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#saying that I COMPLETELY agreed with them
starlatte27 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Its ironic that this person blocked me when... I would NEVER want anyone to be attacked over Stolitz.
Did they make this as a response to the people who dislike Stolitz? Because.... most of us never want to directly attack others in the first place. We are just saying our own thoughts on our own blogs with little to no discourse besides maybe a few direct responses. But thats it!! The fandom has ironically been MORE peaceful since episode 5.
Basically what im trying to say that if ANYONE attacked people over a ship with fictional characters then they’re the worst filth on this hellsite.
These fictional characters arent more valuable than the human lives behind the screen. So again, I find it to be very ironic that this person got pissed at me because in reality.... I actually agree with everything this post is saying! 🤦🏾‍♀️
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everythingroyalty · 7 months ago
Of course Royal fucking Central is the breeding ground for an article so half-assed that Sofia’s completely harmless answer immediately is misconstrued into a dig at Meghan 🙄
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zigdirty · 38 minutes ago
“I think she’s got real problems,” McCarthy told anchor Steve Doocy off-air, according to Axios. “I’ve had it with ... I’ve had it with her. You know, I’ve lost confidence. ... Well, someone just has to bring a motion, but I assume that will probably take place,” appearing to refer to a motion to remove Cheney from her leadership role.
Take note of the significance of this, America.
House Minority Leader McCarthy says NOTHING and takes NO ACTION against Marjorie Taylor Green, but has this to say about Liz Cheney? For speaking TRUTH and acknowledging REALITY?!
Let's get this out in the open first and foremost, I rarely agree on many things with highly conservative figures. I don't disagree on everything, and as long as said leader is honest and ethical, I respect them.
With that being said, Liz Cheney's worst moment is still 1000x better than Marjorie Taylor Green's best moment. In fact, the culmination of all of the existence of Congresswoman Green is worth significantly less than the lowest point of Senator Cheney's life.
So the highest ranked member of the Republican party in the House, and the second-highest ranking member in the government that is Republican, cannot be bothered to say anything negative, publicly or privately, regarding a fellow party member that openly supports QAnon and consistently makes prejudiced comments about every possible topic at every possible moment. But the third-highest ranking Republican who is a staunch conservative in values and policies and is morally appropriate in villifying unacceptable lies and actions taken against the government? He can make public statements undermining her credibility and make private comments absolutely disparaging her completely.
This to me indicates that the current Republican party doesn't care about actual political beliefs or policies. To be accepted as a Republican now, you simply have to be an absolute goddamn lunatic who is willing to kiss the ass of the forty-fifth president until your face is orange.
Honestly, Liz Cheney, and the other true conservatives left (there are what, five?), they are too good for the current party in which they are a part. This broken, pathetic 'party' doesn't deserve the upstanding members that are currently trying to save the sinking ship.
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its-chelisey-stuff · 38 minutes ago
Word of Honor eps 31-36 (final thoughts)
Tumblr media
I know it’s been over for a while but I finally watched it all, with full context! and oh wow, it was a whole gay ride lmao My thoughts on each ep:
Ep 31: This ep was confusing. I still don't get how the ghosts and Scorpion got A-Xiang and CWN and how WKX rescued them and got everyone to agree to go save ZZS. On the bright side, this ep was totally WKX centered and I loved that. I will always be in awe of the way he can be this shameless, sweet and vulnerable flirt with ZZS but a dangerous Master of the ghosts, with such a murderous aura, with basically everyone else (excluding friends and family of course!)
Ep 32: WKX died and ZZS tried to jump after him but then he pulled the nails out, basically sentencing himself to death, quicker. Baddies think they're on top, especially Zhao Jing, but it’s just so obvious being full of himself makes him a complete fool and Scorpion knows his real intentions now. Disappointed at Chengling the first time I saw this, but I know he was in on the plan the whole time.
Ep 33: The look on ZZS's face when WKX appeared! The betrayal! The hurt! Confussion! He was like"bitch I removed the nails because of you! I basically killed myself cause I thought you were dead" so beautifully tragic. Also, WKX beating up Zhao Jing's ass was a joy to watch.
Ep 34: lolololol everyone knew the plan but ZZS and he was so sad for like half the ep but went "well, fuck it, I'm gonna die anyway, I don't have time to be angry". I'm sorry but WKX'S explanation of his plan was... Well, I didn't like it. The writing for this was a bit messy imo. Poor scorpion "I gave you a chance. in fact, I gave you many chances"😢 sir, you’re evil but I feel your pain. Oooff everything is about to go to shit. It's a wedding for fuck's sake! 😫
Tumblr media
Ep 35: Everything, in fact, went to shit. Must you do your last battle on the day and place of a wedding??! I HATE IT HERE!!! My sweet A-Xiang 😭💔
Ep 36: How did WKX and ZZS became such liars with each other? They were really honest for a while. BUT I LOVED THAT THE HAIRPIN WAS A THE KEY ALL ALONG AND THAT HE GAVE IT TO ZZS. The romantic implications behind it leave me a fangirling mess. *swoons* Glad that ZZS was able to beat death in the end with the power of love lol
Tumblr media
Get a room, you two! heh they were fighting to see who was gonna be top that night lmao
Aaaaand they did live gay and happily ever after! quite literally, because they’re immortal. Beautiful. It’s funny (in a dark way) that on Youku’s Youtube Channel version, the drama does end up tragically *flashbacks to Guardian’s ending and cries*. Tbh I would’ve been on board with that kind of ending, only because I had the happy ending from the novel to save me from heartbreak lol but let’s all remember that, despite the sad endings for some characters, OTP does have a happy ending in the drama.
The death of AXiang and CWN is honestly the thing I hate most about the story in both the drama and novel (and WKX’s tragic past), but I’d always think of it as a punishment for WKX pursuing vengeance, like saying, “you can’t have that and expect everything to go well”. Ouch. Priest you’re so rude but I still love you!
Tumblr media
This drama honestly has a world of differences with the novel (I liked, loved and hated some lol) but, at the end of the day, the biggest difference for me was the way the romance was written and portrayed. It’s true that the ZZS from the drama was a very different character from the one in the novel. He was softer, kinder and had a higher tolerance for everyone, especially Chengling and WKX. He’s honorable in both versions but, how to say it? He was more rightheous, more conventionally hero-like in the drama. But of course, he lived and breathed Wen KeXing 24/7 and he loved him so much he jumped off a cliff after him. And when he couldn’t die together with his beloved, he did the most stupid thing he could think of to avenge him and to die faster and reuinite with him, ala Romeo and Juliet.
They had a more happy ending in the novel, but the drama made them desperately, hopelessly, in love with each other and I could never be mad about that. They made both characters have a lot more flaws, dilemmas and traumas, but that only showed how much they needed and completed each other. WoH really said “our theme is soulmates and we’re gonna ride it hard (lmao) and with full speed till the very end” and I humbly bow to that so *slow claps* well done, drama. Well done.
Tumblr media
Note: If you like the drama but haven’t read the novel, I 100% recommend you to read the novel (here)! It’s GREAT. It’s quite different ngl: WKX isn’t as tortured(he truly is an evil mastermind) and ZZS is more like the serious bitch we met in the first 10 eps no softie ZZS in the novel oops BUT you have LOTS more of explicit and blatant flirting, you have actual kisses, makeouts and has one of those satisfactory endings that makes you go “OMG it ALL makes sense now”. And a HEA for OTP and their son, no immortality involved.
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plurgai · 52 minutes ago
Choicekin Take 2
Look. I’m still seeing some things going around that say Choicekin = KFF, and I also see people saying that we somehow don’t believe in Choicekin anymore?
Which isn’t exactly correct, so I’m going to reiterate a few points, and then completely explain them under the cut.
1) Otherkin isn’t always voluntary, and it isn’t always involuntary.
2) Choosing to become Otherkin doesn’t make that experience any less than if you hadn’t chose to begin with.
3) Choicekin and Otherkin are not two different groups.
4) Choicekin is only for self identification, and is just a subtype of Otherkin.
and 5.
Now for a full explanation of all of those.
Otherkin isn’t 100% voluntary is something we can agree on. Yes, that means not being able to choose at all is still Otherkin. That being said, you can choose to become kin with something and be unable to “unchoose” it later. This isn’t a psychological explanation either.
For us, our kintypes are who we are in other universes. Choosing is putting ourselves in an empty vessel in one of the infinite universes, and not being able to just... leave it behind. That’s it, we’re kin and we chose to become kin.
It was a voluntary decision and now is 100% involuntary at the moment. That doesn’t make it less Otherkin.
Just because you’ve chosen to start doesn’t mean it isn’t being Otherkin. It’s not only a valid otherkin experience but has been going on for a LONG, long time. This isn’t a new experience and it isn’t a new discussion.
Choicekin is not a separate group from Otherkin and never was. When we first coined the word, it was on an anon hate post. I can’t find it now, but it was basically “Fine! Is Choicekin a better term for you???”
Funnily enough??? We spent like one second thinking of the name. If we had time and actually cared, we probably would have gone through a few names. But Choicekin was NEVER. A separate group.
Choicekin is for personal use, not as a term to separate people. It isn’t “I’m Otherkin and that person is Choicekin.”
It isn’t even really a “I’m Choicekin”.
It’s “This kintype is a choicekin, while this one was completely involuntary.”
It’s just an Otherkin experience, not a term for a group?
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besteestores · an hour ago
Being a NAVY VETERAN is a HONOR Being a PAPA is a PRICELESS Shirt
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ikissakechi · 2 hours ago
.. Alright
What is your opinion on Goro Akechi and his overall contribution to the plot of Persona 5 as well as his dynamic with the Phantom Thieves (Joker in particular however what would you make of some of the small interactions between the other thieves?)
.. Was that too interviewer-ey
nah actually this was perfect! let's get into it! im gonna break my answers down a little to try and keep myself on one train of though so bear w me here. just for clarification, i know they are not that different but i only watched/played persona 5 royal. i will also be referring to joker as akira just because thats the name i associate him with the most. Also i wrote this at 1 am so if it doesnt make sense im so sorry.
What is your opinion on Goro Akechi and his overall contribution to the plot of persona?
I'll be completely honest, I went into p5r expecting myself to dislike akechi. I'm not one who usually likes these types of characters unless they are done right, but oh boy did akechi absolutely shatter those expectations. Akechi is an antagonist done right, he is the perfect rival for akira. He is the multi-faceted character this game needed to balance out the rest of the characters. While i do love each and every phantom thief for different reasons I would argue to the death Akechi and Futaba are by far the best written out of all of them. We as the players during most, i would say almost all, uplift and help each and every person. Akira teaches them something in return gaining battle knowledge but his personality nor does his mindset ever falter. This is different with Akechi. Instead, Akira is actively challenged by Akechi. He loses to Akechi. There is a constant question of who has the upper hand between them, which we dont see with the others. But what I love most about Akechi's confidant route is that, Akira doesn't save Akechi. Akira watches his rival, the one person he both cared for and also hated, the person who understood him best, die. At the end of the day, one could argue, Akechi's downfall occurs because of Akira. And that is where Akechi differs from the rest of the confidants. With the others, there is clearly a right and wrong. Easy example being Kamoshida and Ann. Kamoshida is very clearly in the wrong for what he did to Ann. Ann went through strife but with a bit of help got through it and found her passion. We know who is to blame and who to root for in that situation.
