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#sam wilson fluff
barneswidow · 2 hours ago
Small Kisses
Word Count: 330
Prompt - A small, fleeting kiss - which is immediately followed by a passionate, hungry kiss.
Types of kisses drabble masterlist
Tumblr media
You'd watched on the tv as Sam - your boyfriend of four years - flew down in a new suit, a new Captain America suit with Karli in his arms. You watched as he put the senators in their place, you watched as he put so much passion into his speech. You knew that being Captain America was something that Sam was clearly proud of, and you were insanely proud of him right now.
You had no idea when Sam was coming home, you were hoping that you'd get to see him tonight but you had no idea.
Your question was answered when you heard the door to your apartment open and close. You turned in your seat to see who it was and you almost screamed in joy at seeing Sam standing there - now out of his suit.
You stood up, running to him, throwing yourself at him. Sam held your body close to his, hugging you tightly. You felt the tears run down your face almost immediately.
Sam cupped your face, moving you back, before he connected his lips to yours in a small, delicate kiss before he moved away again.
"I missed you sweetheart." he whispered, before moving back in, connecting your lips once again, this time in a much more passionate way. His lips covered yours, trapping you in the kiss, both of you pouring so much passion and emotion into the kiss that you thought you were going to pass out. Your lips moved in sync, both of you fully focused on the kiss, focused on each other.
You pulled away, breathing heavily. "I missed you too sammy." you whispered, your voice breaking slightly.
Sam smiled tiredly at you, picking you up carefully, "c'mon it's late, love. Let's go to sleep." he whispered, placing another gentle kiss on your head, walking over to your bedroom.
You'd never been so relieved to have Sam back at your side. You'd never been happier to have him with you again.
General Marvel Taglist: @cabin4ravenclaw @ronimina @jesuswasnotawhiteman @dorcasmeadowesx
Sam Wilson Taglist: @buckybarnes101 @pinkandblueblurbs @solarviolet​
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multifandoms1019 · 4 hours ago
People I write for <3
Tumblr media
⋆ Ransom Drysdale
⋆ Jefferson
⋆ Tom Holland
⋆ Chris Evans
⋆ Sebastian Stan
⋆ Sam Wilson
⋆ Bucky Barnes
⋆ Steve Rogers
⋆ Peter Parker
⋆ Oliver Wood
⋆ Fred Weasley
⋆ George Weasley
⋆ Remus Lupin
⋆ Sirius Black
⋆ James Potter
Tumblr media
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multifandoms1019 · 16 hours ago
𝘚𝘢𝘮 𝘞𝘪𝘭𝘴𝘰𝘯
Tumblr media
None yet :)
Tumblr media
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nano--raptor · 19 hours ago
A Realization
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes Words: 775
Warnings: Lustful thoughts, kissing, mentions of makeouts and kissing, a reference to morning wood and a few swears. Also some softness and fluff.
Summary: Bucky can’t keep his thoughts off of Sam, and the night before. A/N: Another one for my @redhead-wine-and-literature-club Love in Bloom catch up! This is for Day 18 - Iris, which represents royalty, wisdom and respect, and is a follow up to Fooling No One, so go give that one a read first. While I didn’t directly use the flower or the meaning here, I wrote it with Sam’s wisdom in mind❤
Also, I’m so in love with this gif, I can’t stop looking at it.
Thank you for reading, enjoy!​
Dividers by @firefly-graphics​​
My work is not to be copied, translated or reposted in ANY way. I do not authorize my work to be reposted by anyone else on any other sites. 
18+ Only, do not click ‘keep reading’ if you are under 18.
Tumblr media
Bucky nibbled his lip as his eyes wandered over Sam’s back, his face heating up as he realized that he wanted to be curled up around Sam right now, rather than laying in his own bed. The night before was fake dating, but the reactions Bucky was pulling from his partner sounded genuine, and Bucky remembered how easy it was to fall into a kiss with him at the end of the night. He rolled onto his back, tearing his eyes away from Sam and staring at the ceiling. 
After a moment though, he realized how obvious some of his thoughts might be as his body betrayed him, knowing his morning wood would be a visible bulge in the blanket. With a groan, he rolled to his other side, back to Sam now and tried to think about something else.
He heard Sam stirring, the blankets shifting on the bed beside him, Sam’s breathing changing as he woke with a deep breath and a sigh. A sigh that Bucky wanted to feel across his own skin. Not to mention how all the other little noises Sam made were making Bucky’s blood rush in his ears. His face felt hot again and he knew he wouldn’t be able to roll over any time soon.
“You awake?” Sam’s voice floated across the room, groggy and rough, and Bucky just grunted in response. “Well, good morning sunshine,” Sam replied with a chuckle, and Bucky just clenched his jaw, the sounds sending a light tingle through him. What the fuck?
A few moments passed, neither of them saying anything, Sam clearly enjoying the first few moments of the day in his comfortable bed. Bucky closed his eyes, trying to get his body to calm the fuck down, but it just wanted to be in that bed with Sam, his mouth on Sam’s throat again, making him shiver in the calm warmth of the morning. He couldn’t keep his mind off of it, and after growing harder instead of calming down, Bucky threw off his blanket and practically stomped to the bathroom, keeping his back to Sam the whole time.
“You good?”
Bucky stopped at the question, always softening slightly when Sam would ask him that. He’d become a good friend, someone to lean on. Some of the best advice Bucky had ever received had been from Sam. And Sam hadn’t done anything wrong, so he didn’t deserve Bucky’s attitude.
“Mornin’,” Bucky grudgingly said over his shoulder, without turning around, his voice then softening. “And yeah, thanks. Jus’ gonna go shower.” As the bathroom door closed, Sam lay his head back on the pillow, intent on relaxing until the bathroom was free.
Tumblr media
“Last night worked like a damn charm. I sent the footage to Steve already and he said he’d get it analyzed right away. Good job, man.” Bucky met Sam’s eyes with a small smile and a nod before looking away, digging through his bag for a pair of socks. Sam was a sight, fresh out of the shower, towel around his waist, beads of water lingering and slowly running down his defined chest. Bucky was trying, and failing, to fight the thoughts that returned from earlier. “I didn’t send him this though.” 
Bucky’s eyes flicked to Sam’s phone and he immediately felt himself blushing, as he looked at the photo of himself with his mouth on Sam’s neck. Sam wore that stupid smirk again now as Bucky’s face turned red, before he quickly looked away, clearing his throat nervously.
“Uh, good. Yeah...”
A moment passed, Bucky feeling more and more nervous, more than he had in a long time, before Sam broke the silence again, his voice soft.
“I didn’t mind it at all y’know.” Bucky glanced up, meeting Sam’s deep, brown eyes and was unable to hold back a small smile.
“Me neither,” he said quietly, his usual sass and snark melting away. “I uh, kinda liked it.” His voice trailed off while he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, before Sam was stepping forward, his fingers coming to rest at Bucky’s waist. Before Bucky could react or move at all, Sam’s other hand was on his jaw, pulling him close and pressing a gentle kiss to his lips. When his brain did finally catch up, Bucky raised his hands to Sam’s face, deepening the kiss. He didn’t even realize he was humming in satisfaction until Sam pulled away and Bucky’s eyes fluttered open. He nibbled his lip, the blush returning to his cheeks, but he held Sam’s gaze this time. Sam just smiled knowingly, rubbing his thumb over Bucky’s cheek before stepping away to get dressed.
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outofplaceoutinspace · 21 hours ago
Them being home with you would include: - gentlemen
18+ Reader = gender-neutral reader
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
Category: fluff
Requested: No.
A/N: Does anyone even read A/N's or am I the only one? Guess I'll never really know. But, those of you who have read some of my preferences so far will notice that some peeps are missing. The sole reason for that is that I have trouble finding so many different ideas, that's why I have limited myself to these. If you want me to write for someone that is not included here, don't hesitate to make a request! (Everything you need to know can be found on my pinned post! Also, you don't have to follow me in order to make a request. It would be nice, but it's not necessary.)
Now, I hope you still enjoy it!
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
lots of cuddles
watching movies together (oldies and modern one's)
going on walks together
you making sure he gets a good night's sleep
him telling you stories about his life before the war
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
slow dancing to '30s, '40s music in the evenings
him drawing you when you don't notice
cooking together
you showing him new books, movies and music
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
lots of hikes
baking and cooking together for the cook-outs
the pair of you babysitting his nephews
playful fights
cosy evenings with cuddles & movies
Tumblr media
him telling you about Asgard and other planets
you introducing him further to terrestrial things
bear hugs
you cooking him various meals he never had before
Tumblr media
you giving him lots of classical books to read
cuddling & you listening to him telling you stories about his homeland
teaching him how to cook
him entertaining you by playfully mimicking your favourite actors
walks in the woods
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certainaesthetic · a day ago
𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧
Tumblr media
gif from: biwilson
pairing: sam wilson x woc!reader
summary: a friends with benefits situation gets a bit confusing when feelings get involved. will anyone get hurt?
word count: 2,595 words
warnings: 18+ ONLY, slight fluff?, smut, jealous!sam, jealous!reader?, swearing, angst, choking, mentions of alcohol, i think that covers it? (lmk if i missed anything)
authors's note: this is my first time writing smut so if it sucks ass i'm sorry (but lmk if it sucks so i stop lol ...) also my first time writing anything along the lines of angst so i hope i'm not butchering this. let me know what you think please! :)
You were sitting at the end of the couch beside Wanda, cuddled together under a blanket while everyone sat around you on the other couches in the living room.
It was Sunday night and you and your friends decided to have a little movie night as a way to de-stress after a busy week.
Although, it wasn’t much of a movie night considering almost everyone had fallen asleep halfway through and it was only about 11. You were still awake, but you were rapidly losing your interest in the movie.
