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#rockstar bucky
buckybarneschokeme · 20 hours ago
What else can sebastian do to me in Romanian
I'm sure he could do a lot 😏😏
But only if you be good for him and admit that Rockstar! Bucky has a clean ass 😌.
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bibbidibobbidibucky · a day ago
what are we? | b.b
pairing: rockstar!Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader
summary: Y/N confesses how she feels to Bucky.  How will he react?  Will he share her feelings or will she have her heart broken by the devil himself?
word count: 2.2K
warnings: 18+ so minors GTFO! Smut, drugs, alcohol, language, angst, collar pet play, pussy slapping, nipple play, spitting, and spanking. I apologize if I missed anything!
a/n: This was kinda based on an old story I wrote before and this is also for @babyboibucky​‘s writing challenge! It’s based on her series Devil’s Mark! Which is you haven’t read you def need to!  If you haven’t read her’s its still okay to read along! It can stand on its own so you won’t be confused I think. Plus all of those new pics that came out of Seb today got me in the moooood. 😈
Also this is what I imagine Bucky’s band to sounds like: We Lose Control by The Relentless 
Tumblr media
“Fuck! Oh my god, Bucky.”
“That’s it, sugar. Right. Fucking.There.”
A firm slap was placed to your ass and you couldn’t help the wanton moan that escaped from your lips. There would definitely be marks from his rings later on.  Bucky gripped your hips tighter as he slammed into a few more times before both of you started to cum.
You collapsed down into the bed as your release washed over you and couldn’t help but smile. The feeling of cumming while being high was something you had gotten used to in the last few months and it never got old.  Sex with Bucky only got better and better. You looked next to you and saw his chest rising and falling as quickly as yours was.  “Did I wear you out, Barnes?”  You smiled as you traced your fingers over his tattoo that decorated his stomach and you knew that if you kept this up he’d have his cock buried inside you again within minutes. He chuckled and turned his head to look at you. His after sex glow was something you loved. He looked like a fucking god and that smug fuck knew it by the way he was smirking.
“Oh pretty girl, I could go all night with you, but you know I have that concert in an hour.” You pouted playfully and Bucky took your hand that was still lingering to pull you in closer to him. His arm wrapped around you as you placed your head on his chest.  This was something new that had happened in the last few weeks.  Usually it was just rough fucking that made you question your morals and then you would get dressed and leave, but something had changed.  That scared you.
This is what couples do right? They cuddle after sex and just lay next to each other because they don’t wanna let one another go. To Bucky you weren’t a couple because he didn’t date. He fucked.  He was a rockstar who always had girls throwing themselves at him and not to mention he was traveling frequently.  But ever since becoming his ‘pet’ he had only been with you.  To be frank you didn’t know what the hell you were to him now. You wanted to be his girlfriend and that’s what it felt like sometimes when the two of you were in each other's company as of late.  You teased him once about how you were basically a couple but when you did he’d brush it off.  It started to bother you the more time you spent with him because you knew that you were falling hard for him. You knew this only started off as sex, that Bucky wanted you as a plaything so keep his cock warm. And what he said goes; in and outside the bedroom.  Right now though you would leave it alone so you could enjoy being wrapped in his arms for the next few minutes. When he gets back from the concert tonight, you thought to yourself. When he gets back you would talk to him about it.
The next few hours seemed to drag on forever and your stomach had been in knots the whole time you watched the concert from backstage.  Your mind was racing the whole time about the different scenarios of what could happen. What if he got upset or angry when you confronted him? Or what if it was the push he needed? Your eyes drifted back to the stage when one of your favorite songs by the band started.  Bucky had such a presence about him when he was on stage.  He got lost in the music and didn’t give a fuck about anything else in that moment. He was something else and that made your heart flutter a little.  As it did though you grew more worried
It was half past midnight when you let yourself into Bucky’s hotel room and you knew he wouldn’t be too far behind you. You were starting to chicken out and thought about just going to bed and avoiding the whole thing.  You couldn’t, you needed to know so you fixed yourself a drink and did a line of coke to try and settle your nerves.  For now you would sit on the couch and wait for Bucky to get back and hope that you wouldn’t get your heart broken.
Around twenty minutes later the lock turned and Bucky was stepping through the door.  “Hey there, pretty girl”  He smiled over at you and gave you a wink as he kicked off his shoes.  “I was thinking we ordered some room service and while we wait, you could wear that new pretty collar I got you.  Hmm wanna be a good little pet for me and let me fuck you, sugar?”  He chuckled and made his way over to you, but soon noticed your demeanor.  “You’re awfully quiet. Is everything okay, sugar?”  Bucky sat down beside you and you felt your heart start to race.  It was now or never.
