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artzychic27 · 3 hours ago
The Artist Family? (new movie)
A month has passed since Marc and Nathaniel met and fell in love at age fourteen, now they’re dating
To celebrate their one month anniversary, they decide to visit one of the most romantic spots ever- The burned-down forest they met in- Only to run into some trouble
The mobs from their previous homes have still been looking for them since the incidents and were finally able to track them down
The couple manage to escape the angry mob with the help of Marc’s spiders and a friendly severed hand who cause a distraction
So they can get away quicker, That drives them in an old hearse he found in a graveyard
Marc: Mi querido, why must hoards of angry villagers follow us everywhere?
Nathaniel: *Kissing Marc’s hand* Meyn ziskeyt, I swear to you, we will find someplace so dark, so sinister, so dastardly that no one in their right mind would be caught dead in!
*They arrive in Paris*
Nathaniel: Huh. I see it’s changed over the last few centuries. And I’m noticing a lack of guillotines.
As they lament about how they can’t keep running for the rest of their lives, That, who was recklessly driving, runs over something in the middle of the road, right near an old funeral home shrouded by fog and cut off from the rest of the city
Marc/Nathaniel: *Excitedly* We hit something!
They rush to see who or what they’ve hit, and see that the figure is a blonde, pale young man who seems to have most of his organs missing
They realize that the person they ran over is Félix Culpa, a young man who died centuries ago, but was never given a funeral because the mortician prepping him got the plague. He regains consciousness and goes to attack the two, but Nathaniel just hands him their bags
Nathaniel: Thanks, man. Hey, you mind showing us around the place?
And that’s how Félix became their butler
When they arrive at the old funeral home, they’re given a very warm welcome.
Spirit of the House: GET OUT!
Marc: ... It’s hideous.
Nathaniel: It’s horrible...
Marc/Nathaniel: It’s home.
Weeks goes by, and more people begin to occupy the home, making amazing first impressions
Marinette and Alix actually snuck in and have been living in the walls for a short period of time until Félix found them
Marc found Rose resting in one of the open graves in the backyard
And Juleka Samara-crawled out of the swamp with her hair covering her face
The six of them share their backgrounds, sympathize with each other about how they were run out of their homes, and make the decision to change their last names to Artist
Now they’re sixteen while Alix is still fifteen
Meanwhile, down in Paris, Gabriel Agreste is taking the fashion world by storm, and his clothing (All basic and dull) is a big hit in Paris (For reasons no one understands but they won’t say anything for fear of not fitting in)
His son, Adrien Agreste goes for a bike ride through the woods with his two friends, Nino and Alya, where they come across the gate that separates outsiders from the Artists’ home
They’re immediately scared away when Marinette opens the creaking gate that sounds like the end of the world when opened
Also, Alix’s sinister sixteen is coming up in a few weeks, and part of the celebration is a swordfight, which she is nowhere near ready for
Nathaniel: Alix, you need to practice. It’s the day your family and friends judge you and pass judgement on your worth as a human being!... It reminds me of Hanukkah.
During one dinner, Marinette asks a question that shocks everyone
Marinette: Do you guys think things beyond the gate have changed?
Tumblr media
Juleka: ... What?
Marinette: It’s been years, surely things must be different now. Earlier today, I swore I heard people.
Marc: Outside is forbidden.
Marinette: But-
Marc: Forbidden!
Back in the city, Gabriel is anticipating the arrival of tourists to buy his new line of clothing which he calls, Conformist
While filming a commercial, a red balloon floats astray and makes its way towards the Artists’ home, which Marinette finds as she’s “helping” Alix prepare for the Swordfight
Alix: Why are you helping me?
Marinette: Because. You are like my sister... And... I... Love... You...
Alix: ... You seem trustworthy.
Big mistake
Marinette: *Walks inside with the balloon* Good news, Alix is gone.
Marc: *Holding a sword to Nathaniel’s neck* Mari, go dig up Alix.
Marinette: You and Nathaniel are once again weakening this generation.
Nathaniel: *Points to balloon* Mari, where did you get that?
Marinette: I’m not sure.
Marc: Strange. There’s usually a murderous clown attached to the other end of these.
Juleka: *Gasp!* And what is this?! *Plucks a piece of pink confetti off of Marinette’s shoulder*
Nathaniel: Smells like cotton candy. *Off their confused looks* I was young and stupid, alright?
