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#sam x nat
dwobbitfromtheshire · 2 days ago
"Natasha: Thanks, Sam.
Sam Wilson: Don't thank me.
Natasha: I'm not thanking that thing.
Sam Wilson: His name is Redwing.
Natasha: I'm still not thanking it.
Sam Wilson: He's cute. Go on, pet 'em."
I also wish we could have seen more of them too. I had a dream last night that they were living in Louisiana and having a baby together. Sam sucked out his gut and did the belly bump with her (gently) causing Natasha to call him a dork. My dreams have mostly been Marvel lately but I loved this dream.
Tumblr media
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ivy-goldrush · 8 days ago
Wednesdays Are The Worst
Dumb things have dumb consequences.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Grumpy!Bucky, Bucky being a dick, Angst, Eventual smut?, Slow Burn fic, Maybe a touch of jealous!Bucky, 18+ cause swearing
Word Count: 1633
It had been a week since the movie night, with your week being uneventful. On the Tuesday you walked into work met with the smell of peaches, finding out Bucky had been in on Monday and dropped them off, so Mary got to baking with them. Thankful that he had come in when you weren’t working, avoiding any type of awkward encounter.
You only had two shifts this week Tuesday and Wednesday, and then you weren’t in again till Thursday, giving you just over a week off. Thursday was spent running around and doing your food shop however on Friday, you had the definition of a Lazy day. You had messaged Steve a couple of times, but he was busy with work and was doing a lot of overtime. Wanda and Vis were out of town for the weekend visiting friends back home. Maria gad said that she was spending a long-awaited weekend with her girlfriend. You weren’t that close with Sam and Clint yet to hang out with them, meaning you and Nat had decided to spend Saturday night together.  
The two of you had decided to go and hit the clubs for a much needed ‘get lose’ session. Nat had suggested that you get ready around hers so you left yours at half 4 in your comfy clothes and a bag of tonight’s outfit and makeup.
Her place wasn’t exactly walking distance to you, so you planned to take the train as it was only a couple of stops and then a ten-minute walk. The train journey was uneventful, and you ended up listening to music for the journey and the short walk to the apartment. By the time you had made it to her apartment, it was a few minutes past 5. Nat opened the door and immediately engulfed you in a hug, practically squeezing the life out of you.
For only knowing each other a short amount of time, the two of you got along like a house on fire. It was as if the two of you had known each other for your entire life, both having a very similar sense of humour.
Nat had already ordered Chinese for you two each whilst getting ready, along with a very large glass of wine. You quickly got down to getting ready, talking during the process.
“So, y/n, what are you wearing tonight?” Nat shot the question whilst she was focusing on her makeup, as you were taking your clothes out of your bag. “This!” You exclaimed as you span around holding an emerald green satin dress with a drape neck. Nat let out a wolf whistle as she laid eyes on the dress, looking it up and down. “Dam, that’s one hell of a dress. No doubt you’ll be the best dressed there.” Laughing at her comment, you sat down in front of the mirror next to her focusing on your makeup.
The makeup was simple, an everyday base, a slight natural smoky eye, eyeliner and a red lip. Leaving your hair in its curly state, as it cascades down your back, deciding to focus on jewellery pairing the outfit with some simple plain gold rings, a dainty gold bracelet and your gold detailed locket.
Nat’s makeup featured a slightly heavy smoky eye, bronzer and a dark lip. Her short hair was pin straight, framing her face. The only jewellery that she donned was a thick silver chain resting closely to her neck. She was wearing a tight black bodycon with black Louboutin’s and she looked absolutely breath-taking. You quickly slipped on your dress and gold heels, clutching your small matching bag, you took one last look in the mirror.
The both of you were wined, dined and dressed by 6pm, and out the door by quarter past. The two of you walked in tandem, arms linked and giggles erupting from you, as you made your way to one of Nat’s most frequented clubs. You were thankful that she was a regular because it meant that you were able to skip the queue that trailed beside the building.
Upon entering the club, you were met with the heavy base of music, shouting and neon lights. Nat immediately dragged you to the bar at the back of the club and plopping you onto a bar stool. Before you knew it drinks were placed in front of you two, appreciating the liquid courage as you swallowed it down, proceeding to do the same with several others. 
Time was flying by and soon enough you had dragged Nat out onto the dance floor. Your bodies were swaying back and forth to the base on the songs, letting yourselves get lost in the moment and in a sea of people. You felt someone place their hand on your waist, trying to pull you back into them. Your eyes snapped open and your senses were on full alert as you quickly spun around, whipping yourself out of the person’s grasp. You were met, face to face, with some sleazy guy who wore an amused expression and from where you were you could practically smell the alcohol on the guy. “Well, aren’t you a pretty little thing, you playing hard to get.” The words were slurred and the man stumbled as he tried to get closer to you, prompting you to move further away from him, when he grabbed a hold of your arm. “Get the fuck off of me.” The words were spat as you stared directly into the man's eyes. His grip was persistent as you clasped your hand around his wrist, digging your nails into his skin in an attempt to draw blood.  You held his gaze as you proceeded to raise your knee but before you could even carry out your attempt at kneeing him, he was shoved backwards, grip on your arm falling. He was currently being towered over by another guy. “I suggest you get the fuck outta here before I beat your ass.” Full of anger was present in his voice and you swore that if you weren’t surrounded by people, he would be beaten to a pulp right now. The new guy turned half around, showing you his face as he spoke to someone behind you. “Sam?” Your voice was hardly audible within the club.
All of a sudden, you felt yourself being lifted up and pulled out of the dance floor, leaving Sam to deal with the creep. You brought to the bar and gently placed down, allowing you to spin around to see who had taken you out of the situation.  “What the hell, Bucky.” You knew your voice was loud enough for him to hear but he just ignored you, talking to the bartender. “Two waters please.” His voice was gruff, he still refused to look at you as he ran a hand through his hair, whilst you threw yours up at him. 
As soon as the glasses were placed in front of him, he shoved one into your hand, the other in his. This allowed for Bucky’s free hand to secure a place around your waist, helping guide you in the right direction, but as soon as he tried to move you, you protested. “For fucks sake, doll, move your butt.” His voice was slightly strained as if he was holding back but the angry tone was very much evident. “What are you playing at Bucky?” Your voice was just above a whisper and the only response you got from him was a dramatic eye roll. “My God! Why are you so stubborn!” You made a small protest at his outburst, trying to bite your tongue, but not succeeding. “You know what? Fuck you, Barnes! I was nice to you but you were a complete and utter dick to me, so I'm so sorry that I didn’t give you a warm fucking welcome, but your not exactly rainbows and butterflies when you’re giving me whiplash with the way you behave!” With that you made your way in the direction you were originally heading, chest heaving, with Bucky turning and following suit.
