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#sam wilson x gender neutral!reader
rebelforthebadtimes · 3 days ago
Imagine the teasing that goes on during missions between you, Sam, and Bucky.
*Platonic! Gender Neutral Reader*
Tumblr media
“On your left!” You shout to Sam, as you fly past him towards the enemy. He groans, and you laugh to yourself, knowing that line irked him at least a little bit.
“Sometimes I wonder why we bring you in the first place.” He says, and you can feel the eye roll as you start going after the enemies flying towards you.
“I don’t know what you mean Sam, I think they’re funny.” Chimed in Bucky from down on the ground. At least the earpieces were working nicely.
“Yeah Sam, get a sense of humor, why don’t you?” You laugh breathlessly, as the fight took some wind out of you.
“Yeah yeah, all funny when you’re teasing me. Don’t forget (Y/N), I have that video of you tripping over nothing but air at three in the morning while we stayed at Sharon’s place in Madripoor.” Sam says, and you glance over to see the shit eating grin he has as you guys start flying closer to the ground to help Bucky with the enemies down there. 
“That I’ve got to see.” Bucky laughs, and you groan.
“I don’t even know how you got that video, I thought I was the only person up. I can’t help exhaustion.” But you laugh as well, thinking of how to get back at Sam for that.
“I have my ways. But don’t think for a second Bucky that you’re off the hook either. I have the video still of when you fell straight through the trees after jumping off the plane.”
“The amount of blackmail that goes on is unbelievable. Can we get back to the mission at hand?” Bucky’s voice was light, meaning he thought it was still funny.
“All because I said ‘on your left’, and Sam took it this far. Don’t worry, I’ll catch you doing something embarrassing too.” You call over your shoulder to Sam as you roll onto the ground at last, near Bucky and helped him fight.
“I’m sure you will.” He responds with a laugh, also rolling in to help with the fight.
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outofplaceoutinspace · 5 days ago
How they tell you that they care without telling you that they care - gentlemen
18+ Reader = gender-neutral (>18 for spidey)
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
Category: fluff
Requested: No.
A/N: Whelp, some Gifs are pretty big, I hope you don't mind. Does the title make sense? I hope it does hha, please enjoy!
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Bucky lets you know at any time that you can talk to him about everything.
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Whenever you plan on going somewhere, Steve always tells you to stay safe.
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Tony tries to adopt some of your To-Do's on a daily basis so you won't be too stressed out.
Tumblr media
Whenever you are busy, or even just relaxing, Vision regularly checks up on you, just in case you needed something.
Tumblr media
Thor, whenever he stays with you on earth, always makes you a cup of your favourite drink when you are extra busy.
Tumblr media
They might not have them on Asgard, but Loki always carries painkillers around when he's with you, just in case you needed them as you frequently suffered from stress-induced headaches.
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
Sam knows that when you are stressed, you tend to forget certain things, so he always makes sure to put your essentials next to your breakfast so you won't forget anything for the day.
Peter Quill
Tumblr media
You are a big music lover, just like Peter, that's why he always makes you new mixtapes of your favourite songs and new additions, leaving the cassette lying around for you to find as a surprise.
Peter Parker (teenage!reader)
Tumblr media
Peter makes sure that you eat and drink enough, always carrying some snacks and a water bottle with him.
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outofplaceoutinspace · 7 days ago
Their pet name/s for you - gentlemen
18+ Reader = gender-neutral (>18 for spidey)
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
Requested: No.
A/N: This is what I imagine they would call their partner. The Gifs are to make the post a bit more lively and pleasant to look at, they don't necessarily fit the situations. If a pet name does not classify as gender-neutral, please let me know.
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Love or Babe
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Hun/Honey or Sweetie
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Babe or Sugar
Tumblr media
Darling or My Love
Tumblr media
My Love
Tumblr media
Sweetheart or Darling
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
Bub/Bubs or Babe
Peter Quill
Tumblr media
Babe or Hun
Peter Parker (teenage!reader)
Tumblr media
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outofplaceoutinspace · 8 days ago
Imagine you and some of the Avengers go clubbing
18+ / 21+ Reader = gender-neutral
Includes: Steve, Bucky, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Wanda (18+/21+ in this one), Thor, Sam, Rhodey, Scott, Hope (includes Loki)
Warnings: mentions of alcohol
Requested: No.
Category: humour
A/N: I would have included all of them but I thought it would be best to stick to only some of them as I wanted to try and keep it as short as possible (even though it is still kinda long). Wanda is 18+/21+ in this one, although she's born in 1989 according to Google, but somehow everyone has a different information, so I thought it would be good to clarify, just in case.
Tumblr media
Chaos would be inevitable. Peter would be the only one to stay at home as he is not old enough yet to go to the club, but maybe that's a good thing, considering the fact that you would have to take care of grown-up children already.
Steve and Bucky would mainly stand by the bar, complaining about the awful music they were playing, but would definitely not decline Thor's suggestion of a drinking contest.
Bruce is not one for big parties, but he really wanted to join the rest of the crew. He would regret his decision the moment he stepped foot into the loud and muggy room, immediately looking for a less crowded corner.
Just like the super soldiers and Thor, Natasha and Clint would start their own drinking contest, quickly joined by Wanda, who would keep track of the number of shots and other beverages being consumed, and Scott, who eagerly wanted to join them.
Tony and Rhodey would try to take it easy with the alcohol but fail rather quickly. They would end up challenging Loki to a dance battle, who would mock them by transforming into their double from time to time, dancing funnily and confusing their drunken selves.
Sam and Hope would be the only ones beside you to barely drink, having a nice little chat before all hell breaks loose when the billionaire and Loki would start a heated argument about who was the better dancer, bothering the other people to such an extent that you would decide that it was best to go back home.
You would have a hard time getting all of them home in one piece, struggling to keep the drunk avengers on their feet. Luckily the rather sober members of the team, including Steve, Bucky and Thor, would help you. Only Loki would shamble behind the group, purposely claiming that he was the best dancer in the galaxy, just to enrage Tony again.
When arriving at home you would realise that Bruce was already sitting in the living room, surprised how you have not noticed his absence from the group.
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Louisiana Fever (Bucky Barnes x GN!Reader)
Request: Hi! Since your ask are open could I have a imagine with bucky where him and his boyfriend (if you’re uncomfortable with male reader could you make it gender neutral pls?) are at the Wilson’s party and they talk about moving here and maybe getting a dog? Something really sweet and fluffy please? I’m having a hard time and need a bit of softness! Thanks you! (by @pastel-boy-sungjae), [Marvel-Masterlist]
Summary: A forever changing decision was made between Bucky & you. Whatever the future held for you, you could not wait to finally start somewhere new.
Words: 1,876 [Are you proud of me?]
Warnings: language, humor, fluff, short & sweet, no pronouns used, TFATWS spoilers, REQUESTS ARE OPEN!
If you like my work & wanna support me: a coffee would be highly appreciated ❤
Louisiana. Home of the Wilson family. A pier alongside the turquoise sea which created comforting tunes to soothe your ears. The slight breeze that tickled your skin in the most pleasurable way possible. A peaceful place to stay & feel safe, no matter the alarming threats menacing this universe daily. Here, it appeared to be as calm as ever. Like a bubble enveloping the area here, along with its people. A dome to prevent jeopardy from taking over.
The party was hosted by Sam, assisted by his younger sister Sarah. They invited Bucky & in addition to that, he invited you. You were his partner & if he attended a get-together then he only ever did with you right by his side. At first, you disliked the idea of inserting yourself where you believed you were not wanted. Luckily, your boyfriend had some reassuring pep talks up his sleeve that convinced you to tag along.
A flight was booked & before you even knew it, Sam hugged you close to his body as he greeted you. Bucky had informed him that you would come along. To his best friend, that was a given. There was no Bucky without you & no you without Bucky. Hence why he did not explicitly say that he obviously invited you as well.
It was the first time you were introduced to Sam’s family & his friends living nearby. The locals were more than welcoming & helpful even though you were complete strangers. Plainly stated, you fell in love with this place. The atmosphere was incomparable, like nothing you had ever encountered. This new, unfamiliar feeling washed through your body & there was only one word that could come close to describing it. Home. Not Bucky’s apartment where you had moved into a while ago. This strange yet somehow well-known place triggered emotions in you that you thought did not exist. You wondered if Bucky reacted in a similar way as you walked down the pier, hands intertwined, gazing out to the endless blue horizon. Where one hue kissed the other in an almost seamless way. Connecting yet separating sea from sky. A stunning sight that caught your plenary attention. You imagined yourself spending hours, simply watching the sun rise during the chill hours of the morning & set during the warm hours of the evening. The light not only coloring the sky in reds & purples but that same tone reflecting in the waves of the water which were caused by the wind.
“Hey, lovebirds! A little help here!” a familiar voice echoed in your ears & you found yourself turning around as you searched for the source of it.
“We’ll be right there, Sam.” you yelled over the distance so he could hear you clearly.
