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#sarah kelly
nearit · 2 days ago
2003 Redux
Wrote a couple of blog posts about comics this week.
Same Shit, Different Day / Father Forgive Us
On production values, politics and different ways to break free from our murderous times, ft. Esther McManus' slow journey into history in Elsewhere and the I Quit Comics crowd's sharp-witted survey of postmortem employment, Fit For Nothing.
Tumblr media
Hello / Cosmic
In which we strap on our special space suits and prepare to be reminded of our own capacity for annihilation with Dan McDaid's slick sci-fi adventure comic DEGA.
Tumblr media
Writing words about words and pictures eh? What a concept.
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lesjacobs · 2 days ago
imagine going to get a job with your brother and you’re excited because you don’t have to school and you get to make some new friends. on your first day you meet this dude dressed like a cowboy and immediately decide that he’s your new older brother figure. you come back the next day and the prices are raised so when he suggests a strike you immediately go along with it. during the strike you notice how close your brother and him are getting kind of like how you and that girl you met in the theater are together. but neither of them say anything so you don’t either. once the strike ends the cowboy older brother figure leaves and you’re going to have to go on with your life but suddenly he comes back? instead of rushing up to hug you or kiss your brother because you’re convinced they’re together at this point he rushes to kiss your sister who you’re pretty sure he’s only seen once.
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davidosu87 · 2 days ago
Here is a movie that has been on a list to see for some time, but just putting it off. I finally did as one of my First Time Watches for TPUTS Summer Challenge Series. It is an interesting low budget film with good character development with a backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. I also enjoy the being on the road aspect. What do you think of this Jeremy Gardner film?
Tumblr media
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blueonwrestling · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
We got this absolutely insane state from Triple H today in a media call, and man it’s just fucking pure gaslighting from WWE.
From the company that fired deonna purazzo, kimber lee, ruby riott, sarah logan and serena deeb, already great well polished wrestlers, AND ICON IN MICKIE JAMES.
The company that fired the most improved wrestler of 2021 Tay Conti, and also fired Killer Kelly despite doing nothing with her too, fired two top tier characters in Peyton Royce and Billie Kay aswell as wanting to hire Thunder Rosa as A REFEREE AND NOT AS A WRESTLER.
Please for the love of god, WWE is not a “Pro-Women” company in the slightest.
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somedayonbroadway · 3 days ago
I found a quote from Ally Condie that could be used as a prompt: Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that.
I have no idea if this is good or not, but let’s post it anyway, shall we? ;)
Can be seen as romantic or platonic, and I missed posting for you guys. Ya’ll are the best.
TW: mentions of bullying and slight mention of child abuse, teen pregnancy, sick background character
“Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that.” ~ Ally Condie
They were just kids once, kids that believed in monsters and fairy tales and true love, kids who came from two different places and still ended up at each other's side all because one moment, one single instant that changed everything.
David had gotten hit in the back of the head with a dodgeball.
It wasn’t that David had been trying to play sports. In fact it was quite the opposite. David much preferred sitting in the classroom and reading a book. His twin sister said he was just boring. They were six.
On this day in particular, Mrs. Mills had closed the classroom for recess. Something about needing private time and David needing fresh air. David had been out there for almost a full seven minutes and he did not understand what all the hype was about. He could hardly focus on the words he was trying to read on the page. It was much too noisy and the kids out there pulled on his hair and spat little papers at him.
Still, David sat by the wall, curled up with his book, his knees to his chest as he dared devour every word.
No one really understood him. Hence, the dodgeball that hit his head.
David looked up quickly at that, his wide eyes searching for the monsters who had disturbed his concentration. There was a group of kids, two boys and three girls, snickering at him. He neatly put his perfectly crisp bookmark between his pages and carefully set the thing down on the ground. Then he waited for more.
“Get him!” one kid yelled, Morris Delancey, one of the snickering boys. David didn’t make any move to run. Logically, he knew he wouldn’t get very far. He would take the headache over some scrapes on his knees and elbows. So he waited for the attack patiently, making sure his book was safely out of the way.
The dodgeballs came flying.
All David could really do was try and stop the things from hitting his face. Other than that, he was an open target. That is, until another voice from the crowd called out, “Hey, everyone, free ice cream in the cafeteria!”
Eyes snapping up at that, David watched the dodgeballs drop from the other kids’ hands as they all ran off, squealing annoyingly as someone grabbed his wrist. David barely managed to grab his book before he was almost dragged across the playground into the grass. “Here! They won’t find you over here,” another boy said.
