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Birthday from the boys (NRC)
Something to know for reading all of this is that I’m going to try my best to write platonic relationships that can be implied as romantic. Because some people may like a character but not feel romantic feelings towards them but still would like to know how they would act on their birthday.
Part two is the teachers and RSA
Tumblr media
He would prune the garden himself, regardless of the queen of hearts laws he would paint the roses your favorite color
He would lead you to the garden where the two of you would have tea and talk for hours
Eventually taking you around the garden
Out of all of these boys, he’s the one that’s most likely to forget your birthday
This man did not write it down
He overhears you talking with the other first years and them saying happy birthday. Then it finally clicks and he remembers that today is your birthday and he plays it off like he remembered
He’s not being mean in any way he just honestly doesn’t remember birthdays well
He talks with the first years while you’re not around and plans a little sleepover of sorts at your dorm
When you come back to your dorm for the night you find all of the first years there and they’re just kind of chilling in the lounge
They bring out a cake for you saying that they all baked and decorated it themselves but with the experience that the first years have it’s a strange-looking cake but it does it taste all that bad it’s just a lot of frosting and decorations because each one of them wanted to add a personal touch.
You guys have fun run around the dorm causing trouble
Then once it turns 12 you guys decide to settle down for the night and plot twist you don’t actually go to bed but instead play Mario kart till 3 AM
He would try his hardest the whole day to make it the most perfect and kind of relaxing day ever. But utterly fail
In his eyes, he failed but it’s not that big of a deal
He’ll try to hold the door open for you or carry you around for fun and either, drop you, or trip
He feels really bad the whole day that he keeps messing everything up and it keeps getting less and less romantic
At the end of the day, you assure him that you had the best time and it was very fun. Which he doesn’t really believe because again he feels like he failed but he’s glad you had a good time.
He also stays the night hanging out with you until you fall asleep.
He would bake you a cake from scratch and decorated it with little flowers of your favorite color
He’s a really sweet guy so he would invite a couple of your close friends maybe three or four of them so that you’re not alone on your birthday and you also won’t have any leftover cake because you’ll eat it all.
A very nice and sweet get together messing around having fun
The morning would start very easy with the simple happy birthday and him taking you skateboarding you don’t have to go to a skating park or anything like that he’s just gonna teach you a couple of tricks.
But progressively throughout the day, it gets more centric and fun
At the end of the night can you both watch fireworks after you’ve just got done bungee jumping...
Tumblr media
He’s not going to skip his morning to afternoon nap to tell you happy birthday even if he does care
A prince got to get his beauty sleep
When he wakes up he goes and attempts to find you and if he doesn’t he just goes man and gives up but if he does find you he tells you happy birthday and then walks off
Depending on your relationship with him he could be very distant and not caring but if you go and hang out with him during the afternoon when he’s not sleeping he’s pretty chill about it not really caring that you’re there if you have a negative disposition towards him he might care and tell you to leave.
He would take you shopping for the day
You might think he doesn’t have any money but those are jobs that he’s been working aren’t for nothing
He took all of the money he could for an entire month of work and saved it up spending it on your birthday
“What?! this is only part of my savings, not my entire Life funds” hehe...
Since magic mirrors make travel very easy he decides to take you back to his hometown
Not to meet his parents or anything but just to hang out because he talks about home a lot and wants to take you. What better time than your birthday
He takes you around his town and tells you about all of these places that he has memories that as well as putting you in the general direction of where he lives
He takes you to do all the fun things you can think of where he lives
When you both go back tonight NRC he quickly takes you by his dorm so he can grab something
He comes back with his gift to you which is a little cactus for you to take care of.
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t have a birthday party for you
He would however have you meet him in the lounge
you two would have dinner together
Just the two of you...
you’ll take a walk through dorms halls just to talk in this moment you share alone
He would hang out with you if you wanted him to if you didn’t want him to he would tell you to go hang out with your friends since it is your special day
He would give you some sort of terrarium or if you’re not into those he would give you a rare plant for you to take care of as a gift
If you did want to hang out with him and you didn’t care where you went he’d invite you to a botanical garden for the day.
Whether you like it or not he’ll probably talk on and on about each plant and its properties in medicine and poison
He would throw a great surprise birthday party for you
He’s got all of your favorite foods your favorite drink an awesome cake
And somehow he surprisingly kept this under wraps until the time of your birthday party
It would be in you’re dorm, and don’t worry afterward he would help you clean up the mess
When you walk in the door he has everyone holding confetti launchers... which he 100% is going to help you clean up after a lot of convincing
Tumblr media
This man knows how to throw parties and that’s terrifying
He would throw a massive party for you
He’s inviting all of NRC as long as they’re friends with you. Hell if you had friends in RSA he would invite them too.
He would have one of your other friends distract you for the day because it’s going to take the entire day to set up this banquet
He’s got everything a giant cake, fancy lights, a lounge area, a DJ, a chocolate fountain anything and everything that you would need for a successful party
Throughout the day if you try to go see him at all somebody’s always there to stop you and to distract you
You guys party for the whole night
He would not throw a birthday party for you
As we all know he’s not really a people person
Chill about it passes you in the hall and says happy birthday
He offers to make you dinner but if you want to you can always decline
Although there is one thing you can’t decline and that’s the magic carpet ride he wants to take you on
He wouldn’t ask to borrow the magic carpet he’d just do it
Tumblr media
He would throw a big banquet for you regardless of what you want
He’ll probably say something along the lines of “Fufufu do you think I have the time to do all this? someone else said it was a good idea and they did all the work it’s not as if I care or have time to.” But we all know he cares
He about all of Pomefiore if you have to invite any of your friends outside of the dorm he would be a little irritated and save fine I guess you can about your “other friends”
It would be the beginning of the day and he’s down the hall in spots you. He would immediately not yell your name but scream it and run to you yelling happy birthday. It would make quite the scene but he wants everyone to know that it’s your birthday and also Vil would probably hate the fact that he just screamed.
