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direnightshade · 4 days ago
You are totally the cool, collected, ‘I want you on my zombie apocalypse team,’ and ‘let’s tell scary stories together during a sleepover,’ mutual and the Horror Queen! 💗
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Oh my god I could totally uno reverse this and say the exact same about you, Shannon! I’m so glad to know you and I share such a love of horror. Makes me so happy. 💕
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clydesducktape · 5 days ago
CDT Celebration - Moodboards
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Kylo Ren Moodboard for @safarigirlsp​
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iamakiller · 7 days ago
Anatomy of a Killer was perfection as always! I’ve been awed by and in love with your writing since day one.
I’ve always wondered, are there any characters or personalities, real or fictional, from whom you’ve drawn to create your Killer Charlie? Or any other external influences behind his persona? He’s so nuanced and deep that I’m constantly amazed.
As an aside, you and Contesa are both wrong. Gandalf and the Ring Wraiths are tied for best LOTR characters.
Thank you very much.  I’m so glad you enjoyed Anatomy of a Killer.  I must also thank you for your enthusiastic support since the beginning of this blog.
With regards to your question, I have had a fascination with American serial killers since my early teens, when I checked the book “Mindhunter” by John E. Douglas out of the library on a whim and read the whole thing in one night.  I’ve always been interested in the darker aspects of the human mind, and especially the why of a person becoming a killer.  Although I never even considered choosing to pursue psychology or criminology as a career path, nor indeed murder.)  I wasn’t inspired by any particular individual, but I’m sure that the ridiculous amount of knowledge I’ve crammed into my brain over the years played its part.
A major influence in terms of how I chose to unravel Charlie’s story was undoubtedly the Netflix documentary series “I Am A Killer” (I swear I had completely forgotten the name of the show when I named this blog!) which deliberately and carefully unfurls the story of each episode in such a way that you feel horror and compassion in equal parts for the titular individual by the end of the hour.  
Other than that, I'm not knowingly aware of any other influences.  Killer Charlie is all mine, I’m afraid!
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jynzandtonic · 7 days ago
So, Ronnie’s a given for you! I can totally picture you both nerding out having a movie marathon in printed pjs. Teaching him about all the outdoorsy stuff you’re into would be so much fun too! He’d try so hard and be such a good sport, but be such an awkward klutz about it too! Then he’d gimp around the next day being sore and milking it for your attention lol.
I also see you with Clyde! Definitely a mountain man who would love to go hiking, camping, swimming, etc every weekend if you want. He’d be great at cooking over a campfire with you and one of the best of making the most of quiet evenings outdoors! He’d also have a chill energy that would always keep you grounded and an outlook that will always keep you beaming! He’s the best at doing all the little things just right.
I ship myself 100% with Flip. We’re both sarcastic jackasses who give people hell but are loyal and devoted. Both good under stress and pressure and would know how to unwind together. I think he could put up with me better than most and have a complimentary personality lol. He’d be down both for having some adrenaline junkie sort of fun if I’m in the mood, or just unwinding around a fire with some movies. I’d live for the teasing and banter and hot ass nights lol.
I love some Kylo AUs that I’d totally ship myself with too, but honestly the first time canon Kylo threw a tantrum, I would smack the shit out of him lol.
So, I’d say out of the canon guys, Clyde would definitely be my runner up. Even if I’d drive him nuts half the time, he’d probably be too laid back to say anything about it and he’d think of a more creative solution to keep me relaxed 🤣
Okay now I’m just imagining you slapping canon Kylo and him being like...
Tumblr media
I TOTALLY see you with Flip (obvs). Tossing back beers, bullshitting around a campfire, super hot sex. Yup.
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babbushka · 8 days ago
I think I have a decent idea for Flip’s bday celebration...
This should be open for any and all of my favorite Flips that you feel like using lol- Bitchy Flip, Hating Life Flip, ViolentFlip, Possessive Flip, Aggressive Flip and Hot Ass Flip.