The Artists go outside where they find rainbow confetti raining down, and the fog that covers their home is lifting up, revealing to them the town
Much to Marc’s protests, Nathaniel suggests they go see the place for themselves
Marinette: This day is becoming most miraculously disruptive.
While filming another commercial, the Artist Family’s house is in the camera’s shot, and Gabriel passes out the second he sees it
*Somewhere else* Nino: ... I feel an overwhelming sense of... Joy.
The Artists arrive in their hearse, and immediately capture the attention of the other Parisians. They’re given strange looks wherever they go, and sometimes people run away screaming
No one has run them out with pitchforks yet. Yay!
Alix: Guys! *Pulls a tire off of a police car* They’re just giving these away!
Juleka: Alix, mind your manners, people might want tires, too.
After getting coffee grounds, the Artists come across Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, and Lila in the park, prancing around in pink and blue outfits and singing about being conformists
Rose: Wow... That is absolutely horrible!
Marinette: ... *Dumps coffee grounds* I’ve suddenly lost my appetite. However, that blonde boy... Intrigues me
And it seems the feeling is mutual when Adrien steals glances at the gothic girl with braids
Rose: ... Yeah, I’m done with this song. *She hikes up the hem of her robe, releasing hundreds of bats that scare off the crowd* Done and done!
Done with these people, Marc wants to leave, Nathaniel insists that things have changed, but his boyfriend is still reluctant... Cue Gabriel
He insists on hiring interior decorators to fix up the Artists home (So tourists aren’t scared off) Marc, with some urging from Nathaniel allows him to do so.
Marinette: That man seems deranged. His face reminds me of a death mask.
*Somewhere else* Nino: In the future... I will have a new friend. Blue hair. Braids.
Back at the Artists Home, Nathaniel, Juleka, and Rose help Alix prepare for her Swordfight
Rose: Of all the Sinister Sixteens I’ve seen, Nathaniel’s was the stuff of legends.
Juleka: So no pressure!
Gabriel, Adrien, the design crew, and the news crew arrive, ready to remove the gloom and macabre form the Artists’ home
Félix: *Answers the door* Youuuuuu raaaaaanng?
Adrien: *Calling Alya and Nino* Hey, so I’m going into the creepy mansion. If I don’t come back, I’m dead... I love you too, Nino... Yes, Alya, I know he’s your boyfriend.
Much to his relief, Adrien is left outside and goes around back to explore
Gabriel: I do hope this isn’t a bad time.
Nathaniel: The worst!... Do come in.
Gabriel spends most of the time making light criticisms and jabs at the decor, the Artists themselves, their clothes, and Marc’s spiders (Which he considers the greatest insult)
Meanwhile in the backyard, Adrien is nearly killed by a crossbow. To his horror and awe, he finds the shooter: Marinette in all of her dark glory
Immediately, he develops a small crush on her. She’s not like the other girls at school who constantly cling to and flirt with him because of his father’s wealth
He tries his hand at impressing her by shooting an arrow, but accidentally shoots Rose, which actually does impress Marinette
Adrien: So, why haven’t I seen you and your siblings at school?
Marinette: We’re coven-schooled. But, blondie, do tell... *Leans in close so she can hear Adrien’s rapid heartbeat* Can anyone attend your school?
Gabriel and his crew leave, having made no renovations to the Artists’ home. And when Nathaniel explains that family and friends will be coming over for Alix’s Sinister Sixteen, that just motivates the designer even more
Down in Gabriel’s secret lair, he spies on the Parisians through a social media app where he fills the comments section with rumors about the Artists, saying they’re anarchists and breed spiders... Okay, so they’re not all rumors
*The Next Day* Nathaniel: Monochrome, I know the man is an eccentric, but- *Marinette appears behind him* Aah!
Marc: Mari, you know Nathaniel scares easily. Practice your lurking on someone else. *Marinette appears behind him* Better. Now what’s on your mind?
Marinette explains that she wants to atener school, much to Marc’s horror and Nathaniel’s excitement. She needs to torment more kids her own age.
Marc doesn’t want her to go, worried she might fall under the influence of the... Conformists, but Nathaniel somehow convinced him
Marinette walking into school: Ah, so these are the gates of hell.
