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#scarlet johansson x reader
sarahp-stan · 6 days ago
Summary: After picking you up from the airport, Natasha surprises you with a date and a kitten.
Tumblr media
all: @delias-bitch-craft @winters-witch-bitch @paulawand @nyx-aira @taylorsmakingfuckingmacandcheese​    
marvel: @ladyeliot​ 
special tag to @procrastinatingsapphictrash​ cause she wanted to read it :)
(lmk if you want to be added and be specific!!!)
a/n: i was in a good mood today so i felt like i wanted to write a cute fluff short story :)
While you were on the plane, you were practically jumping in excitement. Four months ago, Fury assigned you to go on a work trip to go investigate a possible 0-8-4. Usually, he left those things for the lower-ranked officials, but you recently suffered a tremendous loss on the last harsh mission. In fact, that mission caused you and Natasha to get together. The grief of the mission brought you two together and you ended the night with a kiss and some snuggling. Of course, Barton had to come bursting in and taking a picture to blackmail us. 
The trip wasn’t too difficult, just stay a fair amount away from the object of unknown origin and simply investigate the surroundings and report back. Of course, Natasha was worried and constantly texted you whenever she had the time. You thought she was so cute, constantly asking you how you were doing as if you were on an extremely dangerous mission. The two of you talked every night about how each of your days was. 
You stepped off the plane only to be crushed in a hug by a certain redhead. You giggled. “Hey Nat” The redhead narrowed her eyes and she scanned you head-to-toe to see if there were any injuries to treat. “Are you hurt?” You rolled your eyes. It was only a simple observation mission. “I’m fineeee” Natasha grinned as she leaned forward to press a kiss to your temple. “Just wanted to make sure.” You thought that you two were going home to simply relax, but Natasha had other plans. “Nat, what are we doing here?” You looked at where you were. This was the restaurant that was in the best part of the city and had a stunning view at the rooftop. Its food must cost at least a hundred bucks for a dish. As you followed Natasha out of the car, you grabbed her wrist. “We can’t afford this!” Natasha’s worried expression turned into a sly grin. “Bet.”
You looked around rapidly and couldn’t believe how fancy and elegant this place was. You hadn’t been to this kind of restaurant since you were a little girl. Natasha reached for your hand on the dining table and intertwined her fingers with yours. She squeezed them reassuringly as if she was silently telling you not to worry. Almost suddenly, you relaxed your shoulders and took in a huge breath. You trusted Natasha, so you enjoyed the rest of your meal and chatted with Natasha.
When you opened the door to your apartment, you immediately heard a little jingle of some sort of metal. Was there a robber here? Did someone break in? You walked slowly to grab your bat from the closet and slowly approached the sound in where it came from. As you turned to the corner and opened the door. You peeked one eye open to see a cute little kitten resting on your bed, sleeping. You dropped your bat immediately and went to the sleeping kitten. You always wanted a kitten since you were young. As you petted the kitten, you noticed how pitch black the fur was, which you absolutely loved. You enjoyed the little purrs that the kitten released. You were so entranced by the cat that you jumped when Natasha made her presence aware. “So what will you name her?” You thought for a few seconds. “Natalie.” 
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choni-trimberly · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
My friend: hey what’s your type
Me: ummm Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlet Johansson
My friend: again I ask what is your type
Me: I just told you!
My friend: ..... ugh I give up with you
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wandavision episode 2 reaction | rewatch series
episode 2 of our WandaVision rewatch series!! 
Come check it out :) 
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teenwonder · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
hc: you were one of the blip’s victims, 5 years that your gf natasha yearned for you to no avail. there was a second chance to make you happy, even if cost her own life. she plummeted to her death with a grin bigger than herself, she did it, and she will wait upon you in heaven’s pearly gates! <\3
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theonly1outof-a-billion · 5 months ago
Guess the character: Marvel Edition
Ok so you guys know about that tiktok trend where you ask some people who they think the celebrity is? I did that with my friends and they have given me permission to share what they answered. This is a Marvel edition.
1. Sebastian Stan
Tumblr media
(These aren’t their real names btw)
Lyna: waiT
2. Chris Hemsworth
Tumblr media
Lyna: THOR
Lyna: *replying to Kimi* OMG😭😭
Me: No I meant the names of the actors
Kimi: *replying to Lyna* CHEATER
3. Scarlet Johansson
Tumblr media
Lyna: shes the girl with the short hair
Lyna: idk
Kimi: Im stressing myself omg
Lyna: 😀😀
4. Chris Pratt
Tumblr media
Kimi: HOT
Kimi: YES
5.Tom Hiddleston
Tumblr media
Lyna: LOKI
Kimi: YES
Me: Yah it was a wig
Me: How about the actor’s name?
6. Tom Holland cuz why not
Tumblr media
Lyna: tommy
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marvels-writings · 7 months ago
Outshining Birthdays
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) Masterlist
Requested by @thewidowsghost  : Could you do #30 with Nat?
30: *on their birthday*
“So am I supposed to be mature now?” 
“You weren’t mature before, why would that change?”
Word Count: 556 (short and fluffy)
A/N: I wrote this on four hours of sleep and a lack of sanity so it’s really short and really fluffy
Soft sunlight streamed through the blinds of your window, hitting your eyes. Sheets shifted as you turned around to avoid the light, adamant on sleeping in on your birthday. Instinctively, you reached out one arm towards your girlfriend to see she wasn’t there. Frowning at the feeling of a cold bed, you shrugged off the comforter and began walking outside.
It wasn’t uncommon for Natasha to wake up before you and eat breakfast or train. But it was your birthday, it was a little disappointing to wake up without your girlfriend. Footsteps padded along the cold floor as you made your way to the kitchen, finding it empty and clean.
“Did you guys abandon me on my birthday?” You asked to no one in particular, looking around when you felt two arms slide around your waist from behind you. Humming, red hair fell on your shoulder as your girlfriend’s front pressed into your back.
