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kkoraki43 minutes ago
ld+r聽鈥渟now in the desert鈥 just gifted me with the perfect cyborg gf
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royal-antichrist43 minutes ago
I just have this one song, I鈥檓 in love with this song atm and I wouldn鈥檛 mind getting railed to this. Suppressing such huge plot that made it鈥檚 way into my heart. I can鈥檛 explain it, but just go watch that one episode called-
Love Death + Robots, 鈥淏eyond the Aquila Rift鈥!
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dailytechnologynewsan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tesla privately admits Elon Musk has been exaggerating about 鈥榝ull self-driving鈥
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616jubilee2 hours ago
Scott: Okay, Jubilee to fill this paper work out we need the name of your parents.
Jubilee: What
Hank: We need the name of your current guardian so we know who to contact about you studying here.
Jubilee:.... My parents are dead, I鈥檓 an orphan and been homeless the past couple years so yeah...
Scott: We technically锟 kidnapped an orphan, didn鈥檛 we?
Hank: That we did.
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tk-sketches3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Back at it with some pixels 馃憖 Twin wizard bots! It is unclear if they are magical, or just very advanced technology. They like to claim its magic but they also like messing with people so who knows.
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adhd-gordonfreeman3 hours ago
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dailytechnologynews4 hours ago
Tumblr media
96% of US users opt out of app tracking in iOS 14.5, analytics find
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tatintslife4 hours ago
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bellbones12074 hours ago
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Oh hey did I ever post this here? Guess not lol- here's a collab I did between a DynoLoafer and I (they don't really have any active social media tho so oop). I did the sketch, they did... pretty much everything else lol. I plan on doin' another collab with her in the future where we do the reverse, so keep your eyes peeled for that >:3c Also, I finished #2021DesignRefresh, go check out my pieces for it all in one place! They all have descriptions, so you'll have a bit more context behind each one :3
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djarining5 hours ago
Wait im very interested in the ig11/din fics......robots and androids and ai romance is my wheelhouse
I am so thrilled you asked!!!!! I have two very nice recommendations for this and I promise they鈥檙e worth it.
A Creed is Just a Primary Directive For Organics鈥擜nd Other Reasons IG-11 Likes Mandalorians Best
Flexible, in more ways than one
And there鈥檚 actually a few more I haven鈥檛 read in the tag since the last time I looked so! Glad to see more people are seeing the potential here. Please let me know what you think because I actually think this is a really interesting ship.
(I just remembered the first one has a sequel!!!!
So You Got a Concussion and Married Your Droid )
[update] MORE RECS!!!!!
Save (You)
An Understanding
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fazbear-supremacy5 hours ago
so my bsf and i came up with many things
a lot of these are out of context so :)
golden freddy has a tiktok and all he does is lip sync to my ordinary life and freddy makes fun of him constantly. he also has 7 different drafts of the 鈥淢Y HEART!!!!! I LOVED HER!!!!鈥 audio unironically because freddy kept coming to laugh at him
springtrap reads x readers of himself and goes: 鈥渄amn, they鈥檙e making me jacked in this? okay then.鈥 then he comments on the smut part and goes: 鈥測ou wish <3鈥 but no one knows it鈥檚 him because he has 50 DIFFERENT BURNER ACC BECAUSE HE GETS BANNED FROM EVERYTHING. yes, marionette has all these accs blocked.
foxy is a stoner, sorry not sorry.
toy freddy has a lets play channel on youtube and 90% of it is toy bonnie in the back of his face cam doing shit
plushtrap has a tiktok and he is a SIMP for the e-girls
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hertelden45 hours ago
Tumblr media
"G眉l眉艧眉n bana oksijen g枚remezsem deliricem"
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