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#ruby goldberg
hlootooart · 10 days ago
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Ruby was kinda cool ok
Reblogs are appreciated! Do not repost or trace etc. anywhere.
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hlootooart · 10 days ago
Ruby Goldberg was awesome and deserved better...FIGHT ME
She was a more interesting character than Alice despite never speaking, and was perhaps the only character to get one over on Bendy several times through wit. And apparently she had the gift of foresight, because she knew exactly when and where Bendy would end up for her traps to work.
Tumblr media
She was also, from what we see, the only character to really show Bendy a blatantly postive emotion in this era, even if it was only once. Boris may be his partner in crime, but we didn't exactly see any "tender" moments between them like this, they just tagged along together. And her one act of kindness stands out more, because although she and Bendy were constantly playing cat and mouse, she's still able to show mercy and sympathy for her foe....before she vanished forever. What a nice note to end on.
Tumblr media
Also she wasn't above f****** up a dude. ON. SITE.
Tumblr media
(She even got the stand. DANG. All of that with an egg and her fists!)
What's worse was not only was she forgotten, but she was robbed of her title being the "first female character". Sure she wasn't a standout character like Alice was made to be— but she could've been. If she was focused on more, I'd like to think she'd grow to be someone like Grampy from Betty Boop with loads of kooky gadgets in addition to her irresistible baking.
Like this and this and this
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hello-im-not-a-possum · 2 months ago
list the babies that are your favorite
I’ll assume that you mean the BATIM toons.
1. Cameraman (He’s got those snooty motherfucker/genius idiot vibes, cool powers/abilities, lots of headcanon fodder and a neat design. I love him.)
2. Miss Twisted (Look me in the eyes and tell me that this twisted toon doesn’t remind you of Spinel, AKA the one fry I grab out of the entire SU series.)
3. Brute and Boris. (Hhhnnggg pupby)
4. Bendy (A real cutie, and is fun to mess with.)
5. Edgar Butcher (I don’t like spiders, but he can stay because he looks very polite.)
6. Alice Angel (Makes a good straight man to Bendy’s nonsense and I like what the comics did with her.)
7. Barley Butcher (I like how I write him more than how he’s turned out in canon.)
8. Charley Butcher (I like making fun of him more than I like him.)
9. The Woolly Triplets (There’s not much going for these wayward sheep. Aside from what you could do with them if they met the studio employees, namely, a certain Music director.)
10. Gaskette (Hehe living car man. Same problem as the WT, not much else going for him though.)
12. Ruby Goldberg and the rest of the BINR toons (A solid 90% of the time, I forget that they exist.)
13. Papa Pluto (Commits the cardinal sin of being a boring demon lord. If you are a DEMON LORD it is your job to be COOL. However, if more’s done with him, I could change my mind.)
14. Boswell Lotsobucks (For personal reasons: Fuck this guy.)
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mwolf0epsilon · 3 months ago
Cutest headcanon you have of the toons?
Ya didn't specify Anon, so I'm doing them all:
--Studio Toons--
The Ink Demon - There aren't many things in the studio that fascinate the Ink Demon, but something about the big locomotives on the Colossal Wonders floor sparks a certain awe within it. As such, the Ink Demon collects toy trains that it keeps safely hidden within a wall in the throne room.
Piper - Despite their surly disposition, Pipers will forage for and give food and other resources to any Fishers or Strikers they come across.
Fisher - Fishers typically only tolerate other Fishers, Pipers and Strikers, but they all seem to have a little soft spot for the Fisherman Lost One. They will on occasion leave him "bait" and lures.
Striker - Strikers can sometimes be found playing with the toys in the Heavenly Toys department. They will group of for playdates.
--Cartoon/Comic Toons--
Bendy - If Bendy were to take off his shoes, he actually has little cloven hooves instead of feet.
Boris the Wolf - Boris's fondness for sheep came from being raised in a farm by anthropomorphic sheep toons.
Alice Angel - When she befriends someone she applied a protective barrier that somewhat boosts their luck, thus helping keep them safe from life threatening situations. This sadly doesn't work for Demons.
Charley - Charley is the sappiest when it comes to giving his two "henchmen" (family) "rewards" (gifts) for their good work. He's a very thoughtful gift-giver.