“We wouldn’t dare,” Clint said, popping out from behind the couch. Laughing, you glanced over the couches to see the entire team attempting to hide from you.
“We were trying to surprise you,” Natasha whispered in your ear, breath hitting the shell of your ear and making you shiver. You smiled and turned around in her arms while the rest of the team went towards the kitchen.
Arms finding their way around her neck, you nudged your nose against her, almost teasingly. A slightly frustrated groan leaving her lips at your teasing, Natasha found her home against your lips. Sighing softly into the kiss, you leaned further into her, pouting when she pulled away.
“First you let me wake up alone,” You remarked, pulling away to look at her emerald eyes. “Then you tease me?”
Your girlfriend chuckled and met your lips again, tugging on your lower lip slightly before pulling away again. She rested her forehead against yours, eyes glancing over your features as a small smile graced her lips.
“Happy birthday moya Lyubov.” She whispered, her smile growing by the words spilling from her lips. You smiled and pecked her lips once more before the others began to tease you about it. Natasha noticed and laughed, reluctantly pulling away from you as her hand settled on your waist.
“So I’m supposed to be mature now?” You asked, resting your hand over hers, thumb running across her skin as you walked towards the kitchen.
“You weren’t mature before,” Natasha remarked slyly, smirking at you. “why would that change?”
You feigned hurt with a gasp, smiling as she chuckled and went to show you the breakfast she had to prepare you. The disappointment you had in the morning was quickly replaced by surprise and love for the woman that prepared this for you.
Natasha had gone all out on this, the entire day, she had planned to go all the places you loved. In the end, she planned to go to the place where you had your first date. The rest of the places were fancy as hell, even though Tony said he didn’t mind paying, you promise you’d make it up to him later.
This wasn’t the first birthday you’d celebrated with your girlfriend, but somehow, she always managed to outdo herself and make it better than the last one. Every time, you swore it couldn’t get better than what you had. But she always outshone you, you loved her for it.
A/N: Tell me what you think!! I really appreciate reblogs and comments
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romanoffeast · 8 months ago
pour me courage in a cup with ice
pairing: scarlett johansson x reader
summary: during vacation robert plots to have you and scarlett sharing a room.
You were sat on your luggage, every other moment almost falling when the wheels would make it slide across the floor and almost escape from beneath you. Chris stood beside you, unbothered by the weight of his heavy luggage on his shoulder, he refused to let it on the ground where it would get dirty. “Careful, Y/n.” You hear Scarlett’s voice warn you when you almost fell back once again. You turned around with the luggage to look at your gorgeous coworker, she’s standing a few feet away with a water bottle in hands, staring at you as if just waiting for you to fall if you continue with this. “You’ll hurt yourself.” She says softly, and with no desire to worry the woman further you get up and slide your luggage in Chris’ direction so he will hold it for you, he grabs it without even looking up from his phone. You bring your coat tighter against your body, approaching the black widow star to stand by her side watching Robert and Mark bicker with the hotel staff, Scarlett looks calmer now that you’re by her side instead of fooling around.
“It’s cold, uh?” You mumble, hating yourself for how bad you are at making small talk. Before Scarlett can answer you Robert starts walking in your direction with a apologetic expression on his face.
“So, we might have a small problem.” He says as soon as he’s in front of you. “There was a problem with the reservations, they don’t understand what happened but there’s one room lacking because they thought your reservations were for the same bedroom.” He points to the both of you, and you can see Scarlett nodding to his words beside you, eyebrows furrowed. “Mark and I talked about it, we were thinking you could share the bed for now or Y/n could share with Chris-“
“No. That’s alright, I don’t mind sharing.” Scarlett interrupts him, turning her head to look at Chris for a second, and at that moment you watch as Robert’s expression becomes mischievous, he winks at you.
Oh, the little shit. You shake your head vigorously, trying to make him see sense that just because he knows about your crush on Scarlett doesn’t mean he gets to intervene in this by forging a situation. You’re about to pull him away just so you can give him a piece of your mind but when Scarlett turns back to you and asks Robert for the room key, you lose every ounce of fight in you when she looks at you and shakes the key between her fingers while grinning. “Chris! My luggage!” Scarlett waits patiently as Chris approaches you two, his hand brushes yours when you reach for your things, he leans in to kiss your cheek under Scarlett’s hard gaze and playfully mocks you to enjoy this opportunity in a whisper, he leaves you blushing at his words to follow the boys to his room, sometimes you regret having this idiot as your best friend. Still flushed you grin at the dazzling woman, bringing the luggage with you as you follow her, you can’t help but notice the way her steps are heavier as she walks just a little bit in front of you instead of by your side, the good thing with this is that you get to stare at her hips without having to be subtle about it.
Turns out the room is huge, clearly designed for a couple to comfortably spend their nights together. “Are you okay with sharing the bed with me?” You almost stumble on the small fridge when Scarlett says it, her expression is curious even as she tries to be nonchalant about it. “I mean, I know you and Chris are close so maybe you would rather stay with him...”
“God, no, the last thing I need is sharing a bed with Chris again, he snores.” Whatever answer she expected it definitely wasn’t this one if the way she forces a smile is anything to go by.
It’s slightly awkward as you two leave the room to join the boys for a night out, celebrating the much awaited vacation together in a small local bar. Chris stays by your side most of the time because he isn’t really trustful of leaving you alone in a unknown place, as he gets drunker he also gets bolder with the jokes about your situation, and even Robert tries to join him in his provocation but you’re soon threatening to prank him in his sleep if he continues to interfere in your love life. You watch Scarlett on the dance floor, incapable of tearing your eyes away from her even as you’re caught staring, the alcohol is definitely doing it’s thing and you know it with the way you’re confidently holding her gaze as she dances, at one given moment she starts walking towards the bar straight to you and the drink in your hand is immediately gone as you down it all in one go to get some more courage to deal with your very beautiful crush approaching you.