Adrien, while being crowded by girls he doesn’t even like (Especially Lila and Chloé) becomes awestruck when he sees Marinette walking in. She looks like a beautiful demon queen
Lila and Chloé see this and try to intimidate her, but this is what Marinette says,
Marinette: Listen you future plastic surgery disasters, I’m not locked in here with either of you. You and your outdated, distasteful “outfits” are locked in here with me. And don’t you forget it.
Alya just might dump Nino so she can ask this girl out. Polyamory works too. / Adrien: Back of the line.
Mendelive’s biology class: They’re dissecting frogs.
Adrien: Aw, I feel bad for doing this.
Marinette: Relax. Rose showed me how to do this hundreds of times. *Cue Frankenstein equipment* FLIP THE SWITCH! *Adrien flips the switch and electrocutes all of the frogs* LIVE! LIVE MY CREATURE!
The frogs come to life and attack Lila and Chloé. Karma at its finest. Alya and Nino are impressed by her more than ever
Alya: It is an honor and a privilege to watch you work, spooky girl.
Back at the Artists’ Home, it’s game night! They’re playing the game of Death, but Marc isn’t focused. It’s late and he’s wondering where Marinette is
Finally, she arrives, but much to Marc’s horror, she has a Ladybug hair clip! He’s in so much shock that his face flushes red and a bat has to drink his blood
Marc: What. Is. That?
Marinette: Adrien calls it a “Pop of color” says it brings out my... Smile.
Marc: You don’t have a smile.
In order to see what’s going on with his sister/friend, Marc suggests they do ‘Tea & Seance’ like old times... Only she bails to hang out with Adrien, and they give each other makeovers as acts of rebellion
Meanwhile, Alix is upset because she still can’t get the hang of sword fighting and Nathaniel has been working so hard to help her
Marinette returns from her hangout with Adrien, almost making Marc faint when she shows up wearing pink and her hair in pigtails.
Marc: Okay, this is where I sever the line! You are not going back to that school!
Marinette: *Gives him the evil eye before leaving* You can’t tell me what to do.
Juleka: Dear Hades, that is some evil eye.
Horrified by Adrien’s new gothic look and attitude, Gabriel spreads more rumors about the Artists
Frustrated by the lack of support from her family/friends, Marinette runs away and goes to stay with Adrien
Alix: I always knew it would end up like this. Just didn’t know when.
Marinette: Farewell, Alix! I will never forget you, but I’ll try.
The next morning, Marinette, Alya, and Nino are helping Adrien look for his phone, which Gabriel his hidden punishment for his new look
While looking, they stumble across Gabriel’s lair and discover he’s been spying on everyone in Paris. Gabriel discovers them snooping and locks them in Adrien’s room while he goes to greet the tourists... And some unexpected guests
Nathalie: *Dials Gabriel* Gabriel, it’s an emergency. They’re here! The Artist Family!
The Artists more... Eccentric family members (Gina Dupain, Uncle Wang, Master Fu, Luka, Fei, Jagged, Penny, and the art teacher for example) have arrived to attend Alix’s sinister sixteen.
Things are going well so far. Juleka reunites with Luka, Fei battles Gina to the death, but Marinette still hasn’t arrived, so they do the sword fight without her... Which Alix fails.
As Nathaniel consoles her, a cannonball shoots through the wall. Gabriel somehow got a catapult for the mob to use
Marc: It’s Gabriel. He’s turned the town into a mob.
Juleka: I oddly admire his determination.
While the mob fires more cannonballs and destroy the house, Alix tosses her sword and grabs her explosives, successfully protecting her family... Until a cannonball blocks their only exit and she runs out of ammo
Just as the ceiling begins to fall and it seems like the end, Marinette, Adrien, Alya, and Nino come in just in time and save them all thanks to the possessed tree
She and Marc reconcile
Marc: I’m so glad you came back.
Marinette: Of course. There was no way you all could survive without me. You’re like weak kittens.
The Persians begin having regrets about attacking the Artists (Mainly cuz they almost killed a bunch of kids), but this is interrupted by Gabriel
Gabriel: I will relish hounding you all until that nuclear waste dump you call is house is destroyed with you all in it!
Juleka: Oh, you are just begging to be dragged down to hell, aren’t you, Gabriel?
Marinette: And this family will never run from the likes of you again. *Her death glare stuns Gabriel*
Nino: Damn, I gotta learn how to do that.