His book hanging at his side, David tilted his head. “There’s no ice cream in the cafeteria,” he stated obviously, as though the other boy with the messy brown hair and forest green eyes should know that.
But the boy only shrugged. “They don’ know that,” he stated, sitting down under the tree and then twisting over to lay on his stomach. There was a piece of paper laying in the grass. It was a dry day, so the paper wasn’t wet. David still wondered how this boy was okay with one side of the page being dirty as he moved his pencil over the page. “I’m Jack. Jack Kelly,” the odd boy introduced, not even looking up at him. “You can call me Jack. Or Kelly. It don’ matter.”
Squinting a bit at that, David hesitantly sat on the grass, cringing at the dirt that would now be on the back of his pants. “I’m David,” he said back. “I haven’t seen you before,” he mentioned, picking at the cover of his book.
Jack just shrugged again. “That’s cause I’s new,” he stated. “Prob’ly won’ be here long. I don’ think my foster ma likes me so much.” Jack said those words like they held no weight at all and David did his best to understand. Jack ma didn’t like him. He didn’t get it. A mother always loves her kids. That’s how mothers worked.
With a small shrug, David just nodded like he knew exactly what Jack was talking about. “Thanks for helping me,” he said, sitting down under the tree they were close to. He picked up his book and opened it back up.
Smiling a little as he doodled, Jack responded, “sure, Davey.”
“My name’s David,” the boy tried to correct.
Jack nodded. “Okay, Davey.”
And that was the beginning of something good. Something that was meant to be. That encounter was fate. Maybe some of their teachers warned against this relationship. Maybe Jack and David were too different to be friends, to even be allies. David always had his nose in a book and Jack was always getting into trouble from that day forward. It was odd. They were odd.
But they were inseparable ever since.
Years went by and the two stayed the same, only, Jack never got to stay in one house for longer than six months. By some miracle, the two still lived close enough for a nine year old Jack to knock on his only friend’s window at midnight.
The two knew each other too well. Jack had known that Davey would have his nose once again stuck in a long, long book that he would go on and on about for the next week and a half. He knew his friend wouldn’t be asleep. He knew Davey would let him in.
“Jack, what happened to your eye?!” Davey gasped as he turned a light on and helped Jack climb in.
“Shhhhh!” Jack hissed, terrified of waking someone else up. “Nothin’, I just fell over,” he insisted, immediately collapsing in Davey’s bed and curling up in the blanket, shoes and all. “What are you reading?” Jack always asked. Maybe he just liked hearing Davey talk. Something about it was calming, familiar and steady. He didn’t hang on every word. He let them wrap him up in an invisible, warm blanket.
Trusting his friend, Davey jumped on the bed in front of Jack and grabbed the book. “I can read it to you!” he offered. And Jack’s eyes lit up.
See, Jack had never been the best reader. Davey knew that. The words were all jumbled when Jack tried to read. None of it ever made sense and it hurt his head when he tried to focus. His teachers always got mad at him. But not Davey. Davey liked to read to him. So Jack nodded, and watched his friend get comfy on the bed next to him as he started to read off every word. Jack just watched him in amazement, wondering how everything was so easy for Davey and he could still care about someone like him.
Davey had a lot of things. He always said he didn’t, but he did. Davey had a nice sister and a cute little brother. And he had his mother and father. He called them weird names, but maybe they weren’t so weird to Davey. Ima and Abba. Davey had a whole room to himself and more books than Jack could read in a whole lifetime.
Sometimes, Jack wished he was Davey. He wished he could have a nice family and a nice house and nice warm food that wasn’t locked away and out of his reach. He wished he could curl up in this bed without a care in the world.
But then he thought that Davey deserved this life more than him. He was just glad to have Davey there with him.
So Jack covered Davey with more of his blanket and then yawned beneath the safety of the heavy thing before letting his best friend’s voice lull him into a dreamless sleep. “Goodnight, Jackie,” Davey whispered.
“Goodnight, Davey,” Jack managed to mumble back.
This was not the first time this had occurred. And it would not be the last.
Still, the boys had to start growing up eventually, no matter how they tried to stop it.
Jack was there when David was told he’d be the man of the house.
His dad was sick.
Jack and Davey sat side by side in that waiting room. Their feet only barely touched the floor. Jack had refused to leave ever since they’d gotten the news. “You don’t have to stay,” David said. They were thirteen and terrified.