He asks you if you’re ready to “rock and roll” (for anyone who doesn’t know this is just a saying to ask if you’re “ready to go”)
He’s taking you on a trip to go do a bunch of fun stuff in town and to probably prank some people because why not.
Wouldn’t throw you a party instead he would probably stop by your dorm and announce his presence and sing you happy birthday.
Bring you some sort of small gift
He would tell you that he will follow you the whole day and you can do whatever you want with him
Rook is rather chill compared to some of the other boys. However, if you want him to he can take over because he’s kept note of what you like to do so he would take you to do things that you like.
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t do anything special for your birthday
In fact, he’d probably have Ortho buy three slices of cake only, for the three of you
Throughout the day he doesn’t say anything about it
When you go to his dorm later he tells you happy birthday you guys eat the cake together
He kind of half-heartedly apologizes for not being able to throw a proper birthday party for you and that he’s sorry but his anxiety kind of got the best of him.
To make up for it he offers to play games with him until you want to leave
Before you leave he gives you a flower. An Asphodel The primary symbolic meaning of the Asphodel flower is peace after death and the afterlife, but this is not the meaning that is implied it is a white flower which generally symbolizes purity also it’s a symbolic flower of Hades
He throws a big party at your dorm (if your dorm is Ignihyde he’d take it somewhere else), not ignihyde. Because the students are quite antisocial and it would be very disruptive.
He would invite all of your best friends
It is the cutest surprise birthday party ever
There would be fireworks, trick candles, and so many fun childish games that you would play at a party
Tumblr media
Malleus is somewhere in between depending on what you want so no this won’t be a surprise birthday
He’ll either throw a big party for you in the diasomnia dorm inviting basically everyone from all the dorms as long as they know you
Or if you’re more on the reserve side or you want a smaller party he’ll have a couple of your close friends join him and going to your dorm and having a get-together little party for you.
If you want to though he is 100% okay with just you and him hanging out for the day
This man is crazy
He wrote down your birthday and planned weeks in advance
He would write down everything that you like in hopes that when it becomes your birthday he has everything that you could ever want on that day
He tries his best to bake a cake but then realizes that he’s actually really good at it
On the day of you’d think that he be really loud and excitable and overbearing but in fact, he is the complete opposite being very considerate and not quiet but an inside voice because he doesn’t want to stress you out or seem disingenuous.
He doesn’t host a party for all of your friends it’s just you and him. The reason for this and putting in so much effort just for you and him is because he’s rather shy when it comes to not just romantic feelings but platonic feelings as well not showing people how he really feels especially when it’s around other people as well. So it’s kind of to make himself feel more comfortable as well
Silver isn’t the party kind of person so he’ll probably get you a cute little gift like a bouquet of roses specifically white roses to symbolize purity or maybe a charm bracelet.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to throw you a birthday party it’s just that he doesn’t know how to go about it since the only parties ever really celebrated is his own because of Lilia when he was younger.
If you say something about not having a party or a cake he’ll get a little sad thinking that he might have failed you.
He’ll probably just follow you around doing whatever you wanted for the day as long as you didn’t have class.
He would also have a cute little lunch with you of food that he made before. You guys would probably go sit in the courtyard and eat next to a tree. Be careful though he may or may not fall asleep...
You might have to wake you’re sleeping, Prince
He’ll invite you to a concert and then right as the performance is about to start he’ll say something like he has to use the restroom or he’s going to get a drink and he’ll be right back he promises.
As the performance is starting and the lights turn off you start to worry that he’s going to miss it
And then as the stage lights turn on and you see him on stage getting ready to perform
He’s going to perform an entire album that he and the light music club came up with for you as a birthday gift
Knowing him at the end of the performance he’s probably going to get off the stage to go and kiss you (Not necessarily on the lips if it’s a platonic relationship it’s probably on the forehead with the cheek as a sign of affection no love).
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unblot · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
@savanaclawed​​ :    leona doesn't often concern himself with others — doesn't often have friends to concern himself with in the first place. but salem's close enough that leona wouldn't scoff if someone called them his friend, and he notices when they're acting... off today. he tries to ignore it, tries to not care, tries to sleep through it ... to no avail. he cracks an eye open, peering up and back at salem where he's sitting just beside the previously - trying - to - nap lion. "what's eatin' you??" he asks without a lead - in, cutting right to the point. "you're not normally so... gloomy." and then he's giving up on his nap completely, sitting up with a sigh through his nose to turn and fix salem with an almost - serious gaze.
Tumblr media
salem’s never quite sure what to do with attention, most of all positive attention. they’ve gone so long without it that each time they’re faced with it they feel ill-prepared at best & vaguely uncomfortable at worst. salem especially doesn’t know how to deal with questions about himself. he can’t exactly lie can he? so often being questioned just makes them run & hide. which is ultimately what they often do when faced with prying questions, especially when it concerns one rook hunt. 
but leona is not rook & he holds salem’s gaze with a graveness they so rarely see. he faces them not like a hunter cornering its prey but like a friend outstretching an open hand to them. truthfully salem doesn’t know what to make of that. rooks prying is..invasive & annoying but somehow being shown genuine concern? it’s perhaps even more overwhelming, making his body tense up & cold blood run colder. 