Barley - While not the best cook when it comes to pot meals (chilli, stews, soup), Barley is actually very good with hands-on tasks like handyman repair work, and sewing. This comes in handy when his dumb partner and their dumb son get into a scuffle.
Edgar - He's had his lucky ducky since he was a very young child, and it was a gift from both Charley and Barley. It's his most cherished possession and he tends to it like one would tend to a baby.
Bubbles - He was adopted as Bendy's pet after Boris won him in a county fair game but thought he was too small to make much of a meal, thus gifted the little goldfish to Bendy who's loved him ever since (despite him being an unconventional pet for an imp).
Ruby Goldberg - Her love of baking came from growing up watching her grandma bake the most delicious pies. Baking her own and adding to the family recipe reminds her of home.
The Woolly Triplets - They live in a big farm with an entire flock of other "dumb" anthropomorphic sheep toons. Their rebellious streak stems from a desire to break the tradition of sheep being mindless followers. Their flockmates still love them unconditionally despite them being little weirdos.
Boswell Lotsabucks - Sometimes when he feels like it's safe to do so, he will head into his money vault and play with his money in the way a typical cat will play with a kitty toy. He will purr the whole time.
Miss Twisted - When she was a child she was genuinely very cute and wore frilly dresses. There are pictures and she gets very embarrassed when people find those.
The Brute - Despite being a wolf and not a dog, Brute will on occasion feel the urge to chase cars and bark at the mailman. This of course comes off as more threatening than endearing, but his two partners in crime find it absolutely adorable.
Cameraman - Cameraman loafs when he sleeps. It is the only comfortable position he can find due to his rather odd head-shape.
Papa Pluto - Despite greatly enjoying tormenting his own lowly imps (especially Bendy), Papa Pluto does consider them his children and becomes aggressively protective of them if some smart-ass toon attempts to vanquish them for good.
Chester - In his free time Chester performs sea shanties for passing ships. As long as they don't come too close to his roost he finds no reason to be hostile towards them.
Gaskette - If a passenger is having a particularly bad or difficult day, Gaskette will play calming music for them on his radio. It helps to provide them with a bit of temporary respite from their day to day life.
Canoodle - Despite being a cranky and highly territorial old can, Canoodle will offer shelter to animated object and object-head toons that have fallen on hard times (or have been tossed like common garbage). He can empathize with their struggles and extends the sort of kindness he knows they need.
Dewey - When not working at the library, he will often volunteer to work with children and teaches them to both read and write. He is also the most well known benefactor for orphanages.
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magiefish · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello, @some-random-ghost, I’m your secret satan! You said you wanted something from the crack up comics so I figured this was a good scene to draw 👍
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adobe-outdesign · 7 months ago
Can we just talk how amazing Ruby was from comic, how she kept fooling Bendy, how smart she was but also how caring at the end. I dunno, I just really liked her.
honestly I’d love to have her show up in BATDR somewhere and set up a bunch of overly complex traps that you have to avoid
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adobe-outdesign · 8 months ago
Seeing the bendy crack up comics with the pie saga and bendy getting it the end and bendy perhaps being a parallel to Joey, i like to think it’s Henry handing off bendy to Joey finally after years of Joey trying to make Bendy his own or taking ideas from Henry. The neighbor and bendy sitting and watching the sunset could be like them looking into the future one last time together before the neighbor who could be a parallel to Henry disappears, Henry leaving the studio for good. 1/2-🔆
Tumblr media
Joey: finally, I own the Bendy IP
Joey: the fuck do I do with this
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thedreamfisher · 8 months ago
The connection between the Woolly Triplets and Ruby
Looking at the comics for the 100th time today, I’ve noticed something new: the last appearance of the Woolly Triplets coincides with the last appearance of Ruby Goldberg. And both comics have a strange sense of... finality to them.
Tumblr media
The sheep had a series of strips, where the main plot was Boris trying to teach them how to be good criminals. In their last comic, titled “Graduation Day”, they finally manage to successfully do a crime, and Boris ends his lessons.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, Ruby had a series of strips, where the main plot was her trying to prevent Bendy from stealing her cake. When she finally lets him have it, she disappears as well.
