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#sansa stark
agentrouka-blog · 3 hours ago
I don't understand why fans want Sansa to be dark like her siblings and suffer in the name of punishment of her wrongdoings. Sansa already has interesting arc just like everyone and she didn't need to go dark for that. Sansa had already suffer enough most of the time for other actions. Her journey is never easy and isn't suffering any less than her siblings. If grrm wanted her to be dark he would have already done in previous books but he didn't. Antis already villainise her.
I think it has to do with how the book series is misinterpreted as this celebration of machiavellian amoral genius. Within that view, the biggest crime a character can commit is not cruelty or selfishness, it is simplicity or naivety.
Hence the absolute expectation that optimism or dreams of personal happiness will be met with a vicious narrative "corrective" punishment.
In that universe, there are only two paths for Sansa: darkness or annihilation.
Sansa refuses to comply, of course, because the story is not what they think it is. They ignore how unilateral action without compassion comes with a hefty price tag, or how short-term success translates to long-term failure, if it isn't caged in justice or mercy.
( @eonweheraldodemanwe can very eloquently elaborate on the differences of legacy between "genius" Tywin and "naive" Ned.)
Sansa's compassion and her idealism are her strength, they lead the way to the future. It's the others who will turn around, not Sansa who will follow their path.
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honorthehorse · 3 hours ago
i her. the maid with serpents in her hair, blood dripping from her fangs, my beloved who will slay a giant in a castle of ice.
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marvel-starwarsfangirl · 3 hours ago
Y’know, watching parts of the show and then rereading chapters from the books reminds me just how badly D&D messed up and didn’t understand the source material.
If they had any brains, then they’d realize just how OOC they made the characters. It’s really frustrating at times.
Like, Littlefinger would never hand Sansa over to the Boltons.
Tyrion and Varys are waaaay more clever than those imposters in season 8.
Euron Greyjoy is an absolute monster and terrifying. He’s not just some wacko pirate.
Daenerys is both kind and ruthless, not Mad King 2.0.
And Jaime wouldn’t have gone back to Cersei if we’re going by the books.
I also believe that D&D just didn’t understand the concept of a “grey character” and were too afraid to take risks. And I will never understand why they chose to promote the abusive, disgusting relationship between Jaime and Cersei rather than the beautiful, supportive relationship between Jaime and Brienne. It makes my head hurt.
To all my fellow book readers, y’all know that Cersei is horrible to Jaime so idk where D&D got this “tragic romance” from. They obviously didn’t read the books or didn’t bother to take their time and understand what was going on.
D&D were handed a goldmine but accidentally blew it up with dynamite instead.
Guys, I know y’all know this but I just need to get my frustrations out of my system. I hope WoW comes out soon (plz George)
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periwinkle39 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
The You I Get to See - Final Chapter!
Read on AO3
The knock on the door was a gentle one. A few minutes ago, the room was bursting with activity.
Gilly and Mya on their phones coordinating last minute details about the press release with the write up on her dress.
The designer and two assistants helping Sansa put it on.
The hairdresser pinning the veil and tiara in place.
Arya, Margaery and Jeyne laughing in the corner and drinking champagne straight out of the bottle.
Catelyn chastising them for doing so, but with a smile that couldn’t help but form on her face—shining with happiness and pride.
According to the minute-by-minute schedule, Jon and his mother were at this very moment in a car, moving slowly through the streets of Winterfell, which were lined five people deep from the castle to the historic sept.
Catelyn and Arya were likely getting into place now, in their own car, following the same path.
When “QC” and “PA”—as they were referred to on the scheduled—stepped out of their vehicle and onto the steps of the sept, and not a moment sooner, an assistant would text the staff at the castle, and the team pulling the carriage would be given the signal. The bells at the sept and at the university’s clock tower would begin to toll and would not stop until the king and princess had arrived for her wedding.
Sansa had the schedule memorized, so when her father knocked on the door, she could hear it because she was alone and the room was quiet. But also, because she had been expecting him.
He was in formal military dress and looked just like the portrait on the Northern currency notes on which he appeared.
“You look wonderful,” she said.
“That’s my line,” Ned responded.
Full chapter on AO3
Read from the beginning
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la-quimera · 7 hours ago
Chapter 3 of Way Down We Go is up!
His hand itched for the revolver he kept on one of his drawers. But he opted to forget it. There was no reason to blow his cover. If shots were fired, or even a gun was seen, the police would come. And he would have to leave the Vale.
So he walked slowly to the door and more quick knocks echoed through his living room.
“Who is it?”, he questioned loudly enough for the person behind the door to listen. But only more knocks were heard.
The Gravedigger took a deep breath and opened it quickly.
He scared them alright, but it was him that was left more startled.
(on AO3)
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la-quimera · 7 hours ago
Chapter 3 of Way Down We Go is up!
His hand itched for the revolver he kept on one of his drawers. But he opted to forget it. There was no reason to blow his cover. If shots were fired, or even a gun was seen, the police would come. And he would have to leave the Vale.
So he walked slowly to the door and more quick knocks echoed through his living room.