Looking around the room, you could tell Peter was still awake and completely entranced by the TV screen and across from him, on another couch Sam was awake.
He was already watching you by the time your eyes got to him. His eyes held a suggestive look in them, asking you if you wanted to get out of here.
You turned your head beside you to see Wanda was fast asleep with her head resting on a “sleeping” Vision’s (or whatever sleeping was for him) shoulder. You turned back to Sam and gave him a small nod, your bottom lip caught between your teeth.
You felt warmth radiate across your body in anticipation of what was to come.
You and Sam were good friends who occasionally - well maybe more than occasionally - slept with one another. It was strictly a “friends with benefits” type of situation and you both knew that.
You couldn’t remember how it first came to be, but you weren’t necessarily complaining either; the sex was good, great actually and that distracted your mind enough from its attempts of trying to remember how this happened in the first place.
Sam slowly got up from the couch, careful to not attract Peter’s attention, and made his way back towards you, his hand held you for you to take.
You took his hand and slowly got up, making sure to be careful enough so that no one would wake up or notice any movement in the room. It helped that you were sitting on the couch at the back of the room.
With his hand on your lower back, Sam led you to his room. As soon as you guys made your way inside and closed the door, he had you pressed against the wall. His lips gravitating towards your neck almost immediately.
“Was thinking of having you like this the entire night honey. Could barely keep my eyes off you.” he whispered, his voice slightly muffled against your neck.
“God Sam, no teasing this time, I can’t wait” you replied in a breathy voice. You had been shifting in your seat beside Wanda the entire night. Rather than watching the movie, your eyes had kept drifting to Sam’s silhouette and you were aching to get out of that room.
Your hands fumbled with the bottom of his shirt while he placed wet kisses across your neck. His own hands moving up and down your waist, caressing your sides.
“I know baby, I know, I got you” he cooed.
He had barely done anything and already you felt your knees giving out from beneath you.
He moved his lips up towards your jaw and kissed your lips, lightly tapping your thighs, motioning for you to wrap your legs around him. He didn’t need to break his lips from yours to tell you, the both of you already so familiar with what the other wants.
You jumped up, wrapping your legs around his waist. His hand immediately travelled to your back, holding you up from your ass and walking you both towards his bed.
He placed you down on the plush comforter, getting rid of his own shirt and sweats before moving to do the same to you. He lifted your shirt up and pulled your shorts off along with your panties in one swift motion. Tossing the clothes aside onto the floor, he moved to get himself onto the bed.
You pulled him by his shoulders towards you, your lips back on his and your hips moved up, desperate for some friction.
“Hold on pretty girl, want you to come for me first” he chuckled seeing how eager you were for him.
You whimpered but let him make his way down your body, kissing down your torso until his head was now resting between your thighs. He placed kisses on the inside of your thighs, red and purple marks sure to be seen the next morning.
“Come on Sam, you said you wouldn’t tease” you whined, desperately wanting a release so you could finally feel him.
Sam smirked seeing how needy you were for him before he pushed two fingers into you, a gasp immediately leaving you, your mouth slightly open.
As his fingers moved, you felt your body warm up, a coil getting tighter and tighter in your stomach. Right when you felt a wave of pleasure rush over you, you felt Sam’s lips back on yours, swallowing your moans and whimpers like he couldn’t breathe without them.
You felt his fingers leave you and him enter you instead, his fingers moving to your lips so you could suck them clean. A small whimper left your lips as his hips moved.
You could already feel that coil building up again as he moved, his hand around your throat. The restriction of your airway only adding to the pleasure you were immersed in.
Moans and repetitions of Sam’s name left your lips as you both came undone, Sam whispering small words of encouragement in your ear.
“You’re such a good girl for me honey, come on, let go for me.”
Another wave of pleasure came over you and you felt Sam move his body so that he was lying next to you instead. Both of you lying on your backs, catching your breath while staring up at the ceiling before you moved to the bathroom.
You cleaned yourself up in the bathroom and moved back towards Sam’s bed, feeling his eyes watching you intently the entire time.
“Not heading back to your room?” he asked.
“Nah I’m too tired, plus I like it here better anyways” you said as you picked his shirt up off the floor and put it on. You moved back under the covers with him and laid your head on his chest, curling up next to him.
You were exhausted and felt yourself drifting off to sleep as Sam kissed your forehead, his hand rubbing small circles at the small of your back, helping to push you into a deep sleep.
As you slept Sam watched you for a bit, his heart swelling at the feeling of having you in his arms. He knew what this was, but he couldn’t help it when he felt himself catching deep feelings for you over time.
He kept it to himself, unsure of how you’d react, but lately he thought to himself that maybe you returned his feelings too. For now, he was content with how things were. He still had you to himself even though things weren’t exclusive, so confessions of love and feelings could wait, or so he thought.
He drifted into his own sleep with thoughts of you and what it would be like to hold you outside of the moments where you guys would sneak away to feel one another.
It was now Friday and you were in your room with Wanda and Natasha, the three of you getting ready for the night. Music playing in the back while you all talked and laughed together.
Everyone decided to head out to a bar to celebrate the end of yet another tiresome week. The three of you finished getting ready and hopped in a cab to meet everyone at the bar.
Inside the bar, you were laughing with Steve about Bucky’s lack of ability to play pool in comparison to Sam when you realized you had run out of your drink.
“Steve, I’m just gonna head to the bar and grab another drink” you excused yourself from the pool tables and walked towards the bar. As you waited for the bartender’s attention a handsome stranger made his way to you and sparked a light conversation.
Unbeknownst to you, while you smiled and giggled with the guy at the bar, Sam was shooting daggers into the back of his head.
You had been standing there with him, a new drink now in your hand, for close to 15 minutes. Your hand finding a place on his bicep every so often when he would make you laugh.
His big stature kept you from being able to see Sam over his shoulder, even if you could, you were too distracted by the man you were smiling up at to even notice the look on Sam’s face.
Sam knew he couldn't really be upset about you flirting with another guy, you guys weren’t dating, just sleeping together. Yet still, his insides churned and his face felt hot. Regardless of how you felt, he knew he had feelings for you and he hated that you weren’t off limits to other guys. Maybe now was the time to confess those feelings to you.
He tried hard to keep his composure but the more he heard your laugh, a laugh that wasn’t because of him, the more he lost his sense of control and before he knew it, he was marching down there.
“You okay over here?” he asked, approaching the pair of you.
“What? Yea, I’m fine Sam” you lightly laughed, confused as to what he was doing.
He moved closer to you, his arm now around your waist bringing you into his chest. “You were taking a while to get your drink baby, just wanted to see if someone was bothering you,” he said, now looking at the guy standing in front of you.
You didn’t fail to notice the sweet pet name he slipped in there - which he usually never does unless it’s just the two of you or your friends around.
He didn’t have to say anything else to the guy standing in front of you. The fiery look in his eyes saying more than enough, almost daring the man to even try something.
“Hey, I’m not here to cause any problems man, we’re all good” he backed down without a fight as we walked back and retreated to his own group of friends.
You stood there, slightly confused but more irritated with Sam’s behaviour while he kept himself planted by your side, watching the man walk away.
You turned to him, anger hidden in your voice, “Sam, what the fuck?”
“Oh come on sweetheart, you’re telling me you were interested in him?”
“Yea Sam,” you rolled your eyes, “maybe I was. What made you think you could do that?” the irritation and anger now clear in your voice.
“That’s bullshit, you really think we’re just friends who fuck? We’re more than that and you know it” he retorted.
“You knew what this was Sam” the tone of your voice making it abundantly clear to Sam that you didn’t return the feelings he had for you. He was so sure you felt the same way, hell even Steve pointed it out himself. But somehow, he was wrong.
“No, I thought I did. But I guess I was wrong. I think we’re better off keeping it at just friends from now on.” he said, his tone cold and stern as he walked away and out the door.
It had been a few weeks since that night in the bar and although you were angry at first, that anger dissolved after a few days.
Now it was replaced with feelings of loneliness, but more so stupidity.
You didn’t think you had feelings for Sam, you were sure that you thought of him as just a friend. Even though you guys would sleep together, you thought you were successful in your attempts to keep a friendly relationship with him without the chance of developing anything more than that,
Oh, how you were wrong. At first, you thought you just felt lonely because you missed the feeling of him. However, after you slept with another guy you realized that it wasn’t that.
It wasn’t that you missed sleeping with Sam, you missed Sam.
You guys still spoke with one another and hung out in a group, but it wasn’t the same as it used to be.
You missed the way you could feel his eyes on you as you moved through a room. The way your eyes instinctively looked for him whenever you entered a room. The way he’d caress you at night to help you fall asleep. You missed being able to run to him with any news you wanted to share, whether it was good or bad. You were still friends, but for some reason, you didn’t feel like you could do that anymore.
Here you were, sitting on Nat’s bed with your head in her lap while she lightly caressed your hair.
“I fucked up Nat, bad” you confided in your best friend, you couldn’t believe you were so blind to your feelings for Sam.
“Maybe you can still fix this babe, we’re all going out tonight. Come with and you can pull Sam aside and talk it out. I’m sure he’d be more than willing to,” she assured you.
You knew Sam, and you knew he would hear you out. He was reasonable, and kind. You couldn’t believe how long it took you to admit to yourself that you were falling for him.
How long had you been feeling like this? It felt as if there was a magnetic pull that kept pulling you towards him, and until recently, you had never noticed it before.
“Okay, yea, I’ll come”
As you got to the bar, you made your way with Nat to the bar to grab some drinks before heading to the pool table where Sam usually was. If you were going to talk to him and tell him how you felt, you needed some liquid courage in you. This was not something you could handle while being stone cold sober.
However when you got your drinks and turned towards the bar, you saw Sam. For a moment your heart began hammering in your chest, warmth flowing to your cheeks with the thought of telling him what was on your mind.