When you turn to ask Chris to not leave you alone you find that he’s already far away next to Robert pretending not to see anything. You feel a body collide with yours as Scarlett completely ignores any idea of personal space to join her body to your side, the bartender is quick to get her a shot that she drinks immediately, you’re left watching a droplet of vodka going down her chin. “Enjoying yourself, Y/n?” She asks with a knowing smirk, battling her eyelashes as if she didn’t notice how your eyes had been admiring her body from afar.
“Yeah, the view is pretty nice.” She laughs delighted, resting her hand on your upper arm.
“Only nice?” Scarlett mocks offense.
“You know you’re breathtaking, Scarlett.” You’re delighted now to watch her cheeks turn red.
“Yeah, but it’s nice to hear it from someone I like so much.” You blink, stunned by everything that is Scarlett Johansson saying you’re someone she likes. You’re not stupid, you know she’s flirting, it just feels like a dream to have her saying these things to you.
“Oh.” Scarlett chuckles at your lack of coherent reaction, and when she stumbles a little bit and ends up in your arms you don’t even try to stop yourself from holding her close.
“Sorry. I’m just a bit tired.” She mumbles, head resting on your shoulder as she lays her weight on you, arms enveloping your waist, strangely clingy in a way she usually isn’t. It all feels too much intimate, with the way her fingertips slip beneath a piece of fabric to be in direct contact with the skin of your waist. Everyone around you seems oblivious to your closeness and you’re thankful for that, especially when her lips make contact with your neck when she moves on purpose to be even closer to you.
“Do you want to go back to the hotel?” She only nods against you, clinging to you for dear life as you hold her to your body and walk her outside, only signaling to Chris from afar that you’re both leaving now. It’s enough of you two being this close in such a public space, certain things needn’t be said or done under the curious gaze of strangers.
When you get to the hotel you’re laughing lowly at the way Scarlett refuses to let go of you, she’s known for getting quickly sleepy and cuddly when drunk, and no matter how much you try she only settles on the comfortable bed when you’re convinced to immediately lay down with her. “Y/n...” She whines your name when you move to turn the lights off, hand gripping a piece of fabric from your dress. “I like you, you know?” The words are mumbled in the dark.
You think about answering her, feeling light headed with the alcohol on your body, but by the time you turn to look at her she’s already deep in sleep.
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A Tale of English and Math: Chapter 2
Notes: Message me or leave an ask if you want to be tagged!!
I’m sorry of this chapter seems sloppy. I’ll try and come back to it every now and again to do some proofreading, but other than that I hope you guys enjoy it.
->This story was inspired by a post involving @seasaurusrrex, @spiderrpcrker, @miss-nerd95, @maarrvveell, @maladaptive-ninja-returns, @chillingbucky, @propertyofpoeandbucky, @simmisblog, @marvel-ous-hobbit, and @lozzypoz321<-
Chapter Description: Bucky finds himself irritated with the stunt you pulled. And that’s putting it lightly. But in the midst of his irritation, he fails to notice a picture being taken, and questions are beginning to rise.
Warnings: Spelling/grammatical errors, Bucky’s reaction to your little stunt, Peter sending a text to Ned
Word Count: 1,216
Masterlist: Click Here
Previous Chapter: Click Here
Next Chapter: Click Here
‘Love Y/N ❤️’
Bucky is livid. You managed to not only find his classroom, but vandalize his board. He felt his blood pressure rising, he didn’t even realize he started trembling. How in God’s name did you find his classroom? What compelled you to do this? The two of you have never even interacted with each other; your blatant dislike of each other was enough to make you two keep your distance. But you just showed that your complete and utter disdain for him wasn’t strong enough to keep you from vandalizing his classroom. Or maybe it’s stronger than he’d ever admit to himself. Who knows? Bucky is at a loss.
He is slowly drowning in his thoughts, in his emotions, that he doesn’t realize a student walking up beside him until he hears their voice.
“Y/N?” Bucky nearly jumps out of his skin, startled at the new voice and presence. He turns to look, relaxing once he realizes it’s Peter Parker, looking at the board in confusion. “Who’s that?” he asks. “Wait... Isn’t Y/N the math professor here?” He turns to look at Bucky, the confusion still etched on his face.
“She is,” Bucky mutters, glaring back at the scribbles, at your signature at the bottom. “A real pain in the ass if you ask me.”
Bucky walks over to his desk, and he hears a whistle coming from Peter — a look of shock came across Peter’s face; Bucky didn’t have to turn to see it.
“I’ve never heard you swear before,” Peter exclaims, eyes bright and a hint of a smile on his face. “My friend Ned has Y/N for Calculus II, he says she’s really cool. I guess she’s pretty popular around here, she makes math fun.”
“I wouldn’t trust everything your friend says.” Bucky didn’t mean for his response to come out so bitter, so hateful, but he couldn’t help it. You’re just so infuriating. “There’s more to life than just numbers,” Bucky quickly adds, his tone conveying his irritation. “If anything, English is more important. You need that in every day life.”
“Well, I’m hoping to get into engineering,” Peter says, going out of his way to study the equation on the board. “Or at least something to do with engineering, and math’s a big factor in it.”
It took Bucky a minute to respond. He knows that in some cases, math is an important skill to have, but in his mind, English is just a little above that. And it’s not because Bucky was bad at math, because he wasn’t, he was surprisingly good, it’s just not his favorite subject. English had been his saving grace growing up; he’d spent his entire childhood and adolescence reading and writing, both for himself and for his younger sisters. Bucky grew fond of books and writing, and the whole nine-yards. He didn’t have anything against math until he met you.
