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#sacred timeline
domwho1117 hours ago
Please check out my Loki series 1 episode 3 review. Thanks a lot :)
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worstloki20 hours ago
Loki was more surprised that they told Sylvie she was adopted from the start than the fact she was a woman
loki was like "oh no did i ruin that surprise? hahah" and then sylvie hit him with the uno reverse "how is that a surprise? ofc i was told i was adopted. what, like it's hard?" and loki just died then and there
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buckyschaira day ago
ok so we all agree that mobius was really into jet skis in his life previous to the TVA
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todaysrainythoughtsa day ago
Sketchy things the TVA has done (so far)
1. The fact that there were multiple timelines and one was chosen to become "sacred" by some undisclosed reasoning that has been deemed "classified"
2. That said timeline destining certain individuals for a life of failure and others a life of greatness
3. Their field technology just disintegrating everything in the vicinity and then being branded as Reset Charges??
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tellmevarric2 days ago
You know, the question that's been going through my mind since we found out about the TVA and the Time Keepers in the Loki series is... how do they know that their sacred timeline is the right one?
Now, maybe this will be explained as the series goes along but it did lead to another thought...
Wouldn't the number of variants that occur of an individual person be an indication that maybe the "sacred timeline" is wrong about them?
I mean, one or two variants I could understand. There are always those sliding door moments. But multiple variants? That seems a bit suspicious.
If one person has multiple variants, always veering off the approved pathway, then maybe it's not the individual that's wrong but the pathway itself?
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lovelybarnes2 days ago
Any thoughts on what this week's Loki episode may be like?? Or things that you want to see?
hi! so i think we're going to get a little more on lady loki (who i believe is sylvie)- at least i hope, because i'm really confused on her at the moment lol- and another conversation between loki and her. also, definitely chaos on the tva's end because of what happened last episode, and mobius is going to get a fat "i told you so" 馃槶
i really hope we're able to see some of the nexus events because i saw some interesting ones on the little monitor (titan, 40s new york, titan, etc.) and find out if it was really peggy who walked in the background... also, i hope they arrest steve lmao (but i doubt it will happen)
oh my god, i almost forgot, i really, really want to see if that one scene where loki is sitting next to someone who looks a lot like nat in the loki trailer shows up in the next episode
to be honest, i'm probably hoping for things that are probably far away, but at least one of them has to show up at some point
thank you for asking!!
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domwho112 days ago
Please check out my good friend Ben鈥檚 Loki article. Many thanks :)
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peppy-but-depressy3 days ago
Okay okay okay so I鈥檝e been thinking, did the Loki variants shown in the 1st episode (hulk Loki, runner Loki, frost giant Loki) screw up the timeline just for existing? Because logically it doesn鈥檛 make sense that there鈥檚 a frost giant Loki who is the same age as Loki because wouldn鈥檛 the tva have reset the timeline as soon as Loki wasn鈥檛 left alone as a baby and found and taken in by Odin since that鈥檚 what鈥檚 supposed to happen in the sacred timeline?
Or does the tva exist outside of parallel universes where they control the timeline of all universes? As said in Dr. Strange there are multiple universes and realities outside the plane of human reach, but the tva is one of those realities not perceived by humans or any other alien race in the mcu, so it鈥檚 completely understandable that they would control those realities as well.
We know that the tva only really deals with large scale events that throw the sacred timeline off course, does that mean that the changes to the timeline that lead to the differences between the Loki variants that cause them to look different were not big enough for the tva to intervene until that changes causes other more damaging affects to the timeline overall (like a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain)?
Or would all of the other Loki variants no matter their appearance, gender, race, etc, have caused the same result in the sacred timeline as the Loki that we know had (like for example, causing the death of Frigga, aiding to ensure the destruction of Asgard in Ragnorak, or the development of Thor after losing his brother to Thanos) and therefore they wouldn鈥檛 need to revert those small changes?
As said in Endgame by the sorcerer supreme the change to the past of one reality will doom the course of the other (which is what the tva works to prevent). But the 锟約orcerer supreme said realities whereas the tva says timelines so either the tva controls all of the realities/timelines or the reality we know of (the mcu) is one of the many strands of reality within the sacred timeline.
This would also explain why the tva aren鈥檛 concerned with Steve Rodgers going back in time and changing reality because his change only impacted the reality but not the sacred timeline. AND why Peter Evans (Ralph Bohner) was Pietro Maximoff in Wandavision by chance of the x men and mcu realities slightly colliding.
Tumblr media
AND AND this is the perfect set up into the second Dr Strange movie: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
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andnowadragon3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hunter B-15: "What is it this time?"
Hunter B-Whatever: "Thanos tripped and died again."
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worstloki4 days ago
don't rlly understand why ppl are upset TVA!Loki is "ooc" or reconned. He literally got yanked out his timeline to develop. idk, I'm good at separating 2011!Loki from future Loki. No show is perfect but no one should rlly be surprised with how he is now. If anything, we're about to zoom through his character development especially with how the first episode went lol....It's funny that Loki is, slowly(?), becoming aware of how and who he is... unlike his family sadly. Yay for dysfunctional fams!
it's great you can separate the two and vibe with it, not everyone can though and to be fair the variant appears distinctly different in a few ways.
i would argue loki was already aware of how and who he wasn't which is what thor 1 was about, but by (probably) retconning Avengers 1 Loki for the show it does make for a semi-coherent development arc, though we obviously won't end up with TDW Loki because of the different scenarios.
meanwhile his family is stuck in their cringe main-sacred timeline while loki's sad for their loss <3
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nebulousfishgills4 days ago
I just noticed
Look at the price on the felled sign:
Tumblr media
$6,999.99 Robotic Dogs
Clearly the economy messed up and there was a MASSIVE inflation around 2050
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vamprisms4 days ago
if marvel are going to have more variants of loki show up in the loki show then one of them should be alan cumming in son of the mask
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