It wasn’t long before the two of you arrived at a booth where Clint and Nat were sat talking. Bucky had come to a halt mere centimetres away from you, placing his hand on the small of your back giving you a small push towards them, earning him a muttered “Asshole” from you. The broad man just chuckled and proceeded to whisper in your ear “Fucking brat.”. Instantly, your body turned facing him and you reared yourself back slightly from him, before bringing the glass of water in your hand up and launching the contents at him. You didn’t think you just acted and the result was so worth it. Bucky’s face was dripping wet and his navy and white shirt was soaked. But the expression that was written on his face at first was shock until it turned and clouded into anger. Quickly, you pushed past him muttering that you needed to go to the bathroom.
You hadn’t realised that you had been followed until you heard Nat softly speak. “What happened back there? Are you okay?” The honesty and general concern of her voice was a vast contrast to the truth, uncaring . “I think I’m gonna call it a night, Nat, I’ll just cause more trouble with him, I’ll call myself a cab.” You turned to face the red head with a brave face. “I’m fine honestly, just tired that’s all.” You smiled smally at her. She had agreed to stay with you until the car arrived and walked you out to say goodbye. Soon afterward, you were seated in the cab and shortly on your way home. Naïvely hoping that things would just settle down on their own.
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ilovemarvel3000 · 12 days ago
Bucky when you tell him that your trans(ftm)(pre-testosterone so basically before your transitio)
•when you told him you was Trans he was confused what that mean cause in the 40‘s they didnt talk about that
•when you explained it to him he said that it was ok and he will always support you
•when you tell him after a long hug cause you didn’t expect him to accept the fact that you‘re Trans you Tell him that you also wanna change your name to (your name) he said he tried as hard as he can to call you that and that you should correct him everytime he said your old name
•after you said to him that he was the first one who knows he was rlly happy
•he want to help you to come out to the other avengers
•also he want to go shopping with you when you came out to the others and get a haircut
• after you came out to the others Tony called the best doctor he could find and make a meting for top surgery and things like that
•Steve, Nat, Wanda and Thor want to go shopping with you and Bucky
•meanwhile Peter, Bruce, Sam and Pietro plan a coming out Party with Tony
@dean-and-bucky-are-bi here im rlly sry it’s rlly bad but I tried
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whitehairedwhitegirl · 14 days ago
main masterlist
i’ve never been a natural, all i do is try (black widow reader)
you sleep in the basement of the abandoned red room academy, serum coursing through your veins. frozen, kept hidden from the world, forgotten. 
masterlist // chapter one // chapter two // chapter three // chapter four // chapter five // chapter six // chapter seven // (more to come)
everything has changed (bucky x reader)
dr. raynor told bucky to make friends. bucky does not want to make friends, but he wants sam to get off his back. 
bucky met you at a bookstore. he wants to go back and see you again. 
chapter one // chapter two 
i’ll tell you the truth, but never goodbye (darklina)
alina decides to hear aleksander out, and aleksander decides that he wants to stop being a monster and try being a human.
chapter one // 
i don’t wanna look at anything else now that i saw you (steve x reader)
last updated 5.7.21
taglist: (let me know if you want in!) @httpscarletwitch @hillaryroadheadcllinton
asks and requests are open! it melts my heart to hear from you guys and motivates me so much to see that people enjoy my writing. if you want to be added to taglists, have any ideas, or, if you just want a friend to talk to, please always message me! i love you guys <3
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ivy-goldrush · 15 days ago
Wednesdays are the worst
I fell into a deep hole
Tumblr media
Warnings: Grumpy!Bucky, Bucky being a dick, Angst, Eventual Smut?, Slow Burn fic, Maybe a touch of jealous!Bucky, 18+ cause swearing
Word Count: 1082
Steve notice you appear next to him as you looked up and met him with a small grin. He was currently making a pot of coffee and grab another mug from the cupboard to pour you a mug. “Hey.” You mumbled in you tired state. “How’d you sleep.” You could tell from his voice that he had not long woken up. You pursed your lips before replying. “Good. Erm, where’s Bucky?” It was whispered not wanting to wake the others or someone overhear the conversation. Steve chuckled, chest rumbling. “You that attached to him already.” He mused as you gave him a glaring side eye. You were just curious as he had vanished whilst everyone one else was still in the sofa’s. “He’s probably in his room, or on a run. Look, this stays between you and me, but Bucky doesn’t really do well sleeping around other people, nothing against you it’s just… how he is.” He completed his statement with a ruffle to your hair, as you heard a door opening and shutting and then feet pattering towards you. You turned around, facing Bucky, who had just entered the kitchen. His hair was all tousled, and his face looked sunken in with darkened eyebags looking as though he hardly slept. He was still in the same clothes as last night, long-sleeved black top and grey sweatpants. You smiled softly at him as he walked over to the coffee pot, this prompted Steve to walk back into the lounge, leaving the two of you be.
“Hey,” you whispered and gently bumped your shoulder into him. Bucky grumbled in response, bringing his mug of coffee to his lips, watching as he gulped down several mouthfuls of the hot liquid. “You okay?” Your voice was quiet, but the concern was evident. Bucky met your eyes for a brief second, in which your saw an indescribable emotion flash across his, before he quickly adverted his gaze and slowly nodded as a response. The two of you stood in an awkward silence for a couple of minutes before Steve approached you and Bucky left the kitchen to return to his room. It was strange, you thought that you were hopefully getting there with Bucky but it’s like how he was acting last night never happened.
“You ready to get going?” Steve whispered into your ear from behind. You nodded, placing your now empty coffee mug down and grabbing your shoes. Making sure to check you had your phone and bag with you as the two of you approached the front door, slowly passing by what you guessed was Bucky’s room. As you passed, you noticed that the door was ajar, and you could see that Bucky was sat on the edge of his bed, back slumped and hands cradling his face.
Just as Steve had stepped out of the apartment, you claimed that you had left your house keys on the sofa, saying that you would meet him downstairs, before closing the apartment door. You tiptoed carefully back to Bucky’s room and lightly tapped on his door. The only acknowledgement from him was a deep hum that made it sound like he was in pain. You slipped into his room cautiously not to disturb or startle him. Once next to him, you knelt in front of him and gently placed a soft hand on his knee, giving it a slight squeeze. Bucky slowly open his eyes focusing on you with a furrowed brow. You gently brought your spare hand up, placing it carefully on his cheek. Bucky reluctantly leant into your touch. Your thumb moved ever so slightly, caressing him.
Bucky lifted his gaze focusing on you, allowing for eye contact. His eyes bore a soulful but sad look. You gave a tight lip smile before breaking the silence. You kept your voice just above a whisper. “Hey, look I know that you said that you were okay, but I can see that you’re not. This isn’t me saying that you have to tell me what’s going on but if it’s going to keep bothering you then please try and talk to someone. And I know we hardly know each other but I mean it when I say I’m here for you, Bucky.” You gave another light squeeze to his knee.
