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#s: blackish
gamgeesgarden · 4 days ago
Gandalf: That's it! You're all grounded. Kili, no Tauriel for you. Fili, no knives for you. Bilbo, no books.
Gandalf: And... *looks at Thorin*
Gandalf: Oh my god, is there anything you love?
Thorin: Revenge.
Gandalf: No vengeance for you.
Thorin: I was gonna say 'I'll get you for this' but I guess that's off the table.
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afrotumble · 6 months ago
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godsofhumanity · 10 months ago
Athena: You're... SHALLOW!
Apollo: Shallow?!
Athena: [nods]
Apollo: ...
Apollo, sighing: That is SUCH a relief. I thought it was something serious, like I was ugly.
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Diesel Engine Brands Model Parts Name Part No. DAIHATSU 5DK20 FILTER C060800010 DAIHATSU 5DK20 FILTER BODY Y529000010 DAIHATSU 5DK20 COCK Y529000018
DAIAHTSU 5DK20 The cylinder cover,Magnets,Screw,DAIAHTSU 5DK20 Complete set of distributor,DAIAHTSU 5DK20 Saucer spring ices in the two cities went up even higher than their February record rally.DAIAHTSU 6DK-20 marine parts’s housing market bottomed out in the second half of last year on a slew of government support measures, but a strong reb jun, hey are working closely with the agencies involved and discussions remain constructive. The deal is expected to be finalized by the end of the year.One of the oddest stories to come out of the Olympic us concentrating, and focusing on this match, I don’t think it is necessary to address this issue at the moment. I feel safe and I’m looking forward to the game, said Joachim Loew Germany coach.Polan nd Cejka are all at minus-10. McIlroy sits nine strokes off the pace, but defending champion Fowler and World Number Two Spieth won’t be around for the last day.The people of Syria’s capital Damascus he international community, said Lu.Continuing on the international front, we look ahead to Euro DAIAHTSU 6DK-20 marine parts16 which kicks off on June 10th in France. And after two years of friendly matches and preparation, ral agreement ever reached by the WTO. It was almost 18 years after the WTO was created. So the organization was suffering with a lot of credibility. We needed to do something, he said.Azevedo said th more than half a million Chinese students studying abroad in DAIAHTSU 6DK-20 marine parts15, an increase of almost 14% compared to the previous year.Since the introd lometers away, you might have to walk 17 or 18 kilometers because you need to go around the dunes, Gao said.There is no shade and it’s burning hot in the desert. We normally carry 8 piles of these and ugh the Design element may not be the purist’s cup of tea, there’s no doubt it’s raising the event’s profile with the general public.Tottenham needed a win over Chelsea to keep their slim chances of t one.Now in its 16th year, the Meet In Beijing Arts Festival will bring together nearly 400 Chinese artists and more than 400 international artists from 25 countries. There are more than 100 theater pe uffered from constipation and a dirty mind and that he had wanted to put Bond through an elementary test. He had certainly done it expertly. This was no amateur. The technique was fully up to SMERSH s wo oil slicks of the eyes looked pleased, greedy. The mouthful of blackish teeth formed an oblong grin of anticipation.Bond raised his head. The quick look round hurt. They were in one of the factory
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So I have a choir concert tonight and instead of our dresses, we’re wearing a solid color. So I’m wearing this black long sleeved turtle neck and blackish grey stonewashed jeans and I feel like Doyoung from the relaycam video where they said he looks like Steve Jobs.... the only difference is he looks sexy and I just look like I’m from the 80’s because of my curly hair😭
OMG NO I BET YOU LOOK HOT BUT YESSSSS JAES JOBS AHAHAHAHA Also good luck on your concert!! You’re gonna kill it!
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kelleestewartinspires · 2 days ago
Happy National Nurses Day 🙏🏽🤍 S/o to Nurse Joy everyone’s Fav Nurse 🥰💫 Shes the real MVP #nationalnursesday #nationalnursesweek #nursejoy #sheisjoy #nursesareheroes #nursesarethebest 💚💫 #kstew #kelleestewart #kelleestewartinspires #writer #actress #producer #beautifulsoul #screenwriter #highkeyeggadvocate #motivation #artist #inspire #inspiration #cherishtheday #allamerican #allamericancw #nursejoy #prideandprejudiceatlanta #blackish #niecynash #theresident #apbio #myboys #hottubtimemachine #guesswho @kstew222 (at Nurses Are Heroes)
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ladieswgumption · 27 days ago
Feedback with Gumption: Sonia gets lost in 90s nostalgia on The Flash, confused on when Alex told Kelly Kara was SG on Supergirl
The Flash Feedback:
Honestly when I first heard about this episode, I had war flashbacks to a similar episode in Agents of SHIELD’s 7th and final season where Mack and Deke got stuck in the 80’s after the team accidentally leaves them behind in time travel and that episode was terrible and a total filler episode in a shortened season that was the final season and I was so nervous about this episode for those reasons but this episode was awesome lol Loved the references to 90’s things like blockbuster and their clothes and it was great to see some backstory for Chester Also Cisco thinking he was 7 years old was hilarious like “did you steal my headgear” and when he called Chester a pedo/pervert and ran off yelling stranger danger lmao
I liked how the episode didn’t just focus on Cisco and Chester stuck in the past and still focused on other characters which is something the aforementioned Agents of SHIELD episode did not do. I really liked the storyline with Iris and Speed Force Nora where they discussed Barry and his blanket and his love of his mom and whatnot as it was so sweet and cute.
The Caitlin and Frost storyline was weird like it’s Caitlin’s apartment and Frost is a guest it’s not like she’s paying rent or anything since she doesn’t technically have a job so it’s like girl keep your weird art out of the common spaces lol Also side note but Caitlin’s wallpaper did not match that art so wtf someone get her an interior decorator jfc
I loved Iris in her 90’s outfit like if that Afro didn’t show us that they need to hire black hair stylists and give her cool hairstyles like Anissa and Jennifer get in Black Lightning or Bow, Zoey and Diane get in Blackish, Grownish and Mixedish Loved Joe’s fist bump telling Iris she looked great and Iris doing the same for Joe before looking at Caitlin and Frost being all “... you too I guess” lol
The ending scene rubbed me the wrong way like in a season where Barry and Iris can’t kiss and show affection, why are they doing scenes where it makes Westallen uncomfortable ugh Also the other ending scene like I don’t care just arrest Frost lol
Supergirl Feedback:
This was a great episode mostly because Jon Cryer is honestly so good as Lex Andrea jumping the gun with the headline like honestly calm down lol
Poor nia needing to be in like a million places at once kinda like Kara but without super speed and flight like girl probably needs a long bubble bath and a glass of wine after all that.
Okay did I totally miss Alex telling Kelly? Because one second it seems like Kelly didn’t know Kara was Supergirl but then at their ending scene it seemed like she knew so idk why does all this stuff happen off screen lol . Both eve and Lena gave great testimony and it’s crazy that lex managed to convince the jury that they were both worse than him like the power of cis white men knows no bounds.
The phantom zone scenes were great and those scenes actually kind of reminded me of Agents of SHIELD when jemma got stuck on the alien planet Maveth inside the Monolith. Speaking of the phantom Zone, can’t believe I didn’t realize that they filmed Melissa’s scenes much later after she gave birth that I was like “okay so the phantom zone took away Kara’s bangs” like what lol but also why didn’t they just make Melissa wear a wig to give her bangs because it really doesn’t make sense how Kara’s hair looks so different now lol It’s nice to see her interacting with her father again but like did no one from krypton die when the planet blew up like did Kara even need to leave the planet in a pod because it seems like everyone we think was dead is actually still alive somehow lol I can’t wait till they save Kara and she can finally interact with the other characters!
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void-vanilla · a month ago
hey so everyone ignore every ender-related loredrop i’ve made abt hsmp!void. after deliberation and the “uh huh”s from neb it is now canon that void is solely a phantom hybrid. most of their design will stay the same but i think i’m veering more towards a blueish purple with white accents instead of blackish purple with dark accents :)
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trash-duchess-henituse · a month ago
Trash of the Count's Family x My Hero Academia Crossover (1/?)
TCF BNHA!AU takes place in South Korea. Whereas Japan has UA, and South Korea has the Metahuman Academy.
Part 1: Introducing the Main Trio
Part 2: East Asian Peacemaking Society (JPN, SK, TWN, CHN) where each representative school has a meet-up for friendly (nope) competition.
Part 3: TCF Characters as UA Students
Introducing the Main Trio:
Cale Henituse
QUIRK: Nature
Description: The ability to access the elements of nature, namely wind, earth, wood, fire, and water. The strength of the elements' power depends on the nearby source.
the first-born son of the CEO of a multinational company
rumored successor, but he doesn't want the position and has absolute zero interest in taking over a tiring position
despite his potentially overpowered quirk, he's a weak fuckin bastard who coughs blackish blood everytime he uses it beyond his limits.
went into the academy's high school department at age 15, and the only reason he went there is because he wants to avoid being the successor.
he's lazy when it comes to academics, just doing enough to pass the courses
but he shows off his skills in strategy and teambuilding activities, hoarding victory after victory
he is a physically weak dumbass but he finds ways to, and i quote, "avoid being hurt", which ironically results in him coughing up blood
technically it's somehow true, although far from the ideal situation of not being hurt, since his team always has the least casualties
he's famous in the academy
he's a council member. he's the tREASURER
initially he's reluctant since it's like the gateway to the work of a successor
but,,,, money
cue his scheming smile
good lord have mercy on them lmao jk
Alberu Crossman
QUIRK: Charm (bruh can't think of a better name)
Description: Basically, his glib tongue is his greatest weapon. It's like brainwashing but more subtle.
a bit of backstory for alberu: his family has been ruling south korea since the old society has been destroyed by the onslaught of quirks. sokor has done an extra mile in going back a few eras and went back to being a kingdom/monarchy
basically he's also a prince in here
from what he could remember, he's been studying at the academy's elementary department since he was five
he's annoyed by cale since they have similarities with being glib tongued, except cale doesn't have that ability and is less effective than beru's
alberu is the president of the student council
and he's the model student for everyone else to follow
he always does his work perfectly, while effortlessly good-looking
prim and proper student who looks like a model even when he's stressed by the treasurer
he always shows off his looks to cale henituse as a proof that no matter how cale purposefully stresses him, he's going to be good looking
imagine seeing them pass each other on the hallways and giving each other exaggerated praises yet when they pass each other they looked like they just ate a whole sour lemon
yet when they were sworn brothers, they form the scariest team ever
alberu leads the masterminds that control the flow and hierarchy of the school
but he does it for the greater good of the student body
and he will lead the best student council to ever exist
behold, the power of alberu crossman!!!