Adrien finally stands up to his father and exposes how he’s been spying on everyone in the city while Alya live streams everything. Gabriel is now ruined
Months later, the Artists’ Home has been rebuilt by the guilty Parisians who learn to accept their new, weird neighbors. Also, the Spirit of the House has returned
Adrien and Marinette start dating while Alya and Nino share a mutual pining for the girl
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gaylittleinnkeepers · 4 hours ago
rose: that’s silly! juleka isn’t in love with me!
alya: yes she is
marinette: yes she is
mylène: yes she is
alix: yes she is
ms bustier: yes she is
juleka: yeah i am
rose: oh. okay. i’m in love with you too :)
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starry-river-serval · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you hold hands with your girlfriend in the episodes before she turned into a superhero for you but people still say you aren't canon bc you can't legally kiss on the lips on screen
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Y’all,, Pigella I get being a whole Sailor Moon reference but,,,, but y’all,,, the pigtails? The wishes? The tutu? The PINK? Madoka,,
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campbells-content · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thats how you know you messed up.
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anon-rebel-writes · 18 hours ago
Meddling at the Liberty
This is for @lovebugs-and-snakecharmers Sprint Challenge! This time was definitely more challenging than the first (Because I decided to set a goal for myself of how many words I should write, probably will try to keep the goal low for next time XD)
I hope you all enjoy this! The prompt I choose (but kind of messed up, but it’s okay I think lol) was “If we both want to fit, we’ll have to cuddle.”
The story begins under the cut. Thank you all for reading! Ao3 Link
All Luka wanted was a lazy day on the boat. After having a crazy week of work, he didn’t think it was wrong to want a moment of peace. But he should’ve known that nothing “peaceful” can last on the Liberty.
Especially when his sister found a new hobby of meddling with his love life. Luka tried not to get her involved after she found out of his crush on a certain raven-haired girl, but Juleka was a hopeless romantic, which meant his love life became their love life.
Juleka and him sat across from each other in their shared room. Luka strummed some songs on his guitar, keeping his eyes closed to try and relax. “...So the gang is coming over today,” Juleka mumbled. “Why do I feel like this is gonna be a bad thing?” She let out a reserved chuckle and began playing with the ends of her hair. “It’s just gonna be Rose, Ivan, Mylene… Marinette.” His eyes widened. Luka didn’t really mind that his sister was involved in his romantic life, but he was pretty sure that if her plans continued, Marinette might not be comfortable around him anymore.
He let out a strained sigh and gently put his guitar down. “Jules-” The sound of shouting pulled them out of the conversation. Juleka shot up and began moving out their room, “Right on time, I’ll let them in.” She ran out before he could argue.
Luka wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. On one hand, he really liked seeing Marinette, but on the other hand, she was still confused about her feelings. The last thing he wanted was to cause her any more stress. He was debating if he should just sneak out his porthole before they came in, but a flash of pink entered his vision and tackled him back onto his bed.
“Luka! Your favorite Rose is here!”
He let out a labored chuckle and tried to pry her off of him. “As much as your ‘my favorite Rose’, I can’t breathe.” She jumped off of him to stare intensely at him. “I think today’s gonna be the day!” Before he could warn against her prying, she yanked him out of the room. “Come on! Everyone’s waiting for you!”
Luka took a deep breath as he looked at the living room. He saw Ivan and Juleka rearranging some instruments while Mylene and Marinette talked. He tried to look away from Marinette, but he found himself unable to look anywhere else.
She hardly looked different than the last time he saw her, a little more relaxed, but still Marinette. Perhaps he was the one who was freaking out over nothing, she didn’t seem to mind being here. She always seemed comfortable at the Liberty.
Then their eyes met and it felt like the world stopped spinning. Her eyes were full of life and excitement, something in his gut told him that something had changed. She gave him a loving smile and walked towards him. “Hi Luka,” she said. His stomach was filled with butterflies that he only ever got when she said his name.
“Hey, Melody.”
“So, I came because I wanted to tell you something. Well not something- I came because Juleka invited me. But I also had something to tell you, not having to do with Juleka. Even though she invited me- Oh gosh, I’m messing this up.”
Luka reached out and held her shoulder. “It’s all good Mari, you don’t have to be afraid to tell me anything.” She stared up at him and her face slowly turned a bright pink.
