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#rough play
returning-pensive10 days ago
You ever wanted to fuck someone real hard and rough but like... with love?
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growldaddy28 days ago
I'm into that rough play. Wrestle with me, try to pin me down. I want to struggle with you. Let me think I have the advantage when I'm on top. And when I get too cocky flip me over and put your full weight on me, so I won't escape. I'll growl and squirm, but the feeling of you dominating me drives me crazy.
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sky-blue-rose29 days ago
i NEED a drew mcintyre fic rn. like he's ANGRY, he is FUMING after he lost his championship just pure filth and roughness and hella kitty throbbing 馃槴馃槴馃槴ya know then at the end even tho normally he's so good at keeping his emotions in check until he's done cleaning you up lotions ect. 馃槒 he can't help but break into tears during aftercare and you comfort him 馃ズthe end 馃槆
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blueberry-boyfriendsa month ago
I can imagine being a coddled and spoiled prince who鈥檚 never been told no or had a hand laid on me that wasn鈥檛 there to sooth and pamper. Then one day I meet a dashing young man and I鈥檓 swept off my feet, and as we grow closer he admits he鈥檇 like to try something new in the bedroom. I allow it, and suddenly a hand impacts my face and I鈥檓 being pinned to the wall. Fingers wrap around my neck and a fist grips my wrist so tightly I know it鈥檒l leave a bruise. Although I trust him, a part of me is terrified. No one has ever treated me so roughly. I鈥檝e never felt the sting of a slap against my cheek, or the bite of nails against the skin of my throat.
He pauses and checks in to make sure I鈥檓 okay with this, assuring me he鈥檒l stop if I want him to. My heart races and anxiety spikes through my veins, but a pulse of arousal keeps me from putting an end to it. I just place my hand over his, the one holding my throat, and tell him to keep going.
At the end of the night, he holds me up in front of a mirror and makes me look at my naked body, littered in scratches and bruises and bite marks. I turn from side to side and take it in, this new type of decoration better than any of the expensive jewelry I鈥檝e ever worn. I turn to him and smile, falling into his arms, and say thank you.
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delphicprincessbreezya month ago
Im having such a hard day at work... I dont want to be a adult anymore!!!
Send help
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missgirlnonamea month ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: slight choking kink, kissing, rough necking, vulgarity, toxic relationship, possessiveness, not really smuttish?
-I鈥檒l just leave this here 馃槼馃憠馃徎馃嵖
3rd POV
"Tell me you want me."
"I don't need you"
"Please, you can't live without me"
I'd be fine if you died"
"Your breath has quickened. Do I make you nervous, pet?" He mocks her ever so wickedly.
"You suffocate me." She whispers, a harsh rasp in her voice.
"And you love it."
Tumblr media
(Y/n鈥檚) back was forced up against the cabin door, pinned and held up by Scott's strong and slight built. His lips meshed with her's forcefully, surely scraping painfully along each other's teeth on impact. Tongues collided with such rage, both fighting for dominance. Hair being gripped and tugged on back and forth, here and there. Bodies grinding onto one another at a ferocious speed, as beads of sweat began to trickle down there skin.
Scott's lips assaulted (y/n鈥檚) swollen and bruised ones for a few more seconds before moving downward to her exposed column. He sucked, nibbled, and kitty-licked her sweet and salty flesh. Animalistic Growls burrow through him at the delectable taste. She was all his. (Y/n) belonged to him. No one could have her, nor will ever have her in the ways that he has.
Gripping (Y/n's) throat, not to roughly as to leave a mark, but enough to elicit whiny whimpers and moans from her.
"Let's make something perfectly clear, shall we?"Scott says, as he drags his lips sloppily along
(y/n's) defined collarbone. Her nails digging into his toned biceps, pushing against him. In an attempt to break free? To intensify their pleasure? This is uncertain.
"I won't be getting out of this place anytime soon. There's no television, not much civilization in sight; no way out." Scott sneered, as he pulled back from (y/n) for a mere minute. Heavy, angry, and ragged breathing was all that could be heard within the four wooden cramped walls.
" So fucking like wild animals is your go to coping mechanism, hmm?" (Y/n) replied tauntingly, glaring daggers at the unstably attractive and disheveled boy in front of her. His golden hair tousled over his forehead, an unbuttoned blue flannel that exposed his tanned, glowing, and lightly chiseled figure. She hated, loathed at the idea of wanting, yearning for him so badly.
He gave her an oh so mischievous smirk. Eyes clouding over darkly with a haze of pure, dirty, passionate lust.
One word. That one word was all it took to send her barreling towards the edge. (Y/n's) eyes darkened incredibly, just as Scott's did. Reaching outward, she gripped the tank top that lay underneath his flannel, and pulled him rather violently back to her.
Once again, their lips collided with a force so fierce. They had the wind knocked out of them. They went at it, like sex-crazed beasts, those that have been deprived of that sinful and needy hunger. Tearing off each other鈥檚 clothes; groping, scratching, sucking, biting.
Would they get caught? Yes. Would there parents be called for the inappropriate disturbance? Probably. Did they care? Not in the slightest.
