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#sam x natasha
smuckersblr · 14 hours ago
Crybaby parody part 2
I’m back stinkies! Here’s your starker for the day, better eat up because this the last part<3
Tumblr media
"Fuck you, Barnes, I do have more taste than you, remember the last guy you fucked? Yeah, he wasn't even a 4 outta 10!" Peter growled, waving his hands for dramatic effect, Bucky's arm around his shoulders falling and then going right back to their resting place once his flailing seized. "I'm just sayin' Pete, I don't like the guy, he doesn't really fit your type." Peter looked around his friend group, wide-eyed and waiting for people to rush to his side to defend him. But all he got was silent nods with avoided eye contact. "My type? My type! What the hell do you mean by "my type"."
 Wanda scratched the back of her head and awkwardly made eye contact. "You dated a guy who was a professional underground fighter who was covered in tatts." Natasha stepped in, once Peter looked in her direction. "Yeah, remember that one time you had that fling with that mafioso kid?" Bucky laughed and pulled Peter closer to him. "So basically me." Peter pulled back from Bucky's grip, shaking his head in disbelief, and laughed at his friends. "You guys are insanely right, but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed a little range in the men I choose to date." 
The diner was scattered with the usual squares near the windows doing everything in their power to ignore the crybabies that evaded their space. Peter stirred his milkshake absently, a lost look on his face that didn't suit him well. Bucky, sitting at his claimed spot right next to Peter, brushed Peter's cheek with the hand connected to the arm that was wrapped around the teens' shoulders--trying to bring Peter's focus back to his friends. Then there was Wanda and Natasha, both in front of them and Sam at the diners front counter, trying to flirt up with the waitress working in that area. "Let's just change the topic." Peter mumbled under his breath, sulkily sipping his milkshake and ignoring Bucky's laughter and that imposing arm wrapped around his shoulders. Peter only allowed Bucky to be touchy with him because that was just Bucky, it was his love language and they've been friends since diapers. "Ok well since Peter's got a thing for a square, I guess it's only fair that I admit that the tall blonde is pretty attractive." Natasha said offhandedly, picking up a french fry and eating it with an argue-with-me-I-dare-you look. Wanda nodded with the same look and Bucky scuffed. "The dude is a total ass, sure he's an 8 but he can't even stand being near me even when I have no other choice since dumbass Mr. Braxton sat us together." Peter looked away and tapped his fingers against the dark wood of the table, "Well that's because any sane person can't stand an hour sitting next to you without getting a little agitated." the girls laughed loudly, Peter bit his lip to hide his smile that was slowly growing. Bucky gaped at Peter and huffed, pulling his arm away from Peter and pouting to himself and his burger. "I'm not agitating, you are." was his lame comeback, which made Peter pity him enough to give a pat to the big guy's bicep. "You know I'm kidding Buck, I can't stand an hour away from you and you know it." Peter cooed while leaning on Bucky with a pouty lip and big eyes. Bucky tried to hide his smile and coughed to hide his laugh. The girls were still cackling by the time Sam came back over to their table, making Wanda scoot closer to Natasha so he could sit on the edge. "What'd I miss? What's Bucky bitching over now?" Sam looked around at his friends, purposely ignoring the death glare from Bucky. "He's just butthurt that Peter said it's agitating to be around him for an hour." Wanda stirred her salad poking at a crouton. "He's not wrong." Sam shrugged and reached over Wanda to steal some fries from the middle. "Says the guy who got kicked outta fifth period because he couldn't shut up." Peter blocked out the rest of Bucky's and Sam's bickering once his attention had snagged on one fellow student across the diner. It was just the back of the teen's head, but Peter knew that group who sat with that teen from anywhere, it was Tony. which was startling to say the least, because instead of the usual baggy formal clothing he would always wear to school, was a leather jacket of all things and his signature neatly gelled hair, was now a messy nest. It gave him a "just had sex and didn't bother to fix my appearance" kinda look. Peter loved it. "Uh, I gotta pee." Peter's abrupt voice made the conversation his friends were having pause, Nat giving him a weird look. "Okay..." Bucky took his arm off its resting place and he stood up to allow Peter out from the corner of the booth.
Peter didn't bother pretending to head towards the bathrooms then sneak back out to discreetly say hi to Tony. He made a bee-line to the squares table. The conversation at hand was terribly nerdy, but the person who was mid-rant about some video game(Bruce?) stopped his rambling. The guys' eyes were saucers once Peter made it behind Tony. the whole table setting their sights on him. The last pair though were the ones Peter only sought out. "Hey, Pete." Peter's heart fluttered like a damn damsel, he bit his lip and held his hands behind his back coyly. "Hey Tones, lookin' good I see you've taken my comment to heart." Tony knew the reaction he would receive from Peter already, but the actual visual of Peter fucking Parker blushing and biting his lip like a coy schoolgirl was a fucking treat of its own. "Yah well I thought it was time for a change in the wardrobe." Steve who sat beside Tony tried hiding his laughter with a cough behind a fist, his other friends also not buying Tony's false nonchalance. "I love your hair too, looks...." Peter reached out one hand and combed his fingers through the brown strands before saying: "Sexy.".
"Really? I thought it was giving me very much... homeless man chique." Rhodey snickered, the other two idiots laughing at his jab. Tony turned around sharply and gave his best death glare to the idiots. "Shut it." He tried to discreetly hiss under his breath, but of course, Peter heard and to Tony's horror, joined in his friends' laughter. "Oh great now you too?" Tony moped, crossing his arms on the table and laying his head down on them, hiding his embarrassment. "No, no, Tony I'm sorry I just-" Peter couldn't finish talking without another fit of giggles coming out. "You can't lie to me Tony, that was pretty funny," Tony grumbled to himself, trying to play out his little moping sesh even when Peter sat in the empty chair next to him. But he couldn't ignore Pete any longer once he felt him lock his arm around his own. A tuft of hair tickling the side of Tony's face, and then the butterflies started. "Forgive me, Tony." Peter whined, rocking Tony side to side from shaking his arm. "No it's too late, you hurt my feelings." Tony sat back in his chair once more and looked in the opposite direction from Peter, trying to tune in his friends' conversation that slowly started up again in the midst of their teasing. "Tony~!" Tony was really trying here, he only had so much willpower in him when it came to Peter. "Nope, I've already decided that I can't forgive you." Peter humphed and crossed his arms, sagging in the chair he had claimed as his. Then an idea struck. Peter had gotten close once more, this time whispering into Tony's ear: "What if I kissed you to make it better?" and Peter knew he had won this little game they were playing, right when he felt Tony tense up and slowly looked over to Peter. God did he just want to devour him right there and then, but no, Tony didn't want their first kiss in front of all his square friends. As cheesy as it was, he wanted their first kiss on their first date. "Go out with me." Tony knew Peter was taken aback at this, but there wasn't any hesitation with his answer. "Okay..."
Their first date was a fiasco to put it shortly. Tony had the idea to go out at the local movie theatre in their town, he knew there was going to be a scary movie playing that night, which in his mind equaled discrete hand-holding and maybe a make-out session halfway through the movie. And of course, that didn't go to plan once they walked through the rows to try and find their seats, apparently, it was packed that night, and to his luck, the theater was filled with Crybabies. Peter had told him it was fine, he would make sure they didn't say anything stupid to Tony, but sadly that wasn't the problem. The problem was that there was someone constantly putting their feet on the back of Tony's seat throughout the first half of the movie. Tony's hand was sweaty so he couldn't hold Peter's hand like he originally wanted to. They had also gotten candy along with their popcorn and Tony totally forgot that kissing someone with chocolate breath is so not appealing. So to say their first date was a shit show would be putting it mildly.
But Tony should've known that Peter would make things better than they turned out that night. On the way home Tony's hand was taken off the wheel and settled on Peter's thigh by Peter's own doing. Tony had given his thigh a squeeze and didn't remove his hand from its place until he stopped in front of Peter's house. Tony being the gentleman he was, walked Peter to his front door, rubbing his (still) clammy hands on his shirt before Peter turned around to face Tony once more. And that was when the night had turned around from being a failure to a semi-amazing-but-totally-amazing first date. Peter had leaned in and kissed Tony's cheek, of course not without plastering the front of his body to Tony's. Tony stood there that night, holding Peter against him. Not wanting to let go and having to wait a whole night before being able to see him again. And then... "My parents aren't home."
It was like TV static in Tony's head, his whole body freezing up, then relaxing in a split second. "Oh.." was all Tony dumbass Stark could say to that. But amazingly, he got inside the house with Peter, being led straight to Pete's room where Tony would never admit out loud that he was dreaming to see. "Sorry about the mess, Natasha was helping me find my outfit for tonight." Which made sense once you saw all the clothes strewn out on Peter's bed. Peter's unmade bed, wow Tony's good-boy side is showing. "It's fine, it smells nice in here." What the fuck! Tony mentally face palmed himself and immediately wanted to die and never face Peter ever again.
"Why thank you, Mr. Stark, you know your compliments mean a lot to me." Peter grabbed Tony's hands and pulled him deeper inside his room. The moon's glow gives Peter's face a beautiful pale blue glow that makes Tony's heart stop for a second. "Really? I'd assume you get them often." Peter smiled and turned around, messing with the records that sat next to a dusty blue record player. "Sure I do, but their words mean nothing compared to your's Tones," A soft lilt of trumpets slowly started along with violins. Peter gave a little twirl and toed off his shoes before slowly waltzing towards Tony. "Your words set my skin on fire," His arms reached out, the devilish smile on his soft lips never dropping along with his hips that swayed side to side. "Your voice makes my heart stop," He placed Tony's hands on his hips, reaching for his shoulders and laying his head against his collar bone. "You make me feel brand new, Tony..." Tony didn't realize he was slow dancing now with Peter, his mind was currently reeling with Peter's own confession. He might love Peter. "Stop, before you make me fall for you, then you won't be able to get rid of me." Peter's soft laugh was muffled by Tony's rumbled shirt, "Who says I wanna get rid of you? What if I want you all to myself?" Tony didn't know what to say for a second, the song carried on to fill the silence between the two slow dancing in a dark bedroom that smelt like tulips. "Then you can have me."
(A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed this! I think imma end this lil short story here since i dont really like the idea anymore and sorry about it taking a while, I had no more brain juice left in me:(  But get ready for more stories to come!!
Tumblr media
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wintervvidow · 22 hours ago
apricity pt. three
apricity - the warmth of the sun in winter
warnings: angst, vomit mention, violence
pairing: bucky barnes x female oc
word count: 4,200
A/N: this is a bit of a filler chapter yet still very important! I did have to use google translate for the Russian, so if it is incorrect, please let me know and I'm very sorry if it is! Thank you 💕
Tumblr media
“Я готов отвечить.” ( Ready to comply.)
The December air was cold as it blew through Florence’s hair, her arms circling Bucky’s waist as they rode down the dark road on Bucky’s motorcycle. The soldier steered with one arm, free hand coming down to rub circles on the redhead’s calf as they pulled behind a cluster of trees, hiding them from onlookers as they waited. The pair of assassins were unthawed and reset only hours ago, immediately given their latest mission.
A car came into view, red tail lights illuminating the air around them. Bucky flipped the bike’s headlight on and pulled onto the road again. The soldier revved the bike, catching up to the side of the vehicle as Florence sunk her butterfly knife into the tire, causing the car to swerve off the road and crash into a building.
Bucky parked the bike ahead of the crash, Florence stepping off the bike, Bucky behind her, and approaching the car. She flipped open the trunk to reveal a large silver briefcase, opening it to see five bags of blue liquid; exactly what they were looking for.
This was the last mission the Winter Soldier and the Winter Widow would ever go on.
Florence bolted up in the cheap hotel bed, Bucky’s screams reverbing in her brain. HYDRA always made her watch when Bucky was reprogrammed, a way to keep Florence in line and remind her who she was; just a puppet.
The last mission was always a common nightmare in the rotation of dreams Florence had, continuously taunting her. She disappeared only two weeks after it, abandoning everything she had grown accustomed to and the only person she had ever loved.
Florence couldn't go back to sleep, instead deciding on making herself coffee, the microwave clock mocking her, 4:34 a.m. She sipped her coffee slowly at the small kitchenette table, patiently waiting to start her day as she watched the clock tick away until it became 6:30 a.m., a reasonable enough hour to be awake for Steve to not worry.
The team was in Lagos, following a lead on Brock Rumlow, who had been causing quite the headache in the past few months, this time his target was deadly weapons from the Institute For Infectious Diseases.
Florence and Natasha sat across from each other listening to Steve and Wanda Maximoff converse about their surroundings through their earpieces, doing their best to remain anonymous and still get the intel under the hot noon sun.
“You see that Range Rover halfway up the block?” Steve asked Wanda as she fiddled with the sugar packet in her hand.
“Yeah, the red one? It’s cute.”
“It’s also bulletproof, which means private security, which means more guns...which means more headaches for somebody. Probably us.” Florence smirked at Natasha’s response as she took a sip of her coffee, savoring the caffeine.
Wanda chirped back through her radio, ‘You guys know I can move things with my mind, right?”
Florence glanced at Wanda across the cafe, “Looking over your shoulder needs to become second nature.”
Sam’s voice floated through their earpieces from the rooftop above, “Anybody ever told you two you’re a little paranoid?”
The two redheads shared a knowing look with small smirks adorning their faces, “Not to either of our faces. Why? Did you hear something?” Florence’s tone was light, but both she and Natasha knew the darkness behind it; the Red Room made them that way.
Steve, ever the serious man, refocused the small group, “Eyes on target, folks. This is the best lead we’ve had on Rumlow in six months. I don’t want to lose him.”
Sam scoffed in the mic, “If he sees us coming, that won’t be a problem. He kind of hates us.”
There was a pause in time before Steve spoke, “Sam, see that garbage truck? Tag it.” Sam deployed Redwing, giving Sam and the team the information they needed, “That truck’s loaded for max weight. And the driver’s armed.”
Natasha glanced at Florence, the pair not too thrilled to be dealing with this particular situation, “It’s a battering ram.”
“Go now.”
Wanda questioned Steve into her mic, the tension had just risen significantly.
“He’s not hitting the police.”
The team scattered, Steve, Wanda, and Sam going after Rumlow while Florence and Natasha were both on motorcycles racing down the street.
“Rumlow has a biological weapon.”
Natasha revved her bike, “I’m on it.” The redhead purposely crashed her bike, flinging it into an armed guard. Florence ditched her bike, joining Natasha in the fight.
A guard swung at Florence, missing his target as she ducked and swept his feet from underneath the attacker. Natasha took down two more guards while Florence took down three more, tossing the last guard on the ground like a sack of potatoes.
Florence and Natasha were attacked by Rumlow, neither of the two women able to effectively take him down. The two were shoved into a tank, Rumlow dropping a bomb in before latching the door closed. They surveyed their surroundings quickly; two guards with guns aiming at them. Florence kicked one unconscious while Natasha grabbed the other guard and used him as a human shield when the grenade exploded, grabbing Florence on the way down.
Black smoke filled the air, the smell of fire making it hard to breathe, sending the pair of assassins into a coughing fit on the ground. Looking up, they could see Steve being blown back into the building by an explosion, their ears ringing from the volume. Steve sent Sam after Rumlow, who was in an AFV heading north.
Natasha relocated the ditched bike and got on, pulling Florence behind her. The younger assassin revved the bike as they entered the street, Florence holding onto her.
Sam called out the offenders, clocking four of them splitting up.
Natasha stopped the bike and looked at Florence before splitting up, “I got the two on the left, you take the right.”
Florence sprinted down the busy street, dodging and weaving the crowd. Her targets came into view ahead of her, the girl sent a throwing star their way, effectively knocking him to the ground with no way to run. The girl grabbed the man, searching the bag furiously, trying to locate the weapon, “It’s not here!” Sam replied back, not having the weapon either.
Natasha called over the mic, “I have it.” Florence sighed in relief, moving to meet back up with the team.
She came upon Steve, who had Rumlow on the ground in front of him. She approached the scene cautiously, listening to the exchange.
“You know, he knew you and that redhead, Florence. Your pal, your buddy, your Bucky.” Rumlow whispered tauntingly at Steve.
Florence approached from behind, grabbing Rumlow’s hair and yanking him back, putting a knife to his throat, “What did you say?” The flip switched in Florence’s brain at the mention of Bucky, nothing else mattering anymore. She didn’t care that people were probably filming her with a knife to someone’s throat, and Steve made no move to stop her.
The disfigured man laughed as the knife dug deeper against his neck, staring up at Florence, “He remembered you. I was there. He got all weepy about it. Always screaming about you.” He then looked at Steve, “Till they put his brain back in a blender. He wanted you to know something. He said to me, ‘Please tell Rogers. When you gotta go, you gotta go.’ And you’re coming with me.” Rumlow’s thumb pressed a detonation device, Florence and Steve noticing it at the same time.
Wanda was behind them, containing the explosion of fire with her powers, keeping Steve and Florence from becoming red mist. The newest member sent Rumlow up and into the building in front of them. The building went up in flames, the leftover gasses from Rumlow’s bombs reacting to the fire and exploding. The bystanders screamed and ran as Wanda looked on in horror at what she had just done, hand clamping over her face.
Florence gently guided the girl away from the scene, “Hey, come one. We have to go, this isn’t on you, okay?”
Behind them, Steve called for Sam to request Fire & Rescue before he took off to go save people from the building, leaving Florence to console the distraught brunette.
A month later, the team was back at the Avengers Compound, Florence sitting with Steve as they watched the news.
“Eleven Wakandans were among those killed during a confrontation between the Avengers and a group of mercenaries in Lagos, Nigeria last month. The traditionally reclusive Wakandans were on an outreach mission in Lagos, when the attack occurred.”
The TV switched to show King T’Chacka of Wakanda’s speech:
“Our people’s blood is spilled on foreign soil, not only because of the actions of criminals, ut by the indifference of those pledged to stop them. Victory at the expense of the innocent is no victory at all.”
Steve turned the TV off, the only other sound in the compound coming from Wanda’s TV in her room. Florence got up to go speak to the girl before Steve stopped her, “I’ll go.” Steve and Wanda were taking the Lagos incident the hardest, both blaming themselves. The mention of Bucky had made both Florence and Steve freeze until it was too late, leaving Wanda to deal with the bomb that now plagues her consciousness. Florence watched as Steve walked off until he wasn’t visible anymore for her to turn on her heel to head to the kitchen.
The redhead was in dire need of coffee, the cup she had that morning had worn off. The nightmares amplified after Rumlow’s supposed confession about Bucky, the girl had hardly slept more than two hours a night. When she did sleep it was restless, nightmares of Bucky haunting every corner of her mind. She managed to make it through half her mug before she was called downstairs for a meeting with Tony and the Secretary of State.
Secretary Ross sighed heavily as he stood at the head of the table of Avengers as he mimicked his golf swing, “Five years ago, I had a heart attack and dropped right in the middle of my backswing. Turned out it was the best round of my life because after 13 hours of surgery and a triple bypass, I found something 40 years in the Army had never taught me. Perspective. The world owes the Avengers an unpayable debt. You have fought for us, protected us, risked your lives, but while a great many people see you as heroes, there are some who would prefer the word ‘vigilantes’.”
Next to Florence, Natasha spoke with a smirk adorning her face, “What word would you use, Mr. Secretary?”
Secretary Ross looked up from the table, “How about ‘dangerous’? What would you call a group of US-based, enhanced individuals who routinely ignore sovereign borders and inflict their will wherever they choose and who, frankly, seem unconcerned about what they leave behind?”
Ross stepped aside from the table, allowing the full view to be on the screen in front of the table, showing various clips of incidents the Avengers were involved in. Everyone at the table grimaced at the screen, not proud of what it was showing. Ross flipped through events of New York, Washington D.C., Sokavia and Lagos before Steve had enough, noting Wanda’s demeanor change and telling Ross to turn it off.
“For the past four years, you’ve operated with unlimited power and no supervision. That’s an arrangement the governments of the world can no longer tolerate. But I think we have a solution.” Ross paused, placing a large file on the table in front of Wanda who passed it on to Rhodey, “The Sokovia Accords. Approved by 117 countries, it states that the Avengers shall no longer be a private organization. Instead, they’ll operate under the supervision of a United Nations panel only when and if that panel deems it necessary.”
Steve spoke from the end of the table, “The Avengers were formed to make the world a safer place. I feel we’ve done that.”