I’m still obsessed with your Boxer Flip. What if instead of his underground ring, he got roped into yet another charity event in the form of a boxing match between the CSPDs top dog and the Fire Depts biggest meanest guy? And here he thought he had done his civic duty enough when he let pics of himself in assless chaps be spread out all over town. He must hate bein a good fuckin guy who puts himself through this shit for the greater good 🤣
It could be against a new young guy- one of those steroid gym guys who think he’s hot shit and gives Flip lots of crap for being an ‘OLD MAN.’ ‘Maybe your wife needs a newer model too,’ ‘you’re ready for dentures anyway once I knock your teeth out,’ sort of thing on top of it.
You’d get to be the girl massaging his muscles and putting on a different kind of show with him between rounds and helping piss off the other guys lol.
And I’m sure he’d enjoy celebrating his bloody victory with you afterwards!
Btw this ask is way too long, so don’t feel a need to put it at the top of your writing, if you use it of course lol.
Lol Shannon you absolute menace, this is DELICIOUS and the oneshot you’ve inspired will be posted later this evening!! 
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mind-p0llution · 11 days ago
You remind me of a mix of Sally Owens from Practical Magic and Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park. I hope that’s a compliment lol!
SHANNON....shannon... you kiddin' me? this is 100% taken as a compliment. I LOVE Sally and Ellie! My heart just burst 💓
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han-not-solo · 11 days ago
I’d love to know 23 & 24 from the writers asks. Your upcoming wips all look amazing too! I’m excited! 💗
Hi Shannon, thank you for the ask!
I sort of answered 24 here.
23) any obscure life experiences that you feel have helped your writing?
Mm, so not really obscure because loads of people have done something like this, but living in Japan for 8 years was certainly a life-changing experience for me.
I didn’t write very much when I was over there (I’m pretty sure I threw away all my notebooks before I came home) but I feel like living there as a foreigner, and being outside the group, it gave me a great chance to hone my observational skills.  
While I was over there, I taught English to kids of all ages.  It always amazed me how well they managed to communicate very complex thoughts and ideas to me within the limits of the English they knew.  Their language was often hilarious and bizarre, but I could always understand what they meant.  Looking back now, I think this has influenced me to think outside the box a lot more when I’m writing.  Even if I don’t know exactly how to say something, I give it a go anyway.
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clydesducktape · 11 days ago
Good evening! I’d love to know 5, 8, 11 from the writer asks?
Hello friend! Hope you are well and the week has been kind!
I hope I got the list write and I went with the Fun meta asks for writers list. Here we go!
5. What character that you’re writing do you most identify with?
ADCU/PPCU character wise? Probably Paterson and a bit of the sadtimes in Clyde, but I put A LOT of myself into reader (sorry folx). The baking and some of the family relationships and some experiences are pulled from life. Sola and all my baker!reader have little bits of me in them. 
8. Is what you like to write the same as what you like to read?
Yes, I’m writing what I want to read. There are other things that I LOVE to read that I can’t write to save my life but generally what I write is in the ballpark of what I like to read. 
11. What do you envy in other writers?
Oh gosh, there are a few things but I wouldn’t call it envy as much as admiration. There are writers that are amazing at dialogue, both internally and externally. As well as having an amazing vocabulary at their disposal. I love when it feels natural and I feel like I can tell when a person has a true appreciation and respect for language and is able to wield it in such a way that it truly is almost a character in itself, if that makes sense. 
Thank you for taking a moment to send in an ask. May I throw this back to you? I would love to hear your responses on them!
📝 author asks / meta asks
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babbushka · 11 days ago
What are your top 3 favorite Kylo AUs of yours? And most fun to write, if that’s different?
What upcoming stories are you most excited for?
Shannon hellooo! :) Thank you for asking even though this is always such a tough question! My top 3 favorite Kylo AUs will forever be: 
Mob!Kylo AU
Medieval!Kylo AU 
and this may be a curveball answer, but I really love the Biker!Kylo AU lol
Super close runner ups are AncientEmperor!Kylo, and Lawyer!Kylo. Like if I could pick a top 5 they would be in it! lol 
Most fun to write is definitely BondVillain!Kylo. He is just so outrageous and over the top, plus the backdrop of the 1960s and that very kitschy sort of atmosphere of like, gadgets and evil lairs and traps is a lot of fun to play around with :) 
As for upcoming stories that I’m excited for, I really would love if I could find the motivation to work on Biting Dust and TSOY, lol, but in all honesty, I’m really jazzed about getting some oneshots finished up!! 