But then your eyes moved to who he was standing with, he was with another girl.
You could see a smile on his face as he laughed along with the woman about who knows what; some cheesy joke that he made, you suspect.
You felt yourself stop in your tracks, Nat followed your gaze to see Sam and the woman. Immediately she turned to you, “Oh hun, are you okay?”
“Yea, I just- I need a minute, I’ll meet you up there, okay?” you told her with a shaky voice, eyes not meeting her gaze and instead staring holes into the ground.
“I’ll be waiting for you, okay? Take your time.” you heard Nat say as you made your way back to the bar.
You needed to sit down. Your vision felt blurry and you felt hot tears gathering in your eyes, threatening to spill out at any given moment.
Your heart sank to your feet as you went to sit on a barstool. Your chest felt hollow yet heavy as if it was full of stones at the same time. The only thought occupying your mind was: you were too late.
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tinyyoungblood · a day ago
don’t be shy,
post sum of those drafts
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
a/n: you asked and you shall receive. here are very random scraps that i pieced together and somehow it worked lol enjoy x
            ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
the avengers on long bus rides
long bus rides are the only times where the world is balanced and at peace (forced smile from steve)
it’s also the only times when everyone will chime in on those sea shanties that steve loves so much, so that’s a plus
the team knows that their captain is a sea shanty WHORE so they always go all out for him and do harmonies and quite impressive choreos
once they’ve run out of sea shanties, they switch to musicals and it’s kind of like football jocks meet theatre kids
everyone has their troy bolten moment at some point, but it’s loki who really shines
he gets really passionate and ends up singing all parts and no one can blame him because mans got the voice of an angel and he knows it
nat is super supportive and cheers him on while recording everything. no one questions why she has a folder on her phone that is called “blackmail material”
tony likes to show his support by throwing money at loki
the others reenact that scene from harry potter where harry tries to catch hogwarts letters falling from the ceiling although there are loads of them perfectly lying on the floor
they fight tooth and nail to catch the money with a ferocity that puts the gods in shame
peter shoots his webs to pin the dollar bills to the wall like he suddenly got a lifelong supply of them and clint acts like his arrows are made of harmless rubber
rhodey joins in, puts on his suit, and almost blasts happy ✨to death✨while trying to catch a one-dollar bill
happy swerve the bus off a cliff and someone screams
(it was loki)
wanda has to save them and proceeds to bench them all for an hour
bucky, friend to no vehicles, is grumpy the entire time but y/n has made it her temporary calling to cheer him up
“i don’t like vehicles and this is why” *y/n whips out a duffel bag and slaps it* “yea, well, but what are your thoughts on sudokus”
bucky curls up in the back like the senior citizen that he is, sandwiched between y/n and bruce with a lifelong supply of sudokus scattered around him
they quietly help each other out and it’s very wholesome
tony and peter can fall asleep anywhere on the bus with their necks and limbs turned at all kinds of unnatural angles and sam winces before tearing his eyes from them
he makes a mental note to buy them neck pillows
nat suggests playing ‘i spy’ because it seems less lethal than the yellow car game but clint, sam, and thor get way too enthusiastic about it
they have their faces pressed against the window, eyes wide and unblinking, unaware that they’re frightening half of the people sitting in the passing cars
at some point, they lose all sense and just randomly name everything
“i spy with my little eye something that is red” “that car” “no” “that car” “no” “clint’s sweater” “it’s not—” “bucky’s pen, the flowERS, MY SHOES, THE SKY”
rhodey and nat are surprisingly good at that game and their calm demeanour drives the others insane
“fine. i spy with my stupid little eye something that is amber—” “bottom left button on the inside of loki’s overcoat, try again”
wanda and vision are in charge of lunch and handing out lunch boxes to everyone is a delight to them and a very. scary experience for the rest of the team
“here you go, buck. a turkey sandwich with cut off crust and extra tomatoes” “oh you didn’t have to cut off—” “😠but you like it. don’t you😠” “...yes”
peter and y/n are sharing a seat and y/n shows him her online purchases on her phone. peter is really sweet the entire time and comments on everything with genuine interest until rhodey pipes up from behind them
“you ordered new shoes? y/n, you don’t even go outside enough to justify wearing shoes”
they shush him and proceed to share headphones to listen to peter’s current favourite songs
at some point, tony announces, “alright ladies and gentlegerms, cap is making us stop the bus so we can get out and go for a two-mile jog through the woods *unenthusiastic jazz hands* if anyone wants to fling us off a cliff again, now is the time, i repeat—”
they still end up running and it’s insufferable. it’s hot and musty and just ~unpleasant~
somehow the avengers have evolved into a chaotic Debate Team and now they’re discussing who gets to be carried by thor and bucky
at an intersection, the two of them stop to catch their breath and they’re both just staring at each other, sweaty and covered in avengers hanging off their limbs
thor, prying loki off his back: “i’m sorry but we’re gonna have to do something different here”
y/n is hopping off bucky’s back when there’s suddenly a loud, ugly sound reverberating through the forest, followed by many footsteps that seem to come closer by the second
they run
branches keep tearing at their skin as they bolt through the woods but they’re not stopping because it’s clear what is happening right now
they’re being chased by wild boars
at this point they’re just embracing death and if they survive it’s a bonus
a boar comes running towards bucky and wanda but bucky “i have been falling for 90 years and i’m sick of it” barnes stares it straight in the eye, daring it to knock them over and the boar just squirms and make a u-turn
another wild boar seems to have decided that clint is not part of the herd because it sends clint FLYING in a quite impressive and beautiful arc
steve tries to ditch clint and train the boar
clint wasn’t hurt by the fall, but he stares at steve as if he might as well have broken a rib
they’re back on the bus and happy cocks a brow when he sees that everyone is exhausted and covered in dirt. he chooses to say nothing when nat climbs in with loki half-leaning on her for support and glaring broodily at the floor
everyone just wants to sleep and forget that the avengers were almost defeated by boars but bruce and sam keep bickering in the front row
“it’s too bright in here” “it’s the sun” “the lights get too noisy” “…what” “make it stop” “what do you want me to do?? turn off the sun???”
peter and y/n are huddled in a seat again, sharing headphones to drone out the noise and the moment he hits play, y/n looks at him blankly
peter, shrugging: “what? my 7 songs still go hard”
* * *
what are your seven songs that still go hard? pls tell me bc i desperately need new music <3 stay hydrated pals
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vivid4am · a day ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 5)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky and Y/N go get breakfast
Warnings: TFATWS!bucky, fluff, threats, small fight?, small discussions of racism
A/N: thank you guys for reading this fic! this will now follow the TFATWS timeline. i feel like i set up as much as i could. still going to be a slowburn tho :)
Chapter 4
Bucky slept through the night, undisturbed, with Y/N laying on his chest. He woke up to golden light streaming into Y/N’s living room. As he slowly gained consciousness, he felt the weight of a body on his chest. His tired eyes glanced down to the girl laying on top of him. Realizing it was Y/N, he let out a relieved sigh before running his fingers through her hair again.
It had been years since Bucky shared a bed with a girl. Decades, actually. It felt nice to have affectionate human touch, even if they were just friends. Because that’s what they were. Just friends. But, Bucky couldn’t help himself. He wanted to hold Y/N closer. In fact, he wanted to hold her all the time. She was so soft. Sure, she snotted all over his sweatshirt a few hours ago, but he was there to comfort her, hold her close, tell her everything would be okay. His heart ached when he saw her burst into tears about her uncle. This girl was so sweet, she deserved the world.
Okay, well, maybe Bucky did see her more than a friend.
But he refused to take the thought further.
Which was a good thing because Y/N slowly started to stir. She shifted a bit before burying her face even further into Bucky’s chest. A vibration filled Bucky’s soul, as she spoke. He couldn’t hear anything, just her muffled voice.
“What’s up, sweetheart?” He asked, fingers playing with the ends of her hair. She lifted her head slightly from Bucky’s chest so he could hear her. “Let’s get breakfast.” She then laid back down on the burly man. Bucky chuckled. “If you want breakfast, you’re going to have to get up.” He said, trying to sit up from his position.
“But you’re so comfy.” Y/N groaned into his shoulder. Bucky managed to sit up, while Y/N was still attached to him like a koala hugging a tree. He scratched his chin. His facial hair was growing in. He needed a shave. “Maybe we can come back to this after breakfast. I’m not doing anything today.” He suggested. Bucky didn’t want to leave their friendly cuddle session either, but Y/N said she was hungry. And honestly, so was he.
Y/N huffed, pulling away from Bucky. She then covered her face, the tips of her ears turning bright red. “I probably look a mess right now.” Embarrassment covered her voice. “You don’t,” Bucky reassured her. “If you want, we can meet in the hall in thirty minutes. You can go shower, do whatever you need to do, and we can go to the diner down the street. Sound good?” Bucky couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth right now. He tried to think over his proposal, but Y/N already nodded her head before marching to her bathroom to get ready for the day.
Bucky and Y/N were sitting in a booth at Diner on 5th, their eyes scanning the breakfast menu. Well, Y/N was reading the menu. Bucky had his cup of coffee in hand and was trying not to break it. He was watching the T.V. that sat behind Y/N’s head. The news headline read,
Sam Wilson, the Falcon, donates Captain America’s Shield to The Smithsonian in Washington D.C.
Y/N wasn’t too engrossed in her menu because she noticed Bucky’s tensed hand around his cup. “Are you okay?” She asked. Bucky snapped his attention from the T.V. to her before giving her a half smile. “Yeah, I’m alright.” He nodded his head. His eyes went back to the T.V. Y/N turned around to the T.V. that Bucky was entranced by. She sighed.