“He does have awful timing.” Bucky joked, wrapping an arm over your shoulders. You giggled & silently agreed with him though both of you were aware that you did not mind one bit.
Preparations were almost done, you simply assisted with the last finishing touches. They really went out of their way to create a homely aura for everyone to enjoy. Bucky & you occupied one of the many wooden tables, sitting next to Sam, Sarah & her kids. You guys had so much fun & could barely contain your laughter. Those people were not just friends. They were family. Blood related or not, the feeling they gave you counted at the end of the day.
The barbeque was delicious, as were the many options of desserts. One of them which you brought along. Bucky whined about a cake & who were you to deny him something you loved too? And by the fast pace it was gone, you assumed the others relished it just as much.
Food was long forgotten but the chatter kept the party alive. In the lifestyle you found yourself in, it was a rare sight to be surrounded by so much happiness & contentment. Usually, people radiated desperation & fear. Here, it was as if nothing bad existed. Only the smiles & sparkles in people’s eyes as they talked about something they were passionate about or the most random topic that came to mind. It did not matter. Acceptance was capitalized & it was a gift to experience it. With your boyfriend, with your best friend. With soon-to-be friends, you hoped.
“…so they aren’t here today ‘cause they’re currently movin’ out.” Sam pointed to the house that sat right next to his. Your eyes widened a little at this statement.
“It’s up for sale then?” you questioned, referring to the cottage that definitely needed some hours of dedicated work but appeared to be worth it underneath its surface.
“Yeah, it is. Still looking for a new owner.” Sam nodded. A smirk spread onto your face & you nudged Bucky with your elbow to gain his attention. With raised eyebrows, he turned his head so your eyes were locking.
“Okay. What’s going on in that head of yours?” Bucky chuckled as he noticed the enthusiastic look you wore. Sam observed your interaction but decided to stay silent for the time being.
“We could buy it, right?” you suggested, rambling so your words blurred together & it was hard to make out what you said.
“The house?” it took him a couple of seconds before he answered your question with another one. Simply because he was uncertain if you were joking or if you were serious.
“No, a trip to Disneyland. Of course the house.” you replied with a slight sarcastic tone.
“You wanna move here?” Bucky asked once again to ensure that he understood correctly.
“Don’t you? I mean, it’s perfect for us, Buck. The people here are lovely & we’ve got Sam here.” you pointed out, trying to list as many positive aspects as necessary to convince him.
“Wait, wait, wait.” Sam chimed in & you directed your attention to him. “Does that mean robot-boy will be my neighbor?” he pointed his finger at Bucky with fake disgust that had you laughing.
“That would annoy you, wouldn’t it?” Bucky inquired with a sly smile.
“Totally.” Sam countered, now completely ignoring that it was your idea in the first place. The two of them were bickering like children & it was a useless attempt to stop them.
“Perfect, we’ll buy it then.” your boyfriend’s statement had you shocked but equally excited.
“Really?” you could not help but ask.
“Really.” Bucky assured you & placed a short kiss on your lips.
“Why did I even say anything?” Sam shook his head, mumbling those words so nobody heard. Deep down, he had to admit that the could imagine it to be pleasant to have you two with him at all times. Though he would never say that out loud.
“We’re gonna move to Louisiana.” you exclaimed, throwing your arms around Bucky’s neck to hug him tightly. Your future could finally begin here. Something told you that it was the right decision. Sam only had to pull some strings & the deal was almost as good as yours.
A few hours ticked by, the sun had already started setting & Bucky suggested to watch the remaining minutes down by the dock. Your back rested against his chest, his arms securely wrapped around your waist as you sat in between Bucky’s legs. Savoring the last sunbeams that shone into your face & had you squint your eyes in order not to blind you. A comfortable silence settled around you. The sound of the sea the only discernible noise amongst the calm of the evening. But every quiet had to end eventually. And it was you who broke it, voicing a thought that had been playing in the back of your mind ever since you agreed on moving here.
“Hey, what about a dog?” your question caught him off guard & he barely had time to prepare a reply.
“Huh?” was all he could muster & you giggled at his perplexity.
“A dog. When we move here. Don’t you think this is a perfect place for a dog?” you turned in his arms so you could hold eye contact.
“We’ve already got Sam.” Bucky scoffed & you rolled your eyes annoyingly at him.
“I’m being serious, Buck.” & you truly were. Ever since you could remember, you promised yourself that you would adopt a dog if the chance was given. With a house this size, it would be a waste to not fulfill your dream. You watched Bucky sigh but the glint in his eyes showed you that he contemplated your thought.
“We’re not getting a Chihuahua.” he made clear before you got even crazier ideas.
“What’s wrong with a Chihuahua?” your dumbfounded expression had him laughing.
“They’re outta the question.” he stated & left no room to argue.
“Fine.” you breathed out with an exaggerated sigh. “A Corgi?”
“Why?” you did not understand why you had to reason with him but you had to think fast to provide a reasonable explanation.
“Because they’re cute.” maybe not the smartest of replies but if you worked your pleading expression then you should win.
“You say that about every single dog. That’s not a valuable point.” Bucky called you out & earned a pout from you.
“But it’s very much true.” a short pause allowed you to gather your thoughts once more. “Besides, they remind me of you.”
“Do I even wanna know?” Bucky breathed out & threw his head back to visualize how done he was with you in this moment. You, of course, were aware that it was only him teasing you.
“No, but that was, in fact, a very valuable point & speaks for getting a Corgi.” a proud smirk made its way onto your face.
“You’re lucky I love you.” his ocean blue eyes flickered between yours. You moved forward & pressed a tender kiss on his cheek. “But I’m the one choosing the name.” he decided.
“No way.” you shook your head frantically. “We’ll end up with a dog called Dog then.” you almost whined.
“You can’t stop me from giving it a nickname.” he reasoned with that famous smirk of his & you groaned because you knew he was right.
“I don’t like it.” you mumbled after a few moments.
“Alright, no dog then.” Bucky shrugged his shoulders & pretended that it did not matter anyway. But it did. And he really did like the idea of getting a dog.
“NO WAIT!” you were quick to raise your voice & stop him from turning down your plan. “Ugh, can’t we just…I don’t know, pick a cute name together?” you offered him your best puppy dog eyes because he had a hard time resisting you whenever you played that card.
“We could.” Bucky agreed but kept his response short. He waited for you to ascertain what he meant.
“But?” your voice went an octave higher at the end.
“But I’ll still call it Dog. It’s a great nickname.” Bucky praised himself.
“It’s foolish.” you commented & crossed your arms over your chest.
“Do we have a deal or not?” his head tilted to one side, waiting to watch your reaction.
“What do you think?” your eyebrows perked up. “Of course we do!”
Published (05/10/2021) by Cathy
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Tags: @bibliophilewednesday, @msmarvelsmain, @weareironmanbitches,@zestyemby, @kattenjager1, @cheraboo330 (thanks for your support <3)
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outofplaceoutinspace · 8 days ago
Who apologises first after a fight & how - gentlemen
18+ Reader = gender-neutral (>18 for spidey)
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: mentions of an argument & negative feelings, explicit language maybe
Category: not really angst, maybe fluff
Requested: No.
A/N: The plot in this is that the one who apologises first is also the one who is at fault. I tried my best to make them more or less the same length. The Gifs are to make the post a bit more lively and pleasing to look at, they don't necessarily fit the situations.
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
You // You don't fight often, but the times you do, you end up saying things you don't mean. Seeing your boyfriend sad and confused after such arguments, doubting himself and not knowing what to do, always gets to your heart. You can't handle the bad, nagging feeling in your stomach for too long and usually end up apologising shortly after the incident.
You apologise by silently hugging him from behind if he lets you (even if he doesn't react to your touch), whispering apologies against his back about how and why you are sorry. You always wait until he feels ready to talk to you again, whether it is while still hugging him, or giving him space for the rest of the day until he approaches you on his own.
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Steve // You have always been a more sensitive person than most people (which is nothing bad), but that also meant that heated discussions effected you more. Which is why it breaks Steve's heart everytime you keep your distance from him after an argument. He understands that you need space but he always feels horrible, especially when he knows that he is the reason why you do it in the first place.
He apologises by leaving little apology notes or drawings around your place, making sure that they are visible enough for you to find them. Steve doesn't want to push you, so he always waits for you to approach him when you feel ready, before apologising properly in person.
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Tony // You've got a temper and Tony knows it. So when you give him the cold shoulder after he acted like a jerk again, he knows that a simple "sorry" won't do the trick. Now who would Tony Stark be if he didn't go the extra mile in order to apologise. He always tries to find the best way to make you forgive him, and the worse his remorse, the bigger the apology (and gift).
He apologises by getting you the biggest bouquet of your favourite flowers (or a big amount of whatever you like) with a handwritten note. You know that Tony is not the best with spoken words and that it is hard for him, which is why you appreciate his attempt of apologising through other ways even more. He gives you time to think about the note and apologises shortly but sincerely once you decide to approach him.
Tumblr media
Vision // It is not easy for the synthezoid to put himself into your position when you are upset, especially when he doesn't really understand why certain words and/or actions make you feel this way. But he always notices how your body language changes towards him or how you stay quiet after you have had an argument.