It’s almost like the comics are trying to say that their story is over. Unlike Bendy, Boris, Alice, the Butcher Gang, and Boswell, these characters had an actual arc. They grew and changed as the comics went on, until they reached the end of their character arc. There was nothing more left to add, so they were simply let go. Meanwhile, characters like Boris, Bendy and Alice remain exactly the same. Whatever lesson they seem to learn is forgotten by the next strip.
Tumblr media
When you think about it, the same kind of goes for BATIM characters. None of the characters in the game - Henry, Alice, Sammy, Allison, Tom - really have an arc in the game. There’s only one character in BATIM, who seems to grow and change (for better, or worse) - Joey Drew. And now he’s gone, while everyone else is still trapped reliving their nightmare for all eternity, much like the characters whose forms they now possess.
I doubt the story is supposed to be this deep, but I still thought it’s an interesting way to think about it :)
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thedreamfisher · 8 months ago
We know the names of Bendy’s neighbor and the sheep
Tumblr media
Ruby Goldberg and the Woolly Triplets
Not the last line. it suggests that we will meet the Woolly Triplets again! In future comics, or perhaps in BATDR?
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paceypeterslawyer · 11 months ago
Cool facts about Paul Newman
1. Paul was a part of the March On Washington in 1963 along with Josephine Baker, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, James Baldwin, Jackie Robinson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Diahann Carroll, Lena Horne, Marlon Brando, and James Garner. And he was a huge proponent of civil rights.
2. He was famously faithful to his wife Joanne Woodward. They were in love until death did they part (for 50 years)
3. He started his own business (Newman’s Own Salad Dressing) and he set it up so that all profits would go to various charities. He also made sure that after his death Newman’s Own would continue to always give 100% of profits to charity.
4. Whoopi Goldberg told this story of how the two of them were filming a commercial together somewhere around the 90s. While filming Whoopi became very sick, collapsed and was in this comatose type of state. She said how once she awakened, Paul was sitting at the foot of her hospital bed. He had refused to leave her side until he knew she was ok.
5. Paul had an amazing funny sense of humor. He was a total prankster and he had the perfect way to deal with super fans. Once he was at a charity function and a woman came up to him and asked him to stir her punch with his finger. He reportedly said “I'd be glad to, but I just took it out of a cyanide bottle." He had a funny/dark sense of humor.
6. Despite his amazing looks, Paul was the most humble and self deprecating man you could meet.
7. Paul was an amazing actor having been nominated for 9 Oscars. He won 1 for acting. He was given an Oscar for his humanitarian work. And he was given an Oscar for his overall body of work.
8. He also became a race car driver in later years which he had amazing success in. He was a race car driver all the way into his 80s.
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tribeca · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This Black History Month, revisit our Black Actress Canon, an extensive collection of legendary, trailblazing performances that shaped the art of screen acting and recent tours de force that point toward its future.
These sixty-plus performances range from the humorous to the dramatic and derive from Hollywood and beyond, delivered by the likes of Mary Alice, Angela Bassett, Ruby Dee, Whoopi Goldberg, Pam Grier, Nina Mae McKinney, Evelyn Preer, Diana Sands, Quvenzhané Wallis, Fredi Washington, and many more.
Check out the full list, with links and information on where to watch these outstanding achievements! ✨
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askcharlottewalters · 9 days ago
i had thought of charlotte turning into a amalgamation of alice angel, miss twisted and ruby goldberg from the crack up comics and she is trying to survive being an ink creature.
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nellie-dritz-official · 13 days ago
Can you give a few examples of Teramah creatures?