After a few moments of looking at each other, soft laughs pulled them out of their exchange. They both turned and saw everyone staring at them. Marinette backed away with her face slightly red and Luka found himself feeling a little more warm as well.
“Come on, we’re going to the deck,” Juleka shuffled towards the stairs. Marinette let out a squeak and quickly followed her. As soon as everyone made their way to the deck, they were hit with a cold breeze. “Wow, it’s freezing,” Luka pulled down the sleeves of his hoodie to try and find some warmth. He looked over at everyone else and saw they put on different warm layers of clothes.
His eyes met Juleka’s as she gave him a sly smirk. “Oh, did I forget to tell you it was cold today?” He rolled his eyes at her and returned her smirk. “Yeah, you did.”
Rose ran over to him and gave him a fluffy blanket. “Maybe you should use this!” Rose gave him a devilish smile. Luka scanned Rose seeing as her innocent demeanor quickly came back and she scurried back over to Juleka’s side. He wrapped himself in the blanket and looked over to Mylene and Ivan. They both discreetly gestured to Marinette, who was rubbing her arms trying to keep herself warm.
At least the plan this time was innocent enough. Luka smiled and without thinking, he made his way over to her and lifted one side of his blanket. “Do you wanna share?” She stared at the blanket for a second, then moved her gaze to him. Luka realized that he was probably making her uncomfortable, so he looked past her to try and give her some space. “Sorry, I just wanted-”
He stopped his words when a soft, warm body melted into his own. He looked down and saw the top of her head snuggled into him. Luka was definitely red. He was also sure that his mouth couldn’t have been wider if he tried.
Marinette managed to look up at him, he saw her cheeks and nose were red. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the weather or situation.“The blanket was a little small, if we both wanted to fit, we had to cuddle.”
Luka softly laughed at her reasoning and wrapped her into a hug, engulfing her with the blanket. “Yeah, that’s smart.” His eyes wandered back over to his sister and her nefarious girlfriend. They were both hugging each other tightly as they watched Marinette snuggle herself into Luka more. Ivan and Mylene also stared at them, Ivan gently bounced as Mylene tried to hold him together.
“Luka, about what I was trying to say earlier…”
He looked down at her, waiting for her to continue. “I think, well I mean- if you still want to. I started thinking about what I wanted. I think that I may”
While this might not have been the day he thought he’d have, he couldn’t have been happier with the way things turned out. Even if this revelation meant more meddling from his sister, he found himself overwhelmingly warm at Marinette’s confession.
“I think that sounds perfect.”
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awholelotofladybug · 18 hours ago
How Things Have Changed: A Stammering Adrien AU Story
Based on this AU.
Disclaimer: The only characters or locations I own are the ones I make up.  All other fictional characters and locations about Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir are the property of Thomas Astruc. No copyright infringement intended. I do not intend to profit from this.
Juleka sat in her room, thinking. So many things crossed her mind throughout the day. How she was dating Rose, how there were actual superheroes in Paris that only showed up last year, how she and Luka had a rock star father, how her family now had a pet, how Luka was dating Chloe, how Chloe had an older sister, and how Chloe had gone from being a bully to being a friend. That last one still took some getting used to. Chloe used to be the meanest girl in school. She was bossy, spoiled, rude, conceited, selfish, and even cruel. Juleka still remembered all the times Chloe made her upset, all the names she would call her.
But that was the old Chloe. The new Chloe was considerate, loving, kind, passionate, and friendly. The new Chloe had different terms for Juleka.
"Julie," Though in fairness, everyone called her that from time to time.
Sure, Chloe was still a bit spoiled and had a temper that flared up once in a while, but Juleka could look someone in the eye and say that Chloe was her friend, especially after what she did for Luka. Luka was so much happier now that he was dating Chloe, and Juleka loved the sight of it, and the sound of it. Luka wrote plenty of songs for Chloe, like the one he was currently playing. Juleka smiled.
"Writing another song for Chloe?" she asked.
Luka smiled. "Actually, Chloe wrote this one."
"Chloe wrote a song?"
"Well, she wrote the lyrics," said Luka. "I'm writing the music. She calls it "Finally Got it Right." Check it out."
Juleka took a look at the lyrics. It told Chloe's story. It was all about the mistakes she made, the regrets she had, and what she was doing to change, all in a poetic, musical way. Juleka smiled as she was reminded just how much effort Chloe put into changing who she was.