Tumblr media
❛    do i seem gloomy? i hadn’t realized...    ❜  it’s an attempt to deflect & respond without having to answer the question at hand. but there’s some sincerity to it as well. salem’s not exactly what you would call self aware when it comes to how they’re perceived. ❛   i guess i’m just...sad.    ❜  at least...that’s what he thinks he feels. it’s been some time since he’s been able to familiarize himself with things like emotions. how ironic that the first few times they feel something it’s something so unpleasant. they suppose it’s better than nothing. though at present salem feels too...sad to be grateful for that.  ❛    i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to worry you.    ❜
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silveras · 18 hours ago
❝ there goes my reputation ❞ / @savanaclawed
↳ ( sentence starters ) the swan princess (1994) / accepting !
❝ There weren't that many students around, actually. ❞ They hadn't taken the time to confirm, in all honesty. It was all but a weak attempt at softening the situation. Though, if it helped her case, the bell meant to indicate the start of classes had rang not long before the incident.
Saoirse pressed their lips together. They had been struggling to keep themself on their feet as of lately. She knew the long sleepless nights would play tricks on her sooner or later; however, she hadn't expected it to be in such an unfortunate moment.
They glanced down at the nearly empty cup in their hand, eyes following the person whose garments the not-so-caffeine-free content had fallen on after she had stumbled with his tail; No one other than Leona Kingscholar.
Saoirse suppressed a sigh, far too weary to drag a proper reaction out of her heart but still aware enough to know luck was not kind to her. They fumbled mindlessly through their bag. It was hard to tell if their concern laid on their mistake or rather on the fact they now had to deal with this specific individual and his ways.
❝ I'm deeply sorry for not paying attention. ❞ Why was he sleeping in such a place, to begin with? ❝ Do you need a handkerchief? ❞
Tumblr media
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missvifdor · a day ago
At the request of @chimamire-no-sakura, MC OC YUU's reaction if she is constantly ill due to the overload of her work Crowley:
Dorm leaders:
Riddle : He would be very concerned. Let the principal ask for help a few times, that's okay. But pass everything on to MC without worrying about the fact that she has to manage school work and that she had to face several Overblots without Crowley pointing the tip of his nose to come and help them and abuse his kindness, that our red head will not be able to take it! Would be able to threaten Crowley to put a collar on him or find a rule that says this kind of behavior is seen as abuse and that he would report it if he didn't stop there!
Leona: Leona is the first to exploit people (* cough * Ruggie * cough *) to do his chores for Him. But unlike, he would never allow himself to make Ruggie work to the point of making him sick, so when you go after his herbivore the lion will roar! Would be able to go find Crowley in his office and threaten to make him disappear with his One Magic. He'll even convince Crowley to let MC have preset schedules so that she can rest and make up for missed hours of sleep with him.
Azul: Poor Crowley, our Octoman already has it in the palm of his hand. So when he sees how much the NRC Principal is exploiting our dear MC, he makes sure the birdman understands his pain. Will have no problem blackmailing him and threatening him to reveal his darkest secrets without forgetting the fact that he is left a student without magic to face Overblots in his place and to make her live in conditions of deplorable life. It would be a shame if the local press learned of these unfortunate events, wouldn't it? He'll make sure Jade and Floyd keep an eye on this birdman. In the meantime, he's going to give MC well-deserved days off and offer her some sweets to "try out what's new on the menu".
Kalim: He's worried to death! It's not right of the Principal to give so much work when MC is completely exhausted and sick! Would ask Jamil for advice and in the meantime take care of MC giving her rest and good food!
Vil: Vil is for hard work, but this is too much! Watch how that pretty face is now covered in dark circles, stressful pimples, those dry cracked lips and sickly complexion! It's absolutely shameful (Not for MC of course. It is for Crowley)! Vil would use his notoriety to manipulate Crowley, threaten to use his popularity to get him fired on the spot (and the Birdman knows full well that a dedicated Fanbase is very effective with petitions and mass reporting). Our Roi des Poisons will then take care of giving MC revitalizing potions and healing so that she can relax and rest, Vil will pamper her like a queen.
Idia: Would be very concerned about the situation! His favorite Waifu is not well and it breaks his heart! Then he remembers that he is a genius and that digging up secrets well hide in the interest and one of his many talents! Idia will certainly start digging up shameful photos of our dear bird man and posting them all over social media. He will also hack teachers' private files and threaten to sink the school if Crowley does not calm down, it would be a shame if the end of year exam papers were revealed to everyone for so little. is this not ? He would then certainly invite MC to come and rest in his room and they would eat lots of junk food while watching animated films.
Malleus: So there ... If the NRC doesn't end up in little ash heaps, Crowley will be lucky! Angry Malleus Draconia is not a pretty scene. Crowley still has enough savvy not to be in the bad graces of one of the most powerful wizards of Twisted Wonderland and what is more, a future king! Our Principal will certainly try to be forgiven from Malleus and MC by offering more pocket money to buy food, some small repairs to Ramshackle here and there and beg MC for mercy. After all, isn't she so nice? Meanwhile, while Crowley renovates Ramshackle and takes care of his own work, Malleus takes care of MC by letting her sleep in Diasomnia's prettiest room, passionately chatting about gargoyles, and improvising a little picnic in a corner of the forest that Malleus particularly appreciates because you can observe the stars perfectly.
The Vice-leaders:
Trey: He activates his "mother hen" mode! MC is no longer allowed to get out of bed until she is perfectly rested and regained her strength! Trey certainly wouldn't see himself threatened by the Principal, but he would take care of MC's work in addition to his own and enlist the help of our duo Adeuce so that MC can recover as soon as possible! He will cook good little meals full of vitamins and maybe soups too. No one is allowed to come and disturb MC while she is asleep and would certainly bring out his authoritarian side if he hears too much noise likely to disturb the young woman's rest.