Ross looked down at Steve, “Tell me, Captain, do you know where Thor and Banner are right now? If I misplaced a couple of 30 megaton nukes, you can bet there’d be consequences. Compromise. Reassurance. That’s how the world works. Believe me, this is the middle ground.”
Rhodey gestured to the accords “So, there are contingencies.”
Ross shrugged, “Three days from now, the UN meets in Vienna to ratify the Accords. Talk it over.”
Ross began to leave until Natasha stopped him, “And if we come to a decision you don’t like?”
“Then you retire.” Ross left after that, leaving the team to discuss.
The team was arguing amongst themselves as Florence stared at the ceiling with her feet on the table, listening to various points being made while Rhodey and Sam debated behind Steve while Tony rolled his eyes.
“Secretary Ross has a Congressional Medal of Honor, which is one more than you have.”
Sam crossed his arms over his chest, “So let’s say we agree to this thing. How long is it gonna be before they LoJack us like a bunch of common criminals?”
“117 countries want to sign this. 117, Sam, and you’re just like, ‘No, that’s cool. We got it.’”
Sam cut Rhodey off, “How long are you going to play both sides?”
Vision interrupted from his spot on the couch next to Wanda, “I have an equation.”
Sam moved to stand behind Florence, his voice dripping in sarcasm, “Oh, this will clear it up.”
Vision continued, “In the eight years since Mr. Stark announced himself as Iron Man, the number of known enhanced persons has grown exponentially. During the same period, the number of potentially world-ending events has risen at a commensurate rate.”
“Are you saying it’s our fault?” Steve spoke with the Accords in hand.
“I’m saying there may be a causality. Our very strength invited challenge. Challenge incites conflict. And conflict,” Vision paused, “breeds catastrophe. Oversight, oversight is not an idea that can be dismissed out of hand.”
Rhodey looked to Sam, “Boom.”
Natasha spoke from her spot at the table, “Tony, you are being uncharacteristically non-hyperverbal.” Tony rolled his eyes exaggeratedly.
“It’s because he’s already made up his mind.”
Tony grumbled at Steve’s statement, “Boy, you know me so well.” Tony rose from the couch, cradling his head as he walked over to the kitchen, “Actually, I’m nursing an electromagnetic headache. That’s what’s going on, Cap. It’s just pain. It’s discomfort.” Tony grabbed a coffee mug, looking into the sink, “Who’s putting coffee grounds in the disposal?”
Natasha looked at Florence with a knowing look about her coffee-sleep- problem while Tony continued complaining behind them, “Am I running a bed and breakfast for a biker gang?”
Tony placed his phone in the fruit basket, a small hologram emitting from it of a young man, “Oh, that’s Charles Spencer, by the way. He’s a great kid. Computer engineering degree, 3.6 GPA, had a floor-level gig at Intel planned for the fall. But first, he wanted to put a few miles on his soul, before he parked it behind a desk, See the world. Maybe be of service. Charlie didn’t want to go to Vegas or Fort Lauderdale, which is what I would do. He didn’t go to Paris or Amsterdam, which sounds fun. He decided to spend his summer building sustainable housing for the poor. Guess where. Sokovia.” Tony paused, allowing the words to sink in painfully, “He wanted to make a difference, I suppose. We won’t know because we dropped a building on him while we were kicking ass. There’s no decision-making process here. We need to be put in check! Whatever form that takes, I’m game. If we can’t accept limitations, if we’re boundary-less, we’re no better than the bad guys.”
Steve began speaking, “Tony, someone dies on your watch, you don’t give up.”
“Who said we’re giving up?”
“We are if we’re not taking responsibility for our actions. This document just shifts the blame.”
Rhodey speaks up, pointing at Steve, “I’m sorry, Steve. This is dangerously arrogant. This is the United Nations we’re talking about. It’s not the World Security Council, it’s not S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s not HYDRA.”
Florence practically flinched at Rhodey’s mention of HYDRA as Steve cut him off, “No, but it’s run by people with agendas, and agendas change.”
Tony walked towards the group, “That’s good. That’s why I’m here. When I realized what my weapons were capable of in the wrong hands, I shut it down and stopped manufacturing.”
Steve interrupted, “Tony, you chose to do that. If we sign this, we surrender our right to choose. What if this panel sends us somewhere we don’t think we should go? What if there’s somewhere we need to go and they don’t let us? We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own.” The team all shared looks, silently gauging their stances.
Tony looked down at Steve, “If we don’t do this now, it’s gonna be done to us later. That’s the fact. That won’t be pretty.”
Wanda, who had been silent the entire meeting, spoke from her seat next to Vision, “You’re saying they’ll come for me.”
Vision spoke beside her, “We would protect you.”
“Maybe Tony’s right,” All eyes darted to Natasha, “If we have one hand on the wheel, we can still steer. If we take it off-”
Sam cut her off, “Aren’t you the same woman who told the government to kiss her ass a few years ago?”
“I’m just reading the terrain. We have made some very public mistakes. We need to win their trust back.” Florence was slightly shocked at Natasha’s statement. She had assumed that she wouldn’t be signing, not wanting to walk back into a potential puppet situation.
Tony leaned against his chair, looking at Natasha baffled, “Focus up. I’m sorry. Did I just mishear you or did you agree with me?”
Natasha shook her head, “I want to take it back now.”
“No, no, no, you can’t retract it. Thank you. Unprecedented. Okay. Case closed. I win.”
Florence noticed Steve’s phone buzzing, watching his face fall as he read the notification, “I have to go.” The team watched as Steve bolted out of the room.
Days later, Florence was seated between Steve and Sam as they attended Peggy Carter’s funeral in London. The girl was never close to Peggy in the ’40s, she only spoke to her briefly, but Florence knew Steve would need support. The trio watched from the pew as Sharon Carter, Peggy’s niece and an ex S.H.I.E.L.D agent, spoke about her aunt. Sharon had grown to be a friend and an ally to the team, helping them out during the Battle of Triskelion.
The funeral ended quickly, Florence standing outside with Sam while Steve remained in the chapel. A familiar redhead passed by, Florence grabbing Natasha’s arm gently, “Nat? What are you doing here?”
“I came to see Steve, then I’m off to Vienna to sign the Accords.”
Florence furrowed her brows, “You’re signing it? Who else signed?”
Natasha shrugged, “Yeah, it’s what seems right. Tony, Rhodey and Vision have signed. Clint says he’s retired and Wanda is TBD. You?”
“I can’t.” Florence wanted to but was immensely torn. She didn’t see a way to function properly under the Accords, and her best bet was to not sign, much to Natasha’s dismay. Florence remained paranoid after the Red Room and HYDRA, even more so than the redhead in front of her. She wanted it to be easy, to sign the Accords without any second thoughts, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.
Natasha smiled softly at her friend, “I figured. But there’s room on the jet if you change your mind.”
“Thanks, Nat, but I’ll pass. Go see Steve.” The two girls hugged briefly, Natasha pulling away and entering the chapel.
Hours later, both Sam and Florence’s phone vibrated, alerting a notification, the pair taking out their devices and reading ‘UNITED NATIONS COMPLEX BOMBED’
The two looked up from their phones in fear, immediately on the hunt to find Steve.
They found him in the lobby of Sharon’s hotel, having walked her back after Natasha left hours ago. Sam stopped in front of him, “Steve, there’s something you need to see.”
The trio stood in front of the TV of their shared hotel room as the news anchor spoke, “A bomb hidden in news van ripped through the UN building in Vienna.”
Sharon paced behind them while she was on the phone.
“More than 70 people have been injured. At least 12 are dead, including Wakanda’s King T’Chaka. Officials have released a video of a suspect, who they have identified as James Buchanan Barnes, the Winter Soldier. The infamous HYDRA agent linked to numerous acts of terrorism and political assassinations.”
The screen played a clip of the alleged suspect, Bucky, and Florence felt like she was going to be sick. Her stomach dropped and she could feel Sam’s gaze on her. It couldn’t be him. It couldn’t be him. It couldn’t be him.
Sharon interrupted Steve and Florence’s internal spiral, “I have to go to work.”
Florence remained in front of the TV, trying to talk herself out of believing that Bucky would do this. He would have been acting alone. He wouldn’t have done this, this wasn’t the man she knew. She knew he was out of HYDRA’s clutches and was on his own, it couldn’t be him.
Steve grabbed her wrist gently, turning her away from the TV, “We have to go to Vienna, come on.”
Florence and Steve made it to Vienna along with Sam, both leaning against a tree with hats and sunglasses in an attempt to remain unknown. Steve pulled out his phone, dialing Natasha’s number. Florence ignored their conversation as she stared emotionless at the ground. The air was still heavy with smoke from the bombing as Steve spotted Natasha a few yards away, her ignorant to the fact that Steve and Florence were here.
After Steve hung up, Florence’s phone began to ring, Natasha’s contact lighting up the screen. She shared a look with Steve before answering, “Hey.”
Natasha wasted no time getting to the point, “Look, I know how much Barnes means to you, trust me I get it, but don’t do anything stupid. You need to stay home and regroup.”
Florence sighed into the phone, “Nat, you know I can’t do that.” Florence ended the call before Natasha could respond, quickly pocketing the phone in her black jacket and walking away.
Florence and Steve entered a restaurant, quickly spotting Sam at the bar.
Sam placed his food down, “She tell you to stay out of it?” Steve and Florence’s silence was answer enough for Sam, “Might have a point.”
Steve pursed his lips, “He’d do it for me.”
“1945, maybe.” Florence glared at Sam through her glasses as he continued speaking, “I just want to make sure we consider all our options. The people that shoot at you two usually end up shooting at me.”
Sam didn’t know him. Steve didn’t know the ‘new’ him. Out of the two, she had known Bucky the longest, loving him through the good and the bad. Even when he was the darkest parts of the Winter Soldier, Florence still held love for him in her heart because she knew what HYDRA made him into. And when Florence’s reflection was unfamiliar to herself, whether she was covered in someone else’s blood or she had been reprogrammed, Bucky kept her from falling apart in the Red Room. It couldn’t be him.
Sharon made her way up the bar, standing next to Steve as she updated the group, “Tips have been pouring in since that footage went public. Everybody thinks the Winter Soldier goes to their gym. Most of its noise.” Sharon slid a file over to Steve, “Except for this. My boss expects a briefing, pretty much now, so that’s all the head start you’re gonna get.”
Florence thanked Sharon as she left to leave, “You’re all gonna have to hurry. We have orders to shoot on sight.” Again, the feeling of bile worked its way up Florence’s throat, forcing herself to choke it down. Her hands shook at her sides as she took in Sharon’s words. She wouldn’t let that happen, even if it ended up killing her. She was going to save him.
Steve read over the file quickly, Sam and Florence looking at him expectantly, ”He’s in Romania.”
The location shouldn’t have shocked Florence as much as it did. A lot happened in Romania between herself and Bucky, she shouldn’t be surprised he went there. He probably didn’t even realize why he went to Bucharest, the action must have felt familiar. She should have began their search there two years ago, Florence was angry with herself for missing such an important place to them both. And God, did Romania have painful roots in the soldiers’ and widows’ lives.
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Holiday, everyday
Avengers (and Matt Murdock x Reader)
Sum: Sometimes a series of fluff and holiday imagines are needed in these times.
AN:  I'm gonna be honest and say I ran out of Holidays real quick. Instead of trying to write about Holidays I have no idea about I just did "important" days and didn't think too hard on it. Hopefully you don't think too hard on it either.
Steve Rogers: 4th of July
Call it an act of irony, of God, or of just the universe screwing around but Captain America was born on the 4th of July. Because of this Steve had laid everything out for you a month in advanced.
“Please, PLEASE, no flags or decorations. Really, just stay away from red, white and blue all together.” He says before bedtime. Holding your hands to keep your attention. “In fact, just forget it’s my birthday. Let’s pretend it’s on the 5th.”
Although you (and Bucky) knew about his feelings, the rest of the world didn’t. Two cakes were made for the day, both decorated with red, white, and blue icing. Steve smiled and thanked everyone for remembering, for caring, but it was little more than a polite smile. Only taking a bite of the cake after you fed him. And that was just for the audience too.
Whether America was your home or not, you weren’t going to escaping the patriotism for the country. Especially when you didn’t want to leave Steve alone with the constant noise, yelling and celebrations he was pulled to throughout the day.
“Do I know anyone here?” he asks after finally getting back home. Only to be immediately greeted by balloons and decorations on the apartment door.
“This is what you get for making eye-contact with neighbors.” Is all you can say while getting the door open.
After a long day of sugar, noise and those three stupid colors it’s no surprise that Steve immediately hits the couch. Toeing off his shoes and groaning with an arm over his eyes.
There was no point in trying to hide what you were cooking. A hearty steak bought a day in advance to try and soak up the sweets eaten throughout the day. Although Steve likely heard the opening of cabinets and could smell the spices and meat he didn’t look until the steak started to actually cook. Peaking out from under his arm as if he were trying to be sneaky.
“I know you’re tired of red, among other colors, but I’m not gonna burn a perfectly good steak for you.” This wasn’t the only piece of the meal, but it was obviously the most important.
He doesn’t say anything while getting up from the couch. Leaning on the kitchen counter and smiling (actually smiling) while you try and cook while being watched. It’s only when it’s finally plated, and ready that he speaks.
“I fucking love you.”
Tony Stark: Taxes
“Just as a heads up, we gotta get some tax stuff done.” Was said by Tony in passing.
It was literally said as he passed by in the kitchen. Too late in the afternoon to do anything but too early to go to bed. At the moment you had taken it as a joke, chuckling and going “sure, babe, we’ll get to it this week,” before completely forgetting about it.
But, for once in his life, Tony wasn’t just making a quip.
Your man sat in the middle of the living room. Pile of papers on the coffee table and more surrounding him. Whatever color the living room’s minimalist style allowed was washed out from all the white.
Tony’s smile was the same a child would give after breaking a lamp. “I know you said sometime this week but…I got impatient.”
There were the obvious questions: “Why is there so much?”, “Why did you print it all out?”, and “Don’t you have people to do this for you?”
All asked as you just gave into the situation. Taking a seat on the couch behind Tony and picking up the closest paper. Reading through the numbers and mumbo-jumbo as Tony leans back against your legs.
“Eh, doing this myself is just another nice habit from dear old dad.” He says, pen clicked and ready to go. “Numbers and facts are like meditation, you know? More productive than sleeping. Easier than thinking.”
That was the only full sentence you got from him for the rest of the day. The rest were single word answers or simple gestures that got the point across. If he wasn’t going to really involve you (other than to have you hand over things) why had you been invited? Even asking if he wanted a coffee or something to eat was met with just a nod.
Maybe it was just to observe. To see the difference between the Tony who blasts music in a windowless workshop while working and the Tony who simply reads and fills out in silence and covered in natural light. His face was relaxed while filling things out, no knitted eyebrows or under breath mumbling. A hand on his shoulder was the only thing that seemed to have affected him. A, rather dull, sandwich put in front of him but your hand.
“We’ve been doing this for a while,” you say. “Wanna take a break?”
It’s only after Tony takes a bite, and takes a look around, that he responds verbally. Unfortunately, with a mouth full. “I’m doing pretty good, it looks like. Why? Getting tired?”
The laugh that comes out wasn’t supposed to be so hard. But it took you back to sitting on the couch. Absentmindedly picking at the crumbs in Tony’s beard that he allows to happen.
“I haven’t been sitting on my knees for hours, you have.”
“I really wanna make a come back about that but this sandwich is keeping you safe.”
Thor: Easter
It’s rare to see Thor in bright colors like this. The god of thunder’s “Sunday best” usually involved metals and armor and a cape of red that almost touches the ground. This Sunday was different, starting with the replacement of his helm with bunny ears. He looks good in yellow and light blue. A nice compliment to the light-colored formal wear you wore.
The entire park was taken up for the easter celebration. Bouncy house, games, face painting, food and (of course) an easter egg hunt that spanned whatever was left. The entire event was a community open, no formal wear required. Thus, separating the guests into two groups: those in t-shirts, shorts, and weather appropriate attire. And those fresh from church in bright collars and fluffy skirts. The air filled with parents trying to keep their children from ruining their easter best, not that it ever stopped them.
“It took me an hour to get them ready,” one parent says, looking out from your little group. “At least they’ll sleep, I guess.”
Although your little conversation group consisted of parents you could sympathies. “We got Thor’s suit special for today. The jacket didn’t even make it twenty minutes.”
The jacket in question currently hung over your arm. The expectation for the day was to be a picture fest, people shoving and asking for pictures all day while he sweated in pretty colors. Instead, everyone seemed to have forgotten an actual Avenger was coming. Who could think of that when there was candy to find and stocking’s to ruin?
This created a genuine smile that matched the children. Finding the bunny ears along with other adults who were blessed with the gift. Acting as the climbing tree for children as they laughed and ignored the problems of the world.
 Bucky Barnes: Super Bowl
It’s hard to tell what situation could bring up bad memories for Bucky. Secluded alleys, driving at night and someone whispering into his ear seem to be the most prominent triggers. Others you don’t notice until he searches out for your hand. Strong metal almost crushing your fingers every time, but you refuse to react. Instead, simply squeezing back.
Hotels, parties, places with multiple people are easier for him. Never needing to stay by your side or excuse himself from the party. This is especially so in the company of those in the know, allowing a more relaxed, freer Bucky.
You can see it from across the living room. Just barely able to see your man’s face among the other men and women on the couch and chairs. His head is up, constantly on a swivel to look about the room at the different people all trying to talk at once. His smile is eyes, sometimes lowering during a lull but never fully disappearing.
And his eyes; usually lowered enough to be hidden in the shadows he prefers were now wide and moving. This made especially so now that he had finally gotten a haircut and looks like a grownup. That being said, you still missed the little swish his hair made when he looked for you in the crowd.
He only has to scan for a second, chin up like a searching cat, to find you. When he does you’re already watching. Smiling wider at his own natural reaction of your face.
Although no words are spoken (as you would have to shout across the room) you both understand. This is fun, this good, and it’s even better when you’re together.
 Natasha Romanoff: Thanksgiving
For a master spy Nat had some serious trouble with knives while in a kitchen context. It’s only after watching her suck on an injured finger that you figure this out.
“Is this why we usually order out?” You asked from the island’s stool.
Natasha looks back at you with a joking glare. Finger still in her mouth which she removes before turning back to continue cooking.
“Well, there goes my half of our orders.” Natasha says, although her cut of the payment was way more than half. “but you can get it back by skinning the potatoes.”
Natasha broke many stereotypes of a trained killer. No stoic attitude or constant frown every time you see her. Violence isn’t the first choice but is always somewhere in the other options. And she refuses to choose loneliness when given the option, hence the cutting and skinning this night before Thanksgiving.
Before it was soup kitchens and charity work that kept Natasha company. After that it was with the Clint and his family, year after year Auntie Nat came. With whatever dish she decided to try her hand with. This time it would be mashed potatoes with skin and enough butter to put the entire family into a coma.
T’challa: New Years
Although the sunset is beautiful no matter where you look it wasn’t the focus of the view. Rather, the people just below are what you focused on. As no activities would happen until the sun was gone and most of the work was completed. Hence the rushing around on the streets below.
Just like the older adults you were smiling at the young people especially. The teenagers and twenty to thirty something year old whose voices rose above everyone else’s. Although you had a decent grasp of the language it was difficult to understand them while their voices are overlapping eachother. Maybe a word here or there, mainly the words “alone”, “later” and “please?” caught your ear. Something that forced you to smile and note for later when parents start to wonder where their teenagers disappeared to.
It was unlikely you were going to be able to do the same with T’challa. This was when people either pushed their issues aside or went at eachother in an attempt to start the new year right. Although the Dora Milaje would handle any fights that break out in the castle, T’challa would have to be the one to receive the apologies Supposedly there was going to be a line of people looking to apologize for their behavior towards you. Not that any of the apologies would find their way to you.
Although you were always welcomed to walk the halls to meander around the city (with a guard, of course) you stayed in royal family quarters. Leaning over the railing to watch the city and see the lights all around start to light.
Everything echoes in the quarters. Specifically designed to make sneaking around harder. This is especially notable on the doors. As it was near impossible to open or close them without some type of slamming. Even more so when you’re tired and haven’t dropped the calm demeaner of a king yet.
It’s only when the doors close behind T’challa that he lets his face fall. Lines of stress still evident even on his relaxed face. Not even a half smile is manageable as he walks over, a kiss to your shoulder as he stands on your right. Toying with the dress strap like he was genuinely fascinated with the fabric.
