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maledicthexem8 hours ago
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feat : stray dog - jeremy skin - tone 08 available in june's male powder pack // skoll - cirilla eyes [harsh] // rotten - maledict tattoo [custom commission] // asteroidbox - emery jewelry // l'emporo&pl - my k-pop style earrings // lelutka paxton // native urban - alpha jacket // stray dog - darius hairbase // stray dog - anthony eyebrows // contraption - dapper dandy gloves // omy poses - logan 3 //
for hd check out my flickr.
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blizabrth8 hours ago
dsjhfgfdkljgsd i just read the original script for the pilot of gg and i'm just djkfhglsdfgdf
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appalachianapologies9 hours ago
Mac 卤 MacGyver 鈮 鈭(Obligation)
Everything is going wrong. Parker knows more than she should, and Mac can't handle a single extra second trying to act like he's not seconds away from falling apart because of his hallucination.
aka, i took unreliable narration to the extreme lmao. featuring internal ableism with extra steps
@holbytlanna, @teamimprov, @you-go-kaboom-i-go-kaboom, @whumpflumpthump, @nekaiatsoome, @deadmacgyver
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gallery-of-rot9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Idk how he's making this expression. Idk what to call it. It feels.... unnatural.
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cheriela10 hours ago
*I chuckle darkly, groaning at how good your little fingers feel tugging my hair, scratching my scalp.*
Mmm. You wanna get straight fuckin鈥 to it? Fine.
*in a flash, you鈥檙e thrown onto the bed, face down, you scramble to get up and turn, but I鈥檓 on you just as quick. My left hand becomes your hair band, with a twist and grip I鈥檓 shoving your face into the sheets, your scalp tingling just as mine had seconds prior.
My right hand finds your hip, hoisting your lower half up so you鈥檙e on your knees. I鈥檓 loving the way your hands stutter and grip the sheets, you just don鈥檛 know what to do with them.*
I tried to play nice Cherry. I tried being sweet. But you want me to do something. To stop being a tease.
*my right hand snakes it鈥檚 way to your thigh, and I run my nails up the top of it, stopping just shy of your centre. You twitch and bite back a yelp.
With each word I speak, I push your head against the mattress sharply.*
be a good girl, and stay. Fucking. Put.
*I release your hair. Kneeling down until my face is level with the plush of your ass. My hands drag over your clothed skin, Oh, how I want to tear your clothes off and rip into you until you鈥檙e screaming, but you鈥檙e being such a fucking brat. It鈥檒l be so much more satisfying to make you beg for it.*
Mmmm. Such a pretty little slut. All bent over. You鈥檙e probably dripping for me, aren鈥檛 you?
*my thumbs find your core, long fingers still gripping your sweet ass. I spread you, and despite your panties and pants covering you, I can feel the warmth radiating from you.
I lean in, a hot, open mouthed kiss pressed to your sweet little pussy. I tease you with my tongue through the fabric separating us, a noticeable damp spot forming as I lick, nip, and suck at you.
You fucking squirm and keen, and I know you can feel the way I smirk against you.*
(I grit my teeth, a bit of fight left in me) f-fuck you, Eren.
(I push my clothed lower half into your mouth, swallowing a whimper into the back of my throat. no part of me wants to admit how good this feels, how much I鈥檓 loving this. I grip the sheets like my life depends on it, biting back a wicked smile. I鈥檓 dripping underneath my panties, unbelievably excited for whats to come. I wave my ass in your face, I refuse to beg for it but I refuse to be left in this state.)
c鈥檓on Jaeger, how about you beg for me? I can feel you smirking against me, you鈥檙e loving every fucking second of this. I鈥檓 not going to break that easily (I throw a seductive look over my shoulder) take my clothes off, let鈥檚 see who begs first.
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gallery-of-rot10 hours ago
Tumblr media
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merrysithmas10 hours ago
when i read ppls posts on tumblr sometimes i literally cant believe how insane they sound lmaooo like the internet is not a place for regular fun vibin cats anymore folks.
we gotta make smth new and cooler??? astral fandom located in a parallel dimension? writing letters with gel pens???
until then i guess im just here to have a good time and watch the speedway-length car crash that is "Unstable Stan fandom in the sensitive corporate-socialmedia era" in slo mo while eatin popcorn lmao
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goldhatting12 hours ago
how did it become normal to treat hockey players like fictional characters and imaginary boyfriends, when so many of them are despicable human beings? i hope that everyone who reads and writes self-insert fanfiction about them is aware that these men have spent their entire lives in a world of toxic masculinity where girls and women are nothing but sexual objects to use and abuse, where players are either abusers or are abused by coaches, where managements sweep everything under the rug, and nobody is innocent. this isn鈥檛 just the nhl, this is hockey in general, especially junior hockey
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neloths-crusty-toenail12 hours ago
I fucking love it. I fucking love it that I can just search for a random ass insignificant skyrim NPC on here and there will ALWAYS be a group simping over them.
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you-are-constance14 hours ago
Welcome to Wonderland from Wonderland and It's Eggs from Something Rotten have the EXACT SAME INTRO
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spaceacekid16 hours ago
If East High performed Something Rotten, would it break the universe?
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lsleofthelost17 hours ago
falling in love with three people: 馃А馃馃挋馃挏鉁煉烉煉涒湪馃挊馃挆鉁煐ゐ煠嶐煉滒煉曫煉楌煣♀湪
having to figure out how to express to three people that you love them:馃槚馃槮馃槓馃拃馃憥馃檯鈥嶁檧锔忦煠︷煒栤毎锔
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rotten-dan-art17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wesson commissions I got to do, people know what im about!!!!!
soft and flirty
commissions still open!!
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the2headedcalf19 hours ago
sometimes there's a quote/excerpt/whatever that is very precious to you and you never hear it mentioned and then it suddenly gets really popular and people make memes to the point it starts to annoy you and that's a funny feeling cause you know that the thing isn't just for you and everyone has a right to enjoy it but. but. you still think everyone's enjoying it wrong 馃槶
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