“Parker, why don’t you erase all that?” Bucky asked, not looking in his student’s direction. He couldn’t bring himself to look at the equation (or your signature) again. “I’d like to get everything set up before more students come in.”
What Bucky failed to notice was Peter taking a picture of the equation before responding. “Sure, just let me put my stuff down first.”
“What the hell were you thinking?” Wanda hisses, shoving your shoulder as you hurry down the hall to your class. You can feel Wanda glaring at you, burning holes into your head. Her accent is thicker, always becoming more prominent when she’s experiencing intense emotions.
“I had an opportunity, and I took it.” You shrug.
“Someone could have seen you,” Wanda exclaims. “Did you even have a plan if someone were to confront you?”
“Exactly.” She huffs, shaking her head in disbelief. “And can you at least act like you’re not all nonchalant? It’s frustrating.”
“Oh please,” you scoff. “What’s he going to do? Report me? So I wrote an equation on his board, at least I had the decency to write it in erasable marker. I could’ve done it in permanent marker.”
With a groan, Wanda buried her face in her hands. “I don’t want to be dragged into whatever crap is going on between you and Barnes,” she mumbles.
“Then why’d you tell me what he said?” you counter. “You could’ve easily kept it to yourself and none of this would’ve happened.”
“I don’t know!” Wanda throws her hands up in exasperation. “I figured if someone was talking badly about me, you or any of our other friends would tell me.”
“Okay, you’ve made your point.” You stop in front of your classroom, a little breathless from how quickly you left Barnes’. “And don’t go worrying about what I did, okay? It’s not the end of the world. And even if it somehow is, what’s the worse that could happen?”
“I can give you so many possibilities,” Wanda says dryly. “Alien invasions, robot uprisings...”
“Okay, those all seem horrible,” you chuckle, “but really, don’t sweat it. I won’t do it again, and I won’t drag you into this mess again. Promise.”
“Thank you,” Wanda sighs.
You nod. “You still up for hanging out later?”
“Maybe. I’ve got a meeting later this afternoon, I don’t know how long it’s going to be.”
“Just text me,” you state. “I’ll understand if you can’t.”
The two of you say your goodbyes and you enter your room. As you walked across the front of the class, you greeted your students and placed your belongings down at your desk. You’d try and put this behind you, which would be difficult to say the least. You should’ve done that at the beginning, but there are moments where you get ahead of yourself. You can’t help it; sometimes you have those little moments of impulsiveness.
And as you quickly looked through your things, looking for the right material for the class, you failed to notice one of your students, Ned Leeds, discreetly checking his phone. He’d received a text from Peter, and it had an image of a complex math equation and an up close picture of your signature and the little heart you drew beside your name. And just below the pictures read: ‘that’s from your cal prof; sent Sept. 22–2:11 pm’
Ned was quick to reply. ‘whatchu think? there somethin going on?’
Peter: ‘🤷🏻‍♂️; sent Sept. 22–2:12 pm’
Peter: ‘there’s somethin going on idk what; sent Sept. 22–2:12 pm’
“Ned, class is starting put your phone away.” The sternness in your voice was enough to make Ned scramble to put his phone in his pocket. He glanced up to see you giving him a pointed look.
“Sorry,” he called.
“It’s fine, don’t do it again.”
As you’d started your lecture, Ned’s thoughts went back to the texts, back to the pictures Peter sent. Why would you go all the way to Professor Barnes’ classroom, which wasn’t nearby, just to write an elaborate equation on his whiteboard? It doesn’t make sense. Was there a deeper meaning to the equation? Was it a kind of weird inside joke? What was Barnes’ reaction when he saw what you’d written? Ned has questions that need answering, and he can only hope this strange situation is expanded upon.
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softstantime · 10 months ago
1. From watching interviews of her, you can tell that she’s kinda socially awkward and it’s just so ENDEARING. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she talks about how she saw him at a restaurant in Seattle and she didn’t know if she should have approached him or not.... so she just left?? I don’t hear a lot of celebrities open up about having social anxiety so it’s amazing that she was like “yeah I saw you and just didn’t know what to do so I went to a different restaurant so I could avoid confrontation” on live television. 
2. SHE’S SO DOMESTIC. Like just look at her instagram!! All she does is post updates on her garden and in basically every single interview, she manages to work in the fact that she loves cooking. Like what?? Who made her this a d o r a b l e, she’s the cutest person to be alive. Remember at the Age of Ultron Press conference where she was asked what she gets the most excited about before filming movies and she completely misunderstands the question and answers that she gets excited by cooking and eating. Like go off queen! Not what we asked but we still love it !!!!!
3. She’s incredibly hard-working. In an interview with the Off Camera Show, she talks about her time in NYU and how when she was taking acting classes, her teachers would advise the class to rehearse eight hours for a two minute scene and she would be the ONLY student in her class to do it. She explains that she felt like she NEEDED to do this, to hone her skills and be confident in her acting because she knew that her work was going to be discredited because her sisters were already famous. I highly recommend watching this interview on YouTube, it changed my whole perception of her. You can really tell that she’s a down to earth person who loves her job and worked really hard to get there. 
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sapphicmsmarvel · 11 months ago
Social Media AU: Maria Hill
lets pretend it wouldn’t be unsafe for the avengers to have social media because i need some fluffy!
Tumblr media
y/nsinstagram: maria doesn’t have instagram (im working on it) but,,,,i just want y’all to admire what a BABE my girlfriend is 😍 #thatsmybaby 
peterparkour: may says you guys need to come over for dinner again soon!
y/nsinstagram: @ peterparkour we will! 
caroldanvers: i miss you guys! p.s. what a babe! you two truly are a match made in heaven. 