“Long day?” You ask after a few minutes of silence.
“Are they ever short?” He retorts, trying to subtly fix the strap he had just loosened with his toying.
As entertaining as it was to watch this, usually, put together man be defeated by a superstore brand dress you eventually gave him some help. Moving his hands to slides the strap back into place. T’challa taking the time to finally look out over his country.
“It’s gonna be a longer night.” You say, leaning into him that he welcomes with an arm around your back.
“I know.”
“You wanna get dressed? Get ready and all that?”
He hums at your suggestion. It was a good idea to start getting ready now, then there wouldn’t be a rush, and no one would be kept waiting to practically kiss his feet. But he ignores it and gently brings you to lean into him. He’s warm and solid against your cheek.
“Not yet.” He finally says, but only when the door is knocked on.
 Pietro Maximoff: Halloween
Out of all of the Avengers Pietro is the least likely to be recognized by the general public, especially so while in costume. Wearing the cheap cop uniform that came with the orange of your prisoner costume.
Not the most unique of couple’s costumes but it got you a compliment from the cat selling tickets in her booth. Smiling at Pietro and winking at you when handing over the tickets.
“Enjoy, hopefully all of you come back out this time.” A pre-written line she was likely supposed to say with every guest. But arriving to the haunted house early in the evening allowed you to catch the last bit of her genuine joy before it became tired and forced.
An internet search had brought this particular haunted house to your attention. Yeah, it was a drive to get there and the outside wasn’t the most original set up (old building, scary windows, booth covered in cobwebs) it was still something fun to do. Pietro seemingly more excited than you were as he led the way inside, holding your hand and promising not to rush through.
He stayed ahead of you for the first part. The dark of the first hallway making his grip tighter, lights slowly turning to red as silence began to be replaced with a deep bass. The hallway turning into a room with flashing lights that slowed Pietro down. Nearly stopping.
“You okay?” It seemed almost useless to ask him this. As he said exactly what you would expect a ‘good’ boyfriend to say.
“Why? Are you having second thoughts?” He asks with a smile although his grip is still strong. “There’s still time to turn around.”
Your smile matches his; “Not a chance.”
“Then ladies first,” He says, but keeps the tight hold on your hand.
Barely into the first room and you’ve become the leader of this little adventure. A crying woman in the corner stays in her chair while entering. About midway through the small space dressed up like a nursery she starts to stand. It’s a male scream that alerts you to her closeness. A cleaver, probably fake but raised high over her head, poised to strike while she runs screaming straight forwards.
Although fear was the flavor of the night laughter couldn’t be stopped from coming out. After suddenly being in the hallway with Pietro’s arms around you, tighter than hug could be.
“I thought we weren’t gonna rush through it?” You ask, not fighting his arms but instead playing it off like he was simply hugging. Something Pietro wouldn’t acknowledge but was grateful for as he relaxed into a normal hug.
“We’re not,” He says, taking your hand once again and continuing forward. “Let’s keep going. If you can.”
There’s no point in arguing that Pietro was scared. Him grabbing and running could easily be brushed off as instinct to keep moving at danger. Pietro wasn’t one to play the trauma card, but he likely would in order to save face.
Pietro leading only lasted past the second room. When the coffins against the wall started banging from whatever spooky creature was inside of them. Refusing to go limp and allow him to just slide through you caught his arm with too much nail. Forcing him to look into your face and see the smile that came with it.
Although there wasn’t a point in pretending to be brave Pietro kept up the façade. Keeping against your back the rest of the way. A few times his face presses into the nape of your neck at some moment or another. Until it reaches the final corner, where the hidden camera was supposed to take your picture at the height of fear. Instead, the shot was just a blur. A blur that had left bruises on your arms from holding you so tightly.
 Peter Parker: Valentine’s day
On the fourteenth pink and red are splatter periodically through your world. Some lockers had hearts, a few hands had flowers and even more cheeks had kisses. One of those being yours as Peter rushed across the lawn. His regular slight hesitance gone today, replacing it with a kiss against your cheek when he was close enough.
Yeah, Valentine’s day was fun for the couples who cared about the romance and typical things of the day. But it was the fifteenth that the real fun happens.
The fourteenth was barely more than a regular day for your relationship. Maybe a little more socially acceptable PDA or spending the bag change to get one another a snack. But you left after the last bell in the same pattern you would have the day before.
On the fifteenth, as the same bell rang, Peter met back up with you.
“You ready?” He asks but doesn’t really need and answer.
“Yep, let’s hit it.” You reply.
It’s on the fifteenth that every piece candy with the Valentines day theme goes on sale. It’s goes even lower on the sixteenth, but by then all the good stuff would be gone. Most of the good stuff was already picked through by the crowd smart enough to hit the stores early. But there were still some good bits.
“I can four suckers for a buck,” You say this from the store’s floor. Waving them at Peter. “Wanna go halfsies?”
“Are you actually going to share it?” He asks.
“Only if you share the gummy bears.” You answer.
He doesn’t reply, but it was obvious that neither of you would share.
 Stephen Strange: The Olympics
It’s a stretch to say that the Olympics counted as a holiday, it was more of society wide event. The news and media forcing your attention onto the games even if you don’t know what’s going on. Luckily, diving seemed to be understandable enough while watching.
“He’s going to catch the board coming down.” Stephen says from his side of the couch. One of four books open in his hand.
“You aren’t even paying attention,” You say, although, you weren’t either. Your phone taking up just as much of your eyesight as Stephen’s book. “You don’t even know who’s up.”
“He’s gonna catch the board,” Although he looks away from the book he doesn’t bother with eh TV. Immediately looking at you with his stupid smug face. “I know, I already know. Watch.”
The next participant up was a young man. Like the ones before he’s taking deep breaths at the end of the board. The announcer’s voice long since being ignored, even as he explained how the dive would happen and what points would be needed to make a difference.
Phone put away and sitting up straight you were now entirely focused on the TV. This young man wasn’t even representing your country. Yet him succeeding suddenly meant more than any gold metal could ever be. Just to show that Stephen Strange could be wrong.
“He’s going to catch it, I’m sorry to say.” Stephen says unapologetically.
The man takes a small bounce before jumping back. Knees tucked to his chest to ensure the quicker spin four times in a row. Ending straight into the water with a body tight and the watching crowd cheering.
“Ope! What now, Dr. Smartass?” The young man had gotten the points, but you were the real winner of the hour.
Stephen is sitting up straight in his seat right next to you. Instead of the satisfying look of disappointment you wanted it was instead one of pressed together eyebrows.
Maybe calling him Dr. Smartass was a little too far?
The cheering crowd is replaced with announcers talking the smaller details. The world continuing on even as Stephen is frozen in time. Only starting to move when you reach out with a hand.
“Stephen..?” You ask before making contact.
Your hand is on his shoulder for barely a second before he’s up and off the couch.
“This is not good,” He says turning from the room. A swish from the doorway bringing the cloak onto him. “This really isn’t good.” He reiterates and is gone into a glowing portal.
Was it worth being right?
 Matt Murdock: St. Patrick’s
Foggy had been introduced to the bar-crawl before he could legally participate. It was a tradition on St. Patrick’s to take in a drink at as many bars as possible. Starting with the local bars and expanding into the city where the bar tender wasn’t known by name.
Although labeled a “tradition” Matt had only attended two of these, and both times he was the chaperon. First time in college, when the best place to stake out trouble would be in the bars, anyway. The second was also Karen’s first time, before the truth was out and she had begged and pleaded and threatened until he said yes. Although disappearing after the second stop to follow the shambling couple with a fast-walking man behind them.
This time, the third time, things were different. He wasn’t the only eyes on the Kitchen and could even call in a favor every now and then. This time was also different because of your presence. Someone suspiciously too eager to be the chaperon of several adults.
“I wanna see what lawyers look like with their collars loosened.” You had said when questioned.
On the way to the first bar Foggy had made you take the oath of the Designated driver/chaperon. Having you raise your right hand and swear that “No matter the scene, no matter the comedy, I will not blackmail anybody.”
“Or leave after two bars?” Karen adds in.
“What? You weren’t even there!” Matt defends, but this wouldn’t the first time someone would bring it up.
Josie had the honor of being the first bar. It was also the lamest stop on the night, the only bit of decoration to be found was an upturned hat on one of the tables. Minding it’s own business when you arrived, and but used as a garbage by the time you left.
Matt’s arm was around your shoulder on the way to the second. This done so casually, as if he were protecting you from the cold. Adding more and more weight to your shoulder as the night goes on.
Alcohol was always a gamble to take part in. A pleasant buzz for most would be a license revoking amount for Matt. Nights out with Foggy and Karen involved a little game of tiny sips, quick pouring into other’s mugs (who, at Josie’s usually welcomed the free drink) and overall avoidance of drinking more than one bottle of anything.
This game was harder to win with more people watching, on unknown ground, and with his senses losing their edge with every sip. By stop five you were wearing him more than walking alongside.
“I need to tell-I NEED to tell you a secret.” He says at the second to last stop of the night.
Matt had needed air (he probably needed air about an hour ago) which resulted in your guidance to just outside the bar. Close enough you could still hear everyone inside but away enough that Matt was your full attention.
“You don’t have to do anything right.” He’s rocking back and forth while your say this. One of your hands on either of his biceps to keep him from going too far back or forward. “Just gotta breathe and drink some water. Drink a lot of water.”
“No, no- water is- water is not my secret. My secret, you gotta know because, because I love you.” He rocks too far forward, his face pressing into your shoulder while feet and legs work to keep him standing up.
“I love you, too, Babe.” His breath is awful, so much so that you have to turn away from him.
“No, like, like, LOVE you and you gotta know.” He takes your face in both hands. In his drunken state he probably thought this was a serious situation. Continuing on, “Honey, you gotta know I’m a devil.”
The smile you gave the same given to a toddler who tripped. Placing your hands over his and gently pulling them down. “You won’t go to Hell just for drinking. Even, if you do, a majority of other Catholics will be there to keep you company.”
“What? No, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m a devil. No, I’m the devil.”
“We reached chatty Matty level, didn’t we?” Foggy was leagues more coherent than Matt. Obviously buzzed still able to move around. When you asked ‘how?” he opens his arms, gesturing to himself smugly. “Mix of experience and genetics. Something that Matty should have but doesn’t.”
“He’s, yeah, I don’t know if he’ll remember this tomorrow.” You say, “How’s everyone else?”
“I’m the only one who can still wobble a straight-line. We’re just gonna cut out the last stop and head home. I’d say it’s like herding cats, but cats are smarter.”
Before you could ask how many cars you’d need to call Matt has joined the conversation. Reaching an arm out towards Foggy as if to stop him from getting away.
“Foggy, Foggy, tell her I’m a devil. I’m the devil. Tell ‘er.” He says, if it weren’t for your arms around him he’d probably fall straight to the ground. “She’s good with secrets. Real good.”
It’s a silent few seconds while you smirk and laugh while Foggy’s thoughts hit hyper speed. Lawyer brain finally taking over and he laughs too.
“Okay, I’m gonna take over Matt duty.” Foggy reaches out and takes Matt’s arm. “cars are already on their way; you can head out.”
“What? Isn’t the whole point of a designated driver to, you know, drive everyone?” You say this but don’t stop Foggy from taking on Matt’s weight.
“Not when it’s New York, go on. Get.” He says the last part more as a joke, but it forced your eyebrow to raise at the behavior. “Seriously, chatty Matty always leads to hangover Matt, and you don’t wanna deal with that.”
There’s no point in arguing with a man who does it for a living. Instead, just shrugging and letting him go. “Alright, call me when everyone is safe. Or if all the cats get away.”
Foggy laughs and nods his heads. Waiting for you to be a few blocks away before letting the façade drop. Secretly wondering what would have happened he just let the alcohol release the truth.
 Carol Danvers: Christmas
The rate of communication between you and Carol has slowed to a crawl. It probably takes longer for your message to reach her than it would have back in the Victorian period. Instead of chasing down the post man as his carriage pulls away you have to stalk and harass whoever was connected enough to the Avengers to send a message. There was always someone who handled the records and paperwork, and that person always listened to whatever Captain Marvel had to say.
You, on the other hand, weren’t so important. Your designated postman, an intern going by the name Gale, always answered your calls with more than a little bit of annoyance.
“When the Captain leaves a message, I will send you that message. That is how this works,” They said, acting as if it was four in the morning rather than the reasonable eight in the morning.
If this were a few months, or even weeks ago you might have made a joking (but not really really) offer of baked goods in exchange for information. At this point, though, things had been hard. The distance and gaps in contact has weighed so heavily onto your shoulders they’ve started to sag at this entire situation.
“…I just wanted to check. Thanks.” You barely get out the last word before hanging up. Embarrassment is the best way to describe the building feeling. It’s better to focus on the embarrassment of being scolded rather than the sadness of not having your woman nearby to warm the newly fallen snow.
Any other feelings other than loneliness have eventually left you as the days pass on. Leaving to visit their own loved ones while you pretend to be happy for them. It’s the same voice and acting you’ve used with friends and family over the phone and in passing. That everything is fine, you’re good, and that they should enjoy their time off as you intended to do.
Although you weren’t lying about intending to enjoy the time off, this wasn’t going to happen. Rather than decorating or enjoying the countless specials playing across the screens you were just…there. Waiting for the season to end and be able to check up with Gale. Just once, just to be sure.
Pounding on the door takes you away from harassing thoughts. With Christmas even tomorrow it was either the landlord or a last-minute gift someone forget to give. Opening and the door and it appears to be the latter.
“The Captain is actually paying me for this.” Gale stands in the doorway. Metal box held before them, that was promptly thrusted into your arms. “It’s already set up, just pull it out and follow the paper.”
They’ve turned away before you could ask what this was or say thank you. Raising their hand to wave goodbye while walking down the hall.
Inside the box was a rectangle which snapped out like an umbrella into a long piece of shiny metal. A thick square on either side to keep it stable on the ground. On the end of the right side was (at one point or another) the shield symbol, now scratched off until it was only an outline. Looking at it for too long felt incriminating so it was for the best that you placed the entire thing on the ground. Instead focusing on the smaller remote in the very corner.
It was half the size of a TV remote, with all but two of the buttons covered with black tape to match the hard material it was made from.
‘press right to call’ Was written on the yellow note attached to the bottom.
Although you pressed it without hesitation there was nothing. Not even a little click to show that it had gone through. It wasn’t until seeing the “on” switch that you realized it required power.
The bar lights up and blinks in your dark room. Turning off the TV to keep the screen from distracting from…whatever this thing was. As the blinking continued at a steady pace until glowing bright. Brightening the mostly darkened room until a stream of the same color created from the bar builds straight up. Creating a screen for you to look upon.
A woman appears on the screen. Loose dark pants, tank top and blonde hair cut short to better show a smiling face. Carol sighing in happiness that her present worked, even happier that it was timed perfectly for her to spend some real time with you.
“Hi, Baby…” She says, her voice trying to stay strong but it’s obviously full of emotion.
 Sam Wilson: Anniversary
Although the reservation was made days in advanced neither you nor Sam remembered until lunch. There was nothing that indicated today was any more important than the one before. With Sam spending his time between missions acting as a trainer/nanny for the baby agents and you with your own work, there wasn’t time to take a breath and look around. Not until the schedule notifications hit your phones at the same time.
‘Busy tonight?’ Sam’s text came in seconds after the notification.
It was a scramble to align your schedules after this. Name dropping Wilson could get anything you’d want. Even a sudden night off without any warning other than your feet approaching the boss’s door.
After that it was a game of rapid-fire questions: “where’s our reservation? Is it casual? Is it formal? What time do I have to get up tomorrow?” None of which were answered until you were home and able to pull it all up.
After finding the place and realizing you were gonna have to shave Sam entered the game.
Although no one would say this to his face, Sam had an easier time getting out of work suddenly. Literally patting the next man on the shoulder and saying, “you got this,” before leaving was the equivalent of a two week notice for Sam.
His privilege giving him the time to race to his sisters. Saying hi to the nephews while asking about the one formal clothing left he could wear. This jacket and pants combination hasn’t been worn since his twenties, but at least it hadn’t been worn to a funeral or government hearing. One of the kids were likely to wear to prom at some point, they just didn’t know it yet.
“Have you been here before?” You ask after a peck is placed on your cheek.
Sam only stays nearby long enough to see the restaurant. “I’ve passed by it and Sharon swears by it. I haven’t. rather not wear uncomfortable shoes all night if I have to.”
“I feel that.” You glance over at the suit Sam set out on the bed. Then to the bathroom where you would have to take a shower (probably cold) and shave now if you were going to make the reservation on time. Not to mention, the uncomfortable shoes.
“How…badly do you wanna try this place?” it was an innocent question, as innocent as it was gonna get at least, but Sam still stopped moving about the room.
“Sharon says it’s good, but…why?” Another innocent question, this time directed at you.
“The drive is gonna be long and I’m not even close to getting ready and the portion may be small…” babbling reasons was a poor kind of defense but it was a classic. Just keep saying different arguments and eventually one will stick.
Instead of interrupting or trying to comfort you Sam took a seat on the end of the bed. Stupid, knowing, smile on his face while waiting for you to run out of steam.
It takes a second to realize he’s waiting before you finally shut up.
“We could just stay in and enjoy this night off with beer and ordered steak.” He says, both as a question and a statement.
For whatever reason, his ability to understand your wants and give a suggestion was almost embarrassing. Why was that? Were you really this predictable or was this an instance where Sam legitimately wanted you to decide. Either way you nodded and closed the restaurant page.
“Yes please,” There’s really no point in saying this. Sam was already making calls and tossing the suit away.
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Requests open!
Hey guys! So I'm starting to write one shots here. You can read down below for which characters.
You can either request:
Character x Reader
Character x Charakter
Steve Rodger x Reader
Tony Stark x Reader
Peter Parker x Reader
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Loki x Reader
character x charakter
(ofc you can also request any other character these are just a few examples)
Dean x Reader
Sam x Reader
Castiel x Reader
Charlie x Reader
Jack x Reader
Crowley x Reader
character x Charakter
(you can also request any other character. These are just examples)
other character x charakter
Reader x charakter (any)
The hunger games
Katness x Reader
Peeta x Reader
Finnick x Reader
Johanna x Reader
Gale x Reader
character x charakter
(again Reader x any other character is also fine these are simply examples)
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i-sudoku · a day ago
Tony stopped eating his snack, stood  up, and—being a good host he was—greeted him. “Welcome back, Dumbledore,  took you long enough.” He sniffed his hair (he should revoke his  earlier compliment about being a good host). “Wow, you smell great.” He  wriggled his eyebrow and had the audacity to wink at him. “Enjoying our  free shampoo, aren’t we?”
Without turning his head or blinking his eyes, Wilson  asked, “Doctor Strange, did Hagrid tell you that you’re a wizard now?  Did he give you a letter to go to Hogwarts?”
Barnes answered without turning his head, “Really? A Harry Potter reference? As far as I know Doctor Strange is a sorcerer.”
“Actually, I prefer the term Master of the Mystic Arts.”
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wintervvidow · 2 days ago
apricity update:
There will be a week in-between each update for a period of time until Black Widow comes out July 9th. The reason for that is because I might incorporate that storyline into apricity with Florence. Part three releases tomorrow!
Catch up here!
love!!! 💕
taglist: @tanyaherondale   @lilyviolets   @jckie94 @g-mayunot
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idyllicmei · 2 days ago
Y/n: I have no idea what I'm doing, I just know that I'm doing it really well
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nyctophicbtch · 2 days ago
Breakfast and Mornings and Things - Avengers
[ Avengers x reader ]
Author's note: Just thought I'd do a short drabble with some of the avengers :)
You groaned and got out of bed as your alarm went off. You didn't have training this morning, which was a relief considering your tired state. You quickly changed out of your pajamas and got ready for breakfast. 
You hadn't been an avenger for too long, so you were still getting used to the whole avengers tower thing. You'd still get lost sometimes, and you'd have to ask Friday for help around the compound. 
You yawned as you walked through the rooms and entered the kitchen to see Tony already snacking on a piece of bread. 
"Morning." You greeted lazily as you stride to take some cereal from the cupboard. It didn't take long for Nat and Steve to join the two of you for breakfast. 
"Do we have more coffee?" Steve asked as he saw Tony take the last bit of coffee. 