"I still can't believe it."
"Believe what?" Luka asked.
"Just how much she's changed," said Juleka. "She used to such a bully. I used to wish she would leave Paris forever, but now? Now she invites me to every other mall trip, and I hear her cheering the band at every show we have.
"Crazy how things have changed, huh?" said Luka, walking up to her
Juleka raised a determined fist to her chest. "I want to do something for her."
"Sounds good to me," said Luka. "But what?"
Juleka thought long and hard. Then she had an idea. With the plan fresh in her head, she called up everyone she could.
Chloe was walking home from a shopping spree, wearing a new outfit with her sunglasses down while carrying several others. She was followed by Marc, Sabrina, Zoe, Mireille and Aurore.
"Another successful spree," said Chloe. "And how about that sale, huh?"
"Twice as many shoes for half the price? What a steal," said Mireille.
Marc went through his bags. "I hope my doodlebug likes my new wardrobe."
"Oh, honey," said Sabrina, sipping her smoothie. "You know he will."
Chloe clung to her sister. "First shopping spree with the squad. Whatcha think?"
"Loved it. Your friends are awesome," said Zoe before pinching Chloe's cheek. "My little sister has friends. I'm so proud of you."
Chloe blushed as she put her sunglasses back up on her head. She thought back to the first time she heard those words.
"And if I may, Mademoiselle, I am very proud of you."
Jean was the first one to tell Chloe that, at least the first one since she had become a teenager. She had been hearing it more and more, and it resonated with her. It felt like this was all right. This was who she was meant to be. Suddenly, her train of thought was interrupted when she saw people in the lobby.
"What the?" she said as she approached. "Is that a party?"
Chloe went in, feeling irritated that there was a party she didn't know about. She thought that by now, she would be kept in the loop with big events. She felt a twinge of rage in the back of her mind, but that twinge was silenced when she got in the door, and everyone leaped out, and cheered.
Chloe's head went back and forth, looking at everything that was going on.
"Wha-Wha-What is all this?" she asked.
"Can't you tell?" Marinette asked. "It's a party."
"For you," said Juleka.
Rose walked up with a gift. "Just a little something, Marinette and Julie came up with to show you how much we appreciate how much you've improved."
Chloe looked around. This party was small, with little in the way of entertainment, food, or decoration, but all of her friends were there, and everyone seemed happy to see her. A year ago, Chloe would have scoffed, and ridiculed this attempt at a party. But that wasn't the case anymore as Chloe smiled, and giggled at the kind gesture.
"You guys," she said. "You didn't have to make such a fuss over me."
"We know we didn't have to," said Rose, handing her the gift.
Marinette took her by the shoulder. "But we wanted to."
"Because we love you." Juleka added.
Chloe opened up the gift. It was a framed photo of her with all of her friends. A chintzy gift by her old standards, but that didn't stop Chloe from holding it close. She couldn't believe it. Before, she had only two friends. Now, she had twenty. Granted, one of them was her sister, but that still counted, and that number was growing. Chloe put down the picture, and gave Juleka, Rose, and Marinette a hug and one kiss each. The group hug grew to involve everyone, including her oldest friend, Adrien. She felt so loved.
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symphonic-scream · a day ago
Juleka: -kissing Rose- She's such a good friend -Rose proposing to her- She's such a good friend -at an alter on the Liberty getting married to Rose- She's such a good friend -sitting on a bench in her 70's with Rose- She's such a good friend
If no one steps in and makes her realize it, she'll go her whole life like that
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symphonic-scream · a day ago
Fj au
Rose notices Juleka fangs
Rose, internally: Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gg Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire Gf Vampire-
Rose is so pumped about the fangs like she is on board 110%
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susanphoenix · a day ago
A Note on Rose, Pigella, chronic illness, magic and superheroes.
In regards to the Mominette AU
Okay, look, I am a live in caregiver for someone with a chronic illness. While they would love a cure for their illness, they don’t like being treated like something broken.
I really liked how Guiltrip portrayed Rose, and chronic illness, as well as how people tend to (over)react to learning about it. I’m also glad they left it vague as to what it is.
Now, in the Mominette AU, Marinette is able to heal. It’s mostly the Chinese energy healing, but she also helped when Sparrow got hurt.