That really isn't the case with Akechi. His life, from the moment he was born has been a struggle. Alone and thrown away with no one to show him the ropes of the world he finds the cognitive world, he gains power, something that makes him special. He decided to use it to gain revenge on the person who did this all to him, his father. And then the water gets muddy. Akechi commits horrible crimes and it is usually at this point people diverge in opinion on him. Some say these acts are inexcusable, yes he suffered but he has no right to turn it on others. Others argue that he was manipulated and had no one to tell him what he was doing was wrong. Yet no matter what you think you have to agree his story is anything but black and white. He is in his own, completely grey area. His story contrasts that of our protagonist, he went through a life shattering ordeal, but came out of it not only with new found power, but friends to support him. Akira may have worn glasses to hid his face but he never hid who his was (personality wise not phantom thief wise). Akechi's whole life was a lie, one carefully built to protect himself and his crimes. Akechi's story being this way and told the way it is told is so vastly different from the other confidants, it is both refreshing and utterly gut-wrenching.
That is why he is so utterly essential to the story. He is the other side. It is said in the game, both Akechi and Akira were wild cards, both could have stood in the others shoes. Akechi wanted to be a hero when he was a child. He shows the players and those in the stories the true horror of having no one. He shows each and everyone one of the phantom thieves what they could have become if not for their support systems. He makes you think outside of black and white and gives an entirely new perspective to the whole game and concept of 'good' and 'bad'. I say again, Akechi was the only confidant Akira couldn't save. And that is essentially why i love him so dearly. He is Akira's first and only loss, he is a facet to show Akira's humanity, he shows how powerful forgiveness is. He is so incredibly broken, so incredibly flawed, it cracks my heart in the best of ways.
To sum it up? I think Akechi is one of, if not, the best character in persona 5 royal because the complexity of his situations offers a whole new idea on the core game themes. I think he is incredibly important to the plot because of how he foils Akira and because his whole existence begs so many questions, negating the idea of black and white/good and bad thinking.
What do I think of Akechi's dynamic with the phantom thieves, particularly Joker?
I think it's hard to discuss Akechi's dynamic with the phantom thieves because in canon they barely have any interactions or enough that I could say anything concrete. I'd say the two that I can comment on are Haru and Futaba.
With both Akechi is the root cause of terrible trauma for them. The loss of a parent and while in Haru's case her father was not a good man she had not once wished death on him, only penance for his crimes. Haru's kind nature and her 'give everyone the benefit of the doubt' attitude directly contrasts Akechi's incredibly pessimistic one. He in his head built up that if the people he killed are bad people then the death is justified. Haru would argue under no circumstance is that okay and their ideology just completely do not line up. Her lines in the engine room strike me a lot, she could never forgive him, but she understands his situation and can sympathize with him in an aspect. I do truly wish in the third sem we saw a reconciliation or just simple conversation between the two, it would have added a beautiful deepth to both their characters.
In Futaba's case, I would say what Akechi did to her was worse. Her mother was not evil, her mother was kind. Her death happened at an incredibly bad time and was made worse by the adults in her life sending her into an awful spiral. But that event also caused her to meet the phantom thieves and form unbreakable bonds. Her engine room lines show at least to me, she would be willing to try and forgive him. "It's never too late to start over" she says (more or less) that itself makes me think she, if given the opportunity would try with Akechi. I once again curse Atlus for not giving us any Akechi apology scenes.
And now Joker/Akira/Ren whatever you decide to call him. They have quickly shot up the ranks and became my favorite dynamic from any media ever. I talked about then a lot in my first answer but that's because I firmly believe you cannot talk about Akechi and his character development separate from Akira. At the end of the day, Akira is the main character every other character's purpose is built around him. In Akechi's case, Akira is his catalyst. He is everything Akechi wants and hates at once, he is the only person he has ever viewed as a friend while also being his greatest enemy. They are truly rivals in every sense of the word. It is made very obvious they view each other as equals even if Akechi hides it behind a veil of pride. Akechi for Akira is like the ultimate challenge because he sees a lot of himself in Akechi, he understands his festered anger, his hatred for society, but he also knows Akechi wasn't dealt the best hand to deal with that. Akira reached out anyway, Akira still reached out after Akechi tried to kill him. And you definitely want to think he is insane but if Akira saw Akechi for what he was, a scared, tired, broken kid who had been in survival mode his entire life. He saw the worst parts of Akechi and still tried to save him anyways. And he failed. It hurts me every god damn day thinking about it. Don't even get STARTED on third sem Akechi and Akira. It's just, they compliment each other so incredibly well, they have a connection no one else can understand. It's so well done to the point not even the audience can really understand it at first. It is so interesting to pick apart, I truly adore them.
In conclusion, Akechi deserved more time to develop actual relations with the phantom thieves fuck u atlus. However, thank you for giving me the ultimate, right place wrong time, rivals to lovers, perfect parallels of one another dynamic that is shuake.
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clouiis · 2 hours ago
i.e. your post mentioning toxic masculinity, i'd say it probably is cultural difference - i've seen numerous accounts over the years from japanese queer celebs and average people both, that describe basically feeling shackled by what the opposite gender expects them to be "as a man/woman" :( there's a lot of unspoken social rules as well that if not followed results in well... easy to get ostracized. but yeah you're right about "but yosuke's right there" lmao that kinda doesn't add up... although i can't remember if yosuke had made any of his remarks yet at that point?
Thank you this is helpful to know! I’m just curious though cause Kanji specifically talks about men not making the derogatory comments women do, and just not the unspoken societal expectations yknow?
Like, I completely agree and understand the element of pressure from the expectations of what the opposite gender expects from you, but ig I was just confused since at least w cultures like Aus or US, cishet men as general group are imo even MORE vocal about behaviour that they feel threatening to one’s masculinity.
And like. Kanji doesn’t react to Yosuke’s words like they’re outliers and he’s like why on earth is another man saying this to me so it just felt. Disjointed.
Though if it is simply a cultural difference in gender roles and expectations (and how they’re enforced) then fair enough.
Thank you though for the info!
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elytrafool · 2 hours ago
Okay. I think I’ve managed to gather some of my thoughts together. Emphasis on some. 
C!Wilbur is...very much not doing okay. I think that’s obvious. He’s even more resistant to his own emotions than he was back in L’Manberg– because his spiral in Pogtopia was a direct result of letting his anger and heartbreak and feelings get the better of him. It left him begging to be killed at his father’s feet, (And Wilbur is thankful to Phil because thank god he’d been there to put an end to that, right? How embarrassing.) where he was promptly sent to his own personal hell for 13 whole years. When he says 6 years ago was his ‘worst point,’ I don’t think that means his feelings on his situation improved– he simply had to shove them down. Ignore them. Like the first thing he says when we see him again, he needs to feel ‘numb.’
But now he’s back! And he won’t let himself reach that point back in Pogtopia again. The Completely Logical Solution then, of course (/s), is to ignore any and all feelings he may have toward Anything Ever, and god forbid he lets them show to anyone else. They all saw him down there, at his worst. He wasn’t given a grave. (But he didn’t need one anyway, right? He’s fine! Never been better!)
(I also have Many Thoughts about Phil constantly worrying Wilbur won’t be ‘the Wilbur he knew,’ if he even knows what that means anymore, coupled with how we know Wilbur feels about Phil’s opinion on him with the letter situation, because they are both going to be trying so hard around each other and it is legitimately a disaster waiting to happen. But anyway.)
Wilbur is now faced with his very own Ranboo Dilemma, as I’m calling it. He bore witness to Dream’s horrible actions to Tommy in exile, wants to disembowel the man himself, but Dream was also the one to get him out of his literal hell. To let him experience the world again. Wilbur barely wants to interact with his own feelings– but ones with nuance? Feelings are terrifying. Complicated feelings are even worse. He tells Ranboo his ideals only work in a perfect world, because how is he supposed to know how to feel when the man that saved his life is the one that actively destroyed everyone else’s? (I also love the foil between the two that’s been set up– Ranboo, who never puts his ideological foot down when it’s hard, vs Wilbur, who always puts his ideological foot down because it is hard.)
So what does he do? He takes the biggest step back he possibly can. Looks at the events from as bare-bones of a level as possible. Completely removes everyone’s feelings from the scenario, including his own. Clings to his ideals and his politics like he’s always done. His thoughts are extremely jumbled right now, so he will simply either Not Think About Them or let them all spill out of him at once in a way that still keeps his vulnerability intact, since no one can actually tell what his true feelings are. (Including him, lol) 
If we look at what got Dream put in prison, in the broadest sense possible, sure, ‘trying to stop the vacuum of power’ is generally a part of it. So Wilbur sees that and goes ‘Perfect! I can agree with that incredibly general statement that aligns with my own ideals and tell myself I don’t care about anything else.’
Problem is, Mr. Soot, is that that never really works. You claimed to not care about anyone in L’Manberg only to immediately jump in to help Niki when you saw she was in danger. You claim to have never cared for L’Manberg yet avoid the button room in the museum and stare out at the Camarvan when you’re passing by it alone. He extensively planned out the incredibly gruesome way he would murder Dream if given the chance when he saw him hurting Tommy, and he’s never been big on killing people.
If, god forbid, we do end up getting a Dream-Wilbur team up, I’m interested to see what he’ll do when it actually comes down to it. He’s similar to Tubbo in that his true feelings only really come out when he’s been pushed to his limit or it is the last possible second to react, and he’s established that he does not agree with what the man has done morally. I really hope they explore that if we do.
All we can do for now is wait and see, I suppose.
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thoushallnotfall · 3 hours ago
Prey - Part 4
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Tumblr media
Pairing: (poly) The Lost Boys x Reader
Word Count: 3k 
Notes: Look at me posting when I said I would. Aren’t y’all proud?
So is this a legit series now? With like, a plot and everything?
Yeah, I guess it is...sort of. (I mean ‘plot’ is a bit of a stretch...I literally have no idea what I’m doing I am flying by the seat of my pants here; but what’s new?)