Choi Han
QUIRK: Longevity
Description:... Pretty self-explanatory
when he was fifteen, he went into a deep coma due to a severe injury.
that was when the countries were still in the middle of chaos, and there were major crimes everywhere. he got involved in an incident and had a severe injury in the head
woke up tens of years later in a weird place
it was the academy, because he was kind of a rare specimen of sorts, and the academy was acting as his protection (because there were rumors that an underground boogeyman from somewhere is collecting quirks, better safe than sorry)
basically, he was a korean captain america
sadly he didn't have the shield
nor a date
(anyway that was shit)
has longevity and superhuman strength that I don't know how to explain but it was there
would he be a student? or a council member? i don't know, it depends on his choice, but if he does become an officer,
I'd say being a combat representative fits him (not an actual position irl but in my au it is)
i don't think he'd be interested in an actual position in the student council, like secretary or vp or auditor
Other characters:
Bud Illis: Public Information Officer
Basen Henituse: Auditor (when he enters the academy three years after his hyung-nim)
Clopeh Sekka: the annoying loon from the rival school in China. Has an obsession towards Cale Henituse
Rosalyn: Vice President of the Council
Toonka: the crazed fighter from another rival school in Taiwan.
Eruhaben: Headmaster of the Metahuman Academy of South Korea
Sherritt: Deputy Headmaster of M. A. S. K.
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kanabepark · a month ago
Essay about Wood block printing
It was my first time to do lino cut prints last year at NQ creative course. Since then, I got really interested in carving.
It’s reminded me that I did a couple of wood carving and wood block print at my primary school which I had great time.
I like doing lino cut prints however, my interest goes to wood block print more than that at the moment. For me, it’s quite difficult to choose the right type of wood boards and materials just now because I have just started but I hope the experience will give me an answer for this later on.
I like the smell of woods and their natural warm texture compare with manmade lino.
Woods are much harder to carve and takes longer time but I am quite patient person so, I even really enjoy these difficulties as well.
Wood block print was invented in China around 700AD.
Since then, this carving wood block method had been the most common in East Asia printing method for printing books, texts and pictures. In fact, now I understand why I am quite familiar with wood block print. As I said earlier, I did a wood block print when I was a child and still used Japanese traditional wood curving tools and baren for the art classes ( It`s a disk like hard tool with a flat bottom and a knotted handle used in Japanese wood block printing. It is used to burnish the back of a sheet of paper lifting ink from the block.)
Woodblock prints are a typical type of relief print. It is called woodcut or xylograph because it uses wood as the original plate.
Ukiyo-e prints are well known all over the world. Ukiyo-e prints are not made by one artist. They are basically and traditionally made by three specialists.
A drawing or painting artist who provided the design image, a wood carve technician and a printer.
I think this fact is really interesting because usually one artist does all these works to create artworks in European countries.
Japanese traditional woodblock printing materials are very unique as well.
For example, we have been using a prunus serrulata (cherry species) wood board as the best quality printing block. Recently, we use plywoods because they are much cheaper.
Traditionally, we use a waterbase paint/shuhi-enogu (mud-pigment)and adding a glue as paints. There are also monochrome printing using only black sumie ink.
Washi paper (traditional Japanese paper) has been used for printing. One especially has a strong quality for rubbing method, this paper is called Ko-zo paper (mulberry paper).Also, before we print on this, it’s very important to damp the paper to get a beautiful result then, put special paint on the board by using a special brush not a roller.
Usually we don't use more than one color on a board. To make one multicolor print, the printer has to print between 5 to 30 times using different boards for the colors.
Kiyoshi Saito (1907-1997)
He was a woodblock printing artist from 20th century in Japan.
Mt.Fuji (1980)
Tumblr media
Mt. Fuji has long been respected as a mountain of gods in Japan. Therefore, showing it in artwork must be very respetful and formal for Japanese people.
Normally, Mt.Fuji is shown in blue to express it, but because this one was used red, I think he draw Mt. Fuji as seen in the evening. As the expression aka-fuji in Japanese is used, it depicts Mt. Fuji in a particularly beautiful appearance. Belive or not, you can see this red color Mt.Fuji in real life! Also, this red is not vivid color and uses a very warm natural color.
What is interesting is the color of the sky. It is slightly pink compared to the white snow on the top of the mountain. From that, I think this pale color was intentionally used to make Mt. Fuji, which I admire, stand out. The shape of the clouds looks like a dragon is flying. Even in Japan, it feels like a combination of the myth of a dragon. It's a very proud and elegant movement and in the middle of the cloud, there is a gray blackish line in it. This means this cloud has got a soul in it as well.
Looking at the lower part, a black plum tree that has not yet bloomed is drawn. From this, it can be estimated that the season is between the end of winter to the beginning of spring. Do the white branches represent the snow that has fallen? It looks like it's still in cold weather. Also, the black color is smudged on the bottom parts which means the real world is a dark and terrible place to live but the mountain parts are pure and sacred. It could be meaning of mythology in Japan as well.
The most interesting parts of this work is texture.
He used wooden natural organic woodgrain patterns for the body of mountain. I have never seen a print like this before. It is almost saying this artwork belong to nature world. I think this method will be very useful for my next project.
Clare Leighton (1898-1989)
She was an English-American artist best known for her wood engravings.
Watcher Of The Sky (1955)
Tumblr media
This work is a mixture of realistic and idealised.
Some people are included and I think they are all professional scientists who try to investigate new facts of the sky.
The mysterious shape in the middle and right hand side shows the science of the sky was so mysterious at that time and these scientists are trying very hard to find out the fact or truth. Also, the swirl shape shows confusion inside their head or the hope for a different world.
The color is black and white so it shows the night time and the white color around people look like showing the furure hope to the people.
The bottom right zig zag lines may explain their excitement feelings and cause waves of their heart to pump or could be the sign of universal movements or vibrations.
I found that this is quite scary because not so detailed about people and they are all looking the same direction. Especially, all faces are the same shape and clothes are the same, kinds of very creepy. Maybe wanted show the scientist does not have feeling and they are only interested in the fact. It looks like all people are men. It shows the time of this era, men had more power and access to the education than women. It is very sad and not fair but it was the truth.
They are quite a lot of abstract shapes in this. It is all belong to the scientic world.
Textures are all over the place so there are no plain bit at all on this work makes me a bit breathless and give me emotional pressure.
I think so clever to show the serious and mysterious emotions at the same time on this.
Even thought this is a woodblock print, shows details a lot. Some lines are really straight and the microscope looks real. She is very good at describing the shapes and works are so neat.
Also, I can see the lots of depth in the work almost like an illusion especially on the spiral.
Jed Henry
He is a woodblock print illustrator.
Pocketing a Wager
Tumblr media
The most interesting power which he has got is he can change almost all world famous animations or TV programs scenes to Ukiyoe style illustrations. I have never seen before such cool illustrations before. I can not explain well but something old and new are combined together makes really beautiful attractive artworks.
This artwork is about Pokemon and Sumo wrestling.
I can recognize some of characters from Pokemon. All animals look very different from the show but he turn in to them to real Japanese yokai (monster) looking very well. Also he uses Kanji (Japanese character) it makes this piece like it belong to Japanese traditional culture.
I can see the audience in the background but they are not colored just line drawings. It makes the battle scene more powerful and outstanding.
He uses the Japanese traditional paint colors as well. He must study hard to get to know original Ukiyoe very much otherwise it would not work well.
There are no modern items at all in this work. All clothes are kimono, hats and other accessories are also old style.
There is only one bit I can see the modern is the Pikachu`s thunder lines. It is almost like abstract art there which never seen in original Ukiyoe arts. Because of using white lines it is very pale and not overpowering the rest of work.
He did a signature using the alphabet and also used Japanese stamp and the red color really stands out. (we only use red color for this kinds of stamp) It looks very old style but a lot of Japanese people still using this kinds of stamps. ( I have one as well)
So, it makes me want to use my Japanese stamp as signature in the future it would be very unique.
There is not religion a message on this but definitely showing the Japanese traditional culture.
References (n.d.). 木版印刷による版画制作工程 -摺師の仕事・役割- | 木版印刷・伝統木版画工房 竹笹堂. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Mar. 2021].
Wikipedia Contributors (2019). Woodcut. [online] Wikipedia. Available at: [Accessed 8 Mar. 2021]
武蔵野美術大学 造形ファイル. (n.d.). 武蔵野美術大学 造形ファイル|武蔵野美術大学による、美術とデザインの「素材・道具・技法」に関する情報提供サイト. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Mar. 2021] (n.d.). Ukiyo-e Heroes | Our Story. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar.2021]
‌ (n.d.). Clare Leighton. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2021]. ‌
やないづ町立 斎藤清美術館. (n.d.). ギャラリー. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Mar. 2021].