Vision apologises by cooking your favourite meal. Even though he doesn't eat, therefore not being able to do a taste test, he always manages to get it just right. The meal just being a part of the whole process, he always apologises in person for making you feel bad and he never pushes you if you don't feel ready to talk just yet.
Tumblr media
You // To you, Thor is one giant teddy bear, so making him upset makes you feel fairly bad, to put it like that. He always tries to hide when something you said or did upset him, but you usually notice by the way he becomes more distant towards you and being less cheerful, especially after big fights.
Your way of apologising is to tentatively approach him, apologising softly and await his reaction. If he stays quiet you take it as silent note to give him more time and space, but if you are lucky, he tells you right away how he feels about the apology. Besides apologising, cuddles are also part of trying to make up.
Tumblr media
Loki // Loki wouldn't be Loki without his sarcastic comments. Unfortunately, those are also part of every argument you two have, and it is not the first time that he hurts your feelings by making biting comments. You end up being so upset that you ignore him. While it might seem to be childish behaviour, it is the only way to make him realise his behaviour and reflect on it.
His way of apologising consists of criticising himself in front of you in a playful manner while also complimenting you, making comments about how he doesn't deserve such a wonderful partner who puts up with him, even after he behaves like a douchebag. This usually does the trick, and he lets you approach him when you feel ready, apologising properly once you do.
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
You // If you fight, you fight. You have got a slight temper while Sam always tries to keep his cool, which, in the heat of the moment, enrages you even more, ending in you flipping out completely and giving him hell for seemingly nothing. Sam usually doesn't put up with this attitude and leaves so you can cool down.
Once you can think straight again, you are naturally being bothered by remorse for verbally lashing out at him. You have a hard time apologising face to face, that's why you end up writing him a letter with your sincere apology, silently giving it to him when he comes back from wherever he went off to. After that you usually wait and see if he approaches you, and when he does, he hugs you tightly to let you know that you are forgiven.
Peter Quill
Tumblr media
Peter // Most of the time your fights are small and about irrelevant topics, like the type of music being played in the spacecraft or the condition it is in, but sometimes your arguments get a bit out of hand, which usually ends in Peter yelling at you. This obviously doesn't please you since you don't like being yelled at, so you end up getting as far away from him as possible (which is kind of hard if you consider the fact that you spend all your time together in the same place).
It takes a little while for Peter to calm down, but as soon as he is calm, guilt washes over him. He hates seeing you upset and keeping your distance from him, that's why he tries his best to apologise by funnily dancing around to your favourite music, hoping to cheer you up and maybe getting you to dance with him. If you do accept his offer to dance, it is usually to a more slow dance song, body against body while he apologies quietly, only for you to hear.
Peter Parker (teenage!reader)
Tumblr media
Peter // The teenage boy is a softie, just like you, and fights are a rarity in your relationship. But whenever you do have an argument, he immediately apologises once he realises that he has upset you in any way, not wanting you to feel bad or be mad at him.
He then tries to be the sweetest boyfriend he can be, buying you your favourite food, trying to cheer you up with jokes or your favourite songs, and constantly letting you know that he is sorry about what he said or did and that it will never happen again. You usually can't stay mad for too long at your boyfriend.
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mollysolo · 13 days ago
Pairing: Sam Wilson X gender neutral!Reader
Warnings: Descriptions of a panic attack
Summery: Sam finds you while your having a panic attack and comforts you.
Tumblr media
As soon as the meeting ended you raced out of the room and went down to a hallway that was almost always empty.
You pressed your back up against one of its walls as quick breaths left your lips.
For a big majority of that meeting, Tony just yelled at you as you didn’t do too well on the most recent mission and he kept telling you that you needed to do well on every single mission.
Being screamed at, especially by him, just made you feel like such a failure. You felt so embarrassed and just wanted to hide out in your room for the rest of the day.
You didn’t want anyone to bother you.
You let out a quiet whimper as tears fell down your warm cheeks and your breathing became even quicker.
You slid down the wall as you felt yourself become more and more upset as each second passed.
Sam went looking for you after you left this meeting.
As he looked for you, he thought about how Tony yelled at you for so long and how he hated hearing Tony scream at you about how you shouldn’t attend the next mission because of one small failure. He hated seeing that sad look on your face as you tried to keep yourself together.
He furrowed his eyebrows once he finally found you, he slowly walked up to you as he observed your panicked and sad state.
He softly placed his hand over yours as he sat down and continued to look at you. You hesitantly lifted your head and looked at him with an anxious look in your eyes.
“What’s wrong?” he kindly asked as he moved his hand up to your shoulder.
“I’m having a panic attack.” you simply muttered as you kept hyperventilating.
He paused for a moment and reached up to wipe some of your tears away. You subtly smiled at him for a second in response to his actions.
“I want to help you, what can I do to make you feel better?” he said gently.
You looked into his eyes again and shakily said, “I just want you to hold me. Please.”
He slowly took you into his arms and comfortingly rubbed your back, making sure not to upset you more. Your buried your face into his right shoulder and snaked your arms around his ribs.
As you got comfortable in his arms, he pressed a few light kisses to your tear stained cheeks, causing you to blush a bit.
“You don’t deserve to be spoken to like that. He’s putting too much pressure on you. I’m sorry that I didn’t defend you.” Sam quietly said.
You traced gentle circles along his spine as he told you this. You nodded into him a moment after he finished speaking.
The longer you rubbed circles into his back, the less tears you shed. It was nice having someone on your side who knew how to comfort you.
“It’s fine Sam, it’s not your fault. I just should have worked harder.” you said as you lifted your head from his shoulder.
“No (y/n), out of everyone on the team you work the hardest. Okay? Tony’s just an asshole who needs to be put in his place.” he said, sternly. 
You nodded and whispered a quiet ‘thank you’ to him.
You stared at the ground for a second then met his eyes again as you started to stand up. He did the same. He studied your face as he waited for you to speak.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to but, do you want to spend the rest of the day with me in my room or something? I still feel pretty shaken up and I really don’t want to be alone right now.” you said, nervously.
“Sure, I’d love to (y/n).” he said as a grin spread out across his face.
You smiled back at him as you motioned for him to follow you to your bedroom.
Tony stopped you two on the way there and tried to apologize to you, but Sam didn’t even let him get the chance to say anything.
“Nope, keep moving.” Sam said to Tony as he shook his head with disgust and put his hand on the small of your back.
You smiled at him again as you two walked away from Tony and kept walking in the direction of your room.
Once you both got to your bedroom, you laid down on your bed and patted the spot next to you as an invitation for Sam to join you. He beamed at you as he gratefully accepted this invitation.
Subsequently after he laid down, you gently rested your head on his chest and hoped that you wouldn’t make him uncomfortable by doing this.
Sams chest vibrated below you with gentle laughter as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pressed the lower half of his face into your hair.
It felt calming to be with him like this.
A little while later you flipped on your stomach and looked up into his eyes as you began to talk. “Thanks for today, I really appreciate it. Usually, no one is able to comfort me, but somehow you can.” you said.
He ran his fingers across your jaw as he pointed your chin up a little bit. You stared at his face as your own hand found his jaw. You two stayed like this for a few moments before Sam replied. 
“You’re welcome, sugar.” he replied.
Your cheeks turned a light pink as you put your head back on his chest. He rested his hand on your hip as you got settled once again.
You snuggled into him as your mind began to race.
You thought about a lot of things, but you mostly thought about how you felt about Sam and what your friendship could possibly transform into.
i hope you guys like this! while writing this i listened to Kids by Current Joys. and as always my request box is open. :))
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tarithenurse · 18 days ago
Fandom: MCU / TFATWS Pairing: Sam Wilson x reader Content: Mentions of hate/harrasment, bad weather, sadness, awkwardness, fluff. A/N: This is my contribution to @princessmisery666​ ‘s Daily Mix Challenge! She tossed me a song I’ve never heard before (Skin – by Sabrina Carpenter) and listening to the lyrics I had the image of a highschool prom dance scene where the main character is dancing with the partner while the jealous ass holes are staring daggers....but instead I ended up writing this – oops? Hope you enjoy! And thank you for a lovely challenge!
Tumblr media
I should delete my Twitter too. The day has only just begun but haters never seem to sleep, filling your online existence with a shit-ton of “negativity”.
It wasn’t as if you had planned it. It just happened!
Thinking back, you can’t help smiling at the memory of that morning a couple of years ago.
Way too early in November, cold and wet and absolutely not a day where you really wanted to be out in the horrendous morning rush and trying to weave in and out between people, with a cooling coffee in one hand, phone in the other, and an umbrella sandwiched dangerously by your shoulder and chin. Nope, the day was shitty and had just plummeted further as you hung up: you’d just had a contract cancelled. At least you wouldn’t be late.
Ready to give up your attempt at adulting (without the prospect of a new gig), you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings for a moment. Just a few seconds. But of course, that’s all it would take to ram straight into someone, crushing the paper cup between the two of you and jostling him to spill his own coffee.
