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#rq!shadow sabre
(Rainbow Quest)
[Sabre has a broken foot and Shadow Sabre has a bloody nose.]
Dark Steve: What happened?
Sabre: I tried to let go of my anger and threw a rock at my foot!
Dark Steve, to Shadow Sabre: And what happened to you?
Shadow Sabre: Oh, I laughed so hard I burst a blood vessel in my nose. It’s fine.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 2 months ago
Ridiculous (Rainbow Quest)
Sabre: Any of you handsome brothers ready to go kill a big hunk of demonized darkness?
Dark Steve: I’m ready.
Shadow Sabre: I’m hungry.
Professor Red: I’m tired.
Void Steve: and I’m Void Steve.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 5 months ago
(Rainbow Quest)
Light Steve: Hey Sabre, what do you want to eat?
Shadow Sabre: The souls of the innocent…
Sabre: A bagel.
Shadow Sabre: NO!!
Sabre: Two bagels.
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itsthedemontamer367 · 2 months ago
RQ AU Facts!!! :]
soo- this is sorta a update for the Rainbow Quest AU I am working on. It's not canceled I'm still working on it. but what I just want to say that one of the main reasons I'm making this AU is to expand the world (new creatures ,steves ,animals ,ect), basically these are sorta some ideas I have for this AU, also with some changes for this AU as well!
Fist of all this is a Crossover AU! Kind of.
Its not really a crossover of other games or TV shows/movies and not much of them are in it. no its other Minecraft Storys! (Note there was some inspiration from @marastar 's Dimensional Rift AU)
The other storys consist of: the Dream smp, Songs of War, and a little bit of the Origins smp!,as well as some thing else I'm working on. The AU's story will be in parts for each story then will be brought together in the end.
If yall can suggest other story's for this AU if you wasn't (Note I will have to actually watch, or read them and find out how it will fit in the story)
Why I added these other story's, well if you seen the refs I posted for I would sometimes put extra refs (I don't do it on DeviantArt so these refs are only on Tumblr) one of them consist of little stones, but they were actually going to be a Easter egg referencing Songs of War! My brain then went "Yeah, but what if there in the same world." much like the first Shadow Sabre ref, and the Dream smp and Origins smp just came along (cuz I thought and still think that a interaction with DreamXD, Abbigail and Luna would be Pog!) and that's basically it.
Secondly the AU entirely is called Dragons Journey! It will make since later!
so on with some facts on each part!
Rainbow Quest Retold:
One of the big things first! The species name for the Steve's WONT be used in this AU but will be called Dragonoids! But I do have a idea that the person who discovered them is named Steve. Why there called Dragonoids instead of Steve well one I find it kina weird that a entire species would be called "Steve" and I know its because the skin look's like minecraft steve and for the second reason my art style for them don't look like Steve more animal like and for the third reason Dragons are cool.
Another big thing! all the Steves/Dragonoids will have names! and you can already see them in the refs I posted on both Tumblr and DA. Not to mention on DA you can see that the file name for the ref has there name on it. why I'm giving them names, well I feel it would help with telling whos who.
Another thing! The Darkness will have a different backstory! Why I'm doing this well in the original RQ story the twist that the Darkness was made by the Hero was big but if I do it in this AU it wouldn't make since in the slightest.
A thing connected to the other thing! ok why the Darkness wouldn't make since in this AU is because there would be more than one hero! What I mean, I mean a entire civilization of Rainbow Steves/Dragonoids! Why I'm doing this well this could give Void a bigger backstory and Prism/the 3rd Hero help and someone to actually another Hero to help him get used to his powers!
A thingy! now one thing that fans of the Steve Saga and Rainbow Quest question about is where do the kids come from I do as well but I think I have a answer for this AU I got some inspiration from a RP Group on DA called Aurillion! If your from that group or was exploring around and came across it you might know what I mean, if not I got a screen shot of what I mean!
Tumblr media
also there will be hybrid Steves/Dragonoids.
and that would be all for now! :]
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illusion-reality-steve · 4 months ago
Reaction to RQ!Reverse episodes (Librarian, Nightmare’s Return, Sandwich Boi’s brief moment of glory, Chaos vs Ultra)
First of
...I have many negative feelings about these episodes.