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montessorikid · a month ago
Tumblr media
🌈Color Studies🌈 We tried Mr 4’s favorite - The color mixing experiment using food coloring. . He has explored with this experiment without guidance many many times, and he has came up with some weird colors, but mostly brown or black. 😂 This time I taught him how to do it properly, so he could visually see how two primary colors mixed together can turned into another secondary color. After we made the three secondary colors, I let him exploring the colors freely. And without any surprise, we have end up with 6 jars of brownish/ dark blueish/ blackish water. 😅😅😅 . . #4years2months #50months . . . . . . . . #montessori #montessoriathome #montessoriactivity #montessorikids #montessoritoddler #montessoribaby #howwemontessori #earlyeducation #earlylearning101 #problemsolving #toddleractivities #playbased #lifelonglearners #finemotorskills #pincergrasp #practicallife #practicallifeskills #practicallifeactivity #colortheroy #colorstudies #colormixing #vidualdiscrimination
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whatdoesshedotothem · 2 months ago
Sunday 9 March 1834: SH:7/ML/E/16/0178
7 10
Damp rainy morning F53° at 8pm  breakfast with my father at 8 35 in ½ hour – fair by 10 ¼ that he and Marian went to church – read the paper and wrote the last 42 lines of yesterday and had Cordingely up for ½ hour and dawdling over one thing or another till 12 ¼ -  then with my aunt – from 12 ¾ in ¾ hour read the short morning service and one of Mr Knight’s sermons and then saw my aunt’s leg dressed - the sore looks blackish and not well but not worse than 2 or 3 days ago – she was [better] strong  enough to read the responses this morning – the monotony of my own voice made me sleepy as usual – longish nap in my study -  from 2 40 to 6 25 (then dinner and coffee) and from 7 40 to 9 ½ wrote and sent off by Thomas undercover to ‘Earl of Ripon, Carlton Gardens, London’ a ½ sheet full to  ‘the honourable Lady Stuart, Whitehall’ and undercover to her 3 pages very small and close of ½ sheet to ‘the Lady Harriet de Hagemann’ and 3 pages and under seal small and close to ‘the countess de Blucher’ and 3 pages of ¼ sheet to the ‘Lady Vere Cameron’ nice kind letter to Lady S- delighted to hear a better account of her -  explaining all about having written to Lady Harriet about a month ago and the packing being returned from the dead letter office - could not possibly be so ungrateful as to forget Lady Harriet and all her kindness - always delighted to hear from Lady S- would write to Lady S- de R- soon - my aunt suffering a martyrdom but may still survive some months -  affectionate letter to Lady H. De Hagemann neither so heartless or ungrateful as to forget her - what I had thro’ life prided myself most upon was that straightforward  sincerity which neither time nor circumstance could change -  explained about having written about a month ago and having my letters returned   Refused by Mr. Brownes’ friend HD. Scott Esquire of the Foreign office - my aunt suffering a martyrdom - might still survive some months - no chance of returning to Copenhagen this summer but still counted upon seeing them all again and when we met, sure Lady H- would be satisfied with me - whatever appearances might be would never her regard for met till she herself desired me to do so viva voce begged her to set me right in her own and M. de H-‘s opinion and with kind regard to him and love to the children affectionately hers - should be delighted to hear from her - beg her to take charge of my note to C.esse de Blucher - kind affectionate letter also to Countess de Blucher - did not write to her sister because not quite sure if this note would reach them and now appearances so much against me, must first appeal to the one whose was [tenderest], at least towards the English - not to let me lose her good opinion and regard undeservedly - explained about having written a month ago -  ’My poor aunt suffers a martyrdom and may still survive some months - It was her arms that 1st held me – hers was like a mother’s care, and to her liberal kindness were owing half the comforts of my early life – I see her sinking
slowly and painfully into the grave; and, at such a time, the heart even of a casual bystander would not be hardest nor his spirits lightest - I shall feel lonely when she is gone - But I did all I could - my coming made her happy and I am satisfied - is C.te de Blucher’s father well?  I saw n the papers the other day the death of a c.te de Blucher nephew to the [famed] field Marshall - I hope and trust afflictions is not so with you - but if it is, be assured of my very sincere condolence - is your cough better? I shall always be affectionately interested about you - there seems no chance of my being able to return this summer; but I count upon seeing you all again, and upon our meeting like old friends - ‘I am not likely to forget anybody or anything at Copenhagen - has your sister abused me much?’  explain about the letters being returned - had told all this to Lady Harriet but if C.esse de B- saw Mr. Brown to say how sorry I was my note of thanks had not reached him - would have written again now, but afraid of overweight Lady S- her (C.esse de B-‘s) friend David Markham has one of the most exemplary characters I ever heard of has a good living not very far from York, and one may say his lot has fallen on good ground - is she moving into her new house..... hope her sisters letter arrived safe at Torquay (for Miss Ferrall at Mr. Cary’s) left it with Lady S- de R- for my lord to frank - ‘ask your sister if the fatal steel has cut me out of her remembrances - all we English are not quite so bad as she thinks us a kind regards to c.te de Blucher - love to your sister and the dear children and believe me affectionately yours A. Lister’ I shall be delighted to hear from you or your sister by the post - it just occurs to me to ask, if you can manage my writing thro’ the Danish embassy - Do remember me to your very agreeable vis à vis, Madame de Bille, and ask if she can help us - I can send my letters to London without any difficulty’ - with my aunt at 9 ½ for ¾ hour -  told her Miss W-‘s hesitation about letting Lidgate and coming here and my feeling about it  saying it was touch and go with me  yes answered my aunt I should not be surprised if it is all off No no said I  I don’t quite know that.  Wrote the whole of today till 11 ½ - tolerably fine day and evening from about 10 am till about 10 tonight but then the wind getting and now at 11 ½ boisterous again - F54 ½° now at 11 ½ pm.
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boxboysandotherwhump · 2 months ago
Guard dog AU car whump
@orchidscript I finally got to sit down and finish the promised car whump drabble. @ashintheairlikesnow ‘s poor Jake really has the worst time ever in this drabble. I’m sorry Jake bby.
CW: aftermath of extreme beating, blood, head injury, dehumanization, humiliation, semi-conscious tied up whumpee gets thrown out a driving car so attempted murder I guess, Oliver Branch is just the worst,
Droplets of his dog‘s blood soaked into the passenger seat of his car, ruining the pristine leather entirely.
Oliver Branch clicked his tongue. To say he was thoroughly displeased would be the understatement of the century.
„Those seats cost more than you are worth.“ Steel cold eyes flicked over to the unconscious brutalized form of his pet and Oliver‘s lip curled back in distaste at the sight of a burst open lip. The purple blackish mass that had once been skin, been the right side of a handsome face. Now his pets right eye was swollen shut, dark, reminding him faintly of a burst open, rotten tomato. It‘s a wonder the sharp end of the fire poker had only torn his brow apart and not taken the eye, too.
His dog woke with a quiet whimper. Bruised hands twitched uselessly in their restraints. Lashed open arms flexed, shook with exhaustion. The uninjured eye of his stupid pet blinked open, pale crusted lashes stuck in tear crusted triangles as the stupid dog gazed up at him.
„Sir... m‘so-“
„Silence.“ Oliver hissed and his pet‘s mouth snapped shut. „Oh. Does my worthless mutt suddenly feel like obeying?“
Bloodied lips began to tremble but the warm glee that normally prickled under Oliver‘s skin at the sight had frozen over with annoyance.
„Open the passenger door.“
A blue confused eye wandered to Oliver‘s face, dropped down at the sight of his pursed lips, before shaking hands lifted to obey. A soft whimper caught in the back of Vidar‘s throat as broken, lashed open fingers curled around the door handle. Pressed it down and the door open.
A cool breeze tussled Oliver‘s hair and rustled his pets bloodied shirt. Oliver‘s eyes scanned the road for the upcoming curve as he inhaled, deeply. Tasted the fresh night air on his tongue that had his pet shiver beside him.
„You know what they say Vidar?“ Oliver mused, foot pressing on the gas and taking up speed. „When a dog bites once, shame be on him. When he bites repeatedly shame be on his owner for allowing it. So tell me my treacherous pest of a puppy, are you ashamed?“
The broken choked of sob from his pet elicited the first smile from Oliver since the stupid mutt had dared lift his fist against Alexander. Dared to disobey, to oppose it‘s own master.  
„Yes, what? Use your words when I‘m gracious enough to allow them leave your foul mouth.“
The curve finally came into view.
„Yes.“ His pet sniveled. „‘m ashamed, sir.“
An exhale of pure satisfaction left Oliver‘s smiling mouth. Not the tooth paste commercial smiles he had perfected in front of mirrors, but a crooked twisted thing, full of teeth.
„Excellent.“ he praised, the last praise his stupid mutt would ever get to hear and shoved the pet out his speeding car.
The big battered body hit the hard pavement with a strangled cry, crashed down the roadside slope and disappeared in the thicket. Out of Oliver‘s life.
Oliver Branch didn‘t notice the red smudge left behind on the rugged road as he slammed the door back shut and speed home.
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the-ultimate-fan-dancer · 2 months ago
『 𝒫 𝑒 𝓇 𝓈 𝑜 𝓃 𝒶 𝓁 𝒟 𝒶 𝓉 𝒶 』
✧Name: Maya Kimora
✧Gender: female
✧Age: 17
✧Birthday: April 23
✧Super High School Level/Ultimate: Japanese Fan Dancer
『 𝒜 𝓅 𝓅 𝑒 𝒶 𝓇 𝒶 𝓃 𝒸 𝑒 』
✧Hair Style: neon green hair, undercut in the back, two long strands of hair over her ears that go down to her hips, two small cowlicks above her ears
✧Eye Color: neon green
✧Height: 5"2
✧Weight: 127 lbs.
