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modern-wilde4 hours ago
i see a lot of people compaining that romanticism is only for rich people. but i wanna say...romanticism is not for a rich person but for a rich mind.
things that are absolutely free u can romanticise..
1. the blue sky
have you ever romanticised the clear blue sky in the morning and just let the brimming rays of sunshine touch not just ur body but ur naked soul?
2. the water
i once saw a video about the power of manifestation when u wish for something while drinkiing water.So, whenever i'm drinking water i'm always wishing and manifesting.
(i dunno if it actually works but it sure does make me feel calm and that's why i do it everyday and will continue to do so)
3. when ur mom serves u food
how many times have u romanticised the food that ur mom makes and given her a compliment and kissing her beautiful hands? the smile on her face after that moment of appreciation is just priceless.
4. when u water the plants or just see the plants moving with the wind
when plants just grow as u water them..if u can't have an animal as a pet..Then..WHATS STOPPING U FROM MAKING A PLANT UR OWN PET? they grow, they need attention, they need care and are always there to listen to u when u need someone.(oxygen is a bonus point)
5. when u finsh ur assignment on ur own without any help
to romanticise studying u don't need the aesthetic table or latest laptop..u just need a willing mind, a working pen, and some blank paper and u r good to go...have ur own time.. create ur own small space..can be ur study desk or ur dining table or can be just a pillow on ur lap...whatever be it ... just start romanticising it..u just need a mindset and u r good to go
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a-dotrivenitupontop20 hours ago
鉁 What do you want to work as?
id say anything in (musical) theatre. my first choice for any theatre job would probably be acting. i love coming up with characters and then stepping into them. some of my dream roles include:
connor murphy (dear evan hansen)
the narrator (blood brothers)
orpheus (hadestown)
gabe goodson [if thats his last name i can鈥檛 really remember it properly rn oof] (next to normal)
so yeah kinda angsts ngl 馃槄. plus there鈥檚 a whole bunch more shows id be grateful to be anyone in. and im willing to take anything that fucks around with gender (yes i am close to a real life sunil jha*) in short, 10/10 would act again (which i shall in around an hour in a half thank you drama group fo existing 馃憖).
id also kinda like to do costume design in theatre. particularly historical costume. i most certainly fixated on it last summer through the means of karolina 偶ebrowska and bernadette banner (both are on yt, go check out their videos if you like)
and writing a musical seems like something id be interested in. ive got this idea for a jukebox musical based off sufjan stevens鈥檚 music (yes, vesuvius will 100% be sung by a trans person. yes, that role shall be written to be available for all trans people no matter agab or gender identity). plus ive dreamt part a musical and seeing that come to life could be cool. i guess i just love writing stories haha.
everything in theatre is just so cool, from set design to casting direction to production. id be so increbily lucky to even get a small chance to be on a stage. 馃挅 /gen
but aside from that, mcdonalds is always there to have the ultimate comeback to 鈥榙o good in school or else you鈥檒l work at mcdonalds鈥 /j
{*sunil jha is a character from 鈥榣oveless鈥 by alice oseman. just in case you didn鈥檛 know. he is lord. praise them. /lh}
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i want to live in a cabin in the hills, sit by a window when it rains and read.
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politics-not-my-thinga day ago
Historically: police brutality towards marginalised groups, segregation in law, slavery, the invasion of other countries so as to acquire resources from said countries and also serving as a way to show the invading countries superiority, non-white groups working for less than their white counterparts and in worse conditions, lynching because the marginalised group did something "wrong", the forced seizing of land because these Europeans deserved it more than the people already living there, groups created due to a united hatred of marginalised groups, marginalised groups in society ending up living in certain areas due to discrimination, romanticisation of European colonialism in history
Today: avoiding teaching about colonialism in history but romanticisation or severe downplaying of colonialism when taught and especially in the media, marginalised groups ending up living in certain areas due to the effects systemic and institutional racism, groups continuing to exist which are united by their hatred of marginalised groups just with careful wording so it's not blatant yet still obvious to anyone with a brain, the forced seizing of land because these Europeans deserved it more than the people already living there but on a smaller scale so like Israel rather than all of America, violent hate crimes because marginalised group did something "wrong" as the media police and individual refuse to call it a hate crime, non-white groups working for less than their counterparts (no I am not joking) and doing the jobs their white counterparts refuse (such as more manual labour than office work) as it is the jobs they will get hired for and immigrants may have the qualifications to do office jobs but their qualifications are dismissed (either legally or by the people hiring), the invasion of other countries so as to acquire resources and to show the invading countries might done under the pretence of being right and just looking at you America (with Europe playing the second fiddle to America but still very much there), child labour and sweatshops being normal for white own companies but being restricted to non-white countries, laws which are supposed to prevent discrimination but are underutilised because the marginalised groups lack the power, security, money and time to use because systemic racism and discrimination is still here, police brutality is technically illegal but police get away with it,
Some idiot: *looking at all this* wow we have come so far
Yeah sure it's different but really it's just changed forms, racism might not be legal now but the power dynamic from it being legal is still being felt so whilst it is not in law it is still very much part of the everyday, we have long way to go
It's like looking at the difference between a stab mark and a bullet wound, sure being shot is objectively worse but neither is a good option and should not be options, and both can kill you
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sweeties-and-sparklesa day ago
As a reward for handing in all of my assignments after a busy and stressful week I'm going to have a nice bubble bath. I'm lighting candles, playing a soothing playlist and sipping wine.
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the way you think and see the world is so beautiful 鉂わ笍锔
馃ズ馃ズ thanks.. i try :')
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6ebe2 days ago
Fuck university why can鈥檛 I develop my career through my terrifying reputation for crafting and executing dastardly plots of political intrigue while sharing intense homoerotic eye contact with my closest pals from across a palace courtyard
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limalepakko2 days ago
I hate it when people here talk about聽鈥渞omanticising鈥 when they actually just mean enjoying things
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zelishxoxo2 days ago
someday i want to become the owner of a small bookstore with a cute little cafe inside it and be the guide myself and serve the people with hot chocolate in thecafe , and listen to music while i read sitting beside the window that opens in the street , someday
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sloady2 days ago
im gonna be so sexy
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shanarani4 days ago
will a tiktok ruin my day??? maybe bc wtf
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lemonsparkly5 days ago
hi hi hi ily
hi ily what even is the panda ask but so true bestie
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