On any other day, you’d probably have handled it more graciously. This day...not so much.
Scrambling for your phone (ugh, it had landed in the biggest puddle available and cracked), you rattled off frantic excuses while trying to hold back the tears. Then your umbrella got snagged by the wind and someone bumped into you, forcing you onto hands and knees and it was all...just...too much.
“Hey baby girl, don’t worry. Don’t cry,” his voice was warm and soothing just like his hands as they gripped yours, brushing off dirt gently with his sleeve, “don’t cry, ’s gonna be fine. See? No harm, no foul.”
There were scars on his hands – especially his knuckles had seen a lot of use, disrupting the gentleness of the dark skin with odd patterns – but they were steady and welcoming then as they cupped your elbows.
Still trying to push out excuses (at this point as much for your own reaction as the accident itself) between hiccups, you were not prepared for him.
His coat was practical and glistening from the rain that gathers on the treated material rather than soak into opposed to your own old jacket that could double as a sponge.
“Just breathe,” he smiled from under the hood, “and stop apologizin’, ‘aight?” Well, you did shut up, too stunned by the crooked smile and the sunshine peeping out at you from his eyes. “That’s better. Lemme just grab this -” he bend for the remains of your phone -”and then...maybe I can offer ya somethin’ warm to drink?”
“Shouldn’t...shouldn’t I do that?” Your voice began to rise once more despite your best intentions. “I wasn’t watchi-”
“Nope.” You liked the way the P popped. “Gotta make sure ya fine...that’s kinda my thing, y’know.”
He had done just that: brought you to a warm café and hooked you up with their biggest mocha with chocolate powder on top (he even secured you a seat close to the heater) while still chatting about random things to calm you down.
But then his phone had rang and he’d have to leave.
You never got around to ask about his name...but later, when your brain decided to finally cooperate, you realized you didn’t have to: you had just been helped by Sam Wilson, former Falcon and the new Captain America.
That could have been the end of that.
It left you with dreams you neither wanted to share with anyone nor forget. Something inside you had woken up, wanting company but finding nothing but solitude – not that you technically were alone, of course.
You found yourself reading about Wilson’s heroic deeds both before and after the Avengers...and you kept noticing the little details that people seemed to ignore on the gossip pages or in the headlines. You fell for the man without the wings and shield.
A month later (and thankfully a few seasonal jobs too), you walked from the subway towards your little apartment after a long shoot. It was late and you were too tired to notice much about your surroundings until the winter boots of someone appeared in your lowered field of vision, making you jerk back to attention.
“Didn’t mean to scare ya,” Sam Wilson smiled disarmingly.
You were several blocks from home still. The streetlight flickered, stretching the shadows from a nearby dumpster, and towering above you were windows which all tried to block out the world for the sake of the residents living there.
“What are you doing here?” You bit your tongue in regret immediately. “I-I mean didn’t...didn’t scare me...”
If he had been offended, Sam didn’t show it. Instead he just smiled that crooked smile, flashing what you were absolutely certain must be the prettiest tooth gap. “Let me walk ya home for starters?”
It wasn’t winter anymore inside you when he was there. It was as good as you were ever going to get, knowing your dreams were unrealistic, so of course you decided to enjoy it for a little while. You walked side by side with him, basking in his warm presence until you were chatting as if he was an old friend.
“You still haven’t explained what you’re doing here, Sam.”
The two of you had come to a stop outside your complex. Fidgeting with your keys in the pocket, you wished that you could keep walking with him.
“Well...I was just gonna check in on you but now...this gonna sound crazy,” he pauses to scratch under the scarf, “...I was kinda hopin’ you’d let me finish that coffee with ya some day?”
He was still smiling although a bit more timidly and more towards the winter boots.
“I’d like that.” Inside you, a million sparklers were lit. “Tomorrow?”
“Hey baby girl, what ya smiling like a goof for?”
Sam’s voice calls you back to the real world – a real world where he’s coming over to you on the couch with a big mug of fresh coffee.
“You.” Closing the laptop, you push it away in favour of your boyfriend. “I was remembering how we bumped into each other.”
The memory makes him smile the way you love. “Best day in my life.”
“Same for me.” You kiss him. “I wouldn’t give us up for anything or anyone.” Not even jealous haters.
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propertyofpoeandbucky · 22 days ago
Can I have a request for either Sam or Bucky where they’re getting ready to leave for a mission but see that their little one makes an attempt to hide in the luggage so they can go with their daddy?
You had a fun family filled weekend planned. You and Sam brought Riley to the zoo where she was able to see all types of animals. She was able to feed her favorite animal, the giraffe, and she got her face painted like one too. While the three of you were eating lunch, Sam got a call from Torres asking him to come in. Riley was upset that they couldn’t finish their zoo trip, but Sam promised he’d take her again when he got back. 
Three of you raced back home and Sam began to quickly pack his things. You went to go draw Riley a bath. When the bath was filled with warm water and bubbles, you called for your daughter, but she wasn’t responding. 
You curiously leave the bathroom and call for her again, “Riles?”
You go to the kitchen and see Sam grabbing a water bottle and no Riley, “Where is she?”
He shrugs and calls out, “Riles, sweetheart!”
You heard a whimper and you both moved towards the front door and saw her trying to sit in Sam’s duffel. You walk over to her and knelt to her eye level, “Honey, what’re you doing?”
“I wanna go with daddy,” she mumbles apprehensively, afraid she might get in trouble.
You sigh, cupping her face, “You can’t go, baby. You gotta stay here with me.”
“But why?”
Sam joins you and pulls his little girl into his arms, “It’s dangerous, Riles. I don’t want you to get hurt. There may be some bad guys who will do anything to hurt me and them hurting you will hurt me the most. So I want you to stay here, at home, where it’s safe okay?”
“I can fight! I’m taking karate, ‘member?”
Sam smiles softly and nods, “I remember, baby, but you’re not a black belt just yet. So in the meantime, you stay here. And when you’re older and trained well enough, maybe I’ll take you with me sometime. Does that sound okay?”
His offer seems to satisfy her because she hugs him tightly and says, “Okay, daddy!”
“Kiss for good luck!” Sam exclaims, like he always does before a mission. Riley kisses him and then he puckers up to you and you peck his lips.
“Be safe,” you whisper.
He nods. He never promises he would because what he does, especially now that he’s taken up the Captain America mantle, is a lot more dangerous.
“I love you guys. I’ll be back soon.”
Sam throws the things Riley took out back into his duffel and headed out. He waved at you and you two waved back as he backed into the street and headed off.
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propertyofpoeandbucky · 23 days ago
Come Stop Your Crying
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Sam Wilson x GN!Reader
As requested by @phoenixhalliwell : Hi👋 how are you? I was wondering if I could please request a sam Wilson fic of him taking care of his baby in the middle of the night and his partner can hear him talking to them over the baby monitor and telling them all the things hes going to teach them when they grow up. Thank you 😊
A/N: this was also inspired by this sweet tik tok that i saw
Tumblr media
You had put baby Riley down at 10pm. She was changed and fed. She usually woke you up around 3 or 4am for a diaper change. It was midnight and, despite your body telling you to go to sleep, you didn't want to. You hadn't seen Sam a lot lately. You knew how much he wanted to be with you and Riles, but you also knew how it important it was for him to be out there helping people. So, even though your body was begging for rest, you stayed awake to catch up with Sam.
You waited for him to get out of the bathroom from his shower. Your eyes kept fluttering close but you kept pinching your cheeks to stay awake.
"What're you doin', baby?" you hear him chuckle as he steps out, shirtless and in only sleep pants.
You sigh as he slides into bed and you immediately attach yourself to his side, head resting on his chest, "I'm trying not to fall asleep."
He wrapped an arm around you and kissed your head, "Sleep, then."
"Nooooo!" you whined, "I wanna talk to you. I haven't seen you in forever!"
He chuckles and peers down at you, "Okay. What do you want to talk about?"
"I know you can't tell me much about your mission, but did everything go okay?"
He nodded, "Yeah. Rescued the hostages and kicked some ass. You know I do, baby."
"That's my baby," you said with pride, craning your neck with puckered lips and Sam meets you halfway, pressing his lips to yours.
"Well what about you, huh? Anything exciting happen?"
You snort, "Oh yeah. Sooo exciting," you reply sarcastically, "Riley only threw up on me thrice and she didn't pee on my today. So that's a win." You and Sam giggled and then you continued, "We ran some errands. Bought some groceries, I ran into Bucky."
"Oh really? What was he doing?"
You grin up at your partner, "He was buying flowers for his date."
Sam pulled back to get a better look at you, "That old man managed to get a date yet won't respond to my texts or phone calls. I see how it is!"
"He doesn't want you to worry about him."
"Did he tell you that?"
"No, I just know things."
"Oh yeah? Well I know that that guy is-"
The baby monitor on your bedside crackled to life and the cries of your daughter filled your bedroom. You groaned, looking at the time, "It's only been two hoooouuurs." you roll to get out of bed, but Sam stops you.