Ooooo I’m gonna give an example from each of my types (there’s 20)
(Normal/Aerial) A paper pinwheel which turns into a origami box which turns into a origami crane, all of them having LGBTA+ color variations cuz fight me,
(Fire/Water) kelpie line with Arabian horse and camel inspirations,
(Water/Mystic) wisdom filled turtle with a shrimp-tail and a shrimp colony-like moss on it’s shell,
(Plant/Sound) a peanut creature and a grape-bunch creature that together turn into a PB&J creature,
(Lightning/Warrior) I shit you not, this one started off as a concept of “Pikachu, but it’s Totoro” Now it’s even more than that >w<,
(Earth/Monster) Zombies but they’re a stitch-work frankenstein machination with various terrains, having a somewhat sedimentary look,
(Aerial/Toxic) a combination of right-wing pundits, plague doctors, deacons, and crows,
(Warrior/Mystic) SU Ruby and Sapphire meets fairy tale knight and princess with a jessie and james influence. Fights together like Ice Climbers,
(Toxic/Plant) The notes I have for these are “Sea stars, feathery stars, sea lilies, oil tycoons, alien tendrils, mutations, smoking tar; then it changes into all of that plus sea urchins, Toxapex, volcanic underwater vents meets a capitalistic building / mansion,’
(Mystic/Fire) sea anemones meet burning bush, blood veins, coral reefs, and burning at the stake,
(Ice/Monster) A porcupine with spines and flowing body that evokes the image of an avalanche; inspired by Heartless designs,
(Bug/Earth) A small six-legged creature inspired by a terradome (those small mini environments) when it changes it becomes a millipede (Think the Mecha Wiggler from Super Mario Odyssey and you have it’s final shape.),
(Crystal) What I have written for these creatures are “Glass bubbles, chemical bottles, atomic / ionic bonds, vitamin supplements, it's fluid like jello, jar-like, and it's inspired by those inside crystal engravings. Also inspired by Minecraft slimes,”
(Metal/Normal) A stim-toy that’s also a Minecraft piston / rube goldberg machine as it develops,
(Monster) bug eyed bear gator dragons. These actually have names: Bogator and Osorogon,
(Sound/Fantasy) Inspired by stereotypical cartoon hammers, also the combination of old cartoon aesthetics, guardian angels, and the idea of civil justice,
(Fantasy) a line based off of owls, deer, moths, fairies, dream clouds, and 70′s stereotypical wizard robes
(Spirit/Lightning) Based off almost a spider, a rake monster, a medical gown, and Sadako from the Ring novels.
(Darkness) black catdog with an emphasis on gates and entrances. Crosses black cat superstitions with black dog superstitions.
(Problem/Normal) An angel but the head is made of basic shapes, hands and arms morph to fit the situation, huge angel wings. Named Emmeye.
Annnnd that’s about it as a small selection. Most are up and down as to how much each are actually planned and figured out, all 630+ have a minimum note to them so I can remember the image in my head.
You’ll also notice a running theme of “damn there’s a lot of concepts to these”, and that’s intentional. A criticism I have of most of Pokemon’s designs is that many of their inspirations are instantly readable, which makes them somewhat more boring compared to designs like Gardevoir and Arceus; sure you can pin-point the inspirations if you think about it, but clearly the way they’re combined gives them their own unique feel to them. 
They’re not just “feminine wizard” or “llama-like deity”. There’s a lot more to them, and that makes them more memorable. I want that with all Terámah.
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gameloto222 · 29 days ago
Wwe Betting
Tumblr media
WWE presents their yearly Royal Rumble event this Sunday night on the WWE Network. The first WWE PPV show of 2021 features three big championship matches, as well as the men's and women's Rumbles. NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day takes place on Sunday night at WWE's Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. The show will see three championships be defended along with the final matches of.
WWE presents their yearly Royal Rumble event this Sunday night on the WWE Network. The first WWE PPV show of 2021 features three big championship matches, as well as the men's and women's Rumbles which will determine championship contenders for WrestleMania. This year has been one of the more unpredictable years heading into the Rumbles, with fans and analysts alike trying to decide on their picks.
The updated betting lines for the show have been released by the folks over at BetOnline, who kindly sent them in to ComicBook. These odds are sometimes indicative of the likely results at the shows.
Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the annual event including the start time, matches, and the current betting odds. When does WWE Royal Rumble 2021 start? WWE Royal Rumble 2021. Current WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Betting Odds By Ross Kelly January 28, 2021 The Royal Rumble is just a few days away and only three matches have been set in addition to the Men’s and Women’s.