"Yep, in... one of those drawers." Tony pointed towards the many drawers that Steve has to go through to get more coffee. 
"Goodluck old man." You chuckled as Steve sighed and rubbed his forehead just as Sam entered the room. 
You grabbed a bowl and some milk from the fridge and began assembling your cereal. You poured some cereal into the bowl before the milk, causing Sam to protest. 
"Wait wait wait–" Sam made gestures with his hands to stop you from what you were doing. "You pour your cereal first?" 
"Yes. Pouring milk first is just not it." 
"I have to agree with y/n." Wanda piped in as she walked towards the table. 
"But your cereal gets soggy." He complained, pointing at your cereal to prove his point. 
"I guess I like it slightly soggy." You shrugged, Sam looking like he just saw a chicken riding a ghost. You made your way towards the dining table, next to Wanda, and lift your spoon to start eating when you felt a gush of wind knock the cereal out of your spoon. 
"Piet." You groaned as he slowed down to lean against the wall. 
"What's got you so grumpy printessa?" Smirking, he used his super speed to pick up the bowl of cereal that was in front of you, and started eating it. 
"No fighting in the kitchen, kids!" Tony's voice rang from the living room, where he was enjoying his toast on the couch. 
You never understood the people who live with others and like mornings. You knew that you'd never get used to mornings with the avengers, especially with a bird making comments about your breakfast, and a certain speedster that always steals your food. And you haven't forgotten the commotion that happens in the mornings. Guess I'll just have to get used to this.
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ritesofreverie · 3 days ago
hiya lovies!!
i would like to cry tonight so, could you please recommend me your favourite mcu fics? it doesn’t matter the pairing, setting (i love au’s), or genre. but i’m feeling v emotional and would like to escape lol
i’ll reblog them once i’ve read them also, pls feel free to recommend me your own fics!!
thank you in advance 💗
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fanficimagery · 3 days ago
Lost and then Found pt. I
Imagine being taken by HYDRA. After years with them, they set you loose on someone you haven't seen in a while. Unfortunately for HYDRA, you weren't as susceptible to their mind experiments like they thought.
Tumblr media
Words: 8.6K Author's Note: Major trigger warning! There will be a bit of talk about non-consensual pregnancies and some failed pregnancies from said attempts. Also I didn’t want to post this, but this upcoming week is going to be stressful for me and I honestly don’t know how much writing I’ll get done. Please read the bottom note for help on hopefully part 2 of this.
Tag list: @aya-fay @70s-chic @sipsteacasually @kaitlyn2907 @scarlettwitch99 @thingsforimagination @b1sexualtonystark @living-that-best-life @alexnicolaidisss @l0ve-0f-my-life @eliwinchester99 @mimilh @rosesloml  @meredeph @lexy9716​ 
The team had been hanging around various floors of the tower when FRIDAY alerted everyone that they were needed in the meeting room ASAP. And when FRIDAY sounded urgent, the team knew it must be serious. Leaving the gym, Steve and Bucky run into Clint and Natasha who had been coming out of the locker rooms.
"Any idea what's going on?" Bucky asks Nat.
She shakes her head. "FRIDAY wouldn't cough up any more information. I contacted Tony, but he just urged me to get my ass moving."
As they wait for the elevator, the doors slide open and they nod to Wanda who's already standing in the back corner. With her arms crossed over her chest, she nods to each of her teammates as they file in. Ever since she had lost Vision, she hadn't been quite herself and everyone knew to give her whatever time she needed.
In the meeting room, the atmosphere is immediately tense. Sam is at the table and as a testament to how serious the situation is he doesn't even crack a joke the second he lays eyes on Bucky. Everyone takes a seat, with the exception of Tony who's still pacing at the front of the room with a tablet in his hand.
"Tony," Steve calls out. "What's going on?"
A moment passes and then Tony stops at the head of the table, looking up. "This." He swipes up on his tablet screen, sending a video hologram to the middle of the table so everyone can see. "This came in about fifteen minutes ago."
The video plays and the team watches on in shocked speechlessness. The video shows a young girl who couldn't have yet been a teenager be strapped down to a gurney and injected with several different vials. They listen as the poor girl screams and thrashes, and sobs about burning on the inside.
The video cuts out before popping up again and shows the same girl, a little older this time, and having a mouth piece shoved into her small mouth before a contraption is lowered around her head. Eyes dart to Bucky and no one says a word as his metal arm whirs when he watches the young girl go through something very similar to what he went through. As she screams, the video cuts out again yet again.
Everyone had been so focused on Bucky's reaction, that no one paid any attention to Wanda as her eyes widened when the video came back for a third round. The girl on screen is definitely older now, her baby fat has all but vanished, and she looks defeated. Her hair hangs in limp strands around her face and there's a collar around her neck that Wanda knows gives off one hell of a shock to the person wearing it when they disobeyed orders. An older male walks into view and the girl cowers away. She winces, her hands flying up to the collar around her neck. "Begin," a voice then sounds. The male lunges for the small female and she tries her best to fend off his blows, but she ends up beaten and bloodied within thirty seconds. At the end of the fight the man is given instructions and then he walks over to the girl, kneeling down and biting her around the wrist. She screams, the man takes a bullet to the back of the head, and the video cuts out.
This time when the video comes back, the girl looks a little more steadier on her feet and less beaten down. She looks ready for a fight. Towards the end of the clip she has bloodied, pointed fingertips. She's shoved back into a chair and that's when her emotionless mask drops, begging to not be wiped. She screams as they start the procedure and then by the end of it there are no more tears. There's just an emotionless female awaiting orders as the video cuts out.
Finally the last clip shows her fighting like she's been doing it for years, taking down one attacker after the other until she's the last one left standing. There's a sharp whistle and the girl stands at attention, and the video zooms in on her stoic expression before cutting out altogether.
"Who sent this, Tony?" Steve readily asks.
"Don't know. I have FRIDAY chasing an IP address that just keeps pinging in every part of the world."
"Do we even know who she is?" Natasha asks. "And what the whole point of this video was?"
"No. Not a cl-"
"Her name is Y/N." Everyone looks to Wanda who can't take her gaze off her hands in her lap. "She was already there with HYDRA when Pietro and I showed up so long ago."
"Willingly?" Clint wonders.
Wanda shakes her head. "When we had gotten there, she had just turned nineteen. She was already stronger than the average human, but we never truly saw what she could do. She was different." She finally looks up, expression sad. "HYDRA was not all that we thought it would be, but by then there was no turning back. We'd seen Y/N around base, but she was always so stoic and never spoke to anyone. But when we had one on one time with her and the guards would leave us under her care, it was like a switch had flipped within her. She was so much lighter and she spoke to us like we had been friends since we were children."
"Why didn't we find her the first time we met you and your brother?" Tony then asks.
"She had been gone for weeks by then. They told us she was killed on a mission they sent her on, and that me and Pietro were going to be the new fists of HYDRA."
"The last video was stamped a week ago," Bucky says. "HYDRA lied."
Sam huffs. "Of course they did."
"They must have seen you, your brother, and Y/N getting friendly. They couldn't have their best weapons socializing and turning against them," Bucky says.
Clint sighs. "So what's the plan?"
"We get her back," Wanda says, leaving no room for Tony or Steve to say otherwise. "She was forcefully taken, unlike Pietro and I. She does not belong with them."
"It's been years, Wanda," Natasha says softly. "She might not be the same girl you knew."
"But what if she is? She is the only family I have left."
For a long moment no one says anything, so Tony takes it upon himself. "Then we look for her, but you're responsible for getting through to her. She'll only know you, not us."
Steve and Tony talk a bit more about being prepared for when FRIDAY tracks down their target, and then everyone is being dismissed.
Wanda takes a moment, letting everyone get up and walk out first, when Clint walks up behind her chair. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he leans down some to say, "Y/N is not your only family, kid. We're your family too." Wanda's heart cracks just a little and she reaches up to cover Clint's hand with her own to let him know she understands. "Just keep that in mind in case we don't find Y/N or she's no longer who she used to be."
Wanda gulps and then nods. "I will."
Tumblr media
Working for HYDRA has been absolute hell. Ever since you had been taken as a little girl you were hell-bent on getting out of there which meant doing anything and everything to be in their good graces. Obviously you didn't learn to do so until you were sixteen and had most of your emotions under control.
They experimented and tortured and even tried their mind wipes like they did on their beloved Winter Soldier, but surprisingly your mind was never empty like they hoped to be. Of course, though, you kept that little detail to yourself wipe after wipe. But after everything that went on while you were in their grasp and after whatever they turned you into, you realized you couldn't quite leave and turn yourself loose on the public while you had no control over what you could do.
So you stayed and obeyed like a good little soldier, and attempted to train their new little puppets. Only being left alone with Wanda and Pietro became the one thing you started looking forward to up until they told you the twins didn't survive one of the trials. You had been heartbroken and devastated, but you couldn't let them see. So you nodded, let them move you to another facility and began anew.
You lost yourself within HYDRA, honing your skills and becoming someone even the other soldiers started to become wary of. The mind wipes became less and less the more obedient you became, but then they had a new mission for you- a mission which made your loathing for them hit an all time high.
You've been sitting in solitary for weeks now, biding your time until you could break free and get the hell out of dodge. All morning you've been antsy and it only becomes worse when you can feel the tension mounting all around you.
The door opens and you immediately snap to attention, but the guard that comes in does not have a lunch tray in his hands. Instead, he has a uniform which he readily tosses at you. "Get dressed. You've got a mission."
You quietly snarl at the guard after catching your suit and his hand immediately goes to the electrical prod at his side. "Careful," you drawl. "You wouldn't want your superiors to find out you injured their most prized possession."
His right eye twitches and he lets his hand fall limp. "The clock's ticking on your life, bitch, and when it's up I'll happily put you down."
"We'll just see about that."
The guard turns around and stomps away so he's standing just outside your door, and you hurriedly strip to get dressed in the apparent new uniform. The material for the pants are thin and fit like a glove, but you've worn these before and you know they're impenetrable to blades. Your boots are standard issued, but the long sleeve shirt- the shirt gives you pause because of the padding that's been added to it.
Once you're dressed and your hair has been tied up, you march up behind the soldier and readily clasp your hands behind your back to await orders.
Emotionless mask in place, you're led out and about the base. Everyone seems to be in a tizzy and the smell of gunpowder and blood is thick in the air. You can hear the gunshots and shouting from behind closed doors several rooms away, and you're not surprised that that's exactly where you're led.
The General meets you outside one room in particular and he dismisses your guard with a wave of his hand. You bite your tongue to keep from smiling at the fact the guard grumbles at being dismissed so easily.
"Ah my dear Y/N," the General coos. "Come. We've got several mice trapped and we need you to rid us of them once and for all." You blankly blink at him, nodding once to let him know you understand your mission.
The second he turns around to enter the code for the room, your shoulders drop just a bit and you attempt to put yourself in the mindset of fighting once again. The door slides open and you follow like an obedient little soldier, only to stop short at the sight of the assembled heroes standing on the opposite end of the room. One in particular stands out, her scent hitting you like a freight train and you have to try your hardest not to show an inkling of knowledge about who she is.
You stand next to, but an inch or so behind, the General's left side with your hands still clasped behind your back and feet shoulder width apart as you stare straight ahead. You're trying your damnedest to focus on the red, white, and blue shield Captain America is holding out before him, and not show any recognition for Wanda who is desperately calling out to you in hopes of recognizing her.
You block out what the General is saying, no doubt gloating about your skills, and zone back in just as he gives what he thinks is a command you're programmed to obey. With your right foot planted, you take a step back with a left and flick your wrists out at your sides so claws unsheathe themselves. You can hear several heartbeats pick up speed and you finally meet Wanda's gaze. She seems to still as you offer her the faintest of grins and send her a wink, only to twist on your right foot a moment later and send your clawed left hand into the throat of the General.
The Avengers all tense and prepare for a battle as the General gurgles on his own blood, and you lean in close to his ear so you can say, "Your first mistake was taking me from my family when I was just a little girl." He tries to pull your hand from his throat, but he is no match for your strength. Growling, you squeeze your hand that's still embedded in his throat. "And your last mistake was reintroducing me to Wanda, and giving me hope." Just as the alarms start to blare, you rip the General's throat out and let his limp body fall.
You glance up, smirking at Wanda and her wide-eyed expression. "Hello, little Maximoff." You flick your hand free of some of the blood and then smile at her companions. "Avengers." You nod at them in greeting.
"You remember."
You blink at her, not bothering to answer the obvious. Instead, you can hear walkie talkies going haywire outside the room and you turn around to glance up at the windows where you know others are watching. You mockingly wave at them with your bloodied hand and start pacing in the middle of the room, putting Wanda and the Avengers at your back. Looking up at the window, you let your smirk drop into a scowl. "You think you can take me from my family, torture and brainwash me, and then sic me on the only other family I've ever known?" You yell, seething. Cracking your neck, you let your rage take over and feel the bones shift uncomfortably in your face. Even your eyes burn and you know they're flaring an electric blue. "You're fools for thinking you could control me."
You feel a soft pressure on your wrist and immediately turn to growl at the person who dares touch you, but you lower your head in shame when you see it's just Wanda. She softly gasps and you try to turn away. "What did they do to you?" She asks as she gently grasps you by the chin to make you face her once more.
"What they do best?" You mumble, sharp teeth catching on your bottom lip. "They turned me into a monster."
Wanda's voice catches in her throat, but before she can say anything you're facing the door and stepping in front of her to shield her. Seven soldiers rush in, electrical prods gripped tight in hand.
"Why don't they have any guns?" You hear one of the Avengers ask.
"They must want her alive," someone else answers.
"If you don't stand down, we're going to have to resort to drastic measures," one HYDRA agent says.
"Then resort to them," you growl, "because now that I know Wanda is alive you're gonna have to kill one of us just to separate us again."
Wanda steps up next to you then, hands slowly rotating at the wrists as red energy floats around them. "And trust me, I am not so easily killed."
You can sense the Avengers all stepping into line behind you, but you don't bother looking at them. Instead, you focus on the threat in front of you and the fact they have more people gathering outside once the first line falls. Then from one second to the next, there's a silent command that sends the HYDRA agents into fight mode.
You break off from Wanda, drawing a few agents towards you. Your fighting skills come into play and it's easy for you to either block or withstand the shock of the electrical prods. However, the agents are not so lucky since you're going in for the kill. If you're not kicking in knees and snapping necks, your claws and teeth are digging into throats and ripping out flesh. You're roaring and snarling, and scaring most of the agents you come into contact with, but there are a select few which are all too happy to disobey orders and engage you in physical combat.
You take quite a few hits to the face and sides, and for a moment you're worried, but you have to push through and worry later.
You're not sure how long the fight lasts, but all you know is hat the last agent you claw until he's gurgling on his own blood is the last one to go down. Panting and heaving, electric blue eyes scan the room. All the Avengers are still standing, most of them don't even look like they participated in the fight, but all are watching you with wary eyes.
Wanda steps in your direction and you growl, but then stop the moment her hands go up to show you she means no harm. "It's over," she tells you, her accent heavy and reminding you of so long ago when you first took her under your wing. "If you want to leave, you need to calm down. My team has no idea who you are and you being so hostile makes them nervous."
"Team?" The word rumbles through your throat as your gaze jumps from person to person. "But where's Pietro?"
When your gaze lands back on Wanda, she's smiling softly. But that smile soon wobbles as she shakes her head. "He died a while back. I'm sorry."
You shake your head as you take a step back and Wanda quickly closes the distance between the two of you. She wraps her arms around until you lower your head to her shoulder and you sniffle quietly. "I'm sorry."
"It's okay. He died a hero," she says. "We saw the error of our ways and the Avengers took us in." You finally allow yourself to wrap your arms around her, breathing her in and calming your rage. When you feel yourself sag against her, you finally pick up your head and smile as she runs a finger down the bridge of your nose. "There you are."
"For you having to see me that way. I didn't even know you were alive and then they just told me to dress and take care of a mice problem they had. I didn't know it was the Avengers."
"It's okay," Wanda assures you. "You did the right thing."
"Um, I hate to break up this crazy reunion, but we need to go."
You glance at the man with wings and nod. "That would be a good idea. They'll send more soldiers soon."
Captain America glances at Wanda. "Get her to the quinjet. We're gonna do a sweep of the base before bringing it down."
Wanda gives him a nod and then she's urging you to follow her. You follow her through the winding hallways and an elevator ride up to the surface, and you huff a quiet laugh when you see the destruction left in the Avengers' wake. Off in the distance there's a jet and Wanda wastes no time in leading you up the ramp, and onto a seat.
"Just wait right here." She rushes towards a door and you're surprised a small bathroom sits behind it. She grabs what appears to be a hand towel from inside and then walks over behind the cockpit of the jet, grabbing a bottle of water from inside a bench seat. Then walking back over to you, she gestures to your face. "You've got a lot of blood."
"Oh." You take the towel and water, and quickly wet the towel to start wiping off your face and hands. There's nothing you can do for your clothes, so you leave them be.
As you wait for the others to return, you fidget in your seat and exhale softly as you catch Wanda's gaze. "What made you guys hit this specific base?" You wonder. "They're usually very careful about the comings and goings so they didn't attract the wrath of the Winter Soldier."
Wanda smiles and takes a seat across from you. "Bucky has been going on a world tour of tearing down HYDRA bases in his free time. We think HYDRA got tired of it and wanted to lure us into a trap, so they sent us a video of you."
You frown. "Why me? And what video?"
"They wanted me to rush in and not be at one hundred percent, hoping I'd make a mistake," she says. "Bucky and Natasha believe HYDRA saw us getting close, so they separated us and told us the other had died so we'd follow them faithfully. And when they sent that video, I was stunned. I wanted to rush in and bring you home, but the team made me take a beat." Having stood up halfway through her explanation, Wanda had retrieved a tablet and tapped away at it. Handing it to you, you find a paused video on screen.
Pressing play, you watch yourself be tortured and experimented on, and taught to kill. You wrinkle your nose at how young you were and how sickly you were at one point until they found a method that took and made you what you currently are. You're so caught up in the video that you aren't paying attention to your surroundings and are surprised to see the Avengers walking up the ramp.
"Done already?" Wanda asks.
"All we have to do is detonate once we're up in the air."
Wanda exhales in relief and you meet the gaze of several Avengers who don't know what to think of you after seeing you rip through the HYDRA soldiers like it was nothing. To break the ice, you say the first thing that pops into your mind. "So that was fun."
Iron Man snorts as he walks on by, heading straight for the cockpit. "Great. Another murder-happy supersoldier."
"Uhh, I'm not a supersoldier," you say. The rest of the team glances at you and you go on to explain. "On the video, you all saw the man bite me. Right?" There are various forms of acknowledgement. "Well that's what turned me into what I am. A bite."
"A bite from what?" Black Widow wonders.
You shrug. "The best I can come up with is a werewolf."
Hawkeye snorts, but at your no nonsense expression he sobers up. "Oh. Uh, those exist?"
"I'm assuming so," you say. "I get extra rage-y during a full moon, so I'll probably have to be chained up when the next one comes around." Wanda looks startled at your confession, but you flash her a small grin. "It's fine. I'm used to it by now."
Everyone takes a moment before either taking a seat or steadying themselves, and then there's lift off. The quinjet rises higher and higher until it hovers mid-air. Captain America walks towards the cock-pit and after giving the all-clear you can hear a distant boom and concrete caving inward.
"Well that's another base down," Captain America says.
Exhaling in relief, you allow your eyes to close and relish the feeling of being free. Your moment of peace, however, is short lived when you feel eyes on you. Opening them, Captain America and the Winter Soldier are sitting across from you now. Wanda has taken the seat next to you and you smile as she lays her head on your shoulder.
"I know you've been through a lot, but we have some things we'd like to discuss," the good Captain says.
You nod. "Ask away."
"They wiped you over and over," the Winter Soldier says matter of factly. "Why didn't it take?"
"I honestly have no idea," you admit. "The first time, it took. I didn't know who I was or where I was."
"How did you break out of it?"
"Something one of the doctors said triggered a memory from when I was younger and it just snowballed from there. I started remembering, but a few months after that I was wiped again. The second time didn't take quite so well, but I still forgot. I just knew there was something missing and slowly but surely it started coming back," you say. "But then after I was bitten, the mind wipes completely stopped working. It hurt like hell and I learned to fake it until I could find a way out of there."