Ruggie: Ruggie can understand what it's like to be exploited, but he gets something out of it. He's already very busy with Leona and her schoolwork, so he can't help her with that, but he's trying to cheer her up. An example, he shares with her her donuts (which is a great gesture of affection from her) and making her laugh. Sometimes he would drop one of his tasks to make one of MC's in its place and that she could rest. And maybe even let her stroke his hyena ears, it's a win-win combo, isn't it?
Jade: Well, well. The poor little thing here, does she need a little help? Jade would love to be his serving knight. While he distracts her from her extra work to show her her terrariums and slip a few drops of the sleeping potion into her drink to go to bed on the sofa in Azul's office, Jade thinks it would be very beneficial to go visit dear Crowley, it's been a long time since Octavinelle has done business with him. Our dear moray eel is quite up for bringing his dear twin with him, after all the crazier we are the more we laugh, right? Jade can assure you that after this charming, perfectly friendly visit, MC will be relieved of many obligations. Let our dear human rest and when she is well, let's celebrate with a long and exciting hike during which a lovely picnic awaits them at the end of the path. Jade has made her favorite chocolate fondant, it would be silly to waste such a great treat if she isn't fit enough to enjoy it.
Jamil: He's very worried even if he doesn't show it. Due to his own obligations, he cannot help MC but he can convince Kalim to describe a letter to his father to stop the donations that the Al-Asim family makes to the school. Kalim will not notice the "manipulation" and will think that the idea came from him and Jamil will not be in trouble. Once Crowley is bold enough to come to Scarabia to talk about the letter and the gifts, it's Jamil who takes control of the conversation without giving the impression. He convinces the Principal to stop giving unjustified and excess work to MC, in exchange the donations will come back. But this birdman must stop treating MC like his servant. Once the deal is done, Jamil cooks MC's favorite meals and makes sure she gets a good rest. When she gets better, a banquet will be organized to celebrate her recovery.
Rook: Oh Oh! But what happened to that graceful face? It has its charm, of course, but it lacks life and joy! Hmm? Oh, this is the job Crowley is supposed to do but has MC to do it for him? These are not manners, they are sorely lacking in elegance. Well ... The bird hunt is on. Rook is going to chase Crowley so hard and so viciously that our dear Principal will develop paranoia. Birdman nearly had a heart attack when an arrow brushed too close by when he was in the hallway giving MC even more work! And every time Crowley wants to give more work or blackmail him for money and essentials Ramshackle, a new arrow appears. Always closer, always more threatening. Our dear hunter said to himself that it would be nice to take MC to take his mind off things, why not have a barbecue? He will personally take care of the meat. Everyone loves chicken.
Ortho: Has already offered to destroy the school with his self-integrating weapons and threatened to reduce Crowley to ashes with his subatomic cannons. No one destroys the health of their Big Sister without impunity! From the day Wheat Robot Boy stormed into his office, the Principal has avoided the flaming haired child and MC like the plague.
Lilia: He will act like the responsible adult that he is and his fatherly side will immediately come out! Lilia would be able to walk into the Principal's office with the biggest and brightest smile in Twisted Wonderland. He would obviously be accompanied by a few agents from the Child Protection and Aid Service, these people would be delighted to have a little conversation with the bird man and he cannot flee because he is trapped. in his own office. While all these beautiful people are having this lovely conversation, Lilia is going to take MC to Diasomnia and he will make his special recipe for oyster and tomato pancakes, it will surely cheer her up! And surely taking a restorative nap in the company of Silver, that would be a charming picture to watch!
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augustunicorn · 2 days ago
Epel is Raggi's second-in-command, working for Leona
Tumblr media
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twstankin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[Well, somebody once told me that the great kings of the past are up there, watching over us]
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felishiqq · 2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland Scary Monsters Event costumes for each dorm except it’s all explained through Kermit pictures
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fenii-ix · 3 days ago
My Favorite TWST Ships for the Characters
Note that some characters wont be here because I don't have ships for them.
Ace x Duece
Ace x Jamil
Trey x Che'nya x Riddle
Leona x Vil
Ruggie x Epel
(Platonic) Jack x Epel
Azul x Idia
(Platonic) Azul x Jamil
maaaaybe Azul x Malleus
Kalim x Jamil
Jamil x Kalim
(Platonic) Jamil x Azul
Jamil x Ace
Vil x Leona
(Platonic) Vil x Idia
Epel x Ruggie
(Platonic) Epel x Jack
Idia x Azul
(Platonic) Idia x Vil
Malleus x Cater
(again, maaaaybe) Malleus x Azul
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twst-shenanigans · 3 days ago
twst Would You Rather #9
Be the queen of the Afterglow Savannah, married to Leona
Be the queen of the Valley of Thorns, married to Malleus
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bubbledumbbinch · 4 days ago
This time I have a stupid scenario in my head so pls indulge a little- some reactions for dorm head when their drunk S!o kisses them in front of their dorm mates ft. the other guys too😂 cant even imagine Sebeks reaction after seeing his waka sama be frenched by y!n
Hi hi!!! This was so fun to write LOLL
A/N: some of this is kinda suggestive, but this is SFW. Stuff I write is mostly NSFW so keep in mind before yall follow!
Riddle Rosehearts
He turns bright red when you lean over to kiss him passionately on the lips! He would probably kiss back for a second but then pull away once he realizes who he's in front of!!! Riddle would not kiss you, especially not in front of other people!!! It might ruin his reputation as a dorm leader! He’s still so bright red as he touches his lips and remembers what you did…
ADeuce are both HORRIFIED. They knew you guys were dating but they are like so sick to their stomachs. I mean they're happy for you but get a room!!