Jack shrugged and picked up the book that was next to his friend today. “What are you reading, Davey?” he asked.
Shaking his head, David wiped at his face. “It doesn’t matter. You should go home—“
“I’d rather stay here,” Jack shrugged, looking around awkwardly, wishing he knew how to make Davey feel better, wishing there was anything he could do to make the other boy smile. So he opened up the book, grabbed his pencil and started sketching. David didn’t stop him. He loved it when Jack doodled. Only, Jack was beginning to do a lot more than just doodle.
The picture caused David to snicker a bit as a few loose tears fell down his face. He ended up laying his head down on Jack’s shoulder and just laying there, letting himself be sad. And Jack didn’t move away. He didn’t speak. He just sat there with that book in his hand, those pages opened up, doing everything he could to be there for his friend and his friend’s family.
Sarah, David’s twin sister, sat down beside them with their baby brother Les in her arms. “Are we gonna be okay?” she whispered to David, trying not to upset the boy in her arms.
But David didn’t even have to answer. Because Jack was there. And Jack answered expertly, “You’re gonna be just fine. I’ll be right here for ya… whatever ya need,” he promised.
It was a promise that Jack kept. And David could be nothing but grateful. He leaned on his friend and closed his eyes, trusting he would be safe for the rest of the night.
Davey was there when Jack found out he was getting adopted.
Davey thought it was supposed to be a happy day. Jack was terrified. “He don’t even like me!” Jack insisted, pacing across Davey’s room like he’d done so many times before, his fourteen year old voice breaking as he told Davey everything. “He’s doin’ it for the money! N’ he don’t give a single penny of it ta me! Ain’t that money s’posed ta be for me?”
“Jack,” Davey called, noting that his friend was frustrated. “You’ve always wanted to be adopted—“
“No!” Jack argued, pausing and thinking about it. “Okay, fine, sure I have, but… not by him…” he sighed, collapsing on Davey’s bed beside him. “Can I stay here tonight?”
All Davey did was shrug. “Always, Jackie,” he promised. “The real question is, what movie are we watching?”
Relaxing at that, Jack climbed into Davey’s bed, curling up beneath his covers and pulling the book out from beneath him when he found it. “Anything as long as we can convince Sarah ta make us some cocoa,” Jack decided.
With a small laugh, Davey put on a movie that Jack would forever refuse to admit was his favorite and he let Robin Williams explain the story of the lamp as he curled up beside Jack. “You know you’re part of this family, right?”
Looking over at him, Jack squinted. “What?”
“You’re practically a Jacobs,” Davey muttered, texting Sarah on his flip phone for some cocoa and popcorn. “You know, you’re just… a Kelly,” he shrugged.
Jack squinted at that. Davey was usually so good with words and here he was leaving Jack confused in a whole different way. But before he could ask what the meant, Sarah was standing in the doorway saying, “yep, just making sure you both still had two legs. Go get your own stuff.”
With a dramatic groan, Jack pouted. “But I’m a man in distress!” he groaned.
So Sarah rolled her eyes. “You owe me one, Kelly.”
The two boys snickered as Sarah walked away, curling up only slightly closer and watching their movie.
They grew up, side by side, much too quickly. They’d laughed together and cried together and fought and played and gotten each other through hard times and breezed through the best times. And now came this time, this time when Jack and David were sitting across the room from each other, fifteen years old and confused and terrified.
“I got into Roosevelt—“
“I got Amelia pregnant—“
They both froze at each other’s words. Jack could’ve cried. “Roosevelt?” he whispered. “Davey… that’s… that’s in Santa Fe—“
“You only slept with her once because of some stupid game! How the hell is she pregnant?”
Neither of them felt like they could breathe. “Davey… y-you can’t leave me here like this— if Snyder finds out—“ Jack shook his head. “I-I don’t know what ta do…”
David shook his head, turning back to his suitcase and continuing to fold up his clothes. “I told you not to play that stupid game—“
“Davey, I get it! I’m an idiot! Just please don’t go!” Jack begged. “Davey, I…”
Turning to him, the taller boy finally revealed the tears falling down his own face. “You think I want to leave you?” he whispered. “Jack, you’re the only friend I’ve ever had.”
“Then why is this happening?” Jack asked.
