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empyreanwritings · 12 minutes ago
Hi Stef my darling!🥺💗
Could I pretty please request a wandanat x reader where they take care of them after a mission by running them a hot bath and both taking turns to wash their hair and body - just pure fluff and full of love💞💞
Much love x
There was always a chance for a mission to go south in your field. Some days the bad didn’t seem so terrible if you knew there was nothing else you could do to fix the situation. But today was not one of those days. The guilt weighed heavily on your shoulders on the ride back to the compound, and everyone could feel it clouding over you. 
You picked at the side of your fingernails. A nasty habit Wanda constantly scolded you about. It was the only thing keeping you from pacing the quinjet like a caged animal, though, so no one brought it up. 
You planned on hiding in your room the moment you landed, but Wanda and Nat had other plans. They pulled you into Nat’s room and ran a bath. All you could do was stand there and watch as Wanda added bath salts and lit your favorite candles. Every memory of the mission kept you rooted in one spot, unable to process what was happening now. 
Nat helped you undress, slowly and carefully. She constantly asked if what she was doing was okay, and you managed to give her a small nod every time. 
They eased you into the tub - Nat behind you and Wanda squeezed in front of you. The hot water worked on your tense muscles but did little to ease your mind. You didn’t think this distraction would work until Nat started to work her fingers through your hair. She even used the expensive shampoo; the kind that made your hair smell like papaya. 
Wanda used a washcloth to wipe your face, and she gave you a warm smile when you finally made eye contact with her. 
“You’re going to be okay, my love,” she whispered. “We’ll take care of you.”
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nermalina · 17 minutes ago
Natasha bending R over her lap and spanking you then aftercare ps. I love your fanfics so much I’m just living my fantasies on you soo
warnings (18+ only): spanking, verbal humiliation, praise kink, mommy kink
marvel masterlist. | marvel headcanons. | nav post.
“aw you thought i was gonna let you cum, baby?” natasha mocked, sitting at the edge of the bed. she grabbed your wrists and guided you to bend over her lap. “i’m not touching this slutty pussy for another week. i thought i made it clear that you cannot touch what doesn’t belong to you.”
“i’m sorry mommy, i know i shouldn’t have played with my pussy.” you whined, nuzzling your head against her thigh, hoping that she’d go easier on you. her hand came down on your ass hard.
“your pussy?” natasha scoffed. “i know my little girl is stupid, but she knows better than that. this pussy is mine.” she emphasized her words with a few harsh smacks to your cunt. “why else would i be the only one allowed to touch it?”
“you’re right, mommy. i didn’t mean it, i’m sorry.” your girlfriend hummed, smoothing her hand over your ass as you squirmed in her lap. natasha continued spanking you, switching between your ass and pussy whenever she saw fit.
“do you think you’ve learned your lesson, whore? or does mommy need to continue disciplining her little bitch?” natasha sighed as you whimpered apologies against her skin. “are you ready to be a good girl, baby?”
“yes mommy.” natasha laid you down on the bed, leaving you on your stomach while she went to get a few things from the bathroom. she tossed a leg over yours, straddling the back of your thighs.
the russian used a towel to clean you up and rubbed lotion over your ass and legs. she slid a pair of clean panties up your legs and leaned down, pressing soft kisses along your neck. “such a good girl, took your punishment so well.”
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fivehargreeves6226 · 35 minutes ago
Your imperfections are beautiful
Person A: You are not a monster... i don't know who made you think that... but you are not a monster!
Person B: If I'm not a monster... what I am ?
Person A: You are different... and... this is not bad!... it’s... beautiful...
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innerstrawberrypolice · 47 minutes ago
Natasha Romanoff fact #5:
Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself to save the world.
Tumblr media
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theleoarchives · 53 minutes ago
last updated~ 5/12/21
nat x reader
wandanat x reader
movie night.