Trey is happy for Riddle that he's found someone! But kinda looks away embarrassed, he doesn't want to stare and wants to give you some respect.
Cater would try to take out his phone to snag a cute picture or is it blackmail? Only to be upset when Riddle has already pulled away from you. He wished he could get a cute memory of you guys!
Leona Kingscholar
He is shocked but isn't pulling away. Leona deepens the kiss with his tongue and you moan into his mouth, causing him to smirk. After a few seconds he stops which makes you whine. He teases you about being so bold in front of other people. He tells you he’s the only one who should see you this passionately.
Ruggie would say "Blech!! Get a room..." and walk away. He felt like seeing that ruined his appetite and he is annoyed for at least half of the day.
Jack would be silently shocked and just turn away, a small blush coating his cheeks. He would excuse himself and leave too.
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul knows that face you’re making at him. Those are bedroom eyes and your face is headed for his! You smash into his lips, pulling his head closer to yours. Azul is extremely embarrassed because you did it right in front of the twins! He pulls away which leaves you whining. Azul’s glasses are foggy as he whispers in your ear that he will indulge you later.
Jade’s eyebrows raise and he lets out a “Fufufu~” when Azul pulls away. He is happy that Azul has someone to care about him but he wonders if you know any decency! Then he remembers all the drinks you “sampled” at the lounge and doesn’t mind.
“Eeh, Shrimpy and Azul are so close!! She’s practically squeezing him!” Floyd giggles furiously. He’s amused at the sight, especially Azul’s blushing!!
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim feels you tug on his shirt at a party at Scarabia. Once he finally turns around he’s met with your lips smashing against his own, your tongue already asking for entrance. Of course Kalim indulges you! He’s giggling into the kiss and you are happily tugged into a hug where he wraps his arms around you.
Jamil sits shocked with his mouth open!! He has to tap Kalim on the shoulder to remind him to not do this in public with so many dorm members watching. “Huh?! Whyy?! But I love Y/N~” Kalim would whine incessantly as Jamil dragged you both into Kalim’s room to finish where you left off.
Vil Schoenheit
Vil would simply stop you. He is not going to let you ruin his makeup right in front of his dorm members, and ESPECIALLY not Epel! Vil is trying to teach him how to be a gentleman, so you will not be able to make out with him until you’re both in the privacy of his room.
Rook praises your boldness and loves the way you are ready to show love to Vil so easily! Doesn’t perceive that you were drunk, just thinks you really really love Vil at the moment :)
Epel stares with wide eyes in horror when you lean in to kiss Vil. He sighs a breath of relief when you are stopped though. He doesn’t really need to see PDA, for him it would be like a kid saying “Eww!” to their own parents kissing lol
Idia Shroud
Idia pauses his game to look over to where your face was and is met with a kiss! He instantly turns pink from blushing when you try to deepen the kiss. He’s flustered but likes the intimacy, but he stops you because he remembers. Ortho is there. Idia worriedly whispers to you he doesn’t want Ortho to see him making out with you, even in your drunken state you can understand that.
Ortho giggles. He’s happy for Idia! He doesn’t realize the intimacy you two were about to get into, no thoughts head empty for lil ol Ortho.
Malleus Draconia
Malleus hears you say his name seductively. He turns his head to see you giving him bedroom eyes - to which he smirks at. Quickly you lean in, no - actually dive into, his face. Malleus smiles into the kiss and returns the same amount of passion you started with, holding a hand on the small of your back and pulling you closer.
Malleus doesn’t realize the PDA is so bad until Lilia has to stops him. Lilia has a hand on Malleus’s shoulder to silently tell him to retreat to his dorm room. “Oh, young love!”
Silver is silent but blushes lightly at the sight. He’s happy for his young master and you. He hopes one day he could find a love like that, or at least dream about it soon…
Sebek. Is. HORRIFIED. How dare you become so well acquainted with the young master?! He can’t take it. He’s about to stop you until he sees Malleus himself take initiative to deepen the kiss. He gasps audibly and watches in shock! Lilia laughs at him and tells him it’s okay. It’s not okay for him!!!
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ferny-bread · 4 days ago
I'm back with more smols
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes I'm aware I spelt homicide wrong leave me b e
Also it was completely unintentional to draw these two on the same page, I wont be surprised if I open the page up again and see that they're strangling each other
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unblot · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
@savanaclawed​​ :    it's rare for leona to wake up before malleus, but sleeping as much as he does during the day sometimes means he wakes up at odd hours — not often, mind you, but sometimes he'll wake just before the sun does of his own accord. old crepuscular instinct and all that. so he climbs out of bed and lazily pulls on the the first shirt he finds ( malleus', he realizes by scent ) to shield against the cool night air coming through the open windows.
when malleus wakes a bit later, leona is lounging comfortably across the chaise in their shirt, reading in the moonlight cast through the large balcony windows.
Tumblr media
when malleus wakes about an hour before sunrise, he immediately notices leona’s absence beside him. it’s not often that the other wakes before they do & even less frequent that he leaves their side before they wake. it’s not inherently troubling, but it is troubling enough to make malleus immediately sit up in bed. mostly out of missing the familiar warmth at his side rather than any genuine concern. thankfully it doesn’t take long to find him. in fact malleus finds their husband without even needing to get out of bed, their gaze finding leona on the other side of the room with a book in hand. a fond smile appears on his face then, his grin only growing wider as his eyes fall to the familiar black tunic leona’s wearing. & that’s all the incentive malleus needs to get out of bed, grabbing a dark pair of pants & putting them on before moving across the room. 
