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#sandy & coral
katatty · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Betty is certainly popular! And Sandy passes by and uses her famous backrub skills on her actual husband, for a change.
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mceproductions · 4 months ago
Best of 2020 TV Shows #12: SpongeBob (NICK)
Though his animated Journey with Keanu Reaves as tumbleweed only got shown in Canada ...
SpongeBob did give a pretty good batch new episodes this year
Noteably A twist on the whole Disney small world myth.
SUM 22: While making marks with Sage up top, Spongebob, Gary, Patrick and Company reminisce about camp and have new adventures of thier own.
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4 Places To Visit In Lakshadweep That’ll Charm Their Way Into Your Heart
Tumblr media
White sand beaches, an archipelago of lagoons, untouched coral reefs and clear blue waters which attract snorkelers and scuba divers at all times, Lakshadweep is India’s smallest union territory but has so much to offer that you will be pleasantly surprised. It indeed is shocking how such a small place can contain so much and if you are craving for a coastal vacation and some privacy then look for Lakshwadeep tour packages and plan for an idyllic Lakshadweep vacation.
 4 Exciting Places To Visit In Lakshadweep
As it is common knowledge, Lakshadweep is mostly famous for watersports but what most people don’t know is that the place is not just that. There is a lot more. If you are wondering what can a small place like this one actually even contain then wait till you read this and then decide! Check out the exciting places right here!
1.  Kavaratti Island
One of the most popular and most beautiful places you can visit in Lakshadweep is Kavaratti Island. It also happens to be the most developed and advanced islands in Lakshadweep. Kavaratti Island is also the administrative capital of Lakshadweep and is famous for its white sandy beaches and beautiful blue lagoons.
2. Bangaram Atoll
Next on the list of tourist attractions in Lakshadweep that you should consider to include on your Lakshwadeep tour packages itinerary is Bangaram Atoll. The place is quite popular for its coral reefs and for being the only island where liquor consumption is legal and allowed. If you are looking for clean and secluded beaches then too you should visit Bangaram Atoll.
3. Minicoy Island
Situated in the southern end of Lakshadweep, the Minicoy Island is believed to be the old capital of Lakshadweep and is the second-largest island in Lakshadweep. The resorts here are luxurious and like no other. If you are a history buff then here’s an interesting fact. At Minicoy Island, you can witness a lighthouse that was built in the year 1885. 
4. Kalpeni Island
If you are looking for pristine beaches and blue lagoons then Kalpeni Island is where you should be at. If you are an adventure lover and wish to try snorkeling and other water sports when in Lakshadweep then Kalpeni Island is the best place to do so. The coral life here is diverse and plentiful. If you just want to relax and have a laid back vacation then too Kalpeni Island is a great idea!
Lakshadweep is the real deal and there is a lot to do underwater but that doesn’t mean if you don’t wanna take up an adventure you can’t enjoy. You can have the most laid back vacay and a good time in Lakshadweep. If you just want to chill and relax then maybe planning a stay at any of the luxurious resorts will serve you best. So, don’t wait and surf for Lakshadweep Tour Packages and plan your coastal vacation! 
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rxttenfish · 4 days ago
okay, in honor of mermay, i want to talk about one major issue i notice with almost all fiction written about the ocean
namely - that they treat it as a monolith
you’ve almost certainly seen this before. the one marine sapient species with one culture and one solution to everything. the one habitat that just boils down to “ocean” and will be virtually the same no matter where you are in the ocean. even when different biomes are discussed, they’re seldom beyond the generic “artic” biome or “reef” biome. on that note - treating all reefs as the SAME and interchangeable with each other. or even just divvying the ocean up into large patches like the “tropics” without an understanding of how each of these work. treating the deep sea as eternally the same thing with the same animals everywhere and just a bunch of angler fish, over and over and over.
or, even worse, grouping EVERYTHING that has even been or will be in the ocean as Fundamentally The Same Thing and it doesnt matter which you use.
