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#rowdy 3
yeahredyoubastard · 3 days ago
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[id: the rowdy 3 standing in front of their van]
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bi-brotzmans · 9 days ago
rewatchin a bit of dirk gently and i hqve come to the conclusion that the entirety of the rowdy 3 are nonbinary - in various different ways but nonbinary nonetheless
yes this includes amanda and beast and literally anyone who ever ends up in the rowdy 3
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fish-plz · 23 days ago
i forgot how much i love Amanda and the rowdy 3s dynamic
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thatfaerieprincess · a month ago
Peach and Sky!!!
💛💛💛 !!! Ik I don’t ever rlly go on Instagram but anytime I do I always check to see what u sent me bc they always make me smile!!!! Let’s go lay in a field!!! I know how to weave flowers into a flower crown and I’m absolutely plopping it on ur head!!
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seeing some Dirk Gently paintings I wanna save up for eventually reminded me of this painting I found on Pinterest - I’ve been unsuccessful finding the creator of it and I desperately want to so I can see if they actually sell prints of it!
if anyone recognises this art style or knows the artist, please tag them or let me know who to hit up!
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dirk-gently-theories · a month ago
Hello, I am alive and rewatching Dirk Gently with new friends (had to introduce them to the show). We’re on S2E3 and I keep having those tiny little thoughts about the big something.
Here’s  some of them:
- Todd and Amanda work like a battery. One’s the negative pole and the other one the positive. Input and output of energy. Redirecting it and transforming it.
- Holistics exist on both sides, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. “Whatever this thing is, it doesn’t pick sides.” They might even be the main force that move things in the universe, the most important gearwheels as one might say. I believe that for every Dirk solving cases, there’s a Dirk causing cases. For every Bart ‘cleansing’ the path that the holistics will have to take to ensure their safety (without knowing it) there’s a Mr. Priest trying to kill them.
- Friedkin’s new job in the fabric of reality is to lead the holistics to where they need to go. They, as Priest phrased it, are his weapons and he’s the one who has to pull the trigger. Friedkin now sees everything, he somewhat knows how things work. He’s got to keep the balance between everything and the holistics are his weapons to do so. Friedkin is neither good nor bad, he’s everything and nothing. Just like he did with Ken he leads the holistics to where they need to go, where they need to take their shot. He tries his best but the universe works in mysterious ways and he doesn’t always understand it. Ken asked to leave the car, so Friedkin let him out of the car but left him inside the cell. A misunderstanding. But he still provided Ken with the things he needed to follow his path. (Might rewatch the scene later and unpack it more organized).
- Season 3 would’ve been sci-fi, the main focus on magic car fixing robots. Too many mentions of car fixing stuff and way too many cars in S2 for it to be a coincidence. I’m thinking that maybe there was an UFO with robots and it landed in a lake. Robots can’t get into the water, can’t fix the UFO so instead they fix cars. Smart and lethal children got a hold of the robots and use it to help their family who owns a car repair shop thingy. The UFO or the code name for the mission may be Atlantis and the UFO is “The lost city of gold”. Far fletched, I know. It’s just an idea.
- Season 3 would have ended with Bart going to space in the UFO, together with the kids. “The only constant is me and gravity.” - Not anymore. She doesn’t want to kill people anymore - not possible in space. Oh, and Todd would die. Not a permanent thing though. It’s the Mexican Funeral after all. Season 4 would have been within the supernatural/paranormal genre and we already had mentions of ghost Estevez. I don’t know if the story would be about getting Todd back/ghost Todd/resurrecting him or something (maybe he’s in Valhalla?) or if his death is even part of the plot, not just a clue for what’s about to happen. The thing I’m remotely sure about is: After reuniting with Dirk during the magic car fixing robot case, Assistent would take Todd’s place - because Todd isn’t there anymore, reason unclear.
- Ken maybe tries to build a gigantic unlimited energy device, with the holistics as the gearwheels/power source. I’m not sure if it’s a literal machine (for which he might need the help of genius children?) or just a description for his network of unlimited power sources, aka the holistics, which he can control, send out, call back and thus cause an imbalance.
- And of course Amanda as the leader of the holistics. I love how season 1 already it, the way the Rowdy3 instinctively followed Amanda around in their van.
(- What if in S4 Dirk explored the Death of his own parents?)
That’s it so far. I’ll keep you updated during the last episodes of the rewatch.
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saltyratboy · a month ago
Every morning I arise from my cave I call a bed and dress like if the members of the rowdy three and the 12th doctor shared a wardrobe-
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saltyratboy · a month ago
Yes, yes, yes, but hear me out the rowdy 3 have probably killed people- I know, I know butttttttt I know for a fact they'd hug me when I'm sad.
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✨Emotional support vampires✨
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Chapters: 1/? Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Words: 2,024 (as of the prologue) Summary:
project incubus were among the first to be brought into blackwing, eventually nicknaming themselves the rowdy three. years later, blackwing finds another anomalous entity with the same abilities, and adds him to project incubus, turning three into four. (they weren't gonna change their name though.)
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7crowsinadress · a month ago
Be the change you want to see in the world. If that means writing reader insert fanfiction for the minor character that you really like but no one else writes for (or writes the specific scenario you want) so be it
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