✧Other Notable Details: she always has a faint blush on her cheeks
✧Outfit(s): she wears a long red dress, black choker that connects to her dress, her sleeves are long and dark-blackish red with a hole cut out around her upper arm with white stripes at the end of her sleeves. Around her chest she has a black stripe that goes all the way around that separates the bright red dress from the dark chest part. There are tiny roses in this dark chest part along with a chest window in the shape of a triangle. Around her hip is a light blue ribbon that helps hold her Blue Fan. The ribbon is tide in the back into a big red bow. The bottom of her dress has a white frilly fabric
✧Accessories: she wears two red bows above her cowlicks in her hair
『 𝒫 𝑒 𝓇 𝓈 𝑜 𝓃 𝒶 𝓁 𝒾 𝓉 𝓎 』
✧Personality: she can be a bit innocent, much like Sonia, but she does have a pervy side that she keeps hidden. She like to play innocent to confuse people when she does say pervy things. She is not easy to trust others but does not let anyone know of this
✧Likes: Teruteru, Hajime, Souda, Gundham, Sonia, Nekomaru, Usami, Chiaki, Twogami
✧Dislikes: Hiyoko, Fuyuhiko, Nagito, Monokuma
✧Hobbies: Dancing and practicing her Ultimate, sunwatching, hanging around the Ranch
✧Dreams: she dreams of becoming the best Fan dancer in the world
✧Habits: she has a habit of letting her perverted side come out and slipping up when she's around someone she doesn't like(this means she sometimes talks shit about them while they're in the room)
☆ Phobias/Fears: Trypophobia
☆ Pet Peeves: when people are very rude for no reason and swears far too many times
☆ General Weaknesses: (I know this sounds cliched but) when people she truly loves and trusts get killed or hurt
☆ Skills: she has very skillful agility
☆ General Strengths: the ability to trust others or not
『 𝒦 𝒾 𝓁 𝓁 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔 𝒢 𝒶 𝓂 𝑒 𝒮 𝓉 𝒶 𝓉 𝓊 𝓈 』
✧Status: dead
✧Murdered or Executed?: executed
✧How They Were Murdered: N/A
✧Execution: "Maya's Final Tango!" She is locked into a spinning platform, forced to 'dance'. With her are backup dancing Monokumas. Their Fans are replaced with Blades. As they dance around Maya, she is cut up and sliced. The final blow, caused by a monokuma from behind, cuts her in half
✧If Executed, Who Was the Victim?: Hiyoko(I know she was killed by Mikan but hey, it's a au of sorts)
✧How Did They Kill Them?: she built up trust with her during the free time events, once she is able to Visit her in her Cabin, she stabs Hiyoko several times
✧Motive: after teruteru was executed, she went insane. She started targeting anyone who hurt Teruteru or people who wronged him. And it didn't help that Hiyoko, the Ultimate Traditional Dancer, was Maya's rival in the industry
『 𝐻 𝒾 𝓈 𝓉 𝑜 𝓇 𝓎 』
✧History: While Maya was the Ultimate Traditional Dancer, this came with the price of being stalked by perverted old men. So she was always on edge when going into public. Coming to Hopes Peak Academy was a place of calmness for her. And she was almost glad she was trapped on Jabberwok island
『 𝒢 𝑒 𝓃 𝑒 𝓇 𝒶 𝓁 𝑅 𝑒 𝓁 𝒶 𝓉 𝒾 𝑜 𝓃 𝓈 』
☆ Mother - N/A
☆ Father - N/A
☆ Siblings, Grandparents, etc-: N/A
✧Love Interest
☆Teruteru Hanamura
☆Nekumaru, Souda, Gundham, Sonia, Mikan
☆ Hiyoko, Nagito, Fuyuhiko
☆ Usami, Twogami, the rest(can't remember their names😅)
(Original Template made by: )
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tarithenurse · 2 months ago
Stolen - 37
Fandom: MCU Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x fem!gifted!reader Content: A bit of angst and resentment. Probably spelling/grammar/etc errors. A/N: I love my job – thank goodness, I quit my old one and got this instead <3 Ask or re-blog for tag.
Tumblr media
37. Tainted Love
...   Loki   ...
Questions, blame, even hatred has been festering deep inside Loki since he first learned of his heritage. It has brought him to an understanding of why Odin, the man he had presumed was truly his father, had favoured the older son. The only son. But the pain caused by the negligence of a simultaneously doting mother has cut...maybe not deeper, but inflicted a wound that has festered slowly.
“Why?” Loki interrupts the queen in the middle of bringing him up to speed on her actions to ensure [Y/N]’s safety. “Why did you never knew.” There’s sadness in her eyes and yet he finds he can’t stop. “Did you never question his decisions or did you truly approve of the meaningless game he was playing? For what purpose, mother?” The last word is a mockery at the relationship he misses so dearly.
“There’s always a purpose to everything your father does.” She repeats the past but this time follows up with a sigh, “but even the best intentions can crumble to the weight of reality. Time passed and he didn’t see the same as I when looking at you.”
“A monste-”
Perhaps due to his natural coldness, Frigga’s glare seems filled with fire. “No, not a monster. To me, you were kin in heart and soul. Contemplative. But Odin was influenced by your appearance and in his eyes your colours of black and green were tied to a memory of cunning, blood thirst, and insatiable power.”
He can feel it, like an undercurrent in the sea something seems to pull Loki’s attention to what isn’t said. “What are you hiding?”
“More than is relevant at present,” the queen attempts to skirt his query, “it was never a lie, when we raised you as a prince. You truly were meant to sit upon a throne and, the All-Father hoped, become the one to bring peace to Jotunheim and bridge the divide between our realms.”
Loki can see it now, how the rightful heir of Laufey could be the one to turn the minds of the jötun from the desire to wage war. Kept alive in the Asgardian court, he had been both a hostage and an investment to guarantee a truce (or at least a cease-fire) until a deeper cooperation could be established through diplomacy. Silvertongue. It would have taken more than rhetoric to repair the damage wrought over centuries. Instead, Loki had been the one to deal the final blow to a realm already brought to the brink of extermination.
“I always tried to please him.”
Frigga nods sadly. “The doubt and fear growing within your father was not of your doing.”
“Still...I managed to prove it right to him,” the former prince groans. There is more to this, but for now he has to settle for less than he wants. “Either way...the past cannot be undone.”
... Reader   ...
Between spending your time worrying about your situation, you try to create magic on purpose.
That is to say, other than healing, every snippet of song that has helped you before have simply plopped into your head at the moment you needed it and slipped out between your lips without alerting you of the effects it would have. The fog you conjured when you first escaped your prison onboard the spaceship? Pure luck.
Maybe...maybe you’re getting close to something as a staccato melody with schwung fills the room together with the dancing light of a flickering candle – the flame growing and jumping along with the song, it seems. The words don’t all make sense yet but the ones that do are deliberate choices you’ve made along the theme of fire and light, dancing and moving.
On the other hand, when you’re interrupted by the sound of a key in the lock, the illumination still moves erratically.
As unlikely as it would be, you hope for Loki to be the one passing through the door to your confines and you can’t disguise the disappointment when it’s his brother instead. Adoptive brother. How could you ever have thought they were related?
The man entering and sitting down on the only available chair is blond like his parents; his features rough, and build muscular, but most of all powered by something bright and warm that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Summer, you muse at the heat of his persona. You can only imagine the kind of summer storm he’d resemble in battle: towering, boisterous, scorching.
Loki, on the other hand...
“The All-Father is in an uproar,” Thor begins without any pleasantries first, “the idea of you and Loki working together...a lesser man would have had you executed on the spot.”
In other words: Odin has considered it. “I suppose, I should be grateful that he wants evidence before passing judgment.”
You don’t dare to consider the consequences if you’re found out. Since Loki entered your life, the threat of death has lingered like a shadow – at times closer than your own – haunting your steps as one danger was replaced by another greater one.
The God of Thunder shakes his head with a sigh. “Your sarcasm will not save you, little mortal.” He ponders your face momentarily. “However, the repeated references to Thanos does help your case -” he stops your question before a sound escapes your lips -”yes...even your would-be accuser speaks of the Titan.”
Arox has never been talkative, so what you know of him and his background is limited. “He...his home...”
“Aye, Thanos attacked and laid waste to the planet. The desire to get revenge is what drove Arox to side with my brother...or so he claims.”
“Why should he lie?”
Darkness rests on Thor’s face as he looks away briefly. “Silvertongue...God of Chaos, of Mischief...of Lies...”
“He was raised under false pretenses and yet you people call him a liar?!” Too late, your hands slap over your mouth as if to force back the words and anger. I should not have said that.
But the blond man just nods, his gaze falling to his hands as the fingers twist awkwardly. “That did come as a shock.”
Of course, Loki would not have been the only one living with the wrong understanding, but you can’t find it in yourself to feel sorry for Thor who clearly suffers under the absence of his brother, probably longing for things to return to how they were before everything went wrong.
“What did you want, anyways?”
Your question seems to startle him back to reality. “How did you come to be here? On Asgard, I mean.”
Uuuuuhm...shit. It hardly seems like a good idea to explain how Loki threw his spaceship low across a desert of blackish sand and stone one second and then suddenly appearing inside a cave with a view of the golden city by the rainbow bridge.
“I don’ doesn’t make sense,” you try to buy time, fidgeting with the sleeve as if attempting to understand, “one moment it was one place and then it’s like the air squeezed me and then poof it was somewhere else completely!” Technically, you’re not lying.
Maybe the crown prince is aware that you are trying to answer; it’s hard to tell, but he doesn’t push the subject further, merely nods before telling you that he will continue what he can to uncover the truth about Thanos. Then he leaves.
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xxthethingxx · 2 months ago
Meet The Thing 
Name: Alexis 
Test lot number:  Subject 6969 [Yes her creator liked making jokes like these] 
Sex: Appearance is female. 
Age: Approximately 20 - 21 in looks 
DOB: February 14
Nationality/Ethnic: American?
Hair: Blackish red. Hard to tell as her hair color tone remains dark but has a habit of changing colors on its own.It's past shoulder length, draping over her bust with a slight wavy style. 
Eyes: Pale green to pale blue. Also never stays the same color. Red rimmed like she’s been crying but that’s hardly the case.
Skin: Porcelain and unmarred 
Height: 6Ft 4in
Weight: Never ask a lady her weight
Body Type: [X] 
Spoken Language: English. Can speak many other languages as well.
