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#row rule of wolves
grishaverseshitposts · 3 hours ago
Zoya: Does your heart ever hurt so much you just want to rip it out and ignore it?
Genya: That’s called feelings, Zoya
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fromevertonow · 6 hours ago
Why is no one talking about that Zoya, Genya, and Alina scene at the end of RoW? Or Zoya and Alina? The way Zoya is not used to the affection her two best friends show her??????? ZOYA AND GENYA??? PLEASE THEYRE ALL SO PURE I WANT TO SCREAM
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fromevertonow · 6 hours ago
The more I think about it, the more I relate to Zoya
Being seen as mean all the time
Believing no one loves you
Believing you are not deserving of love
Trying to find a way to accept yourself
Blaming yourself for everything
Not loving yourself
She is so human, the King of Scars duology is more about her coming to terms with who she is and accepting love into her life than it is about Nikolai protecting Ravka tbh and I am more than fine with that
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grishaverseshitposts · 9 hours ago
Kaz: every time I’m confronted with a problem and feel desperate and helpless, I look at a picture of all of us together.
The Dregs: awww–
Kaz: and I tell myself, if I can survive living with those dumbass clowns, it means I can handle every problem.
The Dregs:
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xsamsharons · 17 hours ago
moi tsarevich - n. lantsov
pairing: nikolai lantsov x reader.
genre/warning: fluff!.
words: 2.1k.
summary: in which you are forced to share co-captaincy with nikolai and you really can't stand him, or can you?
The alliance had been a practical decision, really. Your ship had been destroyed by an enemy that had happened to be an enemy of Nikolai as well, so (against your better wishes) you’d decided that joining forces until the issue was taken care of and you could take the time to rebuild your ship was the smartest choice. However, now, having been living on the same ship for about two weeks, you were starting to think that maybe smart wasn’t exactly the word you would use. You’d never had anything against the privateer, but you also didn’t necessarily want to be sharing the co-captaincy of a crew with someone you only saw as an arrogant and entitled royal.
“Just because we agreed to join forces, it doesn’t mean you can enter my quarters whenever you please.” the prince’s voice rang through the room as he stood by the door, holding it open in hopes of getting you to leave.
“Well, I asked where the captain’s quarters were located and I was directed here.” you responded, spinning around in his desk chair, just to further aggravate him.
“Exactly, and as far as I'm concerned I'm the captain of this ship.” he continued, still holding the door open and standing next to it.
“So, which is it? Prince or captain?” you asked. At that, he shut the door and walked over to where you were sitting, placing both hands on the sides of the chair you were spinning on, effectively making it halt.
“Listen, lapushka,” he began, your faces centimetres away and your eyes locked on each other's. “I know you must be dying to spend time with me just like everyone, but you’re on my ship now. My ship, my rules.” he finished, a shit eating grin on his lips.
“Our agreement clearly stated co-captaincy.” you said, getting up and forcing him to detach himself from the chair he still had his arms on. “But if I threaten your authority that much, you can keep your quarters, moi tsarevich.”
The next morning brought sunlight for the first time since you’d been aboard Nikolai’s ship, and with sunlight came sparring sessions on the main deck between the joined crews.
The sun was high in the sky, the water clear for miles and the sounds of swords clashing could be heard from any part of the ship.
“Good morning, lapushka.” you immediately rolled your eyes at the sound of the voice you didn’t even have to turn around to know who it belonged to. “How did your non-captain-quarters treat you last night?” he asked, coming to stand beside you while you leaned against the railing, facing off to sea.
“Same as they’ve been treating me for the past fortnight, your highness.” he rolled his eyes at the mention of his title, which brought a smirk out on your face. “Do you need anything else?”
“Never needed anything in the first place, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t missing my face too much.” he winked, you snorted.
“As if.”
“Admit it, that’s why you want the captain’s quarters, you want to have the chance to stare at me more.” he continued, moving closer to your side on the railing.
“‘More’? I don’t even even stare at you to begin with.” you lied.
“You know you do, darling.” he stated, and now you were the one rolling your eyes.
“What’s with the pet names? Treat every member of your crew like this?” you questioned, still not looking at him. “Pretty unprofessional if you ask me.”
“I’m pretty unprofessional?” he asked, making an emphasis on ‘pretty’. “I knew you thought I was pretty.” he finished, a smirk appearing on his face once again. You were starting to think he actually might have that stupid look tattooed on his face.