I swear, I just really wanted to give you guys another part because you wanted it and then I really liked this reader (she’s super shy which makes her so fun to write with the boys, but even though she comes off timid at first--which she is--she’s also got this like, below-the-surface layer of feistiness and sometimes even a lil’ bit of sarcasm goin’ on. She’s just such a delight and I love her with my whole heart.) and I was wondering 'Hey, I wonder what it would be like when she found out they were vampires?' But I gotta like...get there first...yah know what I'm sayin?? So yeah...series...
You looked at yourself in the mirror, giving yourself another once-over. Everything seemed good--or, as good as it was going to get, anyway. You shook your head, trying to clear out all the negative thoughts.
No, you did look good! Tiffany was always telling you your biggest problem was just you lacked confidence--and when it came to confidence she was the queen--so you were trying to work on being more positive.
Still, it was hard to be confident when you were so nervous. You sighed, looking over at the clock. It was already nearly 9 O'clock; when were they planning on showing up? It's not like they had said any specific time--maybe they just didn't know where you lived? They dropped you off down the street last time; it could be they were waiting there for you? Or maybe they just changed their minds all together and they found something better to do...
With that thought you hear the unmistakable sound of engines and run to the window. Poking your head out, you see the lights of four familiar bikes pull up at the edge of your cul-de-sac, their riders looking up at your window as they waved for you to come down. You wave back, signaling for them to wait, moving silently out of your room and down the stairs. Thankfully, your mother was in the bath, and your father had fallen asleep in front of the TV, so as long as you were quiet you could sneak out undetected.
You had never snuck out before, truthfully you had never had reason to before. But you didn't want to lie and tell them you were going out with the girls, only to have that backfire if one of the girls called you--or worse, if you stayed out too late and your parents tried to call one of the girls' houses, only to find out you lied and snuck out to meet someone they didn't know. Better to only get in trouble for one thing rather than two...if you got caught, of course.
You gently closed the front door, locking it behind you before quickly turning and running down the driveway toward the boys. They smirk as you run up to them, a little out of breath after fleeing your house.
"Hey kitten, nice night for a run, huh?" David teased. You blush.
"S-shut up! It's not my fault you parked so far away!" You defended.
"Oh sorry, did you want your folks to see us picking you up?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. You pouted, looking away; you knew he was right, but you were still annoyed.
"Damn babe, you're looking good tonight." Paul says, completely ignoring your conversation as he leans over the handlebars of his bike to stare at you. You blush, holding up a hand to hid a shy, satisfied grin.
"Oh, um thank you Paul." You reply.
"Yeah y/n, you look super cute." Marko agrees, looking you up and down with a wide smirk spread across his face. "Almost good enough to eat." He and Paul laugh at what was apparently a very funny joke. While you watch them, confused about what was so funny, Dwayne gets off his bike and strolls over to them, giving each of them a firm smack to the back of the head.
"Hey!" Paul exclaims.
"Dwayne!" Marko yells. He looks at them for a few seconds as they both clutch the backs of their heads, before turning and making his way over to you.
"I'm sorry about them y/n; they mean well, they just can't help themselves sometimes." Dwayne says. You weren't really sure why he was apologizing, but you figured it was better just to let it go and move on rather than ask questions--the boys were just weird like that sometimes.
"Um, it's fine." You say, smiling up at him. He smiles back and you feel your heart flutter.
"Why don't you ride with me? I promise I'll get you there safely." He asks.
"Aw, no fair Dwayne; I wanted her to ride with me!" Paul says.
"Yeah, why do you get to have all the fun?" Marko grumbles.
"Oh, yeah sure." You reply, ignoring the two blondes whining. You hadn't really thought about the fact that'd you'd be riding on one of the bikes with them. That didn't seem safe at all; but then again, of the four Dwayne did seem like he'd probably be the safest driver. "But um, where's 'there?'"
"You'll see kitten--it's a surprise." David replies, his usual smirk plastered across his face. Great, that was comforting.
You follow Dwayne and sit on the seat behind him, trying not to think about how firm his back was or how much you were blushing as you tightly wrap your arms around his waist. You saw David speed off into the night, followed quickly by Paul and Marko; their taillights leaving red streaks in the night.
"Hang on tight." Dwayne said as the bike roared to life.
The next thing you know you feel the bike kick forward and you're gripping onto Dwayne for dear life. You feel the rush of wind running through your hair and hear the boys laughing, but your eyes are shut tight and you see nothing but black. Your heart is pounding so hard in your chest you know Dwayne must be able to feel it against his back as you hold onto him for dear life.
Out of the suburbs, the boys speed up; howling and laughing louder as they go. You didn't think it was possible, but you find yourself clinging to Dwayne tighter as you feel the bike go faster down into the sand. You hear the boys call your name, but you still refuse to open your eyes.
'Y/N you're safe, I promise. You can open your eyes, it's okay.' Dwayne said softly. You felt the fear begin to fade, and slowly began to open you eyes. You were on the beach now, the scenery flying by in a flash, and the boys were around you looking back at you with grins on their faces. Once they saw you open your eyes, they began to cheer and yell into the night, and you smile as you felt a small sense of pride well up inside you.
Eventually, they park in what looks like the middle of nowhere; Dwayne helps you off the bike as Paul and Marko playfully push and swat at each other, clearly riled up from the ride. David leads the group as the five of you make your way towards the sea and what looks like the mouth of a cave; with trash strewn all around and a large, foreboding sign signaling ‘Danger’ hanging overhead.
"Please tell me we're not going in there?" You plead as you eye the mouth of the cave warily, knowing full well that's exactly where you were heading.
"Aw, what’s wrong y/n? Yah scared?” Paul teases, coming up to walk beside you. “Don’t worry; I’ll protect you. Just stay nice and close.” He said, pulling you in tight. You blush and push against his side.
“Paul! Let go!” You say, trying to wiggle free of his hold. “I’m not scared! I just, um, well, I-I just don’t see what’s so interesting about a waterlogged old cave--that’s all.” You lied. Of course you were scared; the cave was creepy, and all the reasons you could imagine for why they had brought you out there were anything but pleasant: Nothing good happened in caves.
“You’ll see.” Marko said, smirking as he came up on your other side. 
The boys lead you down into the cave, Paul and Marko each taking one of your hands so you don’t trip. Making it inside before you, Dwayne went around setting fire to the contents of a few metal drums that were dotted around the cave. They acted like crude braziers, lighting the large room and allowing you to get a better look at the place. 
It certainly wasn’t what you were expecting to find inside some random cave in the middle of nowhere. There was stuff everywhere: At first glance it all looked like junk, but the more you looked the more you thought everything in the cave had been meticulously collected--probably over several years given how much there was. There looked to be some sort of structure almost merged inside the cave’s walls, like the husk of a building that had long since died, and now only the bones remained.
“What is all this?” You ask, looking around in awe.
“You like it?” David stared down at you and smiled. “It’s our place.” You stopped gawking at the room and turned to face him.
“Your place?” You repeated. “So what, you guys, like, live here?”
“Damn right!” Marko said proudly as he fell back on the couch. “Pretty sweet, huh? No parents, no responsibilities: we do what we want, when we want.”
“Yeah, I guess so.” You reply half-heartedly. It sounded nice enough--though you weren’t sure about living in a cave, even if it was cooler than you were expecting--but how did they survive like that? How did they have money for food? Clothes? And everything else in here? It was all well and good to say you did what you wanted whenever, but how could they be sustaining that kind of a lifestyle?
“We’re not selling drugs or anything, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Dwayne clarified, smiling as he walked over to you. You shake your head.
“Oh no, I wasn’t thinking that!” You absolutely were thinking that.
“It’s alright, don’t worry.” Dwayne smiled down at you. “Anyway; it’s true we don’t have steady jobs, but we do alright.” He replies. He moved past you to sit in one of the chairs by the couch, where Paul had already taken a seat beside Marko and was now gesturing for you to come join them.
You hesitantly walk over, gingerly sitting at the edge of the couch by Paul. He immediately throws an arm around the back of the couch behind you, smiling from ear to ear, and you feel your face flush as you look away.
"So what do you think?" David asks, the last to take a seat as he slumps down in an old wheelchair facing you and the others.
"About what?" You ask.
"Now that you see how we live, do you think you could see yourself dating four degenerate punks living against the grain of society?" David asked, gesturing grandly out at the cave. He was clearly being sarcastic, but the question was real enough.
It's not like you hadn't been thinking about it. Finding out they all lived in some communal cave situation was strange, sure--but honestly not really that surprising given who you were dealing with. You had already begun to suspect they were runaways or something--Santa Carla was a popular stop for runaways, or so you’d heard--so finding out they didn't have homes wasn't all that shocking really. Still, it was just one more thing to add to your list entitled 'Is this really a good idea, y/n?'
"Well, I mean..." You hesitate, embarrassed. "You living in a cave isn't a deal breaker--if that's what you're asking."
"I wasn't." David replies flatly, then sighs. "But a guess it's a start."
"Come on babe--how long are you gonna keep us hanging?" Paul asks, looking over at you with big, blue, puppy-dog eyes. Why was he so pretty?
"Yeah y/n, I thought you liked us?" Marko chimed in. He rested his chin on Paul's shoulder so he was facing you, and there was a sad, over-exaggerated look on his angelic face. It should be criminal to be allowed to have a face like that when you knew he was anything but an angel.
"I told you two not to pressure her." Dwayne scolded the two boys as they continued to stare at you.
“It’s alright Dwayne; I know you guys have been pretty patient waiting for me to make up my mind about things.” You reply.
“Yeah we have! You know, normally we would’ve just gotten bored and moved on by now--that’s how much we’re into you!” Paul said, smiling proudly.
“Oh yeah, because that’s really going to help our case, Paul.” Marko rolled his eyes sarcastically at his friend as he leaned back on the couch.
“What? I’m just say’n we’re serious about her, that’s all!” Paul replied defensively.
“It’s okay Paul; I knew what you meant.” You told him with a small smile. If anyone else had said something like that of course you would be worried, but you were getting pretty used to the boys and their personalities by now, and you knew Paul had meant it as a compliment. 
“See? I knew you’d understand y/n!” Paul said, beaming over at you with a smile that made your heart melt. Of course, you knew the boys probably had a lot of experience with girls before you--that was hardly news. But they seemed serious enough about you now, and you could hardly think about starting a relationship with them if you weren’t willing to put your trust in them. “You’re the best babe!” 
Paul suddenly jumps forward and wraps his arms around your waist, engulfing you in a tight embrace.
“P-Paul?” You barely manage to squeak out his name as your face grew hot. You can hear Marko laughing as you begin to wiggle and push against Paul’s chest. “L-let go please!”
“Mm, I would babe--but you smell so good.” He replies, nuzzling into the curve of your neck. You have to hold in a scream of surprise at the sudden action, all while feeling you might melt into the couch you’re so embarrassed. Why was he suddenly, well, whatever--and right in front of the others! Did it really not bother him that they were there?
Was this what it was going to be like all the time with them?