Voice Claim: Verosika Mayday
Personality: Alexis is very chill for a killer when not in ‘stalk mode’ and can be basically found just wandering about without much care if she's supposed to be there or now. Being a big fish and all that. She eye rolls at any flirting attempts and might give some back in good humor. On the flip side Alexis is very predatory, so keep in mind she will retain animalistic quirks. She could be cracking joke one minutes then be tearing your eyeballs out of their sockets the next with mouth full of serrated teeth
Combat Skills: As someone who can practically split herself in half and shape shift her body into whatever bladed weapon there is she hardly needs to learn.
Tattoos: Black Subject # 6969 at nape of neck.
Sexuality: Does it matter? Everyone is meat in the end.
The Thing Map location: Alexis’s map comprises of a heavily damaged three story laboratory that is rather vast. She can use the vents to pop from one area to the next. Better work quick on those generators. 
Backstory: Subject 6969′s file and history has been expunged from all existing files. Any history information will be given out over time.
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aesthetic-ghoost · 2 months ago
Wandering Secrets
This is a DP fanfic written for me by my friend thebigblackdevil5 on deviantArt, she gave me permission to post it here. It does have oc x canon in it, if it’s not your cup of tea, just ignore it lol
Tonight was the most longest, roughest and toughest week for Team Phantom, well have for them really since Sam and Tucker were out of town with their family. Why couldn't this week be any easier? It was supposed to be a fun week but it wasn't, sure Danny was beyond tired from fighting ghost each freaking day during his Spring Break, he had to freaking ''babysit'' Dan Phantom. Yes that's right, the evil future s the evil future version of Danny Phantom from an alternate timeline that no longer existed but that was a story for another time, but to sum everything up the time master Clockwork kept Dan in the Fenton Thermos but he was released for well let's just say for ''good behavior'', Dan was supposed to be staying with Danny for a close on or tp give the older phantom a second chance. Danny didn't really believe this since he didn't trust this sociopath narcissistic pervert ghost!
Danny made a hum sound to himself, he lean against the cold wall of the Spector Speeder, his blue eyes shift to the side noticing the older phantom and new ghost named Kai, well he wasn't a new ghost per-say he was accident ghost but new to the young halfa if that made sense or not. He and Kai were somewhat friendly towards each they were talk here and there, the blue ghost would tag along with Team Phantom when there was a mission but he was mostly kept himself. Kai didn't really talk to much only when he was spoke too, but after a while with spending time with the rest of the team he began to slowly open up but he was more open to Jazz, Danny's older sister and technically Dan's older sister in his future she no along lived, so he was sorta the older brother to a way. Anyways, the halfa notice that the blue ghost and Dan were acting a little to ''friendly' with each other, at first they were bickering and now they were flirting. Danny thought it was a little weird, but he had a feeling that Dan will flirt with anyone or anything really. Danny was sigh a little before turning his gaze to his older sister who was driving the Spector Speeder. ''How much longer are we going to each home?'' he said little irritated since he all he wanted to was to just relax on his spring break for once, but nope! The redhead girl gazed back at her younger brother, she swift her back to the road. ''We should back in five minutes or so, I know you are upset about this but you shouldn't take it out on me, little bother.'' Dan smirked at his younger half. ''Yeah ''little brother,''' saying this in a very mocking tone, Danny gave him the finger; he always enjoying messing with the halfa. He chuckle softly at himself since he thought it was pretty funny he turn his attention to the blue ghost was quietly sitting beside him with arms crossed shaking his head. ''Really?'' that's all Dan said. ''Yes, really. I don't find it funny and I think you should behave yourself behavior, Phantom,'' Kai said. Dan rolled his eyes before he smirked. ''I'm just playing, you know that?'' Kai sighs a little. ''I know you are just playing around, but I think you should cool it with the joking since it seem like Danny really wants to relax after all,'' he said quietly feeling bad for the halfa, sure he wasn't really close to him he did feel bad for him. ''Oh come on, Kai, like I said e knows I'm teasing it's nothing serious. Beside you like it when I tease you~.'' Upon hearing this the blue boy softly blush turning his head away to the other side mumbling something like, ''Well....We…well...I um... you know....'' which obviously didn't make sense at all since it was just mumbles coming out. Dan chuckle to himself.   While they were ''flirting'' Jazz continued driving and clearing her throat. ''As much as I'm happy for you two, which I am, but could you stop teasing everyone Dan, we should be home soon,'' she said smiling noticing the green-blackish area of the GhostZone getting more brighter-meaning they were closer to the lab! About three more minutes later, the ship was silent all expect for the constantly quietly flirting between the two older ghost. Danny knew that they were close but he felt his body getting more sore after a long battle with the ghost, all he wanted was a shower, food, and his bed to pass out for the rest of the night. 'That all sound so nice....Danny thought sleepily, he slowly started to close his eye. However not a minute or so, he could have sworn Dan mumbling something to Kai-about a secret place, this may him a little curious, what was the secret place that Dan mention. Danny slowly open his eyes a little gazing over his eyes towards the other two males. Danny knew that he should stop looking since that was rude and sorta creepy-ish, but he had this odd feeling that something wasn't right he didn't know what it was but he wanted to find out. The halfa was about to say something when he soon somehow phrase out of the Spector Speeder along hearing soft ''opps!'' and a hollow laugh which began to his evil future self, Danny groan a little since he didn't know why the day was getting much more worse than before. Danny lay on the cold metallic floor of the lab, he was so tired that he couldn't turn into his ghost form nor get up. Hearing a ''whoosh'' sound, glazing up to see Jazz hopping out of the ship and jogging towards him. ''I'm so sorry about that, Danny. I guess I didn't realize that I landed so harshly,'' she said while carefully helping him up. Danny slowly shook his head, he knew that she didn't mean too he was just way to sleepy to notice and his powers were sorta out of whack, he wonder that he was getting a new power or was he just physically tired in human and ghost form that he needed the rest for a day or two. Once he was helped up Jazz carefully and gingerly dust him off. The other two older ghost, hover off the Spector Speeder, noticing the halfa looking worn out Dan couldn't help himself to say something. ''You should be more careful there, little halfa,'' Dan said walking towards his younger self, crossing his arms with this mocking smug as look on his face. Danny groan in annoyance he was tired of this already. Kai turn his head to the side to see the Fenton siblings, he slowly hover towards them. ''It seem like ever seem tired after a long day, so why don't we go upstairs and do something....You know like I suppose...'' he trail off rubbing his chin thinking of the right word. ''Play some board games,'' he said awkwardly. None said anything as the blue ghost felt their eyes staring, causing his to rub the back of his neck shyly. ''Um... Sorry?'' he mumble. Jazz let out a very soft laugh. ''No, don't be sorry, you didn't do anything wrong at all, we were more surprised. Well I think it be a nice since this week has been a little hectic, so a nice board game will be great. I know we could my favorite game, I'm going see if mom and dad wanna join too!'' she clap her hands together. Danny rub his neck his neck little. ''As much as I would love to play the board game with you guys, I think I'm going to take a shower and probably go to bed,'' he said. ''Hm.. well alright than but you are going to be missing the fun the fun though, ''Jazz said while she began to walk upstairs. ''See you boys soon'' she said once more before heading off, which left the two ghost and halfa there. Danny stretched a little before he slowly made his way downstairs, but half way though he could have sworn he had his older self speaking with Kai about something. xXxX Once the room was completed quiet, Kai was going to upstairs but he stood felt a familiar hand on shoulder, he slowly felt his cheek heat up a little when he felt the older phantom leaning forward against his ear. ''I was thinking about doing a little more fun together, you know just and me~,'' he said with a sight purr. Kai a groan a little. ''I'm not in the mood for that tonight, we almost got caught twice by Maddie and Jack,'' he said while pushing himself off and turning around to face the older phantom. ''Look we are making it to obvious, you said you wanted to hide it from the others.... well mostly from Danny.'' Dan raised an eyebrow he clear his throat. ''I never said that, you the one who is trying to hide for some dumb reason, who cares if they find out its not like they are going to care,'' he stopped for a while thinking before he smirk a little. ''Well maybe Danny will care but so what? We are adults we have a little sneaky around here and there,'' he said. The blue ghost looked a little surprised how blunt the older phantom was, yes he knew that he always blunt but sometime it always made Kai little surprised when Dan spoke so bluntly like that about the truth. He was blunt to but ever since he began to spend time with Team Phantom which the way he spoke he began to be relaxed until though Jazz will sometimes say that Kai had this really serious face all the time to make it more difficult for other to approach him. Non knew about his past to well, all he said that he had a difficult time trusting and opening up to others so it more harder for him, Kai was trying to more open-minded on certain things and along with relationship but he was still trying. Kai looked to the side a little, sorta irritated that Dan said the truth like that. ''I'm not sorry about saying that if you are trying to make feel me guilty,'' Dan said. ''But I do mean what I said, who cares on what the others think, they could kiss my ass.'' The room stood silent, noone spoke only the sound of the soft machinery sound was clicking against each other. ''Well?'' Kai finally sigh with annoyance, putting his arms down and facing the older phantom who had this cocky smug look on his facial features. ''You're an ass, you know that?'' Dan smirked. ''Yeah I know, what are you going to about it?'' he said while chuckling at his own joke. Kai shook his head a little not knowing why he thought it was funny, but decided to change the subject on something lighter. ''We should head back, we promise Jazz that we play that board game with her,'' he said while looking upstairs wondering if the readhead girl already set up the board game and telling her parents about it too. ''I'm curious about it, what game is she going to make us play?'' ''Yeah I think we should something else than play a board game,'' Dan said. ''Dan I told we aren't--'' ''What? No. I mean like I wanna spend time with you, really.'' Kai made a frown. ''What about Jazz and the board game she mention?'' ''Honestly you don't want to play that game at all it is so boring, trust me,'' Dan said making a expression like his younger self will make, a expression that he looked afraid in a way. ''Its so boring...I know the longer the game it's more fun that way but this board game is so long and slow that I rather watch paint dry.... That says a lot!'' Dan said. The smaller ghost looked a little confused since he notice that Dan look so well 'scared' of the board game that he mention, know he knows how to get rid of the older ghost when he is trying to mess with him; Kai chuckle a little before rubbing his chin thinking. ''Well if you say this game is boring, what do you wanna do?'' Dan though about it for a while before he thought of somewhere. ''I know where to go, you like it. So do you wanna go?'' he asked calmly and sorta excited, like a kid on Christmas day. The blue ghost couldn't but think that Dan's expression was so cute in a innocence way, he sorta saw him a in light. He chuckle a little and nodded. ''Yeah, let's go.'' xXxX After a nice hot bath, Danny was now clean and dried up, he sigh a little while drying his hair. 'Man, that was the great shower. I don't feel as tired like I was maybe I could watch tv a little while Jazz and the other play the board game before I go to bed,'' he thought while he finished drying himself up. After doing all that, the halfa left the bathroom with a sigh of ease feeling a lot more refreshed than before; however, he noticed something a little odd. He didn't know why he thought that but he just thought it was really odd, he decided to shake the feeling off and go downstairs. Once he almost downstairs, he notice from the corner of his eyes the tv was on. It must have been Jazz watching the television. When Danny went to the living to see if the others were playing the board game, entering the living room he raised his brow when he saw Jazz on the couch sleeping, the game board game was on the coffee table, untouched. He wonder about his parents, maybe they went to bed or they were out. Ever since his parents found that he was Phantom, they began to take more thing at ease as going on dates here and there and spending the time with the family or relaxing. Yeah but they were still they were still the same old crazy-fun-loving ghost hunter. Even his parents weren't here he figure they were sleeping, but he notice something else which he frown. 'Where the hell are the other two?' the halfa thought looking around the place a little. While looking around the room, that bad feeling inside began to raise up little more inside of him; ever since they all got home that feeling was getting to him, he try to shake the odd feeling off of him. Danny approached the coffee table, picking up the control and turning the tv off, placing the control down. Noticing was amiss, he didn't see Dan nor Kai anywhere in the room, he knew that ghost couldn't eat but once his older self told him that some ghost miss the taste of food so they eat it, but not all ghost would that. He remember once he met Kai the very first time, they went to fight this new enemy, after the battle was over the halfa and the rest of Team Phantom went to the restaurant, the Nasty Burger, they all order their original, but Kai didn't order anything at all which made the others feel bad so they just order him a coffee; soon it was like a addition of Kai always getting coffee. The halfa headed to the kitchen to check out if the two of the ghost were in the kitchen, when he got there he didn't see anything; the unease feeling was coming out back again making him feel so very unease about that. Why couldn't he get this uneasy feeling off of him, maybe it was because he was tired or maybe it was because Dan was there more often. Danny shook his head thinking maybe that he was being a little paranoid about it until it took like five seconds when he realize to why he was feeling so unease about it; he facepalm finally realizing it. ''Crap...I should have know from the freaking start!'' he mumble dashing out of the out of his house, transforming into his phantom form and took of the sky.