You were about to get up when Bucky spoke up, voice breaking a bit. “Why the fuck are you being so nice to someone you hardly know?” The bitterness swirled in his eyes before he shifted to move back slightly. It was a juxtaposition to how he was the night before. “Just because I don’t know you Bucky, doesn’t mean that I don’t want to know you. I can tell you’re a good guy and whatever this is, it’s eating at you and you should have to suffer alone.” With that Bucky turned his head, focusing all his attention on you. “Exactly, you don’t know me, and I certainly don’t want to know you. Why should I waste my time trying to know someone like you?” The built man spat his words at you.
Slowly, you rose from you position, boring you eyes into him. “You really need some fucking help.” You spoke as you approached his bedroom door. “You think I don’t know that.” His voice was hoarse and only loud enough for you to hear. You flashed Bucky a fake smile before slipping out of his room, leaving the apartment, finding Steve waiting to walk you home.
You didn’t understand why Bucky disliked you so much. From what you could recall, you had never done anything to give him a reason to hate you. You had been all but nice to the man and he acted as though you were the reincarnation of the devil. The man had no right to be so rude to you, not caring if he had a literal metal rod rammed up his arse or not.
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geekandbooknerd · 15 days ago
Life in Colour - Steve Rogers X Reader Soulmate AU - Chapter 1
A/N: I was going to wait until I finished a fic but... This idea wouldn't shut up so. Here we go haha I hope the first chapter doesn't suck! I'm not known for Marvel, so I hope it's okay 🙂 also, the woman in the fic, Bernie Rosenthal, she's in the Marvel comics as one of Steve's girlfriends 😏
Warnings: uhhh none I don't think
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As soon as you are born, you see in black, white and grey.
No colour, nothing until you meet your soulmate.
You go from seeing in muted colours to sudden bursts of everything, life looks better, the sun shines brighter and you can see the happy glow of true Soulmates as you walk past them.
Some find theirs early in life, others a little later but, as you've always been told, everyone has a Soulmate.
Of course, you were still waiting for yours but not being able to see in colour, was something you got used to very quickly.
The only thing that annoyed you was the pitying looks often thrown your way when people saw the dull colour of your eyes.
Your true colour would be shown when you lay eyes on your soulmate so, since the moment you opened them, they were grey.
Looking at your laptop, you read another email from another SHIELD colleague.
"I found my soulmate! I had no idea it would be..."
You slammed the laptop lid shut, scoffing as you took a sip of your tea, pulling at the edge of your croissant and letting the buttery taste dissolve on your tongue.
"Agent Y/L/N, did you see the email from Agent Lucas? What a coincidence to find your soulmate right in..."
You turned to see the younger recruit behind you, smiling wide. You had no idea if she had found her soulmate or not but when her smile wavered and you felt your eyes rolling as you turned back in your chair.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so inconsiderate considering your..."
"If you mention that I am soulless or whatever the new word is for unmatched people, I will put you on desk duty for three months."
You heard her splutter behind you before she scampered off and you felt yourself deflate. There was no need to be mean but you were fed up with the pitying looks.
"I haven't seen a recruit scamper off as quickly as that before."
You smiled, turning to see Maria behind you, leaning against your desk wall.
"Fury wants to see you."
"He does?"
"Uh-huh, big news apparently."
Maria was the only one who didn't look at you in a pitying way. She'd found her soulmate a few months ago, and she was just as surprised by it as everyone was.
Carol freaking Danvers. Aka Captain Marvel was her soulmate. Maria had been completely stunned but, even without colour, you could see they were a good match.
"About what?" You asked, getting up from your chair and grabbing the croissant and your mug of tea to take with you.
"No idea, he won't tell me. You do know you're wearing colours that don't match?"
"I am? Shit."
You heard Maria snigger and you shoved her with an elbow. You should know by now that she was joking, but there might come a time where she might not be joking.
"I hate you."
"No, you don't." She smiled, leading you to the elevator. A few Agents came out, Agent Johnson smiling at you as he went past.
There weren't any colours when you looked at him, but you could appreciate how hot he looked in his tactical gear.
"He's been asking about you."
"He has?" You asked, digging into your croissant in a way that made it seem like you didn't care.
You hadn't had a good one night stand in a while and if he was interested, then maybe you'd hit him up.
Sex without your soulmate wasn't as satisfying as it would be with them. You'd heard about it enough times from agents around the break room but Agent Johnson looked like he'd take the edge off a lot more than the others you'd been with.
Maria was talking to you about some mission Carol was on and you were kind of listening but also worried about this meeting with Fury.
When the elevator stopped, you turned to Maria but she just squeezed your arm.
"It'll be fine."
You followed behind her, making your way to his office. When you walked in, you noticed Fury, Sharon and another guest in the room.
When he turned, you saw it was none other than Tony Stark.
You'd never forget that interview on TV where he uttered those three famous words: I am IronMan.
You were in awe of him and his soulmate Pepper Potts, the woman who practically ran everything while he was out saving the world.
They were couple goals.
"Agent Y/L/N, I'm glad you could make it. Take a seat. Mr Stark, this is one of my top agents."
"I'm one of your top agents?" You blurted out and you saw Sharon and Maria laugh.
"Yes. But I didn't call you in here to inflate your ego, there's something we need to discuss."
Tony sat opposite you, taking you in and you braced yourself for the pity when he looked at your eyes but it wasn't there.
"I have a proposal for you. The team needs a new agent."
"Stark." Fury said buy he waved a hand, ignoring him.
"Let me handle this one. You're a good agent, in the top three I'm gathering, but there's something else that makes you even more special isn't there?" Tony asked and you felt your hands slide from the table and shifted so you were sat on them.
It was something you didn't talk about, neither did the other agents.
There was a mission, a simple get on, get the target and files and get out type of mission, but something went wrong. You were separated from the group, ended up in a lab where a frightened lab technician dropped the vials of liquid on the floor in his attempt to run out.
Alarms blared, the doors started slowly shutting and you ran to try and get out of them in time but you were trapped, the potent smelling liquid travelling through your mouth and nostrils, making you cough and gag.
SHIELD managed to get you out but you were quarantined, watched, monitored.
You started to display powers not long after.
"Sorry, what were you saying?"
"Are you okay?" Tony asked, watching you and you nodded, even though you weren't entirely sure you were.
"Agent Y/N doesn't tend to talk about what happened." Maria supplied and Tony say back in his chair, arms across his chest.
"Maybe she should. It would stop her going into her head."
"I'm fine," You told the room, bringing your hands back to the table, "What did you call me in here for?"
"I want you to be a part of our team." Tony said and you widened your eyes.
"Excuse me?"
"We have an opening."
You looked at everyone in the room and Maria just shrugged at you.
"Why me? Why not Maria or Sharon?"
"We're needed here. Besides, we help when we can." Sharon said, tucking her blonde hair behind her ear, engagement ring glistening.
She was another who had an Avenger as a Soulmate; Sam Wilson, the Falcon. A guy you may have thought about a few times at night when you were trying to relax. He had a butt that was made for biting.
"I know, so why can't I just help at times like they do... Wait. You need me because of the..." You wiggled your fingers, sighing as you lent back in your chair.
