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#sad aesthetic
okyanusuarayanbalik · 37 minutes ago
Sen hiç gözlerini sımsıkı yumup içinden çığlık attın mı?
Attım. Ama sesimi kimseye duyuramadım, kendime bile
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astrolobotomist · 5 hours ago
Teeth Sisters:
Crooked Teeth: Taurus, Gemini
Braces Straightened Teeth: Leo, Virgo
Natural Straight Teeth: Aries, Libra
Missing Teeth: Cancer, Pisces
False Teeth: Sagittarius, Capricorn
Yellow Teeth: Scorpio, Aquarius
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astrolobotomist · 6 hours ago
Fields Workers:
Aries: Cherry
Taurus: Peach
Gemini: Apple
Cancer: Grape
Leo: Watermelon
Virgo: Raspberry
Libra: Blueberry
Scorpio: Strawberry
Sagittarius: Pomegranate
Capricorn: Mango
Aquarius: Orange
Pisces: Pear
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the-witches-den · 6 hours ago
I daydream of neons and CRTs, the smell of static from the screen. Nostalgia is a curse I feel I never truly wish to be rid of, despite how haunted I am by the more sour memories; like a cassette tape I can't help but rewind and watch over and over again. Things decay, I'm no stranger to this fact.
But I don't feel that my love for you ever will.
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yanderemanga · 6 hours ago
New Quotes Sad Anime Tokyo Ghoul 67 Ideas
New Quotes Sad Anime Tokyo Ghoul 67 Ideas
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