Ok. These episodes.
It’s all RUINED, Can I fix it? Can Chaos Steve be STOPPED? I’ll find out IMPORTANT tips on how to STOP the DARKNESS 1 reason NIGHTMARE STEVE is still ALIVE This is how Nightmare Steve TRICKED me! Mysterious Figure CONFRONTS Nightmare Steve TRAPPING Chaos Steve and STEALING his power! I created ULTRA STEVE, and you won’t believe this but... WOW...Ultra Steve did THIS to Chaos Steve Why would Dark Steve BEG Rainbow Steve for THIS? This Steve actually RETURNED!! NO WAY! The ONLY way to defeat the ULTIMATE Steve in Minecraft How to make a PORTAL to the VOID! Reverse Steve finally LOST IT
14 episodes. 14 episodes total after the Faceless arc to finally deal with Reverse Steve.
Compared to how long the arcs in the Steve Saga are, 14 episodes seems like a short, clean amount of plot advancement.
But while I was bingewatching these episodes, it didn’t feel like 14 episodes of story to me. It felt like....chaos.
The plot in these episodes is really jarring to me because it was doing WAY too much in a SMALL amount of time. And most of the plot was the heroes reacting, rather than being proactive. And I...didn’t like it.
Let me explain:
So, the Steve Saga did a “Villain of the Week” format. Where one (1) villain is introduced and dealt with, and then the next villain is introduced. It was repetitive, but easy to follow.
Examples from the Steve Saga: Dark was a threat. Dealt with. Shadow was a threat. Dealt with. Nightmare was a HUGE threat and Shadow and Dark were added, but it worked because we know who Dark and Shadow are. Dealt with. Then Reverse, then Positive/Negative/Infinity, then Plague, then Faceless, and so on.
Rainbow Quest doesn’t follow that formula. It’s connecting all of its villains into one arc, where one villain is naturally the consequence of another villain.
Rainbow Quest Season 1 mainly set up the villains, the main plot, and a sequel hook. This is unlike the Steve Saga because while the villains just spawned into the story line, Rainbow Quest is showing us the rise of the villains. We know Nightmare’s origins, Dark’s origins, and Reverse’s origins, and they were all spaced out and connected to the main plot (getting the crystals) well.
We had Nightmare as an antagonist, or an obstacle in the main plot (finding the 7 crystals while saving Steves from doom), and his actions created Dark Steve. That worked. And since Rainbow Red was established early in the series and had little cameos before his transformation to Reverse Steve, that helped set up the sequel hook for Season 2. That also worked. imo, the format RQ Season 1 uses is a lot better than TSS’s formula; it’s less repetitive so it feels fresher to long-time viewers, and it connects to the overarching plot well.
But Rainbow Quest S2 didn’t follow the format S1 used.
While Season 1 has a good balance between main plot (finding the crystals) and subplots (setting up villains and future story), Season 2 had WAY too much and an unbalanced amount of subplots. S2′s subplots TOOK OVER the main plot.
What even is the main plot of S2? Well, based on the first episode where we heard Rainbow’s voice, I think the audience was expecting the main plot to be Rainbow Steve saving Steves and adjusting to becoming the new hero and keeping his identity secret to boost morale, while Reverse (later Chaos) will be the main villain.
We were supposed to see Rainbow and Sabre go from color to color to help everyone defend against the Darkness and restore hope.
But then that got hijacked by Reverse, who drained all of Rainbow’s powers and forced him to be saved by the Orange Steves, outing him as being Main Orange reincarnated as the hero.
Rainbow and Sabre haven’t even saved anyone yet at this point. They just went to the Yellow Steves to receive Light’s training and the Orange Steves to see that they’re doing well.
The beginning of the season made a huge deal of keeping Rainbow’s true identity a secret. It was going to be part of his character development about responsibility, bravery, and being someone else. But S2 just did a speedrun of that character arc because he was immediately outed, and the Orange Steves were ok with the truth. So why was there so much stress on Rainbow’s secret when it wasn’t going to impact the plot anyways??