"It's not just that." Tony said and you rubbed a hand over your face.
"What else is it?"
"You are a skilled fighter, your training and espionage skills are on a par with the Black Widow. You've come top of the class with a lot of stuff but you need to harness those powers of yours, you need to use them. And we could use them too."
You just nodded because what else could you do? You knew you needed to get the powers under control, they were a hindrance on some missions which is why you were on analytics right now and not out fighting.
Tony was genuine, his... Hell, you had no Ide what colour his eyes were, but they were watching you, taking in your reactions.
"And I won't be a liability?"
"Why would you think that?" Tony asked and smirked.
"I don't see in colour yet, what if you tell me to cut a red wire and I don't? Or tell me to look out for something and..."
Tony cut you off with a laugh, shaking his head.
"Honey, there's some of the Avengers who can't see colour but it doesn't stop them."
You widened your eyes, wondering who they were and why they hadn't been snapped up by some wonder woman or man.
"Can I think about it?"
"There's no need. I know you'll say yes. See you Monday morning at Stark Tower."
And with that Tony left.
Tumblr media
Head office wasn't exactly buzzing with excitement that you were joining the Avengers. You couldn't exactly pinpoint the reason why but you had an inkling as to what it could be.
The only reason you were joining was because of your powers because if you didn't have them, would they have even bothered?
You rubbed at your eyes, feeling drained and tired. You'd been up since 5 am, having failed to sleep more than a few hours due to your nerves. Maria had told you there was nothing to worry about, that they were a good group of friends, but it was still nerve-wracking.
On your final day at work, you'd just kept it between you, Maria and Sharon. You didn't want a fuss and you didn't want anymore pitying looks from the other agents when they took in your lack of eye colour.
Cake and wine was the perfect final meal and the girls had helped you take your kind off of today.
For a little while, that is. Now you were debating what exactly you should wear to moving in day at the tower.
And it's not like you could see the colours you had in your wardrobe thanks to your lack of seeing them. Clothes shopping was an absolute nightmare because you had no idea what colours suited you, or what combination would make your eyes pop.
When shopping, you tended to keep it as neutral as possible, especially as it helped that shops catered for those still unable to see by having signs saying what section had what colour.
Sighing, you grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized jumper, shoving your feet into trainers. Grabbing your phone, the box of your stuff and your suitcase, you made your way downstairs, where a man in a suit was waiting for you.
"I'm Happy. Mr Starks driver."
"Oh, I would have gotten a cab."
"No need. Come on, give me the box."
You handed it over to him, watching him walk out of your apartment building.
Sighing, you shut the door behind you, locking it and putting the keys in your back pocket. You weren't giving up your lease on this place just yet.
You needed something to fall back on just in case.
Happy held the door open for you as you wheeled your suitcase out, picking it up after you were outside and putting it in the back of the car.
You took one look at your building and the street, seeing that it was starting to get busy but never truly knowing what the colours of everything were.
"You ready?" Happy asked and you nodded, getting into the car as he shut the door behind you.
Tumblr media
The Avengers tower was huge. Towering above every other building in New York, the giant A standing out as a beacon to everyone.
The streets were heaving, cafes just setting up for the day, the smells of pastries wafting over to you. You wondered what it was like in colour and hoped you'd see that soon.
Happy led you into the lobby, talking to someone before leading you to the elevator and up to the top of the tower.
"Mr Stark will meet us once we're there."
You nodded, feeling nervous but that soon disappeared when you saw Tony and Pepper waiting for you.
"And she's here! Thank you Happy, you alright taking her bags up?"
"Yeah. Take care Y/N."
"Thank you Happy."
"Welcome, welcome. I've set you up a room on the floor with Capsicle, witchy girl, Clint. They are the least invasive when it comes to personal space... Well, kind of. Clint does share with Nat so... Anyway, Pepper decorated your room but please feel free to change anything if you want to."
You went to point out that you couldn't actually see what the colour scheme would be but he carried on talking, Pepper just shaking her head at him as he led you through the tower.
"There's the kitchen, the living room, movie studio. Upstairs is the bar and party area, then there's the roof where people like to go and relax. Then there's..."
"Tony, slow down, you really aren't good at showing people around are you?" Pepper stopped him and Tony gave her an incredulous look that said his skills at showing people around the tower were amazing. Pepper laughed before continuing, "Y/N, I'll show you around once he's stopped reeling off everything we have here. First though, maybe we should introduce her to the team."
"The Team! Yes." Tony motioned for you to follow him and you saw them stood in the living room, a little welcome banner being held out between Sam and Carol.
You knew who each of the Avengers was but to have a proper introduction would be amazing.
Carol hugged you first, kissing the top of your head before Sam pulled you into a big bear hug. Because of who they were to Maria and Sharon, you knew them more than the others.
Someone must have mentioned your lack of seeing colour because no one mentioned anything as they came to speak to you.
Bruce Banner was the first to introduce himself to you, "If you have time, I'd like to go over some more reports and studies into the substance in the lab you were in. I've tried to find some clues but... I'm at a loss."
You told him you'd like that.
Natasha Romanoff and her soulmate Clint Barton were next, the cheeky grin from Clint and the way Nat eyed you up as if she'd dug into every personal aspect of your life unnerved you a little but the handshake from the pair of them meant that hadn't found anything bad.
Wanda Maximoff and her soulmate Vision were adorable, Wanda telling you that she'll make sure Vision knocks before he enters a room as he has a habit of just walking through the walls.
Thor was the one who had you star-struck but the big hulking God didn't waste any time in hugging you and welcoming you.
Then came the infamous Bucky Barnes and your cheeks heated as you remembered the other nights when you thought of him in the comfort of your room. Oh damn, you'd need to keep these thoughts at bay while you were here.
Then came Peter Parker, the enthusiastic teenager shaking your hand so much, you thought it would pop right out the socket.
"Oh man, I've heard a lot about you. Your powers are so... Wow. I hope you get to see colour soon because I want to show you this new design I have for the spider suit but I'm not sure about it yet. Oh man, they told me not to mention anything about that!"
You laughed, pulling him into a quick hug that promptly cut his rambling off and made him walk back to the group with reddened cheeks.
Tony told you you'd be introduced to a few others a little later on and you sat down on the sofa, feeling a little overwhelmed. Carol sat by you, squeezing your hand and you heard laughter coming down the corridor.
"That'll be Cap and his girlfriend," Tony said, motioning for them to come on through. You were too busy listening to what Carol was talking about, not knowing that someone else had entered the room.
"Y/N, this is Steve Rogers and his girlfriend Bernie Rosenthal. Guys, meet our newest Avenger."
Carol nudged you to stand up and you did, brushing down your jumper as you looked at the cute woman that Tony had called Bernie. She smiled at you, welcoming you to the tower and then you looked up at Captain America himself, Steve Rogers.
You had a huge smile plastered on your face but that slowly dropped as you realised something was happening.