_______________________________________________________________________ While Danny was in the street looking for the two who left the house; it almost been half a hour that he was looking for the both of them. He has searched everywhere around for them; no wonder his friends and others will call him clueless. The halfa groan getting a little impatient about this, he should have realize that Dan was up to no good and should have stop before Kai got to close, but it was like a fifty percent chance that was going to happen. After five minutes of searching the air, Danny stop mind way and looked around a little. ''Where could they have gone...?'' the halfa mumble while carefully hovering down since he thought maybe they weren't in the sky. Walking around the street; if Sam were here she would enjoy these quiet night. Danny couldn't help but let a small chuckle escape his lips a little and looked around a little, deep down he wishes he could have stood room and just go to bed but his heroic instants were kicking in. He sigh a little when he stood at a area that had a streetlight beaming more brightly than the others, he turn his head left and right to see if he maybe sense their presence anywhere-nope he didn't. He tried to walking around letting the cool night air calm his nerves. About like another hour of still searching he stopped on his trail and he let out a frustration groan. ''Ok.... This is getting annoying, I should just go and sleep, I'm tired as all--,'' before he continue his little vent out to himself, he turn his head to the left letting out a little gasp when a light blue. He knew who it was there were close by until he heard a familiar voices near the corner, blinking a little before he hover a little to the area. The halfa turn invisible quickly hid behind a brick wall he peek out a little to notice the two figures which was Dan and there one smaller figure which was Kai; seem like they were enjoying each other company. The halfa narrowed his eyes a little, he didn't know why they look so ''friendly'' towards each others, he thought it was bizarre that Kai was getting so friendly with the older phantom when earlier he wanted him to leave him alone; this didn't make sense at all. 'What the heck are they talking about....?' the halfa thought trying to get a better work on what was going on; thankfully he was invisible, he notice they were just talking-he didn't know what they were talking since it just sounded like mumbling. The other two look like they were having such a wonderful time together that they didn't notice Danny which was a good thing too. While listening more closely Dan mumble something that they should go to this special place. What special place was he talking about? Danny placed a hand on his chin thinking thoughtfully about it, he wasn't sure what he meant but he did like mean like a hotel? Ha, yeah, right he new that Dan will lusting after Kai like a freaking fratboy! Sure Danny knew that his since he was narcissistic, pervert, manic, crazy-obsessed power eating, and not caring about this anything about this himself; however he was wasn't sure why Dan so... well in the other ghost. The halfa shook his head since he felt himself getting an headache and was getting distracted with his own thoughts. ''Right. I better hurry and make sure that Dan doesn't do anything funny--wait! what the hell did they go!'' Danny said coming out of his hideout turning off his invisibly-there were no where in sight. Where could they could run off too...? Danny was deep in thought trying to figure where he could have taken the blue ghost out, until he let out a little gasp when he realize that his ghost sense was going off, he knew this was bad but he also knew that something worse was going to happen when he felt a this chilling feeling against his back when a hand landed on his shoulder giving a little squeeze. ''Hello there, little halfa,'' said a low deep voice behind the halfa, who didn't turn around as he knew that voice belong to well. Danny took a sharp breath and mumble. ''Ah crap.'' XxXx On the other side of town, the other two which were Dan and Kai were walking before they enter the park which really confused Kai to why they were entering the park for, he blink before he clear his throat a little. ''Don't worry I know what you are thinking, ''why is handsome good looking ghost taking me'' well it's a surprise,'' Dan said with his usual cocky smirk. Kai narrow his eyes a little, looking little annoyed and somewhat flustered looking. ''Actually I was thinking the opposite really, I was thinking why the park?'' Dan rolled his eyes a little playfully. ''Well, aren't you no fun, well...Do you remember when I was fourteen and we had that random battle in the Ghostzone, I kicked your ass that you refused to fight again,'' he said this while carefully sitting on the soft grass, and just laying back not a care in the world. ''Actually I remember it correctly,'' Kai said while he sitting down by the older phantom, ''I kicked your ass, you wanted a rematch I didn't want to fight since I thought it was pointless and you called me a jerk,'' Kai reply with a small chuckle escaping his lips. Dan rolled his eyes a little once again, he knew that the blue ghost was right about that but Dan was NEVER going to admit that he right about that little fight scene that they had a while. Sure he like to fib here and there about who lost to who but the story was always more interesting. The two of them were looking at the night sky together, the night always seem to calm anyone down; maybe it was because it was so quiet and noone was talking while in the daylight there was always chatting; it was only human nature after all but other prefer it to be more of quiet like the night sky. Kai was looking at the sky for a while before he blinked and notice some stars, he smile a little thinking about days that he has long forgotten. He decided to close his eyes for a moment to let the night sky winds blow away his stress away. While Kai was relaxing and The phantom was still on the grass, his arms were behind his head, he always looked like he was serious all the time of someone looked at his face but right now his expression was more relaxed than ever. He always hated feeling this emotional feeling that he sometimes have when he was with the blue ghost, sometimes he did like the feeling but sometimes he didn' was a painful remind of he is was back in the day. He sigh a little annoyed. ''I know this isn't like to talk about well... you know my...past... well, I never told you this, but when we first came I really like the story you told me your past,'' Dan said very softy. Kai slowly open his eyes and turn his head around to face the phantom who's eyes were staring into the night sky. ''I'm glad you did, it was always hard for to speak of that time in my life, but I felt really comfortable, I know we just met that day but I felt something... I suppose you could different about you like you were in the same level as me,'' he said. Dan blinked before swiftly his eyes to look into Kai's soulless orange-red eyes. ''What do you mean ''we are the same level...?'' he said dangerously low; he hated how others thought they were so indestructible which made him a little pissed about. Usually he go for the finishing blow but he waited on what the blue ghost to say for himself. ''I meant like we are in the same level, we understand what suffering and pain is in our way, Dan. I know you pissed at the moment, but you should fully understand that I don't mean to upset you... It just I was never this close to anyone before until I met you.'' Dan made a small hum sound that like ''mhm'', he was listening at the all while his expression soften a little. Kai sigh a little. ''Look, like I said was true, I know wording sound little I guess off but I'm trying to open up and well.. you know...,'' he said feeling his face heat up a little while looking away. ''Forget it, looks like I made you annoyed--'' he was cut off when he felt a hand on his arm. ''I'm not annoyed, it just coming here is bringing up a lot of memories that I seem to forgot I guess me on the edge which bothers me, I hate this feeling disguising emotion making me feel.. What the hell is that word,'' Dan said while rubbing his chin with his other hand, thinking a little on the word he was looking for. ''Empathy?'' Kai spoked up. ''Oh yes, that is the word I was looking, I know we have a rocky start the first time but if it wasn't for you I suppose ''looking after'' me I would have been the same guy that I was like months ago, trying to kill everyone along trying to get my revenge. You have been with the Fenton's that I have and it seem like Clockwork made a wise chose pairing us up together--,'' Dan cut himself off before letting out a very small chuckle releasing Kai's arm slowly. This caused the other ghost to look a little confused at the moment but he decided to patiently wait on what Dan had to say when he heard the other phantom chuckling. ''...That jackass of a ghost,'' that's what Dan had to say while Kai made a face. ''What the hell did I do?'' Kai demand. Dan shook his head a little while still chuckling. ''You didn't do anything--well you did but I will explain. Before you and the other got me back, Clockwork released a day before, of course I was going to attack him but he stopped from doing so, anyways, the point is...he told me something about my future.'' Now Kai was more intrigued about this, he sat up straight and carefully; Dan continue on the Master of Time told him. ''Clockwork told me to be sorta true to myself in a way, ugh, you know how complex Clockwork is with his wording of choice,'' the phantom mutter. The blue ghost softly smile very softly letting out a little hum, he understood what Dan meant about Clockwork being really complex and says that sounds like more a mysterious than actually the truth; Kai rub his neck a little feeling a little crick on his neck trying to loose it a little bit. ''Well..,'' he sigh a little once he got rid of the pain. ''I think he was right about that, I know Clockwork has some interesting ways of expressing certain phrase but I think what he mean that, your future isn't going to be so terrible,'' he said while feeling himself getting a little heated on the cheeks and looking to the side. Dan looked puzzled, he knew that Kai was beyond dense as all hell, but this side of the blue ghost seem... interesting in a good way; he smirked thinking it was pretty cute. ''I'm not going to lie, but seeing this ''new'' side of you is pretty neat, usually