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So I ask one of my Bestie who's not a marvel fan to judge the mcu characters, here are the results (and shes supposed to be Bi but I'm pretty sure she likes women more now 😌🖐) :
Tony : 7/10
Steve : 6.5/10 (I'm so srry XD)
Bruce : 6/10
Thor : 8/10
Natasha : 8/10
Clint : 7/10
Loki : 7/10 (No taste <(  ̄^ ̄))
Carol : 8/10
Valkyrie : 10/10 (I mean... Yes)
Wanda : 9/10
Pietro : 7/10
Bucky : 6/10
Sam : 9/10
Scott : 8/10 (She said, and I quote : "Fuck He looks like a father
He looks like a cliché father")
Hope : 8/10
Sif : 9/10
Jane : 7/10
Darcy : 7/10 (My girl deserves more 😔✌)
Peter (Parker) : 8/10
MJ : 10/10 (Are u seEING THE TYPE YET ?!!!! XD)
Peter (Quill) : 10/10 (We're rlly not ok on that one...)
Gamora : 9/10
Nebula : 7.5/10
Stephen Strange : 6/10
Hela : 7/10
Shuri : 9.5/10 (ur seeING THE TYPE KNOW ????!!!!! XD)
T'Challa : 7/10
Kill Monger : 6/10 (srry for the simps XD)
Vision (human) : 5/10 (I couldn't find a photo of him in wandavision I only found one from Infiniti War, so understandable)
Monica : 8/10
Agatha : 7/10
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vancityfire13 · an hour ago
Taking Up Space
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 1.5K
A/N - Set during the Blip.
Tagging: @midnight-lestrange 
Tumblr media
You made her breakfast every day. It wasn’t anything special. It’s just what you did.
On her best days. Natasha came to the kitchen and ate robotically. On her worst ones, you didn’t see her unless you sought her out.
During the day, Natasha never left that fucking desk. There was always someone to call, some email that had to be sent. Some emergency to avert. You bit your tongue to stop from pointing out that there couldn’t be much left to do. 
Natasha had led the clean up, the reorganisation, the replanning. Now, all that remained was what couldn’t be fixed. Together, the people of the world settled with their unimaginable loss. Grief rolled through nations and families. 
You were no exception, it swept through your life like a tidal wave. Some days, it felt like you were barely breathing. The Avengers Compound really did feel haunted now. You could almost hear the voices of your friends calling you in the hallways. 
Now, it was just you and Natasha and that was starting to feel quieter than if you were alone. 
Strange thoughts plagued you. 
One night you stared at a wall and wondered if it was better that Wanda was dead, if she could have ever lived after killing Vision. You didn’t know what invasive thoughts plagued Natasha.You didn’t know anything about what she was thinking. 
All you knew was that Natasha never stopped moving, even though there was nowhere left to go.
You tried to call her back to you.
‘I miss you.’ You told her quietly one morning. You moved your hand to cover her free one, while she ate her breakfast with the other. 
Natasha just pushed her chair back from the breakfast counter, removing her hand indirectly from yours. Her eyes avoided your gaze so easily that you weren’t even sure it was purposeful.
‘I have to go.’ She said neutrally.
You watched her leave the kitchen. You looked down at the half eaten plate of food that she’d left behind. Then you found yourself slumped on the counter, crying for lost things.
You missed the Natasha that you’d known before. But, you didn’t leave.
You were used to Natasha’s late hours now. More often than not, you were asleep before she crawled into the space next to you. 
The first night that Natasha didn’t come to bed, you just felt resigned at her priorities. It took three more nights before you realised that she wasn’t just falling asleep at her desk. 
You padded through the Compound in the dark, fear clawing at you with every empty room that you came across. Finally, you found her lying asleep on the sofa. You took a second to step out of the memories of loved ones disappearing into ash. You felt relieved just to have sight of her, watching her steady breathing until you matched it yourself.
Natasha was curled up in her sleep, even though the sofa was long. She always looked defensive now, even unconscious.
You touched her shoulder and she started awake. Natasha’s eyes showed their usual exhaustion when they opened blearily. 