Tumblr media
mariahill: y/n won, i now have instagram. my first post just had to be of my beautiful girl. 
y/nsinstagram: YALL I WON. 
thescarletwitch: it’s about time!
peterparkour: we stan a social media queen. 
mariahill: @ peterparkour stan? 
iamtonystark: don’t worry grandma, i’m right there with ya
Tumblr media
y/nsinstagram: she loves my cuddle attacks. 
mariahill: after 15 years of knowing and loving you, yeah, you learn to love them. 
y/nsinstagram: @ peterparkour, told you, we’re old. 
Tumblr media
mariahill: throwback to high school, thank you for sticking with me through it all. you deserve a medal my love. 
y/nsinstagram: damn right i do, you’re a pain. 
mariahill: @ y/nsinstagram your favorite pain. 
y/nsinstagram: unfortunately 
thenatromanoff: ah, true love. 
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sapphicmsmarvel · 11 months ago
NR: Panicked
Tumblr media
TW: panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD revolving gun shots.
this is short because i was in the middle of an attack when i wrote this, this is how i cope with my anxiety
also this edit is glorious.
You were working on your PTS triggers, you thought if you could be around guns some more you'd be more at ease around them. Even holding them you get shaken, you shoot one, you can't breathe. Someone else shoots one around you, you burst into tears and can't breathe, you have a major panic attack.
Nat was helping you face the things that made your anxiety bad, heights ( a work in progress), staying places that aren't home (again...a huge work in progress). Guns were something that she didn't know how to help with other than pulling the trigger.
You were clenching her hand in yours as you guys walked to the training room, Nat was so kind and patient, helping you. Obviously, you knew you should expect this help from your girlfriend because duh, she was your partner, and partners help each other out. But you weren't used to kind responses to your anxiety.
Multiple times people in your life told you to 'let things go', 'don't overthink', 'you're just being dramatic, etc. So when you told her about your anxieties, she asked you what your triggers were so she knew.
She was the most loving human being you'd ever met.
"Hey," she said as you guys walked into the gun range, you looked at her. "I'm proud of you, baby." She then kissed your forehead.
She showed you how to load a gun, how to turn the safety on and off, how to make sure the gun is loaded in the first place. You did fine with doing it because you weren't to shooting yet.
Then came showing the position to stand in and shooting. She pulled the trigger and shot.
You jumped, you knew it was coming anyway but it was so loud. It made your anxiety shoot up and you stared at the target with tears in your eyes. You were trying to control it.
"Y/N?" Nat asked, she dropped the gun on the ground and asked, "can I...?" She gestured to grabbing your shoulders.
You nodded, tears falling from your eyes. You were starting to hyperventilate. She grabbed your shoulders, "baby, what is it?" "I...I can't." You stuttered.
She nodded, "okay, okay. That's okay." She grabbed you into her arms.
She kissed your temple as your sobs wracked your body, she rubbed your back and had one hand on your neck, cradling you.
She held you as you cried, then guided you up to your shared apartment. She then put on Golden Girls and you two cuddled in bed.
"I'm sorry Nat." You started tearing up again and the tears were falling down your cheeks again.
"Hey," she wiped the tears away, "I'm your girlfriend, my job is to help you baby."
She kissed your lips gently, and you cuddled into her chest, feeling content at how loving and understanding your girlfriend was, you wanted to be with her the rest of your life.
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optimistic-dinosaur-nacho · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Daddy!Chris Evans
Daddy!Chris Evans will include:
Since he cries at everything, he cried when you announced on being pregnant
You announced it a few days after Chris was to everyone
Everyone blew up on social media
His Avengers cast all being proud finally
The ways he would hold you these times
Hands on stomach or waist (from behind)
Usually when sleeping, his head is just by your chest as his arm drapes over your stomach.
He’d panic every time you felt a kick
He always talked about you in interviews, including with Scarlet
“How’s Y/N?”
“She’s good. Hanging there.”
“Have you found out the gender?”
“What is it?”
The gender reveal was a cute one
It was either Captain America or Black Widow for boy or girl
Turned out it was Black Widow
Your families were happy, screaming mostly
Chris whispering nice things towards you and your girl
“You’re gonna see your best mom in the world. And your cool dad.”
You finally having the baby.
Chris almost passing out
“Chris, do not pass out on me.”
“I’m already getting light-headed.”
You finally having your baby girl
Chris stole her first, of course
Him gently pulling the blanket she was wrapped in to look at her
“She’s beautiful.”
Him reaching for your hand and he let you hold her
Only for 5 minutes before taking her back
“Chris, she needs to eat.”
“Five more minutes.”
She was 1 year
Chris and Scarlet on Variety Actors on Actors
“Oh my gosh, way to rub it in... I don’t even know what it is.”
“You want it, um... how’s your daughter?”
“She’s good.”
“How old is she?”
“Five. How old is she now?” Scarlet mimics him.
Chris mumbling back
Scarlet laughs, “How’s yours?”
“Oh, man. It’s amazing. She’s adorable.”
“How old is she?”
“She just turned one. It’s crazy, it’s like I just had her for one day and the poof.”
Chris is the best dad
He reads books to her
Sings songs
He offered to give her tap dance lessons
She reacted by kicking her feet out
He randomly takes her in bed with him just to sleep with her
You stolen a couple photos
Dodger is gentle with your daughter
Chris is outgoing with her
Mostly cheers her up when she cries
He spoils her
He always takes your place when you’re exhausted
He calls her, sweetheart, baby, sweet girl, mamas
You don’t know why but it’s cute
Out of all those things throughout the months. Chris would always be a great dad.
And he was happy to have you give him his dream of becoming a dad for years.
Crying in the corner, here. I’m okay. These damn cramps though are killing me
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Hands Down - Short
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Fem!Reader
Warnings: None Summary: You and the cast of the Avengers Endgame movie release are going to the Chinese Theater in Hollywood to cast your hand prints on clay and you couldn’t be happier without them and your husband.
Author’s Note: We’re close to 300 followers. 
Love you all!