"We didn't find much on you," the Winter Soldier says. "Their computers were already self-destructing, but we did manage to find a book where they wrote down your trigger words. You don't mind if we say them to make sure you're telling the truth?"
Wanda's head immediately snaps up, no doubt ready to tell them to back off, and you grin at her protectiveness. "It's fine." She then turns to look at you in shock and you wave her off. "Honestly, it's fine. They don't work. I should seriously win an Oscar for best actress."
Hawkeye and the Black Widow stand on either side of Captain America and the Winter Soldier, and he slowly reads the words aloud after opening the book. "Blue. Full moon. Bitten. Beta. Wolf. Red."
Everyone seems to hold their breath and the corner of your lips quirk into a grin. "Still doubting me?"
Captain America huffs. "That's unbelievable."
"You've fought aliens and Asgardian princes, Captain. My broken mind should be the least unbelievable thing."
"Steve. My name's Steve," he says. "And you're not broken." Your grin falters as you blink at him in surprise. "And this is Bucky." The Winter Soldier nods at you and you return the sentiment.
"Clint," Hawkeye says.
"And I'm Tony Stark, but I'm sure you knew that."
"Uh, sure," you slowly muse. When he squawks and turns around his seat, you huff a small laugh. "Of course I know who you are. I know who you all are thanks to HYDRA and their obsession with you. I just wasn't privy to the fact that Wanda was part of the team until now."
They take your word for it and now that with the knowledge that the trigger words do nothing to you, it seems to bring some ease to the group and everyone finally settles in. According to Wanda the jet ride is going to take a bit so you might as well make yourself comfortable.
About twenty minutes into the ride, you shift uncomfortably in your seat. You chalk it up to the fact the seats aren't really that comfortable to begin with, but when you move to stretch your back a little you feel a pang just to the right side of your abdomen. The pain causes you to still and when it lingers you close your eyes to concentrate on your hearing. Unfortunately, the roar of the jet's engines prevents you from hearing anything.
You abruptly stand up which causes every gaze to snap to you, but you pay them no mind. You feel a cramp suddenly take hold on your lower abdomen and you bend at the waist, breathing through it.
"Y/N?" Wanda calls out.
"Something's wrong." With those two words, you feel the tension in the jet amp up. Your hand goes to your side, rubbing there and then following towards the cramp in your lower abdomen. "Something's really wrong."
"What's going on?" She asks.
You whirl around, eyes burning and you don't even care that they're flaring blue at your friend. "Your magic. Can you feel things with it? Or people. Anything?" You ask in a rush.
"I- I don't know what you-"
"Can you feel someone's conscious or whatever! I need- I just-"
"Okay. Okay," she slowly stands up. "I can. Now tell me what's wrong."
You immediately grab her right hand and set it against your abdomen. "Tell me if you can feel anything." Your eyes burn again, this time with unshed tears. "I can't listen for a heartbeat over the jet's engine."
As your words sink in, Wanda's eyes widen. "You're pregnant."
"Holy shit," you hear someone mutter behind you.
"It hurts." You finally allow the tears to fall. "It's not supposed to hurt."
"How- how far along?"
"Three and a half months. Please, Wanda, I can't-"
Without further prompting, Wanda's eyes glow red. You glance down and see her hand glow red as well, her magic then slowly encircling your abdomen. After what feels like an eternity, she slowly smiles. "There it is." Her gaze darts up to you and the red fades away. "I can feel him. Or her."
You choke back a sob, your hand flying to your mouth to muffle it. Wanda immediately embraces you and you sink into the comfort she's offering you. Then after a moment there's a hand on your shoulder that doesn't belong to Wanda and you lift your head up to see Sam.
"Hey girl, mind if I check you out? You fought awfully hard back at the base and given your condition I'd be more at ease if I knew everything was good."
Your brow furrows. "You're a doctor?"
"No, but I've got some training bandaging people up for the real docs. The most I can do for you right now is check for tender spots so I can report back to the doctor at the compound and insert an IV."
You look to Wanda for her opinion and she nods to let you know it's okay. Then looking back at Sam, you nod. "Okay."
Clint immediately pulls down a cot from where it was folded against the quinjet wall and Sam gestures for you to lay down. He instructs you to lift your shirt and you do so, lifting it until it's bunched beneath your bust. "Okay so I already see some bruising."
His fingertips touch the side of your abdomen and you automatically growl. He freezes and you wince. "Sorry. Instincts."
He chuckles. "It's okay. Given what you apparently are and the circumstances, that's to be expected. Am I good to proceed?"
"Yeah." You inhale shakily. "You're good."
Sam continues his brief examination, pressing here and there around your abdomen for any tender spots. You wince at one particular push and he quietly apologizes. When he's done, he leans back. "You're definitely gonna have to be checked out as soon as we get to the compound."
"But I'd like to get an IV started if that's okay. With you being pregnant and under HYDRA's care, I rather get some fluids in you that I know haven't been tampered with."
"Yeah. Yeah, that's fine."
You sit up and Wanda walks over to sit next to you on the cot, taking your hand between both of hers to offer you some semblance of comfort. Steve gets up to go speak with Tony and you ignore the quiet conversation they're obviously having about you. You can feel various stares on you, but you keep your gaze dead ahead and manage to keep from fidgeting or lashing out.
You don't know when, but you end up dozing off against Wanda. Then the next time you're conscious, you're being gently shaken awake and you watch as everyone starts to disembark the jet.
"We're home," Wanda murmurs. "Are you ready for this?"
Slightly stretching, you're apprehensive about any sort of pain flaring but it never comes. You're thankful for it and then stand up to walk side-by-side with Wanda. Arm hooked through hers, you follow her off the jet and into the sleekest building you've ever laid eyes on. Sam is waiting for you, alongside a woman who smiles kindly at you. She introduces herself as Doctor Cho and you readily follow after her.
The labs make you apprehensive, but Wanda and Sam assure you everything is fine. Doctor Cho has you change into an unflattering medical gown and she talks through everything right before she does it so you're not caught off guard. All in all, being poked and prodded by this woman is a lot more pleasant than when HYDRA's doctors did it.
After a while, Doctor Cho comes back with a tablet in hand. You can see she wants to ask for privacy, but you immediately let her know that you're okay with Wanda and Sam hearing everything. Since you're staying wherever Wanda is, it's only fair the others know what's going on with you so there are no secrets.
Smiling, Doctor Cho glances at the tablet before looking up at you. "So everything seems to be completely normal," she says. Sam and Wanda exhale in relief. "Sam mentioned some bruising around your abdomen when he first walked in, but there is no sign of any bruising whatsoever. You and the baby seem one hundred percent healthy given everything you've through."
"I heal fast," you quietly admit. "I'm not sure why it took so long for me to feel the pain, but I panicked because of the baby and I wasn't thinking straight back on the jet."
"As an expecting mother, it's normal to panic. I had first hand experience with Mr. Stark's wife a few years back. Panicking is normal, but you just have to remember to breathe and take it one step at a time."
"Easier said than done," you mumble.
Doctor Cho chuckles. "Well for the next few weeks, I want you to take it easy. I'm not putting you on bed rest because of your accelerated healing, but I don't want you doing any strenuous activity."
"Don't worry," Wanda muses. "I'll make sure her butt is planted on the sofa at all times."
"Well okay then," Doctor Cho says. "I have some clothes for you if you want so you don't have to get back into that suit."
"I'd like that. Thank you."
"And if you're up for it, I'd like to see you again next week so we can make sure you and baby are still heading on the right track. I'll even order in some prenatal vitamins and a few others that you're lacking."
You nod. "Okay. That sounds good."
Tumblr media
Reconnecting with Wanda had been easy. You were happy that she and Pietro got away from HYDRA when they did, even if Pietro didn't get to enjoy his freedom, and she was sad that you had been under HYDRA's thumb this entire time. But a little wine (for Wanda) and a lot of grape juice (for you), and the two of you were chatting like you hadn't missed any time at all.
After that, settling in at the Avengers' compound was a lot easier than you anticipated. Everyone, with the exception of Tony and Clint, lived just behind the compound in a new building that had been erected not too long ago and it was a lot more homely than you were expecting. You had moved in with Wanda for the meantime, keeping to her quarters so as to not step on any toes. But on the rare chance you decided to stretch your legs, you were surprised that the others would cordially start a conversation with you to see how you were doing.
Then after several visits with Doctor Cho where she continued to tell you that you and baby were doing extremely well, Wanda decided to have a family dinner in celebration.
"So who's all going to be here again?" You ask, already looking through the refrigerator.
"Just the usual," Wanda tells you. "I didn't want Clint and Tony to have to drag their families out here, but they do check in every now and then. They're happy you're settling in."
You snort, shutting the refrigerator door and standing straight. "Are you sure that's it and it's not because I haven't ravaged anyone to death?"
"I'm only joking." You grin. "Now can you please contact the others and tell them to hurry up? I'm starving!"
Grinning, Wanda takes her phone in hand and starts tapping away. She chuckles at something on her screen a few moments later, but before you can ask what's so funny you hear several individuals approaching. The aroma of the food hits you next and your mouth immediately starts watering. Steve, Bucky, Natasha, and Sam walk in- each and every one of them carrying various bags of takeout.
"Hey Y/N, think you got a little drool there," Sam says, gesturing to the corner of his mouth.
And without missing a beat, you say, "Not only am I a pregnant woman, Samuel, but I'm a pregnant wolf. I will eat you if you don't stop teasing me."
Sam gasps in offence as everyone else chuckles, and then they're setting the food down on the table to start unloading it as Wanda asks you to help her with utensils and drinks. But the second you turn back towards the table and see all the food laid out, you pause and take it all in. And then promptly burst into tears.
Everyone seems startled, but you're quick to get yourself under control. Sniffling and then wiping the tears away, you say, "I'm sorry. It's just that there's so much food!"
Steve is the first to chuckle. "You're crying because there's a lot of food?"
"Well yeah. You brought all this food and you're not expecting anything from me." Steve's smile instantly vanishes. "HYDRA would offer me nice things, but it always came at a price."
Sam whistles lowly. "Well that just took a turn for the depressing." A beat passes and then, "Come on, little momma. Come grab some grub."
Wanda smiles kindly at you and you finish making your way to the table. You end up with her at your side and Bucky across from you, and a table full of food laid out in front of you. Then the second Natasha reaches for pan fried dumplings, you reach for one of the largest burgers you've ever seen and a whole tray of fries. You groan at the first taste and proceed to finish it off in five more bites. You eat some fries and then stare at the remaining burgers with longing.
"Go ahead," Natasha tells you. "We have more than enough."
You sheepishly grin in her direction and grab another hamburger, devouring it without a care in the world.
But then when you eye the sushi and reach for it, you gasp when the chopsticks in Bucky's hand whack the back of your hand. "No. Raw fish is bad for pregnant women."
A growl unconsciously slips free and the whole table freezes. But then the situation you're in sinks in and you roll your eyes as you pull your hand back into your lap. "Then just say so, Barnes. Don't whack me. I'm not a damn dog." You're scowling at him, but then your words sink in when you see the corner of his lips twitch. "Oh shut up."
The whole table laughs and you shake your head, grinning as you then reach for a container of Chinese noodles that smell absolutely divine.
Later, stuffed full and laying across a sofa, the whole lot of you are relaxing as the TV plays some random TV show Sam had put on. A commercial comes on for pampers and you groan. "I am not looking forward to diaper duty."
Wanda chuckles, but it's Natasha who asks, "So you plan on keeping the baby?" You startle at the question, glancing over at her. "I mean everyone just kind of figured you wouldn't want to given the circumstances of when and where you became pregnant, so-"
"No, I get it," you tell her. "When HYDRA first told me the plan of birthing them a soldier, I kind of lost it. I pretty much went feral at the idea of forcefully having a baby." Gulping, you quickly sit up to explain all that went down. "They wanted to breed me," you sneer, "and they had to sedate me for their chosen soldier to just enter the same room." Immediately your nose tingles, everyone's anger wafting off of them in waves. "Unfortunately for them, they forgot to take into account that my metabolism burned through everything ten times faster than a normal human and I came to just as my pants were being unbuttoned. The guy barely had time to smirk before I ripped his throat out. With my teeth."
The men all stare at you in various stages of shock, but Wanda and Natasha both smirk. "Atta girl," the redheaded assassin muses.
"Killing their top candidate was a big upset, so they attempted to wipe me again," you say with a shrug. "But when the higher-ups got wind of an unscheduled wipe, they came down to see what that was all about. Needless to say, they were not impressed with their Doc's breeding tactics. Doc One took a bullet between the eyes and they brought in Doc Two who was a big fan of artificial insemination." Everyone winces. "Pregnancies one and two didn't stick, so they tried pregnancy three with a sample they had in the freezer. I don't know who the father is, but HYDRA was really ecstatic when month three came along and the two of us were still in good health."
"And you're okay with keeping this baby?" Wanda softly asks.
"I kind of have to be. This baby," you say while gently touching your abdomen, "is half me and half someone else who I'm pretty sure is enhanced. Even if I thought adoption was an option, I don't think I could live with myself knowing a piece of me was somewhere out there."
Everyone takes a moment after your story sinks in, thinking about all that you've been while in HYDRA's control. Afterwards, Steve clears his throat. "So before anyone goes overboard with baby stuff, we're gonna have to put you in your own apartment." He smiles when he notices he catches you off guard with that. "No need to overflow Wanda's apartment with baby things when we have plenty of room to spread out still."
"A-Are you sure?" You ask. "I was ready to start looking elsewhere for a place to live, but-"
"No. HYDRA will be on the lookout for you and that baby," Wanda says. "You're staying here where they won't dare to infiltrate."
You glance at each present Avenger, taking in their pleasant expressions and sniffing them out for any hints of deceit. Finding none, you allow yourself to relax and grin. "Okay then. We'll stay here."
Tumblr media
Cohabitating with the Avengers is nothing like you expected. Everyone's guard is down while at home and everyone likes spending time together in the communal spaces when there's not a mission for them to be worrying about. Sam especially gets a kick out of seeing how your appetite holds up against the two supersoldiers and he's impressed that you can eat the same amount or sometimes more.
And when the full moon is less than a week away, it's not just you who's worried about it.
Tony flies in when they notice you're quick to anger and they quickly clean out the hulk proof room that hasn't been used in quite some time. Steve and Wanda take charge, asking what would make you most comfortable, and you admit that anything with your scent on it will do. But what catches everyone off guard is that you sheepishly request something with their scent on it as well and you have to embarrassingly admit that it's a werewolf thing. With you spending so much time with them, you've kind of latched on and your wolf considers them yours.
Everyone is game to get you whatever you need and within half an hour they've got your bed set up in the room, and blankets and pillows from those you'd been living with these past couple of weeks. Everyone takes care to not annoy you the couple days leading up to the full moon, and then you're encouraged to go ahead and settle in the room the day you snarl at Tony for making a puppy joke.
Wanda sits in an armchair in the room as you sit against your headboard, talking about anything and everything as you practice some of Bruce's meditation tips. The door to the room is open for now, and every now and then you can hear someone pass by to quietly check in.
No one needs to tell you when the moon's reached its apex because you can feel the change within you. Your breathing becomes a little heavier and your fidgeting is no doubt more apparent. Sweat starts to bead along your hairline and you curl your fingers inward so as to not shred any of your bedding when you feel your claws suddenly elongate.
"Wanda." You inhale deeply and slowly release it. "I think it's time you go."
You hear the armchair creak under Wanda's weight. "What? I can-"
"Go." You exhale deeply once more, slowly glancing up and eyes burning blue. "You need to go."
A growl slips free and then Steve's immediately in the doorway. "Wanda, come on."
Your gaze stays glued to Wanda as she cautiously stands and she smartly walks backwards to the door rather than giving you her back. And the second the door slides shut, you're leaping out of bed and pacing the entirety of the room. Your agitation ends up getting the best of you and you end up ripping your shirt off, thankful that you had been talked into wearing a sports bra underneath.
The walls are opaque, but the second a voice comes over an intercom you're whirling around to glare at the exact spot where everyone is congregated around screens and keeping watch over you. "Y/N, you need to calm down. Your heartbeat is way too fast."
You snarl and a fist flies towards the wall. There's a loud thump, but they put you in a hulk-proof room for a reason. No matter how much strength you have, you won't make a single crack in the glass.
As you pace all around the room, you growl and roar out your agitation.
Fortunately for you, you have a fair amount of control and you never resort to harming yourself. You do, however, tire of pacing and your bed looks all too welcoming. So once you deem it safe enough to let your guard down, you crawl into bed and surround yourself with the various pillows and blankets of your pack.
Tumblr media
The following morning when you wake up, Doctor Cho whisks you away for an evaluation to make sure the full moon didn't affect the baby. And once you're given the all clear, Wanda and Sam lure you into the kitchen with a promise of a hearty breakfast.
You're more tired than usual, but you manage to perch on one of the bar stools at the kitchen island, setting your elbow on the island top and setting your chin in the palm of your hand. Wanda starts to slice up some avocados when you notice there's an itch under your skin that's telling you you need to do something, but you aren't sure what. The feeling amps up as the time ticks on by, but before you can get up and start pacing in agitation there's an arm draping around your shoulders.
The familiar scent of Steve overwhelms you and you feel yourself automatically lean towards him. He chuckles. "How are you feeling?"
"Like I wanna snuggle the hell out of you," you mumble. Leaning away from him, you turn on your stool and part your knees, pulling Steve as close to you as possible. "Seriously, just hug me. I need to scent everyone again."
Sam snorts from his spot at the stove and Steve happily obliges you. Your arms wrap around his waist and you lay the side of your face against Steve's chest, a happy rumble slipping free as Steve embraces you back. "I don't know why you're laughing, Wilson. I'm cuddling all of you."
After about five minutes, you let Steve go and you readily drag Wanda into his vacant spot. She laughs, but hugs you back the moment your arms go around her. You shove your face into the side of her neck and you can't resist rubbing your cheek along her shoulders.
Sam ends up getting the same exact treatment right before breakfast is served up and since Natasha isn't really a hugger, she does sit next to you and allows you to at least drape one of your legs over hers underneath the table.
Afterwards, instead of heading back towards the apartment you share with Wanda, you eye Bucky who's sitting on the couch with a book in his right hand. And though he's been perfectly cordial with you since you've been brought in, you knew better than to just approach him out of the blue like you can with Wanda, Sam, and Steve.
Steve chuckles as he sees your hesitance, but he offers you no help in broaching the cuddling topic with his best friend. However, just as you enter Bucky's peripheral, he readily lifts his left arm that had been resting on the armrest. You sigh in relief and crawl in Bucky's lap, sitting sideways and laying your head on his shoulder. His metal arm curls around your back and his hand which he's holding the book settles down atop your knees.
You soak in Bucky's warmth and scent, and before you know it your eyelids get heavier and heavier.
The click of a phone's camera sounds and Bucky glances up to see Wanda pointing her phone at him. "What?" She feigns innocence. "It's adorable."
"She's exhausted," he says. "I'd fall asleep anywhere too if I had to go through what she did."
"I can take her if you want," Wanda says. "Float her on back to our apartment."
"No. It's fine," he's quick to assure her. "I wasn't planning on moving anytime soon anyway."
Wanda nods, hiding her grin as she walks towards the elevator where Steve and Sam are already waiting. Getting in, all three individuals smirk at Bucky cradling a sleeping pregnant werewolf in his lap.
"If she names that pup after Barnes, I'm throwing hands," Sam says.
Wanda laughs. "I don't think she's thinking about naming her child after a man she's only known for a couple of weeks, Sam."
"Well some would think that one would not sleep in the lap of someone they've only known for a couple of weeks, but here we are," Steve then says. "Unless it's a werewolf thing."
Wanda, Steve, and Sam take a moment to think about it before Sam says, "I got twenty that says those two end up hooking up before the baby bump makes itself known."
"What? No way." Wanda shakes her head. "I have twenty that says she's just extra cuddly because she's hormonal and just came down from the full moon."
"Guys," Steve admonishes them. A moment later, he grins. "Twenty says a real attraction grows and those two end up together."
"You're on, Rogers."
Author's Note: So you guys wanna give me baby name suggestions? And gender suggestions?
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sam-wilsonnn · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
(don't judge my sucky banner, i'm definitely not a graphic designer lol)
i haven’t done one of these in a long time but i thought it was as good a milestone as ever to do another one ☺️ this one is going to run from today through the 21st!
here’s the fun we’ll be having...