Which, let’s face it, if you’re a superhero that can heal, you probably feel like you should heal. (Especially if you’ve got Tikki encouraging you to do everything. When Marinette refers to Ladybug, she’s actually talking about Tikki.)
I imagine magic cures are actually difficult to come by, even in superhero universes. Or there’s a cost to them that makes them difficult.
So, I have Marinette not interfering medically with Rose, she’s just going to have given her pain relief until Rose can call for her parents/a doctor.
It’s a difficult line to keep, though I decided that Rose’s illness has a decreased risk of coming back the more Marinette helps her, it will never be a zero chance.
I also made a new doll, who can give her parent a gift on really bad days that Rose might have.
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xhanisai · a day ago
Ship: Juleka x rose
I do ship it~!
What made me ship it?
The cute, kind pink girl with the quiet, goth cool girl is such a brilliant dynamic and their interactions are always super sweet. The Guilt trip episode only made my love for it increase by a million.
What are my favourite things about the ship?
How they care about each other so much and that they're happy to show affection to one another. They are really loving.
Is there an unpopular opinion I have on the ship?
As much as I'd like to see them kiss in the show (which will be impossible because a lot of countries would ban it or censor it), I'm content with their subtle affectionate interactions. Romance does not always have to be about physical affection.
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blueberryscent · a day ago
Rose and Juleka are wearing these dresses on dates
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
say no more
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susanphoenix · a day ago
Introducing: Piglette, the Pigella doll.
A Mominette AU supplemental.
Rose hadn’t really wanted her friends to know exactly what was wrong- she herself wasn’t really sure, as the doctors didn’t actually see anything new on the scans and X-rays, and only her previous history kept the doctors from labeling her a hyprochrondriac- and thankfully they all had accepted that.
They still hovered a bit, especially Ivan and Kim, but they did their best not to smother her.
(Oddly enough, Lila started avoiding her, Rose wasn’t sure why, arthritis was also a serious condition, especially in children. But perhaps Lila was trying not to hover in her own way.)
Marinette also still made things for Rose, which Rose didn’t mind so much, Marinette had two reactions to stressful situations, hyper-obsessed (where she would make a bunch of things related to an interest or person) and intense problem solving.
Rose was relieved that Marinette wasn’t trying to play amateur doctor, but the gifts were getting a bit much.
So Rose was going to be firm when Marinette showed up at Rose’s home to deliver a new gift. Rose had already had her mother’s slight overreacttion to Rose accidentally cutting herself while cooking, she didn’t need more coddling.
Only, Marinette started talking first.
“Um, Rose? I, uh, got a commission to deliver to you.” Marinette looked embarrassed. “I know it’s probably been a bit much, but I couldn’t turn this commission down and it’s important.”
Rose was baffled, but brought Marinette to her room.
Marinette sat down. “So, this isn’t from me. I was contacted by Ladybug, who wanted me to deliver her to you.”
Rose opened the box, and gasped. A plushie Pigella doll was in the box.
“Ladybug commissioned you for this?” The doll was soft.
“Yes, this isn’t the first time.” Marinette flushed. “Well, it’s the first time she’s had me do the delivery.” Marinette took a deep breath. “She’s had me make other dolls. And then she takes them and does some magic.”
A grey and pink doll suddenly hopped out of Marinette’s book bag.
“She brings them to life, they’re tiny protectors in case Hawkmoth ever discovered the identities of the temporary heroes. I’m... I was Multimouse, when Kwamibuster attacked. I goofed at the end, revealing who I was, so Ladybug had me make Minimouse, just in case something happens, like Hawkmoth finding me, Minimouse can duplicate herself and go running for help.”
The Minimouse demonstrated her ability to duplicate herself.
The Pigella doll gently brushed Rose’s face.
“I don’t know exactly what your doll’s power is, but it’s always related to the hero power. It’s not as strong, according to Ladybug, but it’s meant for your protection.” Marinette flushed. “Not that you need protection!”
Rose giggled as Marinette got flustered. Minimouse patting Marinette’s knee.
“Thank you, Marinette. I understand.” Rose got it. Pigella’s power had been a gift of hope. While Rose was an optimist, she also had her days of wanting her problem to go away.
So if this doll had a similar ability... she would help Rose through those bad days.
A tiny voice whispered, and Rose almost dropped the doll.