You were behind the large structure that led up to the stage for the hand print at the Chinese Theater. It was a sunny day and you were standing with Kevin, Scarlet, Mark, Jeremy, Robert, Chris Hemsworth and your husband Chris Evans.
You were excited. You were ready to get your hands dirty. You felt an arm pull you in and you look up to see Chris. “You ready?” He asks, you smiled. “Do you want me to hold your ring?” He asks. You look at your ring finger and pulled the ring off.
“I don’t want it to get dirty,” He says, you hand it to him and he takes your hand and kisses it before taking the ring and putting it in his pocket. “You got yours?” You asked, he slips his off and puts it in his pocket as well.
“All right, love birds, you ready?” Robert asks, you rubbed Chris’ back. “We are,” You smiled at him. The man on the stage called off Kevin, then Hemsworth, and Scarlet, then Mark. Chris held your hand in his as you could hear the shouts and screams.
Robert goes next and stops right when he enters the other side view. “Please, welcome, Chris and Y/N Evans.” Robert gestures you to come over as he cheers for you two.
Chris laughs and holds his hand out to help you up the stairs. You thanked him and went up first as he followed you behind. You were happy to be between Robert and Chris for this ceremony.
The man spoke about the movie and they handed you a pen like tool to write your names on the clay slab in front of you. 
Chris smiles at you big. You all got onto your knees and began to write your names. Chris glances over, “How the hell are you writing so neatly?”
“I took a ceramic class, got some skills,” You said, Chris laughs. Robert looks over, “You guys should have one like this but with both your hands on one.”
“Aw, that would be cute!” Scarlet calls out, you all laugh as you finished your name on the clay. You began to roll up your sleeves. Chris hovered his hands over the clay, “Are we gonna do it now?” He asks, looking around. Robert was the first to put his hands on the clay and pushed down.
You and Chris put your hands on your own slabs and pressed. The moist was wet on your palm and fingers as you look up to the shouting photographers. They shouted your name from different directions. 
After the people who pushed your hands down from the row, you pulled your hands off and held them up to the cameras. You look over to Chris, “Let me see your hands, babe.”
Chris turns and held his hands towards you, you chuckled. “Give me a high five,” He says, you didn’t slap your hands together, it was just a simple palm-to-palm touch without force before you pulled away with a smile.
After a few more pictures and shouts of directions. You all stood up and cleaned off your hands with rags before you all come together to hold your fists together. “Good job, everyone,” Robert says. You smiled as you all pulled away and left the stage. 
Once you got to the back, Chris pulls out the ring and smiles charmingly. “May I?” He asks fondly. You laughed as you held your hand out and he slips the ring onto your finger. 
The memories came back into your life, knowing you gave him your heart and life. You take his and slip it on. Chris leans down and kisses you softly. “I love you.”
You smiled, “I love you too.”
So, short but I liked this.
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Anxiety sucks! (Scarlett x Elizabeth x Y/n)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tag List: @natasha-danvers​ @lesbian-x-blackwidow​
Warnings: Talk of anxiety/depression, they y/n describes feeling is how I felt and do feel when I battle with my anxiety and depression so I do not mean to offend anyone, it is just how i personally deal with it :) x
Anxiety sucks. I got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when I was 14, I remember feeling so out of place going to school with the knowledge that something was wrong with me. I never went to any birthday parties my friends invited me to, after a few times of getting rejected the invitations stopped coming. 
I didn’t go to any school dances and that included my prom, the thought of having to mingle around a bunch of people sending me into panic. After trying to push me to go to one of the dances I had a full blown panic attack, it took my mum an hour to calm me down, safe to say after that event she stopped trying to push. 
By the time I turned 18 I had gotten diagnosed with depression, turns out depression and anxiety are best friends, teaming up in making me feel miserable. I didn’t go to university because I couldn’t handle living with a bunch of 18 year olds, instead I turned to acting, doing little roles in theatre. 
I adore acting, it’s the only time I can be around a group of people without having my anxiety or depression triggered. I use those roles to escape from the hell that is my reality, acting is my life. 
I remember how scared I was when I auditioned for a role in the new Avengers film, my mum drove me to the audition because I was too panicked to even think about driving myself. 
I gave it my all and my all turned out to be enough to land the part, the part was a new character that was going to be joining the franchise, the character would be a friend to the Avengers. That is how I find myself in the current situation, sweating buckets while it becomes hard to breathe. 
I had been on set for a few weeks and everything has been amazing, the cast has been so welcoming and lovely and the crew were very sweet as well. My character spends a lot her time with Black Widow and Scarlet Witch so naturally I have grown very close to both Scarlett and Elizabeth, for the past few weeks I have been able to completely forget about my anxiety and depression, for once I felt like a normal person.
That all came to a screeching halt however by a simple invitation from Jeremy  to go out for a few drinks with the cast, they had previously asked me to go to a few parties and dinners before this but I had declined. I could feel everyone stop what they had been doing to look at me, hope in their eyes willing me to accept. 
I start to panic, feeling so trapped I shake my head and just run into my trailer. In my panic I forgot to lock my door, I pace around trying to calm myself down but I just can’t seem to catch my breath. I hear my trailer door open and close making me turn to look at who had entered my safe place, I lock eyes with both Scarlett and Lizzie making me start to panic more, I knew i’d fuck this up too.
“Hey Y/n, what’s wrong sweet?” I hear Scarlett softly ask, I feel a warm hand touch my shoulder. I whip around to see that the hand belongs to a concerned Lizzie.
“I can’t go out with you guys, my anxiety makes it super hard for me to do things like that. I thought I had gotten over it since I hadn’t felt any panic this shoot but of course It isn’t gone! I just want to be normal! Why can’t I be normal?” I scream out, feeling hot tears leak down my face. I feel two sets of arms wrap around me, I start to move trying to escape the hug but after a few moments of not getting anywhere I just give up and start to sob into Scarlett’s chest. 