💋: kiss, marry, kill
🥰: send me a pairing and i’ll tell you whether or not i ship it
📚: give me a fic title and a character and i’ll write a description
📝: i’ll write you a drabble/one-shot (please choose from this prompt list)
👑: i’ll write some headcanons
👩‍❤️‍👨: i’ll write you a ship
🔥: send me a character/celebrity and let’s thirst
😃: ask me anything
who i write for:
marvel: steve rogers, bucky barnes, sam wilson, (i'm also a big fan of writing platonic badass girl duo fics and there's such a lack of them so feel free to request those with either natasha romanoff or peggy carter!)
star wars: poe dameron, din djarin
narcos: javier peña
i don’t write:
smut (i’ll allude and love a good heated make out session, but pg-13 is where it ends ✋🏻)
dub-con/non-con, incest, rape, basically just don’t be bringing anything nasty into the building
please specify if you’d like your request to be female or gender neutral 😊
tagging some of my lovely mutuals: @peterssweetpea @sventeen-daybreak @edencherries @buckverse
@dark--saber @isvvc-pvscvl @capitansamwilson @simplybarnes @damerondala
@pedropcl @boxdyeblonde @groguscookies @prettyinpymtech @agentsimmonsfitz
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Mission of Mercy: Twenty-Two
You sat on the floor, leaning on your legs and stretching, thinking. You knew better than anyone that you weren’t infallible. You got things wrong all the time. Your own feelings influence your perceptions. And it takes a concerted effort to make sure that you keep things separate in your head. 
But that doesn’t change the fact that Bucky has been oddly distant. Not “It’s a bad day I need space” distant. But… something else. And you didn’t think you were wrong. People had been giving you looks when Bucky sat away from you. And when he can to breakfast before you and left before you came down. 
It hurt. But then… He was entitled to be done if he was done. You just wished he would have said something to you about it. 
“Penny for your thoughts?” 
You smile a little when Nat sprawled out across from you. She radiated concern. And irritation, though with you or Bucky, you weren’t sure. “Thoughts about what?”
She gave you a look and you sighed. “I don’t know what’s going through Bucky’s head,” you say honestly. “He’s been staying… away, mostly. At least when I’m awake.”
Natasha frowned, “Why?”
A shrug is the only answer you can really give her. “Someone else? He’s bored with things and doesn’t know how to tell me? He’s afraid I’m messing with his head and he wants to see if he feels the same when I’m not talking? Maybe I am messing with his head without thinking about it and-”
“Y/N,” Natasha said cutting you off before you could twist yourself up in knots. “It can’t be that. Any of that.”
“Well, he won’t talk to me so,” you shrug again, “I don’t really have a way to check.”
“I don’t know!” you snap. And Natasha would like to snap back, but she doesn’t miss the tears welling up when you look up towards the ceiling and take a deep breath. Trying to find calm you don’t feel. So she pulls you against her chest quickly, resting her cheek on your hair. She’d like to tell you it will be okay. She’s like to give you all the empty platitudes girls tell each other to soothe broken hearts and bruised egos.  But she doesn’t. Because she’s learned better than to lie. 
Bucky poured over the files that Okoye had sent. It was thick. Okoye was good. Better than SHEILD. She’d picked up your trail and found everything you’d done, legal and illegal, to not only find your brother, but get him back. And Keep him.
“Jesus Christ,” he breathed, scrubbing his hands through his hair. 
His chest hurt. For years, you’d been keeping SHEILD off his trail. Redirecting. Even derailing people that were looking for him. Things that could create… problems if anyone found out. 
And he realized he was in over his head. He never expected you to have a REASON to keep something like this from him. And he never expected that Clay really would be alive. And that he would know where to go to find him. 
“I need your help.”
Steve and Sam both turned to look at him. Sam was glaring and Steve just looked confused. And not for the first time, Bucky wanted to know what it was like to be you. To have that extra perception of what was going on around you. To know how to read a room like that.”
Sam opened his mouth to say something but a quick look from Steve made him shut his mouth with a snap. 
“With what, Buck?” Steve asked quietly.
Bucky took a deep breath and outlined everything. Snooping in your office for present ideas. The invitation to your class reunion. Finding the button. Reading the Journals… Telling them that he reached out to some contacts, careful to leave Wakanda and Okoye out of it. And hopefully out of the fall out. And the things that he’d found. 
Clay. Getting recruited by some black ops orgs after he was good. Really good. At doing what he was told. Doing spook shit. Things that were probably war crimes. Things that he was told were for the greater good and doing them to be the hero his dad had been. A mission gone wrong. Falling into someone else’s hands and spending years as a lab rat. You joining SHEILD to find him. And using all your training and all your intel to make it happen. And when you did, the compound you’d destroyed on the way out. The fact that SHEILD had even gone to investigate that occurrence. And found nothing to indicate you were ever there. And Clay. Hidden away someplace where you thought no one would ever look.
Steve listened to everything, watching Bucky carefully. And Sam looked like he was still furious but less likely to hit him. 
“So,” Steve said slowly, “You’ve been avoiding Y/N so she didn’t catch on that you know?”
Bucky nodded slowly, “I figured if she worked that hard to keep him hidden I figure getting him found would be grounds for her to knock my teeth down my throat.”
Sam exhaled slowly,  “I didn’t think she had it in her.” He shook his head. In his mind, he was picturing how much it must have hurt. Knowing you were hurting other people by letting them believe Clay was dead. 
“So, what do you want us to do?” Steve said. 
“I want to go out there,” he said slowly. 
“You think she won’t know if we pop up over there?” Sam asked. “She kept him hidden from SHEILD. The girl’s got skills. And if she didn’t put up safe guards, who’s to say Clay didn’t? We could be walking into a death trap.”
Bucky nodded, “I know,” he said quietly. “But. If we can clear his name. And bring him home… I just. I just want-”
“You want to make it worth it when she beats the hell out of you?”
And in spite of himself, Bucky smiles a little. “Yeah. I guess so.”
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Hello! My name is B, and I write for marvel!
(well now i do i used to do something else but now i write for marvel)
Please send in requests for drabbles or anything! I don’t do full smut (yet)! I’m more of a fluffy and angsty and semi smutty writer right now.
I currently write for:
Carol Danvers
Natasha Romanoff
Wanda Maximoff
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
Tony Stark
Sam Wilson
Maria Hill
Peter Parker
Darcy Lewis
Monica Rambeau
Daisy Johnson
Jemma Simmons
Grant Ward
Melinda May
more to come?! (and anyone tagged!)
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Can I ask for a Bucky one shot where the reader has been out on a mission with another Avenger and comes back injured and Bucky freaks out about it and it leads to him confessing his feelings? I LOVE your writing!!
I Should’ve Been There
A/N: This request melted my heart. I loved writing this. Concerned Bucky is just so soft and adorable. Thank you so much for the kind words and the request!! I hope you enjoy :)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger! Reader
Warnings: angst/fluff, slight cursing, mentions of injury 
Tumblr media
Natasha wraps her arm around your shoulders, helping you out of the quinjet. Pain shoots up your leg and you wince. 
“How’re you holding in there, Y/N?” she asks. 
“Fine,” you lie through gritted teeth. Getting shot in the leg hurt like a bitch. 
You and Natasha were sent on a mission to retrieve information about a small Hydra base in Russia. What was supposed to be a quick get in, get out situation, turned into an ambush, forcing the both of you to flee. While escaping, you managed to get shot in the leg. Natasha, however, got out unscathed. Just your fucking luck. 
Bucky, Sam, and Steve are waiting for you as you walk out of the quinjet. Bucky is the first to reach your side. 
“What the hell happened, doll?” he asks. 
“Whoa, tinman, why don’t we take it back a notch?” says Sam. 
Bucky looks at Sam, anger evident in his eyes. He turns to look at Natasha next. “What happened?”
Natasha sighs. “We got ambushed and had to flee. It could’ve been worse, Buck. She just needs to be stitched up by Bruce.” 
You lift your head up to look at Bucky. “Yeah, it was a clean shot. Went right through.” 
Bucky’s face softens when he looks at you, but immediately hardens again when he looks back at Natasha. “You should’ve been looking out for her more. How could you have let her get shot?!”
“Excuse me?” Natasha says back, starting to get pissed off. “Did you not hear me the first time? We were ambushed. We both had to run for our lives. I’m sorry that Y/N is capable of taking care of herself and I didn’t have the chance to glance over at her every few seconds!” 
Bucky starts to move towards Natasha. Sam is quick to grab him, while Steve grabs Natasha, who was also moving forward. 
“Fighting isn’t going to help Y/N right now. We need to get her to Bruce, instead of just standing around while she loses blood,” says Steve.
“I second that. Thank you, Steve,” you reply, getting annoyed that you are still standing on your wounded leg. 
Sam releases Bucky. “You need to use that cyborg brain of yours to figure out when to shut the hell up,” he says. 
Bucky grunts, ignoring everyone as he scoops you up bridal style and carries you into the compound, en route to Bruce. 
“Bucky?” you ask. 
“Let’s just get you stitched up, doll.” 
You’re both quiet as he carries you the rest of the way. 
To stitch you up, Bruce gave you a sedative, which is why you’ve been knocked out for the past four hours.  
When you finally come to, you sit up and are surprised to see Bucky seated next to you, fast asleep. 
Deciding to wake him up so he can sleep more comfortably in his bed, you pat his hand, which is placed next to you.
“Buck,” you say. “Hey, Bucky.”
He lifts his head to look at you and starts to stretch. “Mmm, hey, doll. How long have I been out?”
“I’m not sure. I just woke up and noticed you. You should get back to your room, so you can sleep better.”
Bucky shakes his head. “I’m okay. I’d rather stay here with you.” Your heart skips a beat at his confession. “How’re you feeling?” 
“Like I just got shot in the leg,” you joke. Bucky gives you an unamused look. You laugh. “Sorry, okay, I’m feeling a lot better. Still some pain, but it’s bearable. How’re you feeling? You made quite the scene outside.” 
He scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. “I’m sorry about that, doll. I just wasn’t expecting to see you injured. When I noticed you limping, I just kind of lost it.”
You stare at him, thinking to yourself. “Well, you owe Natasha an apology.” 
“Yeah, yeah, I do. I’ll talk to her as soon as you’re up and moving.” 
“Are you just going to stay here until I do?” you ask confused. 
He grabs your hand. “Yeah, I am. I can’t bring myself to go anywhere until I know you’re okay.” 
“Because,” Bucky takes a deep breath, “Because you mean everything to me. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if something happened to you and I wasn’t there. That’s why I lost it when I first saw you. I should’ve been on that mission with you. I could’ve protected you. Then you wouldn’t have a bullet wound in your leg.” 
You’re unsure what his words exactly mean, but your heart starts beating even faster. 
“You don’t know that for sure, Buck. Things happen that are out of our control sometimes,” you say. 
“Maybe you’re right,” he says. He gets up and stands right next to your bed, leaning over so he can place his hand on your cheek. “Next time, I’m going to be with you, so I can protect the most important person in my life.” 
“Me?” you squeak out.
Bucky chuckles and leans in. “Always you, doll. I’ve been in love with you since the moment I met you.” 
Your heart explodes. “It feels so good to hear you say that.”
“Yeah?” he asks. 
“Yeah,” you lean in to meet him halfway, “because I’m in love with you too.” 
As you kiss, unbeknownst to you, Steve, Natasha, and Sam stand outside the room, peeking in through the window. 
“You owe me twenty dollars,” says Sam, sticking his hand out to Steve. 
“You had a bet on this?” Natasha asks, looking between the two incredulously. 
“Yeah, this was bound to happen. Back me up, Steve.”
Steve reaches into his back pocket, pulling out his wallet. “I bet they’d get together by November. Sam beat me to it by a few months.” 
Natasha laughs. “I can’t wait to tell the two of them about this.”
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avengerscompound · 6 days ago
The Tower: Happily Ever After - 3
Tumblr media
The Tower: Happily Ever After An Avengers Fanfic
Series Masterlist | Character Refrence PREVIOUS //
Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)
Word Count: 2053
Warnings:  Pregnancy and minor language on chapter.
Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.
Tumblr media
Chapter 3: Family Dinner
Having the whole family around was always an event, even when you took into account the fact that Pietro and Riley were on Asgard and not able to attend there were a lot of us.  Along with the ten of us, there were our six adult children and a teenage daughter.  Those children had four spouses and five children among them so all up our table was filled with twenty-six people.
Years back Tony had built a custom set of tables that would lower into the floor when not in use so that it could double or triple in length with the flick of a switch.  We still had a couple of personal chefs, but on a day when it was all of us, we’d hire caterers to deal with the main meal and they’d set up a long buffet with an assortment of different styles of dishes that fit everyone's different tastes and dietary requirements.
The kids were all a little confused when they showed up.  We tried to have fairly regular family dinners every month or so, and they would each drop by at any random day of the week.  We were never hardasses about having to show up to dinner unless there was some big news or it was a holiday.  As it wasn’t a holiday, they were assuming there was news.
When we all had our plates of food and were settled, Zak sitting in Sam’s lap, while Billy’s children, four-year-old Piper and two-year-old Flynn were sitting in Bruce’s and Tony’s laps respectively, all the kids turned their attention to Steve.  “Well, dad,” Eddie said.  “I think you’ve all kept us in suspense long enough.  What’s the big news?”
Steve laughed.  “We can’t just be having a nice family meal together?”
“You know we can’t,” Becca said.  “You called us and said we all had to be here.  So spill before you give us all anxiety attacks.”
“Alright, alright,” Steve said, raising his hands in defeat.  “So we do have something.  It’s not bad though.”
“Dad!”  Tommy yelped.  “Seriously!”
Steve laughed again.  “Okay, okay!”  He said, taking way too much joy in their frustration.  “We had a visit from your Aunt Angela.  She is renouncing the throne of Asgard.  As of right now, Riley is considered too young to take the seat, so it’s up to your father Thor to take his place.”
“You’re leaving?”  Tommy asked, turning his attention to Thor.
“Not just me, young one,” Thor answered.
“We’re all going,” I added.
“And by all, that means, all your parents,” Steve continued.  “Marya, Sarah, and Zak, and as many of you that will come with us.”
Rose looked over at her husband - Paul and he furrowed his brow.  “Sorry,” he said.  “What do you mean by ‘you’?”
“You are included,” Steve said.  “As are you, Flynn and Lyra,” he added, turning to Eddie’s two partners.  “And you Teddy,” he finished, nodding to William’s spouse.
“We realize this is a huge decision to make,” Sam said.  “You all have lives here.  Jobs.  Friends.  Family.  If you don’t want to go, we’re not going to force you.  It’s not a case of you never seeing us again.  We will come back regularly.  You’re welcome to visit us too.  Think of it like we were moving to Florida.”
“But,” Steve said.  “We have thought about this a lot.  With the way we age, and all of you do too, we think that the way we’re interacting with the earth is not appropriate.  Your mom is pregnant again, that’s going to make eleven of you.  Yet, before meeting us Thor had never had any children.  It’s like we’re living like people with a life span of 80, but in reality, we’re going to live until we’re five thousand.  We need a new perspective.  We need to slow down and live the lives we have.  And I think Asgard will help with that.”
“And let us not forget,” Thor said.  “You will be royalty on Asgard.  You will not be lacking in comforts or things to do.  If you wish to work, we can find you appropriate labor.  If you wish to serve on the council, it can be arranged.  If you would like to train as the warriors, it is your birthright.  You can become scholars or musicians or any number of things.  Or if you wish to just live a life of leisure, that can be done too.  There are no limits.”
“I’m in,” Becca said quickly as the other kids looked at each other and their partners in shock.
“That was fast,” Tony laughed.
“Well, why not?”  She said.  “I’m already getting the ‘when are you gonna get married and have kids’ questions from my friends.  Besides, I think I’d make a great Valkyrie.”
Thor laughed.  “Aye, that you would, daughter.”
“What would happen to us?”  Teddy asked.  “Wouldn’t it be the opposite problem?  We’d all age out while we watch everyone around us stay the same?”
“That would be up to you, and something you’ll have to talk about with each other,” I said.  “But Pietro was given an apple that grants immortality.  If that’s the path you wanted, you could take it as you are the chosen consorts of royalty.  But you would really have to think about it.”
Teddy leaned in and whispered something to Billy, and Billy nodded and rubbed his back in soothing circles.
“That would already be something you’re all going to have to face though,” Bucky said.  “That was something we dealt with back before we bonded and our lives were pulled into line with Thor’s.  Steve, me, Bruce, Thor, Nat, we all thought we were going to lose the rest.  It was something we’d resigned to.  If that’s not something you’d all already thought about - I don’t mean to be harsh, but you had better start thinking about it.”
Teddy, Lyra, Rory, and Paul all blanched and turned to their partners for comfort.  As they quietly talked Becca turned to Marya.  “You pissed, kiddo?”
Marya shrugged.  “A bit.  I wanted to finish school first.  But they said I’d be doing more school on Asgard anyway.”
“I bet in the end you’ll love it.  Get your own little crew like dad and his warriors three.  Cause trouble with Loki,” Becca said.
“Dad, what’ll happen with SI if I come?”  Eddie asked Tony.
“That’s kind of up to you, kid,” Tony said.  “Since we worked out the whole comms thing with Asgard, you could always run it remotely.  We’d need to refine them though, it’s not perfect.  Neisha could be the face here on Earth while you run it there.  Or we can just hand the reins over to her.  She’s her father’s daughter, I trust her to not run it into the ground.”
Eddie nodded and went back to talking to Lyra and Rory.
A hand slipped into mine under the table and I turned to look at Wanda.
‘I think Paul’s seriously considering saying yes,’ she sent me.
My eyes went wide and I nearly choked on the pasta I’d been eating.  I was positive that they’d want to stay here.  Paul had a pretty big family that he was quite close with.  Our holiday homes were often being borrowed by his brother’s and sisters, and one of his brothers had made himself very comfortable asking to use the private jet too.  We loved how comfortable they were with that.  They were all great people and family was family.
Natasha began smacking me on my back as I choked and I grabbed my glass of water and drank it down quickly.
“If we do come,” Paul said, once I got control over myself.  “We can come back, can’t we?  Visit for holidays?  Or change our mind?”
“Of course,” Steve said.  “As I said, think about it as a move to Florida.  You’ll be able to use the rainbow bridge.  They don’t have Christmas or Thanksgiving on Asgard....”
“We do celebrate Yule,” Thor corrected.
“Right, yes,” Steve said.  “But you get my point.  If you want to come home for holidays you can.  If it’s someone’s birthday too.  If it’s not working out, you’re welcome to return.  And if you need to come home because someone is sick, you can do that too.”
“You don’t have to decide right now,” Clint quickly added.  “We’re going by the end of the month.  If you want to come with us then, that’s fine.  If you need longer to decide - no worries.  It’s not like Asgard is going anywhere.”
“I should hope not,” Thor laughed.
“Look,” Sam said.  “Even if that means fifty years from now, when you’re own kids are grown and having kids of their own, that’s cool.  We’ll be there.  We’re gonna be there for a long, long time.  But…”  He frowned and looked over at Bruce.
“But…” Bruce continued.  “By then you’re going to know what it’s like to see the people you love grow old and die.  I don’t know how many generations this immortality thing will last either.  Maybe your grandkids will get it too and you’ll have to watch the same thing happening to them.  Or maybe not and you’ll watch them growing old too.  I don’t want that for any of you.  We don’t want that for any of you.  I thought… I thought that was going to be me, and then we got the biggest blessing thanks to your dad Thor.  And now we have you guys and we have each other.  But you’re not going to get that if you stay here.  We’re trying to save you from it.”
Tommy let out a breath.  “I’ll come,” he said.  “Who knows, maybe I’ll meet a hot Valkyrie.”
“Yeah right, like any of them would look at you,” Billy teased.
Tommy raised his eyebrow and then pretended to scratch it with his middle finger.  “Dad!”  Billy yelped.  “Do you see what your son is doing?!”
“Alright, settle down,” Steve said in his very best dad voice, making Billy and Tommy break down into peals of laughter.
When the boys stopped laughing, Teddy cleared his throat.  “Will the children be able to attend school on Asgard and what would it be like?”