“What are we, Bucky?” you bit your lip and turned to look at him as you waited for his response.  He cocked his head a little and rested his arm on the back of the couch as turned his body towards you.
“What do you mean?”  He looked at you curiously and you didn’t know where this was gonna go.
You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair as you got a little frustrated.  “I mean what are we?  Are we just fuck buddies? Am I just your fucking pet? Or is there the chance there is something more here?” you got up from the couch and started to pace. “We’ve never talked about it and the one time I joked about it you just avoided the question. I need an answer. I need to know how you feel, dammit because I might be falling for you.”
Bucky stayed quiet for a moment and you couldn’t read his expression.  “I-I I..fuck, Y/N.”  He gets up from the couch to stand in front of you.  “I didn’t know you wanted more. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”  You shrugged your shoulders and looked down at your feet.
“I was scared. I was scared that if I did that I would lose you. I know you’re not the relationship type Bucky and…”  you were cut off when his lips crashed against yours and you couldn’t help but melt into the kiss as he cupped your cheeks.  He pulled away slowly and rested his forehead against yours as his hands moved to trail down your back to your ass.  He was hoping he just did the right thing.
“I wasn’t the relationship type until I met you, pretty girl.”  He gives your ass a small squeeze and gives you a small smirk.  “Y/N, sugar, I never talked about what we were because I thought you only wanted the fucking.  That is was what you wanted and what got you off, but ever since you’ve stuck around.”  He chuckled and shook his head.  “You’ve grown on me, pretty girl.  I got addicted to you.”
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Bucky Barnes, the devilish rockstar, just admitted that he has feelings for you and that brought the brightest smile to your face. “I guess we need to work on our communication more in the future.” You pulled him back into a kiss and felt all of your fears from earlier start to wash away as he kissed you back. You admitted your feelings for Bucky and he hadn’t yelled and pushed you away.  That’s all that mattered right now.
The kiss became heated quickly and you were moaning against Bucky’s lips as he roughly squeezed your ass as the two of you moved back over to the couch.  “How about we get that new collar out, pretty girl? Wanna see my girl wear it while you cum all over my cock.  You want that don’t you?”
You nodded quickly as Bucky yanked your pants and panties off in one swift motion.  He smacked your ass and smirked before moving over to your bag to grab the collar.  It was a baby pink and had diamonds encrusted on it.  You remember him telling you that you deserved a present for how good you made his cock feel.  You smiled at the thought as you discarded the rest of your clothes and kneeled down as he walked back over to you.
“Pretty collar for my pretty girl.”  He put the collar around your neck before grabbing your face, kissing you roughly.  “Lay down for me, sugar.  Gonna fuck you so good you’re gonna see stars tonight.”  He bit your bottom lip and pulled on it with his teeth before letting go.
You laid back on the couch for him and you could feel yourself getting wet as you watched him undress.  Your pussy clenched around nothing as he pushed his boxers down and took his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly.  You whined and Bucky smirked, grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the nearby table.  All you could focus on was his cock as it started to grow hard so you were surprised when you felt the coldness of the alcohol run down your stomach to and over your pussy.
Before you knew it Bucky’s tongue was all over on you as he licked up the alcohol and you felt like you were on fire already.  You knew this time would feel different after what the two of you just confessed to each other.  “Taste so fucking good, sugar.  All fuckin mine. Only mine.”  A moan escaped your lips as his fingers glided through your folds, his rings adding more friction.  After months of fucking Bucky knew exactly what made you putty in his hands.  He pulled his hand away and placed a frim slap to your pussy, making your legs try to close but he just pushed him back open.  “Now now pretty girl, remember you close your legs like that you don’t get to cum.”
You whimpered and nodded as he leaned his head down to take one of your hardened nipples into his mouth as he slapped your pussy again.  “Oh fuck! Oh my god.”  The way his tongue was working against your nipple you felt like you could cum from that and that alone. “Bu-Bucky, please I want more.  Want your cock inside me.”
He pulled on your nipple with his teeth as he pulled away, making you moan and hiss.  “My pretty girl is greedy tonight isn’t she?  You just want me to fill up that tight little pussy don’t you?”  He looked down at your pussy and your juices were dripping onto the couch already.  “Fuck look at you.”  He smirked and grabbed your hips to pull you closer as he kneeled onto the couch.  A string of spit left his lips and you shivered as it landed on your pussy.  “Don’t worry, I'm gonna take good care of my pretty girl tonight.”  He grabbed his cock and started to rub the tip between your folds and over your clit, smearing the spit.  “Who’s pussy is this, sugar?”
