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royaldevilliers · 4 minutes ago
Omg is the blonde mr Alex deviller’s girlfriend 😳I mean they obviously belong together since there both jealous of amelia’s two children ☺️🌈🌈🌈🕊🕊🕊🕊
Oop! no, the blonde isn't Alex's girlfriend; he's currently single! the blondie is ms. Laura herself, who dated mr. Bartholomew around ~6 months ago !!
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m-s-t-y-l-e-s · 6 minutes ago
Capital vía Twitter
"Emma Corrin literalmente está viviendo mis sueños siendo la mejor amiga de Harry en la vida real y el amor en la pantalla
Tumblr media
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mrspider · 7 minutes ago
hi hi i'm watching your nitw streams on yt and your voice is really soothing, your streams are so fun, comfort gaming vids found 😌 hope you have a nice day!
this is so sweet thank you 🥺
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ohheylookitsdannyelfman · 7 minutes ago
going to the record store dressed in cargo pants and a tank top. Hope no one knows what I'm up to (they won't)
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his-fragile-love · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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italeteller · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah, can you imagine
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strqyr · 9 minutes ago
i'm probably reading wayyy to much into this, but i'm seriously starting to think that raven left before she knew she was pregnant, or at the very least definitely before yang was born.
and it all comes down to the phrasing of this line:
"[...] and that she'd left me with him right after i was born. no one had seen her since."
i don't know how to really explain it properly, so here's a comparison:
"raven left yang with tai right after yang was born" vs. "raven left right after yang was born".
like, in the former, there's an implication that tai wasn't around when yang was born. that raven had to leave yang with him first.
there's also qrow's "she's not coming, tai" when he's delirious from the poisoning and is being carried by ruby and jaune (who would, in his state, look like summer and tai), which could also relate to this.
if raven came back to leave yang with tai, she could have done so via qrow if she didn't actually want to meet tai at the time. and when qrow brings yang to tai, tai would ask about raven's whereabouts, and qrow would answer with "she's not coming".
again, probably overthinking this, but i can't help it; the phrasing of that line just stands out to me too much.
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unfortunate-arrow · 10 minutes ago
Some Changes to HPMA/HPHM Characters in Their New Profiles
[Everything is under the cut and broken into a few different categories]
Concrete Changes
Huck Fitzgerald - HPHM, Hufflepuff
More detailed scarring information
Huck’s middle name is James
His boggart is mummified corpses instead of bloody ones
His mother is named Elizabeth Clara. His father is Nicholas Charles and went by Nick. His uncle is named Phillip Martin O’Dowd. His aunt is Evelyn Thora and goes by Evie. His cousin is named Matilda Jane and goes by Mattie.
Camila Valdez - HPMA, Slytherin
Born in 1979
Snowy owl patronus
Her boggart is an acromantula
Her mother, Gabriella, was a muggleborn poet. Her father, Carlos, was a pureblood and a diplomat from the Spanish ministry of magic.
Her older brother is still named Elías. Her second brother is still named Cisco. Her younger siblings are twins named Amada and Ricky (short for Ricardo).
A lot more information as she has a full profile.
She’s in the same year as Harry Potter.
Nate MacKade - HPMA, Hufflepuff
His boggart has changed to himself being helpless against someone hurting those he loves.
He’s 5’9“ (and a half)
He now plays keeper and is a prefect.
His parents are named Siobhan Mary and Nolan Padraig. His little brothers are Padraig Darragh who mainly goes by Paddy and Beckett Niall. Paddy is in Hufflepuff and the older of the two youngest. Beckett is in Ravenclaw and the baby.
Finn MacKade - HPMA, Ravenclaw
Finn’s middle name is now Joseph.
He has a riddikulus form for his boggart.
He now plays chaser for the Ravenclaw quidditch team.
Jack Whitten - HPMA, Slytherin
His middle name is Edmund, after his father.
His great-great paternal grandmother was a squib.
He was a late talker and would front /k/ and /g/, so cat would be tat and dog would be dod.
His issues regarding his parents’ disappearance manifest as recklessness. His recklessness is also a bit of a buffer between himself and getting to too close to someone.
Benedict Whitten - HPMA, Ravenclaw
His middle name is Andrew, after his late parental grandfather.
He’s a mess romantically and emotionally.
Little 11-year-old Benedict wears hiking boots for the first day of classes.
Thea Whitten - HPMA, Gryffindor
She only has two sisters. One older and one younger.
She plays beater.
Under Construction
The MacKade twins’ background
The MacKade twins’ parents
Mini-profiles for Paddy and Beckett
A possible new love interest for Nate
Most of Thea’s profile
Background for the Whitten cousins (same premise, just tweaked a bit)
MC friends
All the HPHL kiddos
Ideas/Thoughts Welcomed
A name for the Bed & Breakfast that the Whitten family runs (well, Thea’s parents)
A profession for Benedict
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angelicbox · 11 minutes ago
jean, i think i've fallen in love with you. can you please love me back 💔
- 💐 anon
Emmm, platonically I can-
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marowreck · 11 minutes ago
i love looking at peoples art and being able to tell "hmmm you followed X Popular Homestuck Artist on 2016 and your artstyle still shows that you took their art as an inspiration". Specially with the artists i did too!!
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adoreaether · 13 minutes ago
no bc im Tired but whatre you upto bestie
make sure to take a nap at some point of the day okay? and i am trying to find out if kaeya’s, childe’s and diluc’s pubes are what their hair colors are 💪😮‍💨
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renaultsportacademy · 14 minutes ago
I've just seen a load of work come through that's due Monday but I'm not working tomorrow and I've finished for the day now anyway so Mondays going to be fun
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rimonoroni · 16 minutes ago
Bro researching various indigenous cultures is beautiful and amazing and fascinating and I love it, but the colonization that always interrupts that society always kinda hurts my soul when I realize it and then you think about the people carrying on this legacy like “damn, imagine fuckin’ living this, imagine having this bloodshed etched into your blood from birth and still getting people treating you like shit because of it but it’s not a burden, it’s not a burden at all and it shouldn’t be because it’s beautiful and amazing and part of yourself but the tragedy is still a part of you just as much as the beauty and it’s not fair that these people got to destroy your culture and turn it into something to preserve more then celebrate and live like it’s some artifact in time and not who you are” and just. Fuck man. Go learn shit it gives you a new appreciation for people goddamn go research pls this shit matters I didn’t understand that before but I think I get it now
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100talberts · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Irene behaved quite oddly today!! As soon as Jeb came home, Irene met him at the door and began to talk with him!!! She and Jeb had hardly spoken before, so it’s definitely unusual behavior!!!
Tumblr media
Jeb wasn’t fooled for a minute!!! He could tell Irene wanted something and was just trying to butter him up!!! That was also strange, because Irene had never been so hesitant and around-the-bush about her desires before!!! For a minute, I hoped that Irene had finally begun to embrace a shy, docile spirit!!!
Tumblr media
Then a young man arrived!!! He introduced himself as Jin Maro and told us he was interested in courting Irene!!! Jeb remembered him from church last Sunday: he was new there, but already well educated on scripture and God’s plans for our lives!!!
Tumblr media
Jeb agreed to the courtship, but warned that he would keep a special eye on Jin to make sure he was truly fit to one day be Irene’s headship!!!! The last thing we would ever want is to marry off our daughter to an unworthy man!!!
Tumblr media
Irene thanked Jeb graciously and promised that Jin wouldn’t disappoint!!! It’s so strange that she talks as if she knows him well, but I’m just glad she’s finally happy with a suitor!!! Amen!!!
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