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#s: modern family
greekschist · 15 days ago
Kronos, about his kids: We all want them gone, why do I have to be the bad guy?
Hyperion: I don’t know, why am I the hot one? We all have our thing.
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larosaescarlata · 17 days ago
Tmw you’re replaying Rogue out of the animus and you encounter one of those tablets and it says:
Tumblr media
“George Washinton, we can franchise. I don’t know that we’d get more than one feature out of Connor. Plus, don’t even get me started on his wife or the way he died. What a mess.”
Melanie, sweetie, shut up,,,
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ap-kinda-lit · 28 days ago
Lee: It's called growing up and having your own interests, like the minister's daughter in "Footloose".
Gai: Wow, using my favorite movie against me. Let's hear it for the boy.
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flamboyant-prince · 29 days ago
Any plans to continue the Leon and Jorge story? I was following it like a soap opera 👀
Oh shit that was just a gag! (A very...articulate gag) But if you wanna know, I did have plans to continue because I was writing like all these scripts and junk for future ideas and thumbnailing more “fake screenshots.”
But here’s the rundown:
-After where we left off, Takumi and Jeorge make it into the Dining Hall. They sit nearby Leon and Niles and it kinda pisses Leon off. Takumi is exasperated and asks out loud how the heck can an S-support just happen like that. Kravice and the Askr Trio jump into action and Kravice and Sharena perform a little skit explaining S-supports can just suddenly happen in a moment of great stress and bonding.
-Leon and Jeorge just side eye each other while Niles gets up to go lose his shit somewhere else.
-The whole thing with Leon and Jeorge (and Niles of course) is to try and just get Leon to open up to them. They may not be the “perfect guys” but they’re still friends, aren’t they? Jeorge keeps using “dates” to get to know Leon better. And Leon keeps reminding himself to keep distant.
-There’s a side story, but just as important, with Titania and Camus getting in a fight over their A-support. Years of support, but still no S-support. Takumi loses it and tells them “Just Support Divorce Already! This is why Jeorge stays at the Aether Resort!”
-Then there was a gag story to break all the “tension” with Kravice running around to find who his 3 Summoner supports would be.
-Leon confesses that he would absolutely stop hanging out with the archer gang if Valbar were ever summoned. Niles is genuinely offended.
-Titania starts considering who to have her next support with...someone with a horse...maybe Frederick...
-Kravice runs up to Jeorge to offer him one of the Summoner support rings, but considering Jeorge hates Kravice, he declines without a word.
-Takumi is still distraught over Jeorge having an S-support just out of nowhere, when Oboro from a different Askr delivers a message for Kravice. She tells Takumi not to worry about S-supports, they can be romantic or they can just be a strong bond, or just something for taxes. (thanks sue-me-wright)
-Jeorge enters the WHAC clubroom with Leon slapping Niles across the face and running past him. Niles sits down and takes a drink and tells Jeorge everything that was said. Jeorge just sighs and says he’ll talk to Leon.
-Kravice is wracking his brain over who would be the ideal people to Summoner support for battle benefits. Telling Alfonse that, with the support, the boost will make it easier for Krav not to do anything. Alfonse just walks away without a word.
-Titania and Camus are called into battle with a team makeup of Horse Emblem, and what a coincidence, it’s Titania surrounded by all the cavalrymen she was eyeing.
-Takumi goes to the Aether Resort Inn’s Bar and talks with Astram. Astram tells him about Midia and how they never got an S-support. They don’t need a ring to tell them they’re in love. Astram then says that they still plan to get married, but the rings won’t have a stupid letter on it, but probably a diamond that he’s trying to gather money up for in Askr. He also tells Takumi about Jeorge absolutely being the best man at the wedding.
-Jeorge finds Leon on the hilltop where A-supports sometimes occur, but also where Niles likes vibe. Jeorge and Leon have a heart to heart about past relationships and the risks of taking risks. “Wouldn’t you rather know what it’s like to be with that person and have that momentary bliss than going on with nothing but what ifs?” Jeorge points out that Leon knew exactly where Niles likes to hang out, so he does care. The two sit there until Leon works up the energy to apologize to Niles (and fixes his makeup). Before they leave, Leon tells Jeorge his favorite food, his favorite book, and the exact shade of lipgloss he wears. Jeorge tells him his favorite fruit, his favorite place to relax, and his brand of shampoo.
-We cut into the midst of battle, after Titania rallies all men, they all gallop into the offense. Camus stays near Titania and it dawns on her that he’s only staying by her because the support rings still have the boosts. She tries avoiding him and he notices. They argue while fending off enemy forces. “You’re only by my side because it’s what benefits you!” Turning around to shout at Camus leaves Titania wide open and an enemy takes the opportunity to strike. Camus rushes behind her to intervene and confesses, “Titania! I’ve come to realize something! I am much stronger when I’m with you! Not just in battle, but as a person!” Titania looks at him shocked. She feels the ring on her finger get warm. She looks down at the ring and watches as the “A” burns away and is replaced with an “S.” She feels stronger, so this is what having an S-support feels like. Camus doesn’t see the ring under his fatass Mickey Mouse gloves, but he feels the energy in him grow stronger as Titania approaches his side. They feel in sync like the fire has been rekindled. Let’s get those orbs.
