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statticscribbles · 13 hours ago
Home Pt 10
Summary: Home Pt 10, Theo Putnam/Kurtz, Pop’s retirement brings about familiar faces, this marks the end of home!
Theo can’t believe it’s been seven years since he’d graduated. It was only six since he’d left Riverdale but he feels that’s unimportant compared to the graduation when everyone had passed and finally it felt like nothing bad would happen.
Of course that wasn’t true for him, Kurtz while he’d been content to stay in Riverdale for a year had pitched a fit about going back to Greendale, sadi he wanted nothing to do with a town bathed in blood magic or the literal devil wandering around, that he’d had enough of that with the Gargoyle King and while Theo had agreed he never wanted to admit it to Kurtz as he knew he’d gloat.
Kurtz surprisingly offers him an apartment that Theo didn’t know he had, much like the house they’d been staying at. Kurtz doesn’t say where exactly it is so when they drive out to a suburb of New York Theo’s shocked, more so to find most of his stuff has already been moved in.
”I have a headache.” Kurtz groans and Theo looks up from the TV he’d been flicking back and forth from.
“Well maybe stop grading papers?”
“No these idiots keep missing equations. I’d never..” Kurtz shoves the stack of papers away and Theo laughs.
“You also dealt drugs for years.”
“Yeah so I know my fucking chemistry, kids these days, decent human beings and drug free.”
“Mhmm that’s the reason you’re still grading their papers and not packing for Pop‘s retirement party trip.”
“I can packing like three minutes.”
“Can you?”
“Yes, we’re only going for two whole days and I just need my nice shirt and then some casual clothes.”
“Kurtz is this a knife?”
“Pocket knife, but yes.”
“It’s Riverdale Theo, I’m not risking anything.”
Kurtz is asleep in the passenger seat when they pull into Riverdale, Theo’s not sure if they have anywhere to stay, he hadn’t asked when Kurtz had assured him they had a place, but he realizes that he’ll have to wake him up, despite having only changed driving shifts an hour ago.
“Babe, where are we staying?”
“Our place, you still remember how to get there?”
“You still own that house?”
“Yeah? Why would you think I didn’t”
“You work as a teacher there’s no way you make enough to- Oh my god please tell me you’re not fucking taking a leaf from breaking bad.”
“Pff, no, there’s no way I’d make fucking crack with my school chemistry set, that’d get me in so much shit.”
”So you’re the new Chemistry teacher then Theo.” Betty grins her hand extended for him to shake.
“Oh, uh no, Kurtz is.” Betty’s smile falters for a second.
“Well at least with me being the shop teacher I don’t have to deal with him, since we’re on opposite ends of the school.”
“Oh? So who’s close to him?”
“Jughead, since he’s english, wait no, Veronica is closest, she’s two doors down.”
“Veronica’s a teacher?”
“Mhmm, Economics.”
“Why the hell is she, ah, Archie right?”
“Well yes, but, you really don’t know what’s going on here?” Betty frowns and Theo nods, Kurtz comes up behind him to nod as well.
“Hiram’s been running any chance at business into the ground, any chance at escaping too, so we’ve all had to take up teaching, or just hide in our houses, Archie had to kick a bunch of ghouls out of his house where they'd set up shop making drugs.”
“Mhm, really, I told those fucks too, anyways.” Kurtz laughs a little.
“It was a joke guys, I don’t deal with gangs anymore.” Kurtz holds his hands up.
“You don’t? Jesus, you’ve really let yourself go.” Lance is leaning against the door.
“What the fuck do you want.”
“Nothing christ just here to pick up my nephew.”
“Oh thank fuck I was gonna scream if you said kid.”
“Pff like I’d have kids, you on the other hand, I expected at least two somewhere, you hiding them in your car or some shit?”
“We haven’t talked about that.” Kurtz shrugs to Theo who nods back trying not to glare at Lance.
“Well y’all have fun teaching how to bury bodies and shit.”
“I teach Chemistry.”
“Oh good, you can actually teach my nephew the family business.” Lance laughs and Kurtz sighs.
“So, Pop’s party tonight?”
“Yeah, I know don’t worry we can go spend the next four hours getting ready.”
Theo’s laughing with Betty and Kurtz is at least a little relieved that Jughead and Toni are welcoming both of them to the section where the Serpents are all hanging out.
“Seems like everything is going well for once, I mean besides your dad trying to run the entire town into the ground.” Theo offers Veronica and she nods grimacing.
“Well it’s Riverdale there’s going to be something to ruin this.”
“At least we’re prepared for it this time.” Archie nods towards the group that are all standing around the cake, Kurtz flicking his pocket knife open to cut the cake, he looks up smirking at the Theo and Theo knows he’s going to get some comment about Kurtz having brought the knife. While they’re not sure what’s going to come next, Theo knows that there’s no one he’d rather be with to face it.