The greys and blacks and whites suddenly merged into colours. You noticed the blues of his eyes, the dirty blonde hair and full beard. The white, tight-fitting shirt he had on and the jeans and trainers.
"Oh fuck." You heard Tony mumble and Nat stood up, her bright red hair catching your attention.
In fact, everything was in colour.
You noticed Bernie and her blonde hair, colourful summer dress and red lipstick and then you looked at her eyes, seeing that they were grey.
So that meant...
She and Steve, they weren't Soulmates like you assumed.
No, they weren't Soulmates at all.
You looked back up at Steve, seeing that he had frozen in shock, not quite knowing what to do.
But you did.
You ran from the room, Carol and Tony calling your name but you didn't stop.
You couldn't.
Because you'd just seen colour for the first time.
Which meant that...
Steve Rogers was your soulmate.
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Life in Colour
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ivy-goldrush · 23 days ago
Wednesdays Are The Worst Shush Demons (Bucky P.O.V)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Grumpy!Bucky, Bucky being a dick, Angst, Eventual Smut? Slow Burn fic, Maybe a touch of Jealous!Bucky, 18+ cause ✨swearing✨
Chapter Warnings: Mentions of war, night terrors,  extensive injuries(brief)
Word Count: 1020
Bucky knew he shouldn’t feel this way about you. Especially when you were practically curled up into his side. After finishing the conjuring, the group decided to put on another movie, this one being a bit tamer. The group had decided on an animated film called ‘Over the Hedge’ to ease the tension from the horror movie. Bucky wasn’t overly paying attention as his mind was focused on your curled up body, as you had ended up falling asleep 30 minutes into this film. Bucky wasn’t complaining about having you this close to him. Your head was lolled on his chest and with every breath he could smell your shampoo and body wash. He chuckled inwardly as the familiar sent of sweet peaches filled his nose. Cute. Just like you He thought to himself.
Bucky was not in the position to catch feelings for you, he couldn’t, Bucky didn’t do feelings. He saw the way Steve looked at you, he just couldn’t do that to his friend. He didn’t know whether Steve looked at you the way he did because he was in love with you or because he completely adored you as a friend. Whatever it was, he couldn’t risk hurting Steve or fucking up himself. So, Bucky made a mental note that this was definitely not going to happen again. As much as he liked having you close to him, he just couldn’t risk fucking things up, so distancing himself was the best thing to do. He made himself a mental list: 1, don’t get too close to y/n emotionally. 2, Do not sit next to y/n, always find another seat. 3, Avoid y/n outside the group at all costs. Fuck. This was going to kill him.
Towards the end of the film, he felt himself fighting to stay awake, trying desperately not to fall asleep with you next to him. He felt you shift slightly, pressing yourself into him more, burying your head on his chest. He looked down at you sleeping so peacefully in awe, he really didn’t have the heart to wake you or disturb you. So slowly, he found himself falling into sleep with his arm securely around your waist.
The sounds of helicopters whirring and people shouting filled the air around him. The wind whipped the sand up and the grains hit his face. “Come on Sarge! We’ve got to keep moving!” Flight or fight kicked in and before he knew it Bucky was running with the other people. “Phillips! Do we have a safe house we can go to?” His voice was muffled down by the sound of the machines above and enemy fire taking place. And with that, every thing fell into slow motion no matter how fast he tried to go. His boots stuck to the ground, as if he was standing in quicksand. His teammates were just out of reach and no matter how far he reached he couldn’t quite touch them and the sounds around them deadened until it was silent and everything was still. Then, as if someone had pressed play, it all happened at once. Bucky turning around to see what was happening, his teammates urging everyone to keep moving forward and then, the screams. Bucky felt it before he could see it. Surging white hot pain danced along his left arm and shoulder, along with parts of the side of his thigh being kissed with pain. The haunting screams that he had heard only a second ago were gone and replaced with the ringing in his ears. He was no longer standing, the force of what happened had knocked him onto the ground. His head spun, trying to piece together what had just happen and then he turned to find his team, to where the IED had gone off. Smoke, dust and flames obscured his vision as he searched for his team, for anyone. The pain in his arm was too much and he couldn’t even stand, but he managed to pull himself towards were he last saw his team. Black dots littered his vision as he glanced done at his arm, it being completely unrecognisable and covered in 3rd degree burns. With his breathing labouring, he used all his energy to try and call out for help as the smoke choked him out of consciousness.
Bucky jolted awake in a harsh sweat, panicking with the feeling of something putting weight on his chest, suffocating him. He couldn’t breathe. He gasped and tossed for air when the feeling of something shifted around him and snapped him out of the state he was in. His breath was still ragged as his eyes adjusted to the darkness around him, trying to figure out where he was. His eyes locked onto the dull glow of the TV, Netflix asking if they were still watching. Shifting his gaze down to his chest, his breath hitched. There you lay, peacefully, uninterrupted, dreaming of what he could only assume were the sweetest and softest things.
Bucky felt himself coming back to reality; back to where he was. You looked so perfect sleeping it almost chocked him. He gently brought his hand up to your head to stroke the hair out of your peaceful face. He then found himself slipping out from under you and off the sofa, despite the pulling feeling he felt in his chest towards you. His posture was slumped as Bucky stalked towards his room, thoughts floating around his head. His feet guided him to his room where he found comfort on the cold and hard floor next to his bed.
He didn’t fully understand what he was feeling for you but it was more than he wanted to feel for anyone. If this feeling progressed Bucky knew that he would be doomed. He wasn’t the type of person that deserved to have someone to hold and with every possibility, he reminded himself of that. So, he did the one thing he could, he left you alone, distancing himself from you, leaving you to wake up in his living room with the rest of the group but him.
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ship asks: sam/sharon 👀
What made you ship it?
Honestly I wasn’t the biggest fan of Steve/Sharon (I’ve since come around on that and I don’t mind them as a ship either), but just seeing Sam and Sharon’s quick little banter in CA:CW was enough to make me ship it. Add in their moments in TFATWS so far and I’m a total goner. I just want Sharon to be happy and I think Sam’s gentle, teasing nature is a nice balance to her more direct, sarcastic approach to things. 
What are your favorite things about the ship?
Tbh they haven’t had many moments in canon but I love that Sam was the first person to mention Sharon in TFATWS. He’s always so genuinely concerned for everyone around him and I think Sharon needs that after everything she’s been through. I love the differences between them (veteran versus a woman who was brought up in espionage) but I think they’d complement each other so well.
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
Probably just that I ship them at all? They don’t seem very popular, but I haven’t stopped thinking about them since CA:CW 😂 
send me a ship and I’ll answer questions if I ship them/don’t ship them
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cursedvixens · 26 days ago
@theleftfalcon continued from here:
Coming back had taken a physical toll on Natasha but it had also taken a toll on her mind. She felt like she was slipping between more than one life, and she couldn’t figure out which one was the right one. But this man spoke as enough he knew her and after a minute of trying to sort through the millions of memories, she was able to register who he was. “Sam...” The gun was slowly lowered and holstered. “So, it worked then?”
