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#rock bottom for him
contrabends · 2 days ago
once again thinking about the way tess frustrates herself with the ones she loves the most is the limitations of her expressions in love.  like her entire love language is acts of service.  she’s horse shit with words ( remember, there must be enough here that you have to feel some sort of obligation to me is as close as she ever gets to verbally acknowledging any sort of feeling out loud to joel ) and she doesn’t find much value in sentimental items for herself ( not that she can’t understand its importance from others, for others ) so it feels disingenuous for her to try to give that to someone else bc it’s not her® enough.  but like looking after you, making you feel heard in a Group, making sure you’re eating, sleeping, resting, that you and yours aren’t struggling to get by, that’s something she excels in professionally and is the only way she feels comfortable / fluent in expressing her love.  and like on an ~*intellectual*~ level she understands that that sometimes isn’t enough;  she gets that it’s just nice to sometimes hear out loud that the one you love loves you, but she always feels kinda muddled and awkward and just too inexpressive & lackluster when she tries to put the magnitude of her feeling into words.  and bc she’s impatient with herself it sometimes comes out as lashing out on others when she can’t meet that specific need / ask in a way that they want.  not because that feeling is lacking but just bc the method of delivery feels like suddenly being asked to drive a semi-truck when all she knows is how to ride a bicycle.  and that lash out, too, isn’t like a “why can’t you see that i love you bc of all these things i am always Doing® to show you that i do!!!” thing, it’s literally a “i know what you’re asking of me and i want to express it but the words get caught in the mesh strainer between my brain & heart and my mouth and my big ole mitts aren’t delicate enough to unclog whatever is in there so that the words can flow in a way that feels satisfying and Right to me” thing.  does that make sense.  anyways.  the singular active wrinkle in my brain is all tess thx!!!!
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dazais-guardian-angel · 3 days ago
You know what makes 317 worse? We know Izuku is trying to protect Toshi from being targeted from AFO because of him and because Nighteye's prediction is still hanging above him but Toshi is just gonna see this as him being useless.
I need them to reconcile and hug it out right now! Or when Izuku helps finally twist Toshi's fate. We need it ;_;
(anon how do you always ask me stuff so fast?? assuming you're the same one as other times lmao)
Yeah, Izuku is doing it for his own sake, but all it's gonna do is add to Toshinori's immense guilt and self-loathing and despair that he's always had about everything, that was only starting to heal thanks to Izuku's presence.... and it's heartbreaking. I don't blame Izuku for what he's doing, everything he's going through is understandable and valid and makes perfect sense for him (he's so much like Toshinori, after all...), but god, Izuku your dad doesn't need this pain; all it's gonna do is make him hate himself more. And hell, he could put him in more danger by forcing him to try to chase after him....... not to mention the obvious fact that all the signs are pointing to, that leaving him alone could be infinitely more dangerous than staying with him, when he's not there to protect him if something happens. :))))))) Izuku, I know you promised to change Toshinori's fate, but this is not the way!!! Nighteye's predictions always come true, this isn't something that can be changed by leaving him ALONE, that is the OPPOSITE of what he needs... it's something they have to work together to do. They're stronger together, because of how much good they do for each other; separating them is the worst thing that could possibly happen for either of them. ....I'm not gonna jump off the "Toshinori will live" ship just yet, far from it, but I'd be lying if I said it's not damn unnerving and fucking stressful seeing all these parallels Hori is setting up with Nighteye and Toshinori and Izuku, and not knowing where tf he's going with all this. :''''')))))
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chanelfaerie · 6 days ago
Fuck you know Jake would be good to you too. Major pleasure vibes on that one. FOR SURE.
“That’s it baby girl you can take it. Just a little more. Just wanna make you feel good baby.”
i just wanna say thank you for being here. you're very appreciated and i need more of these please.