Before you can answer him, he slams his cock into your dripping cunt. All you do is moan wantonly and Bucky pulls out all the way before slamming into you again.  “You better answer me, sugar.  Who’s fuckin pussy is this?”
“Yours! Only yours, Bucky.”  You roll your hips into his and Bucky smacks your thigh before moving his hands to your hips.  He starts to pound into you at a relentless pace to where the only sounds in the room were the sounds of each other's moans and your skin slapping against each other.  Usually Bucky was very mouthy during sex but not this time.  This time all he wanted to do was focus on you.  How beautiful you looked and how good your pussy squeezed his cock as he fucked you.
It wasn’t taking long for both of you to feel your releases drawing near.  Bucky leaned down and grabbed you by your collar, pulling you in close.  His hot breath fanned across your face and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, digging your nails into his skin.  “Gonna make me fucking cum, pretty girl.  Want you to cum with me.  Want you to soak my cock.”  You could only nod, not being able to form any words at the moment.
Bucky reached his hand down between the two of you and started to rub your clit in tight circles.  You moaned wantonly and it wasn’t but a few more seconds before you started to cum around his cock.  Your body arched into his and your moans were music to Bucky’s ears as he watched your face contort into pure ecstasy. “Oh fuck fuck fuck, Y/N!”  He pressed his forehead to yours and groaned as his hot cum started to coat your walls.
Your body was trembling as you started to come down and brought Bucky’s lips to yours, humming against them as he kissed you back. “Fuck thats”  You couldn’t help but smile and comb your fingers through his hair.  “Definitely had me seeing stars there, Buck.”  You giggled and your hand moved from his hair to take his chin between your index finger and thumb.  You rubbed your thumb over the goatee and couldn’t stop smiling.
“Why don’t we head to the shower and I can make you see stars all over again, pretty girl?”
tagging: @lokiscollar @borikenlove @buckybarneschokeme @buckys-blue-eyes @vanillanaps @bitchassbucky @moonbeambucky @buckyhoney @bucksfucks @fuckandfluff @moonlight-onyx
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bucksfucks · 4 days ago
he IS the mf drummer- he probably uses his metal arm to do all these crazy drum tricks and you’re just watching him from the sides like 😫😫
then after he takes you back to his hotel and uses his drumsticks to play the drums in your ass- FUCKK -🎸
yes i’m so obsessed with this 😩 and he’d always be sending you winks while he’s playing and remind you how skilled his fingers/hands are.
playing the drums on your ass, spanking you with them, teasing your cunt with the drumsticks
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bucksfucks · 4 days ago
okok i got you bubby, i feel like rs!bucky would definitely fuck you in the bathroom when he takes you on tour, hed tell his band he has to take care of some business in the bathroom then whisper in your ear, cmon dove, gotta get ‘nside your sweet cunt right now -🎸
yes please i love this like him sneaking off and all of his bandmates are teasing him about how whipped he is and yeah, he is whipped.
(i also like to imagine him being the drummer 👀)
and he’s desperate, hard in his pants by the time you’re both shoving yourselves in the bathroom as he whispers “can’t wait any longer, dove. need’a feel your sweet cunt wrapped ‘round me. won’t be able to focus on stage if i don’t.”
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bucksfucks · 4 days ago
EL!!!!!! have you written about rockstar!bucky yet??👀
i-i have not 😩 i’m putting the cone of shame on myself
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buckycuddlebuddy · 6 days ago
rockstar!bucky vibes are strong 🥴
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buckycuddlebuddy · 6 days ago
for rockstar!bucky i have something simple 😳 he has black polished nails and loves to gag you with his necklace ✨
i'm not into that nail polish thingy but yes, he does love to choke you with his necklace 😌
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buckycuddlebuddy · 6 days ago
Okay but rockstar!Bucky letting you sit on his lap and admire his tattoos. You ask about the little stories behind each one and trace his skin with your fingertips. He can't help himself but to smile tenderly at your interest in each one.