i’d liken it a lot to looking at dry land and deciding that, because it is on land, everything there is fundamentally the same, every animal will be the same no matter where you go, and there will be all the same solutions to the same problems everywhere, and that there are the exact same resources everywhere you go. there will be no cultural distinctions nor differences, everything and everyone will have exactly the same aesthetic and rules and laws and proclivities without difference. if there are differences, then they will be minor reskins of each other.
here’s the thing about the world’s oceans: they are MASSIVE. remember how over 70% of the planet’s surface is saltwater? yeah- now consider how fundamentally different even geologically close locations on land are. 
i live in the eastern portion of my state, which has mountains and dense forests, and when i went to the western end of my state for a while, it was entirely surreal and uncomfortable because the environment was so ungodly DIFFERENT. this isnt even getting to how i felt the one time i went to the midwest, and how it terrified me for how BLANK everything was in comparison. 
and this, this MAJOR difference with that much distance, is NOTHING compared to the expanse that is the atlantic ocean, much less even the pacific ocean! every ocean in the world would eat that distance for breakfast and still have space to spare, and there is no describing every change and shift and difference in all of that space because there are SO MANY.
now consider that, on land, you are mostly working with 2D space. yes, there are animals that fly and climb, but most animals are going to be found walking or crawling around. there are differences in heights when you get to different elevations, but thats still life on a very thin slice of space unless you start thinking about caves, who are entirely their own ecosystem anyhow.
in water, you have fully 3D space. the water column CANNOT be emphasized enough - and there are MILES of extra cubic space that life has the chance to take advantage of and make use of, and even the same point in 2D space in the ocean can have VASTLY different ecosystems and situations depending on how deep or how close to the surface you are.
this isn’t even beginning to talk about how much people UNDERESTIMATE how much life is in the oceans either! how many people forget that deep sea coral reefs exist, or how much life thrives under the ice sheets at the poles, or the life that can only exist at the very surface of the open ocean floating around, or the fact that sea water is BRIMMING with life itself that can only be seen under a microscope, including larval fishes that later migrate to other locations within the ocean to reach their adult forms!
this isnt even accounting for the overlap either! the coasts are intimately connected with life in the ocean, and almost every coast is different from the others. the difference between rocky coasts and sandy coasts is like night and day, and thats only the start. what about estuaries, too? where rivers dump into the ocean, and ocean life gets the chance to swim upstream?
there is so, so much diversity and sheer SIZE and SCOPE when it comes to the oceans, and so i think its pretty irritating, when people act like the ocean is some kind of generic setting or place where everything would be entirely the same no matter where you are or what you are doing.
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thenewberyyear · 5 days ago
Floating in a Most Peculiar Way Edition
SO - Page 207/289
So it took us almost 120 pages to get to space, but we're finally here! Our heroes arrive at the Esca representative's spaceship: a bizarre agglomeration of biological elements (as if the ship was made of a hollowed-out coral reef) and tech (primarily picked up from the scrapyards of the universe). Excitedly tapping at the window is the cute, and very-merchandisable Oo (but with umlauts over both "O"s), an alien that looks like a particularly adorable red panda. After receiving their space-vitamins (one to help them understand alien languages, another to help them adjust to different atmospheres, and a third to help with sudden, terrifying changes in gravity), they immediately get to work. And by "get to work," of course I mean rehashing old arguments, tearfully forgiving each other, sleeping with one of their alien hosts, bonding with another, and generally reminding the reader why they worked so well, and why they fell apart so completely. Their first draft of lyrics are basically pulled from any and every poem that was in the public domain. It's even worse than it sounds, and, once Oort and Des watch a few entries from the previous Grand Prix, they prepare for the worst.