“If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think that he should be giving it up.” She stated, turning back around to Bucky. His heart dropped to his stomach. Has he been found out? “What do you mean?” Bucky’s face paled a bit. This was it. The end of his friendship. He’s been found out.
“I mean that Sam or the Winter Soldier should have it. It should’ve been passed on, not given away. Who’s going to protect everyone now? The fucking police?” Y/N explained. “Don’t you want to be the police?” Bucky asked, confused by her statement. “Fuck no. I want to actually help people, Buck.” She sassed before sipping on her chocolate milk.
“So you think that Sam should’ve kept it?” Bucky wasn’t as tense as he was before. Someone agreed with him. Even though she didn’t know who he actually was. She knew what he wasn’t. Y/N nodded her head. “Yeah, and used it. He would’ve done a pretty damn good job, but I also see why he didn’t want to.” Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed.
“He’s a black man living in America, Buck. Yeah, it may not be the ‘60s, but shit still happens. I wouldn’t be surprised if some white politician asked him to turn it in. He’s not blonde and blue eyed like the old Cap was. And sadly, that will piss people off. But I say, fuck those people. He should've kept it. Should’ve become the new symbol for America. Would’ve inspired a fuck ton of people.” Y/N took another sip of her chocolate milk. “‘M sorry, got carried away a little bit.”
Bucky didn’t realize that. But he still thought that Sam should’ve kept it. Maybe he could talk to him about it.
But what does Sam care about at this point? He hasn’t talked to him in a while. Bucky was too busy ignoring his calls.
“I’m- uh, going to go to the bathroom,” Y/N said, sliding out of the booth. She walked away from their table to the women’s restroom. She had on another sweater with leggings and tennis shoes. A comfortable casual outfit.
“Nice lady you got there.” A voice said, causing Bucky to turn his head. It was some random guy that he didn’t even bother to describe. The only words he could come up with were “sleazy scumbag”. “She’s not my lady. Just a friend.” Bucky replied, taking an annoyed drink of his coffee. God, he wanted to roll his eyes into the back of his head.
“What a shame. That broad would be a pretty good fuck.”
The man didn’t have time to react. Bucky lunged across the diner, his glove coming off of his left hand. He pressed the man onto the bar of the diner. His metallic fingers wrapped around the man’s neck. “What the fuck did you say?” He growled, his fingers starting to tighten around the guy’s throat.
This guy’s eyes could have popped out of his head.
Bucky released him, giving him a final shove for good measure. The man choked on air. “You- you’re the-” Bucky didn’t even give him time to finish. “No, I’m not. I’m James Buchanan Barnes. That other guy is long gone.” Just as Bucky finished his sentence, Y/N walked out of the bathroom, shaking the water off of her hands. When she saw the horrid looks of other customers, she paused.
“Bucky?” She asked, a very confused look on her face. “What’s going on?” Bucky gave the man one last look up and down. “Nothing, sweetheart. We were just leaving.”
“But we didn’t even order anything.” She said, rubbing her hands on her arms. Everyone was looking at her. A spotlight that she didn’t want. Bucky didn’t answer her, just handed the closest waitress a few dollar bills before grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the diner.
Bucky made it up to her by grabbing Dunkin Donuts on the way home.
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Hey! Great work! Can I get some Steve trying to ask the reader out but getting too nervous every time until someone (maybe Sam or Buck or both haha) takes pity on him and does something to help the poor guy out?
Sometimes A Little Help is Needed
A/N: I’m so happy! This is my first Steve request!! I love this so much. Thank you for the request and your kind words! I hope you enjoy!! :) 
Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem! Avenger! Reader
Warnings: none, just fluff
Tumblr media
“Just go ask Y/N out already, please. You’ve gotta stop staring all the time,” says Bucky, coming up behind Steve.
“He’s right,” says Sam. “You know it’s bad when the master of staring tells you to stop staring at someone.” 
“Hey, that’s not true!” says Bucky.
“Oh, that’s not true? Just yesterday you were…” 
Sam is interrupted by Steve. “Stop it, both of you.” He turns to face them. “Now quick, what do I say?”  
Sam places his hand on Steve’s shoulder. “Just give ‘em that Steve Rogers charm. Ya know, walk up and say ‘hey, Y/N, I was thinking we should go dancing tonight. What do ya think?’”
Bucky shakes his head. “That’s a terrible idea. Steve can’t dance for shit.” He looks at Steve. “Just ask them out to dinner. You could go to that diner in Brooklyn.” 
“That’s a great idea,” says Steve. He pats Bucky’s shoulder. “Thanks, Buck.”
Steve starts walking towards you and stops halfway. You were sitting on a chair out on the balcony, reading a book. You looked beautiful. He couldn’t do this. 
“I can’t,” Steve says as he turns around. “I just can’t.” 
He walks out of the living room, leaving Bucky and Sam standing there confused. 
“We’ve gotta do something,” says Bucky. 
“I hate saying this, but I think you’re right. I know just the thing too.” Sam replies. 
Bucky and Sam smirk at each other before walking away to set up their plan. 
You walk into the kitchen, the delicious smell drawing you in. You stop when you see Bucky and Sam cooking, both wearing aprons. 
“Hey, guys” you say. “What’re you cooking in here? It smells delicious.” 
Sam quickly looks up at you before continuing to stir pasta in a pot. “Oh, hey, Y/N, fancy seeing you here. Bucky and I are just whipping up some chicken alfredo.”
Bucky lifts his head up from the oven to look at you. “Hey, Y/n!” 
“Hey,” you laugh. “Since when do you two cook together?” you ask. 
Sam walks up to Bucky and wraps his arm around his shoulders. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We love each other.” 
You look between the both of them. “Right,” you say. “So, is this dinner for you?” 
Steve walks in right after you finish talking. “What’s going on here?” He turns to you and smiles. “Hey, Y/N.”
You smile back. “Hey, Steve. Looks like these boys are going to enjoy a fancy dinner together.” 
Bucky moves to lay a cloth over the dining table, as well as two wine glasses and a bottle of wine, while Sam fills up two plates of food and sets them down. 
Sam’s phone starts to go off. “Oh, shit, who could that be?” he says. 
He runs out of the kitchen to answer the call. 
“Well, I guess you two have fun,” you say, about to turn around to head back to your room. 
Before you can leave, Sam runs back into the room. “Buck, we have to go.”
“What?” asks Bucky. 
“Tony just called. We’re being sent on a mission. Got 15 minutes to pack and then we’ve gotta be on the quinjet.”
“Oh,” you say confused. “Well, good luck.” 
Bucky and Sam start running out of the room.
“What about all this food?” you yell after them.
“You and Steve can have it!” Sam yells back. “Don’t let it go to waste!”
Steve looks down at the floor and blushes. They set this whole thing up. 
“Unbelievable,” Steve whispers to himself. 
You turn around to look at Steve. “What was that?” 
“Nothing,” he says quickly. “Uh, I was just thinking that we should eat this food together. Sam’s right, we shouldn’t let it go to waste.”
“Sounds good to me.” You sit down at the dining table, Steve sitting at the spot across from you. 
Steve looks at you nervously. 
“Is everything okay?” you ask. 
“Yeah, uh, well, no… I mean yes, everything is fine. There’s just something I need to tell you.”
“Okay…” you say. “You’re making me a little anxious here, Stevie.”
He puts his hands out. “No, no, don’t be anxious. I just, uh, well, you see, Sam and Bucky set this whole thing up.” He scratches the back of his neck and looks down at the table. 
“Set what up?” you ask.
“This,” Steve gestures towards the food and wine. “I have been trying to ask you out for a few months now and each time, I chicken out. Sam and Bucky aren’t going on a mission. They made this food and then lied about having to leave, so we’d stay and eat it together. I didn’t know they were going to do this, I swear. I just pieced it together right after they left.” 
You nod your head slowly. “I see.” 
Steve gets up to come closer to you. “Look, Y/N. I’m so sorry if you’re uncomfortable. We can completely forget this ever happened and…”
You cut him off by kissing him. 
When you lean back, you stare at Steve as he stands there with his eyes closed, a small smile on his face. 
“Why don’t we go on a real date? Not one that Bucky and Sam awkwardly prepared.” you say. 
Steve opens his eyes and looks at you. “Yeah, uh, how about that diner I told you about?” 
You smile. “Sounds perfect. Want to go there now? I’m starving.” 
“Yeah, beautiful, let’s go.” 
Steve grabs your hand and leads you to the elevator. 
Bucky and Sam watch you both leave from the room over. 
“I can’t believe he didn’t ask Y/N to go dancing,” says Sam. 
Bucky looks at him incredulously. “How many times do I have to say it. Steve can’t dance.” 
“Yeah, yeah.” Sam rolls his eyes. “Whatever you say, tin man.” 
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i love you | drabbles (part one)
different ways they say those three little words without actually saying those three little words.
“let me know when you get home,” w/ steve
it was late. steve had told you it was okay to stay over. in fact, he slept better with your body pressed against his. however, you worked the next morning and didn’t want to bother. you had already stayed at his apartment twice this week and it was just wednesday night.
the blonde pressed the sweetest kiss to your lips, hands tugging at your waist. he didn’t want you to go- that much was obvious. and truthfully, you didn’t want to, but you needed to.
“let me know when you get home, okay?” your safety was always steve’s top priority. with his occupation being what it was, he was big on communication. he could be overbearing at times, but it never bothered you. it just showed you how much he cared.
“i will. i promise.” your voice was soft and you placed one final fleeting kiss to his lips before walking out the door.
you kept your promise.
have you eaten anything today?” w/ sam
it wasn’t uncommon for you to overwork yourself. your hours were already outrageous, thanks to working for the demanding intelligence agency that is shield. so sam took it upon himself to make sure that you didn’t accidentally overwork yourself and succumb to death in your office. at the same time everyday you could expect sam to show up at your door bringing his heartwarming smile and infectious energy.
you paused as sam turned your chair around taking in your appearance. you were dressed in workout clothes, hair thrown messily into a thick bun atop your head. his eyes softened at the bags under your eyes and the small smile you sent his way. you looked exhausted.