"No, baby. I got her. You stay here, m'kay?" he kisses your head and slides out of bed, pulling on a t-shirt and exiting the bedroom.
You hear his fading footsteps and the creek of the nursery door opening. You then hear Sam's voice on the monitor and he coos at your daughter, "Hey, babygirl. What's will the tears, huh? Did you miss me?" Riley continues to cry and Sam continues to talk to her, "Well your diaper's still dry and you got fed two hours ago. Did my sweetheart have a nightmare? Hm? It's okay, daddy's here now." Riley's cries continue and a part of you wants to comfort her, but you know Sam could handle her.
"Alright, I don't wanna do this, but I guess I'm gonna have to sing now. So prepare yourself, Riles. Okay," he clears his throat and then begins to sing:
Come stop your crying It will be alright Just take my hand Hold it tight I will protect you From all around you I will be here Don't you cry
You immediately put your hand to your chest. It was the song you sang to Riley when you first brought her home. You didn't think Sam would know the song, but it seems like he did.
For one so small You seem so strong My arms will hold you Keep you safe and warm This bond between us Can't be broken I will be here don't you cry
Sam continued to sing and as the song progressed, you felt your eyes growing heavier and heavier until they finally shut.
When you woke up, Sam wasn't beside you. You looked at the time and saw that it was almost eight in the morning. Did Sam even come back to bed?
You yawned as you sat up, stretching your arms above your head. You pulled the covers off you and you went to the bathroom. After doing your business, you silently crept to the nursery.
You peered inside and you didn't see neither Sam or Riley. You then heard a clatter and went to the kitchen. Lo and behold, there they were. Riley was in her bouncer while Sam was cooking breakfast.
"Hey," you murmur, pressing a kiss to his cheek, "Did you ever come to bed?"
He shook his head, "No, I ended up sleeping in the nursery. You were tired, so I wanted to be there when she woke up to be fed or changed."
You let out a grateful sigh, "Have I ever told you that I love you?"
"Not today," he says with a smirk and you playfully roll your eyes.
"Well I love you...a lot."
He chuckles and replies, "I love you too, baby."
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auroracalisto · 27 days ago
summary: sam and the reader discuss their relationship.
pairing: sam x reader
word count: 409 words
warnings: uh... divorce
a/n: ? i wanted to do something different but this is fine too
Tumblr media
A constant tap came from the windows as rain poured outside.  It had rained all morning.  It only made today drearier.  Out of all the days your town had to have bad weather, it was the day that you sat in front of Sam, discussing what you were going to do.
Your twins would have to be passed off from the two of you every week or so.  The two of you both loved them dearly—neither of you could bear without seeing them.  
But the guilt you felt was eating you up on the inside.  You and Sam had promised each other forever.  However, forever sat in between the two of you, waiting for someone to say the first words to ending it entirely.  
Sam tapped his fingers on the table for a moment before he looked up at you.  “Is... Is this the right thing to do?” he asked.
You didn’t have an answer for him.  You loved Sam... you did.  But a part of you knew that you loved what the two of you used to have.  And that was okay.  People are allowed to fall out of love.  Nonetheless, it didn’t mean it didn’t hurt any less.  
“Yes,” you said, looking down at your cold cup of coffee.  
Sam closed his eyes but he nodded in agreement.  “I know.  I just... what do we tell the girls?”
“We have to be honest with them,” you said.  “That’s all we can do, Sam.”
The rain continued to pour down, the wind picking up and blowing more of it into the window.  
You sat and listened, hearing your girls yell at each other as they played.  
“Will you be okay?” Sam asked, looking at you.
You couldn’t help but smile.  “I’ll be fine,” you looked up at him.  “Will you be?”
Sam smiled a bit.  “I... will be.  But... but again.  Are you sure this is what you want?”
“Is this not what you want?”
“It is.”
And just like that, forever became a broken promise.  A promise that you’d have to explain to your girls that you still loved them and the two of you would continue to always love them and always be their mommy and daddy, but that you would no longer be together.  And that was okay.  It didn’t mean it didn’t hurt any less.  But sometimes, you just fall out of love.  Forever doesn’t constantly mean always, even if you tried your hardest.
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whore4teamcap · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey y’all I’m at the beach 🥺 I have the sudden desire to write a romantic/smutlol fan fic about the reader and an avenger on a much needed beach getaway. Which avenger would y’all what it to be about? I’m leaning toward Bucky, Steve or Thor! Suggestions other than them are welcome! Hope everyone is doing well!! Also! If you want to be tagged when it’s out, comment or message me!
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Sam Wilson x reader
One Shot
Word count: 647
Warnings: angst, military trauma, mentions of violence, flashbacks, nightmares. Implied smut
This one is a little bit shorter but I like it.
You could vaguely feel the bed shaking… Sam was shaking. Your eyes slowly peeled open and you sat up, dazed from sleep, to check on the man next to you. His body bare from your earlier actions together, but the sweat on his skin from right now.
“Sam? Sam, baby, wake up” you pleaded as you tried to still his moving body.
“Baby, please wake up. It’s ok, you’re ok”
He couldn’t stop moving around, his muscular limbs flailing dangerously close to your head. You grabbed his arm and wrapped him around yourself, hoping your weight on him would ground him to reality. Silently asking whoever was there to wake him up.
Sam’s eyes snapped open, feeling the weight on his chest. “Y/n?” He choked out, his breaths rapid and shallow. He tried to rip the covers off of himself and stop the hell in his heart.
“It’s me, Sammy” you quickly lifted yourself off of him so he could breathe.
“He- Riley”
“I know baby… I know. Just breathe,” You desperately sympathized, “you did all you could”
“I could’ve done more” he whispered
You shook your head, “nothing that happened is your fault, Sam”
His was shaking, it couldn’t stop shaking. Saying no to every word he heard and everything that was happening. His throat burning from the lack of air and the vomit trying to invade his mouth. But none of that distracted him from the pounding he felt throughout his body, pushing him deeper him the cement around him.
“Everyone I know is g-gone, y/n. I- it’s all my f-fault”
“None of it is your fault! Listen to me, Sam, none of anything that’s happened is because of you.”
He shook his head as you tried to get his breathing down. His legs were like chains meant to drag him underwater. The constant fight for air suffocating his mind from any other thoughts. All he heard were bullets and bombs and screams. He was choking. The urgent coughs and gasps pleaving his already bothered throat raw and dry.
“Sam!” You shouted, “look at me, please”
He pried himself away from the void to turn to you, his sun, his joy, and his love. You wiped the tears off of his cheeks, and placed a kiss to his forehead. You grabbed his hands and brought one to his chest and to yours, willing him to slow his breathing, to focus on anything other than his mind-prison.
“Sam, I know that Riley, and Steve, Natasha and Tony are all gone. But you're not alone. You never have been, and you never will be. You have me, Rhodes, Sarah and your nephews. And even though you can’t stand the man, Bucky cares about you too” you reminded, pulling a soft smile out of Sam.
He nodded his head and adjusted himself to sit comfortably.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“No… I- I don’t know” he sighed, “I just need to think”
You nodded your head and wrapped his hands in yours. “I’ll get you some water” you said, pressing a kiss to his forehead before leaving.
When you came back his was staring at his hands. You handed him the water and crawled up next to him, watching him chug the glass as if he’d been searching for an oasis. He didn’t need to search, you were his oasis.
“Why don’t we lay on the floor tonight? That way you can’t sink.” You suggested, “I can lay out that old comforter we have for a little plush underneath us.”
“Are you sure? You can stay here-
“I’m sure, Sam. I can’t sleep if you’re not next to me.”
“That makes two of us”
(This has been up for like 3 hours and I was super sad it had no notes... and then I realized I completely forgot to add the tags when I queued it. 🤡)
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propertyofpoeandbucky · a month ago
If you’re still taking them I’d love a drabble for Sam Wilson x reader where they’re like ok vacation and maybe a lil kid recognizes him and it’s cute? Idk I love the mans with kiddos.
-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*/-*//Bora Bora was a great choice. The weather was amazing, the ocean was so blue. For the past few days, you woke up in Sam’s arms and the sounds of the ocean right outside your door.
Breakfast was served to you in bed and you loved it. You and Sam continued to cuddle while also stuffing tropical fruit into each other’s faces. At one point, he kisses your lips and gives a dreamy sigh, “This is paradise.”
“After we eat, you wanna walk the beach?”
An hour later, you and Sam are dressed in your swimsuits but walking the beach. His hand is in yours and you kick through the water on the shore. Occasionally bending over to splash him. 
At one point, you come across a family who seem to be having a sandcastle competition. Sam speaks up, “Hey! They look good, guys!” the two children look up and their jaws drop.
“Captain America! You’re Captain America!” they ditch their sandcastle to meet Sam, who gives them both high fives.
“Hey, guys! How’s it going?”
“What’re you doing here? Are you on a mission?!” the youngest son asks.
Sam chuckles, “No, nothing like that. Just vacation. Avengers need a break too, ya know.”
