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#sarah wilson
hufflebooss · 2 hours ago
knowledge isn’t be everything
summary : Sam takes Bucky and Zemo back to his sisters place to hideout for a while and learn more about Sam and why he fights the way he does.
authors note : My first MCU writing! Let me know what you think 
pairings: Sam x sister!reader
Tumblr media
“Your sure your sister won’t mind?” Bucky furrowed his brows.
“Nah.” Sam smirked, as the car pulled to a stop .“Anyways, it’s my ass she’ll be beating. Not yours.” Bucky forced out a laugh as the 3 climbed out of the car. Zemo looked around at the community and spoke,
“You are sure nobody will find us here?” He adjusted his coat
Sam just shrugged his shoulders, not much of a reassurance for someone who was being hunted by the Dora Milaje. They stood in cinematic silence at the end of the driveway, looking up at the house until they where interrupted.
“Uncle Sam.” Two boys shoved themselves out of the front door, followed by a woman. 
“Jim, Jody!” Sam bent down to their level and turned back to Bucky and Zemo. “My two nephews.”
“Sam.” Sarah had joined them at the end of the path now and the two boys had gone inside, her voice was laced with inquiry.
“We just need a place to, hang for a while.” He raised his hands in defeat.
Sarah studied Bucky and Zemo’s faces. Her brother was bringing a super soldier and a criminal into her house, she just hummed as they walked up the path into the house. 
As they entered the living room, Sarah resumed what she was doing in the kitchen and Sam put his arms in a Tony Stark-esque way. 
“My humble abode.” He grinned, Bucky gave him a small smile back.
“Humble.” Zemo mumbled and Sam mocked him.
Across from them in the dining room there was another person a teenage girl sat beside what could have been school work and a laptop. What was more alarming and confusing to Bucky was the repetition of words, words that didn’t seem quite right.
After Bucky and Zemo stood for a while they joined Sam and his sister in the kitchen in quite discussion.
“You know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you guys.” Sam's voice was soft and subtle. 
Bucky stood beside him and Sam immediately noticed his tense demeanour, still looking over at the table.
“Oh, that’s Y/N. My younger sister.” Sam smiled, seemingly waiting for a response until he was interuppted by Sarah.
“She’s doing that program, leave her alone.” Half serous, half forced laughter. “I can barely get her to do it as it is.”
“She’s dyslexic.” Sam clarified, finally clocking on to the unease. Bucky laughed at his paranoia. As the three settled into the living room for the night, Y/N packed up and went to bed, not stopping to speak to Sam.
In the morning Sarah had a change of heart, my making a nice breakfast for them all. They where all somewhat rudely woken up by the 4 occupying this house. Childishly unhinged shouts around the living room provoked groans from the three men. Bucky was surprisingly inclined to interact with the boys, as well as Zemo. Who got multiple warnings of a ‘whooped ass’ from Sarah.
Y/N came down the stairs iPad and apple pen in hand. Sitting on the end of dining table. Bucky looked confused at the contraption in her hand to which she turned and showed him a half completed squirrel drawing.
“That’s good.” He complimented, Y/N muttered a small smile.
Sam’s boisterous self walked into the dining room and sat down with them. 
“Y/N!.” He grinned, “ Lemme see?” He held his hands out, she reluctantly gave up the iPad.
“Is he always this annoying to you?” Y/N questioned Bucky, who laughed out an affirmative.
The rest of the morning was spent with them all dancing around each other, not necessarily doing much until Sarah took the boys up to the dock .
Sarah, keys in hand, was ordering Sam about. “Make sure she does her program stuff, she won’t do it if you don’t tell her.”
“I know.” He laughed at her motherly antics.
Suprisingly after a short time passed Y/N actually came downstairs with her laptop and sat beside Sam, of free will. Sam being the wind up merchant he is took the laptop of her which caused her to raise her hands in the air.
“I wanna see.” To which Y/N mimicked you always do.
“Thursday.” He looked at her expectantly
“T.. U....”  She groaned in frustration.
Bucky then decided to join in and see what it was all about.
“Changing?”  Bucky read of the screen.
“C... H...” She paused. “ A N G I N G”. She pulled a silly face in triumph.
Sam laughed, “Is my help not good enough?” Y/N nodded comically.
It wasn’t long until Zemo got involved, it was beyond her why she had these very select three currently helped her with her program. Maybe it was just a reminder that knowledge isn’t everything, but sure helps.
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crzyprsn42 · 2 hours ago
My world doesn't matter to America so why should I care about its mascot
- Sarah Wilson, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier season 1, episode 4
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bluevxnus · 2 hours ago
My thoughts of the FOURTH episode of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier:
Episode 3
Spoilers Alert!
Before everything I would like to apologize to Ayo for not remembering her name in the last episode. She's a queen and I beg for forgiveness
5 minutes into the episode and they hurt me like this wtf. It's like watching infinity war all over again and watching Loki die
Sebastian Stan is fucking amazing. He's one of the best actors I've seen
Crying so fucking bad
I love women making men feel scared. Yes Ayo make this white boy your bitch!!!