“have you eaten anything today?” he already knew the answer, but he always asked.
you shook your head sheepishly as you leaned back in your chair, muscles relaxing.
“you can’t keep doing this, bub. if you’re not sitting at this desk, you’re training a rookie, and if you aren’t training a rookie, you’re doing something else asked of you. which is great an’ all, but you won’t be able to do any of those things if you aren’t eating right and i don’t want you passing out on me. so why don’t you set that aside,” he gestured to the paperwork on your desk, “get your pretty ass up, and come eat with me.”
“let me take care of you,” w/ bucky
steve had sidelined you and you were not happy about. pissed was a probably a better word for it. you were injured during the last mission after taking a blow to the ribs. you reassured steve constantly that you were fine, but he proved otherwise after you couldn’t last in the sparring ring for more than a minute. the doctors had diagnosed you with two broken ribs and a mild hip contusion. you should be fine in a week, but you still hated sitting out.
tonight, you found yourself in the gym, hands steadying either of the punching bag in front of you. the team would go absolutely berserk if they caught you, not that you cared. two minutes pass and you’re leaning against the bag for support. you’re finding it hard to catch your breath and spots are clouding your vision.
“you better be glad it was me who found you and not steve,” a familiar voice said. bucky’s hands gently grasped your shoulders as he steadied you. “let’s get you upstairs, yeah?”
“i’m fine, buck.”
you didn’t miss the concern flash through his eyes as his grip tightened protectively. “it’s okay for you to rest, y/n. let me take care of you.”
you sighed, body slumping into his. “you don’t have to do that...not for me.”
bucky’s eyes softened, exhaustion laced in your voice and the weakness of your body. you would never admit it, but you needed him right now and it brought him joy to he needed. “i want to, y/n.”
“i trust you,” w/ tony
tony stark didn’t trust easily. he may have played the part of the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but when he was alone he was anything but. he was quiet and reserved and tended to his own business. he no longer extended his arms and showed off the flashiness that was his life. (he’d been screwed over one too many times for that.) he had set up a barrier between himself and the world, one that wasn’t easily broken.
but then you placed yourself right between him and that barrier. tony wasn’t sure how you managed to do it. it could have been your sweet smile or the lingering, yet reassuring glances you sent his way. one day you were going over stuff in the lab and the next you were helping him to his room after a panic attack.
“what’s on your mind, y/n?” you could feel tony’s stare as you shifted in your seat. you had been uncharacteristically quiet and tony didn’t like it. you weren’t the most talkative person in the world by any means, but he liked hearing your voice. it grounded him.
“i- i don’t know. i just feel bad i guess...for invading your privacy like that yesterday. i didn’t mean to. i-“
“y/n,” tony chuckled, “it’s okay. i trust you.”
you glanced up at him eyes wide in surprise. “oh.”
“yeah,” tony responded, “but don’t get used to it.”
“you’re cute when you’re angry,” w thor
“are you kidding me!”
an amused smile tugged at thor’s lips as he entered the kitchen. your hands were balled into fists at either side of your waist, eyes trained on the empty takeout box in front of you.
“something wrong, dove?”
a growl emitted from your lips as you turned to him. “is there something wrong? of course there’s something wrong. somebody ate my damn takeout.” the larger man laughed and you sent him a glare. “why are you laughing at me?”
“you’re cute when you’re angry,” thor said softly.
“cute? you did not just call me cute. unbelievable.”
the blonde took a step toward you, hands reaching out for yours. “how about this? i’ll get you some more takeout if you stop yelling at me.”
your eyes narrowed. “are you bribing me?”
“yes,” thor shrugged, “is it working?”
“yeah, it is. let’s go.”
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The Last Chthonian
Bucky x Reader, Sam x Reader, Zemo x Reader
Part 13
A/N: Y’all this took me forever to write and it was heartbreaking as well. 😭 Be prepared to cry I guess. Let me know if you would like to be tagged. 🖤🖤🖤
Summary: Imagine being Hekate, the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft, the night and the moon, doorways and crossroads, creatures of the night, and ghosts and necromancy. You stumbled upon Earth many centuries ago and since then have resided on the foreign planet. During the recent years you created an alias for yourself to hide your true identity and after the war against Thanos you chose to live out your days in the Scottish countryside.
Warnings: language, angst, blood, nightmares, supernatural, brief mentions of past trauma
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had awoken with a start that night, sweat beaded at your forehead and your chest heaving with jagged breaths that felt like icy daggers piercing your lungs. You choked back a sob, throwing your cold and clammy palm over your lips that were wet with the salt of your tears and sweat as you tried to suppress the cry that dared to escape your throat. You had yet another nightmare, but this wasn’t the same ones you had of Ares. No, this was different. You had instead dreamt about the time you received the scars on your back. But it wasn’t so much this dream that had you terrified to your core, no, it was the one that followed that filled you with the utmost dread and horror.
You could still see the images of your dream playing vividly in your mind. The way everything was dry and devoid of water and life, covered in ash everywhere you looked and surrounded in this eerie darkness. Thick, dark clouds blanketed the sky, banishing the sun out of existence where not even a single ray of sunlight could pass. The clouds moved at an unnatural pace, which you thought should have accompanied winds of an incredible speed, but no, the air was deadly still and silent. The only sounds were the cracks of lightning that would strike the earth, yet there wasn’t any signs of rain as far as the eye can see. You remembered seeing how the earth beneath your feet was split open in cracks, from which fire would occasionally spring forth through the openings at the surface.
And as you neared one of the cracks to investigate, you found yourself peering down at a pit so deep, that if you had dropped a coin in it, it would have taken nine days just to reach the bottom. And there at the bottom was an ocean of flames and lava, and what you found at the very bottom filled you with this cold chill that you never wanted to ever experience. There at the bottom lay thousands of souls of the wicked, wailing in torment as they were chained to the ground, their bodies naked and skeletal looking as they reached their arms out above them, desperately grasping and clawing for anything they could use to climb their way out.
You’ve seen this place many times before. You were in Káto Kósmos (underworld) where you used to work with your uncle Hades, your role was to guide souls from the mortal world to Káto Kósmos and Elysium, hence one of your nicknames ‘torch-bearer’. When you had first came to this place with your uncle, you had never been more terrified of the scenery. And though you spent many days here, you could never get accustomed to the anguish that surrounded it.
But this abyss in particular was none other than Tartarus, where your grandfather Kronos was locked up. And as you looked to the corner, there you saw him, Kronos, chained up to the walls of the abyss, his skin reminiscent of the lava and dark cracked walls around him. You stood frozen to your spot as he turned to face you, his eyes blazing like the fires of the pit as he bared his sharp teeth in a sinister grin, lava dripping from the corners of his mouth. You saw him glance down to where your arms were, and as you followed his gaze your eyes widened in horror and your blood ran colder than the iciest parts of this hell. There in your arms lay your daughter, devoid of any color and paler than the vampires you had known, her body stiff and cold.
And that is when you woke up.
You were currently still sat on your bed, your face resting between your hands as you shivered from the bundle of nerves. You felt like throwing up from the ocean of emotions that made you feel like you were drowning. With a shaking breath and trembling hands, you peeled the covers off your body, moving over to get off the bed as you repeatedly told yourself how it was all just a dream, nothing more, just a dream. It’s just a dream. With knees that felt like they were about to give away, you wobbled over to the bathroom, clutching the walls as you went. After turning the lights on, you nearly jumped at the sight of your arms. That deathly color had returned to your arms once again, that charcoal gray mauve purple hue that started as jet black from your claw like fingers and hands before fading out to the previous color, now spread to your biceps with a movement similar to vines.
You squeezed your eyes shut against the violent throbbing in your head as the voices of the tormented from beneath the earth below, filled your ears like a wave had come crashing down on your head. You clasped your hands over your ears, the throbbing increasing in intensity as you slid down the bathroom door, muttering the repeated words of a spell over and over until everything started to ease. As the headache and voices died down like the passing of a breeze, you opened your eyes back up, reaching over to turn the bathroom lights off. You rubbed your temples, a string of curses and a groan leaving your lips before glancing down at your hands to see that the color was fading away, crawling back down your arms like vines and leaving your skin back to its natural tone. You sat there for a minute with your head leaned back against the door and your legs spread straight out on the cold tile floor. With a shuddered sigh, you grabbed onto the cold counter and pulled yourself up with a grunt, turning on the faucet and tying your hair up in a loose bun before washing your face with the cold water, drying yourself off with a towel straight after.
After stepping out of the bathroom, you navigated through the dark bedroom and went to open your bag that was on the table, pulling out your bottle of aged Olympian wine that your sibling Dionysus made specially for you. The wonderful thing about Dionysus’s wines were that they never ran out, the bottles always managed to remain full. Though that could have posed as a problem since most of the attendees at Dionysus parties were always passed out drunk on every part of his house imaginable. You once found someone passed out cold on one of the ledges near the tall ceiling, you wondered at how they even got there in the first place. But Dionysus was always known for throwing the wildest parties and that was what was to be expected when others attended them. You had only been to one of their parties because you weren’t a fan of them in the first place, but Dionysus had insisted, telling you how much of a blast it would be. You ended up spectating with horror in the corner of the room as everyone trashed the place and pulled the most absurd stunts and pranks. At the end of the night you made sure no one rode their pegasus home drunk.
