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#romantic academia aesthetic
vintagecinnamonball · 19 minutes ago
Trace a fucking constellation on my hand and read me like your favourite books and I’ll recite poetry for you🥺🥰
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darkagelibrary · an hour ago
Tumblr media
"Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to age without mistakes?
Are you going to age with grace?
Only to wake and hide your face?"
Bastille - Oblivion
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influencedgenetics · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
11 . 5 . 2021 - resting your head against the window, the music playing almost inaudibly. a small sigh, eyes closing and feeling the sense of peace envelope you all at once. silence and tranquility. the warmth of the vehicle a pleasant contrast to the grey and drizzly weather outside, knowing that you're safe there. we hear the muffled chatter of those around, smiling softly to ourselves and embracing the quiet moments. maybe it's a ride home after meeting friends, or a day spent sketching the pedestrians who wander, knowing that they all have their own stories. you're surrounded by these people, constantly unaware of their own complexities because our own are so overwhelming. it only takes a second, but you learn to appreciate the fact that we exist. our beautiful and varied lives.
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Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own
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whiskedthought · 2 hours ago
I just realised that I shower love abundantly when I love someone — to make make myself realise that I do love them and also somewhere cause I’m afraid they’ll leave if I don’t. 
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ashstfu · 2 hours ago
my skills include reading books, eating snacks, sleeping during the day, scrolling through tumblr quickly enough that people’s stupid videos don’t start playing automatically, listening to music, ignoring reality and being a massive crybaby.
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atticus poetry
i told her i was lost in this world
and she smiled
because she was too
we were all lost somehow
but we didn’t care
we had, in each other’s chaos,
found each other
there was a storm in her eyes
rocky seas from a hundred stormy nights
but also too
there was a light
a warm wind
from a distant shore
so that’s where i headed
towards her lights
that shone with gentle seas
i swear it to the stars he said
and she laughed
swear it to the dust instead
for one day these stars will all be dust
and is as well
but this
she kissed
if it is true
will love forever
in those dusty skies
she was trouble
chaos really
but her smile
her smile
dared me to fall in love with her
she was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen
and it took only her laugh to realize
the beauty was the least of her
forgive me
if i stumble and fall
for i know not how
to love too well
i am clumsy
and my words
do not form as i wish
so let me kiss you instead
and let my lips
paint for you
all my pictures
that my clumsy heart
the hardest step
we all must take
is to blindly trust
in who we are
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ashstfu · 2 hours ago
i'm honestly so happy that i'm not perfect like i talk pure shit, i write bad poetry, i laugh out loud and tell embarrassing jokes i always regret later, i wear ugly oversized clothes to formal gatherings, i'll probably eat all the cookies kept on the coffee table because i'm bored, i spend half of my day pretending i'm in a music video, i drink coffee in a wine glass, i spray paint walls, i wander around in bookstores for hours, i hate kids, i stay awake till 3 am for no fucking reason, i pull stupid pranks on people, i'm weird and i think the way i eat half a tub of ice cream is sexy as hell. perfection is a fake concept created by some lunatics, i think there's something serene and lovely about imperfection; blackholes actually exist but we worry about what people think of us? nah
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etherealcallistan · 4 hours ago
Why is it always what kind of music do you listen to and never let's make a playlist together :/
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etherealcallistan · 4 hours ago
I'm such a sucker for tragedies, like yes please stomp all over my heart, go absolutely feral you have all the permit!
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etherealcallistan · 4 hours ago
I'm such a sucker for tragedies, like yes please stomp all over my heart, go absolutely feral you have all the permit!
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spectrophobick · 4 hours ago
I wake up and I pour my coffee and I stare down into the caramel color because I cant take it black-
- what kind of burnt out gifted child can't take their coffee black by now?
I wake up and stare into the mug and I am reminded that I am hollow and empty save for an ever growing ball of anger near my heart like a tumor-
- anger at the knowledge that my creator killed themself halfway through making me and I will never get to experience completion; forever a shell of what could have been great but;
I will never be great. I will never be honor roll, straight A's, team captain on the Dean's list every quarter, I will be asleep at my desk after putting off my final essay for six weeks to go on yet another unfulfilling bender on god knows what, leaving a page just as empty as I-
- equally stained with the steady leak of the fountain pen that is my will to live, giving up with each and every little stain on my fingertips and smudged sentence in my notebooks and one day it will be no more, I will be no more.
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