‘Shhh, it’s ok Y/n, it’s all going to be ok” The Black Widow actress soothingly says as she holds me close to her chest, I feel Lizzie’s hand rub soothing circles on my back. 
“Don’t put yourself down like that, you are amazing to be able to do what you do with your anxiety! You are doing so well sweetheart, we are all here for you.” Lizzie mutters into my ear, making me relax slightly at her reassuring words. 
I cry for a few more minutes before calming down, my sobs transforming into soft whimpers. The two girls don’t stop their movements, Scarlett holding me close and Liz soothingly rubbing my body with soft words being muttered into my ear. 
I pull my head away from Scarlett’s warm chest looking at both her and Liz, i send them both a small smile, earning two in return. I can do this, I can do anything with them by my side.
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Green Eyed Monster (Scarlett x Elizabeth x Y/n)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I hope this alright! I do not know Spanish so I had to use google translate, so very sorry if the translations are wrong! Enjoy :)
“Happy birthday baby!” Scarlett and Lizzie shout out as they open the door and lead into our apartment, they had taken me out for a birthday dinner and now I find myself stepping into what looks to be a surprise party. The room is full of all my family and friends making me smile, my two girls have really out done themselves.
“Surprise Y/n!” The room erupts making me jump and grin at them, I squeeze Scarlett and Lizzie’s hands before running into the room and greeting everyone personally. I hug my mother and little sister, before going over to hug and greet Evans, Downey Jr and the Marvel clan. I remember meeting them for the first time a few weeks after I started dating Scarlett and Elizabeth, I was terrified on the journey to the restaurant but by the time we finished our staters they had all fallen in love with me and myself in love with them.
I look around the room and greet my other friends before I hear a loud scream and a hispanic, slim lady come bounding towards me making my smile widen. Lauren has been my best friend since we were 3 years old and my family moved in to the house next door to her, we have been inseparable ever since.
“Y/n!” Lauren shouts as she jumps into my awaiting arms, we both laugh as I swing her around, drawing everyones attention towards the two of us. In the corner of my eye I can see a odd look crossing both Lizzie and Scarlett’s faces but I don’t pay attention to that as I draw my attention back to my best friend. We haven’t seen each other in over 8 months since she moved away for work, she hasn’t even met my two girlfriends since we got together a month after she left, It is so good to have her back in my presence again after so long.
1.“Como estas sexy?” I ask her with a wink, that’s a huge part of our friendship, we are very flirty and we talk to each other in Spanish. We started speaking to each other in Spanish when we was in school, none of our other classmates could speak the language so we used it to speak without other people listening in and it has just become our thing.
2.“Buena que tal tu?” Lauren responds, I tell her how great I have been and we continue to catch up for a while before the music turns to a song from our childhood and she pulls me into the middle of the floor to start dancing.
We start to jump around and dance, Lauren starts to get closer to me as we dance. I can see Scarlett and Lizzie over the dark haired girl’s shoulder and I send them a mega watt smile, they send me a loving grin in return but once they see Lauren get closer to me their eyes darken and frowns break out on their faces. I go to call them over so I can introduce them to each other but before I could make a sound I feel the softness of a body grind up on me, before I could make a move I feel Lauren getting thrown away from by a fuming Scarlett and I feel Lizzie lay a protective hand on my shoulder.
“Who the hell are you? Why are making a move on our girlfriend?” Scarlett demands, Lauren looks at me and then the two angry women before laughing out loud.
“These are those girls you told me about? You got good taste” Lauren chuckles out making me smile, I can feel Scarlett start to calm down at my grin but Lizzie stills grips my shoulder.
“Lauren this is Scarlett and Elizabeth, they are my girlfriends and Scar and Liz, Lauren here is my childhood best friend. She moved away for work so I haven’t seen her in a long time, I am sorry for not introducing her to you before now” I say earnestly to the group, I see my two partners relax instantly at that and apologise for the misunderstanding.
“That’s alright, if I had known you two had been here I wouldn’t had done that” Lauren responds making everyone smile and laugh, we all settle down with some drinks and I enjoy my birthday with my loved ones.
The party ended around midnight and the guests started to stream out, I bid everyone farewell and a promise to Lauren for breakfast in the morning, I close the door behind her and with a grunt I land on the sofa very drunk and very tired. I hear giggle and I roll over on to my side to see Scarlett and Elizabeth both standing at the end of the sofa looking at me with amusement, I stand up and stumble my way over to the pair of beauties.
“Thank you for the best birthday ever guys, I love you two” I slur out lovingly, I feel warmth spread across me as they embrace me from both my front and back placing soft kisses on my neck and shoulder.
“We love you too Y/n”
Best birthday ever!
Translation- how are you sexy?
Translation-good how about you?
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refiwrites · a year ago
Natasha x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x reader
Requested?: Yes, from anon. 
Warning(s): Very sad, angst, try not to cry aha 
A/N: I tried my best anon, here you go! did i do a good job? asdfghjkl
Word count: 1,464
"I never thought we would be doing this," You say, looking at Natasha as you both were putting on the suit that Tony gave everyone to use for the time travel. "Me either, but if this is the only save or bring back everyone, I'm doing it." She spoke, staring at the ground.
You placed a hand on her shoulder that made her look up at you and you gave her a half-hearted smile. "Don't worry, we'll get everyone back, and we'll have a big ass party about it." You joked, which made Natasha chuckle, even in times like these, you still managed to joke. Natasha rolled her eyes, she pulled you in for a kiss, pulling away for a bit. You grabbed her hand, interwining it with yours, "Let's go meet the others now?" You ask, with her nodding and you both walking into the compound.
You all gathered into a circle, you being placed in between Thor and Rocket, you three were assigned to get the Reality Stone. You looked at the others, seeing how nervous they looked and prepared. You gave a quick glance at Natasha, seeing how she smiled and was seemingly excited as she talked to Clint.