But the reason you pulled out the wine in the first place was because you needed something strong after the visions you had, you weren’t looking to get drunk but you at least wanted to calm your mind after what you saw in your sleep. With your bottle in hand, you went to sit on the window nook, your feet perched up on the other side of the wall that was connected to the window. You looked like a mess with your unruly hair and the hem of your lace trimmed calf length nightgown ridden up to the top of your thighs while one of the thin straps had slipped down your shoulders, almost exposing the entirety of your breast. You sat there for a while, taking occasional sips of the wine and closing your eyes from the deep rich berry flavor that still lingered on your tongue as you stared out at the neon city of high town Madripoor. You prayed that what you saw was just a dream, nothing more, just a simple yet incredibly petrifying nightmare and not some twisted prophecy. But though Olympus may had been gone, the underworld still remained. That is why you had taken every precaution in your power, spell after spell, and enlisted every demon and monster under your command to make sure the doors to the realm below remained chained and locked so that none of the evils from it could escape. Some time had passed until you heard a light tap on your door, making you almost choke on the wine as you swallowed it down, closing up the bottle and rushing over to shove it back in your bag.
“Come in.” You said out loud enough for the person outside your door to hear but not to the point where everyone else could. You grabbed your robe and turned around, adjusting the strap of your nightgown before slipping on your robe just as you heard your door open and shut. Whoever it was, you didn’t want them to see you like this, and most importantly you didn’t want them to see the scars on your back. Tying the belt of your robe around your waist, you turned around to see.........
“Zemo?” You raised a brow at him, seeing him standing at your door in his matching pajamas and robe. He looked like he hadn’t slept a wink and his hair looked out of place for the first time. “What are you doing here?”
“I apologize if I had disrupted your sleep.” He looked to the floor with a slight bow of his head. His voice was quiet and he didn’t meet your eyes, his gaze still focused on the floor. It almost looked as if he felt rude for coming to your room and disturbing you at this ungodly hour.
“Well I’ve been awake for a while now so you’re not the one to blame.” You sighed, gesturing over to the window nook. “Have a seat. Do you need some water? You look like shit.”
“Please, if you don’t mind.” He scoffed lightly at your observation of him as he finally looked up at you, thanking you as he went over to sit by the window.
You went over to the table that had your bag and opened up the bottle of water Sharon had already placed there, filling up the two glasses that were there. Zemo watched you as you fixed up the glasses, but unbeknownst to you, his eyes were more so trained on your back instead. He knew. He had caught a glimpse of them when he stepped into your room, right when you were slipping on your robe in a hurried fashion. You were too late. And from the way they were lined across your back, Zemo knew there was only one way you could have gotten them.
You stood there for a moment at the table, contemplating on an idea before you made up your mind and reached into your bag, pulling out a small glass vial and swirling the glowing blue contents around. Popping open the cork top, you poured just a drop into Zemo’s glass, watching it dissolve into the water. Grabbing both glasses, you walked back over to where Zemo sat and handed his glass to him.
“What’s in it? Poison?” Zemo quirked, he saw you drop a strange liquid into it and you weren’t even trying to be sly about it.
“Nah.” You scrunched your nose. “I’m too tired and lacking motivation to poison you. I added a tonic, to help you with whatever the hell you are feeling. It’ll make you feel and look less like shit. You gotta finish the whole glass though, not that it tastes bad. Ice?”
“Oh, um sure. Thank you.” Zemo looked up at you. Well that was kind of you.
You waved a hand over his glass and a clinking sound was heard as three cubes of ice formed in his drink. Zemo stared at the glass, he really had to start getting accustomed to your strange ways. You formed ice cubes in your own glass as well before sitting down on the other side of the nook.
“I want to apologize about the gestures I made towards you and putting you in that predicament. You didn’t deserve to be put on display like that, especially near Selby.” Zemo spoke up.
“It’s fine, really.” You shook your head. “I have your ring by the way.”
“Keep it. As a sort of compensation.”
“I can’t. That ring looks expensive. You could at least return it and get your money back.”
“Keep it, I insist. It looks good on you anyways.”
“Oh........okay then. So what’s really bothering you?” You questioned as you took a drink of the cold water to help waken you up.
“I saw my family again in my dreams. Or at least, what I last saw of them.” Zemo glanced down at his glass before taking a sip of the tonic you prepared for him. There wasn’t much of a taste, maybe a slight hint of a berry, but right after doing so, he already felt slightly better.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered.
“And what’s keeping you awake?”
“Things that were...things that are...and some things...that have not yet come to pass.” You leaned back against the window.
“Did you really just-“
“Yes I quoted Galadriel. I didn’t know how else to put what I’m going through.” You sighed before sitting up abruptly, staring at him like he had asked you the most bizarre question before dropping your expression to that of a solemn one. Did he just? “You want me to contact your dead family, don’t you.”
Zemo whipped his head towards you. Did you just read his mind? You said you wouldn’t do that unless absolutely necessary.
“Well your thought was incredibly loud might I add.” You answered. “I can’t do anything about it when you mortals like to scream in your heads.”
“I apologize.” Zemo shook his head. “It was a ridiculous thought. I didn’t mean anything by it.”
“No.” You stopped him. “I.....I can do it. If you want to of course. I....can’t bring your family back, it’s too risky and won’t end well. But I can contact their spirits.”
Zemo looked at you as if you had lost your mind, unable to form words at the moment. Were you really going to contact his deceased family? He was a bit uneasy about it at first, but at the same time, he needed to see them again, even if it was for one last time.
“I......I would like to see them again, but mostly so I can properly say goodbye.”
You nodded your head in understanding, going over to set the glass down on the table before pulling out your dagger.
“What is that for?” Zemo eyed the dagger in your hand as the blade glinted in the moonlight.
“Well I’m going to have to open up a portal to the dead, and in order to do that, I need blood. But don’t worry. I’m using my own blood.” With a wave of your hand you made five lit candles appear in a circle on the floor, representing the five points of your pentagram, the burning flames stood still from the lack of a breeze. “You don’t have to watch this process if it disturbs you.” You turned to him, to which Zemo shook his head. He wasn’t going to back out now, in fact, he was curious. Never had he thought he would be seeking the help of the goddess of witchcraft herself to preform an act of necromancy. You kneeled down on the floor in the center of the candles, holding your arms out before you with your dagger clutched in one hand. Muttering a few words in Ancient Greek, you dragged the tip of your dagger through your palm, wincing from the pain and using your blood for the the runes you painted on the floor. After the last incantation, you sat there in silence as Zemo did the same.
“What are you-“
“Shhh.” You hushed him, putting a finger to your lips as you waited for the telltale signs. And there it was. There came a small chilly breeze, flickering the flames of the candles though there wasn’t the slightest opening in the room for a breeze to pass through. The temperature of the room dropped to where you could see your breath escape your lips in a cloud of fog. Zemo shivered, and as you looked ahead, three silhouettes began to take form in front of you, taking the shape of an older gentleman, a beautiful woman, and a little boy who looked like a much younger version of Zemo and the woman, until they looked fully human like they haven’t touched or seen the slightest shrivel of death. Their presence instantly brightened up the room in a warm, comforting glow.
Zemo held his breath at the sight before him, he thought that his heart might stop, or that he was just in another dream, that none of this was real. The three spirits bowed their heads to you in respect as you gave them a kind smile, the same smile a mother would give a child. You looked over at Zemo as they did the same, following your gaze until their faces lit up once they saw who sat before them. You stood up and went over to Zemo, taking the glass out of his hands and setting it down before he dropped it, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.
“Go say hi.” You smiled down at him.
Zemo looked up at you, unable to form words from the emotions he was currently feeling. You swore you thought he looked like a scared young boy at that moment, his eyes filled with this slight fear and surprise. Zemo gulped, looking back at his family as he choked out their names, his voice hoarse and dry.
“Papa!” The little boy ran to him.
Zemo jumped out of his seat as he frantically rushed over to the boy, kneeling down to hold him in his arms.
You widened your eyes at Zemo’s sudden movement, secretly flicking your wrists to solidify their forms before they came in physical contact with each other. You couldn’t bear to see their expressions, especially Zemo’s, if he had come to find out he couldn’t even touch them, that his hands would pass right through his loved ones. You’ve seen it happen before, they were only spirits after all, no longer mortal.
“Carl. Oh Carl.” Zemo sobbed as he kissed his son’s forehead, clutching his son’s small frame to him with his hand cradling his head like it was the last thing he could do.
“I missed you Papa.” Carl smiled at up Zemo. “Princess Hekate helped us, did you know! She’s so nice! She gave us a beautiful place to live” The boy furrowed his brows as he tried to remember the name of the place they currently resided in before looking at you for help.
“Ēlýsion my child.” You smiled, tears brimming the corners of your eyes at the heart wrenching scene before you.
“Yeah! El.....El......Ēlýsion!” Carl grinned as he got the name right, making Zemo chuckle.
You almost gasped at the sound that left Zemo’s lips. You had never seen him genuinely smile, or even laugh. But this, seeing him like this made you feel a sense of peace within yourself, and yet, there was that guilt, because this was only temporary.
“It’s sooooo beautiful there dad! And there’s so many nice furry animals there that are my friends!”
“That’s wonderful Carl.” Zemo smiled down at his son as he stroked his hair. He wished he could freeze time, so he could live in this moment forever.
“Helmut, my love.” The woman now softly spoke as she smiled down at him.
Zemo looked up at her with wide eyes before standing up and embracing her, holding her as close to him as possible. “Heike, schatzi.”
You turned away as they shared a kiss, looking down at the floor and playing with the silk fabric of your nightgown.
Zemo went to embrace his father next before holding them all as close to him as possible, afraid that if he let go, they might disappear at his fingertips.
You glanced at them once more smiling at seeing them so happy together before starting to make your way towards the door to leave them some privacy but Zemo had stopped you in your tracks, calling you by your name. “Wait, don’t go. We would all like it if you stayed with us.”