Tumblr media
this is a very accurate photo of me after reading this. i had to give myself a moment, because i can hear it in his voice so perfectly. he's all for making you feel good, and let's be a honest, 15 inches is not gonna fit so he'll reassure you and tell you how good you're doing. the praise is 📈📈📈📈 with him
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kamamo1 · 11 days ago
Look I know that Doctor Strange has been in plenty of superhero eventsband started the Defenders, but I can't shake the feeling that he's slumming it whenever he's put on superhero teams
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tubbowithagun · 17 days ago
i like c!quackity a lot but i also like reading fics by ppl who clearly do not like him. its fun for me to read about him being his worst self and getting attacked like he deserves
nooo this this this. one of my fave things is just seeing a character at their absolute worst. sooo good so sexy
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aceyanaheim · 29 days ago
Gordons depression and his not reaching out to the team and Specially how he was treated after his injury and getting kicked out for helping a student bc Money all make sense but I really wish he had had more happiness in his life
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01tsubomi · a month ago
after watching the movie trailer i can’t stop thinking abt how deh works so well in retrospect Because even its happy moments have this feeling of dread dangling over them. only us is like a terrifying song listening back because it’s a love song between a girl who’s dating this guy to patch her complex feelings towards a brother who she doesn’t want to let herself grieve because he hurt her so many times and a guy who’s willing to lie and say her brother really did love her to make her happy and let him into her life. art about how life is worth living and there’s still good in the world despite it all is important and worthwhile but that’s not what deh fundamentally is so seeing evan and zoe kiss at a carnival in the trailer as if that’s the point of the show feels so weird 
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fandomvents · a month ago
I see people recommend Red Robin all the time, when they get asks about where to start reading comics with Tim Drake. But that’s much later in Tim’s story, after he’s been through a lot; it’s not the best place to start if you actually want to know Tim.
The best thing to read would be Tim’s miniseries.
Released before Tim’s main series, Robin I, II, III (A Hero Reborn, Joker’s Wild, and Cry of the Huntress) came out to sell Tim to audiences and see if he could work in a solo book. These three stories perfectly encapsulate who Tim is, and are all around enjoyable, neat little adventures. They aren’t long either, for those who resist the idea of pushing through the nearly 200 issue long Robin series.
(and tbh, I think Red Robin is the thing to read if you want to catch up with the fanon side of things; a lot of fanfiction takes place in this nebulous time post Bruce’s return from the timestream, and RR is where a lot of Tim’s angstiness and tired boy genius characterization comes from)
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unmoistened · a month ago
#i learned recently that my brother thinks my dad & i are hypocrites because we quit drinking & no longer excuse his drunk bullshit#which blows my fucking mind!! our dad has been drinking since he was a child...he was like losing his mind & killing his liver#the doctors said he was super close to cirrhosis & he was lucky to get out with the condition that he has..what the FUCK#do you want him to wait until you’re going through the same thing for him to say something??? he already feels like he can’t talk to you#dad drank like between 6-20 beers a day idk but you drink hard liquor dumbass you don’t have the time he did#i don’t even know how many DUIs you have between you two but you would have welcomed me to the club if i had gotten one & that makes me sick#you are both so fucking lucky you have never hurt anyone else or yourselves. i honestly wouldn’t be able to live with the shame#i have to remember it’s an addiction because i don’t understand how my dad could drive drunk after a drunk driver killed his little sister#& left her in the road to die because he was a coward & didn’t want to get in trouble#your baby sister didn’t die though so what’s your excuse? what happened to you?#my organs are good & my record is clean- i stopped shortly after my dad & brother did#for a lot a lot a lot of different reasons. i don’t know why you have to hit rock bottom & i don’t know how you haven’t already#alcohol is fun as hell i know but’s just not for us!! it’s okay!!! we can still have incredible lives! it just hits us differently#i am terrified that you don’t learn from losing what matters to you#or does nothing matter to you at all?