“Because it has to. Maybe… maybe it’ll be good—“
“I just knocked some girl up! Snyder is going to kill me and my best friend is moving across the country!” Jack rushed out, his voice breaking. “What am I supposed to do?”
Pulling Jack to his chest, David sighed. The two of them just stood there for a long moment, clinging to each other until Davey pulled away and handed Jack a book. “Want me to read to you?” he asked innocently. All Jack could do was nod.
They had no idea what was truly going to happen next.
The phone calls used to be constant. The messaging was daily. But those were gone within the first year.
Jack’s child was born. He was kicked out to the streets. He was left with nothing. And he was too proud to ask for help.
David’s career fell into place. He was drowned in paperwork and student debt. He had to work two jobs in order to make it all the way through law school.
The letters grew fewer and fewer until one day they stopped. Years past and Facebook was the only thing that told them the other was alive. Jack posted about his art and his life as a single, teenage dad, and Davey posted about his life as a successful lawyer.
It just never felt the same.
It wasn't until one day, when David picked up a book for the first time in months that a few clever little doodles made him smile. He ran his fingers over the things, opening his computer almost fifteen years later and clicking on Jack’s profile, a picture of him and a boy named Tyler James. The boy was almost fifteen. David smiled to himself and opened up the messages, typing in a simple quote.
“Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I'm glad for that.” ~ Ally Condie
And then he waited. For a long time, he just stared at that screen, watching nothing until those terrifying three dots appeared.
“You know if you want to meet for coffee, you could just ask,” came Jack’s reply.
And David smiled wider than he had in years.
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somedayonbroadway · 5 days ago
Considering you did The Ballad of Sarah Berry, what about Alice of Human Sacrifice?
What an interesting tale. I had honestly never heard of it until now and I’m a fan! I love twisted Alice in Wonderland stories.
The first Alice — I’m thinking this would be Crutchie. I know, crazy, because Crutchie is so innocent, but I feel like, since the first Alice is described as giving into all their sins, Crutchie would enter this dream world and think “no consequences? Let’s do some things I’ve never done before” and then he just wouldn’t be able to get back out, not to mention the fact that Wonderland would have this hold over him, making him crazier by the second
The second Alice — Jack, for sure. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the fact that he sang to spread his “evil” I don’t know, it just felt right to me. Also, how cool would that be? I’m gonna write something one day where Jack has magic and can control people by singing.
The third Alice — Race. Race was crowned a prince at first. He was charming and flirtatious and everybody loved him. But after he was crowned he began to fear death more and more, driving him mad into the arms of Wonderland where it showed him his worst fears, eventually killing him
The fourth Alice — David and Sarah. They stumbled into wonderland together and found the treasures of the dream before the nightmare. Once they realize there’s no way out, it’s too late and they are forever trapped to wonder around Wonderland.
And those are my thoughts. Anyone have anything they would change?
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A summary of what this AU will be:
- Okay so it’s the 1970s. Jack Kelly is married to Sarah Jacobs and they have a son named Charles whom they nicknamed Crutchie. Little do they know, Jack is 🏳️‍🌈gay 🏳️‍🌈 (or at least bi)
- Jack has some internalized period typical homophobia that he’s fought with for most of his life, one of the reasons he married straight (also because of society)
- but every once and awhile Jack has a few flings with some hook ups he gets from a secret underground gay bar
- Enter Davey, a man Jack drunkingly met at the underground gay bar. He hooks up with him once, then twice, and then again and again
- Jack had a Gay Panic Attack™️ because he’s got feelings for this guy
- Jack and Sarah’s marriage was a disaster from the start, and Jack finally files for divorce
- Sarah is confused why he wants to divorce her, until she learns about Jack and Davey’s flings and gets upset
- so they get a divorce
[ Okay so this is when the Falsettos AU part begins (with some fun twists of my own) ]
- timeskip, it’s 1979, Jack and Davey have been dating for 9 and a half months. Sarah finally decided to see a psychiatrist, who just happens to be Jack’s former psychiatrist named Keith (who is a closeted trans woman)
- Jack and David’s relationship is kinda toxic tbh, they fought a lot
- Jack wants a tight-knit family. He wants his ex-wife, son, and lover to co-exist and have a somewhat stable life. So they live in the same house together. Drama ensues
- Jack’s unknowingly very demanding and wants a lot from David. It’s just too much, too toxic, and too off-key, so they break up
- David and Jack both love each other though, both are broken hearted respectively at the break up. Davey disappears (or so everyone thinks)
- Meanwhile Sarah and Keith get engaged
- Jack gets jealous of Sarah’s perfect relationship and an argument starts
- the argument gets heated and Jack leaves, finding his own place to live and thus the tight knit-family Jack wanted is lost.