“You need my confirmation? Yesterday with your authority and today with your attractiveness?” you looked at him expecting for him to be offended, but instead being met with an even bigger smirk than before.
“So you’re not denying it?” he asked.
“Get lost, Nikolai.” you answered, and turned your head to stare at the ocean once again. As you did so, you heard his laugh echo while he did exactly what you told him to and began to walk away.
“I’m never letting that go.” he shouted over his shoulder at you, turning some heads while you tried to hide your smile. As if his ego needed any more boosting.
As the sun started to set, the sounds of sailors drunk on rum and clashing swords started to go down as well. The ship had been anchored someplace near the south Ravkan coast, and everyone had started to turn in for the night as the orange of the sky started to turn black.
Once the sun had settled and the sound disappeared, you remained the only person on the main deck, enjoying the quiet as the light pull of the sea swayed the boat.
“I get you want my room, but that doesn’t mean you need to sleep out here if you don’t get it.” you heard his voice from behind you, and wondered if the talent for interrupting quiet moments ran in his family.
“I just don’t see the point of sleeping at all if it isn’t there.” your voice was dripping with sarcasm, and as you turned around to look at him, you found his ever present side smile planted on his lips, as well as two swords - one in each hand.
“I think you mean you don’t see the point of sleeping at all if it’s not beside me.” he responded, and you chose to ignore the comment in favor of asking about the two swords he was carrying with him.
“Are you trying to kill me? I know you are aware of the fact you can’t beat me in a fight but choosing the middle of the night to attack me is kind of a low blow.” you teased, knowing that wasn’t the case. “I’d expect better manners from a prince.”
“First of all,” he started, “if I wanted to kill you I wouldn't need to attack in the middle of the night when you were alone. Second, we are the only ones who didn’t spar today and I thought it’d be a great co-captain bonding exercise.” he finished and you laughed, grabbing the sword from the arm he extended for you.
“Co-captain bonding exercise?” you asked.
“I’m still working on the name, point still stands.” he answered.
“Fine.” you agreed, and took a high guard with your sword in one hand.
Nikolai offered a mock salute which you returned with a smile, and soon you were both circling each other waiting for the other to leap towards them. He lunged first, and you avoided your sword smoothly, smirking at him in the process.
“Did you pick the night because you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your crew?” you asked with a smirk.
“I’d wait until I win to start sounding so confident.” he winked, and threw an overhand cut at you. You didn’t manage to evade it this time and instead blocked it quickly, reflexively.
“What do I get when I win?” you asked, as you both kept cutting at each other.
“If you win, you can sleep in my quarters for a week.” he answered and brushed the fake edge of his sword against your cheek softly.
As time passed, it started to become less about the fighting and more about the taunting - or flirting, you supposed was a more accurate word. The smooth words of the prince in front of you made you want to blush and lunge at him at the same time. Nikolai cut lazily at you, and as your swords clashed, you both raised your arms to move your swords high above your face, now with nothing in between you but a few inches.
“Now would be a good time to admit you like my handsome face and kiss me.” Nikolai smirked, with both your arms still raised above your head, the distance between you becoming smaller with each passing second.
“I bet you’d like that.” you answered, and instead of closing the distance between the both of you, you settled for disarming him and throwing his sword to the side, moving quickly to have his back pressed up against the railing and the edge of your sword against his neck.
“I wouldn’t be against this kissing position either.” he shrugged, “Might cut my throat if I move too quickly but i’m willing to take the risk.” he finished, and you snorted.
“Tell me I won and I can have your quarters for a week first.” you demanded, raising your eyebrows.
“You can have whatever you want, lapushka.” he whispered.
You lowered your sword down after his words, throwing it aside much like you’d done with his, and pulled him in by the collar of his shirt. Your lips moved against each other as his hands traveled from the railing to your back. “I think I'll make you sleep in my room while i sleep in yours tonight, just as payback for the last couple of nights.” you said against his mouth, your hands wrapped around his neck and his still placed on your back, an illusion of a distance between the two of you.
“If you recall my words, I said that if you won you could sleep in my room for a week.” he quoted himself - of course he did. “But I never said anything about me not sleeping there.” he finished and you smirked, looking up at him with your mouth agape.
“You knew this would happen.” you said, slightly slapping his chest.
“I was hoping it would.” he shrugged. “Been hoping for a while actually, don’t know what took you so long. I’m extremely irresistible.” he stated as a matter of fact, making you roll your eyes.