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ivy-goldrush · 27 days ago
Wednesdays Are The Worst Where's Colin Firth When I Need Him the Most
Tumblr media
Warnings: Grumpy!Bucky, Bucky being a dick, Angst, Eventual Smut? Slow Burn fic, Maybe a touch of Jealous!Bucky, 18+ cause ✨swearing✨
Word Count: 1278
As soon as you arrived home from your work shift, your phone chimed with a message from Wanda. ‘Hey y/n! Are you coming to the movie night at Sam and Bucky’s?’ The movie night had completely skipped your mind. You quickly sent a reply saying that you would; asking when it was and what the address was. Wanda’s reply came in seconds afterward with the address for their apartment and what time everyone was getting there (around 6ish) meaning you had about four hours until then.
You shuffled around your apartment completing everyday mundane tasks, such as laundry and tidying up the space. Before jumping in the shower and washing yourself of the smell of coffee. Reaching for your bodywash, you realised that it was empty. Stepping out of the shower you opened the cupboard under the sink grabbing a new bottle before resuming the shower. You clicked open the lid and let the scent fill your nose as you washed yourself.
Once you had finished in the shower, you began to get ready. You knew from Wanda that tonight was very casual with the girls saying that they were all going to be wearing sweatpants, hoodies, leggings etc. So, going with the same theme, you dug out a pair of charcoal grey yoga pants and a largely oversized burgundy sweatshirt that rested at your mid-thigh.
The hours ticked by and it soon became 5:30pm, meaning that you needed to leave soon as your maps app said that it would be a 20-minute walk to the boy’s apartment. Slipping on your sneakers and grabbing your bag, you locked up your apartment making sure to text the girls that you were on your way. Nat responded saying that she would meet you outside so that you wouldn’t have to walk up alone.
The walk was pleasant, a light breeze tickling your hair. Every now and then you checked your phone to make sure that you were going in the right direction and not getting lost. Finally reaching the apartment building you spotted the fierce red head waiting at the entrance.
“Nat! Hey!” You called out as you bundled towards her. Nat greeted you with an open hug, squeezing slightly before she let you go. The two of you climbed the stairs of the building, reaching the flat on the third floor. Nat walked up to the door, striking it with her knuckles. Soon after the door swung open revealing a grinning Sam dressed in navy blue joggers and a white short sleeved t-shirt.
“Welcome ladies!” He boomed as he stepped aside allowing you and Nat into the surprisingly broad space. You walked down a midsized hallway with two closed doors, one on each side that you guessed were the bedrooms, and into a wide-open space. This space housed two large fabric sofa’s, one tan coloured and the other a deep olive green. On your right was an open space kitchen with a small island and a couple of stools. On your left was where the averagely sized bathroom was located.
In the living space everyone else was already seated. Clint was sat on the floor in front of Vis and Wanda on the first sofa, with Maria and Steve sat talking on the second one. Bucky was stood in the kitchen fetching himself a drink, too busy focusing than paying attention to what was happening around him. Sam pulled Nat with him to sit with Maria and Steve, and you walked over to join Wanda and the two boys leaving the space next to you open. What a coincidence that the only free space was next to you, you were sure that Steve had something to do with this and wanting you and Bucky to be as close to each other as possible.
Wanda turned to face you starting up a convocation. “y/n! Help us decide what movie we are watching tonight! ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’ or ‘The Conjuring’”. For you it was a no brainer, you weren’t overly fond of horror films, so you chose the latter.
“Sorry to disappoint, but it’s 3 against 6 for ‘The Conjuring’” Bucky smirked as he sunk into to space next to you, moving slightly angling his body between the arm rest and the back of the sofa. You groaned at his comment knocking your head back at the same time. This action earned you a deep chuckle from Bucky and a giggle from Wanda as she nestled herself into Vis. Bucky shifted again, this time bringing his left arm up to rest on the back of the sofa behind you, and his right to his face allowing him to take a swig of his beer.
“Oh yeah! y/n, we ordered pizza before you arrived, and I made sure to get your disgusting pizza choice.” Steve mocked from across the room, and you turned your body to face him, evidently turning your body into Bucky’s. You looked at Steve with a shocked expression playing on your face. “Don’t diss ham and pineapple pizza it’s the best.” You threw back at him, as he pulled a funny face at you, sticking his tongue out.
Whilst bantering with Steve, you felt Bucky’s arm fall from the sofa and find its place loosely around your waist. You stiffened slightly at the action, not sure what to do. Suddenly there was a thumping on the door. “That’ll be the pizza! I’ll go get it.” Bucky pulled himself from the sofa, slowly grazing his hand against the small of your back causing you to blush slightly. His actions were enough to give you whiplash compared to the couple of times you met him. Once he was on his way to the door, you felt your phone buzz in your lap. “Looking very cosy over there, y/n/n.” The message from Steve was followed by a bunch of looking eye emojis. “Ha ha, very funny.” You looked up with a displeased face from your phone after you sent the reply only to find Steve wiggling his eyebrows.
The smell of pizza engulfed the space as Bucky reappeared. Sam had vanished into the kitchen to grab a stack of plates as Bucky placed an array of boxes on the long coffee table. He still had one box in his hands as he sat back next to you, this time leaning into you to speak. “I hope you don’t mind sharing the pizza, as we’re the only two here that will eat ham and pineapple.” His deep voice was just above a whisper and you could feel the warmth of his breath tickle your face. Your eyes met his and you found yourself lost in the angle blue orbs. You felt like a dear in headlights having him this close to you, almost as if you were his prey.  Slowly, you nodded your head not trusting your voice not to crack. His smile was wide and soft as he leaned back into the corner of the sofa, resting the pizza on his lap. You took this as a gesture to move yourself into his side a little, giving you better access to the pizza. Taking the first slice, you felt Bucky snake his left arm around your waist, this time making sure his grasp was noticeable and not fleeting. You saw Clint press play on the movie out of the corner of your eye and turned your head to look at Bucky who was fixated on the tv, as if you weren’t even next to him, leaving you to try to focus your attention on the movie for the rest of the night.
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Wednesdays Are The Worst
A Whole Fucking Box of Peaches
Tumblr media
Warnings: Grumpy!Bucky, Bucky being a dick, Angst, Eventual Smut? Slow Burn fic, Maybe a touch of Jealous!Bucky, 18+ cause ✨swearing✨
Word Count: 1153
Your morning shift at the café was going well. The early hours were filled with the normal typical bustle of workers getting their caffeine fix, with the late morning customers looking for comfort in a warm drink and cosy atmosphere. You and Mary had handled the Friday crowds with ease, and you were now hitting a slow spot just before the lunchtime rush. You were tidying up behind the counter, back faced towards the door as Mary was seeping the shop floor of any dirt. You worked your way to the back end of the counter, organising the array of drink syrups there when the bell of the door tinkled. From where you were you could hear that Mary had already engaged in a conversation with the customer which allowed you to finish the task at hand. When you finally turned to face the front of the shop, your eyes widened on who Mary was talking to. In the entranceway stood the one and only Bucky with a huge smile plastered on his. It was one of those smiles that not only made the corner of his eyes crinkle but his actual eyes gleam with passion and love if you dare say so. Your eyes widened at the sight of him, but your surprised expression wasn’t just from seeing him in the café, it was also at what he had tucked under his arm. There he stood so naturally with a whole box of peaches. 