You turned back around, seeing them beckoning you back with kind smiles, and so you did. Even though Zemo knew you had already met his family, he still wanted to introduce you to them like he would if they were alive. He was able to do what he couldn’t do before, he was able to look at his family in a much more lively state, he was able to catch up on events with them, he was able to tell his son more stories, he was able to tell them how much he loved them. But the last thing left for him to do, was to tell them goodbye, for the final time.
You placed a hand on Zemo’s shoulder, “I’m sorry Zemo, but time is almost out.”
Zemo nodded his head as he understood what you told him, the same saddened expression returned to his face, but this time it was different, it was almost a peaceful kind of sadness, one that signified a sense of acceptance. Zemo embraced each of them for one last time, keeping a memento in his mind of their individual scents and the feeling of their frames in his hands as he told them all goodbye and how much he loved them for one last time. His father, wife, and son held hands with each other as they stood before him, each of them wearing a glowing smile on their faces.
Heike looked to her husband with an expression that held much more meaning behind it, one that you had seen the deceased give their loved ones. “It’s not your time yet.” She told him before turning to you with a smile that said thank you, though her eyes told you there was something more she wanted to share with you. So as you glanced into her thoughts, you saw her mention one thing. ‘Be there for him, he needs you.’ And then they faded away, returning to the Elysian Fields and leaving your room in the darkness it was before, the moonlight being the only source of light since the candles had burned out.
“Goodbye.” You heard him say farewell once more, and for the very last time.
You looked over at Zemo to see if he was okay and saw him still standing there, staring at the same spot they stood at not too long ago.
“Thank you.” He muttered as he now turned to you.
“No need to thank me. You both needed to see each other.”
He stepped closer to you now, his eyes scanning the floor as he searched for a way to thank you. You had done so much for him, maybe it was a simple task for you, but it meant everything to him, how could he ever repay you. You glanced down as you saw his hand reach towards you, he was much closer now, merely inches apart as you could almost feel the heat radiating of his body. If you moved just an inch towards him, your chest would have brushed against him, the only thing separating you two would be a layer of fabric. You shivered as you felt Zemo’s fingers brush against the side of your neck as he moved away your loose strands of hair that had fell out of your bun. His fingers left a trail of goosebumps as they went over your bare collarbone and shoulder, before going over the fabric of your robe and down your clothed arm before brushing up against the bare skin of your hand, the same hand where you had just sliced yourself.
You watched as his fingers wrapped delicately around your wrist as he brought your hand up to his lips, kissing your knuckles before gazing down at you. Your face was hot as you finally gathered the courage to look up at him, you felt as if you would melt into a muddle at his feet from the way he held you before him. He made you feel entirely vulnerable and you did the same to him. Zemo thought you looked absolutely radiant in the moonlight, perhaps being the goddess of the moon had something to do with it, but you looked entirely ethereal. Zemo’s eyes never left yours as he turned your hand over before breaking his gaze to glance down at your palm, tracing a finger over the area where you had sliced yourself, the fresh wound that was there was now replaced with a scar. Zemo placed a soft delicate kiss on your scar that had formed, afraid that it might have still caused you pain even though it had healed over.
“Thank you.” He whispered before looking into your eyes once more.
Your hand was still held in his as he used his other hand to caress your cheek, cupping your jaw softly while his thumb brushed along the skin that was there. You reached your free hand up to where his was on your jaw, placing your hand on his wrist and seeing the softest smile on his lips as you did so, you stood there, held in each other’s gaze before he started to lean in. Your heart was pounding in your chest as you knew what was to come next. You parted your lips, desperately wanting to cave in to the feeling of his lips on yours but you turned your head, your eyes closed and your jaw tight.
You couldn’t.
Zemo saw the way you turned and the expression that was held on your face, feeling your grip on his wrist become firm. Zemo let out a soft breath he was holding in, not knowing why you had turned away from him in the last moment. Did he upset you? He didn’t mean to upset you.
“I’m sorry Zemo, I just.......I can’t.” You refused to look into his eyes or else you’d burst into tears in front of him.
“I understand Schatzi.” He whispered to you before placing a soft kiss on your cheek instead, his lips lingering there for a minute as he let go of your hand after placing another kiss to your knuckles. “Get some sleep schatzi. You deserve it.”
You heard your door close softly behind him as he left your room, the tingling sensation on your cheek still lingered like a phantom, from the feeling of the kiss he left behind.
Tag List: @girl-obsessed-with-things @aerynchromie @sunshinepower17 @viviace @kakimakiloh @thebivirgin @gambitsqueen @spookycereal-s @lulu-yuming @mochminnie @Gabitanaka47 @s00nhi @vanteguccir @tomhollandsslilslut @dracoxxyoflam @suchababie @uhhhcrypticbastard @on-my-way-to-erebor @thewinterrbucky @mylifeispainandiloveit @fillechatoyante @padmoonyfeorge @montypythonsholysnail @pollynx @aziraslowlylosestheirshit @roundbrownlover @awesomeowlbook @bookloverfilmoholic
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nyctophicbtch · 2 days ago
Breakfast and Mornings and Things - Avengers
[ Avengers x reader ]
Author's note: Just thought I'd do a short drabble with some of the avengers :)
You groaned and got out of bed as your alarm went off. You didn't have training this morning, which was a relief considering your tired state. You quickly changed out of your pajamas and got ready for breakfast. 
You hadn't been an avenger for too long, so you were still getting used to the whole avengers tower thing. You'd still get lost sometimes, and you'd have to ask Friday for help around the compound. 
You yawned as you walked through the rooms and entered the kitchen to see Tony already snacking on a piece of bread. 
"Morning." You greeted lazily as you stride to take some cereal from the cupboard. It didn't take long for Nat and Steve to join the two of you for breakfast. 
"Do we have more coffee?" Steve asked as he saw Tony take the last bit of coffee. 
"Yep, in... one of those drawers." Tony pointed towards the many drawers that Steve has to go through to get more coffee. 
"Goodluck old man." You chuckled as Steve sighed and rubbed his forehead just as Sam entered the room. 
You grabbed a bowl and some milk from the fridge and began assembling your cereal. You poured some cereal into the bowl before the milk, causing Sam to protest. 
"Wait wait wait–" Sam made gestures with his hands to stop you from what you were doing. "You pour your cereal first?" 
"Yes. Pouring milk first is just not it." 
"I have to agree with y/n." Wanda piped in as she walked towards the table. 
"But your cereal gets soggy." He complained, pointing at your cereal to prove his point. 
"I guess I like it slightly soggy." You shrugged, Sam looking like he just saw a chicken riding a ghost. You made your way towards the dining table, next to Wanda, and lift your spoon to start eating when you felt a gush of wind knock the cereal out of your spoon. 
"Piet." You groaned as he slowed down to lean against the wall. 
"What's got you so grumpy printessa?" Smirking, he used his super speed to pick up the bowl of cereal that was in front of you, and started eating it. 
"No fighting in the kitchen, kids!" Tony's voice rang from the living room, where he was enjoying his toast on the couch. 
You never understood the people who live with others and like mornings. You knew that you'd never get used to mornings with the avengers, especially with a bird making comments about your breakfast, and a certain speedster that always steals your food. And you haven't forgotten the commotion that happens in the mornings. Guess I'll just have to get used to this.
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certainaesthetic · 2 days ago
𝐬𝐚𝐦 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐬𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
spilled coffee - sam wilson x woc!reader
a bad start to the day and some spilled coffee later, something changes between you and a flirty regular
misconstrued and mistaken - sam wilson x woc!reader
a friends with benefits situation gets a bit confusing when feelings get involved. will anyone get hurt?
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roger-that-cap · 2 days ago
sam wilson x fem!reader
warnings: absolutely none. this is pure fluff, the perfect way to kick off my first sam wilson obsession
word count: 1.3k- basically a drabble
inspired by lover by taylor of course- y’all can peep the places i slid in a few lines hehehe
Tumblr media
 You were reading, but then again, you weren’t. There were moments where you could pull yourself together and look at the pages, but you knew that it was all in vain. Sam Wilson was right across from you, sitting at the table with you as he watched you the same way. You felt your cheeks warm up at his steady stare, and finally you put your book down. The soft music playing in the background filled the silence while you tried to string together a coherent sentence. 
 You could never remember to do anything around Sam but admire him. “Can I help you, Sam?” You asked, the playful tone of your voice not escaping his notice. You saw his lips quirk up into that small half smile that stole your heart months ago and propelled you forward into a life you never thought you’d live. 
  “Didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to look at my girl,” he drawled, and you rolled your eyes before picking your book up again, even though you both knew that you weren’t going to retain a word of what you pretended to read. ‘What, are you busy or something?” 
“Trying to get in some light reading,” you murmured, your heart settling to a calming rate when his leg found yours under the table, locking with yours in the way that he almost always did. You couldn't keep the smile from coming to your lips. It only took him a minute and a half to trail his hand across the table and take your left one, gently prying it from the book and holding it tenderly. 
 When you opened your mouth to scold him with less than your full chest, he gave you a look that made your heart stutter. “Just wanna be close to you, sweetheart.” He was just so charming. He was smooth in a way that made anyone’s mind falter for a moment, and so genuine that you knew he meant every word he said. He had this charisma, a dazzling aura around him that you saw from miles away, and it was what drew you to him in the first place. He never failed to put you in a romantic kind of haze, one that only he could put you in and take you out of. 
You had loved and lost a few times in life, had your heart borrowed and returned and dyed blue many more times than you would have preferred, but it was all worth it when it came to Sam. You knew that you would go through each heartbreak three more times just to love Sam once, if that was what it took. Your blue heart turned a passionate pink the second you met him, and you just knew that it was safe with him. You had never met anyone like Sam Wilson, and you had surely never met anyone who made you feel like he did. 