- timeskip, two years later, ITS THE 80s (yaba-daba-do) OOOOH THE 80s
- although they live separately, Sarah and Jack have come to a mutual understanding and Sarah forgave Jack, letting Crutchie go from house to house
- Keith considers telling Sarah that she’s trans and struggles with her identity for a bit (that’s technically not a part of Falsettos but I feel that it would be good for some trans representation)
- meanwhile Jack is lonely ‘cause he honestly misses Davey. He has his son and his best friends ( Medda and Hannah, the lesbians from next door) but he still wants to love someone
- Keith finally comes out to Sarah, who accepted her. Keith dropped her dead name and became Katherine
- now Crutchie has a little league baseball game! Guess who he invites to watch this game! (If you guessed Davey than you are correct)
- Jack and Davey get back together, but Jack has had some character development and is no longer toxic and they now have an amazing group of family and friends
- David and Sarah find out they are long lost siblings (because why not and also Whizzer deserves some sort of backstory)
- OOOOOOH ITS CRUTCHIE’S BAR MITZVAH (they are all Jewish btw)
- Jack finally gets the tight-knit family he wants
- it ends there right? Wrong. But I don’t want to spoil it so you’ll just have to read it
*yeets cookies at you*
Sorry that was long
But this story will be longer and be more in-depth that was just a long summary/drabble
Also keep in mind I have not seen In Trousers (the prequel) so I had to make up the beginning.
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we-are-inevitable · 6 days ago
Okay I just remembered the post from last night about Davey's family whoops
AHAHA YOURE ALL GOOD HUN !! considering that you sent in another family ask, i'll talk to you about some of the OTHER family members that were neglected in the post last night:
Sarah and Les.
i usually make them twins in my aus but i think i want her to be about ,, three years older than Davey?
she was the perfect kid. effortlessly good grades, nice and respectful significant others, never partied and never got in trouble and got an almost full ride to college, where she's doing pre-med by the time Davey graduates high school.
this means that, when Davey has his break, when Davey's life plummets, hers is skyrocketing. med school, stable relationships, the works.
needless to say, when Davey cuts off contact with Esther and Mayer, he cuts off contact with Sarah, too, because- though he's happy for her- he resents her and her success.
i imagine that Esther and Mayer would always kind of ,, compare Davey and Sarah to each other? not in a bad way, but whenever something good happened to Davey, they'd say, "Oh, you're just like your sister!"
which is like. sweet, sure. but he wanted to be his own person, and if that means being the family disappointment, then so be it.
when Davey's life goes under, though, Sarah tries everything she can to reach out and help, because she doesn't want her baby brother to suffer or hurt. she doesn't stop trying until Davey blows up at her and tears into her about how she's always been better, he'll never be as good as her, she should stop talking to him and focus on her own perfect life. it's all very petty and passive aggressive, but Sarah backs off.
she's the first to forgive him when he comes for help.
so, when Davey is 20, he meets Jack and everything starts to spiral.
and, when Davey is 20, Les is 12.
needless to say, though Davey and Les had a great brother-brother relationship growing up, Les doesn't actually see him until he comes home, begging for forgiveness and help and "a place to stay, ima, please"
and by the time Davey comes home, les is 14.
it takes a long time for him to like ,, ACTUALLY talk to Davey again. they used to talk about everything, and Davey used to take care of him, but now Les feels like Davey is just another stranger, and Davey is so far gone that he doesn't know how to talk to Les anymore.
bc, when Davey went to college, Les was 10, and now Les is 14, and about to start high school, and Les is 14, and the new "man of the house", and Les is 14, and he doesn't think their inside jokes are funny anymore.