#you’re a grown man. figure out why you’re failing to thrive & fix it. it’s not daddy’s fault you fucking pussy#mom told me on my sober anniversary that i was a cute & fun drunk but she will tell you to your face that she cannot stand her drunk son#we are alike but we are not the same. i did work you didn’t & it helped me. you did work i didn’t & you failed. i hope you find your way#it’s uncomfortable to be disgusted by your past but getting to that point stops giving you memories of yourself to hate#you don’t have to be hurting the way you are.#i’m present & aware of how a drunk father messes you up & i will not apologize for trying to prevent it in your son#you don’t get to be angry that i am his favorite. i shouldn’t have to tell you that children love people who are present & loving#i remember being a child & being embarrassed for my dad when he would get drunk & flex his fatherly authority just bc he didn’t know#what was going on.. kids can see through bullshit easily. & you think you’re super sly but you’re a doofus
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mew-cake · a month ago
Oh wow it is SUPER uncomfy when you’re alone in a room waiting for class to start and a dude you sorta know comes in, walks past you and then says “good afternoon [name]” all formal and junk. Like, there’s just a level of unease that is difficult to put into words ;;;
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skyfullofmuses · 2 months ago
“ you don’t ever have to pretend. not with me. not ever. ” Mickey telling Ozzie he doesn't have to be strong and that he could be cry on his shoulder if he needs to uwu
Tumblr media
Oh, he hated appearing weak in front of his little brother. Mickey shouldn’t be having to comfort him every time he got a little upset with something, Oswald was just being silly again. Like he normally was. This was nothing, he was just having a spell, a dark moment. He’d be fine, he’d be alright, he was always fine.
He was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, after all. The Leader of Wasteland, the king of Wasteland! Why would he need anyone to help him? No, he was-- He would be okay. He’d be fine. This was just a bad moment, just a moment of weakness.
Everything was okay. E-everything was--
“I-I bet you’re getting fed up with me being like this, aren’t you?” oh. “I should snap out of it by now, right? I need to be-- I need to be strong. I should stop making you feel like you have to be careful with me. You must feel like you’re walking on eggshells with me.”
Ah, great. He felt awful and guilty again. “S-- Sorry. Just-- J-just been a long one, you know?”
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randomwriteronline · 2 months ago
"What's in here?"
Legend turns as fast as lightning and grabs the box from Skull Kid's hands before he even realizes what it is.
The little wooden arms audibly pop out of the small chest.
He quietly puts them back inside their sleeves.
"Let go of it." he orders.
The imp tilts their head: "What's in it?" they repeat, ignoring his words.
"None of your business."
"But I want to know."
He huffs: "My rings."
"The ones for the fingers?"
"Yes, the ones for the fingers."
"Can I see them?"
"Absolutely not."
"Why not?"
"Some of them are cursed and I wouldn't trust you with them."
"Oh." they freeze. Their mouth disappears - the lack of lips makes it melt back into their head perfectly.
They do not speak further.
Their hands still clutch the box.
"Let go of it." Legend orders again.
"It's a nice box." they murmur.
"Yes, it is. Now let go of it."
They hum.
"Do the rings possess people?" they whisper.
They seem very serious.
"No," Legend answers, "They're just your run-of-the-mill curses. Sucking your energy, weakening your body, all that."
"And they curse by touch?"
"No, no, only if you wear them."
"Oh!" they seem relieved.
"Now let go."
"Can I see them?"
Legend sighs deeply, rubbing at his eyelids.
"Fine." he conceds. "But don't touch them."
A beat of silence.
"So I can't see them?"
He gives them a look before remembering. Right. They're blind. Can't see. Right. Right.
He raises his index finger to press it to their completely flat nose: "I'll give you the not cursed ones," he states, "And you will give them back to me immediately. Deal?"
A grey wooden finger boops his own nose: "Deal!" Skull Kid grins with their sharp teeth.
The box opens with a click.
Legend rummages through the overflowing jewelry and hands them a small ring.
The imp examines it, curious: "There's a stone on it," they point out.
"Many of them have a gem," the hero replies.
"What stone is it?"
"Uh-" he snaps his fingers twice as he tries to remember: "Hydromelon tourmaline, I think this kind is called."
"Why's it called hydromelon tamaline?"
