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#roman triton
tallulahrobinson · 2 days ago
Swynlake Style - Tallulah’s Circus Party
A hot or not fashion rating for the EVENT OF THE SUMMER. (Totally not biased!)
Phineas Flynn - -1/10
Why on earth would someone dress up as Evil Knevil (Is that even how it’s spelled??) for someone’s birthday party? You had the right energy, but honestly, atrocious... fashion SIN!
Amazing. Very simple, but ON THEME. Plus you always look good, babe! 
Martin Ambrosius - 4/10
You’re giving me very sad circus tent/even sadder concessions clerk vibes. BUT! ON THEME, so you get some points there!
Susan Webb - 11/10
The beading on this was very well executed, who made that? I could have done a bit better, but still it was a look™. Have you considered running away to join the circus? Taming lions?
Henry Charming - 7/10
VERY on theme, I appreciate your efforts young man! 
Anna Sommers - 2/10
I KNOW I said it was a circus theme, right? Not Candyland? Either way, it looks kinda cute on you and you pulled it off better than most would. 
Oliver Saluki - 8/10
I understand that you did NOT dress yourself for this event, so again credit to the tasteful, Pacifica Northwest! 
Jessica Rabbit - 8/10
Gorgeous. You Court ladies really know your classy looks™ don’t you? Red is your color, babe!
Wendy Darling - 6/10
DARLING. So simple, on theme, and wow you’re to die for! Would have loved to see you in something a little more bold, but NOT BAD!
Barbie Roberts - 10/10
BARBIE HOW COULD YOU. You looked fab, it was BOLD and COLORFUL and CAMPY. I did not expect any less from you! 
TOM - ∞/10
Sarina Go - 12/10
YES. That’s all I have to say, wait no. I have more! ASJKLJGKL. Ok, that’s all now. 
Toulouse Bonfamille - 13/10
WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS?! To die for!! They really brought the whole look up a level. Magnifique!
Ashlee Tomassian - 3/10
Yesss Queen give me nothing! No feathers? NEED MORE STRIPES. mORE color! 
Simba Bonfamille-Lyons - -10/10
Melody Oceana - 1/10
Striped parachute pants? NOT EVEN COLORFUL STRIPED PARACHUTE PANTS? Babe, we both know you can do better! 
Attina Triton - 7/10
So cute!! Vintage show girl vibes were the vibe of the night for so many ladies and you looked so sexy! *chef’s kiss*
Vixey Chakraborty - 10/10
Actually a very cute clown look!! I love how original the idea was, not many people came as clowns! The face paint shows commitment to the fit and I applaud you!!! 
Roman Triton - 4/10
As MUCH as I love this jacket, WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE PIZZAZZ?!?!
Theodore Barrie - -2/10
Such a pretty face... such an... outfit... You got points for originality but I just hate it. 
Zira Blackwell - 11/10
Iconic. V similar to my outfit, but honestly, I can’t be mad! IT’S A GOOD OUTFIT.