“Why of course they shall,” Thor said.  “In some ways, it is similar and in others quite different.  They shall learn how to read and write and mathematics.  Science and magic are seen as one on my home planet and they shall learn both and how they each form a side of the same coin.  I am unsure if your children will gain the Allspeak, but regardless they will learn how to speak and write in several other universal dialects.   They shall be taught to fight and ride.  They shall learn the history of not only Asgard but all the nine realms.  Their education will last longer and be much broader than that on Midgard.  They shall do classes in rooms with their peers and a teacher instructing, with private tutors in a place appropriate for the lesson, and in small groups out in nature.”
Teddy nodded and looked at his two little ones sitting in their grandparents’ laps, happily eating from their bowls of fruit or Mac and cheese.
“I think that the rest of you should at least sleep on it,” Natasha said.  “There is a lot to talk about between yourselves and many things to consider.  You can call us up whenever you like to ask about it.  But you need to decide what's best for you and your families.”
“That sounds like a good idea, ma,” Eddie agreed.  “There's a lot to consider.”
“Alright, mom,” Rose said, looking at me.  “How's the pregnancy going?  Have you been taking care of yourself?”
“I don't need to with your moms and dads taking care of me,” I joked.
“Hey wait,” Billy said looking at me.  “Does that mean our new brother and sister are going to be born on Asgard?  Dad?  Will that be different?”
Thor grinned and our topic shifted gears as Thor began to explain the Asgardian royal birthing practices.  It was pretty daunting listening to it, but for now, I had decided not to worry.  There were so many things going on, I'd cross that bridge when I came to it.
Tumblr media
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smuckersblr · 6 days ago
Crybaby parody part 1?
“I swear man, they always plan these things when I can’t find an excuse to be in the damn theatre room.” One of the squares, Steve, mumbled to himself with self preservation. The squares and crybabies were all lined up in the gym, ready to get their shots for flu season, much to the squares’ dismay, they didn’t want to be in such close quarters to the damn holaguns.
The only one in this whole gym though, that didn’t really mind so much being near any crybaby, was Tony Stark. In fact he was intrigued with them, especially Peter Parker. The hottest crybaby he’s ever seen, in his opinion. “Come on, it can’t be that big of a deal…” Tony’s words were faint to his ears once he saw some of the crybabies push Peter up the front of the line, where Tony stood across from. Just the thought of sitting only an arms-length away from the guy has Tony’s pits soaked. “You better watch it with your gaze on that drape, Tones.” Rhodey mutters next to him, his eyes on the dirty floorboards of the old gymnasium.
“I-I don’t know what you're talking about.” Tony walked quickly up to the stool where the nurse rubbed a disinfectant on his arm for the needle. Peter fidgeting with the other nurse while she pestered him to “stay still, crybaby”. Tony was caught looking at his features when Peter finally looked up to see who was staring at him. Their eyes locked and Tony swore he felt a surge go through his body. Maybe it’s just him being a horny teenager, but Tony was in love.
Peter looked away quickly and smoothed his gelled hair back, a loose strand swinging at the front.
Peter stood out front of the school, hanging in front of his car with his crew, talking about plans for the weekend. Tony didn't mean to be nosy but he wanted to finally make a move. Once Tony started to walk towards their direction, his friends, Rhodey, Steve, and Bruce were begging him to come back. “Hey Parker.” Tony said dumbly, rubbing his clammy palms on his slacks looking like a complete dope. Peter looked Tony up and down slowly with a grin that showed the gem on his canine. “Hey Stark, you going to church or somethin’?” his friends chuckled next to him, all with cigarettes dangling from their mouths or a lighter to flick in their hands. Tony let out a nervous laugh and shook his head. “Nah, my ma made me wear this today for the senior photos.” Tony mentally slapped himself, because why the fuck did he tell him about that?
Peter laughed genuinely and stepped a little closer in Tony’s space. “Well if you’re not busy tonight you could come over and I could remove the issue.” Another loud chorus of laughter went up behind Peter, Tony blushed and smiled wearily, Peter's eyes scanning over Tony’s body made it clear what he would be removing. “Uh, yah sure I just need to ask my-” a loud horn honking behind them made Tony stop and turn around. “Mom?!” his mom had a crazed look in her eyes and her mouth agape. “Anthony Edward Stark, you better get yourself into this car right now and away from those drapes!” the crybabies feigned a hurt look and faux shock with their gasps. “Now now Mrs. Stark, if I didn’t know any better, I would assume that you squares shouldn’t be so rash around other folks like us.” Natasha, Peter’s sister, snarked back with a shark grin and a lollipop obscenely being sucked with her red lips. Mrs. Stark gasped and opened the door for Tony. “Tony, now!” Tony looked back at the crybabies and gave a sad smile. “Uh, maybe next time Pete.” Peter gave a wink and licked his teeth with a hungry look in his eyes. “I’d sure hope so Anthony.” Now Tony never liked his actual name, but once Peter said it, it just sounds so right. Tony blushed even harder and sat in the car, never breaking eye contact with Peter.
Peter watched the Cadillac screech off with a devilish grin on his face. “Peter’s got a crush~” Wanda giggled under Sam’s arm. Peter rolled his eyes and slammed his hand on the car's hood. “Lets ride!” they all yelled in excitement and got in the flame painted car.
There’s not one second that Tony can’t stop thinking of Peter’s soft face, contrasted with the leather jacket with the ‘crybaby’ logo on the back and the tattoo on his temple that just gets Tony weirdly aroused. Tony was scolded by his friends with his obsession, but he wasn’t the only one with these dark thoughts. Peter was in deep, every dream he had was filled with that dorky face that was so handsome underneath his big square glasses, his body hidden behind an oversized blazer and those loose slacks didn’t do him any justice. Peter would bite his lip and squeal to himself with every glance, every damn thought, it just drove him mad. So he went into action, cause that's what crybabies do. They take what they want.
Bucky had lectured him about dating a square, saying that Peter deserved the baddest of guys, and not some damn bible hugger. Peter naturally ignored what he told him, because Peter knew that Bucky was just being an overprotective idiot.
Peter sauntered down the school's hallway with a cherry lollipop and his gang's colors wrapped around his bicep since the heat has been high this week for a leather jacket.
The squares around Tony’s locker gaped and stuttered Tony’s name. Tony was oblivious with who was behind him, but once a hand tapped his shoulder, and he turned around. It felt like his body was lit on fire, like he was drowning in the damn attraction he felt for this guy. “Hey stud.” Peter’s voice smooth like wine, the lollipop being wrapped with his pink plush lips. “H-hey Peter, you look amazing.” Tony was amazed that he could even compliment Peter without combusting right there in front of him. Peter giggled and stepped closer, twirling a strand of Tony’s hair with his polished finger. “I missed you this weekend, I didn’t get to handle your little problem.” Tony felt his body go hot and heard his friends whisper to each other incredesly. Believe him, he was shook too that Peter was even wanting to be seen in front of Tony right now.
“I’m sorry, my ma and pops kept me locked in my room the whole weekend.” Peter pouted exateradedly and looked behind Tony briefly before smirking and leaning in closer, his lips grazing Tony’s ear. “Meet me behind the bleachers after fourth, okay?” Peter kissed Tony’s cheekbone while pulling back. Tony would do whatever Peter told him to, and he knows that sounds desperate, but he just wanted Peter so bad. “Ok.” Tony breathed, red seeping through his collar and the feeling of Peter’s lips on his cheek was still lingering there. Peter smiled and waved while sucking the treat back into his mouth, he looked at Tony’s friends once more with a wink and walked back to his sister Natasha.
“What the hell was that Tony!” Steve was baffled and quite frankly terrified for his friend.
Tony didn’t answer, but just sighed and looked longingly at Peter’s backside walk away.
Tony wouldn’t admit it if someone asked him, but he did run out of his fourth period class a minute before the bell rang to get to the bleachers early. He didn’t want to risk the chance of not being there on time, and Peter thought that he just didn’t show up and just left.
So Tony got to the bleachers out of breath, disheveled, yet still, on time. He was hunched over still once he heard a familiar laugh behind him. He swiveled around to see Peter leaning against a beam. “So you did want to see me again,” Peter stood up straight, his body defined with his tight shirt and those tight denim jeans. “I was starting to worry that you didn’t want to be seen around a drape.” Peter stood in front of Tony, his head tilted and a hand brushing Tony’s arm lightly, but dropping it before Tony could lean toward the touch. Tony’s brain caught up with what Peter was saying and shook his head wildly after realizing that he hadn’t denied it. “No Peter, it’s not that, I was just…” Tony trailed off, a nervous gulp moved his adams apple, which caught Peter’s eye. Peter smiled softly and leaned closer, his arms wrapping around Tony’s shoulders. “You just what Tones?” Tony breathed in sharply when Peter casually pushed their hips together, a mischievous look in the crybabies eyes. “I just get so nervous around you.” Tony didn't know he had it in him to hold Peter’s waist with a tight grip. But he was doing it, and Peter didn’t seem to mind.
“You do?” Peter says innocently, feigning a shocked face. Tony nodded, looking down but made himself look back up, because he needed Peter to know he wasn’t a square damnit. “Do I make you nervous when I do this?” Peter leaned in and ducked his head, the tip of his tongue lightly trailing up Tony’s neck to nibble his earlobe, moaning lightly in Tony’s ear. Tony groaned and pulled Peter closer. “You just make me excited when you do that.” Peter giggled and pulled back slowly. He tilted his head and played with the hair on Tony’s nape, twirling the short strands through his fingers and scratching his scalp, sending tingles through his head. Tony leaned his head into the touch, sighing contentedly and looking dazedly at Peter. “You’re so beautiful Pete.” Peter smiled at Tony’s dopey look, a puppy in love, how cute. “What else am I?” Peter leaned closer again and started to lightly kiss up Tony’s neck, with every peck becoming a little more wet. “You’re breath-taking.” Peter's kisses turned longer than just a simple peck, he would add some teeth. Grazing them against Tony’s pulse point and sucking a bit to rile Tony up more. Peter loved the compliments that just kept coming. “You’re a damn angel Peter.” Peter giggled against Tony's skin and pulled back. “I may be a lot of things Tony Stark, but I am no angel.” he leaned in again and pecked the corner of Tony’s lips. “I’m a crybaby Tones, got no place in my heart for that religious shit.” Tony nodded, not wanting to argue with Peter, he’ll go with anything Peter says. If he told Tony to stop going to church, he would. If Peter told him to stop wearing square clothes, he would. He’d do anything for him, he’d push mountains and go through hell and back for Peter Parker. “You would look delicious in leather.” Peter licked his top row of teeth with that glint in his eyes again. If Peter said that Tony looked delicious in something, he would wear it everyday. So that's why he found himself standing in the main place Crybabies go to do their shopping at the mall. Bruce in tow with a nervous look and twitchy hands at his sides. “Tony why are we here again?”
“Because Peter said I’d look “delicious in leather”.” Tony idly went through racks of jackets and skipping over the studded ones, because the spikes seemed tacky, and Tony did have at least taste. “So you're here for a crybaby who doesn’t even know your last name?” Tony brushed off the glare Bruce was sending him and scuffed, pulling a hanger off the rack to inspect a nice looking leather jacket. “Bruce, he does know my last name, in fact I don't know one person in this town that doesn’t know my family.” Bruce gave a ‘your right’ look and pushed the jacket Tony was looking at down. “The back has too many gems on it, you’ll thank me later once they don’t laugh at you.” Tony nodded in agreement and pulled out another one. This one was just leather and looked like it would frame his body nicely. So he took that with him, along with the other shirts and jeans he grabbed.
At the dressing rooms they heard the loud rustle of clothes and some loud cursing with constant laughing. Bruce was fidgeting even more once Tony was starting to close the curtain for privacy. “Uh Tony can I come in with you.” Tony looked at his friend incredisiouly, “Dude really? You can't stand out there by yourself for like 5 minutes?” Bruce whined and looked at the curtains occupied with crybabies. Some were loitering outside the dressing rooms, smoking on cigarettes and looking at Bruce like he was their next lunch. “Ok man, hurry.”
Once they left the mall, to Bruce’s gratefulness, Tony felt a surge of power. “Do you know what this means Bruce?” Bruce frowned and shook his head, unlocking his ride and letting Tony inside the old car. “It means that I can date Peter now if I show him and his friends that I'm serious about changing for him.” Bruce’s frown seemed to get deeper and he gave a sad look to Tony while he pulled out the parking lot. “Tony, I don't mean to be a debbie-downer,” Tony scoffed, “Then don’t.” Bruce ignored him and spoke anyway.
“But, you know this isn’t some movie like Grease where the guy gets the girl after changing himself to fit into her circle.” Tony laughed and clapped Bruce's shoulder, making him tense and swerve a bit, then jerking the wheel to go straight. “Well of course not Brucey! He’s a guy!” Bruce shook his head and prayed silently for his best friend.
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If anyone has any requests or just general questions or theories, I'm ready for requests! I'll probably have a rule page down soon, but until then, I would love some ideas on things to write, or just some conversation!
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deexchanel · 6 days ago
Double Agent
Word Count: 2.K
Warning: Swearing, Angst
Pairing: Avengers x OC, Bucky x OC, Steve x OC, Thor x OC, Tony x OC.
Summary: The team goes out for a normal date night but someone had different plans. Empriss has her true identity revealed.
A/N: This is a sort of sad one. Empriss (Em-Priss), Aurelia (A- U- Rell- e- ah) , Lori and Alexis is characters I have made up myself.
Tumblr media
“This is my family! I can’t go through with this mission anymore, just kill me instead.” Empriss whispered harshly into the phone. She stood in the bathroom she shared with Bucky.
"YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME! I will go through this mission and kill them myself! I need their power!"
Empriss couldn't get a response out and the phone hung up. "H-Hello? Hello?" Panic set in, not knowing what else to do. Bucky knocked at the door.
"Empriss? Doll is everything okay?"
"E-Everything is fine!"
----------- First Person Point of View
"Bucky just hold on to the leash. You keep letting Subi pull on you!" I laughed placing my hand on top of his.
"I'm trying! I never had a dog before." Bucky laughed as our hands both held on the leash.
" I see!" I giggled and we continue to walk on the sidewalk. My phone ring in my pocket so I pulled it out. Tony's picture was showing on the screen.
"Can you guys come back please, Lori is freaking out cause her hair won't do right for tonight."
"Yea, we'll come back right now."
Tony hung up and Bucky looked at me concerned.
"Everything okay?"
"Yes, Lori need help with her hair that's all. You're walking Subi back so you can get use to it." I smiled and his concern washed away.
"Okay. Are you ready for tonight?" Bucky asked smiling at me. I stood on my tippy toes, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"I'm exciteddd!"
"You guys finished? Thor is hungry and won't stop complaining about it." Alexis whine poking her head in the room. I was sitting by Lori finishing my makeup. She was putting her lashes on while Aurelia was painting her nails. Natasha was flat ironing her hair.
"We're coming. Tell him to hold his horses." Aurelia scolded trying to stay focused on her nails. Tonight they were having just one normal night without anything interrupting. I pushed down my fear of something happening to the team since I didn't go through with the mission.
"Natasha you look amazing!" I exclaimed looking at her outfit. She gave me a twirl with a big smile.
"Thank you!"
"Oh yeah, Bruce is going to love that!" Lori winked at her. Natasha blushed, rolling her eyes.
"Don't you guys start! That was one time." Natasha said, making all of us laugh. She was talking about the time Lori took a picture of them sleeping in the same bed.
Five minutes later, we were walking into the living where everyone waited. The guys sat on the couch talking about god knows what. Wanda was in the kitchen drinking some water.
"We're readyyyy! Let's go!" I announced loudly as we girls walked into the room. Bucky looked up at me then his eyes traveled down my body. The guys cheer as we girls strike a pose.
"Finally, you guys took that long, just for y'all to look the damn same." Sam joked, taking a sip of his drink. Aurelia flips him off, laughing.
"Oh hush, Sam."
"Well, I made reservations for 7:30, which is..." Tony trailed off, looking at his watch. "Now."
"I'm grabbing my Hennessey!" Alexis interjected rushing to the refrigerator.
"Alexis, you're not getting drunk tonight!" Steve stated, following behind her. Wanda stood in front of Vision, fixing his tie.
"Vis, why you didn't let me do your tie?"
"Because you were busy getting dressed. I didn't want to bother you, Wanda."
"You look so handsome, babe." I complimented, sitting down beside Bucky. He pulled me into his lap.
"You look beautiful, doll. What flavor lip gloss that is?"
"Mango. I wanted to try something new other than strawberry-" I rambled but was cut off by Bucky placing his soft lips on mine. I smiled in the kiss, placing my hand in his long hair.
He pulled back smirking, "Hmm, that tasted good. I like mango way better than strawberry."
I was too star-struck to say anything. I bit my lip thinking about the things I would do to him. He winked at me, so I grabbed his shirt, pulling him into another kiss. His hands guided over to my ass, gripping it.
"If you guys are done sucking each other faces off. We're leaving now." Natasha told us, hitting the back of Bucky's head. We pulled apart, blushing madly.
Thor and Aurelia walked out of the bathroom, fixing themselves up. I raised an eyebrow pointing at them.
"Not the in the bathroom!"
"Not on the couch!" Aurelia mocked back, pointing at us. Bucky shook his head, laughing.
"We were making out."
"We were having a serious conversation," Thor said confidently, then realized how it didn't make sense. "In the bathroom?"
It turned into a laughing fit then we 4 walked out to the garage. Everyone was in a huge circle arguing.
"We should ride together!" Steve said.
"No, each couple should drive their own car," Bruce argued.
"That's too many cars. How about ladies ride in one car. Men in the other car. It saves space and time." Lori reasons, but Tony slumped his shoulders in a pout.
"I wanted to ride with you."
"Next time, babe." Lori assured, kissing his cheek. "We need to go because we're already late."
I placed a quick kiss on Bucky's lips, "See you when we get there." He places a kiss on my nose.
"Vice Versa."
I was irritated at this point because we were lost. They gave Tony the wrong address. At this point, we could order a pizza and have a movie night at the tower.
" Ugh, we should go ahead and order pizza. It's taking too long for us to even find the place." Lori complained from the driver seat. Aurelia sat in passenger, Wanda beside me, Alexis and Natasha on the back row.
"I literally thought of the same thing. I should call the guy and tell them." I suggested pulling out my phone.
" I could do for a meat lover's pizza." Aurelia agreed.
"I just want to eat in general." Wanda groaned.
"Can we cook tacos too?" I have a taste for some." Natasha said, making all of us hum in agreement.
"I'm calling Tony so we can turn around," I told them while clicking the phone icon. A big crash makes me look up from my phone. It was like everything was in slow motion.
-Third Person-
The SUV the guys rode in flips high in the sky. The truck lands on the ground, tumbling a couple of feet. Lori smashes on her breaks out of instinct. Aurelia lets out a blood-curdling scream seeing the entire crash.
It happened so fast for the girls as they watched with wide eyes. Empriss was the first one to open her door getting out. She kicks off her shoes quickly then ran over to the flipped truck.
"BUCKY?! BUCKY! TONY?! STEVE? SAM!? " She screamed, hoping someone responded. She hoped that this wasn't her boss's doing; deep down, she knew it was. Not too far behind her was Natasha.
"EMPRISS?!" She heard a hoarse voice call for her. Empriss pry the door open to the truck to see Bucky lying on the roof of the truck. His shoulder was bleeding, face-filled scratches, a huge gash on his forehead. Empriss touched his leg since it was closer.
"I'm here, baby!"
Alexis runs over to the passenger side to see Steve had kicked the dented door off the truck. He was on the ground holding his shoulder. Her eyes were filled with tears seeing that he was alive.
"Baby! T-Tell me what hurts!" Alexis stuttered as she hovers over him. A gash was on his cheek, dirt was all over his face, his lip was cut.
"My shoulder! Ah!" Steve cried out in pain. Alexis's eyes looked to see that his shoulder was badly dislocated. She smelled gas, and realization kicked in.
"Babe, I need to move you to the side!" Alexis cried, and Steve shook his head no. He knew it was going to hurt, trying to move. "I have to, or the truck is going to blow up with us beside it."
Steve's eyes had tears in them from the pain, which hurt Alexis more. She took off her sweater, balling one side up. Steve stared into her eyes, scared.
"Babe, bite this! I need to move you." Alexis said, placing the balled sweater part in his mouth. It wasn't no debate; she needed to do it. She placed a hand under his shoulder than one softly under his display shoulder. Alexis counts down from 3 mentally then proceeded to pull Steve away from the truck.
His muffled screams were heart-wrenching.