“Who is it?”, he questioned loudly enough for the person behind the door to listen. But only more knocks were heard.
The Gravedigger took a deep breath and opened it quickly.
He scared them alright, but it was him that was left more startled.
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madamebaggio · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fake dating Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones) x Ray Smith (The Gentlemen)
as requested by @lady-needless-litany​
Ray sighed.
“Would you stop that?” Sansa whispered furiously to him.
He gave her a look. “I’m sorry. Am I bothering you?”
“Constantly.” She told him with a huge -fake- smile.
“Well, you might be used to this kind of thing…”
“Used to?” She scoffed, cutting him. “Do you think I casually have fake dates?”
Ray gave up.
“Look…” Sansa took a deep breath in. “I’m sorry, okay? I don’t mean to be snappish, but this situation is ridiculous, and -honestly -you aren’t helping.”
Ray gasped at her. “I’m here, aren’t I?”
“This requires a bit more than just your presence, darling.” She hissed at him. “I don’t need a bodyguard, I need a boyfriend.”
Sansa was Mike’s new lawyer. After his initial plan to sell his business went wrong he hired her to make sure things went smoother the next time around. He’d also started pulling back from the business more and more, so Ray had been working a lot.
At the moment Michael had taken Rosalind on a third honeymoon -they’d had their second one a few months before -so he couldn’t go to this party. Ray -who had Mike’s full trust -was supposed to go in his place and talk to this guy.
The problem was… The party was only for couples, so Ray couldn’t go alone.
The second problem was that it wasn’t enough to bring a date; it had to be a serious relationship. For whatever reason.
It was already uncomfortable enough, then Mike told Ray to take Sansa and introduce her as his girlfriend.
And there they were.
Ray grunted in frustration. “Fine. I’m sorry.” He cleared his throat. “What do we do?”
“I don’t think they believe us very much.” Sansa spoke softly as she turned to him. She pretended to fix his tie. “Say something corny, I don’t know.”
“Corny?” He arched an eyebrow. “Like, your dress matches your eyes?”
“That would work if I had purple eyes.” She grinned at him.
Ray frowned, thinking hard. “If you were a fruit… You’d be a fine-apple?” He offered, more like a question than a statement.
Sansa couldn’t resist: the horrible line matched with his flat delivery made her crack up and she started laughing.
“Oh god!” She put her hand in front of her mouth, but she couldn’t stop laughing. “I never expected a pick up line from you.”
Ray grinned. “I know you think I have no sense of humor.” He teased.
“None that I had seen before.” She admitted easily.
He scoffed. “Right.” He looked around. “Come a bit closer. You’re too far, it’s strange.”
Sansa admitted that they had this weird distance between them -as if they were afraid of touching -and it made them stand out among the other couples.
She stepped closer to him and he put his hand on the small of her back. “Is this okay?” He asked.
“Yes. I’m not a prude, you know?”
Ray used his free hand to push his glasses up his nose. “I’ve been told I am one.”
Sansa chuckled. “Is that so?”
A waiter stopped by them before Ray could say something back, and he ordered their drinks.
“How did you know what I like?” Sansa asked.
“I’m into details.” He shrugged.
“Yes? What other details do you know about me?”
“Your perfume is Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.” He told her. “You don’t like Louis Vuitton handbags; you only wear the one Rosalind gave you when you’re going to see her. When you need to feel confident you wear your mother’s pearl necklace. You like lemons a lot, and I’m pretty sure you hate peas. Oh. And you’re allergic to cats.”
Sansa was staring at him, agape. “How do you…”
“I like details.” He shrugged, suddenly bashful. “And you’re full of them.”
The corner of Sansa’s mouth tipped up. “Is that your way of saying you like me?” She teased.
Ray leaned forward, so he could whisper by her ear. “Dream on, Miss Stark.”
She turned to him, pressing the front of her body to his side. Ray’s hand -the one that had been resting on the small of her back -hovered for a second, before settling down again.
“How do you know what perfume I wear?” She asked, an eyebrow arched.
He cleared his throat, pushed his glasses once again up his nose. “I have a working nose.”
Something over her shoulder caught his attention. “I think our hosts believe us now.” He commented.
“Great. I was starting to think we’d have to kiss to make this believable.” She said sarcastically.
Ray’s eyes snapped back to hers. “That would be bad…” He spoke very carefully.
“Only if you’re afraid you’d like it.”
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inncorrect-starklings · 8 hours ago
Sansa: Tonight, one of you will betray us.
Mya: Is it me, Sansa ?
Sansa: No, it’s not you.
Myranda: Is it me, Sansa?
Sansa: It’s not you either.
Littlefinger: Is it me, Sansa?
Sansa: …
Sansa: {mockingly} Is IT mE sHaNsA?
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persephoneblck · 8 hours ago
It's been a long time since I watched GOT but could Sansa have manipulated Ramsay into taking the Iron Throne just to get revenge against Cersei?
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sansaissteel · 10 hours ago
It has arrived!!! Omg I just can't stop
Tumblr media
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simply-ellas-stuff · 11 hours ago
Sansa and Tyrion should've gotten remarried.