The odds are:
Asuka & Charlotte Flair (c) vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler -200 (1/2)
Asuka & Charlottle Flair +150 (3/2)
Drew McIntyre (c) vs Goldberg
Drew McIntyre -300 (1/3)
Goldberg +200 (2/1)
Roman Reigns (c) vs Kevin Owens
Roman Reigns -1500 (1/15)
Kevin Owens +600 (6/1)
Men's Royal Rumble Winner
Daniel Bryan 1/1
Edge 5/2
Brock Lesnar 6/1
Keith Lee 7/1
Big E 9/1
Drew McIntyre 10/1
Shinsuke Nakamura 10/1
The Rock 10/1
Goldberg 12/1
Roman Reigns 12/1
AJ Styles 14/1
Bray Wyatt 14/1
Seth Rollins 14/1
Jey Uso 16/1
CM Punk 18/1
Braun Strowman 20/1
Cesaro 20/1
Sheamus 22/1
Adam Cole 25/1
John Cena 25/1
Kevin Owens 25/1
Matt Riddle 25/1
Aleister Black 33/1
Andrade 33/1
Bobby Lashley 33/1
Finn Balor 33/1
Karrion Kross 33/1
Lars Sullivan 33/1
Otis 33/1
Baron Corbin 40/1
Buddy Murphy 40/1
Kofi Kingston 40/1
Mustafa Ali 40/1
Wwe Betting Sky Bet
Randy Orton 40/1
Tumblr media
Samoa Joe 40/1
Apollo Crews 50/1
Conor McGregor 50/1
Jeff Hardy 50/1
Johnny Gargano 50/1
Ricochet 50/1
The Miz 50/1
Tommasso Ciampa 50/1
Tyson Fury 50/1
Walter 50/1
Xavier Woods 50/1
Angel Garza 66/1
Dominik Mysterio 66/1
Tumblr media
Elias 66/1
Pete Dunne 66/1
Rey Mysterio 66/1
Christian 80/1
The Undertaker 80/1
Triple H 80/1
Kane 100/1
Stone Cold Steve Austin 100/1
Shane McMahon 125/1
Vince McMahon 250/1
Women's Royal Rumble Winner
Bianca Belair 3/2
Alexa Bliss 3/1
Charlotte Flair 4/1
Rhea Ripley 11/2
Ronda Rousey 7/1
Bayley 8/1
Becky Lynch 8/1
Sonya Deville 10/1
Shayna Baszler 14/1
Nia Jax 20/1
Paige 20/1
Asuka 25/1
Carmella 25/1
Io Shirai 25/1
Lacey Evans 25/1
Lana 25/1
Mandy Rose 25/1
Peyton Royce 25/1
Sasha Banks 25/1
Trish Stratus 25/1
Eva Marie 33/1
Liv Morgan 33/1
Wwe Betting Bovada
Nikki Cross 33/1
Ruby Riott 33/1
Toni Storm 33/1
Wwe Betting Site
Candice LeRae 40/1
Naomi 40/1
Natalya 40/1
Wwe Betting Odds
Dakota Kai 50/1
Dana Brooke 50/1
Ember Moon 50/1
Mia Yim 50/1
Tegan Nox 50/1
Billy Kay 66/1
Chelsea Green 66/1
Wwe Betting Odds
Mercedes Martinez 66/1
Sarah Logan 66/1
Tamina 66/1
Piper Niven 80/1
Kelly Kelly 100/1
Lita 100/1
Stephanie McMahon 150/1
We see that both Reigns and McIntyre are favored to retain their titles, though Reigns is a much bigger favorite than McIntyre. At the same time, the women's championships are favored to change hands as fans are expecting the women's champions (Charlotte Flair and Asuka) to begin a split which will lead to an eventual match between the two for the Raw Women's Championship.
Daniel Bryan and Edge are the top two favored men to win the Rumble, while Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss come in at one and two on the women's side.
What are your predictions for the WWE Royal Rumble? Let us know in the comments section below!
Tumblr media
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fearsmagazine · a month ago
CEREBRUM Trailer & Poster
Have You Backed Up Your Brain?
From visionary new filmmaker Arvi Ragu, and starring Christian James (Hell Fest, “Nashville”), Alexxis Lemire (The Half of It), and acclaimed actor James Russo (Django Unchained, Beverly Hills Cop), Cerebrum available On Demand May 4, 2021.
To make ends meet, Tom signs on as a guinea pig at a home-based lab, but when he commits a crime he cannot remember, he must risk his own sanity to reveal the truth.
Says Ragu, “The seed for CEREBRUM came from our current social behavior where all our photos, videos, shopping choices, political affiliations, financial data, and all other aspects of our daily life have been digitized. Cerebrum extends the concept to explore what will happen if our memories can be digitized as backups and used to restore it if it ever failed. Besides the sci-fi aspect, I wanted to explore the broken relationship between a father and son, and how they find a common cause to come together to understand and love each other.”