“Can you build a sandcastle with us?!”
Sam looks to you and you give him a nod of approval, to which he then says, “Sure! Let’s have at it!”
You decide to make conversation with the boys’ parents while also watching Sam and the boys. Seeing him with these boys reminds you of the times he’s brought you to visit his sister and nephews. Sam with kids...just made sense.
You snort when you realize that Sam is having a “heated” debate about building a mote or not for the castle.
“-and you don’t want your castle to collapse do you?!”
You call for him, “Sammy.” your man and the two boys look at you, “Let’s let them finish their castles.”
“Aaawww,” Sam and the boys say in unison.
“We’re almost done! Please, baby, just fifteen more minutes!”
“You’re no bother,” the mother interjects, “I’m sure the kids back at school will get a kick out of this story.”
“If you insist,” you say with a grateful smile and give Sam a nod that he can continue.
Fifteen minutes pass and the castle is built. It looks...pretty impressive honestly. You, Sam, and the family take a selfie together and continue on with your walk along the beach. 
“Have fun?” you ask Sam as you link your hand back with his.
“So much fun,” he replies, “Made me miss my nephews.”
“Maybe we should see them on our way back?”
“Yeah. I’d like that.”
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propertyofpoeandbucky · a month ago
For Sam's birthday: you bought him a record player that looks just like the one he used to have as a kid. You put on some of his favorite tunes and start to slow dance?
You and Sam come home from the birthday festivities. Dinner and drinks was a perfect way for him to spend his birthday. Sam topples onto the couch, full and slightly buzzed from the drinks he had. He ran his hand in circles over his belly, “Today was a good day.”
You giggle, bending down to peck his lips, “Good. I’m glad.”
Sam grabs you so you can lay with him but you pull away and he whines, “Nooo. Honey-”
“I just gotta get you your birthday present.” He opens his mouth in protest but you interrupt him, “I know you said no gifts, but I think you’ll love this.”
It takes you a minute to come back to the living room where you’re pushing a big box towards him, “Okay. Here you go! Happy birthday, Sammy, baby!”
He sits up with a grunt and tears the wrapping paper away to reveal, “Oh hell yes! A new stereo system!” The one that he’s had for years finally stopped working. He kept saying he’d get to fixing it but with Avengers business, he never had the time. 
“It also comes with a record player soooo,” you pull something from behind your back and it’s unwrapped.
“Marvin Gaye! Baby, you shouldn’t have!” Sam’s smiling from ear to ear as he looks at the deluxe edition of Marvin Gaye Collected vinyl record.
He turns into a kid in a candy store as he begins to unbox his new stereo system. You chuckle at the sight, “Sam, what are-”
“I wanna set it up now!”
You laugh, “I thought you were tired!”
“Not anymore!” 
You sit on the couch and watch your Sammy pull out the stereo system, chords hanging out. In a comforting silence, you observe as Sam brings his old system to the side and places his new one. He reads the directions carefully so he doesn’t ruin anything. Within 45 minutes, it’s up and running and Sam puts on one of the records. 
He’s swaying side to side as Marvin Gaye’s voice fills the apartment. He approaches you, extending his hand out, “May I have this dance?”
“Of course,” you reply with a grin as you’re pulled to your feet and into Sam’s arms. You two sway to the music, this warm, comforting feeling falling over the both of you.
“I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday,” you murmur, lips hovering over Sam’s.
“It was enjoyable because I had you with me.”
You snort, “Smooth talker,” and he chuckles, “You know it, babe.” He presses a small kiss to your lips, “Thank you, honey. Today was great.”
“You’re welcome, Sammy. Happy birthday.”
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angelyuji · a month ago
“a future without you is a world without color” - your eyes tell by BTS
“this mission should not be going like this.” you snap as you stand back to back with steve against another group of hydra soldiers.
“you know that no mission is ever simple, (y/n).” steve smiles, playfully as you both clear a path towards the rest of the team.
you roll your eyes, “yeah, yeah, but we shouldn’t have split up. the plan would’ve worked if we hadn’t.”
steve laughs as he boomerangs his shield, “maybe, but then we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to talk!”
“you call this “talking”? you knock into steve, making him glare at you as you punch another soldier.
“SAM!” you turn at the sound of your boyfriend’s name and you freeze. terror runs through you as you see the love of your life fall to the ground. you launch into a sprint, leaving steve, and crossing the yards of land to get to him, your love. your brain forcing you to remember the memories you shared. the happy ones, the angry ones, the ones you see every time you look at each other, in hope that everything is ok. all the others yell for you, try to reach for you, but you’re fast. you have to get to him. he cant leave, not yet.
“whats wrong? i can practically hear the gears in your head turning.”
“nothing, what movie are we watching?” you dodge.
“no, you’re not doing this today. whats going on in that crazy, little head?”
“nothing!” you huff out as you scan through movies.
he grabs the remote out of your hand and holds it hostage, “tell me or im canceling this date, right here.”
you try to grab for the remote, but he laughs and pulls you into his lap, “spill, (y/n)”
you sigh, “im scared. im scared for you and im scared for me.” he doesn’t respond. you continue, “im afraid of what will happen to me if i have to live my life without you, and im even more scared of what will happen if i got out there without my head on straight.” you feel tears well in your eyes, but you close your eyes and bury your head in the crook of his shoulder.
“baby, im not going anywhere. im not leaving you any time soon. we’re gonna be together until our hairs gray and our face gets all wrinkly and gross. plus, i dont know if you knew this, but we’re the avengers. we’re the strongest people in the world.” he kisses your head as you laugh your tears into their shirt. he laughs and pulls you from him, and you watch him as he smiles and hands you the remote.
“im not going anywhere, baby.”
you dive to the ground as you see sam’s wings spread around him, like an angel. you shake him by the shoulders and his wings move with him, lifeless.
“sam, please. wake up! you cant leave me!” a scream rips out of your throat as he turns cold. his wings lay bent and as still as their owner. you lay your head on his chest, but no arm reaches to hold you close. pleas leave your mouth in vain as the rest of the team shields you both from harm.
a whisper leaves you as your heart breaks, “please, come back, i love you”
lights off, you and sam lay in bed after a long mission with natasha and steve.
“we should probably take a shower. i smell sweaty and gross.” you say as you rest your head on sam’s chest.
he hums, “yeah, we should.” neither one of you move to leave the bed, too wrapped up in the warmth of each other. you cuddle closer to your boyfriend and with a small chuckle, sam reaches over and pulls you closer by the waist. you listen to sam’s breathing as he slowly falls asleep.
“i love you.” you whisper.
sam’s arm tightens around you as he kisses your head, “i love you too”
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antheiagoddessofwriting · 2 months ago
His Shirt
Bucky Barnes - One Shot
Word Count: Idk, I’m mobile sorry.
Requested by: my brain!
Warnings: nervous Bucky, pining?, fluff, meddling/teasing Sam.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader, platonic!Sam x Bucky
You had been part of the avengers, well what was left of the avengers, for a few months. After the deaths of Vision, Tony, Natasha and Steve leaving for the 40’s everyone was desperate to find new members. Pepper was generous enough to rebuild the compound and invite as many people as she could to live there. You had the ability to |your preferred power|, but above that you were a kind and affectionate person. Your warmth was sorely needed for the remnants of the team.
You were always warm with your fellow teammates and you’d developed the hobby of stealing their clothes. Whether they were too big or too small you would make it work. The only person that wasn’t victim of your theft was Bucky. Your avoidance of both him and his clothing upset him, you were the first person he’d developed feelings for since the 40’s, and that scared him. The thought of you being terrified of him or just simply hating him broke his heart. You were slightly scared of him but it wasn’t for the reasons he believed. To you, he was the kindest soul you’d ever met, he was like a tree after a lightning storm. Sure, a few branches were missing, but a tree can heal, and it’ll always be beautiful. Unfortunately, you too were saddened by the lack of interaction between you two, but considering his lack of interaction with most other members and his best friend leaving him, you didn’t blame him.
But, seeing as you had three whole conversations with him yesterday you decided to sneak into his room just before your shower and steal one of his many Henley shirts. It was a very dark purple, and you loved it. You remembered that he’s only wore it once, maybe twice, so surely he wouldn’t notice. After you showered and got dressed you walked into the kitchen to make some brunch, it was your turn after all.
After a particularly rough sparring session with Sam, Bucky headed back to his room and showered. But upon digging through his closet and all his drawers trying to find his dark purple Henley he couldn’t find it. “Did I wear it yesterday? No I wore a red one... right?” His thoughts were broken by Sam knocking on the door.
“Come on Buck, the food is gonna be gone if you take any longer”
“Alright, hang on”
Bucky sighed and grabbed a simple black t-shirt that hugged his muscles. He joined Sam outside his room and they walked down to the kitchen to see who was cooking today. He stopped in the hallway when he saw you, in nothing but his purple Henley and those little black shorts that drove him crazy, making French toast. He felt his face heat up and he was sure he was red, kinda like the blood flowing straight to his-
“What’s a matter Buck? Never seen a girl/guy/anyone in your clothes?” Sam teased
“What? No, wait-“
“It’s ok, I get it. It’s probably the first time you’ve seen anything like this since 1827.”