Within a few minutes, you had only turned the page once, and the feeling of his eyes on you surely didn’t make you go any faster. When you finally got to a new chapter, you saw that it was going to be told from the point of view of a character that had a particularly boring arc up to that point, and you knew that there was no way you were going to be able to ignore Sam while reading it. “You need something, Wilson?” 
He grabbed your second hand, his thumb rubbing over your knuckles. “Just you,” he said, and then the annoying sound of the wooden chair scraping the floor was loud in your small apartment. He brought you to your feet, and then you were standing with him, both hands intertwined over the table.  “Let’s dance.” 
You blinked. “Sam, you know I don’t dance.” You had two left feet and not enough heart to have fun while embarrassing yourself. The last time you had danced was actually with Sam, when he put on old, outdated slow song and tried to prove that he could out dance Steve and Bucky, even though they had lived through the slow dancing age. You had dragged him down a bit, but he still managed to show off with you on his arm. 
“You also didn’t ride roller coasters, eat fair food, swim in the ocean, or go to concerts,” he pointed out, and you rolled your eyes. “And look at you now, sweetpea.” 
It was true. Sam could bat his eyelashes at you twice and you would do anything he wanted. Not because he was too pretty to deny, but because he wanted you to be with him. He made you get on that terrifying ride because he wanted to see your face on the climb, and because he wanted to hold your hand while you went down together. He wanted you to go to the beach with him and get in the water because he knew you’d like it if you tried it, and because he would get to see your eyes light up when you realized it yourself. He wanted to do everything with you because he wanted memories with him. And deep down, you knew that you would always go where he would. So, without a word, you rounded the side of the table and went into his awaiting arms. 
He was a good dancer. He led you without even saying a word, a hand on the small on your back and the other pulling you close. You closed your eyes and leaned your head on his chest, humming in contentment as words left your mind until you were only filled with thoughts of him. 
“What are you thinking about, sweetheart?” He asked, and you nearly cursed him and his observant skills. 
“Just…” you said, and your heart swelled at the way he looked down at you, waiting patiently for you to form your words to your liking. “It’s in times like these where I can’t remember if I’ve known you for twenty seconds or twenty years,” you murmured, and he gave you a small smile. 
  “And why is that?” He asked, a teasing lilt to his voice, and you ignored the way that your cheeks heated up again. 
 “We just- we just feel close,” you explained weakly, but he didn't press. He knew you weren’t finished, like he knew everything about you. “Not even just physically, but, everything. All around.” 
  He was still swaying you gently, the innocent kind of dance that you would see between a sweet couple. His hands were warm on your skin, gentle and firm in reminding you that he was there with you, not halfway across the world and bleeding on some sort of aircraft. “Can we always be this close, sweetheart?” 
  Instead of your heart speeding up again, it just ticked on steadily like the time, a metronome that kept up with your swaying. “As long as you want us to be.” 
In a display that would have made your stomach churn with how sickly sweet it was had you been watching another couple do it, he bent down and kissed you again. “That’s gonna be a long time, darlin’.” 
You didn’t have a ring on your finger. Hell, you didn’t even have a full year under your belt with him. You didn’t have the same skills as him, you didn’t like to go on those long runs at the crack of dawn with him, and you sure as hell weren’t built for the kind of life that he lived so that others didn’t have to. But you knew that you loved him wholly and eternally and you could feel that he returned it,  and that fact was as hard and true as a diamond. You didn’t need three summers and a proposal to decide or realize that. 
“Forever, then.” You said, and your heart skipped at your own words, until he bent down and kissed you, lips against your for a few seconds until he pulled away, still so close that you could feel them moving against you when he spoke again. 
   “Forever works for me.” 
i quite literally have had zero time to write, and when i did have time, writer’s block was terrible. I’m fr very sappy rn and this was the cure i guess? this is my first sam fic and the first thing i’ve made since i got into a funk, so be please be gentle skfjs
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chanihobbit · 2 days ago
Chapters: 14/14
Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes, Sarah Wilson (Marvel), John Walker (Marvel), AJ Wilson, Cass Wilson, Lemar Hoskins, Karli Morgenthau, Joaquín Torres, Brunnhilde | Valkyrie (Marvel), Sif (Marvel) Additional Tags: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff and Angst, post episode AU season 1 episode 3: Power Broker, Angst with a Happy Ending, Slow Burn, Psychological Trauma, POV Sam Wilson, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Everybody Lives, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Minor Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Sif (Marvel) Summary:
After the bar fight goes viral Bucky is forced to make some readjustments. On a whim Sam decides to invite him to Louisiana to spend some time with his family. And hopefully keep him out of trouble in the process. They may end up getting more than they bargained for.
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barneswidow · 3 days ago
New Feelings
Word Count: 955 (i got a little carried away)
Prompt - Staring at each other’s lips for a moment before moving closer, as if drawn together by some unseen force. 
Types of kisses drabble masterlist
Tumblr media
Sam and you had been friends since the day you were both recruited to be a part of the Avengers. You and Sam were now inseparable, you were always looking out for each other on missions, making sure to have each other’s backs all the time. Outside of missions, you spent almost all of your time together, you’d spent plenty of evenings in Sam’s bed, cuddled up next to him watching a movie, you’d had plenty of late night conversations with him, confiding in him, telling him your deepest secrets, and him telling you his. Yet you two were just best friends.
At least that’s what you had to keep telling yourself. You wanted nothing more than to break that friendship with Sam, you wished you could tell him how much you loved him, how much you wanted him to be yours, but you didn’t have the guts too. You had no idea if Sam felt the same way as you, so you kept quiet, you kept your feelings to yourself, no matter how much it hurt you to do so.
You were having a movie night with Sam after a recent mission, which was something you tended to do together after every mission at some point, it was a way the two of you could de-stress together, and it let you have more time together after the two of you potentially risked your lives for the mission, it was almost like a tradition at this point.
You were sat with Sam on his bed, both of you under the covers together, your body was tucked into Sam’s side, you were laying on your side, your arm wrapped loosely around Sam’s waist, your leg hitched over his slightly, your head on his chest. Sam’s arm was wrapped comfortingly around your shoulders, rubbing circles into your skin lightly. It made you feel comforted and grounded, the way you always layed together always made you feel secure after missions.
Both of you had your attention trained on the movie playing in front of you, you’d always tend to watch a Disney movie after missions, it was an easy way to relax the both of you. You noticed, over the night, Sam’s heartbeat, it was always able to soothe you and you’d spent many nights falling asleep to the rhythm, but today, you couldn’t help but notice how erratic his heartbeat seemed to be tonight.
At points during the movie, you kept feeling Sam look down at you, his attention constantly switching between you and the movie. After a while of this happening, you looked up to meet Sam’s eyes, both of you being unable to look away from each other, captivated in each other’s eyes. The movie playing in the background became white noise to the both of you, you were only focused on each other.
You found your eyes drifting down to Sam’s lips, watching him poke his tongue out to lick them slightly. Sam’s eyes were trained on your lips, watching as you instinctively bit your bottom lip lightly.
Both of you found yourselves moving closer to each other, your faces being inches apart. Neither of you could stop yourselves, too enamoured by each other to stop, as Sam’s face inched closer to yours, both of you still looking down at each other’s lips.
Your lips finally met in a tentative kiss, both of you testing the waters, seeing if it was something you both ended up wanting, after a moment of shyness, the both of you knew what you wanted and Sam was the first to deepen the kiss, one of his hands cupping your cheek, the other gripping your hip, your hands were placed on Sam’s chest, one of your hands edging up Sam’s shirt, allowing you to feel the skin of his abs under your palms.
The kiss quickly turned passionate, Sam pulling your body on top of his, causing you to straddle him, leaning down so your chests were touching. Sam’s hands stayed on your waist, keeping your body close to his. Your lips moved in sync together, Sam taking control of the kiss, moving his lips against yours perfectly.
Sam’s hand trailed down slightly to grip at your ass, pulling your body impossibly closer to his, making your body grind down onto his. You moaned lightly into the kiss, giving Sam the space he needed to roughly push his tongue into your mouth, running his tongue along yours, advancing the kiss to a new level.
The both of you pulled away slightly after the burn in your lungs became too much, both of you breathing heavily, not wanting to move away from each other. Your foreheads were still touching, your lips ghosting over his lightly.
You looked down at Sam, noticing the small smirk on his face, the lust in his eyes evident to you. Sam’s hands were still placed tightly on your hips, keeping your body pushed tightly on his. You instinctively licked your lips, smiling lightly at Sam, your heart feeling like it was beating out of your chest.
“I never thought I’d ever get the nerve to do that.” Sam whispered, chuckling lightly.
You laughed lightly, leaning down to leave a gentle kiss on Sam’s lips. Sam chased your lips as you pulled away, causing you to chuckle again, “well, I’m glad you did.” You whispered, your lips still ghosting over his.
“I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to stop kissing you.” Sam chuckled, kissing you again quickly.
“I hope you never stop.”
It was safe to say the movie was long forgotten at this point, the both of you spending the night in each other’s arms, exchanging more kisses than you could count.
General Marvel Taglist: @cabin4ravenclaw​ @solarviolet​​ @pinkandblueblurbs​ @jesuswasnotawhiteman​ @ronimina​ @dorcasmeadowesx​ 
Sam Wilson Taglist: @buckybarnes101​
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black-dahlia2021 · 3 days ago
Y/n: We very much hate each other but I would totally fuck you if you asked
Bucky: What?
Y/n: What
Sam, in the background eating popcorn: They said they'd fuck you if you'd ask
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ronbowie · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ll let my MDM readers think about this gif. You can make your own theories on what it might mean :)
(Feel free to tell me your theories below!! 😁)
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