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jeremno · 2 days ago
this song was made for this show so I had to make an edit to marry the two
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spellmanstars · 2 days ago
this is an appreciation post for @justateenagewitch because they are doing the calbrina fandom such a service by providing us with MULTIPLE beautiful, well written, consistently updated fics, and just
idk what i’d do without them so
everyone go read Cherry Pies, You and I (P.S The Devil Lies), We Could Love Each Other (Even if it’s Devil Worship) and all of their other amazing work ugh love u
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statticscribbles · 4 days ago
Home Pt 9
Summary: Home Pt 9, Theo Putnam/Kurtz, After rescuing Theo Kurtz decides to not avoid his thoughts like usual
”Theo, you home?” Kurtz tilts his head as he swings the door open, there’s no sound and he frowns, usually Theo would be watching TV.
“Theo?” Kurtz steps farther into the house and still doesn’t hear anything, the bedroom door isn’t closed so he knows Theo isn’t sleeping. 
“Kurtz?” Before Kurtz can turn around he can feel his feet sinking into the ground and he realizes he’s dreaming. It still doesn’t make turning around to see Theo’s arm wrapped around Lance, walking away from him any less painful.
“Kurtz?” Theo frowns a little as Kurtz clings to his arm when he wakes up.
“Sorry bad dream, house was melting.” He mumbles and it’s not really a lie he reasons. Theo nods watching the way Kurtz squirms under his gaze.
“You sure it’s just that?”
“Yeah course.” It’s still not a lie, Kurtz reasons, the house melting and him being swallowed into it was pretty messed up and unnerving, so he’s happy to let that take the place of what he’s actually worried about, losing Theo again.
He’s lost in thought again, worried about Theo deciding he’s had enough of being used as leverage for Kurtz drug dealing, when Jughead sits in front of him.
“What do you want Jones?” They hadn’t spoken since getting back into town.
“To say thanks for saving me at Stonewall. You could have just left me.”
“Yeah and I never would have heard the end of it from Theo.”
“Speaking of him.” Kurtz tries to push away the way his chest aches.
“He’s worried about you, said you’ve been acting weird, he’s worried you’re using again, which I said we’d know if you were or not.”
“So what’s the problem then?”
“You tell me. Theo’s worried and you’re clearly not willing to talk to him, unless you’re like murdering people I don’t have a reason to tell him whatever you’re worried about beyond ‘Kurtz is fine he told me what’s bugging him he’s just being an asshole about it’ you know?”
“I want to marry him.”
“Whoa, what the fuck.”
“Shut it.” Kurtz hisses.
“Like there’s a lot more to it but that’s what I keep coming back to.” “What more is there?”
“Well like considering how many times we both almost died, it’d make sense, just keep him close, besides we’re graduating soon and i’ll probably be stuck in this town and he’ll go back to greendale and be stuck there, or we both get out, find somewhere else to hide out in, a new place, no one knows who we are or what we’ve done.” Kurtz shrugs.
”So Jughead said you’re okay, but that you needed to talk to me about something?”
“Not really, I just, it’s nothing.”
“Kurtz, come on we can talk about anything yeah?” Theo nods and Kurtz returns the nodding and then sighs.
“So what’s going on.”
“I’ve almost lost you a lot.”
“Yeah but you also saved me just as many times.”
“Yeah but I don’t think that makes up for.. Anyways I just, I’m scared to lose you.”
“Okay, well you won’t, does that help at all?”
“Sort of.”
“Well look at it this way we’re graduating soon, so we can go wherever we want.”
“Yes and that’s the problem! We can do anything! We’re completely unsupervised, not that we weren’t before but now it’s worse!! Either way I don’t want to lose you again if I can help it!”
“We’re already living together what else can you do to keep me in your life..” Theo pauses laughing a little. “What?”
“Well I mean we could get married, but that’s crazy.” Theo chuckles again and Kurtz shifts on the couch nodding.
“Yeah crazy..”
“Kurtz, you weren’t actually thinking that were you???”
“I mean not like right this second but after graduation at least, like, I love you Theo, I’m more than happy to spend the rest of my life with you. Start a family and that shit.”
“A family?” Theo snorts a little and Kurtz grins.
“Yeah you’re the serious business man accountant husband and I’m the delicate 50’s housewife, we have a dog and two kids with one on the way, we’re struggling some days, but we’re happy, We host parties on the weekend for our other 50’s stereotype families, like Jughead and Betty who secretly are unhappy, Jughead is having an affair with Sweet Pea and Veronica and Archie, and their kids who everyone is convinced are gonna end up together.”
Theo laughs nodding along.
“The Serpents are a 50’s gang, and Pop’s the their hangout.”
“Mhmm, we going full Outsiders then?” Theo smirks and laughs a little.
“But seriously, I do think we should wait a bit before getting married.”
