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#sad love poem
dontcallmeidontexist · 26 minutes ago
I will never know what it feels like
To be loved by you
Sometimes I’d like to think I’m alright with that
But the truth is
I stay up some nights
Thinking about how it must be
Seeing your eyes glimmer with joy
When I do something silly
Or watching you be happy
Just because I’m holding your hand
Getting your good morning texts
And your fresh out the shower selfies
Your I love yous
Your spontaneous gifts
Your sad stories
Your forever and ‘til we die
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cherryteaskies · 51 minutes ago
blue poem (you little worm)
blue water flows on my ribs
I have blue hair and veins
and blue bruises on my legs
behind the wall cries my cat
under the wall I cry
I thought that I can get used
to the lack of love
like I was used to my sore tooth
which firstly didn't let me sleep
but then I made friends with pain
but three your words was enough
for make me break like yellow mug
sent on a flight with careless hand
I spilled under you into blue pool
like a tea
(I've never heard anyone so tenderly call me "you little worm")
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bushranayeem · an hour ago
I feel too much
There is no remedy to it as such
I care a lot
People forgot
I can’t stop my emotions
These are my devotions
This how I’m made
I don’t need your aid
People don’t understand
They like everything bland
Maybe my problems seem petty
You judge me sitting on your little settee
Judge me all you want
Spare me all the taunts
You have crossed the line
Now you will have to pay the fine
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The fact that you have your own different life and your own set of people whom you care for and I'm over here wondering if I'll ever be a part of it or not makes me sad sometimes.
It also reminds me that I have absolutely little to no life.
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mindful-but-heartless · an hour ago
Maybe I'm that way, maybe?
Maybe you made me this way, scared to feel and not to feel.
Maybe I just end it all, to not feel anything anymore. Cs if I feel it hurts and confuses me. Do I even suppose to feel that way, tell me?
Maybe I'm that way, maybe?
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if-i-ever-die · an hour ago
Mirroring, a poem by me
I wish to make it so that
every time I open my eyes
I can look upon their face
with eyes of that lover's flame.
I wish that every time I breathe
I smelt their scent, one of
subtle flowers and summer breeze,
that I could hear their voice
and never strain
to have them ever close at hand
for a lover's touch, that I might go
to a brand new pink and rosy land.
my heart beats faster as you say
that you love me over
and over again. I wish to
disappear inside your voice
to hold you always close and tight.
I think my flaw is that i
always see the dark's holy light,
the beauty in the brokenness
the terrible sight
of loving each other, then
starting again.
I wish that when I opened my eyes
you were still there,
that when i looked up to the sky
I could hope soon I would
bury my face in your hair.
where did you go, my friend?
I cant help but love you
to the end.
to the end I will follow you.
my passion is my undoing
for when I love so hard
that hell's fires could leap up,
and fight the clouded light of heaven
I betray myself.
I sell my soul piece by piece
to the ghost of you
and former loves.
how many years has it been
or did mere months past since
I was seen,
huddled by the wall
wishing for your call of love?
straining my ear.
were you ever close enough?
that you would die
and give your blood?
I know that I would fall again
and again from the highest mountain.
for that mountain could never
be greater than our love.
but what is it to share a love
not what we had, I am
sure of that.
what we had was pain,
and spending our days and
wasting them together.
because life is so one sided now
once your reflection leaves
you behind with just a shadow
of a desired life
that you will forget with time.
I do not love you anymore,
but wish I did
have dreams of life
with love once more.
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whatiwouldsay0139am · an hour ago
And there she goes, the girl from my dreams. Kissing him and not me.
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betterlivingservices · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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totallyinpain · 2 hours ago
i hate you and i never wanna see you again but...
every minute and every hour i miss you more
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totallyinpain · 4 hours ago
my passwords still ur birthday btw.
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bellebeaumonde · 6 hours ago
Maybe when I’m older I’ll realise how wrong this was
Maybe then I’ll see everything what my friends saw
Maybe when I’ll loose my innocence, our story will look different
Maybe when I’m older I’ll see that we acted like two teenagers when in fact I was the one fresh out of high school
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queerbipolarpoetry · 7 hours ago
It shouldn’t be possible
To miss someone this much
But every time I picture her
I feel like I fall apart a little bit
And I worry she won’t be back in my arms
Soon enough to put me back together
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