“Paul, enough.” David called sternly. Paul lifted his head.
“Aw, come on--it’s not like I’m gonna-”
“Enough.” David repeated forcefully. Paul winced, and reluctantly let you go.
“Sorry babe--guess I got a little carried away.” Paul apologized, looking at you sheepishly.
“It’s fine Paul, just--just maybe try and control yourself a little next time, okay?” You reply, sighing as you feel your heart beating a mile a minute. 
These boys were going to be the death of you.
You spend most of the night hanging out in the cave with the boys with no more major incidences, and finally it was time for you to head home. David tells Dwayne to take you back alone while he had a ‘talk’ with the blondes. 
Oof, that didn’t sound good.
Dwayne takes you home, thankfully going slower than on your ride to the cave. He pulls up at the end of your cul-de-sac, killing the engine and turning the headlights off so you have a few minutes to talk.
“Thanks for the ride.” You say, looking over at him as he stays seated on his bike.
“No problem.” He replies, smiling softly at you. You smile back, blushing lightly as you look down at the ground. A comfortable silence spreads out between you as you enjoy the night air. It would be morning soon; when was the last time you stayed out this late?
“I know I gave those two a hard time for rushing you earlier,” Dwayne finally says, breaking the silence. “But if you did decide to give us a chance, I bet you’d be glad you did.” You looked over at him, his dark hair shining in the moonlight, and you felt your heart race. 
Something about Dwayne just made you want to trust him. Maybe it was just him, or maybe it was just that, in comparison to the other three, he was obviously just the most trustworthy of the bunch. Either way, when Dwayne said something, you found yourself naturally inclined to agree, regardless of what it was. You were grateful it was Dwayne that seemed to have this mysterious power and not one of the terror twin blondes--god knows what disasters that would cause. 
In this particular case however, while Dwayne’s influence certainly had it’s effect on you, you’d finally made up your mind about the whole thing earlier that night.
“Yeah, I think I will.” You reply, a shy smile on your face. “Give you a chance, I mean.” 
If Paul had been here he’d probably be jumping for joy. Marko would probably say something sarcastic that would double as an innuendo, and David would probably be trying to act all cool to hid the fact the he was actually happy. But Dwayne just looked at you with a warm, content smile. 
“I’m happy to hear that; I know the other guys will be too.” He replied, clearly pleased with your answer. He looked up at the sky. “It’ll be morning soon, I should go.” He looked back over at you. “Will we see you tomorrow?”
“Huh? Oh! Yeah, sure.” You reply. He nodded, starting the engine of his bike and turning the headlights back on. You stood by, watching him as he prepared to leave. You were a little sad to see him go, even though you obviously knew he had to leave. He looked back over at you, and you saw a look quickly pass across his face. 
Suddenly, he reaches out and pulls you in, and before you realize what’s happening his lips are pressed gently to yours. You gasp before you feel yourself stop breathing all together; your heart sprinting as your mind muddles along trying to figure out what in the world is going on. 
And, just as quickly as it started, it’s over; leaving you no time to process what had just happened before Dwayne pulls away smiling. 
“See you tomorrow.” He leans in close so you can hear him over the roar of the engine, his breath tickling your ear. Before you can answer he’s gone; his taillights disappear into the night. The echo of his engine slowly disappears until the only sound left on the quiet street is the pounding of your racing heart.
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harryissuchalittleshit · 4 hours ago
I juts read reflections and I'd love some Draco and astoria head canons.
Okay, can we all agree that Draco is the dramatic one in the relationship and Astoria the level headed one right away:
They meet again in the post-war at a Muggle night club for a birthday/celebration/something
Draco is being pissy and goes out to smoke (get high) and Astoria happens to be out there to get some air
She flirts with him and steals his joint and they smoke and talk together
They never make it back into the club
Draco lives in a tiny studio apartment that barely has a kitchen or bathroom and is a complete mess
Astoria sleeps with him anyways, she doesn’t know if it’s a combination of the smoke, the drinking, or if it’s just watching him dance around the small space
In the morning, they wake up and Astoria tells him that she has to catch the train back to Hogwarts
She promises to write, but only if Draco writes her back, she isn’t going to put any extra work into a relationship if he isn’t going to
And they become pen pals
Daphne doesn’t like it, but she can’t do anything to stop it
Astoria starts to get embarrassed when she starts getting a letter every morning, even if she hadn’t written back to Draco yet
He sends her song lyrics and poems and tells her all about his day, even if nothing happened
She gets very interested when he writes about Andromeda and Teddy who he lives with when he isn’t staying at his flat (so about 90% of the time)
They meet up for Christmas and it very sweet, and it feels so good to talk in person
They only get to see each other a few times over the holidays, which sucks for both of them, but they make plans for the Easter holidays and that’s what they look forward to
They go back to writing and Draco keeps a photo of Astoria with him at all times
Andromeda starts to get sick right before the Easter holidays and it ruins their plans because Draco doesn’t want to leave her side
Astoria understands and decides to stay at Hogwarts to study
Draco surprises her by coming to her graduation, and can only think about how he wasted the year before not talking to anyone except Pansy
The summer Astoria graduates is such a strong time for them because they can be together, but they’re forced into the roles they were born into
They have to follow actual courtship rules and have supervised visits and dates
Until finally Astoria says “fuck it” and they just disappear into the Muggle world for a night
After that, they’re almost never apart
Draco still spends most of his time with Andromeda, and Astoria starts working at a Muggle restaurant in London, but the nights are all theirs if they can help it
Astoria is the first person to find out about Andromeda’s death and Draco is there when Astoria is forced to quit her job for cursing the owner (he tries to assault her)
Draco proposes shortly before Andromeda’s death, and they set the wedding for July
They get married at the Malfoy manor and move into the cottage that Andromeda and Ted owned
It’s their safe haven, away from the Wizarding world and all the whispers about who they are and the rumors of their families
A few years down the line Astoria gets pregnant with Scorpius
He is their light and joy and they love him soooo much
Astoria raises him with kindness and reap that Draco didn’t know could be shown to a child and it’s honestly such a soft moment for him to see his son be so good and kind to others
They send him to the local Muggle primary, and Draco is the “room mum”
They decide to have another baby, and it goes really well until after a visit to the Malfoy Manor and Astoria gets really sick
She loses their daughter Cassiopeia Iris after being posioned
Draco knows that his father poisoned Astoria for having a daughter and is ready to kill Lucius over it
Lucius does pass away a few years later and it’s treated as a real celebration with a toast to his death and everything
They do move back into the manor to keep an eye on Narcissa, but she rarely leaves her room
They’re very proud of Scorpius for getting sorted in Slytherin and while it is difficult to wrap their heads around him being friends with Al they get used to it
They actually adore Rose before she and Scorpius even start dating and approve of their relationship early on
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bitterendbrutalizer · 4 hours ago
Know You Better Now (BTOOT sequel), Part 2
I'm nervous about this one 🙊
But also so f*cking excited.
I'm sorry for the relative shortness. But I think it's very IMPACT-ful.
I'll see myself out. Enjoy 😁
Know You Better Now (BTOOT sequel)
Synopsis: It’s been three months since Alex’s injury, and she’s hopeful for the future—not only of her career, but of her relationship with Kenny. But the night of Winter Is Coming, everything changes.
Part: 2/?
Pairing: Kenny Omega x OFC (still, for now...)
Word count: 2.8k
Warnings: The usual language and angst, fam
Catch up on previous parts here.
Tag squad: @freshlysqueezedmox @hotyeehawman @heelchampbucks @comeasyoudar @kingswitchblade @bec0m @betsy-bradock @linziland13 @librathepheonix13 @gabbynorth98 @exe-darbyallin-exe @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @brokenglassslippers @rocca09 (let me know if you would like to be added!)
The next four days passed by in a blur. Alex couldn’t sleep—not really. She’d lie down just to toss and turn for hours, unable to quiet her anxious thoughts. Every day she wondered if she should say something about what had happened at Winter Is Coming, but each and every time she drafted a tweet, she’d just delete it. This was Kenny and Don’s mess, not hers; they could deal with the fallout. But that didn’t stop complete strangers from constantly asking and pushing her for comment, to the point that she muted her Twitter mentions. Outside Kenny, the only people she talked to were Chuck, Sam, and Adam.
But she didn’t tell anyone that she was going to Impact with Kenny. For one, it wasn’t anyone’s business; and for two, she didn’t feel like justifying it to anyone. Right now, she just needed to do what was best for her relationship—and that meant going to Nashville.
However, she hadn’t realized that going to Nashville meant spending hours on a rented tour bus parked outside the studios where Impact was filmed. Don claimed it was a power move; they’d blocked off the entire parking lot. But Alex suspected he just wasn’t allowed in the building.
“No, I don’t think we should bring in the Good Brothers tonight,” Don said with a shake of his head. “We gotta play our cards close to the chest for now.”
“No, I agree,” Kenny said, his arm around Alex as they sat on the couch opposite Don. But Alex tuned them out, far more interested in the match on TV than she was their strategy talk.
She watched as Chris Sabin hit Josh Alexander with a missile dropkick to the back. Alex Shelley pounded furiously on the ring apron, cheering on his tag team partner. He followed up with an enzuigiri kick, and Alex expected him to go for the pin. But instead, he hoisted Alexander up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. It was the wrong move—he fought out of it and dropped Sabin with a ripcord elbow to the jaw.
“Then Alex can go for the Knockouts Championship.”
“What?” she whipped her head around to look up at Kenny in confusion. He grinned at her.
“Come on, you wouldn’t want that?”
She stared back at him, completely caught off-guard. But before she could even think about what to say, Don chimed in.
“We’ll just have to see,” he cautioned.
Alex cast him a sidelong glance. She wouldn’t even be here if Don could help it, let alone a champion alongside Kenny.
But the match bell suddenly rang on TV, redrawing her attention. Sabin had surprised Alexander with a rollup for the win. The camera focused on Ethan Page at ringside, a mixture of angry shock and disappointment on his face. Alex anxiously bit her lip.
“That’s why The North lost the tag titles,” Don commented. “They’re not on the same page; no pun intended.”
Alex bit down on her jaw; but then the broadcast cut to Chris Bey and Moose backstage, and Kenny scoffed.
“Moose is still walking around with that counterfeit title?” he said when he saw the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The irony of it wasn’t lost on Alex, given how he’d just won the AEW World Championship. But she kept her mouth shut.
“Yeah, I don’t know why Scott lets him get away with it,” Don groused as the show went to commercial. “But don’t worry; we’ll take care of it. There’s only room for one world champion in this company, and he’s sitting right here.”
He reached across the aisle and genially swatted Kenny’s knee—and Alex couldn’t bite her tongue any longer. “Moose calling himself the TNA World Heavyweight Champion is the least of Scott’s problems right now,” she muttered as she picked up her phone.