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romegreeceart · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Female deity and a Triton
* 2nd century CE
* city goddess / Thetis / Amphitrite
* Palazzo Massimo, Rome
Rome, July 2015
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coolladydot · a month ago
Un glonț pentru Julieta (recenzie)
Un glonț pentru Julieta (recenzie)
📚 Seria Ana Stancu #2 […] acum e prima oară când mă simt independentă. Până acum, m-am simțit tot timpul singură, mai mult sau mai puțin, chiar dacă eram mereu a cuiva: am fost fiica mamei, soția lui Marcus, amanta lui Gabriel, iubita lui David. Am fost eu însămi mereu, dar mereu în relație cu altcineva. Cred că ar fi mai bine să vorbim de autonomie, poate că independență nu e cuvântul…
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coolladydot · 2 months ago
Julieta avea un pistol (recenzie)
Julieta avea un pistol (recenzie)
Îmi plăcea să o privesc de la distanță cum se ducea printre ei, cum le zâmbea și cât de fericiți erau toți cei care stăteau de vorbă cu ea. Au pus muzica mai tare și am văzut-o când a început să danseze: era ca și când muzica însăși ar fi creat o ființă prin care să se exprime mai bine. Mâinile, picioarele, corpul, nu mai știam dacă ea urmărește muzica sau sunetele se înșiruiesc după mișcările…
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romegreeceart · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
* 3rd century CE
* marble
* Roman villa of Quinta das Longas - Elvas, Portugal
source: Ángel M. Felicísimo, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
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I low key wanna make a Professor Layton / Sanders sides au
All I know for now is that Layton is Logan and don paolo is Remus
Flora could be Roman and Luke be Virgil? Idk yet
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rainbowtheque · 8 months ago
Les tritons d'Ea
Tumblr media
Titre : Les tritons d'Ea (tome 1: Sous le vent ; tome 2: Contre le vent ; tome 3: Dans le vent) Autrice : Shira Anthony 3 Romans Genre : Romance, fantasy Maison d’édition : Reines-Beaux
Disponible en version papier et numérique - Nombre de pages : entre 240 et 350 pages par tome Âge conseillé : YA, adulte Résumé : 
Taren Laxley n’a jamais connu d’autre vie que celle d’esclave. Lorsqu’un vigoureux pirate l’enlève et le retient prisonnier sur son navire, Taren embrasse cette occasion de réaliser son rêve d’une vie en haute mer. Non seulement le capitaine pirate lui offre sa liberté en échange de trois ans de labeur et de services sexuels, mais les plaisirs que Taren découvre lorsqu’il rejoint le capitaine et son second au lit surpassent ses plus grands fantasmes. Mais, alors qu’une tempête éclate, Taren saute à la mer pour sauver un autre marin et disparaît. Il est sauvé par Ian Dunaidh, l’énigmatique et semble-t-il éternellement jeune capitaine d’un bateau ennemi, le Fantôme, et Taren ressent une attirance irrésistible envers Ian que ce dernier semble partager. Bientôt, Taren apprend un secret qui changera sa vie à jamais : Ian et le reste de son peuple sont des ondins changeurs de formes appelés Ea… et Taren en fait partie lui aussi. Liés l’un à l’autre par une passion dévorante qu’aucun d’eux ne peut expliquer ni renier, Taren et Ian se retrouvent bien vite entraînés dans une guerre et forcés de se battre pour l’avenir… pas seulement le leur, mais celui de leur espèce tout entière.
Identités représentées : 
Gay Personnages LGBT+ principaux et secondaires
Thématiques présentes :
Romance, aventure, piraterie, fantasy Les thématiques LGBT+ ne sont pas au cœur de l'histoire
TW : Agressions (notamment sexuelle), esclavage, violences physiques
Avis :
Il n’y a pas d’avis pour ce livre, n’hésite pas à en laisser un si tu l’as lu ;)
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the-writing-mobster · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
WDYW: Undyne Leviathan
Another different take on the classic Undertale/Fell Characters. I gave her salt water dreads and cornrows. She is specifically a Triton, for all my DnD players out there. I like to draw a lot of inspiration and fantasy races from DnD and Mythology to make the world of WDYW more... Coherent? Also her scars are white because Monsters don't bleed, they dust, therefore white scars.
Undyne's theme
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greek-museums · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Archaeological Museum of Patra:
Mosaic floor with a scene of Triton
Mosaic floor from a Roman urban villa found in Patras. Part of the mosaic was destroyed by a twin grave of the Late Roman Times.
Triton, who is riding a seahorse is depicted in the centre. The scene is surrounded by guilloche pattern and black linear geometric decoration, which consists of a system of triangles and squares, forming octagons.
Dated to the 3rd cent. A.D
What always astounds me is the high level of craftmanship, in these rather average works of art. These representations exciting as they are for their use of color, pattern and scene, they are not masterpieces. They are not famous, or commemorated in surviving literary sources and they are pretty common and ample in well-off residences.