omg yes 🥺 then he'd stroke your cheek and kiss you very sweetly and say "you're cute. i love you" 🥺
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buckycuddlebuddy · 6 days ago
rockstar!bucky you say???? ok but him saying he has to practice his solo and you're like ok im gonna nap baby let me know when you're done. and then u wake up with him with four fingers inside of you, twisting and turning. and he's like "told u i needed to practice. now make those pretty sounds for me". yes you're his favorite instrument and i won't take any criticism
yo i did not expect that holy shit 👀
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lokiscollar · 6 days ago
I hope you plan to take part in @babyboibucky AU challenge I would LOVE to see your take on a cleanrockstar!Bucky 😍
Tumblr media
I’ve been planning it out 😈 you’ll just have to wait and see
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lokiscollar · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
@babyboibucky @borikenlove
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belowva · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
"sometimes i feel so happy / sometimes i feel so sad / sometimes i feel so happy / but mostly you just make me mad / baby, you just make me mad" - a playlist for rockstar!bucky, our misunderstood menace
personality crisis - new york dolls
rock and roll outlaw - rose tattoo
crying lightning - arctic monkeys
the chain - fleetwood mac
if i had a tail - queens of the stone age
all right now - free
plundered my soul - the rolling stones
ballrooms of mars - t-rex
live and let die - guns n' roses
pale blue eyes - the velvet underground
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lokiscollar · 7 days ago
Rockstar!Bucky (clean) or CEO!Bucky who would win in a fight for your affection
Rockstar!Bucky for sure.
Tumblr media
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mickey-henry · 9 days ago
hi queen mel,
could i request a rockstar!bucky vibes playlist💞💗💕
queen mel?!? rebecca that warms my heart oh my goodness!! 🥺anyways I got you! here's rockstar!bucky's favorite tunes😊I hope you like it!
join the sleepover!
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fuckandfluff · 14 days ago
OMG I think I need to write a rockstar Bucky from every decade 🥵
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angrythingstarlight · 14 days ago
No thots, just the letter V…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wanna trace my name across it. Then make my way down.....
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fuckandfluff · 15 days ago
Bucky & The Bombshell
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky x GF x F!Reader
Word Count: 700
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! Mentions of alcohol, hard drug use, allusions to smut
A/N: We were blessed with so much Pam & Tommy content today so I needed to write something. Like imagine if these two saw you from across the room and just had to have you .. ugh. 🥵💦
All other rockstar Bucky can be found here 💖💖💖💖
You’ve been an avid fan of Bucky and his girl for a while now. The two of them plaster the front of all the rag mags; the relationship is equally parts passionate and volatile. Bucky is arguably the most famous rockstar on the entire planet and his girl is on constant rotation between Playboy, Penthouse, and Pornhub.
The couple is very candid about their open relationship, even making headlines last year for being in a throuple with Carmen Electra for a couple of months. But their modus operandi is picking up groupies (men or women, they didn’t discriminate) and bringing them back after a show. And they are entirely shameless about their escapades.
You were maybe three or four vodka crans deep at this point, surprised that you even went out tonight. The girlfriends you went to the Winter Soldiers show with had headed home right after but there was just a gut feeling that you had to stay out.
So when you find yourself at the same bar as Bucky and his girl, it’s nothing short of kismet. The young couple is wedged against the bar, brazenly doing lines off the mirrored countertop.
The rocker is donning skin-tight black jeans and not much else. His bold, intricate ink adorns the full sleeves of both arms and you can’t help but stare at the deep Adonis vee traced along his abdomen. His jet black tendrils are slicked back with a five-o’clock shadow sweeping across his razor sharp jawline. So hot.
The curvy harlot looked up from the pile of coke, dusting the white residue off the tip of her nose. Cliche as it sounds, this woman was truly sex in heels. Long platinum locks cascaded down her back, svelte tanned legs peeked out from her red latex dress and her inflated tits spilled out of her plunging neckline.
You two made eye contact but you quickly averted her gaze, cheeks flushed crimson. Someone that looks like her should not be looking at someone that looks like you.
The bombshell of a blonde pranced towards you but she certainly couldn’t be coming to talk to you, right?
“Hey, babes.. so like, what would you think of like coming home with me and Buck?” she purred seductively, twirling a strand of her bright blonde hair around her fingers.
The thought of her wanting to fuck you makes the heat between your thick thighs grow. You weren’t sure who you wanted to be under more; a true bisexual paradox.
Bucky slings his arm around his girl, letting out a low whistle of appreciation. His calloused hand seizes a healthy helping of your plump ass and he lets out a low growl.
Her French manicured claws gripped into his forearm, big blue eyes pleading with you through fluffy lashes. She swiped a layer of MAC gloss over her overplumped lips and giggled.