"All right, let's do it." Tony says, putting his fist in front of him, and the others soon following. You smiled.
You stepped back, as the machine began to power up. You took a glance at Natasha, she smirked at you and spoke, "See you in a minute."  
And you were sucked into the Quantum Realm.
You returned with Rocket and Thor, the Reality Stone in hand , you were exhausted, and a little nauseus since this was your first time time traveling. You looked at the others and saw they were back in one piece, but something feels different.
"Where's Nat?" You heard Steve spoke, you glanced at Clint, since he was the one who was with Natasha. He dropped to his knees, he appeared to be sobbing and it finally hit you.
She was gone. You furrowed your eyebrows, not believing your thoughts, thinking that was ridiculous. "Oh come on, she isn't, she's just somewhere around!" You say with a little hope in your voice that Natasha would randomly pop up somewhere.
"She couldn't be! Come on, guys! Don't be like that!" You shouted, voice cracking in the process, seeing the grim looks of your teammates as they took the time to process what happened. You approached Clint with shaky legs, you kneeled in front of him, "Clint, please, tell me." You said in a whisper, tears pricking your eyes, but you still had hope.
"I-it was supposed to be me! but s-she-" Clint said, his voice also cracking as he punched the ground furious.
You felt as if the whole world crashed down on you, she was gone. But you still shook your head, grabbing Clint's shoulders. "No! She's here! She can't!" You said, voice straining from the pain in your throat from crying. Clint sobbed onto your shoulders as you did too. The others surrounded you both, placing hands on either of your shoulders and letting a few tears fall out. "N-no." You whispered, looking at the sky.
You tried hard not to burn everything you could see right about now. You took a deep breath as the others were sat down, grieving.You were glad that everybody was back, and that Natasha even gave her life for everyone.You played with a ring in your finger that Natasha gave you back when she went home from a mission.
"Hey (Y/N), you okay?" Steve comes up, placing a hand on your shoulder, his eyes were puffy from crying. You managed to nod, not daring to speak, afraid that you'll break down once again.
That's how you felt once again, your bones and muscles ached as you finally defeated Thanos, costing Tony's life. You stared at the others, seeing them all tired as they took their time to catch their breath from fighting with all their might. You also gave your all, you felt so drained right now. After this, you finally decided not to use your powers anymore. You wiped a few dirt, along with blood on your face, you were sat still on the ground. The place was quiet, as if nothing happened, all you heard was the faint voices of the others, asking if they were okay and letting out comforting words.
You let a few tears leak down your face, your heart still aching because Natasha wasn't here to witness this. You balled up your fist and punched the soil, not caring about your hand that was sure to bruise later. You suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder.
"Hey (Y/N)," You looked up and saw Wanda. You managed to give her a small smile that lasted only for a second, you ran your fingers through your hair, your other hand wiping the tears. "I...heard what happened with.." She slowly spoke, debating wether or not to say Natasha's name. You looked at her, she suddenly leaned in and hugged you, you felt her start to shake too, you slowly rubbed slow circles on her back. You both pulled away soon, with her wiping her own tears.
"I'm sad she wasn't here to see all of..this, we won." You slowly spoke, glancing at the others, watching them talk to one another. "I'm sure she knows." Wanda says, giving you a smile. You were happy too, but just the thought of Natasha filled you with sadness. "Hey, let's get you fixed up." Wanda says, standing fully and offering a hand.
You took it and she hoisted you up, you felt every muscle in your body whine in protest as it continued to ache. You were about to fall but Wanda kept an arm around your waist to keep you from falling.
A few weeks had passed and you managed to move on from Natasha, but the pain was still there, knowing her, she would want you to be happy even if she was gone.
You were now at your great friend, Tony Stark's funeral. Everybody was also there, you watched as one of Tony's old arc reactor float away in the lake, you blankly stared at the horizon, you crossed your arms over your chest, you sighed.
Wanda looked at (Y/N) as they stared into the horizon. She was about to approach them but somebody called to her that made her stop in her steps.
"Wanda." Came in Fury's voice. Wanda looked back and spotted the man approaching her. "I've heard that you and (L/N) are pretty close," Fury started, Wanda suddenly knew where this is going but she stayed silent. "I want you to bring (Y/N) back." He stated,
"What if they don't want to?"
"They will, if you stay by their side." With that, Fury patted Wanda's shoulder, and he was off to talk to the others. Wanda thought for a bit, before finally approaching you.
You never moved from your spot, you were now glancing at the lake, watching the waves. The crunching of the ground alerted you that someone was approaching.
"(Y/N)." Wanda called out and you looked beside you to find her.
"Wanda." You responded with a nod. She looked at the waves too, before saying "I'm sure she's happy, wherever she may be now." "I know that." You spoke. Wanda held your hand, facing you now, that made you face her too, curious of her actions. "She wants you to be happy, I'll be here to help you, (Y/N)."
You were caught surprised by her words, you tilted your head a bit, before looking down.
"Please, let me heal you."
A few months had passed after the battle on Earth. You were happy that Wanda stayed by your side after everything. You even finally gained control of your powers once again.
You went home one day, opening the front door and spotting your dog, Spark, that you and Wanda decided to adopt. "Babe? I'm home!" You called out, you soon heard her reply "Babe! Here, in the kitchen!" You made your way over, carrying Spark in your arms and seeing Wanda, cooking. You placed Spark down carefully, before surprisimg Wanda by hugging her back which she let out a gasp.
"Gods (Y/N)! You scared me." She says, turning the stove off before facing you. You laughed and left a peck on her beautiful soft lips. "Watcha cookin'?" You asked, taking a peek on the pan. "Your favorite." She replies turning around and going back to work. You kept your arms around her small waist, placing your chin on her shoulder.
She would want you to be happy, and now you were. Thanks to Wanda. You were healed.
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