you all dense and well... it's pretty god damn annoying as freaking hell,'' Dan reply. Kai made a face. ''Uh... thanks...I guess..?'' ''It was a compliment, Kai.'' ''Like I said ''thanks'' didn't I?'' Kai snarky said. Dan rolled his eyes playfully since he knew that the blue ghost was pretty odd showing his feeling, he soon let out a little chuckle mumbling something under his breath. ''You are such a weird guy, Kai"; this little comment was meant to be said out loud which made Kai groan in annoyance while shaking his head and looking up at the night sky. The area was quiet once again, letting the wind gently blew against the ghosts' gave even though they couldn't feel the chilly wind against their skin, but it was rather calming. Kai let out a little breath since he knew that this relationship was a little strange from the moment they met but he was happy that he was the only that he really care for, like something inside-his heart wanted to This thought made Kai smile a little, this feeling nice but he was glad for this he wanted to be loved by someone who liked him for him and not just love him out of pity or use like others have done in the pasted. Those heavy thought were irrupted when the blue ghost let out a little gasp feeling his face heat when he felt familiar arms around him. ''D...Dan wh-what are you doing?'' he whimper out shyly. ''I'm just holding you and I want you to lay with me, maybe we could have a little fun if you know what I mean~,'' he purr softly against his ear. Kai blushed even more. ''We are not going to have s--'' ''I'm kidding about the last part.'' ''Oh?' Kai blinked notice that really serious toned of voice of the phantom. "Wow, you sound really serious--'' he was cut off when he felt Dan's lips against him and carefully was laid down on the soft grass; knowing that he was tricked! The kiss didn't last to long before the older phantom slowly pull away with a smirk. ''Gotcha.'' Kai was so stunned that he blinked two times before he narrow his eyes. ''You...Your such a jerk! Ugh...I can't believe I fell for that!'' he said while looking away blushing even more. Dan chuckle. ''I couldn't resist, beside you might be right about the future being so terrible after all, but who know since the future could change,'' he said softly. Upon hearing this the blue ghost slowly turn his head to face Dan, he didn't know maybe it was the moonlight or was because they were in the moment but Kai couldn't help to touch his cheek and smile a little. ''Yeah I think so too,'' the blue ghost reply with a soft smile on his face. They both looked at each for a moment before they lean forward before Kai spoke up still a little annoyed from the little trick that Dan pulled on him. ''You know you are ass hat, don't you?'' the blue ghost mumble out. ''Yeah I know, but are you going to about it?'' Dan couldn't help but let out a little chuckle while leading towards him.
Danny began to slowly open his eyes, his eyes still blurry from the sleepiness, he carefully sat up but he soon regret it quickly placing his hand on his head; t felt like it was like a rock hitting on the head. ''Crap...,'' he mumble trying to ease up, but it was gotten worse when he move his eyes to the morning sun beaming against the bedroom window.
Wait.... bedroom window? This made him blinked, he scan around the room that he was in his room, he placed his hand on his body to make sure if he was in his human or ghost form--human form. ''How did I get back home.... I remembering following Dan and Kai, than I lost track of them and than Dan... Great... just great. The young halfa sighed with annoyance since he knew that Dan must have knocked him out pretty good. The older phantom must knocked out and took him back to Fenton Work's, well that was oddly nice gesture of Dan to do. After a minute or two thinking Danny carefully got off the bed and slowly walked towards the door, when he open it he slowly walked downstairs. While reaching the bottom he soon realized something which made him facepalm slightly. ''Crap! I totally forgot about Kai.... ,'' Danny mumble softly, he turn back and made his back up the stairs to make sure if Kai was still there. xXxX After checking up the blue ghost, Danny was glad that he was okay, he knew that Kai could take care of himself but still he wanted to make sure that Kai didn't die or something since he was a little.... odd when it came to Dan. When the halfa finally reached downstairs, he turn his head to the right to see that his older sister was still on the coach still sleeping and the tv was still on. Danny smile a little before he decided to let Jazz rest some more; he walked inside the kitchen going to make himself to eat until he had this feeling that today was going to be somewhat okay day even though he was beyond pissed that he, the savior of Earth and savoir to the Ghostzone, and he lost small fight with his worst enemy ever--Dan Phantom. This made the halfa super annoyed while opening a cabinet to reach for a mug, he soon gasp when he felt the feeling that really bad uneasy feeling that he hated so much... ''I thought you were sleeping next to Kai,'' he said with low tone of his face. The voice reply back. ''I was but I decided to come downstairs for a cup of coffee, but were are my manners... Good morning, little halfa.'' Danny hated that little nickname, well deep down it was sorta cute but he hated how Dan would call ''little'' when he was around his almost a grown man after he was eighteen years old; narrowing his eyes, turning around quickly facing his older self. ''Why are you really here, Dan.'' Dan smirked rising an brow. ''Like I told you I was here for the morning coffee, but I do have a question why are were you following us last night." ''Uh..I don't know what you were talking about, I-I was taking a shortcut to Sam, yeah that's it'' he said walking towards the fridge before he felt a hand on his arm, he knew this bad as he tried to escapes before he groan when his back was against the kitchen wall. ''Damn it---W-ww-w-w--w-hat are you doing?'' Dan smirked even more, hovering over him. ''Are you jealous that I was with Kai and not you~?'' he teased. ''Ha! Don't make me laugh, I would I ever be jealous to be someone like you, I would rather burn in hell than be anywhere near you, Phantom...'' Danny said with the most dangerous tone of voice that his could muster up, with his eyes glowing green with anger. ''Hmm. I return all those years when Clockwork I could tell you were jealous that I was more spending time with Kai, hmm?'' Dan taunted. ''I was NEVER jealous, I was trying to protect Kai from you, but I figure he might be to dense to figure that out I might just show me.'' Dan chuckle softly. ''You know it's not a secret that you will be jealous of Kai'' Danny narrow his eyes more, eager to escape and leave this... well whatever this weird situation was. ''I'm not jealous, YOU two are the ones who are hiding secrets, and like I said before I am worrying about Kai since well he is part of Team Phantom and...I guess my friend,'' he said softly at the last part. ''Oh really now?'' ''Yes really, douchebag.'' The older phantom looked at his younger self; the fear that he enjoy smell on his younger self was long gone it was replace with hated and annoyance, well it more well with more annoyance than anything really. ''You became so feisty, I remember how you quiver in fear when how you saw me the first, how your whole body felt like it was breaking like it had no strength left.. You know that feeling when you lost everything and your world comes crumbling down. That's how you felt when I saw you that first but not look at you, you are the opposite of that, you might have replaced the fear... But you honestly don't believe you are stronger than me are you.'' Dan teased. ''I'm not afraid of you. I'm not the seem little fourteen old kid back than, and stop looking at me like that you, weirdo,'' the halfa reply with such annoyance making Dan laugh more teasing, ''Oh Danny,'' the older phantom patted his shoulder looking a smug look. ''We will see about that.'' It felt hours before the older phantom pull away making Danny blinked confused until he heard footsteps approaching the kitchen, he looked up to see that it was Kai wearing black shorts with a grey shirt on, he was rubbing his eyes. ''Morning...'' he mumble while walking towards the counter to make himself a cup of coffee but he stood in front of the counter noticing the noone started the freaking coffee, he groan softly and started putting the thing inside the coffee marker. While he was finishing up he notice the other two in the room being quiet...too quiet. Usually he was so dense about ''certain'' thing but he knew the quietness was a little... odd even for him, he turn around and looked at the halfa who looked annoyed. ''Did something happen I was asleep...?'' Kai asked softly and confused. Danny's blue eyes shift to swift to the side looking at Kai, he sigh a little and turn around--his back facing the other ghost. ''It's nothing. I'm going to wake up Jazz and take a shower so I could destress myself,'' the halfa grumble leaving the kitchen leaving the other two. Kai blinked confused as hell since he didn't know what just happen and look at the older phantom who had same smug expression on his face as before. The blue ghost blinked and raised an eyebrow. ''Mind telling me what happen while I was away?'' Dan chuckle softly and shaking his head a little. ''We were just talking about today like how it's going to be rather interesting is all.'' Kai blinked and shrugged his shoulders a little, while Dan crossed his arms and knew for a fact that today was going to be a interesting day indeed.
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Disney+ UK Star Launch: Complete List of New TV Shows and Films
We came for The Mandalorian, stuck around for WandaVision, and, as we wait for The Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki to arrive, there’s now a huge pile of new catalogue additions to work through, courtesy of Disney Plus’ Star brand.
Star launched on the Disney Plus streaming service in territories outside of the US (where Disney already has a home for adult drama in Hulu) on the 23rd of February. It’s added over 75 TV shows and 280 feature films here in the UK, including the entirety of Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Glee, Prison Break, Sons of Anarchy and Scrubs as well as cult favourites Firefly, Flashforward, Terriers and more. There are also some UK debuts in the form of the Star Originals listed below.