‘Come to bed, love.’ You murmured, crouching next to the sofa.
‘No.’ Natasha told you after a second. ‘This is just easier.’
Natasha’s eyes closed again.
A lump rose in your throat with the realisation that she wanted you to go away. 
Natasha didn’t ever come back to your bed. Eventually, you made up the one in the spare room for her. You didn’t know how to ask what was so wrong with yours.
You still didn’t leave.
You tried to salvage it. You made the effort to carve out moments in her day. 
You made her some lunch. You kept it light, just two sandwiches, knowing too well the dead look that Natasha gave most food now. 
You’d already over thought it before you’d knocked on her office door. How you’d pull up a chair next to her at the computer screen. How you’d try and stay unobtrusive. Let her talk if she felt like it.
It fell apart when Natasha noticed the plate as you walked towards her.
‘Thanks, just leave it on the desk.’ 
The dismissal was painfully unassuming. Natasha hadn’t considered wanting you to stay. It felt like a heavy stone was sinking in your chest. You rallied yourself.
‘I know you’re busy. But can we have a moment?’ The small words sounded weirdly brave to your ears. You felt like you were swimming against the tide, trying to get her to see you again.
Natasha’s eyes didn’t leave the screen. You moved around the desk and you let your hands rest on her shoulders. The tension held in them was obvious and you tried to ease it automatically. You touched her lightly, but Natasha immediately shrugged away for your massage. You took your hands back, wondering if the tension had only been from your touch.
‘Maybe later.’ She muttered, typing out an email draft on a subject that you didn’t understand. 
You stopped deluding yourself that anything was going to change. You left the sandwich. 
You didn’t try to insert yourself into Natasha’s life anymore. 
You still didn’t leave.
Another six months and nothing changed. Except, now the long days where you didn’t exchange a word often stretched into weeks. You started to hold the silence inside you. You heard the voices coming from Natasha’s office when she held group calls. You knew none of them were happy either, but you were beginning to feel like a ghost.
At last, you started to accept that Natasha didn’t miss you. 
The last day came. 
When you knocked on the office door lightly, Natasha barely glanced at you.
‘I’m gonna go now.’ You told her hoarsely, half choked by the decision you had made.
‘Okay.’ Natasha said, eyes not leaving the screen. ‘We need more bread, I used the last of it yesterday.’
It took a second to realise her misunderstanding, that she hadn’t listened to your tone.
‘No.’ You said more clearly, the sting of her still not seeing you strengthening your resolve. ‘I mean that I’m leaving.’
Natasha glanced up at you, head tilting to indicate her confusion at your emphasis. 
Words flooded out of you, like blood from a wound.
‘I found an apartment. It’s across town, but I rented a U-Haul so I’ll be gone by the end of the day. And I changed the bed sheets, so you can move back to our, I mean your, bed tonight. And, um, there’s leftovers in the fridge. I labelled them.’
Natasha’s expression was a mix of emotions you couldn’t recognise, this time you looked away first.
The side of your mouth tried to lift in a smile, but your eyes were filling with tears.
‘Try and look after yourself, yeah?’
Your breathing hitched and you tried to hold onto some control, staring at the corner of her desk while you blinked back tears. You tried to steel yourself, you wanted to look Natasha in the eyes when you said goodbye.
When you dragged your eyes back up, you weren’t able to meet her gaze. Natasha’s hands covered her face and her shoulders were shaking. You heard her muffled cries and felt them constrict your own lungs.
You reached out to touch Natasha’s shoulder with all the hesitancy that the last year had taught you to have. 
‘Please don’t cry love.’ You murmured softly.
‘Don’t go.’ Natasha’s voice hitched. She moved her hands down from her face. Her eyes stood out, glassy with tears. It was strange to see them look so alive.
‘You don’t want me to stay.’ You told her quietly, voice steady with certainty. She hadn’t seen you properly for a long time. But, you had seen her every day.