I can already see fans simping for Zemo lmao
The video of Zemo dancing was a work of art
"The Avengers not the Nazis" thank you James for the explanation, very much needed
"But there has neves been another Steve Rogers" Zemo giving Sam that look. Little bitch
The TT conversation is hilarious sorry
Sam is husband material
Those 3 share one neuron and it is Zemo's
Zemo little bitch x2
Bucky acting dark makes me have unholy thoughts
Sharon doesn't give me good vibes. She's using a Samsung
I love Karli as a character with the complexity of the whole story. I don't like what she does but I get it
John Walker: *breaths* me: Walker can eat shit
Karli is still a child. She's a messed up girl.
Sam is amazing. I love him so much. He's going to be an amazing captain America
Karli and Sam are two faces of the coin
I wish John Walker could just... Die :))))
Zemo don't kill baby Karli please
Walker. Please. Die <3
I never thought that Kill Captain America would be a sentence I would agree with
Sam is the best. I wish people could be like him
Dora Milaje + Walker = my favourite scene
I love women
I love the look of men's faces when they are scared of women
The arm thing makes me wet
I love how fucked up they left Walker
Lemar little shit eating Walker's ass
Karli... What are you doing?
"My word doesn't matter to America" it is so painful the fact that many black people feel that way not only in America but in other places too. People have to open their eyes ffs
Sarah you are the most intelligent person in this show
Black women are really making this series their bitch. As they should. They are amazing iloveyousomuch
Karli is another woman with a good heart. Like old memes would say, she's a little lost but has the spirit.
She's really fucking lost though, she should do therapy lol
I know Sam is serious but the red googles are hilarious hahaha I can't
"Stay there" Really James? He didn't exactly look like he wanted to go for a walk
I'm getting weird vibes from this situation
Omg. Fuck. Fuck. Karli you just fucked up big time hon
Omg. Omg.omg
John Walker is a murderer. This is no longer captain America.
The shot with the shield full of blood makes me shiver
Wyatt Russell is an amazing actor.
100/10 this episode is great. I missed a little more of Sam screen time but hopefully they fix that in the next one
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let-me-write-my-life · 4 hours ago
TFATWS comments 'cause this show is taking over my life
Bucky's face when he loses his arm sjndbjd
"Looking strong, John" "Bucky!"
I laughed way too hard at this
Also Sam trying to talk it through with Karli omg my heart-
And of course John had to ruin everything
The way he tried to manipulate Bucky by saying that if Sam died it'd be his fault <<<<
Zemo is an icon
I don't care if he escaped, he's still better than dollar store Cap 🤷🏻‍♀️
Also the very first scene 😭
"You're free"
I cried like an idiot
Talking about Dora Milaje...
"The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje find themselves to be"
Periodt queen, feel free to do what the heck you want
Also John who is in a place where he doesn't have any jurisdiction too 🤡
Cheap-ass Cap took the serum. Cheap-ass Cap took the fucking serum!
And also killed a dude in a fucking square
This guy is crazy, someone please shoot him
If anything happens to Sarah I will throw hands
Sharon had like two scenes but looked badass af
Also not me getting overexcited at Sam thanking her because the bar is low as hell but certain people still manage to dig their way under it and Sam is the purest, kindest baby to ever exist
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MCU Characters as my Favorite Songs - TFATWS
Bucky Barnes - Nowhere to Run by Stegosaurus Rex (SnowFallInJune remix) and Corpse Dance by Kikuo
Sam Wilson - Childishly Fresh Eyes by The Caretaker and Chanel by Frank Ocean
Karli Morgenthau - Breezeblocks by Alt J (Cry Wolf remix) and Cop Car by Mitski
John Walker.
Lemar Hoskins - Take a Slice by Glass Animals and Pink Elephants on Parade
Helmut Zemo - Kill V Maim by Grimes and Burning Pile by Mother Mother
Ayo - Cop Car by Mitski, Le Perv by Carpenter Brut, and All the Stars by SZA
Sharon Carter and Sarah Wilson - Dust from the Hotline Miami soundtrack, and Kedi Gibi by Tarkan
Joaquin Torres - Daisy Bell by Harry Dacre and Exploration from the Coraline soundtrack
Isaiah and Eli Bradley - Stone in Focus by Aphex Twin
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221bshrlocked · 7 hours ago
"My world doesn't matter to America." -Sarah Wilson, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
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leavemealonetoread · 9 hours ago
The word 'mascot' has been in my head since the first time I saw him, so I really appreciate Sarah Wilson calling Walker that, even while Karli Morganthau calls her cell phone to threaten her family.
She's still like, ew no
(Did she even receive clarification about what Sam was up to when they had a confusing conversation? I assumed not, so her reaction was basically, I don't need details to know that my brother would never. Ew.)
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janeyfoster · 9 hours ago
I'm starting to understand why they dropped Gideon Wilson from canvas. There really was no place for him, Sarah's barely in the first place.
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marvelmaree · 11 hours ago
You know what makes me sad?
The fact that Sam was away from his family for 7 years.
Sarah didn't know where Sam was for 7 YEARS!!!!