-After running away and avoiding all the “villains” trying to possess Kravice’s summoner support, Kravice hides in his little office where the Askr trio are waiting. “Find anyone yet?” Anna asks already knowing the answer. “All the possible contenders for the support all hate me. I guess I’m just unsupportive or something.” Kravice pouts and goes to his summong chair(tm). Alfonse just comes out and says, “The answer has been in front of you this whole time.” Kravice is quiet looking across at the three of them. When it dawns on him, he puts all three rings in his hands and smiles without a word.
-In the end, Jeorge and Leon cut off the S-support seeing as the don’t need outside forces to tighten their friendship. “I’ll get you to fall for me naturally.” “And the same to you.” Niles then slaps both of their asses (and suddenly the three of them have S-support rings lol). Takumi is relieved to see the “divorce,” but remembers just because an S-support doesn’t need romance, romance doesn’t need an S-support either. So Takumi is going to keep his eye on Leon. Camus and Titania “renewed their vows” and break the news to Jeorge and Takumi. The two archer lads sigh in relief. Jeorge tells Takumi that maybe now he’ll start staying at the ModFam estate more often now that the tension has died down. Kravice and the trio perform another skit describing Summoner supports and the “camera” will fade away when Alfonse can’t improv correctly and they all just laugh. So there you go!
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incorrctbleach · a month ago
Yes, people are allowed their private thoughts, and I shouldn't be so angry. But I am Latin, so I get to feel whatever I want.
Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio
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the study group as out of context lines from other sitcoms! part 1 (credit to photos: oocsitcoms on twitter!)
jeff- (that 70’s show)
Tumblr media
britta- (the office)
Tumblr media
abed- (new girl)
Tumblr media
troy- (new girl)
Tumblr media
annie- (modern family)
Tumblr media
shirley- (the office)
Tumblr media
the study group- (malcom in the middle)
Tumblr media
the study group during/after season 3 (and pretty much during every season)- (that 70’s show)
Tumblr media
the study group to chang- (malcom in the middle)
Tumblr media
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darcylewisgf · a month ago
maribel: you're starting to forget your spanish. you don't practice.
santana: lo siento mama. estoy embarazada.
maribel: you just told me you're pregnant.
brittany, to santana: congratulations! you're glowing!
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-when matteo was younger and things started to get bad at home, he got used to fall asleep listening to some of his comforts shows because the silence of the house at night was unbearable and he couldn’t stand to be alone with his thoughts 
-sleeping next to david made things a little bit better because he had something to constantly focus on, plus they would talk and he was usually the first one to fall asleep anyway
-but whatever he would bad nights where everything was too much, but low sounds were still okay, david would put netflix on with the shows he knew could be a comfort for his bf and rock him until he could finally calm down enough to fall asleep 
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incorrectlis2 · 2 months ago
Chris: I hate feeling ostrich-sized.
Charles: ...What?
Chris: You know, like a freaky outsider. The way an ostrich feels around regular birds.
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incorrectlis2 · 2 months ago
Daniel: Do you have my shoes?
Chris: Why would I have your shoes?
Daniel: Because I left them at your house last night.
Chris: Why would you leave without your shoes?
Daniel: I don’t know! I go a lot of places without shoes. I’m walking barefoot right now! Oh but wait, that’s cause I left my shoes at your house last night.
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ap-kinda-lit · 3 months ago
Zuko: Sometimes I don't know if I should fear how I much I love Katara or love how much I fear her.
Katara, touched: Aaaaawwww.
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flamboyant-prince · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Have a dressed down taku! His cheeks are getting more pinchable. 
Since Joji is living at the inn and not in the team quarters, Mama Tita and Papa Camus has been making Taku eat both servings.
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kilra0 · 3 months ago
Sunshine Road
The Sunshine Road offers a duplex and a small house, based on workers’ dwellings from the early 20th-century. These may look small, but each of them has a living and dining room, two baths and bedrooms. In addition to that, the duplex also has an accessible attic and some rooms in the cellar. The small house to the right has a mid-century interior, the duplex is modern. In the backyard each of…
Tumblr media
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fangirlscreamthroughtime · 3 months ago
Hiro: I sort of did something and I need your advice but I don’t want a lot of judgement and criticism
Violet: And you came to me?
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incorrectrosquotes · 4 months ago
Kodya: we all want to reset Gyrus, why do I have to be the bad guy?
Nephthys: I don't know, why am I the pretty one? We all have our thing
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