Not because I ship Them and think that they're a great love but because of the mutual respect.
She could still be Queen in the north while he's hand of the king. It's not that hard, a political marriage of sorts to make sure the kingdoms are aligned always because bran isn't always focused on family ties.
Also, I seriously doubt Sansa would get married and have babies right away, not after all she's been though. Tyrions already proven he won't touch her until she asks for it, and he's probably the only person who would stick to that.
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sapphire-reads · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Highlighting these little fics with big hearts that don’t get the attention they deserve. This list of fic recs will continue to be added to...
Drabble (Exactly 100 words)
0.65: Worst by Draco_sollicitus - (Fandom: MCU, Characters: Darcy Lewis/Loki)
Arise by LadyRhiyana - (Fandom: Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, Characters: Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth)
Disbelief by Merfilly (Fandom: Dune, Characters: Gurney Halleck, Lady Jessica, Paul Atreides)
Father, I beg of you by Vanserrasvalkyrie - (Fandom: Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, Characters: Sansa Stark/Theon Greyjoy)
First To Bed, First To Rise by TameAVagrantLion - (Fandom: Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, Characters: Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth)
Having Trouble Inside of My Skin by  ViaLethe   (Fandom: Grishaverse, Characters: Kaz Brekker/Inej Ghafa)  
An Incredible Smell by Blue_fantasy (Fandom: Star Wars, Characters: Han Solo & Ben Solo) - FULL DISCLOSURE: Fic by the blog mod
You Have A Visitor by Blue_fantasy - (Fandom: MCU, Characters: Sharon Carter/Helmut Zemo) - FULL DISCLOSURE: Fic by the blog mod
Double Drabble (Exactly 200 words)
The Boy At The Library by Blue_fantasy (Fandom: MCU, Characters: Darcy Lewis & Loki) - FULL DISCLOSURE: Fic by the blog mod
The City Walls Dance by Blue_fantasy (Fandom: Star Wars, Characters: Rinetta Gan/Lando Calrissian, Zel Gris) - FULL DISCLOSURE: Fic by the blog mod
The Most Important Lesson by Blue_fantasy (Fandom: MCU, Characters: Loki & Frigga) - FULL DISCLOSURE: Fic by the blog mod
We're Here for the Swedish Meatballs by Blue_fantasy (Fandom: Game of Thrones/ASOIAF, Characters: Sansa Stark/Theon Greyjoy) - FULL DISCLOSURE: Fic by the blog mod
Worlds End by acerobbiereyes (Fandom: MCU-AoS, Characters: Robbie Reyes/Skye | Daisy Johnson)
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bighound-littlebird · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sansa Stark by Jake Bartok
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princessneleam · 13 hours ago
I Wonder That Too, Ser Chirrup
I published my fill for the SanSan Russian Roulette 2021. My prompt was from @jadedelcinismo. I had a BLAST writing this. I hope y’all enjoy!
"Sanson Stark has always been the dutiful yet idealist second son of House Stark. Sandra Clegane is a silent sister who has been disappointed by the very songs she once admired. A knight of the seven and a handmaiden of the Stranger unexpectedly find comfort in each other."
Summary: Sanson's father, Lord Eddard Stark, is dead, killed while bringing a monster of a man to justice. Sanson, recently knighted after squiring for the Blackfish, guards the silent sisters who are escorting Eddard Stark's bones to Winterfell. One of the women, the one he refers to as 'the angry sister' in his head, takes offense when he sings to distract himself from the grief. She becomes incensed enough with the chirruping to break her vow of silence.
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briennescodpiece · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sansa vi, asos • sansa i, affc • catelyn iv, acok • cat of the canals, affc •
• medea, con los hijos muertos, huye de corinto en un carro tirado por dragones, germán hernández amores
• charlotte hope, the spanish princess
• game of thrones
• rachel hurd-wood, perfume: the story of a murderer
• lidia yuknavitch, the chronology of water
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closethedoorandcomehere · 14 hours ago
Spoilers, profanity, Jaime x Brienne. Game of Thrones. A Song of Ice and Fire. ACoK Sansa I
Close the Door and Come Here - 379: ACoK Sansa I
Is the comet a sign of existential dread or something more meaningful like Dany’s dragons? Sandor deflects Joffrey’s “eye of Sauron.” The royal family needs better PR which arrives in the person of “funcle” Tyrion.
Close The Door And Come Here - Episode 379
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valyrianwarg · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gendrie · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sansa could never understand how two sisters, born only two years apart, could be so different. It would have been easier if Arya had been a bastard, like their half brother Jon. She even looked like Jon, with the long face and brown hair of the Starks, and nothing of their lady mother in her face or her coloring. And Jon's mother had been common, or so people whispered. 
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baby-starks · 16 hours ago
Sansa: are you having a depressive episode?
Jon: episode?! I’ve been having an entire depressive series, I’m currently on season 5, glad you’ve noticed
Sansa: ...
Sansa: would you like to talk about it?
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