Like, can someone give her a hug please?
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crimefightingspiderguy · 13 hours ago
Hello!!! I’m going to be giving my thoughts on tfatws characters in this post so if you don’t want spoilers don’t look past Zemo 🤡
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: everything in this post is purely an opinion. I, like everyone else, have yet to see the last two episodes and those might just change my opinions, but this is what I think so far. I will NOT tolerate any racism/sexism on my page so if any responses to this post include any of that you will be reported and blocked.
John Walker:
-From literally the first moment, I’ve hated him. (Which now that we see he’s supposed to be a villain, kudos to Marvel)
-As soon as he kept that serum I knew what was coming and I think Marvel and the actor executed the transition in him wonderfully
-The final shot of him standing over that poor man with a bloody shield was 💋🤌🏻 symbolism (but also for that guy to have earlier said that he idolized Steve and to then be killed while begging for his life by the knock off Captain America, is so heartbreaking and I want justice for his character)
-Deserved better. He was literally just vibing, helping his friend out. He had a brutal and unnecessary death.
-I’m so glad we got to meet her in the first episode. I feel like she really helps to show a more personal side of Sam and helps us develop his character more than say a girlfriend would’ve.
-I’m really hoping she’s safe. Like with this last episode, her being threatened, I hope it was just empty promises.
-I love her and I want more of her character
-I totally understand where she’s coming from and I support the base idea of the flag smashers but like Sam said, they’re going about it the wrong way.
-I feel like her character development is sort of messy but idk maybe we get more in the last two episodes that sort of tie stuff up.
-Omg why is he so funny and relatable? Like he’s just such a meme I love it
-I truly think he has good intentions but no one is ever gonna trust him because he executes them the unethical way (similar to the flag smashers/Karli)
-Was is he always balling out in that fur coat? He’s so cool. What a fashion icon
Ayo/Dora Milaje:
-Lol but seriously, they were so cool and I hope we get more of them in the future episodes because as I always do when they’re on screen I got chills.
Sharon Carter:
-I really have no idea what she’s doing at this point. Like she’s just hanging out keeping an eye on them? Idk like if that’s all she’s gonna do what’s the point? Bring her back for one episode and show how badass and useful she is, then just keep her on the sidelines and hardly use her? Why?
-I hope they have more in store for her
-What happened to my homie? They did the same thing with Sharon where is seems they just forgot about him? Idk hopefully he pops back up again. He was cool and brave as hell for going in a investigating the flag smashers with no backup
Isaiah Bradley:
-😢 he deserves better.
Sam Wilson
-I enjoyed getting to see into his family/home life.
-I’m kinda disappointed thus far with his overall role in this show. Honestly feels like it’s more about John Walker and Bucky. Idk maybe the last two episodes dive deeper into his character since they are longer but it just seems weird that really all we got was half the show in the first episode then now just random little snippets of him talking in ways that further our understanding of where he stands with the government and flag smashers. It’s nothing to the scale of what we’re seeing with Bucky.
-I really enjoy the subtle/not so subtle ways they are showing Sams experience as a black man in America. They are executing it well and I think showing it the way they are is important exposure to those topics that can lead to important discussions.
-I love the flourishing bromance of SamBucky 😊
-I really hope we see more of him and Sharon because they’re a good dynamic 👀
-SEBASTIAN STAN IF YOU DONT STOP BREAKING MY DAMN HEART IM SUING (I have so many scenes in particular I want to talk about but I’ll do that in another post because this would be too long if I didn’t.)
-I’m living for this development we’re getting
-I want Bucky at peace. I’m manifesting it 🧘‍♀️
-Again, SamBucky??? I love it.
-I can’t wait to see him with the shield helping Sam train. It’s gonna be so GOOD
In conclusion. I love the show so far and I’m so excited to see where it goes 🤪
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jacquessouvenier · 13 hours ago
Is it just me or did Adepero look much prettier in this ep than usual? Like idk what it is but she just looked extra beautiful in the phone call scene.
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petersthwip · 13 hours ago
sarah wilson: my world doesn’t matter to america, so why should I care about its mascot?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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honeydulcewrites · 13 hours ago
No no but when Sarah said "My world doesn't matter to America so why should I care about it's mascot"
Tumblr media
SARAH WILSON SAID I ONLY SPEAK FACTS BITCHES, she was absolutely on the money with that one. I love how quick she was with her responses to Karli too like straight to the point, no nonsense
God we stan The Wilson’s
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raininsleep · 14 hours ago
Sam: I wasn't that drunk last night!
Sarah: You were flirting with Bucky.
Sam: So what? He's my boyfriend.
Sarah: You asked him if he was single
Sarah: and then you cried when he said he wasn't.
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capnwinghead · 15 hours ago
My favorite parts of this week’s episode were Sam, Sarah, Sharon and the Dora Milaje.
Sticking to the positives.
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animallover81 · 15 hours ago
Oh oh...... SARAH! At least she’s right about Sam not working for Walker.....
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charliewrites99 · 16 hours ago
Karli, I am vibing with you, but you really need to NOT threaten Sarah Wilson.
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