Anyways, then they did their side quest of helping Ghost Steve (which was a valid thing to do), which led to the Faceless sideplot. And immediately after Faceless’ defeat (with hints of Void’s debut), Reverse and Dark just came in and destroyed everything. Not even a moment to breathe. They just caught Rainbow and Sabre off guard. This makes these two look easily distracted. They should had done better to prepare for Reverse and Dark (especially since they asked Leader to help increase defenses in the Rainbow Hub).
Like, there’s a difference between struggling with your new responsibilities as a hero and being just completely uncapable, and it felt like Sabre and Rainbow were the latter.
And finally, for once, Sabre did something proactive and found Light Steve, bringing him to the library to get help. But they got side tracked and decided to go investigate Nightmare’s “death”. But was that even relevant to rescuing Rainbow?
And then they went to the Void (proactive), but they were just pushed around, given a villain monologue by Nightmare until Galaxy saved them (reactive, deus ex machima)
Basically.....S2 sacrificed its main plot of having Orange adjust to being Rainbow in favor of all of these subplots that were made to set up the third season (which will probably be about Void Steve), and I dislike this approach. It makes S2 feel chaotic and unfocused. It felt like the heroes accomplished nothing. It seemed like things were handed to them too easily (help from Ghost Steve, the Orange Steves, and Galaxy), or they were completely unprepared and not suitable to be heroes (not even getting a chance to save Steves and fight villains until later).
And worst of all, this arc just made the heroes look reactive, bending to the will of the villains. We didn’t get a good story of Rainbow learning how to adjust to his new life as the hero. We didn’t get a story of Rainbow learning how to be brave. Instead, we got a story of villains always having the upperhand and the heroes looking silly trying to stop them last minute. And a bunch of events/subplots that weren’t even connected well together.
It’s just really hectic.
And it’s a shame. Because the content IS good. But the way the season was structured and what it chose to focus on...just ruined the story.
I really disliked the Reverse Steve arc. The Void and Galaxy arc better make up for it, so I can forgive its setup for ruining the Reverse Steve arc.
Disclaimer: I’m aware that the Void Steve arc isn’t the third season, but another part of the second season. Keep in mind that these reaction posts are just my initial reactions and opinions and me explaining them. Rn I’m behind on Rainbow Quest and trying to record my genuine first reactions as I binge-watch this stuff. Overall, these posts aren’t meant to be about facts or theorizing what the future episodes will be about, but me just discussing my thoughts on these episodes as they are (and people are of course welcomed to join the discussion regardless of their opinions). Just wanna clarify in case anyone is confused XD
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minniebean · 5 months ago
Rainbow: Sabre?
Sabre: yeah?
Rainbow: if your a chicken, doesn't that mean you should lay eggs?
Sabre: that's not how that-
Rainbow: do it for Lucas!
Sabre: *intense blushing*
Lucas: what did you just do?!
Sabre: I made you lunch
Sabre: and I burnt the town down..
Any evil villain: how are you so upbeat?
Rainbow: I lost my family and watched Steves get destroyed in front of me several times, lost all my memories and failed the only job I was given, which is the reason I was created. This is nothing
Lucas: No clue.
Sabre: *deep breath*
Lucas: Sabre, do-
Sabre: I've been destroyed and came back, in other timelines I've been an assassin who watched my own father get killed, got poisoned, and lost the only people who cared about me. I've had several Steves come and go, helping and leaving me in the dust. Steves are destroyed because of me, and I bring them all the evil beings that follow me around. A few strikes of lightning could destroy me in an instant. I'm weak, and portrayed as the hero, the saviour, when I just bring people to their doom. Ultimately, I think I'm the evil one on a permanent redemption arc.
RQ Rainbow: who are you?
TSS Rainbow: I'm you, but better.
(This is an RQ incorrect quote lol)
Shadow Sabre: the darkness wants nothing
Sabre: oh, so that's why I'm here
Shadow Sabre:
Shadow Sabre:
Shadow Sabre: are you okay?
Sabre: what do you think?
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