Film-wise, there’s ample reason to go back to the 90s in the form of Arachnophobia, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Con Air and a host of others, plus…well, it’s almost 300 films. Chances are you’ll find something to tickle your fancy. Households with kids should know there are new parental controls to set too, ensuring that nobody gets any unwelcome surprises.
Here’s the complete list of titles so far:
Star Originals
Big Sky
From Mr TV himself, David E. Kelley (Doogie Howser, Chicago Hope, Ally Mcbeal, Big Little Lies) comes a nine-part crime thriller starring Ryan Philippe and Vikings‘ Katheryn Winnick. Based on the 2013 novel The Highway by C.J. Box, Big Sky is the story of a series of missing girls and a private detective/cop trio with a messy personal history who team up to find them. It aired on ABC in the US last winter.
There’s very little fanfare for this comic book show‘s UK debut, which met with mostly negative reviews on release and was cancelled after 10 episodes, but Marvel completists will want to take a look. Tom Austen and Sidney Lemmon play the Helstrom siblings Daimon and Satana, the children of serial killers who hunt down the worst of humanity.
Love, Victor
Another Hulu original making its UK debut, this teen drama spins off from celebrated gay teen 2018 film Love, Simon. It’s narrated by Nick Robinson, who played Simon in the original film, and follows the story of a Puerto-Rican/Colombian-American teen living in Atalanta. Reviews for the 10-part first season were strong and it’s been renewed for a second.
Solar Opposites
Rick and Morty‘s Justin Roiland and Star Trek: Lower Decks‘s Mike McMahan are the creators of this adult animated comedy series about a family of aliens (pictured above) forced to seek refuge in middle America. Season one was enthusiastically received, and a second run is due to air in the US in March. Read plenty more about it here.
TV Series
According To Jim, Seasons 1 – 8 Alias, Seasons 1-5 American Dad, Seasons 1-16 Animal Fight Night, Seasons 1-6 Apocalypse World War I, Season 1 Apocalypse: The Second World War, Season 1 Atlanta, Seasons 1-2 Blackish, Seasons 1-5 Bloody Tales Of Europe, Season 1 Bloody Tales Of The Tower, Season 1 Bones, Seasons 1-12 Brothers & Sisters, Seasons 1-5 Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Seasons 1-7 Buried Secrets Of WWII, Season 1 Burn Notice, Seasons 1-7 Castle, Seasons 1-8 Code Black, Seasons 1-3 Cougar Town, Seasons 1-6 Desperate Housewives, Seasons 1-8 Devious Maids, Seasons 1-4 Drugs, Inc. Seasons 2-7 Family Guy, Seasons 1-18 Feud: Bette And Joan, Season 1 Firefly, Season 1 Flashforward, Season 1 The Fosters, Seasons 1- 5 The Gifted, Seasons 1-2 Glee, Seasons 1-6 Grey’s Anatomy, Seasons 1-15 The Hot Zone, Season 1 How I Met Your Mother, Seasons 1-9 Inside North Korea’s Dynasty, Season 1 The Killing, Seasons 1-4 LA 92 Lance, Season 1 Lie To Me, Seasons 1-3 Lost, Seasons 1-6 Mafia Confidential Maradona Confidential Mars, Seasons 1-2 Modern Family, Seasons 1-8 O.J.: Made In America Perception, Seasons 1-3 Prison Break, Seasons 1-5 Raising Hope, Seasons 1-4 Resurrection, Seasons 1-2 Revenge, Seasons 1-4 Rosewood, Seasons 1-2 Scandal, Seasons 1-7 Scream Queens, Seasons 1-2 Scrubs, Seasons 1-9 Sleepy Hollow, Seasons 1-4 Snowfall, Seasons 1-3 Sons Of Anarchy, Seasons 1-7 The Strain, Seasons 1-4 Terra Nova, Season 1 Terriers, Season 1 Trust, Season 1 Ugly Betty, Season 1-4 Ultimate Survival WWII, Season 1 Valley Of The Boom, Season 1 Witness To Disaster, Season 1 WWII Bomb Hunters The X-Files, Season 1-9 The 2000s: The Decade We Saw It All, Season 1 24, Season 1-9 24: Legacy, Season 1 The 80s: The Decade That Made Us, Season 1 9/11 Firehouse The 90s: The Last Great Decade? Season 1 9-1-1, Season 1-2
Read more
WandaVision Episode 7 Theories Explained
By Kirsten Howard
Gina Carano Was Fired from The Mandalorian, But Should Cara Dune Live On?
By John Saavedra
The 13th Warrior 42 to 1 9 to 5 Adam (2009) The Air Up There The Alamo (2004) Anna And The King Annapolis Another Earth Another Stakeout Anywhere But Here Arachnophobia Australia Bachelor Party Bad Ass Bad Company (2002) Bad Company (Aka: Tool Shed) Bad Girls (1994) Bad Times At The El Royale Baggage Claim The Banger Sisters Be Water Beaches Before And After (1996) Belle Beloved (1998) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Best Laid Plans Big Trouble Billy Bathgate Black Nativity Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation … Boys Don’t Cry Braveheart Breaking And Entering Bringing Out The Dead Broadcast News Brokedown Palace Broken Lizard’s Club Dread Brothers In Exile Brown Sugar Bubble Boy Bulworth Bushwhacked Can’t Buy Me Love Casanova (2005) Catch That Kid Cedar Rapids Chain Reaction Chasing Papi Chasing Tyson Choke The Clearing Cleopatra (1963) Cocktail Cocoon: The Return Cold Creek Manor The Color Of Money Come See The Paradise The Comebacks Commando (1985) Con Air Conan The Barbarian Confetti Consenting Adults A Cool Dry Place Cousin Bette Crazy/Beautiful Crimson Tide The Crucible Cyrus Damien – Omen Ii The Darjeeling Limited Dark Water Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008) The Day The Series Stopped Day Watch Deadpool 2 Dead Presidents Deceived (1991) The Deep End Deep Rising Deion’s Double Play The Devil Wears Prada Devil’s Due Die Hard 2 Die Hard With A Vengeance Double Take Down And Out In Beverly Hills Down Periscope Dragonball: Evolution Dreaming Of Joseph Lees Drive Me Crazy The Drop Duets The East Ed Wood The Edge Encino Man Enemy Of The State Enough Said Evita Exodus: Gods And Kings The Fab Five (2011) Far From The Madding Crowd (2015) The Fault In Our Stars The Favourite The Final Conflict Firestorm (1998) The Fly (1986) For The Boys Four Falls Of Buffalo French Connection II The French Connection From Hell Gentlemen Broncos A Good Day To Die Hard Good Morning, Vietnam The Good Son (1993) A Good Year The Grand Budapest Hotel The Great White Hype Grosse Pointe Blank Guilty As Sin Gun Shy The Happening Here On Earth High Fidelity High Heels And Low Lifes Hitchcock Hoffa Holy Man Hope Springs (2003) I Heart Huckabees I Love You, Beth Cooper I Origins I Think I Love My Wife Idiocracy In America In Her Shoes Independence Day Independence Day: Resurgence Inventing The Abbotts Jennifer’s Body The Jewel Of The Nile John Tucker Must Die Johnson Family Vacation Jordan Rides The Bus Joshua Just Married Just Wright Kingdom Come Kissing Jessica Stein Kung Pow: Enter The Fist Ladyhawke The Ladykillers (2004) Last Dance (1996) Le Divorce The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Live Free Or Die Hard Looking For Richard Mad Love (1995) The Man From Snowy River Margaret The Marine Marked For Death The Marrying Man Martha Marcy May Marlene MASH Max Payne The Maze Runner Medicine Man Melinda And Melinda Metro Miami Rhapsody Miller’s Crossing Moulin Rouge (2001) My Father The Hero Mystery, Alaska The Namesake Nature Boy Never Die Alone The Newton Boys Night Watch (2006) No Mas Nothing To Lose Notorious Office Space One Hour Photo Oscar And Lucinda The Other Woman (2014) Our Family Wedding Out To Sea Pathfinder (2007) Phat Girlz Phone Booth Planet Of The Apes (1968) Planet Of The Apes (2001) Pony Excess The Poseidon Adventure (1972) Post Grad Powder The Preacher’s Wife Pretty Woman Primeval The Puppet Masters The Pyramid Quills Quiz Show Ravenous Rebound Renaissance Man Revenge Of The Nerds Ii: Nerds In Paradise The Ringer Robin Hood (1991) The Rocker Romancing The Stone Ruby Sparks Runaway Bride Rushmore Ruthless People The Savages Say It Isn’t So The Scarlet Letter Sea Of Shadows The Secret Life Of Bees Separate Lies The Sessions Shadow Conspiracy Shallow Hal Shining Through The Siege Signs Simon Birch A Simple Twist Of Fate The Sitter (2011) Six Days, Seven Nights Sleeping With The Enemy Solaris Someone Like You Soul Food Spy Hard Stakeout Starship Troopers Stoker Summer Of Sam Super Troopers (2002) Surrogates Swing Kids Taxi (2004) Terminal Velocity Thank You For Smoking There’s Something About Mary The Thin Red Line (1999) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Three Fugitives The Three Stooges (2012) Titan A.E. Tombstone Toys Trapped In Paradise Tristan & Isolde Up Close & Personal V.I. Warshawski Veronica Guerin The Village (2004) Von Ryan’s Express Waiting To Exhale Waitress Waking Life The War Of The Roses The Watch (2012) The Waterboy The Way Way Back What’s Love Got To Do With It When A Man Loves A Woman White Men Can’t Jump William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet Win Win Woman On Top Working Girl (1988) The X-Files
cnx.cmd.push(function() { cnx({ playerId: "106e33c0-3911-473c-b599-b1426db57530", }).render("0270c398a82f44f49c23c16122516796"); });
The X-Files: I Want To Believe
Disney+ UK, now including Star is available for £7.99 per month
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