Since I’m doing a lot of traveling in May, I’m trying to push for as much writing as I can finish to get it queued up, and a good chunk of that are oneshots. I’ve got some for Flip, Kylo and his myriad of AUs, Clyde, Pale, and even hoping to give some oneshot love to the boys I don’t write for as much like Charlie, Pat & Paulie! :) 
Of course I’m also so excited for the fic exchange stories to be unveiled! That’s going to be so much fun to share with everyone ;)
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babbushka · 12 days ago
Lol one time, there was this movie (I don’t remember the name of the movie but I asked my friend who lived closer to the area than me) that was being filmed about 30 minutes from where I live, and for whatever reason I guess they couldn’t afford to have a camera fly around the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, so they decided to put a fake, smaller Hollywood sign on a garbage landfill, and filmed that instead! It was so funny, whenever we drove past it we would sing the hooray for hollywood! song 🤣
EDIT: it was for the movie Rock of Ages lmfao
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jynzandtonic · 12 days ago
I’ve read Under the Stars three times so far and The Plunge twice! They’re both wonderful! Under the Stars is probably my favorite oneshot of yours so far! Bitchy Flip is always a blast and combined with outdoorsy fun, win win! 💗
GAH!! I’m so frickin’ flattered! Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed them—they were a blast to write and I, too, love some bitchy!Flip ahahaha 😹 I appreciate your love and support xoxoxoxo <3
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babbushka · 14 days ago
I’d absolutely vote for more Titanic Kylo!!!
Fox hunting shenanigans, possessive showy sexiness, prequels and epilogues! I’m not sure which of those you were actually considering lol, but it’s hard to go wrong!
BB has always been one of my favorite chapters fics of yours! Even if the thought of having 4 similar age boys running around turns it into something of a horror story 🤣
Lol! I know, I’m sorry this is one of those reasons why I don’t talk about the AUs having kids because I know it doesn’t appeal to everyone! But in the official writing I won’t mention them at all don’t worry! 
Everyone can definitely expect more titanic/edwardian kylo content soon!! :) 
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babbushka · 15 days ago
I can’t wait for your fox hunting one shot! Horses, action, and sexy times are 1000% my thing!
Do you have any thoughts on yours and Kylos horses?
Did he gift your horse to you or take you to pick it out?
Who’s the better rider?
Any other horse thoughts?
I’m sure it’s rare, but everyone who gets in a saddle busts ass occasionally and wipes out! How does kylo act after he’s gotten bucked off, knocked off, run through a tree, etc? Does he whine and bitch, play it down as nothing, sit sullenly, or enjoy you fussing over him?
Lol keep pestering me about it!! I have every intention on getting it day! lol! 
As far as horses, I don’t have many thoughts regarding what they look like or breeds or names etc. and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on that since you’re the expert here!!! What do you think they would be? 
I think Kylo definitely gifts you the horse, he’s got a large stable and many horses that he uses for the races in London during the season. He’s won a lot of $$ off his horses and he’s proud lol, so it’s only fitting that he gives you one! 
Kylo is unfortunately the better rider lol, as much as you’re a fantastic rider too!! He just has that skill a little bit more, and he loves to show off for you. 
However when he does show off a little too much, and gets cocky?? That’s when all hell breaks loose and his dumbass gets knocked off! He absolutely plays it off like he didn’t almost just break his collarbone, but you know better. 
And maybe he secretly loves the way that you rush over to him and pull him into an embrace, checking him all over for injuries, your faces so close that he could reach up and kiss you......if only he hadn’t landed on his side so hard! 🤣
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direnightshade · 17 days ago
This has nothing to do with a campfire, HOWEVER, it’s still camping related. But one time I went camping and my tent got flooded from the rain so I trekked through the woods IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and found an old abandoned cabin and slept there overnight. And honestly it’s a wonder I didn’t get murdered. Or haunted. Either way, it was a hell of a cabin. lol
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babbushka · 22 days ago
Pass the happy! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications! 💖
Lol you’re very silly, thank you my friend! 