Aurelia kissed Thor's forehead as he lay on the ground. She tried to hold her composure seeing him in this hurt state, but it wasn't working. The truck was on top of his leg. His face was filled with scratches, and his lip was cut. She was on her knees, hovering over him.
"Thor, baby, I'm going to touch your leg so I can know if you can feel it, okay?" She cried, holding his hand to her chest. Thor closed his eyes in pain; his breathing quickens.
Aurelia kissed his hand before moving her hands to his hurt leg. She pressed it softly.
"Can you feel that?"
Aurelia pressed harder, and he screams in agony.
"Yes! Yes! I can feel that!"
"Thor, I have to lift this truck off your leg! You're going to have to move it. You ready?" Aurelia said and he nodded his head. She squat, placing her hand under the truck. Lifting the truck, Thor rolls over but cry out in pain from his leg.
Aurelia grabbed his hand, pulling his body away from the truck. Thank god for super strength.
Lori had found Tony's body away from the truck. He was unconscious from him flying out the windshield. She pulled his body into her lap, lamenting.
"Oh god, honey, wake up. Please! I need you."
Empriss had finally gotten Bucky's body out of the wreckage. She was on her knees, hovering over his body placing pressure on his wound. His eyes were opening and closing from the amount of blood he lost. Empriss gently hit his face to wake him up.
"Baby, keep your eyes open for me. Hey! I need you, so don't die on me." She whimpered as more tears falling down her face. She grabbed his metal hand, placing it against her face.
"Please, baby. I need you."
"BRUCE!" Natasha screamed, looking everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Sam was sat against the bridge wall. She noticed him running over to help. Wanda ran over as well noticing him too.
"Sam are you okay?"
"Other than my back I'm fine Wanda."
"What happened in that truck Sam? Where is Bruce and Vision?" Natasha asked squatting in front of him.
"I don't know where they are. We were driving and talking about the fact that we couldn't find the place. Someone shot through the windshield which made Tony swerve. You know the rest of what happened. I just came back conscious," Sam explained wincing when he tried to move.
"I tried to call someone for help but there's no service. Nobody has their suits, armor, or any sort of communication with the other Avengers. This was a setup guy." Wanda said looking at the rest of the team.
"Weird thing is, we're the only one on this bridge." Natasha lowered her voice as if someone was listening. Numerous armored trucks drove on the bridge, on either side of it. Everyone looked around frantically in the bright lights.
"No!No!"Empriss gut feeling was right. Tears sprouted from her eyes as she placed her hand against Bucky's cheek. "This is all my fault.." She whispered to herself knowing she betrayed everyone's trust.
"Ah sorry, it took so long for us to come back. We had to catch Bruce and Vision here." Thaddeus Ross said standing in front of the lights of the vehicles. Both girls gasp to see their significant others in containment.
Bruce laid unconscious on his side. Vision had some kind of advanced spear lodged in his side. His body was misconfiguration. "Wanda!" He called out for his wife. Wanda's eyes turned red as her power flare.
"I wouldn't do that if I was you Wanda. Barnes and Banner would electrocute." Ross grin and the girls shared a look as Wanda's powers died down.
"What the hell do you want with us?" Lori sneered as she held on to Tony's body tightly. She wasn't going down without a fight.
"This was the easiest way to get my earth's mightiest heroes. The night they were going out with their lovers. No protection, no armor, no problem. That bullet lodged in Barnes's shoulder, neutralize everyone that was in the truck powers. So bye-bye powers. Empriss didn't go along with the order I gave her so I took things into my own hands." Ross retorted then snapped his fingers at his guards. "Get them! I need mind wiping started in the next hour."
One guard grabbed Lori from behind to pry her off of Tony. The other two grabbed his body, placing him in the back of a truck. Lori thrashed around sobbing in the man's arms.
The guard yanked Steve up with his dislocated arm. One yanks Alexis by the hair harshly so he couldn't help him. He cries out in pain.
They ignored her throwing him in the back of a truck. The guard wraps his arm around Aurelia's neck and the other two grabbed Thor by the arms dragging him so they could put him in a truck.
Aurelia hits the man's arm, not being able to breathe.
Empriss knew the guards were coming for Bucky. "Ms Empriss." One of them greeted her. She let the guards push her off. Bucky. They yanked him up by grabbing his shirt on the hurt shoulder. His eyes opened and he cries out in pain.
Empriss sobbed knowing she couldn't do anything, this was all her fault and she knew that. Wanda and Natasha stood in front of Sam protectively.
"You're not going to touch him. What do you mean Empriss didn't go through your plan? She doesn't work for you." Natasha seethes getting in defense mode.
"Crazy for you think that. Empriss has been a double agent this whole time. The one you love and trust the most works for me. Can you believe it? I can!" Ross lets out a hearty laugh. Each one of the women stared at Empriss in disbelief. She placed her hands over her face not wanting to face everyone.
"Empriss what the hell is he talking about?"Lori sniffed looking at her in a glare. "Tell us he is lying!"
Empriss cried harder giving everyone their answer.
Ross shook his head. "You know what. I'll let you keep him and weak Empriss. I don't need her anymore, I have my treasure. Shock 'em."
Two guards came from the side of Wanda and Natasha placing a disk on their necks. Unbeknownst to everyone, when the guards took away their men it was disks placed on them. All the women fell to the ground unconscious from the electrocution.
"You will not get away with this!" Sam yelled trying to get to his feet.
"Oh, I already have!" Ross laughed going back to his truck. Soon the bridge was cleared again. Too many thoughts ran through Sam's mind as he up from the ground in pain.
So much for a normal night.
wow uh this is a filler.
I kinda don't like it😂. If you guys like it, let me know in the comments!
Stay slutty my friends!
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Legacy [Seventeen]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter Seventeen
[Arc 1] [Arc 2] [Previous]
Description: Whilst coming to terms with everything they've been through, Alex, Steve, Nat and Sam recover and lay low as the dust settles. As they prepare to split ways for a while, and an insightful conversation with Steve is all Alex needs to know that things are going to be alright. That /she/ is going to be alright. A surprise from Tony makes the coming months all the more exciting.
Warning(s): mild language (barely??), discussions of past trauma/abuse, Alex starts to open up about The Facility, hospitals, graveyards, temporary goodbyes (if I missed anything lmk)
DAYS LATER, WHEN STEVE WAS DEEMED STABLE ENOUGH TO HAVE VISITORS, ALEX WAS ONE OF THE FIRST TO ARRIVE. The nightstand was decorated with flowers and various cards wishing him a speedy recovery and such. She was pleasantly surprised to find Sam was there already, reading a book.
"Hey," she greeted with a gentle knock on the door frame. Sam looked up and smiled at her before gesturing to the chair on the opposite side of the bed.
"How is he?"
"Well, thanks to whatever was in the Serum, he's healing faster than a normal human would, but it's still gonna take some time before he's up and fighting again," he explained in a low voice, to avoid waking him up. Alex nodded and set down a small, pastel blue teddy bear on the nightstand before she sunk into the seat.
"Not if he has it his way," she joked and Sam chuckled in agreement. From an iPod dock on the other side of Steve's bed, some 70s era music played quietly and filled the space between the words.
"He'll probably say the same when he wakes up, but I want you to hear it from me too," Alex began as she picked at a loose string in the knee of her jeans, "We couldn't have done most of what we did if you hadn't stuck your neck out for us, Sam. Thank you just doesn't cut it."
"Ah, well, I couldn't say no to Captain America, are you crazy?" They both stifled a round of laughter as Alex silently admitted that he made a fair point.
"True as that may be, I owe you one. Any time those wings of yours need fixing or upgrading swing by and I'll see what I can do," she offered with an earnest smile.
"I appreciate that, thank you." The comfortable silence resumed and Alex pulled her phone out of her pocket to send a few messages and check her emails.
"I have to ask - I know it's not my place and you can totally tell me where to go if you don't want to answer, but how did you get your powers? I don't think I've ever seen anything like them before." Alex had figured the topic would come up sooner or later, so she decided to tell him what he wanted to know with a slight sigh as she sat up in her chair.
"Well, almost two years ago, after the Battle of New York -"
"With the aliens and everything?"
"Yeah, that's the one. Tony was hosting some Minds of The Future party with a bunch of strange old white men and their wives. I was talking to some guy, who turned out to be a Neo-Nazi scientist. He drugged and abducted me -"
"Oh my God..."
"And kept me trapped in this grimy facility for six months. I was beaten, abused and experimented on. They were super close to just killing me because I hadn't shown any progress and pitted me against another kid that had been experimented on. And that's when my powers came through."
"Wow... So what kind of things can you do? Have you figured all of that out yet?" Sam set his book down, invested in what she had to say. His undivided attention was comforting and made a pleasant change from the erratic, ever-changing flow of conversation she was accustomed to having with Tony.
"So far, it's just walking through shadows. It's hard to explain, but it's like, every shadow is just an open corridor. I can walk right in and out the other side into a completely different place. I mainly use it to avoid taking the stairs at the moment." At this, they both shared a hushed laugh.
"Well, that sounds way more efficient. Does it ever tire you out? What does that in-between part look like?"
"Not really, it's kind of like when you stretch at the gym and you can feel that small tingling sensation in your muscles? It doesn't hurt and it's definitely not as exhausting as you'd think," she explained with a nod and Sam mirrored her, "The in-between is just... Dark. There's nothing. It's not cold and it's not warm... Just is."
"I see, sounds like there's a lot left to be explored if you ask me," he stated with a grin and knowing wink. Alex chuckled and nodded in agreement.
"Sure does. That's what I'm going to focus on for the next few months. I wanna see how far it goes, figure out limitations and stuff."
"Well, good luck with that, Shadow-Lady." Sam settled back into his seat and Alex cleared her throat.
"Dude -" he looked up at her, confused "- I'm The Phantom, not the Shadow-Lady."
"Ooh, that has a nice ring to it -"
"On your left," a voice croaked from between them and both Sam and Alex were quick to sit up and face Steve. His eyes were just able to stay open and his brow was creased in a squint at the harsh lights.
"Hey, man, welcome back to the land of the living," Sam teased as he dog-eared the page and set the book down. Although he looked worse for wear, the fact that Steve was awake and talking sent a flood of relief through Alex.
Once they'd filled him in on what happened after he'd fallen into the Potomac, Sam had to leave to get set up for the next VA meeting he was supervising. As he left with a wave and promise to stop by later, Alex relaxed into the uncomfortable vinyl-covered seat.
"I know it's the last thing you want to hear, but what you did back there on the Helicarrier, was unbelievably stupid," Alex stated after a moment of silence between them. Steve huffed out a weak attempt at a laugh before he grimaced at the obvious discomfort.
"Sounds like you were worried about me," he teased as he lay back against the pillows beneath his head.
"Don't get ahead of yourself, Spangles." The familiarity of the teasing made Alex smile.
"You don't have to stay, y'know?"
"Well, I want to. So you're stuck with me until further notice."
"I'm not complaining." There was a smile that tugged on his lips and Alex started to see Steve becoming himself again.
"Awesome. I'm gonna find a vending machine, do you want anything?" Alex stood up and readjusted her hoodie. She secured the snapback on top of her head of slightly-dishevelled curls.
"Uh, sure, I'll have whatever you're having." With a nod, she left and navigated her way through the halls. When she was sure that no one was watching, she stepped into a shadow under a busted overhead light. Alex reemerged on the ground floor in front of the vending machines in the waiting room.
With her selection of junk foods successfully retrieved from the machines, Alex returned to Steve, triumphant in her efforts.
"Okay, I couldn't decide what I wanted more, so I got some Jolly Ranchers, Sour Patch Kids, a couple of bags of Lays and a bar of chocolate each." Unceremoniously, she dropped the foods on to his lap and Steve took the time to choose what he wanted first. As he plucked up a bag of Sour Patch Kids, Alex turned her attention to the TV mounted in the corner of the room.
"Do you wanna watch Total Wipeout? I think there's a few reruns on at the moment?" Steve hummed in agreement as he pushed a few of the sugared gummies past his lips. Alex stifled a laugh when his face twisted slightly at the sour taste.
"Why are you doing this, Alex?" the battered Super Soldier questioned as one of the contestants was flung from the circuit and landed in the water below.
"Because you did the same for me when I came home and needed a shoulder to lean on." That seemed to appease him and the two settled into a comfortable silence as the programme continued and they ate their junk food.
When Steve was inevitably discharged and allowed to return to his apartment, Alex helped him inside and set him up with all the things he needed within reaching distance. He'd insisted that he was fine, but she refused to listen to his excuses.
A couple of days later, there was a meeting arranged at a local cemetery, Steve asked Alex to join him. So she did. She'd never been to a cemetery before and the atmosphere kind of spooked her a little, so she kept close to Steve.
"So, you've experienced this kind of thing before?" Nick questioned Sam as he approached his own grave. It was a weird situation to witness, from Alex's point of view at least.
"You get used to it," Sam admitted as they took a moment to admire the headstone and the flowers.
"We've been data mining HYDRAs files. Looks like a lot of rats didn't go down with that ship. I'm headed to Europe tonight." Alex had a sense of where the conversation was headed.
"Are you going to join me?"
"There's something I gotta do first," Steve admitted, gaze unwavering from the granite headstone.
"How about you, Wilson? Stark? Could use people of your calibre," he attempted to rope in Alex and although it was tempting, she had other ideas.
"No offence, but that espionage crap really isn't my style. And I've got some loose ends to take care of," she affirmed and the look of disappointment from the former Director didn't go amiss.
"And I'm more of a soldier than a spy," Sam stated with a shrug. There was an apology buried in there somewhere.
"Alright then," Fury conceded and shook their hands, "If anyone comes asking for me, tell them you can find me, right here."
"You should be honoured. That's about as close as he gets to saying 'thank you'," Nat teased as she appeared to the right. It was refreshing to see her again after their time apart and the committee hearings they had to attend.
"Not going with him?" Steve enquired as he moved closer to the redhead.
"Not staying here?"
"Nah," she shook her head with a grin. Part of Alex wished she had the ability to be that fluid and free. The other part knew she'd loathe it and give up in a matter of weeks.
"I blew all my covers, I gotta go figure out a new one," the redhead explained before revealing a file from behind her back.
"That might take a while," the blonde stated with a concerned look.
"I'm counting on it," she admitted before handing the file over to Steve.
"I called in a few favours in Kyiv. Will you do me a favour?" Steve moved closer and Nat lowered her voice so Alex couldn't hear what was said, but the former seemed to agree to the undisclosed favour. The two of them share a hug and Nat began to walk away. She made it all three steps before she turned back to the adonis super-soldier.
"Be careful, Steve. That might not be a thread you want to pull." When Alex and Sam rejoined Steve, a glance at the file in his hand told her all she needed to know.
"You're going after him?"
"Neither of you has to come with me," the blonde admitted before he flipped it shut.
"Well, I'm in," Sam agreed, which came as no surprise to Alex. He waved to them both and said he'd see them soon. That left just Steve and Alex. Alone in front of Nick Fury's tombstone.
"You gonna be alright while I'm gone?" For a brief moment, the air between them was heavy and sullen.
"I think I'll just about manage. It's not gonna be the same without you here," she admitted quietly.
"You want me to get someone to keep an eye on you?" There was a light tone to his voice and if Alex was able to see beneath the cap and glasses, she'd spot the playful twinkle in his baby blues.
"Ha. I think I'll be fine. I've finally found an accredited therapist that's qualified to deal with... People like us. I've got my training to focus on and learning what my powers can do. I'm going to have a lot on my plate."
"Well, that's certainly reassuring. Take care of yourself, Alex," he stated with sudden seriousness. Alex turned to look at Steve and he removed his glasses.
"Only if you promise to do the same. No more jumping out of planes without parachutes, staying inside burning Helicarriers or picking fights with super assassins." In good humour, he drew an X on his chest. Alex reached out to gently punch his shoulder playfully.
"Promise not to promise." With a burst of confidence, she bounced forward and kissed Steve on the cheek. When she stepped back, his cheeks, ears and neck were burnished pink. Alex felt no embarrassment, but the idea of parting until further notice filled her with a strange kind of anxiety.
"I'll see you soon, Spangles." They parted ways and Alex began the walk back to her apartment. From her pocket, her phone began to ring. A glance at the screen told her it was Tony. She accepted the call with a smile.
"Hey, Greasemonkey, how are things?"
"Better. I'm just on my way back from running some errands," she explained with a grin that he couldn't see.
"Wonderful. What are you planning to do in DC for the foreseeable future?"
"Eh, well, I found a local gym, a qualified person to talk to, I'll probably visit once or twice a month to keep myself sane. Just think I'll lie low and keep to myself for now."
"Well, how do you feel about Miami?"
"Miami? Florida? It's mostly warm and sunny, with lots of nightclubs, boats, large Latin American demographic, right on the beach. Why?"
"Because I have an empty beach house that needs occupying until the winter when Pepper and I can stand the temperatures a little more -"
"¡Cállate!" Alex exclaimed and almost slammed on the brakes.
"No, I'm serious," he insisted. Alex couldn't believe what she was hearing and as she arrived at her apartment.
"You want me to move to Miami - to a beach house that you're not using until it cools down?" She cut the engine and climbed out, disconnecting her phone from the car.
"Exactly. I can have Happy over in a few hours to help you pack up and move if -"
"Absolutely! I'll take it. Miami's more my speed anyway." With a spring in her step, Alex headed into the building and up to her apartment.
"Awesome, Happy's in transit. Should be with you by dinner time. Let me know when you get there."
"Can't wait." The call ended and Alex couldn't help but dance around the living room of her apartment with excitement. Miami used to be a dream. Someplace she'd try and visit when she was older. Now she was getting to live there for the next seven months.
In anticipation of Happy's arrival, Alex began furiously throwing her belongings into bags and boxes, though she tried to keep some level of order to them, it was pretty much a free for all. There was something so strangely invigorating about the idea of living on the coast again that Alex got lost in the dizziness of packing up and almost didn't hear the door buzzer go off.
"It's Happy, let me in," her father's Head of Security greeted over the comms. All too eager, Alex buzzed him in and they immediately began packing everything they had into the Stark Industries truck he'd driven down.
"Subtle ride," she mused as they began handing boxes over to the two staff that were in the van.
"Not my first choice," Happy was quick to tell her as they continued carrying boxes, bags and small furnishings down to the street.
Another new chapter.
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outofplaceoutinspace · 8 days ago
Imagine you and some of the Avengers go clubbing
18+ / 21+ Reader = gender-neutral
Includes: Steve, Bucky, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Wanda (18+/21+ in this one), Thor, Sam, Rhodey, Scott, Hope (includes Loki)
Warnings: mentions of alcohol
Requested: No.
Category: humour
A/N: I would have included all of them but I thought it would be best to stick to only some of them as I wanted to try and keep it as short as possible (even though it is still kinda long). Wanda is 18+/21+ in this one, although she's born in 1989 according to Google, but somehow everyone has a different information, so I thought it would be good to clarify, just in case.
Tumblr media
Chaos would be inevitable. Peter would be the only one to stay at home as he is not old enough yet to go to the club, but maybe that's a good thing, considering the fact that you would have to take care of grown-up children already.
Steve and Bucky would mainly stand by the bar, complaining about the awful music they were playing, but would definitely not decline Thor's suggestion of a drinking contest.
Bruce is not one for big parties, but he really wanted to join the rest of the crew. He would regret his decision the moment he stepped foot into the loud and muggy room, immediately looking for a less crowded corner.
Just like the super soldiers and Thor, Natasha and Clint would start their own drinking contest, quickly joined by Wanda, who would keep track of the number of shots and other beverages being consumed, and Scott, who eagerly wanted to join them.
Tony and Rhodey would try to take it easy with the alcohol but fail rather quickly. They would end up challenging Loki to a dance battle, who would mock them by transforming into their double from time to time, dancing funnily and confusing their drunken selves.
Sam and Hope would be the only ones beside you to barely drink, having a nice little chat before all hell breaks loose when the billionaire and Loki would start a heated argument about who was the better dancer, bothering the other people to such an extent that you would decide that it was best to go back home.
You would have a hard time getting all of them home in one piece, struggling to keep the drunk avengers on their feet. Luckily the rather sober members of the team, including Steve, Bucky and Thor, would help you. Only Loki would shamble behind the group, purposely claiming that he was the best dancer in the galaxy, just to enrage Tony again.
When arriving at home you would realise that Bruce was already sitting in the living room, surprised how you have not noticed his absence from the group.
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