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Lol that recent just gave me the thought of Alister turning up in Spikmuth at like 3 am, asking for help.
Yeah, that’s definitely what happened. Allister is usually wandering around looking for ghosts at night, and happened to catch a Sableye. Dark types and ghost types are high maintenance, so trainers really need to know what they’re doing. Allister wants to keep Sabeleye, but wants to make sure it’s healthy, so he immediately goes to Spikemuth. He’s not bothered by the dark moonless streets, and he knows exactly where to find Piers.
He’s lucky Piers is a light sleeper, or he’d never have heard Allister’s knocking at the door. Piers ends up calling Bea and telling her Allister is at his place before setting him up on the couch. Piers gives Sableye some food but otherwise makes Allister wait until morning.
That morning, though, Piers writes out a whole stack of papers on how to take care of dark type pokemon. And tells Allister to come back for some checks just to make sure (he doesn’t want to see a pokemon in harm’s way).
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golurkart · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
pokemon snap redraw!
sableye vibing snapped by @windfallisland
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hollowsart · a day ago
Pokemon that SHOULD learn Metronome by level up, but don’t:
Chansey (and its evos)
Cleffa??? c’mon???
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karmalizedpixie · 3 days ago
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“Did someone lost their child?”
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the1000yeargay · 3 days ago
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Some more Pokémon au stuff of sass an fras
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chikamc · 3 days ago
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So the lads are doing a Fallout Pokémon AU, and since I can’t draw humans too well, I decided to make Fras and Sass a Pokémon instead. Tried a different style for this one.  Check out the other lad’s Pokémon AU Challenge! (will add them on overtime):
pain-of-redemption coded2557 ArtyHylian the1000yeargay: X and X
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lille-artsandstuff · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Teams of natural enemies.
Because hero is a human, they don't understand they were supposed to hate eachother and just love their partners instead.
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subbyp · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the further adventures of Hope, my fiancee’s Sableye
(the Blaziken’s name is Roy)
[Image 1: A marker drawing of a resin printer, seen from the front. A Sableye clings to it, koala-like, licking at the plastic coating with mouth wide open. The image is labeled “fig. 1: fucking around”]
[Image 2: A marker drawing of a Blaziken, holding up the Sableye by its armpits. The flames on his arms are still tinged blue--he’s clearly just been rushing at top speed. The Sableye grins up at him, completely unrepentant. The image is labeled “fig. 2: finding out.”]
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Do you think Piers and Allister would bond over a Sableye? I think Sableye would get along with Gengar and Obstagoon the most
Absolutely I do.
Sableyes are energetic little goblins. Gengar could get along with it because of the way it sneaks around. Obstagoon would have a blast playing with it and chasing it.
The ghost/dark type combination really needs someone who knows about both types, because they’re so difficult, so if one of them got a Sableye, there’s no doubt they’d go to the other for help.
And I think Piers and Allister get along well anyways.
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the-irken-pony · 5 days ago
TIL that Sableye is in the human-like egg group
This thing
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roseatewebber · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
they have arrived. meet serj the toxtricity and fyo the sableye
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fusimon · 6 days ago
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Submit your Idea for the Dex Entry!
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h3m0cyt3 · 6 days ago
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