Making your way over to the two of them, you caught onto their conversation. “Did they run out of plums or something, Mr. Barnes?” The teasing was evident in Mary’s voice. Bucky only chuckled as a response before moving his gaze to you behind the counter. His smile faltered, brows furrowed and you were sure it was because of the disliking he has to you. 
Bucky knew from Steve that you worked in a little independent coffee shop, but he didn’t think that it was this coffee shop. When Bucky and Steve first decided to move to the city, Steve had already sorted out living arrangements and that left Bucky to scurry around trying to find a place to live before finding something more permanent. He had found an ad online for a small studio apartment. The rent was cheap and was in a good area. The apartment was one of two above a small ‘to let’ space. In his time living there, he found that the lady living in the other apartment was not only the owner of the two living spaces but also owned the shop space below. Not long after he had moved in, the space below became occupied as a florist, meaning that he had to remember to take his hay fever meds to avoid puffy eyes and a runny nose. He and Mary had a close relationship and were easily friends, she even told him how she dreamed of turning the space below into an independent coffee shop, but the money was too tight to do so. Bucky stayed in that apartment for 18 months before moving into his current one that he shared with Sam. He had heard the news that Mary had opened the coffee shop about 6 months ago and had been meaning to drop by and scope the place out.
He was shocked to see you stood behind the counter, with your long hair in waves framing your delicate face. A cute floral apron clung to your waist to protect the soft white blouse you had worn that day. Bucky was in awe of how serene you were. There was no denying that the man found you attractive when you first met him but for some reason that night, the way Steve spoke about you and to you, and how you fitted into the group so naturally pissed him off. He didn't know why because in this setting he felt as though he would never get enough of you and he hated that.
You had noticed that Bucky had been staring at you with a slight glare for a bit longer than he had probably meant to. You broke the trance he was in with a simple cheery “Hi!”. It was as if someone had just paused and then pressed play on him as he was blinking rapidly, bringing himself back to the moment. His smile was tight-lipped as he let out a breathy “Hey” and then slightly shaking his head at himself. 
“So, erm, what’s with the peaches?” You leaned yourself onto the counter and allowed a smirk to form on your lips, trying to not let his mood get to you. “Oh these?” he gestured to the box he was holding, “I just fancied some peaches.” You called bullshit. No one went to the store to buy that many peaches. You cocked an eyebrow at the tall man in front of you, sneakily taking in his appearance. You hadn’t noticed it when you first met him, but you were now and boy, were his shoulders broad and his thighs were very large. You were certain that under the light grey sweater hanging loosely on his frame, were muscles sculpted by the finest sculptures. His tight black jeans clung to his thighs and you had to physically stop yourself from ogling at them. You brought your attention back to the conversation. “That’s bullshit! No one buys that many peaches at once unless they are feeding a small army! So, tell me Bucky, are you feeding a small army?” The airiness of your voice allowed for the conversation to still be light-hearted if he wanted it to be, but you couldn’t help but notice the way he slightly shifted on the spot as if the comment made him uncomfortable. He maintained his composure pursing his lips faintly. He let out a small hmph before responding. “No, I’m not. I panic bought them…” There was a pregnant pause before he continued. “I bumped into someone I knew and picked up the first thing I could to get away.” Bucky’s annoyance was heavy in his voice as he brought his free hand to rub the back of his neck. You smiled politely, eyes creasing as you looked at him. “I see what you mean, I’ve been in that situation. You just gotta get outta there.” This earned you a puzzled yet inquisitive look from him, you smiled small and adverted your eyes.
“What did you panic buy then, please enlighten me.” Sarcasm dripped from Bucky’s voice, with a heavy enfaces on the please as if he didn’t believe you.
You smirked at him before replying “That’s something you’ll have to find out later as it's officially the end of my shift!”. Not wanting to give in to what he wanted. Turning your heels, you made your way into the staff room, leaving Bucky and Mary in the front of the shop.
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ivy-goldrush · a month ago
Wednesdays Are The Worst Masterlist
Bucky Barnes X Reader Series 
Tumblr media
Warnings: Grumpy!Bucky, Bucky being a dick, Angst, Eventual Smut? Slow Burn fic, Maybe a touch of Jealous!Bucky, 18+ cause ✨swearing✨
Chapter count: tbd
Expresso. Make Friends with It
That Was A Lot Easier Than Expected
The Sun Can Fuck Right Off
A Whole Fucking Box of Peaches
Where's Colin Firth When I Need Him the Most
Shush Demons
I fell into a deep hole.
Dumb things have dumb consequences.
A Series of Horrible Decisions
New chapter posted every four days at 9pm GMT (2:00PM Pacific Time)
Taglist is open! Message to be added!
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ivy-goldrush · a month ago
Wednesdays Are The Worst
Expresso. Make Friends with It
Tumblr media
Series Warnings: Grumpy!Bucky, Bucky being a dick, Angst, Eventual Smut? Slow Burn fic, Maybe a touch of Jealous!Bucky, 18+ cause ✨swearing✨
Word Count: 1047
The morning air was crisp as it whipped its way around you, almost imitating a hug. It was only a short walk from your apartment to the small independent coffee shop you worked at. ‘Café Juniper’ was a very small but bustling coffee shop that had only recently opened and was quickly gaining a reputation for itself ‘From 6 am when we open, to 6 pm when we close, we are here to provide coffee and a smile’ was what Mary, the owner, had said when you first got the barista job there. This job was almost perfect, the staff were amazing along with the customers, and the atmosphere that the shop had was one where you couldn’t help but feel relaxed in. The only problem was that you found yourself getting up at 5:15 am when you were to open the shop and it’s safe to say you are not much of a morning person what-so-ever. 
Unlocking the front door, you were instantly hit with the smell of coffee and sweet treats. Mary stood behind the counter organizing the cakes and a cup of coffee sat on top of the workstation.
“Just in time.” The lovely older lady chuckled, smiling at you with creases at her eyes. “At least I’m here Mary, I could have not shown up at all!” Your comment was made with light-heartedness as you clocked in at 5:50 am. You were running only a couple of minutes late, nothing too drastic and it wasn’t as if you had done this regularly. With Mary being the type of woman she was, a few minutes late wasn’t bad at all. The ten minutes till opening time still allowed for you to make a coffee for yourself and make yourself look presentable, tying your pastel flowered Pinney around your waist.