Also starring John Ruby (“Justified”) and Anirudh Pisharody (“The Goldbergs”), Cerebrum will also screen at the 54th annual WorldFest in Houston towards the end of April.
Cerebrum is released via Glasshouse Distribution.
Tumblr media
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tabloidtoc · 2 months ago
TV Guide, March 15-28
Cover: TV's True Crime Craze -- America's Most Wanted returns and 35 more must-see killer stories
Tumblr media
Page 1: Contents, Your Feedback
Tumblr media
Page 4: Ask Matt -- Mom, Vikings, Ray Donovan, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune
* Coming Next Issue -- Law & Order: Organized Crime
Page 6: TV Insider -- 25 top shows
Page 7: First Look -- Topher Grace in Home Economics
* The Show We're Talking About in the Office -- NCIS: New Orleans
* The Big Number -- 60 million dollars that NBC is reportedly stuck paying for the Golden Globes every year for the next five years -- which probably doesn't feel like that bargain it might have been in 2018, when NBC signed the contract and a solid 19 million viewers were tuning into the awards ceremony. This year's event, mired in controversies and beset by tech glitches from a mostly virtual show, sank to its lowest ratings in 13 years, with just under 7 million viewers
Page 8: Family Room -- shows both adults and kids will love
Page 10: The Roush Review -- Genius: Aretha
Page 11: Bloodlands, Delilah
Page 13: Cover Story -- TV's true crime craze -- serial killers, weird cults, felons galore: we are devouring so much true crime TV, it ought to be illegal. To feed your appetite, we've rounded up a ton of titles, new and classic. You'll find notorious names and meet monsters you won't be able to forget. But first, the return of America's Most Wanted with new host Elizabeth Vargas
Page 14: Pop culture sensations, serial offenders, formula busters, at least no one dies
Page 15: Beyond bizarre, murderers' row, the Hollywood treatment
Page 16: Stars in Her Eyes -- Zoey re-creates a cherished childhood memory in the hopeful return of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
Page 18: What's Worth Watching -- Week 1 -- Baywatch
Page 19: Monday, March 15 -- Three reasons to watch Bulletproof, The Bachelor season finale, Bob Loves Abishola, Virus Hunting: Cave to Covid, Intervention
Page 20: Tuesday, March 16 -- J.D. Pardo on Mayans M.C., Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NCIS, Queen Sugar, Young Rock, The Blended Bunch
Page 22: Wednesday, March 17 -- Chicago Med, I Survived a Crime, Snowfall
* Thursday, March 18 -- Complete guide to the NCAA men's basketball tournament
Page 23: Thursday, March 18 -- Walton Goggins on The Unicorn, grown-ish
Page 24: Friday, March 19 -- Everything but the House, Double Cross with Blake Griffin, Rescue Cam
* Saturday, March 20 -- Relic, V.C. Andrews' Ruby, Chasing Waterfalls
Page 25: Sunday, March 21 -- The Third Man, Love at Sunset Terrace, American Gods, American Idol, Mystery 101: Killer Timing, The Walking Dead, Genius: Aretha, The Gloaming
Page 26-41: TV listings
Page 42: Stream It! Your guide to the very best streaming available now -- Netflix -- Katharine McPhee on Country Comfort
Page 43: Audrey, The One, Borgen, Behind Her Eyes, Canine Intervention, L.A.'s Finest, Last Tango in Halifax, Someone Has to Die
Page 44: Prime Video -- Irish stories for St. Patrick's Day -- The Quiet Man, Angela's Ashes, Leap Year, Sing Street, Float Like a Butterfly
* Streaming Service Spotlight -- Paramount +
Page 45: Hulu -- 3 reasons to watch Staged
* Disney+ -- The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Page 46: New Movie Releases
Page 47: Series, Specials and Documentaries
Page 48: What's Worth Watching -- Week 2 -- NCIS: Los Angeles
Page 49: Monday, March 22 -- The Good Doctor, Murder She Wrote, Hoarders, Beartown, Breeders
Page 50: Tuesday, March 23 -- Charlie's Angels, Kenan, The Curse of Oak Island, Superman & Lois, New Amsterdam
Page 51: Wednesday, March 24 -- ISU World Figure Skating Championships, The Goldbergs, The Conners, Restored, Fast-Forward: Look Into Your Future, Married at First Sight