“I didn’t mean right this second, hell even this year, I’d need to save up for a ring anyways, but like I’m just putting the idea out there.”
“Isn’t the proposal supposed to be a surprise?”
“Well I’m pretty sure whenever I propose you won’t remember this at all.”
“Bet you fifty bucks I will”
“Don’t you mean I do?” Kurtz laughs.
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statticscribbles · 6 days ago
Home Pt 8
Summary: Home Pt 8, Theo Putnam/Kurtz, Theo gets kidnapped, and Kurtz returns to his old ways
He’s not paying attention. That’s what he decided to say if anyone asks, well if he manages to get out alive.
He knows he’s not actually being buried alive, he remembered the last time he’d been threatened with death and there had been spirits nearby. He’d consider it an observation of how well his powers have begun flourishing but he’s brought back to reality by his own breathing, and the faint rattle of some lock against the box that Donna and Brett had shoved him into. He’s at least relieved that when he’d been in the showers he hadn’t actually fully undressed, still in his pajamas he knew it would save him embarrassment at the least and more people discovering what Brett and Donna had already.
He can hear people arguing on the other side and can smell pine so he reasons the box he’s in is wooden hopefully it’s not very thick, or well made and whenever the voices quiet, which he assumes means they’re leaving he’ll be able to try to kick his way out of it, or at least do some type of damage so when someone finds or tries to free him he’ll be able to have actually done something to make it easier.
He recognises Donna and Brett’s voices, he assumes he must be somewhere that only they know where it is as their voices are loud enough for Theo to hear clearly.
“We can’t just keep him in there.”
“It’ll be fine Brett, no one will find out until later, besides we’re just trying to scare it.”
“What about Kurtz?”
“What about him? That fucked up drug dealer has no idea where we are, or that we’d do this. Besides we pay him too well to care about his freak.”
“Donna, seriously.. We should be more careful.”
“Oh shut up Brett, you’re such a baby about things sometimes.”
“Maybe if you weren’t such an over controlling and possessive bitch he wouldn’t have to be.”
Oh no.
 Theo cringes in the box and waits, he can’t hear anything else and he’s nervously waiting to hear anything.
“What do you want?”
“You said you needed more adderall, so I got some.”
“This shit pure?”
“If it wasn’t I wouldn’t sell it to you, your money is too good.”
“Aw you’re so sweet Kurtz, we really appreciate this.”
“Mhmm, what’s in the box?”
“English project.”
“You had to build a coffin?”
“Casket.” Donna mumbles.
“Caskets aren’t tapered at the end.”
“Why the fuck do you know that Kurtz.” Donna hisses
“How many dead people you think I’ve seen, you got a body in there?
“Not a dead one.” Brett chuckles and Theo thumps his feet against what he hopes is the lid.
“Oh you have Theo.”
“How the fuck can you tell it’s him from him kicking it.”
“You just told me.”
“Kurtz seriously we can unlock it and you two can-” Theo jumps in the coffin, he can’t hear anything else for what feels like hours, in reality it was less than a minute before he strains to hear Kurtz’s voice through the wood.
“If you two ever think of harming my Theo, hell any of my friends, this will be permanent. I’d say it’d scar but we both know you don’t heal from a slit throat.” Theo cringes at the light suddenly in his eyes.
“Come on. We should get out of here, grab Jughead too, FP would be pissy if I left him.” Kurtz scuffs his foot as if saving Jughead is a chore and Theo nods, autopiloting his way from the room, looking back to see Donna and Brett huddled next to each other on the floor, Theo’s surprised how scared they look but then Brett tilts his head up to watch them go and Theo swallows, the almost black bruise around Brett’s throat is mimicked by Donna’s.
“If we’re lucky they’ll have damage to their vocal chords and we don’t have to worry about hearing their voices again.” Kurtz offers, tugging Theo back to his dorm room.
“Yeah, that’d be nice.” he spits automatically, eyes lingering on where Brett and Donna still stay huddled.