Tumblr media
they stop as the reach the back of leona’s lounge chair, bare arms draping over leona’s shoulders as they lower themself to kiss the other’s cheek. ❛    i do hope you hadn’t thought you could slip away from me unnoticed, dearest,    ❜  malleus says with a chuckle. as he speaks, his hands drift lower, fingertips brushing against the spot of leona’s chest exposed by the lace up front of the shirt.  ❛    very rude of you to leave me all by my lonesome...& to leave me without my shirt.    ❜  there’s a feigned pout on their lips now, one that disappears as quickly as it came as malleus kisses the base of leona’s neck. 
leona only chuckles in response, almost completely ignoring malleus in favor of continuing to read his book. “ ‘scuse me for wanting a moment of reprieve from his majesty. ”  the use of malleus’ title makes the king in question snort, amused & endeared by leona’s familiar teasing. many years ago those words wouldn’t be spoken with such mirth, only malice on the lion’s tongue when addressing malleus. it’s funny to think about. even as the leaves change, even as they both change...there is still a piece of their original selves that lingers. even if it has significantly changed shape since they first met. 
❛    a moment of reprieve?   ❜  malleus asks, eyebrows raising as they laugh again. he moves to hold leona closer, pressing another kiss to the other’s neck. ❛   i would have thought you’d have been able to handle my company. could it be the years have weakened your spirit, my love? fufu, what a pity.    ❜  
leona snorts, the lion’s slender tail moving to flick malleus in the face as he closes his book. “ oh, shut up. you’re older than me, lizard. ”  like the rest of their banter these days, leona’s words lack the heat their original conversations once had. in it’s place is a comforting warmth, like the flames of a welcoming hearth that tickle malleus’ nose, like bright rays of sunlight on a clear spring day. as fun as it had been to burn in leona’s wake, malleus thinks he likes this better. this feeling, this feels like home. it is home. 
& when leona’s hands rise to cover over malleus’, the fae thinks of how happy he is to be home. after a moment they briefly withdraw from leona, moving to face them so they may kiss their husband properly. as always malleus smiles into it, hands taking leona’s in his. ❛    come back to bed, won’t you?   ❜  they plead, already moving to pull leona up from his chair.  ❛   it’s far too chilly to be without you this morning.    ❜  leona smiles then, setting his book down & letting malleus lead him back to their bed on other side of the room. & when he wraps himself around leona & engulfs himself in his warmth, malleus’ smile is wider than most others have ever seen it. oh, it’s good to be home. 
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meiusoo-twistedtwst · 4 days ago
[Twisted Wonderland Shitpost] Sebek and Azul Breaking (Almost) All Pisces Stereotypes
Tumblr media
(Images from the Twisted Wonderland Wiki)
I think Azul and Sebek break almost every single Pisces stereotype. There's this Buzzfeed Pisces quiz that lists all of these stereotypes on the zodiac so you can use those to compare and contrast with Azul and Sebek.
Quiz here:
As a Pisces myself, I'm glad that Yana and the devs didn't make both of them so much like stereotypical Pisces. Someone on social media legit wrote that Pisces are said to be the dumbest sign... Sebek and especially Azul easily break that stereotype.
Tumblr media
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Twisted Wonderland Tarot Part Two
Main Masterlist
Vice Dorm Leader Tarot Reading
I got my card descriptions from the app I’ve been using, Golden Thread Tarot, and it’s been super helpful! I totally recommend it!
Trey Clover
Ace of Pentacles- This card represents the spark of new opportunity in the realms of all that is earthly: matter, body, and even wealth. The world brought forth by this card is fertile, and full of abundance bringing opportunity for prosperity
Ruggie Bucci
The Empress- She is the symbol of the feminine principle - a representation of venus and mother earth. She is nurturing, fertile, and a provider.
Jade Leech
Strength - Reversed - Recent obstacles have created some insecurity about your abilities. A feeling of not being ready for the challenges that life gives you predominates this reversed card. What parts of yourself are you ashamed of? Although it may be counter-intuitive, acknowledging your vulnerabilities may be a sign of inner strength 
Jamil Viper
King of Cups - Reversed - A master in emotions, the Kind of Cups can choose to use his understanding of human feeling to create peace or strife. What are his intentions? On the other hand, perhaps someone who is usually calm is losing his grip on his otherwise stable emotions
Rook Hunt
Temperence - Reversed - Too  much of anything can lead to ruin. Your focus is sharp and unwavering, but what are you leaving forgotten? Something has been forgotten in your quest for excellence.
Ortho Shroud 
(Not sure if Ortho is a vice dorm leader, but I thought I’d include him anyways)
Seven of Pentactles- Though you have definitely been putting in much work, you find yourself questioning whether the rewards that you get from it are enough to justify your time spent. What you’ve planted perhaps has not taken root, and you find yourself frustrated and looking for other opportunities.
Lilia Vanrouge
Nine of Pentacles - Reversed - Though you have perhaps spent much of your energies working hard, you might find yourself in a position where setbacks and mistakes have blocked your way to your goals. Though you have not been lacking in will, diligence, or ambition, these mistakes have cost you. Where did you go wrong? What can you do next time s that this does not repeat itself
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ilostmyfuck · 5 days ago
Okay, so I've got a handful of makeup looks I rock with on a regular basis, and I thought I'd share them here because at work no one gets most of the references (I name my makeup after whatever inspired me to make that particular look).