Your hair was neatly tucked into a bun that rested at the nape of your neck however, you knew that it would not look the way it was supposed to by the end of your shift. You could already picture it, baby hairs frizzed up into a small mane and chunks of hair falling out of the bun looking very disregarded. The first half an hour of your shift wasn’t too bad, there weren’t many customers at 6 in the morning. But as soon as the clock struck 6:30 am there was already a small line out the door as the early morning office workers fled to get their coffee fix. During this time the only drinks that seemed to be ordered were Americano’s, Cappuccino’s, and Lattes. With the occasional iced coffee thrown into the mix. This thread of orders lasted until about 8 am, the morning flow of people were now well and truly seated behind their desks and chatting away with co-workers.
You enjoyed the slow pace that this time of day brought around. It allowed for you and Mary to tidy the mess that had been made, wipe down the surfaces of spilled coffee, and sweep out the leaves that snuck in from the streets. The empty shop made it safe for Mary to slip into the back room to sort out stock and the following day’s deliveries. 
It was about 15 minutes when the next customer entered the café. The small jingle of the bell above the door alerted you that you were no longer alone. You made sure your voice was loud and clear enough for your boss to hear without it sounding like you were shouting, as you quickly finished the task at hand. 
“Good morning! Welcome to Café Juniper, what can I get for you today?” Your voice was clear and sweet as you turned your body to face the customer. You didn’t allow for your smile to falter as you were met with a very tall, very attractive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, well-built male. He hadn’t noticed your prolonged staring as he was too focused on the menu board. You took the opportunity to scan your gaze over the dark navy suit that clung to his body that you thought would burst at the seams if he tensed even the smallest of muscles. He brought his hand up to his face, rubbing at the well-kempt facial hair. He hummed and nodded, solidifying his thought on what to have before adjusting his eyes to you and speaking. 
“Could I get a caramel macchiato to take away please?” His voice was equal parts deep and soft with being bubbly as well. He smiled sweetly and widely at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back with warmth. “Of course. Is that all for you today?” Your silvery voice danced to his ears. He was about to answer with a no when his gaze met the cake counter. His eyes lit up his face, like a kid in a candy shop, and you could tell he was eyeing one cake more than the others. He licked his lips before turning back to you and asking sheepishly “Could I also get a blueberry muffin as well?”. You knew there was no way you could deny his ask, so you reassured him that of course he could, before finishing up his drink and using the tongs to pick the muffin and place it carefully in a brown paper bag. The items were traded with a total of cash. The both of you offering sweet smiles as you went on with your days.
Soon the stranger became a regular at Café Juniper and you soon found out that his name was Steve. Over the course of several months, the two of you had developed a budding friendship and even though you admit he was attractive it never blossomed into anything more as you both knew that you were better off being friends. Morning coffee pick-ups soon turned into him coming in on his off days with a book, reading and then keeping you company on your break or when the café was empty; the two of you even hung out a few times outside of the café and work routines. And you then found yourself being invited by him to meet up with his friend group. You said yes knowing that you could not deny this man of happiness, even in the smallest of forms. 
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Tumblr media
For @nachodiablo, Who won one of my @marveltrumpshate 2019 Auctions. This is the fifth of six aesthetics, I’ll be making for Nacho over the course of the year. Here you are, Nacho!
Sam Wilson x Natasha Romanoff - Undercover AU.
Also on Ao3.
Sam waits to say anything, until the last customer ambles away from the counter he’s seated at. “You know,” he says, hushed and quiet, eyes darting around the small cafe before zeroing back onto Natasha. “You look pretty good like this.” He watches as she pauses in her task of restocking the cupcake shelf, before she flicks her eyes up to meet his. 
“I meant,” he tries to backtrack when he notices how they’ve narrowed with a dangerous glint to them. “Like you’re happy. Not like, you-I mean that is,” he flounders before letting his mouth snap shut when he notices the way her lips curve up at the side, in a half smirk. 
“I think it might be best, to stop while you’re ahead there,” she keeps her voice low and soft, eyes doing a quick circuit around to ensure they were alone before adding playfully, “Cap.”
He ducks his head, glad she wouldn’t be able to see his cheeks flushing and boy, would they be red with how hot his face feels. Swallowing, he fiddles, eyes flicking up and down a few times before he takes a breath, seeming to build himself back up only to stop when he locks eyes with her. 
Sam can’t remember the last time Nat looked this soft, this relaxed. It’s certainly been… months, if not years, he thinks. Relaxed, happy, it looks good on her. Though Sam muses, his head still ducked down enough he has to look at her from beneath his lashes, there isn’t much that Natasha can’t make look good.
Not that he’d ever say that to her face.
Well, not sober anyway.
Sam’s learned the hard way after a few too many, his mouth gets real loose with his secrets.
But not that he wouldn’t want to, he sighs. He’d love to tell Nat how he really feels. How he’d like to take her out, to not be too Steve about it, to court her, to treat her right. Their friendship though, he doesn’t want to risk it, if she didn’t feel the same.
No, he thinks, watching as she moves around gracefully, her friendship was far more than enough for him.
“I need to go switch out the trays, I’ll be right back,” she says, just as Jeanie — her teenage co-worker, who worked the counter a few days a week — slides behind the counter, apologizes falling from her lips. “Try not to let Scott get any more freebies,” she teases good naturedly before cutting her gaze to Sam, when Jeanie’s face goes red, gearing up to defend herself, “I’m counting on you, to watch her,” before ducking into the back.
“Ugh, Sasha is the worst,” Jeanie mutters, stashing her bag and cardigan underneath the counter and grabbing her apron. As she ties it, she eyes Sam for a long moment, lips curving up into a wicked looking smile after a beat. “So,” she drawls, moving to lean against the counter next to him. She waits until he picks his cup of coffee up to talk a sip, when she continues, raising her voice to ensure she’ll be heard in the back, “When do you plan on asking out our beloved Sasha, Tommy?”
Sam chokes, spray coffee everywhere as he splutters.
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simplybombshell · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff & Sam Wilson
𝗬𝗼𝘂’𝗿𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗮𝘃𝗼𝗰𝗮𝗱𝗼 𝘁𝗼 𝗺𝘆 𝘁𝗼𝗮𝘀𝘁. 𝗔𝗻𝗱 𝗜 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝗔𝘃𝗼𝗰𝗮𝗱𝗼𝘀!
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Wednesdays Are The Worst
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes X Reader Series Coming Soon
Bucky Barnes has always been a reserved person, especially when it comes to new people. Steve knew this, but he also knew that you were the type of person that Bucky could easily fall into place with. So what was the harm in inviting you into their friendship group? And what was the harm in Steve creating a plan for you and Bucky to become close friends, even after his closed off and grumpy encounter with? Huh, no harm at all, right?
Warnings: Grumpy!Bucky, Bucky being a dick, Angst, Eventual Smut? Slow Burn fic, Maybe a touch of Jealous!Bucky
Chapter count: tbd
Word count: n/a
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