“No no, go get her/him/them tiger, I’ll leave you two alone.”
Sam turned around and walked down the hallway laughing, leaving Bucky alone in the doorway. He turned back to admire you as you danced to the music in your headphones. With a sigh he mustered all the courage he had and casually walked up beside you.
Seeing a shape next to you, you looked up and saw your favorite person in the whole world Bucky. With a blush and smile, removed your headphones.
“Hi Bucky, is there anything I can do for you?”
“No I’m ok, doll”
He awkwardly paused. “Omg say something!”
“...but, uh, you know... I was looking for this really nice shirt this morning but I couldn’t find it.”
“Really? How peculiar” you laughed
He playfully tugged at the hem of his your shirt, pulling another blush from you.
“It seems to have gotten mixed up with your shirts” he said smiling
Even though your heart was beating out of your chest you stepped closer to him, causing his hand brush your thigh. “God, I love his smile”
“It seems it has”
If you thought your heart was beating loudly before, it was deafening now. You swore Bucky had to be able to hear it but, there was no way he could over his own heart.
“God I hope you don’t hate me for this” he thought to himself as he slowly leaned down, gently placing a kiss on your lips. You deepened the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing yourself closer to him. He brought his hands to your waist and pulled you impossibly closer to him.
You both broke apart after what felt like both eternity and half a second, resting your foreheads on each other, trying to catch your breath and comprehend what just happened.
“You know, if I knew you were going to do that, I would’ve stolen your shirt a lot sooner”
A laugh escaped from Bucky’s smiling lips just before he kissed you again.
“I’ll let you take all the shirts you want if it means I get to kiss you again, doll”
“The shirts would just be a bonus”
Bucky smiled and leaned down for another kiss but pulled away when he heard the voice of none other than the man, the myth, the legend himself, Sam Wilson.
“Where’s my kiss?”
I hope you enjoyed my first fic!
I really hope it wasn’t terrible! I’m super nervous!
I tried to keep this gender neutral, sorry if I slipped up.
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rodrikstark · 3 months ago
🥰 rodrikstark’s 200 follower celebration!!! 🥰 [requests CLOSED]
Tumblr media
💕 it’s almost valentine’s day, i have a 3 day weekend coming up, and i have 200 followers!!! ahhh!!! 
💕 to express my heartfelt gratitude and celebrate, i’d love to take some requests for 100-word drabbles!!!
💕 my shtick is steve rogers (x reader) but i'm open to other pairings, cevans characters, and MCU characters
💕 drop a character/pairing + concept in my inbox!! they do not have to be valentine’s related. i’ll take requests until monday, feb 15th 
💕 and here are my other drabbles if you’re curious :)
— — —
— firebringer (b.barnes x reader)
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— gently down the stream ( x reader)
— then he smiles (and where else can i go?) ( x reader)
— kamayan ( x reader)
— protect and preserve ( x reader)
— saboteur ( x reader)
— cherry ( x reader)
— — —
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marvelouscatharsis · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: You find a Bucky out alone and wandering in the rain, so you take him home.
Warning(s): Themes of insomnia, angst, self-doubt/self-loathing, disassociation. Fluff towards the end
Author Note: Two lines in this fic are from the Thunderbolts (2016) comic, so they will be in bold. I'm also 98% sure I kept the reader gender neutral but if I slipped up somewhere please let me know!
Heavy rain pelted the pavement in the dead of night. For the city that never sleeps, New York seemed uncharacteristically empty. Bucky kept his head down as he wandered and let the cold seep into his bones. So cold. He shoved his hands deeper into the pockets of his jacket, the black leather provided little protection from the rain. Bucky's soaked clothes held him in a vice grip which seemed to freeze him from the outside in. 
The soldier couldn't remember how long he'd been walking. Had it been minutes, or a couple hours? Had Bucky Barnes  been anything other than a super soldier, hypothermia would have already set in. Even then, he'd consider it as a blessing. Anything to make him feel.
“Where are you even going?” A voice inside mocked. 
It wasn't enough to make him stop.
“It's not like you have anywhere to go.”
The soldier's conscience wasn't right but it wasn't wrong either. Bucky had Steve, had the Avengers compound, and hell he even had Sam to fall back on. Steve already lost countless nights of sleep to help Bucky through his nightmares. He couldn't burden him with another, he just couldn't. Even if Steve used the “I'm with you till the end of the line” on him, he couldn't.
Bucky passed a bar next and for a solid minute he lingered by the door. The warmth and smell of booze in the air invited him in, invited him to drown his woes in liquor. Under his breath he cursed the serum in his veins for robbing him of the luxury. With a sad shake of the head, tired eyes aimed ahead, and he started moving again.
Raindrops pierced his skin like thousands of needles, it hurt and he let it. Bucky let it because he needed to feel something, anything. Hunger tore at his gut and left him to wonder how long it had been since he ate. Days, a week at most, to be honest he lost count. Again, Bucky let himself go hungry because it made him feel. That's all he cared about. Something to anchor him to the present and keep him out of the past. Out of the horrors of his own mind.
You noticed Bucky before he noticed you. Under the safety of a red umbrella your eyes squinted in the dim street light, from a distance he looked familiar. When your voice called out to him it sent a knife of guilt straight to his heart. He spat a curse under his breath, the last thing he wanted was to be spotted. Let alone spotted by someone he knew. 
Bucky first met you one night when Sam invited you out for drinks with the guys. Steve trusted you, and albeit he did so much slower and with added caution. He started to warm up to you. Despite the distance the soldier gave you at first, Bucky had been nothing but kind to you. 
To see him alone in the rain was a little jarring.
“No. Stop it.” His lip curled in a snarl and his hands tugged at his hair. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you stupid selfish fool.”
“Bucky?” You called to him again when you got closer. “hey, it's the middle of the night, what are you doing out here?”
He glanced up at the umbrella as you held it over him, with a shrug he sighed, “Couldn't sleep. Figured I'd go for a walk.”
“Are you okay?” The warm smile you offered flipped with worry.
Three words - it took three simple words to break his resolve. For the invisible noose around his neck to pull and his tongue turned to sand. No, no he was far from okay. He couldn't even bring himself to cry, everything just felt so numb. Bucky wanted to run away but he could only run so far from himself. The harsh reality was the soldier could never shake the guilt in his heart.
Wet brunet strands hid his face like curtains, his words turned to gravel in his throat, “No. I uh, I guess I'm not.” 
It hurt your heart to see the man so lost, so broken. 
“Do you wanna come with me?” You held your hand out with a soft smile. “Get outta this rain and warm up some?”
With great reluctance Bucky followed you to your apartment, he stood awkwardly in the entryway, shivering at the contrast of his cold body and your warm apartment. You told him to wait while you grabbed a couple towels for him, which you tossed into the dryer so they would be extra warm. Upon your return Bucky had moved from the door in favor of the window, steel blue eyes glanced over the moonlit city. 
You draped one of the towels over his shoulders, “I'm sorry I don't have any clothes for you, uhm, if you want the bathroom is down the hall to the right. I can throw your clothes in the dryer while you warm up?”
“Thanks,” He muttered and pulled the towel tighter like a security blanket. Another period of hesitation. Then he shuffled towards the bathroom. 
“I'm gonna make some soup, which I won't be able to eat all by myself,” You glanced over your shoulder on your way to the kitchen. “Do me a favor and eat some too? I'd hate for it to go to waste.”
Bucky saw through the game you tried to play, begrudgingly he agreed, and finally disappeared into the bathroom. Maybe a hot shower wouldn't kill him. His clothes stuck to him like a second skin, the flesh beneath cold as ice. After folding his clothes, he set them outside by the door for you. As he waited for the water to warm up Bucky convinced himself he didn't deserve this. To be looked after. For someone to care about him.
He cracked open the bathroom door ten or so minutes later to find his clothes dry and strung up on a hanger. Awaiting his attention on the doorknob. Bucky redressed with his head down, avoiding the mirror at all cost. Avoiding his reflection because he couldn't bare to look at himself, much less live with himself for what he'd done under Hydra's tyranny.
“Oh good god,” You gasped and clutched your heart when the soldier appeared out of nowhere. People didn't call him a ghost for nothing. “Sam is right you do need a bell.”
His shoulder sank a bit, "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."
You waved a dismissive hand, “It's okay, no harm done. You're just in time actually! Soup is just about ready, why don't you wait in the livingroom and I'll bring you a bowl?”
Bucky nodded and hunkered down on the couch, a twinge of silent regret hit him full force since he basically snuck out of the compound, and purposefully left his phone in his room so Steve wouldn't call. He should have told someone.
“The bowl is hot, so be careful,” You warned. He nodded in thanks and the two of you ate in comfortable silence. You watched Bucky carefully, his face was sunken in, and dark bags hung under his eyes. A slight tremor shook his hands which contradicted his stiff shoulders. Whatever demons the soldier fought were taking a toil on him.