She meant it as a slight against Don. He was Scott D’Amore’s biggest problem right now; he’d all but abandoned his responsibilities as co-executive vice president of Impact to go to AEW and put over Kenny instead.
But the insult went right over Don’s balding head. “You’re damn right, it is! He’s gonna get a rude awakening tonight courtesy of Kenny by-God Omega.”
Alex’s stomach turned. Don’s ass-kissing had always been bad, but it had grown over-the-top insufferable since Wednesday, and sometimes the things he said and did made her feel like he wouldn’t be satisfied until he was actually up Kenny’s—
“The following announcement is paid for by All Elite Wrestling.”
She snapped her eyes back up to the TV. Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone were on the screen—and she did not like the look of the passive-aggressive smile on TK’s face.
“What the hell is this now?” Don asked.
“Hey, Impact Wrestling!” TK proclaimed. “It’s great to be here tonight via this paid ad that’s allowed me to join you. I understand the brand new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega’s gonna be here on this show tonight, so I thought I would join him.”
“Please,” Don dismissed. “That’s right, throw around daddy’s money some more.”
Alex nearly shushed him.
“If I wanted to stop it, Tony, I absolutely could,” TK said to Schiavone.
“Yes, I know that,” Schiavone nodded.
“I could file an injunction; I could tell Kenny he’s in breach of contract… but I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I thought I would actually help fund the show via this ad, ‘cause I think it’s gonna help. It’s gonna help the budget, it’s gonna help the bottom line, and hopefully it helps promote AEW to have our champion on this show.
“The only thing I don’t like about it is the way Kenny won the belt. It was a joke.”
“HA!” Don let out a loud burst of laughter. “If it’s such a joke, then why are you literally buying into it?”
But he quieted when TK said his name. “Don Callis, you’re welcome to come with Kenny tomorrow, too. In fact, Kenny, I know how you’re arriving at the show; I handled it, I set up your arrival. We’re more than happy to accommodate you,” he forced, his tone thick with sarcasm. “We’re just really looking forward to seeing you, buddy.”
Alex looked back up at Kenny. “What is he talking about?”
He just smirked. “You’ll see.”
Suddenly, her phone buzzed in her hand and she looked down at the screen. It was a text from Chuck. Are you seeing this?
Her stomach dropped again. This was all too much.
She stood up and moved to the back of the bus; she needed air. But before she could grab her coat, Kenny followed her into the space and slid the door closed behind him.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
She let out a huff. “This is just a lot.”
His brow furrowed with concern. “What is? Talk to me.”
“Everything, Kenny!” she proclaimed. “Last week; being here; talking about me going for the Knockouts Championship? And now that ad,” she said with a motion to the front of the bus. “I didn’t tell anyone I was coming here with you, and when Tony finds out…” she trailed off. She didn’t want to finish that thought.
“Is that what you’re worried about?” Kenny asked. He took her by the hips and drew her into him. “Baby, Tony won’t do anything. He literally just said he won’t. There’s a reason he’s a billionaire—he knows a money-making opportunity when he sees it.”
Alex frowned. She wanted to believe him. But her anxiety over the entire situation wouldn’t let her.
“I know this is overwhelming,” he went on. “And I know you’re worried about what we’re doing. But trust me, okay? This is gonna change the game. I promise.”
She looked up into his eyes, soft and blue. She did trust him; that wasn’t the issue. The issue was that she didn’t trust Don—or his intentions.
But she didn’t want to get into that right now. She couldn’t. “Okay,” she breathed. “I just need a minute to get some air and clear my head.”
“Okay,” Kenny gently said. He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I love you.”
“I love you, too,” she returned, and she grabbed her coat and pulled it on as she went out the door and exited the bus.
The cold in the air caught her by surprise, and she quickly zipped up and stuffed her hands into her pockets as she walked away from the bus, toward a wide parking lot median planted with tall trees. The last thing she needed was to be spotted by anyone—
She stopped dead in her tracks. So much for that. But when she looked up and saw who had called her name, her heart leapt into her throat.
Ethan. It had been years since she’d last seen him. But as he walked toward her, it somehow didn’t feel like it.
“Hey. It’s been a minute,” he smiled, and before she knew it, he pulled her into a hug. The scent of his cologne hit her nose and she was instantly transported back to that summer. It smelled exactly as she remembered it.
“It has,” she returned, suddenly remembering to speak.
“What’re you doing out here?”
His tone was curious, if not a bit confused, and she pushed her hands back into her coat pockets as they stepped back from each other. “Oh, um. I came with Kenny?” Her voice rose at the end of her sentence, like she was asking a question. Like she wasn’t even sure what she was doing there herself. “I just needed some air,” she quickly added. “It’s stuffy on that bus.”
“Don sucking up all the oxygen with his hot air?”
Alex stared up at him, wide-eyed and mute. She had not expected him to come back with that.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” he apologized, obviously mistaking her silence for offense. “I know you and Kenny are together, and Don is…” he trailed off, unsure how to put it.
“His creepy uncle?”
Ethan let out a laugh. “You said it, not me.”
She bit back a smirk. “Don’t apologize. You’re not wrong.”
A corner of his mouth quirked up as he looked back at her. Alex fidgeted. She’d always thought he was handsome, and she was only reminded of it tenfold now.
“Are you cleared to wrestle yet?” he asked. “I know you had that shoulder injury a few months ago.”
“Oh,” her eyebrows arched, surprised that he’d asked. “No, not yet. But hopefully soon. I feel like I’m good to go, I’m just waiting on the doctor to say so.”
He nodded. “Well, you look great. I mean, I might be a little biased, but you’re definitely my favorite in the AEW women’s division.”
He smirked, and Alex flushed. Was he flirting with her? “Oh, well thanks,” she said, turning unexpectedly bashful. “You look great, too.”
She’d said it reflexively, but she absolutely meant it. He did look good. He’d lost weight, his outfit was on point, he smelled good. She fidgeted again, suddenly growing hot underneath her coat. Why was she so flustered?
Ethan’s smile widened. “Thanks,” he said. He knew exactly how good he looked—and Alex suddenly felt like she should go back to the bus.
“Actually, it’s funny we ran into each other, because I was thinking about getting in touch with you.”
She stopped, completely caught off-guard. It took a second for her to find her words. “In touch with me? Why?”
Ethan seemed cautious to answer. “Well,” he looked furtively around, making sure they were alone. And then he looked back down at her and said, “I’m ninety percent sure I’m on my way out of Impact.”
Alex’s eyebrows arched. But, in all honesty, she wasn’t that surprised—especially not after what had happened during the match earlier.
“Don’t get me wrong, The North has been great,” he added. “But the company? Not so much. I’m ready for bigger, better things.”
She nodded, suddenly seeing where this was going. “And AEW is bigger, better things.”
“One that I’m considering, yeah,” he confirmed. “And I know you’re there so… like I said, I was thinking of getting in touch.”
Alex bit her lip again, that time in thought. She wasn’t quite sure how to take that, if he meant he’d been thinking of getting in touch professionally or personally. But either way, she thought he deserved a bigger and better stage than Impact.
“Do you still have my number?”
He smirked again. “I do. As long as it hasn’t changed?”
She shook her head. “It hasn’t. Text me. We can talk about it.”
His eyes seemed to light up. “I definitely will,” he said, and she nodded in return, a tight smile on her lips. “Well, I was actually on my way out,” he pointed his thumb back toward the parking lot at the front of the building. “But it was really good seeing you.”
Alex stood up straighter. “Yeah, it was good seeing you, too,” she agreed, and he gave her a parting smile as he turned and walked away, the scent of his cologne still lingering in her nose.
* * * * * * * * * *
“So, I have to tell you something.”
Alex froze mid-bite into a slice of pizza. That was not a phrase anyone wanted to hear on a first date—especially not after it had been going so well. “What?” she asked, her eyes wide and nervous.
Ethan grinned. “I was nervous as hell for this.”
“Oh my God,” she let out a relieved breath. “You just made me nervous!”
He laughed. “Why? What did you think I was gonna say?”
“I don’t know! Something awful like you’re not actually single.”
“Oh, so that would be awful, would it?”
He flashed a confident, almost cocky smirk. Her cheeks burned red. “Well, yeah. We’re on a date. And I don’t like to share.” She reached for her beer and sent him a look over the rim of the glass as she took a sip. His smirk only grew wider.
“No, you don’t have to worry about that. I’m extremely single.”
“Oh yeah?” she arched a curious brow. “Is that why you were so nervous for this? Haven’t been on a first date in a while?”
“Not any that I looked forward to as much as this one.”
He looked her right in the eye as he said it. Alex’s stomach flipped. He’d had her feeling like a schoolgirl with a crush from the moment she’d arrived and seen him sitting at the table.
“Well… the feeling’s mutual,” she said.
Ethan’s smile lit up his entire face. “Yeah?”
She nodded. “Mhm.”
He picked up his drink. “So… I won’t be jumping the gun if I ask you out on a second date?”
He smirked at her over the rim of his glass, just like she had a minute before. Alex bit her lip. “No. It’s a date.”
* * * * * * * * * *
Alex blinked out of the memory. Kenny stared at her with a bemused look on his face.
“You were a million miles away.”
Not a million miles away—but maybe three years ago. She shook her head as she came back to the present. “Sorry, what’d you say?”
“Josh Mathews is gonna be here in a few minutes to interview Kenny,” Don said. “So, if you don’t want the entire world to know you’re here, I suggest you go to elsewhere.”
He didn’t even acknowledge her as he said it, his eyes fixed on his phone. She bit down on her jaw.
“Fine.” She stood up and marched to the back of the bus without another word. Kenny jumped up and went after her.
“Alex, you don’t have to—”
“I said it was fine, Kenny. He’s right, I don’t want be a part of it.”
She inwardly winced. That was a poor choice of words. Kenny frowned.
“Are you sure you’re alright? You’ve been quiet ever since you got back from your walk earlier.”
Alex looked up at him, fidgeting on the spot. He wasn’t wrong. She hadn’t said more than two words in the last forty-five minutes.
She’d been too preoccupied with thoughts of the past.
“I’m fine,” she repeated. “It’s like I said before… I’m just overwhelmed.”
It wasn’t lie. It just wasn’t the whole truth, either.
“Okay,” Kenny softly relented. The look on his face nearly broke her.
“Go do your interview,” she said, doing her best to be encouraging. “I’ll be here.”
But he didn’t go. Instead, he came closer. “I know you’re worried about people knowing you’re here. I get it. But when we’re at Dynamite tomorrow, I want you out there in the ring with me. Next to me. You’re my girl. Remember?”
Alex opened her mouth, but no words came out. “I—” she stuttered.
“Just think about it.” He took her face in his hands, and placed a tender, lingering kiss on her lips. It made Alex’s knees go weak.