We've got:
Cater (red eyeshadow or eyeliner on lower lash line, black liner & maybe a neutral shadow on top)
Ace (red eyeshadows, black eyeliner)
Riddle (red eyeshadows, but with a large red eyeliner wing & smaller black eyeliner)
Savanaclaw/Ruggie (orange or tan on the lash line, black eyeliner & maybe neutral eyeshadow on top)
Savanaclaw/Leona (orange or tan eyeshadows, black eyeliner)
Octavinelle/Tweels (this really pretty lilac on the lash line, black eyeliner & maybe neutral eyeshadow on top)
Octavinelle/Azul (lilac & a muted violet, black eyeliner)
Jamil (wine & sometimes a shimmery burgundy on the lash line & in a little into eyeliner edges, black eyeliner & maybe neutral eyeshadow on top)
Kalim (wine & sometimes a shimmery burgundy on the lash line, black eyeliner & some kind of gold on top)
Vil (purple eyeshadows, with gold on the inner half of the lid, black eyeliner)
Pomefiore (shimmery purple on the lash line, black eyeliner & maybe neutral eyeshadow on top)
Ignihyde/Idia (blue eyeshadows, black eyeliner)
Ignihyde/Ortho (blue on the lower lash line, black eyeliner & maybe neutral eyeshadow on top)
Malleus/Lilia (green eyeshadows, black/green duochrome eyeshadow, black eyeliner)
Sebek (green eyeshadows, gold/green duochrome eyeshadow, black eyeliner)
Silver (green eyeshadow on the lash line, black eyeliner & maybe neutral eyeshadow on top)
Ceremonial Robes (black eyeshadow, black eyeliner)
Kouyou (large red eyeliner & thin black eyeliner)
Not included on the list because I don't wear them often enough to get a name is:
Pastels (color varies by day) with black eyeliner (because the brown one ran out and I've been too lazy to buy another)
The brightest and shimmery-est pinks I own with black eyeliner (this one gets false lashes more than any other)
Neutrals with brown mascara (I usually wear black) and no eyeliner (this one's a lot less fun so I tend to avoid it unless specially requested)
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drac0nia · 6 days ago
hi, can I have this but with leona? thank youu, stay safe and have a good day!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Leona Kingscholar x Reader
Tw ; -
you too, anon! stay safee -w-
Tumblr media
It was noon, Leona was not around because a professor made him take remedial classes due to the times he was either absent or late so he had to make up for it. You plopped yourself on his bed, resting for a bit after babysitting your group of friends and your racoon cat child, Grim.
Eventually, you rummaged around his room to look for his uniform since you haven't tried any dorm clothes other than what you have which is.. just a regular school attire for a dormleader outfit. You managed to find it and started to put it on, it is a little loose but it stays on you so you really didn't care much.
Shortly afterwards, you were daydreaming.
It was empowering when you wore it, it felt like you were the leader of a feral pack of carnivores whom is ready to pounce on you if you dare enter their territory. You laid down on Leona's bed, you did the type of position he does whenever he shows up; you know, laying down on your side, a hand on your cheek or chin, and one knee bent up for the leg to stand, that type of pose.
You were giving that smirk he does whenever some of the members were fighting or arguing before Leona steps in and stops them by putting them in their place. You sat up thinking Leona was giving you a kiss on the cheek as he lifted you up and placed you on his lap. He burried his face on your neck and sniffed your scent, sending tingles down your spine.
Your imagination was slowly engulfing you into a dream like state where everything you saw was real when really you were spacing out. You fell back on the bed with your head hanging on the edge due to slipping on something on the floor when you were still stuck in your little world.
Leona had his smug face shooting at your figure when he saw his uniform on you, not to mention seeing you zone out when he turned the knob of his room's door.
Your hands travelled to your face as Leona steps inside and carried your figure in a more comfortable position next to him as he keeps you close. "My oh my, did the herbivore think that they can handle the dorm full of big and strong beast men? How cute", he teased. You gave him a pout in return which turned into a more surprised look when he directly kissed your lips out of nowhere.
"Don't give me that look, I like it when you're blushing but that doesn't mean I don't find it cute when you're angry", he once again teased you.
Tumblr media
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bubbledumbbinch · 6 days ago
Okay so can I ask for some general headcanons for a Fem!MC in twst? The game has gender-neutral pronouns for the MC so far and it's an all boys school. How do you think the characters reaction/interactions would change if the MC was female? (if all are too much you can just pick your faves, maybe just include the octa and Savannahclaw dorm?) Just your thoughts and some brainrot💖
I think the boys would definitely be a lot more flirtatious to fem!MC!!! (I just wanna call her FeMC so I could say… fem… with a c at the end LOL). This is an all boys school, what do you expect?!
These are mostly short I’m sorry! I wanted to try to fit everyone in!
Grim would lay at night curled up beside you. On days when your period hit, Grim would sense you in pain and get near your abdomen and purr. He feels like it’s an instinctual thing to do and if if helps out his minion, he’ll do it! Plus there’s tuna in it for him, right? Pet his ears too!
Riddle would definitely blush when you are around, but not too heavily! Sure he finds you attractive but it won’t stop him from fulfilling his duties as a dorm leader! He can’t help himself when he gets flustered talking to you since the only woman he grew up around was his strict mother. Since you’re different compared to her, he can’t tell but feel warmth from you which he wants to keep in his heart.
Ace and Deuce would make jokes at each other’s expense, both of them sorta going neck and neck trying to compete for your attention! They know you guys are just friends… unless..? 😳 Ace would make the snarky remarks while Deuce would threaten to beat Ace up.