There was a long awful moment when you looked at each other. You watched Natasha try to swallow the strange gasps that kept coming out of her mouth. You gathered the strength again to say goodbye. You let your hand fall from her shoulder. You took a step back.
You fought the physical need climbing up inside of you to stay. You ached with the memory of what you had once been.
You forced the words from your mouth, knowing you were saying them for the last time.
‘I love you.’
You turned to leave.
Natasha’s hand caught yours. 
You stilled, not sure if you had the strength to pull out of her grip. 
You felt her stand behind you, silhouetting your figure. Your skin buzzed with the need to fall apart. 
Natasha’s arms wrapped around you. You couldn’t catch your breath or your thoughts.
Her arms tightened their hold and you could feel her breath on your neck.
‘I love you too.’  She told you.
She kissed your shoulder. You felt the wetness of her tears on your skin.
You never left.
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westannatasharomanoff · an hour ago
Steve: I told you guys!
Natasha: We know. You’ve been berating us for the better part of an hour.
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katesbownarrow · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ఌ︎ Natasha Romanoff infinity war icons
Don't repost❥︎like or reblog if you save
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themarshmallownerd · 2 hours ago
New Chapter: Empire of Miracles
Link: Chapter 11
Previous: Chapter 10
First: Chapter 1 (AO3)
A/N: The long-awaited update is finally here! I have no excuses, other than it was simply fighting me, and my muse was more keen on the other projects I’ve started for a long while. But better than late than never!
Don’t think any general warnings apply for this chapter, aside from the usual canon-typical violence and a brief panic attack. Please read and enjoy at your own discretion!
Preview: None of the agents spoke to her during the entire duration of their walk, making an already long walk through unfamiliar territory feel even longer. By the time they actually seemed to reach somewhere of importance, there was a dull ache in Natasha’s legs, as if she had now walked the span of a mile or two, on top of her aimless wandering before the group found her. 
The leader of her escort party led her to a door that actually looked vaguely familiar. She didn’t place why until he opened it for her, nodding towards it as a silent indicator she go first.
As Natasha stepped through the threshold, she was immediately greeted by another familiar sight. A staircase leading both upward and downward. The flight of stairs leading up were illuminated by a window overlooking their landing.
It was the same window she had found before, when she found Zola’s Algorithm recorded on paper documents aboveground. 
Natasha became rooted in place, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end with an internal chill. She felt rather than saw the agents brush up behind her as they filed into the stairwell with her. She braced herself for the worst, for a confrontation as to what she had been doing upstairs just before this. 
However, no confrontation came. The pilot simply looked expectantly at her, as if waiting for her to start speaking. When a few seconds passed without anything of the sort, he gestured to the second stairway, leading further down into the earth. “This way.”
Natasha gave a listless nod as she followed him, temporarily soothed by relief that he didn’t seem to suspect she had been upstairs, let alone had seen what was up there. Though she was unsettled once more as the two other agents waited for her to step ahead of them so they could flank her again. 
That unease rolled a bigger and bigger ball across her chest as she was led through the door at the very bottom of the stairwell. On the other side was a room that, quite frankly, looked like a dumpster had thrown up inside. The entryway was littered nearly to the ceiling with decrepit wooden chairs and tables, loose bricks, wooden crates, more medical carts (though they were emptied), industrial-sized cans of food, each with the labels faded so much that they were difficult to read, and God knows what else. Between the junk pile and the right-hand wall was a very narrow path for the agents with her to guide her down. If the descent deeper inside the Earth hadn’t been enough to stir a feeling of claustrophobia in the spy (something she usually didn’t even suffer from), having to fit herself between a pile of decrepit items and the unpaved dirt-wall did. 
Natasha’s steps were slower as she continued to follow the leader. She was starting to wonder not only why Steve would want to meet her here, of all places, but how he would have even found it to begin with. Why he would come here. Had he been looking for her…?  
That theory was almost immediately disproven. 