\\ hi! I'm back 馃槇 so I'm sorry it's not too long. I've been busy with school and personal affairs that I haven't the time to come up with any new 鉁╯teamy鉁 scenarios for this book. I will be trying to update more though. I don't mean " I'll update soon" as in the next 3 months. I mean " I'll try to update" sometime this weekend or early next week. Until then, indulge yourself with this quick imagine and the other two I currently have. Although it's technically not Anakin, it's Hayden nonetheless. Stay tuned! 馃槈
P.s this was posted on my wattpad @missgirlnoname
Also credits to @amazinghaydenchristensen for this beautifully made edit 鉁
Tags 馃彿 馃挅
@haydens-moles @please-buckme @padawanlost @horizonsmerrick @highergroundconfessions @psychettaxo @anakinswhore @anakinshooker @princessxkenobi @dracos-ani @lily-paddd @sithmyass @silvereddaye
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7ovo72 months ago
Tumblr media
Face down 馃槇
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domoasdf4 months ago
Tumblr media
If you let me, I鈥檒l ruin you!
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knifethroughheart5 months ago
I fell down some stairs yesterday and now my arse looks like I've been spanked for an hour, if only I had been the pain would be worth it!
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5ins-exe5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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playafromdasouth5 months ago
the skinny player, is in the house. i'm pickin out the stoutest bitches, so i can give the dickin' of a player. i'm stabbin and grabbin, the ass with a grip, you sweatin', your pussy wet. you see you're layin in the bed with a kingpin, so what i do [?]. i hit that pussy and then i jump, they call me mane. these broke-ass-nothin-hoes get dumped, i'm playin these hoes like tonka, fuck a slap they get a player stomp. who want the screwin ?! i want the chewin!! pull up your bitches and say 'ahhh not a thermometer, bitch it's the 9 inches'. i d-iggedy-diggedy-dickin your lips, ahh yeah, cause if the chewin is what you doin' put the cap in my lap, yo. you best to believe before they lay me, they gotta pay me. i'm lookin for the chewin, i'm askin if that cap's goin and if the answer be 'yes', watch these hoes fall in love with a fat mack dick. i get em full and then i stabbin with that butcha knife, in they mouth. lickin it up and down and i be like 'daaamn'. the dick in the mouth and these bitches are lookin for love, but arvid ain't barrin that shit, cause i'm lookin for the chewin...
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h0rny-t0y5 months ago
I need to be fucked until I can barely move and absolutely covered in hickies and bite marks. I would love to be pinned against a wall out of nowhere and just ravaged and choked with my partner calling me a whore and a dirty slut for getting off to such rough treatment.
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xsluttysubx5 months ago
What鈥檚 a girl gotta do to just have a nice, rough fuck?
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xl-younglady5 months ago
I want rough sex and soft kisses.
Slap my bootie and call me princess.
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sorry-who-now7 months ago
I know you like slappies and squeezies, but how about I squeeze you luscious titty and slap your pussy babygirl? Let me know 馃槉鉂わ笍馃槇
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dees-headquarters9 months ago
I鈥檓 really proud of myself.
Tw for like rough play?? Idk ask to tag
So my dad and niblings were messing around and play fighting. More on the tickling side. Everything was okay but nibling 1 was laughing and asking me to help her basically get my fathers wallet. That was the game. All three were trying to get his wallet but he was stopping them and tickling them. Now I鈥檓 not about to join a game that鈥檚 like that because I can鈥檛 handle being touched. Especially by my father. Anyway they were playing and I was recording. Then all of a sudden he pulled her and she didn鈥檛 like it, her face changed and I said she was about to cry. Now I try not to get involved too much when they鈥檙e playing because I get triggered very easily when it comes to people saying stop and physical games. I go overboard for obvious reasons. So I just kind of watched. Then he held her feet and tickled her feet. So she started crying because she obviously couldn鈥檛 get out of his grip. When he let her go she stormed out and ran to the bathroom. I left her and let her feel whatever she was feeling. Then she eventually came out after like 5 minutes. She shouted to me and asked me to bring her things and I told her no that she has to come in and talk about why she got upset.
She proceeded to try and say she didn鈥檛 like the way my father pulled her. Then my father started to get all defensive. So I jumped in, assertively and said that she needs to express herself. He then tried to make it out like I was being rude and I simply stated that I want her to be heard. So I told her to tell him what she didn鈥檛 like. But I also told her the importance of speaking up about what she didn鈥檛 like. I told her that no one is going to think she鈥檚 bad for crying or being upset. I told her that it鈥檚 fine that she feels the way she does but she has to voice it. She has to tell him when she has had enough or whenever she wants to stop. She apologised to him for being clear (which I didn鈥檛 ask her to do and it kind of annoyed me) and then my father just tried to end it. I nudged as she walked out and he tried to brush it off. I called her back and said he needs to and he said he apologises, although he was reluctant to. But he did.
I鈥檓 proud of myself for being able to keep calm and actually stand up for her. Because I remember no one ever standing up for me. I remember not being able to say stop or no. So for her I鈥檓 making sure that she can say no and stop and not feel ashamed for it. I told her the importance of being assertive and I鈥檓 proud of myself for it. She was upset for a little bit but then she cheered up.
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