“I’ll make you pay for this, moi tsarevich” you warned.
“I’m counting on it.” he winked, and leaned down to kiss you again.
ravkan glossary: tsarevich - prince, son of tsar (direct address: moi tsarevich). lapushka - darling, honey, sweetie.
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firstsqualler · 17 hours ago
ok but the best part of RoW was Jesper and Wylan goofing around in their house. all the projects on the tables, Wylan’s mom with them, jumping at the chance to commit crimes for Inej. it’s just such a perfect life for them.
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pussymus-prime · 19 hours ago
The Darkling really is the Demon in the Wood now, huh?
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serpenteve · 19 hours ago
do you think Leigh *meant* to show that the Darkling was right in the duology? because literally everything got worse for the Grisha after he died lmao
lmao so true ☠️
I think LB has a strange love-hate relationship with the Darkling's character. On the one hand, she seems bitter that so many fans were simping for the villain instead of her insufferable and toxic Mal & Alina pairing and this duology was her way of preaching to the fans that "akshully, the darkling is an evil manipulative mass murderer and if you still simp for him after this you're as stupid as yuri"
But on the other hand, she is equally as fascinated and obsessed with his character as we are or otherwise she would not have him popping up in short stories, anthologies, and even in this duology where she basically had to resurrect him and gave him a redemption arc with the promise of more Darkling content in the future.
She wants to paint him as the villain and she will use her mouthpieces of Zoya and Nikolai to do it. But the actual events of the novel since his death and the destruction of the Fold tell a very different story. Without the Fold intimidating an invading force, Ravka has to fight on two fronts. And there's no way so many Grisha would become victims and slaves to the Shu and Fjerda if the Darkling was still alive.
Honestly, the best quote that summarizes Leigh's characterization of the Darkling is what William Blake said of John Milton's Paradise Lost about why he accidentally made Satan so sympathetic (and sexy 😏). Leigh is "of the Devil's party without knowing it" 💅🏽
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serpenteve · 20 hours ago
OMYGOD ZOYA'S CHARACTER IN ROW. Why did Leigh have to go ruin her story too, I was literally only reading the duology for her. Plus the constant using if the words 'charming' and 'practical' Leigh babe use a dictionary.
Nikolai is so perfect and clever all the time it was so pissing off. I still don't get why hes so special. And the attempt to show he cares because he's ~sAd~ after some of the deaths.weak. at that point a really good thing to mention or show would have been nikolai comparing himself to the darkling and wondering if he would ever become as desensitised to death as him. Because let's be honest every political leader with a lot of power manipulates ppl and has to use them to a certain extent. Him wondering how many deaths it would take till grief felt normal would have been an interesting emotion to explore, same for zoya. I hate Nikolai anyway. Leigh clearly loves him and makes it obnoxiously seen
listen I LOVE zoya but her a) having basically unlimited power and b) becoming queen, was impractical. Zoya's whole thing is that she's ruthless and practical, yes she has a soft side or whatever but as queen that's not the part she's showing in court. While I much prefer zoya on the throne, how it would align with her character really confuses me.
Can Nina's arc please not involve a love interest. Hanine was rushed and while I appreciate the speck of trans rep. It felt detrimental to Nina. Is she going to live her whole life in costume for Hanne. It just doesn't make sense neither does it feel right. That whole plot was rushed and so poorly thought out
Other than Nina and her storyline, all the characters were so damn insufferable to me. It's so bonkers how rushed this duology feels because there were so many parts of the original s&b trilogy that just dragged on or just could have been cut. But this duology has so much stuff happening at once and it's not paced in a way that feels like it could genuinely take place in the time its supposed to.
Nikolai is easiest the most annoying character in this duology lmfao ☠️ Like, he works a lot better as a side character without flaws and aces at everything. He's too much of a Gary Stu to be likeable as a main character. Same goes for Zoya but for slightly different reasons.
I honestly did not realize Hanne was meant to be a trans-coded character until the very end because I kept going back and forth between "oh maybe they are meant to be trans" and "oh maybe they are just a gnc lesbian". I feel more awful that they have to wear the face of someone so horrible and vile. And because it was so rushed, I'm honestly so confused about how trans characters are treated in the Grishaverse? Maybe Ravka is as trans-friendly as they are gay-friendly. Also why didn't Leigh make explicit what name Hanne wanted to go by? Because now the fandom is stuck dead-naming them 🤷🏽‍♀️
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serpenteve · 20 hours ago
zoya felt incredibly ooc in the duology. honestly all the characters did? and i agree she didn't need a tragic backstory, i wonder if that was to guilt the people who hated zoya for being mean to alina lol. i loved her and nikolai in the trilogy but their duology versions suck. idk the duology in general is trash and obliterated previous worldbuilding. it also was literally written to insult darkling/darklina stans so...