Les is 14, and already doing great things, and Davey is nothing but a washed up junkie who somehow earned a college degree.
i imagine that their relationship isn't reminiscent of what it used to be until Les is around 16/17 and he understands more about what Davey was doing and what he was going through!!
no one asked for this specifically, but i had THOUGHTS
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klaineharmony · 6 days ago
500 Miles (Newsies, Sarah/Jack)
I KNOW you all know the song. ;) I heard The Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" in the car last summer, and this lovely little plot bunny came into my head. I finally finished it today! This was my 300x3 today, as well - I had to write 312 words to finish it. Thanks as always to my dear friend WickedForGood13, for her amazingly quick beta work! <333
For @whatstheproblembaby, @radioactivepigeons
The dress that I pictured Sarah wearing was this beautiful thing, from when Ele was at the Venice Film Festival in 2004. Also, for the record, it is 497.7 miles from NYC to Chapel Hill, NC. <3
500 Miles
The tiny club was packed to the walls, and Jack could barely hear to tune his guitar. He leaned over as he plucked at the strings and turned the pegs to get the sound right, and he shot a grin at Davey, who was warming up on his drum kit.
“Looks like we’ll have a good crowd tonight!” he called, and Davey grinned back at him.
“The more people the better!” he said cheerfully. “That’s what it’s all about, right?”
“Are we going to play at any point tonight, or are you two going to spend the whole night talking?” Spot said crossly. He made a couple more small adjustments to his bass, and then stood glaring at the pair of them, as if he could force them to play by will alone.
“We’re going, we’re going,” Jack said. “Hold your horses.”
“Jacky-boy,” Spot said dangerously, “so help me, if you make another reference to horses or Santa Fe or cowboys, I will not be responsible for my actions.”
Jack grinned devilishly. “Aw, Spot. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”
“Fuck off,” Spot grumbled, and Davey laughed at the pair of them before reining them both in.
“All right, you two. Let’s go. We have a crowd to please!” he said.
Jack put his earplugs in, and shot another grin at Spot, who rolled his eyes, before he struck into the opening chords of “500 Miles.”
A cheer went up from the crowd on the dance floor, composed mostly of college students and young working adults like themselves, and Jack almost immediately lost himself in the beat of the music and the excitement of the audience as they began to dance.
Somewhere in the first verse, as he was belting out the chorus, he caught sight of a girl in the crowd who was dancing her heart out. She had long brown hair, and a smile that lit up the room, and she was wearing a dress with spaghetti straps that was distracting in the extreme.
Jack couldn’t stop staring at her. He had to find out who she was.
Read the rest on AO3
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hey-op-just-kill-me · 6 days ago
Katherine: Davey what’s on your neck?
Davey: it’s a mosquito bite
Jack walking in: hey guys
Sarah: sup mosquito
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newsies-banner · 7 days ago
🌈(closest thing i could find to the flag) and⚡
🏳️‍🌈 : what do you identify as?
Jack : What are most cowboys?
Sarah : Whatever I am, it means I love Jack.
Jack : I changed my mind, I'm that too. But for Sarah, not me. I love Sarah.
⚡: biggest fear -
Jack : My biggesst fear is that one day I'll wake up, and when I go to put my shoes on, there'll be a big huge spider in one of them, and I won't notice, because I've just woken up and I'm still half asleep, so I'll put my foot right on the spider.
Either that or penguins. They wear suits and I don't trust 'em.
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infinityactual · 9 days ago
Stayed up till 3am to get this out of my head or I would have DIED.
He would have pulled her snug against him, had they not both been in armor. Instead, Sam had to content himself with standing barely a hand's breadth in front of Commander Palmer as he looked down at her.
John watched with mild interest, and no small amount of joy, tinged with annoyance as it was. They were due to leave any second...but as he watched them, he couldn't bring himself to call out to Sam. Not just yet.
Instead, he watched as a hand that could easily crumple steel like cardboard lifted toward Commander Palmer's face. Sam's expression softened as he traced Sarah's cheek with a feather-light touch, a faint wash of pink dusting his cheeks and nose as he smiled.
But as he leaned down to kiss her, a hand darted up between them and palmed Sam's face.
"Hey, save the mush. You have places to go and shop to wreck." Sarah said as she shoved Sam backwards. John heard Kelly barely stifle a snort over TEAMCOM as the giant Sam-034 stumbled backwards a few steps.
"Yes, sir." Sam replied as Sarah walked away. Just as he turned to join his teammates, Sarah called back to him.
"Oh, and Spartan?"
Sam paused and looked back.
"Come back in one piece. I expect some dick when you get home."
Sam was suddenly hyperaware of everyone else around him, and he could hear faint cackling emanating from the helmet in his right hand. He shoved the helmet over his head, face burning, and strode over to join Blue Team.
Nobody said anything for several seconds.
"Orders are orders, Sam." John finally said.