“This’ll just be a few minutes,” he said, and he pulled away and left her in the back of the bus with even more to think about than he realized.
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princessofguineapigs · 5 hours ago
How Can I Refuse Part 2 | Tom Holland
Tumblr media
rated: pg-13
warnings: rape mention
read part 1
The next morning, Tom was already wondering when he would see you again. He decided to venture outside of his room in your master's establishment. After the nourishing food you'd served and a good night's rest, he was well recovered from his travels. He found a staircase nearby his room and descended it. When he was met with a long hall, he wasn't sure which way to go to find you until he heard a melodic voice singing a sweet tune. Guessing rightly that it was yours, he followed it all the way to the washroom.
Tom stayed just outside the door for a few moments, captivated by your ethereal song. You were scrubbing furiously at a pair of trousers and as your tune faded to an end, Tom decided to make his presence known with a loud "hello." It startled you and you jumped before turning to him with a blush.
"Actually," he said. "I hoped you might join me for dinner tonight." A light pink tint colored his cheeks.
"Is there something I can get you, Tom?" you asked. You figured he either needed something to eat or something laundered but didn't want to yell for you.
"" you stuttered.
"Say yes, angel. You won't have to cook. I'll go out and get something for us."
You smiled timidly. "Alright then," you agreed, your face still burning.
"I have to go into town for business, but I'll be back for our dinner at six," Tom said.
You were hardly able to concentrate on your chores after Tom left. Mr. Latreille berated you because his food wasn't hot enough and you didn't even notice. Like a silly, love-sick girl, you were caught up in your daydreams.
Mending your boss' shirts wasn't nearly so dull with your imagination running free. You knew it was almost time for Tom to return when your stomach growled.
Hastening toward his room, you stopped just short of the door, opting for a timid knock. "One moment!" you heard from within. While you waited for Tom to answer the door, you became painfully aware of the state of your ragged appearance. You rushed to discard your dirty apron, stashing it in the corner of the hall and rubbed the grime off your face with the back of your hand.
Tom opened the door. "Come in, you radiant thing."
You entered the room and saw that it was all arranged. Tom had moved the nightstand from beside his bed to the center of the room and converted it to a dining table. He'd used the spare linens as a table cloth and lit the fire across from the bed. The table was laden with the goodies he'd brought in from town.
"I hope you like pork and beans," Tom said. "This sweet old woman was selling them in the square."
Your mouth watered at the smell. It had been a long time since you'd been allowed to indulge in a meal like this.
"This looks great, Tom," you said. He pulled out the armchair he'd placed there for you and brought over a footstool for himself to sit across from you.
"Tell me," he started after you'd had a few bites, "What would you want to do if you didn't work here?"
You didn't answer right away. It's not that you'd never thought about it. But when you did, it was rare. The possibility of getting out of this place anytime soon was completely hopeless.
"I'd want to sing," you finally answered. "For other people. Not just for myself."
"Yours is a voice I'd pay a fortune to hear every day. I know that you could do well singing for a living," Tom complimented.
"That can't happen until I get out of here," you noted dismally. "Not for several more years."
Tom put down his knife and fork. "What if it didn't have to be years?"
You stared at him, puzzled. "I mean, what if I could help you get out sooner," he said. "You're only here because of a debt. There are other ways to pay debts. If you could pay the debt off in money, you wouldn't have to pay in labor anymore."
You almost laughed. "Tom, when would I have time to make money?"
Tom took your hand across the table. It was warm and comforting. "I could help you. And maybe in return, you could sing for me one song." His tone was teasing, but his eyes were serious.
"You'd do that?" you questioned.
"I'd do anything," Tom said somberly.
You felt your pulse speed up and your stomach did a flip. The food no longer mattered, but you knew you wanted to be closer to Tom. The gentleman stood from his chair and offered his hand. Taking it, you glided up from your seat as if moving through a dream. You stood face to face and you held your breath, afraid that if you so much as disrupted the air the fairytale would dissolve.
In the next moment, his lips were on yours, featherlight, barely touching in a timid kiss. "Angel, is this alright?" he asked. "Yes, Tom," you sighed. And he kissed you again, with more determination. It was blissful, but it wasn't enough. You poured all the passion bursting from your heart into your lips as you returned the kiss. You let go of all the pain inside you and sank deeper into his embrace, letting the love pouring from Tom mend you.
Tom slowly and carefully guided the two of you until you were standing at the side of the bed, still lip-locked. You shivered a bit as things progressed. You wanted to experience this with Tom, but you felt so unworthy. You'd been nothing your whole life and while you didn't know Tom's full social standing, it was clear that he shouldn't be lowering himself to a servant's level.
"You've never made love, have you?" Tom breathed, noticing the way you trembled. You were aware of his nimble fingers fiddling with the laces on your corset, waiting to undo them, but not before you gave permission.
"That's not strictly true," you admitted. "I wouldn't call it love making, but Mr. Latreille often has his way with me when I displease him." Your lip quivered.
Tom removed his hands from your body, aghast at what he'd just heard. He was afraid that his own advances had been unwanted. You reached for him, not wanting him to slip away. Tom grasped your hands and fell to his knees. "Bright angel, you can't stay here another day. Spend the night safe in this bed. I will watch over you and in the morning I'll take you away from here." There were tears in his eyes.
Your heart soared at the thought. You could sing for an audience. You could be with Tom. You could be far from here, far from this horrible nightmare.
"Say yes," he pleaded. "Everything will be alright."
"You'll take me away from here?" you asked.
"Darling, I'll take you anywhere."
You spent the night in the bed Tom had rented as he sat by the fireplace, keeping watch. He'd nod off every once in a while, then jerk awake with a start. Each time it happened, Tom would frantically look around and then see that you were peacefully asleep like a little lamb.
Tom didn't know if you'd ever love him, but he knew that he was going to do everything in his power to give you a better life.
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skepticalarrie · 5 hours ago
Do you think H&L might be waiting till both of them are in a good position so that they can come out together? Or do you think one of them could do it first? Some people think Harry is very close to coming out or that he is in a glass closet (which I don't completely agree with, ie Holivia) but like do you think he could come out first on his own?
Hi anon!
I always talk about the coming out as a long loooooong process, because it involves so many things, like rebranding, the perception of the public about them, being something positive to the community, a good and safe moment in their careers... but I really don’t know if that’s already a possibility to them and if they’re walking towards it or not. Although Harry has a full ass beard right now, I feel like there’s a progress and people are probably much more willing to accept a coming out now compared to five years ago.
I always thought they would come out together, but I don’t know. I think Harry coming out first is a possibility, but I don’t think like years before Louis or anything like that. Maybe a few months or something, so the entire process can run smoothly. Because honestly it doesn’t make much sense, does it? He’s gonna say he’s queer but keep pretending he’s not fully committed to another man?
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himbobf · 6 hours ago
idk if you’ll even see this but i want to start off by saying that i appreciate the fact that you clarified you’re wording even though your anger is completely justified. i just wanted to say that i think the main reason so many ppl were upset about the way you worded your post is bc a lot of non-black ppl outside the us have tried to undermine the blm movement by saying that it is us centric, therefore making it seem like it’s an “american issue” that they need to not concern themselves with, when it is so OBVIOUSLY not. it’s not usblm it’s blm. black us citizens are very aware of the fact that there are black people everywhere in this world who are also suffering at the hands of police brutality and corrupt governments. with that being said i really hope that more awareness gets spread about said issues happening outside the us as well bc at the end of the day ppl’s lives are on the line, period. anyways this is very long, so sorry about that and i hope this makes sense, my intention is not to make you feel bad at all
of course, trust me when i say that i deeply hate the way they have twisted my words and actions to fit their own agenda (and by that i mean being violent toward people they don't agree with). so?? while emotionally draining, i still want to make the effort so explain and hope they will understand where i was coming from. and hey don’t worry, you’re not making me feel bad. i want to help people in the us, i have done so for years and i do not plan to stop. it’s just?? incredibly frustrating when things like this happen. i understand where they’re coming from, i genuinely do. i constantly try to learn from them and to improve bc i am not a perfect person by any means. i’m young and i have at least 50 more years of life ahead of me and i love learning and changing, that is what this life is about. but yeah, even knowing the reason why, it doesn’t take away the fact that people are harassing me and being violent towards me now when i was never violent towards them. we need to acknowledge that words and actions have impact on other people
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gffa · 7 hours ago
I had a discussion with a friend and fellow fan about what Dave Filoni said in the Mando Gallery episode about Qui-Gon being the master Anakin needed and everything would have been fine if he lived. I didn’t agree because Master and Apprentice doesn’t paint him like that. My friend said the book version is just an off brand Qui-Gon and doesn’t change what Filoni said because he is only using The Phantom Menace and The Clone Wars version of Qui-Gon. Filoni probably doesn’t know about the book or doesn’t care.
I was like it’s canon so it has to matter and my friend’s response is the books and comics are ‘canon’ until they’re not. They are fun to read but if Lucasfilm ever wanted to do a story with Qui-Gon alive Filoni’s take would be the only one that mattered.
So my question is do the books and comic matter as much or are they just place holders until a show or movie over writes them? And did Anakin have to to fall or was Qui-Gon really the manic cure all for Anakin?
Thanks! Love your blog!!
Hi!  Thank you for the kind words!!  This is one of those things that is going to be a completely unsatisfying answer, but it’s the truth:  We can only guess, there’s no way to know until it does/doesn’t happen. A week ago, I would have said the books and novels mattered, but I think Lucasfilm has broken that pretty thoroughly.  Oh, they’ve always said that, if a movie or TV show contradicts something in the book, the movies and TV shows take priority.  They’ve been clear on that for quite some time.  However, until recently, it’s always been minor things, so it felt pretty reasonable and understandable, that books and comics still mattered to canon. But now?  Who knows.  With The Bad Batch doing what it did, it does feel like the bigger “canon” of the books and novels are meaningless to whatever the fuck the top tier shows and movies are doing. However, they’re also clear that canon > word of god commentary, even books and comics.  So, until that story happens, yes, M&A Qui-Gon > DF’s commentary. But here’s the other thing: Dave Filoni is not infallible.  He says earlier in that same episode of Mando Gallery that he doesn’t always get it right, that sometimes George Lucas had to correct him and have him redo stuff because he got it wrong.  And that he’s very aware that this is George Lucas’ story, not his. Further to that, Dave Filoni had absolutely nothing to do with the prequels movies, he wasn’t part of Lucasfilm when they were made, and absolutely nothing in the movies or in George Lucas’ commentary has supported any of what he said.  If people want to view Qui-Gon that way, well, they can go right ahead, they’re free to agree with DF.  If they don’t want to agree with his interpretation, he was not the author or director of those movies, he can only speak to them as someone who worked with GL and as a fan. But you can still point out, books and novels canon don’t exist in a bubble, if Lucasfilm had disagreed with the portrayal of Qui-Gon in M&A, then they could have (and WOULD HAVE) said no.  So, that Qui-Gon is still valid and still matters. If your friend wants to find him as an off-brand Qui-Gon, then they’re free to do so.  And if Lucasfilm ever did a story with Qui-Gon, who’s to say how it’ll turn out?  It depends on who does it.  What if Claudia Gray writes another book for him?  Then it’ll probably be in that same vein.  What if they make a TV show about him?  Then it depends on who the writer/director/producer is for that show, whether they go with DF’s version or the book version or even some other version. Ultimately, all you can do is point out that, even within the film, DF’s commentary doesn’t match up with the Qui-Gon we see, that it doesn’t match up with GL’s commentary on what Anakin’s problems were (which I have never seen GL say was the Jedi or the lack of Qui-Gon in his life, but that Anakin didn’t WANT to accept letting go of things, he has said that repeatedly) and then agree to disagree if you still don’t see eye to eye.