Just finished Rule of Wolves and now I feel like I have a better sense of why Bardugo wrote this duology the way she did.
Honestly I get the sense that she was surprised by the amount of backlash at the end of TGT. People were pissed by a lot of things: Alina losing her powers, Alina being paired off with someone who took literally the entire fucking trilogy to finally accept her powers, that Alina turned down a throne from both the Darkling and Nikolai to go live in obscurity for the rest of her life.
In a lot ways, Zoya's character arc is the inversion of Alina's. Instead of getting punished for having power, she is encouraged by a benevolent mentor rather than an evil one to gain more power. She learns to let her amour go, accept the parts of herself she had been running from, and accepts a prince's proposal by the end and becomes queen. It's almost like a giant apology for the mess she made of Alina's character arc in the original trilogy. The only problem is that it's so heavy handed and rushed and she *needed* to convince everyone that the Darkling really is evil!!11
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grishaverseshitposts · 21 hours ago
Zoya: what the fuck is wrong with you?!
Nikolai: wow. you could start with ‘good morning’ you know
Zoya: good morning, what the fuck is wrong with you?!
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lunagames · 21 hours ago
So how long after reading Rule of Wolves did it take everyone else to realize that Juris description of ‘Zoya of the Garden‘ in KOS was actually about the garden that she tends to, the garden where she grows a specific kind of plant for every lost comrade? She never forgot.
“Heartleaf for Marie. Yew for Sergei. Red Sentinel for Feydor” The dahlias, when she thought she’d lost Nina.
Juris knew, from the moment her amplifier broke, that she would be able to open the door, to connect to the heart of the world, to the heart of others, grief and otherwise.
He knew that she cared, because she was bleeding in the snow for the cubs.
He knew that she cared, because she grieved for her aunt and little cousin, that died along with the rest of the lost city.
He knew she cared, because he saw her garden.
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dablackdahlia · 21 hours ago
Decided to do Nikolai and his sister Linnea story. This is 100% just made for me
Linnea Opjer found out about Nikolai being her half brother when she was thirteen years old
Her own mother wasn’t in her life
It was just her and her Dad against the world for a long time
One day she stumbles upon something Interesting in the paper
A portrait of the Royal Ravkan Family
They were talking about some sort of skirmish with them on the border but Linnea wasn’t reading it
She was staring at the second prince
It was an old picture. He looked about her age in it.
But the resemblance was clear
He looked so much like Father
Linnea ever the clever, looked more into this prince
It was tricky
being a young girl in Fjerda was tricky
It meant that getting info on the ravkans would be difficult since her father didn’t keep anything like that and she couldn’t go to the library either
But Linnea was determined to uncover what the connection between this prince and her family was
She didn’t want to go to her father without a theory or evidence
So she turned to a different resource
Princess Tatiana
While there was nothing she would be able to find on the queen of Ravka, there would be something she could find on the youngest princess of Fjerda
And it so happened those two women were the same
She looked into everything about her
And she eventually found that her father, who used to be the ravkan ambassador before becoming a shipping giant, knew her quite well
She bribed one of the Queens former maids before she married the King
they told her how they always had thought something was going on between her and the ambassdor
After that it was easy to figure out
The timeline all matched up and the gossip of the Prince being a bastard sealed the deal
Linnea approached her father as she always did when she had a theory
“Father we need to talk” Linnea said plopping down across from his desk
Magnus never let Linnea become poisoned by Fjerda
He wouldn’t tell her how to think
But he would teach her how to think
He made sure that Linnea knew that Grisha were innocent
That when the nice baker was dragged out in the street by druskelle that he didn’t deserve it
It was treasonous talk
But Linnea was good at keeping secrets
Setting aside his papers he looked at her
He really does look like the prince Linnea thought to herself
“What’s the matter?” Magnus inquired
“Are you the biological father of Prince Nikolai Lantsov?” Linnea said getting straight to the point
He raised a brow
He clearly wasn’t expecting this
“How ever did you come to this question?” He said choosing his words carefully
“Well the timeline matches up” Linnea says pulling out a chart. “And I have a statement by a former maid of Queen Tatiana. Not to mention the clear similarities” for each statement she pulled out evidence
She would do this when she was a girl
Make theories up about the world around her and submit evidence
Her father would always listen
He carefully looked over every picture statement and chart that Linnea presented all without saying a word
When he eventually did finish reading everything he took a breath
“So this is what’s been keeping you out” Magnus sighed
“Well a girls gotta find her fun somewhere” Linnea easily replied
Magnus laughed
“I should’ve known you’d figure it out” Magnus admitted fiddling with a ring
“So it’s true he really is my brother” Linnea gazed at the picture of the prince she submitted
Not the prince my big brother
Linnea never wanted any siblings
But now that she knew she had one it was different
“And he can never know Linnea” Magnus said his gaze distant staring out the window
“But father, why can’t he? I’m sure he wouldn’t tell anyon-”
“No Linnea! Not a single soul can ever know!” Magnus snapped
Linnea looked down in shame
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled” Magnus said with a sigh “but I’m serious Linnea, telling anyone this can put him and his mother at risk”
“I’ll get rid of everything” Linnea interupted
She knew why he couldn’t know. And from everything her friends had told her of having siblings it wasn’t fun.
