling organization that:
takes away power from the current structure,
Adds the bureaucracy
Introduces distant control to a process that already works ok though not great
Few Leaders believe PMO is yet another operational burden with the extra work for them to do. They also perceived that PMO individuals are a group who are seeking the organization's stardom.
It's important to create a PMO guide (agreement) and that needs to have support from the critical stakeholders. 
PMO guide is continuously and constantly changed, detailed, and improved as newer and more improved, progressively elaborated.
Without the agreement from critical stakeholders, the PMO guide and role of PMO becomes worth less. The less the support, the more the words come together to create a worthless document.
PMO Leaders need to show the tangible measures of success through reports and project case studies, and it’s vital to winning over skeptical executives who question the value of PMO.
Once PMO has delivered the Organizational goals and achieved results, ensure senior management knows what has been the accomplishments. The report shared with executives needs to be a sharp one page with the suitable graphic. Keep it short and simple.
Regular communication, as targeted information sessions, briefings and demonstrations, newsletters and posts will keep the PMO activities visible.
A quarterly PMO newsletter recognizes PMs for successful projects as well as communicating any recent developments from the PMO.
PMO Leaders can take continuous feedback from other leaders at regular intervals to measure progress. The key to change any perceptions is to communicate more and that could be through regular governance, status reports, lessons learned/ retrospective sessions or surveys.
PMO Team and leaders need to think from another functional / business leader's perspective. PMO exists because the projects are taking too much time and cost to ensure the Organization gets the ROI. 
PMO is like an ‘Investment manager’ of the org. Organization has given their budget, time, resources to you and you need to give in their expected ROI.
It's important for every PMO personnel to share the work and activities performed by them. Their leaders can pull the information and add their flavor to it to ensure the organization understands the value this org brings. It’s like a Pyramid built which will help the org share the value and business outcomes to the Senior leaders and get more projects that will add value to the Organization.
PMO people need to help and solve the issues for people/ businesses. Don’t just play a role of chasing coordinators or order-takers, play a role as a strategic partner.
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generoushelpingofwhump · 59 minutes ago
yall, I have been in agony in work so far and I've spent my entire morning thinking like okay, it's fine, I've just forgotten to put my insoles in and that's why it feels like someone is mashing every joint up to my back with a hammer.
my insoles have been in.
I have all my foot supports on.
I'm actually ready to cry with the pain lmao.
I kinda need my feet for my job where I, you know, am on my feet for 8 hours a day.
this sucks.
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orphictubbo · an hour ago
tubbos stream schedule (22/06)
(all times are in bst)
4pm - current stream ends
6pm - stream on main, setting up his vr headset (maybe with ranboo in vc)
8pm - 2nd alt stream, playing on tommy and wilburs new smp! (3 hour playtime limit)
11pm - fortnite with tiko, same alt stream
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xomiya · an hour ago
you called me? - sunarin
BAAABY hey *hops on you* yeah, i’ve really missed you so much, baby me or something 🥺
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technologynext · an hour ago
Everything You Need to Know About the Best Practices for E-Commerce Website Design
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Tumblr media
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lonesome-lesbian · an hour ago
I saw her again, last night, while picking up one of my roommates; they had worked together.
My other two roomies teased me: "There goes your girl~"
My face felt on fire.
Of course, that only made them more happy to tease.
But when the workers came pouring out of the store, she waved, and smiled, and said "I can't wait to work with you again Sunday"
I checked the schedule and know she was talking to me.
I'm glad to know she's not mad at me.
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shroomluu · 2 hours ago
───────── ·  ·  ·  · ♡
≡;- ꒰ ° Sal with a non binary s/o ꒱
Character: sal fisher
Warnings: I don't think there's any, let me know if there is
Genre: headcannons
♡ · ·  ·  · ─────────
• ‎uses your preferred pronouns straight away
• ‎asks if he can use them around everyone in public and if there's anyone not to use them around
• ‎if you can't figure out a name sal will give cool suggestions
• ‎and if you already have a name chosen he'll use that straight away too, and if you use your older name, that's fine too!
• ‎he helps you if you want to ask the school to change your name/pronouns on the school files
• ‎if he hears anyone say ANYTHING bad about you , sal most definitely will turn around and say something back (like that scene with Travis he has so many good comebacks)
• ‎if you use a binder or want to, he'll make sure you have more than one so you can still bind if something happens to the other one, and makes sure that you don't bind for too long
• ‎if you are using a binder and feel pain in your ribs pls pls PLS take a break from wearing it
• ‎gets you a waterproof one in case you want to go swimming :)
• ‎goes shopping with you to buy androgynous clothes
• ‎(wearing shirts can help make chests look flatter sometimes, btw)
• ‎he probably looks for tutorials on androgynous hairstyles
• ‎when introducing you he would say stuff like he's my girlfriend, she's my boyfriend or they're my partner, whichever you prefer
• anyone who purposely uses your wrong pronouns he literally won't talk to
───────── ·  ·  ·  · ♡
₍₍...₎₎ ꒰ ❛ a/n: ❜
Ik that everyone's experience and relationship with gender is a very personal experience, so I tried to stick to universal things that nonbinary ppl have problems with and stuff like that. Also I'm nonbinary so I based most of the other stuff on my personal experience :] any hate will be blocked :)
♡ · ·  ·  · ─────────
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pilatesplusmarlton · 2 hours ago
@pilatesplusrestoration we have new ways to do Pilates give the #PilatesChair a whirl #schedule your #PrivatePilates session today @Eveshamnj #PilatesStudio #marltonnj #fitnessnj #pilatesnj #burlingtoncountynj (at Pilates Plus a Restoration Studio, LLC)
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