The more advanced works of mosaic include the use of tesserae (tiles) of varying sizes to better define areas of detail such as the features of a face, and flow within the work, not just by following the shape of the described object, but by creating vivid lines of expression that further enhance the pictorial aspect of the mosaic.
Another interesting side of them is the existence of a certain visual glossary. Like in this instance the horse and the fish tail of the Triton are colored in such a way that conveys a glistening, fish like texture. And even more interesting is how often volume is created by variation of color, rather than chiaroscuro shading.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonus: The original photo -  as you can see the light is pretty dim. 
Tumblr media
The red coloration on white is usually a tinge from the soil, where the mosaic was buried under, but there is also some variation of light temperature from the different spotlights that light the exhibit - some of them are older, or have varying types of lightbulbs, which makes restoring the white balance a particularly painstaking process.
A lot of the mosaics in Patra seem also slightly faded, which might be damaged glaze at the top of the tile,  and other time related damage. To restore some of the color I use as a guide better-preserved, and better-lighted mosaics exhibited in other museums such as these ones - which are also a favorite collection of mine.
So buy this photographer a drink:
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thecrankyprofessor · a year ago
Tumblr media
Triton, from a statue group centering on a portrait of Commodus as Hercules. 190 CE.  Musei Capitolini.
I’ve always wondered about the scattering of what look like maple leafs on the torso of the two tritons (there’s a corresponding one on the other side of Commodus), but evidently it was a standard iconography for “triton.” Click and see - tagged/triton
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galajunkiez · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Everyday is training day at the academy, and Roman HATES it. LOL
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koraki-grimoire · 7 days ago
Theoi Summary - Poseidon
Ποσειδων (poh-see-thOHN) - Poseidon God-king of the sea, earthquakes, floods, drought, and horses Ouranic, Chthonic and Einalic Olympian
Symbols: Trident, seashell, boulder, wreath of celery Animals: Bull, horse, dolphin, hippocamp, marine life Colors: Blue, green, black Plants/Herbs: Pine, celery Stones/Crystals: Pearl, sea glass
Retinue: Triton, Nereids, Okeanids, Naiads, Potomai, all ocean deities and spirits Relations: Kronos (father), Rhea (mother), Amphirite (wife), Halia (consort), Medousa (consort), Zeus (brother), Hestia (sister), Haides (brother), Demeter (sister), Hera (sister), Triton (son), Rhode (daughter), Pegasos (son), Athena (sometimes daughter), Areion (son), Polyphemos (son), Khrysomallos (son), Orion (sometimes son), Despoine (daughter), Kymopoleia (daughter), Proseous Daemones (sons) Identified with: Neptune (Roman)
Festivals: Poseidea (8 Pos.), Haloa (26 Pos.), Aeginetarum Feriae (~winter solstice), honored on the 8th of every month
Epithets: Basileus (King), Pelagaeus (Of the Sea), Prosclystius (Who Dashes Against), Asphalius (Secures Safe Voyage), Epoptes (Overseer), Ennosigaeus (Shaker of the Earth), Hippius (Of the Horses), Hippocurius (Horse Tender), Phytalmius (Plant Nurturer), Patrus (Father), Laoites (Of the People), Gaeochus (Holder of the Earth)
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koraki-grimoire · 7 days ago
Theoi Summary - Aphrodite
Αφροδιτη (ah-frroh-thEE-tee) - Aphrodite Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, procreation, fertility, and prostitutes Ouranic & Einalic Olympian
Symbols: Conch shell, hearts, jewelry, girdle, palace, dove or Triton-drawn chariot, mirror Animals: Dove, goose, seabird, swan, fish, shellfish, cockle, hare, pig Colors: Pink, white, gold, red Plants/Herbs: Rose, myrtle, apple, pomegranate, lettuce, anemone Stones/Crystals: Rose quartz, moonstone, pearl