But still, as Linnea gazed down at those hazel eyes and golden waves she wished for an antidote to her country’s poison
Ten years later
btw this takes place before Zoyas coronation
The gold enevelope glimmered in the ravkan sun
A couple weeks ago Linnea got a letter from her brother
He asked her questions and told a bit about his life
He also invited her to the dragons lair
Or the Grand Palace, whatever you want to call it
Going to Ravka might be a horrible mistake she thought as she gazed out upon the city
Her ship was getting close enough she could see it
When Linnea first got the letter she did what her first move for most new and scary things are
Ignore it and cover it up with wit and humor
But it seemed Nikolai was determined and sent her the second, third, fourth, and fifth golden one
For ten years she was told communicating with him was dangerous for everyone
Logically, Linnea knew that Nikolais parentage was revealed
But the part of her
The little girl in Djerholm
The little girl who watched her mother get taken by the druskelle for helping Grisha,
That girl wanted to stay far far away
It was only with the help of her friends in Ketterdam who got her to go
Wylan, one of the chemistry majors said Linnea might regret it for a long time if she didn’t go
While her friends convinced her, she went on the pretense of business
After what she did...
Well, after djerholm she vowed to help Grisha
So when she went to the University of Ketterdam she wanted help Grisha
She worked to free indentures and expose slavers
She even built her ship to help get them home
For the majority of the Grisha go to Novyi Zem
It was safer there and Ravka had always been just to unstable
But now she proposed she send this batch to Os Alta
To the dragon queen who still gave her the shivers
So here she was
Docking in Os Alta
Meeting the dragon and her brother
Nikolai wasn’t a nervous man
But here, standing at the boardwalk watching his sisters boat dock
He got those unwelcome butterflies in his chest
“Her boat looks odd” zoya commented her gaze on it
And she was right
Parts of it looked mishapen
The colors were off
But it moved remarkably quickly
Nikolai was looking it over his innovative brain at work
“I think it looks rather homey”
Zoya snorted “Homey for you is your Sturmhond days, of course you love her boat”
The boat docked and came in front of them
Compared to the rest of Nikolai’s fleet it stuck out
He watched as people stepped off
Not just people, Grisha
It took five letters to get Linnea to reply
Magnus said that Linnea could be quite stubborn and she may ignore it
But Nikolai was patient
And more important than being patient he was also remarkably hard to ignore
When she eventually did reply instead of talking about herself or him or her life it was strictly business
Apparently his little sister smuggles Grisha
She then requested he allow her to send the grisha to Os Alta
He accepted her letter and here they are
Zoya and Nikolai walked towards the people
They answeres questions and engaged in conversation
But Nikolais mind was else where
How did that boat work?
Now that he was closer he saw it seemed to be powered by something else
It wasn’t a Grisha needed contraption
Or even a Zemeni Steam Boat
He needed to ask Linnea about that
More and more people stepped off and Nikolai scanned there faces
But none of them looked like the description of his sister
“Pardon” Nikolai turned towards the voice
It was a crewman
“Opjer is still in the control room, if you two want to talk to her you’ll have to get on before she speeds off”
His eyes went wide
He invited her to stay for weeks! Not drop off the grisha then leave!