Natasha and her guide had reached a part of the junk pile that was suddenly cut off and replaced by large cement walls. More rooms, filled with something unknown. That in itself was enough to unnerve Natasha to the point of halting in her tracks. But what set her completely on edge was something she noticed leaning against the first cement wall, partially hidden behind a three-legged table that had been turned on its side. It was a circular metal disk, with leather arm straps dangling limply against the dull silver.
It was a shield. The shield. 
Steve’s shield.
Natasha hadn’t even consciously realized she had stopped walking until one of the agents behind her elbowed her. Rather than heed the unspoken command to keep going, the spy just remained frozen where she was. 
Then suddenly, she called out ahead of them, “Steve?”
The pilot in front of her startled at the unexpected shout. As he whirled around, there was a split second where he merely stared at her with a perturbed expression. It was worth revealing her suspicions, though, for she was met with pure silence in the heartbeats that followed.
That is, until a shout back could be heard from somewhere on the other side of the bunker.
“Steve?” she responded, half-expecting it to have been wishful thinking.
However, there was no denying his next reply was his voice. Not just his voice, but the sound of him under duress, the words muffled and rushed, as if he didn’t know whether he would get another chance to speak. 
“Nat, go! Find Bucky! And Wanda! Go—”
He was suddenly cut off by a grunt, as if struck with something. 
The agent in front of her grimaced. “Shit,” he growled.
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ptsdpolaris · 2 hours ago
I like to think when Steve went back to return the stones he bargained for Natasha and took her with him and married her instead of Peggy because he couldn’t take her back to the present
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ioweitalltoyou · 2 hours ago
Hey Guys!
I know that I havent been that active on here recently. College has been kicking my butt. Now that I have passed my classes I am ready to get back into writing!
I just got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday so I have time to sit down and write.
Let me know if you have any request! You can see everyone I write for on my masterlist
Thank you!
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empyreanwritings · 2 hours ago
Can I request some YeleNatReader? Maybe Y/N is usually smart and then they found out they didn't know about some basic common sense. Thank you and drink water and have a nice day😌
A/N: I will neither confirm nor deny whether this story is based on true events or not akdjflsdkfj
“But why do you have to go?” You whined as you threw yourself on the couch across Yelena and Nat’s laps. “Why can’t you stay home with me and Yelena?” 
Nat rolled her eyes playfully. “Because one of the agents has a hernia, and he’ll be out for a few weeks because of it. I agreed to go on this assignment for him cause I knew it’d be quick and easy.” 
You shifted into a sitting position between them. Your brows furrowed, and they could practically see the gears turning in your head. You were probably trying to figure out how you could convince Nat to stay, but she was already coming up with reasons why she couldn’t bail out now. She knew you all to well. 
“Well, that doesn’t make much sense.” 
“And why not?” 
“So what if the man can’t sit? That’s not the point of an assignment anyways. Tell him that he needs to suck it up and get his work done then he can worry about his butt problems later,” you replied with so much confidence in the situation, they almost missed what you said. 
Yelena’s eyes grew wide, and her jaw dropped. “Did you just say-” 
“What do you think hernias are?” Nat quickly interrupted. The look on her face annoyed you because you didn’t understand what was so funny. 
“Hernias are those little things that people get on their, ya know, butt area. They can’t sit and it hurts them to use the bathroom.” 
Yelena smashed one of the couch pillows against her face to muffle the obnoxious laughter falling from her lips. Nat tried harder to conceal her amusement, but the sound of Yelena’s laughter was too contagious to ignore. It wasn’t long before the two of them were on the floor, clutching their stomachs and repeating what you said. 
You threw your hands into the air. “What is so funny?!”
“Those aren’t hernias, babe. Those are hemorrhoids.” 
“I-” You stared at them, unable to form any other words. Maybe you were an idiot.
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marvelsbanner · 2 hours ago
I’m planning on going to Russia now 🥵
Oh my GOD she’s so 🥵🥵
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wwprice1 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Black Widow coloring fun.
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