They land on the planet designated as this cycle's host: Litost is a comically adorable bunny-made-entirely-of-marshmallows of a planet. The inhabitants are sentient flowers, the sandy ground is literally powdered ecstasy, and their lavender-colored oceans are filled with as much sugar as ours are with salt. Of course, the first thing that happens when they disembark is that Des is nearly blown to pieces by a rocket launcher, accidentally of course. After a couple of very sensible questions, they're properly sanitized and snappily re-dressed, and shunted out into the introductory gala. Things progress smoothly for the most part, especially since Des is in his happy place. Schmoozing comes as naturally as breathing, even if the lifeforms before him would boggle anyone's mind, and even though he's apparently being stalked by a zombified red panda-thing. Having switched into professional-famous-guy mode, he still finds himself flailing, trying to explain imposter syndrome to a being that is quite literally full of itself, though he manages to recover by bringing up how cool it is to like something that not a lot of other people like. Like this blog for instance. All the while, various intergalactic horrors shuffle in and out of the conversation making small talk, until the zombie-panda catches up with him. It tries to sell our lad on the idea of Voorpret hivemindedness before getting antibacterially-spritzed by Oort, who finally got spat out by the fashion-box-thing. And there's at least another chapter of the party left, so hold on to your neon-pink afro and remember to feed the goldfish in your aquarium-boots.
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ledgrowlightconz · 5 days ago
5 Things Not To Do During A Dive
Scuba diving the do-no-harm way In a previous article 10 Things Not To Do If You Love Scuba Diving And The Ocean, I covered ten things you should not do, if you want to protect the ocean. But where these focused on general, everyday behavior, this article will focus on things that you can do (or rather, should not do) during a dive. Buy Diving Equipment in New Zealand. #1 Harass Marine Life This one really should be a no-brainer, and yet we do see all too often videos uploaded to YouTube showing people (non-divers and divers alike) entertaining themselves by (inadvertently) harassing marine wildlife. So just to reiterate: don’t grab animals, don’t hold them for photo ops, don’t go for rides on dolphins or turtles, and don’t force puffer fish to inflate (it can be fatal to them). It is bad form, you’re setting a terrible example for other divers, and many organizations will actually revoke your license, at least if you’re a professional diver, such as an instructor or divemaster. #2 Pick Up Coral This one should be a no-brainer, but it still happens. Coral grows slowly, and a snapped-off piece of a few inches can take many years to regrow. To make matters worse, some types of coral are at risk of dying if even small piece are broken off, killing off a major part of the reef they’re on. Here’s A Scuba Diver’s Impact On The Coral Reef. Quite quickly, we’d find ourselves with severely diminished coral growth on reefs around the world. But there’s more to this than just not breaking off living coral. Picking up dead corals off the seabed isn’t much better. These broken off pieces are also part of the ocean’s ecosystem, so removing them also removes resources that other parts in that ecosystem depends on. And I know you only pick up a single piece. But so does the next diver. And the one after that. And the one after that. Do not do while diving pick up corals #3 Land On Stuff For many divers, and in particular novice ones, maintaining neutral buoyancy is tricky. Underwater Breathing Diving Snorkel Deep Diving Ventilator In particular when you want to get a photo of something, and need to keep completely still. So from time to time divers will “land” on the bottom to rest or stabilize themselves. This is fine if you’re landing on a clear sandy bottom, but not so if you land on corals, anemone or other sensitive plant and animal life. Before you set down, look at where you’ll be landing and make the assessment of whether it would be OK or not. Imagine yourself diving without a wetsuit. If you’d be OK with putting your exposed skin on whatever surface you’re eyeing, it’s probably OK to do so in a wetsuit. #4 Chum Spotting marine life, in particular the large, pelagic ones, like sharks, is a real crowd pleaser. But because animals usually don’t follow timetables, sightings are never guaranteed. For many of us divers, that’s part of the charm; you never know what you’re going to see (maybe nothing). But sometimes, out of impatience perhaps, some divers and dive guides will try to stack the odds in their favor by chumming the water to attract certain species, usually shark, or they’ll bring chum on a dive to draw animals closer. And this is always a bad idea. Chumming means animals start associating divers with food, which will make them less careful when approaching them, and some humans seek to cause harm to animals. Also, feeding in particular sharks can cause feeding frenzies, where humans can get bit. Too many shark bites around the world are actually caused by humans chumming, but ultimately, it is the shark that gets blamed. #5 Take Souvenirs There is no better souvenir than a memory, or a photo. Picking up stuff from the ocean, whether it be shells, rocks, pieces of coral (see point #2), or artifacts from shipwrecks. Sure, if you come across something that is obviously trash, bringing it up with you and throwing it out is cool, admirable even, but anything else should be left in the ocean. Some things are a part of the local ecosystem, others serve as shelter for marine wildlife, and still others are part of the dive experience, and if you take it with you, you’re essentially robbing future divers of that experience. Here’s how you can Make A Positive Difference For The Environment. Scuba Aqualung Diving System Portable Rechargeable So while that centuries old wine bottle could probably look awesome sitting on your desk, leave it for others to enjoy, too (not to mention that it might be illegal to raise it, depending on the laws of the area).