“Ah, I should mention that the dolls are bonded to their models. Something about the magic. Ladybug wasn’t clear on that. The stronger the bond, the easier it is to understand them.” Marinette added. She was smiling. “Ladybug didn’t warn me about what she did to Minimouse, so I got the shock of my life when my doll duplicated herself and started whispering to me to go to bed.”
Rose giggled, gently hugging the doll. “I was going to refuse anymore gifts outside of my birthday and special occasions, but I can’t turn her away.”
“I’m glad, and I will restrict myself to personal gifts on those days unless you’re part of a group. I just felt like I had to do something ... and I technically did promise you pillows to sit on when I ran for class President.” Marinette smiled. “What are you going to name her?”
“Um ... Piglette.” Rose offered, and the doll clapped, hugging Rose before looking at Marinette.
So did Minimouse.
Marinette wilted a bit. “Ladybug also wanted me to reveal my secret to you. You are more than welcome to say no to this next bit.” Marinette took a deep breath. “Icansortahealsmallthings.”
Marinette flopped over. “This is so insensitive, Ladybug. Ugh, okay, Superheroes and magic exist, and apparently my mom’s side of the family occasionally gets the power to heal things. I accidentally healed my dad and Chat Noir. I can’t cure anything, let me clarify that right now, but Ladybug got upset that I didn’t immediately offer to try and help.”
Rose blinked. “Ladybug is being rude.” Rose agreed with that assessment. “But what do you mean you can heal?”
Marinette sighed, and took Rose’s bandaged hand. There was a tiny pink glow, and the stinging of the cut vanished.
Rose removed the bandage to reveal the cut was gone.
“It’s only small things, it’s not a miraculous cure, all I could do for you is maybe make your headaches less severe so you had more time to get to the nurse or to a private place to call your parents. Ladybug’s of the opinion that eventually I would be strong enough to cure you, but I don’t have any actual training right now.” Marinette admitted. “I don’t want to hurt you on accident.”
“It would be nice to have a little more time.” Rose smiled, hugging Marinette (and Rose was amused when the dolls joined in). “I would be lying if I said I hadn’t fantasized about never having to worry again, but I’m not going to put my pain on you. You do what you can, Marinette, but don’t beat yourself up over what you can’t do.” And Rose would be telling off Ladybug for adding more stress to Marinette.
“Okay ... just ... how about you let me know if you need me? I ... uh... I occasionally try to go after Ladybug and Chat Noir, just in case they need a small heal, but otherwise...” Marinette shrugged.
“Thank you Marinette. And if you see Ladybug before I do, tell her that I love the doll, but it’s not fair for her to demand so much of you when she doesn’t know exactly what’s going on. Just because you have powers doesn’t mean she should push you to out yourself like that if you’re not ready.”
“You’re the best, Rose.” Marinette smiled.
A crunching sound had Rose looking to see the two dolls sharing a cookie.
“Oh, yeah, um, to keep their power levels up, they have to eat. I should really write these things down.” Marinette flushed.
“Ooh, a how to book on caring for magic dolls! Can I help?”
They spent the rest of the visit coming up with a book design.
So ... I am a live in caregiver for someone who has a chronic illness. Some of Rose’s thoughts are things they have said that stuck with me.
I wasn’t going to add much of anything from season 4, but guilt trip came and hit me where I live.
I debated naming the doll Porcelete
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Pigella using her power on Juleka. The box opens ip to show Juleka and Rose sitting on a couch, Rose's head resting on Juleka's shoulder. The only differences between the image that Pigella's power made, and the last evening the girls spent together, is the rings on their fingers, their advanced age, and the gentle kiss on the lips before they went to sleep.
Juleka is all blushy and embarrassed like: please don’t tell her,,
Pigella beet red: o-oh! Y-yeah I uh- I won’t- secret safe with me!
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Miracu-class Concept Art -- Lady Vogue AU
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A little bit of concept art for (almost) everyone in Miraculous! I think you can definitely tell where I started There’s a few I’m unsatisfied with and they’re quite rough. (I also couldn’t decide on an art style? lol) I’m still trying to decide if I want to redesign a few characters (Lila, Kagami, Luka) 
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mermay 5 (may 12)
Tumblr media
betta mer-rose got a seashell from a cute purple girl. white version under the cut!
Tumblr media
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