The beach 
My dear friends in this fandom 
Swimming in the pool
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historyandfandoms50 · 23 days ago
Pass the happy! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications! 💖
Hi Shannon my love!!
Okay, five things that make me happy.
1. German Shepherds, and just most dogs in general. 
2. Painting my nails. It’s just so therapeutic! I love taking the time to make them looking all cute. I’m so happy nail bars are open, because I can get them done if I need!
3. My girls, @maybe-your-left and @butyoudidthis4what. I don’t know what I’d do without these two. These two hype up my dumbass when I really need to stop😂
4. Driving. Since I got my car, I love going for drives. It gets me out the house and gives a chance to really hone my car singing. I’ve pretty much nailed Grace by Lewis Capldi and Here You Come Again by Dolly Parton by this point.
5. Adam Driver. I mean, we gotta stay on brand right?
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clydesducktape · 23 days ago
Pass the happy! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications! 💖
I love that I get to do another one!
Ok, here I go:
Pero Tovar fics
Clyde Logan goodness
Soft blankets
Everything that comes to mind when I think of autumn 🧡
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artsymaddie · 23 days ago
Pass the happy! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications! 💖
I hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful day!!!!!! 🥰💓💕✨💖
1. I watched Wayne’s World today and I love that movie so much
2. My sister came with me to the pharmacy and I love driving places with her :’)
3. Bath & Body Works Stress Relief body lotion
4. I’m so excited for the crystals I bought two days ago to come in!!!!
5. I got my cousin a gift for her baby and it’s so cute I can’t wait for when I can actually give it to her!!!
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babbushka · 24 days ago
What do you think are some of most visually beautiful movies? I love movies with gorgeous visuals. Even if the movie is otherwise lame, I can still enjoy it.
My list includes:
The Brotherhood of the Wolf - god awful movie but very pretty!
The Count of Monte Cristo - an actual favorite on all counts.
Emma (recent one 2020?) - beautiful movie in all ways!
Pride & Prejudice - iconic visually and cinematically.
LOTR - cannot not be listed.
Sleepy Hollow - one of my guilty pleasures and I love the peak tim burton-ness.
Troy - Hot men in skirts with amazing aesthetics!
300 - same but darker.
The Mummy - I love the time period and the whole aesthetic, as well as being another guilty pleasure!
From Hell - Anything that has dark Victorian vibes is a win for me!
The Prestige - Same but with magic tricks!
OMG I could honestly talk about cinematography alllllll day. All day long omg. 
I agree with every single one of these movies, please let me add a few of my faves!! 
Days of Heaven (1978) - a very slow moving film, but shot in entirely natural lighting and there are some scenes that to this day play in my mind as being just, like, the most gorgeous things i’ve ever seen. 
Tumblr media
Moonlight (2016) - incredible film all around but goddamn is it beautiful to watch 
Tumblr media
Roma (2018) - it is no secret that i am an absolute fucking sucker for gorgeous black & white films and this one is top tier. So so beautiful 
Tumblr media
2001 Space Odyssey (1968) - i speaks for itself really lol
Tumblr media
Life of Pi (2012) - okay this is going to be controversial BUT I don’t think that CGI should be considered cinematography, like at all. However, this is one of those movies that the visuals will stick out in my brain forever. The whale scene?????? Omg 
Tumblr media
Footlight Parade (1933) - a masterclass in visual spectacle honestly 
Tumblr media
Ben Hur & Lawrence of Arabia - both of these movies are just...Epic. Like no other word comes close to describing the visual scope of those movies. 
Tumblr media
Marie Antoinette (2006) - there are so many period films that exist that I absolutely adore the cinematography and overall visual look of, but this one takes the cake (pardon the pun) 
Tumblr media
Double Indemnity (1944) - I feel the same way about 40s noir films, I really just love a good old fashioned b&w movie lol
Tumblr media
And of course Wes Anderson’s entire filmography lol
Tumblr media
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leatherboundbirate · 27 days ago
Angry Flip, body worship with Kylo, and jealous Charlie all in one day! I loved them all! Please tag me in everything 💗
You got it, my friend! I’m so glad you enjoyed them! 😊
Tumblr media
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