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allyoop23 · 7 days ago
Check out this listing I just added to my Poshmark closet: Worthington Petites Pleated Floral A-Line ….
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wren-writes68 · 7 days ago
Ok here we go let’s see how far this series gets before I lose interest and become hyper fixated on something else.
The three had been swimming for a while now the youngest still curled up in wilburs clawed hands. They stoped at a nice cave off of a plentiful reef with a small population of tiny mers. They had set on my down and headed off towards the reef to catch what they could and claiming the territory as theirs by scratching at rocks and coral around the area.
As they searched techno had seen a small octopus mer and had grabbed the poor tiny rather rough swimming back over to the group to flaunt his catch to Wilbur before plopping the tiny in his mouth and sucking roughly. “Please I can help you just let me out, please!” The tiny begged getting techno’s attention as he grabbed the slimy octopus out of his mouth, “and what do you think you could help us with?” Techno teased as Wilbur and Phil edged closer to listen, “⋏⟒⎐⟒⍀ ☌⍜⋏⋏⏃ ☌⟟⎐⟒ ⊬⍜⎍ ⎍⌿” the mer sang before their eyes glowed and everything went black for the trio.
Tommy had woken up in a cave laied on a bed of kelp, he got hungry and decided to go look around what he assumed to be their new territory based on the scratch marks he recognized as his family’s, also Wilbur seemed to be eating the walk as bite marks littered the sandy rocks most of the sand missing. The tiny mer quickly darted for a nearby reef to go hunting while his family did whatever they were doing.
The three giants woke up and looked around, from what they could see they were laying on an old coral off from the main reef and on closer inspection Wilbur found they were small, very small. Giant squids aren’t small and techno reflected that as the tiny mer was still larger than the two, Wilbur now got second place being a shark, but Phil was very tiny the green dragon fish being smaller compared to the two his white fins flared and his spots flashed as he realized just how small dragon fish were. The three floated around a bit exploring at their new hight before stoping outside of a kelp bunch and talking.
Tommy hadn’t realized how hungry he was till he spotted a group of three mers sitting around idly. The eel quickly shot out grabbing the closest one which happened to also be the smallest darting away before shoving the tiny’s front into his mouth. Tommy was only a guppy but could still swallow things around his size.
Phil froze as something lunched at him before he was shoved into the things mouth, phil squirmed and banged on what he could as the creature tasted him, and licked at his now much smaller frame. He hated how as his spots glowed defensively it lit up the inside of its mouth illuminating the waiting throat.
Phil had worn himself out flopping down and realizing the creature couldn’t fit his form down even if he wanted to Phil’s head being the side of the throat, before the object in question seemed to pull closer before it pushed apart like this thing was throwing up. The jaws around him loosened as Phil got ready to dart the moment they opened to try and pull him deeper, suddenly jaws opened wide and Phil went to bolt before another set of jaws rose from the throat clamping onto Phil and proving the creature could swallow him as the second set pulled him down the throat easily the sharp teeth causing bleeding cuts he only hoped Wilbur could smell.
The meal was dragged deeper as tommy sighed his big meal making him tired, he curled around the struggling bulge humming and purring slightly at the sensation and how full he felt. Phil was shocked as a hum escaped the beast, it sounded a lot like his youngest after coming back from a hunting trip full, not anywhere as big as the bump Phil made.