"Tourmaline - see, you know how a hydromelon looks like, right? Green outside, a bit red on the inside... This part here -" he moves their small digit to rub against part of the stone, "- This part is green, and the rest instead is this kind of reddish pink, like a hydromelon. That's why it's called like that."
"Oh... And the ta- t- tor-ma-lin part?"
"Tourmaline. That's just the kind of rock."
Skull Kid hands it back to him. He looks at them quizzically: "You don't wanna know what it does?"
"No," they answer simply, like a child, "I just want to see them. Are there any others with stones with two colors?"
Legend searches in the box and grabs a few.
"This one here -" he explains as he puts the first in their palm, "-This has an ametrine quartz. It's a mix of citrine quartz and amethyst - this part here is yellow, like the citrine, and this one is purple."
"Like the amethyst?"
"Exactly, like the amethyst. While this other one, this stone is called snowflake obsidian, and it has little white and grey dots all over."
"I think I know this one! It's black under the spots, right? It's black under it."
"Yep, yep. And this one - no wait, that's one of the cursed ones, hold on-"
Wind, Four and Hyrule return to camp first to find Legend so absolutely engrossed in the explanation of the different kinds of gems that he has not noticed how Skull Kid (who still diligently looks at every ring they are given and asks questions about them) has had their head turned towards the three man party for a while now, having sniffed them out rather easily. He is finally taken out of it when the imp waves blindly in the vague direction of the returning heroes.
"You said I couldn't even touch them!" Wind cries out, betrayed.
"They are just looking at them!" Legend replies immediately, "And they're looking at all the not cursed ones specifically!"
“That’s just blatant favoritism!”
“No it’s not!”
"They have pretty stones on top of them," Skull Kid chimes in, blissfully serene. Before the veteran hero can stop them their hand dives in the box and fishes out the first ring which was handed to them, holding it out for the young sailor to see: "Gold said this one's called hydromelon tor-ma-lin, because it's green and pink. It's nice, isn't it?"
"How did you even find it in that sea of rings?" Four asks, genuinely impressed, while Legend tries to takes the jewel back from the little wooden fingers.
"The shape and the stone are different," they explain, and to prove a point they fish out the snowflake obsidian as well, rubbing a thumb on the much smoother gem: "See? They're different! That's how I find them."
The veteran finally snatches the magical jewels: "Hey, hey! Put those back! We had a deal, the two of us."
The wooden child snickers. Four giggles a bit as well, inconspicuously going to sit next to Legend; Wind lets himself plomp down next to Skull Kid, neck stretching to better look at the rings, while Hyrule simply looks patiently at the seasoned hero as if waiting for an invitation that will have to inevitably come, because they're all terribly curious and no amount of fussing and grumbling will save Legend from the prying eyes dying to get even a glimpse of his vast collection of items this time.
Warriors returns to camp with Sky and Wild in tow, and they wave back at the little wooden hand that smelled them way before anybody could hear them. The strangeness of being presented with such a passionate gathering around a box of small jewelry does not fail to strike them - and it strikes Time and Twilight too, when they arrive soon after.
The Chosen Hero eyes curiously the clamoring group: "What are you doing?"
"None of your business!" Legend replies a bit too rudely while swatting away at Wind's hands as they reach for a cursed ring.
Hyrule smiles at them, sweetening the stress in the veteran's voice: "The little one managed to get him to share his rings!" he explains, pointing at the Skull Kid already on their feet and running to their dear friend, offering him an aventurine ring.
Warriors whistles, clearly interested.
"Forget it!" the veteran yells at him immediately, "I am not explaining all of this all over again!"
He jolts at the others, feverishly getting back all of his rings and slamming them in the box held possessively under his arm - he looks like a selfish bear stubbornly refusing to share a large bee-free beehive.
The last missing jewel he is unable to rip from the imp's little clutches.
Instead he accidentally rips their arm. Again.
The Chain freezes at the sight of the lone limb in Legend's grip.
Time laughs suddenly.
"I almost forgot you can do that," he says with disarming serenity.
Legend quickly puts the arm back where it should be; Skull Kid gives the ring back, snickering a little bit.
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