Page 52: Thursday, March 25 -- Superstore series finale, The Young and the Restless, No Demo Reno, For Real: The Story of Reality TV, Nightwatch
* Friday, March 26 -- Bones, The Blacklist, Twyla Moves
Page 53: Saturday, March 27 -- Tina, The Fall Guy, Murdoch Mysteries, 52nd NAACP Image Awards, Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Saturday Night Live -- hosted by Maya Rudolph with musical guest Jack Harlow
Page 54: Sunday, March 28 -- Aldis Hodge on City on a Hill, Movies for Grownups Awards, When Calls the Heart, The Rookie, Yellow Rose
Page 56-80: TV Listings
Page 84: Cheers & Jeers -- cheers to Superman & Lois, Men in Kilts, Mike Richards; jeers to The Crew, A Million Little Things, Hell's Kitchen
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thenamesofthings · 2 months ago
...Kerl acknowledges in his article that the most notorious pornographers in American history — Ruben Sturman and Steven Hirsch — are Jewish. Known respectively as the “Walt Disney of Porn” and the “Donald Trump of porno,” the two have both possessed the title of being the top distributor of pornography in America. Sturman built his porn empire while evading the FBI, and after dying as the stereotypical greedy Jewish mobster in federal prison, he passed the family business onto his son, David. Hirsch is still alive. He owns Vivid Entertainment, the largest porn network in the world today.
Seth Warshavsky, a Polish-American Jew known for pioneering internet pornography, is called “the public face of online porn.” David F. Friedman founded the Adult Film Association of America. William Margold was a porn director, activist, and director of the Free Speech Coalition, a trade-association for advocating on behalf of the adult film industry. Paul Fishbein, Irv Slifkin, and Barry Rosenblatt own AVN Media, and Mark Spiegler owns Spiegler Girls (Spiegler also allegedly owns the domain for the pedophile website NAMBLA, according to leaks from the now-defunct Porn Wikileaks). More notable Jewish studio owners and adult industry magnates are Seymore Butts, John Stagliano, Phil Harvey, Joe Francis, Winston Wolf, Gary Cremin, Bruce J. Friedman, Cable Rosenberg, Mike Kulich, and Greg Lansky (Mark Collett has a summary here).
Luke Ford presents another comprehensive list (archive of Ford’s essays can be found here): Ron Braverman, John Bone, Wesley Emerson, Herbert Feinberg, Hank Weinstein, Lenny Friedlander, Bobby Hollander, Rubin Gottesman, Fred Hirsch (Steven Hirsch’s father), Paul Apstein, Steve Orenstein, Jack Richmond, Theodore Rothstein, Ron Sullivan, Jerome Tanner, Armand Weston, and Sam and Mitch Weston. Additionally, Jews were also “most of the leading male performers of the 1970s and ’80s. . . include[ing] Buck Adams, Bobby Astyr, (Bobby Charles) R. Bolla (Robert Kerman), Jerry Butler (Paul Siderman), Seymore Butts (Adam Glasser), Roger Caine (Al Levitsky), David Christopher (Bernie Cohen), Steve Drake, Jesse Eastern, Jamie Gillis (Jamie Gurman), Ron Jeremy (Hyatt), Michael Knight, William Margold, Ashley Moore (Steve Tucker), David Morris, George Payne, Ed Powers (Mark Arnold aka Mark Krinski), Harry Reems (Herbert Streicher), Dave Ruby, Herschel Savage (Harvey Cowen), Carter Stevens (Mal Warub), Marc Stevens, Paul Thomas (Phil Tobias), Marc Wallice (Marc Goldberg), Randy West (Andy Abrams) and Jack Wrangler.”[2]
Corroborating this, the Jewish pornographer Michael Kulich stated in a 2015 interview that “the adult industry was pretty much founded by the Jews,” and that today “all the business owners are pretty much Jewish or have Jewish ties or at some point worked for a Jew...”
I don’t go into a place and think I’m Jewish, who else is Jewish, I need to work with them. Respect goes universally across all races, creeds, colors, religions, everything. The Jews know we’re better than everyone else — that’s all that matters. It’s true we’re the chosen people; it’s a fact.
--porn director James Dorn, quoted by Emily Shire, “The Jewish Porn Star Next Door,” Jewish Daily Forward, 2013
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