Wilbur had smelled his fathers blood as soon as it hit the water, grabbing techno wilbur raced over to a clearing surrounded by kelp where the creature lay a big bump obviously Phil moving weekly. “PHIL!” Techno shouted Wilbur following in suit as they lunged at the creature, it fought back electric currents stunning both of the younger males. The creature Wilbur now recognized as tommy swam over to him, “Toms?” Wilbur meekly questioned, the teen humming as he grabbed Wilbur’s paralyzed body forcing his brothers upper half in and struggling to swallow without using his second jaws, he had tasted Phil’s blood and decided it was a bad idea. Techno snapped back too late as the last of his brother slid down the eels throat, “t-tommy?!” Techno questioned as the blond turned around swollen gut and neck, techno shivered watching Wilbur slide down.
“Oh hey big man” tommy said the bigger mer looking down at him as tommy tried to shrink, “how are you doing today?” Tommy asked nervously. Techno sighed pinching his nose before he responded “move over” tommy listened as his older brother sat next to his tail and gently helped push Wilbur farther down before rubbing the area the two were at, Tommy practically melted curling around techno and falling asleep. “Looks like you guys are going to have to stay like that for a bit longer” techno laughed hearing Wilbur let out a exasperated groan, the squid curling his tentacles around tommy and his family before drifting off to sleep himself.
Ok so this is where I’m ending it since its either ending here or being two stories in one so see ya folks.
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seaviewvacationhomes · 10 days ago
Enjoy A New Experience of Adventure in St. John
Tumblr media
One of the reasons visitors flock to St.Johnis great outdoor recreational activities. Whetheritis lying on the beach, walking, snorkeling, or horse riding, you can have a drink.Thebeach is the most popular outdoor attraction, and Trunk Bay on the northcoast is the mostpopularbeach. However, thispopular beach maybe a bitcrowded in winter.Therefore, if you want a more relaxing beach experience, head to Yanchi Bay at the southern end of the island. It is best to explore St. John by boat or kayak. Regarding accommodation, St John VI Vacation Home for Rent are available at a lucrative cost.
Adventure in St. John-
A Beach Day: This natural gem of the Caribbean is home to some of the best beaches across the globe. Trunk Bay is arguably the best beach in St. John. Trunk Bay is a long archedcream-colored sandy beach and turquoise water. Located in the Virgin Islands National Park, it is the most photographed beach in St. John. Surrounded by sea grapes and coconut trees,it is also one of the homes for various water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, and diving.
Virgin Island National Park: There are about 3/4 of the forest and thousands of acres of land and underwater waterson the island,which contain a large number of coral reefs, coastlines, and marine life. Under the guidance of experts, itis the best way to enjoy, enjoy and appreciate the rich natural and historical elements of protectednationalparks. To appreciate its mesmerizing beauty accommodate with a stunning view in Fully Furnished Vacation Homes in St. John, VI are available at vary best prices.
Watersports: St. John is an outdoor paradise and has a huge playground... the water! The beautiful waters and beaches,coupled with thepleasant summer climate all yearround, make all water sports popular with residents and tourists.Boating, surfing, underwater snorkeling, or kayaking atnight; St. John has manyinteresting adventure activities.
Sailing Charter: The U.S.Virgin Islands is famous forits sailingactivities. Woven with the perfect tropical weather and landforms, itcreates an ideal condition for outdoor recreation. Many captains sharestories of sailingin the Caribbean Sea andtravel the worldto entertain you.Enjoy the beautiful weather, beautiful water, and the services of a professional and knowledgeable captain and crew. Sailing charters can beprovidedforhalf-day and full-day excursions.
Parasailing: On a fascinating paragliding adventure, get a bird's eye view of St. John’s stunning coastal landscape,verdant hills, and all-encompassingblue ocean. From the emotion of the spacecraft's smoothlift-off; flying over everything hanging on the colorful parachutes is very interesting for the whole family. Climb with your loved ones, or take a triple flight with kids or friends. You will always be thrilled.