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slytherinbangchan · 7 hours ago
Sunshine☀️ Chap33 (Stray Kids!Social Media!Au
🡲Chap1 here🡰
Blog’s Masterlist
Sunshine Masterlist TagList: @princewonwoo​ @freckledquokka​​
Tumblr media
Chapter 33: Bungee 0012 0033
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You meet Jisung's eyes for a second as you all sit on the floor in front of the fireplace in the living room. Next to you is Hyuck at your right and Mark on your left. You wonder if it'd be okay for you to just go back to Jisung's arms instead, which is where you were not that long ago. If you could only leave the guys alone without them almost burning down your place... You saw the video Seungmin took while the others were lighting the shots on fire and still you don't understand how they managed to burn the curtains. At least now you're not that nervous about the drinking games as you were before.
“Okay everyone, as you all now it's time to play some drinking games.” Minho announces as he pours shots for everybody. You feel a bit more nervous now that reality is hitting, but you're okay. “I thought of starting with Never Have I Ever so our new friends get to know us a bit better.” He says, looking at Mark and Hyuck and everyone agrees. “Kay, I'll start. Never have I ever had a crush on someone in this room.” Minho says, drinking his shot right after and everyone follows. Literally everyone, but you don't give it much thought at first. You know the guys have had some stories between them in the past so you're not really surprised. But then you notice that Hyuck and Mark drank too. Who are they crushing on? They only met your friends earlier today, who could have caught their eye so soon? But well, it is just a crush, right? It doesn't have to be anything serious so it could be anyone.
“Minho? Who are you crushing on?” Chris asks and Minho laughs. “Well, that's a secret and also I didn't say I'm crushing on them right now specifically.” He says as he refills the shots. “Okay then.” Chris chuckles. “I will go next~. Never have I ever had a crush on someone here in this room, currently.” Chris drinks his shot but you don't pay much attention to it either, you already know how he feels. Your eyes drift to Jisung instead automatically as you gulp down your shot. His glass is empty too. Did he drink it?? Or maybe Minho never got to fill it again? Who is he crushing on?? There's no way he's crushing on you after the conversation you had the other night, right? But also you've been feeling this weird vibe these couple of days...
He's looking at Minho as he smiles. What is this? Does Jisung like him then? Your heart hurts thinking about it. “Minho, I thought you didn't like me like that anymore.” Jisung says jokingly and the guys laugh. “Please, that was so long ago and it lasted like a second.” Minho says and everyone laughs again but you're trying so hard not to freak out right now.
“Guys if we keep asking who is crushing on who we'll only play for like 3 minutes.” Seungmin says. “But I want to know stuff.” Minho whines. “Let's play something else then. Like truth or dare.” Hyunjin suggests and Minho's eyes shine with anticipation. “Okay, I want to start that one.” Seungmin asks and everyone agrees. “Jisung? Truth or dare?” Your heart skips a beat when you hear his name. “Uhm... Dare I guess?” He chooses and the others laugh. “Someone is afraid of telling the truth huh?” Innie says making the guys chuckle. Mark and Hyuck look a bit lost but honestly you feel the same right now. There's a weird vibe between the guys, like if they had an agenda. “Seungmin tell him what to do already.” Binnie whines to hurry him and Seungmin smiles kinda devilishly. “Okay. Jisung, I dare you to kiss y/n.”
Your heart stops completely for a second as you meet Jisung's eyes before he looks away. “W-What?” He says. “Don't ask me to do stuff like that. I'm not going to kiss y/n cause of a game.” He sounds a bit annoyed but nothing serious. Someone who doesn't know him wouldn't be able to tell. But you can. Your eyes look for Minho who seems a bit shocked at Jisung's answer and then you feel Chris and Hyunjin sitting next to each of your sides, pushing Markhyuck aside and making Hyuck whine cause of it. Chris holds your hand and Hyunjin pecks your cheek. “Are you okay?” He whispers and you nod but there's a knot in your throat as you think of what just happened.
In the meantime the others tell Jisung he has to give up a piece of clothing for refusing the dare.
Minho looks pissed for the rest of the round until it's his turn again. But you're not paying much attention anyway. You were so stupid thinking there was even a remote opportunity of an scenario where Jisung drank that shot cause of you. Whatever. You don't want to feel like this anyway. It's not his fault that he doesn't like you that way and maybe it's not too late to try and throw your feelings away before they become even deeper.  “y/n.” That's Minho calling you. “Truth or dare?” What? Why is he asking you? He's not going to try that again, right? “Uhh... Dare?” You say almost automatically. “Go 7 minutes in heaven with Donghyuck.” Minho says and you tilt your head and smile trying to understand, cause you didn't expect that at all. “Okay?” You laugh softly. Hyuck is chuckling too. You can only imagine what's going on inside Minho's head but you're not so sure sending you there with your childhood friend is going to work as good as Minho expects.
You walk in the room closest to the living room and Seungmin closes the door as he sets the timer. Hyuck sits on the bed and smiles. “Your new friends are a bit weird.” He says, making you smile. “Right?” You ask and he nods. “But these games are fun. Hadn't played them since high school though.” He says as he offers you his hand so you hold it and walk closer to him. “Yeah, me too kinda... By the way, who are you crushing on?” You ask and he smirks. “Mark, who else? And what about you?” You sigh at his question. You want to ask about Mark too but you're too heartbroken right now. “Ah, that guy that rejected me.” You say as you pout. “Yeah? We should make out then.” He suggests. “Are you serious?” You chuckle. You always thought he looks really good and everything but never imagined kissing him before, even if you had a tiny crush on him a really long time ago. “Of course. This is 7 minutes in heaven after all. And it will help with that idiot you like.” He says as he pulls from your hands so you come closer. “You think he'll get jealous? That's what you mean? How is that helpful?” You ask and he clicks his tongue. “Okay, whatever. I just want to kiss you.” He confesses. “But I really think it would help too.” You chuckle but sit astride him. After all, Jisung just rejected you. Maybe it's a bit childish but you really hope he does gets jealous.
Your hands on Hyuck's hair combing it back so you can see his pretty face clearly. “I didn't know you were this problematic Hyuckie.” Your forehead against his as you tease his lips. “Of course you did.” He smirks before meeting your lips again. “I don't think I'm problematic though, just a bit naughty.” He says and you chuckle. “Right.” You peck his lips and he kisses you until Minho knocks on the door to bring you back to the living room.
The guys are mostly catcalling you two as you walk in the room. You go back to sit with Chris and Hyunjin but mostly between Chris's legs as he and Jinnie play with your hair a little. Soon everyone is tired of games for some reason, so you go back to just chatting while you drink. “By the way guys, you know Mark is a rapper too right? And Hyuckie's voice is so beautiful. Maybe you could work on something together.” You say and Chris and Changbin ask more about it so you show them some of their cover videos. “Hannie, what do you think? Maybe you could use Hyuckie for one of your songs. He's amazing, really. I love listening to him.” You say and Jisung sighs. He looks so pissed. You don't understand why though. “I'm gonna go grab another drink.” He says. But he walks outside once he gets it. You look at Chris and he sighs. “Go ask him.”
You feel a bit dizzy even if it has been a while since your last shot. But luckily you still can think clearly. Only maybe you won't be able to keep your thoughts for yourself but it's not like you care a lot about that right now.
When you come outside and try to find Jisung you spot him sitting next to the pool. “What's with you and that kid? He's so whiny.” He asks right away as you sit next to him. “Who? Hyuckie? What do you mean? He's my friend.”  You say and he chuckles lightly. “Where did those two even come from? They came only for your birthday? They happened to exist just for your birthday?” He asks and you laugh. “What are you talking about? I know other people apart from you and the guys. I don't see them that often but they exist.” You chuckle but he's looking away now. “Why are you pissed about them being here anyway? They get along with the guys and we were having a good time, weren't we?” He sighs after you say that. “I'm not pissed.” He says. “Clearly.” You scoff as you smile. “Did you kiss that guy..? And I thought you weren't dating Chan or Hyunjin anymore by the way. They were all over you.” You blush as your heart skips a beat. What are these questions about? He didn't even want to kiss you. What is he playing? “I'm not dating them but they're still my friends, and yes, I kissed Donghyuck.” He scoffs loudly and you realize he's being serious which gets on your nerves a little. “What? Don't pretend now that you care or something... I noticed how annoyed you were when they dared you to kiss me so don't act like you care if I kiss someone else.” You sigh slightly frustrated and he tuts still a bit annoyed. “Well, I wasn't gonna kiss you cause of a stupid game.” He blurts out making your heart ache as it never did before.
After a short silence you stand up trying to keep your tears in line. “Okay. Good night, Jisung.”  You walk away and he watches you. It looks like he wants to say something else but you can't stay cause your tears won't wait.
Damn why are feelings so stupid? Why did you have to fall for your friend? You could have just stayed and dated Hyunjin if you hadn't fallen for Jisung along the way. But he was always so sweet and caring. And why keep lying to yourself now? He already had your attention that night in the studio before you even broke up with Chris. He slipped inside your mind that day and never left as much as you tried to see him as just a friend. And now that fact simply hurts so much. Why does he make it so difficult to tell him how you're feeling? Why does he act in such a confusing way?
When you go back inside the guys are cleaning up a bit. Chris sees you and takes you to a corner to chat. “What happened?” He asks and you bite your lip trying not to cry. “Nothing, he's an idiot and so am I.” You say and Chris tries not to smile but he kinda fails since he agrees with your premise in this case. “Chris I'm... Gonna go to bed, is that okay?” You ask and he purses his lips then sighs. “Of course. I'm sorry y/n. We really wanted to make you happy on your birthday.” He says, and you tilt your head. “It's not anyone's fault, really. Much less yours, dummy.” You hug him. “I had fun anyways and we'll have fun again tomorrow, I promise. I just need some rest.” You soothe him before saying good night to the others too and leaving for your room.