Trey would act the same towards you, knowing he has to be a respectful upperclassman! You ALMOST can’t tell he sets aside the cupcake with more fruits or decoration on it for you at the Unbirthday party. Trey would give his signature smirk and wink as he sets it down in front of you.
Cater would take you on shopping sprees and outings to have so many photo opportunities with NRC’s only female student! Girls would flood his comments asking if you were his girlfriend, but he never answered. He secretly hopes you like him back so you could do cute couple things together like match outfits!
Leona would still call you herbivore and treat you the same as always. Still as lazy as before. However he can’t help but show off when he plays Magift and you happen to be watching. He lowkey stares at your features and shape of your body when you’re not looking 👀
Ruggie would also mostly act the same towards you, but he would bump into you on purpose so he can have an excuse to touch or smell you! His body tingles when he can smell your scent on the blazer he accidentally knocked into you with! Still treats you the same as ever though!
Jack would be gentler towards you, he knows how rough and big his body is, he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you! His personality is still the same, don’t think he’ll treat you any differently because you’re a girl!
Azul would try to make shady deals with you to offer you protection against students who may be too forward with you since you’re a girl. In exchange? For you to work at the lounge! and spend time with him. He secretly likes you but would never tell you to uphold his reputation and he is also afraid of rejection ;w; Azul would also not mind seeing you wearing the lounge uniform, fufufu…
Jade would would act more like a butler type! You also find him nearby sometimes, feeling his striking gaze looking at you. He’s always there when someone is trying to confess to you and you look uncomfortable. “Oya oya, do you need some help, miss?” His voice teasingly echoes through the halls, scaring off the guy who was trying to hit on you. Jade would stretch out his hand and escort you to wherever you needed to go.
Honestly? Unless you had a super “girly” appearance, Floyd wouldn’t have noticed until he gave you a hug to squeeze you, noticing your body was different… more squishy... and your bone structure is different. Shrimpy is so squeezable!!! Huh? He has to be wary of your chest? He’ll just lift you up by your tummy! You being a girl doesn’t stop the hug train!
Kalim wouldn’t treat you any differently! He would still definitely invite you over as often as possible, not realizing his sweetness may come off as flirtatious! Might develop a small crush on you :) imagines all the pretty outfits he could buy you from his homeland
Jamil would at first be wary of you but once he realizes you aren’t a threat to Kalim or the school, he stops doubting you. Definitely isn’t the type to judge you differently based on your gender!
Vil would smirk and think he finally has someone else to practice makeup on! He definitely uses you as a model to show off his products, whether it be makeup, skincare, clothing, etc!
Rook would be… protective. He likes you because you’re different, and he would subtly follow and stake you out to see what things you’re doing differently at NRC as a girl. Rook offers silent protection against those he sees as a threat to you before you can even notice.
Epel would definitely try to prove his manliness in front of you if Vil isn’t in the vicinity! Going out of his way to carry heavy items, be tough, etc. If YOU tell him he’s manly, it’s certainly gotta mean something right?!
Idia thinks it’s like some sort of anime trope, you’re the female protagonist and it’s like a reverse harem because the whole school is full of boys! Cough cough breaking the fourth wall here! He would probably be more… nervous around you, not like he would ever get close anyways, but still! The idea of the only girl at school actually being friends with you and maybe becoming more makes his heart beat faster.
Ortho would not. Perceive you any differently LOL. He’d be intrigued would say like “A girl? Cool! The body analyses I’ve done from everyone around you reads their body temperatures higher and their hearts are all beating faste- MMPH!” He would be silenced by ADeuce…
Malleus…. Once he knows how you don’t fear him and how you like him even without knowing who he is. All he can think of is how beautiful you would be as his queen. Who can blame him? He has priorities and he needs to think of these things! I can also imagine him picking petals off flowers and saying “She loves me… she loves me not…” because he’s romantic like that… my heart
Lilia would use his experience in his vast years of dating to his advantage, knowing what ways to talk to a woman best. He swears he is only flirting with you for fun! The way your cheeks puff up in embarrassment is just too cute to resist! He certainly doesn’t mind a gender neutral MC, but Lilia can appreciate the beauty in every gender and he certainly appreciates your beauty!
Silver said 😪😴 . You notice Silver has more of a knightly approach to you, offering to protect you when you need it. He understands how a situation between one girl and hundreds of male students could provide a sense of fear, so Silver would always be there to protect you if you need!
Sebek would blush when you’re around, but he thinks you’re trying to use feminine charm and wiles to seduce the young master, even though all you did was make a yawn noise, flip your hair, or put on a bit of makeup! You have to explain to him that you aren’t doing anything to try to seduce anybody. You just wanted to go to school. He is doubtful but finally agrees. Maybe he was becoming victim to your charm instead?
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husky-artz · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
I forgot to post this one XD This oc is based on Shenzi from the Lion King
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twstedforyou · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey hey hey! Sorry for the lack of updates! But have no fear, Mod isn’t leaving the fandom nor giving up on this blog/AU! In fact, that’s what Mod wanted to talk to you folks about!
This AU has been going on for a good while, so you’re all rather well-acquainted with Heartslabyul at this point. However, not all the asks for them have been answered, and if the recent times are any indication, it’s unlikely they’ll get done any time soon... Apologies, for that!
But! Despite all this, you folks have remained invested in this AU! So to kick it back into gear, Mod has a suggestion!
How do you all feel about finally bringing in Savanaclaw? 
Of course, that means reopening the askbox to send them asks and such! But while the focus will be on the new group, it will be fine to send asks to the previous group as well!
If you folks don’t like the idea, then Mod will do their best to continue with Heartslabyul! Please give your opinion in the comments/tags, or message Mod privately if you want!
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