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featherwhisker · 6 days ago
once again parent-child dynamics in fiction will b the death of me <3
#im . im watching avatar again#as always i am obsessed w iroh & zuko#but specifically ive been rly. interested in the idea of parental sacrifice. not like life or death sacrifice#but like ... emotional sacrifice. letting kids lash out and hurt you repeatedly & slowly trying to teach them better ways to handle emotion#like ... its smth i noticed in the sabrina netflix series as well (but i think its much less intentional there :/)#but like ... the whole concept that as a parent u will be treated unfairly by a child that has little emotional control and only u#to use as an outlet ... and its ur responsibility not only to take that without returning it but to also teach them kindness and coping#skills ... idk. idk it makes me very Something#its. i think its an incredible display of love to take ur child’s immature emotional outbursts and give them nothing but support & kindness#it just . the selflessness blows me away a little. like thats unconditional love. there is so much power there#anyway. am thinking abt the repeated instances of iroh putting himself between zuko & someone who’s abt to hurt him#(esp after looking away during That Agni Kai)#& the way he literally never gives up on or gets angry w zuko or Anything . nothing but support & love#like. the amount of love and emotional control that sort of thing requires is. immense.#(& like im not saying zuko deserves ppl getting angry w him i just. its a human emotion yknow)#anyway. am constantly overwhelmed by the strength of that bond & by zuko’s emotional growth as always#the depth & unconditional nature of it just. is something else to me. esp i think because my brain is The Strange Way That It Is . idk#freewheeling bitextual
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saintlopezlov3r · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chilling adventures of Sabrina
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tales-of-aretuza · 8 days ago
At Aretuza
Yennefer, holding a Python: Guys I impulsively bought a snake, what do I name him?
Fringilla: You did wHA-
Sabrina: William Snakespeare
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ladyrobzy · 9 days ago
"Miles Goodman" from Sabrina the Teenage witch, played by actor, Trevor Lissauer, has a puppet series now called Swaddly & Dean.
If you would like to support him, feel free to follow the following page names
Trevor Lissauer
Swaddly & Dean
Swindelli Music
To be able to check out upcoming videos and livestreams of the adorable and educational puppets!
Tumblr media
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bluskai · 9 days ago
shhh | a.s.
➤ pairing: ambrose spellman x reader 
➤ warnings: smut (pretty vanilla tbh), satanism, curse words, the usual
➤ notes: i have a love-hate rs with the ending of s4 but oh well. f*ck netflix for cancelling the show that revived my passion for witchcraft 
➤ more: masterlist | smut reblog blog 
Tumblr media
“Shhh, you can’t let my aunties hear you.” Ambrose put his finger to his lips as he tried to sneak you into his room.
Giggling, you nodded and tried to compose yourself as you followed him through the house. 
Hands sneaking up your waist, gripping tight. Pushing and pulling as he lead you towards his room in the attic. He pressed light kisses to your neck before pushing you ahead of him, running to catch up with you and then pulling you along. 
The moment the door to his room closed, his was tugging at your dress. 
“Off.” He grunted. 
“Yes sir.” You replied breathily. 
He pressed kisses down your neck, reaching your chest, pulling your dress as he went. Exposed to the cool air, goosebumps rose on your skin as he attached his lips to your hardened bud. 
“Oh Satan, Ambrose...”
“What? What do you need? Say it.” He smirked cockily. 
Shoving you against the nearest wall, he dove into your nectar, gripping your thighs with a bruising strength. Licking in deep and drinking up all you had to offer. He sucked on your exposed bud, switching between nipping at your inner thighs to feasting between them. 
Reaching down, you wound your fingers through his hair and pulled, moaning aloud. 
“Shhh... You have to keep your volume down pretty girl.” 
Reaching up, he stuffed his fingers between your lips, fucking your mouth. Moaning around his digits, you coated them with your spit. Grinning wickedly at him as you pulled away with a pop. 
He groaned at the sight, using the same spit soaked fingers and thrust them into you, fucking them in and out of you at a rapid pace. 
“Shit!” You let out a high pitched whine, inner walls fluttering around Ambrose’s thick fingers. 
The tension in you grew, climbing higher and higher. Suddenly, he pulled away, making you let out a whimper of protest, reaching out for him. 
He pulled off the remainder of his clothes and was back on you in an instant, kissing you with the fervour of a man starved. 
One hand supporting you, the other gripped his length and guided it to your weeping entrance. Pushing in, he faced resistance as you clenched around the intrusion. 
“Baby, baby you have to relax. You’re so... t-tight.” He choked out, stroking your cheek. 
Breathing, you eased yourself further onto him, enveloping him whole. The weight feeling heavy inside you, lending a feeling of delicious fullness that had you moaning and clenching again. 
“Sh-shit.” Ambrose groaned, pulling your legs up and wrapping them around his waist. 
He began a torturous pace of fucking, pushing in and pulling out leisurely. it left you nearly delirious, being suspended in the space of unmeasurable pleasure just right on the peak of coming but not quite. 
“P-please.” You hiccuped, fingers digging into Ambrose’e back, sure to leave scratches in their wake. 
“Alright, alright.” He soothed, shushing you and pressing a kiss to your temple. 
Finally, he picked up the pace, making you cry out from sensitivity and pushing you over the edge. Your vision went blank as white hot pleasure shot down your spine, making your toes curl and your back arch. 
With the feeling of your walls spasming around him, Ambrose soon followed, grunting and groaning in your ear as he filled you up nicely. Falling off you to land beside you on the floor where you had ended up sliding onto like a slug, Ambrose chuckled, gripping your hand. 
“I don’t think we were very quiet.”
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