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oliviawilliams9539 · 12 days ago
Cairns : Celebrate holiday here this year
Tumblr media
A diver’s paradise, that's what Cairns is. Although it has tons of other tourists activities studded all along with its city, nothing compares to that of scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Here are a few apt cruises which offer different inclusions.
Down under cruise & Dive
Does the fascinating Great Barrier Reef draw you to it every time you see pictures or think about a holiday in Cairns? Don’t let that feeling pass; head to Cairns and explore the largest living ecosystem in the world with this fantastic tour to the Great Barrier Reef! 
 The cruise takes you to your first exclusive outer reef location! With the best spots chosen for you to snorkel on this Great Barrier Reef cruise, you’re free to begin your coral adventure at leisure. The diversity in colours and bottom contours, painted by nature’s own hand, is sure to blow you away. Also, you are sure to meet many aqua-friends, including the crowd-favourite Nemo, while you snorkel!
Up for more adventure? If diving looks like something that’s right up your sleeve, you should definitely go through the free diving lesson. Later, opt for an introductory or certified dive, available as an upgrade, depending on what you are comfortable with. You will have to pass an onboard medical assessment, though.
Don’t feel like getting wet and yet want to explore life under the sea? The semi-submersible tour is just the thing for you! See all coral formations and enjoy informative commentary about the reef, in a modern semi-submarine. Doesn’t this tour tick-off all your Great Barrier Reef must-do lists in one go? 
Snorkelling in Cairns
The Great Barrier Reef, being the largest living ecosystem on earth, is filled with wonders! What better way to discover the reef than by snorkelling in exquisite reef gardens? 
So what, if you’re a newbie? You have the perfect opportunity to get snorkelling lessons, as well as enjoy some guided snorkel time!
Get ready to explore the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef on guided snorkelling tours. You’ll be taken to exclusive reef locations handpicked from 16 unique dive and snorkel locations on the Outer Reefs depending upon the weather. By the time you reach the reefs, you will be all set for your snorkel time! Once your snorkel gear is in place, jump into the water from the back of your vessel, with the reefs just a short distance away. 
Sunset Cruise
Picture yourself standing on the decks of a well-equipped vessel with a drink in your hand while taking in picture-perfect views of Cairns in the setting sun, mesmerising right?
Explore the splendid Cairns coastline in the golden light of the setting sun and vivid hues of the evening sky. 
Book this sunset cruise from Cairns and have a relaxing time on the pristine waters of Cairns. 
Island cruise
No trip to Cairns is complete without a visit to Green Island, the most popular coral island, both with locals and tourists. Experience snorkelling and Great Barrier Reef exploration at one of the best coral reef gardens in Cairns, exploring the aquatic treasures they hold. Just an hour away from Cairns, this Green island snorkelling and diving tour gives you the perfect chance to discover the hidden treasures of this marine sanctuary cum national park.
Spend your day discovering spectacular underwater reef gardens and white sandy beaches at Green Island. Foray into lush island greens with a leisurely rainforest boardwalk, see spectacular reef formations from the comfort of your glass-bottomed boat and snorkel above pristine reef gardens for a comprehensive Green Island & Great barrier Reef experience. 
Book your Green Island tour from Cairns and meet the magical reefs! 
Experienced instructors will keep you company throughout your guided snorkelling experience. Learn all tricks of the trade from your dedicated snorkel guide and pair up with a buddy to indulge in more snorkelling.
With this tour offering ample time to snorkel and swim, you’re sure to have your fill of amazing coral reefs and aquatic creatures. Your tour package also includes top diver quality masks and snorkels, booties, fins, wetsuits, and lycra suits, available based on the respective season.
See the diverse marine life ranging from turtles, different kinds of fish and maybe even the friendly Nemos! Relax in between with refreshing morning/afternoon tea and enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch by noon aboard your cruise. Later in the day, your cruise will take you back to your Cairns boarding point. 
It’s snorkel time, at the natural wonder of the reefs! Snorkel to your heart’s content & enjoy!
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