✫*゚・゚。.☆.*。・゚✫*   Skz Social Media Au! ↳You met Chris at high school and have been dating since. You love him with all your heart but maybe not in the same way that you used to. You’ve talked it out with Chris a couple times before but you both always end up deciding to try and save the relationship cause you love eachother so much and it simply  hurts when you think about breaking up. But, how long can you keep this up? Prev - Chap32 /Sunshine Masterlist/ Next - Chap34
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Thursday of the Fifth Week of Easter
Tumblr media
Daily Readings of Thursday May 6, 2021
Reading 1
ACTS 15:7-21
After much debate had taken place, Peter got up and said to the Apostles and the presbyters, “My brothers, you are well aware that from early days God made his choice among you that through my mouth the Gentiles would hear the word of the Gospel and believe. And God, who knows the heart, bore witness by granting them the Holy Spirit just as he did us. He made no distinction between us and them, for by faith he purified their hearts. Why, then, are you now putting God to the test by placing on the shoulders of the disciples a yoke that neither our ancestors nor we have been able to bear? On the contrary, we believe that we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, in the same way as they.” The whole assembly fell silent, and they listened while Paul and Barnabas described the signs and wonders God had worked among the Gentiles through them.
After they had fallen silent, James responded, “My brothers, listen to me. Symeon has described how God first concerned himself with acquiring from among the Gentiles a people for his name. The words of the prophets agree with this, as is written:
After this I shall return and rebuild the fallen hut of David; from its ruins I shall rebuild it and raise it up again, so that the rest of humanity may seek out the Lord, even all the Gentiles on whom my name is invoked. Thus says the Lord who accomplishes these things, known from of old.
It is my judgment, therefore, that we ought to stop troubling the Gentiles who turn to God, but tell them by letter to avoid pollution from idols, unlawful marriage, the meat of strangled animals, and blood. For Moses, for generations now, has had those who proclaim him in every town, as he has been read in the synagogues every sabbath.”
Responsorial Psalm
PS 96:1-2A, 2B-3, 10
R./ Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations. or: R./ Alleluia.
Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all you lands. Sing to the LORD; bless his name. R./ Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations. or: R./ Alleluia.
Announce his salvation, day after day. Tell his glory among the nations; among all peoples, his wondrous deeds. R./ Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations. or: R./ Alleluia.
Say among the nations: The LORD is king. He has made the world firm, not to be moved; he governs the peoples with equity. R./ Proclaim God’s marvelous deeds to all the nations. or: R./ Alleluia.
JN 15:9-11
Jesus said to his disciples: “As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and remain in his love.
"I have told you this so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete.”
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EP5: Wedding
Tumblr media
They promised.
Both of them have promised in the past that they will be present at each other's wedding. So Myk takes time off his schedule and reaches out to her best friend for her current address. He wants to deliver the invitation properly in person; he's a man of his word after all.
Hannibal takes five days to reply; he says he asked for her permission and it took her a while to agree. Myk doesn't actually understand why she deactivated her Facebook after they broke up. Em doesn't usually stray too far from social media and it is so unlike her not to keep a single account on any platform.
But she actually went off the grid. No one can talk to her easily without going through mutual friends. Moving on from the break-up had been really a hard time for him and her being out of touch is the only reason why he never had the opportunity to ask for a second chance.
It was embarrassing enough that he sent several I love yous and Please talk to me kind of messages to her sister when he got drunk.
The house standing at the given address looks really, really weird. It is way too far from what they have imagined when the two of them are still dreaming about their future. Em will always make it clear that she wants a small, two-story house with enough space for the cats she'll adopt.
The place does not look pet-friendly.
There are no plants around the property, either. No signs of life at all. It is hard to imagine that her once bright smile would live inside these walls. It is made with unfinished concrete with a rusty iron gate that will not even serve security purposes.
A kid, presumably around the ages of 8-10, appears near the door. The boy sees him standing awkwardly outside their gate and he hastily calls for Mama.
Myk starts to wonder if he got the right address, but his heart sinks upon seeing Em in the doorway.
The Em he remembers is full of bright smiles. She occasionally pouts and acts disappointed, but he's always well aware of her real feelings.
Now he's completely clueless.
She smiles at him apologetically and invites him inside. The woman he once loved apologizes, once again, for all the mess in the living room. He doesn't even consider it a living room, but she mentioned that it is the sala. Her words do not convince him that this is the environment she deserved.
The first words out of him were, Sa inyo 'tong bahay?
She laughs. At least it is a real one now, he thinks. "Hindi," she dismisses him. "Sa mother-in-law ko."
His face must have shown a hint of betrayal because she immediately adds, "Hindi pa kami kasal. Live-in lang." She stands up and heads for the kitchen. "May gusto kang inumin?"
Myk shakes his head as he watches her scramble with the few ingredients she has to work with. Life has been obviously so difficult for her and this must be the reason why she suddenly disappeared. It only took him an hour to get there and had he known that she's too close, he would've visited her sooner.
To take her away.
He shrugs off these thoughts. She must be happy now, he convinces himself. Hindi naman sya mag-stay kung hindi.
She comes back to the table with something that looks like a sweet drink. "Sorry 'yan lang," she smiles sheepishly. "Hindi pa nakakapag-grocery si Mister eh."
Admittedly, it hurts a little bit. "Kailan kayo nagkakilala?"
"Hmmm," she loses herself in her thoughts for a while. "Last last year?"
Tapos live-in na agad? Myk couldn't get these thoughts off his head. He knows it's not his problem and her life decisions aren't something that he can easily meddle with. They're over; they cut ties five years ago. "Masaya ka ba?"
He can't help but ask. He has to know.
He has to.
"Hmm... hindi?" She is obviously messing with him. "Ano gagawin mo kung hindi?"
He's a loss for words. Well... what is he thinking, anyway? It's not like he can take her away from her current life. "Hindi ko alam," he admits. "I... Gusto ko lang malaman."
"Hindi ganoon kasaya lagi," she admits. "Pero okay naman. Nakaka-survive. Ganoon siguro talaga ang buhay, 'di ba? You just have to make do of what you've been given."
But you don't have to endure, he wants to argue with her. Myk can recall a few stupid choices that Em did when they were younger but nothing comes close to this. "Pwede kang umalis."
"Saan naman ako pupunta?" She uses a challenging tone.
"Hindi ko rin alam," he confesses. "But you don't belong here."
"And where do I belong?" Em begins to raise her voice. "Say, Myk, where?"
He struggles to find an answer.
"I didn't simply end up here, Myk," she reaches out for his hand. "I placed myself here. I rooted myself here and this was my choice."
"Mag-alaga ng anak ng iba at tumira sa ganitong uri ng bahay?"
Her eyes look cold. "Yes," even her tone is cold. "Okay lang sa akin na mag-alaga ng anak ng iba at mamuhay sa ganitong uri ng bahay."
"I didn't mean to -"
"I know," Em intervenes. "You just want the best for me. I understand that. But I'm okay. I'm really okay. And to be frank, you don't have a say in my life anymore."
That hurt. Again. "So akin na 'yung invitation and you can go on with your day."
How.. did -
"Syempre pina-stalk na kita kay Bal. I just need confirmation. Feel ko rin naman ito lang dahilan kung bakit mo ako kikitain ulit. And I'm really happy for you," she looks like she just stopped herself from hugging him. "It's about time that you settle down."
Myk feels like he's cheating, but he feels he has to say it:
Tayo sana 'yun. He hands the white envelope over. Pangalan sana natin 'to.
Em traces the ends of the delicate paper but doesn't actually open it. This is the only time Myk gets to observe her, and how she had aged over the years without him by her side. Her eyes have lost their spark and even her fingers look old and wrinkly. The only thing he can't figure out is why is she wearing a sweater at 2 in the afternoon.
"May sakit ka ba?" He tries to grab her arm to get a hold of her temperature, but she flinches at his touch. It takes him a while to realize the situation and he pulls her arm forcefully towards him. Myk pushes her sleeve away from her wrist and fresh bruises come to light.
He looks at her accusingly, demanding an explanation. Instead, she claims her arm back and distances herself from him. "Nakuha ko na 'yung invitation," she guides him towards the door. "You can expect me to be there. May gagawin pa ako."
"Em -"
"Please," her voice is desperate. "Don't make me look and feel helpless than I am now."
Her designated seat during the wedding remained empty until the reception ended.
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scrapyardboyfriends · 10 hours ago
Completely agree with your post, everything just feels vapid to me. And it's either things are never off air ie the Harriet/Paul saga's or we get things starting ie Aaron/Ben, Luke/Ethan then it's dropped for months just to eventually be picked up again out of nowhere, there is no balance to anything. And alot of people's scene's just seem randomly thrown together to get the actors episode count up,the Aaron crime stuff for example. It's like there is no structure to anything on the show now.
The Harriet/Malone story is still infuriating to me. It’s been going on for well over a year now. Even with Covid scheduling, at this point it would still be close to a year’s worth of episodes. And sure it’s gone through various stages but my god, why is it not over? Thankfully, it’s not on every week anymore but when it does crop up again it’s always like “is this going to be it?” and then’s not. So they’ll just have to ramp it up again the next time and it’s...exhausting. I just don’t understand their complete unwillingness to end this story. No one likes it. They’re not even doing anything interesting with it anymore. It’s still baffling because like...literally no one cares that this man is dead. At least when Emma’s story went on for a whole year, it was super soap week to super soap week so...I got it. And there were people that cared that James was dead. I mean I didn’t, but his family did. Or like the Cameron stuff. People cared about Alex and Gennie and Carl’s death mattered because Chas had gone down for it first. There were stakes. There are no stakes here. It’s just continuing for no reason. Who is actually going to care when it finally ends other than that it’s over? 
Sorry...had to get that out. 
But yeah, the Luke stuff got dropped but might be coming back at some point considering set videos from the actors?? And obviously Ben disappeared. I can’t even imagine how he’s going to just show up after like 4 and a half months and be like “hey remember me!”. I mean Aaron hasn’t once mentioned him. No one has mentioned him other than random people at the HOP to say “hey he still exists and works here” and that was literally only twice. 
The general balance of characters seems like it might be slightly getting better but that’s because the Paul story is over and the Harriet story disappears for long stretches. But it’s still an issue. 
And while I like a lot of the new characters like Meena and Mack and Charles and Ethan, they have just really thrown a lot of stuff at them. And Meena and Mack’s backstories are a damn mess and so the things they do in the presence don’t totally make sense. And they keep adding to Charles and Ethan’s backstories and making them more complicated and I don’t really know why they threw quite so much at them so fast rather than letting them just settle in a bit. 
I don’t know. It’s such a mess right now. They need to overhaul the whole thing.
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