You tilted your head, “Do you wanna talk about it? Whatever's bothering you.” 
“Not really,” He grumbled.
“That's not healthy ya know,” Your words were oddly soothing. “I promise, whatever you say won't leave this room.”
After a period of heavy contemplation, the walls Bucky had up cracked. He looked so tired, tired of fighting, tired of existing. The metal thumb of his left hand traced the rim of the bowl as he tried to sort his words. 
“I keep trying to escape it, but I can't. Bucky the lone wolf, Bucky the killer...the winter soldier.” The self-hatred in his voice made your heart drop to the deepest pit of your stomach.
You wondered how he couldn’t see it, how deep down inside, he was none of those things. A warm and gentle hand laid atop his, “I don’t believe any of that. James Buchanan Barnes is a good man, you are a good man.”
Bucky stared at your joined hands in silence while he let the words marinate in his mind. The void of empty emotion hit him all over again. With a shaky breath, he hung his head, and rested his forehead against the back of your hand. You watched the soldier with a heavy heart and scooted a bit closer to put your arm around him. He flinched at the touch yet sank into it all the same.
“Is there anything I can do to help?” You murmured, voice low and soothing.
The soldier shook his head as he buried himself in your touch, his arms came around your waist, and he hid his face in your shoulder. The warmth and scent that radiated from you put him at ease. For the first time in years Bucky felt like he could breathe. No more than a second later disgust twisted his gut at the thought of taking advantage of you and the kindness you offered. The soldier flung himself from your arms like the slightest touch would burn him.
Pain squeezed his heart and panic filled his veins, “I can’t I- I have to leave.”
“What? Bucky, no!” You chased after him in his retreat to the door. Without thinking you threw your arms around his waist and buried your face in his back. “Please. Don’t go?”
His upper lip rippled in a snarl and his hands clenched to fist, the knob of your door dented and mangled under the pressure of his metal fingers. Why couldn’t he bring himself to tell you no? Why did the tremor in your voice tighten the noose around his neck? Bucky spun in your arms at such a speed and with such force you stumbled backward, but didn’t fall, no. No, the metal arm that came around the small of your back wouldn’t let you. The pad of his human thumb brushed across your cheek as steel blue eyes stared straight into your soul. 
“Bucky?” One of your hands curled around his wrist in a delicate hold. 
A spark of hesitation lingered in the back of his eyes, the knot in his throat bobbing as he swallowed. “I don’t want to take advantage of this, your hospitality.” 
“You’re not,” You affirmed while shaking your head. “I promise. Just- just stay, please?”
There was no denying the heat that set your cheeks ablaze, especially not when his thumb smoothed over it. He sucked in an unsteady breath, god, how could he say no to you? The soldier let you pull him to the couch where you sat him down and stood between his knees, fingers pushing the brunet strands away from his eyes. His hands grabbed your hips and pulled you close. He needed to feel you against him. To feel your supple thighs straddled across his lap and the rhythm of your heart beat in time with his. Bucky needed to know you were real and you wanted him as much as he wanted you.
“Are you uhm,” You tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Are you comfortable? We can-”
Rather than answer with words Bucky brushed his lips over yours, he kept still, and gave you the opportunity to pull back. The way his baby blues flickered from your eyes to your lips and back again. You knew he didn't want you to pull away.
You hands gripped his shoulders, “Bucky? Can I kiss you?”
“Please,” He nearly begged.
The kiss didn't come as expected. He stayed stiff as a board but softened and got more confident when your arms hooked around his neck. His heart fluttered like a bird in a cage, when you broke the kiss, you watched his sad eyes flicker with disbelief. Like he didn't believe someone could be unafraid of his broken parts and be capable of loving him. Bucky became fascinated by you.
With gentle guidance you pulled him over you and laid down on the couch. You held his head against your chest, fingers  combed through his hair which forced a pleasant sigh from his lungs.
Bucky squeezed your waist, “I just want to sleep. It's been two weeks.” 
“It's okay,” You soothed, rubbing the space between his shoulder blades. 
The soldier all but turned to putty in your hands, his muscles slacked and you felt him relax under your gentle caress. Without really thinking about it, you started to hum while stroking his hair, absentmindedly thinking it might help him loosen up. 
You didn't account for it and Bucky's weight to put you to sleep. Which you assume is what happened since a chime from your phone coaxed you out of dream land. By some miracle you managed to reach your phone on the coffee table. A text from Sam illuminated the screen.
[Hey, I know it's late, so sorry to bother you. Cap said his "Bucky senses" were tingling and sure enough we can't find tin-man anywhere. Have you seen him?]
You glanced down at the soldier using your chest as a pillow and responded to the text. [He's with me.]
Dare I ask?]
Making sure the flash was off, you lifted your phone high enough so you could take a picture. Sending it to Sam with a grin.
[You can have him back in the morning ❤]
After setting the phone back on the coffee table your heart skipped a beat, Bucky's arms pulled you tighter, and a low grumble shook his chest. For a split second you were afraid you'd woken him up, but he settled after a few moments.
“If that picture comes back to haunt me you're in for it,” His voice was deep with sleep but there was a hint of amusement in his words.
You rolled your eyes and rested your cheek back against his hair, “It can wait till morning, go back to sleep.”
A simple grunt served as your only response, but you could feel his smile as he hid his face in the crook of your shoulder.
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froggy-frogz · 5 months ago
Sam Wilson x GN!Reader
    Request: *Rolling up in my barbie jeep* Yooooo, I saw your sickfic with the Avengers and, I friking loved it! I agree Sammy boi doesn’t get enough love. Could I get something with Sam where the reader is also an Avenger? After a mission where he gets hurt, they knock on his door at like 2AM. They make up some excuse, but really reader had a nightmare where they lost him and wanted to make sure he was okay. Bonus points if it ends with sleepy snuggles!! Love you and your writing.
   A/N: AHHHH! Thank you so much for the request! Sorry, it took so long, and thank you, it means so much to me! I'm really glad you like my writing love!
   There had been a mission last night, and well, it didn't go the way you had expected, meaning that Sam had gotten hurt. It wasn't anyone's fault, he had happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but that doesn't mean you didn't feel guilty about it, because you did.
   After you had fixed Sam up, and he had to manage to calm both himself and you down, you two departed to go to bed, and oh boy, that was not a good idea for you.
   So here you were now, in what you were sure was a rampant nightmare.
   "Hurry up, we need to get Sam medical help-" You yell over to Steve, struggling to hold him up, looking for the team's medics.
   You could hear Steve grunt as he ran over, lifting Sam's arm over his shoulder, and you two ran through the gunfire, trying to make your way over to where you knew the medics were.
   "[Y/n]," Sam coughs from beside you, "Babe, I love you- but-" "Don't speak Sam, we're almost there, I can see them." You cut him off, your cheeks are ablaze as you tried not to cry. There was no way in hell you were going to let him die here.
   When the medics saw you three coming, they rushed over, and you and Steve laid Sam down, so the medics could get him stable until you could get to a hospital.
   "Babe-" Sam coughs, taking your hand as you kneel down to him, "Babe, please, I don't think I'm going to make it."
   "Shh, don't say that Sam," Your words come out all small and almost, unstable. "You'll be fine, I'm not going to let you die."
   He smiles up at you, and whimpers as he tries to lean up, before he manages to press a kiss against your lips, "Tell the team I love them... I love you, babe."
   Before your eyes, Sam collapses, and you could feel his heartbeat lessening, and you cry out, "Sam- No, shit, Sam don't leave me-"
   You can feel Steve's hand on your shoulder, "He's gone,"
He's gone.
   You wake up in a cold sweat, tears pouring down your face as you sniffle. Thank god it was all a dream, but it felt so real like you could feel the life drain from him-
   After scrambling out of your bed, you run out of your room, before making your way next door to Sam's room before pounding on the door, as it was locked. 
   "Sam?" You whimper, "Sam, you there?"
   There was a groan before the door opens, and Sam stands there, looking down at you, his eyes widening like the sleepiness was suddenly leaving his body, "Babe, are you okay?"
    You feel your eyes water as you shake your head, and Sam pauses but moves so you can come into his room.
   "What happened?" He asks softly, sitting down next to you on his bed.
   You naw on your lip, trying to come up with a decent excuse, "I um, couldn't sleep- Could I sleep with you?"
   Sam sighs, and you knew he didn't buy it, but you also knew that he wouldn't bring it up, "Of course baby,"
   After bringing you to his bed, you crawl into the covers, and Sam's smell is already helping to calm you down.
   Sam slips next to you, and wraps his arms around you, placing kisses on your head, "I'm here for you if you want to talk [Y/n], I'm not going anywhere sweetheart."
   You nod, and bury your face into his chest, closing your eyes, letting his warmth soak into your skin, comforting you. His heartbeat echoed against you, effectively calming you down, making it harder for you to stay awake.
   "I love you Sammy," You mumble, looking up for a mid-second to kiss him, which he returns.
   "I love you too [Y/n], now get some sleep."
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