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#s: the good place
shrugofgod · a day ago
Them holding an election just to make sure it's what the people want and then losing is heart-wrenching, but makes a lot of sense.
I absolutely adore Tubbo helping them out because he thinks they want to try and build L'manburg back up and establish a fair and just government. I think that's amazing, especially when considering he wants to bring Tommy there and get away from the horrors of their old life.
Clingy duo having experienced the horrors of a survival of the fittest kind of anarchy and wanting to prevent that from happening on the smp is perfect and I love it.
But if L'manburg is an anarchist commune, then would this make the Syndicate a government?
s!Clingy duo starts a government, invites s!Ranboo because he's been ignored and left behind in this anarchist society and feels as if a government is a place they could really be heard. And then Quackity joins this government to protect Wilbur, but also believes that a government is a better option?
Snowchester could potentially just be a community or something. But it being a government would still make sense I think. I like the idea that even in this world Wilbur still tries to start a place based on freedom and safety where people don't have to worry about tyranny and the like.
Wilbur and Quackity as the bee duo is actually hilarious and I love that for them.
Oooh. Now I'm stuck thinking about Technoblade getting killed by Dream in the prison. I love the potential dynamic between Techno and Dream in this, but that's probably a whole separate ask of its own lmao.
Also s!Tubbo deserves to be able to kick Dream's ass. And in this au I am fully confident that he can. Girlboss. Also having Tubbo owe Dream a favor becomes almost scary to me in this au. In canon it's sort of seen as something that doesn't really bother c!Techno, but I think s!Tubbo would feel more as if it's a weight hanging over his head.
I will not think about Doomsday. I will not think about Doomsday.
I mean, c!wilbur also held an election to prove to himself he was what the people wanted and then lost, so...
s!clingyduo is just going through it all the time. they don't really want to hurt anyone, they honestly just want a home? except they're pretty determined to make this new place safe for themselves, meaning No Anarchy, and much like c!techno, they're not exactly very experienced in speaking languages other than violence. (doomsday is pretty rough).
I'd been thinking of the Syndicate as more of a found-family unit slash well-intentioned but badly executed neighbourhood watch, but the idea of it being a government is so goddamn funny actually. declaring independence in the middle of fuckoff nowhere just because they can, they want to, and other people don't want them to is exactly the type of petty bullshit I'd expect from all four of them.
quackity canonically was a fan of government and the type of power and mutual defense it gave citizens, so he'd be open to it! I'll be real, part of why he and c!wilbur get to be bee duo is because I find those posts about how they act like bitter yet reluctantly fond exes hilarious. and also niki’s birthday party stream.
snowchester in canon is sort of ambiguous considering it's a commune but people treat it as a government? in this au, that probably translates to s!wilbur deciding to try out a government system but virtually nothing changes except people call him mr. president now. I guess he'd get an ego boost out of it if nothing else? s!wilbur's arc is just c!wilbur's arc in reverse, lmao.
s!tubbo could absolutely kick dream's ass. even so, you're right that tubbo would be much more disturbed by the favour. and then you also have to consider that c!techno and c!phil generally stay out of each other's business, but clingyduo are... more communicative or more codependent, depending on how you look at it. so dream probably has some degree of power over both of them. not even a whole other universe can stop that motherfucker from manipulating minors.
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parker11 · a day ago
Friend: I think you’re obsessed with. . .(any fandom I follow)
Other friend: No she’s not obsessed
Me: Thank you
Other friend: she’s addicted.
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airbenderedacted · 5 days ago
i’m just not allowed to be feeling all that well today huh 😅
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gamgeesgarden · 7 days ago
Dori: Sorry it took me so long to bail you out of jail.
Nori: Nah, it was my fault, Dori. I probably shouldn’t have used my one raven to prank Dwalin.
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deusidvult · 8 days ago
#「 dum dum dugan 」 keep you in the dark you know they all pretend. keep you in the dark and so it all began.#「 dum dum dugan / study 」 what if i say i'm not like the others? what if i say i'm not just another one of your plays?#「 dum dum dugan / visage 」 you got mud on your face you big disgrace. kicking your can all over the place.#「 dum dum dugan / headcanon 」 the page is out of print. we are not permanent we're temporary. same old story.#「 dum dum dugan / answered ic 」 a warning to the people. the good and the evil. this is war.#「 dum dum dugan / vs: WWII 」 yeah here we go for the hundredth time hand grenade pins in every line.#「 dum dum dugan / vs: howling commandos 」 shotgun opera lock and load / cock it back and then watch it go.#「 dum dum dugan / vs: SHIELD 2.0 」 send in your skeletons. sing as their bones go marching in again.#「 dum dum dugan / dyn: sgt. j. barnes 」 spread the word around. guess who's back in town. just spread the word around.#「 dum dum dugan / dyn: cpt. s. rogers 」 there goes my hero. watch him as he goes. there goes my hero. he's ordinary.#「 dum dum dugan / dyn: pvt. g. jones 」 guess who just got back today. them wild eyed boys that had been away.#「 dum dum dugan / dyn: pvt. j. morita 」 haven't changed that much to say but man i still think them cats are crazy.#「 dum dum dugan / dyn: ffi. j. dernier 」 they were askin' if you were around. how you was and where you could be found.#「 dum dum dugan / dyn: bg. j. m. falsworth 」 told 'em you were livin' downtown drivin' all the old men crazy.
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ewwgene-fitzherbert · 13 days ago
#whoo boy so mi//ca b/urton am i right.............#why is it that every female guest is an absolute sunshine ADD icon c/r stop im in love with all of them#and then....... k/eg SDFGHJK#ok but why is it that no//tts reaction to t/wiggy was 'shes so similar to me and j/es therefore shes a danger and an impostor and i h8 her'#but when she saw r/eani she counted all of their similarities and was delighted by them and called her perfect#is this.. character development#she was still suspicious.. but she didnt accuse her of trying to replace her and threaten to kill her#can i just say.. i know nothing abt dnd mechanics but what the fuck.. druids are so fucking cool#if i had to pick a class.........#can i also point out that i found out j/es couldve been a wa/rlock and im. im so sorry la/ura#W/ARLOCK JE//STER????? imagine her not having to care abt healing ppl............ dude the things we couldve had#cont of me not knowing shit abt d/nd classes but f/j/ord changed his class.. then why couldnt je/s.. guess it didnt fit her story or whatev#anyways. all eps with mi/ca were cool. i also rly loved when they played hide and seek with the lau/ghing ha/nd in the lotusden#that was so good ep79? something like that#ummm oh when they rode their horses into the archive teleported into two other libraries and got banned from them ASDFGHKJHGF#it was great when j/es got shot bc she cast a spell in the 1st place they visited and then she also cast a spell in the other place and#surprise surprise also got shot#and when they found out someone had been spying on the xh/or/haus so j/es started dancing out of panic and n/o/tt kicked over a chair#i love.... be/au and dair//ons relationship.. sm#and of course j/es scrying on yasha and seeing her crying and resisting ob/ann oof good shit hurts so good#thatse it i guess. theyre in the folding halls of halas now or holding folds of halas as i prefer to refer to it#THE HA/PPY F/UN BA/LL#return of hfb but no tw/iggy..... betrayal#anyways. good times#my post
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greekschist · 16 days ago
Hephaestus, holding a minion plushie: I won this ugly yellow toddler. Which is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.
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