Zoyas ocean eyes found his “Go, I’ll take care of things”
A rushed thanks to the crew and Nikolai was climbing onto the strange vessel
The deck of the boat was just as odd as the rest of it
The wood was chipped and they didn’t match each other
Who made this thing Nikolai wondered while walking towards the engine room
Crew milled about and remaining Grisha were on the vessel
He turned through hallways as people’s voices faded and seeing anyone became scarce
Finally he found a door marked Control room and pushed open the door
There stood a girl turning towards him
Her too blue eyes went wide
She had platinum blond hair tied in a ponytail with a few braids in it
A couple pale freckles dotted her cheeks
And a clear crystal blue much lighter then Nikolais father
She had the same mole above her eyebrow that Nikolai and Magnus had
Neither of them said anything for a beat
Just staring at each other
“You trying to run away from me Linnea?” Nikolai said with a laugh tearing a hand through his hair
“What????? Me? Noooo....” Linnea tried and failed to lie
Nikolai took a step closer deciding to humor her
“Ah so your just a reckless captain who hasn’t put on docking maneuvers” Nikolai states gazing over the control room
She let out a sigh “fine you caught me” Linnea said with a huff
“May i ask why you decided to make such a speedy departure?” Nikolai said avoiding her gaze
Perhaps she didn’t want to talk to him
Maybe she didn’t want anything to do with him
Nikolai couldn’t blame her for not wanting to be mixed up with Him
It wasn’t a secret who Nikolai’s father was and people were going to connect the dots between them if they haven’t already
Maybe it was for the best she didn’t get wrapped up with him
“Because” Linnea paused then let out a weak laugh “Because I’m a coward”
“You can free Grisha and work against the biggest slavers in Ketterdam but you can’t face little old me? I’m honored” Nikolai gave a smooth response to hide the suprise
Linnea let out a snort and blew a platinum lock out of her face “Maybe I’m just afraid of the dragon”
“Zoya? She’s brimming with spite but won’t do anything as long as you don’t get on her bad side” Nikolai retorted with a wink “And you’ll have to be a better liar then that if you want to continue your work”
Nikolai hoisted himself onto a small desk in a corner
“This isn’t going to be permanent, I’m not gonna smuggle Grisha forever” Linnea responded going to sit beside him
“Then what do you want to do?” Nikolai asked genuinely curious
She looked across the room refusing to meet his gaze “I want to make Wonders, this” she said gesturing to the ship “this is just penance”
“Penance for what?” Nikolai had many theories brimming through his head
She laughed and Nikolai realized with a start that that was his laugh
“I can’t be revealing all my secrets Your Highness”
“Then enlighten me with some more” Nikolai hopped off the desk and reached out a hand “Join me for longer?”
Nikolai could see the hesitation in her eyes
She was unsure
But for some reason be it luck, logic, or love
Linnea took his hand
You know after I read RoW I was suprised about the lack of Linnea Opjer content. I thought people would jump at the opurtunity but I was wrong. Then I was like “hey you can type, you write it!” So I did
I’ll probably make a part two for funsies
My ask box is open, send me any Grishaverse requests!
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wanhedars · 22 hours ago
do y'all remember how the theme of the grisha trilogy was "there's a price for too much power" and how alina ended up losing her powers because she "fell prey to the same greed as the darkling" but at the end of RoW Zoya ends up being a queen and a f*cking dragon.... yeah
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fromevertonow · 23 hours ago
Nikolai convincing all the important people that Zoya is the perfect queen for Ravka because she’s a “soldier, summoner, and saint” IS LITERALLY ALINA TOO LIKE THIS MAN SRSLY HAS A VERY SPECIFIC TYPE LMAO
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boatshoesdude · a day ago
Just finished rule of wolves and I... no... what. I mean yes cause Zoya. But no no no. Why. What was the point of him???? what??? NIKOLAI YOU- AHHHHHH
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mhevarujta · a day ago
Why is there no appreciation for the fighting scene of Zoya and Nina in Rule of Wolves?
Nina is defenceless because there’s no one for her to use her death powers on.
Then Zoya kills a bunch of people and is basically like “there you fo gitl”.
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Nina: why are you so pessimistic
Kuwei: because every time a day seems to be good, it turns out to be absolutely horrible
Kuwei: so, out of common sense and rationality
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fromevertonow · a day ago
Leigh Bardugo knew very fucking well what she was doing with that ending in Rule of Wolves.
We will be waiting, madam. We will be waiting.
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