“Yeah, you’d be perfect for us, baby. Whaddya’ say we get out of here?” he rasps, reaching down to take your hand.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 16 days ago
i'm about to really jump on the Rockstar!Bucky train. I really am. Like I keep listening to these songs and all I can fucking think about a Bucky who is a big big country rock star, toes the line a lot with his music and where he fits in that genre.
then at one concert, he meets the prettiest boy he's ever seen in skin-tight jeans and an old guns and roses shirt with sleeves ripped off and showing off practically his whole damn body. honestly is dressed like the epitome of redneck trailer trash and has the sweetest little accent and peach.
Bucky convinces him to drop everything and be his groupie for the rest of his national tour and they fuck before and after every show for good luck. they get married after a vegas show and TMZ and CMT lose their fucking shit.
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bonkywobble · 16 days ago
Like his music
Summary: You and Bucky argue again, solving it the way you both know works best.
Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 602
Warnings: language, toxic relationship/behaviour, violence (slapping), rough smut/sexy times. 18+ only. Please heed the warnings - if this makes you uncomfortable then click away. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN MEDIA CONSUMPTION.
Disclaimer: I do not give anyone permission to take, repost, copy or translate my stories, regardless of whether or not they are credited. This blog and all works associated with are 18+ only. Minors please do not interact or follow.
A/N: For my lovely mutual @slothspaghettiwrites because she begged so sweetly. Also, I’ve never written rockstar!Bucky before. I hate this, but out it goes.
Main Masterlist / Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Tumblr media
Sex with Bucky is been much like his music - loud, messy and exciting.
Too bad he was a fucking asshole.
“You’re a massive bitch, you know that?”
“Says the guy who just throat punched his own manager.”
Bucky hisses as you drag your nails down his tatted back, the newest addition of black ink still sore to the touch. “Didn’t like the way he was lookin’ at you.”
The sinking of Bucky’s teeth into your neck has you suddenly crying out in pain, the back of your head hitting the door. Your vision turns red as you feel him smugly smile against your bruised skin.
Fucker never leaves you alone long enough to heal.
“Besides,” he snarks between bites, “you didn’t hear me fuckin’ whine when you dragged that groupie outta the meet n’ greet two days ago.”
A furious snarl escapes you - how dare he.
Quietly a hand moves away from his latest tattoo to briefly tangle itself in his thick locks - still sweat soaked from his concert earlier - before sharply yanking, and you relish the pained grunt he lets out.
Your pleasure is short lived upon seeing his blood stained teeth, your smile quickly falling - the bastard had the audacity to bite you, that god damned smirk still plastered on his face.
A quick slap is enough to wipe it off.
It stuns him for only a moment.
You watch a range of emotions flit across his face as Bucky’s head slowly moves back, irises almost completely black, the silence broken only by the minute clinking of his dog tags. Your breath hitches as his gaze burns into yours - before he was angry, now he’s downright pissed.
“You crazy bitch,” he spits. “That really how you wanna play this, huh?”
He strikes, viper fast, and a hand snakes its way under your dress, metal signets leaving goosebumps along your thighs as his calloused fingers move upwards. It takes only a few seconds for you to free his cock from his jeans as he hastily shoves your underwear to the side. He doesn’t check to see if you’re ready - the wet patch he felt on your panties was proof enough.
“Here’s your fuckin’ attitude check.”
Another set of rings digs into the back of your neck as he fiercely pulls your mouth to his, swallowing your stuttered moans as he thrusts home.
“Jesus,” he groans, adjusting his grip on your thigh. He verbalises every filthy thought, pinks lips brushing their compliments against your face.
I’m never leaving you again without fucking you first, Princess.
Biggest mistake I coulda made today, missin’ out on this pussy.
This all it takes to put you back in your place, Doll Baby?
Call yourself a hypocrite, but it was the last sentence that was your undoing. Coupled with the rolling of his hips, you had no hope of staving off your impending orgasm.
You ain’t his, Princess. You can’t enjoy anyone else the way you enjoy this.
The rockstar eventually finds his own release, shouting and cursing into your shoulder as you hang on to the last remnants of your second orgasm for the night.
The moment you both break apart to breathe, your tongue darts out to wet your lips in satisfaction. Bucky looks every bit the hot mess that many rockstars are - strands of hair stuck to his face, chest heaving raggedly as his wild eyes follow the movement.
In a way, sex with Bucky will always be much like his music.
Guess it’s a good thing you love rock.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 16 days ago
I really am just sharing all the songs I'd put on a Rockstar!Bucky playlist today.
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