"I'd tell you to shut it, but not even the Admiral can make you behave." Sam sighed. Kelly shook her head, and Sam thought he could hear her stifle more laughter.
This was going to be a long ride.
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Okay so random 3 am thoughts that I forgot to post at 3 am but will post them now while I still remember:
Newsies Falsetto AU
So I guess it would be
Jack as Marvin
Davey as Whizzer (Or vis versa idk)
Race as Trina ( I guess…? Originally I thought maybe Katherine but then again we need the lesbians from next door)
Spot as Mendel (Also vis versa)
Katherine as Charlotte
Sarah as Cordelia
Crutchie as Jason
Anyway tell me what y’all think (also yeah this is random and sorry if this has been done before I was just thinking)
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abraodwaystateofmind · 10 days ago
Family Cookout
Everyone!Chicago PD x Reader
Tumblr media
The 21st District was having its annual ‘Summer Fun Day’ in the park, and to say it was fun was an understatement. There was food, games, activities, water games, family bonding; you name it, it was there. But being the newest addition to Intelligence, you felt as if you didn’t fit in well with the others. Although, they never made you feel like you didn’t. They’ve known each other for years and built up a family. You thought you were disrupting that family.
“What’s got you down, girl?” Kevin sat next to you watching the others throw water balloons to the others. 
“Just… taking in the moments while I have them.” Sighing, you continued to look at your colleagues.
“We love you. Voight loves you. You’re a great cop. You’re good police, Y/N. Don’t doubt yourself.” Kevin patted your thigh.
You smiled, “Thanks, Kev.”
You walked over to where Voight was grilling, asking if he needed help, to which he complied. 
“I heard you were having indifferent thought about the unit? What’s up?” You quickly raised your head, in fear it would get you fired if you said the wrong thing.
“Nothing sir, I-,” Hank gave you a knowing look. “I’ve been second-guessing my position in Intelligence.”
“Don’t. I’ve known you since you were a little tike. I’ve seen you in action, I chose you for a reason. Don’t doubt your position in my unit. I don’t make mistakes when it comes to my family.” 
An hour passed and the baseball game started. Station 51 headed over after their shifts to join in. The game was 6-5 to the firefighters in the 7th inning. Bases were loaded; Jay on first, Hailey on second, and Kevin on third. There have been 2 outs already and you were at-bat. 
“You can do this Y/N!!!” Kim shouted from the dugout. You stared down Casey. Squinting, but giving him a look of vulnerability. Knowing he would take it, he pitched to you; but knowing you could do it, you hit the ball as hard as you could. Dropping the bat, you ran, until you saw it go over Severide’s head and out of the field. Running around the diamond, you could hear the 21st going crazy. The moment you stepped onto home plate, you were doused in water. Cheering with your friends, you knew this is where you needed to be. You knew you were loved.
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allgreysanatomylove · 11 days ago
Is it me or all of them just. 🥵🥵😍😍👑👑
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racebox-of-higgars · 12 days ago
Newsies As Things Me and My Friend Said While Watching Bonnie And Clyde
Jack: She's vibing! It's her dad's funeral and she's vibing!
Spot: This child is a whole mood
Davey: He's literally fantasising about murder??
Jack: I blame Bonnie and Clyde for my bisexuality
Race: Look at those suspenders and tell me he's not fruity. Every person who wears suspenders is fruity
Albert: I've never heard a sexier texan accent and that's coming from a hardcore americaphobe
Davey: This show got cancelled after four weeks
Albert: Sounds like Shane Dawson
Jack: This feels like every year six assembly I've ever had and I don't like that
Race: They're all like nnngh sky daddy meanwhile Clyde's all haha gun go brrr
Katherine: She deserves someone that knows how to do up all his buttons you absolute bimbo
Finch: I'm not hating on the song I'm hating on old people
Sarah: This is just cavetown if he was a lesbian
Race: Hang on I'm blind is that a child or a loaf of bread
Jack: They're just making out while dead dude go brrr
Davey: Dead dude does not go brrr. Dead dude is dead
Race: God, do you know nothing? The hat stays ON during sex
Jack: This is the most Tory American I have ever seen.
Race: That looks like the moment your cat stops twerking in the hallway at 2am
Everyone else: ???
Race: I forgot y'all won't understand since you don't have cats
Elmer: Wait I thought he had a duck on his head
Albert: She's describing Elon Musk right now
Race, chanting: IN THE PIT, IN THE PIT, IN THE PIT
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