Retinue: Eros, Pothos, Himeros, Antheia, Eileithyia, Harmonia, Hebe, Horai, Naiades, Nereids Relations: Ouranos’s genitals (father), Hephaistos (husband), Ares (consort), Adonis (surrogate son/consort), Erotes (sons), Iakkhos (son), Phobos (son), Deimos (son), Hermaphroditos (child), Harmonia (daughter), Priapos (son) Identified with: Venus (Roman), Hera (Hellenic), Ishtar (Mesopotamian), Astarte (Phoenician), Hathor (Kemetic), Isis (Kemetic)
Festivals: Aphrodisia (4th Hek.), Hybristica (??), Arrhephoria (4 Skir.), honored on the 4th of every month
Epithets: Ourania (Heavenly), Pandemos (Common to All), Machanitis (Deviser), Epistrophia (She Who Turns to), Apostrophia (Averter), Praxis (Action), Symmachia (Ally in Love), Apaturus (Deceptive), Nymphia (Bridal), Migontis (Union), Doritis (Bountiful), Hera (Of Hera/Marriage), Morpho (Shapely), Pontia (Of the Sea), Kallipygos (Wonderful Buttocks), Areia (Of Ares/War)
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panicked-nights · 20 days ago
Headcanon: Roman ‘Panic’ Percy Triton
Along with his wedding documents, Panic has finally adopted a legal identity so he doesn’t have to mouch off Percy’s anymore. Of course his middle name is Percy because of his best friend.
All legal documents in Swynlake have been updated to his new name. However besides the Triton Fam he’s not telling anyone the name change. Not yet at least. He will continue to go by Percy in town.
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Tumblr media
Frieze with Tritons and Nymphs, Girolamo Mocetto, c. 1517, Minneapolis Institute of Art: Prints and Drawings
Although Venice originated in the early Middle Ages as a swampland stronghold against northern barbarians, the powerful republic identified itself with the ancient Romans and their sea god, Neptune. This print is one of two long, horizontal engravings that create a frieze of Neptune and his entourage. The design of the figures is likely based on grotesques unearthed from Roman ruins and circulated among artists in the early Renaissance. Size: 4 5/16 x 12 9/16 in. (10.95 x 31.91 cm) (image) Medium: Engraving
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transgenderer · a month ago
okay so in legend troy supposedly contained a small wooden statue of pallas (this is often claimed to be of pallas athena , but also maybe it was a separate goddess, the daughter of triton, which is associated with athena/minerva by the greeks/romans) that fell from the sky, and it was said that as long as the statue was in troy it would be safe from attack (the statue was also called the palladium, (which is confusing, because theres a bunch of stuff called palladium, including the element, which is named after the then-recently-discovered asteroid pallas, which is named after pallas athena), so things said to protect an area as long as they are held there are also called palladia), but it was stolen by diomedes and odysseus, or maybe only an imitation was stolen and thats why they needed the trojan horse, either way resulting in the destruction of troy
anyway somehow it is said to have ended up in rome, either by aeneas (mythological founder of rome) or diomedes, where it was one of the sacred tokens of rome (most of this post is mythology, but there definitely was a physical object in rome considered to be the palladium). but of course rome was sacked, so it must have left rome at some point, and supposedly constantine took it to constaninople, where he buried it under the column of constanine.  but of course constaninople has also been sacked many times over the years, so where could it have been taken? well, even though constaninople got sacked a bunch, it became the capital of the ottoman empire when they took control, so it never really lost power the way troy and rome did, until the ottoman empire lost WWI in 1918, and istanbul was occupied by french, british, and italian troops. the nazis had little trouble occupying paris and rome during WWII, so i figure some british general snapped it up and thats why the blitz failed. the queens probably got it stashed somewhere, she has like, a dozen castles
(in all serious the pignora imperii had to go somewhere, and the base of the column of constanine was never destroyed, so like, somebody should x ray that thing and see if theres any cool relics inside. itd be such a bummer if they just got destroyed during christianization)
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